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Batgirl was still unconscious, after some strange earlier ramblings about Cupid's love fest.

It probably was some effect from whatever drug was on the arrow.

One had barely nicked Batman, but he seemed to be just fine so far.

There was one man who was an expert on arrows and arrow warfare, his friend Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. 

He knew Oliver was in town, he'd seen him at the gala earlier with his girlfriend computer expert Felicity on his arm.

Bruce called explaining the situation to Oliver, who offered to meet up with him to see if he could help.

Bruce asked for Felicity too, she was brilliant at solving problems, the brains behind the brawn.



He brought the sleeping Dominoed Daredoll to a nearby apartment that he kept in town.

He laid her gently down on the bed, taking off her belt and removing her boots, and remained at her side in case something else happened.

Oliver and Felicity arrived some minutes later, Bruce suspected that he might have interrupted a romantic interlude between them, judging by the chapped swollen lips each of them sported.

Bruce grinned to himself before they began analyzing traces of the arrow's coating. 

He was feeling rather glib, and for some reason that he couldn't explain, he kept staring lecherously at Felicity's exposed deep cleavage.

"Are you eying up my girl?"  Oliver accused jokingly as he slapped Bruce hard on the back.

"Heh, I'm sorry if I caught you in the middle of something," he remarked, smirking and leering in a very insinuating way.

Felicity exchanged looks with Oliver, Bruce was acting oddly.

"Bruce, by any chance did you get nicked yourself?" Felicity asked.

"Just a scratch, nothing to worry about, you beautiful blonde, you."

Bruce was still leering at Felicity, and Ollie wanted to knock his head off, but he got down to business at Felicity's command.

They sat down to try to analyze the arrowhead's coating with Felicity's portable lab. 

"Ow, dammit, it sliced my finger, this is really honed like a razor!" she complained, sucking the blood from her finger.

"Your reflexes must be a bit off, Fel, I must have tired you out, uh, dancing earlier. Sorry babe."

Oliver grinned at her from beneath his golden mustache.

Ollie impatiently grabbed the shaft from her hands and felt it prick his fingers.

"Shit! This thing has sharp spines down its length, like thorns!"

He grabbed his leather gloves and dipped the arrow into the testing receptacle.

The results showed on the screen after the computer had concluded its analysis.

"Let's see, sleep inducing compound with...what the fuck? Bruce, it says Love Potion Number Nine!?" Oliver said, surprised.

"Most of the sleep potion had probably been absorbed by Batgirl, now we've all been drugged by the love potion that was left!"

Bruce said, "But I feel fine, man, and besides, it's nobody's fault your fiancée has a great rack of tits!" he smirked, while still leering at Felicity's bountiful bustline.

"Do you wanna take them out for a ride, Brucie? I'm totally willing to share!" 

Felicity was feeling some of the effects already, loosening up her inhibitions.

Bruce was about to take her up on her generous offer when he heard Batgirl begin stirring.

"Oh, man, it's so damned hot in here," she said, pulling at her collar uncomfortably.

"Um, where am I, and more importantly, why am I lying here all alone on this bed?  I should by all rights be naked and making out with you. How rude!" Batgirl complained, her face flushed with heat and longing. 

Oliver's libido had also kicked into high gear.

"I agree with you, dear lady, it is rather hot in here. I would never abandon a damsel of the night in distress, allow me to introduce myself, I'm the Green Arrow, may I be of assistance, lovely bat lady ?" 

He took her hand and kissed it, then began bestowing kisses up the entire length of her arm.

"It's nice to finally meet you, Arrow, I'm loving the whole Robin Hood shtick!" she giggled. 

"You're more entertaining and sexy than my date was, keep it up!"

"My pleasure, milady." He leaped lightly onto the bed and began earnestly making out with the Darknight Damsel.

Across the room, Bruce decided to take Felicity up on her generous offer and was thoroughly mouthing her tits through her deeply plunging neckline as she moaned in delight, holding his head in place lest he changed his mind.

Oliver was busy giving Batgirl some serious mouth to mouth investigation, while the darknight damsel checked out his fine-looking ass to see if it was as tight and firm as it looked. She spanked him hard. Oh yeah, It was! 

"Mmm, Arrow, you're charming from every side!" she complimented the powerful man with the golden beard and the nice ass.

"You can call me Ollie, sweet thing."

"And you can call me horny!" Barbara answered teasingly as she began loosening her clothes.