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Dance, Dance

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Rantaro had asked Wakiya to go with him to the school dance. Wakiya was hesitant to say yes since they were still ~Secretly~ dating (to the school at least), but he ultimately decided they could have fun without looking too suspicious.


Wakiya chose to not go All Out with his outfit, only wearing black loafers and slacks with an icy purple button down and a silvery vest. Rantaro was wearing a similar outfit but with a crisp white button down with the sleeves rolled up and obnoxious red suspenders instead. On his shoulders he was also sporting a nice black suit jacket to replace his normal one.


Now, Rantaro had planned on being the one to pick up Wakiya, since he was finally able to drive with other people in his (dad’s) car and just absolutely needed to show it off, but Wakiya had insisted that he pick him up instead.


Rantaro got up from the couch anxiously when he heard his doorbell, and quickly smoothed out his shirt and messed with his hair before opening the door with a (nervous) smile.


“Hello babe~..” Wakiya laughed with a smirk and grabbed Rantaro’s hand to bring it to his lips and kiss it, which made both of their cheeks go hot. Wakiya took a moment to look him up and down while still holding his hand. He rolled his eyes and laughed again, “Nice suspenders you fucking nerd.” After lowering their hands he squeezed them and smiled softer, “Really, you look nice.”


Rantaro squeezed back and let his gaze flicker over him before he stepped closer and leaned down just a tad to kiss Wakiya’s cheek, “You look pretty handsome yourself, dork.”


Wakiya stood there for a second with a loving smile on his face, just looking at him before he sighed in content. His eyes widened as he remembered why he was even there and he moved Rantaro outside and closed the door before he (obnoxiously) shot his other arm out to show off the sleek black limo outside the driveway, “Look what I got us!”


“Oh. My god.” Rantaro looked at Wakiya for a split second and then looked back at the limo, “Wakiya you are literally the most extra gay I have ever met. We aren’t even picking up the others, you really got this just for us!!”


Wakiya snorted and put his hand on his hip, “Legally I have to show off whenever I can, sorry babe!” he shrugged his shoulders. Rantaro pouted for a moment, but Wakiya was quick to swoop in and kiss the corner of his mouth, “You can drive us wherever you’d like for our next date, I promise.”


He seemed pleased with that so Wakiya led him to the limo and then stopped.


Rantaro looked at him expectantly but Wakiya just stood there.


He rolled his eyes after a minute and opened the door for him, which earned him a very pleased, “What a gentleman!” from Wakiya. He climbed in as well and closed the door, taking in how much space they had.


“Wow…” he moved to sit closer to Wakiya, who rested his head on his shoulder and held his hand the whole drive to the school.




When they arrived Wakiya waited for Rantaro to open the door again and laughed when he rolled his eyes at him. He soon realized that not taking the whole group with them in his limo probably looked sketchy. Having Rantaro open the door for him probably also looked sketchy. Oh no.


“We should find the others!” Wakiya’s hand twitched to grab onto Rantaro’s wrist but he kept it to himself and just started walking toward the gym with him following.


Rantaro knew not to touch him while he was anxious like this, so he just sped up and stood in front of him, “Wakiya, what’s wrong? Was it too much?”


Wakiya looked around to make sure no one was watching them before he motioned for Rantaro to follow him away from the crowd, behind some bushes next to the school building. The bushes were tall enough that he didn’t feel like he needed to crouch down so no one could see him.


“I should’ve thought this through more. People are definitely going to notice, and say something.” Wakiya gripped the front of his shirt. Wait a minute..


“Oh my god , Rantaro I’m wearing a suit .” he whipped his head around to look at him with wide eyes, his voice was trembling and he looked to be on the verge of tears. “I’m so stupid, how did I look past that ?”


Rantaro frowned and stood in front of him, “Can I touch you?”


Wakiya swallowed harshly before nodding. Rantaro slowly moved one of his hands to cup his cheek, the other went to rest lightly on his shoulder, “It’s alright, everyone knows you dress more masculinely, and that’s fine! No one thinks you’re weird, I spotted a few girls out there wearing pants. And if anyone says anything to you, I’ll knock their teeth in.” he takes his hand off of his cheek to flex his arm, which did in fact have a bit of muscle that could be seen from under the shirt, “I’m very strong, as you can see.” he winked with a cheeky grin.


After a brief moment of Trans Jealousy, Wakiya laughed and grabbed Rantaro’s hand to put it back on his cheek, leaving his hand over his, “Thank you, really, I bet your very strong , masculine muscles will protect me from this cruel, transphobic world.”


Rantaro hummed pleasantly and kissed him, his thumb rubbing his cheek. Wakiya was moving one of his hands to hold Rantaro’s waist when a bright light hit both of their faces.


“Oh gross, come on guys, you’re better than that!!”


The two of them jumped away from each other and looked to see who had spotted them, only to find all their friends. They both sighed in relief, and Rantaro took a step closer to Wakiya.


Valt was staring at them with a grimace, but Daigo and Shu were sharing a smirk, “I told you they’d be making out behind something!” Daigo nudged Valt while laughing.


Valt turned to look at him with his fists clenched, “I was hoping you’d be wrong!!”


Shu noticed how red in the face Rantaro and Wakiya were and decided he’d spare them, for now , “Alright loves, let’s leave them be.” he grabbed Daigo and Valt’s hands, “You two had better meet us in room 21 A once you’re finished though!”


Once they had walked out of sight Rantaro and Wakiya took a moment to look at each other before they bursted into laughter. They held onto each other for support until eventually they stopped laughing and brought each other into a hug.


Rantaro hummed again as he got an idea. He held onto Wakiya tighter and leaned back, spinning him around and catching him by surprise.


“Rantaro stop!!! Put me down, put me down!!” Wakiya’s arms tightened around his neck as he broke back out into laughter, swinging his legs a bit but not enough to hit Rantaro.


He set him down after a couple twirls and then leaned his back against the school building, still keeping Wakiya tight in his arms. Wakiya pulled back enough to be face to face and moved his hands from where they were around his neck to cupping his cheeks. He leaned back in to give him a single kiss as he smiled.


“We should probably go see what that room is all about, huh?” Wakiya slid his arms down from his cheeks, to his chest (which was looking absolutely stellar in the new binder he had bought), to his waist, until he finally slipped them off. He would’ve loved to hold his hand, but they had to walk through the gym with all the people to get to the room they needed to be in.


Making their way into the school and trying to ignore the obnoxious straight couples grinding on each other in the middle of the room, they eventually made it to an empty hall and their hands naturally slipped into each other like magnets.


Once they reached the door they were looking for, they noticed a piece of paper taped to the window that had ‘GAYS ONLY EVENT, GO HOME’ written in a rainbow of colors. The two of them both laughed and knew this had to be the doing of one of the chaotic disaster gays going to their school.


Rantaro paused and looked at Wakiya, “Do you want to go in? I mean I doubt anyone in there will snitch on you, but if you’d rather not we can go make out behind some more things like Daigo said..” he waggled his eyebrows with a smirk.


Wakiya shook his head, “We can make out more later, pervert , for now I want to dance with you.” He opened the door (for once) and led Rantaro in, still holding hands.


The room wasn’t too full of people, mostly just kids who would actually say ‘move, I’m gay’ to anyone in front of them, kids who wanted to say ‘move, I’m gay’ to the people in front of them, and a few kids who must be closeted since they didn’t recognize them.


They were, of course, playing 80s pop music, which would be hard to slow dance to, if you were straight.


Wakiya took Rantaro to a corner (not yet ready to be in the center yet), and placed his hands on his waist. Rantaro laughed under his breath and rested his arms around Wakiya’s neck. The two swayed together, flush against each other, leaving no room for the holy spirit, as Dancing Queen played in the background.




The night was over and they headed to Wakiya’s limo, mildly exhausted and very ready to go bed. The moment they were in and seated, Wakiya smooshed his face into Rantaro’s shoulder, “You are spending the night at my house.”


“Goddamn right I am.”




They both slumped into Wakiya’s mansion, one if the maids at the ready asked for Rantaro’s coat and he handed it over and thanked her. Wakiya looked at her for a moment before she nodded, signalling his parents weren’t home and wouldn’t be home long enough for him to have his boyfriend over. He grabbed said boyfriend’s hand and led him upstairs into his bedroom.


As soon as the door was shut Rantaro began to unbutton Wakiya’s vest and shirt, “Hey- what the hell?? You pervert, we just got in here!!!” Wakiya’s face flushed bright red.


Rantaro rolled his eyes, “Not for that, pervert , we need to take our binders off.” He got his vest off and started to unbutton his shirt from the top down.


“Oh!! Oh. Okay.” he mumbled with his face still red.


Once his shirt was unbuttoned, he slipped it off and Rantaro helped him take his binder off. Wakiya did the same for his clothes, only Rantaro took his binder off himself.


They smiled at each other, hardly bothered about being completely shirtless with each other. They both slipped their shoes, socks, and pants off, and Wakiya untied his hair before putting it into a high ponytail. Rantaro found himself a pair of sweatpants from Wakiya’s drawer and put them on. After everything was all settled, they flopped onto Wakiya’s king sized bed, and curled into each other.


“I’m spooning you.” Wakiya mumbled into Rantaro’s neck. Rantaro hummed, liking that idea and flipping onto his side to face away from Wakiya. An arm curled around his waist and kisses were pressed into his shoulders and the back of his neck. He leaned more into Wakiya and smiled wide.


“I love you Wakiya..”


One more kiss was placed onto his neck, “I love you too Rantaro.”