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Fallen Angels

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Of course he was in the Realm of Hatred. Why not? The one place he wanted to avoid, and he was smack in the middle of it.

The encounter with Inarius only proved that. The little bastard couldn’t have made it far from his prison, so he supposed it had to be right around here somewhere. Ergo he was in the Realm of Hatred - Mephisto liked to keep his toys close.

Izual had spent maybe an hour stomping in a random direction, trying to put as much distance between him and the other fallen angel as possible. He was starting to realize that seeing the other had him badly shaken. He honestly hadn’t ever expected to see Inarius ever again. That said angel was perhaps the only being in creation in the same boat as him meant nothing. He’d happily sink that boat, given the chance. Izual wanted less than nothing to do with Inarius.

So focussed on just trying to put this out of his head, Izual was paying even less attention to his surroundings than before. A low, crackling hiss was the only warning he had before the pack of finger mage’s struck.

Izual roared in rage as lighting seared through his form. He swung wildly, flinging ice in any direction. Naturally, he hit none of his targets. The attacking demons scattered around him, and he stumbled back. His vision was blurry from the lightning, and his limbs felt numb.

There was a bright red glow to his right, and Izual threw himself sideways. The mage shrieked when its attack missed. He let out a low angry growl, and readied his magic. The air immediately cooled, and ice began to coalesce on the ground around him.

How many mages were there? He couldn’t tell. Perhaps six, perhaps more. Knowing the hells, however, their battle would summon more demons.

He needed to end this quickly.

A mage shrieked, and Izual swung his fist. The thing burned where he tore into it, and electric shocks ran up his arm. But mage’s were weak,  and the demons died quickly. It’s brethren hissed in wrath and warning. Izual snarled furiously at them, and rushed forward.

He got another caught in his magic, and he crushed it between his fists. One of it’s brethren launched it’s lightning at him, and it crashed into his magic. He focussed on shielding himself, even as four of the mages began concentrating directly on him.

Izual could feel his shield cracking. He had to move-

Red light flashed beside him, and he barely got out of the way in time. Heaven’s sake he was not built to dodge. He tried to give chase to the mages, but they had learned from their brethren’s deaths. The demons had scattered, and were wisely staying out of reach of his chill. They were free to light off their magic as they pleased, and their aim was much more precise.

Lightning crashed into his chest, and Izual hissed in agony. He could feel his muscles stiffen and spasm. His vision blurred even further, and he tried to re-strengthen his shield. It barely held against another barrage. He needed to stay moving .

Izual knew without a doubt that he was screwed when he heard a roar behind him. He twisted just in time for an oppressor demon to launch a jet of flame directly into his face.

With a scream, the fallen angel launched himself to the side...only to be met with lightning magic shooting up his side. Immediately he felt his right leg begin to lock up. The oppressor had effectively blinded him, and he could hear nothing but the jeering cries of over a dozen demons.

A clawed hand dug into his shoulder, and even as he threw the demon off, another tore at his spine. His own magic snapped and crackled, and began to fizzle with each blow he took. Fire and fang bit into him, and with a start Izual realised this might be the end of him. Rage burned in his belly, but his limbs wouldn’t obey him.

His world had become fire and agony, but there was a deceptively cool numbness beyond it all. Fear took a hold (or maybe that was just the serpent magus squeezing his throat. When had that thing showed up?) and Izual tried to struggle. He did not want to go back to the Abyss again. He couldn’t.

The demons jeered and laughed at his misery, and only tore into him harder.

Blood poured from his wounds, and Izual felt it bubble up in his throat. He barely managed to crack one eye open. His last thought, before everything went dark, was that he didn’t remember the sky ever being that brilliant of a red.

As he faded into unconsciousness, the world around him began to light up in fury…


“Stupid stupid stupid…”

Trust Izual to completely ruin the day (such as a day in the life of a damned angel could be). He hadn’t meant  to cross paths with the behemoth again, oh no. Inarius had fully planned on heading as far away from the other fallen angel as he could.

But then… he could hear the screams.

“Shouldn’t get involved…”

He could sense the agony and fear pouring off his not-friend not-companion not-even-an-ally why was he even bothering .

Inarius had told himself it was revenge. He was still smarting over being thrown off a cliff (even if he had easily healed himself).

He had been sure Izual would be fine - he’d only wanted to maybe see him get punched in the face. There was no way Tyrael’s esteemed             lieutenant would fall to a mere pack of demons…

“Well. Evidently I was wrong.” Inarius stared down at the fallen angel, arms crossed in agitation. He tapped his foot, then drummed his fingers as he tried to think of what to do next. If he’d still had wings, they would have been fluffed up and flared brightly.

Glancing around, Inarius took brief pleasure in the carnage he had wrought. Charred forms, barely recognizable as demons, littered the ground. The smell of burnt flesh and blood filled the air so sweet and disgustingly. Izual alone lay untouched by his magic.

The big oaf’s breaths were getting smaller though. Breathing was important right? He’d never encountered a living creature of flesh that did not breath in come way. Humans needed air constantly, and they certainly hadn’t gotten that trait from him .

“If you die I will be pissed.” Inarius informed his not-companion. He wasn’t even sure why it would bother him so much, but he did know he didn’t want to other fallen dead. Izual didn’t respond, and Inarius pouted.

He supposed… those wounds did look deep… and a lot of the blood was clearly Izual’s. It couldn’t hurt if Inarius decided to maybe patch some of that skin up? Yes, he’d fix the other fallen-angels gross meat flesh and then he’d be on his way.

Inarius knelt, and pressed his hands to the other’s rugged chest, before focussing his magic. He didn’t understand why his magic had suddenly returned - and so potent! - but he didn’t particularly care. He was free of his prison, free to go where he pleased, free to heal whatever unfortunate broken not-demons not-angels he came across.

“I thought of you sometimes.” He informed the now-sleeping form. “While I was down there, Mephisto came and bragged about his amazing, apocalyptic plan to get banished to Sanctuary.” The burns on Izual’s skin were beginning to fade away,  and his breath was evening out.

“He told me all about how you were secretly helping them.” Inarius tilted his head, considering. “He didn’t say why though. And then he was too busy breaking off my nails to really talk about it. And I couldn’t help but wonder… well, why’d you do it?”

Izual, of course, did not reply. 

The smaller fallen angel stared at his companion for a moment. He’d fixed all his wounds, even worked the tension out of the muscles that had been hit by lightning. Izual looked fine - well, as fine as he could look - but he remained unmoving.

Inarius frowned. He’d expected a little more out of the bastard. They sat for maybe fifteen minutes like that, Izual doing his best impression of a large blue boulder, Inarius acting like the world’s most patient geologist.

With a sigh, Inarius began to stand - and that when a massive crackle-crash! split the air.

He looked up in alarm, and winced when he saw the angry black and red clouds rolling in from what he thought was the Realm of Destruction.

“Of course, why wouldn’t there be a firestorm coming in? … Izual, if you’re going to wake up, you should really do it now.” Izual mumbled a little in his sleep, and for all it excited Inarius, the fallen angel did not wake. Inarius tilted his head, before glancing back at the storm.

“I’m not sticking around. And I”m not bringing you with me.” with a huff, inarius spun about on his heel, and began marching back towards the canyon. He made it about eight feet, before he stopped, and glanced back. Izual hadn’t moved.

Snorting, Inarius determinedly turned back around, but he couldn’t seem to bring himself to leave. He stood for a few minutes, before giving a frustrated snarl, and stomping back over to the bigger fallen angel.

Arms crossed, scowl on his face, Inarius once again surveyed the prone form. Finally, he made a sound like a sigh.

“Fine. But only because I just put so much effort into fixing you… and spite. Lot’s of that.”

Inarius opened his hands, palms to the sky. Red magic began to swirl around him, and then around Izual’s chest, then his legs, wings, arms, until he had the whole miserable angel in his hold.

Experimentally, he raised his arms… and Izual was gently pulled off the ground. Inarius couldn’t help but grin at his success. His new magic could be finicky at times, but it seemed like he had a hold on it. It also caused a slight itch on his arms, leg, and forehead, but he wasn’t too concerned about it.

“Okay Izzy. You’re coming with me.” Inarius turned towards the canyons once more, Izual floating serenely beside him. The storm crackled ominously behind them, and they disappeared into the rocks.