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Fallen Angels

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He should’ve known sitting in a cave with no one but a sleeping Izual would be boring as hell . It was lucky that he’d found the cave in the first place, but still.

Fire licked at the caverns entrance, and fireballs continued to rain from the sky. They’d had to trek deeper in to avoid the heat and showers of embers. They were several fathoms in. The cave was dark, but Inarius thought it was cozy. He liked being able to at least rest his eyes.  

After setting the other fallen angel down, Inarius had climbed on top of a nearby flat boulder. As fascinating as listening to the crackles, sizzles, and booms of the storm had been, it had gotten old pretty quick. He’d used quite a bit of magic for the sake of Izual, and wasn’t keen on over-taxing himself just yet. Therefor, using his abilities to entertain himself was a bust. There was little to do save watch the other occupant rest, which was even less interesting than the storm.

“Shoulda left you out there. At least then there’d be something to watch.” Inarius grumbled at Izual. He hated sitting still. It left too much space to think .

Things such as why was Hell so damn empty and why couldn’t he remember anything save torture and names . There should have been countless demons for him to carve his way through, but he’d found none. None, that is, till he’d encountered Izual. His memory of the big lieutenant had conveniently returned upon seeing him up close. But before that, he’d had no clue who or what the name Izual even was.

There were vague shapes and ideas floating around inside his mind. He might’ve been able to sort through it all, if he’d had time… Maybe he could figure some things out, remember a little...

“It’s probably not worth it.” He mumbled to himself.  

Odds were, he’d only get it all jumbled up worse than before.

Inarius was aware that it shouldn’t have been that way, that his memory had been slowly declining. There was little but pain and horror that filled his head, and he’d been keeping it locked away best he could. Certainly, it wasn’t the healthy solution, but it was the simplest.

The emptiness gnawed at him…

He supposed if he stuck around his not-friend not-companion not-an-ally what-was-he-even-  then his memories might return. Inarius wasn’t sure he even wanted them back though. What else could be lurking inside his mind? What other horrors could be unearthed?

The name Tyrael kept bouncing around his thoughts. The name was warm and cold and harsh and comforting all at once. He knew that Whoever-Tyrael-Was had been a leader of some sort. He’d been...he hadn’t been alone . There were multiple leaders but...He thought that maybe… this Tyrael had been his leader. He knew (or thought he knew) Izual had known this Tyrael. Their names held a similar feeling, but Tyrael’s was stronger. Perhaps… He and Izual had fought together. Yes, that sounded right.

The more he thought of it, the more he was sure he had it. Inarius had fought beside Izual, and they had both fought for Tyrael. This Tyrael must have been important to them both. Inarius was a little excited about this, but it quickly dulled.

It was just that for the life of him, he could not picture the being called Tyrael.

“If you could just wake up, I could ask you and be done with it.” Inarius informed Izual.

“ wha’ ?” Came a quiet, mumbled reply. It took approximately five seconds for Inarius to hear, process, and react to this question.

The fallen angel leapt from his perch to directly beside Izual. “You’re not dead!”

Izual just squinted suspiciously at him. “Mm not… not dead. Gotta...Gotta get outta ‘ere…who’s it?”

“You see, I thought you weren’t dead - I healed you after all - but then you weren’t really moving or anything so I thought well, maybe you are a little bit dead but now look at you you’re clearly very not-dead and I guess that makes you alive so now you can answer all my questions and I-mmph!” Izual clapped a hand over Inarius’s mouth, eyes shut, brows knit, looking like he was counting to ten.

“Why,” came the gravelly voice, “Out’f every livin’ thing on the face of Creation… Why am I stuck with you!? ” He was shouting into Inarius’s face by the end of it.

The smaller fallen-angel was still for a moment, and seemed to actually be considering his question. Izual knew the moment Inarius had his answer, because the menace licked his hand .

“Mother of- !” Izual shook his hand wildly, still glaring at the other.

“I think it’s got something to do with the theory of probability. That, and Itherael having a bad day. ” Inarius offered, staring. He then tilted his head, looking vaguely annoyed and confused. “Who is Itherael again?”

“...Excuse you?” Izual wondered if he was still knocked out.

“Well you know how probability works. In the end, probably is more probable than possible. Therefor, there was a possibility that we’d meet, which meant it was probable.” ...Izual was beginning to wish he were still knocked out. “But seriously , I know that name, who or uh, what is Itherael?”

“You...are a freak.” Izual grumbled, while rolling over onto his side, and then front.

“Well shit. Everyone knows that. I coulda told you that.” Inarius watched, a little fascinated, as Izual lurched to his feet - er, hooves. Izual seemed to still be in pain of some sort, and he was definitely moving slower than usual. When he’d finally risen, the former lieutenant glared at Inarius for a moment, before turning to stumble towards the entrance.

“I don’t have time for you.” He muttered. His head was already starting to throb.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Inarius offered, not moving.

“Thank whatever powers you please that I am not you.” Izual shot back. He was a little surprised to find that, aside from his head, he seemed to be entirely healed. Truth be told, he wasn’t certain he was alive and not having a very vivid hallucination.

Izual had been walking for a moment, following the scent of brimstone.

“No seriously, you can’t leave.” Inarius’s voice was right next to him -

“The Hell I can’t.” Izual snarled into the face of the now-hovering fallen angel.

“Uhm, yes, exactly. Hell. You can’t go out there.”

Izual swiped for him, claws just grazing the chestplate. Inarius hissed in alarm. He finally backed off when the bigger warrior took a menacing stomp towards him. There was frost clinging to his armor.

“...alright, I warned you. Don’t come to me begging for healing when you get set on fire.” and with that, Inarius haughtily zoomed back into the cave.

“Whatever.” Izual began stomping back towards the entrance… and very quickly discovered just why Inarius thought he couldn’t leave.

A fireball nearly took his leg off even before he’d fully left the damn cave.

Sonofa-! ” Izual threw himself back. Fire licked at the mouth of the cave, and from what he could see, the whole sky was raining flames. Inarius had probably been vague on purpose. Izual could picture him now, snickering over the thought of him loosing an arm or a leg to the fire. He hadn’t taken note of the angry glow, since it wasn’t exactly uncommon down in Hell. And in all honesty, he’d allowed himself to be distracted by Inarius...again. The other angel was disturbingly good at getting under his skin. He desperately wanted to ignore Inarius, to get away from the little bastard. It just seemed that he couldn’t.

Irritated with his lot in life, Izual turned around and stomped back deeper into the cave.

Inarius wasn’t where he’d first woken up. Izual assumed he must’ve gone deeper in. That was perfectly fine with him. Perhaps Inarius wasn’t interested in being around him either.

Huffing a sigh, the big fallen angel sat down against a wall. He was still pretty tired, even after apparently sleeping for some time. Maybe he’d just rest for a bit.

At least until the storm cleared.