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A Blum for All Seasons

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So uh Yakky Doodle is sitting in a corner and he's taking this huge fucking bong hit ok and then Starscream comes out and says “I fucked Megatron to death and now I will rule the Decepticons”.

Yakky Doodle says “Huh? The fuck? But your fucking dick looks hot so why don't we fuck?”

Starscream says “ok”.

Yakky Doodle and Starscream are frotting in the corner when Vincent Valentine comes out and says "I can’t fucking stand to see a fucking duck and a robot rub cocks" and he shoots himself in the head. Roger Smith from Big O comes out and he looks at the hole in Vincent’s head and he's like "I bet you think that I'm going to fuck that skullwound. Under normal circumstances you would be right. But I'm depressed because my dog died."

Yakky Doodle and Starscream stop fucking and say “We're sorry Roger Smith, would you like to talk about it?”

He wipes away a tear and says “nah it’s cool bro”.

Then he pulls a garrote out of his pocket and he chokes Darcia from Wolf’s Rain to death and starts jerking him off. He says "Shhhhh. This is for Patches."

As Roger Smith chokes the life out of Darcia, fucking Wolverine shows up and he says "I’m Canadian, eh, and this is highly irregular". As he says this fucking Shoe and Sparky from the Boxtrolls come out and they do a high low maneuver on Wolverine and Shoe starts fucking him in the mouth as Sparky fucks his ass and they do an Eiffel tower. While they are high fiving, Wolverine gets pissed and he bites off Shoe’s dick.

He bites the dick so hard he tears out his whole endocrine system. The boxtroll’s endocrine system is hanging from his mouth. He says "I can't think of a pun for eating someone's organs so fuck Hugh Jackman."

He turns the tables on the other boxtroll and starts fucking him in his inguinal canal. At this point, Starscream is finished with Yakky Doodle and throws him to the shower rapist from Mafia 2. He says “do with him as you will.”

So Zegram comes out. “I was in the video game Rogue Galaxy.” He takes out his sword and stabs T-hawk from Street Fighter 2 in the stomach. He reaches into the hole and pulls out the internal end of his large intestines and starts fucking it. His goal is to fuck his ass from the inside out. Wolverine does finger guns his way and says “you are a pirate.”

Zabuza Momochi from Naruto comes the fuck out with a goddamn dildo in his mouth cause his arms don't work. And he’s like "Pirates versus ninjas, bitch". With just his mouth he drives the dildo into Zegram’s eye socket. The pain causes Zegram to triple: cum, shit, and vomit all at the same time. T-hawk has his intestines filled with space pirate cum and then there's vomit in his face. And the vomit is also cum because Zegram came from another fuckfest before this.

Just as Roger Smith forces Darcia to ejaculate so hard his prostate flies out his dickhole, Starscream goes "now, I will fuck you, puny human, in the ass". "I feel like that's obvious" Roger Smith says. He's like "Big O, showtime". Big O comes out except he's Edward Penishands. It starts just fucking Starscream to death with its cockhands. So then Roger Smith, while observing Starscream being savagely reamed, says "that's what I call a sticky situation."

But then, Roger Smith is swept up by various characters from the Powerpuff Girls and is dismembered limb from limb as each of them ejaculate on each of his organs, even the women hashtag feminism.

So Greg Glenn from Resident Evil says “This must be the work of the T virus” but before he can finish, Ba‘gamnan comes out and sits on his face and starts farting. He says “shut the fuck up, nobody knows who you are. Suck my farts, you stupid asshole.” The side hatch opens, and out comes Spike Spiegel. He strolls up to Wolverine and says, “Let's find out if that bone is made out of metal too,” as he points at the Canadian’s BDE. Using a bunch of flashy goddamn kung fu he does a kick flip mctwist, and starts reaming the X-man in his danger room.

So he starts fucking him, and Wolverine’s a little bit into it but he's still enjoying some sweet boxtroll cavity. Grayson Hunt from Bulletstorm comes out and screams "I will kill your dick" and grabs TOM from Toonami and begins searching for a port of entry so that he may dock. The end result is him smashing the small metal man against his crotch until he is in pieces and his own hip is shattered.

The yellow monkey from Ape Escape 3 starts flinging bloody shit around the room causing the lights to go dark. Crash Bandicoot runs him over with his nitro cart and says "fucking immigrants".

In the center of the room, Wolverine has managed to take advantage of the distraction and has disengaged from Spike and they have a tete a tete with their cocks each searching for an opening as precum splashes the room. As the precum super soaker fight goes on, Ares from God of War smiles to himself and says "at last the day of reckoning is here. Soon I shall be king of gay sex."

A few digimon show up and they say "Ares!" but it’s not as cool as Kratos. Using the power of love, they dig a hole around Ares and start pissing. He begins to drown in digital piss and says "haah, not again..."

If you remember The Bouncer, you might remember Koh. I fucking don’t cause The Bouncer sucked, but he's there. But he is immediately destroyed by Ba’gamnan. He takes out his huge lizard dick and starts fucking Koh in his dickhole. Ba'gamnan says "fuck yooouuu The Bouncer sucked. I am the sexiest bitch in this room."

Mugen from Samurai Champloo starts to cry as he and the cast of GI Joe harvest tomatoes that have been fertilized with scat from the fuckfest. As this is happening, Vincent Valentine’s skullhole begins to tremble. Erupting from it cockfirst is the lord of darkness, Satan himself. Yes, this ritual orgy murder has brought back Lucifer. And he walks the earth once again.

To commemorate this moment, he anally vores Yakky Doodle.