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The fundraiser was going considerably well this year.

Gotham's elite were generous, and needy children wouldn't need to go without new school books, supplies, or notebooks. The library would also benefit, now they could hire another librarian full time just for the children, and replace old worn out books with new.

Bruce's donation definitely made Barbara's eyes wide with surprise, his contribution was very generous. That wasn't a move of a selfish person at all.


After dinner, Bruce escorted his date out onto the dance floor.

Dozens of curious eyes watched as Bruce expertly led Barbara to the music.

Barbara didn't disappoint him either as she easily picked up his cues and showed off a few accomplished dance moves of her own.


"You move well on the dance floor Barbara, you're very light on your feet."


"That's probably from my gymnast training, I qualified for the Olympics but I couldn't go, I began having panic attacks and stayed home." She appeared disappointed.


"That's too bad, do you still keep up with your training anymore?"


"As a matter of fact I do, I feel so free flying on the uneven bars. It's sheer adrenaline. You seem rather fit yourself, what do you do for excitement?"


"I have a home gym, I do some boxing and weights, and I like exciting sports like skydiving and rock climbing. It's quite exhilarating."


"Your life doesn't seem boring at all. Not the way I'd pictured you, you know. I thought you were more about clubbing, drinking, and getting your dates' hearts broken." Barbara smiled up at him.


"Funny, I didn't expect that you were a gymnast and enjoyed some excitement. I guess that I pegged you wrong too."

He had a new respect for Barbara.


The music changed to a slow dance number. Bruce pulled Barbara closer with his hand nearly spanning her narrow waist.


Barbara relaxed, Bruce had been a gentleman and was rather amusing all evening, and she was actually enjoying herself.

Dancing was something they both liked, and the evening flew by. They continued dancing until the musicians took a break.

It had turned out to be an interesting night for them both.

They returned to their table for coffee, dessert, and a few drinks. They laughed and chatted amiably for a while


Someone commented, "Oh, look, the Bat-Signal is lighting up the sky!"

At that instant, Bruce received a coded message on his cell that Batman was needed.


"I'm so sorry Barbara, but there's an emergency at one of my plants that requires my presence. Shall I have Alfred drive you home?"


"Not at all, I don't want to leave right away, I'll sit with my father after I stop off in the powder room. Thanks for a great night, Bruce, I really mean it."


"Same here, I've to go now. Good night, Barbara."

He smiled genuinely at her.

He wouldn't mind a second date with her.


Luckily, Bruce was always prepared for an emergency.