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K-pop girl groups

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Irene created group chat

Irene names group chat Gay Idols

Irene adds Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri

Joy: why a group chat mom?

Irene: I'm sure I never gave birth to a daughter like you

Yeri: Why the sudden group chat?

Wendy: Probably wanted to flirt with Seulgi in front of us.

Irene: NO! I just wanted to create a group chat between all the members!

Seulgi: So we're not going to flirt? :(

Irene: Ofc bby!

Joy: gaaaaaay

Wendy: Like you aren't gay yourself.

Joy: true

Yeri: Mom, I'm hungry!

Irene: Food is almost ready!

Joy: how come she can call you mom???

Seulgi: Yeri is our precious Maknae! :3

Wendy: A whiny one...

Irene: Stfu Wendy

Yeri: ^^^

Wendy: Rude.

Seulgi: Lol

Joy: Yeri! let's watch Frozen together!

Yeri: Hell Ya!!

Wendy: Isn't that movie old now?

Joy: Frozen is never too old!

Seulgi: Tell me when Elsa starts singing!

Irene: Want me to bring your food over to you, Yeri?

Yeri: Yes please!

Irene: Ok



Joy: you were too busy cuddling with Irene unnie!

Yeri: ^^^

Yeri: You guys were so disgustingly gross

Wendy: You would also glare at anyone trying to separate the two of you.

Seulgi: Oh

Seulgi: My bad

Irene: Lol

Joy: Irene Unnie!!!!

Irene: Yes?

Joy: I wanted to ask if you are ok after all those assholes talked shit about your outfit

Irene: I'm ok

Yeri: Those guys are fucking pieces of shit!

Irene: Language!

Wendy: English.

Wendy: But what she said is true, Irene unnie.

Seulgi: They are just jealous that you are so beautiful!

Irene: Awww thanks baby! :"D

Seulgi: Ofc babe! ;3

Yeri: Immature fans really give the real fans a bad rep

Joy: i feel bad for the those fans

Wendy: Same.

Irene: There will always be bad fans in a fandom

Seulgi: Ya

Joy: this became depressing

Yeri: Tbh

Wendy: Im going to head to bed, goodnight.

Irene: Same, it is getting late

Seulgi: I will come join you!

Joy: Me and Yeri are going to watch some more movies

Irene: Don't stay up too late!!

Yeri: Yes mom

Irene: Goodnight!

Seulgi: Night!

Joy: gn!

Yeri: Gn!

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Yeri renamed group chat to Blackpink in your area

Yeri added Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa

Joy: welcome to hell!

Jisoo: Glad to be here!

Rosé: Thanks for adding us!

Jennie: Congratulations on your new MV.

Seulgi: Thank you!

Irene: Congratulations on your mini album!

Lisa: Thank you!

Rosé: If it's ok to ask...

Yeri: ?

Jisoo: Why the sudden invite?

Lisa: it was sudden..

Yeri: It got boring after Wendy unnie started talking about responsibilities around the house

Seulgi: She barely does chores to begin with!

Wendy: Its not my fault that Irene unnie is good at her job!

Jennie: Her job is being a idol, not a single mother to four.

Rosé: Your a strict mom, Jennie unnie.

Jennie: I have to be with a daughter like Jisoo unnie

Jisoo: Hey!

Jisoo: I'm older than you!

Jennie: Then behave like it

Yeri: Lol

Lisa: Jennie unnie is not always strict, she let me cuddle with her when I'm sad and cooks for us!

Wendy: Sounds like a mom taking care of her kids.

Joy: tbh

Jennie: I don't really cook much, Lisa usually orders food for us since she really good at those things.

Lisa: I am really good with spending my money too!

Jisoo: Speaking of food...

Jisoo: Rosé! Are we still going out?

Rosé: Yes! I'm just trying to finish my make-up!

Seulgi: Are you guys going on a date?

Jisoo: Yup!

Rosé: Sorry if we don't chat much!

Lisa: Me and Jennie unnie are going to cuddle on the couch while watching a movie!

Irene: Awwww

Joy: we should go on a double date!

Yeri: We should!

Lisa: Sounds like fun!

Seulgi: We still haven't went on a double date yet!

Joy: it would feel like going on a date with our parents..

Yeri: And we always hang out with you guys!

Wendy: You guys shamelessly flirt in front of me.

Yeri: Not our fault your still single

Wendy: Stfu.

Jisoo: We should hook you up!

Joy: we Should!

Irene: It would be good for you

Seulgi:That would be good for you

Rosé: Do you have anyone that you are interested?

Yeri: She's blushing...

Joy: adorable

Wendy: Shut up!

Jennie: Which means she has someone in mind.

Irene: My daughter has a crush!

Seulgi: Who is it???

Jisoo: I hope its not a dude...

Lisa: wouldn't we have to kick her out the group chat?

Jennie: Probably.

Wendy: Its not a guy...

Seulgi: Someone that uses other pronouns?

Wendy: No... Its a girl...

Yeri: Stop stalling and tell us already!

Joy: Ya!

Wendy: She's from another girl group... a well known one..

Irene: Twice?

Seulgi: Isn't everyone already dating each other there?

Jennie: I know Nayeon and Jeongyeon are dating.

Lisa: Dahyun and Chaeyoung are dating!

Lisa: Also, Mina and Momo are dating too!

Joy: that only leave three people..

Irene: I don't think that Wendy would be interested in Sana.

Yeri:Tzuyu doesn't seem like your type...

Jennie: That would leave Jihyo then.

Yeri: Got it right! She's blushing so badly!

Wendy: Shut up! She's really pretty...

Seulgi: Is that why you hanged posters of her in our room when we were roommates?

Joy: wow unnie lol

Wendy: Could we just stop talking about this?

Yeri: Why should we? This is good teasing material!

Joy: Ya!

Irene: Girls, lets leave her alone for now.

Irene: She at least told us her crush.

Yeri: Fine

Joy: whatever, Yeri and me have things to do anyways

Seulgi: Don't cause too much trouble!

Yeri: No promises!

Jennie: Lisa and me are going to head out to get ice cream.

Lisa: Talk to you guys later!! :D

Irene: Seulgi, lets cuddle!

Seulgi: I'm coming over to your room, babe!

Wendy: *Sigh* I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen...