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Fresh Laundry

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It’s been a pretty typical day for Hadou Nejire as far as pro heroing is concerned. Patrolling in the morning, training after lunch, and now, rushing through some vaguely important paperwork until it’s 6:00 and time to close up the agency. She glances at the clock for the fourth time this minute. Still 5:33.

Nejire sighs. Today is taking forever. She thinks of the tin of shortbread cookies in the office kitchen and twirls out of her chair, ready to do anything besides log these old eyewitness reports.

As she approaches the kitchen she hears the voices of her sidekicks from around the corner, speaking in hushed whispers. Ooh boy. Her sidekicks are both older than her, but they gossip like teenagers.

She presses close to the wall outside the kitchen, straining to hear what they're saying.

"Oh my god… did she really?"

"That's what she told me. With her boyfriend and some guy from the Internet… Like, it’s her life and all but… I can’t believe her boyfriend let her do that, you know?"

“Oh my god… do you think he suggested it?”

Oooh, suggested what? What’s from the Internet? Nejire leans closer, curious.

“I think it was her idea. Like, remember how she always used to talk about it?”

"Oh my god… that’s right.”

“Yeah. Like, it’s none of my business, but if it were me I’d be totally worried.”

Worried about what? Nejire shifts eagerly against the wall. This is the most exciting thing that’s happened all day.

“Oh my god… But hey, if you were her… would you do it?”

“Do what?”

"Oh my god… You know… Two guys… A threesome.

Nejire gasps. But she covers her mouth too late, her position already given away. Her sidekicks rush out of the kitchen, meeting her in the hallway with wide-eyed stares.

Nejire’s mouth is still open in shock as she looks back and forth between them, blinking quickly in realization.




Togata won’t pick up his phone. Nejire calls him six and a half times on the way to her apartment, fills his voicemail to the recording time limit, and texts a Hey!! before finally remembering that his agency doesn’t close until eight these days. So she makes dinner, takes a bath, and watches TV, impatient.

Nejire has absolutely considered a threesome before. She’s come very close to it too, until her girlfriend at the time panicked and decided she couldn’t do it after all. They had sex in front of a mirror instead and Nejire got the best apology oral of her life.

So yes, Nejire has thought about fucking two girls at once. But, girls. Guys are a different ball game altogether. Baseball where she’s softball, similar but foreign. She’s never been with a guy before, never wanted to beyond the casual curiosity of how it might feel. But two guys… well! Two guys is something. Two guys means double penetration, spit roasting, comparing dicks, maybe even threeway oral in a circle. Nejire has ideas. She also has some longstanding questions about penises, and a seven-year-old offer from Togata to follow up on.

At 8:01 she calls again.

“Hadou!” Togata picks up on the first ring, voice loud and boisterous but urgent. “I saw your calls! Is everything ok?”

"Togata, hi!” Nejire bounces up on her couch. “I’m fine! But hey, do you have a minute?”

“I do!” Togata’s voice relaxes a bit. “Just leaving work.”

Nejire hears the rush of cars passing in the background confirming his location. Good. She wants to ask this when she knows Togata’s alone, when Amajiki won’t overhear and have a chicken-hearted heart attack.

“Working hard, huh Lemillion! Plus Ultra!”

Togata chuckles and Nejire clears her throat, rocking eagerly on the couch cushions in her pajamas.

“Ok, well, anyway!” she blurts. “I know it's been years, but!! Do you remember that time I saw you and Amajiki fucking?”

Togata chokes on his laugh.

“Ye-Yeah! At UA, I uh- certainly remember that!”

“Me too!” Nejire chirps. “And then the next day you told me all about your big exciting secret love affair! I couldn’t believe it, you kn-- Oh! Hey, pretty soon you guys are gonna get married right? Are you talking about it yet? Who’s gonna propose? You will, right? Now that you transferred to Osaka?”


“But hey, that’s not why I’m calling!” Nejire plows on, rolling back and forth excitedly. “Do you remember? When I saw you guys that time, after you finished up- you asked Amajiki if I would ever have a threesome with you!” She pauses. “The answer is yes!!”

The line goes quiet. Only the sound of gusty city wind comes through for a good three seconds. Nejire frowns, squishing the phone against her cheek.

“Togata? Are you there? Hey, wait, were you only joking about tha-”

The three of us!!” Togata bursts. His voice sounds somewhere between incredulous and overjoyed. A laugh comes with it. “Hadou, I- I don’t know what to say. I mean, personally I’d love to! Can’t imagine anyone else I’d rather do it with. But I need to discuss with Tamaki of course.” Togata pauses to laugh again, this time lighter. “It’ll be more for him than for me.”

“Of course! Great!” Nejire says. “You’re a generous lover, aren’t you Togata?”

Togata just chuckles, loud and hearty. Nejire hears the sound of keys jingling in the background. Must be close to his car.

“In certain circumstances, I suppose!” His laughter dies down. “Ok Hadou, I have to drive now. It’s been lovely hearing from you. I'll call?”

“Mhm! Talk soon!”

The line cuts off a moment later. Nejire drops her phone on the carpet and grins, excited tingles running through her body. “Discuss with Tamaki” is basically a guaranteed yes. Amajiki used to stare at her boobs all the time in high school when he thought she wasn’t looking. That kind of thirst doesn’t just go away.

She kicks her legs over the back of the couch, hanging upside down. Grabbing her phone again, she opens a new web browser and types Top 100 MMF threesome positions.


For a bullet train, the Nozomi moves pretty slow.

Nejire has half the mind to hop out the back and power it herself. She probably could; her Wring Waves are at ninety percent right now with how eager she is. But she stays in her seat beside the window. Rice fields and small towns rush by and Nejire squirms every time she leans to get a better look, because she's excited, and because for the first time in her life her ass is stretched and prepped and it feels so strange. It’s definitely getting her in the mood though. She cycles through three open internet articles on her phone to pass the time: “How to Deep Throat Like a Pro”, “Introducing Double Penetration”, and the most interesting, “Grower or Shower? The Facts You Need”. The anticipation is killing her.

Nejire arrives in downtown Osaka just past 4 PM. From there it’s another hour to the suburbs, on a local train bound for Togata and Amajiki’s neighborhood.

Their apartment is nestled between rows of houses and elementary schools, past a bakery and a laundromat. Nejire takes it all in as she hurries by, overnight bag bouncing on her arm. It’s quiet, adorably domestic. She’s only been here once but her assessment is the same as it was back then: it’s exactly the kind of sappy place Togata and Amajiki would want to live.

By the time she’s at their front door she’s nearly skipping.

“Heyyyy~! Togata!! Amajiki!! I’m here!!!”

She knocks a dozen taps into the wood and the door swings open a second later while her arm is still raised.

“Hadou!” Togata exclaims.

Togata’s arms are also raised, outward, wide and inviting. He pulls her into a warm hug as soon as Nejire leaps inside. He smells like bar soap and shaving cream. When she pulls back, Nejire sees he’s wearing sweatpants and a red baseball shirt, and flashing his signature Lemillion smile down at her.

“Hey Togata! Sure was a long trip! Good to see you! How are you? How’s Amajiki? Is he here? Ooh, hold on, what’s that smell??”

Togata takes her bag from her as she tugs off her boots. “Are you smelling vegetables or liquor? There’s both!”

Nejire’s shoes drop to the floor with a soft thud.

“He started already?!

Togata laughs out loud.

There’s one caveat to this whole arrangement. An asterisk on the threesome, a requirement that has to be met in order for Togata and Amajiki to agree to it. It was something Chicken Heart decided for himself apparently, before he and Togata called Nejire back. After that the three of them discussed everything at length over Skype, working out the when, the where, and the how it was going to happen.

And how it was going to happen was that Amajiki was going to be drunk.

Not wasted. Just drunk enough for his nervousness to quiet down so they could have a proper threesome without any panicking or agonizing about infidelity. As Amajiki put it, “I want to. I just… It’ll be easier if I have something to help with...”. And then he didn’t say much after that. But he definitely wanted to do it, and Togata would be there too. Nejire wasn’t worried.

Togata’s laughter quiets down, and when he clears his throat it brings her back to the present.

“Had his first beer at lunch! He opened the tequila when he started cooking, about…” Togata cranes his neck around the corner. “An hour ago.”

“Can I say hi?”

Togata grins.

The kitchen is in the back of the house, all backwards from her apartment. Nejire follows Togata down the tiny hall that doesn’t seem nearly wide enough for his gorilla shoulders. She can hear a faint scraping sound somewhere up ahead, and opens her mouth to ask if it’s Amajiki just as they step into the main living area.

“Hey Tamaki!” Togata announces their arrival. “Hadou’s here!”

Nejire jumps out from behind him to wave, bursting into a smile. She nearly misses her landing when she sees Amajiki at the sink.

He’s cooking with tentacles. Nejire didn’t expect to see those this early. There’s five of them, coming out from the base of his spine, spread out and doing different tasks all over the kitchen. Two are mixing pots on the stove, one is holding a drying towel, one is holding a potato, and one is holding a fifth of tequila, dangling right next to Amajiki’s chin.

“Ha-Hadou!” Amajiki spins around, tentacles moving fluidly with him. “Uh, hello.”

There’s another potato and a peeler in his hands, Nejire sees. He’s fidgeting with them, pushing his long sleeves up his wrists like he's nervous— or eager to get back to cooking. He retracts all of his tentacles besides the tequila one.

“Hi Amajiki!” Nejire bounces forward. “What’s for dinner? Hey, I’ve never seen you use your tentacles like this before! I guess you’re gonna be using them lots of ways tonight, huh! Do you do it often?”

“All the time!” Togata leans against the counter peninsula beside her. He opens his mouth to say more when Amajiki cuts him off.

“We’re having ginger pork and uh…” Amajiki mumbles, glancing at a recipe book on the counter. “Pan roasted vegetables.”

“Ooh, ginger!!” Nejire exclaims. “Hey, did you know! Ginger is supposed to be really good to eat before sex!” She spins to look at Togata, whose eyebrows are raised in surprise, then back to Amajiki. “Did you plan that Amajiki? Well I guess of course you did, huh! Since you’re the one cooking it!”

Amajiki’s mouth falls open and closed before he looks miserably toward the fridge. “We just had a lot of ginger, so…”

“Mostly my fault!” Togata chimes in. “Didn’t know you only need to use a little bit at a time. When Tamaki asked for some I bought three whole bags! In my defense, they were on sale! But the cashier looked at me funny, she said..."

Togata rambles on, telling a long-winded story that Nejire only half listens to. He’s probably trying to take some attention off Amajiki, who looks like he’s desperate to take another drink. A thoughtful strategy by Togata, but Nejire just stares at her shy friend anyway.

“...And then they shut off the water for our entire building!” Togata finishes, laughing to himself. Amajiki is still facing them, peeling potatoes awkwardly over the trash can.

Togata clears his throat. “Say, Hadou, why don’t I take you to the bedroom? Let Tamaki cook?”

“Oooh, sex already??” Nejire springs into action. She latches her arm around Togata’s thick elbow. “Are we getting warmed up? I already prepped you know. And I brought lube!” She pauses and snorts, nudging her chin at the writhing tentacle in the air behind Amajiki. “But now that I get a better look those things, I figure you must have a truckload already!”

“Right you are!” Togata smiles as he escorts her towards the hallway. “But no sex just yet. Can’t start the fun without Tamaki around. Can’t guarantee I’d even be able to get it up!”

Togata’s laugh is loud and jolly and Nejire is bubbling. She skips to keep up with him, telling him how crazy it is that a gay man and a lesbian are about to have a threesome with the world's luckiest bisexual. Don’t you think that’s crazy??

When she tosses a final glance over her shoulder, Amajiki is gripping the tequila with both hands, leaning back and drinking straight from the bottle.


The clink of the last dish being placed in the drying rack might as well be the ring of a boxing bell to start the round. Dinner was good but Nejire is ready. She’s practically vibrating out of her chair at the kitchen table, watching Amajiki and Togata wash their hands for what better be the last time.

She hasn’t been this kind of eager in a while. Chest pounding, body thrumming, hands that can’t sit still so she discharges tickling energy waves up and down her thighs. The eagerness feels less like she’s about to have sex and more like she’s about to get a really amazing gift. Like her heart is horny instead of her pussy.

Finally the couple leaves the kitchen. Amajiki’s cheeks are red with the blush of liquor. His movements are slower, smoother, and without their usual awkward hesitance. It's the kind of drunk that puts his brain a couple seconds before the rest of his nerves. He walks right up to her.

“Ready??” Nejire’s already out of her seat.

Amajiki looks at the table, then looks at Nejire, then looks back at the table. Nejire briefly wonders if it’s supposed to be a code that he wants to fuck her on the kitchen counter or something. But then Amajiki takes a slow breath and closes his eyes.

“I’m very ready.”

Nejire grins. She makes eye contact with Togata, and he’s grinning twice as big.

Then Togata steps forward, squeezing one arm around Amajiki’s waist and offering his free hand to Nejire.

“Lovely Hadou,” he starts. His voice is quieter like he’s trying to be sexy, but there’s a silly sort of eagerness running underneath it. “I know you were there earlier, but may we take you to our bedroom?”

She hears Amajiki swallow. She giggles and takes Togata’s hand.

They walk down the narrow hallway kind of awkwardly, Nejire leading the way and not really being escorted at all. As soon as she steps into the bedroom she spins around to face them, waiting for instructions, fingers hovering over the top button on her blouse.

“Wanna get naked here?” She asks when they don’t immediately say anything. “Or on the bed? Or maybe half here and half on the bed?”

Togata laughs and closes the door behind them. When he turns back he pecks Amajiki on the cheek. “Any preference Tamaki?”

Amajiki sways toward Togata a bit before he rights himself. He takes a step into the room and looks at Nejire when he mumbles.


Nejire’s about to spin around, but then Togata steps forward too, bending and reaching out for her. She laughs when she realizes what he’s about to do.

“Hey, Togata! I can walk you know! Hey!!”

Her giggling protests are futile when Togata scoops her up in his arms anyway, bridal-style. He jostles her a little in his hold- offers her out to Amajiki, pulls her into his chest. Bounces her up and down to make her squirm. Nejire catches Amajiki blush before he slinks to the bed.

“Hey!” Nejire says between breaths, hitting Togata’s shoulder with a loose fist. “Do you do this to Amajiki too? Pick him up? Are you showing off??”

“Yes to all three!” Togata laughs before dropping her on the pillows.

Their room isn’t huge or anything, and the king sized bed takes up most of the space. Amajiki’s sitting on the edge of it, wiping his palms on his jeans. Nejire sits up cross-legged, just as Togata crawls across the bed to settle on the far side. He gently taps Amajiki’s shoulder as he goes, and Amajiki turns to sit fully on the bed too. Finally they’re all facing each other, in more or less a triangle.

“I’ll go first,” Togata says, smiling as he pulls his shirt over his head. It’s not a surprise he’d be the first one to get naked.

Nejire’s seen Togata naked loads of times back at UA. And Amajiki too technically, that one time she saw them fucking. But it’s been years since then. Now Togata’s even larger, with muscles rippling down his chest and shoulders with so much definition it seems excessive. Nejire appreciates his form, figures she’s done pretty well for herself to be having sex with someone so shredded.

Amajiki seems to be appreciating it too when she glances at him. His mouth is parted, breaths a little heavy. Togata notices. With the slightest tilt of his head, he crawls towards Amajiki on his hands and knees and leans forward to kiss his lips. Amajiki melts into it instantly. He pulls his lover closer towards him, so sure and trusting. Both of their eyes flutter closed as they kiss, mouths moving together in silent communication. Their hands tangle fluidly in each other's hair.

Nejire’s fun excitement takes a hard right into arousal. It’s almost embarrassing watching them kiss. Watching them want each other. She’s seen it before, but this is much more intense. Purposeful and intimate, the key in the ignition to set the mood for the entire evening. Togata makes a soft noise into Amajiki’s mouth when Amajiki nips his lip, and Nejire’s hands feel too warm to be gripping the thick hem of her blouse anymore.

Meanwhile Togata runs gentle fingers along Amajiki’s sides, strumming the fabric of his sweater against his ribs. He slips a hand underneath, and then Amajiki’s sweater comes up smoothly over his head before they're kissing again.

Nejire’s body moves on its own towards them. She doesn’t want to interrupt, but she’s mesmerized by their closeness, their perfect coordination. Amajiki is lost in their kiss, but Togata seems to sense her. She swallows when she sees him pause.

“Hey,” he whispers softly against his lover’s lips. “Tamaki, we might be forgetting something.”

Amajiki draws back with a gasp. Watching his dazed eyes dart between her and Togata, Nejire almost giggles. She’s never seen him turned on before, wasn't expecting it to be anything close to cute.

Togata kisses his partner’s forehead, but looks at Nejire when he speaks. “I think she has something to show us.”

Now there's an invitation. Amajiki turns towards her, following Togata’s lead, sitting loosely cross-legged. He wipes his hands on his jeans.

“Hadou, um…” he mumbles. “Do you……”

“Would you mind coming here?” Togata finishes, gesturing to the space between Amajiki’s legs. There's a smile in his voice. He moves behind Amajiki, giving Nejire more room.

Nejire grins.

Amajiki either didn’t see the original gesture or didn’t expect Nejire to cooperate, because when she happily settles between his legs he misses at least three breaths. Resting on her knees, she reaches the for top button of her blouse and pops it open in one quick motion.

“Oh my god,” Amajiki breathes.

“Oh, actually!” Nejire pauses, remembering an article she once read about the top ten sexiest ways to strip. “Let me do it like this!”

She’s got a pretty hot body, might as well blow Amajiki’s mind with it. She moves down to the bottom button instead, undoing it to reveal the flat of her stomach. The she moves up to the next one, slowly teasing, separating the buttons as she undresses in front of him. Amajiki’s face is deeply flushed, eyes fixed on her navel.

Nejire hears the swift motion of Togata tugging off his sweatpants, then sees him wrap his arms around Amajiki’s waist, fumbling for the belt buckle. She makes quick eye contact with him. He winks.

Nejire undoes her next button at the same time Togata opens Amajiki’s belt.

Amajiki gasps loud enough to fill the entire space of the room. Being stripped while watching someone strip, wow. Togata chuckles behind him, against his ear, hooking thumbs into the waist of his pants. Amajiki leans back into his boyfriend's chest. He's absolutely hard, Nejire can see the outline of his dick in the dark wash of his jeans. She’ll have to study that more later.

There are only two more buttons left on her blouse, and her bra’s definitely visible, but she leaves them to trail fingers down her stomach to her own waistband. It’s hard not to smile at how Amajiki’s chest heaves.

“Did you know,” she teases the elastic, voice low. “Wide leg pants were really in this season.” A slight pull down her hips reveals the lace hem of her sky blue panties.

Amajiki swallows. “I didn’t…”

Nejire looks up at Togata again. Another wink. She rises up slowly on her knees.

“I like how easy they are to take off.”

Then she slides them down her thighs, in perfect sync with Togata tugging Amajiki’s jeans down his ass. Amajiki flails, choking out “Mirio-!” and gripping backwards at his arms for support. It’s all pretty funny looking, and doesn’t seem like it should be in the top ten sexiest ways to strip. But Amajiki is definitely into it.

With everyone’s pants discarded Nejire lowers herself comfortably between Amajiki’s legs again.

“Hey,” she wonders aloud. She runs light fingers over the fabric of Amajiki’s underwear on his thigh. “Are these boxer briefs? I don’t know much about guys’ underwear.”

Amajiki opens his mouth to speak, but no words come out. Nejire wasn’t really expecting an answer anyway.

“But hey,” she continues. “I know a lot about girl underwear! Have you ever seen a bra, Amajiki?”

Amajiki shakes his head. Behind him Togata bites his lip, he’s grinning so hard.

“Mine’s pretty cute today,” she murmurs, fingers dancing up her body. She pops open another button. The higher one, leaving the last one connected right at the center of her chest. Amajiki’s hands tremble a bit. This is way too fun.

“Wanna see?”

She leans closer and releases the final button.


Amajiki finally manifests sound as her blouse falls open. Then his hands move, uncontained, reaching forward to strip the shirt off her arms with a sharp pull.

Nejire’s breathy laugh resonates with another - Togata’s - but Amajiki is deaf to them. He runs his hands up and down her shoulders, across her chest, along her clavicle. Pinching and tugging the pale blue strap of her bra like he wants to make sure it’s real.

“Oh Chicken Heart.” Nejire lets him touch her. She arches her back, brushes loose hair behind her shoulders. “You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” Amajiki squeezes. He cups her boobs as much as he can in his thin hands. Pressing them together and pushing them apart, his eyes are fixed on where her chest spills over his fingers. “God, yes.”

Nejire laughs, making her boobs bounce on purpose.

“A matching bra and underwear?” Togata offers conversation as he moves to sit beside them. Amajiki keeps groping. “Very cute, Hadou.”

Nejire manages to take her eyes away from Amajiki’s pricelessly red face long enough to look at Togata, a “Thanks! I got them when I-” on her lips. But Togata isn’t looking at her at all.

His eyes are fixed on Amajiki. Deep and intense, like Amajiki is the only thing in the world, he watches his entranced movements with the warmest affection. It’s kind of pure in a way, Nejire thinks, when she notices Togata’s cock has already stiffened between his legs. Hard just from seeing his lover enjoy himself. What a good boyfriend.

A sharp pinch to her nipple snaps Nejire back to Amajiki. He tweaks it through her bra again and she gasps, which must really inspire him, because a moment later he scoops up her chest in both hands and presses his face right into her boobs.


Nejire throws her arms around Amajiki’s neck to keep herself from falling backwards. A rush of wet air tickles her chest as Amajiki breathes her cleavage in, deep and savoring. He smells like the same bar soap as Togata, plus tequila. It’s charming how much they share. And well, tonight they’ll be sharing her, Nejire supposes, as Togata moves behind her to watch the scene from over her shoulder. She settles against his warm chest while Amajiki mouths along her bra.

“Hey Togata,” Nejire tilts her chin to look at him upside down. “Does Amajiki like your tits too?”

Togata laughs. “I've always called them pecs!”

Amajiki starts to use his tongue then, licking between the crease of her boobs. His hands clumsily wander her back, searching for the clasp of her bra, and Nejire lets him struggle while she continues talking.

“That’s just semantics Togata! Does he try to motorboat yours? Is this only a drunk thing?”

She can feel Togata smile as he plants a sweet kiss on top of her head.

“Tamaki’s always a little more than you’d expect.”

Right on cue Amajiki’s hands find their target, unhooking her bra in one hard tug. Nejire raises her arms a little, surprised, and Amajiki seizes the opportunity to throw the bra over his shoulder like it offended him.

“God,” Amajiki breathes. Stares. His hands don’t return to her chest, instead they hover in the air above his impressively hard dick. Are they trembling? Does he want to jerk off looking at her? Aww, Chicken Heart.

“God,” Amajiki repeats to himself. “God, god… ”

His eyes move slowly. Away from the nipples, dizzily following the smooth curves of her body. He looks up and up and up and… right past her.

“Mirio,” Amajiki whispers. His pupils are blown. “Mirio, look at her.”

“I’m looking.” Togata chuckles. He's smiling again as he presses his lips to Nejire’s shoulder, warm, sure, present. “Stunning, isn’t she?”

Togata taps the small of Nejire’s back, pushing forward gently with his fingers until Nejire gets the idea. She arches her back to his touch, offering her chest to Amajiki once again.

“Hey, did you know? You can keep touching them.”

Nejire can’t imagine how good this must look to Amajiki. Not like he needed more encouragement though. His fists uncurl, and he’s feeling her again in seconds. His hands explore every inch of her naked chest, squeezing, stroking, pinching. It’s like he’s on horny autopilot. His fingers are rough with callouses that draw small shudders out of her every time they brush over her nipples, so different from what she's used to. She sighs, it's actually pretty nice.

Thirty seconds later Amajiki is panting for breath, which is both pitiful and endearing. Are these the first boobs he’s ever touched before? She doesn't know, she'll have to ask later. But the way he’s massaging her is so worshipful that Nejire can’t help but smile.

“Amajiki, Amajiki, wait,” she speaks gently. “Don’t you want to move on?”

Togata’s hand has long since gone from her back, but Nejire feels his presence as she shifts up on her knees. She wobbles towards Amajiki, resting her hands on his shoulders. Straddling him, but high on her knees, aligning her body so her hips are in front of his face.

“If we’re going to have sex, you’ll have to take off my panties too, you know.”

Somewhere behind them Togata makes a sharp, delighted laugh. He crawls forward to get a better view.

Amajiki is as red as a beet, blinking rapidly, mouth opening and closing just inches from her pussy. Nejire sways her hips invitingly. She once read that people with food-based Quirks are more likely to have oral fixations. Maybe Amajiki’s thinking about eating her out right now.

“Hey Tamaki,” Togata leans in to kiss his lover’s ear. “Our beautiful guest has a point.”

He reaches for Amajiki’s hands, which are hovering over his throbbing dick again, and moves them up to Nejire’s hips instead. Guiding them beneath his own, Togata strokes down the curve of her ass, then back up the sides, where he hooks Amajiki’s fingers under the hem of Nejire's panties.

“W-Wait,” Amajiki stutters. “Mirio.” He swallows thickly, eyes fixed on the sky blue fabric. “I…… I want her to keep them on. For a while.”

Oh, Amajiki is just too much fun.

“Wow, you like panties too?” Nejire coos above him. “That’s so kinky, Amajiki! Are you into lingerie? I could have brought some you know. I have lots.” She rolls her hips forward in his hands, teasing in every way. “Do you like thigh highs?”

Amajiki’s hands slide around her waist to squeeze her ass, and she’s pretty sure she’s not going to get an answer to any of her questions.

He starts kissing her hip bone without a word, wet parted lips gliding across sensitive skin. Nejire lets her body relax as Amajiki’s tongue traces up the patterns of the lace, lapping and sucking. His nose runs along the creases of her stomach while his hands pull her ass together and apart, gently, but just enough for her pussy to spread too. She's starting to get wet. She circles her hips in lazy loops in front of his face, encouraging more.

Togata moves again, sliding further behind Amajiki. His dick is throbbing hard. Nejire wishes she could take a closer look to answer her question about how much pre comes out, but it’s hidden by Amajiki’s body before she gets the chance.

“Wow Tamaki, I didn’t know you were into girl underwear this much.” His voice is low, earnest, murmuring just for Amajiki to hear. But Nejire can make it out clearly. “How is it?”

“Amazing,” Amajiki mutters after a long pause. “She’s so soft, Mirio.”

That makes her blush. Amajiki squeezes her ass again, kneading his fingers through relaxed muscle. He breathes hot air against the inside of her thigh and Nejire feels it rush up her body, warming her everywhere. She’s definitely wet now.

“Heyyy,” she mumbles when Amajiki starts to grip harder. Can’t let this get too out of hand. When he doesn’t stop she digs the heels of her palms into his shoulders. “Hey! Amajiki, if you just wanna look at me can I at least have some fun with Togata?”


Togata perks up upon hearing his name. Amajiki freezes, fingers still clutching Nejire’s underwear. He looks back and forth between her and his boyfriend in flushed confusion, and Togata wraps reassuring arms around his waist when he speaks.

“What were you thinking, Hadou?”

Nejire leans forward conspiratorially, grinning, letting her boobs dangle more or less right in front of Amajiki’s face.

“Did you know,” she begins. “I’ve been wondering for a long time now: What’s it like to give a blowjob? I’ve read lots on how to do it, but you know, am I gonna be able to breathe? Will I lose my voice? Oh, and are your balls just going to hang there, or do I suck those too?”

Togata’s dark pupils glisten when he smiles.

“Well, they do say experience is the best teacher.” He curls down to squeeze Amajiki’s waist, murmuring into his ear. “You ok with her studying me, Tamaki?”

Amajiki turns and kisses him hard on the mouth in response. He pulls away panting.

“That’s hot.”

Wow, he should really get drunk more often. Nejire leaps off the bed to settle on the floor on her knees, like they do in TV sex scenes. She pats the edge of the mattress eagerly with her hand.

Togata gets the idea pretty quick. He tugs off his boxers and slides over to the side of the bed, feet flat on the floor. Nejire nudges his legs apart and moves between them, ready to rumble, waiting as Amajiki settles beside Togata.

Togata’s dick is an impressive sight. Nejire wants to know everything about it. She examines the curls of hair at the base, the long thick shaft. The slight curve, the soft pinkish head. There’s something remarkably simple about it, a sense that anyone could figure out how to drive this thing if they just put their hands on it.

So that’s what Nejire does.

Togata jolts when she touches him. She looks up quickly - Did she hurt him? Is it really that fragile? - but before she can ask if he’s going to get soft now, Togata wraps his large hand around hers.

“Lovely Hadou,” he guides her hand once up and down the shaft. “Your fingers are so cold!”

Nejire laughs. Togata does too. Then they both let go of his dick.

“Well then,” she smiles. “I guess it’s a good thing I’m going to use my mouth, huh!”

“It’s an honor to be the first man you do this to,” Togata salutes.

She catches Amajiki shift and Togata clench his hands into fists before she closes her eyes, opens her mouth, and drops down onto Togata’s waiting dick.

It’s— hm. It’s not what she expected. She furrows her brows, trying to place this sensation. She stays still for a moment, then slides up and down. Tightens her lips firmly around the shaft. It tastes like warm skin. She was expecting some saltiness at the tip from what she read about precum, but when she pulls back to suck the head, it’s only slightly bitter.

“Am I doing it wrong?” Nejire asks with Togata’s dick still half in her mouth.

Togata’s eyes are pinched closed. He blinks them open, looking down at her with a sort of guilty expression.

“That’s a strong start! Careful with the teeth, please.”

Oh! She didn’t even realize she was using them. How funny. Nejire tries again, opening her mouth wider before sucking his length up and down. She’s lets her tongue sit flat, hopefully covering up some of her teeth as she tries to make pornographic slurping noises.

When she peeks up Togata’s eyes are closed again. This time he looks relaxed, head dropped sideways toward Amajiki who’s messily kissing his neck with drunken fervor. Nejire watches, sucks. Pops off to swallow her spit before going down again.

“How is it, Mirio?” she hears Amajiki whisper.

Togata kisses him on the lips before answering, “Reminds me of when we first started.”

Amajiki snickers at that.

It’s his first laugh of the night, all light and airy into Togata’s smiling cheeks. Nejire perks up. When Amajiki laughs, it’s no wonder Togata’s so in love with him. The soft sound bubbles up inside her too, charging her, and she’s too delighted to be upset that her technique was just insulted. Instead she just wants to try harder.

There’s probably no good way to prepare yourself to deepthroat a dick. Nejire gives it her best shot. She relaxes all her muscles, opens her mouth, breathes slowly through her nose, and ducks forward.

Togata’s body curls over. He groans from low in his chest, both hands coming up to cradle Nejire's head. Nejire takes the cue to sink lower, letting Togata’s fingers dig into her scalp.

Togata’s so thick she can’t even begin to worry about biting. She just focuses on taking him, feeling him poke at her throat. Trying not to gag or move her tongue too much. He’s huge. He fills her mouth in a way that’s foreign, she still isn’t sure if she enjoys it, but when she tilts her chin up to see Amajiki mouthing Togata’s nipples, stroking his own dick in turn, she definitely enjoys that. Seeing them.

A moment later she has to close her eyes when Togata’s hips start shallowly thrust into her mouth. She moans as porno as she can.

“Haaa—” Togata’s grip tightens in her hair, legs trembling. “Hadou- thaaa- aah-”

Nejire’s never been with a guy before, but it’s not hard to figure out that Togata’s about to come. She breathes again, relaxing her throat to take him down almost all the way.

And then there’s something hot and bitter filling her mouth. Her eyes snap open. Cum hits the back of her throat and surrounds her tongue, sudden, stuffing every place in her mouth where cock isn’t. The Internet had said to swallow right away and Nejire tries, but she forgets to breathe, and when Togata groans and bucks his hips deeper she pulls back on sheer survival instinct.

She coughs, cum and spit spilling all over her chin when she pops off too early. Togata lets go and doesn't stop, he paints her face with two more thick stripes of cum before he drops his head, panting.

Nejire can’t move for a few seconds. She blinks semen from her eyelashes, her tear ducts. Sticky cum is already drying on her cheeks, and she can feel it crack when she starts to smile. Wow. She wasn’t expecting to experience a facial tonight too. Pretty gross, but definitely answered some questions about the male orgasm.

“Hadou-” Togata pants. “Hadou, I’m-”

He better not be trying to apologize. Nejire shakes her head, wipes her lips with her hand, and nudges his leg.

“Gee Togata!” she says. She looks between him and Amajiki, both red-faced and bewildered. “I’m impressed! I didn’t think you would come that much! Was that a lot? More than usual? Oh, hey, who comes more, you or Amajiki?”

Togata stares for a moment, then snorts a laugh.

“Hadou, you are an amazing woman.”

He bends down to kiss her forehead, even though she’s pretty sure there’s cum there too. Amajiki is still fondling his dick awkwardly as Togata helps her stand and leads her to the bathroom.

“Go ahead and wash up,” he tells her at the door. He gives her a soft squeeze. “Gonna take care of Tamaki while you’re gone.”

Nejire flicks the bathroom light and frowns over her shoulder.

“Ok, but you better not let him finish without me! I still wanna know who comes more!”

Togata kisses her forehead again before he retreats. Nejire turns on the faucet, waiting for the water to warm up. If she remembers right, the best way to wash out semen is hot water and dry towels. She turns to grab one, only to find that the towel rack is empty.

Some hospitality, Togata. She pokes her head out the door.

“Hey!! You don’t have any-”

The last word catches in her mouth. Togata is already back on the bed, on top of Amajiki, kissing him deep into the pillows. Amajiki’s rolling up to grind against his lover’s stomach, moaning low into his mouth, and suddenly Nejire is at UA again, watching something she shouldn’t be. Voyeur to an intimacy that goes far beyond what they’re doing tonight.

…though, the trails of cum on her chin are proof that she does have a welcome place here. She slips back into the bathroom unnoticed, splashes warm water on her face. She’ll just dry off on their cheap bed sheets, the ones they super obviously bought just for tonight's occasion.

Chapter Text

Don't forget about Hadou, don't forget about Hadou, don't forget about Hadou- Mirio chants, tells himself for the 4th or 5th time this evening. He's trying his best, but Tamaki is thoroughly distracting because he tastes like tequila and kisses Mirio like he wants to devour him. The kissing is the real distracting part. Mirio loves kissing. And Tamaki is so into it right now, hands pressing hard into Mirio's skin, body rolling up into his. When they part Mirio feels oddly intoxicated as well, dizzy, flushed.


(He had wanted to take some shots with Tamaki earlier, but that's a surefire way to bring out his competitive side. After that, who knows, jealousy wouldn't be far behind.)


Jealousy is not a very heroic trait. Neither is possessiveness. And unfortunately, when it comes to Tamaki, Mirio has an excess of both. He always thinks he's good at keeping it under wraps too, but of course Tamaki can see right through him. But Mirio's not worried about that. He's having a great time actually, far better than anticipated. Not that he didn't expect to have fun! He was just too full of anticipation maybe, too excited at the prospect and too nervous about the actual act of sex with another person involved.


Tamaki is the one Mirio really wants to have a good time. That's the most important part actually. If Tamaki's not enjoying himself, Mirio won't be having any fun either. This whole thing was mostly for Hadou and his boyfriend, Mirio could care less about himself. He's as gay as they come, and specifically attracted to one man in particular. But Tamaki is bisexual! He and Mirio got together before he even had the chance to experiment with a different body type, and Mirio wants him to experience as much out of life as he could possibly desire.


Mirio needs three things to happen. Three personal threesome goals, if you will.

One- Make sure Tamaki keeps having a good time.

Two- Keep the mood in the positive and his own possessiveness when it comes to Tamaki in check.

Three- come out of it with all friendships intact and stronger than ever.


And four, he can not forget about Hadou, who finally slips back into the bedroom. Mirio eases off Tamaki as she pauses to dry her face on a corner of the sheets. Strange, but it doesn't get spared another thought. Mirio pats the space next to him as Tamaki sits up. 


"Come on right here, I'll show you how to work Tamaki over." He winks, makes a needless jerkoff motion with one of his hands.


When she settles in place, on her belly in front of him, Tamaki's dick twitches, which is cute. 


"Alright, so lesson one- you can never have too much lube-" Mirio begins, grabbing one of the bottles from the side of the bed. He slicks up Tamaki's length before guiding Hadou's hands around his boyfriend's cock. Hand over hers, he gives an example squeeze, then stroke, marveling at her slender hands. He's never thought of Hadou Nejire as small before, but looking at her hands next to his… 


"Yeah, you could get some two hand action going even, rub them in the same direction like this-" Mirio watches as Tamaki shivers, hips gently thrusting into her ministrations.


It's kind of nice to watch Hadou's hands working over Tamaki's dick. It's an interesting change of pace, and unexpectedly arousing to boot.


(That makes you a cuck. His brain helpfully supplies, causing him to lose it immediately. He snorts into his hand, drawing both of their attentions, which he quickly waves off. Nothing to see here, keep doing what you're doing!!)


Mirio gathers himself, then runs his hands down the length of Hadou's body, getting comfortable with a more intimate touch. He's always been a touchy-feely guy, so now that he has encouragement to touch-feel all over someone else he definitely will. And her body is nice, soft but solid, a Hero's figure. Also very endowed. Hadou Nejire's ass is a tantalizing shape, round and strong and… yup, fits perfectly in his hands. Mirio massages, slips fingers beneath the fabric of her panties.


Tamaki had wanted them on, but Mirio... Mirio would very much like them off now. He toys with the lace, bites his lip. This wouldn't be a problem if he still had his quirk. Mirio hates to still be thinking like that, he really does, but it would just be so easy. Just… phasing a thumb right through her panties and pressing it against her… but! Mirio is quirkless, quirkless, and that's something he can't change, wouldn't change- and he's used to it by now anyways. 




He pulls her panties down so he stops thinking about it, doing it slowly enough that she could stop him if she wanted. But she's distracted enough by Tamaki's dick, mouth free this time, spilling endless questions. Good luck, Tamaki. 


Mirio leans up to show her a twisting wrist motion that wrings a shudder from his beloved. Then his hands leave hers, trailing across Tamaki's thighs as Hadou settles back between them. Her hair spills across her back looking as long and soft as ever. Mirio wonders if it would be unsexy to braid it real quick.


Running a hand down the length of her back, he returns to kneading lovely Hadou's lovely behind. It's just so round. Inviting. Good enough to eat. Spreading her cheeks, he licks a thumb and presses it directly against her asshole. 


Has anyone ever properly tossed your salad? Is on the tip of his tongue, but the last time he referred to ass eating as salad tossing, Tamaki had picked him up and deposited him neatly on the floor, four meters away. So he swallows the smile playing about his lips (salad! of all the things, why on earth-) and presses a kiss to her lower back. Then another, right above her crack. Then he just goes for it, tilting her hips, spreading her cheeks, and licking a long, wet stripe all the way up her backside.


"Oh!" She jolts a bit in his hands, so he does it again, slower this time. Her backdoor is the cutest shade of pink, and so very small. Mirio better start stretching her out soon or he is never gonna be able to stuff his cock in there. He begins by tracing circles around her hole, using just the tip of his tongue, getting it nice and wet.


Sure, he doesn't have to do this. But he's very good at it, she's clean, and his fingers seem too big to start with. (And really, he's very good at it, so honestly it's just polite to toss some salad at this point.)


Hadou's stream of questions ebbs off into noise as he really starts to tongue her asshole open. (You're welcome Tamaki.) The swell of her butt is just so... nice and squeezable, he kneads it, appreciates with both hands as he goes to town. When he glances up, she's still got both of her hands on Tamaki's cock, stroking and rubbing. Tamaki is watching him, which is delightful. Mirio plunges in deep and sends a wink his way when Hadou moans softly.


Propping up Hadou's hips a bit more, he's again struck with how small she is in comparison to him. How slight she feels in his hands. Dainty is the first word that comes to mind, which is odd. With her powerful quirk and strong presence, dainty is one of the last words he would use to describe Hadou Nejire offhand. But she's just… so much smaller than he is, and Mirio's used to hefting Tamaki around, slender but dense. By comparison, lifting the swell of Hadou's hips takes barely any effort at all. 


This angle he holds her up at gives him a lewd view of her damp curls, shiny with slick. When he spreads her cheeks her pussy parts as well, glistening and pink. He ducks down to run his tongue curiously up her valley, she's so wet, it's really something. The taste is mild, but the slick texture clings to his tongue. Mirio explores her pussy with curiosity, but about half the enthusiasm as his previous venture. So many dips and curves and folds of skin, it's complex and he has little to no idea what it must feel like for her. He finds something that makes her jolt so he licks it again, wonders what it is. Also apparently there's another hole here? Somewhere?? Oh well, that's Tamaki's job anyways. With one last heavy lick up her crack, he pulls back, runs a thumb through her center. Wet with her own juices, it slides into her ass easily. He squeezes her skin with his other four fingers, watches as Tamaki gets close to orgasm. Waits for the worst possible time, then…


"Hate to interrupt!" He grins, thumb thrusting lazily in and out of Hadou's ass. "But, may I borrow Tamaki for a second? You just- stay right here."


Tamaki breathes heavily, a small distressed noise coming from high in his throat. Mirio beckons, coaxes him over.


"Tamaki- will you do us a favor?" Mirio can't help but smile as Tamaki crawls over. He can't wait to see the look on Tamaki's face when he catches on, he really can't. Mirio smooths a hand down Hadou's back, pushing her down gently when she tries to turn around. 


"Just- right there, for me, lovely Hadou if you will." His other hand slides free, spreads her cheeks, pulling them apart and putting both twitching holes on display.


"Tamaki… slick her up right here for me, won't you?" Tamaki looks like he's going to die soon, but in the good way. Hand clenched around his own cock, chewing on his lip, staring, staring at Mirio's hand presenting this shiny lewd little feast for him. As Mirio suspected, he doesn't have to hold Hadou in place for long before Tamaki is coming, painting hot stripes between Hadou's cheeks, coating both holes, dripping down and soaking her pubes even more. It's beautiful. Mirio's never been afraid of a good wet mess. Hands, sheets, faces, they can all be washed. Just adds to the fun.


"Hey, are you two- ohhh-" Hadou tries to look back at them again but Mirio slips a sticky finger back up her ass and she quiets down.


"Waste not want not!" He chirps. Condoms or creampies? Mirio had asked, in their unnecessarily lengthy text thread concerning tonight. She had told him condoms wouldn't be necessary and that she wanted the Full Experience. So they'll start with a bit of natural lubricant.


Tamaki pants, rubs both hands down his face.


"I'll be right back." He mutters, sliding off the bed and heading towards the bathroom. Mirio whistles appreciatively at his butt as he walks away, causing him to pick up the pace a little. Cute. 


"So." He turns his attention back to their friend, scooping up more of Tamaki's mess to slick the way. He adds another finger. "You've never done it in the butt before?" 


"Nope! I fingered myself in the shower earlier though, your hands are a bit- ohhh- bigger than mine-" He scissors his fingers, slowly twists his hand, stretches her out until he can stuff a third in there. Her back arches nicely. Mirio is thorough with three fingers, takes his time. Wonders what Tamaki is doing in the bathroom. Ah well. He can fill as much time as Tamaki needs. 


"So- Buttsex 101! Your colon has a bend in it like this-" He holds out his free hand for demonstration purposes. "-About 10 centimeters in, and our goal is to get my dick past that."


Mirio babbles and of course Hadou is a fantastic sport and asks him questions. The water runs in the bathroom. Tamaki should be back out soon. Should Mirio wait for him…? 


Nah, Tamaki wouldn't want to be waiting around. 


"You ready?" He sits back against the headboard so she can set the pace, lower herself onto him. She steadies herself between his thighs, looks back at him over a shoulder.


"As I'll ever be." They both quiet down as he holds her by the hips and helps ease her onto his cock. It's a tight fit, but with lots of lube and all that prep, it's only a matter of time until the head pops in. She gasps sharply, thighs trembling as she holds herself there for a moment.


"So tight-" Mirio murmurs into her hair, drawing circles on her hips with his thumb. Hadou pants and squeezes around him, he can feel each breath she takes.


"Soo tight-" Wonder colors his voice as he eases her down, her body slowly yielding to his dick. "Push back a little, yeah? This good? You okay?"


Hadou groans in response, breathes heavy like she's working hard. She's definitely never had anything this big squeeze past her backdoor before. Mirio had tried to warn her-? Before, in their text thread. Felt like bragging, though. And it's not like she hasn't seen his dick before, she knew. She knew! He doesn't move, lets her get used to the intrusion.


Hadou's so extremely tight he actually forgets about Tamaki for a moment. His vision goes hazy as he tips his head back against the headboard. Then the water shuts off and Mirio remembers his boyfriend coming back to them and wow is he gonna like this show. His hips twitch, minutely, Hadou noises in response.


Mirio is all revved up and ready to go. His heart slams in his chest, it's honestly taking all he has to stay still. But he can't hurt Hadou, not even a little bit and certainly not by accident. And she is so small, she is so small and so fucking tight around him already. How long can he possibly last when Tamaki joins and he'll be able to feel Tamaki's dick rubbing against his own and wow! Human anatomy is pretty neat that they can all fit together like this. 


It's a good thing he came all over her face earlier. Means he'll last a little longer this time. Mirio nudges her legs open a bit more, reaches down to her neglected pussy. He spreads her gooey pink folds with two fingers. Hard and purposeful, inviting. The bathroom door opens.


When Tamaki walks back into the room, Mirio knows the instant he looks up at them because he hears the rush of air leaving his lungs. Under his Tamaki's predatory gaze, he can't help but roll his hips, slow, in a circle, moving Hadou with him. Her fingers dig into his thighs.


"Amajiki- you took- forever-" She pants. Drag him, Hadou. "-did you know? Really forever, oh-" 


Mirio rolls his hips again as Tamaki approaches the bed, cock sliding just a few centimeters out and back into Hadou's ass. One of her hands reaches up and tangles in the back of Mirio's hair and pulls- and- oops, easy Togata. The smile she gives him is a warning. 


He stills his hips and smooches her head, apologetic. Tamaki climbs onto the bed. He does so in this slow, methodical manner, he's definitely drunk. It's not… regular drunk, like Mirio gets- clumsy and stumbling- but Tamaki drunk, where every action is done with purpose. Sometimes slow but often very very quickly. 


Mirio slides the two fingers spreading her open through the center of Hadou's pussy. Now coated with slick, he beckons Tamaki closer with his dirty hand. Tamaki catches him by the wrist, sucks the two fingers into his mouth and- yes- there he is. Suneater. Tamaki sucks his fingers clean and surges forward to kiss Mirio like a dying man.


 Mirio will happily be devoured anytime.


Though… right now, Tamaki tastes like both tequila and pussy, which is a combination so terrible that Mirio can't help but feel a laugh bubbling up in his chest. He swallows it back down, though, for all of their sakes. Hadou quivers, Tamaki's practically drooling, massaging her chest again, keep it sexy Togata. 


"I think she's just about ready for a double dipping." Mirio grins. (Failed step one.) Hadou pulls his hair again, and maybe he deserved that, sure. 


"Are you ready?" Tamaki's voice is rough as he looks down at Hadou like a meal. She likes it, he can tell as she shivers, muscles fluttering around Mirio's cock.


"Yes-" She breathes, fingertips digging into Mirio's arms this time. "Oh, yes yes-"


Mirio's hand travels down once more, spreading her slick folds and toying with the head of Tamaki's cock, rubbing the two of them against each other. Then Tamaki's hand joins his, and he must already know where that hole is because he slips two fingers right inside. Mirio can feel them, especially when Tamaki starts to rub at his shape through Hadou's walls.  


"Oh please-" Hadou is panting. "Please do it, Togata is way too big-" The bold way she moves her hips tells Mirio that she's used to him now at least. Even if he is way too big. Heh.


Tamaki leans forward to kiss Mirio again as he pushes in. This time even the terrible taste is hot, because his boyfriend is quivering and he can feel him pushing in, really feel the arch and rub of Tamaki's cock against the underside of his own. He tucks himself neatly inside of Hadou, squeezed against Mirio, and everything is slick and wet and tight and- wow. A perfect fit. Tamaki's first thrust pulls a moan from all three of them.


Tamaki is gorgeous. Flushed cheeks, huge, dark eyes, he fucks with firm, stilted motions, hands adjusting their hold on Hadou’s hips every so often. All consuming, and still hungry for more, his Tamaki looks a little wasted- though with his metabolism he should be sobering up around now. Is that what Tamaki was doing in the bathroom? Drinking? Naughty. Mirio grins sharply, calls him baby, eggs him on. 


Tamaki's shoulders flex, Hadou's tits bounce and jerk. He pants into her hair, wild eyes locking onto Mirio’s every so often. They look good together, the two of them. 


Hadou is quieter than he expected when she gets into it, all breathy gasps and low "Mmm"s. She winds her arms around Tamaki's neck, props her legs up around his waist. Her chest bounces and bounces. She gasps whenever Tamaki thrusts particularly deep. Whenever Mirio thrusts at all she squeaks, body tensing. He only lets his hips go sometimes, so she doesn't forget about him back here.


Tamaki holds back, stops whenever Mirio picks up, thrusts sharply whenever Mirio stays still. When Hadou really starts to enjoy herself she starts moaning, these awesome pornstar groans that he can tell Tamaki really likes. 


The full experience, she wanted. Tamaki wants it too, he can tell in the soft noises he makes, choked, desperate, hungry.


Maybe he needs some encouragement. Mirio leans forward, thrusts once so his cock pushes up opposite against Tamaki's. Hadou squeaks, then moans. He leans up a bit more, so he can rub a cheek against his lover's with a sharp inhale. 


Tamaki tenses. Like he knows.


"I think our little miss is just about ready for you to fuck her like you mean it." Mirio encourages softly, right against Tamaki's ear. Maybe Hadou can hear him, he doesn't know, nor care.


"Don't be afraid to show off a little-" He thrusts again, slow, easy. "We want her to have all the nasty fun she can, hm?"


Tamaki whimpers, Tamaki takes a slow breath, and then Tamaki starts to fuck her like an animal. It's incredible. Amazing to watch and about three times better to experience. Mirio pushes his chest forward so Hadou gets pushed forward as well, tits pressing against Tamaki. He grasps one, squeezes. Tamaki leans forward so his lips meet Mirio’s, cocks rubbing against each other inside their friend. It's really something.


(Mirio doesn't know what he had been so worried about earlier. He's confident in Tamaki's love for him, comfortable with it even. Their relationship is secure, and even if the waters get choppy Mirio is never afraid of capsizing. And he loves Hadou, their weird little nonstop Hadou. And this is a fantastic time right now.)


"Ama-jiki-!" She gasps Tamaki's name and it burns unexpectedly through Mirio, quick, red hot arousal. Mirio snaps his hips as his balls draw up and it makes her blurt his name in one quick, loud burst- "Togata!" -And then he comes. Her ass is already tight, but she does get impossibly tighter, clenching and clenching and- is this a girl orgasm? Feels fantastic as she milks him. Tamaki keeps pumping, a man possessed. Hadou makes this funny, strangled, cut off scream and suddenly there's a blossoming warmth, a wet heat, dripping down past his balls and pooling into their cheap sheets. 


Hadou shakes as she squirts all over the both of them. It's hot, and very wet and Mirio figures that if Tamaki ends up getting shy with his tentacles this will be highlight of his night. Mirio pulls Tamaki against them both as his boyfriend stutters to a stop and comes as well. Tongue halfway down Mirio's throat, cock as deep inside of Hadou as he could shove, Tamaki shudders, unloads. Mirio kisses his temple afterwards.



Tamaki slips out first, panting, dripping. Hadou groans, head tipping back onto Mirio's chest. They all catch their breath for a shared moment.


"M'gonna wash up real quick." Tamaki mumbles, sliding off the bed and slinking shakily back to the bathroom.


"Was that good?" Mirio asks the vice around his sensitive dick. Hadou still seems pretty out of it, he kisses the top of her head. "He can be such an animal, hm?"


"Oh my god-" She pants. Each breath she takes he can feel. "So good- haven't- squirted like that in months-"


"Yeah, that was awesome! Felt great." Mirio agrees, gently gathering her legs into his arms.


"Oh god please go easy-" 


"Don't worry, I got you-" Mirio lifts her slowly off of him, cock slipping free from her ass eventually. His cum joins Tamaki's as it drips out of her, running down his balls, between his thighs. Waterproof below had been a good idea for the sex sheets. 


Hadou groans, lays exactly where he places her, on the other side of the bed, away from the puddle.


(Shouldn't there be a towel in here? A sex towel?? Mirio had washed them all, they should all be clean, they should have so many towels!!) 


A pillowcase is sacrificed to the cause. Hadou laughs, shakes her head at him as she cleans herself up with it. He uses another for the mess on the bed. 


Tamaki is taking a while in the bathroom again, the water not running, Mirio hopes he's okay. Don't stay too long in there, Tamaki.

Chapter Text

The mirror is splattered with water.

That’s probably because Tamaki’s hand is splayed on it, and his hand is wet. There’s supposed to be a towel next to the sink to dry his hand on, but Mirio took all the towels to the wash because Hadou was coming. Only, like always, he forgot to fold them. So the fresh laundry is still in the basket that Mirio hid in the closet just before she arrived. No towels.

Tamaki watches the trails of water drip down the mirror, chasing them with a tiny octopus arm. It’s easy to manifest when he’s had a few drinks, and he’s definitely had them. He’s also eaten so much octopus that his favorite takoyaki vendor asked if he was going on some kind of raid.

Kind of. Definitely somewhere he’s never gone before.

The air is cold. It’s winter and heat’s expensive, so they keep it low, which is fine. Mirio runs extremely hot and has a tendency of opening the windows in January. But it’s currently less fine, because Tamaki’s naked, and the reason he was washing his hands is — oh yeah — because they had cum on them.

He looks at himself in the mirror. His hair’s weird. Maybe there’s cum in there too. He squints, trying to see, then catches his own eye and forgets about his hair altogether.

They just fucked Hadou Nejire.

After he stops laughing — because actually fucking Hadou is a hilarious concept — he waits to feel embarrassed because embarrassment is always just right there and if you’re ever going to be embarrassed about anything, fucking your lesbian best friend while kissing the man you’re planning to marry is a thing you’re going to be embarrassed about.

He isn’t that embarrassed. Which is probably thanks to two things: the bottle of tequila in his dry hand and the sheer force of will that lead him to drink half of it. Alcohol and decisions to have sex are a bad combination generally, but deciding to have sex and then drinking a lot of alcohol in order to do so is significantly less bad? Not that he particularly cares at the moment, throwing the bottle back for a final swig. He needs to get out of the bathroom. It’s cold, and Hadou is going to ask more penis questions.

There is actually one towel — the terrible knock-off Suneater towel that Mirio bought from a street vendor in Tokyo before they moved in together. Tamaki has no idea why it’s in the bathroom when all the towels were supposed to be in the wash… or closet, but he doesn’t need to know why to wrap it around his waist and step through the door.

Which is just what he does.


“Hey! Amajiki, are you shy again? What’s that towel? I couldn’t find any when I was in there! Did you get towels of yourself? No one made towels of me, just cute hair clips and those gross fleshlights and I—”

Hadou’s lounging on her side as she goes on about unauthorized R18 merchandise. Her hair’s spread over the frustratingly inviting curves of her body and all across the bed. They are going to have sky blue hairs as long as their legs in their blankets for the next million years. Lemillion years.

Tamaki starts snickering. Mirio should definitely hear that joke, he—

“You doing okay, Tamaki?” Mirio’s head pops up on Hadou’s other side. They might have been poking each other like little kids a minute ago. Tamaki always assumed he’d be jealous of someone not him poking Mirio, but maybe he trusts Hadou more than he realized.

Or maybe he just trusts Mirio so much that nothing else could ever threaten what they have.

Or maybe the room is spinning.

“I’m fine,” Tamaki shakes his head at least five times so Mirio is absolutely certain everything’s okay. He puts his hand against the doorframe to anchor himself, and the spinning calms down. When what he drank in the bathroom hits him, things might get hairy.

“Hey but,” Hadou squints and pokes at something between her and Mirio’s bodies, “doesn’t all this junk get in the way?”

“Not really,” Mirio reaches down and adjusts himself. “Doesn’t it feel weird to just have this… hole in you?”

“You have holes in you!”

“Yes, my sweet Hadou, but they’re all ones I can close.”

“Togata, are you special? Can you close your ears?”

“Fair enough!” Mirio’s laugh rolls through the room and around Tamaki’s dick somehow, and he figures if they are having a threesome they might as well keep having it.

There are clothes on the floor and he’s tripping over them on his way to the bed. He’s about halfway to feeling a little bit anxious, but Mirio takes his hand as he sits up to make room. He’s not hard at all, and Hadou’s nipples are soft, and god her breasts were really soft and everything about her is soft even though she could probably snap Tamaki in half. But she’s also the person who wouldn’t leave him alone in their first year until he told her at exactly what point in the digestion process he could no longer manifest something he’d eaten. So while Hadou is unquestionably hot, she’s also unquestionably Hadou.

“Do you need some water?” Mirio wraps his arm around Tamaki’s waist and kisses his shoulder, pulling him close so their hips are flush together. He’s just talking about water, but his words are low, special, and only for Tamaki. They buzz up the nape of his neck and set up a steady hum on the back of his head. He starts to say that he doesn’t need water, he had a drink in the bathroom, but he gets distracted by the smell of Mirio’s deodorant and he curls into his chest instead, towel hitching up around his legs.

Mirio chuckles and his chest vibrates against the sensitive tip of Tamaki’s ear. Turning himself completely so they’re facing each other, Tamaki lifts his head until he captures Mirio’s lips in a long, slow kiss.

“You definitely need some water,” Mirio smiles against his lips. “You taste like tequila!” Tamaki leans forward to kiss him again, but Mirio pulls away and presses Tamaki easily into the mattress. “Be right back,” he winks, then heads out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.

Tamaki watches him leave. Hungrily.

“He really bulked up after high school!” Hadou’s voice is right next to his ear. “I mean, I knew that, but I wasn’t seeing him naked all the time so I didn’t really know… wow! That’s some ass!”

He turns to look at her. She’s on her knees, hair in a long trail behind her. He wants to touch her breasts again, but he won’t if Mirio’s not in the room. He doesn’t really know what to talk about, so he just fumbles his way into a coughing sort of laugh and pulls the towel more tightly around his waist. Hadou laughs too, like he’s made some kind of joke, and not that his awkwardness has somehow managed to pierce the veils of both drunkenness and horniness to make everything uncomfortable.

“I… see it every day,” he finally says, because it seems appropriate.

Hadou leans back on her heels, laughing even more. Her breasts bounce while she does it and Tamaki hopes that Mirio gets back soon because he really wants to bite one of her nipples, or maybe she and Mirio can sit next to each other and he can bite all of their nipples and if he manifested arms he could…


Behind him the door slams open, slicing his thoughts in half. He tries to turn his head quickly, but everything’s moving really slow. He feels Mirio’s lips on his shoulder, followed by the press of cold glass against his skin.

“Hadou uh… likes your ass,” he turns his head to say just as Mirio hands him his water.

“Why thank you, I’ve had it since I was little!” Mirio jumps on the bed next to him and the shockwaves slosh the liquid. It’s ice cold and feels wonderful as Tamaki swallows. He drinks until the glass is empty, while Mirio and Hadou chatter over him about what makes a good ass and Hadou digs around in their bedside table. She mostly talks about girls in general and Mirio mostly talks about Tamaki specifically, but he does mention Ingenium at one point. When Tamaki’s glass is empty, he drops it on the floor, then falls on his back, towel still around his waist.

He could go again.

Nothing particularly sexy is even happening, but the feeling of want is buzzing under his belly button and he finds his mind straying towards thoughts so… kinky that even alcohol doesn’t leave him immune to red-eared embarrassment.

He thinks them anyway.

Mirio doesn’t call the manifestations what they are, even though “tentacles” is inaccurate. But whatever you call them, Tamaki has used them on Mirio more than every once and awhile. For hours, until his laughter dissolves into begging sobs, and he ends up such a cum-covered disaster that it’s all Tamaki thinks about anymore when he jerks off in the shower.

Hadou doesn’t call them the right thing either. And she has no idea, no idea the writhing, tasting, grabbing, thrashing monster Tamaki will turn into if he manifests them while he’s drunk and horny.

But she asked for them.

“Wait, is all this lube?” Hadou’s voice stills his wobbly thoughts and he sits up on his elbows. He’s tenting the towel but she doesn’t notice, waving around a deep red squeeze bottle instead. “Four different kinds?”

“Well,” Mirio rubs the back of his head, embarrassed for the first time that evening, “they’re for different kinds of things…”

Hadou’s eyes bulge out of her head, “Do you mean—?”

The octopus arm that takes the lube out of her hand finishes the sentence for her. Tamaki immediately regrets the gesture.

Now that it’s there, it’s there, like he’s just ripped off the towel and whipped his dick out. Mirio, who’s dick actually is out, is looking at him in a sort of complicated way that no one else would probably even notice. His eyes aren’t supposed to be expressive enough to give those kinds of looks. But he can, and Tamaki gets it. And Mirio gets it when Tamaki gives him a small smile. A smile that’s cut off because Hadou jumps on top of him.

“Are we gonna do it?!” she demands, bouncing on top of his dick and making the whole world go fuzzy. “You said we would but I thought maybe you were tired. How many times can you come anyway? Togata how many times can he come? Are the suckers gonna get stuck inside me? Will I have hickeys on my vag? Can you use one to suck on my clit or will it suck too hard?”

At his side, Mirio falls backwards onto the bed, laughing so hard the mattress vibrates.

“Amajiki, you’re hard already!” Hadou grins and then wiggles a little. “Wow, are you a machine? Or is this just normal?”

“He’s a machine,” Mirio says, then cracks up again. Tamaki kicks him but Mirio catches his foot and starts to tickle his fingertips across the arch. Tamaki makes a terrible noise and writhes, knocking Hadou into the space between his and Mirio’s bodies. She rolls into Mirio and they both dissolve into giggles.

“Oooooh Togata,” she leans into him conspiratorially, “will you show me all his sensitive spots?”

It’s easy to manifest when he’s been drinking, and the two of them are tied hand to foot in seconds.

“Oh!” Hadou squirms against the octopus arms that have her elbows touching behind her back. Her breasts are jutting out, and Tamaki doesn’t realize he’s reaching out to touch one until the soft warmth is spilling out between his fingers. He stares at his hands as he touches her. His knuckles are knobby. Have they always been this knobby, or is it just that they seem knobbier because there’s a… because he’s… touching Hadou Nejire’s tits.

Next to Hadou, Mirio is still laughing, even though his hands and ankles are bound together and he’s got her hair in his mouth. “Hey, Tamaki, can you loosen up on the right wrist just a bit?” he asks. Tamaki obliges, now with both of his hands full of Hadou’s absolutely glorious rack.

“Are we gonna do it then???” she demands, right as he leans forward to bite down on her nipple. Her back arches and she strains against the arms binding her. He tightens them, pulling her back down and stretching her nipple between his teeth until he finally lets go.

“‘Yellow’ is for slow down, ‘red’ is for stop,” he mutters, looking at her collarbone instead of her face. “If you can’t talk, just… bite down hard and I’ll stop.”

She gasps with what should probably be predictable excitement.

“Will you taste like real octopus??”

“I said… I said bite down, not eat me.”

Heat rushes into his ears as a wave of embarrassment crashes down on his shoulders.

“Yeah but I wonder though,” Hadou tries to sit up and fails miserably, “what do you taste like?”

“Very bland,” Mirio offers, spitting out a strand of hair. “And mealy.”

Tamaki lets them go and puts his head in his hands. The arms retract into his back easily, except for the one that snarls in Hadou’s hair. Mirio has to help her untangle it and by the time that happens, Tamaki’s hard-on is half gone.

Mirio’s isn’t.

“Hey hey c’mere,” he coos, sliding Tamaki onto his lap. The towel keeps them from skin to skin contact, but Mirio’s fingers rub lazy circles into Tamaki’s back, and he kisses Tamaki’s temple the way he does when he’s not sure what to do. When he wants to apologize but he knows he can’t, because that’ll make everything worse.

The bed dips as Hadou scoots over to them. She’s sitting close, Tamaki can feel the heat from her body, but she doesn’t touch him until her small hand slides into his much larger one.

“Amajiki, did you know, we don’t have to do anything…”

This is supremely frustrating. Because he wants to do something. The press of Mirio’s dick against his ass, the thin electric distance between Hadou’s thigh and his own, both remind him why he was hard a minute ago. But he’s hyper aware of himself. Not quite panicking, but dancing terrifyingly close. The bathroom tequila hasn’t kicked in yet. He’s not as drunk as he was when they were both…

Fucking her.

God. They both fucked her. At the same time. He could feel Mirio inside of her and… the thought is so impossibly hot, it sears away all of his self-consciousness, leaving nothing but want behind.

He lifts Hadou’s wrist to his mouth, then kisses the delicate skin.

“Oh!” She jerks a little in surprise, but she doesn’t pull away, not even when he licks across the tendons of her wrist, up the soft back of her hand, and all the way to the tip of her index finger.

Mirio twitches against him. Tamaki lowers Hadou’s wrist to take her hand, then he turns his head and kisses Mirio, licking into the softness of his mouth. He reaches for Mirio’s thick hand, lacing their fingers together. A line of saliva connects their mouths as he pulls back. He manifests an octopus arm to flick away Hadou’s hair as he turns back to her to suck and bite at her neck.

He squeezes both of their hands.

Hadou is quietly noisy, all gasps and breathy whimpers. Mirio is less quiet. He hums as the other arms Tamaki’s manifested dance up his back to play in the hair at the nape of his neck. He’s muttering little things that Tamaki knows by heart, punctuated by much louder moans.

Tamaki could bite through Hadou’s neck if he wanted. It’s soft and so small. She smells like girl and he’d always wondered what a smell like that would be up close. Spring flowers and peaches and something else he can’t really place. He winds octopus arms around her body, the complicated taste of her skin filling his mind. Her soft pants and quiet “ahs”s make his dick twitch against the fabric of the towel.

“Do… you remember what I said?” he pulls away to ask. Mirio is rutting against his thigh, octopus arms twined and writhing across his chest while he still squeezes Tamaki’s hand tightly. Tamaki can feel the movement as Hadou and Mirio search for each others hands, then clasp them together.

“Hey, Amajiki,” Hadou says breathlessly, “I wouldn’t forget something like that already.”

He manifests two more arms to join the ones already twined around her. Picking her up, he presses her against the headboard, binding her hands over her head and tying her legs together. He turns to Mirio and kisses him again, scalp tingling as Mirio cards his fingers through his hair.

“Would you like me to open you up?” he asks lowly. “It’s pretty hot when you do it yourself, but I kinda…”

“Yeah…” Tamaki’s voice is made out of gravel. “Yeah, I want that.”

Mirio rips off the towel.

“Hey! Hey!!” Tamaki can feel the pull of the arms as Hadou strains and kicks against them. “When I said I wanted tentacles, this isn’t what I meant!!”

“Consider it a demonstration, Hadou!” Mirio holds up his hand and wiggles his fingers. “I have excellent technique!”

Tamaki doesn’t want her to watch. It’s pretty hypocritical, since he can’t take his eyes off her while she strains against the arms that are holding her in place. But Mirio seems to know without asking, and he pushes Tamaki forward so he’s facing her on his hands and knees. Tamaki feels the pop of the suckers as they’re pulled away from the familiar taste of Mirio’s skin, and the arms clings to him even more in the places where they still touch.

“So what are we thinking here? Cock? Tentacles? Both?”

“You,” Tamaki mutters as one of Mirio’s fingers takes a leisurely trip around the rim of his asshole.

“My favorite answer,” Mirio laughs, leaning forward to kiss Tamaki’s spine. In the same moment, he presses his finger inside. It’s nothing, just a finger, but it’s Mirio’s finger and… well actually Tamaki has never experienced any other fingers, but Mirio’s hands are still enormous so—

“Chicken Heart I wanna see!!” Hadou cries in frustration. She’s strong and the leverage of her muscle against bone is almost enough to loosen her from the arms. But not quite. As Mirio presses in another finger, Tamaki wraps an arm around each of her legs and yanks her thighs apart. They snap open easily, probably because she’s surprised, and Tamaki can see the wet blue curls and… pink.

Then it’s hard to pay attention because Mirio has started to move his fingers. Tamaki should be used to this by now but he hopes, he really hopes, that he never gets used to it. When he finally gets a handle on himself, he looks up and Hadou is grinning.

“Togata, whatever you were doing, do it again!”

“Who am I to leave a lady unhappy in the bedroom?” Mirio presses in a third finger and Tamaki’s arms crumple underneath him.

“Is that his prostate? Amajiki, is he touching your prostate? How does that even work? Togata is he gonna come right away? You still didn’t tell me how many times he could come!”

Tamaki’s control is downright sloppy when he flicks the tip of one of the arms against her clit, but it shuts her up. Actually it doesn’t even do that, she’s still making noises, but not ones that require a response. Red blushes across her face and down her chest. She kicks her legs back and forth, and Tamaki isn’t certain if she’s trying to move into the sensation or get away from it.

“Think it’s my turn, eh?” Mirio asks, rolling onto the bed next to Tamaki. His hair is a mess and his lips are red and swollen. “I can do it myself, if you’d rather focus on our lovely guest,” he waggles his eyebrows.

There aren’t a huge number of things in life that Tamaki is even remotely confident in. But there are a few: Mirio’s love for him, his cooking (mostly), how much he can deadlift and, out of quirk based necessity…

…his ability to multitask.

He adjusts the arm sliding against Hadou’s… her… pussy, and tastes her fully for the first time. She’s tangy, unexpectedly sour. He didn’t expect to like it, but he does.

He also tastes himself.

Mirio talks a lot during sex, and he tries to talk to both of them as Tamaki fingers him. He’s quickly distracted, probably because Tamaki’s middle finger finds his prostate and begins gently, firmly, stroking it. Octopus arms aside, this is Tamaki’s favorite thing, and he gets sort of carried away. Mirio’s words come out as a kind of garbled mess, until suddenly:

“Ah, Tamaki, yellow I think? Yeah, yellow!”

Tamaki freezes every part of himself that he can control. In the quiet that follows, Hadou pants and Mirio laughs shakily.

“Are you alri—”

“Just didn’t wanna shoot off like that,” Mirio gives him a wobbly grin as he catches his breath. “Think I’m all ready, though.”

Hadou pulls at the arms holding her legs open while Mirio pants on his back. They are both waiting on Tamaki, and the pressure to do something is heavy. The room feels like it’s moving. Everything’s so funny… they’re doing this… but also what if he messes up, god he’s so fucking hard and Hadou’s so soft and Mirio’s so everything and how is he even supposed to do thi—

“Hey, Amajiki! Just fuck us already!”

He looks down at her. She’s trembling against her restraints. Spread wide and open, inviting.

And then he knows how.

He’s unsteady but purposeful as he crawls across the bed until he’s kneeling in-between Hadou’s spread legs. The bed dips behind him, Mirio’s breath hot on his neck.

“What are we gonna do, Tamaki?” he asks conversationally, wrapping his arms around Tamaki’s waist. Tamaki curls into his voice while reaching out to run his hand down the smooth line of Hadou’s calf.

“I…” there are a lot of things he wants to say. A lot of things he wants to do. But they’re so embarrassing, and this…

Mirio kisses the back of his neck.

“S’alright to want her,” he moves to gently bite the tip of Tamaki’s ear. “I like to watch.”

“I… I know,” Tamaki says into his own shoulder. He feels Mirio’s hand slide around his hip until he’s taken Tamaki’s balls in his hand, gently rolling them across his fingers.

“So give me something to watch,” he murmurs.

Tamaki bends down and runs his tongue up the entire length of Hadou’s pussy. Behind him, Mirio’s saying something encouraging, but it’s drowned out by the surprised moan that’s spilling out of Hadou’s lips. He licks her again, the tip of his tongue lapping against her swollen clit, then pulls away.

“He… hey!” she pants. “You didn’t have to stop!”

He looks up and meets her eyes for a fifth of a second. Even in so short a time, he sees her pupils get big. Is that a thing that happens to people’s eyes when they’re turned on? He had no idea.

Kissing up her stomach he reaches her tits, taking one in each hand and pushing them together.

“Ohhh,” Mirio leans into him. “That’s what you want. What a great idea!”

“What?” Hadou asks as Tamaki slides over her legs to straddle her stomach. “What do you want, Amajiki?”

Mirio follows him, and hands him the lube over his shoulder. “Go on, you can tell her Tamaki. It’s hot.”

“I…” Tamaki squeezes the lube into the valley between her tits, arms gathering up some of it and distributing it to the rest. He inches forward, pushing her tits together. Mirio presses himself behind him, his dick resting in the cleft of Tamaki’s ass. The two arms around Hadou’s thighs twine upwards. Hovering. Waiting.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was sixteen,” Tamaki mutters.

“Amajiki, are you gonna fuck my—”

“Be quiet,” he says, stuffing her mouth with an arm. She looks at him, eyes wide. For once, shocked into complete silence. And then he fucks into the snug space between her tits.

It was worth the wait.

Good enough to make him dizzy, he braces himself with the arms that were wrapped around Mirio’s body. The two around Hadou’s legs wind their way up her thighs, tasting the sweat on her skin until he’s pressing both of them inside her.

The rattling slams of the headboard as she releases her Quirk shake the entire bed.

The arms are thicker than him, or even Mirio, and she’s not used to them at all. He can feel her thighs tremble and hear her desperate noises. He can taste her, all of her and him and Mirio as he eases into her deeper and deeper, until she can’t possibly take anymore.

He pauses. The room is spinning, his chest heaving. There’s so much going on and he doesn’t know what to do next because if he moves, he’s never going to stop moving.

Mirio’s hand braces against his stomach.

“Any room for me in here?” he chuckles lowly, pushing into Tamaki in a single thrust.

He shallowly fucks into him, grunting in his ear. Hadou’s tits bounce with the motion and Tamaki has the sense to start to fuck her. Taking a shuddery breath, he allows himself to look down at her face. Tears are pouring out of her eyes, drool out of the corners of her mouth. The noises she’s making around her gag are going to be very difficult to forget. 

Mirio switches to longer, deeper thrusts, snapping Tamaki’s hips forward into Hadou while he grips Tamaki so tight he’s going to leave bruises. Getting it from both directions bows Tamaki over and he manifests more arms to prop himself up. He sends some of them sliding over Mirio’s shoulders, down his back, grabbing and yanking him forward until he’s so deep inside Tamaki can barely breathe. Hadou looks up at them, head bouncing, eyes lidded and hazy as Tamaki fucks her harder and harder.

Despite the spinning of the room, he slides an arm down Mirio’s spine and buries it in his ass.

Shit,” Mirio grunts, pressing his forehead into Tamaki’s shoulder while his movements stutter. As Tamaki fucks into him, the chain reaction pushes them all forward until the head of Tamaki’s dick is grazing against Hadou’s chin, a fine string of pre drawing between them as he pulls back. Her legs are moving in trembling jerks and Mirio’s just saying his name, over and over. The room is spinning a lot, Tamaki’s blood is rushing in his ears.

The fingers on Tamaki’s hips squeeze painfully tight as Mirio comes with a roaring groan.

He takes three deep ragged breaths against Tamaki’s shoulder, then falls backwards, the arms catching him, then rolling him onto the bed. Tamaki lets go of Hadou’s tits and takes himself in his hand, watching as her body tightens underneath and around him. Ripping the arm out of her mouth he lifts her head, pressing his dick to her lips and thrusting in as soon as she opens her mouth.

She’s terrible at blowjobs, too much teeth and not enough tongue but he doesn’t need it to be good. He can feel her, she’s on the edge and all he needs right now is for her to just take him, take everything. 

Her body stiffens then arches, his own dick muffling her cries as she comes, stuffed full of him.

Then all he can feel is her choking around him as he comes down her throat.


He doesn’t know what happens next.

The arms are gone, but Mirio’s holding him. He’s easing Tamaki onto the bed, then hovering around Hadou, asking if she’s alright, is her throat okay can she move her hands does she need to pee girls need to pee after sex don’t they? Hadou sounds dazed, but happy and the bed lifts as Mirio helps her up to walk to the bathroom. A pair of underwear end up on Tamaki’s knees somehow.

Three people is a lot, Tamaki thinks, staring at the ceiling as he dizzily pulls on his underwear. A lot of arms, human and octopus. He can’t remember how many he manifested. Was it eight? Ten? It’s normally not hard to manifest after he comes, but he’s not normally drunk when they do tentacles.

Arms. They’re arms.

The bed bows next to him and then Mirio is there, pulling Tamaki back into his arms and kissing his temple over and over.

“Are you glad we did this?” he asks quietly.

Tamaki starts to laugh. Everything is so funny, probably thanks to the orgasm and the bathroom tequila.

Mirio blows raspberries on his neck and he rolls and squirms to get away, but Mirio’s arms are strong and Tamaki’s worn out from the multiple people he was fucking at once.

“I’m glad,” he announces eventually. “But… I don’t think I want to do it again…” He raises his arm to make a point, then it falls because he forgets what his point is.

But Mirio gets it. “Yeah I think it’d be different the second time. And you…”

“Me?” Tamaki rolls in his arms so they’re facing each other. He reaches out to softly feel his way across Mirio’s cheekbones.

“I love you,” Mirio says. Tamaki says it back, to his face and into his neck and into his chest and all the ways he can say I love you in that minute.

The sound of the toilet grabs his attention, and he twists in Mirio’s arms to see Hadou in a worn-out Ryukyu T-shirt. She’s limping her way to the bed. Her hair is in a braid and she’s grinning and he feels pretty embarrassed, but Mirio’s holding him and he’s finally not naked, so it’s bearable.

“Did you know,” she asks, sounding worn out but happy, “you don’t have any towels. And also, tentacles are really great??”

“I did know that,” Mirio says, squeezing Tamaki a little tighter before he leans over to pat the bed. “Now get up here, we’re exhausted.”

She jumps onto the mattress, flashing a pair of regular-looking blue short… things. Maybe they’re underwear, Tamaki’s not sure. She lies down, looking Tamaki straight in the eyes. Should they… cuddle? Face-to-face? That’s a lot, even now.

Especially now. Tamaki hates eye contact under the best of circumstances. These are maybe the weirdest.

With a neat little roll, she wedges her back against him, the top of her head tucked just underneath his chin, her braid flipped over both of their shoulders. His hands find her waist because he has to do something and what else is he going to do with them?

“You… have too much hair,” he tells her, feeling Mirio happily burrow into his shoulder.

“Get over it, Chicken Heart,” she sighs, wiggling tightly against him.

She’s warm. Mirio’s warm too. If they slept like this all the time they’d probably get hot.

But right now?

It’s nice.