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The Lost Memories

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“I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m just-” Jack let out a hiss as he tried moving to his feet, cringing.

Felix frowned, shaking his head. “Yeah, that’s kinda the definition of not fine.” He quickly moved to Jack’s side, helping support the Irishman as Mark and Tyler kept watch, looking around. A baseball bat in Mark’s hand, katana in Tyler’s-a weapon with some range would’ve been nice, but the closest they had to that was Felix’s ‘flamethrower’, and even then…

“Yeah, c’mon, let’s get you to a room,” Mark muttered, eyes searching the hallway. “You can patch yourself up in there.”

“Sorry,” Jack muttered, limping to the next room with Felix’s help, trying to ignore the blood pouring down his leg.

“Hey, happens to all of us,” Mark assured.

“Yeah, let’s just make sure we’re not caught out here,” Tyler agreed.

As they made their way down one of the corridors, they suddenly froze when they heard heavy footsteps making their way toward them.

Mark made a face, cursing softly and exchanging a look with Tyler. A brief moment of silent communication seemed to pass between them, which was finally broken by Tyler.

“You guys need to pick up the pace.”

Felix and Jack turned their attention toward the two behind them, caught by surprise.

“What?” Felix asked.

“You heard him,” Mark seconded. “Felix, I want you to hurry up and get Jack out of here-”

Jack’s eyes widened. “What? No-!”

“Jack-” Mark’s expression softened a bit. “There’s no one else left but us. You were planning on turning back time again anyway, weren’t you?”

Jack froze, then swallowed thickly and looked away, blinking rapidly a few times. “That-that doesn’t mean-I don’t want you to-”

“Can’t turn back time if you’re dead,” Tyler pointed out.

“Go. Get out of here,” Mark urged. “We’ll handle this. And hopefully things will go better in the next round, alright?”

“What?” Jack shook his head. “ No -” Seeing the sturdier monster round the corner and begin to approach the other two, coming up behind him, he attempted to take a step towards them. “Mark, Tyler-”

“Felix-!” Mark began as Tyler turned to face the monster.

“Got it,” Felix replied with a nod, hesitant and frowning. “...You guys try and get back to us alive, alright?”

“Just keep him alive until reset,” Mark instructed, noticeably evading his request. Sparing a final glance to Jack, he gave a tiny smile to the Irishman. “Don’t worry,” he said softly. “We’ll see you again on the other side.” Jack’s mouth opened to argue, but Mark raised his voice again. “GO!”

Felix quickly started down the corridor again, making his way to the corridor as Jack squirmed, frantically trying to argue, frantically trying to convince him to go back, the others needed help-

Unmet demands that soon dissolved into sobs.