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Barbara completed her transformation.

"Come, follow me, Batgirl, there's a break-in at the Gotham City museum's hall of gems," he said, all business and gravel.

When both were ready, Batman signaled their next move up and out the window.


They grappled to the roof, easily flying from building to building and paused at the roof of a high rise with a direct view of the museum across the way.

They could clearly see that someone, no, several figures were moving inside.

Batman explained how they should enter from opposing sides surrounding the criminals within, and Batgirl nodded her agreement.

Batman was first to crash through the window, and he beheld a strange costumed criminal filling a bag with hands full of stolen jewels.

The man was clad in a toga and leather gloves, carrying a bow and quiver of slim red heart-shaped arrows

"Spread only love, not hate, Batman! Call me Cupid, The God of Love, and I declare today to be a love-fest and free-for-all, especially for me. Unfortunately, though love is free to all, its vestments are rather costly. These jewels and baubles will help me to defray the costs." He smirked.

Cupid aimed his bow and shot an arrow at Batman, which nicked his arm as Batman attempted to deflect it using his cape to shield him.

Not to be outsmarted, he tried again to pierce his target when Batgirl crashed through the window and leaped in front of Batman, blocking the arrow from it's designated target.

Unluckily this time the arrow hit Batgirl squarely in her side. She broke off the end of the offending and painful projectile from her ribs as Cupid escaped into the night, as pulling it out would only cause her more damage and to bleed more.

The arrow had been doped, it made her groggy and unsteady.

"Uh, I'm not feeling so good... Must be drugged."  She soon collapsed heavily to the floor, her head whirling from the poison it contained.

 "Batman, you need to go after him, it's... uh... it's for love!" she gasped weakly, trying to sit up and failing. She felt faint.

"You're hurt, and you've been drugged. I can arrest him another time. You need medical attention immediately."

"This is my fault isn't it?" she asked, fighting to stay conscious.  "I let him distract you and escape. I've ruined... ungh... Cupid's... love fest." she gasped, as her breathing was becoming more shallow.

"No, Batgirl, you were brave enough to take a hit for me. I just don't know how you'll be affected, or what kind of drug the arrow held.  What were you babbling about?  Don't be concerned about that, I'll catch up with him soon. They always return. Besides, I tagged him with a tracker." He grinned, no mere criminal would ever outsmart him.

Batman activated the Batmobile with a few touches on his phone, and then called Dr. Leslie Thompkins at her clinic, advising her of the situation. The doctor advised him to bring Batgirl immediately.

He couldn't bring her to a hospital, there would be too many questions, and Dr. Thompkins was always discreet.

Batgirl had fallen unconscious, he had to get her help fast.

 He drove like the devil, cutting through traffic as though it was standing still, concerned about Batgirl's well-being, and her very life.

Batman lifted Batgirl to the medical table, anxiously awaiting the doctor's examination.

"What happened to her, Batman? The more I know, the better I can treat her."

"We were trying to capture a villain who drugged her with an arrow. It affected her mind and her body, somehow, she collapsed asking if I'd captured the criminal and then began babbling about this Cupid's 'love fest', likely repeating what he'd said to us earlier. After that, she grew faint and passed out."

Leslie used a scalpel and removed the remains of the arrowhead, then cleaned, stitched, and dressed Batgirl's wound.  Fortunately, the projectile hadn't done any serious internal damage.

The doctor tested the toxin in the arrow, it appeared to contain a sleep agent mixed with some extra chemical compounds that she couldn't identify with certainty.

"Batman my only advice at this time is to let her sleep it off, anything I give her without full knowledge of the drugs could cause her to have convulsions, or worse. There's another chemical present here that seems to be artificially manufactured, but I can't identify it or predict what effects could possibly happen.  Try to keep her comfortable, and watch for any unusual behavior. Call me again if she's still out after a few hours."

"Thanks for all of your help, Doctor Thompkins. I'll stay with her until she wakes, and I'll keep you updated on her condition."

"I'm happy to help anytime, Batman. Thanks to you my clinic is safe from hoodlums. And thanks to the Wayne foundation, I'm always fully stocked with equipment worthy of a first-class hospital. You're both so generous, I'm forever thankful and available for you and any of your associates."