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Bruce and his date had enjoyed dancing the night away.

When the Bat-Signal lit the sky, Bruce feigned a corporate emergency and left. Barbara didn't mind him leaving, the signal called to her as well.

Barbara headed upstairs to a rarely utilized storage room containing her private locker to change into her alter ego of Batgirl. She'd left the lights off to avoid drawing anyone's attention. She was used to changing in the dark, and had already removed her dress and accessories, and was now standing in only her underwear when she heard someone unlock the door and enter the room.

She stood perfectly still, watching and listening, not daring to even breathe. Thankfully the lights remained off.

Who else was in the room with her and what was their intention?

Only a few trusted personnel had access, she as head librarian and several board members.


She had been cautious to avoid being noticed or followed, but there was someone else here while she was practically naked.

She saw only a silhouette of a tall and powerful man and held her breath.


He seemed to be undressing too. It was almost too much of a coincidence!

She silently stared and watched what he would do as he removed his jacket, tie, and his pants, but it was too dark to make the man out.

He took out some things from a bag on the floor that had been hidden behind some boxes and was putting them on.

 She was fascinated as he now was wearing the uniform of Batman.

Who in the world was he?

Had he seen her and followed her in, did he even know her identity?



 Bruce had silently entered the room and removed his tuxedo, having worn his uniform beneath his clothes. His cowl and cape were stashed in a clandestine jacket compartment and his accessories were in a plain canvas bag behind some storage boxes.

The room was lit only by the stars and dim reflections of the Bat-Signal on the clouds shining weakly through a dirty window.

There was barely light enough to make out general shapes and not stumble over the uneven piles of storage boxes.

As the clouds wafted across the sky the moonlight revealed his unmasked face to Barbara, who gasped, startling him.

"Bruce?" she said incredulously.

He turned, surprised, to the familiar voice of his date, now outlined in the faint moonlight, standing in the dark wearing only her underwear.

He hadn't realized that he wasn't alone, he must be slipping, having Barbara roaming his thoughts, and yet here she was.

He should have been more aware of his surroundings.

"Barbara!? What are you doing here half dressed?"

She held her own uniform up, and Bruce immediately made the connection and understood, nodding.

 He took a brief moment to scrutinize her as she slipped into her familiar outfit. It was sinful thinking, he knew, but he wasn't sure if she looked better in or out of her clothes, though she looked ravishing in her lace underthings.

He had to shake off those types of thoughts, there was an urgent call to be answered, and they were both needed.

He couldn't exit with his erection showing, and he forced himself to concentrate on the mission at hand.