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Ferdinand: My home is where I'm happy

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Ferdinand, Nina, and all his friends watched television. Juan says getting up and picking up the keys of the coffee table of your van:

-Little daughter, I'm going to Manuel's sanctuary!

-I want to go too! She says getting up off the couch.

-No, you're going to stay here!

-Why? I love there!

-I'm going to bring a surprise to you!

-Really? What is? Speaks! She says smiling and excited.

-If I tell you, it will not be a surprise!

-Damn it! She says sitting back on the couch and folding her arms.

He chuckles and says:

-I promise it will be worth it!

-I hope, see you later. I love you!

-I love you too! He says kissing her forehead and coming out the door.

Meanwhile, in the sanctuary the cows try to cheer Marisol:

-Marisol dear, why are not you going to play with the other calves?

-No. I'm fine Filomena!

-Be cheerful, child! Another cow says.

-Without my mom here I will never be happy! She says coming back into the barn.

-Do you think we should tell her that her mother died in childbirth?

-Of course not, and make the girl even more sad? Sofie says.

-It's her mother, do not you think she has to know?

-Yes, one day in the future Filomena, one day in the future!

-But as if she's leaving today?

After that, the two arrive and Juan says:

-Can I really take Marisol?

-Yes ... Poor thing of her, so young and without her mother. She's always so depressed. Who knows, she'll be happier with you guys?-Of course, there is Nina who is a love, space for her to play and many bovine friends, she will feel at home!

-She must be in the barn, she hardly ever leaves!

They enter the barn and he grabs her with a rope as she despairs tearing and crying, saying:

-I do not want to go to slaughter, please do not take me there!

-Darling, you're not going to slaughter, you're going to another farm! Sofie yells at her.

It calms her down as she gets into the truck. A cloth is placed under her head as she is placed in the barn of the flower farm.

He enters the house and Nina says:

-Dad, have you arrived?

-I know, are you expecting your surprise?

-Not technically, but since you've raised the subject!

-Ha ha very funny, she's waiting for you in the barn!

She gets up and runs to the barn, she walks in and Marisol was frightened by all that happening.

Nina approaches, but she dodges, until after much insistence, Nina win her:

-You are a good boy!

She looks down from her legs and says:

-Oh, I'm sorry. A good girl!

Juan enters the barn and says:

-Happy Birthday darling!

-Thank you dad, I loved her. What's her name?


-What a beautiful name, just like you! Nina says leaning her forehead against hers.