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Bruce became resentful of Oliver's attention to his date. 

If anyone should be making out with Barbara, it should be him!

"Sorry Felicity, I'm going to switch partners, if you don't mind."

"Oh, no you don't! Don't you dare get me all hot and bothered and then leave! I can't stand it!"

She dragged the Dark Knight over to the sofa and began to unfasten his uniform, easily locating all the hidden clasps.

"Let me see what you've got hiding in your trunks, you smoking hot man!"

She yanked down his pants and underwear in one swift move, exposing his amazing organ standing at attention.

"HOLY SHIT!" she exclaimed, her eyes growing huge, "Give me that huge pecker, you've been holding out on me, Brucie!"

Felicity opened her quivering lips and fastened them around his cock, licking her way up and down its length and circumference.

"Oh, yes, it's so large and meaty!" she said around her full mouth. "Mmm!" she hummed in ecstasy.

Her humming was making him harder, though he had been focused on Batgirl and Ollie, he had now focused upon Felicity's talented mouth as she made him go wild and his legs began to tremble.

Felicity forced him backward until he stumbled onto the couch.

She pushed him down and then climbed astride him and continued to pleasure him. She felt his balls tightening up, and pulled off her evening dress and bra to get showered by his juices. She pulled her mouth off of his meat and milked him by hand as he exploded with thick white streams on her heated bare skin.

Bruce was groaning and panting, he never came that fast, he usually had more restraint than this. 

In the back of his mind, he knew it must be the love potion messing with his body and his emotions, but he didn't mind at the moment.

It was only temporary, wasn't it? 

Well, he hoped that it was anyway.

Oliver had been watching Felicity go down on his friend, and he wanted to switch partners again for a while. 

He nodded meaningfully at Bruce and they switched up positions.

Oliver licked Felicity clean and pulled off her garter belt and  panties, deciding he wanted a taste of her for a late night snack, diving with his ticklish beard deep into the pink pussy revealed beneath her blonde bush.

She gladly parted her legs for him and moaned at his first tongue swipe against her clit.

"Oh, yes, Ollie, you always know exactly what I like! Eat me all up, baby."

Batgirl was currently half-naked, Oliver had tugged her clothes down to get to her bountiful sensitive breasts, and Bruce had no problem taking up where his friend had left off.

He licked and engulfed one of her perfectly delicious nipples, feeling his cock become solid and responsive once more.

He took one of her sexy nipples deep in his mouth, licking around it as he applied a gentle suction.

"OH!" Batgirl squealed and shivered.

He took the second nipple between his fingers and rolled it between thumb and forefinger.

"Oh ye-e-ah! That's feeling so good!" she cried.

He alternated between her breasts; mouth, hand, hand, mouth as she squirmed and wriggled in pleasure.

"Oh, that feels so good, God, I can't wait to get you inside me!" she squealed in delight.

As she said that, he reached for the drawer next to the bed where he kept a supply of condoms and lube, leaving some out on the table.

He began inching her uniform down past her wiggling hips, kissing around the edges of her panties as she arched her back pushing her hips closer to him.

"You like that, hmm?" he said cockily.

"Oh, God, yes! Don't stop, please. I love it, more please, I'm so hot." she answered.

He pulled her uniform off completely, leaving her wearing only her black lace bra and panties. He remembered them from the storeroom earlier, they excited him like crazy. 

She looked so tempting.

Bruce was teasing her, licking her through the sheer fabric, ripping wails of pleasure from her throat.

"Ah, Batman, you keep that up and I'll come right in my panties."

"That's my plan! I'm going to make you come all night." 

His voice was deep smooth and sexy and as sweet as syrup, and it made her shiver.

Ollie and Felicity were naked now, and screwing fast and hard like a feisty pair of rabbits, causing the couch to rhythmically bounce, squeak, and shudder.

Bruce's competitive side was feeling the strain to win and conquer, and so he tore off Barbara's panties with his teeth.

"Whoa! I didn't see that coming!" she exclaimed, pleasantly surprised at his forcefulness.

"You said that you wanted me inside you, didn't you?" he smirked at her.

"Yes, please, oh, YES!" she whimpered.

He sheathed himself with a black ribbed condom ('cause he's the dark knight, it's kind of his thing) and gave her a few more firm licks until she was at the edge of insanity, then tested her readiness with his fingers plunging them deep and slowly licking them off as she watched, eyes wide and jaw open.

She was wet and ready for his love, and he plunged his shaft deep in her love canal as she moaned encouragingly, locking her long legs high and tightly around his middle.

Soon the entire apartment was home to moans of pleasure and the sounds of creaking furniture as the two couples enjoyed themselves without any of their normal inhibitions, thanks to love potion number nine.

"Ollie, I'm - I'm coming!" screamed Felicity.

Oliver released his pent-up need as she climaxed with an audible sigh of complete satisfaction.

Barbara and Bruce were gasping hard as they came down from their own recent summit. 

"God, that was fantastic, Barbara. How the hell did anyone ever think you were cold? They obviously never got to know you very well."

"You figured me out pretty fast there, Dark Knight. Mmm, I'm still throbbing, you're really satisfying!"



"I call switch!" called Ollie from the sofa. "I want another taste of that fiery redhead! You okay with Brucie-boy, Felicity?"

"Oh, I think I can tame him," she smiled at Bruce slyly like a minx.

"How about you, mind if we swap again?" Bruce asked Barbara.

"Not a bit, Blondie there is kinda hot and hunky." she turned her attention to Oliver, "Hey there, Blondie, come over here and fool around with me!"

Things continued in the same vein for some hours, until the love potion had finally worn off, or quite possibly, long after as well.

Barbara slept again as it burned itself, and her, fully out.

Bruce called back the doctor, who explained that any type of strenuous physical activity would burn off the potion, but it might leave some temporary amnesia.

He assured her that strenuous activity was not going to be a problem.

Doctor Thompson agreed, knowing him, they'd already likely been rather strenuous before he'd even called her.


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