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Mistress of the labrinyth

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Fade In:
EXT. Well- Day
Ariadne age nine is collecting water from a well. The Labyrinth behind her. Guards in the background are leading a few prisoners and criminals to the entrance of the maze.
Criminal 1
Guard 1
Ariadne looks up from her task toward the commotion, a look of frustration and uncertainty before she turns away and try's to focus on the task. Flinching at the sounds behind her.
Guard 1 (CONT'd)
The focus shifts to a sky view showing a hole in the center of the labyrinth that seems to have no end.
The prisoners and criminals continue pleading and whimpering. The guards push them forward to the stand in front of the entrance.
If you didn't want to face the Monster then you shouldn't have gone against the law. Everyone knows the majority of punishment in Crete is to face the Labyrinth.
Guard 3
At least the have a chance. Its up to the Gods if they survive. All they need to do is make it to the exit on the other side and they can live another day.
Yeah... Just avoid the Monster some how, when it is likely ravenous in huger.... simple. ANYone can have a chance to reach the other side.
Ariadne stalls finishing collecting the water by dropping the pale and starting over again. Ariadne is trembling and biting her tongue to keep from reacting to the scene behind her.
The prisoners bindings are cut as they are shoved through the doors and it slams shut behind them.
The guards march off toward the castle.
Ariadne finally pulls the pale out the well. A maid in her 20s can be seen running from the castle toward the well. The women looking slightly red in the face from running and out of shape.
Ariadne! Huff..There.. you are girl... Huff...huff..huff. We-where you here all this time.  What are you doing collecting water for?
I-I need it.
Ariadne looks from the women to the labyrinth behind her.
Speak clearly when you talk, and look at how your speaking with. Honestly your a princess, no matter that your younger sister will be the one to marry a ruler and already started her own training, the royal blood flows through your veins too. Show it.
I am collecting water for Asterion.
AST-As- the monster, Ariadne you sho-
DON"T CALL HIM THAT! He is my mothers son, and my responsibility.
Alright... but didn't your father say when there are ..runners.. in the maze that you are to wait a few days before entering.
No one was supposed to be let in today, they were supposed to go through tomorrow so i could go to Asterion today.
well... you just have to wait a few more days to care out your duties, come along, lets get you cleaned up.
No, I am supposed to see to Asterion to day and i will. I already gave my word when i last saw him.
Ariadne lifts the pail and starts toward the side of the labyrinth where a smaller side door can be made out along the stone wall further from the Large entrance.
Ariadne! You Mustn't. What would you do should you run into one of the people within. They might try to hold you hostage! I know you have an uncanny way to find you way through, and to find the m...Asterion when you seek to, but the luck of the Gods may not always work. There is a chance you can get lost or the mon- Asterion may do something untoward as well.
It is not luck that leads me through the Labyrinth, nor will i run into others. That is why my entrance starts out in a different section.
Ariadne marches the rest of the way to the door, the maid stands behind her unsure of what to do.
Ariadne (CONT'd)
And for future reference, Asterion would not hurt me. He has never hurt me while we grew up together, not has he hurt me since i have been made the Labyrinth's care taker, nor would he ever hurt me even when he is hurt. GOOD BYE, i expect a different maid to see to me when i return, you are excused from my services.
Ariadne enters the labyrinth and shuts the door behind her. Stopping in front of the closed door, putting the pail down. Ariadne reaches into her waist belt and pulls out a pale yellow ball of thread that starts to glow gold.
Its not the god's luck. Just a gods favor, a gift from one and not any other that has helped me.
Ariadne starts to unwind the thread, holding the main part close to her, she lets the tip lengthen and it hangs parallel in the air, snaking forward toward a corner in the maze.
Cousin Hephaestus just understands what its like to be cast away for what he was born like. And he wants me to be able to be there for Asterion because he would have wanted something like that for him to.
Ariadne continues forward though the maze. Passing a few vermin and crushed bones along the way. Incoherent creaming can be heard in the background echoing through the maze.
Its not luck from any god, just one gods favor and gift.
Ariadne starts to hear the huffing of Asterion
Hmm mm, hmm, hmm mm mmmm.
Ariadne turns a corner and sees Asterion who is facing the other way. Asterion stand scared, thick, hairy, and tall. Horns spiraling out into wicked points. Only a leg shorter than the ceiling.
(Humming Louder)
Asterion's howling cuts off as he notices Ariadne. Turing toward her With big cow eyes, Asterion moves closer to Ariadne. Bending down to reach her better.
That's, you heard the people enter didn't you, that's why you were making so much noise huh
WUFF. SIsss-nufff.
You thought i wouldn't come didn't you. I normally don't come when there are others. But i promised to come today, and you know i have yet to break my word to you. so calm down. And let me clean you. You'd like that wouldn't you for me to clean off all that yuck that dried to you.
As Ariadne talks with Asterion, a criminal starts to try to sneak up on them and lounges for Ariadne.
Asterion grabs the man before he can reach Ariadne  and slams him into the wall killing him then tosses it to the other side of a different corner.
Ariadne just focuses on winding the thread more securely around her wrist until it is to be used again. Ariadne takes out a wash cloth and dips it in the water before looking up to were Asterion is still beating at the mans body hidden slightly behind a corner.
Asterion come here, little star, let me clean you off now.
Asterion turns back to Ariadne and does as she bids. As she cleans him begins to hum his lullaby and the scene starts to pan out with the humming over changing to the sound of festivities.
Cut to:
Ariadne age 12, a few weeks after the first sacrifice, a celebration is being thrown. Ariadne is sitting close to the surf looking toward the Labyrinth with a frown.
In the woods further off, glimpses of a different kind of celebration can be caught as satyrs and maenads dance in and out the trees edge.
Ariadne runs her fingers along her golden thread were it is wrapped around her wrist.
Why cant he just let me care for Asterion instead? It's not like I'm needed, Everyone focuses on Phaedra anyway. That little sister of mine knows how to take part in these things more than me.
Nine year old, cherubic Phaedra, Ariadne's opposite in looks with gold hair and blue eyes to Ariadne's Black hair and green eyes. Phaedra can be seen in the center of the celebration laughing in her fathers arms.
A young man in his early 20s, wearing a purple robe with a long thyrsus can be seen between the two different celebrations, moving toward Ariadne. Eyes seeming to be focused on the thread.
Now what has you so far from the celebration child. All the fun is over there.
What do you want?
Why, to see what has such a young flower wilted so... Along with a slight curiosity.
Dionysus sits beside Ariadne as she continues to side eye him. Dionysus' eyes keep shifting from the thread to Ariadne's eyes.
That's any interesting bracelet you wear. Its a bit familiar as well, would you tell me about it.
Oh. Its not a bracelet, Its thread.  
Ariadne nervously starts to fiddle with the thread looking in the distance toward the labyrinth again. Dionysus focuses on her more.
thread you say.
why are you so curious about it. With your fine cloths, you must have seen thread more interesting than mine.
Just a memory of a dream
Dionysus and Ariadne seem to talk the night away as the sun starts to rise . Ariadne begins to sway sleepy beside Dionysus. Dionysus continues to smile at the scenery peacefully.
would you make a promise to me?
Wait for me. Do not give your self to another. As you had led me, let me one day lead you to the path that heads past the insanity.
mm okay
Ariadne falls asleep against Dionysus. Dionysus' eyes glow a slight purple. A Sayter starts to come up to him from the woods.
I'll hold you to that.
My lord? Is it time to continue on?
I suppose it is. Tell we meet again, little Ariadne.
Dionysus lays Ariadne down on a bed of soft grass further away from the beach, Grape vines grow close to her head and wrap lightly around her hand. Dionysus leaves this his party of satyrs and maenads. the scene fades away.
Cut to:
EXT. Balcony-Day
Ariadne 18, the same day as the second set of sacrifices arrive. Phaedra, 15, standing beside Ariadne while watching the guards practice.
I've been hearing tales of a hero recently
you hear tales of heroes nearly everyday. You can even hear father tell of his days as a hero before he became king.
Yes but this hero is closer to us then those. I heard he slew a Hydra. and battled a Nemean lion.
What good is a hero that is just near us if they are not with us. If they can do nothing to help us and are doing nothing to help us then i care not to hear of them. You know this Phaedra. so why are you speaking of this to me, you have your followers to gossip about men with.
Sorry sister, its just... what if one does come here. All the heroes we ever truly hear of are said to be a son of a god. If one were to come here or hear of our plight, maybe they would help.
Oh Phaedra. I am sorry, you know how i get when hearing of HEROES and their deeds. I didn't mean to snap at you. Don't worry I promise one day soon, we will be free, and ill bring you with me, were you can marry as you like and live without fear of sacrifices.
thank you, Ariadne, I wont forget your promise, you always keep matter who they are too.
The scene fades out with Ariadne smiling at her sister as they start to walk inside.
Cut to:
Ariadne 25, the day before the third set of sacrifices are due. Ariadne is preparing herself for the day, dressing in priestess garb.
This time, This time for sure. I have to ... I have to end this, no matter what... no matter what i must promise in return... I will find a way to end it with this last set. I will find a way to Free Asterion, even if ...even if it is in death.