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Pleasure Cruize

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Blake was sitting at the table drinking tea with her family. Her father and Sun having a disagreement as always. Her father always won trying to prove he's better, mostly due to his stronger alpha instincts. Her mom laughing, diffusing the matter. It was amusing to her, teasing them, but teasing her daughter, Blake as well. Every so often Blake would fold her ears and hang her head in embarrassment. “Mom!” she would whisper yell as the embarrassment was too much.

That's when she noticed a green tinge light up the sky, like a flare that she couldn't see where it came from but rather hear the squeal it let out as it inclined higher. Just then, the sounds of screaming, glass being broken, and people screaming in horror filled her feline ears. She and Sun shared a look before grabbing their weapons and heading out the door. She stood shocked not sure what to expect, but not the scene before her. Most of their assailants were Faunus bearing swords and bearing a black cloth of a yellow dragon on their clothing. She also noticed some of the attackers were carrying victims that were passed out over their shoulders.

After the initial shock passed, Blake unsheathe Gambol Shroud trying to attack as many as possible. She found herself surrounded by twelve attackers of all varying skill levels, but highly trained. After knocking a few unconscious with the dull of her sword, some of them had a crimson stream running down their face. One of them broke the circle around her, a small female with platinum blond hair using snowflakes to jump and sped her way behind the Belladonna house toward the desert line. Not thinking anything of it, she focused her attacks on the Faunus surrounding her. She noticed something weird in their eyes. She couldn't place what it was, not anger or death glares, but something more dangerous. She had no time to think as another one pounced. She dodged, and thanked herself for her ‘cat-like’ reflexes. Two behind her attacked she ducked out of the way as they punched each other before being kicked away. Bones breaking could not be mistaken for the crunching sound. Another one fired a pistol into her direction. Blake only needed to move slightly to dodge it. The bullet shot another in the chest. The shirt stuck to the blood spattering crimson hole in the male's chest. Blake looked on horrified that there was no regret or remorse from anyone. Another charged and she deflected with the flat side of the blade. She took an offensive stance sending several to the ground with the whip of the ribbon from her weapon. She beat all of them rather quickly and without a scratch.

On top of a nearby roof, she noticed a tanned figure with her arms crossed over her protruding chest, golden burning locks in an unkempt mane, with bright red burring eyes staring at her, a malicious half smile across her face. Blake knew fighting her would be a challenge, unlike her lackeys. The figure jumped from the roof leaving cracks in the ground where she landed in her wake. She walked slowly toward the golden eyed huntress who caught her attention./p>

“Your name, kitten?” She asked with a deep voice.

Blake was nervous keeping her guard up holding her weapon higher and keeping her anger at bay from the racial comment. Not wanting to aggravate her further, she decided to respond. "Blake Belladonna, you who burn.” Anger fueled her as her eyes narrowed. "Derogative human." She spat. "Not introducing herself first."

“Pretty name for a pretty kitty.” Her eyes trained on her body up and down with harassment. Blake was nervous, the way her enemy eyed her, looking her up and down. It sent a shiver down her spine. Her eyes glared back at her opponent, training on her for the anticipation of an attack. “But of course, where are my manners?" She bowed. "Just call me Captain Sir, or Golden Dragon. Your neck is unmarked. Looks like you need someone to take her home. So just for you, call me master, it suits you.”

“I am not some animal that you put a leash and collar on adding a name tag and take home!” Blake tried to keep her composure even though she was livid. The woman had pressed a deep seated button. Years of trying to bring equality for the Faunus gone in a few short sentences. It burned her with anger to come across a human.

“Easy kitty." She held up her palms defensively. "I'm not looking for a fight. How about you come home with me? The easy way.” She warned.

“You sound confident, like you're going to win, Sir” She spat.

“I always win.” She claimed with confidence.

The blonde held out her arms and fired two shots from her gauntlets. The Faunus easily dodged due to her acrobatics, she knew the enemy was testing her with two shots. She tested back firing the pistol only to have them ricochet off her aura. Blake ran towards her dodging her fire power as she shot. She was able to get in front of her and landed a kick, her arms met her foot blocking her attack and enough to send her scraping back. Another round was fired missing her by a foot thanks to her semblance of a shadow, who took the hit for her. Blake used the opportunity to move toward her enemy with a round of well placed kicks, or at least they would be if they landed instead of blocked. The last one sent the captain to the ground, only a slight bit of force, to move away from her attacker. She rolled up with a smile on her face. She fired her weapon launching herself toward the Faunus striking her block which sent her flying into a building. Blake recovered quickly as more shots were fired toward her. Fists and kicks were met with each other as well as an exchange of blocks and a volley of attacks. Blake used her semblance, of leaving clones of shadows, fire and ice more times than she could count, the area around her being destroyed. No matter how many times her attacks were hit or miss the blonde only seemed to be getting stronger and burning more brightly, specifically her hair, burning completely of a golden color. Is her hair burning? Blake thought. The Faunus was angry, at not having defeated her assailant yet. She wanted to aid others and try to get the hostages back. Her island was being torn apart with holes everywhere.

“Can we hurry this up? My ship leaves in 30 minutes. And I prefer to be on it when it does.”

“Sure." Blake offered. "All you have to do is admit defeat, bring back the hostages and leave.”

The captain only smirked. Enough is enough, I'm done playing with you. A challenge was sent to her and one she couldn't back down from. Time to end this.

Blake delivered a swift kick to the captain that resulted more distance between them, sending her skidding back. Giving the attacker no time to recover, she continued her assault. The opponent matching her steps shifting backwards as the kicks continued towards her. The blonde made a quick spin into her opponent, not only dodging the kick but earning the Faunus an elbow to the solar plexus. She then grabbed her arm swinging her around until she got a kick to the face. Blake couldn't see anything but felt the fire burning her skin as the blonde picked her up onto her shoulder and took her away. Her body going limp as she faded from consciousness.

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“Ruby, I'm sorry but I don't have the strength nor energy to defend you when she attacks.” The blonde argued seeing her half-sister sway back and forth wanting to touch land after a few weeks trip. She empathized her words, still unable to say her name. The taller sister couldn't blame her, but after her recent fight she wasn't sure she could handle someone even strong than her.

“Aw! C'mon sis, she won't even know I'm there. And that's if she attacks.” The shorter brunette complained.

“She will, she always does. She'll come flying through a portal and if I can't stop her, you will get hurt or worse. Then I'll have the only person I care about gone." She swiped her arm in front of her as if Ruby would be eliminated. "Ruby...I…I can't lose you!” She stumbled sadly wanting her sister to understand.

“Sis, I can take care of myself, I'll use my semblance, disappear into rose pedals-.” The dark haired woman with red streaks smiled hopeful.

The captain interrupted. “She'll teleport in front of you, you'll land on her blade before you can stop.” The blonde's lilac eyes narrowed.

“But sis!” Ruby begged.

“No!” She snapped, eyes completely bright red now. Ruby cringed knowing she needed to back off. The older sibling retracted realizing she snapped at her sister. “I can't do it Ruby. I'm sorry." She hung her head apologetically. "I'm not strong enough to fight her and I'm not strong enough to lose you either.” She plopped down in a chair shaking her head. She wanted her sister to enjoy free time, but she didn't have that luxury all the time. "I mean there's always the other option."
"No!" Ruby shouted quickly. There was no alternative in her mind that was worth it. “So, uh, what are ya gonna do with her?” The younger sibling asked sitting next to her. “I mean she's cute.” She didn't think much of it as she knew what her sister was going to do, it was a matter of how and what method.

“I'm not sure yet. I think I have an idea, but I want to get to know her a little when she wakes up, ya' know. You wouldn't want to watch do you?” She grinned. “You think she’s cute how about I put a red band on her?” She noticed the smaller woman freeze. “She won't even know you're there if you hide. She'll have a set of eyes and both sets of ears on me.” She smiled slyly watching her cute sister blush in embarrassment

“Uh...No thanks...I think...I'll be able to hear her from outside your cabin, you can keep a gold band on her.” Ruby stumbled through her words.

“Oh! That you will lil sis” she smiled coolly. “That you will, and just in case she sees your kind heart, I’ll keep it red.” A smirk forming as she licked her lips in anticipation at her prisoner. She grabbed the small girl by her hand to lead her back as fifteen minutes had passed. She wanted to make up for lashing out. “How about we sit, as far as the dock?” She offered, it was something, not quite land, but a solid surface after being on a ship for who knows how long and how much longer. "We still have a few minutes."

“I'll take you up on that, is five minutes okay?”

“Let’s make it ten.” She tried to smile but left with guilt when she snapped. The only family she had left that she couldn't lose and she lashed out in anger. She followed a joyful Ruby out.

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Blake was starting to come to. Eyes blinking furiously trying to keep details in her mind. Her feet felt cold and she realized her feet were bare, and chained. Where are my boots? Why are my feet chained? Looking up she could see steel forged together. This isn't my room. Looking over her shoulder feeling the headache in her frontal lobe. She tried to rub the throbbing area but her hands were held back and she heard rattling. My hands too? Where the hell am I? She saw a dresser in front of her some distance away. Next to it, a desk and a globe of Remnant. On the opposite side, a stripper pole and a green love seat were attached to the floor. Behind the love seat, a wooden barrel with a spout and shot glasses laid. Closer to bed on that side, was a darker wooden nightstand. Forcing herself to look the other way despite the pain in her head, she saw the candle of a small glowing flame on top of a dark wooden nightstand the same color as the other one. A five drawer shelf on the top looked like it held books with small doors. The two lower hinges opened upward taking the entire horizontal space. The one below had a glass plate that made it see through and she saw that board games that Blake hadn't seen since she was younger. The bottom shelf was blocked off by solid wood. She tried to force her upward to no avail. Where was Gambol Shroud, my weapon, the extension of myself? She didn't have time to process her thoughts as the door swung open.

“Well, well, kitty's finally awake. I thought you'd wake up sooner, but I guess I did hit you pretty hard.” The blonde walked closer to her victim staying at the edge of the bed. “How's your head?” She asked feigning concern as she sat next to her and placing a hand on her forehead.

Blake gasped then bared her teeth. The blonde from before, the one she fought. Her anger burned hot as she not only lost, held captive, but the last part she said about comparing Blake to a stray cat needing a master. “I have a headache thanks for asking." She hissed. "Is there any particular reason you've got me chained? I'm uncomfortable.” Blake seethe.

“Sh.” She cooed rubbing her hands to the others head. “Don't want to make it worse.” There it is again, those eyes, the same ones her minions had. Even more malicious intent behind them.

The brute leaned down and started kissing her lips. The woman underneath tried to pull away, her eyes widening in shock at what was happening. Calloused hands sliding over her white coat sliding it off by undoing each hand one by one with a special key in the nightstand. The Faunus tried to fight back with the one free hand she had but was easily overpowered. Blake had to breathe through her nose in order not to pass out. Which didn't seem like a bad idea. She'd still be breathing once she passed out, and her torment would over, for a moment. Only a moment though, she'd still wake up, eventually. A hand and a hook started running over her central body making their way down over her chest as Blake attempted to crawl away from the unwanted touch and continued over her stomach until reaching edge of where her pants rested. The hook left little pink trail where it slid down her flat stomach. “You are really soft and your lips taste good." She said loving as she complimented the others body. "If you're a good kitty, a reward might be in order.” Her captor was teasing, trying to test the waters of her reactions to each touch. This woman was just too irresistible. Maybe she could drag this out for days, the woman would eventually be begging her for release.

“You can take your reward and shove it up your-Aaaaaahhhh!” She yelled as a sharp paid was felt in her neck.

The buxom blonde responded by biting harshly into the pulse of her neck. She loved the way she tasted, licking her skin longer than needed, tasting blood as she sucked the pulse leaving a beautiful red mark. More blood leaked with each beat. Pulling away she spoke. “Now, now, that wasn't very nice and here I was trying to make you feel good." The fighter locked lips with her creature forcing a tongue inside, lapping at every inch of tongue, skin and tooth.

Blake wanted to bite her tongue, but after she received that treatment, she wasn't sure she should. Conflicted emotions, her mind trailing, trying to calm her heartbeat and slow her breathing to think clearly. She decided to test the waters and only slightly bite down on her captors tongue. In response, she grazed the uvula casing her victim to gag. Blake came to her senses and decided it was a bad idea to fight, at least until she knew who or what she was dealing with. The onyx haired woman was tense despite her calm demeanor. The subjugator decided her shirt was the next thing to go. She pulled the garment over her arms unlocking on hand at a time, her victim didn't even try to fight this time playing her own game. Once the garment was removed, she looked at the woman's face. Her eyes were even more dangerous than before. She hated how she was being eyed like a piece of meat with the top part of her on display, except for her bra. She felt exposed and would've felt her face flush if it weren't for the malicious intent in the scarlet eyes. The captain took her silence as disobedience. So that was how she wanted to play, huh? Let’s play. She leaned forward lapping and kissing the brunettes neck with renewed determination. Particularly the mark she left only moment before. She admired the color as matched her strap of her sheath of her victims weapon. “It's your second favorite color. And that bra matches your clothes. Hope you weren't wearing it for anyone too special." She grinned. "And your breast are even more magnificent than I imaged, upright, perky just the way I like them. You just got here and already there's parts of you I absolutely adore, especially your hour glass figure. ”

Blake's eyes narrowed as she was nearing wits end. She hated feeling exposed, especially like this, how far was she going to push? It took everything she had not to react to the poor jokes. She didn't want this to continue, but complaints would only be ignored or she would face reprisal. The Faunus decided to fight and bit her tongue in protest so the human wouldn't hear her. No breath escaping, not short rasps of breath and definitely no vocalization of any kind. I will hold my breath until I pass out. Her mind set on determination.

The brawler knew based on how the woman was reacting she was going to make this hard. Challenge accepted. She knew how Faunus worked, or at least her type, what her verbal, nonverbal language said or didn't say. Ears and tails react more often if they had moving appendages, mostly due to not used to being touched and generally more sensitivity. Speaking of ears, her left hand from the woman's stomach to scratch the base of her ear. There it was, flicking trying to move away from the surprise contact. The blonde moved her hand slowly toward the ear, fingertips grazing over the tip, rubbing the middle and using finger nails to scratch lower into the base. Amber eyes squinted closed, her ear flicking every so often, all the nonverbal signs of enjoyment, yet she fought the stimulation. She was catching her breath in short raspy movements in the rise and fall of her chest. After holding out for so long, there was one more ear, and one more...hook. Just gotta try not to poke it too hard but scratch that itch.Tilting the hook sideways not to prod the ear and she stroked. A verbal sign, even if involuntary, the Faunus was purring. Sir smirked as she had won, again.

How is this happening? Blake thought trying so hard to avoid the pleasure she felt. Yes it feels good, it’s not supposed to. This woman is taking advantage. She thinks I'm just some pet, a fantasy to fulfill. The Faunus couldn't take it anymore. The sensation was too much. “Aaaahhh.” Her eyes shot open in surprise. She wasn't even sure what it was, too low to be a scream but too high to be a groan, something like pleasured pain. I'm not supposed to be enjoying this. She glazed her hands over my chest then started mocking me. She couldn't collect her thoughts as she felt friction between her legs. Her eyes narrowed slightly looking toward the object hoping the woman who had moved on top of her hadn't noticed. Her thigh's between mine? Was she planning on teasing me? Or bring me to the brink only to deny me? Or worse, force something inside me? This isn't going to work. She may have beat me in a fight, but I will not be enjoying this, not one bit.

“Oh, so you noticed.” She smirked

Blake froze. She saw my movement, but how? I was careful!

“It's okay kitten, I'll let you enjoy this. Just lay back and well...relax.”

Blake shot open then narrowed. Oh no you don’t! As soon as I figure out a plan, you'll be the one feeling some gratification of my revenge. Just as she was looking around trying to use anything to her advantage, her train of thought stopped as she felt the thigh between her legs start move up and down on her sensitive area causing as much friction as possible through her pants. She will not break me, I will not enjoy this! She screamed in her head with dead set determination.

The captain continued rubbing. “Ya know, it's awfully difficult to relax when you still have pants on.

“No, wait, let's not get hasty. Please stop this.” She tried reasoning.

“Tsk, tsk, but you see my wittle puddy cat,” she said in a baby mocking voice “you are enjoying this. Your ears are reacting in a way your eyes and face and body won't." She licked her lips. "And your parts are starting to become damp.”

“Liar!” She yelled in denial fearing it might be true.

“Well, there's just one way to find out isn't there?” And with that, she slid her pants as far down as they would go. “Oooooo, cute undies, were they for someone special?”

“That's none of your business!” Blake snapped as a pink blush rose in her cheeks.

“Oh kitten," she assured "but you see, it is my business. You belong to me, you're my pet. I want to know everything about you. We will have plenty of time for that, but for now let's live in the moment.”

Sir held her fingertips in the middle of the solid black underwear with a little purple bow near the top and pressed inward moving her folds to the side. “You feel that wetness kitten? You really are enjoying this.” She lifted herself off the bed and walking toward the door way. “I've spent too much time here teasing you. I'll be back to finish you off later, but for now, I've got other whores to fuck, and let me tell you, they are eager to please their master. When I get back I expect you to make a choice. Option one, I take you as you are, break you, and turn you submissive here and now and you will never be the same again. I'll bring in the former Schnee Dust Company Heiress so you can ask her how she likes her new life. My sister's probably fucking her as we speak.” Smirking at the look of panic on her victims face. “Or two, I take you, slowly bend the line of breaking you and turn you submissive of your own free will? The choice is yours. I expect you to make one when I come back. If not, I'll decide for you. You won't need these.” Sliding her underwear as far down as they would go using her hook. Blake clenched her teeth as she protested with her vocals almost sounding like barks as she felt herself on display. Sir lifted herself off the bed and walking toward the doorway “I'll be back to finish you off later.” She promised before walking out.

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Sir walked around the deck of her ship, the sights, smells and sounds as usual were heard, pleasing her so. Salty air of the sea mixed with the smell and sounds of sex, rape and forced pleasure as new blood were joined on the ship, which meant tight pussies and asses to fill. She allowed a few males on board but they were just there, no authority and not able to do anything unless allowed, and nothing more than sex slaves. Looking around she thought to herself. Who am I going to fuck first? There's the new rabbit faunus, wonder if she has a fluffy tail? Or Fucktoy, Ruby's personal toy that she had feelings for and only do it to spur jealousy. She shook her head. There's the guys below deck still tied to their poles. Nah, I could turn around and pay more attention to the Faunus in my cabin hopelessly bound? Then an idea popped into her head and she headed to the back of the ship climbing a set of stairs and making her way through the trap door. As she thought, Ruby and Weiss were fucking each other too into the moment to notice her. Even though she had her own thick rod, she wanted to watch and give her sister advice later. Sounds like they were finishing up.

“Can I have a turn?” She scoffed knowing she could never be turned down.

“Oh...ah...perfect time sis.” The smaller short haired brunette smiled nervously not wanting to share. “I...uh... just finished before Weiss could...”A scarlet brush came across her face.

“I hope you didn't come inside her with that ten inch dust inflicted cock of yours." She folded her arms almost disappointed. "Claiming you as my first mate, in both senses. Pregnancy is one of the worse things you could do. And I don't have patience for a child.” She wore a smile amused by the situation.

“I know sis, I know.” She replied truly smiling. “Don't worry, I didn't. How'd it go with the Faunus with the cute cat ears?”

“Eh." She shrugged. "She could use some warming up and really get a warm pleasure cruise welcome. I left her alone so I could finish here. I didn't want to break her too soon. Anyway...” she rolled her lilac eyes, “my turn. I want her mouth.” She called walking over to Weiss letting her foot long erection as clear as the sun free. She called Fucktoy's mouth so Ruby could fill her up on the inside of she chose to do so. She knew Ruby had feelings for the former heiress, but the situation of where they were as it was, she didn't want things getting too complex. She let led of tip of her erection mere inches from the small woman's lips. She wanted to see and feel how greedy the platinum blonde was to suck her cock. And sure enough, the wait wasn't long.

The smaller woman kissed the tip lightly over and over moving in all directions for now, before focusing on the tip. Her hand gliding over base rubbing vigorously back and forth. Boy her blow jobs got better. The captain thought. "She's practically an expert now. Sir was reminded of when she first kidnapped the girl. Blowing cannon holes in the Schnee manor, while some kind of party was happening. The eldest, Winter, the one she really wanted was not present during the time. So, she took off with the second best. She left a ransom note for the patriarch father to find. Once the youngest sibling was on board, she had left her alone thinking the father was going to give into her demands. Nothing. No contact, no news press of him desperate for his daughter, nothing. In fact, a few days later it was announced the youngest sibling, Whitney, she nicknamed Shitly, was now the heir of the Schnee Dust Company. She recorded it on her scroll so she could reveal the truth. Weiss knew her fate. Instead of bending slowly, she wanted to be broken. She trusted her captor after as she paid more attention to her than her father ever did, even if it was negative attention. She learned to enjoy her new life. After that, Sir slowed her advances now she could take her time and no one was going to rescue her. Two years later, and she still has her, never wanting to leave. Sir was kind enough to let her sister have a cock, not as big as hers but a good ten inches. She had learned the recipe from her mother and everything else about direction, wind, stars and most importantly, how to rule so no one would rise against you. She shook her head, her mom is far behind her. Oooohhh yeah, that's right you filthy bitch, suck, play with my balls. Let my juices fill you, expand your already full stomach. After she filled Weiss, she would go back to her next victim to taught her and tease her. Her sensitive nose being able to smell someone else. Of course, she told her what she was going to do before she left the room but now having actually proof and now standing at attention, glistening from the saliva and what will be-cum, too delicious. The image too much for her mind bring her into the orgasm faster.

“Ffffuuuccckkk aaahhh, gah-goonnaa cum!” The only words of warning but Fucktoy knew her captain by now and showing all the signs she was looking for. Hungrily, she move to the base of her cock and swallowed every drop as it flowed into her stomach. She liked Ruby's cock, but there was no cock like her Master's.

The captain coming down from her high as she had done this so many times. She was used to the feeling and took almost no time at all to recover. “Eager to get my juices in you, are we? Don't worry,” she smiled mischievously “there will be plenty of time for that later, my Fucktoy. But for now, follow me, I have a special treat in store for you. “Ruby,” she said to the younger girl getting her attention. “Bring Stray to my cabin.”

“Yes Sir!” with her salute and disappeared into rose petals.

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She went back to her cabin where her prize awaited her. She opened the door and found the faunus start awake. “Did I scare you pretty kitty?” she grinned.


“Then I need to do better.” Making her way to her victim. Sitting on the edge of the bed. “Have you made your choice pussy cat?”


“Typical animal, no idea what's best for you.” She got up and walked to foot of the bed at least three feet between them. “Ruby bring those slutty pussies in here!” She called then turned back to Blake. “This is what breaking and submission of ones will looks like.”

Three girls walked in, short brunette redhead with two leashes in her hand, along with two women walking on their hands and knees. One she noticed was connected to the heiress, the one who broke the attack formation and skidding off leaving snowflakes in her wake. Slightly shocked the captain could pull off kidnapping her. The other was connected to a cat faunus like herself but with a tail and fading colored highlights in her hair. The short girl removed both connecting leashes before walking out of the room. Both women sat there waiting for orders, the heiress with hunger in her eyes and the cat faunus looking at the floor. The captain unzipped her shorts and Blake's eyes went wide when she saw a female with a male part hanging in the air. She scrunched her noise as smelled the captain's earlier endeavors. “Don't just laze about my pets, make your master feel good.” Immediately she noticed the heiress speed over and start kissing and sucking while the cat faunus took her time before doing the same, feigning excitement. The captain watched as the two fought for dominance on the length, her eyes looked to Blake. “You see the difference? One has lost so much of her mind she doesn't comprehend much of what she's doing, only wanting to pleasure, to please and to be a fucked. However,” maliciously grinning “your cousin knows exactly what she's doing and does it because she wants to or face consequences. It’s your choice kitten.”

Blake was shell-shocked at what was happening in front of her. She didn't want to break beyond all recognition, but she didn't like the other option either. Maybe she could play the captain's game find out what the captor was going to choose for her. But yet... she didn't like any of this. The restraints pressing her skin made her realize this wasn't some sick dream. It was really happening. Her mind began to spin and she felt dizzy not sure if it was the sight, sound, smell or both.

“Like I said,” the buxom blonde sneered “you animals don't know what's best for you. Should've stayed under the human boot.” She looked directly at Neon challenging her to say or do something she'll regret. Then back to Blake when she knew Neon wouldn't do anything foolish even though she partially wished she would. “Fucktoy, you're free to go. Stray, you stay and finish me off.”

The white haired girl sighed, wanting to complete her task. She sulked out the door on her hands and knees closing the door behind her. As odd as it felt, Blake felt better having someone in the room besides herself and her tormentor.

Neon wanted to end this as quickly as possible, but didn't want to rush it too much for fear of punishment or seeming too eager. She grabbed the shaft and started rubbing, her tongue doing the same coating it in saliva.

“Oooohhhh yeah. You've gotten better at this you little slut. You like cock sucking now, don't you?” She sneered.

Feeling safer, she placed her mouth on the tip and flicking it adding circular motions with her tongue. Receiving a sigh of contentment for her efforts. She took the shaft into her mouth bobbing back and forth slowly adding more length as she went. She forced her tongue to relax underneath the member and rubbed as she moved her head. She felt the captain shudder in her hand.

Sir wanted nothing more than to grab both girls and fuck their pussies, maybe assholes raw, but she needed to prove to the captive that good girls, good rewards. Fucking both of them would send the wrong message across. However, would it actually be closer to bending her? Then again, breaking in new blood took time and effort, unless senseless. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her balls tighten,

“Alright my little whore, here cums your reward.”

Neon prepared herself, allowing the flow to go straight into her stomach without tasting much of it. The taste didn't bother her often, it was more of the act itself.

“Here it cums!” And she came right into Neon. Her little slut lapping up every drop as she went. “Good girl my little pet, you're dismissed.”

The colorful cat jogged on her hands and knees to the door closing it behind her.

“Alone at last. Eh, kitty cat? You enjoy the show? I think that's what I might call you, Kitty.” Not really waiting for a response to a rhetorical question. “You took too long deciding so I've decided for you. As fun as it would be to have two cats not completely broken into submission, I've decided to bend you slowly, then break Stray later. A cat Yin Yang cat type effect.” She snickered in her throat at her own joke. Nobody except Ruby knew who her name was and Ruby never said it. Lest breaking her identity. “Especially after that fight you gave me back at Menagerie, still refusing to submit even when your fate was sealed.”

Blake swallowed not exactly sure what to expect, but knowing full well she wasn't going to like what was in store. She couldn't give up. She'd find her way back home...somehow.

The buxom woman walked over to her, placing her thigh between her legs again and keeping the friction on. She moved hands behind the Faunus and removed her bra leaving her upper body completely exposed. The Faunus was red-faced, angry and embarrassed about her features being completely exposed.

“Ooooooo, perky, round, upright, just the way I like them.” She said as she let her hand slide over the left mound kneading the flesh, pinching the center pieces between her second knuckles.

“Please...stop...” Blake pleaded.

“But I like the way you feel kitty, I'm not done with you yet. I see my marks are still there from earlier. Perhaps, I should leave more.”

Before any form of protest could form, a mouth licked, sucked and bit the pink hardened crown. The woman enduring this pain cried into the ceiling. Once a bruise was set, she did the same to the other one. The woman chocked on her vocal cords trying to produce sound. Once she finished leaving a bruise, she looked into the golden eyes seeing fear.

Blake panted, withered and looked to the blonde. Her fear ever present. Maybe she's bored, no way, maybe she's done, may she'll leave. Oh I hope it's the latter.

The blonde went to the closet on the other side of the room disappearing behind it. Blake let out a sigh of relief and felt the temperature drop a few degrees just by her leaving. She held her breath when the blonde came to her side again with a cylinder looking object that had rubber and was round on one side and a handle on the other. “This a magic wand. And you will soon feel its wonders. Now, to strip you of that hope you felt earlier.” She looked between her legs and saw her arousal. “Seems like I did more to arouse you. You enjoyed the show more than you led on.”

Blake's eyes went wide with horror and she felt completely hopeless to the torture upon her. “Please...I ju-I just wanna go home. Let me go! Don't you need people to tell your tale, tell the story of Captain Sir, The Golden Dragon?” She tried finding a way out of this.

“Oh kitty, tsk tsk, you see, I do leave my name out there. Once I force those into complete submission, break them or get bored, I send them home and of course people will ask where they've been and what they've been doing. I am out there kitty, just not as well-known as some other captains. And I prefer to keep it that way. Have you heard the name Raven Branwen, leader of the Badland Bandits? The most feared leader, forcing her playthings into submission if not breaking them and killing them when she gets bored?” She paused and saw Blake sheepishly nod her head. “That’s my mother. Now where was I?" She pretended to think. "Ah, yes!” Her smile portraying evil.

The human hand found her way into Blake's fold and started rubbing just to the edge. Blake felt so conflicted and confused once more, her wants and needs spiraling in confusion. This is wrong, I don't like this, this is forced, but why does it feel so good. She bit her lip to try and hold herself back from making any noises.

“It’s okay. “ She cooed. “Don't fight it, let it out. Let me know how you feel.”

Once the nub of nerves was pushing out of the folds a vibration was heard. The blonde used the back of her hook pushed the folds apart revealing her pink insides. The captured Faunus shivered at the cold metal and the air against her revealed sensitive skin. She pushed the vibrator against the bundle of nerves.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Blake screeched as she was coming undone. Her need confused. Her mind telling her she didn't want this, but her body telling her it feels good. “Too Much! Uuugghhh!” Her body started shaking unable to keep her usually calm demeanor. She her inner walls were spazzing out. “I'm gonna-going taaaaaahhhh!”

She lowered the vibration level but continued to hold the same spot as her hot fluids burst onto the bed. “It's been a long time for you, hasn't it? You soaked my bed pretty good. But don't worry, there's more where that 'came' from.” She had set her free knowing a she couldn't go anywhere. “Escape is not an option.” She continued to unbind the prisoner. “Bathroom is over there.” She pointed past some chains. “Cup is on the nightstand use the sink if you get thirsty. And if you're feeling frisky, that barrel with the tap contains whiskey. I'll be back for you later.” Walking toward the door. “Oh! And if you leave this room, you will be joining my crew for dinner, naked. I promise you will be the one on the breaking end with pretty hour glass figure like yours instead of Stray. That's if you don't take you and break you first.” With her promise, she closed the door behind her.

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“You're up Ruby!" The brute smiled. "Remember, you are the nice person, just be your regular, cute, awkward self.” She passed the girl with a wink. She headed for the helm dawning her sunglasses, deciding she would break Stray only when the cat eared Faunus submitted.

“I know sis, I know.” Ruby headed inside the cabin closing the door behind her. Blake barely noticed her come in, she was too exhausted to care. “Um...hi.” The awkward girl fidgeted in the door way unsure of what to do.

Blake was still huffing and panting trying to catch her breath. She glanced over at the girl before focusing on the ceiling. “...Hi...” She replied weakly.

Ruby instinctively went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and ran it under cold water before returning to the captive. “My-uh-my name's Ruby, Ruby Rose Xiao... Never mind, just Ruby.” Silver eyes looking concerned as she pressed the cold cloth to the woman's forehead.

“Blake...Bella...donna...” She hissed still sensitive from her earlier treatment. Her breath starting to recover slowly.

“Are you gonna be okay, if I continue, you know...?”

“...I' okay...if I can...get...out...of this...hell hole.” She panted weakly.

“It's really not so bad, once you get used to it.” She dabbed the cloth down her cheeks.

“Yeah...sure...being forced into pleasure...completely normal.” Blake seethe. “What's someone as innocent as you doing here?”

“I...uh...I isn't the right word, adopted isn't either.... Maybe forced into this predicament is better choice of words? I hope you get the idea.” Ruby was blushing unsure of herself.

“Not really understanding...but kind of. Ssss.” Her breathing mostly normal.

Ruby moved the cloth to her neck being extra careful with the bruises. Ruby felt awkward enough and the silence made it worse. “Tell me about your home, friends and family...only if you want to.” She assured.

“I can take it from here.” She gently placed her hand on top of Ruby's causing the crimson girl to blush and quickly pull away and turned her back.

“I'll keep my head turned if you wanted to try to dress.” She said like it was the most natural thing in the world.

It took a minute for Ruby's words to sink in, but once they did, Blake's cheeks were as red as Ruby's crimson clothing as realization set in. She quickly got off the bed and tried to dress herself. She covered herself up with the blanket. “It''s okay to look now.” She still felt awkward even with her clothes as Ruby already saw her.

The dark, red tipped hair girl turned around and sat on the bed next to her. “You...ah...feeling better?”

“Much, thank you...Ruby...was it?”

She nodded. "Mhm. Are you okay with the company? I can leave if you want.” She turned to leave.

“It's nice to have at least one friendly face.” She smiled.

Ruby turned and smiled sitting on the edge again. “What's your home like?”

“For a word, crowded, but peaceful, a place where both Faunus and humans can co-exist without fights, riots or violence.

“What does...this might seem like a weird question, but what did the ground of your island feel like?” Quickly added seeing a questioning face looking back. “I mean... I'm not allowed on land that often and when I am, I have to rush.”

“It's...uh...soft, but the sand get everywhere, it sinks beneath your feet when you walk and leaves a shoe print. The grass tickles on your skin like a string. The wind is warm, sun keeps it tropic...” She didn't realize she was day dreaming talking about her life before.

Ruby was too polite and intrigued to interrupt. But a thought occurred to her. “Hold that thought, there's something I need to tell you. My... I mean the captain prefers if you were exactly the way she left you. Chains and all.” She added quickly.... “I mean...I'm here and I don't mind, I just don't want you getting hurt over something I suggested. Now please, continue.” She smiled as Blake began talking reminiscing about her life.

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True to her word the woman came back later. “Well, well, well, ready for round two?

“You know it.” The raven haired woman answered with a wink.

“Well, well, that's more like it.” She purred. “But if I know that dark redhead, and I know that dark redhead, I know you're faking. A strong woman like yourself doesn't break after the first light session. You're no where near doing this by your own will. Besides, for what I have in mind, I’m going to be enjoying this.” She looked at her up and down. “She even helped you with your restraints. That girl is too kind for her own good. Maybe I need to harden her heart a little.”

Blake tried to hold back anger but failed. “Turn that sweet, innocent woman into someone like you! How dare you?!”

“Oh that's so cute, you barley know her and already care about her. Pick a number between one and twelve.”

Blake glared at her as she moved to the closet disappearing behind. “Eight.” She spat. Ruffling was hear behind it and some items clanking together. When the blonde stepped back into view, she was holding a stick in her calloused hand.

“Ruby, come in.” Just then, the small girl walked in, closing the door behind her. “Go ahead and bind yourself in the chains next to desk." She obeyed without any question and the captain helped her with the last arm loosening the chains slightly so the girl wasn't on her tip toes. “You think you're clever Ruby? Giving her all the tips and tricks and everything that makes me tick. How is she supposed to learn her place if you give everything away? But,” she pressed her hook to her nose “that is not important right now. I will punish you later. Right now, it's all about my little Kitty.” Turning back to Blake she said “Here's now this game works. You pick a number between one and twelve, in this case you chose eight. Number eight is this rod, each strike, you count the number you're struck with. You miscount or stop counting we start over. The intervals come in fives. I start at ten for round one. First area to be struck is to your chest. Next one is stomach, front legs, back legs butt, and back. Any questions?”
“Yes, why is she here watching your sick little game? She's innocent in all this! Why are you acting like your moth...Ah!” She was rewarded with a slap to the face. She could feel it sting.

“Don't you dare question me!” Blake had water in her eyes. “But, I'll indulge you.” She went back to the closet and pulled out two pieces of clothing, one white the other black. She walked over to Ruby and placed the white one over her eyes and the black one over her mouth. “Better kitten?”

“You monster!” Blake screamed. “Like that actually makes-Ow!" She was back handed against her other cheek.

“Oh trust me, she enjoys this more than she lets on, but, it's not her fault.” She laughed. “Now, let us begin.”

Blake felt the first strike, it hurt but not as much as she thought, but then again, it only grazed the bottom of her chest. “One.” She called out hoping to get this over with. Another strike landed going slightly higher. “Tu.” She gasped hardly able to believe there's more. Another strike “Ah, three.” She called almost catching her sensitive flesh. Strike. “Four!” She cried this one hitting her nipple. Her arms shaking, the binds repeating her actions. Strike. “Five.”.
Ruby was heard squeaking into the gag, nothing more than muffles. The captain decided to tease. “Huh? What's that kid?” She paused for response. “I can't understand you when you have something other than my cock in your mouth.” Ruby fell silent.
Blake was angry. “How dare you say that to her. Just because you want your sick legacy to live on doesn't mean Ruby is the one who should...Aahhh, mother fucker! Six!” She called out.

“Nope.” Emphasizing the p sound. “You miscounted, that one was for speaking out against me. Starting over from the beginning. And you're only half right. If you look anything like your mom, I'd fuck yours, and convince your dad likes it up the ass.”

It took everything for Blake not to say anything. Snap. “One.” She forced air out. Snap “Tu.” She yelped arching her back hoping to get away. Snap “Tree”. Snap “Fa-four.” Crying as it her pink flesh again, the rattling becoming even louder. Snap “Fe-ive.” Meowing in pain this time. Cursing herself that she would've been done by now. Snap “See-ex.” she cried.

“Whoa, now we all know what's on your mind.” She smiled. “Depending on how the rest of this goes, I may give you a reward. If not, maybe you can switch spots with Ruby.” Blake bit her tongue, it took everything in her not to remark back, knowing it would only be worse for the both of them. “Good girl.” Sir mocked.

Snap. “Se-evan.” She growled. Snap. “E-ight.” Crying as it hit her other sensitive peak. Snap. “Ne-ine!” Yelling at her lungs. Snap. “Te-en!” She howled in pain. It was finally over. She looked down and her chest was marked with red lines. She sighed in relief. Just then Blake felt one leg drop, her body was freed from the binds.

“Walk around the cabin for a little bit. If you try anything, I will put you down and what I'm doing to you right now will seem like child's play.” She warned.
Blake got up from the bed and stretched her legs, seeing the washcloth on the night stand picking it up and going to the bathroom. She soaked it in water and dabbed at the lines. Wincing in pain as she did so, but knew it would make it better. The damp coolness against her skin only made it sting. Once completed, she decided the blonde probably didn't have patience to wait and walked back to the bed. A low tone cat call whistle was heard “Now that's what I call a Bellabooty.” Blake huffed in response glaring at her but laid on the bed all the same, clicking her restrains in place, except for her last one which her captor helped with. “Pick a number sweet cheeks.”

What was next of her body to suffer, her stomach? “Twelve.” The woman disappeared again this time coming back with a rope. How am I going to do handle this? She's gonna kill me. No! My home, my family, I have to get back to them. I must escape. I'll take Ruby with me. Her thoughts were interrupted. Snap. “One.” She counted, too afraid to even look at the mark. Snap. “Two”. Snap. “Three.” She clenched against teeth. Snap. “Four.” Snap. “Fe-ive” Gasping for air.

“Don't hold your breath, it makes things worse, trust me. Take shallow breaths but not short where you run out of air easily.”

Trust her? Did she really just say that? Give me advice? It's not like-. Snap. “Six!” Head coming up off the pillow. She was so lost in thought she didn't brace herself. Snap. “Seven!” Snap “Eeeiiighhtt!” That one hit the navel. Snap. “Nine!” She called. Snap. “Ttteeennn” That one, if she had scars from a C-Section, that where it would have been. Snap “”Aaaahhh Eelleeeveenn!” What? But how? I made it to ten...increase in intervals...Snap “Tetwelve!” I forgot to brace myself. “Thiirteeen!” Sighing as she was almost done. “Forteen!” She cried out in relief. “Fiivteen!” She was smiling happily at herself for enduring the trauma. Daring to look down, her stomach was black and blue, not that much red, couple of welts. Again her restrains slacked.

“Get up, walk around.” She commanded undoing the restraints.

And so she did, except she found it that much harder, it seemed her stomach formed in knots from the lashes, she sat up clenched her stomach lightly and forced herself upward again to the ladies room taking the washcloth again and ever so gently going over the areas of impact.
Sir was teasing Ruby in the meantime whispering in her ear. “While all this is going on, I want you to come up with your punishment. One you think you rightly deserve. I have my own punishment for you in mind. Whoever comes up with the best one wins.” Turing herself back to her prey. “Oh!” She turned and whispered back. “It's not allowed to be anything like your new girlfriend's.” Speaking louder knowing the Faunus would be able to hear. “You’ve got your girlfriend snow angle and now girlfriend number two, a Faunus, your forming your own personal harem just like myself at your age. You progressed a little slower, but that's alright. Is it the white hair and the fact you're almost as tall as her? You like brunettes too. With her long hair, no wait, it's the cat ears, isn't it?” She smirked to herself. Ruby sighed if she did try for words, nothing would be understood anyway. She did like her cat ears, but she liked Blake as a person.
Blake was in the bathroom and her ears flinched at her words. She looked into the mirror at her newly formed welts, looked herself in the eye “Don't let her get under your skin.” Sigh “Don't let her get under your skin. She's teasing you, testing you. It's what she does.” Sigh. She starts out of the bathroom back to the bed. Again no clever comments or fighting back, physically anyway. Mentally, she is beating, punching and knocking the shit out of her and cursing at her.
“What's your number?”

“Sexually?” She said teasingly truing to lighten the mood and keep her composure. “Two.”

“Bet your lovers didn't make you feel as wonderful as I do. But yes, we'll go with number one.” Blake was about to protest and thought against it. She came back with a two inch wide wooden material. It looked rather like a rubber, flexible paddle. “There is a reason why this is number one. As your about to find out. We already did two, so number one it is.”

Slap. “Gggaaahhh! One! Haaaa!.” Slap. “Tttooo!” Slap. “Thrrhee!” Slap. “Fffaaaoorrr!” Slap. “Ffffiiivvee!” Slap. “Ssseeiixx!” Crying through tears as it hit the nub of nerves between her thighs. Arms and legs shaking. Slap “Ssseevveen!” Slap “Aaattee!” Slap. “Nnniinnee!” Slap “Tteenn!” Chocking through sobs as it hit her sensitive pussy. She heard footsteps walking away. She lifted her head lightly, trying to see through the tears. She heard water running and the return of footsteps. Too much in pain to care. Slap, striking the outer thigh. “Eellevven”. Slap. “Telleevvee!” Slap. “Thhurrtteennn!” Slap. “Fffouurrtteeennn!” Slap, moving to the other thigh. “Ffiffteen!” Slap. “Ssaaiixxtteen” Slap. “Ssaaeevvennteen!” Slap. “Eeeaaattteeennn!” Slap “Nneiinnneteen!” Slap. “Tteettwennty!” She couldn't move anymore. Her body crying out against everything.

Her world went black, she wasn't sure if something was obstructing her vision or she passed out. She thinks it's the first option as something slightly wet was pressing against her skin. Her body went limb due to no long being restrained. She winced in pain as she was picked up. Her body wincing as the water touched her skin. She was being eased into it. Her nerves getting used to feeling the water. It wasn't cold, but it wasn't exactly warm either. From what the nerves on her skin tell her from the bruising it's decent. She feels a cushion on the back of her neck as her butt sank to the bottom of the tub. The arms pull away and she hears footsteps leaving, a door closing afterward.

“Alright Ruby, your turn. What punishment did you come up with?” Unchaining the girl from her restrains.
“ guess I know...?” Looking at the taller woman blushing.

“Actually Ruby, I don't.” Smiling mischievously. She already knew where her sister was going with this. She wanted to see how far she can push it.

“” She looked down at the floor as red as her outfit.
“ you know there are different types so, you have to be more specific.”

“Damn it sis, you always have to make it difficult. I'm a cocksucker!”

“Hey! This is your punishment, don't yell at me! Although, I appreciate the enthusiasm.”

“Sssoorryy Sir, I...I was trying to get my words out and I wasn't sure how to.”

“It's not fine this time.” She grinned. “I got something special planned for you. Go to the bed and either you can strip yourself or I will.”

Without another word Ruby obeyed and removed her clothing going to the bed wondering what happened to her prisoner but too scared to ask. She saw the blonde go into her desk where she replaced her hook for her mechanical arm. She never did tell her how she lost it. The taller jumped onto the bed straddling her sister. Kissing her roughly and groping her small chest. Ruby laying there not hating it but not liking it either, at least not yet. Moaning into the mouth of the other, it did feel good, but the metal arm cold to the touch. After several minutes she felt her human hand slip between her legs and massage the area, letting whimpers escape her mouth. The hand kept rubbing until feeling the clit slip out from the barriers. Every brush of contact left the girl shaking. The hand slipped passed feeling the contour of skin around the area. Not quite wet enough to the liking of the eldest. She took her hand into her mouth coating it in saliva before continuing. The younger cringing at the feeling of added pleasure and warm fluid. She thought she'd be used to it by now, but it has been sometime. A finger penetrated her going to the second knuckle and moving slowly adding her own natural lubrication to the area. Hissing and grinding into the other sibling getting that friction. Sir knew her sister wanted this, she wasn't sure if she was ready in case the lube from the cat with the tail wasn't enough, she stuck another finger in curling around the spot her sister likes most. The younger broke away to gasp and moan toward the ceiling. Sir kept her ear close to the others mouth enjoying the sounds. She's ready for me! She thought to herself. She lined herself up with the wet entrance and pushed forward. The younger felt the poke of something at her entrance and knew exactly what it was. She nodded to give the older the green light. She felt it go in the tip at first and her quiet noises were echoing the room. Little by little more of her was being filled, she enjoyed this. The time away was too long. I need to get into trouble more often. She told herself. “Oooohh! Sis please, don't stop!” Ruby cried.

“I don't plan to, but still, only for so long with a pussy as tight as yours.”

Blake was in the tub soaking in the water when she heard the bed creaking slightly at first, then speeding up, as moans were heard from the other side of the door. Already? It couldn't have been an hour since she had an orgasm into the cat Faunus, could it? She heard the familiar voice of the dark, red tipped hair. Sis? Is she?! Is she seriously fucking her sister!? No, no way, maybe it's just they are all each other have. They don't even look alike. One is a brute and the other is a short girl type of cute. Relax Blake, relax, enjoy this moment. There's still more to follow. She ran a finger over one of the bruises on her thigh. Ssssss, oh that was real. Relax, find a way out. Still, the moaning from the next room along with the creaking, were turning her on. Against her will, she let a finger slid into her moved it around adding natural lubricant. She could hear the younger sister have her first orgasm. Her one hand massaged her chest. It hurt, but the slight sting spurred her. She added a second finger, joining the first as it entered her pussy. She lightly gasped, pinching and playing with her nipple. She moved her thumb and rotated her clit in a circle. She sharply inhaled because of the pain from the strike, but she found herself moving faster. She was ashamed of herself that she found pleasure in the moderate pain she felt. At the moment, she didn't care. Blake's fingers moved faster as she felt herself close. One hand pinching and pulling her nipples while the other curled her fingers to hit her g-spot in time with Ruby's moans and the bed squeaking. The Faunus kept her moans quiet as she an Ruby orgasmed at the same time.

“Ruby, you're so tight! You need to let go of me. Give me a few more minutes. Gah!”

Ruby let go and grabbed onto the bed sheets. Her sister pulled out of her and started rubbing her shaft pointing it at Ruby's body, squirting her in the white fluid. “Did...did you...?” She panted.
“At...least...three feel...wonderful.” Three was her sister's limit when the female below her orgasmed. The blonde could orgasm more than once after, but wasn't sure what her limit was.

“Would you like get my prize...out of the you...?"

“Not yet...can you...can you snuggle with me...only for a bit?”

The older laid on her side and wrapped her sister in her arms. Almost immediately she heard snoring from the younger. It has been a while, hasn't it? She carefully picked her up and went to the closet and set her down. She went to the bathroom, pulled out two towels, went back to the bed and set them down and went back to get the Faunus, until she realized she needed her hook which she retrieved.
Blake felt arms gently wrap around her. And heard the draining of the tub. She shivered at the cold air, but for whatever strange reason, she felt warm in the arms lifting her up. She was dropped on a cushion surface she assumed was the bed and felt material underneath. It's soft but not the blankets. She was then removed of the blindfold able to see the blonde in front of her. And felt towels wrap around her. She wrinkled her noise at the smell of sex in the air. Seeing this, the window was opened allowing fresh sea air in. Her stomach growled thinking of the fish in the sea.

“Ha, someone's hungry. But in all fairness, it's been a while.” Helping to dry the girl off then placing the retrains on. She saw the woman freeze when she saw the magic wand in her hand, eyes wide. “You're right kitten, let me close these first then you can be as loud as you want.” She closed the window, setting the wand beside the naked woman and went back to the bathroom filling it with water.
Oh no, not again. Blake thought feeling the unwanted pleasure coming back to her. Still struggling with the pain of the earlier lashes and the sensitivity of her secret orgasm.
“Relax, it's be over as soon as you reach you limit, plus you'll need that energy for later.” She touched it to her clit.

“No, I...don't...wanna...” Blake struggled for breath now.

“I know just the thing.” She laid on top of her, mouth lightly playing with one mound while the hook was lightly flicking her other nipple. She prey was trembling as she tried to fight.

“No...uh...I don't...want...Aaahhh!” Panting to breathe coming down from her high. It was the most intense orgasm she ever had. It was almost painful as she cried lasting for two minutes. Mostly due to her lashes and her fight.
After she calmed down, she took the wand away and got up. “That's your reward for the lashes you took earlier. I'm gonna flip you over and get ready for round two. Pick a number.”

“You...can't be...seri...” Her voice dropped not having any strength.

The buxom woman ignored the complaints and slacked the restraint chains lightly flipping her over being cautious of her injuries. “Pick a number? I'm not asking again.” She voice was stern.

“Four.” Blake panted between breaths.

The woman went to the closet to retrieve item number four. Knowing her vision is obscured from the pillow she laid it flat against her leg and rubbed it slightly so she gets a feel.
"I changed my mind, ass first then legs. I like staring at it." Before Blake could harshly respond, the lashed came. Slap. “One.” Starting on the lower edge. Slap. “Two.” Slap. “Three.” Slap. “Four.” Slap. “Five.” Slap. “Six.” Slap. “Seven.” Slap. “Eight.” Slap. “Nine.” Slap. “Taen.” Slap. “Elleeven.” Slap. “Teelve.” Slap. “Thir-teen.” She strained

“I like the way your ass jingles when it's hit. That is a nice piece of Bellabooty. Remind me to thank you mom when I see her.”
Blake flinched and tightened, but before she could even react. Slap. “Fourteen.” Slap. “Fifeteen.” Slap. “Sixteen.” Slap. “Seventeen.” Slap “Eeeaaattteeenn.” Slap Neeiinneetteenn.” Slap “Tweeennty!” Slap. “Tweenntty-one” Slap. “Twweenty-ttooo.” Slap. “Tweenttyy-thhrreee.” Slap “Tweennttyy ffoorrr.” Slap “Twweennttyy-ffiivvee!” Blake found her bonds falling into place on the bed, off her tired wrists. She tried getting up but was met with a slap to her ass, already sore from the beatings. She yipped in response and laid still.

“Now, you may get up and walk around. Always have to have permission from your master first before you do anything.”
As instructed, the Faunus removed herself slowly from the bed wincing in pain as she did so. She heard footsteps and the woman was carrying a very small naked Ruby to the bathroom. She heard water splash and figured the smaller woman was in when she came back empty handed. Not dwelling too much, she didn't want to go into the bathroom feeling uncomfortable and walked around the room. After a few minuets she strolled to the bed clipped three chains on her body and waited for continuation. Waiting for the question to be asked. “What number?”

“Ten.” The Faunus choked.

Once again the woman retreated, coming back locking the last hand in place and laid the rod on the back of her left leg tapping slightly.
By the end, no spot on Blake's legs was left bare. Her legs were either, black and blue, red or welted. She let the tears fall forth from the pain of thirty lashes.
The dominatrix didn't let up despite crocodile tears. “Back next, the last of the whips”. coldly. “What's the number?”

“Nine!” She cried. Her back was a mess of red, blue and black marks everywhere. She was too much in pain to move when the cuffs were gone. But instead of hearing her say 'get up walk around' she hard footsteps and the sound of water splashing.
The larger of the women had the smallest in her arms wrapped in a towel and took her to the closet with a fresh change of clothes. She insisted she do it herself but the blonde didn't care. She closed the closet door behind her turning to the long haired brunette. Placing the blindfold over her eyes. Gently scooping her into her arms and leading her into the tub once again. Easing her in as her nerves got used to the sting of water. This time she was on her stomach lying flat against the bottom. She couldn't see but felt the low water level and her head lying face down against a cushion. The muscular blonde left the room leading the younger one out.

“I'll leave her there for about ten minutes. Time enough for me to check on somethings. Whatcha gonna do Ruby?”

“I don't know, maybe catch-up with Weiss.”

“What is your fascination with that girl anyway?” She was curious.

“It's just if things turned out different, I can't help but feel we might've become friends. I mean...would it be okay?” She swallowed. “Would you let her recover?””

“Keep dreaming Ruby, that girl was a lost cause for friendship, unless you were perfect like her. She was a Grade A Bitch. Friends are allowed as you have friends with benefits. But, if you want her to recover, I will oblige you. You don’t ask for anything other than land and punish yourself in order to get sex from the best, not that I blame you.”

“Thank you!” She said jumping and hugging the older. “I know, I know, can you please not insult her like that?”

The older sibling froze for a minute and raised an eyebrow. “You have a crush on her don't you?”

“I do not!” Ruby said hastily and defensively.

“Alright Ruby, understand the recovery process is going to be long and tedious, but if you really want her somewhat normal, for you and only you, I will do this.”

“Really! That's so awesome that you!” The younger burst into petals to hug the older and placed a peck on her lips.

“Don't mention this! Ever!” Her voice stern. “Oh and Ruby.” Her voice soft. “Get something to eat, you're gonna need your strength later.”

“Aye, aye Sir!” With her salute.

The captain returned and brought the woman out of the tub placed her on some towels dried her off. She took off the blindfold and set it back in the closet. “Here's your clothes.” She dropped the cloths on the bed, warm to the touch and smelled cleaned. “Careful putting them on, or choose not to.” She paused for a bit. “I expect you to be ready in twenty minutes. I'll be back.”

The Blake put her clothes on carefully as everything burned. Is the pain even worth putting a bra on? Are they just coming off again later? What's the point of the blindfold when it comes to the tub? Why so careful placing me in the tub? Is this all I am now? What is the meaning of my existence now? Easy Blake, don't let her get to you. This is how people break.

Chapter Text

True to her word, the captain came back and opened a trap door near the desk and some stairs lead downward. “Follow.” Emotionless, nothing behind her single word. Blake did so and she found the captain pulling out a chair for her to sit. “Please sit.” She gestured. Blake did so, easing herself into the chair with her sore butt. While the captain went to fill the wine, Blake looked over the silverware, it was like that of fancy royal heritage. Different sized and multiple spoons, forks and knives. The napkins were also fancy with designs engraved in them. In front of her, two of them were shaped like swans. “” She hesitated to the captain as her wine was poured. A head nod in return.

The door upstairs opened. And she heard footsteps coming down. The other captives brought several plates, along with the delicious smell. When they set the plates down and took their leave Blake saw a plate full all types of fish, lobster and crab cooked all different ways, scallops, oysters, a seafood buffet. If it weren't for her bruises, she'd have pinched herself awake.

“Please eat, drink, enjoy and coversate.” The captain said raising her glass. Blake repeating the action before taking a sip.

“Let's play a game while we eat.” Blake nodded in return covering her mouth. Rude to talk with one's mouth full. She hoped it would be a good one, not like her games before. “Here's how this game works, I ask you a question, you choose to answer or not answer and ask a question in response. Your answer can be as long or as short as you wish. If you wish not to answer, say so then ask a question. The game ends when the word 'game over' is said or we finish eating, by any participant. This next part does not count, I will tell you when we start. Do you agree with the terms and conditions?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Excellent, let's begin. What brought you to Menagerie?”

“My parents, where I was born. A question I asked earlier, why are you so cruel?”

“A person can be cruel on their own, terms, but most of the time it's something that is taught, a learned behavior, instilled into one's brain. Or at least in my experience. What type of human or Faunus are your parents?”

“My mom is a cat Faunus like myself, and my dad is a panther, thus why I turned out to be a cat Faunus instead of a random. What about your parents?”

“They were human, my dad and stepmom, both kind-hearted people. My mother can turn into a raven thanks to some mysterious power. What was your childhood like?”

“I was mostly bullied for being a Faunus and hid my ears in the form of a bow or beanie when I could get away with it. My parents were supportive. I joined the White Fang while my father was the leader.” The captain nearly spit out her drink and started coughing. “Are you okay?” Blake raised an eyebrow.

She pounded her fist to her chest. “Perfect, I'm great. Thanks for asking. What'd you do as a White Fang Member?” She coughed.

Blake looked down at her plate and thought before answering. “Yell at my parents, told them they were cowards for leaving, and after they left I saw where the direction The Fang was going and left. My parents were right and I didn't see it at the time." She felt volunerable opening up about something so personal. She already felt physically exposed to the captain. "How long have you been the captain here?”

“Since I was eighteen, about five years now. It was a blessing and a curse from my mother, she wanted me to live up to her expectations. She still thinks I'm soft depending and on who you ask, it's true. After you left, did you go anywhere else besides Menagerie?”

“I spent some time at Beacon, but after it fell, I returned to my parents and they forgave me, even though I didn't deserve it. How'd you get your hook?”

“I will tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Do you promise?”

“I do.” There was a moment of silence Blake waiting for the captain to continue, but the captain raised one of her brows giving Blake a look. Blake remembered the game. “What happened?”

She smiled and snickered to herself. “My mom wanted me to do something I didn't want to and I attacked her. In response, she cut off my arm and my aura stopped the bleeding. I passed out for a few days. Why'd you try to hide who you are with a bow?”

“People saw me for what I was, not who I was. People fear what they don't understand and being a minority doesn't help. What did she want you to do?”

“I am not comfortable answering that question. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes. What happened to Ruby after your parents died?”

“She lived with my Uncle Qrow, my mother's brother. He's drunk twenty four/seven, but he took care of her until I was old enough and resourceful enough to get her back. But with everything, there's a cost. You said you had two lovers, what's the story there?”

“Yes, high school sweetheart Ilia Amitola, known her since childhood and we fell apart. Second, Adam Taurus...” She stopped when she saw the captain's fists clench. “Are you okay?”

“That's the second time you asked me that this evening. I am fine. Will you continue?”

“Yes, I thought we wanted the same thing, peace, equality and I fell for him. I was wrong about him, he just wanted humanity to suffer, to fear the Faunus, not respect, so I left never saw him again until Beacon fell. Why did you tense when you heard his name?”

“I know that smug son of a bitch. Tried to rob me of my dust when our negotiations went south. I didn't get to pay him back before he was scared off by the swords woman of my mother. What was he like then?”

“At first, I thought he was justice, trying to right the wrongs of the world, then I saw him as passion, he was my first lover-lover but after everything, I felt blinded and realized he was spite, not even hatred or rage. And I enabled him as his second. Why didn't you run?”

“My mom has this semblance where she binds to people. All she has to do is think of that person slash her sword and a portal appears and takes her to that person, it's her semblance. I found out the hard way trying to escape when I was younger. Did you wear a Grimm mask as a member?”

“Yes, it was like a cat looking one, but I didn't wear it for long. I couldn't imagine not running away from that which you fear. It must've been hard?”

“It nearly broke me a couple of times, I've seen the way you look at me sometimes. Isn't it the same situation?”

“When you put it like that, I suppose it is." Blake felt she could run, but felt some kind of attachment. "What was your dad like?”

“He was a traveling huntsman on the original Pride. I took most of style after him, hand to hand combat, and my mother forced me to learn to fight with a sword. Your dad must've been well respected or feared, but based on how you are, I take well-respected to be a leader, what's he like?”

“He was the reason the protests remained peaceful, no matter how much the Faunus wanted to fight, he always calmed them down. Once he stepped down and retired, the White Fang turned violent, stealing, fighting, destroying property and killing. The worse part was, it was working. After the first lashings were done, were you...having sex with your sister?”

“This is going to sound strange and I forget that people look at it weirdly, but yes. Ruby is my half-sister. I was-my mother taught me that DNA doesn't matter as long as you don't cum inside anyone that could risk pregnancy. She is from my dad's marriage to Ruby's mother. You seem really strong and resilient. Is your mom to thank for that?”

“Yeah, my parents gave me as normal childhood as possible, especially from what it sounds like with yours. As weird as it may sound, I think I can understand you better and why you do what you do. And despite what people think, for going against someone like your mother even if you were unable to escape, I think you're a strong person. I'm getting full. Would you mind if I turned in?”

“To be fair, despite all the bullying, bad reputations and discrimination against Faunus, I think you turned out pretty alright yourself. But before you turn in there's one last thing you may or may not like. But one more question if that's okay?

“It's fine. What is it?'

“What are your hobbies?”

This threw Blake through a loop. “Reading for the most part, staring off into space thinking about what if situations and things I've could've done differently. What about yours?”

“Sex, rape, beating, cutting others on occasion, I try not to kill, but it's a habit. Game over.”

Blake shook her head, she should've known better than to ask. She followed Blake back upstairs closing the trap door. “Remove your pants and underwear. And ease yourself on the bed. Otherwise, I will force your pants off and push you on the bed. Your top and bra are optional.” She went to the bathroom and drew up warm water and got the wand.

Feeling uncomfortable already, Blake forced her pants off, easier said than done with the bruises, thankfully her aura was working on healing them. There it is again, that stupid magic wand. Great as if my back and thighs don't hurt enough with these welts and she hit my pussy a couple times. We were having a nice evening too.

“This is your reward for the bruises marked on your body. Whether or not you enjoy that or this is on you.” She turned on the vibration setting low then focusing on the bed of nerves. Almost immediately met with gasps and moans. “No one can hear you. You can to be as loud as you want.” She turned the vibration to medium setting and noticed a difference as the moans became louder from whispers to noises. Well she's not as defiant as before. She might be enjoying this now. Only sesssion two and I see progress. I may be able to break Stray after all. Looking at her squirm is turning me on, maybe after this. She turned the vibration to a higher setting hearing her to yell as she was being pleasured. She's close any minute now. Look at her squirm in pain with her bruises. Oh, she's hot. So glad Snow Angle told me about her on the island. Here she cums.

Blake was screaming, withering as her insides caved in cumming in large amounts probably due to the injuries she sustained. Like before, it was even more intense as she continued cumming. She wasn't sure if it was pleasure she wanted or forced. Her body and mind confused. She didn't have that much time to think however as her clothes were all the way gone and she was picked up again and assisted into the warm water. Now that she could see, the tub was fairly large, enough for four people her size.

“Soap shampoo and conditioner are here. Towels are in here. Clean clothes will be laid out on the bed for you. Tonight you’re sleeping in here. With a body like yours, the crew won't be able to keep their hands off you and only special colored handcuff will keep them off, but not all will listen. And as sensitive as your wrists are, get the idea Kitty.” She leaned in and kissed her lips. “I'll be back.”

As she took off, Blake sat there enjoying the idea of being clean. She heard rustling in the bedroom but was too relaxed to care. She sank down and got her hair wet prepared try and clean herself as much as possible.

The captain was looking around the deck. Particularly for a certain cat-tailed faunus, but anyone would work. It's been a while since I've played with those boys. Lemme show 'em whose boss with my ruler. She went to the common quarters and sure enough handcuffed to one of the poles was her prize. I think his name was Cardin...oh well, it's Cum Dumpster now. She pushed him against the pole keeping his body up right. Seeing as he was already dripping fluids from his ass, she figured he was wet enough to take her. She lined up her length and thrusted little by little adding more each time. This guy couldn't cum even if he wanted to. He pissed her off enough and in one day she left a cage on his penis for five days ensuring he would never orgasm again. His dick even stayed as long as the cage for four inches. The only pleasure he would feel now is through his backdoor if not his mouth. Her speed kept inclining not even caring how he felt as he screamed from not being used by her in a while. If it was one of her bitches, she might've allowed her to cum. He let out a groan of displeasure as his walls were coated but was too tired or too scared to say anything. She took his mouth and cleaned herself off with it. Expressing his dislike with his facial expressions. Unable to talk or say anything. If he even used his teeth she would knock them out and force them down his throat like she did with three or four of them. After he was done, she went back to the captain's quarters.

She saw clothes were on the bed. Assuming she's still bathing she decided to watch in the doorway as quiet as possible. Her arms reaching across each other to stroke her body leaving soap suds. It'd be rude to interrupt. But soaping her back would be super-hot. No! No! That's the last thing I need to do. Sure I could go for round two or even three, but she needs to be saved for later.

Blake turned to one of the walls and saw something in the corner of her eye, thinking nothing of it at first, she saw it move slightly and glanced at it. When she saw a person standing in the doorway she slipped in the tub and was falling until a hand caught her forearm and pulled it to the wall to help support her.

“Easy there. Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.”

“You always make a habit of sneaking up on people while they bathe in privacy?” Her tone sassy and slightly pissed.

“Only if they're in my quarters and they're as hot as you are.”

Blake turned away so the captain wouldn't see her trying to cover her modesty even though she's seen everything. But felt exposed as the captain could stare at her bruised behind.

“Let me help you with your back while you've got it turned to me.” Blake froze unable to think of anything to say. She took off her fingered glove, reached for the soap and lathered it in her hand using the suds instead of skin to skin contact. She knew the woman was embarrassed, but with a body like her hour glass figure, why would she be ashamed? Once finished and rinsed her hand in the sink and continued watching. Noticing the Faunus wasn't moving and looking over her shoulder. “Fine, I'll leave you be, for now.”

She turned and left going to her map taking the bow compass using circles measuring distance from her location to land. With this in mind it'll take about another day and a half roughly going half sail. Full sail, if it's safe maybe less than a day, however, I don't want her to get any ideas of getting away. Yes, the easiest thing is taking her already and having her lose her mind like the Schnee, but most rewarding is slow and steady. Taking a breath and exhaling, she left the room to go to the helm. Six degrees here, hold the helm looking majestic as fuck, like the dragon you are. Check shadow make sure it's not a dragon, check. Check on sister, not check. Leaving the deck to go to the kitchen. Sure enough, her sister passed out on the floor a cookie in her hand. Another stomachache Rubes? She grabbed the cookie out of her hand and placed it in a bag wrapping the younger in her arms. She opened her quarters and drifting past the beautiful Faunus not allowing herself to be distracted and brought Ruby to the bed inside the closet with the cookie far enough away where she won't feel sick at seeing it. She closed the door. And stared at the closet door while hearing shuffling behind her. She kept her focus on her shadow ensuring it doesn't take dragon form. When the sound faded she walked to the dresser next to her using the moonlight to pull out a tang top and shorts. Looking at the shirt Heart of Defiance she went to the bathroom and changed joining the Faunus on the bed. She purposely faced away from her after clipping both wrists. She kissed her on the cheek. “Good night.” She whispered getting comfy.

“Good night.” Came the tired reply. Sir's eyes widened in shock hearing her reply. Then closing her eyes.

Chapter Text

The captain was up early in the morning, not waking the woman next to her. She unlocked the cuffs, then changed into her black pants, orange tank, brown leather long coat, and brown boots. Strapping her broad sword to her belt loop. She walked outside and was greeted by the sun rising. Taking a breath of the sea air. Maybe I should get some shanties from the next town to brighten the mood. She looked into the crow’s nest and found the watcher starting into the horizon. She grabbed the rope untied it as it lead her up to the crow’s nest. “We'll be reaching land by around nightfall if not later.” She called from the rope. She ran down the mast of the ship tying of the rope again for later use. She took her time for each sailors knot. Looking to the horizon from the helm. When the sun was all the way up, she went back to her cabin to check on her younger sibling still sleeping on the closet bed. She picked her up and brought her to the cabin bed while the Faunus was still sleeping. She's so peaceful when she's sleeping. I'm gonna need my strength cause if I know Ruby when she's feeling better, she's gonna wanna touch land. I need to be ready for a fight against her. Not unless you wanna give her your body for a few hours and negotiate terms. Another voice in her head said. Hell no! She kissed her sister on the forehead then went to try to eat.

Blake was pretending to be asleep trying to figure out her enemy. Does she really not wear a bra? I mean I know they're annoying huge, but damn. She is top heavy, her butt's not bad either. Wait! Am I seriously checking out the woman who punishes me for no reason? What the hell is wrong with me? She decided to get up having enough of the younger sister snoring. She steps out closing her eyes to adjust to the sun. Her pupils always shrink in the sunlight, just like a cat.

“Oh, so you're finally awake.” The blonde in front of her asked. “Good, follow me.” I don't like the way she said that. Blake thought to herself hanging her head and followed the leader back to the room she just came out of. “Go to the bathroom and let your pants and underwear go down to your knees. Face the wall and I'll be there in a few moments.”
With a sigh, Blake reluctantly did as she's told. Footsteps behind her “Breath in.” The blonde stated and Blake does as asked. She feels something hard come in contact with her smaller, darker hole. She breathes in more as its pushed in. Hands balling into fists as something was entered that shouldn't have been there. “There was go, tight squeeze but it'll do, for now. You can pull everything up now. It's good to see you healing nicely. If there's an area, I struck yesterday that isn't healing quickly enough or giving you issues, let me know I have just the thing for it. Keep the plug in there all day. Yes it'll be uncomfortable, but consequences will be worse. This I promise.”

Blake swallowed feeling the nervousness of her very real threat. So far, she felt her aura healing nicely, but it was only the start of the day. Blake tried to walk out of the bathroom but found it difficult to walk normal with the butt plug inside her.

The black tail definitely does something for me. She thought. Since her mind was there, another though came to her. The captain couldn't help but notice her pussy was slick and inner thighs were slick. “Are you in heat?” Blake froze unsure what to say. She was still waking up and wasn't sure, but that would explain why she was feeling heat in that area. “Are you in heat?” She asked again growing impatient with no response.

Blake turned to face her with a shrug. “I'm still half asleep. I don't know.” It the best and honest answer she could give for how tired she was. “I didn't think I would start for at least another week .” She yawned with a hand covering her mouth.

“Wait here. If you move, I will punish you.” The captain left the room. Blake did as asked-told. The brute returned with a captive Neon at her side. She looked like she was going to have a bruise on her arm with how tightly she was grabbed. She shoved Neon toward Blake and they almost collided. “Is she in heat?” The captain nearly yelled wanting an answer.

Neon sniffed around her. It was quite obvious but she didn't want any part of this. Neon was unsure how she felt about the other cat Faunus, especially since she had a tail now, even if it was synthetic. She finished circling around her. “Yes Master.” She bent with her knees on the floor at Sir's side.

“Stray you stay a little bit. I want to have fun with two pussy cats.” Blake could feel her heat flair now at her promise. She didn't want any part in her plan, but her brain sent signals to her affected area. “Kitty, I want you to lay on the edge of the bed with your legs spread and hanging off. Don't move yet.” She loved how obedient she was already. “With your pants and underwear removed.” Blake froze, not wanting to obey and not sure what punishment would ensue if she disobeyed. The blonde had impatience in her eyes as Blake didn't move. “Not completely bent I see.” She moved to Blake and pushed her on the bed. The plug moved farther inside her and she yelped in pain and tried fighting against her now she wasn't restrained but it was useless. The pain of her bruises was slightly forgotten with the plug in her ass. Sir forced her pants and underwear off and chained her wrists. Blake crossed her legs in spite of her arousal. “Stray, eat her out and make her cum. Feel free to take off her other clothing off and massage her tits if it helps.” She smiled evilly.

Neon moved and did as asked. She looked into Blake's eyes with understanding she hated this too. Neon mover her legs apart and started eating her out. With her heat, Blake hated how sensitive she was, and the tongue inside made it worse. At least Neon was trying to move quickly. Blake decided to help her by hitching her breath so she would find her g-spot quicker and end this. Sir saw what happening and removed Neon's pants and underwear. Her tits were maybe A if not trainer, nothing to brag about. She moved Neon's body upward so one leg was on her shoulder and her body turned. Sir forced herself inside her pussy and she wasn't wet. Neon screamed in pain as she was pounded. Her pussy was now sore. Her body squirted natural lube which helped against her violation but didn't override the pain. She continued to eat the other Faunus wanting this to end. “Scoot back a little Kitty, little more, perfect." Sir rested the top half of Neon on the bed who continued her task. Sir pulled on Neon's tail slamming her on the shaft as she cried out in pain from the tugging. She felt pleasure pain from being slammed onto the shaft. She felt herself about to cum. “If you come before Kitty, I will break you.” Neon held herself off and focused on her tongue. She could feel Blake trying to cum wanting to help each other out to end this nightmare. She was thankful Blake finally came and Neon after. After she finished cumming, Sir asked. “Stray are you in heat? Don't lie to me.” Her voice stern as she pulled her away from Blake to the edge of the bed and continued pounding her.

Neon wasn't sure what to say. She wanted to say yes, but that would be a lie. She didn't want to say no as she knew what would happen. “Yes Master. Aaaahhhh!” She screamed as she was filled. Something Sir would never do if a Faunus was in heat. “Master?” She had tears in her eyes looking back as her ass was turning red.

“I want you looking as plump as your cousin. Bigger tits, plump rear and maybe even a bit of a figure on you. Putting kittens inside you will make your ass and chest grow, hopefully permanently.”

“Nooo! Master, please stop!” She pleaded gripping the bed sheets. “Master, please don't!” She pleaded as Sir continued to fuck her.

“You don't want my sperm making kittens?” She asked in a mocking concerned tone.

Neon yelled again as another orgasm rocked her. She was thankful she wasn't in heat, but it's possible Sir already knew this and was lying or telling the truth for her part. She hoped she was lying about Neon producing Faunus children. She didn't want it this way. When she first engaged her in a fight, she made fun of her for being ‘top heavy’ and would have difficulties rollerblading, how she regrets it now. Now she was bottom heavy, but not in good way.

Blake swallowed and was lightly panting trying to control herself at the sight before her. She felt more aroused with Stray as she was being pounded and pleading, while Sir showed no mercy. She felt unwanted arousal as one hand traveled to her exposed clit with other sneaking to her breast. “Don't you even think about it!” Sir narrowed her eyes at Blake who closed her legs to help her not think about it. In some messed up way, she wished she was in Neon's position, bouncing like she was with every hilt. She shook her head to get it off her mind. She tried looking into the ceiling but the sounds, the smell and feeling of the bed shake, it was too much. Her body started bucking involuntarily, desperate to relieve the arousal between her legs.

Neon screamed again she came and Sir right behind her. Her eyes rolled into her skull as her body went limp as she fell to the floor with no support. “Wait right there and I’ll take care of you Kitty. You touch yourself, you will be punished.” Sir went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Blake sighed wanting so badly for her cycle to end. Usually she could cum once and be fine for the rest of the day. Her body was adjusting to her circumstance which is probably why her cycle came early and more intense. She wanted so badly to have a quickie. Risking it, she stuffed her fingers into her aching center. She felt some relief and rapidly thrust her two fingers in and out. Her fingers curling on her g-spot to aid her. She was able to orgasm and ride it out before she heard the shower turn off. Sir took roughly ten minutes. She wiped her hand off on the blanket to cover up what she did.

The blonde came out and steam followed her. The scent and watching the steam evaporate on her body would normally bother her, but due to her recent release, she was able to control herself. She swallowed to keep from drooling as the blonde was dressed from her torso up and towel waist down. She dropped the towel letting her bulge breathe to the air around her. She crawled up to her kitty like a predator and kissed her lips. Blake surprised herself by kissing back. It was soft, not like before. Sir kissed her neck down to her chest and stomach. She maliciously smiled as she knew exactly what the Faunus did. She would be more sensitive and begging for release. She moved up to her lips and started kissing her again. Sir lined her shaft with her entrance and pushed in slowly. Blake gasped in surprise as she felt it enter her. Slowly, her greedy cunt was allowing the foreign object to enter. She felt her heat flair up again.

“Please. Get it out. I don’t want it.” She begged not wanting to become pregnant. She figured Sir knew Neon was lying about being in heat, how was a mystery to her. Her dick felt so good, but she didn’t want to become pregnant.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pull out. Let me know when you’re close to cumming.” She continued slowly pushing in. Blake groaned as she could feel herself tearing from not having anything like this inside her for years. She gripped the sheets holding tightly but not quite enough for her knuckles to turn white. Sir could feel the plug as she tore her walls. She loved the sound of a newbie ripping from her shaft. She felt extra hot lube and smelled the faint smell of cooper. She pulled out a bit causing Blake to whimper as she wanted more. She nodded and as she expected, faint traces of blood. She inserted back where she was and continued to push deeper inside. Blake’s knuckles now turned white as more than half was pushed in. This was more than she ever took.

“Please, just don’t cum inside.” She cried.

“Sh.” She kissed her lips and Blake whimpered into the kiss. “I won’t just let me know when you’re going to cum.” She whispered in a calm manner to assured her. She kissed her cheek and started playing with her human ear. Blake had taken ten inches and it was proving too much. The woman on top knew this. She paused with her insertion and started kissing her body to relax her. Blake sighed in contentment completely relaxing. She felt her heat subside as long as the warm appendage was inside her. Sir smiled upon seeing this and forced the last two inches inside. Blake howled at the unexpected thrust and she came. Her insides spasmed around the shaft squeezing her for the essence inside. Her body rocked violently in all directions.

When the Faunus finally calmed down, she was able to speak. “I came, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to. I-you.-“ She tried to explain and reason.

“Sh. I know. You didn’t mean to.” She kissed her neck softly. Blake’s eyes widened in realization. She was breaking. She was apologizing to someone who kidnapped her, took her away from her family and is currently raping her. Silent tears flowed from her eyes as she was claimed. Her body now belonged to her captor and there was nothing she could do about it. It had previous belonged her possessive ex. How much longer would it take for her to leave and go back to her family again? If she would ever see them. Sir licked her neck reassuringly. It felt nice as she was friendly in a weird way by making her feel good instead of worthless, but at the same time, beating her without cause other than trying to break her. She knew her place now. She was nothing more than a pet as she was claimed by her master. More tears flowed from her eyes.

She was glad Sir stayed still as her body adjusted. When she felt her walls no longer shifting erratically, she pushed in and nearly out only leaving the head inside before sliding in. Blake groaned thankful for the slow pace. She was better at this than Adam. Adam was the only person for her to compare. Ilia wasn't very good with strap-ons and decent with her fingers. Adam was rough and only cared about himself. She was far thicker and longer than him. Sir reached with her hand and caressed her feline ear. She started at the tip and moved her way down. Blake tried her hardest to resist, but she couldn’t fight for long or hard. More tears streamed down her face as she cried. Purrs erupted from above her chest as the skilled fingers worked on her ear. It was pleasurable, but it made her the pet she was.

Sir lathered her with kisses finding her purrs to be cute. She wanted to make the Faunus feel as beautiful as she was. Even if she was there only to please her. She continued with her slow love making movements. Blake’s body was enjoying the slow movements. She could slowly felt the familiar pressure building. She moaned with acceptance as much as she hated it.

Sir knew she was close and moved faster at a slow moderate pace. Blake hummed in her throat and let them be know to her master. She inhaled a breath of air. “Master I'm gonna cum!” She managed. Sir pulled out just before her orgasm. The brunette whimpered and her core was burning like fire. She needed release and the complete removal of the shaft made worse.

“This is your punishment for pleasuring yourself earlier. Now that I know what you and your body do when you feel like you're gonna cum, I will push you to the brink, but you will not orgasm or find release.” Her expression completely cold with anger. She was laughing inside knowing she couldn't help it. It was part of the breaking process. She expected her to fail. She wasn't as sensitive from the touch as she should have been, but there was really no way of knowing if she passed for failed. The shocked look of her face says she was caught. “I was going to pull out as I don’t want you losing your body type because of a litter of kittens. But since your heat is back after your release, I’ll allow your request.”

“Wait. Please. I want it, just don’t cum inside.” She wanted the release again after she had it.

Sir forced Blake to watch as she put it inside Neon again, this time taking her ass and she could only groan from how tired she was from being physically, emotional and mentally drained from her abuse. She felt even dirtier as she took it inside her ass. Blake wanted it back inside her. She was begging for the release and now was facing the punishment of her actions. She still had no idea how she knew. She tried being calm, and all she could do was watch. With her hands tied, she couldn’t replace Neon with herself. The idea of taking it inside her pussy after being in someone’s ass should’ve disgusted her, but this was not a normal circumstance. Her body bucked wanting to take the shaft again knowing she wasn’t going to cum inside. She had no idea why, but she trusted her on that. She groaned as each of her movements moved the toy either going deeper inside or tearing her as it moved. Blake's chains were tightened so she couldn't relieve herself. It was worse than before and she wished she could've got through the ten minutes.
Sir dragged Neon into the bathroom and shut the door. “You've been a very bad kitten today haven't you? Lying to your master.” Her hands were on her hips as if disappointed.
“Yes Master. I'm sorry I lied Master.” She dropped to her knees before her.
“Sorry doesn't cut it. What do you think your punishment should be?” She had her own in mind but wanted to see what Neon would come up with. Slicing Neon's tongue just enough to deeply cut as she liked tongues underneath her shaft.
She hated the idea she thought of. “I can't decide my punishment Master, maybe you could continue using me to please yourself in front of Kitty as her heat cycle started.” She continued to stare straight ahead and said it in a robotic voice as if rehearsed.

“I was considering slicing off your tongue for your lie.” Neon gulped. She wanted to try to come out of this in one piece, if freedom was possible. Even exploring new lands was something. “ have done good today in pleasing me along with Snowflake and taking it without most complaints. But, I can understand you being used all the time, it's hard to differentiate between heat cycle and not.” They both knew this was a lie but it filled Neon with false hope. This is what she does. Neon though. Fill me with hope and have it come crashing down. Sir dragged her out and bound her from the ceiling chains. She got a pill from the bathroom along with water and the cat with the orange tail drank it. “Good girl.”

She went back to the bed. “Now Kitty, while we wait for Stray, you're gonna tell me when you're gonna cum again. You cum without my permission, and I will make sure your cycle does not subside for the day. Do you understand?” They both knew what that meant. A Faunus that doesn't take care of their arousal will likely face reproductive problems in the future. If it lasts more than a day without relief, serious problems may occur.

Blake was quivering. Her hot breath so close she became flustered. She hated saying it. “Yes Master.”

“Good Kitty.” She patted her head. Blake groaned to herself feeling like nothing more than a pet. Sir lined herself up and pushed inward finding her completely soaked. “Mmmm.” She hummed in pleasure. Blake cried into herself. Her brain hated what her body loved. She rocked forward going at a slow moderate pace she had before. “Aaahhh.” She sighed in contentment. “You don't have to be quiet. It'll be out little secret kitten.” She held under her chin which had its own sensations she wanted scratched. “I promise you if Stray tells anyone, I will cut her tongue out.” She said it loud enough for the other Faunus to hear.

Blake knew she wouldn't let this go. She started moaning, mewling like the the cat in heat she was. She hated it but it put a smile on her master's face. She flicked her ear more to show off her irritation. A hand reached up to scratch it. She squinted her eyes trying to fight even as she purred. It brought her that much closer to the edge and her eyes shot wide as she didn't want to be punished. “Master, I'm gonna cum-Aaahhh!” She nearly screamed trying to fight her orgasm.
Sir stopped her movements staying hilted inside, unsure if she wanted her captive to orgasm or not. She pulled out deciding not this time as her other pet was experiencing the effects of the drug. She pulled away as Blake whimpered, her body missing her. She growled at the idea of sharing her. Neon growled back at the challenge wanting Sir to herself. “Cat fight! Ha, I make myself laugh. Take it easy girls. I promise both of you will be satisfied. Stray, I gave you 'Women's Libido Supplement'. Now, you are just as horny as your cousin. Your punishment,” she turned to the cat with the real tail “is taking me up your ass while your pussy aches for me.” She leaned Neon forward and thrusted into her ass fast and hard. Neon cried out with each hit of her ass against her groin as she was fully entered. She hated how the pill made her feel. She was revived with energy and painfully aware of everything. Mostly the ache of her other hole. To make matters worse, Sir mocked her by using her hand to circle her clit while her hook played with the nipple of her breast. She moaned in pleasure now only mixed with slight pain. The two Faunus continued growling at each other with the new challenge of two pussies and one cock. Sir slammed Neon harder with the growling until she couldn't keep up and cried in pain as she was slammed into. She yelled as an orgasm rocked her and Blake was completely jealous she got to orgasm. She did not want it in her ass. Even though Neon was ready for more, she pulled out with a smile hearing her whine.

She wiped herself off and went back to the dark haired woman. She pushed inside her with ease, starting at a fast moderate pace. Blake couldn't help but mewl in pleasure as she was speared by the cock. She hated her heat. She hated that she enjoyed this. She hated the blonde for making her and the other cat Faunus fight among themselves for her when they should be against her. She was far too stimulated to care as she wanted release. She felt it upon her. “Master I'm gonna cum!” She decided to tell her rather than face a brutal punishment. Instead of pulling out like she expected, she went faster inside bringing her to the edge and Blake gave it her all. She entire body tensed then violent rocked as the orgasm hit her hard and her ride lasting even longer. Sir helped her ride it out. She kissed her lips and pulled out of her. Blake was satisfied. She feared seeing and hearing Neon, she would be turned on again and the thought was almost too much to bear.

Sir went back to Neon and plunged into her pussy. Neon almost immediately came from the entry but held herself off only a few seconds successfully as she came. Sir came right inside her. She turned back to her other pet who was still flustered despite the short session. She went to the closet bring out a dildo filled with artificial cum. She inserted it into her pussy and released the lever. Blake felt her heat subside completely. She groaned at the unfamiliar sensation. It felt good as it filled her. She never thought about using these type of toys as masturbation and cumming once usually subsided for a day if not a couple hours depending on what day of heat she was on. Here, she felt as if completely went away, almost as if it never existed. She was panting lighter coming down from her high she felt like she could fully function. She scrunched her face at her humiliation and everything that happened while her mind was plagued by her heat. Her face turned red with anger and embarrassment as she took advantage of the situation. The look on Neon's face said the same thing. Sir disappeared into the bathroom leaving the two naked Faunus alone. She turned on the shower after her sessions.

“Sorry about earlier.” Stray apologize. “Name's Neon.”

“Me too. I'm not myself. I'm Blake.”

“As in Blake Belladonna? The Blake Belladonna?” Blake nodded finding her slightly stalkerish. “Your father is absolutely amazing!” She had stars in her eyes. “I see why you're here now. Sir goes for either important people or vengeance.”

“I think it might be vengeance because my ex-boyfriend screwed her over. But it could be because I'm the chieftain's daughter. I'll have to ask that next time.” Blake was feeling uncomfortable talking to someone else who was just as exposed as she was. A few minutes later, the bright haired blonde stepped out dressed in everything but her jacket and boots.

She took Neon first and started washing her body. “You did mostly good today Katt.”

“Thank you Master.”

Sir finished with Neon and let her dress. She cautiously unbound the other Faunus now that most of her senses were back. Blake decided to fight back and pulled her body in close and bit her neck. Sir groaned in pain but she smiled.

“Blake don't!” Neon cried out.

Blake didn't listen and bit down harder drawing blood. Sir laughed, that's when Blake let go terrified. “Ha-ha-ha. Should've listen to your cousin Kitty. Stray, you're free to go.” She didn't take her eyes of Blake as she spoke.

Neon so badly wanted to protest. “Yes Master.” She hung her head and left.

Sir smirked bearing half her teeth. Blake was physically scared. Sir reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom. She strapped herself and Blake took that moment to punch her. Sir blocked it and pushed Blake back to the bed. She plunged right into her core without mercy and Blake screamed as she was taken. Sir wore a malicious smiled and activated her semblance healing the mark on her skin and pounded Blake as hard and as fast as she could. With her heat subsided, she no longer felt pleasure. She let out a high pitch scream as she felt fire in her sensitive area. With the furious pounding she was in too much pain and all she could do was scream as tears flowed from her eyes. Sir smiled knowing everyone on deck could hear her now. All Blake could do was lay there and take it. Sir continued at her pace for thirty minutes. If Blake wasn't in such pain, she would have been impressed. Sir pulled out not wanting to impregnate the Faunus. As she suspected, the condom was frayed and had holes if not tattered away due to the flame. She came all over her pet's chest and stomach. Blake continued to weep as her opening was now expanded and she still felt the dick inside her. The bruises on her body were now inflamed and where she laid on top of her was now a bright red.

Sir wiped herself off on the bed sheet and zipped herself up. “Should've listened to your cousin.” She laid back over her body and bit down on her shoulder drawing blood. She licked it with her tongue and Blake continued to cry. She brought a red cuff out and dragged the sobbing Faunus to the pole and handcuffed her to it. She walked outside looking for her main prize.

Chapter Text

“Well...Hello, hello, hello.” Sir said seductively to the only person that mattered.
“Sounds like you gave that girl a proper welcome.” A long haired redhead said.

“She had it coming. You on the other hand.” She smiled. “Look like you need some affection. I ignored you all yesterday. How about I make it up to you?”

“Oh.” Pyrrha walked over swaying her hips dramatically. She wrapped her arms around the captain's neck. “And what did you have in mind?”

“You, me, in a bedroom where I have the Faunus in heat and she can watch us. Unable to touch or finished herself. You can look at her naked body all you want.” Sir's fingers trailed down her back and slapped her nice butt. It wasn't as great as the Faunus, but it was great, and it was hers, both of them were.

“Oh. Someone's feeling a bit feisty.”

“You have no idea...yet.” She raised her eyebrows.

Wasting no time, she picked her up and carried her into the room. She dropped her onto the bed and attacked her lips. They scurried to remove each others clothes. The captain already feeling her body, playing with her boobs and circling her nipples. Pyrrha removed her pants and worked on her jacket. With the Faunus nearby, she was self-conscious about her upper body and left the tank-top on. The blonde turned on her semblance and Pyrrha nodded. She played with her clit wanting her to feel pleasure before diving in. She had very little patience and though Pyrrha wouldn't protest, she refused to hurt her most prized possession. Pyrrha didn't take much as she was moaning already. Sir inserted her fingers to prepare her to take the heat.

Blake stared on wide-eyed as she was already at it with someone else. She recognized her, Pyrrha Nikos, a champion of champions. Famous of Pumpkin Pete's cereal. How she nailed her, would be a mystery. Blake couldn't believe her stamina or sex drive.

“Oh.” Pyrrha laughed. “I see what happened. She bit you with fangs and you activated your semblance sending you into overdrive. How accurate is that?” She took pauses between sentences as she moaned with stimulation.

“Lucky guess.” She smiled and kissed her lips being gentle.

Pyrrha was ready and Sir adjusted her legs moving them with a smile. The redhead laughed at how passionate and impatient her lover could be. She pushed in slowly and Pyrrha gasped everytime like it was a new feeling. She pushed in slowly but the green eyed woman had different plans as she lowered herself onto it. She moaned as she hilted loving the flame and fire inside of her. “Hard and fast. Fuck me into a coma.” Her toothy grin was the only response she received. Sir grabbed her shoulders for leverage and went as fast and as hard as she could. Deciding it wasn't enough the champion bit her on the other side drawing blood. She knew Sir hated it but it was just what she needed as she furiously pounded her. Her insides were rubbed raw but she didn't care as Sir had her way with her. Pyrrha came and Sir right after her. She slowed down to let her ride it out. The red head smiled and slapped her ass. Sir's scarlet eyes shot up wide at her brave motion. She continued her fast and furious motion. The Faunus continued to stare in wonderment how someone could take the roughness and the constant slapping adding to the flames surrounding her. Pyrrha had tears in her eyes, but they were from her climax. Sir kissed her lips with all the passion she could give. Pyrrha screamed as she orgasmed and with her walls shaking, Sir followed through and came inside. Sir continued pounding her not wanting to stop. She went as fast as she could turning into a vibrating mess. Her semblance had faded and Sir came inside her for the final time bursting her seed into her birth control uterus. Pyrrha chain reacted by coming for the final time. Sir fell to her side exhausted and stared at the her recent prize with a smile. Pyrrha was too tired to move and Sir opened the window for fresh air before pulling the covers over both of them and spooned the taller female exhausted from her day.

Chapter Text

When Sir woke up, she stretched and looked at the woman cuffed to the pole curled in on herself. She shut the window, started the warm water and unlocked the helpless creature. She removed the butt plug slowly waking her. Her eyes shot up as she freaked out for a moment until she was lowered in the warm water. The window and the air had made the room cold and this was an improvement. Sir noticed when she held the Faunus, she curled more into her as if she kept her warm. She also noticed the dried cum that was leaking on her leg. Her body was cold to the touch and she couldn't have her getting sick. She took care of her as she scrubbed her down being gentle with any bruising. Most of her marks had healed.

She watched her dress thinking she was gorgeous. Sir grabbed a larger toy and lubed it before telling her to breathe in. Blake expected this and her walls clamped. She was confused when she didn't feel it at first and exhaled. After her exhale, Sir pushed it in. She panted sucking in air as she was being torn. She attached the red band back on and gave her a tour while Pyrrha was still sleeping. “Kitchen is on the other side of the ship just one story down, in case you get hungry.

“Okay...?” She stared at her confused not wanting to talk out of turn.

“You have a question, ask.” She smiled as she didn't speak out of turn.

“What’s it mean?” She referred to the cuff around her wrist, holding it into view.

“You’re my property, no one will have any rights to you. Ruby and I have that right. If, for whatever reason that butt plug turns you on or your heat is active, you have to let me or Ruby know. I'll see ya when I see ya.” She winked.

So basically I'm the captain's personal bitch! Perfect! just want I need, hungry eyes watching me. And her mom is worse than this? Her mom taught her this shit? Next time I see my mom I am hugging her and telling her she's number one mom in all of Remnant. What kind of fucked up childhood did she...? Stop. Breathe.

Attempting to walk as normal as possible she strode toward the kitchen, the unatural black tail swaying behind her didn't help. She felt paranoid like everyone was watching her. It had to be the lust in their eyes. That's so creepy they're undressing me with their eye balls. That Schnee girl doesn't seem bad, just not fully altogether. And I hope that Faunus isn't the same way because I haven't lost my mind yet. After getting her share, she finds a table in the corner alone with no one around her. I hope this band really keeps people away.

After finishing breakfast she's not sure how to occupy her mind. She tried to her best to walk as normal as possible, even though she wasn't too far, she walked around the ship. The butt plug was definitely uncomfortable.

The captain decided to make her way to the other crow’s nest a small box with two locks and a handle in her teeth as she untied the rope. She was at the top in three seconds flat. Once there, she sat down and opened the box. It was a color by number oceanic collection. The first design being a whale with a school of fish coming toward its mouth, unwillingly. She enjoyed quiet moments like these. She let her eyes change back to lilac as she didn't have to pretend when she was alone. No worries, no troubles and coloring something so basic it was like she was a kid again without any worries. I doubt anyone will be looking for me up here. We'll reach land by night fall and by sunset the bitch will be cuffed to prevent any escape. I'm still good on supplies, for now. I'll check back once we get into town and I track down some of the other navel fleets. It's too quiet today. I'm going to stir up trouble tomorrow and let Ruby walk on land, or die trying. Maybe I should acquire some paper and write about my adventures. She plugged in ear phones in listening to her scroll. She lost track of time until the lookout called “Terra, Terra”. She cursed herself and went to look for Kitty before she could get any ideas. Grabbing her coloring packed and in her hook, pausing her scroll and ear buds in jacket. Having a bird’s eye view she spotted her at the very edge of the pole feet dangling over the edge of the ocean. She hoped down several poles before landing behind her, starling the Faunus. “Follow.” She demanded and the Faunus was dragged by her wrist. As the captain led her to the cabin she asked “Why were you so close to the water? I thought cat’s hated water!” There was no mistaking the anger in her voice.

“I'm only part cat and I was lost in thought.” She tried defending herself. She had no idea what the captain was so upset for.

She told her to lay on the bed, as Pyrrha was elsewhere. She obeyed and was chained by her wrists and ankles. “You might as well get comfy, this is going to be a long night.” She left the room without another word.

“Alright you scalawags! You know how this works, tonight we scout the area. The items we need are lien, dust, food and drinks, healthy and not. Any questions? Good, the night is young.” She pulled her cutlass from its sheath signaling everyone was dismissed. After everyone left she found her younger sister. “Ruby.” A soft voice called. “If there are no hiccups tonight, I promise tomorrow, you will be able to walk on land.” She held her younger sister knowing it was difficult.

“But she'll attack, she always does. I can't expect you to protect me all the time. I was trained to be a huntress, that's what I graduated Signal and Beacon...before it fell.” She stared at the ground sadly for a moment.

“Ruby, I have no doubt you can fight, the issue is Raven isn't just some huntress or some pushover. She's stronger than me. She knows that, but it's easier to kill a target than bring one back alive which is why I'm not hers. I refuse her every time, and every time I just piss her off that much more.”

“Well, in all fairness you are pretty good at that.”

“Hey!” She gave the small girl a noogie. “Just to let you know, the black cat is probably bored out her mind after I chained her to prevent escape if you want company. She's also in heat and will probably need release." She shrugged. "I have to scout this place out. I haven't been here in a while.”

“Alright Sis, I hope things go without a hitch. Good luck!” She said as the golden haired woman left. She sighed and walked to the cabin wondering if company was wanted.

After departing her ship, Sir put on her sunglasses and walked around. The outskirts of Vacuo. Little shacks for all types of tourist locations. Now where was the shady part of town no one talked about? She looked at one that looked different from the rest. No straw on the roof like the others, instead pure oak wood. General Store. Bingo! She walked in and looked around. A large open area in the main entrance, two doors behind the counter and a Staff Only sign her right. She walked to the counter placed her forearm on the counter her hand in a fist.

“Your boss around?” She asked removing her sunglasses aggressively.

“You're lookin' at him.” A scruffy man said with a straggly brown and white beard. “What can I do ya for?”
“I've got a big order to fill.” She eyed him hoping he's take hint.

“Hey junior.” He called back over his shoulder. “Manage the counter while I talk to a client.”

A boy appeared looking no more than sixteen with jet black hair and a red apron. Marking him as an apprentice. “I got this.” He said hotly and arrogant. He flashed his teeth and a wink at the captain.

She had half a mind to clock him in the face. “No thanks chum, I'm good.” She followed the boss to a back area away from the public eye to set up their contract. It usually meant, lien, catching certain types of fish literally, and figuratively, information finding, fort destroying, ship destroying or killing.

“What is it you need?” The boss asked cautiously.

“What is it you want?” Her mom taught her never be the first to negotiate a price. Something most men usually learn. 'I'm a woman in a man's world. I gotta play by their rules.' The voice of her mother reminding her.

“I've been having issues with these, ah, Atlas punks. Think they rule the seas and start taxing just to fill their pockets.”

“What do you want done with them?” The captain leaned back in her chair, unblinking. Every movement, every motion was precise, just like she learned.

“Quick to jump to the point are we? I like that. Maybe you take five of them out. That should do it.” He went up to get his map, set it on the table and went over some coordinates. “This is where they are likely to be. He said pointing the north-west most island of Solitas. “You bring me their flags after the deed is done, then maybe we'll talk."

She sat there unconvinced. “No." She said sharply. "You give me the supplies I need for the trip and you'll have your flags.” Like her mom always said. Have the middle ground in mind. Which she did and by no means never ever accept the first offer.

“What's your name?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I'm not obligated to tell you anything.” She narrowed her eyes.

“Name's Richard. You seem like a tough leader. Just wondering if I might've heard of you.”

“Likely not, Captain Sir, expeditioner of the Golden Dragon.”

“Expeditioner is a hell of a word. And that I have. You've learned from the best, I'd say and so do others. No failed contracts. Some even say you're still her second. That true?” Rumors making him suspicious of what little was actually known about the captain.

“You get me the supplies and I deal with these bastards.” Annoyed at the change of subject.

“No dice.” He shook his head. “I give you the supplies you need in order to deal with these scum. If you come back with the flags, you can pick up the rest. Take it or leave it?”

The captain sat back a moment. Looking at the man, making it look like she's pondering. He wiped his brow as if he were sweating. It could have been that he was. Not everyone he meets has red eyes trained on them ready to kill. This was her middle ground. The one that made the most sense. After a period of silence. “What's their names and ship names?”

“Better yet.” He smirked. “Here's their pictures.” He slid five wanted posters. “Keep those.”

“Are their any bonuses?” She questioned.

“Bonuses?” He asked.

“Bonuses.” She wanted to say don't be so dumb. But that would hurt his pride and men hate it when their pride is threatened. “I acquire a certain item, capture or kill a certain person bring you their body or bounty and claim any extra rewards. Bonuses.”

The man leaned back and thought long and hard. This is the most annoying part. But worth it. Most contractors really do think about as it doesn't cross their minds. This guy had some experience, but not a whole lot of it. After few minutes listening to the fire crackling he spoke. “Yeah, you kill the captains and bring me their 'bounty' as you call it and I'll throw in something extra. What is it you need and I'll get it for ya?”

Learning in close to the table. Thinking about or really pretending to think about the offer. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the parchment. Sliding it over the table to his side. She saw him look over it almost analyzing everything trying to find a loophole in a contract. He walked away from the table and came back with parchment of his own and a pen. He scribbled some writing on his parchment and slid it over.

“Is that good enough for ya?”

Looking over the new list for that loophole. Satisfied with what was on it, she slid it back across the table. “I agree to the terms and conditions. When can I expect these items to be ready?” She asked coolly as if it wasn't a blood deal.

“As do I. Sundown. They'll be in the back whenever you lackeys can get 'em. ” He said.

“Any chance I can get a black bow with that?” She asked thinking about a certain cat Faunus that caught her eye.

He left his seat and went to another box and sat back down. “This one, on the house.”

Sir tucked it into her jacket. “Thanks.”

Both of them standing simultaneously spitting into their palms and handshaking hands. After a few shakes they left the area, the man going back to the counter and the other walking out the door wearing her sunglasses. Is there a decent place to get a Strawberry Sunrise around here? She looked around. That bar looks cozy enough. Walking inside and heading upstairs to take a seat in the middle area. A waitress came with a dark fluid with ice at the bottom.

“I didn't order anything yet.” She insisted.

“This is from the man downstairs at the bar. Said something about birds of a feather flocking together or something like that.”

“Thanks. I'll go see what he wants. Can I get a Strawberry Sunrise please?”

“”Coming right up.” The waitress walked away. The blonde couldn't help but notice the way her hips swayed hypnotically.

She made her way downstairs. Sure enough, there sat her uncle. “This seat taken?” Figuring to be polite knowing full well it wasn't.

“It is now. So, what brings you here?”

“You know, the usual contracts.” Rolling her eyes. “And please call me Sir, Golden Dragon or... Firecracker.”

“Hey kiddo, that's no way to talk to you uncle now is it?”

“Under normal circumstances it's not. What brings you here?” Asking to be polite.

“Ah. You know, the skirt lengths.” He grinned at some unsuspecting victim.

“So indulge me, how the hell do you turn out a drunk and your sister a sadistic, masochist, murderer? ”

“Come on Ya-Firecracker don't be like that. Monsters are made you know better than anyone.” Cutting off his word with an elbow to the rib when he almost said her birth name.

“I wish I didn't. I don't think I ever properly thanked you for saving Ruby and taking care of her all those years. So thanks.”

“Don't mention it. How have you been holding up?”

“Good, considering everything. I almost feel as dead inside as you.”

“Hey kiddo, cheer up, you're here to help me, not the other way around.”

“What can I help you with?”

“Quick to the point, you don't like me anymore?" He feigned pain in his husky voice.

“Sorry, just not in the mood for small talk. I'm not the little girl you knew. I wish I was and things were different...sorry I can't continue without breaking this facade I display.”
“I was wondering why you eyes are red instead of your natural lilac. You created someone you're not in order to get out alive and adapt. I'm sorry kiddo. I wish I could've saved you too. I just wanted to see my nieces again before I left. Speaking of which, where's your other half?”

“She's on the ship, she can meet you, but you'd have to fight Raven too.”

“Whatdaya mean?” He asked suspiciously.

Sigh. “Every time Ruby touches land...Raven tries to kill her. Only I stand in her way. Unless you wanna fight her too, maybe she'll back off enough for you to give her a hug. Unless...” Sir was smirking. “you don't want to see her again, I'll say hi for you.”

“Oh no ya don't. I'll go see Ruby and give her a hug.”

“Ship's this way.” Finishing the last of her drink and laying lien down.

When they got to the ship, Sir asked Qrow to stay while she got Ruby. The woman disappeared and Ruby burst into rose petals upon seeing him. As expected, a portal nearby glowed dark red and black. Sir jumped in front of Qrow and Ruby, readying Ember Celica .

“Oh, this is why you summoned me? So I could see my disappointment of a brother?” Raven sneered.

“Actually, it was so Qrow could give Ruby a hug without being sea sick.” She spat back.

“Well I'll be damned, I thought you were paranoid Firecracker. I guess I owe you an apology.” Turning around to face Raven walking in front of Sir.

“So this is how you planned to fight me? Two of you against me?”

“I already told you.” Her hair burning slightly. She heard the sound of a click behind her.”What the-Ruby?” She said turning slightly.

“Blake wanted to see your dragon shadow.” She grinned innocently.

“Is that your new submissive? Throwing your sister aside for someone else? Typical abusing whore.” Raven glared.

Sir gave Ruby a nonverbal signal to try and escape so she could explore. “That's not true and you know it, she's just a plaything, as you know...'all females are and males are made to be broken. 'Certain females have their charms that you bend or break'. Isn't that right? As long as there is breath in my lungs, blood in my veins, brain in my head, I will do whatever takes to defend Ruby. I will. Never! Ever! Come! Back!” Her aura is flaring trying to take form but only flames.

“Yang, Yang, my sweet little Yang. Here she is thinking she's all grown up. But yet has a lot to learn. And even more growling up to do.” The dark-haired woman laughed..

“I haven't heard that name since I left.” Sir spit. “The only ones that know it are you, Qrow, Ruby and maybe some of your shipmates if you haven't completely buttered their brains, and sometimes I remember where I came from. Before you took them away. My! Happy! Loving! Family! You should've just came for me instead of dragging a toddler and two loving parents who didn't deserve to die into this! I know why I'm cruel. Did you learn this from you mom too? Maybe Ruby will be drunk like Qrow twenty-four seven.”

“Alright that's enough Firecracker. Save some of your spark. And that's offensive not to mention a cheap shot.”

Yang simmered down. “Sorry, she aggravates me, at least I didn't charge this time.” Referencing her metal hook.

“Don't worry about it, we'll protect your sister.”

“Actually, I want to fight Yang, and Yang alone. I will leave this reunion in peace.” She made a portal before going through a voice stopped her.

“You promise?” Yang asked.

“This day, I will leave you all be, this I promise.” Then disappeared.

She turned to her uncle and gave him a hug. “Thanks Uncle Qrow. I...”

She stopped as he returned the hug. “Don't worry about nothing Firecracker. And it wasn't our mom that was cruel, it was our father. Both drunk, horny, trying to relive his old pirates days. Guess it back fired big time.”

“I'll fucking say.”

“Hey, hey watch your mouth, there's children around.”

“Really?” Cocking her head to the side and smiling.

“Alright Firecracker go find your sister and enjoy the day.”

“I would, but Ruby deserves time away from me. I'm headed back to my cabin. I have guest and I need to make preparations. And was good to see you.” She said giving him a hug.

“Yeah well...don't get used to it.” He smiled staggering away.

Chapter Text

“Oh...ah...hey...” The younger girl called behind the door. Opening it slowly. “Are you decent?”

The taller woman chuckled. “You can come in Ruby. I have my clothes on, surprisingly.”

“Actually, ah, that is a surprising, but she was in a rush to get you before you could get away.” She pulled the desk chair closer to sit by her side. “Would it be okay if I undid one or two restraints?”

“You are rebellious. Does that run in your family?” She raven haired smiled.

“Actually, yes, I think Yahhh-Sir, chose resiliency as her way of rebellion.”

“How was your day Ruby?” She asked innocently wanting to know.

“Not as eventful as yours, I imagine.” She shrugged.

“I've had a plug shoved in my ass first thing this morning, ate breakfast, and heard the watcher say 'Terra, Terra' and next thing I know I'm here and I am in great company, not alone bored. It’s pretty good so far.”

“Not sure how long I can accompany you for tomorrow I will finally be able to walk on land.”

“What do you mean?” Blake questioned almost tilting her head.

“I'm not sure how much Sir has told you...but every time I touch land, Raven appears and she wants to kill me. I have no idea why and even mentioning Raven's name, Sir clenches and her eyes burn brighter red. Her normal eyes color is lilac. Probably shouldn't have told you that. After I touch land, Sir protects me and fights her, Raven is stronger than the captain, stronger than anyone I know, except maybe my uncle, but she won't let anything happen to me. Most of the time I have to use my semblance and rush through town. And even by then, sometimes Sir is barely fighting her off, but puts up a front like she's not.”

I think I have some idea why she wants you dead. But the only person who really knows is the captain, Yah-something. I bet she'll punish Ruby again if I ask for her name. “Ruby?”


“Can I ask you a personal question? You don't have to answer.” Kind and gentle voice.

“Ask away.” She smiled.

“What happened to your parents?” Blake said as softly as possible.

“Oh…” Ruby looked at the bed. “They passed away when I was young. My Uncle Qrow told me it was from a gas leak on the side of the house.”

“Do you believe him?” Looking at the silver eyes for some kind of sign.

“I's possible but seems unlikely. Unless... Raven knew...or even...caused or something else entirely it in order to take my sister away. She was trying to get away, kicking screaming, and punching Raven... anything for Raven to let her go. She told me to stay back in the bedroom so Raven couldn't hurt me.” She looked at Blake who had sadness in her eyes. “Hey, the best ending is, we were reunited. I don't know what my sister went through, but based on the culture shock I got here, it couldn't have been anything good.”

“I can't imagine going through something like all by yourself.” She was starting to feel some kind of sympathy for the person holding her captive. It was bad enough she had a connection to her now physically, but emotional attachment would make things worse.

“That's why she wears the 'Heart of Defiance' under her jacket, you know the burning heart? It's not heart burn.” Ruby was giggling. Blake returned with a chuckle. “When she comes back and you get a chance to, I want you to look at her shadow every so often, it turns into the shape of a dragon. Just like the flag.”

“Wait... Her shadow turns into a dragon?" She raised her eyebrow. "You're fucking with me? I mean-not literally. Wow that was awkward.” She rolled her eyes.

“....Mostly when she's angry or lust filled. Hopefully she'll let you see it when she takes on Raven.” Ruby sounded so hopeful.

“I don't think she trusts me that much yet. Considering I'm still here...chained.” Her eyes drifting to each restraint.

“I'll take a picture on my scroll and show you.”

“You don't have to do that. Especially when your sister can buy only so much time. Maybe I'll be able to see it one day.” She winked. She hoped it wouldn’t be soon because that would mean she was nothing more than an obedient pet that returned home when called.

Ruby turned away to blushing not exactly sure if they were friends or if their friendship was blooming into something more. But she had feelings for Weiss and that wasn't going to change. Now that her sister was going to try to get Weiss to recover.

“Sorry I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Just trying to lift the...mood? Wow, that just made it worse.” She closed her eyes cursing herself. Her arousal getting to her as she was still in heat and only two people could relieve it, one was right in front of her.

“Oh.” Ruby snapped her head back “No, no it's okay, I feel a better.” She looked at her wrist. “Oh, my sister, Normally it's just her.” She was taken back.

“Huh?” Looking to where Ruby was. “Oh yeah, said only you and her could do anything."

“She's right. The gold bond represents her and her alone. Red being me and her, bronze being the entire crew, which she expected the receiver to be you know…silly, has their way and nothing being consent to...whatever. See...I have one that matched yours.” She held up her wrist. “If you move this one right here.” Gesturing to the top spike. “It turns into a gauntlet fire rifle. Last ditch effort of protection. As a just in case type thing. I helped her modify the cuffs and showed her how to do it. She still has me make some of the weapons as my specialty. Not that I'll need it with my big sis around. Or you with the way you fight. She was too tired after your fight she didn’t have the strength or energy to face Raven.” She giggled. “Oh, I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that. Please don’t tell her I said that.”

Blake smiled “Secret's are safe with me. But I only fight with Gambol Shroud, my weapon. Seems like your sister cares a lot about you.”

Ruby nodded. “She does, despite what she's been though and how she acts, I...she is responsible for her own actions but if it weren't for our parents, I don't think she would know the difference between right and wrong I don't blame her. She would be much worse if it weren’t for them.” Ruby looked at the ground. “I tried asking her about it once, she smiled and told me 'don't worry about it' rubbing her hand in my hair walking away and saying, 'I only made it through because of you. You kept me going'. Ruby’s eyes watered with that sense of pride and sadness then and now.

“Sometimes a person can go through hell and back. They most likely won't be the same person afterward, but having that hope to hold onto, it's what drives them to keep going, their motivation.”

“Wow…” Ruby stated astounded. “You sound like you went through hell. I mean...I guess you kind of...”

“Ruby, look at me.” Her voice stern. “Yes I don't particularly like it here, yes I am treated like some caged animal. Yes I have been embarrassingly stark naked against my will and forced to experience pleasure and pain. Yes, I've been beaten and bruised, but I've mostly healed in a day. And yes...I have things put where they don't belong. And yes yesterday I pissed her off, paid the price for it and still sore. Yes the racially charged slurs are a bit much, but it's not all bad. I had a seafood buffet yesterday, got to talk to the captain like it was normal thing, and I got to meet you and you are the sweetest person I know. There are worse places in the world to be.”

“Ah screw it! I can't take it anymore! Consequences be damned!”

“Ruby what are you-?”

Before Blake could even finish, the smaller girl placed her lips on the slightly bound woman. Not rough or passionate, like a calculated step. After a few seconds she pulled away. She turned away blushing and scared like she committed a crime. “ do I apologize for?” She swallowed.

Blake was still shocked and confused. She doesn't see the smaller girl as anything more than a friend. “ don't have to apologies for anything.” Blake swallowed feeling more aroused and she could smell that Ruby had the same bulge Sir did.

“That’s good...I wanted to let you know, I have feelings for Weiss but she's know... but she chose to be broken and my sister obliged her. But you're attractive...and...” She was turning as red as her outfit.

“And you just wanted to kiss me?” Blake smiled. “I understand. Maybe when I'm not being held against my will, I can return the favor.” She winked hoping to lighten the mood. Awkward, Ruby's eyes went wide before she burst into a rose petals and flung herself into the bathroom. “Ruby, seriously it's okay.” Blake was chuckling herself trying not to scare the girl more than she had. “You're not the only person who goes through these things.” She was trying to have Ruby feel more comfortable as she wanted relief from the one person nearby. She wouldn't have that if she ran off or even left alone while in heat. The chains were too complex to free herself from.

“Just...ah...give me a few moments.” Ruby called back.

Great now the blonde brute is going to punch me into smithereens for scaring her sister. Even if she did start it. Ruby slowly edged her way out of the bathroom. Ruby peaked out slightly and tiptoed to the bed. "Ruby, it's okay. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I kind of liked it.” She lightly blushed.

Ruby was at the foot of the bed. “Really?” She asked sheepishly.

“It was nice.” She blushed. “I can't tell you it was the best I've had unless you do it again.”

Ruby was nearly on top of her trying to be seductive in her own awkward way. “My sister won't be back for at least another couple hours. We can take our time, learn more about each other.” She whispered. "Can I take you out of these cuffs? I trust you.” She assured.

The breath against her made her sensitive and her core flared. “Ruby...if that blonde brute found out I hurt you, she will do everything in her power to not only find me but drag me back and break me or breaking me near a point where I know what I’m doing but torture me as well. With everything she went through with Raven, I’m sure there’s worse that’s been done. You have nothing to worry about.” She smiled. “And as for Weiss, was it?” She received a nod. She hated saying the heiress’s name for her name sake but seeing her like this, she didn’t deserve this but Blake couldn’t help but feel like this was justice for the entire Schnee family, but wrong. “This can be a onetime thing, no strings.”

Ruby uncuffed her and went to the closet placing a strap-on, vial of pink dust, a vibrator then going into the nightstand for a condom. She was top of Blake and started kissing her. Their kiss was slow easing each other into it. Blake parted her lips first, Ruby following as their tongues danced along each other not fighting but embracing one another. Ruby slipped her hands down Blake's shirt undoing gently gliding over her chest down to her stomach grabbing the hem. She felt hands on top of hers assisting her in lifting it off. She was too rendered into the kiss to notice the woman wasn't wearing a bra. She removed her crimson cloak dropping it to the floor. She turned around and sat between the other legs silently asking for help with her corset. Blake undid the knots and the strings annoyingly and helped her out of it. She tugged on the strings tighter than usual as her feline claws wanted to play with them. It was when Ruby turned around did she notice Blake wasn't wearing a bra. She blushed at the sight but kept her eyes on the golden ones smiling back at her. She leaned down for a kiss her hands kneading her chest using her thumbs to circle her peaks. Blake reciprocated the movement by lightly running her fingernails down the smaller girls back, causing her to shiver. Ruby moved down to her neck kissing the fading bruises left by her sister. Blake hissing at the air as she did so. She's so young, how'd she get this good? Her mind stopped her knowing it wasn't good. Instead, relished in the pleasure she was feeling. Ruby moved downwards kissing as she went. She licked and lightly sucked the pink flesh in the middle, the receiver shivered at the feeling. Ruby occupied her hands to the pants, undoing the button then sliding them down adjusting herself until they were off. The long hair brunette leaning up the help with shorter woman by removing her combat skirt and tight fitting pants.

“Does everything you wear have to be this complicated?” Blake asked.

“Just my usual outfit.” She smiled.

Once her pants were removed Blake saw the bulge. “You get that from your dad too?” She asked.

“No it's dust inflicted, no one will listen to me unless I have one. Yah-my sister's is dust inflicted too.” She was jealous her sister was bigger at times but glad she didn’t use hers to hurt people.

Blake kissed Ruby down the middle. “What's your safe word?” The short brunette asked.

“I've never had one before.” The other said. It would have been nice to have in the past. She thought. >

“With my sister it's enabler, with you, maybe ladybug?” She swallowed.

Blake leaned down and kissed her. “I like it.” She emphasized with a butterfly kiss.

Blake used her hands to lower the red underwear, the shaft not as large as her sister, was still sizable. “What now?” She didn't have much prior experience.

“You pick, that's why you’re on top. The condom for us how we are, the dust reversing my gender, the strap-on for either of us and vibrator for you in case you wanted to do oral and I couldn't give you want you need. My sister is a champ at pulling out. I’m not there yet.”

Blake went to the nightstand, not making this more difficult than it already is. She took the condom and opened it up and placed it on the younger. She checked to make sure it wasn't deflated or had holes. She got back on top and lowered herself down.

“Wait!” The younger protested.” Blake looked at her confused. “Can I-can I make sure you're wet first? I don't want to hurt you.”

Blake's cheeks flushed in pink. “I'll…ah…I can do that.” She knew she was, her core was flaring for attention.

“Just like my sister, making this difficult. I wa-I want to look.” Blake was a little reluctant but laid back exposing her pussy. “May I touch it, and poke my finger inside?” She was mostly with Weiss who was eager for anything and worked fast.

The Faunus shot her eyes up, but shook her head. “Yeah, easy on the outside then push in. Just be careful and I’m sensitive from my heat and it's still is painful from yesterday.”

Ruby did so taking her index finger and feeling every contour of skin. Blake shivered in response. Her finger was slick, but she didn't trust it completely. She lined up her finger on the outside circling around the area.

“Stop teasing.” The Faunus hissed though her teeth. Ruby pushed forward going in the first knuckle causing the woman to gasp. She moved to the second knuckle. “More.” She cried holding herself back as much as possible as not to hurt her.

Ruby pulled out examining her finger. “You're ready.” Ruby licked her finger. “Delicious.” She pushed her down while Blake gasped in surprise. The short woman lined herself up and eased forward until only the head was inside.

“Stop teasing me, Ruby!” She huffed with a pained moaned.

Ruby continuing to ease herself forward. The woman moaning in response. She was hilted all the way in. “You okay?” She panted.

“Ye-ah. Can you start moving? I’m growing impatient. No matter how much it hurts, keep going until I orgasm. I’m usually good after one.” Ruby eased in and out slowly at first inch by inch and slowly moved back in. “While I may not be a virgin, I am not fragile, now please Ruby, move faster and pound harder. I don’t care how much pain I’m in, I need this.”

“It's not you Blake, it's me. I want to enjoy this too. If I move to fast too soon, I can't satisfy you.” She saw a guilty expression. “Don't worry, you didn't know.” Ruby continued to move slow but pounded back in causing shock waves inside her body.

“Oh Ruby please, yes!” She winced and groaned in pain but her moans outweighed the pain in her voice. Ruby continued only moving slightly faster and pounding slightly harder. “Oh Ruby, yes, I'm gonna-Aaaaaahhhh!”

Ruby orgasmed along with her feeling her walls clench. She didn't think she was that close. She pushed forward acting like the seed was going inside her. “I can go one more. You lead.” She panted. Once the long hair moved upward she laid down allowing herself to be ridden.

Blake recovered quickly and was grinding against the shaft. She shivered when it hit her g spot, she didn't want to move too quickly still sensitive but she didn't want the younger to explode again before she was satisfied. She decided to ride it against her g spot rubbing her clit at the same time. She felt a hand on hers she removed it and the short hair woman was moving circles. Blake was moaning and shivering because it was someone else touching her. She felt herself close.

“Blake, I'm gonna cum soon.” She shrieked.

Blake moved faster trying please herself first. She felt herself really close. She wasn't quick enough as Ruby came again. Blake was disappointed as it shrunk to a flaccid size. She hopped off grabbed the strap-on putting it inside her and got the vibrator massaging her clit.

Once Ruby caught her breath she moved Blake's hands and thrusted the strap-on while the vibrator moved over her clit. Since Blake couldn't predict the movements she orgasmed screaming into the ceiling. Ruby slowed her movements letting the other come down from her high. Once she was done she collapsed besides her cuddling into her. “I like after sex cuddles.” And was the little spoon with her newfound partner.

Chapter Text

Yang headed for the cabin sighing. Too keep up appearances she turned into Sir, glowing red eyes. Upon arrival she saw her prize still trapped on the bed. She smiled smelling what they had been up to.

“You're back early.” She observed. “Wait, where's Ruby? Is she...”

“Sh.” She said making her way to the dark haired woman “She's fine. We had a confrontation but Ruby has the whole day on the land. She's fine.” She held the woman’s cheek with her hand. Blake inhaled as she rubbed her head into it. She hated this, feeling comfortable around her captor. Even as she lightly purred. Sir raised an eyebrow. “It's cute how worried you are about her. Did you enjoy it?” She amused a smile.

“Master, don't be mad at was my fault.” She said wearily.

“Psst, doubt it, she wasn't expecting me back so soon and knowing her, she offered to set you free and for whatever reason, you said no. If you wanted to, you could’ve taken her up on her offer, knock her out, tied her up and leave. Instead, you being in heat, couldn’t resist her and you two get along well enough. She needs to have someone else in case things go wrong with the Schnee.”

Blake was taken back. “ mean she's cute, but that's the extent of it.” So, all I am is back-up? Joy...

“Okay…” She was unconvinced.

“We got to talking and I started on rant and I guess she thought it was passionate or something and know...” She was blushing and looking down embarrassed.

“Well....she has feelings for that Schnee, not exactly sure how that happened. And just so you know, she's my sister and because I am protective of her, and it seems you are too, in a way.” She smiled.

“If it makes you feel any better and only if it does, she hid in the bathroom immediately after kissing me and it took some coaxing to get her to come out.”

“Ruby...” She grasped the bridge of her nose. “Sweet, innocent, awkward Ruby. I'll let her off the hook this time. Hook, ha, get it.” This only got an eye roll with a smile. “If she's any reason at all that you stay, fine by me. But you and I both know the real reason.” She smiled. Blake thought. You feel it too. What have you done to me? “You feel obligated to stay.” Blake tilted her head at confusion. It still bothers her that even though she came inside Neon and who knows how many others, she doesn’t have children around her. Unless she dumped them with the mother, even that seems unlikely. She walked away to the desk taking a seat and moved her pencil methodically. Her thoughts were interrupted by her brain again. Um, while you’re here, you could let her walk around, and only in the cabin area. The other blonde in her head argued. No! She's staying right where she's at. What if she has to pee? She’ll be fine. Ruby didn’t cum inside her, she knows better.

Blake noticed the captain sitting at her desk gripping her pencil a little too tightly and stopped calculating whatever it was. The woman noticed her staring. “Can I help you?” She asked slightly annoyed.

“No...I-um...eyes and attracted to movement of any kind; you move more than anything else in here.”

“Alright Kitty.” Walking over undoing the restraints. “Explore if you wish. If you're not back in thirty minutes after I shoot off a green flare, I'll come for you. I will make you regret hiding. Also, Raven knows about you and I have no doubt she will turn you into her next submissive, putting it lightly. You also look like you have questions. Ask one.”

“Thanks.” She said finally able to move after sometime. “I was wondering if you had any one become pregnant and either dumped them off or having them stay around?”

The captain froze, not exactly sure this was a thing of thanks. “...You're...welcome? And to answer your question, they were ‘dumped’ somewhere, but not by my choice. I haven’t gotten anyone pregnant since I got my ship, not a successful pregnancy anyway.” Trying to sound as normal as possible. She went back to her desk and continued her calculations. Blake walked around, the first place she went was the closet. “That's my playroom. Be warned, if you go in, there are somethings you can't unseen. Depending, you might ask me to scratch your eyes out if you don't do it yourself.” Blake backed up figuring she'd ask Ruby about it later. She was more curious about the trap door where they had dinner. She opened it and her voice came again. “It's just an empty room. Nothing special.” She checked it out anyway and there was nothing, it seemed smaller than the other night. She changed into her clothes and started for the door. “As long as you keep the red bracelet on they won't mess with you.”

“I bet you're just pleased with yourself.” She said sarcastically.

“Almost a couple more things and I will be most pleased.”

“And pray tell those might be, if you don't mind?”

“Well, you might like one or two things, but the other two or three, you really won't. But, before I answer your question. Ask yourself are you really sure you want to know?” She raised an eyebrow still focusing on her map.

Blake felt a shiver go up her spine. She looked back at the captain, but she was too intrigued with her map. “On second thought...I don't think I want to know.” Curiosity killed the cat.

“Good girl. I won't stop you if you wish to go out, as long as you come back within the timer. Press the spike if you find yourself in trouble. Bring your fist back then forward to shoot off a punch and bullet. It’s also outfitted with a tracker so you can’t hide.”

Blake went out the door taking in the beautiful landscape. She passed all the people in town not having a destination in mind. They seemed to be used to Faunus and didn't treat her any different. All the sudden something inside her body struck her and it was bad. Perfect! Thanks to Captain Sir, my heat cycle is messed up and more active. I just got relief. It could be because I didn't use an artificial toy. She headed for the forest line marking her path with fingernail marks. She unbuttoned her pants and started furiously masturbating waiting longer than she wanted. Her low moans as she was thinking about Ruby and what the captain would do to her if she found out she did this without her express permission. Her fingers pressed against her walls moving the toy in her ass. She groaned in pleasured-pain. She felt an unfamiliar sensation on her pussy that brought her to the edge. It was a tough surface like sandpaper. She was satisfied, for now. Her ears twitched as she heard a low growl nearby, not even nearby, but between her legs. She saw the teeth and scurried to her feet. Putting distance between her and the creature. She remembered what Ruby and the captain told her about the bracelet. I’m not being eaten today! Her enemy appeared, a panther, but a red eyed Grimm, long, sleek, black muscular body at least three if not four hundred pounds. Most Grimm are either in cages, zoos or extinct. She felt weakness between her legs. I just got off! She aimed the bracelet at her enemy and fired a shot. The creature took the hit but only resulting it getting it pissed off. She ran not having any other way to defend herself. To her dismay, it followed at her heels. She turned around and fired another shot, not sure how many she had left. It had only grazed his chest and it did nothing but slow it down for a second. She stood her ground to fight it off without the use of force. She fired again and again then panicked as she heard the metallic click. She tried roaring at it hoping to get it to back off. Instead, it pounced on her rolling her onto her back. It nipped the back of her neck keeping her still. She winced from under the creature as it held her down with its large paw and licked the back of her neck. The fire between her legs continued to worsen at the menstruation. She was sure she was dead or would be soon. The creature slid her pants down and her eyes shot wide knowing what it was going to do. “No.” She cried. She whimpered as she felt his shaft alone her backside. Her body wanted it, but her mind didn't. She wanted the relief, not the tearing.

The panther stopped and looked up staying low to his prey as if possessing her. He heard a roar before being punched in the face and rolling off of her several meters away. “She's mine to break you fucking animal!” She turned to the woman lying on the ground with a shocked expression. “You okay?” She asked with care over her shoulder.

“Yeah, I-ow...think so.” She tried getting up on weak legs but stayed still.

Before she could say anything else the beast charged and Sir slid under its belly sending it skyward. As it was coming back down she punched it in the gut slamming it into a tree. “Ooooo.” She winced hearing bones break. “I heard that.” The panther laid still unable to move with a broken back but struggled. “Shit! I hate this part. Dumb animal, I just wanted you to back off, not kill you.” She walked over to it drawing her cutlass and sliced its neck clean. She placed her hand on its forehead. “Requiescat in pace.” She said directing her hand lower and closing its eyes. She turned back and saw golden eyes continuing to stare at her in shock. “What?” She asked almost offended.

“So you treat animals, pure blooded animals, not even that, a Grimm more humane than humans and Faunus? That creature was Grimm, not even and animal. Humanities and Faunus sworn enemy and it had a better death than the life humans and Faunus have on board your vessel.” She felt herself angry.

“Yeah, so?” She shrugged still confused like it was no big deal. “Humans and Faunus are brain developed enough to make their own choices. Animals have basic functions as do most Grimm. Anyway, let's get you back. Can you walk?” She tried getting up but her body was still in shock and weak from her heat. She stood up on shaky legs. “Stop struggling.” She sent her on all fours to the ground again.

“What are you doing?” She feared the answer to that question.

“I was wondering if you wanted me to finish what that cat started.” She whispered exhaling hot breath over her ear and the back of her exposed neck.

Blake closed her eyes, she so desperately needed release, even if it was against her will. She knew exactly what going to happen. But the blonde gave her a choice. She could say no. She groaned in her head as her body wanted her. She decided her mind would win and the captain would probably have her way with her anyway. “No.” She whined thinking it was going to happen anyway and bowed her head in defeat.

She armed Ember Celica to which Blake was even more amazed. “I was hoping to scare it enough to leave you alone, not kill it.” She shoulder carried her shooting her shells into the ground sending them upward and a few shots later her knees bent as the balls of her feet skidded onto the deck. She took her inside flopping her on the bed. “They normally don't attack unless they're hungry, though in your case, this one wanted to mate.” Blake stared at her with a shocked expression. “I saw that panther’s erection.” She laughed not mentioning her compromising condition. “I can’t believe he thought he stood a chance.” She threw a dildo with artificial semen next to her on the bed. “I want a show this time.” Blake didn't think she could get anymore shocked. She watched as the captain reloaded Blake’s bracelet then her own weapon then take a seat in her chair.

“So you actually listened when I said no and now you are letting me please myself?” Blake questioned. The captain shrugged with a nod. She couldn't stand her heat any longer and sent her jacket flying. Lifting up her shirt halfway and letting her hand run over her chest still covered by her shirt.

The captain shook her head with a smile. “No need to be shy. Don't rush this too much either.”

Blake now felt overly embarrassed. Sure the brute had seen her, but it was different when she was the one watching instead of doing anything. Reluctantly, she slid her pants and underwear down. She felt nervous as the spectator licked her lips and eyeing her with anticipation. She could see her glistening arousal on display. Blake shut her eyes closed and tried to hide her modesty with her legs but only managed to squirm. She felt uncomfortable with someone watching. Her ears twitched as she heard footsteps approach. She relaxed as soft lips kissed her and a hand gently stroking her slightly messy hair. Sir broke the kiss to remover her prize's top and toss it aside. Her hand went to her breast and started kneading. Blake moaned with the touch and her breathing grew erratic as she was becoming more turned on. Unable to resist, she slowly inserted the shaft inside. Sir sat back in the chair with the other more comfortable with her presence. She couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful this Faunus was and why she was embarrassed about her features. The cat ears were a bonus to her cuteness. Blake swallowed hard and slowly slid it in and out of her sopping, wet entrance. She gasped as it brushed against the toy in her ass. It was painful but it turned her on more. She started panting only slightly pink, mostly flustered due to her arousal. She imagined it was her captor's. She hated that it was her she thought of instead of her fiancé or even Ruby, but she didn’t think about him or her that way. The night when she started gently coaxing her into it flooded her mind as she closed her eyes imagining the smell of roasted almonds mixed with honey as she fucked her. Her mind and body completely relaxing. She heard footsteps going into the closet and walking toward her. She opened her eyes to her right, she saw the blonde with a device a small device, and it was white with a small blue square chip in the triangle shaped device. Sir gently tucked her hair behind her ear and the receiver gasped at the gentle touch. The device was attached to her head and the blonde put the other one on hers. Blake had no idea what it did and was almost scared it would cause her pain. Noticing her hesitance, the captain slowly swayed the dildo and Blake relaxed letting herself be taken, even if she wasn’t completely sure of anything. The brute walked back to her chair and continued to look on as Blake continued where she left off. The captain’s eyes shot wide as she could now read her thoughts without her prize reading hers. She knew she was bending her and she couldn't hide her smile, all too pleased with herself. Blake sped up thinking of how gentle she was even when she was going at a moderate pace. Unable to contain anymore, she continued faster until she was pounding herself. Wet, sloppy sounds could be heard with the low moans of pleasure slightly mixed with pain. Blake let out a low quiet yell as she came and pressed the lever. “Aaaaaahhhhh! Yes! Aaahh!” The toy squirted inside her as far up as it could go coating her walls and satisfying her urge, for now.

The captain removed the devices, turning them off and putting them in the closet. She smiled as Blake was drooling all over herself. Glazed eyes continued to stare at one spot as if she was brain dead. She slowly pulled the toy out watching as she would now change the sheets from all her sexual endeavors. She turned on the shower washing all the dirt and cum off and out of the Faunus while she supported her body. She set her down in the tub and stopped when it filled up to an appropriate level.

Chapter Text

She walked out and shut the door leaving her alone for the rest of the day. She caught a nasty feeling and sat down not thinking much of it as it happened sometimes. Mostly the fear she got someone pregnant which wasn't the case. Her gauntlet armed on its own. She heard a shot gun shell outside and her weapon beeped. “Yyyaaannnggg!” A screaming cry came from outside.

“Ruby!” She shot up out her chair slamming the door behind her and putting cracks into the ground her she landed. Raven had Ruby by the cape inches off the ground. From inside, Blake had also heard the scream and the beeping of her gauntlet.

“I said, this day Xiao Long, its past sundown now.” A familiar cruel voice stated as she choked the only person keeping them apart.

“Get away from her!” Her eyes blaring red and her semblance taking dragon form with fire. She knew better than to charge as she learned with her arm.

“You want her? You can have what's left of her after I slit her throat.” They both knew what she meant.

“Aaaahhhh!” Yang screamed anger sending off two bursts and rushed as Ruby was dropped to the ground coughing and wheezing. Yang's eyes never leaving Raven as she held her close just as before until the younger used her speed semblance safe on the ship. Raven went to attack and Yang blasted herself skyward with Raven following. Yang collided on an upright rock with Raven on top of her. Sword meeting gauntlets scraping against one another. Yang blasted off the rock landing on her feet Raven bouncing off the ground several times doing a back flip and standing upright. Raven charged again, Yang parring with her gauntlets scraping their weapons bouncing off one another. Yang went to punch as Raven back flipped, dodging her. Raven summoned an ice block bouncing off of it and slicing Yang in the left arm of her flesh. She went to strike and Yang using her weapon to avoid the sword. Raven behind her she turned using her armor to deflect the attack. Pushing sword against fists once against. Parring each other strikes. Raven swung her sword to cut Yang in the middle as Yang back flipped using her shell to aid her dodge. Raven kept swinging Yang kept parring. Strike after strike sparks emitting off each others weapons. Both struck and Yang cried out as a shard of dust pierced her skin.

Her mother stopped sheathed her weapon. “Come back to me. Stop this insanity. You're my daughter we shouldn't be fighting in the first place. Come home Yang, back where you belong, with your family.” She had her arms open as if her true love would embrace her in a hug like before when they fought.

“You killed the only family I ever had!” She yelled.

Yang went to strike parried by Raven's sword. Punching again only to be blocked. Raven moved backward, Yang followed. Both striking as they went back and forth. Left, Yang's back to Raven parring her attack as she turned. Raven whizzing backward. Yang used momentum off a nearby rock jabbing only to be blocked. Raven striking only to be met with armor. Raven moving backwards again Yang using her firepower to push forward. Flipping forward to block Raven's sword. Raven moving backwards again. Yang following trying to land a blow only to be denied. Raven flipped over Yang trying to land a strike only to be met with metal. They charged at each other metal meeting metal as sparks shot into the sky. She flipped herself to a rock, while Raven slid backwards. Both of them eyeing each other. Red eyes against red eyes. Yang charged first Raven charging next. Weapons clanging against one another. Yang flipped upward staring down her opponent. Their weapons scraping off each other into brilliant sparks. Yang armed herself ready to turn and face her enemy as she attacked meeting metal once again. Raven going for a strike Yang striking the sword away. Raven slashing horizontally Yang forcing the sword upwards. Raven charged pushing Yang with her. Yang punching as her mother blocked. Clanging metal and metal together over and over. Hot white fire the result of impact. Raven spinning multiple times around. Yang blocking each spin even as she moved back. They flew upward continuing their attacks. Yang charged Raven sent herself back. Yang struck as Raven held her sword blocking the punch. Another attack striking each other only to be denied a shot. Her sword slipped from its sheath as Raven's sword was unhanded. Raven grabbing the unfamiliar cutlass first. Yang grabbing the sword that killed her parents. Both striking each other’s swords back and forth, yelling in frustration. Yang surrounded by her dragon flaming aura and Raven in her dark red aura. Fighting, striking clanging against one another. All around them the wind whipped and growled. They both took a breather. Eyeing one another again. Yang summoning up her power in her fists as Raven did the same in her sword. The both flew forward as their weapons struck yellow and red flashes went every which way cutting up the surrounding area. The land shaking under the power. The metal of their weapons met again pressing against one another. They eyed each other keeping their stance. Then breaking away flashing opposite directions. Their power shattering as they landed. Yang went in for the hit as the sand gathered punching her mom in the throat and grabbing onto it. Keeping her from touching the ground as she was pinned against a mostly destroyed rock. Raven scratched at the mechanical in vein. Yang's eyes red and intent on killing. As she smiled. The older woman felt her breath leave her. She flicked her hand and Yang stepped back avoiding the ice that was shot. They charged again parring the others attack sparks in their wake. Both moving so fast it was a blur. Pushing off the nearby rocks to gain momentum before meeting in the middle. Yang fired her gun which Raven dodged and returned with a kick to her stomach. Yang flipped backwards. And parried attack after attack, Raven doing the exact same. Following her mom as she ran, Raven placed her sword into the ground and kicked Yang backwards. Yang bounced once before flipping on her feet. Both their auras were nearly depleted. Looking like a cracked mirror over their bodies and they were on their knees and hand. Raven was the first to stand. “Are you ready to come home?” She spoke.

“Shut up!” Yang yelled still panting her body close to the ground she struggled to get up but forced herself.

A voice came from behind Raven. “If you were move clever you'd watch your back.” When it finally registered. Raven parried the gun shot but was met with a punch to the face from Yang. Her aura completely depleted. She felt the whole brunt of the attack. Before she slid across the ground, she used her sword to slice open a portal and disappeared. Yang looked up in time to see the cat eared Faunus before collapsing.

Chapter Text

When she tried to open her eyes, the sun was blinding her. Slowly she opened as her eyes adjusted and tried to move her hand. She felt weight on her human arm.

“Ru...Ruby?” She chocked.

“Huh?” Gasp. “You're okay!” She squealed hugging her sister tightly.

“Wha...what happened, where am I, what day is it?” She asked, her head hurt too much to try and think.

“When dusk hit, Raven was true to her word and wouldn't attack me 'this day' when the sun was down. I saw her portal and went to the ship as fast as possible. I called for you and you two had a hell of a fight. You won! You actually beat her. Well, with Blake's help of course. She fired her weapon leaving her open to attack and you punched her in the face. It was so awesome! Were like all pow pow pow and Raven was all like block block block! Then you two hard a sword fight and you were really good! I had no idea with were good with a sword. You were like shing shing shing. And Raven was slice slice slice.” She gestured with her hands into fists punching and mimicked Raven with a sword blocking the attacks and scraping of swords.

During her whole display, she had one question. “Who’s Blake? Ow.” She held her head from the pain of thinking and not registering much of anything.

“What do you remember?” The younger sat by the bed. Her voice soft and concern. She couldn’t help but think she looked and sounded exactly like her mother, Summer.

“Jumping through a window escaping Raven with you in my arms.”

“That was five years ago.” She chuckled.

“What!? Oooww. Aaaahhh fuck. It's forcing its way back.” She held her head in pain.

“Let it flow.” Ruby assured gently taking her hand from her head.

“Aaaagg!” Her eyes turned red with pain or they would if they weren't shut. “Fuck. Wait. Raven. I beat Raven?” She questioned with confusion.

“Yeah, with Blake's help. You saved her from the panther.”

“I was awkward and kind of a turn on. Ah, my brain. Wait…Blake saved me?” She tried to recall. “Ah.” She groaned rubbing her head. “I'm not chained?” She questioned.

“No, you are the captain, Blake isn't cruel and I wouldn't do that to you.” She assured.

“But after everything I did? She should hate me.” She slowly blinked.

“You rescued me. You saved me from Raven. You fought Raven and actually won! I can't believe it! Your demon, she's been defeated, by you.” She beamed with pride and happiness.

“Are we still in Vacuo? I have a contract I need to fulfill.” She started getting up but was pushed back down.

“No, were on our way to the outskirts of Atlas to defeat five captains and take their flags. You need to rest, at least until we get there. You've been out for three days.”

“Wait...How'd you know that? And three days is plenty of rest.” She couldn’t hide the exhaustion for the person who knows her the best.

“It's in your notes. You shouldn't leave everything lying around and in your jacket with wanted posters.” She grinned mischievously. “I saw the bow. A black one like Blake used to wear?” She grinned widely.

"..." Yang froze unsure what to say. “Ah...I...ah...” She blushed being caught. “But Blake saved me?” She questioned changing the subject.

Ruby nodded. “She promised she wouldn't leave until the contract was fulfilled.” She grinned knowing her sister change the subject. “Mostly for my sake. She wanted to make sure I was okay. She also said she had some kind of connection to you and couldn’t leave if she wanted to or it would take a lot more than what you’ve done so far.”

“You two do care about-Ah Ruby!” She yelped in pain.

“Serves you right.” She said releasing the pinch to her underarm. “We're just friends and we care about each other, that's it, end of story.”

“Okay, well maybe I should go and thank her.” She sat up and still felt dizzy but pushed it away as she had a destination.

“You know...” She beamed. “You should thank her by showing her your hide out. She loves reading, especially the smut stuff.” She smirked knowing her sister couldn't resist.

“She does? How do you know that?” She turned questioning her sister.

“ could just ask her questions and she'll answer honestly. In some weird way I only partially understand, she cares about you too.”

“I'm sorry and what's your name again you wise ass?” She laughed lightly punching her sister before attacking her with tickles.

“Ah sis...c'om a...break...that tickles.” She laughed but grew annoyed.

“Ow...again with underarm?” Yang complained. “So, I guess everyone on board knows my name now, huh? With you screaming it out for the world to hear.”

“Not really, most were drunk, partying, or engaged in other activities they didn't hear me...” She didn’t lie but wasn’t completely honest either. “They probably had no idea who I was talking about.” She smiled and brushed a hand through her hair.

“But Kitty-Blake did, one of the only ones I tried to hide my name from.” Her eyes looking away. She drew her attention back when Ruby when a hand touched hers.

“But Yang, why do you hate it so much? It was given to you by dad, he loves us. Do you care about Blake? You saved her and she saved you. I mean Pyrrha didn’t do that much when it came to Raven and you've been with her for years. Is that why you want to hide it from her, because you like her?” Her voice was soft as she spoke mostly asking out of curiosity now.

“Dad did Ruby, but it's also a reminder of the past. To be what Raven and I are, you have to separate yourself completely. Or at least that's how I survived. Becoming a whole other person of yourself until you make yourself believe that is who you are. There's nothing to go back to. No past to bind you. I saved her because I wanted to be the one to break her, not some dumb Grimm.”

“Well...Blake does believe in personifying people into words.”

“What's yours?”

“Purity. And before you ask, I am not telling you yours. You have to ask her, but preferably after you showed and changed. And turn that hook in for your robotic arm. Oh! And definitely invite her for dinner.”

“Seriously?” She started for the shower. “Dinner?” She raised an eyebrow with questions.

“It's a thank you, type deal and she deserves to meet the real you. Not the person everyone else sees, the you that I see. And show her the hideout for goodness sake. She'd love those romantic knight in shining armor books.”

“Thanks Rubes.” She bear hugged her sister.

“Yang...can't breathe...go shower.”

“Alright, alright I'll go.” She chuckled disappearing behind the door. After she showered, changed and replaced her hook with her mechanical arm she went to go find her hero and savior, the cat eared Faunus. Not finding her on the deck, she looked up and sure enough in the highest crow’s nest, there she was sitting gracefully. She untied the rope and rose to the top hopping next to the dark haired beauty. She tried saying hi but her mouth wasn't her own. “What kind of fighter are you anyway, princess? You almost got yourself pregnant out there.”

“Excuse you, if it wasn't for me, you'd be her slave all over again.” She was confused as it was a weird way to say thank you.

“She knows to leave me alone thank you very much. Once Ruby was safe, I was never in danger.” She lied and her smile showed it.

“Try telling her that.” She said sarcastically.

“Without your weapon, you wouldn't survive on your own.” She smirked.

“I've done just fine without it before.” She defended knowing the blonde was right.

“When you live under mommy and daddy's roof maybe. What you need is a real master to teach you the art of hand to hand combat.” She raised her fists with one corner of her mouth raised.

“And I suppose you are that master?” She raised an eyebrow. “Not bad with a sword, but it needs work.” She challenged back.

“Yeah.” She scoffed. “How about you accompany me to dinner?” Yang's eyes turned to lilac and she was confused at first almost falling off the edge if it weren't for the rail. She looked around and the Faunus looked at her confused. “I'm okay. Just wondering how I got here is all.” Blake was even more confused raising both eyebrow higher. “I was supposed to ask you...” Her cheeks pinked with a nervous smile as she scratched the back of her head.

“If you’re talking about a date, you just did.” She was still confused an eyebrow raised with sarcasm in her voice.

Yang was confused. Date? When? Yang looked defeated but forced a smile, scratching her head. “That's not exactly a yes or no answer.”

“I'd love to, but first I want to know your name, your birth name and your normal eye color.” Her eyes serious.

“, I mean...” Clears throat. “My” This is physically painful. “Y-ya-ang X-i-a-Xiao Lo-ong.” She stuttered, huffed and chocked. “Yang Xiao Long and lilac.” She forced.

“That was the most intense introduction I have ever heard. It sounded like it hurt.” She giggled.

“You're lucky you're cute, that was physically painful. Even worse than Ruby's pinches.” Receiving a raised eyebrow. “Don't ask. So...I'll see you at sundown?”

“Sundown.” Blake repeated returning to her book with a smile.

“See ya then. Oh! And before I go what's my personification word?” Nearly sprinting down with the rope.

“Still deciding, try again later.” She smiled.

“Ruby? What the hell am I going to wear?” She half shouted half questioned. Mostly freaked out as she wanted to dress to impress. “What kind of relationship would this be anyway? It's already awkward enough I raped her, forced her to orgasm, and shoved things in places most uncomfortable for my pleasure. This isn't going to work out.”

“You know sis, it's nice to have the old you back. You've never been this nervous before.”

“That's because I have emotions again, I actually care about what I do and the effects it has. I can't do this.” She said defeated. Both the sisters knew she was up for the challenge and wouldn't back down.

“Here, try this one.” She handed her an outfit that would dressed to kill.

“Ruby I'm not trying to get in her pants on the first-second date. I mean I now I already have, but I mean willingly.”

“Consider this the first date, as she gets to meet the real you. And don't think about what has been, only what will be.”

“Well, part of me would explain why my brain's been getting into arguments with itself again. Not to mention I don't even remember asking her out or how I even got to her location. What about this one?” She tried to change the subject.

“Really? No wonder you're nervous, you really need me.” She smiled.

“You're not helping my confidence at all. I used to be confident, then I changed and read people I don't know how to be me. Who is me? Who am I?” She sat on the bed defeated.

“You've been in a façade way too long. You really are nervous.” Ruby shook her head. “How about this one?”

“You know what? Fine...Whatever...the sun is almost down I don't have time to argue.” She was down in the dumps at this point.

“You really are nervous...I don't remember a time you were this snappy...or you're hungry?” She questioned.

“Both. Ruby, I'm nervous, I'm hungry and I've missed out on three days of my life. And I feel like I'm sweating profusely. Is it hot in here?” She opened a window and put on male deodorant and sprayed cologne on her wrists and neck. “She's out of heat right? You helped her with that?”

“I really hope that other you never returns. I missed you...I didn't even know you were missing.” Ruby jumped into her sister's arms hugging her and crying into her shoulder.

“Ruby...I...I've missed you too and if you don't stop I'm gonna cry and I'll have to postpone this date. I don't cry pretty.” She let go of the younger. “Please, let me dress in peace. And without the fear of crocodile tears. Rhyming, old self.”

“Alright sis, have fun good luck, oh and take some of that dust, it'll help. And show her the real you after eat. The library, she'll love it, especially the smut section.”

“Ruby!” She said annoyed.

“Right, leaving.” She smiled and disappeared out the door.

After changing, she let the trap door go and pressed the button to set up the table. Cursing her thoughts as why it did this in the first place. After the table, she remembered the dust and took it so now no worries about an erection. She remembered the bow she got earlier and found it in her jacket. Somehow it survived, somehow I survived. She went to the door and waited outside. Trying to distract herself from her nervousness. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Just be you, but I don't even know who that is anymore. Just roll with it. It's part of who you are. Her thoughts were interrupted by a beautiful cat eared Faunus walking up the stairs. Her dress a dark purple dress stopping at her knees, a thick black bow tied into a ribbon underneath her chest, and black strapped heels.

It's inappropriate to stare, it's inappropriate to stare, it's even more appropriate to stare with you mouth open. Are my palms sweaty? Why am I so nervous? Breath in, breath out. Okay, I got this. “Hello milady. Right this way.” Yang said taking her hand, leading her down to the dinning room. She cursed herself for the accent. I should really reverse these room, it's so weird staring at the bed before going to the dinning area. Why is this just now bothering me? This woman should hate me for what I did. I saved her for all the wrong reasons. She pulled out the chair and allowed her to sit. Yang grabbed two glasses, on with wine and the other water and placed them in front of Blake before giving herself water.

“Wow, this is a change from before. You really are Yang Xiao Long.” She teased giggling. Yang felt her stomach drop at the mention of her name but tried to laugh it off. “You're really nervous aren't you?” The beauty asked.

“Me nervous, nah, no way. I am a confident young dragon.” She nervously laughed taking a drink of water.

Blake chuckled. “Confidence is quiet, you are not.” She mused with a smile.

Yang giggled nervously. “You caught me, I am really nervous, I don't wanna mess this up. You are absolutely stunning, amazing, and beautiful. I...I don't deserve you, know you.”

Blake reached out a hand holding Yang's. “It's a bridge under water. Ruby explained to me how things work. It was really sad actually, I nearly teared up.” She lied as she let tears flow as Ruby was telling her. “A life so bad that you had to create another persona of yourself in order to survive.”

“I mean...I...I'm sorry, I'm sorry about everything from before. Could you...could you forgive me?”

“I already have.” Or so she told herself only to lighten the mood. “Oh look dinner's here, let's not dwell, let's eat. I imagine you are starving after being knocked out.”

“Worse than you when your stomach growled.” Both laughing in response. In the back of Yang's mind Ruby's words of the hide out kept popping up, more importantly, they types of literature she could tease on. “So what kind of books do you like?”

“Don't judge, this is going to sound clique-.” She was interrupted.

“I have no right to.” She looked down at her plate nearly empty only to refill it.

Waving her off trying to lighten the mood again. “I like the night in shining armor, rescue the damsel in distress type.”

“You're quite the romanticist then? I remember you mentioned a fiancé. Was he your knight?”

“No, it was expected. One of those boring novels where the girl is expected to marry someone she barely knows. Or at least it was...” She smiled wide.

“'Was?” Yang tilted her head to one side.

“'Til she's wisked away from her boring life. Not under the greatest of circumstances after first, but then realizes things could be different if she gave it a shot falling for the person who took her on a life of adventure.”

“That does sound really cliché. I kinda like those stories, slightly. Except it's not realistic.” She could've gone to Menagerie if she wanted to. I was passed out for three days. Why did she not leave? Hell, I would've. But maybe I didn't push her enough as I thought. What if she imprinted as there was a master/pet relationship? I'm a despicable human being.

“Yeah, I don't know, I mean it sounds really weird....strange. And maybe a certain brunette with red streaks convinced me, but whatever the case, I'm glad I stayed.” She had felt the connection to stay. Her physical body was claimed as other than the rough treatment from the bite, everything wasn't so bad. She wasn't sure what it felt like to imprint on someone but she feared she might've.

“That 'brunette with red streaks also told of some of your other choices in reading. Care to elaborate?” She wore her best shit eating grin, but nothing malicious like before.

It was her turn to blush. “Yeah...just some 'filth' reading, nothing too crazy.”

“It might be too soon to ask, and you don't have to answer” she added quickly “what's your sexual fantasy or fantasies? Please don't be shy. ”

She found herself able to look at the blonde, but turning into a new shake of pink. “It's of them is my hero rescuing me, scooping me into their arms and then...but the other.” She quickly added. “was...a little bit more pained than what I've would've liked, but it was the S&M stuff.” She officially turned away as she was pink.

“ way...wait mean you...? Seriously? You are full of surprises.” She took another sip. “My other...I mean...I...I would've obliged you” she quickly added. “but I wouldn't of you...know struck you as hard. And I'm sorry, it was...”

“Will you please stop apologizing? I mean, I don't completely blame you, maybe only blame you a little bit. It was what you were taught and only what you know. If it weren't for your guardians, you would've not been able to change.”

“Ruby was big part of that. It took a while, but it was a drunk uncle who really missed who I was and a crazy sister who says she gets her advice from me and it will take that one special girl to wake me from this spell.”

Blake shut her eyes trying to keep her composure while staring at her plate. I see she still teases. So that was part of her nature. Time to turn the tables. “What are your fantasies, sexual exploits?” She rested her chin on top of both her hands smiling innocently.

“Honestly,” She rubbed the back of her neck.”I've done just about everything under the sun. A lot of it isn't boring, but it's not exactly spicy anymore. I mean...I wouldn't mind doing those things. I know. But there is two things I always enjoy.” She added quickly “One I just don't want to talk about it yet, especially while we eat. And yours but the reversed and leaving me passed out from the pain and sometimes depending on the severity, fighting for my life.”

Now she got Blake curious. But she took her word for it. Blake was trying to think of a topic of conversation. “I saw your coloring pages while on the crows nest.” Yang spit out her water toward the wall trying to aim at the ground and got mid air while starting into a fit of cough. Banging her chest as she gasped for air. “Are you okay?”

Yang raised up a finger, starting to catch her breath pounding her chest with her fist. “Ag-agin wi-with th-is? I-I'm I-I'm good. That..was..unexpected. I didn't think anyone but the lookout would find it, and even fewer who would know it was mine.”

“Why were you shocked?” She was concerned and curious.

“ reminds me of when I was a kid again. Carefree, happy, my dad making dinner and my mom reading bedtime stories. 'The knight in shining armor' you called them. It also keeps me calm, happy and gives me something to do. That doesn't involve hunting or sex.”

“Hunting? On land? What do you hunt?” She was confused and wanted clarification.

“Sharks, narwhals and whales mostly. Maybe we should have shark meat for dinner one night. I mean, if you're up for it?” She shrugged trying not to seem hurt if she said no.

“Yang Xiao Long, are you asking me to another date?” She half shouted mostly pleased.

She cringed at hearing her full name, but it wasn't spite or malice, there was no fury or anger behind it. It was soft and kind. She left out a sigh and let herself relax. She looked at the partner and saw the worry in her eyes. “It'll take some getting used to. Don't worry about it.” Now it was her turn to hold her partners hand. “I actually like the way you say it, it's...normal.”

“Oh right...” She nervously chuckled. “Your not used to 'normal'.” She stared at the floor until a hand squeezed hers.

“Hey,” she softly spoke “don't worry about it.” Her smile of kindness.

Blake couldn't help but smile in return. She felt obligated to end this evening on a good note. “When do you think Ruby will go on land again?”

“I don't know, by the time we get to where were going her injury might be healed.”

“With as hard as you punched her? I wouldn't be surprised if her face caved in.”

“Oh stop.” She laughed. “I did not punch her that hard. You're just teasing me.”

“Fine, if you don't believe me, why don't you ask Ruby.” She smirked. Yang felt she should've noticed her ears flick with the sound.

A voice called from upstairs. “Huh? What? I heard my name.” She walked to the trap door and stared down the two people cute enough to be a couple. “I'll leave you ladies in peace.”

“Ruby, wait” Blake called never taking her eyes of Yang. “Would you say Yang punched Raven's face hard enough that it's indented?”

The girl thought, then nodded. “Most definitely, if her face isn't indented, she left some kind of burned scar issue.”

“Thank you Ruby, that is all.” She turned back to the older sibling. “Told ya.”

“I was trying to be modest, but you are absolutely right. I carved her face in.” She smile of confidence. Blake wasn't sure why, but she loved that smile. “What are you smiling for?”

“Oh! It's-it's nothing.” Hoping to cover up her lie.

“I'll take your word for it. Just know I don't believe you.” She grinned.

“Your eyes...they change color?”

“I was born with lilac but with my façade, I changed with it. When my semblance heats up my eyes change color.” After some uncomfortable silence.

“I'm...uh...I'm good here, if you don't need anything. Please, excuse me.” She put the napkin down and went to get up.

“Blake, wait.” The blonde said rising from her chair. “Before you go, there's...something I wanna show you.” She grabbed her by the hand gently. This caused Blake to blush but the blonde didn't notice as she led Blake to an empty wall. “There's a reason this room is small.” She let go of Blake's hand and with her foot pushed the bottom of the base board and pushed upward until she grabbed it with her hands and pushed until an opening was revealed. “I...this was my safe place to get away and get lost. I fell asleep in here more times than I care to remember trying to get to a fairy-tale world.” She stepped aside allowing Blake to enter first. “Don't be shy.”

As Blake walked in, her mouth hung as she stared at the thousands of books. Her eyes drifted upward to the second floor. She's seen the library of Alexandra in pictures and was pretty sure this rivaled her. It looks a like a maze to get lost in. Corners and dead ends covered in books. Yang couldn't help but stare at her ass for a bit. It's rude to stare. She told herself.

Blake heard a click and looked over to the woman who had a scroll in her hand. Laughing out loud now. “You..should see...the look on your face. As a matter...of, look for yourself.” She gave her scroll to Blake and grasped her stomach. “Aaahhh, pain...can't...I can't breath.” She was hyperventilating now as she caught her breath. She noticed Blake giggling a little bit. Handing her back her scroll. “I'm glad you like it. Your section, my dear,” grabbing Blake's hand dragging her through the maze “is right here, at least...your romance novels are.” She let Blake wonder for a bit. When their gazes met she grabbed Blake's hand again. “Your other section” she said pulling the book out of the wall and pressing a button “is behind here.” The wall slid to the left revealing an open room. “Ladies first.” She winked. Blake didn't let go of her hand as she walked forward. Gripping the a little tighter, with quite a bit of slack. This section was smaller, but still enough to hold a large green couch in royal movies. The amount of books numbering in the hundreds. Three large library sized book cases against the wall. Her eyes wondered for a specific book, there is was. Her eyes widened. Ninjas of love, all the volumes. She had to keep herself from gasping.

“Some of my favorites.” She followed Blake's eyes to see where she was looking. “The couch there, is meant to masturbate...I mean if you like that sorta thing. I' is your space as well. I want you to come and go as you see fit. If you want any other of the hidden passages let me know. And when you go back to Menagerie, you can bring however, whatever many books you like. I'” she cleared her throat “leave you be.”

As the hand was slipping away, Blake spun around and kissed her cheek. She had no idea what came over her. “Thank you.” She whispered in the blondes ear. She was shocked as the blonde talked about sending her home without any repercussions and without her being pregnant or nothing too serious.

“You're welcome, Blake.” She said kissing the pale hand before turning away.

Yang went to her desk pulled out her earphones, went to another drawer pulling out her coloring supplies and went back to the library, trying to be as quiet as possible. She made her way to the main lounging area. Put on her headphones, plugged them into her scroll and continued listening to her audiobook, The Women's Murder Club. She picked up her picture, color by number patern, took her markers and scraped it along the edge. She don't know how it happened, but she was very OCD about getting it into the next block. The pattern she guessed was a frog. She was so engrossed in coloring that she didn't even notice the dark haired woman was next to her until she felt the cushion push down. She looked over to a face smiling back then opening the book to read. The eyes wide in shock as she felt a head rest against her shoulder. She stopped coloring knowing she was going to mess up with the maneuvering of paper or make the Faunus feel uncomfortable with her movements. She listened to her track resting her hand on top of the other. After a few hours of not doing anything but listening, she was bored and tired. She paused her track removing ear bud that was farther from the woman next to her closed, her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

Yang awoke to the sun hitting her eyes. Reflectively she tried to stretch but felt a weight on her shoulder. She turned and saw the sleeping faunus. Wow, she looks so peaceful and beautiful. But it can't happen! This can't happen. Shit! Second time I ever slept with someone next to me without sex. Raven won't stop 'till she's dead or everyone I care about is killed, if her choice, it would be by her hand. Enjoy the moment, once were back in Menagerie, she'll go back to her family where she belongs. Wonder if her fiance is still waiting for her? Enjoy the moment. She kept still as she inserted her earbud and played the audiotape. A couple chapters in and she felt the onyx haired woman stir. She slowly opened her eyes blinking away sleep. Wow, she really does have cat eye slits when the sun's peering in. She paused her tape.

“Morning.” She said dryly.

“Morning. How'd you sleep?” She stretching like a cat yawing amazing she could string words together after waking up.

“Comfortably. You?”

“Your head is soft and warm, best sleep I've had in a long time.”

“Can't function, need caffeine tea.” She continued stretching. It was the only words she could piece together after years.

Sliding away from the pale woman she jumped up. “I know just the thing. I'll be back.”

While the blonde disappeared Blake looked at her scroll to see what she was listening to. Women's Murder Club? I never would've guessed. She let out a cat yawn stretching herself out before walking around a little. I wonder if she knows she snores? Blake was looking at all the different books in the sections. You can tell no one ever comes down here, or at least an organized female. The sections aren't even labeled. As she was lost in thought she heard the familiar foot steps. Rushing back to her seat in front of the table before sitting down. She scrunched her nose at the smell of coffee. She shrugged figuring it was all she had. She didn't like coffee as it upset her stomach to the point she would throw up.

“Here.” handing her cup to Blake.

“How'd you know of my crest? I almost feel bad drinking this.” She said bleary.

“It's on your pants and your weapon. got you something.”

“Yang, stop. Me function. We talk.” She took pauses trying to piece words. She took a sip and she could swear by the stuff. It was like her taste buds were dancing.

“Got it, sorry.” She scratched the back of her neck.

Yang then continued coloring, half way done. It's a frog, but what is the rest of this, oh no don't tell me I'm running out of ink. Damn it! Now the rest of it won't look right. Despite how crazy she looked or felt, she took the marker and turned it upside down and shook it. Then resumed coloring, when it was fading again she took the cap off and touched the tip to her tongue it didn't taste bad but it helped with the color, if only for a little bit. She forgot she had company right next to her. And judging from her face of questions she saw her being weird.

“It helps get out the color, so I can color longer. Oh, right, function, sorry.”

“No, I'm functioning. You’re...actions helped with that.” She tried not to think as Yang weird considering her actions over the last few days. "You said you have something for me?”

“Just call me a coloring weirdo if you want. Oh yeah, here.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a black ribbon. You said you used to wear one and I wasn't sure if you wanted to wear it since we're not in Menagerie."

“Thanks." She took it and almost put it on but tucked it away. "You know you snore right?”

“Says the one who purrs.” Before Blake could interject. “I do, but mostly when I'm comfortable and safe, or sick, which I'm not. I wasn't loud where I was disturbing your reading or sleep, was I?”

Blake shook her read “No. And I have a request, if I may?”

“Ask away.”

“If I'm going to be in here more often, could you maybe...label the sections of the library so I know what I'm looking at?”

Yang nodded. “Kit..I mean Blake, I know you have more to ask. I can see it in your eyes.” She rested her hand on top of the the pale hand. “I can't help if you don't let me or tell me. What is it?” She felt incredibly weird saying such words especially after everything she did.

“It's...I could get lost, maybe and exit sign if not fake foot prints so I know the way? And...” She looked into Yang's eyes eager for her to go on. “Possibly a sign that tells me where all the false walls are?”

“See?” The sun kissed blonde smiled. “That wasn't that so hard was it?”

Blake shook her head and returned to her book, she would use her ribbon as her book mark. “Have you really read every single book?” She questioned.

“Would you believe me if I told you I haven't read a single one? Some of them are in glyphs.” Blake's eyes went wide placing her book down and staring. The woman was laughing. “You haven't noticed. The books are bigger than usual because there's a device in the back, allows me to connect to my scroll so I can listen to it.” Blake shook her head. “I don't have the patience to read like you do. After a paragraph my brain confuses the words and I have to reread sentences sometimes paragraphs, or I get lost and have to reread pages. Blake picked up a book and began to read where she left off. The blonde got off the couch. “I'll be back. If you need to leave, come with me.” Blake decided to get up and follow, just in case.“Take your book with you in case you get bored.” She collected her book, placing the ribbon as a placeholder and followed. Blake reached out and wrapped her hand around the other. The taller responded by hugging her hand back. Both their hearts fluttering. I can't keep doing this. She needs to go back to Menagerie. She's safer away from me. She has a life, a family, people who care about her. What was I thinking? You were thinking... A darker voice spoke in her brain. Stop! I know what I was thinking. Just lead her out and place the exit sign or foot prints, I'll worry about the walls later. Although, what's the point if she's leaving soon anyway? Wait, if she's leaving soon why-? Shit! Is she thinking about staying? The dinner table had been cleared and is no longer standing. Ruby. They walked up the stairs still hand in hand balancing each other. The younger sibling sound asleep on the bed. Yang let go as she approached her desk. Blake headed out the door placing the book on a dresser before departing. Yang plopped in her chair. Groaning quietly in frustration. She mentally kicked herself for her feelings. If you'd let me take over, you would've cum inside her already. No strings attached. No! I won't take her that way, not anymore. I won't take her at all. After we get these guys, we're headed for Menagerie and I will never have to see her again. We will never see each other again. Her heart winced in pain. Just like when she was child. Under too much stress it physically showed.

“Yang, what's wrong?” Yang shook her head dismissing her worry. “I know that face. You're in pain.”

“It's nothing Ruby, please, go back to sleep. I'm fine.”

“First,” the short bobbed haired girl got up from the bed walking toward her sister “I was only pretending to be asleep when I heard you two come up. Second, you're stressing even lightly. Third, I saw you two holding hands and she has a black ribbon in her book.”

“Ruby it's-Ah!” Her hand grabbed where her heart would've been if it was protruding. Her eyes burned red.

“Yang!” Ruby yelled embracing her.

“It's fine. Go do something. I have to focus on these charts and try to navigate without the stars.”

“Yang... I” Ruby's silver eyes filled with worry.

“Ruby, please, just leave me be. I got this.” She gave Ruby one of her smiles to reassure her eyes return to lilac.

“Okay...I'll go get something to eat, you want anything?”

“No thanks.” She still felt some pain in her heart. Do I continue playing a familiar façade or do I dive right into uncertainty? She's not even here that long. Why do I feel this attachment? I'm not a Faunus, I can't imprint. I don't even feel this way with Pyrrha and we've been together for years. The only other person to compare it to is Ruby, but it's not that intense. What makes her so different? Why is she so special. No! I'm not changing. This is me!.

Ruby knew better, when her sister didn't want to eat after feeling stress pain, she knew something was wrong. Her personas, they're conflicting. I have to help her. But I can't be over bearing otherwise she'll worry even more. She'll know I'm onto her. Should I involve Blake? No, not yet. She went to the kitchen grabbing two plates. Knowing exactly what her sister likes. Eggs, bacon, waffles light syrup. I will force this down her throat if I have to. She returned to the lodge easing the door open before entering with both hands full. “Hey sis, I got you this.”

“Damn it Ruby!” She slammed the pencil down. “I appreciate you care, but really I'm not...” A growl filled the room.

“Your stomach says otherwise. I will force this down your throat, if you don't eat. If you continue to reject me I will have Blake tie you up and...”

“Okay fine.” She said defensively grabbing the plate.”You're so annoying.” She smiled grateful her sister is a pain. “Thank you Ruby.”

“You're welcome. I'll go clear your stuff out of the library.” She started off toward the trap door.

“Wait, Ruby”


“Can you...will you create foot prints in the library leading toward the exit and you can see them no matter where you are? Maybe some signs to label each section or a map with different passages to each section.” Am I really asking her thins!? I'm such an idiot. I just told myself I wasn't going to do this.

“Yeah, sure...but what for?”

“It's for Blake so she doesn't get lost.” She look at Ruby when she didn't receive a response and was met an all too familiar smirk. “No-no-no-no-no...” Yang was waving her hands “Ruby don't look at me like that. Ruby stop smirking. Stop making that face. You know what, fine. She's worried she'll get lost in there, and with as much as she likes books, even with her sense of direction....No, no-I am stopping right there. Ruby stop making that face. You're smirking again. Don't make me tickle you.”

“It's so fun to tease you. I missed this.” She hugged her sister.

“It's weird being on the receiving end. I missed you too.”

“Don't mention it. Oh! Can we make a stop somewhere? I need something to help me with the library. But for now I'll use paper and arrows.”

Yang shook her said and smiled. She turned to her desk estimated where they were on the map, used a protractor and compass to find their degrees. “I gotcha Ruby.” She winked and went to the helm with her compass in hand.

Chapter Text

What if Ruby's right? What, I can't think like that. You know what I want? I want Ice Cream. She walked around deck. Her shortness makes her so far to find. It's cute though. She decided to get a bird eye landing on the wooden bar that held the sail. She looked around her for good measure. Where is she? Ah! She hoped down landing on several bars closer to the deck before landing on it. She went down to the sleeping area and she was fucking the rabbit Faunus. She looked up when she saw the captain.

“Don't stop on my account.” Sir stated leaning against the wall enjoying the show. Her red eyes all too familiar with the scene.

Neo only sped up her movements. Sir looked around and saw the brown hair lighter tipped female beat up and spent on the bed next to theirs, her face disapproving at what she was seeing. Sure Neo was short, but she could fight with her semblance and flexibility.

“Take your time Ice Cream, you're next.” She narrowed her eyes and licked her lips.

She stepped behind Coco, unzipping her pants to release her shaft and pushed forward in one shot causing her to grunt. She gave no time for recovery and she pushed in and out of her pussy fast and hard. Sir barely made any noises and kept pounding while Coco gripped the sheets tightly groaning in displeasure.

“You like the way I fill you? There's more cumming on the way.” She sneered. Pounding one hard hit then moved to her ass and pushed forward. The woman beneath her worming and panting trying to get away but the muscular woman held her down. “If I didn't know any better I'd say you almost don't want me inside you. But struggling makes me feel better.” Sir eased her pounding wanting to drag this out. Hearing her victim vocally complain was a turn on. She was trying to kick her legs which Sir held dragging her body back on her shaft. Defensive when it comes to Kitty and Ruby no complaints for anyone else. Deciding she'd drag this out long enough, she pounded in and out of the ass hard, leaving the area red. Coco tried to scream in pain but failed with how beat up and spent she was.


“” She whimpered feeling the ropes of hot seed fill her up.

Sir pulled out and wiped her member on the sheets cleaning it. She looked at Neo who was giving her bedroom eyes, one pink and one brown. Sir, zipped up her pants, took Ice Cream's hand and let her to her quarters. She half expected to see the Faunus there but happy she wasn't. She threw Neo onto the bed and went to the dresser pulling out a pink wrapper. She unzipped her pants placing the condom on as Neo prepared her vaginal opening.“Nuh uh. Strawberry flavor, just for you my little treat. When the flavor runs out, spread your legs for me and I'll take you how and where you want.” She booped her nose. Neo opened mouth, teasing it first with kisses and licks enjoying the flavor. Sir was moaning in response and grew louder as her balls were played with. Neon licked everywhere she could, making the flavor last as long as possible. She took the head in her mouth and pushed down as far as she could gagging a bit she still had five inches left, Sir loved how willing she was and didn't force anything.“Don't hurt yourself.” Sir leaned back her hands going behind her back as she grabbed the bed sheet not wanting the shorter woman to see what she was doing to her. Neo pulled back and started sucking all the flavor out of the base. Once completed, she leaned back spreading her legs.“Point to the hole you want me.” Sir asked. Neo pointed to her pussy and ass. “Enjoy the earlier show did we?” Sir eased into her pussy first feeling her tight walls. “Nobody's been able to beat you and take you as of yet? This pleases me.” Once inside all the way she started slow but hard. Not doing any harm or causing any pain. She liked her small toy and knew she was tough but didn't want to break her. “Too bad Torchwich destroyed your voice, I'd like to hear you screaming for me. But with the way your body moves, I can tell you enjoy this, maybe even more than I do.” Sir sped up but kept her force the same. She could feel her pushing herself into her for more friction. “You want me to go hard?” She nodded. Sir sped her movements faster and pounded hard at a comfortable speed for most of the females she's taken. She could see her treat was close and started kissing her neck licking and sucking. A few moments later she felt her shake under her. She slowly brought her down. She pulled out and threw the condom in a nearby trash taking the lube out of the nightstand and jumped on up of the still shaking woman. She squirted it onto her finger and massaged the outside of the tighter hole. Neo was trying to move to put the finger inside her. “Hey, I am not causing you any pain and others getting the jump on you and stretching you out before I take you again.” She placed her finger inside going to the first knuckle. Neo shook because of the coldness of the lube. “I'll warm it up.” She clicked her tongue. “Just for you.” She activated activated her semblance just enough to burn. She continued her motions going to the second knuckle and felt so resistance. The eager recipient pushed herself back finger completely inside her. Sir pulled her finger out and replaced it with two and pushed all the way in, slight resistance at first until her walls gave in. Sir was too impatient to wait. “Pound the bed twice if you want me to slow down. Once to stop.” She lined her cock with the rear entrance and lubed it before pushing the head in slowly. Feeling her walls clenching at it she stayed there, when they relaxed she eased herself forward with the slowness of Tai Chi martial arts. Her walls reluctant but slowly opening. Once fully inside she grunted at how slow the process was annoying her. She stayed there for a few moments until the strawberry vanilla female was moving her backside. She grabbed onto her hips and moved slowly in and out pushing Ice Cream back and forth allowing her to take more inches. Sir wanted nothing more than to rut her like she did Coco, but she was smaller and because of her power she was not fucked with often but doing the fucking. She didn't want to hurt or break her like her past abuser nearly did. Sir went a little faster and slightly harder to see what she could get away with. She could see Neo was struggling with her fists clenched but not pounds yet. She kept her motions the same. Once her walls relaxed more she when harder but kept the same pace. It was the same as fucking her pussy. Since her treat was taking this so well Sir decided to reward her by taking her metal hand placing it near her clit and turning the vibration on low. She could see her shaking slightly after a few moments turned the vibration to medium after a few moments she felt her walls shake as she came.
“Good girls, good reward. Since you were taking this so well, you deserve a reward.” Sir kept her pace the same as she was coming down. After a few minutes she sped up her motions pounding her the same. She felt herself about to explode and wanted to rut her. “Sugar, I'm going to explode soon. Pound the bed twice if I can rut you.” Once pound. Two pounds. Without any more convincing Sir grabbed her backside forcing her in and out as hard and as fast as she could go. She could feel sweat on her forehead and she was close. Both of them were shaking together becoming one, after too much Sir orgasmed inside her and was bringing herself down from her high. She stayed all the way inside once complete and brought the vibrator to Neo's sweet spot on medium vibration and watched her shake as didn't take long for her to climax Sir following close behind her squirting stream and after stream. Both collapsed onto the bed and Sir not wanting to pull out just yet. Can we try not to be seen by Blake? Why do you care all the sudden? I like her. Should've thought of that before you created me, besides, I have one more round left. Sir steadily pulled out of her small prize and went to the bathroom to wash everything off. She returned and her Ice Cream was gone as was expected. Good,time for round three.

Sir zipped up her pants and looked around the deck spotting her favorite redhead and person.

“Hey you, ya busy?”SHe asked with her arms folded knowing full well she wasn't.

“I am never too busy for you, master.” Pyrrha replied seductively.

“No master today, let's hit the bedroom, hard.” She smiled

“Lead the way, Sir.” She smiled looking forward to this.

Sir lead her inside allowed her to take a couple steps toward the bed before closing the door, blocking it and tacking the warrior onto the bed hungrily kissing her and lightly bitting her neck while her hands busied removing her clothing. Both were moaning, hissing and breathing into each other. With most of Pyrrha's clothing removed and unzipped her pants and let her penis free. Sir licked and sucked the middle of Pyrrha's chest, teasing her. The receiver was arching her back and groaning in response to be being teased. She bit her lip as not to say anything against it.

“Talk to me, let me know how good you feel.” She kissed her lips.

“Please Sir, stop teasing.” She begged.

“Since you begged so nicely.” She smirked.

She lined her self up and pushed into into the pink entrance. The redhead howling as she did so. Sir back up only keeping her head in and pushed forward. She went fast and hard into her knowing she could take it. Sir liked Pyrrha but only as a play thing. It was her warrior skills and physique that she was attracted to. Pyrrha had fallen in love with Sir and couldn't get enough of her. She knew she was only a submissive to her alone, but with their relationship she saw Sir as her girlfriend girlfriend. She partially knew how the relationship worked and had asked if she had the necklace, permanently making her a submissive to Sir. Sir had told her no that she would have to ask Raven for the one that ran in the family. Sir continued to pound her, shaking her inner walls and through her body. After her previous sessions she felt herself about the explode. She pounded two more times and pulled out rubbing her shaft in Pyrrha's awaiting mouth who gulped every last drop. Pyrrha laid there basking in the warmth and after glow. Sir falling on top of her had resting in her nice breasts.

Ruby had seen her sister go down to the quarters and bring two women who were not Blake into her cabin. It upset her since she had seen a piece of her that she thought no longer existed since they were reunited. After the years of hiding herself away she was finally resurfacing. Of course Sir had to ruin it by taking over.

Blake was in the library and had heard only the bed creaking and some low groans and went to look and was scared and surprised seeing the red eyes once more. After their last dinner, she was hoping things could be different and she could wipe the slate clean. She fooled herself into staying. She went back to reading until she heard the noises again, even louder than before and two voices. She thought she was going crazy. Have multiple partners and orgasms one after another. She wanted to avoid going back up until the room was free of the smell of sex. She wanted no part of this.

Chapter Text

Yang woke up and found herself on top of Pyrrha who was still sleeping. What? Fuck! You bastard! You're not wrong. The voice laughed. Fuck you! Yang removed herself and opened the window. She zipped up her pants and went to the kitchen for coffee. While outside, she was looking around for the familiar Faunus and instead she found Ruby, or rather Ruby found her. Silver meeting lilac covered with sunglasses she crossed her arms over her chest tapping her foot.

“Is Pyrrha gone?” Ruby glared at her

“No.” She sighed. “How bad do I have to apologize?”

“I know for fact you slept with two different women Neo and Pyrrha. Could've been three with your sex drive.” She said sarcastic.

She sighed heavily. “Did Blake see?”

“Haven't seen her since you two had dinner.” Her words cold.

She rubbed her hands down her face. “I'm going to get coffee for the both of us.” She turned her eyes red when she saw Coco walking into view but she quickly made a U turn. “I guess Sir-I had fun with Coco too.” She said sadly. She looked at her sister who looked at her with fear. “Ruby, I'm still me, this is for appearances. Imma get coffee, I'll see you around.” She rubbed her knuckles against her chest. As she tried walking away Ruby grabbed her arm and spun her around. “What?”

“You know what!” Anger in her eyes. “You're stressing yourself out again. Let me see your palm.”

“Ruby, I'm fine.” Yang insisted.

“Palm!” Reluctantly she took off her glove and showed Ruby her palm. “You need to stop and talk to a doctor!” She warned.

“I'm fine!”

“Do I need to explain why you're not? You are always trying to take care of me. If the roles were reversed what would you do?”

“Let my sister handle herself.” She lied, knowing Ruby wasn't going to buy it. Only for humor.

“Liar! You are becoming anemic again. Take your iron, the sun will only tan you so much and help. Talk to a doctor about your anxiety or a therapist with your conflicting mind. Or so help me I will force you into the closet to deal with your issues!”

Yang gasp in anger and clenched her teeth, her eyes narrowed. “You wouldn't dare!”

“Try. Me. And I will not leave you passed out, but make your semblance burn.” She warned.

“I'm going to get some meat, that will be my iron and I will stay in the sun all day if it makes you happy.” She left not wanting to discuss further. She grabbed the coffee for her and Blake and her sister was still on the deck glaring at her.

“Where's your 'iron'?” She quoted “You can't spend all day in the sun because someone you care about is in the hideout. Or at least the only other logical place. She had to of heard everything!”

Yang held up her robotic arm. “My 'iron' is right here.” She joked. “It's call avoidance. As a matter of fact, take this coffee, I'm going to the nest. ”

Ruby was unamused and showed it tapping her foot. Yang sighed and walked all the way to the other side of the deck. Ruby burst into petals in front of her still glaring as Yang walked around her. You should've let me deal with that brat! 'That brat' is my sister and she has every right to worry. If the roles were reversed I would've forced something down her throat. And I'm only in this mess because of you! She walked inside and Pyrrha was already gone. She went down to the library seeing Blake with her nose stuck in a book.

“Hey.” Yang said weakly. Blake ignored her. She let out a defeated sigh and sat the coffee in front of Blake and went to take her leave.

“What happened to you yesterday?” She asked coldly not looking up.

“I-it-I can't explain it because I don't really know. It's like I'm fighting myself. Something I haven't done that in some years.” She told the honest truth.

“Could've fooled me.”

“Can you please just yell at me? Tell me how pissed you are. I don't even remember what happened yesterday. All I know is that I woke up and Pyrrha was naked on my bed and I was on top of her. Then I went to get you coffee, Ruby yelled at me then threatened me. Coco saw me and did a one eighty. Ruby told me I was with at least two possibly three women. None of which were just a friendly conversation.”

Blake scoffed set her book down and stood in front of Yang. “You have no idea what happened yesterday?” Yang flopped on the couch as Blake stepped closer to her. “Let me tell you what happened yesterday. First, I'm in the library minding my own business when I hear noises. I got to investigate and your fucking a small pink and dark haired chick who was clearly not enjoying herself because she wasn't making any noises-

“Neo...Roman Torchwich fucked her up so bad she can't speak.” She said sadly. Fuck...

“Wow! Getting second dibs on the abused making it seem like you'll keep them safe. Then I hear you have sex with someone else and both of you being very vocal, Sir!” Yang was holding her chest fighting the pain. Her eyes went red and she stood back up challenging Blake to fight. “How dare you speak to me like this! What right do you have to say who I do and don't fuck, you bitch? You're just a visitor. I fuck people whether they want it or not. ”

“Yang?” She was nervous and scared seeing sad lilac turn to red.

“She told you her birth name did she? Someone must think she's special. That explains the jealousy. You caused her pain. She didn't have the strength to fight back. You want a piece of me, dontcha Kitty?” Just as Sir was going to grab her, Yang's eyes went back to lilac as she kneeled on the ground in pain. The tips of her hair slightly alight as she punched the couch and it rolled back revealing chains underneath it. She cuffed her arms. “Blake run, get out of her!” She yelled in a growl.

“Yang?” She looked at her hurt and confused.

“Go!” She roared. Blake left the library in a hurry and heard Yang's roar as she left.

It wasn't a human roar. It was more of a roar like a lion or one her dad does when he's angry. Blake found Ruby on the deck and told her what happened. Blake was about to drag Ruby with her back to the library when Ruby stopped her. “Blake, there's nothing we can do. She doesn't make any restraints she can't get out off. She still makes them in case she needs to hold herself back, or hold someone back.” She shook her head. “We have to wait this out.” She said sadly.

“So what? We just sit around and do nothing? Wait for her, if it's even her? What the hell happened? Why did it happen? I have no idea what's going on. It's like she's-”

“Blake...follow me.” Ruby interrupted. She led her to the back of the ship another trap door leading down. Blake saw bunk beds and saw Weiss sitting on the bottom bunk her eyes half way glazed over as if she was coming back slowly. She hardly acknowledged them. “Sit.” She gestured to the couch. “This is my official room.” She paused. “Yang is lost and confused. In order to survive, she created someone Raven would acknowledge as her daughter and did the things Yang couldn't bring herself to do. Someone who could follow in her footsteps and have no regrets. That was how she adapted to survive. When Yang first rescued me I saw her lilac eyes everyday she looked at me, then turn red immediately after. But then...after a few weeks, the lilac disappeared, replaced with scarlet burning eyes all the time. As the years passed, I thought Yang was gone for good. That was...until you arrived. She's trying to fight. She hasn't fought herself in years, she's never been this conflicted before you. She's out of practice. She has a double personality not knowing where she was or what she did when she was Yang, just rolled with it. Sometimes It's her alternate or Yang with red eyes. Unless I explained it to her or someone walked up to her or purposefully avoided her did she know what she did, relatively...You have to leave her until she appears as Yang or as Sir. You have to let her fight herself.”

“Ruby, I don't want to just sit back and do nothing! I want to help I-”

“You can't do anything unless you want to get hurt. Unless you want to piss Sir off even more and she will break you for it!” She shouted, her silver eyes were warning. “She almost broke me for it.” She sad sadly nearing tears.

“Ruby please..there has to be something.” Blake requested in the same way.

“Unless you can change the past and never know her at all, there's...wait, there might be something. You said she was trying to fight herself when you yelled at her?” She was filled with hope and she hoped it wasn't false.

“Yes?” Blake raised an eyebrow.

“That's her trigger, Sir likes being yelled at...among other things, but not challenged. Yang fought because she didn't want you to get hurt.” She jumped up in happiness “I knew it!”

“Huh?” Blake was even more confused. She even more so when the smaller girl dragged her up the stairs into the cabin and the library where Yang was chained, roaring and yelling at herself. Fire burning around her.

“Talk to her calmly. Touch her softly.”


“Trust me.”

“I trust you.” Blake swallowed as she walked in front of the blonde slowly seeing the red eyes and fear struck her.

“I told you to get out of here! Go! Leave!” She yelled.

“Yang...” Her voice soft. She reached out to try to touch her and Yang jerked away. She went for another touch and found her skin hot. Yang didn't pull away but was panting as her breath was flying over her right arm facing away from the dark haired beauty. “Yang, you can do this. You can fight, you can win.” A smile on her face as her voice was calm. She saw the flames receding and her skin still warm but not hot.

“Blake...I'm so-” She stopped when she felt the embrace of the Faunus. She was surprised her restraints where undone and she hugged back. Her eyes lowering to her shoulder.

“It's my fault, I shouldn't have yelled at you I'm-”

“Don't apologize for something that is not your fault.”

“But I-”

“Not your fault.” She warned.

After a few moments Blake spoke. “You're so warm.”

“And you feel like an A/C.” She laughed. Yang kissed her cheek as she started to pull away. She pulled Blake to her feet and sat her on the couch. She closed her eyes with her head looking to the floor at the entrance as she started to pull away sighing deeply in disappointment. She felt her human hand make contact and froze. She turned to the person stopping her.

“Sit with me.” She tapped her hand on the stop next to her.

“Let me get my scroll and I'll be back.”

“Or...I could read to you. Your coloring stuff is still here.”

“Alright.” She rolled her eyes with a smile and sat next to her. Arm contact only as they felt each others temperature. Blake continued where she left off. Yang had a shit eating grin on her face as there was a sex scene coming on the next page and wanted to see what Blake would do.

After reading a few pages, Yang couldn't hide her smile as much as she tried. “Maybe you should get your audio book.” She looked away trying to hide her blush.

“And miss the best part? No way. You should continue, your voice is much more soothing and not over played with background music making it better than the professionals.” Yang looked at her with her hands folded behind her head all too pleased with herself.

“I-I'm not that good. I'm sure the 'professionals' do a much better job than me.” She laughed nervously. “I don't think this part would interest you.” She tried to lie.

“Still playing hard to get, huh?” She smirked. “I can dig it. Please continue.” Blake ignored her comment of hard to get and took it at flirting and teasing which she did. Yang went back to coloring. Feeling slightly relaxed as Blake continued and Yang noticed she was swallowing a lot more, panting slightly and her voice getting raspy. “Just so you know, that I know that you know that you are really hot and bothered but...I won't give into you.” She winked. “Keep reading.” She would give into Blake if she wanted it and she knew it. With as perceptive as Blake was, she knew it too. She just played dumb.

Chapter Text

Was was sitting on the pole at the front of the ship reading and listening to the water with the occasional gulls flying overhead. “Terra! Terra!” Called the look out. Wait we still had at least five days until we got to where we were going. Why are we stopping? Of course the bruiser at the helm would have something to do with this. She's been looking at the horizon since this morning. Better go see what's up. She looked into her eyes and it scared her to see them red but she didn't see the evil as before. She tested her luck. “What's going on? I thought we had at least five and half days left?”

“We do Kit-Blake. I had a request made to me earlier and my sister had a bright idea.” She winked.

“What idea might that be?” Blake tilted her head confused.

“I have no idea. But she might as well enjoy land while she can. Be ready, just in case?” The blonde asked and Blake nodded in return. I hate doing this, keeping up appearances. After you're gone, I can focus, get back to the way things were. You don't want that! A voice said. I don't buts, get the crew with different captains that fit each person, sell the ship retire on an remote island with Ruby and Blake might stay. Raven-Ruby can't touch land. Not unless you challenge her. I can't, if I lose, it's over. Then don't lose! I won't win! Once a female reaches three orgasms, that's my limit. I've tried, I've practiced. Just go get something to drink, walk away from the helm and do something. Looking around she saw her sister nervously eager and scared to place her boots on the ground. “Don't worry sis, I got you.” With her confidence boosted she jumped off the boat and landed on solid dirt. Nothing happened. She smiled back at the tall blonde waving her lien in her hand and disappeared into petals. Must've done a number on Raven if she doesn't want to come after Ruby. Just in case, a Strawberry Sunrise sounds good. It's five' o' clock somewhere. Looking around she found the perfect spot. A wooden shack, two stories tall, a long bar island stung out in the middle. She decided to go to the top sitting in the center as always. Can't be too careful. Don't wanna ruin my image. A waiter came up to take her drink order. “Strawberry Sunrise, no ice and an umbrella.” He left down the stairs. She was enjoying the quiet when five losers walked in, demanding their drink orders be ready. Normally this was stupid, but something about them struck her as odd., they were rowdy enough. She pulled out the wanted posters, and sure enough these were her guys. They'll get drunk, start a fight, get kicked out she would take them, kill them... Hold up! Kill? I thought we were past this. Nope, no dice. Have to, part of the contract. A bullet to the head easy enough, take a picture, leave one alive to tell you were their ships are. These punks are easy, just gotta wait them out. Unfortunately, they spotted her, a hot blonde sitting by herself. She cursed herself but played cool. As long as they were inside, she could extract information about their ships. Men loved to talk about themselves.

“Hey cutie, you alone here by yourself?” Man 1.

A figure caught her eye walking through the door. She saw a familiar dark haired Faunus and based on her coming in here, she was looking for someone in particular.

“Yeap.” Be short peak their interests. Ignore her. I know she can hear my voice. The stairs are creaking. Please tell me she's not coming up here! Yang was freaking out on the inside knowing exactly who it was.

“How about we gettcha a drink?” Man 2.

“I'm good, I've got one coming.” But don't drink it cause it could be spiked. “Actually, my friend behind you would love a drink. Isn't that right Kit?” The guys turned and look at her. She wanted to distract them so she could give Blake her warning eyes to leave which she did with her expression and mouth.

“What is it we can get you miss?”

Blake was not backing down. “Water is fine.”

“Hey! Get this lady her drink already and water.” Man 3.

“So sweethearts. Where ya from?” Man 1.

“Both of us are from Vale. How about you all?” Get them to talk about themselves.

“We're all from Atlas. Captains of our own ships, sailors of the dangerous high seas.” Man 1. What an average egotistical male. “Their names are The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, The Galaxy, and The Milky Way.” The sung in unison. “You two wouldn't be interested in joining us would you?”

“Are the names supposed to be some sorta pick up line? Or are those the cheesiest names you could come up with? We're not interested.” Question their pride, it'll lead to a fight.

“Hey! That's not nice, how about some respect?” Man 3.

“I'm not a nice person. I was contracted to kill you, take your flags and bounty for extra money. How about we take this outside?” She told the truth knowing they wouldn't believe her. Challenge them, they won't deny you. Blake looked at her with a shocked expression.

“We offer you a drink try to be nice and you threaten us with lies? You know what blondie? You're on! Is your friend involved in this?”

“Your business is with me, she has nothing to do with this! I don't even know her.” She gritted through her teeth and stood up. They all walked outside civilized before surrounding her. “Before we start, which way are your ships?”

“That way, pointing behind himself.” Man 2.

She made mental note of the surrounding area. Readying her fighting stance, arming herself with Ember Celica. They had worried faces, but wouldn't back down. The first one tried to punch, she pushed his fist down his body following knee bent she stomped on it, cracking was heard. He's not going anywhere, or at least fast. Two attacked at the same time she angled their fists slightly so they punched each other in the face. Knocking them both out. Figuring this was the end, she head shot the two remaining opponents before they tried to run and head shot the other three. She snapped pictures on her scroll and dug through their pockets. Ah ha! She headed off toward their ships. Finding their ships were easy enough and their flags. She snapped each rope individually carrying her so high climbing to taking each flag and folding them away into her pockets. She found a pawn shop and sold all five ships for a decent price considering she had no idea the conditions they were in, the guy wasn't even surprised. None of the crew members offered to join her. She left it at that. She then decided to head back to her the bar to pay for her drink. The bar tender told her it was taken care of and her dark haired friend left. Deciding it was a day and she was pissed, she went to her ship. She went to her cabin, where an angry Blake was waiting for her arms folded. Yang decided it was too early for this and poured herself a shot of whiskey before downing it, trying to maintain her anger as well. She then turned to Blake giving her full undivided attention. As she sat in the chair next to her desk.

“What the hell was that?!”

“I could ask you the same thing. You followed me.” Yang kept her cool.

“I followed you Xiao Long because you went to the shadiest part of town. Usually reserved for folks who don't talk about the weather. Bad business deals. And you go picking fights. I was ready to sit next to you so those creeps would leave you alone. But you wanted a fight. How long were you waiting to fight them? Next, fighting is one thing, but you killed those men in cold blood at point blank range! You knew they didn't stand a chance in a fight and you killed them, took innocent lives like it was the most natural thing in the world!” Yang got up poured a double shot and downed a portion of it before taking it slow. She sat back in the chair. “Fighting a couple and breaking bones, then before the rest could run put a bullet in the back of their heads. You killed them in cold blood! As if that wasn't enough, you rob them of their belongings. There is a special place somewhere for you after you die!” Blake was shouting, seething and panting.

“First off!” She eyes turned red have Blake back a little. “Don't even use my name like that Belladonna! Second, they weren't innocent, here's their wanted posters!” She offered Blake the posters but she still kept her arms crossed, glaring at her. A pissed off Blake is a hot Blake. “Okay fine.” She set the posters on the table. “Third, it was part of the contact I agreed to. No failed jobs! Once we head back, the rest of the supplies will be received. I killed them because I had to. A bullet in their head was mercy compared to what they did. That special place for me, I'm living in one. I will survive another and be the leader if not second best to my mother. I have done much worse in my lifetime that what you saw today. I used to play with my food depending on how bad their crimes. These guys were scum. The contractor wanted them due to extra and unfair taxes. I wanted them for the reason listed on the poster and much worse. Who knows what they got away with.” She signed rubbing her knuckles against her chest. “When the stars come out, the ship and the captain get back to the supplier to collect the rest. And their belongings were part of the bonus part of the contract, extra lien. Fourth, you're only here 'till I take you back to Menagerie.” She sighed. “Listening to Weiss was bad idea, I shouldn't have taken you.” She said mostly herself but Blake heard her anyway. “Lastly, I don't have to explain myself to you! I don't even know why I am.”

“Money? Is that what that was about, stealing their belongings for money?! What if Ruby saw?! She'd see you as a murderer! She'd never look at you the same way.”

“She has never seen me the same way since I brought her aboard. Ruby knows about these contracts. Granted she would tell me if she saw something, be freaked out and sad. That's why I chose a 'the shadiest part of town', away from the happy places Ruby goes to. The by-standards didn't even flinch when they saw what happened. And you don't have to worry about it, after I meet my supplier, I'll take you back to Menagerie, to your home, your family, and maybe your fiance. You can forget everything here and live a normal life again. For me, that's not an option! This is what I know! This is what I'm good at! For Ruby, I wish she didn't have to have this as part of her life, but she refuses to leave. If Raven wasn't always be a threat to her, I'd drop her off in Menagerie with you, at least I'll show she's safe! But no, she goes after Ruby to get back at me for leaving her! She wants Ruby dead! As long as there is blood in my veins, fire in my soul, brain in my head and at least one working limb I will make it my mission to protect her. Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but this is the life that was given to me by the gods and I will continue to defy them! The life I had no choice in making. I don't know how to do anything else. This is and forever will be my life! Once the stars come out we set sail for Menagerie. It'll take us a about two weeks to get there. If you can stand to be around me that long.” Yang stood up. “Are we done here?” Blake nodded her head holding back the tears in her eyes.”I need to hear you say it. It's a respect, business, come to the same understanding type deal.”

“Yes, we're done here.” She forced whatever she had in here at that moment holding back the water that threatened her eyes.

“I'll be in the library away from the couch, that's your space, if you want it.” She turned to Blake grabbed her arm and strapped a restraint to her wrist and the cuff to the dresser. When Blake looked at her hurt an confused. “To ensure you don't follow me.” She applied another handcuff to the other wrist. “For good measure.” She said, void of any and all emotion. She went to the trap door laying her bracelets on the desk. She hated seeing Blake sad. There was nothing I could do, this is what I know. She turned several corners in the maze and found her favorite but least favorite false wall. It was taller with six inches above her head. If she were to lay flat against the floor that would be the width. She listened for any footsteps and satisfied when she heard none. She did hear Ruby's voice call out to her and took the wall out before going in and camouflaging it. Just enough space for me to be alone and no one to disturb me. Blake is probably out of her restraints by now. She won't be able to find me. I had to give myself a head start, she's sneaky like a freaking ninja, she would've followed me and I wouldn't have a safe place anymore. Just like she follow me today! Yang was angry punching the wall angry at herself angry at what her mother turned her into, angry for not protecting Ruby, angry for snapping at Blake and making her feel sad when she wanted to help. That's why she yelled, because she's concerned and mentioning Ruby, she cares about Ruby too. She's here because of Ruby, she hasn't left because of Ruby! Angry her dad and stepmom were gone, angry at her dad for being with her mother, the core of her anger was that she even existed. The room was hot now and she was sweating profusely from the heat, panting in exhaustion. Then Yang did something she hadn't done in years. She cried, cried for the pain she was in, cried for the pain she put her sister through and the pain she put Blake through and soon Blake would be leaving, she'd never see her again. To have her leave angry that was pain but also a plan so she wouldn't miss her. The heartache, the pain in her heart again. Ah, it throbs, it hurts. Aaahhh! She hit another part of her body causing pain in her leg and felt it fade from her chest. She didn't know how long she stayed in there as the room cooled down. As quietly as she could, she moved the false door and put it back thanking nobody saw her. She wiped her eyes and walked out of the library to the bathroom shutting the door and making herself as presentable as possible. When she decided she looked as normal she stepped out and poured herself another shot. She looked to the window and saw the faint glint of the sun and the major stars were in the sky. She downed another shot, armed Ember Celica and sent up a green flare 'one hour till departure'. She went to her cabin and looked at the map. Measuring precisely the degrees and direction for travel and not much wind to drift them off course, perfect for sailing. She walked outside and looked up Blake was in the crow’s nest reading. She went to the kitchen seeing Ruby munch on cookies. She made her way to the starboard side untied any ropes, took the helm and her compass and led her into the open water. When she was satisfied, she put the strap back on to keep them on course and went back to the cabin. Pouring herself another shot and swinging it back. A very sad Ruby sauntered in.


“Ruby...What's wrong?” She was concerned for her sister.

“I thought things were fine between you and Blake.”

“We are, just a disagreement.” She assured.

“Then why is she in the crow’s nest alone crying?”

“Crying?'s...” complicated, no Ruby wouldn't fall for that. “Blake...saw something she didn't like and became part of the problem by getting in my way, but part of the solution because she cares. She feared how you would see me if you saw what I had done. She doesn't want me to hurt people, even if they deserve it. But I don't think I can change or even...escape my past. And because of the contract details she was upset, like any normal person would be if they saw people murdered in cold blood then taking their belongings out of their jacket pockets. After she finished yelling me, I told her I'd take her back to Menagerie, to her home, family, and possibly fiance...go back to her old life.”

“Yang...why would you...I mean...?” She stuttered.

“Because she's safer without me, Ruby.” She explained sadly. “We already know Raven wants you dead and she finds out about Blake...I can't risk her life like that.”

“Why don't you let her decide that?” Ruby questioned.

“Huh?” Yang looked at her confused.

“Why don't you let her decide what's best for her?”

Yang understood where her sister was getting at. “She's deserves a better life than this. A normal one.”

“What if she doesn't want normal? What if she wants this life of adventure with you? Not sure what the next day will bring. What if she wants uncertainty over stability?”


“No! Before you say anything. Go to Blake and go make-up, or out or something.” Ruby was pushing Yang out the door. She let out a sigh. She didn't even let me finish. No. Between her, Weiss and Blake, they can fend Raven off. They're going Menagerie and staying. She untied the rope, flying straight into the air.

“Hey.” she said weakly.

“Hi.” She sniffled wiping her tears away. She wanted to be alone.

Yang went over to her and held her tightly. The promise of not letting go.

Blake had no idea what came over her as she yanked the buxom woman closer to her and sobbed into her chest. Yang stroked her head, easing strands of hair behind her human ears. She didn't want to mess with her feline ears, yet. Not 'till she calmed downed. As she continued embracing Blake, her mechanical hand moved to her back and started stroking, trying to use finger nails but just rubbing. She hoped Blake was be so exhausted she'd cry herself to sleep. Nobody would think anything of this as it was often submissives would be emotionally distraught and needed comfort by their master, as they lose their sanity. As Blake's breath and tears eased, Yang scratched behind her human ear. Asking permission to go to the feline one. With no response given, she continued to stroke the ear itself and around it knowing she still felt good nonetheless. The woman in her arms was purring, the buxom blonde felt a hand take hers and guided her to her feline ear. She didn't want to overwhelm the Faunus with too much stimuli. Keeping her touch barely noticeable and touched the top of sensitive sensory receptor. Her ear flickered in response but didn't pull away. She used the nub of her nail to scratch the tip working her way down. The lower she was going, the louder Blake purred. Once she was at the base receiver gasped and her purrs ricocheted throughout both their bodies. Yang continued to hold knowing she was probably on the verge of sleep. She told herself five more minutes as most Faunus don't like their ears, tails, antlers or anything messed with. Mostly with how sensitive they are. Noticing the body under her might be uncomfortable learning in like it was. She moved Blake's legs curled to one side and the side of her head laid on heated pillows. She continued to scratch the ear and rubbed her back. She felt the woman go limp in her arms. You did this. You made her cry. It was part-Bullshit! You've could've collected their belongings and got rid of their ships without killing them. They killed people too...just not directly, they're just as guilty. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Although, you won't be sleeping at all and you know it! Every face every nightmare of those you've killed no matter how justified it seemed. The one person who does need to die, the one person who awakened me, the one your entire life of demons is based around and you can't kill her. She dis-You could've finished her. Yang reflectively gripped Blake tighter without even realizing it until the smaller woman stopped purring. Yang picked her up in her arms, jumped from pole to pole until she landed, walked into the cabin tucked the woman in, kissing her cheek. “Good night.” She whispered expecting no response. She turned and walked to the library only to retrieve her audiobook before going to the helm. The stars the water the air, so peaceful. Helps you get lost. Her thoughts where interrupted as a rabbit Faunus approached her.


“What is it?” She looked coldly at the Faunus, pretending to be annoyed at the interruption. Velvet's her name, came from Menagerie like Blake. But she wasn't as attractive and easily adapted, slightly taller and nice accent. Blake however, took time, which is why you chose her personally. I don't want to break her anymore.

“I want...I want you.”

“And what makes you think I want you?” She sneered. “Don't answer that.” She looked the woman up and down. “You've got five minutes to go to the quarters strap yourself to a stripper pole and get yourself ready for me. And here, to strap yourself with.” She grabbed the woman's wrist, just soft enough it wouldn't bruise and slapped on the gold handcuff. She always kept those on her belt loops. “And while you're thinking, which is dangerous for a pet like you, think of how you want me with your slut induced mind. “

“Y-yes master.” She stammered before making her way out.

Yang went back to the cabin to take the dust that would grow her member again being as silent as possible. Her mind going back and forth. You can't do this! Blake is sleeping, she's right there. Forget Velvet, go cuddle your warm body with her. No way, and pass up this opportunity. If I do that, the crew will talk. They'll say I'm whipped. No they won't you'll say she needs time to bend. We're not even a thing. If you do this, you might lose her forever. not exactly a bad thing. Life will return to normal with her out of the way. Out of the way? Your life is so much better with her in it. She's cute inexperienced and she deserves to meet the real you. You can't escape me, not matter what you do. I've been alive and strong we've been together for almost two decades. Yang was losing. Don't do this! I have to. This one night stand ain't gonna mean shit to either of you, but it'll be a shot through the heart. She needs to know exactly what she's getting into. She took a condom out of the night stand. I like electric, perfect. I am not cumming inside anyone, lemme grab the travel sized lube just in case.

She took a double shot of whiskey and went to the crews quarters. She found Velvet stark naked, handcuffed to the pole and very much vulnerable, just the way she liked them. Everyone else was eyeing her but dared not to draw near.

“Master you're here!” She exclaimed slightly embarrassed as everyone could see her. Coco didn't approve of this at all which is why they backed off.

“Everyone whose not fucking get the fuck outta here! I'm trying to watch a private show.” Scatter about and leave most of them did. “So have you figured out how you want me to take you, little bunny?” Smiling maliciously.


“Exactly! You don't know, you dumb animal. How about, you put on your best dance on for me. And depending on how good your skills have improved, I may consider you giving me a lap dance.”

“Y-Yes master.”

And put on a show she did, Coco must've taught her well, the way she shakes that cotton tail of hers, even using her ears as her advantage. Granted, her body wasn't as attractive but it was still doing something for her. Once Velvet was done, her body covered in little sweat beads she looked at her master.

“Good news Velvet, I've decided I want your cotton tailed ass now. Pick a hole.”

“Master, please be careful with my ass.” She pleaded.

“I decide the pace, you just brace against pole and take it. Am I clear?” In response, Velvet stuck her ass out. “Good girl.” Sir said licking her lips. She unzipped her pants revealing her foot long member. She squirted the lube on two fingers and stuck them into the rabbit. She shivered in response to the cold, she's loose from all her endeavors, mostly Coco. “You're nice and loose for me aren't you? Eager to please your master.” She could only nodded her head in response. Sir squirted the lube into her hand and rubbed it on her member, the trick of the lights making it glow. She poked it at Velvet's rear. “You ready to be taken by master, fluffy bunny?”

“Yes Master please, put it in me.”

“Well? Since you begged so nicely.” She inserted the tip and Velvet gasped and reflectively moved her head forward to rest against the pole. Sir moved in an out sliding more length in. Velvet taking it like a champ. She had water in her eyes but decided the pain was worth it. She loved the idea of her master filling her since Coco put things in there, mostly hands and the occasional fist. She gasped when Sir put more than half way in.

“Oh you like that, do you?”

Velvet moaned and cried out in response “Master, please, don't stop.”

“Ha, I ain't stopping little rabbit. I will fuck you silly like the bunny fuck you are.” Ruby came down the stairs and gasped in response to what she was seeing. Staying a moment as if she couldn't believe her eyes. “Keep quiet red, or you and your little girlfriend are next.” Sir eyes her.

Ruby ran back up the stairs. That explains why the cafeteria was buzzing. Where was Blake? She was supposed to be with Blake! She's her only chance. How did this happen? She was nearly back to her old self , right? She went back to Weiss was and hugged her, with water in her eyes. “What if Yang is too far gone?” Weiss was somewhat coming back and held the frantic woman.

When Sir was completely inside. She let the mini vibrator in her hand go to Velvet's clit. She was bucking into it as response while her ass was fucked. She screamed as it didn't take long for her to orgasm. She removed the vibrator and kept pounding her ass.

“Oh master, keep filling me, you feel so good.” About about five minutes, she placed the vibrator to Velvet's clit again. “Oh Master! Yes! Please, Master! Don't stop! I'm gonna... “

“Cum for me.” She whispered into her rabbit ear. Velvet needed no more encouragement as she came for her master. Sir didn't realize how far she was along and came inside Velvet. Cursing herself for not lasting longer. I can't take on Raven as this rate. She left the shaft inside Velvet keeping the fluids locked in place.

“M-ma-ster a-m-ay-zing. She panted before collapsing.

Yang with red eyes removed the golden handcuffs and slipped herself out of the rabbit slowly. The bunny eliciting a gasp. She walked up the stairs and went to her room for a shower. Once inside she pounded the wall. Thanking that she used titanium for most of the ship. I told you this would happen. It's not cheating, you're not a thing. We could've been a thing! Tears in her eyes. If I hadn't gone and fucked it up! A few days she'll be in Menagerie. You can fuck anyone you want to after that. But I want her, she's not ready. You need build your stamina and resistance to take Raven on, find your way back to Blake once you're free and she's safe. She'll be with her fiance, a beautiful woman like her, she'll be taken in an instant. I never stood a chance, I don't know why I even bothered trying. She finished showing dried her hair and dressed, poured herself a cup of whiskey went outside and leaned against the rail slowly drinking. Feeling satisfied, but guilty. She was approached by a very conflicted Ruby.

“What's your name?” She asked, not exactly sure how to approach this.

“I...I'm not sure. I'm lost...confused. I was hoping to find my answer looking for in the water.”

“Follow me.” She said grabbing her sister by the wrist to her room closing the door behind them. They sat on the couch. “What's your name?” Ruby asked again.

“Damn it Ruby! I don't know.” Her eyes filled with water, and voice of anger.

“It's just me and you Yang. You don't have to hold back.”

“How'd you know?” She looked at the younger Rose.

“Because you would immediately tell me if you're name was Sir. Second, I see your lilac eyes. They appeared as we were alone. You're hurt and conflicted.”

“Can you blame me? Eighteen years of a conflicted conscious. If it weren't for Taiyang and Summer...”

“Mom and dad.” Ruby corrected.

“I wouldn't-”

“Mom and dad.” Ruby said again sternly.

“Mom and dad, I wouldn't even be this way. Sometimes...I wish Raven would've just taken me as a baby and raised me this way or just take me, leaving everyone else alone. Mom and dad never would've found me and you'd probably be even more alone if they came and searched for me. It took Qrow almost two decades to find me. Here I am trying to pretend to be someone I'm not. But I don't know who Yang is. I don't know how to transform into her.” She took a sip.

“Yang isn't someone you transform into. She's who you are. Let me tell you about Yang, Yang is one, who no matter the situation she finds a way to plays on words and uses puns to make jokes. The more nervous she is, the most jokes. Yang is strong and resilient no matter what she goes through. Yang is someone despite everything she went through never gave up and went back for her baby sister when she was able to. Yang is the embodiment of strength. And even though she gets nervous, you can't tell with her confidence level at telling puns. And she cares about people so much, her eyes will glow red without being hit if there is someone in danger. Her shadow turns into a dragon when you threaten her friends and family. ”

“Ruby, the captain you know is...” She sighed. “And has been around most of your life. So... how do you know so much about Yang?”

“It's what you don't do or say that says the most about you. It's easy to tell in your eyes who you are or trying to be. Yang was the one who saved me from Raven, Captain Sir would've said screw it after getting her arm cut or never disobeyed Raven at all.”

Yang pulled Ruby into her and the tears left her checks, but only in drops. “Thanks Ruby. I still don't know what to do about Blake. I like her and I know we can't be together but I'm...”

“Scared you'll mess things up?” Yang nodded. “ You're the only one who says you can't.” Ruby pulled away and punched Yang's arm. “Then don't mess it up. Stop messing it up. It might not be too late. You should go cuddle with her. She'll sleep better with your body heat next to her.”

“Ruby...there's something else.” The younger tilted her head. “You, Blake and Weiss, as soon as we're in Menagerie...That's your final stop.”

“ I won't leave you! I can't, Raven-” She sobbed embracing her sister.

“The three of you, you can take her. Maybe even make some new friends. You deserve normal lives, your lives back. I don't have that luxury. This is your chance. Maybe Weiss will even let you stay in Atlas. I'll even send postcards and texts when I have reception.” She said with a smile and goofy grin. “You won't have to worry about me and what I become. I can be someone else twenty-four/seven. You won't be hurt, Weiss or even Blake. You'll be safe. I'll miss you, but you'll be safe.”

“You idiot!” She slapped her still crying. “You think I'll let you leave? You don't think I won't tell Blake your stupid plan. You think Weiss will just live on an island and be happy? She loves the Atlas air, not her family so much, but she won't be happy. You would rather break us apart and lose us all thinking you're keeping us safe. We're in more danger that way.” She continued to sob into the others chest. “You won't even know or get to us on time if we're in danger. You put us more at risk. You dumb blonde!” She laughed.

“Ruby...” She held her sister lightly squeezing her with a smile. “When you put it that way, it does sound kinda dumb. How do you know so much?

“I take after my big sis.”

“Shut up.” Yang teased hitting Ruby with a pillow. Standing up to walk toward the exit. Looking back at her sister with a smile before turning her eyes red. She eyes softened as she saw the woman resting peacefully. Attractive as always. I could look at her for hours. She slid next to her and wrapped an arm around her. Holding her close, maybe you should turn the helm around, take even longer getting back, say you got lost. After, I turn in the flags to the contractor on the way to Menagerie. She smiled at her own devious thought before going to sleep.

Blake felt her warm embrace as she was not used to cuddling with someone. She feel back asleep with the warmth of a heater nearby.

Chapter Text

Yang awoke to the sun coming through the window. Her eyes blinking to get used to the light. She looked over and saw the woman next to her looking at her smiling.

“It's about time you woke up. I was getting bored of doing nothing.”

“You could've moved my arm.” She nearly laughed.

“I tried, but every time I did, you just held me closer and tighter. I didn't want to suffocate.”

“I'm sorry Kit-Blake.” She leaned in kissing her cheek. The moments of what happened last night hit her and she felt guilty, I don't need to tell her, do I? We're not a thing. You made damn good sure of that!

Blake saw something change her in face “Yang, what's wrong?”

“I-It''s too early, let me get you some coffee.”

“Yang, I-stay.” Blake's voice soft and pleading.

“Don't worry, I promise I'll be back.” She headed out the door. She was halfway to the cafeteria when a familiar figure from last night approached her. Fuck! Why won't you let me forget that moment like you do everything else?

“Good morning, Master.”

Shit! Be cool! Be cool! Tell her there's other fish. Whatever you do, don't fuck her! “Morning.” She continued to walk on. There we go, cold rejection she'll get the hit.

“Master, wait, please.” Yang with red eyes stood but still had her back turned. Take the fucking hint! “Could we have a repeat of last night, Master?” She said in the cutest voice begging.

Yang swallow. Blake, think of her. “I have other sluts to fuck.” Insults! I'm back baby! “Maybe later, or not.” Oh shit! That was the perfect line, I kept in character.

“Yes Master, my apologies.” She walked away disappointed.

Victory for me, but last night. It still doesn't excuse my behavior. She went to the kitchen got two cups filled with coffee and got the extra creamer and sugar so Blake could chose what she wanted. She took her time walking back, but the enviable conversation was going to happen. Inside she wanted to let out a sigh. But had to remain strong on the outside. She went inside walking over to the bed handing Blake her coffee, offering the sugar before putting it on the nightstand. She didn't want to rush this, she wanted to let Blake wake up first.

“Are you going to tell me what's wrong?” Blake looked worried not even taking a sip.

“I wanted to give you a chance to wake up first.” She didn't smile or try to hide it.

“I'm awake. Have been since waiting on you to wake up.” She sat legs crossed looking to Yang with concern.

“Blake? What are we?” Yang asked.

“Huh?” She tilted her head slightly. “Where's this coming from?” She was confused now.

“I-I, want to know us. What we are? I mean...I....”

“Yang?” She held reached for her hand but Yang pulled away. “What happened?” Worry filled her eyes.

“I-I.” She paused unsure of how she was going to proceed. “I turned again.” She hoped Blake would catch her meaning.

“Oh...okay. I mean it happens. Without you realizing what you're doing....Yang, stop beating around the bush and tell me!” A soft demanding voice.

“I fulfilled my fantasy and had anal sex with Velvet! I knew exactly what I was doing. I just..couldn't stop it. Sir...she left me enough strength to see and think of what was going on. I couldn't control my body.” She forced her tears away taking a sip of coffee. Blake's eyes went wide, she wasn't sure how to respond. “I-I”. She was holding back tears. “I was at the helm and she approached me, all cute and horny calling me master telling me she wanted me. I...I could-didn't refuse, I didn't say no. I gave her a golden handcuff. She waited for me handcuffed to the stripper pole and I...” She tears were falling. “I fucked her Blake, and I-I came in her ass!” She looked to Blake, and she couldn't read her which scared her. “She approached me while I was trying to get coffee and I told her 'I had other sluts to fuck'. Gah!” She rubbed her chest lightly. “Blake, I'm...” She burrowed her face in her hands. “I'm sorry...I'm..I'm sorry. You know what? This was a bad idea, I should go! No! I need to go. You, Ruby, Weiss all getting off at Menagerie. Together you can take Raven.” She turned to get up from the bed but was held back as a hand grabbed hers. “Blake?” She sat back down.

“I don't understand, nor do I want to. But...Yang...I like you...we're not a thing...or I don't know...and I know why you did it.” Tears were falling from her eyes. “But it...hurts... and it shouldn't.”

“Blake... it does hurt. I hurt both of us. This is my fault. You're better off without me.” Blake shook her head and held her hand tighter, tears streaming down her face. Yang wanted to hold her, comfort her like she did the night before it all went to shit. Comfort her the only way she knows how, an embrace, a promise to not let go. She just sat on the bed. Not abandoning her, but not embracing her. I hurt her “Aaaahhhhh!” She gripped her chest rolling off the bed at the amount of pain. Intense, dull, burning, pain. She could sense it was enough to change her eyes and instead kept them closed. Not trying to worry or scare Blake more.

“Yang! Yang? What's wrong, why are you-”

“Get Ruby!” She clenched through her teeth with a low growl.

“Yang, I-”

“Go!” Her eyes snapped open, revealing bright scarlet eyes. “Aaaahhhhh!” She sounded like a growling animal with it's foot caught in a trap. The ends of her hair burning gold, her shadow growing larger as it turned into a dragon. Blake ran to the door looking for her target. She continued to growl in pain. You brought this on yourself. She's your bitch, not the other way around you whipped ass piece of shit! Shut up! She's worth it. I'd die for her. I have no doubt you would, might even die for her today. Sir's voice coldly chuckled in her head. She clenched her fist harder digging her nub nails into her palm trying to subside the pain elsewhere. She heard the door open with urgency assuming it was Ruby and possibly Blake behind her.

“I've never seen her like this before! This is worse than the library, she's still herself. I'm sorry sis, drastic measures.” She felt a twinge of pain and laid limp before her world went back.

Chapter Text

“Aaahhh.” She groaned. “My head. Wha...what happened?” She slowly sat up the blood rushing to the spot of pain. “Ack.” Touching the spot of pain in her head with her finger tips massaging the area gently. She felt weight and coolness beside her and saw the dark haired faunus. Last time it was Ruby. She smiled. She fell asleep reading. She took the nearby ribbon as a place holder and set the book on the nightstand next to her. She.... stayed with me? Even after...Ah...can't think on that now. Enjoy the moment. She leaned down kissed the pale woman's cheeks before snuggling her underneath the covers. Her chin resting above the other woman's head. She kept her eyes open, the wall showing a reflection of the sky was glowing brilliant colors, of oranges, purples, violets and pinks.

“How ya feeling?” She moved her head to look down the pain her head protesting. Golden eyes staring into her lilacs.

She went to kiss her cheek again but the onyx haired woman moved her head so their lips met. Yang felt the pang of her chest and rubbed the area, it was familiar but different, not pain and her breathing sped up slightly. “Better,” she swallowed “since you're here. How long was I out?” She felt a her hand remove and a paler hand massage the area. “You're causing it.” Hoping she understood the rapid heart rate. This caused Blake to laugh. Yang's eyes closed as she relaxed and felt lips on hers and she sighed in contentment.

“I believe you. I wanted to feel it for myself. And you were talking about leaving us in Menagerie as not to hurt us, ” she smiled “you're funny Yang Xiao Long.” She pressed their noses together and moved her head horizontally so they rubbed together. Yang's thoughts were interrupting the moment. I want you. I want you in my mouth, I want to suck your skin and bite it. No! Stop! You did that already! Stop! Oh the teasing is the worse when bending someone. She tried to hide the face she was gripping the bed sheets hoping the woman next to her wouldn't notice. She swallowed hard unconsciously several times and she couldn't see how flustered her face was. She smells like lavender. “Although not the first question I expected, only a few hours. Wanna tell me what that was about?”

“I don't-but I feel like I owe it to you. What did Ruby tell you?” She felt a hand press her lip. She's such a tease. Damn it!

“It doesn't matter.” She shook her head. “I want to hear it from you, Golden Dragon.”

Fuck! Fuck! I want you, everywhere, I want to hear you gasp, moan, yell cry, I want to drive you crazy! Just take her. “Fuck!” She turned when she heard giggling. “That was in my head. I mean...not you...I mean yes, but...I had another voice, but I fought.” Her face turned bright red and she held her breath. She forgot the fingers were against her chest rubbing away. She grit her teeth, and her mouth was almost a painful smile to keep her head in thoughts. Gah! Breathe, breathe. She closed her eyes, lowered her head and tried to resume normal breathing. “I-when I go through intense stress, I don't eat, unless forced, Ruby, I have trouble sleeping and the more pain I go through mostly emotionally, or someone I care about goes through, I feel it physically. Mostly in my chest where your...fingers are at the center point of the rib cage, or somewhere else. I've-I never felt anything that intense, I mean, even the library that was me fighting my other...but hours ago that was caused by the pain I caused you. I had control. I told Ruby if I ever experienced anything that intense, to knock me out. I'm assuming that's what happened.”

“Yeah, after she did. I tried asking her about it. But she stayed silent and kinda stormed away. She really didn't want to do it. When she came back, she asked me what stress you might've had. I started to explain and that's when she said, 'just really intense emotional stress'. She told me to ask you about it when you woke up. Yang...I'm...”

“Sh. I never wanted you to know.” She whispered rubbing her back. “And please don't apologize for something like that ever again.” Her voice a stern whisper. “It's my fault, I brought this on myself. It was wrong of me to get you involved. Still is, we can't-I can't...” She turned to the nightstand retrieving the book. “Please continue.”

“Yang...stop...I just...I just want to hold...for us to hold each other close.” She wrapped her arms around the buxom woman pulling herself into her and closing her eyes. “You smell like heated almonds, honey and gunpowder.”

Yang made sure her arm slid underneath the crook of her neck as not to put too much pressure on it as her arms embraced the smaller woman in the small of her back. Is this the part you say I love you? No way too soon! Will you be my girlfriend? Will you be mine? Damn it! Just hold her. She needs to feel safe. She needs to you know you'll be there for her. She needs you! Can we have sex? Absolutely not! Intense make out session? No! How about a kiss one one the lips? Really after what happened with Velvet and now? I never kissed Velvet. It doesn't matter. My body aches with desire for you and you alone. Just hold her. Feel her warmth sententious breath on your skin. Gah! I'm getting a boner. Quick think of thing else...Raven!... too late. “Fuck!” She covered her mouth realizing she said it out loud.

“Someone's happy to see me.” She said laughed teasingly.

“That was supposed to be in my head too.” Fuck! Think, think. Just lie still. Don't give in. After a moments pause. The dust, change back. Yang tried to get up but she found herself restrained by arms and legs.

“And where you you think you're going?” She raised and eyebrow

Yang swallowed “I-I was just going to...” Blushing a bright pink.

“Going to what?” She asked a with a smile of sinister intent.

Yang was blushing furiously red. Gah she's so sexy! “Get dust.” She swallowed.

“For what?” Her grin and questions are killing me. Bite your teeth. “With my lips on your skin. Fuck! Oh my gosh this is embarrassing. That was meant for my head.” She face burned with embarrassment. Nice going! “Get dust to get rid of this boner so I'm not aching with desire!” She was blushing as badly as she was hyperventilating.

“You are really cute when you are flustered and you're not going anywhere.” She moved her index to Yang's face while the other rubbed between her legs.

“Blake...please...don't...” She panted trying to fight her urges.

“I'm not teasing. We're doing this, this happening.” Her lips met the hunger of the woman she kept pinned. After a minute they broke away for air.

Yang rolled on top of Blake with the intention to have her take over when she was ready. Their lips met once more hungry. Yang took her time. Blake opened her mouth reflexively but was disappointed when a tongue did not enter. But instead a tongue brushed against her lips. She moaned in pleasure, something her books didn't prepare her for. She took her time brushing back and forth in circular motions and switching directions. The teasing drove Blake crazy and moved her head so their tongues connected. She was met with teeth to her bottom lip. She gasped in surprise, not from pain. And lilac eyes that said 'I'm getting there'. Blake moved her head back and she felt the tongue graze her teeth going over each line and every jag, rubbing her tongue against the inside of her smooth cheek. They were giving each other breath, but also stealing each others breath away. She's so hot. Panting for breath. Just take her already! Yang wouldn't let the voice win. The blonde's lips met her neck. She cried out in pleasure as the tongue danced on her skin in the confines where her mouth was. Teeth on her skin biting but only to pull the skin, no pain. She returned the favor by kissing the blonde's neck sucking on the skin causing the buxom to moan out of her mouth. Take back control! She doesn't have the experience, you failure! No! She decides the pace. She can stop at any time and we-I will be okay. Blake continued her assault on the open neck as hands brushed against her side scrapping the clothing upward. Lilac eyes reflected into her golden ones silently asking permission. She sat upright arms raised against her head as the black shirt came off. The marks, from when...they're still there? Faint but still. Blake saw where Yang's sad eyes were looking. She leaned her lips into Yang's and her hands grasped the bottom of the top asking to remove it when warm hands were placed on top of hers and assisted in removing it together. Instead of finding a bra, she found hardened pink tips staring back at her. She smirked already knowing. “I hate wearing bras.” Yang blushed. “They-I have a hard time breathing. But you can't tell because of the jacket.” Blake leaned back down over her exposed chest and started kissing and licking her tongue across the huge mounds leaving a trail of saliva. Hands found their way to Blake's back again resting on the chest restraints. Blake looked at the blond and nodded. Once the garment was free her tits bounced due to the gravity. Blake continued her assault on the bigger buxom chest, teasing the pretty pink crowns. Yang felt how hard Blake's nipples were against her chest. She continued to cry out but hated how much she was being teased. Yang rolled Blake on top. She yipped in surprise but continued her assault

Yang had enough teasing. “Bl-la-ke. You're so ha-ot!” She whined and moaned.

Blake blushed at the remark, but continued moving lower, kissing, licking and sucking the lines in her abs, covering the sun kissed captain in hickeys. She placed a hand on the top button of the pants staring into the lilac eyes silently asking permission. The blonde stared back concern in her eyes.

“Blake. I-I’re on top...” she panted “but...I” hiss “I gotta know...What's you-your safe word?”

Blake looked at her with confusion at first, but understood what she was saying. She thought about it for a “Bumblebee.” She responded “Yours?”

“Keep going.” The blond smiled without missing a beat.

Blake laughed through her teeth and smiled. She unbuttoned the pants and let the zipper slide down slowly. Orange briefs with a hole the first thing in sight. “At least you don't go full commando.” She laughed.

“Never. Although tempting...good idea...unexpected moments.” She ginned. Blake rolled her eyes and shimmied the pants off. A bulge clear as day asking for escape. Blake removed her own pants before continuing.

Yang saw her moment. “Blake?” The onyx hair woman feigned a frustrated groan, but covered it with a smile. “In the nightstand.” She swallowed. “Top drawer, pick your poison.” Blake was confused at first but leaned over her partner, chest to face. When she opened the nightstand drawer she found condoms. All different colors and some even having effects. She wasn't sure which on to pick. Turning to the brute for guidance. “The purple wrapper, fire and ice. It's like icy hot know, but it feels good when it switches.” Taking her word for it, she grabbed the wrapper and flinched when a wet tongue licked her sensitive pink crown. She furrowed her brows and faked a grunt as eyes full of innocence looked back, a wide grin plastered across her face. She straddled the blonde again.

“Yang, I-I haven't done this before, can you-can you walk me through it.”

The woman stared in confusion but didn't want to ruin the moment with a silly question. “Point to my body, then to yours.” She knew Blake would never ask directly. Blake took her index finger landing it on the bulge then her mouth. “Oh, okay. The pink wrapper is strawberry flavored if you wanted to start with that.” Blake shook her head. “So, what you want to do is, when you're ready take the garment off and try to avoid looking at it. It can look intimidating and sometimes scares. Wet your dominant hand, a thick coat of saliva if you prefer that over your mouth at first. Feel for my legs or shaft and start at the tip work your way to the base slowly only gaining inch by inch. Once you reach it stroke fast, but don't squeeze, oh please don't squeeze too hard. Once you set your rhythm you can use your other hand to play gently with my balls or you can use your hand to steady the position. You can lick the underside as you go and or use your tongue to play with the tip, before sucking on it, if you want before placing your whole mouth on it. When it is, breath through our nose, if possible. Use your tongue to lick the sensitive underside. You can tell your doing good with my moans. If feel my balls tighten, I'm about to cum. I'll try to warn you. Because this is dust inflicted, I can have at least three orgasms before I become flaccid. If you have any concerns ask otherwise, you're on top you can stop, you're in charge.” She said with a wink.

Blake did exactly as Yang instructed. She didn't know why, but the way she said every detail made her hot and bothered. That last sentence all the encouragement she needed. She moved her face far enough away and slid the underwear down. Looking at the fabric of the bed. She was half tempted to look at it, but didn't want to back out. She took her hand and slathered it with saliva moving her hand around trying to grasp it. Yang gave her directions where to move and she found it. She rubbed her hand to the tip and Yang let out an exasperated hiss. Once at the tip she rubbed slowly up and down gaining inch by inch. She's thicker than Adam she told herself. She was getting more nervous as her hand kept traveling. Yang jerking her legs in response, she wanted her to hurry up but she knew she couldn't rush this, it was her first time. As she continued inch by inch she's even longer than Adam, can I take this? Was she this big when we fucked? Yang felt her hand stop. “Blake?” Yang tilted her head in concern. “Were going at your pace. If you want to stop it's fine, it really is.” There's the Yang I know. Putting others first no matter what.. She continued her hand motion and let her tongue lick the underside starting from the base.“Oh jeez, Blake!” Yang's head shot back against the pillow and let moaned in pleasure through her teeth. Her touch kept licking while her hand kept rubbing, the member glistening with saliva. When she tongue found the tip she placed her mouth over it, her tongue teasing the tip. “Ah! Oh! Ha! Wow! Oh Blake!” Yang yelled. The roughness of her tongue was absolutely perfect for driving her crazy. Her mind went to another thought. “Blake when my...ah...ball tighten and I orgasm, you could point it on the bed or floor and rub your hand to let it squirt or keep the tip in your mouth. If it's in the back of your throat, it'll go straight to your stomach or put past your lips and try to swallow and much as possible. If you spit it out I won't care.”

“Don't you mean if?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Not with what you’re doing! It's a matter of when.” She arched her body coming off the bed every so often as she was hit with waves of pleasure.

That's all Blake needed to hear before continuing. She took the head in her mouth and flicked with the tip with her tongue. Yang was squirming under her trying to keep as still as possible. “I like it when I can see you squirm.” She had no idea where that came from.

“Oh Blake, that's so hot!” Yang encouraged. “Ah! Blake!” She cried into the ceiling. Satisfied after playing with the tip she went lower bobbing up and down inch by inch, her other hand playing with the cum filled sacs. This was the best blowjob she had in awhile if not her life. Most of the others were greedy, getting right down to it. She liked the fact she had to walk Blake through this. When her balls were played with she felt it, looked at Blake who had felt it to and looked at her. “Blakey...I'm cumming!” Yang looked at the confusion on her face. “Aim it...on the bed....keep stroking...Aaaahhhhhh! ” She had other ideas. She moved her mouth to the tip stroking her hand against the shaft and felt the seed burst into her mouth she tried to swallow as much a possible, cum dripping for her lip as burst by burst came. When she felt no more she left go. Staying where she was and panting. As Yang had said, the cock was not going down. Still erect. Yang grabbed Blake into a hug and let her head rest back on the pillow. She wiped up the seed that escaped Blake's mouth.

“Blake? May I...return the favor?” Blake nodded in response. Yang waited 'till she got her breath back. Laying on top of her, her head resting against Blake's chest listening to her heart coming down as her lungs reached full capacity of air again. “Blake? You good? Guide me with your moans. This is my first time.”

“Yes.” Her eyes shot up. “Really?”

“To be dominate, you never return the favor.” Yang kissed her lips but not using her tongue even though access was granted. Once the access was granted she moved her neck kissing it and using her tongue to lick the skin, kissing the spots she did before but softer. She didn't want to be too rough, yet, and from the way she was moaning, she loved it. Yang moved over her collarbone kissing the skin and lightly sucking. She made another mark between breasts. One hand fondled her breast moving it around and pinching the pink flesh while her mouth left trails of saliva before flicking the nipple with her tongue before sucking on it. She was driving Blake crazy and she almost felt bad for teasing. She planted kisses on her stomach going all the way down to the last of her clothing. Her teeth grabbed the top strap asking permission. Blake nodded. Yang dragged the wet garment down with her teeth. Letting it drop to the floor. Her arms moved around Blake’s thighs spreading her legs farther apart. She continued kissing, licking and sucking on the skin. Traveling to the middle core before moving to the other leg. Hearing Blake turned her on even more. She knew the other wanted her to hurry. She placed her human hand on the middle of the folds sliding back and forth. Pushing out the negative thoughts of raping her with her tongue already. Once the numb of nerves was visible, she opened them with her robotic hand taking a inhaling of the sweet scent. She could've sworn she saw or felt steam be released from her opening. She moved her tongue over each contour of skin, watching Blake as she bit her finger. She stopped licking and Blake looked frustrated when she stopped.

“I want to hear you without a buffer.” Blake release her finger and Yang continued.

Starting at the beginning lapping at every contour. Without a buffer to stop her Blake was letting go with all her vocals. Yang saw how excited she was as her natural lube kept flowing out. Deciding she teased Blake enough she sucked on her clit. Letting her human hand run along the entrance of her opening prodding and rubbing it every so often. Oh her cries are so sexy. She's screaming for me! I'm the one driving her wild. After the assault on her clit, she flicked her tongue over the entrance flicking the nub. Moans of frustration and pleasure. I can hear it in her voice. I better stop teasing. She eased her tongue into the pink flesh. Just like honey, I can't get enough and neither can she by the sounds of it. Yang was licking every side every direction 'till she heard a different moan, a sharper more intense sound. There it is. She flicked her tongue over the g-spot over and over. Once she felt her core tighten, she moved her robotic hand over to her clit and turned on the mini vibrator. Blake was losing it, her knuckles were turning white as she gripped the sheets. She wanted this to last longer. She knew she was a withering mess, shaking everywhere and she didn't care. Her voice was going dry as she was screaming. “Yang! I'm-Aaaaaahhhhhh!”

Yang took the vibrator away and used her tongue to lap up everything she could. Not a single dropped escape. Her high had to of lasted two minutes. I can't stop she tastes so sweet.

“Yang! That's...ah...sensitive...stop.” Yang didn't stop nor did she want to. What's happening? Was she losing control? “Yang...please...stop...” She slowed down and focused on the outside folds. “Bumblebee.” Blake cried panting.

Yang pulled away stopping completely. She turned her concerned eyes to Blake who was panting frantically. Her golden eyes glazed over. Great! Way to go Yang! Because you couldn't control yourself she had to use her safe word. She asked you to stop twice before using it, not once, not twice when you still didn't want to listen she had to force you to stop. Your dumb ass, didn't want to listen! Yang moved to Blake's head laying her body on top of hers placing her head and the crook of Blake's neck. “I'm sorry Blake, I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to...” She bowed her head in shame.

Once Blake found she could talk or breathe again she lifted Yang's head and kissed her. “It's okay.”

“Blake, you're a forgiving person, it's not okay.”

“Yang...please...don't.” Her golden eyes pleaded. Blake kissed Yang's lips. Losing herself in her taste.

Yang was hardly pushing back and didn't want to push and farther. Continue. Force yourself on her, your still hard. Impregnate her. Breed her! Fuck her raw! Make her suffer! With Blake around, it was easier to ignore that voice. She hugged Blake and rolled on her back while Blake was on top. Yang smiled up at her, and when she smiled back she took her hand to Blake's face holding her cheek closing her eyes as she held it. She loved Blake's smile. One she could look at for hours.“If it means anything, you taste really good.” She smiled.

“Yang.” Blake sternly warned. After the warning, she continued her warm smile. After laying on top of Yang using her chest as a pillow she decided she was ready. Now where did that?

“Gorgeous, what are you looking for?”

“The rubber.”

“You sure? You want to continue?” Yang started to shift but felt a hang push her down and Blake moved across to get another one. “Blake, may I? I want to see your entrance. I just want to make sure your body is ready after know...”

“Sucked every last drop of my fluids? Sucking like you were a thirsty vampire. Only if you promise that's it? If you think my body isn't ready, you have to okay what your plan of action is through me. Understand?”

“Yes princess.” Yang smiled. Giving Yang her best eye roll she turned and presented her backside to Yang. “I'm going to touch between your folds once, okay?”

“Okay.” Blake replied.

Taking her human finger she slid it from under the clit to the end. Blake gasped at the touch. “I'm going to separate your folds to look inside. Okay?”


Yang separated her folds with her human hand she saw strands, but almost nothing coming from the vaginal hole. “Blake, can I turn on the vibrator and use it?” She smirked.


“Can I place a finger inside?” She emphasized 'a'.

“Quick in and out to your second knuckle. No curling it either, straight in straight out. Am I clear?” She was sensitive and didn't want anything with a precise pinpoint.

“Yes princess.” Yang prepared her middle finger. She rested it at the entrance and then went in. It wasn't Blake directly and she placed her finger in her mouth wiping it clean and popping it out of her mouth.

“Yang did you just...? Never mind. How's it look?”

“Really pretty, really pink.” She smiled knowing that's not what Blake meant. She saw Blake face palm herself. “I really did drain you like a vampire.” She placed the condom on as it provided sufficient lube. Yang turned her attention to the entrance. There were no holes and it wasn't inflated. For a Faunus, we know more about her body than she does. Shut up and let me enjoy this, enjoy her. “Purrrfect.” She purred.

“Really?” She asked dryly with an eye roll.

She laid her head back on the pillows. “Ready when you are.”

Blake was nervous at taking something almost twice the size of Adams and nearly Ruby, but Yang made it better. She was letting Blake take the lead. She wasn't rushed. She obeyed the safe word. Sensing her apprehension “Blake it’s okay, you can stop.” Blake grabbed the member looking at the tip she was glad when she listened to Yang about the whole intimidation speech. It looked scary even under the rubber. She glared at it telling it who was boss and her grip tightened.

“Easy Blakey.” Yang swallowed feeling the grip a little too tight for her liking.

Loosening her grip a little she lined herself up and inserted the tip. Both of them gasping before erupting in pleasure. Blake pressed down more. She was moaning and getting more aroused as it was disappearing inside her. Yang was eliciting sounds as Blake's wall were stretched to accommodate her and watching it disappear inside her was all the more alluring. Blake bobbed up and down slowly adding inch after inch every time. When she took eight inches of it without even realizing how close she was, she came and a cry left her throat. “Blake did you just...? Oh yes, Blake! Ah! You feel amazing!” Her shaft was now being clamped by Blake's insides. She felt Blake continue to lower herself when she was nine inches deep she was moaning but it sounded like a hint of pain in Yang's ears. “Blake, it's okay, you feel really good. You can stop there. Just bob yourself up and down. You can get used to having me inside you then go lower.” She did as Yang instructed.

“Aaaahhh.” Her struggle of air through the pleasure tinged with pain as her walls were expanding and brushing over that special spot every few strokes. Push her legs down! Sink her onto it. Stretch her out. Make her bleed. Yang wanted so badly to listen to that voice, to pound her hard, show her who was boss. “Blake? Would it be okay if I thrusted a little?” Blake stopped her movements.

“Please be gentle.” She requested.

Yang slowly lifted upward. Blake's breathing hitched but she didn't say to stop. As she was an inch off the bed. She saw Blake's face fighting back pain andYang stopped.

“I didn't tell you to stop.” She tried to sound annoyed.

“No...but I-.” Trying to take the blame herself because she knew Blake was selfless enough to have the whole thing inside her.

“Keep going!” Blake rose herself then lowered herself again over and over. Yang helped by thrusting upward before she reached her limit. Wet squishy sounds were heard by both of them as their moans escaped them.

“Oh! Wow!” Yang gasped in surprise. Blake stopped for a moment. “Keep going! You're so wet! Your fluid is flowing to my balls.” To encourage her she thrust upwards only an inch.
Blake sighed in frustration. “Blake, what's wrong?” Her eyes kind yet lust filled.

“I want...I want you to force me down.”

“What? No! No. Don't worry about it.”

“No Yang! Pull me onto your cock and thrust into me.”

“Is that really what you want?” She had to be sure, yes her golden eyes were glazed over, but Blake was still in there.

“Yes! Please!” She demanded. She was dead set in having Yang completely inside her.

“Okay, but you have to do what I say.” She nodded in response. “While on your knees, rise a couple inches for me.” Blake did as told. Yang sat up held the woman close to her. The onyx haired woman resting her head on Yang's chest. “Place your hands on my shoulders. You are allowed to dig your claws into my skin, I expect you to.” Blake grabbed Yang's shoulders hanging by the fingertips. “Now using the weight of your arms, hold yourself up while your legs straighten on the bed. And pull your head away from me and in a comfortable alignment.” Blake did so. Yang placed her hands on Blake's thighs looking for any kind of hesitation in her eyes. “You ready?” Blake nodded. Yang shook her head. “I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, I'm ready! Take me!” She was impatient.

“Next step, relax your arms.” Blake did so but struggling to keep herself up. “Last step. Scream for me.” Blake was confused at first until she felt herself go completely down on Yang's shaft.

“Yyyyaaaannnggg!” She screamed. Her finger nails digging into Yang's skin, drawing blood. “Aaaaahhhh!” She was panting. “Yaaaannnngggg!”

Yang held her close. Now bounce her while she's in shock and pain. Make it hurt! “It's okay Blake. It's okay, I'm right here” Her voice dropped to a whisper “I'm right here.” She cooed in her ear. Yang felt tears hit her skin. She knew Blake came with that thrust her walls were shaking. She continued to hold Blake. Her walls squeezing and retracting only to squeeze again.

The Faunus pulled away from the embrace, feeling accomplished as she now had the foot long shaft inside her. “Yang, I want it deeper. Thrust into me.”

“After that? Are you-.” She raised an eyebrow with confusion.

Blake grabbed Yang's face forcing her to look into her eyes. “Yes!” Her eyes warning.

“My way. Slow and gentle.” Her hands went under Blake's thighs pushing her up while gravity sank her back down. She was crying out, but there was something off about it. Almost like she was hyperventilating, being thrust into at twice the speed of her fast speed. Yang continued her slow motions. Blake was now squealing, mostly pleasure. Yang looked down her body and saw blood. She was expected it, but it wasn't all coming from Blake, or at least not as much as she expected. It came from Blake's nails where her claws dug into Yang, her blood. She smiled knowing the pain she felt was nothing like Blake's especially with her semblance. She want to go faster now her semblance was active, but it wasn't worth it. She put Blake through enough already. As she was lost in thought when arms wrapped around muscular shoulders and was bouncing on her own. Yang only thrust slightly. Blake nodded for her to keep going. As Blake bottomed, Yang thrust deeper, harder, trying to go as far in as she could. Blake moaning as her insides were ravaged. Being twice as loud with each thrust going in and out. Each time the shaft going against her g-spot and she shivered each time. “Can I go faster Blakely?”

“As fast as you can dragon, rut me senseless. Lay me on the bed. Take me.”

I hope I don't break Blake like Weiss, she's a different case. Keeping the shaft inside her. She laid Blake on her back while she stood up. She grabbed her hips, eyes locked in with smaller woman. She wanted this. She wanted a dragon, The Golden Dragon, she's going to get. “Don't forget the safe word.” She reassured. She thought of all the pain and suffering she faced. Her parents being killed. Watching Ruby fade as she was dragged through the portal, All the pain her mother put her through. The torture, beatings, the special surgery she had when she she was twelve, repeated rapes, violence, killings and forced training. Her first contract. The latest fight against Raven. The recent fight with Blake. All the emotions leading to pain. Her emotional pain taking form from her aura turning it physical. When she opened her eyes, her semblance was all around them taking on her dragon form. No longer bound by the shadow, physical but fire. She looked at Blake worried. Blake was looking at her smiling and she nodded her head. I'm The Golden Dragon, and I am going to rut her one. She let her lust take over. And pounded the woman below her. Thrusting in and out and hard and fast as she could. Her pussy will be sore after this. I will make it my mission to ensure she can't walk at least a week. Blake's screams were barely heard above the flames. Yang didn't care if she was hurting her. As long as she didn't hear the safe word she would keep going. Over eighteen years of pain, this is what I do with it. I am a fucking dragon. She kept hold of Blake's hips. She felt her shaft being squeezed after each and every thrust as if it wanted to stay. She felt the walls around her shaking as if an earthquake was happening and as far as the opening knew, it was. She felt resistance come down to meet the obstructing object. She could barely make out Blake's screams as she came. She didn't slow her pace. She knew she was rubbing the woman raw. She didn't care. It was the safe word that mattered. Before she knew it, she felt herself getting close. Harder she thought. Faster, but there was no way she was already going full speed and as hard as she could. The walls was squeezing around her, and earthquake again. Come on dragon, let her come one more time before you become limp. She encouraged herself to hold off as long as possible. She felt the fluid again rushing out to the member. And she came along with Blake. Letting out a roar of fire to the wall as she did. Her semblance went away leaving the room very warm still and her skin was steaming. Careful not to burn Blake she fell backwards on her butt and collapsed “Keep going.” Passing out as she hit the floor. Blake heard Yang's last words passing out bed exhausted and sore she passed out immediately.

Chapter Text

Ruby was wondering why her sister wasn't at the helm measuring the stars or tracking distance. She asked Pyrrha, as she knew the stars themselves to watch over the helm and lead them back to the nearest shore while she was going to find what was keeping the captain. She slowly opened the door and immediately shut it upon the smell and heat.

It smells like burning flesh and a hint of sex. How was the air so hot it was burning my face? What the hell happened?!

She inhaled fresh air, put her cape over of nose and mouth and entered the room. Her eyes were wide with what she saw. She closed the door behind her. Burst into rose petals on the other side of the ship and exhaled slowly. Inhaling fresh air. What the hell was she going to tell Pyrrha? …The captain and the Faunus passed out from overzealous sex or rape? I hope it was consensual. Well, it is believable. And it may even help the captain’s image as Sir, or she broke her and still improve her image. But Pyrrha might be jealous, feel like it should've been her. She sauntered over to Pyrrha and saw the very much confused look she was given. “Do you know where the captain agreed to her contract?" The redhead nodded. “Take us there.” She took the helm and pointed the ship to the direction. A thought occurred to Ruby. Is it possible to be hot enough that the air could suffocate them? She took a breath burst into rose petals, opened the door, then window and closed the door behind her ending up on the other side of the ship. Inhaling and exhaling violently. I guess that was their make-up sex. I gotta see the next one. She smiled at her own lewd thought.

Yang blinked her eyes open. The sunlight coming in. Sunlight? Did I...did we...? “Blake!” She got up quickly and turned to where the Faunus laid. Oh good, she's still breathing. Oh boy is she going to be sore. I'd better get the ice chest ready. As she tried walking but was left sore. Fuck! She painfully walked to the dresser and sprinkled the anti-dick dust on herself. No pain, much better. Now I can look after Blake...after I shower. Ruby must've walked in and opened the window, how nice of her. Yang went to the shower walking normally. It felt weird without having that extra body part. She showered, changed and put all the clothes in the hamper for washing later. She'd let Blake wear her clothes. After she changed she walked outside the room to go get some ice. She returned with the ice chest near the bed. She tucked Blake underneath the covers and closed the window now that fresh air washed out the smell of sex in the room. She walked about outside to the helm and saw Pyrrha.

“How was your night captain?” She giggled.

“I'm just happy I can walk.” She laughed, but in reality she felt a little bad. “How about yours?”

“It was a little lonely.” She smiled. “I can take care of things on this end. You could stay with me.” She winked.

“Thanks Pyrrha but I'd rather rest.” She walked back to the cabin went to the library for her headphones and coloring material still on the table and sat next to a dead-to-the-world Blake. While she could, she rotated the picture to capture each angle properly getting the small spots without getting into the other lines. Stupid blue marker, still acting up. Now I can be as weird as I want without being judged. She touched the tip of the marker to her tongue. The taste bitter, but wasn't worth spitting out. It only worked for a couple triangles before fading again. The marking turning from blue to white. Dammit! Stupid marker. Now the rest of the picture won't look right. If I change blues it'll make it worse. C'mon, your almost done. She put the cap back on and switched colors. What the hell?! Someone is aiming and shooting at the protagonist. She slept in the little girl's room and that's why she survived? All because she was too exhausted to walk to her own room. Damn Watcher! She thought cursing at the audiobook. The mother and daughter were away on holiday and she was on trial for doing her job correctly. Her sister offered her to stay at the house.

A random thought occurred to her. Pausing her audio, she went to the bathroom and pulled out aspirin and filled a cup of water. She set it on the nightstand. For Blake's pain whenever she wakes up. I really did fuck her to a comatose state. She felt a sense of pride as it was some first times not only for Blake, but her as well, going all out and using her semblance. She felt guilty for going as rough as she did. "Blake...sweetheart, please please wake up soon. I'd be worried and bored without you. I couldn't bare it. But maybe it'd be better so your aura can heal your body. I burned you red, like a sunburn. And I'm happy your skin is back to normal, but Blake...I need you." She went back to coloring. Staring at her isn't going to help her wake up faster. That reminds me. I don't remember finding the condom on my penis when I woke up. Fuck! She paused her audiobook and set the coloring material down, lifted the covers and checked everywhere she could think of. She felt really rude as she looked into her partners private area without consent. "Blake, please forgive me." She slowly reached in her middle finger fumbling around in the inflamed enclosure. Her entrance was noticed by the Faunus but nothing more than a vocal displeasure. She felt something abnormal. Using the faunus natural walls and her finger she slid it out. Her eyes went wide in horror confirming her realization. It was the protection, singed from fire and a huge hole at the head of it. Fuck! She wrapped the condom in tissue paper and threw it out. As much as I enjoyed fucking you Blake, it will be a long, long time before we go that intense again. Her choice of having Faunus on board was easy because they could only get pregnant in their heat cycles. She figured Blake had no idea since they used a condom.

She went back to her tape and coloring book, anxiously coloring now. She knew she was going to mess up if she continued. Her OCD about crossing lines would bother her and never her live it down. She set it down, brought the pillow upright against back and the bars of where a headboard would be and listened as the voice continued to read to her. She slipped her hand under the blanket and held the cooler pale had. She paused her tape and thought about what happened between them and her feelings. If she is on the same wavelength as me, she's my girlfriend. Mine! And I care about her. If she's not there yet, then I will prove I am loyal only to her. We're not officially a thing maybe at least secret or not so secret lovers. Even if Blake were to be my girlfriend I’d still have to play a facade. I'd only fuck, have sex with, sleep with and make love to her and her alone. Nobody else! I'd give them hella excuses. If Blake wasn't up for it and I was, I'd do it my damn self. Next question, do I love her? Well...other than her outward beauty, what am I attracted to. I love the way she gets when she's mad especially at me. Her smile brings me all the happiness, the way her eyes dilate and shrink with the amount of light. She only allows me to scratch her ears. I love the way she reads and pretends to be upset when I put her ribbon in her book as a place holder so I can mess with her. I love the way her eyes roll when I tell a stupid joke or pun. I love how she used to be so quiet and so content with everything then I turned her into a howling mess. I love how much of a bookworm she is, I love how she's normally quiet and reserved but when we're alone, she's a different person. I love how...I love her...? No quite there. I love Ruby in a sister romantic way. I love Blake in a romantic way, but I don't love her with everything I have. I've put her in danger. Raven, she'll come after her. Just like she does Ruby. I can't protect her, and I can't fight Raven. No-no! I'll drop her off at her island, she meets her family and I leave. Never to see her again and she'll be safe.... Raven could still come after her, find her, enslave and...No! Is she safe with me? No. Is she safe without me? That's unknown. Will I do everything in my grasp to keep Raven away from her. Absolutely! What if Blake didn't feel the same? Another voice interrupted. Are you kidding, after the fucking you gave her? You and her had sex, she let you have sex with her. A quiet reserved bookworm who had two sexual and one not previous relationships. She let you have your way with her. She feels the same way. She trusts you. Besides, you confess your feelings, all you've lost is an awkward conversation. Now I've just gotta wait for her to wake up. Yang's voice came back. Curse this dragon for healing me quicker and waking me up earlier. But I'd have to tell her more about my past, explain that part. She deserves to know what she's getting into with me and therefore...Raven. Bored out of her mind she set her scroll for six pm to wake her up in case Blake was up or so she could see the stars and navigate. She preferred to do it herself to give her something to do she trusted Pyrrha. After all, she almost became her permanent submissive and her semblance is polarity. She spooned the onyx hair woman, loving how she still smelled like Yang in more ways than one. She let her eyes close and drift to sleep.

She startled awake by the annoying bleeps. She shut it off quickly and looked to Blake. Still sleeping peacefully in her arms. Damn it Blake! Wake up! She walked out of the room yawning and stretching herself awake before going outside. Cooler with her bare feet on the deck. She looked at Pyrrha who smiled at her.

“Everything's under control. There is nothing to worry about, Sir.”

“I believe you. I just wanted to see for myself. That, and I am really bored.”

“Well, Sir.” She said walking over swaying her hips more than normal as she walked over. “We could change that.”

Yang pushed her hands out. “Pyrrha...” She looked around making sure no ears could hear. “We have or had something special once. And you are still one of my favorite people. But it's not working. Please understand.”

“Sir, I do.” She gave the other an embracing hug and the affection was returned.

“Ya know...” She smiled devilishly pulling away. “Just because I refuse to touch you in that way doesn't mean I can't watch.”

“Ooooo! What'd you have in mind, Master?”

“Well...there's a couple things.” She smirked intriguing Pyrrha's curiosity.

“Master, please don't make me wait.” Yang with red eyes put on her best shit eating grin. “Master please!”

“I could watch you...put on a show.”

“Oooooo.” She shivered at the thought.

“Would you like to pick your toys or do you want to get your hands dirty?”

“I'm a dirty girl master.”

“I'll be in the library. Help yourself to any of the toys in the closet. You filthy slut.” She slapped her ass as she let out a yip.

“Y-yes Sir!” She quickly walked into the room careful to be quiet as the Faunus slept and picked out her favorite toys. ‘Punisher' a nine inch dildo with many vibrating and moving features and 'stub' a vibrator mean for the clit with ten different vibrating tones. While Pyrrha was in the closet she walked into the library. The first thing she noticed was two different paint colors, yellow and black shoe prints headed toward the exit. Ruby. They're different sizes. She used my actual boot size and only used my left boot on the left side. The black was on the right side, but shoe prints a different pattern. I'll have to remember to thank Ruby when I see her. Excuse me! The voice called out. I'm still here and you need me for this part of playing 'Master'. I only need your facial expression, body posture and words. I am just fine without you. Whatever, go get your glasses, it'll help fit into the role better. And so Yang did. She wanted an intimate moment with Pyrrha, one last time but wanted to keep her hands and other belongings to herself. Blake...Blake is mine, I am hers. What she doesn't know won't hurt her! The voiced teased. You fucked Velvet and look where that led you. No! She was hurt, I hurt her. Not again! She was lost her train of thought as she heard footsteps. Before her lustful eyes could take over she handcuffed a wrist put both arms behind her back and cuffed the other. Really? So...I still have some influence over you. The voice smiled. Not anymore. I am not in control. She is...Her eyes drifted toward the tall redhead. Wearing nothing but a red bikini top and bottom. Her breasts looked like they would pop out of the top any second. And the string of the bottoms exactly what they were around her waist. Here most sensitive area left little to the imagination as it was covered but not much cloth. She took note of the toys in her hand. “Punisher and stub, huh? Good choices. Don't disappoint.” Only the corner of her mouth rose.

“Yes Master, although by the looks of it, you’re already hot and bothered.” She winked.

“You wish my pet. You're just here to entertain me. I get bored.” She paused and raised her eyebrows with her face pointed down. “Don't make me wait. Oh! And I know you prefer me over your toys, but, big boy is resting.”

And put on show she did. She played music over speaker that sounded like something from one of her inappropriate video games, or her playlist. She swayed her hips left to right her body following. She breasts bouncing with her hourglass figure. Placing her hands on her knees continuing her sway as she dripped lower. Knees, legs and ass forming a straight line parallel to the ground. She stood up raised her leg as she turned Sir faced her back. She continued to sway back and forth, her cheeks bouncing as she did so. She bent forward presenting her ass to her 'Master'. Her hands touched the ground and once steady she ran a hand over her calf traveling up her leg and gave her ass a slap watching the hunger grow in the captain's eyes. She stood upright again swaying her hips back and forth following the music. She tiptoed around again watching her observer's face carefully. She bent her knees lowering herself and her hand ran vertically across her chest the moving it back over its side as the other hand ran across the mount of its side. Her hands lowered over her stomach legs spread apart and her hands grazed over her thighs. She started rising swaying with the music hands playing with the thin cloth in her nether region. One hand traveling back up to the boob rubbing the area. She stepped closer. Lowering her face so they were eye level. And hands rubbed up her thighs before moving to one side massaging the outer part of the leg. She placed a knee between her legs in her crotch area. So happy big boy isn't here. The green eyed woman spread her arm out to the other leg keeping the pressure on as she rose her body. Bring her hand over her stomach while the other pushed her hair out of her face.

“You're looking hot and bothered now Master.” She smiled.

“If you were looking at you from my point of view, you'd be a dripping mess.” She smirked back in reply. “What's next?”

“Well...” She said taking one of hands and slipping it under the thin garment on her upper body while the other slid over her stomach and beneath the red fabric a thumb rubbed a few circles over the clit. “I have a few ideas.” That was when she pulled out a small vile sprinkled some dust into her hand and blew it over the captain before she could react. Setting the vile on the table before going back to work on herself.

“Pyrrha, what?” She thought it was her penis growing dust. But relaxed when Pyrrha got to work again. She was happy she didn't have it because she was aroused. But she was able to control her urges without it. But then she felt something all too familiar grow and press against her pants. “Pyrrha, what the fuck!? What the hell is this?”

“Oh! So you feel it now don't you?” She said seductively. She strode over to the couch resting on hand on the top, another next to where her partner sat and eased herself down.

“Pyrrha, I have no idea what game you’re playing right now, but you to stop.” She was nervously fumbling with the handcuffs behind her slowly leaning down to avoid Pyrrha. “You need to stop.”

“This isn't game and you don't want to stop. I see your body says otherwise. You are enjoying yourself.” She kissed the other lips breathing into her.

Yang's eyes shot open in surprise and fear. She wanted Blake, and only to watch Pyrrha, nothing more. She did exactly as her instructor told her to do in stressful situations. She calmed her breath and forced her body to relax calming herself down. She felt white hot fire inside her, not of desire, but betrayal and anger. When Pyrrha forced kissed and she closed her eyes she saw an image of Blake in her mind. She knew her eyes were red now, due to betrayal, before now it was her façade. She unlocked the handcuffs setting herself free grabbing Pyrrha by the shoulders spun her around and slammed her into the table. Kicking the couch away a few feet and reached out and put the chains on her. Then secured a link of her handcuff around the restrained woman's ankle.

Pyrrha tried to get free by struggling against her chains and using her semblance but it wasn't working. “My-my semblance. It's not working. You wanted this.” Her eyes in fear as she looked up at the captain. Yang stood in front of her arms folded over her chest. Looking like an Atlesian Army Leader. “What the hell was that?” She flared. Like you didn't enjoy that. The voice in her head spat.

“I-I w-wanted y-you, you wanted me l-like old times.”

“Bullshit!” She spat. Then she noticed something caught her eye in the distance. Her eyes shot open, she saw her mom opening a portal she tried to stop her before she disappeared. “The fuck are you doing here?!” She shouted. No response. She paused but then walked through. “Damn it.”

“What is it?” the restrained woman questioned.

Yang felt fear at first. Her mom knew she was in distress and came to an area forbidden to her. She saw! She knew! She saw me reject sex. Her mother would piece it together and would come to the conclusion she feared. The one she raised would hump anyone who had a hole and would never deny herself someone. Yang calmed herself down again, more difficult without her restraint. Yang's brows furrowed, but grinned evilly as she could use this to her advantage. “It's nothing, yet, but I'd start telling the truth if I were you. It seems a certain mother of mine sensed my distress and came aboard my ship uninvited.” She said too naturally evil she hated how good and familiar it felt. She paced in front of Pyrrha back and forth. “And under normal circumstances her presence here is unwelcome, I may should make an exception in this case. After all,” she placed both hands at the edge of the table and leaned down close to Pyrrha “this isn't a normal circumstance.” Her all too evil smile returning, eyes narrowed and focused on her target. “Now, I ask again, what were you trying to pull?”

Pyrrha swallowed hard and was shaking in her chains. “I missed what we had. I was jealous of someone else you wanted to bend and break and spent more time with her...” She stopped and paused for a moment. “Your mom isn't there is she? She would've taken both of us by now and beat you to a pulp.”

Yang shook her head. “You're right, she's not there, anymore. Once I asked her what in the actual fuck, she paused for a moment and left.”

Pyrrha's eyes shot wide. “She was here?”

“She was.” Yang nodded slowly and sadly. “I hope you’re happy because your little stunt may have cost Blake her life. And if it does I won't forgive you, even if I wanted to.”

“So...she has a name? While the rest of us are just seen as less than Faunus, slaves or given pet names! She is a Faunus nothing more than a sub piece of human filth! Ah!” She spat, her voice of anger until she was slapped across the cheek. “Is anything you told me true?” She whelming tears in emerald eyes.

“Almost nothing I told you is true.” Yang felt so alive, words Sir has wanted to say for so long, yet she felt so cruel, she embraced them. “You were nothing but a trophy to me. The Great Pyrrha Nikos, a great warrior of strength, virtue and a role model of many, reduced to nothing but a submissive whore by a dragon. I admired you and played with you because of your warrior status. I never had feelings for you, other than desire. The sex was alright, punishment was meh tearing you down was the best! I had the Necklace of Equality the entire time. I lied to you. Ruby was the one filling that void I needed. She hated it, but it was better than you. When I tried to tell you what you meant to me and you felt the same way, I was trying to end what we had, but you were okay and knew I needed to fuck other people to keep up what you thought was a façade. You accepted that. You thought I, a fearsome mighty dragon, could ever love. Oh, how mistaken you were.” She paced back and forth again. “About why your semblance isn't working, it's because of the handcuff I had behind my back. While it only suppresses mine, for others, it stops them completely. It wasn't cheaply made. It was a pain to get out of, but someone once told me 'never bind yourself you can't get out of'.” She stopped back in front of Pyrrha again. “Why would you pull this shit?” Yang wanted to know. She knew Pyrrha could be telling the truth by claiming jealousy as she was in Blake's spot once. But that was never meant to last. Pyrrha was good at what she did, but at the end of the day, she was just a fuck toy.

“I wanted you back.” Her eyes streamed with tears.. “I was jealous like I said. I thought you'd enjoy the surprise. You'd never deny anyone sex before no matter how tired you were. The footprints only confirmed my theories. I wanted to show you that you didn't want her. I was the one you wanted and when the opportunity presented itself, I took it.”

“Did you think that what you did was wrong?” Yang knew the answer but she had to ask. Yang wanted confirmation for herself. Sir wanted to know that what she did was wrong and punishment was in order.

Pyrrha nodded.

“Answer me!” She roared her eyes glowed red

“Yes!” She shot back in fear.

Yang couldn't show weakness. Especially to someone like Pyrrha who knew her too well. “I'll be back.” She said disappearing into the library walking to her safe space. Normally, when she left, it was to leave subs resting after intense pleasure, or letting them think to what they did before punishing them while letting them decide her punishment. But this time, she needed to release her emotions. She won't let them get in the way of punishing Pyrrha. Once inside she sent a group text to Ruby and Blake. 'Please don't come in the library. I promise I will explain later.' She doubt Blake will be awake to receive it. She sent a separate message to Ruby 'Can you please be with Blake in case she wakes up? I don't want her to wake up alone.' She sent one to Blake 'I'm sorry if I'm not there when you wake up, beautiful. Don't worry about me. I'll will see you when I see you pretty kitty.' She broke down crying into herself. She felt weak, punishing someone close to her, while not in her heart, definitely in her mind. She was also scared. Her mother would eventually find why she denied herself. But the answer wasn't at why, it was a who. Blake was definitely in danger now. It's all my fault. I got close to her and now I've only put her in danger. I should've chosen Pyrrha a long time ago. That way if something happened yes I'd be hurt, but it wouldn't kill me. To lose Blake? “Aaaaahhh! Fffuuuccckkk!” Her heart muscle, she was feeling it throb painfully. She clenched her chest tightly unable to get to the muscle inside to hold it. Tears of pain flowed out of her and her semblance fire glowed all around her light up the small room. She clenched her teeth together and dug her nails on the inside of her leg. Relieving some of the pain and sending it elsewhere. She slowed her breath in an attempt to calm herself down. She thought only about situation at hand. Pyrrha needs to be punished! Whipping should work. She wiped her eyes best she could. Walked to where Pyrrha was, only to pass her. Closing the library door and looked at the bed to see Ruby next to Blake and Weiss next to Ruby. Yang smiled knowing she was recovering well.

Ruby was excited to see her and jumped from the bed to embrace her older sister but the look she saw in her face conveyed a completely different message and as she turned to go back to Blake, she was spun to the arms of the older. Ruby hugged back and felt her face was wet. She knew she'd been crying but for what Ruby would ask later like her message said. “Yang, I saw everything. I didn't see Raven but I heard you say she was there. I saw you and Pyrrha interacting and you brought her here. I saw it. You are so much stronger than you realize. I will make it up to you.” She winked knowing her sister would understand.

Yang let go moving to the bathroom closing the door. She turned on the sink and wiped her face and tried to hide any sign of crying. Ruby saw? She saw. She knew. I want the worse of the worse from her this month. Once satisfied she walked out. Looked at the youngest two siblings and whispered “I'll try to be as quiet as possible.” She went to the bed first tucking her audiobook in her pocket made her way to the closet folding the whips, rods and belts around her arm and held the strap of a ball gag and piece of cylinder shaped wood. She saw Ruby and Weiss share a look of concern. Ruby knew what was coming and Weiss figured, but nothing like this had been done to her. She was fucked brutally.

“Sis?” Ruby asked

Yang turned to face her sister “Yes, Ruby?”

Ruby was a little taken back, she wasn't mad about the interruption? There was no anger, evil or malice. “I will make this up to you.”

A smile crept across her face. “I want the worse of the worse when this is done…Red.” Yang shouldn't have been surprised, yet she was at first. She looked at Weiss then back to Ruby “Would either of you like to watch while the other stays with…Kit-?”

“Blake, I'll stay with her.” Ruby finished noticing her sister thought about her words trying not to seem too caring.

“Fuck-Ice Princess?” Yang questioned.

“I'll stay with Ruby if that's okay, Master?” Shew noticed that change of words and the way the two interacted and found it strange, but she wouldn't ask anyone but Ruby.

“Red needs someone awake to keep her out of trouble, no master, no ending if you insist, just dragon.” She saw Ruby pass a smile at her. She turned down the steps closing the trap door setting up the table to try to absorb as much sound a possible so Blake wasn't disturbed. She walked in closed the door sat everything down behind the couch out of Pyrrha's view. She walked in front of Pyrrha. “Pick a number?”

“What?! Master, you can't be-.” She knew what was coming and let the tears flow.

“Pick-a-number?” She repeated slowly adding a stern voice.

Pyrrha's head rested against the table in defeat. “Could you explain the rules please master?”

“I will.” She paused putting her hand to the bridge of her nose then removing it, she honestly didn't want to do this either but not to do anything was worse. “You will pick a number between one through twelve. You will either say it verbally or physically through this wood stick in your mouth. The number you pick depends on the device used to whip you. Your back, ass and legs will be the recipients. You will count out the lashes until I am done. Do you have any questions?”

“No.” The redhead shook her head. She opened her mouth and the stick went passed her teeth.

“What's your number?”

“Ssseevvveenn” She spoke trying to be as clear as possible.

The blonde went behind the couch and picked up number seven. She let the other feel it against her leg. It brought forth a vision she could've had in the future of when they were in the bedroom and she was the tied and Pyrrha was the one lashing her, the Necklace of Equality around her neck. The special handcuff on her. She never explained why is was so important until now. She didn’t use all her strength with each strike but used moderate anger at Pyrrha’s trickery. Each strike hurt her emotionally as she hurt her ex-lover physically. By lash seven Pyrrha was crying. I have to be strong. I have to be strong. Just give into me. The voice offered. No. You won’t relinquish control back to me and you may cause the fragile relationship I have with Blake to shatter. It’s just a hand. She said like it wouldn't hurt anyone. When the next session starts. She walked away leaving a crying Pyrrha from thirty strikes. She walked out of the library closing the door and went to check on Blake. “You two can get something to eat if you want. I’ll be here for only a few minutes.” She whispered. They left the room being as quiet as possible as they shut the door. She laid on the bed her gravity pushing covers down and wrapped her arms around the sleeping kitten. Kissing her cheek and placing her head in the crook of her neck. She wanted Blake to wake up, but now was not a good time. She was just happy she would have someone with her in case she woke up. She lavished in Blake’s scent as well as herself on Blake. All she wanted to do was hold her until she woke up. As promised she heard a light knock on the door. She got up from the bed and walk to the door opening it for the red and white dressed ladies. “I’ll be back.” She whispered as they passed through the door closing it behind them. She opened a drawer and sprinkled herself in the reversed dust. Then making her way back to library she could finally think straight. Her dick went soft when she was yelling but it was still hard to focus when you’ve got a delicious body in front of you. She was back in front of Pyrrha again, forcing herself in to look at the tear stained face. She looked into herself calling forth her other half but only for her left hand, facial expressions and voice. She thought about what Ruby asked her. What’s your name? Yang Xiao Long.

“What’s your number?” She asked sternly.

“Nine.” She huffed between the stick.

The master went behind the couch pick up number nine and held the end of it to her butt allowing her to feel it without touching it herself. That was the last thing she wanted, the only butt she wanted to touch was delicious Bellabooty upstairs. Only when she’s conscience and obviously not in pain so she could get sarcastic remarks and tease her. Again the session continued breaking Yang apart whip by whip. I wonder if mom-Raven felt like this when I was on the receiving end? Yeah right! She laughed to herself. What a stupid question. I crack myself up! I needed this when my fucked my girlfriend into a coma and hasn’t woken up in almost two days while I make my fucking ex cry. How the fuck did my life come to this? Finally! We’re done! For now at least. Still trying to be calm despite how she felt she walked back behind the couch and left again. Closing the door opening the trap door and found her favorite Faunas still sleeping. She saw the other two getting up but motioned them to stay. She sat on the bed next the rest woman and stroked her hair. She swore she could feel vibrations of her purring.

“Do you guys hear that?” Yang whispered. The two younger siblings looked at each other confused “Is it just me or does she purr?”

“Pretty sure it’s just you.” Ruby whispered back.

“Maybe…” She smirked. “Maybe I have some kind of secret ability.”

“Keep dreaming.” Ruby rolled her eyes.

“Ruby, you look at her ears. She’s out cold, just touch them. She likes it rough at the base.” Yang quietly laughed for how red Ruby’s face got of embarrassment.

Ruby reached her arm across, she jumped a little in surprise when Yang gently grabbed her wrist. Yang moved positioned her fingers like she were holding a cup her fingernails scratching the base. “Yang you’re right, she does purr. It’s so cute.”

“Hey! She’s mine! As a matter of fact.” Yang grabbed her yellow bracelet took off the red one and replaced it. “Ha Ha!”

“You still had my color on her?” Ruby whisper gasp. “Why?” She narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Just 'cause you were a huge part of why she stayed.” She put up a hand to silence her. Give this to Weiss when you're finish blushing.” Yang laughed as quietly as she could as the young Rose awkwardly took the red bracelet from Yang and placed it on Weiss. And Weiss stared at both of them in shock. Not used to seeing this side of the captain.

“Don’t get used to it Ice Princess.” She retorted. “Ruby asked nicely if I’d allow you to recover. She deserves to be happy, even if means you. She could do worse, that's the only reason I agreed.”

“Uh, thanks, dragon.” She looked to the floor but she was pale she couldn't hide the pink in her cheeks.

“Don't mention it, ever, if you do and not only will I rip you a new asshole, you hurt Ruby intentionally and I will make sure you go insane for life and take you back to Schnee Manor.”

“Yes dragon.” She replied with fear never doubting the love her has for her sister.

“I guess I'd better get going.'d my life come to this? Bruising my ex-lover and fucked my current lover into a coma? Ruby don't answer that, it's rhetorical.” She put a hand up. “Did you hear her scream by chance?”

“Sis! Don’t threaten Weiss.”

“We didn't hear anything, dragon.” Weiss said feeling more comfortable then staring at Ruby.

“Good, and it is high time we get you out of that shell.” She left the room appearing before Pyrrha for the last of the punishment. “Pick a number?”


Yang went back behind the couch, grabbed the switch and let Pyrrha feel it with her back and began, not enjoying this one bit. She had flashbacks when she was the child growing up. She loved the way her mom found all sorts of new ways to punish her slaves and herself. Shortly after, the voice in her head appeared even asked if she could punish them. She was denied most of the time. Then one day she was given permission, she felt empowered. Hearing their screams, the way her blood felt like fire, chills running through her spine, she relished it. She loved it so much she even going as far as making someone look guilty for a crime they didn’t commit. The look Raven gave her, she knew she did it and blamed someone else. She loved being punished in private. She relished each slap against her skin. She used to love doing this. Even not that long ago with Blake, but it wasn’t punishment, she was trying to bend her, just like she bent Pyrrha. She loved hearing them cry, scream and shake in her chains. But now, it only turns her stomach. Once finished the blonde woman grabbed the lashes and put them in the closet and grabbed a loose fitting shirt and pants for Pyrrha. Making her back down the stairs again unlocking the red head and taking off the golden handcuff. Placing some clothing on her, she shoulder carried the taller woman up the stairs and onto the deck. Once on the other side she set her down on one of the closer beds laying stomach down. She went back up the deck. Before going to the cabin she looked in the night sky lined up her destination and realized they were off course. Taking the leather strap off the wheel and readjusting it before setting it back on.

She entered the cabin. “I'll stay with Blake and I really want you two here.” She had a shit eating grin. “I have waited all day for this. I'm going to bring the pun-ishment.”

“Yah-Sir, please no! No!” Ruby glared.

“I need an audience who is awake and can tell me what a cat-astophy this is." Ruby and Weiss groaned. “My jokes aren’t that cat-astrophic.

“Damn it, sis!” Ruby shouted.

“Ruby, I have to get this out of my system, then you can leave and take the Ice Purrincess with you. Speaking of Purrincess, cat got your tongue? You sure had mine and it was a Pussay.

“Gah damn it, Yah-sis! I did not need to know that!”

“You and I are purrfect for each other...or should I say we are paw-fect. I guess the cats out of the bag kitty cat. Too bad you didn’t need mittens. When you wake up I'm going to scratch you so hard you'll purr.”

“Gah damn it, sis! Please stop this!” Ruby covered her hands over her ears.

“I'm gonna make you crazy you won't need cat-nip. Even if you stayed home, I would've found you with a laser pointer.” Ruby chuckled at that one and Weiss rolled her eyes. “And I can't leave you be cause I'll leave you bumblebee.” Ruby and Weiss only thought it was black and yellow speed bike with no deeper meaning. “Paw, purrincess pwease, wake up. That way I can bang you so hard you'll purr. This is the last of my pun-ishment. You two can go now. I just needed a hot-ience.”

“Sis, stop! Please don't do that when she wakes up! Then the cat will have your tongue in her claws. Gah! No! Not me too! I hope she leaves you causing a cat-astrophe. Gah! Damn it! Sis!” Ruby shouted as she and Weiss walked out.

Chapter Text

As they left, she cuddled next to Blake again. “Blake, baby...please wake up.” She paused wait for some kind of sign, nothing. “Damn you really are out cold. You haven't had consensual sex in what…months, maybe a year or more and I fucked you into a coma. It's one to please you, it's another that you've been asleep for over two days. Maybe a bath will help.” She went to the bathroom turned the water making it slightly hotter than lukewarm. She took the water by the nightstand dumped it out filled it with the bath water and placed it on the counter. She eased the brunette in the tub. Yang stripped herself and layed Blake on her chest. Satisfied with the water level, she turned it off and gazed at her lover's body. She didn't lust for her, just looking at her perfect body. She wanted to heat up the water slightly and turned on her semblance thinking of the pain she caused Pyrrha and what almost happened but didn't want Blake to come out pink. She eased Blake's head slowly under water just above the tuffs of fur. Whatever she could get she cupped her hands together and wet the black hair. She shampooed and conditioned the woman sleeping before moving to her own. She stood the Faunus up and rubbed body wash on her, careful of the areas that could very much be inflamed or bruised. She moved to her own then eased them both down in the water again. Seeing the steam of the water she stopped her semblance and held Blake. She was staring at Blake's perfect lips and stole a kiss from her lover. Or so she thought until she was shocked and surprised the sleeping woman was no long sleeping but stood up out of nowhere and started yelling.

“Well it's about damn time!” She shouted.


“No! My turn to talk. Do you know how I've been waiting for that 'Prince Charming'? I thought me being interested in romantic books you would get it. Holy crap Yang! It was so hard not to smile and laugh, groan or even roll my eyes at you and your kindness as well as poor cat jokes. You and your jokes are absolutely incorrigible and horrible.”

“Don't you mean I'm-” A finger was pressed to her lips and she was met with a glare and couldn't help her shit grin. “Tear-ible.” She laughed and Blake groaned, arching her back and swung her arms in defeat.

“You really let Ruby touch my ears! Even worse she agreed with you that I purr. She knew I was faking and still...? Yang you are really lucky I like you and that you are absolutely oblivious. Now come here and kiss me. But no shit, I am really sore and it hurts to move.”

Blake was talking so fast and Yang was taken back by the beauty of her anger and body she almost didn't catch her command. She stood up and was pinned against the wall by her shoulders. Her lips were met and she was pushing back. Knowing this would not go too far. She didn't even bother with tongue. After they broke contact, Yang grabbed a towel dried herself off first quickly set another her hands and scooped Blake up. The long dark haired woman made a hiss sound. “How are you moving around?”

“At first it was painful 'till I switched to my cyst gender.” Blake groaned and rolled her eyes “Question here is, are you okay?” Yang asked bring her back to the bed. She should've known better than to ask with the death glare she recieved.

“Were you not paying attention?! I am really sore, my legs hardly work and I am starving! And I want some of that dust to not be in pain and move around.”

The muscular woman set the smaller one with her back on the bed, pulled the covers over her. Leaning in close to whisper in her ear. “And miss the chance to take care of you?” She kissed her lips. “No way.” She kissed the lips again. “Will you be okay, if leave for five minutes?”

“Three.” She kissed. “No more, less is preferred.” She glared.

“You mean-”


“Purr-fered.” Blake groaned louder as Yang left the room.

She all but ran out of the room going to the kitchen telling the chefs her order and placed an order for Pyrrha. And fast walked back to the room. She went to the nightstand grabbing the aspirin first and water jumping on the bed and handing it her partner. “Take these, they might help.”

She took the gulped the water taking the aspirin. The empty cup was taken from her hands and replaced with a full one.

“How long have you been awake?”

“When I heard my scroll go off, beautiful, pretty kitty.” She saw Yang's face pinked. “I saw Ruby and Weiss enter. But I was barely processing what happened and I couldn't move. After I my body woke up, I felt pain. Thanks for not leaving me alone. I know you didn't want to.”

The blonde scratched the back of her neck looking down at the sheets. “Wow, you were really out for a while. Let me explain what happened. I was at the helm trying to figure out distance, degrees and other things that don't matter. Pyrrha approached me. Before I continue, there's something you have every right to know. She's an ex, kind of. She used to be where you are except with my old self. She had feelings, I did not, except as much as my other half can. We had fun but that was the extent. She knew our relationship was master-servant type deal. We were that way almost since I got my ship. Anyway, I told her some half truth, she told me she understood and gave me a hug. That's when my fabulous brain came up with the idea that she should put on a show. She was all for it. To not bother you, I went to library couch and she got her materials. I handcuffed my hands behind my back so nothing would happen. She reached in her bikini pulled out a vile, sprinkled some dust on me before she started dancing. But the end of her dance I felt what she did. She grew my penis back. She kissed me and I undid my handcuffs.” She saw Blake raise an eyebrow. “Raven taught me ‘Never bind yourself or others in something you can't get out of'. I pushed her into the table kicked the sofa back and chained her. Pyrrha told me she wanted me back and us having a night together I would realize I wouldn't need you. Raven sensed my distress and came through a portal. I barely had enough time to ask her what she was doing there before she disappeared. She know I denied myself sex. It won't take her long to figure out why. I punished Pyrrha same way I...whipped you only on one half. I didn't go father because I told her the truth that she was just some trophy to me, A Great Warrior turned submissive. And I carried her back. That's when I came back to you and tried to visit and stay with you.” She kissed her cheek.

“What am I to you? I know you said ex-lover about Pyrrha and she was with you for years. I wanna know.”

“You are the most beautiful being on Remnant. I couldn't let you go. Even if I wanted to, even it meant keeping you safe. I couldn't do it. We haven't been together that long, but somehow, you've captured my heart. You make me feel things I haven't felt since I was five. I have emotions, feelings, having the ability to care again. You brought my old self back. You keep the other voice in my head that says horrific things at bay, if not away. I'm just not sure I'm at those exact words yet with you.” Her fist was to her chest. Again replaced by a smaller paler hand massaging the area. “I don't want to push you, I don't want to lose you. I want to do this the right way.” She closed her eyes, trying to calm her breathing from hyperventilating. She opened her eyes when a hand touched her cheek, and she placed her hand on top, loving the golden eyes staring at her. Yang was lost in her eyes. It wasn't until lips met hers that she woke. “Huh?” She looked around wondering where she was.

“You okay? I started talking and you didn't respond.”

“Yeah, I got lost.” Blake eyed her suspiciously. “I was staring into your eyes too long.”

“I know you're way cheesier than that.” She smiled. “Cuddle next to me, I want to feel your heat. I also wanted to ask...” Yang snuggled next to her, embracing her. “I know you tried to hide it but your cheeks were clean with lines when you popped out of the library. Were you...?” She let the rest of the question remain unsaid.

“I was...” She cleared her throat. “Yeah...” She sighed.


“You don't have to say anything.” After a moment pause. “There's something else. We went rough and when I woke up I didn't find the condom on me. I looked on the floor and bed....and I checked the only other logical place.” She looked between the others legs then back to her. She saw Blake's fear and her eyes wide but no interruption. Their eyes met again. “I couldn't see it with my eyes, you were-are really red and swollen so I took only my middle finger and I found it.” Blake's face turned into embarrassment. She moved the covers over her face. She wasn't ready to hear any of this despite what her nod said. The moment was beyond ruined. “Blake my princess, it's okay. It happens sometimes, the condom breaking is a natural occurrence for me which is why I pull out. That was the best sex I've ever had. I had some first times for everything too.”

“I don't believe you. You're the sex expert.” She voice was muffled by the blankets.

“Should I go into details and make you believe me?” Just then the food and long bed tray entered. They set everything down and left.

“After, I am starving.” They waited for the staff to leave before continuing.

“Hey, take it easy.” She saw Blake trying to eat everything. “Here, how about I feed you, so you don't choke, okay?”

“Yang Xiao Long! I do not have the time nor the patience!” She growled playfully.

“I love it when you’re feisty.”

“Don't. You. Dare.” She glared warning. Blake was annoyed and Yang was smiling hellishly as she ate.

Yang waited 'till Blake tried them all. “Which one you like best?”

“That one.” She pointed to the tuna.

“Tuna, of course.” Yang rolled her eyes but she pretended to be annoyed.

“I. Don't. Want. To. Hear. It! I have had enough of you and your ‘pun-ishments’ for my lifetime.”

“You mean…”


“Nine lives.” She chuckled through her teeth. Blake punched her arm. “On a scale one to ten how much did you like each dish?”

“All eight except the fried dish is a six and the tuna is a nine.”

“So that was Marlin, the swordfish looking one.” She loved teasing Blake even though it was true “tuna, narwhal the smaller whale with the horn, fried squid, calamari your six, shark, I wanna say great white, maybe tiger or hammerhead, and that was whale.” Yang had a shit eating grin putting the food outside the door and turned to Blake's shocked face. Her body was slowly gravitating to the floor the harder she laughed.

“Xiao Long you are so lucky I can't walk or I would slap you!”

Yang laughed even more as another thought came to her. “Could-you-imagine-what-weird-cravings-you'd-have-if you-were-pregnant?”

“Thank you for giving me an image I don't want in my head. Speaking of which. I'm not going to end up pregnant, am I?” Yang was laughing with tears in her eyes and froze at Blake's question.

“So, there's a reason most of the ship is composed of Faunus and I'm surprised you didn't know this. A Faunus can only become pregnant in her heat cycle. You no longer being in heat, don't have to worry about it.” She nearly plugged in her earphones she stopped when a hand touched hers. She saw concern in the golden eyes.

“So what was the point of using a condom then?” She asked.

“It was to see if my theory was correct in not knowing too much about your cycle.” She rubbed Blake's head in which she returned a light purr. She didn't want to say any truth of her past life yet and relished in the comfort of scratching her head.

“Go ahead.” Not wanting to be too quick to her ears she slowly moved massaged her hand around.

Once the woman next to her was asleep, she went to the library and laid on the couch thinking about their conversation. “Maybe I should go to my room? Just in case she walks in.” The voice talked out loud through her. “Nah, you're safe out here, she's sleeping, and you put her in a coma again.” Yang yelled back. “Shut up! Yep, definitely going to my space.” She decided. Yang disappeared into her hole in the wall. “What is wrong with me? You didn't even stop me, I stopped me. It felt way too soon. How long have we known each other? Five days?” Using her fingers to count. “Two weeks unless you're counting three days I was passed out, or the two days she passed out. But those times also included Sir, not me. I'm infatuated, right? This isn't love. Do I feel the same way about her as I do Ruby? That is different. Either way, way too soon!”

“In your defense,” Sir interrupted “the best way to know someone is to spend more time with them. With no cellphone reception and only so much to do on a boat you spend quite a bit of time together.”

“It shouldn't be like this. This is scary, unfamiliar, but I'm not completely against it. The uncertainly is the worse. The easiest thing is to is drop the three of them in Menagerie and leave.” She inhaled slowly then exhaled swallowing as her throat was becoming dry. Cat got your tongue? “Shut up!” She screamed slamming her fists into the walls her anger activating her aura as flames danced around her. She was tired exhausted and panting. She lowered her body against a wall and curled in on herself and what tears she had left cried them. Until a voice interrupted her. Kids, huh? Yang stood up yelling again “No! It can't happen, it won't happen! I am an unfit parent! How I treat Ruby proves that! Raven took that away from me! I refuse to see any other options! Ruby and Weiss, that's their shindig. To ask Blake or any woman, No! A test tube? Not happening!That's bullying made to happen. Fuck me and my stupid jokes! No, it can't happen! Raven....she'll come after her, like Ruby. No! She's going to Menagerie and staying.” Yang was panting again and her voice box was nearly depleted she felt the sweat beads on her skin. Great way to break a girl's heart, have deep seated conversations to get her into bed and dump her by leaving and never coming back.

Even if you wanted her back, she'd never forgive you. This is exactly what Raven tried to keep us from, the reason she did what she did.

“It still doesn't make it right! As a matter of fa-” Her voice gave out. Fact, it is completely and totally wrong! She started crying again. It hurts, not say anything hurts as much saying something, but the moment I say something, I lose her.

Hey! You can't be weak, Raven didn't raise a pussy.

Fuck You!

Just wipe your tears go to the couch and wait for her to wake up.

No, I am going back to bed, and listening to my audio until she wakes up. She walked out and placed the couch back where it was. She tried to walk but her body didn't listen. Back to bed. No, couch. Bed. Couch. Agh! No! Compromise, we go to Ruby then end up on the bed? Deal.

Yang went to Ruby's room with straps and whips in her hand. Ruby nodded already knowing and Weiss left the room, not exactly sure what was going to happen, but not wanting to find out. They told her not to come back for at least an hour, for her own safety and sanity. Yang stripped her clothes and restrained herself on the 'H' shaped bar. “Double it!”


She stumbled back and eased herself on the bed. The blonde was caught off guard and jumped in surprise a hand cupped her check she felt her forehead head make contact with another object. She paused her tape and pulled out her ear buds. “How'd you like your cat nap?” She cleared her still sore throat. “How are you feeling?” She smiled.

Blake rolled her eyes. “I did, one of the best sleeps I've had in a while. Except, imagine my surprise when I wake up and expecting a warm body next to me holding me, instead met with a cold blank space. Where'd you go?” The muscular woman tried to protest when a finger went to her lip. “I'll forgive you this time, but tell me where you were.”

Yang tried to blink any left over tears she had. “I-” her voice cracked she tried to speak but nothing came out. “I had to take care of something.”

Blake shock her head and sighed. “What aren't you telling me?”

“I had to punish someone.”

“Oh..." She paused unsure of what to say. "I'm not pressuring you to tell me, but I want to know.” She said kissing her. "I want to help."

“'re sore.” Yang protested and so did her body.

“I don't care.”

Yang looked into the golden eyes. “Blake...wait.” She groaned in frustration. Yang flipped her over going to the closet before coming back out with an oil coated fake phallus. She struggled to hold her down as claws and everything else scratched, bit and rejected this instead of her. Yang got the head inside and pressed a button as the toy came inside her coating her walls. She started to settle down. Yang raised the paler legs to her shoulders to allow the fake cum to make its way inside her. Despite their short session Blake was panting and Yang was bleeding. She refilled the cup on the night stand taking a cup for herself then going back to the raven haired woman and allowing her to drink. She lit herself on fire to cauterize the wounds closed. She drug the Faunus head on her pillow and Yang laid next to her, listening to her headset. Her hands did have something to do, not color like they normally would, but they rubbing all over Blake's head and shoulders. She felt the vibration through her arms and her partner was purring while reading

“Oh! You had your headset in, never mind. I guess you talk without realizing it” She giggled.

“I-what?” She looked at Blake very confused.

“You told me you I’m beautiful.”

“I thought that was in my head.” She laughed.

Some comfortable silence later. “So when did-when did you know, you had feelings for me?”

“I was always a confused child growing up. I argued with myself in my head when that wasn't enough I talked out loud and even argued in the mirror or my reflection in the water or anywhere. More often than not, it got so bad my mother would throw me into the closet, restrain me and locked the door so I could 'deal with it'. Eventually, when I was so torn upside I let myself in shut the door and thought or argued through it. When my mom saw me throw myself in there after a couple times, she opened the door put a belt in my hands and closed the doors. I went to town on myself, feeling like I deserved it for doing so much harm. Each point of an argument earned me a hit. Before the contract, I was conflicted how I felt about you and the contract only confirmed I was dead set on leaving you in Menagerie. But after I saw my mother, I would be upset with myself to leave you knowing you'd never forgive me and I'd never forgive myself. Too scared my mother would find you and hurt you to hurt me. That was when I knew, I didn't want to let you go. But the choice to leave, is also yours to make.” She heard a sniffle. “Blake?”

“Will you please cut the crap? It's more horrific and romantic than my stories prepared me for.” She had two tears running down her face.

“Oh Blake.” She eased herself into her. "I'm sorry, please don't cry. I promise I'll stop.”

“And you’re so oblivious, that when I say stop it doesn't mean stop.”

“I put you through enough romance and pun-tear-jokes for today.” She leaned down hugging the woman above her chest. Her mouth kissed her shoulder and she rested her chin there.

“If I wasn't so sore, I'd let you make love to me.”

“As much as I would enjoy that...I don't have a penis to get hard on.” She laughed then cringed as an elbow hit her.

“What'd you really mean to say?” Yang stared at her confused. “Don't hide it with jokes Yang. I know you said enough romantic crap, but don't forget the books I read. Granted, when you’re in the arms of someone you…feel safe with, it doesn't compare to the warmth and safety you feel. “

“Be still my heart. As much I would enjoy that, your safety and well-being come first.” She kissed her neck. I'm going to win this Blake, please stop before you hurt yourself.”

“Can you please save this for another night? You make me want you even more.” She moaned.

“Do you think it would help your insides if I played with your bundle of nerves and you coat yourself in healing fluid?”

“Yang!” She warned “Please, no more!”

“What's wrong pretty kitty? You're already hot, so are you bothered?” She smirked.


Yang shut up and smirked, knowing she won. Blake was always a challenge to her and for her. I wonder if Raven really loved Tai or if I was an accidental pregnancy despite, birth control?

Her mind stopped when she felt harms hugging hers. “Yang? What's wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” She lied.

“Your arms squeezed tighter. Tell me.”

“You’re in heat, so soon after your last cycle. I don’t feel comfortable with this. I also was having a thought come to my mind. I shouldn't...never mind that's romantic crap.”

“Yang, I want this, I want you, just not while I’m still sore. Finish your sentence.”

“Can't, safe word.” She smirked.

“Damn it Xiao Long! Tell me the jist.”

“Did Raven love my father Tai, ? Was I an accident despite birth control? Who really gave birth to me knowing dust effects.”

“Yang, my Sunny Dragon-” She felt a drop hit her shoulder. “Yang?”

“Sorry. My dad called me that before he died. Said I brought sunshine to everyone and even those in darkness would know the light and warmth I brought.”

“He's not wrong.” She assured

“You win this round Belladonna.”

“Admitting defeat? I want more. Yang, I want you inside me.”

“No, no. You need to heal and recover.”

“Not that one. I want you in the other one. I want you to cum inside me.”

“You are absolutely sure?” She had to double check, she had to sure.

“Yes, like before, gentle. And no fucking me into a coma. I can’t recover every day.” She wanted Yang to have a virginity of hers. Since she couldn't have her mouth or pussy, she had feelings for Yang. The way Yang cares about and protects her, she wanted Yang to have her anal virginity. She wasn't sure, but she felt like Yang is the one. She didn't believe in soulmates, only people who are compatible, but she felt opposites attract and had similarities with Yang that didn't make them too different.

“Yes pur-princess.” She went to the drawer and sprinkled some dust on herself and grabbing a bottle of lube. She went back to Blake no longer holding back on romance. She brought her mouth close to her human ear and exhaled hot breath. She loved how she shivered. “I'm going all out on romance for everything I wanted to say, or until the phallus grows and I can't resist you.”

“Please!” She wanted-needed Yang.

“Raven tried to keep me from know what what’s like to have feelings for someone. She found me anyway. I wasn't looking for her. You made me feel good, I returned the favor and ate your delicious insides. You are the only one I’ve done that for. You are the only one I used all of my semblance in sex. Even others got only part of it. You are the only one who activated my dragon during sex.”

“Ah! More!”

“You're so hot I normally pull out, but you, I can't pull out even with a condom.” Yang drew her hot breath of her body.

“Ah! Yang! Yes!” Her fists gripped the sheets to steady herself from need.

Yang was rubbing her chest gently and intimately. “You give me more pleasure than anyone. You fucked me so hard I passed out. Feeding you, I wanted to see your mouth in action on that fork. I like it when you threaten me, scratch me. I like when your claws and teeth sinking into me when I ride you. You are the only one allowed to.”

“Ah! Yang, don't stop!”

“You are my greatest weakness.” .

“Yang! Are you freaking hard yet?! I want you now!”

“I was hard since I talked about not being able to resist you.” She licked her skin, another shiver. “I love the way you skin tastes." Blake groaned in sexual frustration. “Easy princess. Just like before, your dragon will keep you safe.” A though popped into her head, she knows at this point she can share her thoughts with Blake. “Can we do a bit of role play?” Blake looked at her and blinked. “The dragon has the princess captive, the knights tried to save her and dragon fought them and won but secretly the princess didn't want to be saved?”

“Yang! Yes, please.” She hated waiting, but the idea turned her on.

Yang got up from the bed to the door. She turned her eyes red only playing the part. “Your knights failed you again, princess. Dragons live forever, humans only live a lifetime they scarified themselves in vain. Your kingdom can send as many knights as they can spare. None will succeed.”

“What if...I want to stay here, what if I like it here?” Yang partially feared this was going through her real mind but hoped it wasn't.

“You'd rather stay prisoner in this lonely castle to a dragon like me than return to your life of luxury? Don't kid yourself.”

“Before I met you, I only knew of people who served me for what I was, everyone said nice things to my face then snickered behind my back. I was engaged to someone I hardly knew. You are the first real friend I've had. You’re honest and tell me the truth, even if I don't want to accept it's true.”

“You've got some fucked up version in your head of calling me a friend.” Yang walked closer preparing to kiss her. “Aren't you afraid? I am a dragon, I defy the gods, I kill for fun, and I take what I want.”

“I was afraid at first, but not anymore. You are a dragon, but nothing like you describe, you bring light to those in darkness, you bring justice to those who deserve it, and you defy the gods because you do what is right. I'm not afraid of you.”

“You should be.” The dragon said kissing his prize, trying to be gentle. She had to move away to breath.

“Even now, you're gentle. Though the lust in your eyes says otherwise.” The princess argued.

Blake was really good at this, even for last minute. Although the story a little too familiar, and the very cliché was perfect. She leaned in and continued to kiss her. Moving on top of her. She saw her lover wince in pain. Hoping Blake would play along. “What is it?”

“I'm still sore from the last time.” She whispered.

“I'll be gentle. I won't let this hurt, not unless you ask.” She paused for a minute “I won't stop, but I want to hear you say the safe word. I want to know you feel safe using it.”


Yang attacked her lips. She's a good kisser. Blake open her mouth awaiting the impending tongue. Which came slowly but demanding dominance and moved slowly around her tongue. Her hot breath coming in her mouth. Blake moaned into the dragon’s mouth begging for more. With Blake now in a frenzy and safe to continue. Her hands travel to her breasts playing with both at the same time pinching lightly pulling and teasing the flesh. This only caused Blake to let out her moans no long keeping them to her throat. Her hands lowered over her stomach lightly scratching her nub nails into the flesh. She lowered her head the princess neck lightly kissing over the marks before running her tongue over them. Yang knew Blake was distracted by the tongue as her other hand ran down her crack she wasn't ready yet. She moved down kissing light over her chest and over to stomach looking in Blake's eyes for any uncertainty. She put the lube on one finger moving the heat there so it wasn't cold. She lazily circled over and around the hole but never going in. “Is your clit sore? Yang asked concerned.

“No. But please don't play with it, otherwise it will be.”

“Not yet princess. I have something in mind for when you're ready.”

Yang tested the waters with her pinky finger resting at the entrance, pushing inward and pulling away before never going in. And with the rhythm her hole reacted clenching, ready to take it. She put some lube on her finger and pushed on only to the finger nail. Blake wasn't sure why but it felt good. Dirty, but a different sensation. She wanted it deeper and thicker. Feeling her loosen, she moved the entire finger inside slowly and pulling out. Not quite allowing her to feel it all until she felt she was ready. She squeezed it on her middle finger in front of Blake so she knew what to expect. She eased past the entrance, only the second knuckle and left it there. She felt movement and Blake was trying to get more inside her if by instinct or not she didn't care she inched more inside all the way and left it there. Her hole was getting used to widening, but it was still small steps. She pulled out and placed the index and middle together inside. She listen to the pleasant sounds to recipient made, nothing of pain. She inched deeper and her body instinctively trying to push further inside. Playing with the hole with the teasing thrusts. She pulled out only to hear and annoying groan. As much as they wanted this, again the dragon wanted to be sure she was ready. She wanted to make a joke, ‘I shine where the sun don't shine’ but that would only ruin it. She stuck the ring, middle and pointer in at the same time slowly. Take it easy on her now, slower. She thought and raised the middle finger and the other two touched making it smaller but adding the pleasure 'till they could be side by side. No resistance but felt and she moved them side by side. Only feeling her walls clenched for more she moved them all the way in. More lubrication. This time she would feel the coolness. She placed the lube directly in her hole since it was stretched and saw her shiver at the coolness. “Not much longer, princess.” The dragon reassured.

“I want it now!” She demanded.

“I'm not one of your petty servants who answer your demands. I defy the gods themselves and I most certainly defy you.” She placed the lube on the four fingers and pushed in, as she expected, no resistance. She's ready for the girth, be easy on the length. “I'm going to flip you over now and drag you to the end of the bed and take you.”

“Yes!” She yelled with all the sexual frustration she had with the slow build up.

She sounds like she's been on edge too long. She lubed up her length, lined up the head and pushed in. And left the head there. Wow! She is really into this.

“Agh! Uh! Ah! More!” She cried.

“This my castle, I'm in charge.” She humped the head in and out only to prove her point and her prey gripped the sheets. Yang figured she'd done enough teasing and slowly eased the shaft inside feeling for any struggle while trying to hint any type of pain. Once halfway in, she stopped. She loved how she felt inside. And based on the sounds, Blake loved it too. Blake was in bliss. She had a fantasy like this but never thought she could handle it. She partner was so hot headed, yet calm and eased her into it. Yang only confirmed how she felt by breathing over Blake's back kissing her she shoulder, licking and sucking on the flesh. Gah! I love the way she's shivering under me. Best of all she's loving this! She moved her head the middle of her back and licked up toward her shoulder.

“Stop teasing me dragon, please.”

“I am only teasing because you are fulfilling my fantasy. Only because you asked so nicely, I will not tease too much.” Slowly she inched her way in again feeling for any discomfort. Once she was hilted she stayed there for a bit. The receiver was shaking under her “Is my dragon cock too much?” She had to hear it.

“Have you heard any protests? When are you going to start moving? Whatever you were thinking earlier, do it, please!”

“Very well.” Slowly she moved out of her partner slowly brought her mechanical arm to her clit teasing by not touching her with the vibration on medium.

“Please!" She whined. “Just please, not another comatose state.”

“Not again, I missed you too much.” Immediately knowing she felt the effect. Laying her back down on her stomach and inserted herself again. Slowly hilting herself. “I was gone for only a little bit and your body missed me. You're adorable princess.” Blake could only cry out in pleasure. Moaning was out the window, she felt too good for that. She was too far gone. The dragon humped her slowly and only one inch in and out. She felt the vibration of the arm and the clamping that was happening she prepared for it by staying in as far as she could as Blake had her first orgasm of the night. With her hole tight, she resumed slowly bring her down.

“S-sensitive.” She gasped.

To help her out the dragon pulled out farther before going back in. Now, she won't be thinking about it. She continued to push farther out and back in until only the head remained. She remembered to go slow. This is love making. She thought. Continuing her thrusts as she laid herself on top of Blake. Kissing down her back before licking her spine. She felt the body under her shiver and changed her tactic by releasing hot breath down her back. The Faunus was reacting and most likely over stimulated by pleasure. She felt her walls clamp, shiver and expand only to retract on her member. She still continued to thrust into her partner slowly. Tonight, is about going slow. I challenge myself for her to reach five orgasms before I even think about cumming. A challenge! She continued her slow pace despite her partner's pleas to speed up. Instead she went slow but thrusted hard at the end. After about five minutes at the new pace she came again. The dragon was proud of herself for lasting this long.

“Please cum, cum inside me.” She's probably nearing wits end. The dragon thought about everything going on around her. How she was Blake's first for almost everything, how she was the quiet type but let loose in the bedroom. All the thoughts spurring her closer. “Dragon please, I want this, I want you.”

That was all she needed. She put herself inside her partner all the way and pushed out thrusting inward. She felt her balls tighten grabbed the bed on both sides and roared fire from her mouth into the metal bared head board. Once finished, she pulled out of Blake slowly as the dark haired beauty came for a fourth time. Yang turned off the vibrator and removed it. She grabbed nearby tissues wiping her and Blake down. She picked up her lover making sure she was still conscience. Her muscular arms dragged her over the bed to the pillows laid the dark haired woman to the opposite side and opened the window. She snuggled in the covers and held the woman next to her. “You...feeling...okay?” She panted.

“Y-yeah. That was-that was amazing. An-and I-we didn't collapse. Can-can you ro-roll me a-around. I-wan-to s-see you.”

She obliged by taking one arm over and one arm under using her hands and turned the dark haired beauty over. “Do you want me to snuggle you?”

“Not yet, but I want to know. Why did you keep your clothes on?” Blake looked into the lilac eyes. She touched her hand to rest on her face. She felt a hand on top of hers. She moved to the ear and stopped when the strand hair of unruly mane met hers. The hand guided hers and pushed the piece behind her ear.

“It's only fair.” She kissed her cheek. She knew Blake would know what it meant. A promise of protection, a linking bond that says I will not hurt you with intent. You are mine, I am yours.

“Still taking the romance approached?” she asked.

“It felt right. Going off instinct I guess.”

“I want you to hold me and I want to feel you, your body heat.” She gestured her arms outward like a child wanting to be picked up.

Yang gently brought her to her favorite spot in her chest. Why did I bother with the pillow? Her train of thought was interrupted when Blake cleared her throat and flicked her ears.

“Sorry. I was wondering why I even bothered with the pillow.”

It only made the Faunus laugh. She loved it when Yang shared her thoughts, it means she felt safe and someone to give a listening ear or four. She closed her eyes when the skilled fingers scratched her sensitive receptors and get out a gasp. Yang placed her head on top of the dark haired woman and closed her eyes. The blonde was stirring awake the light pouring in from the window. Opening and closing her eyes. The previous day and night flashing through her mind. Looking down to see her little kitten still snuggled into her. She moved her arms slowly and touched her fingertip to the feline tip. It flicked but that was to be expected and started stroking back and forth and going to the base and scratching just the way she liked. Her body felt deep vibrations knowing Blake was purring. She tried to be as silent and quick as possible when reaching for her audio track but when she tried to pull away the woman pulled her closer and held her tighter. She winced, but continued to stroke the ear knowing it could be a while before she wakes up. She loved that salty sea air coming through the window but was worried if sound would disturbing the Faunus with her heightened senses. Then again, people listen to the ocean as they sleep. If I try to move she’ll hold me closer and I risk waking her, if not suffocating myself or worse. I could text Ruby and tell her to bring me coffee. But Blake would probably be embarrassed knowing my youngest sibling saw us together and not clothed, even under the bed sheets. She continued to look around the room while Blake's ear was the only thing keeping her mind occupied. Maybe some redecorating is in order. I don't think she's even been in my playroom. I need that side introduced slowly. Sir knows it a little too well. Well, I told myself I could look at her for hours, may as well prove it.

Chapter Text

About an hour later, Yang felt movement beside her. She raised her hand over Blake's eye so the sun wasn't coming directly in, plus she enjoyed looking at the dilated eye before they shrank. Just like a cat. She smiled at her as she woke up. “Hey, beautiful.”

“Hey.” She said bleary before yawning.

“You coffee?” She offered.

“Thanks.” Yang wanted to talk to her partner but mornings not her style. Blake appreciated her partner kept it short before she went out. When she returned, she inhaled the aroma of fresh coffee. She sat up not even bothering to fix the blanket as it fell, her nipples hardening at the cool air. Yang made sure her lover was awake before talking. She kept her eyes focused on hers.

“You're allowed to stare at them. I won’t be upset.” The Faunus smirked.

“I know, but it's-”

“You being romantic again? Round two is not happening this early.”

“Round one wasn't planned either.” Blake nearly chocked on her coffee when she brought it to her lips. “It's your eyes that get me. Nothing like I've seen, unique with their own special features but subtle, something you have to look deeper into, in order to understand.”

“Yang, it is too early for you to be spouting philosophy, that was really deep. Almost've heard it somewhere.” She raised an eyebrow.

“Not exactly. I listened to how two lovers, enemies or friends who want to be romantic with each other got lost into each others eyes. I get lost in yours. Not in a bad way, it's like an escape from harsh reality but no matter where I'm am you’ll always be with me as I am with you. And… I need to stop.”

Blake's eyes were slightly watering. “No, continue but we are leaving this room after your speech.”

“This part is from a video game, but it’s true. ‘No matter how deep the darkness a light shines within, you are my light. No matter how lost I get, you ease me back to reality and...I'm done.” She took her hand placed it against the cheek of her partner who was rubbing her face in it with a diagonal motion. When she had got close enough to Blake's human ear she rubbed the area gently.

“It'll do,” She cleared her throat “but it doesn't feel as good.” Yang kissed her forehead. “One other thing, what does a forehead kiss mean to you?”

“Blake.” She rolled her eyes. “Later?”


“Okay, okay, you don't have to give me the cute cat eyes that make you look all innocent in that one movie and everyone suddenly loves the cat.” Yang was smiling at Blake's confusion. “I'm messing with you Kit-Blake. You know I avoid things with jokes. But in all seriousness.” She went behind her a brought Blake the tissue box.

“Only when we're alone like this, you can call me whatever you want within reason.”

“A kiss on the forehead is a promise, it says I will be there to protect you 'till my last breath, I will light your way, guide you and pick you up when you stumble in darkness. I-you but I don't lust over you by kissing your lips. I will not hurt you or betray you. I feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable around you. I only leave you when I have to and it hurts me to do so but I also promise when I leave to be back as soon as possible.”

“Do you always put so much thought into everything?”

“Not 'till you, I've never felt this way. That reminds me of something.” She got her scroll and speakers let out the sound. 'I didn't know that I could feel this way' was playing.
I never had this feeling before she gives me shakes and shivers I can’t ignore and I see that there’s more now than just running free. I didn’t know that I could feel this way.
After the song finished Blake wrapped her arms around her lover. Yang silently grit her teeth, she was able to hide them thus far, but it still hurt. Tears of joy were falling from Blake. She wanted to talk about her past relationships after her partner told hers but now was definitely not it. “Please stop being romantic help me dress. Some sun would be good for me. But I gotta know, how do you know so many references?”

“I watched a lot of TV growing up when my mother didn’t feel like dealing with me. Once I got my own ship, I downloaded movies at least ten years old and even though they were kid movies and Addams Family, tried Mumsters didn't like it as much. I felt like a kid again, with my mom, dad and Ruby. She showed me a lot of these movies that she watched when Qrow was wasted. It's the same with coloring it brought me the joy of getting lost.”

“Another question? Then we leave.”


“How'd you get this ship?”

“It was a goin' away ‘I'm going to check up on you’ type deal for the morning of my eighteenth birthday. I was so anxious to leave, I took off with it.” Blake knew she was hiding something but knowing she wouldn't push and this moment was not going to be ruined. “You're still recovering and sore. If you want, we could stay here locked in each others arms. I could use my semblance and you can your vitamins that way.”

“As tempting as that is and as much as I want to, I need to use my legs.” She tried getting up and with each movement staying in bed one more day became more alluring. She felt arms wrap around and yank her back to the bed. “Ah!”

“You're staying right here.” Yang said and she opened the window. She activated her semblance and held her. “Let me know if you need warmer or I get so lost in thought I am heating up or cooling down without realizing it.”

“I have something for you. It might be a little late.” She opened her book memorizing the page she left off at and placed her other hand over the tanned skin where her heart was and wrapped it around. She felt the pang she was expecting and smiled at the lilac eyes looking to her in shock. Yang was at a loss for words. Should I give it to her now? No, not yet not 'till she hears the whole story. She deserves to know. She knew it what she was using it as. The way she wrapped it around her wrist. It was a favor, her favor. Yang had won her affections and her place in bed.

“Yang?” No response.“Yang?” She waved her hand in Yang's face, nothing. She kissed her. That woke Yang out of her stupor. She was still lost for words but hugged Blake tighter with her arms only. She was confused when Blake pushed her away.

The push caused her to bit her teeth. “What?” She was hurt and confused.

“I should be asking you that. Your temperature started dropping. I called your name twice and you didn't respond. Did I do something wrong?”

“Blake, please don't ever say that again. You are perfect, you could never do anything wrong. I'm shocked, surprised and happy. I wanted to say something, but I wasn't sure what to say and I thought about something darker. I'm sorry Blakey.” She gripped her tighter.

“Yang it's fine.” she hugged the arms. “Is it something we should talk about?”

“Not here, not now, not yet” she kissed the learner neck “one day, yes.” she whispered. “Can you do me a favor?”


“Next time you start a book, no matter what it is will you please read it to me?”

“I'd loved to. You are so perfect. But-um...could you maybe, strip down? I want to feel every inch of heat.”

Yang froze unsure of what to do. “But I'm pawfectly fine. I'll heat you, my pussy cat. My-”

“Yang stop. Please. Just don't.” Her hand massaged her frontal lobe. “What are you avoiding? What is so bad you don't want to...get comfortable next to me? Are you just now feeling self conscious?”

“Yes! I hope that's purrfectly okay?” She said happily as an excuse was given to her.

“Yang! You know what? Fine. Fine, two can play this game.” Blake dressed and hoped back into bed.

“I have something for you. Here, it's not malicious, I promise, I know you like to wear them, maybe complete your outfit.” She said handing Blake a black leather choke collar.

“This is really what you were avoiding? Knowing I'd fall for it. You're incorrigible. But.. take it back.” Yang looked at her hurt. Blake smiled “Don't look at me like that, I want it modified.” Yang tilted her head at her confusion. “I want it yellow, or black with a honey bee or words related to it, like honey, bumblebee or B-M-B-L-B, something. Yang nodded and smiled taking it back. “What I really wanna do, is stretch my legs, but my controlling girlfriend cares about me too much and won't let me.”

“You know you love it. But uh, girlfriend, huh, has a nice ring to it.”

“At worse, my pain is uncomfortable. I can still move.”

“And you think I'm gonna, let you walk right out the door when I am the most comfortable than I have been in a long time? Now way, girlfriend.” She smiled as Blake shook her head. “How about this, we change the sheets, get some new ones and invite Ruby and Weiss to have fun with us?”

Blake looked at Yang and rose and eyebrow. “How about we shower, not optional, change with us?”

“Oh-my-Blakely not like that!” Yang was blushing and laughing in her throat. “I mean unless...”

“No, ew! No, stop!” She covered her eyes to get an image out of her head.

“I had to tease you back. I meant like a board game or watching a movie. So that way you can stretch and we can hang out, and your overprotective girlfriend can keep her eye on you.” She sent Ruby a text 'U Weiss cabin 1 hr'.

“I actually like that that idea better.” Blake started getting up but was held down by a hand. “What are you doing?”

Yang got up from the bed walked around to the other side and bridal carried her to the bathroom. “Don't want you to strain yourself, princess.” She smiled. “Your strong dragon is here to protect you.”

“As much as I like my Sunny Dragon, I am independent and I can do this myself.” She was let to her feet.

“I have no doubt you can, but I refuse to let you.” The dragon started the water. “This one is hot, this one cold and this way is hotter, this way colder. Choose your intensity, purrincess.”

Blake adjusted the water to her liking. My dragon could always warm me up. Before she stepped in a hand grabbed hers. “Yang?”

“Blake...there's” she had tears in her eyes as she looked at the floor“something you should know.” The tears released themselves and she removed her clothing revealing scarlet cuts that still looked fresh, black, blue, green and red bruises, welts...everywhere. They looked like they had only healed in a day.

“Yang, who did this?” Yang just looked sad. “I'll make that bitch pay for what she did!”

“It's not as bad as it looks.” She smiled. “It's just a little sensitive. You have my permission to touch whatever or wherever you want, hair included, please be gentle.”

“Same goes for me, except I’m still sore, but I imagine not as much as you. But that doesn't answer my question! Yang!”

Yang moved Blake under the water soaking her hair. Once satisfied, she spun her around switching sides wincing as she did so but turned her body turned it to steam. She turned herself down when Blake was coughing and panting for breath. She grabbed the shampoo, lathered it in her hands and applying it to the top of her head first then moving lower. Her princess was lightly purring.

“You forgot behind the ears, my dragon.” She smiled still worried about her marks as Yang still didn't answer her question.

Yang took the hint and started with the human ones first so she could lavish in the cat ones. She moved her hands up to the ones on the top rubbed in the shampoo before scratching. She felt her lover shiver under her and turned her semblance hotter. She was caught off guard as Blake spun her around and took her hands and helped rinse the soap out. She loved looking into the golden eyes. She rested her forehead against the other. Completely off guard when hands reached past her ear warning her about the contact. Yang took the hands and placed them on her head. She just about purred as Blake gave her a head massage. She needed something to hold onto and the walls were slick but held pushed into them cornering Blake. “Is this...what it...feels like when I...scratch your-ears?” She panted.

“Pretty much.” She smiled.

“It feels so weird, but good. I see why you can't get con-trol back. I-I will al-ways a-sk f-from n-now o-on.”

“You always ask for permission.” She whispered seductively. “It's really hot seeing you like this.”

“Y-you sh-should s-see y-you.” The brawler smiled her voice raspy as she tried hard not to give in.

Blake stopped once she finished lathering in the shampoo taking Yang's arms and sliding her around. She continued her motions to get the shampoo out. Yang was panting, it felt good and she didn't want Blake to stop, but she was in a frenzy. How did Blake ever get the courage to have anyone touch her ears? She felt Blake's hands stop at the tips. “Any split ends?”

“Hard to tell when I'm not behind you.” She giggled. She loved seeing her dragon forget how things worked. She tried to spin her around and was stopped.

“I-I need t-to d-do t-this. I-I n-need t-to p-prove-”

Blake cut her off. “You don’t have to prove anything, let me. Please Yang.”

“I-I...” She couldn't find words. She had never been like this before.

“Yang, it's okay. Let me lead.” She pleaded

“W-with e-yes like y-yours I-I can't f-fight.”

Blake turned them around grabbed her partners hands, put the conditioner in them and moved her hands through her hair. Yang was moving as if by instinct at this point just moving her hands around. She meditated within herself seeing if see could borrow strength to focus. She found no strength waiting for her. She tried relying on her own strength. She didn't have that either. How do I not have strength, she just massaged my head and hair. All too slowly it seemed Blake was done and they reversed. She prepared herself for the contact again, only focusing on breathing and standing. She continued to pant holding her partner's shoulders for distance and stability.

“Yang, are you okay?” Her look of concern as she seemed to not be herself.

“I'm f-fine. Keep going.” Trying to put up a front.

“Be honest.” She said sternly with narrowed cat eyes.

“I-I'm good. Y-you have magic hands.”

“Yang, it's okay. This is only a temporary state. I know you're strong, and most importantly, you know you're strong. You don't you have anything to prove my Golden Dragon.”

“Blake...” She pushed herself into Blake in for what seemed like a hug, but she latched onto her for support. “My shadow.” She whispered. Blake continued her motions and got the soap to lather and rubbed the suds against the fighter's body. What Blake didn't like was that her normally warm body was chilly to the touch. She didn't like the reference of shadow but supposed Yang was out of it to come up with anything else. Somethings wrong? What did I do? What have I done?

Yang's hands met hers. “What's wrong?” Red eyes met gold.

“I-It's....” She sighed heavily. “You’re cold.”

“Is that all?” The blonde laughed. “You had me worried for a second.” Her hand rubbed her ears as if to sooth her.

Wait, something was off. “What's your name?”

“C' mon now, you seriously don't recognize me?” She sneered. Blake pushed the blonde against the wall and escaped. She went to the dresser and grabbed Ember Celica along with Gambol Shroud. Once next to her weapons and out of reach of the other she dressed at least in a bra and underwear. And sent Ruby a message 'Sir is back!'.

“Awe come now pretty kitty. Don't you like it when I play with you, I certainly did. I vaguely remember these from last night. She enjoyed it though, she missed it.” She voice evil and dark, something from the underworld. She shut the water off dried herself and placed the towel around her. When she walked out she saw the Faunus next to the bed wielding her weapon and Ember Celica next to her. “You’re not just some animal after all. No wonder she loves you. Thanks for making her so weak she couldn't fight me anymore. And she was making such progress. She thought because I didn't argue with her in her head it was safe to let her guard down. I guess I should thank you. So thanks, Kitty. I can offer you as much pleasure as you see fit in return.” She moved to a drawer.

“Don't move! You're staying right where you are. On your knees now!”

“Or what?” She scoffed. “ You’re going to stab me with your weapon, blast a bullet hole in my with Yang's weapon? That's laughable. You care about her and she's more than willing to die for you. That's rich!” She went to the drawer again pulling out a bra and underwear.

“Didn't I just tell you not to move?”

“I'm a dragon remember? I defy the gods, I take what I want, and I kill because I can. What makes you think I'll listen to a mere mortal? Now you either kill me or you let me do what I want. Even without my weapon, hand-to-hand is my specialty and what I do best. Now if you don't mind, we need to touch land, I need to talk to Raven.”

“You're not going anywhere. Especially after what that bitch did to Yang!”

She threw the weapon behind the woman attempting to tie her up. Sir saw this coming and grabbed the ribbon yanking so the Faunus flew to her. Blake went forward a little bit then using the momentum of the bed and flew herself backwards. Grabbing the other half of your weapon.

“You think Raven did this? The other one did this to herself, not entirely. How about we take this outside? Wouldn't to destroy anything.” She looked at the map seeing her route. Walked out of the cabin anyway. She went to the helm and changed direction. “Ah, Red, Fuck Toy it's nice to see you again. I outta pay you back for making it hard to move much of anything.” She signed and pressed a hand to the bridge of her nose. “And tell me what the hell you plan to do with Crescent Rose and Myrtenaster? Taking on an unarmed civilian?” She was annoyed knowing they wouldn't do anything with them.

“Where's Blake?” Ruby seethe.

“Oh! You mean my personal bitch, she's just inside. She's keeping a close eye on Ember Celica. I'm surprised she caught onto me before I could jump up her. Guess I didn't cover myself well enough. And when she pushed me into the wall. That shit hurt like a bitch. Come now lil sis, come back to me, I missed you.”

“You need to stop!” Ruby warned.

“Now is that anyway to talk to your captain? I guess I've been too nice to you. Raven did train a weakling. No wonder I've never lived up to her expectations. Now, I'll ask you the same thing as my bitch inside. You have your weapon wielded, you plan on using it?

“Only if I have to.” She drew it upward prepared to use it in case.

“But you see Red. You don't have to. All you have to do, is beg for me my forgiveness and come back to me.” Blake appeared out of the cabin, first she saw Weiss and Ruby, and she flashed a gold piece out of her jacket. When she heard the voice she followed the sound. “Well, well, well, finally decided to join us. And fully dressed I see.” Sir jumped from the upper floor and landed between them. “We don't have all night. I've got shit to do, bitches to fuck, a master to summon and an inner dragon to unlock. We doing this or not?” She raised her fists prepared for attack.

“One last question. Where's my sister?”

“I'm right here, but I get your meaning. She's resting. She relaxed and let her guard down and went to sleep. Leaving me to wake up. Now fight me if you're going to fight.” She turned on her semblance so her bruises wouldn't get in the way of moving freely.

Weiss attacked first creating ice under Sir hoping to trap her. Once she was in the air Blake flung her weapon into the mass and attempted to swing and fight with the dull side of her weapon. While distracted Ruby used Crescent Rose to bring herself in the air and used her sword to swipe. Sir pushed off of Ruby's weapon purposefully crashing her and Blake into the ground straddling her while she felt her pockets. She found what she was looking for and dawned Ember Celica. As Weiss attacked, her movement predictable dodged the rapier and punched her in the stomach sending her flying toward the end of the ship. By this time, there was an audience.

“Well are you just gonna let me fight them you fuckers or are you all responsible for the crime of mutiny?”

“Yeah!” The crew said surrounding the huntresses their swords unsheathe.

“Ah Pyrrha, my love, are you hurt? I am so sorry about earlier, I have a split personality and I wasn't myself. If you are alright and I want to continue where we left off if you’ll forgive me.”

Blake heard the words first then seeing what was happening, her eyes watered up but she had a battle to fight. No, this isn't her. If I can get this on her that might save her, us and Ruby, maybe the right words. “My Sunny Dragon, come back to me!”

This only made Sir angry. “Excuse me bitch? You’re interrupting me.” She turned to Blake from around the crowd. “Your Sunny Dragon? Taiyang's Sunny Dragon? Your dragon is gone. Get used to this. I am breaking you this time. I've learned from my mistake. Same for you Ruby and Fuck Toy, you are going insane beyond the point of no return. And bitch, I've told you before, I always win.” Her sinister laugh and smile.

As the fight against the crew began Blake had only one other thought? She needed to get close in touching distance, at least and hand. Until they defeated enough enemies, getting close was impossible. They knocked out a good portion of members but were starting to feel fatigued. They kept fighting but those on the ground tripped them and captured them tying them to the mast.

“Such a shame. Y' know. I really like fucking you all. Your punishments at this moment are threats but made real should you join me. And the plank, I'll drop blood. That is your choice. Ten minutes to decide my pet, embarrassment of a sister and Fuck Toy. Time's a countin'. “Let’s go have some fun, darling.” She walked to Pyrrha and took her into the cabin holding her hand.

As if reading her mind. “Blake, it's not her but her persona. Not exactly sure I want to know how this happened. Weiss and I we were preparing for game or movie night.” Ruby said.

“She let me massage her head and stroke her hair. She said she felt weak and didn't like not being in control. I thought she mean the situation of us, not her internal battle.”

“You couldn't have known. Don't blame yourself. I'm just happy that you noticed before...well you know.” Weiss assured. “And I'd rather be shark food. At least they go in for the kill and don't play with their food.” All three laughed at the poor joke and it was better than being gloomy.

“So Sunny Dragon, really?” Ruby questioned. “I assume she told you about her nickname?”

“Mhm.” Blake nodded. “She did but only after I first said it. And I agree with Weiss and I can't watch her destroy herself like this.” She whispered. “I have an idea, I can't promise it'll work.”

Sir walked out of the cabin feeling satisfied and feel more relaxed. “Alright bitches, what's your choices?”

“Were all walking the plank. Sharks don't play with their food.” Blake said cool without emotion and narrowed eyes.

“Really? Well unfortunately, I need Red alive to call my mother forth when we reach land. I was really looking forward to fucking you into a coma again since you enjoyed it so rough.”

Ruby and Weiss looked at each other, then Blake. “That's what happened?!” They said in unison. Blake only looked away to blush but nervous how her other side knew that.

“Release the blood!” She told her toys.

“My other half loved you the most, you took charge and told everyone else their fates. You can go first Kitty.”

Blake was untied and forced to her feet at the start of the plank. “Do I get any last words or requests?”

“Alright, I’ll play, depends on the request. I'm listening.” She assured.

“I want one last kiss from you. And tell me why you want to summon Raven?”

“Of anything, that's it? My skin feels cold to you like you said, but I'll entertain the idea.” Sir walked to Blake. She grabbed her arms and held them at her side and pressed their lips together. She broke apart when she heard a click and looked down to see the special handcuff. She pointed her sword toward Blake. “You really... you really thought this crap would work?” She was laughing holding her stomach. “T-this i-is t-too f-funny. For such a dumb animal you are entertaining. I'd wish you'd stay.” She said removing the handcuff. “Since it's your last day, I'll tell you why this shit didn't work. First, I don't rely on my semblance as it's sleeping with my other half. I am the dark, shadow or night dragon, created by my other half to help her survive against my mother Raven. It really wasn’t that hard, it was easy. I loved our time together. Sad to see it go, but we were incomplete working and fighting with each other. That’s why I never when back. I'm the dragon that kills, rapes and steals what and whoever I want. As for why I want to summon her, she has this special formula particular for dragons or other with semblances similar to mine. It would kill anyone else, but a dragon, they would live for a very long time. So when I'm gone, my other half will suffer without her lover and even now. You really think” she laughed “that I would let you go so easily? She shot she gauntlet at the ground launching herself upward on the plank behind Blake and pushed her to the ground. “No!” She yelled. “This is where I take you!” Say goodbye to this world as I fuck you insane. Aaaahhhh! Ah! Fuck! Shit!”

Blake noticed she was gripping her heart even as she was bending over her. Yang's still in there, fighting. I'll knock her out bring, Yang back. Blake tried to spin around and kick her away but a swword was met with her neck. Then another thought hit her. She walked halfway on the plank. “Bumblebee.” She called slowly stepping back.

“Gah!” Sir was in a kneeling position. Her eyes shot upward. Blake looked into the lilac eyes and smiled. Yang was seeing her lover at the edge of the plank and therefor death. “Blake! No!” She sped to Blake, firing her gun into the air behind her threw her on the deck joining her shortly after. She looked around seeing confused crew members “Back to work scalawags!” Saw Ruby and Weiss tied to the mast. She cut them free embracing her sister. “Are you guys okay?”

Ruby hugged her back. “Sis! You're okay, you're back!”

“Ruby, I'm so sorry.” She cried into her shoulder.

“It's okay. It's okay. Show's over people! Get back to your stations!”

Yang let go looking around seeing no one moved. “You heard the lady you filthy rats. Back to work!” Everyone scattered. She looked at Blake and embraced her. She hissed as she forgot about her injuries. “Blake, what happened? I'm so sorry! Can we go back inside, all of us?”

“Pyrrha's still in there.”

“Pyrrha?” She was so confused. “What's she...? You know what, tell me after. I need to pretend. I'll be right back.” She felt two hands stop her. “Wha-” she looked at who grabbed her, a pair of silver and gold eyes looking back and a stray hand grip Ruby's.

“We're going with you.” The two said in unison.

“Okay, I won't argue because I'm very confused. I'll allow you to hold my hands and talk for me as I try to act natural and have no idea what's going on.” They all headed inside and Pyrrha was kicked out moments later, hurt, confused but left. “What happened?” Yang asked as they gathered around.

“Not yet.” Blake spoke. “What's the last thing you remember? Um…keep it PG.” She blushed.

“We were in the bathroom...water running over us, you massaged my head and stroke my hair. Telling me to relax then darkness. I felt pain but felt light opened by eyes, except my eyes were opened it was the darkness then heard a voice. Your voice Blake your...distress call for stressful situations.” She swallowed and blushed. “You were at the edge of death and my first thought was to save you. That's when I came to.”

“You remembered us in the...bathroom and rescuing me?” Blake asked.

“Yeah that's all I-ah!” She rubbed the middle of her frontal lobe massaging the area.

Blake thought about her response then shooed the hand away and replaced it with her own. “Do not get comfortable. Don't relinquish control.” She sternly stated.

Yang pulled away “Aahh.” She groaned putting both hands on her head. Once the pain subsided she removed her hands and closed her eyes. “I remember, I was so conformable, you told me to let you lead, let you take control. But you...didn't know...the battle…I lost.” Then realization hit her “What happened?!” She demanded. “Blake, Ruby, did I...hurt you?”

“Yang, come here.” She stretched out her arms and her dragon obey as she leaned her head above Blake's chest. “You didn't hurt me.” Hearing a voice protest. “Neither did Sir. Let us tell you what happened. Then ask questions. Okay?”

“Okay.” She sighed leaning into the embrace of her A/C.

After they told Yang what happened the two younger siblings of their families left the room so the lovers could talk and be alone.

“Blake, I'm...”

“Sh, you're okay, I'm okay, Ruby's okay.”

“No it's not okay.” She pushed herself away. “I almost got you killed because I gave up control. I didn't know… I should've known. That's why I didn't have strength. And the way she-I called you my shadow, that's negative. I don't ever want you to feel that way....”


“Let me finish, you are my shade, not shadow, there is a difference. When the sun becomes too much it burns or I can't rest because of the brightness or I can't see because of it, you are my shade, my protector from becoming myself too much. To hot or too bright I could hurt myself or others.” She pulled herself into her lover. “Shadow just sounds bad. You keep me grounded from flying to high and getting lost in the clouds.”

“Yang, I love it when you’re protective, even if it's against yourself. I…can’t say it, but it’s how I feel about you.”

“I feel the same way about you. I didn’t want you to say it. If you're gonna say those three special words, don't, not for this moment. I want to say them randomly. Like when you’re doing the silliest, random or everyday things. Not now. Please Blake.” She rubbed her hand in the other cheek.

“Okay Sunshine, not now.” She started to stoke Yang's hair when a hand stopped her and moved her hand to her chest.

“You're favorite spot.” She whispered.

“Maybe we should move to the bed before you get too comfortable.”

“You're right.” Started getting up but found herself comfortable where she was. She just plopped back down.

“What's wrong?” Blake asked.

“I-I'm already comfortable and I'm struggling to get up.” Blake sighed and rolled her eyes. She moved her body to try and make Yang uncomfortable. “Ya got me.” She tried getting up again. Forcing her arms up then her legs hearing something pop. She reached a hand and pulled Blake up next to her engulfing her in another hug. “I'm not sure if I want to use my body to collapse yours on the bed then just lay on you.”

“Yang, no.” She warned. She let go and both walked on their respective sides. Once she saw Blake was comfy reading her book, she restrained her hand and laid her head on girlfriend's lap.

“Is that really necessary?”

“Anything that can save you, even for a second is worth it to me, Blakely. I lu-care about you too much to lose you. Plus your comfy, I'm comfy and you’re safe.”

“You do realize as soon as your asleep, I will release your hand and lay your head back on your pillow.”

“As long as” she yawned “I can feel you next me, whether it be your heat, hand or body I will be fine. Good night.”

“Good night.” She leaned down and kissed Yang's cheek.

Yang lifted her head to look in in the eyes, hard to do with a book right there. “Blake, look at me.” She raised her hand to Blake's cheek brushing against it and looking into her eyes. “I see you.” She lowered her hand and head closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

“I see you.” Blake replied.

Chapter Text

The sun? How long was I out for? She looked at the dark haired woman next to her. Oh hell no! She grabbed the restraints then the limbs of the sleeping woman only slightly disturbing her before snapping them on.


“Oh good, your awake. Now we can have some fun.” She leaned in and kissed the Faunus.

“Yang, what are you doing?” Her eyes were blurry and confused. “It's too early.”

“First off, my name isn't Yang. Second, your voice can no longer each her where she is. And third, I'm going to enjoy breaking you like I should've done day one.”

“No, wait Yang, Bumblebee!” She cried.

“That shit isn't going to work princess.” She spat. “And since you sleep naked, it only makes my job easier.” She climbed on top of the restrained woman and started kissing her forcefully. She punched her in the stomach which caused her to gasp before forcing her tongue in dominating the other. Letting her hands slide over the lean woman playing roughly with her breasts. She broke the kiss only by a few inches. “Awe, come on, I haven't even started anything yet and you're already crying.”

“S-so c-cold.” She whimpered.

“Well no shit, I'm the dark dragon for a reason. Speaking of which I'm sure my mistress will hopefully give me an official name. I don't want to name myself without her express permission.”

“You monster!” She cried.

“No shit you dumb animal, dragons are monsters. Now stop talking and enjoy this.”

She was crying out as the dragon was licking, sucking and biting her breasts and nipples. The dragon moved downward sucking on the skin leaving small bruises. Once she got to the hair she stopped looked at her prey's eyes seeing the fear in the gold irises. “Which first princess, oral, vaginal or anal?”

“Wha-no.” Fresh tears streamed down her face.

“I'm giving you a choice, unless” she licked her lips “you want me to choose for you?”

“Oral.” She whimpered.

“See?” She smirked. “Was that so hard?” Her voice Patronizing. She eyes narrowed as she bucked forward, forcing herself in her prey. She felt the resistance and the gagging and continued without a care. “I love it when you resist, makes it all better.” She laughed. She felt teeth bite her member and punched her prays stomach forcing more of it inside her. “Serves you right my bitch.” She continued being rough, only getting herself to finish was the goal. If her prey passed out, she'd do it all over again. “Any moment now, I will be filling you.” Blake was struggling for breath, her vision becoming blurry and losing consciousness was at any moment. She felt the member twitch before letting squirting into her mouth. She spit and coughed as much as she could get out. Once done she received a slap to the face. “I give you my seed and you waste it? Ungrateful bitch. I know how to punish you. I was going to have you cum to lubricate yourself before going in, but I guess not. She smiled as she saw her prays eyes shoot up in fear. She lowed herself back down lined herself up and shot forward.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” She shrilled in pain, like a scream from a horror movie.

“You're really tight and resisting. I can only go about half way in before I have to shoot myself in.” She backed up a couple inches and shot forward again.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!” Blake cried out again. Chocking on sobs and tears.

“One last push outta do it.” She smiled. “And you scream a little too much, could you tone it down. I like it when you scream but that high of a pitch is too much. She backed out again and shot forward.

“Uuuuummpppp!” The last of her screams had left her and her throat was dry and her tears were nearly depleted.

“Much better.” She pumped in and out of the tight hole loving how the walls were constricted. She liked it when it flowed better with lubricant, but watching her quarry feel everything in pain turned her on even more. She felt the body she was inside of shake. She knew it was a mix of pain, and low body temperature. “What's wrong? Am I not making you warm enough?” She laughed. Continuing to pump herself in and out at breaking speed. If the bed wasn't nailed down she was sure it was going to go flying. “Any second now.”

Blake's eyes widened in fear. “No-please, no....” She chocked.

“What's that, you want to have little kittens I can turn into cum dumpsters too? As you wish.”
As she felt the seed go inside her Blake tried screaming out but her voice was gone.

“Oh no, your voice is gone. I'm gonna need it for this next part and my plan after.” She took a cup went to the sink filled it with water and forced a little of it in the panting mouth. “Is your voice back yet bitch?”

Blake knew things would only get worse but decided better against it any way. “Fa-k Y-ou!”

“Eh.” She shrugged “Good enough. What's your scroll password?” When no response was given she asked again. “What's your scroll password?” She waited “Okay fine, you give me your scroll password and I give you Plan B? Fair enough.”

“BMBLB in numbers 26252.”

“The hell kinda password is that?” No response. “You know what? Finding out isn't worth it.” She wrote it down on her map.

”Now where were we?” Pretending to think, “Ah yes! One more hole.” Blake was too tired and too much in pain to react. But her brain processed everything. Sir loosened the chains and flipped her prize over. Lined herself up and pushing in only the head. Hearing what little screams were leaving the woman beneath her as she clutched the covers for dear life. “You've taken it here before.” She laughed. “Other wise it'd take a couple thrusts for the head to even enter. I wonder how long it took my other half to coax you into doing that? Far longer than I have patience for.” She continued thrusting in only inches were being accepted. “Damn bitch, I wanted you to be tight, not this fucking tight.” She grunted. She didn't want her prey to know it was painful. Eventually she got inside and was thrusting full speed ahead. Getting more turned on by the pants of the woman beneath her. After going all the way in a out a few times now that she was loose she felt her ball tighten and continued her motion until she released her seed. Much to the displeasure of the Faunus. She cleaned herself opened the closet door got her handcuffs and chains and typed on Blake's scroll a message to her little sibling. 'Sir is back!' “And...send. Thank you my dear, phase two is coming into effect.”

Ruby came bursting into the room. “Blake-what!?'” She gasp upon seeing her. She went over to Blake trying to figure it out when a hand grabbed hers and handcuffed them. She tried to turn around but was unable as she was dragged into the closet and cuffed to a wall. She saw her assailant. “Yang? What?” A finger was pressed to her lips.

“Sh. It's alright little sis. I'm here and I'm going to take good care of you.” She smiled evilly that made Ruby gasp, the red eyes made it worse. She placed a hand on Ruby's clothing and tore everything off. She started kissing her and pulling any remaining clothing off before using her hands to be rough. She tried to push her tongue in but found a barrier. She punched the younger one in the stomach and used her tongue to dominate the other. She felt her face getting wet and opened her eyes to see the younger crying. This only caused her to smile. She then moved to her neck proving she owned her with marks. Her thumb playing with the pink bundle of nerves as fingers played with the area between her folds then slipping inside and curling. This made the red girl scream into her mouth. She pulled away so she could listen and enjoyed she did. She used the vibrator on Red's clit. “Cum for me sister.”

“Na-no.” She whimpered. She doubled her efforts on the thrusting fingers. Ruby screamed out “Nnnnnoooo!” She screamed as she came.

“'Bout time, my turn.” Sir lined up her penis and thrust forth. Sliding all the way in the first go. “Weiss must've loosened you. You're not as tight as I remember.” Ruby was crying even more at her violation. She had sex like this before before, and even then it was partly wanted which is how Ruby complied to Yang's culture. Even then, there was some remenace of her sister and she wasn't so rough. Yang made sure Ruby wanted it and almost all of the time, she did.

“Not much longer now. I hope our child has your silver eyes that glow red.”

Ruby gasped in fear and surprise. She thought of one thing that might save her. “I hope they have two heads and six fingers and toes on every limb.”

“If that's really what you want, a double headed twin it is.” And released herself juice inside loving her sister scream. She walked away cleaning herself dressing and walking to the desk. Using calculations as she just guessed where land was not using proper measures. She walked outside to the helm and adjusted her direction. She went to her secret workshop in the library and made specialized handcuffs complicated enough for her to get out off. Too much for the other blonde bimbo. She walked back outside and went to find Pyrrha, her true second. The watcher in the crow's nest called Terra Terra. Perfect then she saw her target. “Pyrrha.” She called. Once close enough she embraced her. “Baby, I'm so sorry I left. I missed you” She kissed her. “Please, if I ever change back slap these on me.”

“I will. I missed you too!”

“I'm summoning my master and if all goes well, she'll be injecting a poison into me. Don't worry” she added quickly “it'll make me stronger, into an actual dragon. But it'll be my other self feeling the pain of it. Follow these instructions.” She explained her plan.

“Yes captain.”

“I want her and my sister chained to their necks and naked in front of my mistress. The red one can be a present to her, if she wants it. I want to show her the one who made her weak.” When arriving on land she narrowed her eyes in determination. “Let's do this.”

The she climbed to the helm. “Listen up mother fuckers. You get to meet my master today. When she injects me with a vial someone else in my body will appear. This other person is not me. Don't listen to a word she says. If you're confused, listen to Pyrrha, my second! Stay by the ship for now.” She went to the cabin placed the chains on her victims necks after undoing their restrains and walked on the land. Handing her sister to Pyrrha and the other to Velvet. “Restrain the Schnee!” She called. As expected her mother showed up and Sir bowed before her.

“Well, I would not expect to see you this way. Explain yourself.” She demanded.

“Forgive me, mistress.” She said still bowed.

“Why should I? Especially after your insubordination?”

“I have a double personality mistress. I have a plan to hurt my other half enough she won't want to live and I have a present if her mistress accepts.”

“You really have changed, my dear slave. Arise. I will think about forgiveness. Where is my gift as I have one for you.”

Sir arose and took a chained naked and scared Ruby to her. She lowered her head and presented the chain. “For you mistress.”

“You really have changed, maybe you are telling the truth. Your other half punched me in the face to defend her, and here you are presenting her to me. I accept your gift and you have my forgiveness. Here's my gift to you.” Holding the vile below the others eyes.

“Thank you mistress. Before I inject it, may I tell you my plan?”

“Very well.”

“After I inject it, I'll give control to my other half who will feel the pain. She'll be wearing those hand cuffs having no semblance or strength whatsoever. And being in pain, the other woman chained is the one she loves, she'll go over the plank to her death. I already warned the crew, they will not intervene. Would you like to watch her suffer mistress?”

“Very much so. You may raise your head and call me your mother, I see you as en equal now. Destroying those you love to make yourself strong. You finally understand why I killed your father.”

Sir rose her head and looked into her masters eyes. “Yes ma'am. He was no father of mine. Just a name and sperm donor, a means to end of a bigger plan. Mother, I would also like you to name my dragon. Tai called me Sunny Dragon. I wasn't sure what to pick. I was thinking of dark dragon.”

“Shadow dragon, much more fitting.”

“Thank you, mother.” She took the vial walked back to Pyrrha injected herself fell to the ground and relinquished control. Pyrrha snapped the handcuff's on.

“Wha-why am I. What's going-Aaahhhh!”

“Bring her on deck prepare the blood to attract the sharks make the prisoner walk the plank.” Pyrrha said taking the vial.

“Pyr-Hhhaaaa!” Yang screamed in pain. “Noooo!” She was carried to the deck and placed on the floor in full view, a front row seat on her knees. That's when she saw her, her lover, eyes glazed over and she saw she had been crying and she was naked and cum leaking out of her. “Blake! No!” She screamed trying to stand only to continue to be held down by her shoulders forcing her lower.

Pyrrha shot a round near the woman causing Blake fell over the edge.

“Nnnnnooooo!” Yang screamed.

Her eyes fully opened and looked beside her. Her lover was sleeping. Yang had tears coming down face. She wanted to move to embrace her but found she couldn't move. It was an invisible weight keeping her frozen. It was just a nightmare. It was only a nightmare. Blake is here. She's alive, she's okay. She's not hurt. Ruby's right. I need to talk to someone. I can't move and it's because I'm paralyzed. Stupid sleep paralysis! She thought. Even though she couldn't move or talk, she wanted to when she felt an eerie presence. She knew she wasn't there, but she felt like Raven was watching her with her back against her. She moved her fingertips as she learned over the years. Then her wrists and feet, then finally her body. She rushed quickly around and didn't find anyone. She held Blake in her arms like she wanted to do for the past several minutes.

“Yang...?” Blake said sleepily as she felt herself shift. “What's wrong?”

“I'm sorry I woke you.” Yang apologized holding tighter so the Faunus with night vision couldn't see the worried look on her face.

“Don't be.” She forced a yawn trying to wake herself up as she wasn't a morning person. “Do you wanna talk about?” Blake was worried. She had no idea what was going on and the weight of the other kept her down.

“Just a nightmare.” She assured.

“Yang,” she said with a huff and hugged her girlfriend's arm back “it's in my job description to worry about you. If your not ready to talk we don't have to.”

“This is the best I've seen you put words together early in the morning without coffee.” She laughed.

“Yang.” She turned to face her and saw she had been crying. “Don't face this alone. I'll get us coffee, okay?”

“No. I'm up I'll get it.” She stared getting up before Blake could. She wanted her to fall back asleep to put this off as long as possible.

She rolled her eyes.“Fine.”

As Yang got up to dress, only a sweatshirt and pants she saw her girlfriend doing the same. “I'm only dressing to get coffee. You can be as comfortable as you please. I plan on taking these off when were alone.” She headed out the door. Go back to sleep damn it!

Yang woke up on the couch. Her girlfriend laying on her. Did we? Nope. We just fell asleep. Go to sleep.

Chapter Text

A short while later, they arrived in Vacuo. Captain Yang met with the contractor and turned in the flags and bounty for supplies and lien. She had the crew transport it to her ship one person at a time as not to draw suspicion. She grabbed a drink at the bar she visited and was given the most expensive drink. Normally, it would cost one thousand lien. It was a thanks for getting rid of most of the scum who forced the town to pay extra in protection they didn't need and people could go home safely without anything bad happening. Random people were giving her their appreciation and she lavished in the spotlight. Every second of attention just wanting to blend in. She took her time with her drink sharing it with her girlfriend glad she was there. She suddenly felt a shiver down her spine. She shoulders shrank and it felt like a snake of slithering down her back.

"What is it?" Blake asked concerned noticing how she had a look of fear and the shutter of a bad vibe. She swallowed seeing a familiar figure enter, nearly slamming the door open. She clenched her eyes shut cursing herself for having a bright, blonde mane.

She swallowed hard before speaking "My mother." She gritted through her teeth. "You need to leave, now!" She demanded as the figure walked closer, much to her dismay and sat down beside her. Blake only took her confusion until she saw the family resemblance. She finished her drink and left as Captain Yang had requested. Blake knew she meant well by trying to protect her from Raven knowing her prematurely. "What do you want?" She asked annoyed when her girlfriend was out of ear shot.

"What? A mother can't just sit down and have a lovely conversation with her daughter?" She asked with an innocent tone.

"Not with the type of mother you are." She stated matter of fact. “Summer Rose is my mom.” She argued her point taking a sip. Her eyes narrowed. She knew she was treading on thin ice talking to the person she thinks birth her and bring up her real mother.

“But yet here you are, here I am, and where is Summer?” She asked calmly and coolly knowing exactly how to get under her skin.

Yang picked up her glass and slammed it on the table with glass shards embedded in her hand and she didn't care as she turned to her mother. Her other half helping her maintain a cool head. “You and I both know exactly where she is and who put her there. She'd still be alive today.” She glared at her, in a quiet angry tone. “Unlike us, she's not suffering. That's only solace I have. I'm not five years old anymore. You turned me into a monster. I nearly kicked your ass last time before you disappeared. I thank you for not coming after Ruby anymore.” She slammed the money on the table despite her calm demeanor. “This conversation ends here and now.” She turned and manged a step before Raven spoke.

“Sir Branwen-Yang Xiao Long, dragon of dark and light, guided by the stars of Alpha Draco, you will sit and indulge me.” Yang gritted her teeth with a grunt as she froze. Hearing her full name knowing her mother was serious. “I just walked in and already you're turning a lovely conversation into a battle field.” She mused knowing she couldn't resist her now.

She sat back down against everything that told her to leave. “What's it going to take for me to be able to walk out the door and leave without repercussions?” She asked wanting to get this over with.

“You're going to tell me exactly what I teleported into that day with the famous Pumpkin Pete's Warrior.”

Yang flinched. She would try to pay it cool and even her other half helped tremendously. “She was putting on a show and she rushed it and wanted to get right into it. She didn't please me enough. It was her punishment for thinking too highly of herself. Too long in command. You know how it is.” She shrugged thinking she played it off to a decent standard. Her mother's standard was too high. Purposefully give you two tasks you can complete and tear you down with the third task she knew you would fail.

“I know exactly how it is. You're either lying, or weak if you give her that punishment for that sort of crime. I know you're lying, but you're also weak.” She smiled knowing she caught her despite her cool outward appearance. “You would've had her give you a blow job in front of everyone while she was naked to embarrass her.” Her smile widened with the next question. “You know what I would've done?”

Captain Xiao Long narrowed her eyes knowing the answer. “You would've done one of several different things. The best case, doing exactly as you explained. Another one would be punishing her with whips in front of everyone so they could see how sore she really was and place a chain on her for everyone to see. Or the worse, forcing her to drink water, have her piss herself and licking it off the deck and possibly get splinters, again while being stark naked and used.” She remembered all too well and it disturbed her taste buds even now. She had figured a way to master it and it wasn't pleasant.

“As tempting as that last one would be, I would clean her urethra.” Yang winced and if she had a vagina in her current form, it would hurt just thinking about it. Her penis hurts thinking about it. She felt like she was peeing gasoline for days after each cleaning. “I see you remember the feeling.”

She wanted to prove her mother didn't get to her. Everything in her told her she should ask to be excused but she felt she needed to be strong. “I don't remember anyone who wouldn't, even you.” She smirked.

It was Raven's turn to slam her fist. “You insubordinate microscopic piece of filth. How dare you speak to me that way.” She was full of rage but kept her cool in check. She took a breath and calmed down. “And what exactly are you implying?” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Based on your reaction, you know exactly what I'm implying.” She figured they were nearing the end of their conversation. “Are we done here?” She asked standing up.

Raven felt she had to one up her. “At least I didn't cry like a little bitch and took it. And I believe we are.” She slowly stood excusing her pathetic excuse of a daughter be excused.

Yang felt her anger rising but kept her composure. “Then I'm more defiant and tougher than you.” She tried to hide her famous smirk.

“I just knew my place sooner and took control better.” Yang would let her go with that comment. The finished the rest of her drink and excused herself. She already placed the money on the bar with extra of the glass still in her hand. With everything settled, Yang walked toward the door with her hands in her pockets. “See ya around-” She almost said her birth name but didn't want to start a fight.

“See ya.” She pulled her right arm out and held it at a right angle with her thumb, index and middle finger pointed upward. Not wanting to start a fight by raising her middle finger by itself. It was there way of expressing her feelings she never wanted Raven to know. She hated doing it after everything Raven put her through, but she hated herself for she still loved her mother.

She had never been so happy to board her ship of freedom. When she walked into the cabin and closed the door, Blake walked up to her and held her tightly. Breathing in her scent, it was like a breath of fresh air. “How'd it go?” She asked concerned.

“We didn't end in a physical fight and only verbally lashed each other, so that's a plus.” She smiled hiding her bloodied hand. She held her girlfriend tighter with her robotic arm not wanting to let go. She knew Blake wasn't exactly one for hugs and she broke the embrace taking a step back.

She still held her hand and hiding her other one. “That's an improvement considering your last fight. She didn't recognize me, right?”

“I don't think so. She didn't mention you. You only fired a bullet before she had time to block before getting a punch to the face.” She smiled with a small chuckle and let her hand free. “If she did, I could play it off as a defensive submissive defending her master.”


“Sorry you couldn't finish your drink.” She let go to rub her neck.

“Don't. It was yours, you were kind enough to share it and it was too expensive for my tastes.”

“So glad I'm not the only one.” They laughed. “After that drink, I have to pee like a racehorse. Excuse me.” She sidestepped to avoid running into Blake and picked up speed once past her.

Blake sniffed the air as she passed and she could smell Yang, alcohol and faint blood. “Yang?”
She turned as she just closed the door to the bathroom knowing her girlfriend caught her scent. “Yang! Open up!” She pounded the door a few times. Yang did have to pee and was thankful her having one free hand to aim. “Yang!” Yang flushed the toilet, burned her skin as she pulled out the glass and letting it push out of her with the flames. She grunted in pain as she pulled bigger pieces out. Blake could smell the flames and knew she was bleeding she pounded the door harder falsely hoping to make a difference. “Yang open up!” Yang grunted as she washed her hands and burned them dry. She opened the door and Blake glowered at her. “What happened and whose blood?”

She yawned feeling tired but also faking. “How about a nap?” She stretched.

“Don't avoid the subject. What happened?” Her eyes narrowed.

“That door is made from trees of the Iron Wood Forest. You're not breaking it down,” she felt Blake about to protest “with just mere force. You have to give your all into it.” She stared to walk toward the bed when a hand grabbed her would be bloody one.

“Whose blood, what happened?” She hated how avoidant she was.

“I am taking a nap and I would love for you to join me.” She smiled. Blake open her mouth almost to say something. “And if you do and I can't take your lovely scent, feel free to jack me off while I'm sleeping anyway you want.” She smirked.

“Yang! Just for that, you're napping on the couch.” She ears folded at the prospect. Her voice grew soft. “That still doesn't-”

Annoyed, she gave in. “Raven got under my skin. I slammed glass down and it jumped up into my skin.” She sighed expecting some kind of backlash, plopping down the couch.

Blake held it in front of her face and inspected it. She could smell soap and a faint hit of blood. She felt around for any glass not removed. Her skin was smooth to the touch with little bumps and uneven lines. She guess that was where they glass was. She wished she would've gotten stitches. “Was that so hard to say?” She asked.

“No...?” She questioned herself. In a sense it was, but Blake was so calm about it. She tensed with a groan for a moment when Blake placed her fingers in her mouth. Yang shivered as her tongue swirled around her digits getting the space in between then sucking. She smirked seeing what she was doing to the captain. “Is this happening?” She grunted unsure if she was teasing or wanting to continue.

“No.” She playfully smiled removing the hand from her mouth. “That's payback for all the teasing you do. Why didn't you tell me sooner?” She laid on top of her with her head comfortably in her chest. She twitched her ears and felt the still foreign touch calm her as she closed her eyes.

“I didn't want to worry you. You're taking this better than I thought you would.” She stroked her ear instead of scratching it. The vibration from the other was calming her own body.

“What would yelling do other than still have me worried and push you further away?”

She chuckled knowing how too right she was. She almost felt bad as she was used to doing everything herself. “Usually it's other people's blood on my knuckles, and I mean in a fight sense. I'm just not used to other people other than Ruby, and even that's limited.. I'm still getting used to it. I tried looking out for people when I came to my senses, but I'm used to bearing the brunt of it all.”

“I'm the same way. Guarded, it's hard to let other people in.” She explained. “Hard to let them see the real you.” She wrapped her arms around her, lying flat on top of her with her eyes sleepily closing.

Yang understood all to well. “Nap time?” She smiled with head tilt at her Faunus to see her at a better angle.

“What? No cat nap jokes?”

“Kit-Blake-Kitten.” She remembered she could call her whatever she wanted when they were alone. “I was talking about me taking a dragon nap. You, will most likely be reading at some point and if you read me to sleep with images of a fairy tale or smut scene, that's fine by me. I'll be okay my my head in your lap.

“Yang, no talking more sleeping.” Yang drifted her eyes closed keeping her hand moving over her ear for as long as she could before it went limp and rubbed down her head to her cheek. Blake was still lightly purring just by having Yang with her.

Chapter Text

When Blake woke up a short while later, she yawned with a stretch and got off the couch, more specifically her girlfriend. She strode to their bedroom, dressed and went outside. She leaned on the edge of the rail looking into the sky. I wonder if Yang will teach me how to read the stars? Deep down, she was having doubts if Yang really had feelings for her or if she was just like Pyrrha until the next 'Blake' is kidnapped. She shivered a little at the night air and the cool breeze.

Just then the look out called. “Terra, Terra.” Pulling her from her thoughts. She happily sighed as familiar footsteps approached behind her. She slowly turned around and adjusted her hands so they were on the rail as she stared at her blonde with a smile.

“Welcome home.” She spoke with a soft voice. Blake yipped at the surprise when she was lifted up and sat on the barrier being supported by Yang. Her lover touched their foreheads together staring into her golden eyes. She didn't care if anyone saw them, for that moment, it was the two of them. A small smile appeared and the short woman jumped down and turned around thinking abut what she said. Yang pressed their bodies together, her hips met one of her favorite parts about the Faunus as she tried to fight an awkward boner. They stood back to chest. Her hands crossing the flat stomach being careful as her stomach was sensitive and she could only touch it when the owner allowed it. Blake's body meeting Yang's as she leaned in her. The gentle brute brought her head closer, tucking hair behind her ear to whisper. “That Bellabooty is turning me on.” She was half tempted to slide her hand down her pants and have the brunette orgasm.

“What is it with you, hugs and objectifying my ass?” She asked trying to change the subject before this goes back into the bedroom. “And what do you mean by home? Home is where the heart is.” Hugging the arms back over her body. With Yang around, it was hard to have that doubt if she cared, but she still kept it in the back of her mind.

She figured Blake might meant her heart is with her based on her hugging her arms back. She decided to go with the change of subject. “Don't tell me you've been on the deep water for too long?” She lightly chuckled. “You don't recognize it? I mean..I know it's been over a month and night time, we've only mentioned it since the contract.”

“No, not from this angle.” Recognizing the types of trees near the desert mountains. “Wait a second...Menagerie?”

“Bingo!” The blonde smiled with a boop to her nose.

“You're not leaving me are you? Yang-I...we need to talk.” She sighed, excited to be back home but didn't want to hold off.

“I would only leave if you asked me too. Yes, we need to talk, but not before I meet your folks.” She smiled.

“Ya-wait-what...?” She asked confused her head tilted to one side.

“Come on now, what kind of gentle woman would I be? Us together without meeting your folks? I mean, other than Raven, she really doesn't count, you've met mine, I mean other than my uncle who's hard to find. ”

“Ruby's younger. I...” She was still shocked “I...don't really know...I mean your other half kidnapped me...took me away from them and introduced me to your...interesting world.” She needed time to think of words to say without accusation in her voice so the other would feel the need to defend herself or her actions, however wrong they maybe.

“Blakey, Blakey, my little Blakely.” She mused. “That was my twin sister,” She leaned closer whispering. “Draco Branwen.” She moved away as the exhale of hot breath make her shiver. “Your hair smells absolutely amazing. You really know how to turn me on.” She leaning closer to one of the many favorite physical attributes of her lover. She only stayed for a few minutes lightly rubbing her semi-hard shaft against her. “I'll be right back eliminate this boner.” She disappeared leaving Blake to her thoughts. Before she left, she slapped her ass earning a yelp and a glare. Blake stood watching Yang leave debating if she should stop her. As with her nature, she let Yang go thinking it was best her parents wouldn't be able to smell anytime of arousal from her and less likely to challenge her father.

Yang reappeared moments later pulling Blake from her thoughts. “Count on you to have a cover story.” She chuckled through her nose expecting nothing less from the cunning captain.

“You okay with playing along?” Yang winked as the ship came to a halt on the sandy beach.

“Sure.” She rolled her eyes playfully. “It's this way.” She smiled taking her hand. “There's several things you should know...” She was waiting for a response and continued when she received none. “My parents only get along in front of guests but they challenge each other a lot. It's out of love and playfulness, most of the time. My dad acts alpha-like and is considered the alpha in the family, but he has a kind heart and means well. Please don't egg him....and I know I mentioned I was previous engaged before your know...”

“Well that definitely explained the underwear you wore that day. Were you hoping to get laid?”

Blake blushed and turned pink at the embarrassment. “Not really, I like matching.

“I've noticed that too.” She beamed loving her girlfriend for who she was. “Who was the lucky guy?” Emphasizing the word was.

“His name's Sun, monkey faunus with blonde hair and a tail. I knew him for a few months and our parents arranged our marriage. They figured I'd marry a book of a dead author otherwise and set me up with someone who was a good fit. He couldn't wait to meet and 'accidentally' bumped into me prematurely. I didn't know who he was at the time as I didn't know about the arrangement until later.”

“That explains the role play.” Blake blushed. “Got a thing for blondes do we now, and those who-”

“Don't!” She glared.

“Monkey around?” She smirked trying to lighten the mood as she imagined Blake might've been beyond pissed when she found out.

She groaned in response. “Please don't do that in front of them. And least no cat puns or even puns and jokes in general.” She was pretending to be mad but smiled as they marched toward the house. “It's that one there, or I hope it is unless they divorced. My dad also doesn't like humans be nice.”

“That place is huge! You really are a princess. I promise you I will behave to the best of my ability. But, there is only so much I can take before I snap. I'm glad I am meeting them for who I am today, not my cocky, youthful self before my arm.” She held up her cybernetic remembering the day all too well and painfully. Blake held it as it didn't bother her, she liked it better than the hook.

She slowed their pace as they arrived. “This is it... maybe. So, you're not cocky?” She raised an eyebrow turning to her postponing the inevitable.

“I'm arrogant and have self confidence now. My younger self would fight someone just for looking at my chest before anything else.” She led Blake to the porch. “And pun intended with me using dust. But I used to snap in seconds. I'm not as bad, but I'm still bad. There's only one way to find out if they still live here.”

As they got to the door, Blake froze. She hadn't been home in weeks. She was scared of what her parents would do or say or do. How worried they must've been. She didn't return home even when she had a chance. She hated how her instincts took over and wondered if Yang knew the reason why she couldn't or didn't leave. She knew she used Faunus for heat cycles so she couldn't impregnate any of them, but what if there was more behind it. She thoughts went back to her parents and an awkward conversation that would await her. What if this isn't even their house? She thought nervously.

“Just knock.” Yang whispered reassuringly, snapping Blake from her thoughts.

Slowly she raised her hand to the knocker and and gently brought it forward. Despite how her hand cradled it, the sound vibrated through the house as she remembered all too well. They waited for a few seconds. “Guess no one's home.” She shrugged starting to walk away. She stated to turn when an arm stopped her.

“That's not how you knock, try again.” Yang laughed at how easy she was willing to give up. “Maybe someone's coming.”

“Well why don't you do it then?” She argued. “The sound rang through the house. No one is home.”

“This isn't my house, and because it's you, you could walk in. You live here, princess.” She gestured with her hands of Blake walking inside.

“Correction, I lived here. Past tense. It might not be mine either.” She shot back.

“Just freaking knock!” She mostly shouted offering her hand like it was the easiest thing in the world.

“Why don't you show me how it's done, Miss. Professional knocker.” She mocked. “Like you could do better.” As soon as the words left her mouth she regretted challenging her as she might break the door down despite the large size and how heavy it could be.

“Blake Belladonna, I swear you better knock or-”

“Or what?” She smirked, not thinking Yang would have an answer.

“I'm gonna mate your mom.” She beamed mischievously.

Blake's mouth opened in shock before she became angry. “Take. That. Back!” She yelled glaring ocular daggers. She recognized this threat before but she thought Yang was partly serious now.

“Sh.” She put a finger to her lips. “People and Faunus are sleeping, and make me.” She winked.

“I don't care if people are sleeping, you're-!” Her words were cut off as someone answered the door, almost too quickly like they were eager to stop the arguing.

“Can I help...Blake?” The other cat Faunus stood shocked..

“Hi...hi mom...” She smiled wearily with a small wave and folded ears. Her mom rushed to give her a hug which Blake slowly returned.

“Kali, who is that being so loud on our porch?” A male voice grumbled.

Kali turned back, “Why don't you come yell at them for disturbing the peace?” Kali disguised her laugh.

“You know what?” He started toward the door “I think I listen here you ruffians!” As he neared the doorway “Blake...?” He asked giving her a bear hug that rivals her girlfriend's.

“” She heaved from his weight. He stared at Yang who smiled and half waved in return waiting to be acknowleged. “Who's your friend?” He tried to hide the growl in his voice.

“Mom, dad, this is Yang my g-friend.”

“Nice to meet you Yang.” Kali spoke softly hugging her.

Nice save Blake. I'm not trying to get beat upon introduction. “Yang Xiao Long, you too Mrs. Belladonna.” Hugging the woman back. How does Blake think my hugging weird? Her mom is hugging a complete stranger.

“Nice to meet you.” Her dad said reaching out a hand. Careful not to activate her or his alpha-protective instincts, as promised she gently took his grip. “You know I don't break right?” He gripped a bit tighter. “Shake my hand.” His eyes and voice warning.

“Yes Sir!” She gripped firmly, it feels weird calling someone else Sir. The look on Blake's face says the same.

“Come inside, come inside.” Kali ushered nearly pushing Blake inside with Yang behind both of them. “I'll go start some tea.” She offered as the other got settled. She could already tell this was going to be a long night. She knew her husband all too well.

“Blake,” Her father spoke softly “we missed you, we weren't sure we'd ever see you again.” His voice sad but soft.

“I thought the same thing.” Blake replied then smiled at her girlfriend happy she brought her back, but nervous Yang would leave as she had said before. “I'll wait 'till mom gets back.” She sipped her tea and nearly burnt her tongue.

“Ms. Long, how did you come to meet Blake?” He asked curious.

“Sir, my last name is Xiao Long and that's part of Blake's story.” She tried stalling for time and he seemed onto her so she smiled to try to set the uneasiness aside.

“So, what is it you do exactly?” Her father raised an eyebrow.

“I work as a fisher woman, signing contacts to catch all types of different aquatic creatures for different seafood places, aquariums, or research purposes and in return I receive supplies. I also hunt aquatic animals and use every piece.” She only half lied. Not all her contracts were capture or kill. Blake continued to sip her teat but her ears flinched with surprise.

“What's the name of your ship?” He partly thought she was lying. It was rare to meet someone with a ship as most traveled by bullhead or used a canoe or kayak. Almost all ships were commercialized and someone had a boss in corporate.

“Her name is Pride the Second, my father owned the first before he sold her to settle down.” It was only part true at least a from what truth Raven told her. Raven was good at telling half truths.

“You said you hunt, what is it you hunt exactly?” He was confused as she only heard of whale hunting for blubber but not much more.

“Shrimp, clams, crabs, lobster, squid, not octopus often, narwhals, sharks and whales. I don't do much scuba diving for specific fish as the most dangerous Grimm still lurk in the seas. Granted, most of them are gone, but you might find a loch ness monster the more you go. The worse I went up against was what I thought was a water dragon and when I got on the deck quickly, turns out the thing could fly like a mythical dragon.”

He did not like the fact that this 'friend' could but her in danger on these hunting an exploration trips. His eyes only narrowed. “What brings you to Menagerie?” He growled ignoring the golden eyes of his daughter glaring back at him as he focused on Yang.

She took a breath remaining perfectly calm as the hand that kept hers held assured her. “I had a running in with my twin while fulling a contact and your daughter was one of the captives on-board. Since I was headed this way, I wanted her to see a safe voyage ho-here.” She changed her words as a hard elbow to the side said this wasn't home. Geez, guy's relentless no break when asking questions. Good thing I prepared. When is it my turn to ask questions? She thought to herself.

Kali entered with the tea, still steaming from each cup passing them around, sugar in the middle with a spork tong before taking a seat. Yang was thankful for her intrusion of interrogation.

“Thank you, Mrs. Belladonna.” Yang thanked her and lifted up the tea in gratitude before taking a sip. I hope this is how Blake ages when she's older, her mom is hot. She'd be one hell-of-a mate. I love how much more intimidating she is compared to her father. I seriously having these thoughts while Blake is right next to me. Fuck. Snap out of it!

“You're very welcome, please call me Kali.” She took a sip of her tea. “Blake, you don't mind sharing what happened that night, do you? We were so worried.”

I'm gonna stick with Mrs. Belladonna, I have no idea why, but her mom is intimidating. I feel more nervous around her than I do her dad, and he's a brute.

Blake shook her head after blowing the steam off her beverage. “Not at all. Finishing her sip. Blake shook her head holding her girlfriend's hand to give her a squeeze if she needs help. “After Sun and I ran out the door, I was surrounded by pirates. One broke away from the pack. And I defeated them pretty easily. I noticed their leader on a rooftop, bright red eyes looking straight at me like she saw right through me.” She shivered thinking of her. “I thought I could take her...I was wrong.” She paused for a moment to collect her composure. It helped Yang still had her hand. “She took me to her ship while I was unconscious, tied me up and forced me to...” Eyes looking to the floor as she couldn't finish without thinking of her tormentor as she was a completely different person from Yang. She squeezed her hand to help her explain.

It bothered Ghira that Yang could drink the hot beverage without cooling it down and take large gulps without burning her tongue. She spoke up feeling her partner's squeeze. “Forced her to experience pleasure or orgasms, pain among other things.” Yang finished trying to finish the explanation. She used a neutral voice to hide the sad and guilty one that lied underneath. The parents looked to Blake with shock as she continued to stare into her cup unable to meet their gazes. To fill the silence, Yang continued. “My twin, Draco was like any other sibling growing up, laughs, annoyances like normal siblings. We were raised by our dad and stepmom, who we considered our mom. Our birth mom abandoned us with our dad shortly after we were born. When our parents died, Draco went with her. My youngest sibling Ruby and I, went with our uncle, her twin. He was drunk twenty four/seven, but never did anything to hurt us and took care of us. I found Draco about a decade later when I saw her on one of my fishing trips she was capturing mostly Faunus. Forcing them into submission, or bending if not breaking their” lowering her head in shame “will. She did this by use of chains, whips, sex toys, clamps and horrific torture methods, but mostly stuck with consensual sex depending on how broken the person was, or rape.” Her parents gasped in surprise and shock Blake still continued to look at the ground and they weren't sure if to hug her or stay put.“I fought my sister like I did many times before and I was able to rescue a few captives who weren't completely broken or wanted to leave, Blake was one of them. She didn't want to come home until she felt she was mostly healed.” Yang rubbed her thumb against the back of her hand to assure her gently. “But scars like that, they stay with you.” She was remembering some of her scars. “Thankfully she didn't hurt Blake...permanently.” I hope. I really hope. Blake you have worried I bent you with how much you trusted me afterwards and I-we rushed into this only to satisfy your heat. Her parents decided to hug her and she embraced them back. As Yang was finished with her explanation.

After enjoying the loving embrace of her parents it was Blake's turn to ask questions when they returned to their seats. “What have you two been up to these days?” She smiled wearily wiping the water that formed in her eyes away.

“Your father is trying to retire but the White Fang want their strong leader back.” Kali smiled with pride for her husband.

“White Fang? Like The White Fang?” Yang's voice rose in concern and surprise.

“Yes, and what exactly is wrong with that?” He raised his brow. He didn't like this human questioning the Faunus motives thinking she had no idea.

“'s nothing.” She lied. “I've had a couple run-ins with them. Tried to set up a contract but they wanted to steal from me. Few got away and I found and kicked their asses later.” She told a half truth. “Please continue.”

“While I don't believe you Ms. Xiao Long, I will indulge you.” He grumbled.

Kali broke the tension and Blake continued observing her methods on how to diffuse tension and control these so called alphas. “I've been trying to find hobbies. One of was glass cutting, but I decided it wasn't worth the risk. I tried knitting...but...” she started to blush not wanting the human to have a jab at her cat-like features “I keep tangling the string.”

“Oh, I know. It's so annoying” the human spoke “you try maneuvering it one way and it goes the opposite if not falling in between the seams tangling the whole design. I lost patience trying to untangle it only to get it caught on my finger tips. I burned my hands free.”

Everyone but Ghira laughed and smiled at the human who indulged them instead of saying some cat remark. Blake smiled at her lover not catching her eye, but the eyes of her parents. Ghira could only glare knowing that all too familiar look. He didn't like Sun, but at least he was a Faunus and Blake didn't reject. But this human he did not approve of.

“So Blake, you have a thing for blondes then? And those who's tongue have you got?” Kali laughed.

Blake blushed in embarrassment glaring at her mom ears folded “Mom!”

Yang covered her mouth with the cup trying not to laugh. She loved that Kali shared her jokes. Yang wasn't going to say any cat jokes, but since Kali brought it up. “Paw, you can't blame her Mrs. Bell-Kali she has a thing for those who are purrfect for her. Like those fairy tale tales of the dragon protecting the purrincess.” Kali was crying with laughter. Her father was less than amused, glaring at her with heated anger. He failed to find what was so funny.

She beamed at Blake who grew a different shade of pink, as she stared at the ground assuming it was from their multiple role plays. She stared at her tea, fearing where her eyes might look or face betray otherwise, and tried to hide her ears from expressing it. “How is Sun?” Blake asked her parents, trying the have the elephant in the room become smaller.

“Married and he seems happy. He visits from time to time.” Kali answered. Maybe you should see him tomorrow. He'd love to see you again. Oh, and he's expecting.” She said excitedly.

“Maybe...” Blake looking at her tea drifting off into space. She stopped when a certain blonde squeezed her hand. Her eyes and smile reassuring her.

“That reminds me, Yang, where are you going to sleep?” Kali asked.

“I was assuming Blake was going to stay here and I was going to head back to my ship.” Placing the cup over her mouth to hide her lying smile. Blake's gonna be with me, even if I have to sneak in or she sneaks out.

“Nonsense.” Kali laughed waving her hand in a swift vertical motion. “You are welcomed here as much as Blake.”

“That's too kind of you, Kali.” Yang explained. “But-” She knew the determination in her eyes and she would not take no for an answer.

“No buts.” Kali said sternly but friendly. “And since you two are so close, you can stay in one room or two whichever you prefer.” She hid her laugh until she saw their shocked looks.

“Mom!” “Mrs. Bella-Kali!” Blake and Yang said together. Yang tried to hide a smile by sucking in her lips. Both started blushing and looking to the floor. Ghira was not having it but forced himself to remain calm.

“Like I said, call me Kali. Although, I suppose it won't be 'till you might start calling mom soon too.”

Yang swallowed hard her entire face blushing while looking at the ground for help taking a sip of tea to try to hide and appear as small as possible. She failed to realize her pretends of taking a sip had run the cup dry. She noticed the silence and the heavy tension of one. Feeling out of place, she excused herself. “Kali I think I'm going to go to my ship and set a few things in order.” She looked into Blake's eyes forgetting where she was as she raising her hand to her lips, kissing the back. “I'll be back, princess.” She said softly turn to the door and left.

Blake forgot where she was for a moment until she heard her mom laugh. “What?” She questioned trying to hide her blush but her ears folded reflexively.

“Princess or purrincess?" Kali questioned the more laughs. “I like her.”

“It's just a nickname.” Her voice level but dismissive. “She calls me Kitten, Kitty, Blakely, baby, I call her Sunshine, Dragon and Sunny Dragon and g-Golden Dragon.” She caught herself from saying girlfriend.

“Explains the fairy tales. It's cute. We just want the best for you, Blake. And as your parents, it's our job to worry. We're both happy you're safe.” Kali said. “Dear, you’ve been awfully quiet, what's on your mind?”

“I don’t like this, I am not happy with this or about this!” He growled. Blake, what you said years ago, did you not mean it? Did you go back on your word?” He hated she changed her mind in the time she was gone especially since she was kidnapped by a human.

“Ghira!” Kali shouted. “She’s back and she’s safe. What more could you want?” Kali argued half expecting this, but not to the full extent it was.

“What I want, is for that human to leave and never come back! What I want, is for Blake to be happy and not with a human who is all wrong, even if she is a 'friend' of hers. And you invite her into our home as if it's no big deal! You invite her to stay with us!” He argued with Kali, mostly meaning it for Blake. “She calls her pet names, she's infatuated with our daughter's ears as if that's all she sees in her like some kind of sick fetish! Her jokes are terrible! Her puns are based on cat jokes!”

Blake would've laughed remembering Yang's puns for terrible and her cat puns but not when her father was insulting her. She slammed her cup down. “If she leaves, I’m leaving with her! I love her and she loves me!” She shot back. She regretted being so defensive choosing her girlfriend over her family.

“What could you possibly know about love?” He narrowed his eyes. “She's a friend, a companion, a toy. You said that last time and you came crawling back to us! When she hurts you, I told you so will be go through your head. We accept you no matter what, your human companion, I do not like nor I will accept!”

“And you say companion like she's just some kind of pet human! Is that not the same thing but reversed!?” She snapped back.

Before things could escalate and she could lose her daughter, she acted. “Ghira, Blake that is enough! Ghira go for a walk, Blake drink your tea!” Kali commanded. Ghira knew better than to argue and would pay for his outburst.

Yang was reluctant to go inside after what she heard. Kali noticed with a flick of her ear and it was too late to back out. “Oh Yang, come in, don't be shy.” A growl came from another room. Yang slowly moved and sat beside Blake who had water in her eyes. Yang turn her body to her holding out her arms to her side. Blake leaped into her and their limbs circled each other. Kali continued to watch on in silence wanting to see how Yang acted. She combed a hand through her black trenches as one rubbed her back. Blake was always broke down when embraced in a hug rather than being alone and holding back. As much as this hurts, I need to say this. She spoke in a soft tone as not to put her off or make things worse. “Blake, maybe I should go. I'll be in my ship, you should stay here. I promise I won't leave unless you tell me to, no matter what.” She whispered toward the end. “I told you I was too far into this to leave, and it's true. What you told your dad, you know I feel the same way. The only exception being you're not leaving your family on a sour note. I have three people in my family left, I will not let you fall to zero because of me.” She whispered. “You already know the situation with my family. I don't want you having an estranged relationship with yours. They just want what's best for you. I agree with your dad on that much.”

“I'm going with you. I can't stay here. It's too much.” She replied as the tears escaped in their embrace. Silent ones that she had grown used to. Yang continued to hold her and Kali picked up the cups going to the kitchen quickly and silently. Yang started rubbing her hand into the dark hair. “Please...” Blake whispered twitching her ears. She needed this to help relax her. Kali heard her speak but didn't understand it. She spied on them for a little bit after curious as to what she meant. Yang's felt butterflies in her stomach with the small simple whisper. She moved her hand slowly to the ear. Blake didn't feel anything immediately like she expected and flicked her ears again. Not wanting to wait because of how reluctant the other was, most likely after the ear fetish comment, she grabbed her hand and put it on her feline ear. Yang kept the scratches feather light starting at the tip and slowly moving to the base adding more pressure. Blake was impatient was took whatever Yang was willing to give. After a few minutes, she rubbed the way she liked best. Kali heard the familiar vibration from the kitchen, but it helped Yang relax as she felt it. She held tighter never letting go as she was finally calming down.

With her back turned, Kali failed to notice Ghira spying on them. “I knew it!” He yelled activating his protective instincts making them both jump. “Her ears are a novelty to you. Some kind of fetish to add to your collection! She means nothing to you as you see her for what she is, not who she is!”

Blake jumped to Yang's defense wiping the tears from her eyes as she stood to face her father. “If it weren't for you yelling at me and making me feel guilty about everything, I wouldn't have asked her! Yang makes me feel better! I'm not a novelty to her! I am an equal! Something the Faunus have been striving for. And as their past leader, you of anyone should understand that! You should be happy for us! I'm an equal, not a novelty or half-breed or even something to be feared. I am equal to having human rights. I'm not a sub-species. Why can't you accept her?” Yang stood up standing behind her ready to fight but proving she had her support and was ready to defend herself and Blake.

“She's a human, you're a-!”

She cut him off. “A what!? A Faunus!? A daughter to the previous White Fang leader?! A daughter to the village chieftain” Yang's shadow transforms into a dragon. She might not show it, but her semblance turns into a fiery dragon that surrounds the area! That's Faunus enough for me!”

Speaking of dragon, Yang glanced at her shadow to try and keep her anger in check as it was starting to talk dragon form. The longer this went on, the worse it would be. She wanted so badly to be the one to shout at him for yelling at Blake but she held her ground and Yang wouldn't interfere.

“Exactly!” As if she proved his point. “A dragon, a mythical creature that causes chaos and ruin! Why don't you allow her to defend herself?” He glanced at Yang from behind Blake. To him, it seemed like she hid and Blake was protecting her.

Yang stepped in front of Blake trying to remain as calm as possible. No red eyes. She told herself as she locked eyes with him. “Because Blake, your daughter, my girlfriend, asked me to be nice and I have been trying. Seeing you do nothing but yell at her since she's been ho-here pains me! She's the only reason I've kept my mouth shut! I promised her I wouldn't challenge you or start anything!” Her eyes turned red, her shadow transformed and the tips of her hair burned.

Kali noticing the change and the challenging alpha types gearing for a fight. “Ghira, Yang! Enough is enough!” The older woman shouted. “Ghira, our daughter was distraught after you yelled at her and Yang was doing nothing but comforting her. I know this could take some getting used to, but get used to it before you lose our daughter and force me to suffer for it!” Her voice level dropped as she took a breath and either dared interrupt her. Yang was calm now with the interfere of Kali, her hair stopped burning, her eyes changed to lilac and her shadow was normal. “Why don't you settle this like an adult and talk over this debate instead of yelling.” Her hands were pressed together hoping they could work out some agreement at least for a time for Blake's sake.

Ghira let out a sigh and slowly closed his eyes to think. When he opened them there was nothing but rage. “Because humans call us animals and they do nothing but slaughter and kill anyone different from them! And this dragon, is worse of them!” He had noticed her burning, red eyes and growing dragon shadow.

If Blake didn't have a hand on her shoulder squeezing, she would've shouted instead of talking calmly. “So human are categorized as a them in your eyes. Seems there's no changing your mind. We're all murders and psychos. You're right though, this dragon, is one the worse. I fight with myself everyday to be a better person so I could be treated with kindness. I see none in your eyes, I see no acceptance and no type of truce to be mad.” She wanted so badly to yell back but it wouldn't change a thing. She closed her eyes and sighed and turned around to Blake after saying her peace. “I'm sorry, I'm gonna go before I do or say something stupid that I or we will regret. You know where to find me.” She smiled, even through looking at the pink, puffy eyes. “I promise I won't leave unless you tell me to.” She was happy she grew up, her younger self would only cause more problems. She started walking away. Blake felt her heart stab choosing between her family and her girlfriend and she hated it. Her mother was the only one who noticed as Ghira was still fixated on Yang.

“That's right, walk away! Stay away from my daughter! Leave her be!”

Yang stopped in her tracks, it took every ounce of will not to blow up in flames, she clenched her fist in fury as her arm violently shook. She was used to jabbing her nails into her palm so it came as no surprise when she felt the sticky substance. Her shadow grew into the full size dragon it was. Her footstep heavier as she continued to walk away with her hair burning a golden blonde. Blake got the message and grabbed her hand. Yang let out a sigh of relief calming her entire body as she intertwined their fingers. They smiled at one another and walked out the door hand in hand with her heart skipping. It broke Kali's heart to see them both go, especially Blake as she felt her friend came before family, but she was happy Blake was there to comfort her 'friend'. They heard Ghira roar as they walked farther away. “Thanks. I could've have done it without you.” Her voice even as they sauntered along the beach. “Maybe I should have Ruby touch land so I could fight Raven and relieve some of this frustration.”

“I'm-” She felt just as frustrated.

“Not. Your. Fault.” She stated sternly. “Same thing I keep telling you. I will remind you as often as it takes.” Her voice soft with a small smile. Yang kissed the back of her hand.

“I was going to say I have a better idea. I'm just as if not more frustrated than you. It's something the both of us can enjoy.” She smiled with half lidded eyes.

Yang understood those eyes and wished she didn't take the reversal dust. “Oh? Lead the way, princess.” Yang followed close behind her.

“I won't be your princess tonight.” She winked. “I'll be your naughty kitten.” She said seductively with her hand scratching the air. “Mmeeeeooow.” She teased.

Yang's entire body quivered as she was frozen. “Oh, baby, do that again.” Blake turned her head slightly sticking her tongue out to wink at her. “Tease.” She playfully laughed enjoying this.

They walked through the door and Blake pushed Yang onto the love seat as she had her hands on both armrests with her lips inches from her lovers. “I want you to play the naughtiest music you have.” She whispered feeling herself becoming sexier the more she thought of what she was going to do and how Yang was going to react.

“Uuuuhhh.” Yang groaned as her voice sent shivers down her spine. “I don't have a dick.” Yang pushed her back slightly and poured herself a shot of whiskey sipping it slowly until the contents emptied before refilling it and offering to her girlfriend who downed it quickly. She coughed violently as it burned the back of her throat. Yang turned ceiling disco ball on then sat back down.

P-p-p-pornstar dancin'. Blake was swinging around the pole in circles getting used to her movements and the rhythm. She pronounced her ass to her girlfriend shaking it. Yang licked her lips in response and she wanted to bite one of the round mounds.

But I know a girl who can put on a show, the dollar decides how far you can go. She wraps those hands around that pole. She licks those lips and off we go. She takes it off nice and slow, 'cause that's pornstar dancin'. She drops that dress around her legs, and I'm sittin' right by the stage for this pornstar dancin'. Your body's lightin' up the the room. I want a naughty girl like you. There's nothing harder to do.

By the time the second chorus came around, Blake followed the lyrics with music. Wrapping her hands around the pole as her clothed body swung around, driving Yang wide. Licking her lips at Yang in seductive way. Yang had half a mind to her take her right then and there diving into her with fingers or tongue as much and as roughly as she wanted. She swallowed hard controlling her hands and placing them behind her back. The way Blake removed her clothes, it was absolutely hot. Lowering her back to pronounce her chest as it was raised. She squatted to allow Yang to stare at her at her ass as she took off her pants.

“Ssssss aaaahhhh” Yang exhaled trying to get a grip on herself as Blake still had more annoyance to unwind.

“Doing something for ya, babe?” She teased feeling more relaxed. She went to the dresser pulling out the vile and blowing dust in her girlfriend's face with a smile.

“Someone's getting laid.” Yang breath heavily and played another song.

My girlfriend's a dick magnet. My girlfriend's, gotta have it.

Blake sat in her lap and shook her hips wiggling her butt against her dick or where it would be. She always wondered how Yang knew the perfect songs to play or sing.

She's hot can't stop up on stage doin' shots. Tip the man, he'll ring the bell. Get her drunk, she'll scream like hell.

Blake went to the keg shaking her ass as she walked and poured herself a shot drinking it as seductive as possible. She walked backwards making her ass jiggle as much as possible. “Mmmmeeeeooooww!” She yelled with a claw hand gesture. Oh yeah, she needed to be punished.

Dirty girl, getting down. Dance with guys from outta town. Grab her ass, actin' tough. Mess with her she'll fuck you up. No one really knows if she's drunk or if she's stoned. But she's comin' back to my place tonight.

At this she grabbed the pole and bent her knees her ass nearly touching the ground and jiggled it a couple times in Yang's lap and she could now clearly feel the hardening bulge. Yang grabbed her ass and her received a hiss in return. Both of them shivered simultaneously. Yang because of her kitten being aggressive and Blake because she knew she was a bad kitty. She also took another shot getting used to the burn.

She likes to shake her ass she grinds it to the beat she like to pull my hair when I make her grit her teeth. I like to strip her down she's naughty to the end you know what she is no doubt about it she's a bad bad girlfriend.

Blake shook her ass and Yang swallowed watching it jiggle. She walked over to her mess of a girlfriend with her hips swaying as she pulled her hair and kissed her teasingly before showing off her cheshire grin. Blake moved Yang's hands over her chest. She gasped feeling her hardened nipples. Blake teased her as she sauntered back to the pole leaning against it. Blake used the chorus to take a breather before continuing. She nodded and Yang played another song.

Put a hump in your back and shake ya rump. Put a hump in your back and shake ya rump. Hey hey! Let's go! Bounce dat ass up and down to da flo. Shake that shit 'til you can't no mo. Twerk that monkey, lemme see you get lo. Freak that Faunus 'til ya shit get sore. Bounce dat ass up and down to da flo. Shake that shit 'til you can't no mo. Twerk that monkey, lemme see you get lo. Freak that Faunus 'til ya shit get sore.

Blake moved to her girlfriend's lap and lower herself vibrating her ass on her lap as she did so. Yang couldn't take it anymore and played another song more as she grabbed her girlfriend causing her to yip and threw her onto the bed stomach down. She turned her head to look at the aggression in her eyes. It was a challenge. She was willing to fight until Yang would win. She stood up taking her partner's challenge.

You and I go hard at each other like we're going to war. You and I go rough we keep throwing things and slammin' the door. You and I get so damn dysfunctional, we stopped keeping score. You and I get sick, yah I know that we can't do this no more.

Yang pushed Blake against a wall keeping her pinned. Her lips smashed into the others dominating her mouth. Blake pushed Yang away and tackled her onto the bed showing her who was in charge. As much as Yang loved the challenge, she switched their positions so she was on top. “Rrraawww!” She mewed not wanting to wait as she struggled to fight for dominance.

Yang flipped her so Blake was stomach down. Yang licked her lips and ran her tongue along her girlfriend's neck tasting her skin and sweat. Blake arched her neck upward and hissed. She stopped the music intending to go to her own beat. She lined herself up and pushed forward causing them both to yell in pleasure. Yang then started pounding her causing the ass underneath hers to shake rapidly. Blake was screaming in pleasure and pain as she was being filled. Her ass was turning different shades of red and pick, the colors Yang liked best. She was happy her girlfriend wasn't in heat as she intended on taking her. Her walls clenched as she was being rubbed raw with how fast and rough her lover was. Blake enjoyed the roughness and met her with each pound. She meowed every time they connected. Yang slapped her ass much harder than usual and she yelped in pain. She held her hips preventing her from moving as she continued dominating her.

“Mmmeeeeeeooooww!” She screamed as she came. “Mmmooowwww! Rrraaarrrr!” She hissed aggressively as Yang filled her.

“Aaaahhhh” Yang scream and panted as she came not even caring as she continued to pound her girlfriend at a rapid rate. Loving her scream as to how sensitive she was. Yang slapped her ass causing her to yip in surprise. Blake was even more turned on by the gesture. Yang slapped her ass again causing them both to cum in a short amount of time. Feeling her walls clench as she came assisted Yang in orgasming.

“Mmmmeeeeewwww!” She screamed, panting breathlessly. She continued hissing and wriggling around as instinct told her she needed to get Yang out of and off of her.

“One...more...” She panted as she continued her rapid rate. She summoned her semblance prolonging her orgasm as long as possible. She looked at the ass presented to her, red from her slaps and her constant pounding she was overcome with lust and came inside her one last time. Blake felt herself being filled and it turned her on as she came again a slight bulge in her stomach from all the cum inside her. The seed going past her cervix and into her uterus. Yang collapsed on top of her and Blake fell onto the bed unable to support herself and Yang on shaking legs. When her body impacted the bed, she whimpered as the shaft slammed further inside her.

Yang continued to pant. She knew what marking her neck meant in Faunus language and was half tempted just to piss off Ghira but thought better against it. She didn't feel her and Blake were at that level. She continued to stay hilted despite Blake trying to move it out of her. She let the cum flow freely out. She bit the back of the woman's neck keeping her still as the fluid seeped out reducing her stomach back to normal size.

She tried coming up in a seal position to get Yang off of her. Blake growled and hissed not appreciating the gesture but couldn't do much but lay there and take it. Her head hung limp as she was too tired and sweaty to fight. She grunted as she felt Yang shift inside her to turn off the disco ball and glowing lights. She hummed when Yang laid back where she was with the appendage sliding back inside her. “Oh Yang...” She moaned in exhausted ecstasy.

“Do you feel frustrated?” She whispered into her human ear.

Blake knew she didn't mean anything by it, but her hot breath spurred her on and her walls tightened around her shaft. “No.” She whispered back and turned her head sideways as she laid comfortably. Yang let go and licked the red marks on her neck. Blake hummed in approval and her walls twitched with every lick. The blonde rubbed their heads together further soothing her lover. She buried her head in the crook of her neck lying completely on top of her. The Faunus was thankful Yang was warm as she wouldn't need the covers. Both tired and exhausted, they feel asleep as they were.

Chapter Text

Yang woke up to the sun shining directly on her through the blinds. She kept her eyes closed from the blinding light She heard groaning underneath her as she lifted herself up. When she felt her shaft pop out did she remember the night before. Shit! We went hard. Smiling at the thought. She felt Blake start to stir, no doubt from feeling the foreign object remove itself. She went to the bathroom and grabbed an aspirin and water. Golden eyes sleepily staring at her, only remembering the end of their night. Yang handed over the water and pills. “Headache and hangover.” She assured being short as this would not be her morning, not that any morning ever was. She took them both nodding her thanks. Yang stared at her partner’s perfect body, rubbing her shoulders as she waited for her to wake up. Blake took her hand and brought it up to her feline ear. “I see you.” She whispered. Blake smiled too tired to respond. Yang smiled with pride knowing she satisfied her partner and she wasn't in a coma for a few days. She stroked her ear for at least an hour and Blake was tired of hearing herself purr and needed to get up instead of relax.

“Alright, alright, I'm up.” Blake groaned. “And I feel kinda sick.”

“Oh, I forgot about something, I'll be back.” Yang dressed in a sweatshirt and pants. The blonde disappeared and reappeared with food only to find her girlfriend puking in the bathroom. Too late. “Sorry, I forgot to get you food so you wouldn't feel sick.” She pulled her hair back and rubbed her back. “Let it out.”

Blake groaned as she hated for Yang to see her like this. Blake brushed her teeth and wiped her face immediately after. “What do you mean?” She was confused thinking it might've been how rough they were last night or fearing the worse. Her body still feels it.

“I mean the aspirin you took, it better with food because of how powerful it is.”

“What if it's something else? What if-I'm pregnant?” She was unsure how she felt about that, at first. The more she thought about it, she was nervous and scared. They weren't together and she did not want them stay together over this. She also didn't want to raise a child alone. Even with someone adopting it, could she give it away? Even though they were safe, something could've happened. All it takes is one.

Yang shook her head. “Unless we weren't careful during your cycle, you aren't. I'll get you a test or three, if it'll help. You would roughly be a month along and puking at least two weeks ago. Probably starting your cycle soon with how wild you were last night.” She winked diffusing any tension Blake might've had, offering a neutral tone trying to be hard to read. She was one hundred percent certain she wasn't.

“I don't want to wait, I'd rather prepare.” She kissed her blonde lightly. Yang shook her head with a scoff. Blake got dressed and headed out the door. Yang picked out three different brands. She knew her girlfriend wasn't pregnant. She seemed like she didn't know how she would feel if she was. The cashier looked at the couple strangely but didn't say anything. They got to their ship where Blake downed water until she felt full. Ten minutes later, she felt her bladder about to explode and peed into a cup placing all three tests inside.

While they waited Blake pinned Yang to the wall, restraining both her hands into a surrender position, kissing her lips furiously dominating her mouth with her tongue. Blake was moaning into her. The blonde felt a guilty pleasure wash over her. Blake heard her timer go off as she was really getting into what was supposed to be a tease. She turned around examining the tests. Yang behind her crossing her arms over the woman's stomach prepared to hold her and test any emotions. Slowly Blake pulled the first test out, it said negative. The second test said positive. Yang's heart dropped, but she knew she wasn't pregnant and Blake was hard to read. She grabbed the third test and sunk to the floor as Yang dropped with her. Blake's head fell in her favorite spot on the blonde.

“Yang, I-I don't know how I feel. Part of me wanted this, but yet...I'm-we're not ready.” She stared into her face trying to read her.

“Sh. It's not your fault. I forgot to feed you, causing you to feel sickness. It's not bad to assume something happened.”

“We'll wait and see if my heat cycle acts up. As long as it's like you say and I can't get pregnant unless on my heat cycle. We'll know. I know I have weird moments. Like you said humans spot and some Faunus have spotting cycles when their cycle is irregular.”

“Blake, how would you feel about kids? Think about it, I mean really think about it.” She didn't want to push this so soon.

“I really don't know. I want us, together. I feel like children would guarantee that. Because of my heritage, having one child is an extremely rare occurrence. In most cases, it's two or three. Bless the poor soul who has five at once. While at the same time, we're not ready. We still have much to learn about ourselves and each other. Something for the future for sure. But, it's how far to wait I don't want too soon where we're miserable. At the same time, not too late where we don't have the energy level and miserable. Our lives will become an obligation, to stay with one another because we have to, not because we want to. My biggest concern is fear. Running away from you, leaving and never see you again. Or seeing you, but you'll be your other half one hundred percent of the time and won't feel any emotions whatsoever. Children will prevent that, prevent me from running. I don't want to lose you. What about you, how do you feel?”

“I feel the same way.” She tucked her hair behind her ear. “We haven't been together that long. A couple weeks. It feels like longer, I still want to learn more about you. How about before you turn thirty? We'll either be expecting or have a couple kids. Good age? There is the Raven issue. She's already suspicious. She finds out about you before I can defeat her, it won't matter. She'll come after you and she won't stop. Not until she's killed you.”

“A little on the older side, but reasonable, twenty-seven at the earliest, if we can help it.” She chuckled knowing their sex drive. “With my heat cycle, and your dragon aura, we love having sex with each other because we're addicted, and we can't keep our hands off each other. ” She laughed.

“Meeting your folks seamed-seems like a good start in the right direction. I hope you age like your mom, she's still got it.”

“Yang.” She scoffed with a blush. “...People have asked us if we're sisters. I wouldn't mind.”

“Believe it or not, she actually scares me.”

“More so than my dad?” She tilted her head still staring at her blonde in confusion.

“By far. You're dad's an alpha brute, a fighter. If it ever did come to a fight, I'd be a tough battle, I'd be a hard fight. I would hope I could win. I'd need Ember Celica to win, but fighting is easy. I fight, I kick or kiss ass, I get over it, and we’re friends. Your mom is a fighter, but in a different way. Your mom really cares about you. She has a calm, cool, collected nature like the woman in my arms. Yet she seems a little more upbeat and I think you're getting there...Miss. Dancer. But yet, you mess with her family. She'll make what Raven does look like child's play. I have no doubt she can fuck with a mind and emotions better than her. Raven most fucks with you physically and emotionally. You mom wins better with mental as you feel like you wouldn't trust your own mind. She could do it so well that it would drive anyone insane quicker, more deadly than physical. So yes, your mom scares me. Blakey, please don't ever leave me alone with her.”

“I'll try not to, especially after what you said.” Yang placed her chin on the other shoulder rubbing their heads together and kissed her cheek, neck and shoulder. Blake let out a few groans.

“We should head back.” Yang whispered. “I'm sorry about yesterday.”

“Don't. You kept your promise. You have nothing to apologize for. You can say whatever you want today...within reason as you don't start I know it's already started-”

“For you, I won't. This I promise. I will not tolerate him yelling at you, I was too painfully familiar. It pained me too much yesterday to just sit by and listen if it weren't for the promise I made you, I wouldn't tolerate it. He yells at you, I will not-cannot hold back.” Slight anger building and clenching her teeth until hands held hers. Sigh of relief “You always know what to do. I'm sorry. I'm overprotective when it comes to you.” She kissed her cheek.

“Don't be, it's cute. But I guess we should head back.” Yang sighed as dramatic as possible. They took their time eating.

When she finished, Yang went into the nightstand and pulled something out. “I got you something.” She showed her girlfriend the modified choke collar. It was black with five narrow, yellow lines. Two letters were written on it ‘B’ in black and ‘Y’ in yellow. A purple lavender flower by the B and a honey bee by the Y. “My honey bee.”

Blake’s eyes watered in happiness and surprise. She hugged her girlfriend as tight as she possibly could. “Yang! I love it!” Yang wasn’t sure what to say and held her tightly. Once finished Blake led her back to the house. Yang stopped just short of the door closed her eyes with a sighed. She only walked in when Blake did pulling her along. “Mom, I'm back.”

“I'm here too.” Her voice dropped. “I guess.” She turned to Blake. “Don't you mean you're home?” Yang whispered.

“No, back. Home is where the heart is, my heart is with you.”

“You sap.” She laughed.

“Hey girls, take a seat I'll be with you in a moment.” Kali called back.

“I'm going to see if she needs help. ” Yang followed Kali into the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can help with Mrs. Bella-Kali?” Yang corrected herself.

“Go take a seat Yang.” Kali smiled appreciating her.

She sat back down next to Blake and whispered to her. “I really hope you age like your mom. She’s smoking but you are the fire.”

“Yang!” She yelled. “Are you really checking out my mom?”

“It wasn’t one sided, I caught her checking my chest when I walked in and my ass when I walked out.”

“Are you-? Yang? Yang!” She was confused then she knew what she was saying.

“I’m not going to. At least, not without your permission. Besides, I have the woman I love right in front of me. Losing her would be the worst thing in the world. And yes, she looks hot when she’s angry, but only with and at me, it breaks my heart to see her cry.”

“You’re such a sap.”

“But I’m your sap.” She winked. Yang took her girlfriend's hand and she looked back at Yang eyes meeting, lost in vision.

Just then Ghira walked in and took a seat across from them. “Good morning, Blake.”

“Morning, dad.”

“Miss. Xiao Long, I would like to talk to you, later.” He narrowed his sights on Yang challenged him back.

Blake wasn't sure if she should leave or stay. She decided to leave them to it as she went to help her mom. “I'll be back.” She told them and left they didn't acknowledge or even break contact. When Blake and Kali returned, they were still going at it, non-verbally fighting. Kali placed the tea cups in front of them they took their cup at the same time not breaking eye contact. They still maintained eye contact despite the hands roughly squeezing theirs.

“Enough is enough!” Kali yelled. They both jumped in their seat and looked at her. Both scared of how intimidating she was. Blake took a mental note for future reference. “For Blake's sake at least pretend to get along and call a truce.”

They reached their hands out at the same time and simultaneously said “Truce.”

Their gazed never left each other. “Blake, how about you show Yang around.? Give her a tour of the house.

Blake jumped up in excitement and pulled Yang up with her. Pulling her away as the alphas continued to lock eyes. Yang only blinked when her sight of the other was obscured. “Huh? What?”

“I'm giving you a tour and you better roll with it. I know I told you could say anything you want as long as you didn’t fight. I didn’t think it was possible to have that intense of a stare down.” She warned. “Anything to keep you and my father away from each other until you two put your differences aside. So this is the kitchen area, guest bedrooms” she cleared her throat “my old room.” Yang smirked. “No, no, Yang, whatever your thinking, don't.” She face palmed already knowing Yang went there.

“You cleared your throat, you thought it first.” Yang looked at her and smiled wider.

“Yang! No! No. Yang. Stop looking at me like that.” She leaned into Yang’s ear. “Quit undressing me with your eyes.” She whispered warned. Yang’s smile couldn’t grow any wider. “Anyway,” she continued pulling her along “this is the main open area. Yang stop looking at me like that. No, no and no.” She sighed and continued with the tour. Once they were on the other side of the house Yang grabbed both her wrists pinned her to a wall rushed to kiss her lips going for an intense make-out session. She broke away slowly, releasing her. “You tease!”

“Like you teased me earlier.” She grinned.

She guided Yang to the courtyard and closed the door behind her. She jumped in Yang's arms and started kissing her. Yang supported her by her butt which she caressed and squeezed. Blake releasing squeals of pleasure and yips. Yang pushed her back against a wall her kisses hungry for more. She moved to her neck and started kissing it. As Blake started to moan Yang stopped with a shit eating grin on her face. “Did that do something for ya?” Repeating the words of the night prior.

“You're incorrigible!” Blake yelled. She guided her back to the table and they took their seats. Yang only staring at her tea and drinking slowly trying her best not to smile as thoughts to egg her father on popped into her head. When the cup wasn't to her lips, her fist was. She was starting at the table focused on a spot in front of her. Her eyes wandered unconsciously to her girlfriend traveling up and down.

Kali was the only one who noticed Yang's lilac eyes traveling her daughter up and down. “So Blake,” Kali said clearing her throat “how about take Yang on a tour of the island?”

Blake saw her girlfriend's eyes traveling her up and down “Yang!”

“Her defensive nature caught Ghira off guard as she was focusing on his cup.

Blake lifted her to their feet and pushed her out the door. Yang pinning her to the exterior wall and started kissing her. When Blake opened her mouth willingly, Yang pulled apart. “You are the most incorrigible, frustrating human being I have ever met.” She half moaned.

“You know you like it!” She air kissed.

“Sometimes I wonder why.” She growled.

“Maybe, I should make you growl more often. It’s hot!”

“Yang! Just please, follow me and try not to draw attention to yourself and don't let your eyes undress me.”

“No guarantees, girlfriend.” She slapped her ass to make her point.

The receiver of this torment yipped and groaned. The brunette took her across the island and it was lunchtime when they finished. Blake's stomach growled and she was about to go back to the house. “Hey, wait a second.” Yang said she light grabbed her wrist stopping her. “How about I take you out to lunch, you decide the place and get whatever you want. My treat, my apology.”

“Fine.” Blake huffed, then looked at her blonde and smiled. They went to one of Blake's favorite places. A waitress came around quickly and they ordered their drinks and food.

“Of course, you would get one of the cheapest things on the menu. That's...” she grinned.

“Yang, no.” Feeling a joke coming on.

“Some cheap apology.” She laughed. Blake sighed then smiled. “I had a thought in my head earlier when you were giving me a tour.”

“If it's my bedroom, forget it.” She waved it away.

“No, not that, I mean, yes later, but...there was the big room with nothing in it. The one with the second floor. I was wondering, if, well, maybe didn't have plans this evening? You and I could...”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” She smiled.

Yang blushed with an embarrassed smile. “Would you like to dance with me?”

“You know how to dance?” Blake raised a brow.

“I'm not sure I should tell you the story behind that.” Yang rubbed the back of her neck.

“This outta be good.” A wicked smile across her face.

“Raven gave me lessons in different styles when I was younger. She told me it's a romantic way to get into someone's pants faster. She even had several outfits tailored to me each time I grew. And even though it's you, someone I am most comfortable with, I am talking really fast and nervously like my sister Ruby for absolutely no reason at all.” She inhales deeply trying to catch her breath.

“It's really cute to see you like this. I didn't think my Sunny Dragon, The Great Yang Xiao Long could get nervous.”

“Me either, well...unless something is or will happen.”

“Well...I can't really argue with that and since the room is closer to my bedroom., you know, after we're done dancing...” She smiled seductively.

“It'd be a good way to get back at your dad-no, no, that would be using you.” She waved the idea away.

“Not if I knew about it, and all for it.” She licked her lips.

“Blake, no. I was joking! Please stop looking at me like that.” She quickly stated raising her voice and shaking her foot in nervousness. “

“My how the tables have turned.” She smirked. “I'm not...puss-ing you.” Yang’s eyes shot up and her mouth completely open. “Just think about it. I'll take you up on your dance offer. I prefer waltz or ballet.”

Yang exhaled knowing she was teasing. “That does not surprise me Ms. Romantic. Fortunate but unfortunate, I was forced into ballet. Waltz is easier.”

The waitress came around with the check assuring them to take their time. Yang raced for it laying the lien down and hiding the amount from Blake. “Can I at least tip?” She suggested.

“Nope.” Yang resounded the p. “My apology, my invite, my treat check.” She beamed.

The other groaned in response and both got up to leave. They walked hand in hand along the beach. “I was thinking,” the Faunus spoke “since the room is in the house and I have a nice dress I was going to change in there. You can wear what you want and change into one of the guest bedrooms and pick me up from my room around eight. We can walk into the room arm in arm.”

“I like that, but I need my ship, there's things in there I'll need to collect. It'll give me time to get some things ready, but how about nine, just in case?”

“Eight thirty.” Not wanting to put off any longer.

“Deal. I will either be on time or five minutes early. I love how warm and sunny it is, tickles your skin...oh wait, that's just your hair.”

Blake laughed. “You tease.” She smiled showing her white teeth.

They walked to a high point on the edge of the beach and desert watching the scenery around them Yang sat down and Blake sat between her legs with her head on her chest. Yang wrapped her arms around her stomach embracing her, her head on her should looking to the horizon. This feels oddly domestic like children should be running and playing around us. Her thoughts were paused as arms held hers.

“What are you thinking about?” Blake asked knowing the contact broke her concentration. Silence followed. “I felt you grip me tighter, you only do that when you've been thinking about something. What was it?” She asked.

Yang sighed knowing she wasn't going to drop it. “This feels so right. You in my arms staring out into the horizons. I was think how oddly domestic this feels. Almost like children should be running and playing around us...our children.” She whispered in her ear before kissing her neck.

“Yang...” she pulled herself closer “I was thinking the same thing. We were close to having that become reality. One neither of us are ready for.”

“I know...I just want to hold you.” Yang whispered.

“Only if you scratch my ear.” Blake twitched ear and started purring when skilled fingers rubbed and scratch in all the right ways. “Ah!” She gasped. “How'd you get so good at this?” She moaned.

Yang put the tip of her mouth on the causing the woman in her arms to shiver. “Practice, with you. I did joke that I would scratch your ears so good I’d make you cum.” She whispered. The hair on her arms and the back of her neck stood at attention and a groan escaped her lips. She was half tempted to let Yang's skilled fingers and vibrator violate her and make her cum. She heard Yang humming a soft soothing tune breaking that thought. “What're you humming?” She asked sleepily.

“If you're not the one by the same guy who sing bad day.” She whispered.

“Sing it to me.” She requested. “Even if you don't think you have a good voice.”

Yang obliged not wanting to refuse her. “If you're not the one then why does my soul feel glad, today?” She grabbed the paler hand and intertwined their fingers. “If you're not the only then why does my hand fit yours, this way? If you are not mine then why does your heart return, my call? If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand, at all?” Even with the sun shining at its highest point Blake didn't realize she fell asleep. She heard a voice humming to a song. She let out a groan opening her eyes slowly and tried to stretch she failed to remember the blonde behind her until she felt her move away as Blake continued to stretch, raising her hands and arching her back. She was confused when she was looking at the desert instead of the beach. “Huh?” She turned her head meeting lilac eyes and a smile. “Hey.” She yawned.

“Hey princess, enjoy your nap?”

Blake nodded her head. “Uh, huh. How long was I out?” She asked rubbing against her.

“Judging by the sunset, couple hours.”

“Hours? How did I-what about-”

“Sh. It’s okay, I faced you to the desert so you wouldn't get a sunburn. Wake up first, then you can panic.”

“Ha ha.” She said flatly trying to stand and stumbled back to the ground instead.

“Like I said wake up first.” Yang stood up and helped her girlfriend up and supporting her. “Then you can panic.” She helped balance Blake back to the house.

“How do you know so many songs? Especially about love?” Blake asked. “Were you humming the entire time?”

“One question at a time. My father and Summer played some love songs when I was younger with me singing the wrong words. Most, I accidentally found listening to them when websites recommended other songs. I started singing when you asked me to, when I felt you go completely limp I started humming until you woke up. Not all of them were love songs.”

“So...what about the naughty songs?” She smirked.

Without skipping a beat and she blushed. “Raven introduced me to some and again I got curious and found more recommended....then I found sex songs.” Blake chuckled and moved closer to her heater. Once they arrived to the house, Yang faced her girlfriend. “I'll see you in a couple hours.”

“Yang, please, no. A couple hours? One hour, I won't take long to get ready.” She pleaded.

“One question at a time.” Giggling. “Sorry kitten, I take a while to get ready.” Blake raised her eyebrow. Yang chuckled and kissed her forehead. “The promise to see you soon.” Blake wasn't having it and refused to let go. Yang groaned and pushed Blake against the wall kissing her roughly. She broke away leaving both of them panting she smirked before walking away.

“You tease!” She yelled. Just to prove her point Yang lifted her arm at a right angle and lifted up her thumb, index and middle finger at once saying bye. She almost regretted it but glad she had no idea what it meant. Blake yelled at her in frustration slamming the door behind her storming inside.

She was met with her father's smirk as he sat at the table reading. “Did she finally leave you?”

Blake let out a sighed groan. “No, we're actually going on date and apparently she takes hours to get ready. I don't want to wait for her that long.” She heard her father let out a grunt of disapproval and continued reading. Blake went to her room setting the dress on her bed.

Yang grabbed Ruby by her hood and led her into the cabin. “Sis, what gives?” She called as she was being what seemed like an angry drag.

She shut the door before answering her confused sister. “I have a date tonight and I am beyond nervous!” She nearly yelled. “Please don't tell Blake I said that.”

“Awe!” Ruby had stars in her eyes. “Okay, play your rock songs, not that one, yes that one, I Burn. You're gonna need this.” Moving a cup that has a button to make pretty light show by the door. “And this.” Moving a portable disco ball that has lights and only the top moves in a circle. “Oooo! What kind of date so I can choose the appropriate outfit?”

“It's dancing.” Her hands covered her face as she sat on the bed, stressing, knowing exactly what Ruby was going to say.

“You've only danced with me and Raven. You've fallen hard for her, haven't you?” She asked with a gentleness even though it was rhetorical.

Yang only nodded. “I haven't even known her that long and she's already talking about pregnancy scares and children and how she would like to become pregnant at twenty seven. I can't Ruby! It's way too soon. I just want to go slow and see where it goes.”

Ruby was digging into the closet picking her outfit. “Where's that tux you like so much? Wait, not, straightener goes on first to heat up. Yang already had it heating in the bathroom, she sighed thanking Ruby had this under control so she could focus on her nerves. “Some cologne, oh you need the mint kind, she might smell catnip and go crazy for you.” Yang let out a groan and placed her forehead on her palm. “Maybe some make up?” She looked to her sister who glared at her. “Oh...kay.” She replied slowly. “Moderate amount, maybe eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara.” Yang tried to stay as still as possible as her sister tried to straighten her unruly mane. “Next song, yes, Bad Moon, per-purrfect. Feel it as it enters your veins ready for the night!”

“Did you make a cat joke?” Yang shook her bent knee up and down wanting this to be over with. This is the part that takes a couple hours. Imma smell like hairspray or burnt hair by the time this is done. I hope Blake can smell the mint more predominately. What am I even nervous for? This is Blake, the woman I love and trust. Love? Oh fuck me! I have no reason to be nervous. She swallowed hard. No reason at all. She lied tell herself that.

“You are really nervous aren't you?” Ruby asked smirking.

“No.” She tried to lie knowing her sister knew better. “That obvious, huh? I have no reason to be. I've been on dates before.” She tried to claim with confidence.

“You trying to convince yourself, or me? Either way, not working. Other than me, it's never been with someone you love and care about, not that you really go for the dating scene and skip right to the point.” Yang lowly groaned. “Of course you're going to be nervous. Not that long ago we were having a conversation about you not wanting to mess this up. Now look at you. Grated it's a reverse relationship pyramid without the pregnancy part first, but it works.”

“She wants kids, I do, too. A reversed pyramid. Stupid me! Maybe I should cancel? Forget this whole thing ever happened and leave. Agh!” She yelled defeated, not meaning a word of it.

“That was the only thing you got out of what I said? Yang, you can't cancel! Your hair is less than halfway done, you cancel now, she'll think you don't care about her and think she did something wrong. She'll see you with half a messed up mane when she comes to visit wanting answers and an explanation. You care about your hair, you can't have that! Now play the next song, no S.E.X. That is too much, no, not Next Contestant, yes, Armed and Ready.” Ruby argued.

“When did you become so passionate? Oh, I know, it was when you slept with her, isn't it? That's what sparked you passion?” Yang laughed. “Ow! Ruby, you'll fire up my semblance that way.”

“Serves you right! I bet Blake won’t have an issue with that.”

“Ah!” Her voice neutral in realization. “So this is what it feels like.” Once her hair was done, she looked to her sister. “White or black?” She asked switching between the two.

“The white one definitely, but red shirt, it'll make her blush without being too formal and not saying this'll look good on your floor in the morning like the black one does. A rose is over exaggerated. Oh! Pick out some orchids or maybe a cat tail to put in her hair. She'll love it!”

“Orchids? A flower that is under appreciated yet has more meaning…” She said in a professor voice. “Too much?”.” Ruby gave her a raised eyebrow. “What about some bluebells or a yellow dandelion or...” gasp “lavender! Perrfect! Ruby, please, go to-”

Before she could say anymore Ruby burst into petals and was out the door. Then a thought occurred to Yang, she stepped out the door and smiled when she didn't see a portal nearby and went back inside slipping on black socks and penny loafers. Just as quickly Ruby returned with the lavenders. “You're lucky they grow here. Ones from the ground, more romantic, unplanned.” She stuck them in the jacket pocket.

“Have you been reading those books?” Yang smirked.

“That's um...that's none of your business! Lemme see. Good, good, turn, good. You're ready!

“How much time left?”

“Um...five minutes. Bye.” She pushed her sister out the door closing it behind her before she could say anything.
Yang put the cup and disco ball in her pockets as her sister ushered her out. She wanted me to pick her up from her room right? She entered reluctantly and low and behold her father sat at the table grumbling in dismay as she entered. “I am here to pick up Blake, Mr. Belladonna-Sir.” He only groaned in response before standing up.

“Cat got your tongue?” He mused.

“You might have some idea.” She slapped her hands over her mouth. He put his hands over his eyes and shook his head before growling at the image his brain came up with.

Be nice for Blake. If only he knew where this tongue has been on and in his daughter, oh accurate his words were. “Frog in my throat? That's not any better. Can I help you?”

“Yes, follow me to my study.” His voice deep and serious.

Can I tell Blake I love her first? This is my nice suite and I prefer not to get blood on it! I don't mind getting punched, not the face, or the penis! Oh I hope he doesn't find out about it. She thought to herself. Once in the study he sat behind the desk and motioned for Yang to sit on the couch.

“Miss Xiao Long, do you plan on living out on the sea forever?”

Interrogation, huh? Not as bad, but still bad, one wrong word he'll twist it to make it seem like I don't care about Blake at all. I can play this game, I played this one with my-Raven more than I care to remember. “No Sir, I hope to retire comfortably in the next five maybe six years.”

“And what about your ship and the crew, your sisters. What. About. Blake?”

“I plan on selling or scraping my ship, the crew can go with other captains I know and my youngest sister will be staying with me and if things work out between them, so will her girlfriend, if they don't have their own lives. Blake 'will' be with me if that is her choice.”

“So, four of you one house? Won't that be cramped? And that's if Blake will have you. Obviously how are children going to be playing into this?”

“Sir that is why I say six years at most. My sister, Ruby might want her own life by that time as long as she's safe. The house will be comfortable. I can build it myself, a location that's fit for everyone's needs. Blake could leave me at any given time. As her girlfriend I will do everything I can to keep her from leaving. As for children, there are facilities that take DNA from both parents that are unable to have naturally have children and fertilize the egg with both parental DNA. Blake and I will be able to have children from our own DNA. If all else fails, adoption is available.”

“I see. And these facilities, you mean research labs that are still studying the process? And who will be giving birth to these children, Miss Xiao Long?

“The research is still underway yes, and there is a 95% success rate. As for who will be the carrier, Blake and I have discussed it and she wants to. We both want children.” Yang continued to glare at him. Her answers seemed well and he seemed to be finishing up.

“You and Blake have not been dating that long and already talking about kids?” Yang knew she messed up. “It's it too soon.-”

She cut him off. “We both have agreed it's too soon.”

“Let me be frank with you Miss. Xiao Long. I do not approve of the relationship between you and my daughter. I don't like you because of your family, your uncle is a drunk, your sister is a sexual abuser and cost me quite a dowry which I have no doubt you can afford, you raised your youngest sister, and unable to natural Belladonna heir. I am not sure how you dealt with my daughter's urges with the pill I put in her tea and frankly I wouldn’t care but of only how you made it stop. Yes, there is research being done so both parents of the same sex can have DNA children but my daughter needs a real man. I want this night to be the last you spend with her. I want you to leave at sunset, without Blake and never return. Am I clear?”

You promised Blake no alpha instincts! No challenging him. At least not while she's not around. Take the high road, take the highroad! If that doesn't work, Blake will have to choose.

Now's your chance to finally leave her and keep her safe. The other voice said.

No! Her father is making her choice for her. Family or me. I don't want it to come to that! “I understand Sir. A natural born heir of both our DNA can and will be produced, but in time. Neither my girlfriend and I are ready to be parents, yet and we have agreed to that.”

“Not with your family history.” He smirked.

Don't challenge him, play nice for Blake's sake. Nor yours considering you almost divorced. This is a challenge! He is challenging you to snap. Perfect, challenge accepted! “As for your daughter urges, a way to bypass that is using artificial liquid. I work with ninety nine percent Faunus population aboard my ship, I understand how...complex situations can get. And as for your dowry, I can pay it along with any undue expenses. One thing I can not do 'Sir',” her glare matching her tone “is leave without my girlfriend, Blake.” Careful with the possession. “I will let her know I am leaving at 'sunrise' and if she wishes to come with me, I will not stop her. If she wishes to stay, that is her choice. Have we come to understand one another and we are finished here?”

“Miss. Xiao Long, we understand one another. Everything will be normal when we see one another. We are finished here.” They both got up and walked out.
Damn it, now I'm late. I hope she understands. Yang went to Blake's room and knocked on the door. She let out a sigh and the door opened. She felt her heart skip a beat and swallowed to not have her mouth hang open. “H-hey gor-gorgeous.” They heard a growl come from the other room.

“I could say the same thing.” She smiled. “Took you long enough.” She rolled her eyes.

“I know, I'm late, I am sorry.”

“Nuh uh. No excuses.” She knew her dad wanted to talk to her and she didn't hear it, she's glad Yang didn't have blood on her.

“Shall we go?” She said offering her arm. Thank goodness for practice and knowing second nature. I would lose it otherwise.

“Sure.” She said flatly taking her hand rolling her eyes and smiling.

Once inside the room, Yang dimmed the lights and turned on her light shows colors dancing all around the room. She played the first song and with the intro she placed the flower behind her human ear. “It's your favorite color, and like you, it's soothing.”

“You're my favorite color, Sunshine.”

I feel so unsure. As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. She took Blake's hand leader her to the middle and getting lost in her golden eyes. I'm never gonna dance again. These guilty feet have got not rhythm. Though it's easy to pretend, I know you're not a fool. Should've know better than to cheat a friend and waste this chance that I've been given. So I'm never gonna dance again the way I danced with you-ooo-ooo. Wwooaaahh.

“Yang, you are really good. This is amazing. You take my breath away.”

“My partner is the most beautiful in all of Remnant, she makes this look easy. You should meet her. I haven't even stolen her breath yet.”

Underneath the starlight-starlight. There's a magical feeling so right. It will steal your heat tonight. You can try to resist, try to hide from my kiss. She kissed Blake's hand her eyes smirking to the golden ones for her. But you know-but you know that you-can't fight the moonlight. Deep in the dark you'll surrender your heart. But you know but you know that you can't fight the moonlight, no. You can't fight it. It's gonna get to your heart.

“Yang, can we please get out of here and out of these clothes?” She breathlessly whispered.

“One more song. I promise. I like the way the dress compliments your body. It's perfect. It's nice seeing you get all dressed up. I want to see you in it a little longer.” She kissed her neck.

Blake pushed herself into the kiss. “You mean purrfect.” Yang smiled. “Fine, but it better be slow and I want my butt connected at your hips the entire song.”

“Fair enough.” Blake moved Yang’s arms across her body touching her hips.

Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once in perfect harmony. With all its living things.

“So many things to tell her. But how to make her see. The truth about my past. Impossible! She'd turn away from me.” Yang sang.

“She's holding back she's hiding. But what I can't decide. Why won't she be the queen I know she is? The queen I see inside. You have a lovely song choice. Even though some are from kids movies, I can appreciate it, it has new meaning for me while explaining how I feel about you.”

“Now, who’s the sap? And they explain how I feel when it comes to you.”

“But you're good with words.”

“Music says it in a way words can't.”

“You are amazing, you have a way with words and music, is there anything you can't do?”

“Turn back time, still take you, but make proper introductions like those adventure books.”

“What about turning back and defeating Raven? Live the childhood you were robbed of?”

“I'd do it all over again because I wouldn't have met you. I'd rather die tomorrow then live a thousand years without knowing you-John Smith, Pocahontas.” She blushed at the end.

“Yep, that did it, we are getting out of her.” She took Yang’s hand leading her to the bedroom.
Yang obeyed without question. Yang barely shut the door when her girlfriend pounced on her lips. Yang didn't want to break the session but knew she had to. Blake...I...need...-.”


“No...” She pushed Blake's shoulders against the wall. A look of hurt on her face. “I'm...leaving at...sunrise.” She panted. The she moved back to her girlfriend pressing their bodies together with her head resting on her head. Waiting for a response before continuing.

“Wait...your leaving? But...we just...-”

“I know.” She kissed her forehead.

“Why?” Her eyes pleading with the lilac.

“I don't wanna…say too much...but I have to...-I've overstayed my welcome.”

“Take me...with you.” Her voice sad almost begging near watering.

“That's why I...told you...I want-need you.” She reassured inhaling her scent to dedicate it to memory.

“I need you. It's my dad's fault...isn't it? I heard the living room.” Yang closed her eyes, not wanting to say a word. Blake's desire and frustration washed over her. “I want him to hear us! I want him to know you are better than he is! Yang, fucking nail me!”

She felt desire in her rise with the last sentence. “Yes princess! Your dragon is here.”

They pushed into each others lips capturing the moment. Yang had Blake pinned against the wall not ready to move yet despite their desire. She still wanted her soft lips, her dominate tongue exploring the others mouth. The moans driving her crazy. She let her hand explore the others back and pulled the zipper down slowly wanting to tease her partner. She knew she was being annoying with the way the Faunus was groaning into her mouth.

Blake couldn't take the teasing anymore and moved her mouth the buxom woman's ear. “Stop...teasing!” She warned.

“Bite me.” She challenged. That riled Blake up with desire and lowered the collar of the suit and bite her partner and only stopped at the little taste of blood in her mouth. She pulled away realizing exactly what she did. It nearly scared her and wondered what Yang knew what it meant. Yang was turned on, she knew exactly what she did and what it represented. Semblance sparking and a hiss of pain she enjoyed. She stripped her jacket, bow tie and t-shirt before rushing to unzip her partners dress completely. “Ah, sweet dust!” Blake had decided against wearing a bra letting her breasts free and her nipples hardening. In retrospect, she wasn't wearing a bra either. Their lips still connecting and she was still teasing Blake with foreplay.

“Take me.” She whispered.

“Blake...your parents...excellent hearing.”

“Let them.” She whispered.

“Only to...make out...nothing more.” She huffed to get the words out.

“More?” The lust over taking her.

“No.” She grabbed Blake and forced her onto the bed. She wanted to see her kitten a mess with her teasing.

“I need you!” She yelled.

Yang was needy for her but still wanted to wait, continue to play and pleasure her partner. She reached her hand up and scratched the base of her ear to let her know who was in charge. “Can't do anything now, can you?” She smiled evilly as she continued to play with her. Rubbing her thumb on the sensitive flesh, causing her voice to be heard and body to rock as she fought to gain control. If their hearing is as good as Blake's they definitely know. This is a big fuck you to her dad. I win! I always win! Her thoughts spurred her on even more as she wrapped her arms around her partner’s legs gliding them apart, their waists meeting. She could tell Blake could feel her boner she rubbed her body against it with her pushing herself onto her for friction. She could be as impatient as me. “Ah!” She's hot when she knows what she wants! Yang was removing her clothing and removing the lacy black underwear of the Faunus. Yang thrust into her in one go. Damn, the way she screams for me. She's so wet. So hot! Now to nail her. Yang started thrusting and out of Blake, her cries of pleasure nowhere near quiet. Her parents could definitely hear. Let them. Fuck you Ghira! Blake's walls were spazzing, and she screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors. Yang continuing her motions to ride out her high. Yang smiled. “The neighbors didn't do anything wrong.” She laughed and Blake ignored her comment. The door suddenly opened and closed other figured walked in. Yang dropped herself onto Blake not being able to see in the dark, but another pair of yellow eyes staring back. She was confused as to what was happening. She could judge from the height and small streams of moon light through the window that is was Kali.
“Mom! What are you doing!?” Blake yelled.

She dropped her night down to the floor revealing her body. “I was hoping to join you, that's alright.

Yang looked into Blake's eyes who was still in shock. She knew she wasn't okay with this earlier but with Kali here and naked...She swallowed hard. “It's up to you, Blakey.” A panted whisper kissing her forehead.

Blake's mind was racing, she no idea, everything was going too fast. “Up to me?” I-I don't know. It's my mom, this is too weird. Try it, Yang would never leave you, you marked her. That's why she told you about her leaving. She trusts you. She nodded her head. “It's fine.”

“You sure?” Yang whispered, not entirely convinced.

“Yeah, I need to rest anyway. Put on a good show for me.” She kissed. Yang let Blake go watching her pale body glow in the moonlight as she walked into a corner. She picked up Kali and started kissing her neck running her fingers down her sides. “Kali please keep it down somewhat, I don't want to deal with husband.”

“He's in a meeting, he can't do anything. Stop teasing and ride me already.”

“One question for you, and Blake. Am I allowed to cum inside?”

“Yes!” Kali yelled catching Yang off guard.

She looked at Blake. It was really hard to see her other than golden eyes. “I said put on a show, didn't I?” She doubt Yang could see the smirk on her face. Needing no more convincing, she pushed into Kali slowly unsure she was ready. Once her head was in, she could tell she was still experiencing heat with how slick she was.

“Oh! Yang! You’re so big!” Her cried loud enough to rival Blake's. Yang smiled knowing she could satisfy and Ghira not being around to do a thing about it. Now, Blake talked about a show. She started slowly thrusting hoping to get her girlfriend turned on even more and not wanting to end it too quickly. Her thrusts small and precise. “You can do better than that!” Kali challenged.

“Part of the show. I love to tease, just ask your daughter.” Yang smiled. She was turned on by her last choice of words.

“Oh Yang!” Kali was too. The thought her of Blake being fucked this good by Yang, even with the teasing turned her on.

She pulled almost out more to punch back in causing the woman to moan with pleasured pain. She kept up that pace for some time. After Kali let out a few moans, she looked to Blake and from what she could see she was masturbating to Yang's movements. Oh yeah she's enjoying the show. This encouraged Yang to put more of her into each movement, slowly and pound herself back in. The woman underneath her was shaking as she continued slamming, and thrusting over and over.

“Enough teasing and fucking breed her! Force Ghira raise your kittens!” A distance voice said.
She looked at Blake completely shocked and she froze not expecting this at all from her quiet bookworm. She had to do a double take to process what was said. She was drawn back to reality when Kali grabbed her hand. She looked to her girlfriend’s mother.

“Do it!” She whispered and Kali moved her body to urge Yang on again.

Here goes nothing! She positioned herself to get more momentum and drawing herself back to the head before rocking back in all force. She heard Kali's pleasure slight mix of pain in the cry and continued hard and fast in slower drawing out. Kali's body was getting used to the treatment and her yells of pleasure were getting lower. She angled her body for several for several thrusts getting no response at first until the third angle causing Kali to yell. Found one! She thrust hard and faster in and doing the same when coming out. “Yes! Yang! There! Yes!” Yang continued her movements feeling herself about give Blake half siblings. Without slowing, she glanced quickly at Blake in the corner. She looks like she's going to explode. The thought spurred her on more looking back at Kali. Yang could feel the walls tightening and retracting around her. Hold off a little...Kali screamed when she came bring Yang to the brink with her and Blake's moan was hard to hear but caught Yang's ears. She slowed to help the wiser cat Faunus off her high.

“Yang...incredible!” Kali panted “Better than...Ghira!” Kali laid there unable to move.

Yang carried her into a corner and wiped herself on a corner sheet. “You enjoy the show?” She smiled at Blake who was lightly panting.

“Yeah.” Her eyes only slightly glazed over.

“You ready for round two?” Not waiting for and answer she gabbed Blake placing her on the opposite end where she fucked Kali.

“Slow, at first.” Blake groaned. “I'm still sensitive.”

“You got it.” She was kissing Blake's neck gently, not wanting to go to hard yet.

“Will you...inside me?” Blake moaned.

“Not tonight.” Yang replied causing Blake to groan in response. Yang continued kissing her neck as her breath slowly came back. She wasn't sure if she was partly responsible for her panting now.

“Mmhhmm.” Blake hummed. “Ssss. Aaahh. Yang, stop teasing.”

“Hm. I want to enjoy your first. Your skin is delicious.” She pressed her lips into Blake's lovingly and controlled. Grazing her tongue on tips before entering the ready mouth dominating it with no resistance. Her hands grazing over her body starting with her collar moving over breasts and her dull fingernails scraping over her flat stomach. She inhaled the breath and moans coming to her mouth. She moved lower kissing a trail of lines as she went until her mouth lined up with the lower entrance waiting for permission.

Blake shook her head. “Not tonight.” She smiled coolly. Yang huffed in frustration lining her member up the entrance and she looked to Blake for permission. Getting the go ahead and pushed forward hilting all the way with plenty of lubricant. She loved the way Blake yelled every time. The way she called her name. She stayed hilted inside getting lost in her eyes. After a minute or so she forced a slow blink and noticed Yang found herself again. She kissed Blake's lips again pushing in and out with very minimal movement. Blake breathing heavily into her partner. “Stop...teasing.” Yang rolled her eyes in response but complied. Slowly pulling out until only the head remained. Charged into her as far as she could go causing Blake to yell from her lungs. She continued going, hitting her g-spot just the way she like it. Once satisfied, she changed her rhythm moving fast and hard in and slowly pulling out. Blake was reacting by gripping her girlfriend's back with her nails. After a couple minutes she saw telltale signs and went all out going fast and hard in and fast out increasing momentum. She felt Blake's walls clutch and release rapidly hearing her scream as she felt the undeniable pleasure course throughout her body. Yang slowed her movements assisting her in riding out her orgasm. She became suddenly aware of her own orgasm approaching and moved out of Blake who groaned and went to the floor pushing herself inside Kali with a few thrusts before spraying her insides white with fluid. She looked back at Blake whose eyes were sad, but understanding. Yang broke away knowing what would happen if stared too long. She slowly pulled out lifting her legs so the fluid moved deep inside her instead of out. She left Kali shiver as it floated past her center. “I-I've still more round left.” Yang panted.

“I call it!” Kali eagerly stated. “This time, I ride.” She smiled.

“No...complaints.” Yang laid with her back on the bed and feet dangling over the bed as Kali took her position on top and lowered herself both moaning at the pleasure. Yang felt herself ready to blast any second. Wanting to wait till Kali had her satisfaction first. She looked at Blake who was panting furiously wetting her dry lips as the feminine lubricant leaked out of her. Looking directly in Blake's eyes hoping the younger Faunus wouldn't close or look away, at least not until her mom orgasmed. This day dream was of her and Blake in their future together. She held two children in her arms as one was on her shoulders pulling her hair and Blake cradled one in her arms while another was tugging on her leg getting jealous of the other. She could almost hear the cheerful playing of her around her. It was when Blake looked away that she heard Kali yell, arching her back her head hanging and Yang came inside her again. Kali collapsed on top of Yang her breasts in her face. Yang was too tired to move and tried to look at Blake apologetically when she heard her laughing.

“Maybe I should share you more often with how much of a mess you leave.”

“May-maybe...we clean...your mom?” She panted between breaths. “Get bed...”

“Yang, it's okay. You need to recover first. I know you’re used to once and you're good for my sake. We both know you could go more, but this was three.”

“Blake.” She smiled. “Get me...please.”

Blake grabbed her mom shoulders and gently brought her to the floor. She slipped on her yukata and went to start a bath for the sleeping woman. “That's two women you put into a coma.” She smiled.

“Ye-yeah...but you're...the only one...who put a coma.” She laughed. She tried getting up when a force pushed her back down.

“Nope.” She smiled resounding the p. “I got this. My turn to take care of you.” She struggled on shaking legs but got her mom into the warm bath. She went back to the room where Yang was and rested her head on her natural pillows. Her ear twitched at the feather touch she didn't feel it but her fur did. She moved her head closer to it. She purred as the nails lowered to the base. She let out a loving sigh, letting go of any tense muscles or stress.

“We need to change the sheets, or at least move the used ones to the floor.”

They both heard large loud footsteps not quite outside the door but near it. “Yang Xiao Long!” He roared. “Get out here!” Yelled the alpha of the house.

“One moment Sir!” Yang called back. “You have any sweats in here by chance. Can I please break my promise and challenge him? Please Blake.” She whispered. Both got up and Yang put something on of Blake's that was a little too small and tight, but it worked. She shook out her legs to make herself seem strong than she was after the latest activity.

“Yang, you can say what you want, but you will not be the first to start a fight.” Yang stumbled out of the room, but looking strong once she was in sight. Ghira was angry like his power might be seen this night or Yang six feet under.

“Yang Xiao Long! What you know is I was in a meeting. What you might not know is I have meetings in my study room.” He said through his teeth. Yang glared at him, challenging him. “The brothers and I heard everything that happened. I figured you would use Blake to get back at me. I don't like you! I might even hate you! But my wife?! What makes you think you have the priestess given right!? What do you have to say for yourself?” He asked.

“Sir, I did not know you had your meetings here. Blake consented and I did not badger her into anything. Your wife walked in and wanted to join.” You neglect her and she was in heat. She couldn't help it. Not that I blame her. You don't know a good thing when she's yours. She kept the thought in her head. “Blake and I agreed. I fucked her to sleep.” She kept calm as she spoke.

“Tomorrow morning, we fight!” He yelled.

“Challenge accepted!” She yelled back. Ghira stormed off. She went back to Blake's room. “Anything I should apologize for?” She said to Blake laying next to her.

Blake sighed. “No, but you did go too far. I know I said you could say what you wanted, but you toed the line. How long have you been wanting to fight him?”

“Since we arrived, at first just a friendly spar. Since he yelled at you, since he's been giving me dirty looks, since he told me he caused your sex crazed hormones yesterday and I didn't even notice! Mocking my family because of the drunk, sexual abuser and raising my own sister, not accepting a dowry because he didn't want us to be together and he didn't think I could give him blood related grandchild,” She grinned ear to ear. “As he's soon to find out, I am more than capable of doing just that He also stated you need 'a real man'!” Yang put quotations around the words. She was panting and seething but she calmed down looking at Blake's shocked and scared look. Fuck! My eyes turned. I wanted to tell her later, not like this. “Blake-I-” She was going to apologize.

“Sh. You need to rest for tomorrow. Come here my dragon and sleep.” Blake outstretched her hands laying on her side as Yang scooted into her. Once her head was rested against her lightly sweat soaked body, sleep overcame her.

Chapter Text

Yang woke up trying not to disturb her girlfriend. She soon as she got off the bed she felt arms wrap around her sinking her back down. “Ah.” She yelped in surprise fall back.

“Heaters don't talk.” She groaned.

“Blake, I have to go, I have to get ready for this fight. Possibly, the fight of my life. Oh wait, you no compute this early. We'll talk after, if I can.” She went to her ship and dressed into everything she would need. Placing the golden brackets of Ember Celica on her wrists, hoping not to use them. She found her target in the courtyard.

“This is going to end quickly.” He laughed “When I saw you go to your ship I thought you were going to take the cowards way out and run. I was half hoping that was the case, but that would have been disappointing too.”

“I would never leave my girlfriend behind.” Yang gritted through her teeth.

“How about we make this interesting? I win, you leave my daughter here and never see her again. You win, you earn her.”

“I am not interested in playing with your daughter's life.”

“Then you would forfeit and never see her again?” He questioned.

“When you put it like that, let’s do this!” Both them walking away to get their distance. That girl isn't worth this, you can have anyone you want.

She is worth fighting for! Yang argued back. She turned to face her opponent who glared back at her. Blake is worth this! Both taking their fighting stances.

He charged at her and she charged at him pushing off the ground. Their fists met and they could tell what the other was thinking. Only of winning. The wind whipped around them slicing at the air, nothing to cut. She pushed off of him and went for a punch which she expected him to block and launched several surprise punches expecting to make contact, but only blocks. His fist came for Yang and she dodged it punching him and she dodged as several more attacks came. Ghira caught her off guard with a well-placed left hook to her chin which she guarded and absorbed the impact sliding several feet away. She felt his anger and rage into the punch. “Is it because I'm human you don't like me?!” She yelled.

“Part of it.” He growled. She went for another punch making it obvious where she was headed when she weaved and went to strike another area when he moved his hand backward causing the back of his hand to hit Yang in the solar plexus sending her feet away. As she recovered her breathing, he attacked and struck her in the head. She saw flashing lights and tripped over her own feet falling to the ground. This guy means business, this isn't just some spar. But so do I! She got to her feet everything telling her to calm down, but she really wanted to prove her point.

He laughed at her. “Is that all you got? Blake calls you a dragon, some dragon you are.”

“I will not-!” She grunted.

“Yang!” Blake was standing there looking scared at what was happening. Kali grabbed her shoulder and held her back and whispered something. Blake looked back at Yang and nodded reluctantly.

“I will no long hold back, you want a dragon, you're gonna get a dragon!” Her eyes burned red and her hair burned with golden inferno, and her dragon shadow enlarging. She sprung forward, her semblance causing momentum as she struck his jaw forcing him up before kicking his solar plexus sending him several feet. “Much better!” He laughed.

They both charged each other. If it was Yang before her arm, she would've lost being arrogant, cocky and predictable. They met in the middle trading fists and kicks, neither one slowing or stopping.

“Why hate me?” She had to ask, she had to know.

“You spent the night with her and my wife. You animal! Monster! Beast!” He roared.

“I am a monster! I am a beast!” She roared. “I am not an animal! It was their choice. I didn't force them into anything. I’ll show you the monster I am!”

“Exactly! I will not trust a choice she makes because of the good she sees.”

“Her seeing the best in people isn't the problem.” Her anger sparked more causing her semblance to light around her. Ghira flinched from a knee blow to his stomach his fist and one knee connecting to the ground. “You have to let Blake live her life, not control it! I know firsthand, she'll do everything in her power to avoid you. You have to let her make mistakes and help her up when she falls. Protect her, but not baby her.”

“Wha-and you think you can do that? You think you can do better!?” He growled.

“A hell-of-a lot better than you. She craved adventure for a reason. She didn't want to come back immediately after and we went to Vacuo! After meeting you, I can't blame her!” He stood up and charged at her, raising a fist when a kick got her in the stomach and three punches and plummeted to the ground.

“You’re not like her at all and you're way worse than him! I've see the way you look at her, she's just some fantasy to fulfill. An exotic pet you chain, completely with a collar, leash and put a name tag on. Don’t think I didn’t notice!” He growled.

Yang was irate at hearing this, raw hatred filled her. Semblance taking a form of a fiery dragon as she stood. Compare me to others I have no idea about! Just some fantasy! Using my own words against me! At first that's what she was, but now! “How dare you!?” She charged not even caring if she was predictable. Their fists met again this time sending Ghira backwards into the ground due to strength and momentum. “There's a reason I defy the gods!” She roared hot flames coming out of her mouth.

He charged at Yang holding her by the throat she kicked, punched and tried to burn his skin as much and as hard as she could until he had enough and let go. And they exchanged blows once more. Ghira kicked Yang away some distance away. She saw the look of intimidation on his face. Who's the alpha now!? She smiled at the thought. She lunged at him fire at her feet punching him in the forehead, dealing blows all over his body he hit her a few times, nothing phased her. He. Won't. Go. Down.

She pushed off of him several feet away. She felt something was off. He came at her dealing blows all the same, they were faster harder and she couldn't take them lightly anymore. She understood. And pushed off him once again. “A berserk semblance.”

“You still think you can win?”

“Blake is worth fighting for! I can't live without her.”

“You haven't even told her you loved her.”

“She knows how I feel about her! I care about what happens to her! I will tell her when I'm ready!” She went to attack predictably which he blocked expectantly. “Blake didn't want to come back, she was afraid you'd find another suitor for her, someone you can make money off, someone to force her to get pregnant to give you a child to the Belladonna name. She wants her family, not be sold off to the highest bidder! Her heart belongs to someone she loves!” Her next blow sent him back. She was sweating and her flames were nearly losing dragon form. His fist came toward her and dodged effortlessly and blows continued strike his body. Each strike sent him to the boundary and he continued to fight harder. Yang was feeling his strikes now. She barely dodged a punch to her gut but her counter attack sent him past the boundary line skidding the water. The effort made her want to drop to her knees, but she forced herself to remain standing. She went to him and saw his aura flicker. She felt herself nearing her limit, only sheer will power. He stood up both locked eyes before charging. Yang used all her might, semblance and will power into Ghira’s chest feeling his aura brake while she sustained a punch above her chest.

Giving up already? C'mon this is a challenger for you! Blake's voice woke her from the blackness. She tried to force herself up but couldn't and was satisfied when she saw Ghira laid on the ground. This guy is not a bigger alpha than us! She felt renewed raw energy flow through her. She welcomed the renewed energy at first, but then it was colder more distance like she was...Sir. She was able to stand but the fire and energy of the other wanted to kill. Black flames surrounded her body. No! She cried out in her head losing the fight.

“Stop!” She heard a voice in the distance but didn't bother as she stomped leaving the ground cracked as she walked to Ghira, who was still struggling to get off the ground, coughing. She was about to strike when a smaller figured stepped in front of her. “Bumblebee.” The voice said. Yang was at a loss for a moment. Taking a moment to realize this wasn't her. Her semblance disengaged, she felt light headed and was about to fall until arms and a body supported her. “Blake? What are did you-?” She felt a weight against hers as Blake embraced her.

“Blake...let go...fight continues.” He coughed.

“Not if you can't stand.” Kali said sternly. “Yang wins.”

“Mrs...” She coughed.

“Yang, the fight is over.”


“Yang,” Blake said “we both watched the fight, no one gave you power you didn't already have. You won, my dragon.” She smiled. “You won.”

“Let's get both of you back in the house.”

“I can walk!” They both argued in sync. Ghira tried to get up but was struggling. Blake let go of Yang.

“Oof.” She hit the ground falling on her back. “That was for...what I said? Letting you make... your own mistakes.... catch her when she falls? Or when I said...I would tell you...when I was ready? Or the fact...I said I could walk?”

“All of it.” She slyly smiled.

“Let's get you brutes in the house.” Kali said.

“I'm-we're be gone already.” She coughed with reason.

“Not...anymore. I stay.” He forced.

“No... complaints.” Yang panted.

Blake lifted Yang up and set her down in the bathroom while she helped her mom with her dad. Blake got the water going helping her into the bath.

“How'd our roles get reversed?” Yang said as they both laughed.

“Because you need someone to take care of you. Especially, when you go off picking fights.”

“Ssss, thanks for stopping me. Sir, took control again, that's the only reason I was able to stand. Black, cold, icy dragon.” She shivered as she could still feel the flames.

“Sh. Yang, it's okay.” She smiled.

“No, it's not, I'm glad you stopped me, she-I wanted to kill your dad.”

“Yang, nothing happened.” Blake soothed. “Just lay back.”

“Will you join me?” She smirked.

“Maybe depending on what your answers are. The mark you gave me on my neck. I know you know some Faunus culture, do you know what is means?”

“Yeah...We claimed each other as mates.”

“I might join you...” She thought for a moment. “After watching you last night...would you get me pregnant?” She coolly smiled, half joking.

“Damn it Belladonna. I hate losing, and now I'll lose every time. Speaking of which I guess your dad doesn't know about your mom or the mate thing. He might've had the strength to stand if he did. Is that what you really want? Now?”

Blake ignored her question. She helped Yang dress and assisted her into her room. Yang was asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. Blake stared into the ceiling thinking before cuddling next to her with a book.

Chapter Text

Morning poured through the window. Yang fluttered her eyes open and golden eyes looking back. She smiled and kissed her girlfriend's forehead placing her chin between both ears. “Morning.” She smiled knowing that is the only word she's going to get out of the nocturnal woman.

“Hey.” She said dryly it always upset her how cheery the blonde could be in the mornings without any substance needed for her to wake.



Yang took her leave from the room after changing. She had an idea to scare Blake awake and knew she wouldn't like it, only to be an ass. She walked to the hallway going into the kitchen and only found tea. No tea. She thought to herself. Now I have to scare Blake awake. She ran into the other cat Faunus who was not a morning person either. “Good morning M-Kali. Is there coffee?” She got to the point knowing how Blake was and Kali seemed no different.

. “Morning. No coffee, only tea.” She said tiredly. “Is that okay?”

“Yes.” She wasn't going to drag on a conversation when she was almost stumbling around as if lost or confused. “If you hear Blake scream, she's not in danger.” She strode off. Once she reached Blake's room, she lowered her body temperature and turned her eyes red “Sorry Blake.” Let's hope I don't screw this up by laughing. She entered the room and found Blake facing away from her. She crawled back in bed next to her wrapping her arms around her and in a voice that was void of all emotions “Did you miss me?”

Blake froze, the arms around her tightened their grip but not enough to hold her. She shivered as they were cold to the touch and she woke up enough to jump out of bed. One one glace into the red eyes she knew but had to ask. “What's your name?”

That's when Yang started laughing. Her eyes turning back to lilac. She was gripping her stomach from laughing only receiving dagger glares from her girlfriend making her laugh harder.

“That's not funny!” She yelled throwing a nearby pillow.

Yang was serious for a moment. “You're right, it's not funny.” She said dropping her head.” It's absolutely hilarious!” And started laughing again. “T-the lo-look o-on y-your face. B-Blake I'm so-sorry th-there was no coffee.”

“Oh! So scaring me makes it better!?” She yelled offended.

“Well, your awake now, aren't you?” Yang reasoned knowing her plan worked.

“You're such an ass.” She folded her arms on the verge of exploding.

“You're in love with an ass and a fine one at that, now come here and give me some of that Bellabooty.”

Blake groaned almost yelling. “No, it's too early in the morning and you don't deserve it for that bullshit! You didn't have to do that! You could've just let me wake up at my own pace. You could've gone back to your ship and got coffee, but nooo you decided, hey I'm going to scare my girlfriend to wake her up. What are you smiling for? Wipe that stupid grin off your face!”

“This part is going to make you angrier which is why I'm going to say it anyway. You're really hot when you're angry with me.”

“Ah!” She groaned emphasizing her annoyance. You're incorrigible! Have you even been paying attention to me? Are you even listening to me?” She turned her back to Yang.

Yang got up and wrapped her arms around. “Blake,” she whispered “I have been listening. You have a really strong vocabulary. You’re-you're crying?” She paused “Blake, I’m so sorry. I-I thought...I’m sorry.” She went to the front of Blake and embraced her.

“Don’t ever do that again.” She sobbed. “I was scared. I thought I lost you, again.”

“Blake, I’m right here.” She whispered. “Will you sit on the bed and I can explain something I wanted to say yesterday? Blake nodded taking a seat. Yang next to her holding her hand. “When I wasn't in control, I was falling into the darkness. As I was falling, I couldn't find my way and I was forgetting memories, who I was, my family, my lover. I was almost gone. But then, I heard your voice of distress you were calling out to me. The light you brought me broke through. You saved me because of our connection. It shined. It made me realize, no matter how deep the darkness you are my light that shines within. Blake, even if we're apart, we're not alone. The connection we share will always bring us together. No matter where you are, I am with you as you are with me. I'm only your sunny dragon, you are my light. I’m not going anywhere except to follow you. You'll never lose me. Sorry darling, your stuck with this sap.” They both laughed. She wiped Blake's tears away.

“You are so lucky you’re easy to forgive my Sunny Dragon. Please don't say darling.”

“How about breakfast, then after I’ll let you beat me to a pulp?”

“First part is good, second not so much.”

“Yang, what you said yesterday, is it true?”

“Everything I told them is true.”

“Then...I want to hear you say it.” almost demanding

“Say what?” She looked at the Faunus confused.

She sighed. “I want you to tell me you love me.”

“Not like this. Blake, I can't. I don't want to fight about this.” She looked at her partner trying to reflect the sadness she felt.

“I want to hear you say it. You know I feel the same way. Yang, please, I want-need to hear it.” She demanded, unwilling to let this go. “Yang, please, I need this.”

“Okay, okay.” She inhaled and exhaled deeply. “I'm going to walk around for a bit. When return, I want you on the bed reading. Doing the absolute most normal thing.”

“Okay.” Blake raised her eyebrow.

Yang exhaled before leaving the room for a bit. Taking her cup and disco ball out of the room. Yang entered the room and found her girlfriend reading. She jumped right next to her holding her. “Blake, I-” Why aren't the words coming out? What's going? My mouth is moving. Where the hell is my voice.? I can't even say her name. Fuck! Yang tried yelling, vocals were stuck. She pounded her fist against the bed.

Did you miss me? The voice repeated Yang's words.

Fuck you! Yang left the room going to one of the guest bedrooms to try to get control back. I can't talk at all. What the fuck did you do? She demanded to know.

I cut off your vocals, you dumb ass. Still following up with their conversation.

Fuck you, now she thinks I can't say it. Yang punched a nearby wall careful not to put a hole in it. She yelled her girlfriend's name, but no sound came out. Defeated, and sank into the bedroom closet and cried. Still no way to produce sound. It wasn't until Kali came in and opened the door did she see her, quite angry.

“Why is my daughter crying?” Yang opened her mouth to say anything... nothing. “Oh, now you're making fun of me, looking like you got a hairball?” Yang tried typing on her scroll but her hands shook to much and she dropped it. Kali raised an eyebrow. “Yang? What's wrong?” Yang's eyes squinted and she balled her hands into fits. She pushed Kali out of the way, who called her name in response and ran back to her ship to restrain herself before the dark dragon took over. She was able to make it to the bed trying herself in rope before restraining herself, still unable to produce sound. Fuck you bastard! This was supposed to be my moment!

Ha, you make me laugh. You're still right, except we are a bastard. Yang couldn't fight anymore and sustained her strength. She was hoping Sir wouldn't be able to get out of the restraint. Sir heard the door fly open and the sound of her other half's name. “Hey Red, how about you untie me and we can get buzay?”

“Where's Yang?”

“She isn't here. She's taking a nap. Her little bitch is back in the house crying because I cut off this chick's vocals from saying these three stupid little words that make fireworks go off. Now come on, get me off, I'm bored.” She complained.

Ruby walked calmly out of the room closing the door steadily behind her.

Almost ten minutes later Blake walked in with a nearly clean face to show hide any remains of tears. “Hey Kitty, you feel like untying me and we can get busy. I'm bored.”

“Where's Yang?” She asked.

“Oh wow, you do have tears in your eyes. Did Red tell you I cut off her vocals? You look almost like your mom, I hope you age the same cause you both are hot!”

Blake stormed over to her and slapped Sir in the face. “Where. is. Yang?” She pronounced each word.

“That was hot. If I keep hiding secrets will you do it again?” Blake grimaced. “No? Fine, unable to fight me. That's what she gets for trying to impersonate me. It's a shame, she tried tying herself up to avoid hurting you. I guess she did anyway.” She smirked.

“Quit the games and give me back my Sunny Dragon!” Blake demanded.

“No can do, princess. You see, until your precious Yang gets the strength to fight me, I'm staying right here. But don't worry, she's conserving her strength and she can hear your voice.” She looked Blake up and down with a sly grin. “I can give you want you want.” She caught Blake's attention. “I can give you what you've asked for but have been outright denied. I can give you what my other half has been denying you over and over again.”

“What might that be?” She questioned.

“You were jealous your mom is in heat and Yang came inside her no doubt conceiving your half sibling or siblings. You've wanted that, haven't you Kitten?” Her voice softened. “My Kitty wants kitten. Kittens that are biologically composed of you and Yang. Yang and I, we are the exact same body with the exact same DNA. Nothing biologically will change. I can give you what you desire. You don't even have to untie me.”

Blake looked at her with a questioning look, considering her options. “What do you get out of it?”

“Well, I'd get to be fucking you or in this case you fucking me like I wanted. I wouldn't be bored as it would keep me busy. I want to see your hot, naked body. Those are my conditions. As long as I'm here, however long, or short my offer stands. Your pregnancy will guarantee neither you or Yang will leave one another. Yang won't give you what you want, but I can and I will.” Her set focused with determination. “And think of it this way. If I get out of these knots, I'm going to be fucking you anyway. If you want me to impregnate at any point during that time while you're in heat, I will oblige you. You're choice Kitty.” Blake left going to parent's house to avoid Sir for the time being while she thought things over.

Ruby entered the room once more. “Hey, sis, you decided to join me. You want to have fun again?” Ruby glared at her. “Fine then. I am bored as hell. Can you send Pyrrha or some bitch in?” She requested.

“Where's Yang?” Ruby was still by the door unsure what to expect.

“I already told you, but you know what, I'll tell you again. Sleeping. She didn't have the strength to fight me after she woke me from my sleep by impersonating me. Don't worry, she can hear you.” Ruby grabbed more rope and started restraining Sir better. She knew cuffs were made to get out off. “Really? After everything-? You know what? It's okay. You don't trust me, I'm not offended.” She shrugged. “Just understand I never did anything to you that you didn't want. Yang loves and cares about you and so do I. That's one of the few things we have in common.”

“Well...enjoy your night.” Ruby started to walk out.

“Ruby, will you at least keep me company from the boredom? I am not exactly sure if Kitty's going to take my offer. Yang's too weak to fight and I'm so bored I'm not even keeping her away anymore.”

“Fine. Ruby sat in the chair across from the bed. “While we wait, what did you offer Blake?”

“Kittens. Biological DNA kittens.” She said smoothly. “She wants them and Yang denied her once, but I can see in her eyes she doesn't want to ask again. She was jealous Yang came inside her mother while in heat, no doubt giving her a sibling.”

Ruby shook her head and her girlfriend Weiss came into the room after a few minutes without Ruby coming back. “Weiss, can you keep a look out for Blake?” Weiss nodded and closed the door. “She's going to be denied 'till Yang tells her the truth about everything before she goes through with this. Bring a child into this, it'll leaving them miserable with each other. Even how much she misses being punished. I'm really surprised you don't enjoy it.”

“Well there goes a nice pussy to fuck. Yang likes to think Raven didn't break her. She created me because she was broken.” Her voice disappointed as she wanted sex with the sexy kitty cat.

They sat and talked for two hours like normal siblings so. Weiss walked into the room. “Blake's feet are frozen and she is upset.”

“The cat is on ice.” Sir laughed.

“Damn it! She'll want an explanation. Weiss, keep an eye on her, don't let her escape.”

“Fuck you for denying me a fun time.”

Chapter Text

The sun came streaming through the windows. “Ah.” She gritted her teeth. She looked around and saw she was still tied up. Across from her she heard another voice. “Hey, Kitty.”

“Too early.” She said sleepily.

Sir looked at her and saw she was restrained next to the desk in chains. “Guess they got you too, huh? It's cruel. Denying you what you want. Something you've asked for one more than one occasion.” She knew she had been awake for a little bit.

“Too early.” She glared.

“We both know you've been up at least a few minutes before me. I'm just trying to make conversation since were stuck here doing nothing.” Her voice was calm and rational.

“Will you shut up and quit talking to me? I remember what you did last time.”

“Are you afraid you'll see I am not as evil as I'm made out to be? I was created by Yang in order for her to survive. I helped her get through it. She enjoyed what Raven did to her. I got in trouble on purpose just so she could punish me.”

“You tried to kill me last time we met. I am not interested in fraternizing with the enemy.”

“You are interested in getting pregnant. Yang is your enemy too since we share the same body and mind. When you two make love, it's my shadow that watches, my shadow that says to take you and do with you what I please. She heard my voice in her head saying to take you and to rush into it. I know more about you than you realize.” Sir was about to go on when their conversation was interrupted. “Ah, my dear sister.”

“Yang gave me specific instructions not to do or say anything in front of Blake. She doesn't want her to see this side of you. She's afraid you'll scare her off.”

“Who the hell are you to deny me what I want? Kitty has every right to know. What if she's curious? If she runs away, that is not my fault because of kept secrets. If they are going to continue down, this road Kitty needs to know. That is the only reason I'm here. Ah, oh, ow. What happened?” She looked around. “Blake? Why are you? Ruby? What happened? Ssssaaa-why am I?” She tried moving her arms.

“You need to tell Sir to keep her mouth shut. Any longer and things would've been different. You need to talk to Blake and tell her everything. Everything! You need to merge your personalities and quit fighting each other before you destroy yourself.” Ruby said as she unrestrained Blake who unrestrained Yang. Ruby left the room.

Blake slapped Yang. “What is it you're keeping from me? What is it that you don't want to tell me? What is it you don't want me to know?!” She shouted. “Fine! You know what? Fine! Will you at least tell me you love me? I'll settle for that.”

“I...I...” She sighed. “I need to go. Blake, I can't deal with this right now. I'm having Ruby walk before we go.” She raced out the door calling for Ruby.

“Hey sis, walk on land, I'm ready for her.” She activated her semblance feeling the pain of everything, the conversation and hurting Blake. Ready for Raven. Ruby touched ground and nothing. “I'll follow you all the way Ruby. Take your time. Anywhere you wanna go and anything you wanna buy. If you want as an added bonus, I'll throw in a contract if all goes well.”

Ruby crossed her arms. “Just land is fine. You need to talk to Blake! Any other time I've touched land she hasn't come. Stop avoiding her and tell her the truth. Yang, let me go!”

“She's inside.” Dragging the younger. “When was the last time we took a walk like this? I'll get you ice cream.”

“Uh, unless I was too young to remember, never. You don't have to drag me. Could you at least talk to her!”

“Exactly!” She threw on her sun glasses letting Ruby walk on. She took out her scroll and typed a message to Blake. 'Leaving at sunset'. Then set up her pink flare. She received a quick response. 'K'. The rest of the day went without a hitch, and Yang got a food contract in. She didn't think Blake would mind this one if she was on board.

“Guess she's scared of you now sis, you're the alpha.”

“Not entirely Ruby, we have one last fight and I can't guarantee I'm gonna win and until I can, you and everyone else are in danger. I can't bet lives like that.”

When it was sunset Yang sailed away, not even sure if the Faunus she came to loved stayed or sailed with her. After our fight, I don't blame her.

You don't need her.

I need her like oxygen! I hope she sailed. If she stayed, I don't blame her.

It had been a few days since the two saw each other and Yang was about to give up because she didn't find her on board. The two passed each other, neither one saying a word. It brought a smile to Yang knowing she stayed. She was in her cabin sitting in the closet with the door shut and a whip in her hand listening to sad music about lost loves. She missed cuddling Blake, and she was in the crow's nest most of the time. Ruby helped her out more than usual which bothered the young Rose.

The door swung open, her thought process along with it. In stepped a short brunette with red tips. She noticed the girl was red in the face but closed the door quietly. “That is it!” She shouted. “As of right now you are done sulking and feeling sorry for yourself!” She threw the closet door open taking the belt and hitting her with it a couple times before dragging her out by her hair. Yang grabbed onto her hands and growled as her hair was pulled, eyes red. Ruby laid out out in front of the bed. There is a woman out there in the crow’s nest, hugging her legs and bowing her head into her knees wondering what she did wrong. When in fact, it is my too stubborn minded, determined-headed sister pushing her away.” She lowered her voice and softened her face to see her sister looking the same way as her partner. “Yang...” Her voice soft. “You can't just keep avoiding her. It's been three days and you have said nothing, no verbal, physical, mental or emotional contact. It's breaking you, it's killing her. You're avoiding her and she doesn't even know why. If you want her, tell her. Don't let fear rule you. I am okay with the life I live and I didn't choose for Raven to come after me. Blake will make that choice for herself. Tell her the truth. If she leaves, it wasn't mean to be, but you can't keep these deep seeded feelings inside, even if she decides to leave. The's killing you. Sir was right about one thing. She deserves to know.”

“Ruby.” She sniffled. “I know you're right and you sound just like Kali, Blake's mom. But what kind of life is it when I can't even protect you, then bringing Blake into this mess. I can't do it. She's suffered enough... I want to take her back to Menagerie back to her family. Once she''s safe and just leave, take off, leave her forever, but she'll be safe. Away from Raven...away from me. Why did she even come with me?” Her hands covered her face.

Ruby walked over to her sister and leaned down hugging her. “ have to let her make that choice. Let her see you for you. She can't understand you if you don't let her in, she won't love you back for who you are if you don't let her.”

“When did you get this wise?” She sniffled wiping tears and snot from her face onto her jacket. “ got me.” She smiled. “I'll talk to her, I'll 'let her in'. If she can love me for me.” Using her fingers to quote Ruby. “I won't let fear rule us and break us apart. I mean, she chose to come with me even though we left on bad terms.” She went to the sink washing her face then she left with Ruby right behind her.

Great. First you can start with telling her the truth. Stop telling her lies and blaming everything on me! The voice demanded.

Yang looked up into the crow’s nest, sure enough the raven haired girl was there holing into herself like a fetal child. She grabbed her sword and cut the string that led her all the way up to the nest.

“Got room for one more?” She stood before getting the go ahead to sit next to her.

“Oh...hey...” She sniffled “What brings you here?”

“You.” Yang sat beside her, arms of skin rest against each other. She didn't shudder or pull away at our skin meeting, so far so good. “I got a wise ass talk from my sister. She told me I can't force you to make a choice, that it'd only hurt you and leave both of us both unhappy. A choice that no matter how much I don't like it, I can't force you to make.” She paused. “Do you think anyone can hear us from here? I'd rather our conversation be private.

“As long as we don't raise our voices and whisper like we are, we'll be fine. Besides,” she smiled “everyone's off busy fucking someone.”

“Everyone but us, huh?” Yang smiled but worry lingered in her eyes. “I'm sorry... I've been distant lately. I didn't realize something... how I felt about you until it all come to words. Our conversation a few days ago. I was thinking about even before after the incident with Pyrrha. I wanted you ask more, but I knew you wouldn't. I wanted so badly to tell you. Even after that talk at your parents house. Other than you, Ruby and possibly some people on my mother's ship, no one else knows my name, my birth name. And I told you like it was the most natural thing in the world. I mean other than the fact I had issues saying it.” They laughed. “Afterward, it scared me, just how close to you I felt-feel toward you. That's how I knew my feelings about you. Pushing you away was the best way to protect you. I really did try to say those words. Sir cut my vocals off. I slammed the bed to get your attention...I was-I am I'm-. My mother will come after you with everything she has should you choose to be mine. I mean, I know you chose me as your mate and you as mine. I shouldn't of avoided you.”

Blake was shocked at what she was hearing. Was this really happening? Why push me away? “I thought I already was?” Blake questioned raising her eyebrow.

Yang smiled but pain all over her face. “I am yours, you are mine, just not completely, yet. After this seafood contract when we head back to Menagerie to check up on your mom. I'll tell you everything. You will need family support. I am a dragon, a heart of stone, respected by fear, challenging the gods and all their fury.” Yang breathing of of anxiety.

“Yang, no one sees this side of you, well except for Ruby, myself and highly doubt Weiss. Well, with how much you used to fuck around, quite literally.” She said laughing.

“Ya know kitten, I think I'm rubbing off on you. But before you make your choice, let's go to the captain's cabin, I know the big shot there and reserved it.”

“Highly romantic of you.” She rolled her eyes with a soft smile bringing herself up.

“There's something you need to know.” She said closing the door behind her. “Come, here.” She said walking to the opposite side near the closet door grabbing Blake's wrist gently guiding her away from the door, not to be seen by anyone who might come through it on the opposite side of the bed. Her back sliding down the bed and her butt making contact with the ground. She ushered the woman to sit next to her. Once she did, she let her head fall to Blake's shoulder. Staring at the wall and to space.

“Shortly after being born, my father left my birth mother bringing me with him. Before I was two years of age, my dad married my stepmom, Summer. Shortly before I turned 3, Summer gave birth to Ruby. Ruby looked just like her mom.” She forced a chuckle remembering the person she called mom fondly. “The cookies she made, were to die for and her fighting skills were unparalleled. The way she took me to school if she wasn't on a mission. Her hugs, laughs but most importantly, her love for me. I wasn't even her child and she loved me no different from Ruby.” Her voice broken with heavy sobs leaving her throat.

“'t have to continue. Blake forced Yang to look into her eyes, concern priority.

“But I have to, you have to know what you're getting into. Besides,” she smiled a tearful grin, “this is where things get fucked up.” Blake shot up in surprise now sitting upright.

“I know you heard this story, but you haven't heard it from the eyes of a five-year-old. I heard a scream out of my parents’ bedroom and went to took. Raven, my birth mom, was on the far side of their bed her sword hand...” She let the tears fall forcing her to finish her words. “She killed them...” Blake's eyes widened. “She slit their throats...blood everywhere...even dripping from her scarlet sword. I saw...their-my parents blood...the walls splattered in it. Like my eyes saw nothing but red, even Raven wore red. I...I stood shocked...I tried to scream yell, something, but...nothing, nothing came out.” Yang was angry at herself. “She looked at me like it was the most normal thing in the world. No remorse, no regret, nothing. Blank red eyes staring back. 'You're coming home with me' said, her voice stern, like piercing daggers. Then I hear Ruby's sweet innocent voice. 'Wang?' That's how she said my name.” Pausing to chuckle a little bit. “I turned and rushed to her, picking up the home phone on the way and called the police. I held to her, in our room on the bed...maybe too tightly” She admitted “Closing the door would only make things worse. When the operator come on I... I had no idea what to say. I didn't want to tell Ruby our parents were dead in the most violent way. I told the operator I heard a scream or something come from the neighbor’s house, our address and please come quickly. 'Okay the operator said, what's your name? How old are you?' That's when my mom came in, she hung up the phone up in my hand. I shielded Ruby's eyes so she wouldn't see anything and turned her into the pillow, lying face down. 'Don't make me repeat myself, Yang.' her voice so cold and warning. I turned to Ruby, 'Ruby, stay here. Don't leave. Don't answer the door okay?' 'Okay Wang?' she said muffled into the pillow. At the time, it was cute. 'Ruby, please. I...' I practically begged her. She was confused. When I screamed at Raven to let me go, Ruby...Ruby saw me being dragged out our room by my hair, my legs flailing every which way, and Ruby...Ruby screaming for me. She tried to follow...Ruby...Ruby tried to follow, follow me, she was so confused, so little, so helpless. I told her to 'stay there!' My voice commanding and controlling, and she obeyed like the little girl she was... she obeyed.” Yang sobbed as her head continued to rest on her girlfriend's shoulder. The last thing she saw... me and Raven going through a portal. I didn't see her for nearly sixteen years. She was my hope, my solid rock. No matter how badly, beaten, or battered my mother left me, Ruby was my hope, without her I would've...wouldn't of survived.”

Blake sniffled. Yang wasn't finished and yet, she shouldn't be the one crying. Yang has every right to, this is her life not mine. Blake tried to imagine herself in Yang's shoes, not the sibling part but what if her mother killed her father then took her away from her home and island. There has to be more, obviously Ruby and Yang united. She shook her head and wiped a few rogue tears away from her face. “Do you wanna take a break?” She asked quietly. “You can finish afterward.”

“No, we can't. You deserve to know, you have right to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. I mean...unless the break is for you?”

“No, I-continue.”

Just then they heard a noise come behind them by the door. The two rising up, Yang's eyes being the first to change color as if she wasn't telling a sob story that was her life. They found Ruby had collapsed to the ground

“Ruby? When you did you? Oh no... Ruby...” Yang's eyes and body softened as she went to the fetal girl. Held her into her shoulder as she was crying, sobbing repeatedly “No, no, no, it's not true, it's not true. They...there was a gas leak killing them both in their sleep. No! No! Raven didn't murder them! Her only game for you having connections to dad. Yang, please! Tell me it's not true! It's not true.” She one person lifted her in a bridal carry and dropped her lightly onto the bed while still cradling her. Ruby's head against Yang's chest, one of her comforting places to be.

“Maybe we should take that break.” Yang looking to Blake.

“Yang, please it's's not true!” Her silver eyes met Yang's lilac.

“Ruby...I...” She signed deeply placing a kiss on her forehead. “Tell me what you remember.”

“What?” Younger sibling squeaked pulling her head and moving away from her sister.

“Tell me your side of what happened.” Ruby stared up at her confused as she softly spoke. “What do you remember?” She rephrased.

“I... I remember you being taken away going through a portal and vanishing. The cops came saw me crying on the bed. They asked me what happened and I told them my sister is missing, taken by a woman in red clothing with long black hair. One of the officers spoke from another room and said we need to get her out of her then pointed to the bedroom door. I told them I had heard a scream and that a woman appeared in our bedroom and dragged you into the living room taking you away. Yang please, Raven didn't...she couldn't. It was a gas leak.” She sobbed into her older sibling.

Yang knew she had to rip off the band-aid and while she was going to tell her sister this story eventually, she didn't think it would be today. “Ruby...Raven killed them.” Tears falling down.

That had done it, Ruby was wailing. Yang moved her arms embracing the little girl like she had done over the years they were together when Yang took her back. Ruby wanted to say some mean hurtful things out of her anger, grief, Summer wasn't your real mother, you and your dad were the ones who brought this on them. It was wrong of your dad leave to Raven and drag you with him and she just wanted revenge. She wrapped her arms below her sister’s shoulder and rested her head into her chest. But she loved Yang and Yang tried her best to take care of her even if she couldn't walk on land for very long she was willing to sacrifice what she could so she wasn't stuck on the ship. Then another question buzzed in her mind.


“Yes Ruby?”

“Why...why does...why does Raven appear...every time I walk on land?”

“Because...because” sigh “because she knows...she doesn't have my permission to get on board my ship unless she sinks it with her cannons or attempts to capture me after taking out our mast. Which she knows I'd rather put a bullet in my head. I've always wanted to go out with a Yang.” No response.

“Yang...” It was Blake who spoke up this time embracing Ruby from behind and wrapping her arms around Yang as well “don't leave me like that.”

“I'm saying that's how I would rather go than go back to her. Ruby, Raven knows I love you and I left her to go find you, and she reminded me almost every day I couldn't do anything to get you back without resources. I left after I... never mind.” She pauses for a bit catching her breath. “She thinks killing you will bring me back to her, willing.”

“And?” Ruby sniffled. “Will it?” Ruby looking pleading in her eyes.

“Never. But someone here keeps reminding me I need to take back control.” She said looking to Blake with a half-smile which she returned then turned back to Ruby. “I can't leave Blake. If I had nothing or no one to live for, I would've died. But I love you Ruby and I want to protect you, both of you. I never want another person I care for die at her hands.” Her semblance was activating slightly warming up both woman.

“Uh, Yang, could you tone it down a bit, this hug is going to make me sweat.”

“Sorry Rubs. Anyway...I knew I could only hold her off for so long before she...never mind. At least your semblance lets you soar around quickly in burst of petals. And before you even ask. No! We are not going after her. You are not going to aggravate her by me purposefully summoning her. She...she doesn't fight the masculine way, or anything you are familiar with. Blake, maybe.”

“What do ya mean?” Ruby asked. “Just fight with the best and beat her at her own game. It just requires practice.”

“Ruby, I have been practicing, but it's not the practice you think of. She fights... she fights with her phallus.” Blake and Ruby looked at her with wide shocked looks. Yang continued explaining. “Whoever orgasms first from their penis loses and the loser is dominated for life or the master gets bored and... kills them. And knowing her, she'll force me to bet you two, her prize trophies. Hurting me in ways she couldn't before.” She looked down, unable to look at either of them in the eye. “She would break me.” She already did. You just won't admit it to yourself.

“Yang, I want you to continue with your story. Please?” Ruby giving her the puppy eyes.

“Another day Ruby, besides, you've exhausted yourself. She lifted Ruby in her arms as before and was rocking her to sleep. Hymning the lullaby Summer used to lure her to sleep.

Ruby yawned and let her eyes close. “Yang?”


She's so drowsy, hopefully she doesn't think too deeply.

“The only reason I was in here, I wanted to hear you and Blake having make-up sex, like that one time with the coma.” Yang shook her head thinking as much. She looked directly at Blake whose eyes were wide with a blush. Yang pushing off her idea of lust for later. “I didn't” she continued babbling lazily. “hear anything outside the door and-”.

“Ruby?” Yang interrupted.


“Go to sleep.”

“Yes, mom...”

She felt her heart float at the last word. Ruby was asleep by the light sounds of snoring. She placed the smaller girl between the covers, her head gently resting between the pillows. Maybe she could have the platinum blonde her sister grew fond to give her a blow job once she's had sufficient sleep. Her thoughts were interrupted when hand grabbed hers and led her through the trap door down the stairs at the mouth of the library.

The blonde liked where this was going and forced her partner against the wall and pressed their bodies together. “I like it when you take the lead sometimes.” Poking her on the nose with a 'boop'. Blake lustfully smiled in return. She so badly wanted to kiss violently, the woman keeping her pinned with a thigh against one of her more sensitive areas. The bruiser lifted her mechanical hand and stroked the ear. For her effort, a purr vibrated throughout her body. She wanted to speed this up, fuck the woman silly and felt she wanted the same. But she would take this slow.

How'd Ruby put it? Make-up sex. But that was usually fast and frustrating. No I will take this slow and let the frustration of three days without each be felt all the way through out each and every contour, every muscle. She is so sexy and both of us pent up in frustration. I will take my time, enjoying this, enjoy her, my honeybee. I will finish the story later and let her decide, oh she's so sexy. I will slowly ride her, her voice will not be screams of pleasure, but rather a quivery mess of multiple orgasms. She lips brushed against her lover. Blake forced her head as much as possible to kiss the woman keeping her pinned. She struggled to meet the kiss and the blonde only pushed her back.

“I know you're enjoying this, but so am I. And while I want nothing more than to bend you the couch and fuck you silly, I want to take this slow. Let me lead, I promise you will enjoy this. It may seem like teasing, longer than anything before until I get you to the brink, but it'll be worth it. Are you okay with that?”

She let the words sink in, she was reluctant, she wanted to be taken. How was it Yang put it, 'bent over and fucked silly' words that she felt the same way as her lover. But she didn't want to push the blonde too far after hearing about the beginning of her life. She nodded her head.

“I want-I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes, Master. Mmoooww.” She groaned at the end.

“Good girl.” She scratched the base of her ear harder and planting a hard, long, kiss.

Did you finally bend her?

No, she recognizes we both want this.

She glided her lips into Blake's, not pushing but simply gliding. Blake was not used to this sort of treatment, usually it was fast hard violent fucking. This, while not new, was unusual. The leader pulled back slightly resting their foreheads together and she licked the others lips.

“I love the way every part of your body tastes.”

Blake tried so hard not to be flustered, the butterflies and nerves saying move this along, force her hand upon you. Yang moved her tongue in circular motions around the opening of her mouth, knowing she had permission but wanted to ask anyway. Blake led her lips part and stayed her tongue still not wanting to push too far and fearing for the repercussions of doing so, even if the blonde was not as brutal as she seemed. The tongue inside scraped the inside edge starting from the back and moving front slightly grazing teeth. Blake's breathing was calm but aroused. She licked the top teeth first sliding back and forth. She then moved underneath zigzagging each grove of teeth. The woman pinned let out a hum in approval, letting her partner know she was enjoying this. After finishing the bottom grooves of teeth, she slid her tongue to the back of the top row repeating her movements of the front teeth. She swiped her tongue back and forth along the opposite cheek and grazed the bottoms as she did to the top. Blake's breathing picked up as she felt each movement, the sensation in her teeth foreign to her. She felt herself relax and let go, no longer straining for rapid fucking, but for the pleasure to be intensified slowly. Was this really the same woman who jumped into battle the first sign of trouble? The same blonde who would fuck someone up, physically and sexually just because? The same-aah fuck me, please. Her thoughts were interrupted as the fighter moved away from her mouth to her neck, gently kissing, then kneading her lips, her tongue dancing around the enclosure of her lips and her partners neck.

“Ooohhh! Yang! I love this, but could we sit on the floor if you're going to be this slow?”

“Sssshhhh, it's okay kitten, I've got you.” She wrapped her arms around the leaner woman bringing her close to her body. One hand around her should blades and the other snaking to the small of her back making its way to her knees to bend them while she lowed herself into a kneeling position setting the dark-haired beauty gently back against the wall.

“You know I don't break right?” The Faunus chuckled at the gentleness of the gesture.

“I am not making that mistake again. I will keep this going slowly, steadily, gently, even if it kills me with desire. Blake I-”

But her sentence was cut off when Blake placed her lips against her lovers. “Please, no more talking, I can only go so slow for so long. You talking is dragging this out.” She gestured toward the red mark on her neck where Yang was working her magic.

She took the hint and placed her mouth over the mark that was forming, taking her thigh and placing between her legs while climbing into her. Arms on either side, digits wrapped around gripping each other. Another moan was let out as Yang was sucking on her neck, not violent or harshly. She pulled away and a pop was heard. She smiled, admiring at her work.

“It's your favorite color.” Remembering their first day together but this time more gentle and playful.

“You're my favorite color. What'd I'd tell about talking?” Blake shot her a look all too pleased with her comment. “I will bite you.” She smirked.

Her stomach fluttered in excitement. “You told me not to talk cause Ah! Yes! Fuck!” Once Blake released Yang picked up where she left off. Moving to where her voice box was to suck that moving down to her collar bone sliding the collar of her shirt downward. She removed her hands from her partners lift the shirt over her head. Blake moved her arms over to head to help aid her partner. She eyed her partially naked partner pushing her lustful urges aside.

“My eyes are up her.” Red heat radiating off her face.

“I know...I can't help're a beautiful, magnificent goddess whose beauty challenges the mermaids. And this mythical dragon would know.” She smiled and continued to move her lips downward removing the bra.

“Oooohhh! Yang!”

Yang moved her head sideways between her breasts and started sucking on the edge of one from where she was. Her partner trying not to be too loud with her vocals. Once satisfied with the color, she turned her head the other way repeating her actions. She lifted her head and started lapping her tongue on the hardened pink crown before covering it with her lips, tongue still flicking and circling it. Her partner vocally letting her know exactly how she feels. Once she felt her job was complete, she moved over to other neglected center piece, teasing it before repeating her actions. Blake was going crazy trying her hardest to ease into the teasing slowly. She wasn't sure how much longer she could wait. Her partner knew out of the two of them, she was sex crazed. Yang enjoyed it but she spurred her on, mostly. Only because the idea hit Yang first and she followed through. Yang had a piece she used, mostly for fucking not realizing all the other great perks that came with it. Me and my books, and Yang's too that I borrow.

Sensing the intensity her lover was feeling, she whispered “About half way done. Yang in there.”

Blake scowled as her partner lightly bit her neck only her teeth lightly touched the surface. Once complete she lowered herself even more. Yang leaving vertical marks across her stomach. Moaning and thrusting with each new nerve of pleasure she was riding. She decided to make things easier and lay her back flat against the surface.

“Atta girl.” She started unwrapping the ribbon around her hand. “Thought we could use this to muffle any noises.” She smirked. “With you being such a screamer and all.”

She rolled her eyes, blushing furiously with a smile smiled knowing it was true. “You're the only one who's done that to me.” Not that she had much experience with only two other partners before her kidnapping. “Go ahead.” She opened her mouth and lifting her head enough for the ribbon to be secured properly.

After the ribbon was secured, hands eased the pant legs slowly down her legs exposing her lacy black garment soaked in the middle. Yang gripped the top of it with her teeth and slowly pulled downward careful of how much she looked in her lover's eyes but liking what she saw. She drew her back up kissing her partner, while her human hand brushed against her folds. When he felt the nerves expand over the folds she lightly circled it a few times before going back to vertical motions along her slit. Blake shivered underneath. She used two fingers and opened her up feeling the liquid make horizontal strings. Blake shivering at the exposed heat warming the area externally.

Yang broke away from the kiss. “Would you believe me if I told you, you're the only person I've done oral with?” Blake shook her head knowing Yang wouldn't lie. “Can I do it again?”

Blake begged through the gag furiously nodding as she was desperate to be touched.

“I can't understand you.” She laughed. “You have a little-ow! Okay, with the-ow!”

Yang lowered her head between her legs kissing, licking, sucking and biting between her thighs, only tasting her slightly until she got closer, moving to her other leg. Even though her gag, she could tell Blake was struggling to keep herself together. Once complete with bruises on both sides she moved toward her center, licking the other edges. She could hear Blake panting and moaning through her gag. Her tongue slid over every inch of skin flicking the clit a few times just to watch her shutter. She licked over the entrance only to tease. Amber eyes were glaring at her demanding her tongue gives her release. Only teasing the Faunus further by flicking the clit and moving to the other side. Blake responded by moving her center closer to Yang's tongue.

“Easy kitty cat.” She winked. “I'll get you there and over, multiple times. Waiting makes it worth it. You taught me that so you can blame yourself.” She could hear and feel Blake huff and groan in response. “How about this?” She reached up and scratched her ears, being more careful with her mechanical. She noticed Blake's eyes becoming half lidded and purring was both heard and felt. “Better?” Blake didn't bother with motions as the blond knew exactly what she was doing. She moved back down to the center her tongue lining up the entrance and pushing in slowly to taste all the honey she could before Blake became sensitive. She reached forward more pressing all the way in lapping her tongue around her walls, searching for her g-spot pretty knowing where is was. She licked the general area in case. Blake was exhaling with a hitch into the ribbon when she found it and her body shook as she continued. With her tongue licking the area, she focused her mouth on sucking the sensitive nerves as her human hand played with her nipples. She could feel Blake was nearing the edge with her vocals and her walls near collapsing. She flicked harder and faster on the spot until she felt the juices spilling out a Blake yelled into the fabric. She slowly continued getting ever last drop bringing her lover down slowly and pushed herself back with her hands sliding across the floor as not to repeat her mistake. Her hands started rubbing her sides leaving light scratches before moving up to her shoulders moving to the center before going downward.

“You ready for round two?” Her girlfriend only nodded. She placed her forearm past the others shoulder taking her other arm lining herself and only entering the head and thrust inward relishing in the feel and yells of partner. Once hilted she noticed tears running down her cheeks. “Blake, are you okay? One tap for no, two for yes.” She placed her hand right by her partner's connecting at the pinkie. Two taps. With that reassurance she lowered herself onto Blake, her head almost in the crook of her neck. She moved slowly, only moving an inch or two out before slowly moving in. Arms wrapping around her back claws threatening to scratch red lines. “You run your claws against my back on purpose to turn up the heat so I'll speed up but, I'll stop this whole thing and you finish yourself off.” She warned licking her lips. “Sopping wet, hot, naked mess until Ruby wakes up. Once we heat up you can do that. If you ever get uncomfortable or you want me to stop, tap me twice.” Feeling her partner relax a little more. “I won't stop but I want you to tap me twice for safety and reassurance.” Blake huffed into the fabric but did as she asked and tapped her twice on the arm. “I know, I'm not gonna leave you, when you look and feel wonderful.” She pulled out farther and a little faster and harder plunged back in. Keeping the pace, she ran her hand and dried the amber eyed woman's euphoric tears and kissed her cheek. Those three words threatening to leave her lips, not now, not this moment. To keep herself distracted she left halfway out and slid back in, she exhaled a moan past her partner's head. It was sexually painful to continue to go slow. Deciding she couldn't take it pulled out and hilted all the way inside. Blake screamed through the ribbon, being on edge for so long showed as Yang felt her liquid flow on her as she came. Yang roared as the walls around her tightened she was sure she felt fire on her breath. She kept her phallus completely still as she drew hot breath over her lover's body. She stayed far enough away to make sure it didn't burn at the same time making sure her lover could feel it and with the sound her vocals were making and the way she was shaking, smiling all too pleased. She lowered herself slowly inching closer moving her breath from torso to breasts and back again. Staring into her hazy golden eyes for any kind of discomfort. Deciding she stayed long enough she began slow inching movements in and out. Yang felt Blake pushing against her arms pulling her out a little farther before pulling her close gesturing to move faster. Yang grabbed her wrists and held them against the floor. The Faunus glaring eyes at her.

She decided to tease. “You want me to stop? One tap no, two taps yes.” One tap. “Okay then, let me work.”

She continued her slow steady movements. Until she figured Blake had enough let her go and moved in and out of her slowly but entering powerful hits. The caused the beauty to cry out with every hit against her sweet spot. Yang sped up a little faster causing shook waves inside her body. She loved listening to her muffled cries. Continuing to keep her pace and power it wasn't long before Blake orgasmed again. Yang mostly pulled out until the head was left inside.

“I'll let you catch your breath kitty cat, this is your last orgasm this session and you're gonna be left silly.” Unexpectedly, Yang felt two taps. The desire in her glazed over eyes. I've kept her-us on edge for too long. I her...but...she's not in heat, right?” Yang felt a hand rub over her arm. “Sorry, I was thinking.” Her partner's eyes were concerned as she started reaching for the gag until Yang stopped her. “I'm fine, really. I want this more than anything.” She kissed her lips then slowly her forehead, their promise. “You ready?” Two taps.

Yang pushed all the way in, only until Blake's vocals died thrusting in and out back and forth unmercifully. She closed her eyes, only allowing herself the feel sensations waiting for Blake to tap any moment. Also, to feel herself in case she was closer than expected. Her ears loved the screams Blake was emitting, even muffled she still heard what she sounded like without it. “You're so hot!” Her eyes shot open hoping she didn't burn her lover with her breath as she heard a cord that was out of sync. Two taps. “So wet! Hold tightly! Cum for me!” And she knew she did as her head shot up and shaking. Yang tried to hold on feeling it all around it, she tried to force herself out but the legs attached to the woman had other ideas as they wrapped around her, escape being difficult. “Blake, no!” She focused on her eyes, knowing she could get lost in them. Of course, she closes them, fuck I'm so close. That answers my heated question. Yang does the only thing she can think of and pounded causing Blake to feel shock waves inside her and her legs relaxed and Yang pushed herself out. Grabbing and nearby towel and squirting into it. “Fuck. You almost got me.” She smiled and panted to the other woman panting and looking disappointed she removed the ribbon. Both were upset, and angry, Yang after confessing why this was a bad idea and Blake confessing and knowing they both wanted this. Yang scooted closer to Blake holding her. “You don't mind Ruby seeing or smelling us do you?”

Blake panted “It hurts you do this to us. And no, she's seen me already and smelled us.” Remembering the first day and their first time together.

“I know kitten.” She kissed her cheek “I know.” She buried her head in her neck and lulled herself to sleep. Blake was unable to move but stayed awake for several minutes until falling asleep.

Yang jolted awake hitting her head on a hard surface, assuming it was her partner the way she jolted and pained. She looked at Blake who was rubbing her jaw shooting darts at her. “Sorry. How about a kiss make it better?” Without waiting for answer she kissed her jawbone. Blake turned her head to make lip contact. “Better?”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “What happened?”

“Nightmare. I was Sir...I allowed Raven to kill you.” Lying beside her girlfriend, holding her close.

“Yang, I'm right here. Nothing's gonna keep us apart.” She picked up her book and started reading to her girlfriend. Who was rubbing and scratching her ear and back. Blake was trying her best to concentrate on reading while purring. Every page or so she would let out a moan.

“Blake look at me, please.”

“Yes, Yang?”

Yang wanted to tell her what she wanted to hear days before. But with the pain she saw being denied what they wanted she couldn't do it. She sighed “You're beautiful.”

“Is that all?” Blake challenged.

“For now.” She smirked.

“What's stopping you?” Blake turned completely to face the brute.

“The hurt I see in your eyes.”

“Maybe...” the dark-haired woman said scooting closer “you need to look closer.”

Yang closed her eyes for a moment moving her head closer until they connected lips, staying there for a few moments. Then breaking off slowly “Maybe I should.” She immersed herself completely. She saw cardboard silhouettes the tallest being her then Blake then children running around and playing all around them. A clearing of land large enough to be a farm. A two story house in the distance. It almost reminded her of her home in Patch. The orbs closed slowly and she felt a hand on her cheek snapping her awake shaking her head a couple times. Realizing she was back on the ship. It felt so real. Concerned eyes looked back at her.

“What happened? You started really happy then looked sad.”

“The place you sent me to, reminded me of my home in Patch.”

Blake narrowed her eyes in confusion. “You were right in front of me the whole time. I didn't send you anywhere. What'd you see? Are you sure you're okay?” She placed a hand on her forehead. “Warm, but nothing unusual, for you.”

“It's nothing.” She avoided “I need to get ready to sail.”

“Yang,” she grabbed a hand stopping the brute “come back to me.”

“Always, my princess.” She kissed her forehead. “I've signed another business deal. This one's easy, catch king crab, I know a couple good spots. Shouldn't be more than a week.

Blake was uneasy with how quickly she changed gears. “What's your name?”

“Babe, it's Captain Yang Xiao Long.” She laughed.

Blake walked over and felt her skin, as the worried for her partner. Her temperature the same and her eyes are lilac. I don't like this. “What's my name and what am I to you?”

“Blake, you’re scaring me.” She sighed. “Your name is Blake Belladonna, you are my best friend, my lover, my second reason for living and the Faunus I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“I just wanted to check.” She strode to the bed to read punctuating her ass sway knowing Yang would be watching. “I feel like that last sentence was a proposal.” She laughed sitting back down.

“Not yet, there's two actually. One of them my mother gave me in the top of the dresser in the cabinet that looks like it holds books because each dominatrix can claim a submissive as a life partner. She warned me, the instant I put it on my life partner she would kill them like she would Ruby. The other one, I don't want to buy until I defeat or lose to Raven, in losing case I won't be able to propose to you. If by the off chance I beat Raven, I need figure out your ring size.” She winked. “I probably shouldn't have told you that.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “Honestly is a foundation of trust. And I am guilty of not practicing what I say.” She finished tying her boot laces and walked out the door.

Why couldn't you just tell her? She wants-needs to hear and I asked her not to say it first. But I want to catch her reading or doing the simplest thing to make me smile. Focus, Yang, focus. And what was with all the weird questions? Who I am? Who she is? Focus.

She changed direction. And about five feet away she saw Pyrrha's emerald eyes glaring at her then gesturing to her neck. Yang checked and she realized what she was implying. I gotta tell Blake she laughed to herself.

She walked back inside, sure enough her bookworm was reading, completely engrossed and ignoring her, just like the moment she was waiting for. “I came back for you, purrincess.” Blake turned the page and Yang beamed. She climbed in next to her holding her. She placed a kiss on her cheek. “I love you.” She whispered in her cat ear causing it to twitch. Blake turned to her in realization eyes wide then suddenly narrowed as Yang's head was hit with the hardcover. “Ah, geez, what was that for?” Holding her head where she was hit.

“It's about time my dragon!” She kissed her lips. “What took you so long?”

“I wanted a moment just like the one that just happened. Ah, where you completely ignore me and do the simplest task, in this case reading, I try to encourage you to acknowledge me and you continue not to and I say it, out of love, not lust. By the way, Pyrrha is pissed at me, but mostly you.” She laughed.

“Is it cause of-?”

“Nope, cause you bit me and put your aura into it.”

“You challenged me to bite you-!” Blake was about to go off, the blonde put a finger to he lip.

“It means I let you claim me.” She continued to explain seeing the confused expression. “When a dominatrix allows their submissive to leave a hickey in an obvious place like the neck it means that dom and that sub are one. They belong to each other. It's similar to what the Faunus do.” She stroked her hair. “I did that with everyone here including Ruby, but never let anyone bite back. You're the only one who's bit me at all since I've been captain.”

“I wasn't sure if you knew what it meant. Some part of me was hoping you did while another part was thinking you wanted revenge.” Blake smiled. She pushd the book into the blonde's body and continued to read. “I love you!” Yang played and lightly scratched the feline ears.

- “Blake, I gotta ask.” Her eyes with concern with a half smile as she listened to her purr. “Are you satisfied?”

“More than anything. You do things to me I never felt or even thought possible. Now stop messing with me and listen to your book.”

“I'd rather listen to you.” She leaned in to her human ear whispering. “I want to listen to you, listen to your purr, listen to your voice, I want to listen to you.”

“Ah.” She gave a throaty moan with her hot breath. “Quit, you're gonna turn me on.”

“I want to listen to your moans of pleasure. I want to listen to the noises you make when I let you cum.” She grinned innocently. “I was just trying to tell you how I feel.”

“You ass!” She smile and hit her with the hard cover.

“And a purrfectly fine one at that.” Massaging her partner's scalp with her fingertips. First circling her fingers moving slowly. She moved down to her neck. Keeping her fingers still but moving her thumbs in circles pressing everywhere. Yang couldn't help herself as she look a long whiff of her neck placed her lips over an area tasting, licking and sucking on the skin. Blake tried to fight the sensation in her neck. The brute focused on the tension in her shoulders. She went to the night stand for the lotion. She squeezed some into her hand and worked the substance into her skin. Blake moved to sit upright into her partner. Yang sat and her legs spread around Blake. Blake was struggling to focus on reading. The smell of the lotion was driving her crazy. She decided to pinch her knee.

“Ah, hey. What'd I do this time? No hanky panky, I promise. I'm trying to make you feel good. Like how you make me and I am listening, the sailor was taken off course and I have a theory why .”

“Yang...” Her voice low and heard to hear.

“Hey, Blake, baby, what's wrong?” She held her close.

“I-I feel like I should tell you what happened with Ilia and Adam. I know you're going to tell me not to worry and I don't have to, but like you said, honesty is the bedrock of a trusting foundation. Hold me close to you.” Yang only turned on her semblance. “Yang, I want to feel your heat, please.” Yang complied and held her close.

“Ilia and I grew up together, she's a chameleon Faunus and could hide her features as long as she didn't change color based on her emotions. I imprinted on her as she did on me, we were never apart. It was so bad, our parents; moved our bedrooms so we were close to one another in neighboring house. In high school, we started dating, being each other's first for everything. Without even realizing it until a meeting, we were White Fang recruits. My dad was the leader and the peaceful protests continued. Ilia and I saw things differently, not at first as we both leaned toward violence because it worked, but when it came to innocent people dying, that's where we disagreed. It got so bad we broke up, but we were kind of forced to remain friends afterward because other the anxiety and the fact neither one of us could sleep without the other. If we were mad at each other the other couldn't sleep knowing that, both anger and the receiver. That's what it means to imprint.

After my father stepped down, Adam rose up, at first, he was talking about justice being done and the humans seeing us as equals. And I fell in love with his idea, not really with him, he was more of an idol. He asked my father about me being his mate, it took some coaxing but he eventually said yes and we were engaged. I liked him, but it didn't go beyond that. I thought I could convince myself to love him, given enough time. It started with a kiss and his possession of me grew. He was insistent on having sex. When I didn't want to, he slapped me to the ground and threatened me and my family. I only did as he said because of the threat. I didn't want to but he forced my choice. He forced me to give him oral. I was afraid of repercussion and every protest of a scream earned me a slap.

That's why I asked you questions when it was out first time. You let me take my time even thought you were really aroused. How do you have so much patience to wait and be gentle with me? I don't think I could be the same way.”

Yang kissed between her ears. “I want to do right by you. I love you. I told Ruby I wasn't going to mess up what we have. You were the only person to ask how to please me the best. I never had oral even close to as good as you.”

Blake smiled at the compliment. “He started grazing his hands over my body. I didn't think of it as molesting, but that's what it was. Despite it feeling good, he bit my neck and broke the skin when I let out a cry of pain he just glared at me. He claimed me as his mate but never let me do the same. He forced his fingers inside me. I had done that and Ilia did it to me as we took each other's virginity, but it was like fire. It hurt and when I asked him to be gentle, he wasn't gentle at all. I couldn't even cry because of my fear of him. After a few minutes, he forced himself inside me. Ilia and I used strap-ons a little smaller as we got older, but it was agonizing. He thrusted as much as he could inside me. I screamed in pain at first. He pounded me after that, as I continued to scream he slapped me on the other cheek. I stopped but the more he pounded the more it hurt. I started screaming again and he slapped me and left a black eye as it bruised. He threatened me with punishment if I didn't stay silent. I 'did as I was told'. I told myself I wanted what he was doing to me because I orgasmed despite the pain and agony. I tried to think of Ilia and the joy we had together, but it always came back to Adam. He forced my head painfully into the pillow as he came inside me. It took so much of me not to scream. I was so thankful he was done with me that first time. I faced away from him as he plopped beside me and spooned me. He told me I made him feel good and I was his special girl. The next time I was so scared of reprisal I gave in. When it hurt, I thought I would get used to it, but it hurt every time and he was only worried about finishing himself. He started physically hurting me in his meetings if I would say something he didn't like or even questioned him, even if others thought the same thing. The night before I left him, he felt betrayed by my outbursts and I wouldn't back down. He stabbed me with his sword he was so angry.” She grabbed one of Yang's hands and let her feel it. “I didn't know I was pregnant at the time as our heat cycles synced when he mated me...and... I miscarried.”

“Blake... Yang had tears running down her face she tried wipe them before they fell disturbing Blake from her story. “One day, I'll take you through the boring story of each one.” She chuckled.

“Sh, Yang, my dragon. It's okay. You don't have to hid it with a joke.” She reached up behind her stroking her hand through the golden locks. “The day I left, we were going on a train robbery and after he told me he was going to blow it up with innocent people inside. So I cut the car. His slowing down as I and left him. Not having anywhere else to go, I went back to my family after sometime alone. My dad blamed himself for years. That's the only reason I wasn't married to Sun when you found me.” About to hear her protest. “Sh, even though it wasn't expected, you found me.”

“I see you, I see into you, I see through you, I see you.” Yang whispered in her ear.

Blake turned herself around and looked into her eyes. “I see you.” She kissed her heated lips. She started to pull away and Yang held her tight.

“My turn, I didn't tell you everything. So, this one time at band camp-nah.” Feeling Blake chuckle as she did. “Sir and Pyrrha were nearly together. Like you in me, but clearly nothing but lust driven, or least Sir was, Pyrrha was head over heels in love and she'd do anything for her. Sir, almost put the necklace on her, naming Pyrrha as her forever partner and the chance to bit her neck. Sir almost gave her the dust to be equal, be the one taking the lashes instead of the other way around. She wouldn't have even cared if Pyrrha died at Raven's hand. If it hadn't been for me 'finding' you in Menagerie, it would've happened. They were together for three years or so. Sir still continued to have sex with what or whoever she wanted as long as she came back, Pyrrha didn't care. Sir didn't love her, she just used her. Once I saw you and your resilience in slightly joking manner, I saw myself. It-you brought me back at little bit. My head and heart hurt processing the wrong doing and who I was, what I became, if I could ever go back. Blake, thank you.” She kissed her cheek.

“I didn't finish when Ruby collapsed. I was still screaming, crying and hollering as we passed through the portal. ‘You’re pathetic, crying like the little girl you are. Weak willed just like the people who raised you. Don't worry sweetie, I will turn you into the dragon you were meant to be.' She spat at me, of course I still had tears in my eyes. I knew who the woman was from photos I'd seen. I made the mistake of telling her she wasn't my mom. That earned me a slap to the face. 'I gave birth to you, hours of pain and labor and this is how you repay the person who gave you life'. By the time I was seven, I had my first submissive. After she encouraged me to have sex with dolls to improve...Then it was friends that I had met. It was awkward explaining the situation. She seemed to care and we lost our virginity to each other and her friend got involved. That was the only choice my mother allowed to to make on a timeline, who I would lose it to. I felt guilty for it as she still punished me anyway.

My first submissive was broken, even worse than Weiss. All recognition gone, except me, her master. Putting power of someone's life in my hands of a sever year old, not a good combo. Learning my semblance from my abuse everything I learned I used on her. I felt powerful and I was dangerous. I broke her so much she died. I didn't even know her name, I just called her Toy. She was the first of too many I killed. The worse part, I wasn't even sad, just said 'oops it's broken'.

I was nine, Raven showed me a picture of Ruby and what she looked like during that time said 'If you don't behave, I will kill her.' No matter how hard I fought, the only way I survived was Ruby. When I saw that picture of her, everything wrong I ever did came rushing back. That was when I had a voice in my head, the one I would end up locked in the closet for. It was my voice against my voice, almost like a conscience.

I decided to try and escape that night, I got pretty far too. It was about midday when I saw the portal to my location. She grabbed me before I could hide. That was the worse day of my life. She pushed me to the ground and held me there. She ripped every ounce of clothing and forcing me to kiss her. I hated it! She moved her hands all over my top...” She paused and felt Blake hold her arms tighter as she continued. “Cold, icy hands pinching and pulling with sharp teeth biting. My screaming and struggling only turned her on. With my mouth open from the pain, she forced herself inside my throat and...” She swallowed hard “went even after I passed out. She couldn't fit herself inside me entirely and told me I had been asleep for hours until she came. When I woke up, she was prodding my...and forced as much as she could. My throat was so dry I couldn't scream anymore. She wasn't hurt...thrusting slowly because of how painfully tight I was and took many thrusts until she had as much as she could inside. I was bleeding too much. She...came inside then violated me in the other one. She struggled even more to fit it in.” She swallowed “But it hurt much worse as fourteen inches her were shoved inside me. I couldn't react because of my torture prior. I was a mess of tears, pain and blood. I tried sobbing even after no more tears could be cried. Every hole of me was used painfully. She beat me when she wasn't trying to suffocate me within an inch of my life, breathing play is what she called it.

She used belts, whips, chain, nipple clamps, clamps in areas they shouldn't be, mostly the knives, watching me bleed out. If it was really bad, she used boiling water to clean my skin. Only reason I don't have visible scars is because of a scar cream she and I used to hide any questions of what was happening to a child. I see your ears twitch when you feel uneven skin. She even used her fingers and tongue to fuck my ears.

After that day things got better because I obeyed, for the most part. I thought about feeding myself to the sharks but that picture she had of Ruby that rested right in front of me each day, that was the only thing stopping me, my sister. She loved playing with my semblance inflicting pain onto me to inflict it it on others, beating them or torture methods. She had a weekly ritual of cleaning my urethra, using a thistle brush to clean it. Felt like you were peeing gasoline. She would also force me to drink water then have me hold it until she allowed me to release. I'm still embarrassed as I found a way to hold it. I would finger myself and she would make fun of me, but I was able to hold it and when I have to pee in my cyst gender, it turns me on.

When I was twelve I had my first period. Something I couldn’t hide from her. I was emotional and grumpy and I told my-Raven I was bleeding and she said that it’s normal and she would leave me alone until it was over. We reached land five days later and told me I was going in for surgery to not have it happen again. Turns out, it didn’t...she didn't remove my ovaries as I was a horny teenager, but I think it was my uterus.” She started crying fresh tears. “Blake, I can never have children. Later on, even as my mother came inside me or waiting for a period to start, nothing. She denied me something I might've wanted later in life. Something that I want with you.”

“Ssh.” Blake cooed. “Yang, it’s okay. I want this for us. Nothing is going to happen. Faunas mothers have multiples. Mostly between two and five. I was just a rarity of one.”

“You had a miscarriage and we have no idea what your chance of a successful pregnancy is. We could just use a surrogate. Childbirth is the worse pain anyone to go through, if not for the bleeding and rapid heart rate, tearing, stretch and scars marks. Blake...I can't lose you. Even if it were to work, look at how I raised Ruby.” She was slightly angry at herself. “I brought her into my world, into this. What if it’s no different? I mean, I have you, but I don’t know anything about a perfect family. And being with yours, it was abnormal for me, almost uncomfortable. I was still too young to remember much of mine before Raven. Living on a boat, avoiding the person I fear will take you away from me, that's not the life I want for us. Always avoiding Raven.”

“Yang…I didn’t have a perfect family either. They nearly divorced as I told you and hardly got along, but they loved me. And you will beat her at her own game. Nothing is going to happen, they have drugs, they know high risk pregnancies with technology. They have gas and epidural for pain so there's not much of a worry. There is nothing to concern us with.”

“I'm-just-scared.” She forced. “I couldn't take it. I can't ask this of you, It's too much. Even a surrogate would be better.”

“Yang, I want to carry this child or children for you, for us.” She pleaded in the lilac eyes as a kitten who wants something does. Her eyes wide and dilated.

The brute held her tighter. Once she calmed down she continued. “During my teenage years, even I was horny as hell. I had sex mostly with my mom, but a few select others. She gave me other girls, told me to bend their will, not break them. Almost never with males because they were the 'lesser' species, far easier to break, I mean look at the guy with the teeth. Made him feel humiliated and he just about broke in an hour or so. Mess with their ego, beat them in a fight, abuse them, too easy to break. Bending is harder than breaking, males just brake. They couldn't even bend, at least not in a way I know of. I did try many different method and many different personalities. I managed to bend all of them without breaking them, every single one. Some took longer than others. She wanted me to experiment. Females with different mental types and backgrounds with different methods. She rewarded me by keeping several, my own personal harem. I had power again, fucking them as much as I liked. I fucked the few guys she had on board too. She warned me if I'm 'going to fuck pussies, use a condom or don't cum inside. 'Pregnancy is never an option.' She repeated that phrase to me so many times growing up it was ingrained. That's why she used Faunus, it was easy to tell when they were in heat so pregnancy was avoidable. Another reason I have the toys with the fake semen, is because a Faunus without release, is dangerous. They will rip and tear anything or everything they can until they get it. I wouldn't doubt you could break these handcuffs if you were in heat for too long. When I did have sex, the phase was repeated in my head and I pulled out every time.” She paused to take a few breathes. Blake was about to interject when she held up a finger. “No breaks. Just let me catch my breath.” She got up and took a drink of water before wrapping her arms around her lover.

“When I sixteen, she was teaching me how to fight to the death. Told me my attacks were too predictable and straightforward. I wasn't listening. I was too frustrated no even getting a punch or swing in. I kept attacking over and over, using the pain she put me through. My body burned alight, sure, but that was the extent of it. She told me, 'make another predictable attack again, I will hurt you. You might die, should you chosoe death, you were no child of mine.' True to her word, I charged she grabbed my throat and started chocking me. I almost passed out, but I kicked her solar plexus and she let go.

I got this through disobedience.” Holding up her mechanical arm. “Raven told me to do something I didn't want to do and I charged at her. She told me 'Do that again and see what happens.' My stubbornness, I went to charge again and she sliced my arm clean off until I passed out.

Only thing I knew was I woke up on the floor chained. I felt so depressed, so alone with only a stump of who I was. I used to fight mostly with my fists and I was learning with a sword. I told myself as soon as this lock was gone, I was going to feed myself to the sharks. That was when I hear a voice in my head, a second voice, a different voice, telling me I deserved this. I'm too brash and I don't listen, that voice was Sir. Unlike before, it was my voice against me. This voice was deeper and more serious. In order to survive, I had to adapt. My mind creating a way out by placing a facade of what my mother wanted me to be into in another person. It wasn't me doing terrible things, it was Sir.

Raven thought I'd changed and in a lot of ways I did. She loved my other half and she doesn't love much of anything except her sword. That was when I asked her if my name could be Sir. She was all too pleased with herself. Mostly because I had also said I couldn't name myself without my mistress's permission.

That was when I noticed my shadow turned to a dragon and I altered fighting style altered. When she got me really riled up one day, my aura turned into a dragon engulfing me in fire. A dragon with a missing wing. My aura surrounded my missing arm and acted like an extra appendage. She wasn't even surprised, she just placed her hand on her hip and smiled. 'I told you I would turn you into the dragon you were meant to be'. Fortunately, I couldn't keep it up for long. I wanted to kill her, but I would have been the one dead. It wasn't a bad call at the time either.

That was when she gave me my prosthetic. When they connected it to my arm, the pain, white hot fire, I saw stars. She told me to take care of it and make it my own extension, instead of keeping it a dull gray and white. When I discovered it moved better when I let my aura pass through it, I put my crest on it.

Having you here, I wish it was the real thing so I could feel you and you could feel me without having to switch arms. Don't. Say. Anything.” She sternly warned. “I adapted to the new style. That was the only way I was able to beat your dad. Sir took over when I was down and wanted to kill him for challenging me. I'm glad you stopped me.” She held her closer. “I was also happy I won instead of losing, I would've lost you. He made a bet saying if he won I would leave and never see you again. When I won so we could be together. I told him I wasn't interested in playing with your life, then told me if I didn't take it I would forfeit and lose you.”

“That’s what that was about? He really tried to play with my life like that? How dare-?”

“He did what he thought was right.” She reasoned.

“No! That doesn’t excuse it. He’d just marry me off to someone else…he’d rush it. I just wanted my family. Doesn’t he even care about me at all?” She was hurt.

“Blake…he loves and cares about you. That’s why he wanted to challenge me. He wanted to know I could protect you, that I was worthy of you. When you’re in a fight and you fight like you mean it. Your fist meets your aggressors arm or blade, you know what the other is thinking. He wanted the best for you. That was how I won his approval. The challenge is getting your mom’s. I’m getting closer with every story I tell you. Telling you how I feel being a huge part of it.” She kissed her neck.

“My mom doesn't approve. I thought she would be the first. MY dad was telling me to get you to open up more but at the same time let you tell me in your own time. Also tell you not to hide your emotions with jokes and get to the bottom.”

Yang smiled. “I told you there was a reason I didn't want to be alone with her.” She kissed her cheek. On my eighteenth birthday my mother said she had a surprise for me but I would have it by night. Of course, she sparked my curiosity and I'm happy she did. She started by giving me a boat during the day, one I could name. I went through my dad's photo album plenty of times looking for photos of Raven. What an ignorant child I was. There a boat he had named Pride he used to have. I named my ship after her, Pride the Second.

As the day grew on, I was restless and I started listening to crew mates about her plans for me and... they...weren't good.” Yang swallowed as she tried to finish. “She was going too fuck me to a mess then hand me off to the crew to fuck with. I thought I was hers alone. She was so heartless just giving me away like that, no rhyme reason, nothing.

I took my ship and left, never came back. My uncle Qrow eventually found me. I was in a bar grabbing a drink when he stumbled in. He tried talking to me like I was the little kid he knew. I wish…I could've…but I was cold and heartless to him. The only reason I stayed talking is because he took me to Ruby. He tried to warn me about something and I wish I would've listened. As soon as I hugged her, Raven was suddenly there. All my fears came back to me. I scooped Ruby, jumped out the nearest window, broken glass on my skin as I bolted. Ruby was on the ship and I was fighting Raven and losing, badly. I shot my guns in Ruby's direction warning her to stay on board. Raven tells me that she is bound to me and my emotions so when I hugged her after reuniting, she knew where Ruby was when she touched land. And that she would always come to kill her to bring me back. I think Ruby can touch land now safely, but I'm not completely sure.

The only way she'll leave me-us alone is if we fuck each other. Whoever cums through their penis first loses. Terms and conditions usually include keeping the person and their close second, to be subjected to whatever torment for the rest of their lives, unless my mom gets bored and decided to kill them. Leaving the victim’s body for their families to deal with. No clothes, slice through the throat. Everyone on deck besides her and me most of the time were stark naked. Story of my life. What questions do you have?” She asked kissing her cheek. She reached her hand up to Blake's cheek and wiped the tears away with her thumb. “Blake, baby, don’t cry. You know how that makes me feel.” She spun her around so Blake's head was rested on her shoulder. “I'm right here. I ain't' going anywhere.” She cooed stroking her hair.

“You should be crying, more of a right than me.” Blake sniffled.

“I let my tears out a long time ago, sometimes I still do. I'll relish in them and yours with you.” She whispered kissing her cheek.

“I'm going to find Adam and I am going to kill him like I should've a long time ago.” She fists clenched with rage turning white and her palms bleeding at her dull fingernails pierced her skin. Blake felt the fire heating up around her and slowly lowered her hands-on top of Yang's feeling her dragon relax. “I wasn't being completely honest with you about Adam. I tried setting up a business deal with the White Fang. I reached out and we set our meeting. He had no intention of me getting out of there as I had come in. About twenty of his goons surrounded me. I took them out easily, maimed and killed all of them without a care. Adam stayed his ground and I fired at him. Testing him and I learned quickly what his semblance was. Storing kinetic energy to use against their foe, something similar to mine. Long story short-.”

Yang felt a squeeze on her arm.“ Long story.”

“Long story, he told me his plan was to make me bow and submit. Showing that he could control the might of Captain Sir. Mostly by methods of what you were describing. I was already a dragon at this point. We fought sword and sword. I was moderately okay-ish. He was good, almost as good as my-Raven. I had to put my sword away and use Ember Celica. I absorbed his semblance and dished it out twice as hard as well as a shot gun shell. Almost brought him down. The fact I was a human beating him really hurt his pride, he didn't acknowledge my dragon shadow. Absorbing his semblance didn't come without a cost and my arms were shaky. I only had a couple rounds left. His hurt pride got the best of him and he charged. I dodged and brought him to the ground. He crouched away as I went to stomp on him. When he stood up, I charged saw the attack coming and removed my metal arm and brought him down, and away. I reconnected as he detonated a charge and explosion happened, by me getting distracted, he was able to get away. After I got the information I wanted out of his second, a man, brown coat, green shirt, and antlers. He tried to pass himself off as some kind of detective with a business card.”

“Must've been after I left. I vaguely remember him.”

“I am purposefully going to find Taurus and I'm going to kill him!” She bared through her teeth. “I know someone who can help. Not gonna lie, you're not going to like this. A negation with my mom. fastest and easiest method. He won't see us coming. I will make that bastard pay.”

“Yang...we can collect information through your contracts. He's not worth losing what we have now. He's not worth killing. ”

“Raven is my demon, Adam is yours. I will turn that son of a bitch into my personal sex slave. Leaving him broken damaged and battered!”

“Yang...stop getting heated over nothing.” She tried to calm her down.

“You're not nothing! You are my everything!” She growled with a yell.

Blake shook her head and smiled. Her voice soft. “You're not gonna let this go, are you?”

“Not 'till he's my slave. I am your dragon, I bring justice to those the gods won't.”

Blake let out a sigh. “Yang...when you look into my eyes, what do you really see?”

She let her anger die down at the sheath words. “Our future together. The future we both want. I see black silhouettes that move like cardboard people. You and me, a patch of land that's so open it seems like farm land. A two-story house in the distance and our children running and playing, all varying ages maybe about five of them. Your holding one in your arms like a newborn another is tugging at your leg asking to be held, very jealous. I have one on my shoulders and one on each arm. And hearing even more of them running and playing around us. Without looking into your eyes, it's hard to tell how many there are. That's what I mostly see.”

“Too many for me.” Blake laughed. “I see why you get lost, the happiness it portrays. Next time you look, could you count them? Every time. How many do you want?”

“I will. How about we count to three using our hand or hands to display how many we want.”

“One. Two. Three.” They both displayed two laughing into each other. Yang held Blake in her arms and Blake hugged Yang's arms. They lost track of time.

Chapter Text

Throughout the week and several great fishing spots later, Blake asked Yang questions about certain equipment, positions, and best way to cut without injury among other things always fear and sadness in her eyes trying to give it a chance. Yang had her hopes Blake would stay and didn't communicate with Sir just yet in case Blake left taking Yang's heart with her. This is her choice as Ruby said. She thought. Yang figured she probably asked Ruby questions too. What Blake didn't know was that she was secretly measuring her body while she slept after a good sex session for when they reached Menagerie. The sex was always good, but since her confession, Blake looked sad and almost heart broken, never asking about kids after that. Guilt plagued Yang knowing it was her fault and it's what she wanted. An idea popped into her head. She raced to Ruby and Weiss telling them her plan.

Blake woke up feeling dizzy and nauseous. She tried to massage her head but her hands were restrained and so were her feet. Her eyes scanned the room and she found two figures on either side of the bed. “What?” She received a slap to the face.

“No talking.” Said a smaller figure. “Now that you're awake, we can enjoy you.” Said the smaller one straddling her stomach. She pulled her ski mask down to kiss her lips and neck while her hands traveled over her breasts down her stomach removing her shirt.

The slightly taller one was undoing her pants sliding them off as far as they would go.

Blake screamed in panic. “No!” Slap to the face.

Just then, Yang burst through the door. “Princess, I heard you scream-get away from her!” She only ignited her eyes and hair. The two figures slumped off their prey and went to fight the brawler.

“Make us!” Said the slightly taller one.

Yang went in for a punch only to have it pointed to the floor where she took the other hand and make the figure trip. She focused on the smaller one who charged with a punch when missing head-butted her. Yang stumbled backward regaining her balance as the taller went for her chest while Yang when to block it she received a punch in the gut. Recovering with the wind leaving her. She went for a punch to the face and side swiped her leg causing her to fall and taking the shorter one on the way down. She punched her palm several times making it seem like she was punching them and threw the out of the cabin. Going to her lover unlocking the chains.

“You okay, princess?”

Arms embraced her. “My hero!”

“Your Sunny Dragon.” She replied with a smile arms around her. “I'll always be there for you.”

Blake looked at Yang with bedroom eyes kissing her then making out. They had to pause for breath. “Yang, thank you. How'd you get-?”

“Sh. Later, I have a princess to please.”

She laid Blake on her back kissing her neck in several spots making Blake hiss and moan. Grabbing her shirt and removing it. Yang's tang top followed. Blake kissed and licked Yang's glistening skin slightly coated with sweat. She loved how she smelled of gun powder and and sunflowers time. Yang moved her head lower kissing her collar bone while removing her bra joining the others on the floor. Blake removed hers in return laying her head back in the pillow while a hot tongue breathed over her licking her sensitive areas and massage her breasts. The Faunus breath hitched in her lungs letting long pleasured cry leave her lips. Yang pulled both their pants off completely saving dark haired beauty the trouble. Kissing down her stomach as she did so. She pulled the last piece of clothing off taking an intoxicating whiff of her partner's arousal. She used her tongue and rubbed back and forth along the folds, tasting her. Using her left hand she pushed her folds apart and licked along the outer skin once everything was licked she lightly drove in with her tongue slowly, drawing the alphabet in lower and upper case letters. Blake was squirming, trying not to move but failing. She was gasping and breathing heavily calling out her partner’s name over and over again and screamed her name as she came. After letting her catch her breath so she wasn't as sensitive, she teased the special spot and furiously licked while sucking on her clit. Her partner gasping and arching in response gripping the sheets tightly. The dragon removed her lips and placed the mini vibrator over her clit on the lowest setting. She felt her partner on the verge and set the setting to medium causing her insides to explode coating her mouth. She took the vibrator away and slowing pulled out her tongue. Glazed amber eyes panting into the ceiling. Yang inched forward kissing, licking and only slightly sucking her neck once more.

Once Blake came down she wrapped her partner and roller herself on top. She removed Yang's last garment staring at the member as it sprung from its confines. Doing exactly as Yang instructed her the first time. She kissed along the sides and the tip. She grazed her tongue on the underside licking upward causing her partner to shiver in response. She wet her hand with a thick coat saliva and ran it up in down. Yang shut her eyes a low moan leaving her throat. Blake smiled at the sight and put the head in her mouth flicking the tip slowly. Yang was going crazy her lungs gasping for air while her hands grabbed the bars behind her as to not hurt her lover. Blake's smirk could almost compare to Yang's.

“Purr for me kitten.” Yang said softly.

Blake reached over to grabbing her left hand, removing it from the bed post and held it to her feline ear while her human started scratching lightly at the tip and slowly worked her way down to the base. Yang felt and heard the vibration coming from her throat and her mechanical hand gripped tighter thanking it was made of titanium or she feared it would bend or snap. Blake bobbed her head up and down slowly taking her time inch by inch.

She grunted focusing on light scratched and a death grip on the bed.

It encouraged Blake to go even lower. She tried not to gag as she felt she reached her limit, then with her other hand started playing with her balls. Yang cursed into the ceiling, she felt herself close.

“I'm...close...” She panted grunts.

Blake taking her wet hand and rubbed up and down using her thumb nail to lightly graze the underside. She felt the orbs tighten and prepared herself.

”Blake...I'm gonna....Aaaahhhhh!”

Blake licked up every last drop and sucked what was left. She stopped her motions panting and laying on top of Yang. After a few minutes she knew she could go another two rounds at least. She took the condom opened it and placed it on her shaft. Yang checked to make sure it was still inflated and no holes. Blake lowered herself onto it with the head inside feeling electric currents surge through her. Yang beamed at the surprised look on her partner.

“It's an...electric conductor...using your travel through your body. Activating in...intervals.” She panted.

Blake slowly moved up and down taking inch by inch. She was half way in when she felt another surge and came in surprise and body lightly shaking. Yang reach up and held her close, careful not to push more into her partner. “I've got you.” She assured.

“....Intense...” She panted. Once recovered she pushed herself on to the shaft going to her limit of nine inches. Not in pain as much due to their endeavors she slammed herself down as another shock wave hit her digger her nails into her partner as they became one. Yang simply held her and pushed any stray strands of hair past her human ears.

“You're so beautiful.”

Blake heard her but didn't have the energy to acknowledge her words. They didn't have any lust behind them. Just a sweet sensuous voice that sent a shiver down her spine. She stayed there for more than she would've like expecting her have energy to replenish.

“Yang...continue.” She panted.

Yang did as asked and thrust into her using her hands to push the Faunus up and down on her shaft. She brought herself in and out slowly at first and feeling Blake slightly shake from the dust sprinkled rubber. She slowly sped up dragging more out then forcing in. Just let her orgasm one more time.

You could let me take over. Sir's voice said.


Just a thought.

Yang kept her slow pace but placed the vibrator to her clit. A groan left her lips. “Just one more Blakey.” She turned the vibration to medium as she felt the body under her shake her walls started contracting then she moaned as she came. Yang let her ride it out but the fact she didn't scream or yell said it all. She removed the vibrator and pulled out slowly.

“Na-no.” She groaned. “Keep going.”

“I can't.”

She left and started a bath throwing the condom away. Sitting on the floor her elbows on her knees head pushing against her hands. It was too soon. What was I thinking? Switching effects on her like that. She heard a voice groan her name and got up and went to her partner. “I'm right here Blakey.” She cooed. Yang scooped her up and sat on the ground back against the wall. “I'm sorry Blake.” She stopped the water and used a neck pillow to hold Blake in place.

She was getting up to leave when a hand held hers. Glazed over amber eyes meeting her sad lilacs. Her emotions telling her to stay, her mind saying leave. She stood up and stepped in behind her partner she sunk down, raven hair tickling her chest.

“Blake, I'm so sorry. I tried to help you decide to stay by fulfilling a fantasy for yours. And instead I...” A hand squeezed hers. “I know you’re trying to tell me it’s okay. And like I said before, you're a forgiving person. It's not okay.” Another hand squeeze.

“” She said tiredly.

Tears were falling from Yang's eyes as she held her closer and tighter but aware of the strength. “I see you.”

After the water was only getting warm. She used a slight bit of pain she was feeling to heat it up again.

“Purrfect.” Blake's voice came through.

“I'm rubbing off on you too much.” She weakly chuckled. “Maybe I should leave you with your family.” She joked and got an elbow for it. “I know I'm just tear-able. And knowing you, you're probably smiling with and eye roll. I'm just happy you're okay.”

“Yeah.” She said weakly.

Despite being prune, they stayed there until the water cooled again. “You ready to get out?” She asked closed answered questions.

“I guess.”

Yang stood up, drying herself in a towel then getting her girlfriend out, wrapping her in a towel using her semblance to keep her warm as her body kept close. Yang taking her scroll and earbuds. Tucking Blake in under the covers as she put in her ear pieces playing songs as she scratched Blake's ear. Vibrations felt throughout her body sending the tired Faunus to sleep. Too strong on the stimulation should've stuck with fire and ice. I'm a danger to her. She needs to leave. Ah! Chest...pain. Stupid anxiety! As if on cue Blake backed herself into her partner snuggling closer. Yang let her mind go as sleep was taking over.

“You summoned me.” Her red piercing eyes and a flowing, gold mane persona asked.

“I wanted to talk to you, see if we could set up some kind of truce.” Lilac eyes innocent enough.

“Go on…” Sir said uncrossing her arms as if intrigued.

“If Blake chooses to be with us, I don't want us fighting for control all the time. What if we could agree on middle ground? She could be our dominatrix, our best friend and lover. That way we still get that part of us. We can still be the strong unyielding dragon. What if we're stronger together? Combining ourselves a true monster to be feared but a loving protector to those we care about at the same time. Destroyer of the world and protector of friends. If she decides to leave, I couldn't take it. You would be in complete control doing what you want, going back to Raven or Pyrrha, take the death stalker venom and living at least a century. As long as you don't hurt her or Ruby, in any way shape or form, I won't be a bother to you. Once they're dead, and you’re still living and they have kids and generations and so on, as long as you don't hurt them, I will all but cease to exist.”

“I see…” She cupped her chin as if thinking. “Something for the both us to gain. Should we come into conflict, we talk about it before something happens. If it's a split second decision and we both have an idea we pick the best one regardless of pride. That way we come to an understanding. It'd be pretty cool to have a stronger dragon. I'll need to think about this more before we come to terms. This I do promise, if Blake leaves, I will not to hurt her, Ruby, or anyone they love and care for including generations that outliving them. What I don't promise is that they don't hurt themselves or others, physically, mentally, emotionally or socially missing you. I will write or message them when I feel like it or when you want me to, as long as it's not every day. Once a week at most, once a year at the least and I will let you talk or message them, that I promise.”

“That's all I can ask for, thank you. I will consider your terms.” Yang agreed.

Chapter Text

Yang woke up looking beside her partner reading a book. “Morning.”

“Morning. I'm awake and have been for about an hour.” She smiled happy to turn the tables.

“Are you feeling better?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I don't know what happened. I mean...I was fine, then I felt completely drained. I know I wanted you, but you became flaccid.”

“I didn't like looking at you the way you were. If you would've approved beforehand sure. Anyway, we'll be reaching land soon and we should check up on your folks.”

“Yang-I...I see you.”

She looked directly into Blake's eyes. “I see you.” Blake blinked slowly. “I saw eight little monsters, mostly Faunus maybe two without.”

“We agreed with two. Stop with these huge numbers.”

Yang smiled. “Blake...never mind.” She shook her head. “Do you think your family would be okay meeting Ruby?”

Blake was practically dragging Yang to the house. Yang wanted Blake to have time with her parents and to have someone other than Ruby to talk to.

“Blake please, let me go. Talk to your parents.”

“Yang, you're coming with me. You did try if not succeeded in impregnating my mom.”

Yang deflated following behind Blake instead of resisting her. “Okay.” She sighed.

“Don't talk to me like that! You know what you did.” She feigned anger. “Besides, this way you can stay approved by my dad’s standards.”

“Because this is you Blake, I will.”

Once they reached the door Yang paused insisting knocking would be better. Once again, Blake forced her inside. “Mom, dad, I'm home.” She called.

“Mr. Mrs. Belladonna, I'm here to.” Yang echoed. Blake shot her a look at said 'really?'

“Oh girls your here.” Hugging Blake then Yang. “Blake, your father is in a meeting. Take a seat I'll go start some tea.”

“Don't worry about me Mrs.-” Yang paused seeing the look her face that said 'I dare you'. “Kali.” She laughed nervously. “I have to go check up on some things. I'll join you later.”

“Yang don't-!” Blake tried to grab her before she ran to the door but closed it as she went out.

Kali was laughing. “I'm glad you two are still keeping things interesting.”

“Mom!” Her groaned, ears flat in embarrassment.

“Right, right. I'll be back with some tea.”

Blake took her seat, glad her brute wasn't there so she could talk to her mom, but missing her all the same time. She looked as deflated as she felt. Her ears perked up as her mom walked in. Setting the tea down and taking her seat.

“Baby, what's wrong?”

“Mom…” She stared at her tea, water building in her eyes. “I'm scared.” She left her seat embracing her mom who rubbed her back and hair. “We are really close. I want to be with her as she wants to be with me...but I can't...she...”

“Sh, Blake, sweetie, calm down. You know I can't understand you when you sob like that.”

After calming down Blake began to explain. “Because of her childhood, she's asking me to abuse her.”

Kali's eyes widened in shock, then relaxed as she held her crying little girl again. “What do you mean, dear?” She continued rubbed her back and hair.

“She wants me to...yell at her, slap her around, violently spank her, whip her, put clamps on her, make her bleed, bruise her and make her suffer through torture until she passed out.”

“While the most extreme case I've heard, not actually surprising.”

“Huh?” Blake looked at her with such confusion.

“Alpha types, they think they're on top of the world. You call Yang a dragon, someone who defies the gods. While they love feeling that way, someone, a dragon like Yang, relishes being brought to her knees by an omega. Her semblance only making it worse. Alpha's have egos that are larger than their brains and mouths. In order to control your father's, I had to show him more than once who is really in charge.” She smiled.

“Mom.” She hand both her hands on the sides of her head. “I did not need that mental image. Thank you for scaring me.”

“Did she go into any specifics?”

“Timelines, the most being once a week on light mode and extreme mode once a month. She still expects to pass out each and every time from the pain.”

“I would suggest…” Kali grinned maliciously “after your week in heat depending on how bad she teases, an argument, or any scenario, use that against her. Say a half truth and pretend to be angry about it. It makes it that much more real to the both of you, torturous for her and give you more of a reason to strike.”

“Mom!” She flattened her ears. “I can't believe we're having this conversation and it's really weird.” She smiled looking up at her. “I'm glad we did.”

“Oh I'm not quite done yet.” Kali smirked. Blake shot her eyes up and surprise and slight horror. “Yang claims to have two different personalities-”

“She does!” Blake said defensively then flattened her ears and lowered her eyes apologetically.

“Act like you do or attempt to, transform yourself. Dress differently, hairstyles, wigs, contacts, clothes try all types or...not at all.” Blake blushed. “Be dominate and show her she's not immortal, she may defy the gods, but not you who brings her to her knees. Force her into submission. Ask her questions how to do things. The more you understand, the less scared you'll be and know exactly how to provide what she needs. This is what she is asking from you. She wants this from you and you alone. Or you could always say no, she'd find someone else to do it. I'm glad you’re not the one the other end.”

“She actually wants you and dad to meet her youngest, most innocent sister Ruby. Instead of going back to her mom, she had her cute sister do it, she was really reluctant about it. She cried every time after the act. And when something happened, she punished herself for it or having Ruby punish her. It emotionally drains both of them. As awkward as this conversation is, I am really glad dad's not here.” She cleared her throat. “I might have some mental images that scar me, but I'm really glad we talked. Thanks mom.”

Blake wiped her face, Kali kissed her forehead and Blake went back to her seat. She typed a message to Yang ‘You can come back’.

“So, when are you and Yang going to tie the knot, huh?”

“Something like that…” She folded her ears. “There’s two types. One of them is what we know, with the ring. The other one, she clips a necklace around my neck claiming me as her life partner or I claim her as the only one able to dominate her or…anyway we’re life partners.”

“That’s cute, but is it a healthy relationship?”

Blake looked down at her scroll and typed another message. ‘Not yet, I lied’. “I really want this…I don’t think anything is going to change between us and she would tell me if it did…”

Kali had stern eyes. “You have to ask her if it does.”

“From what I understand, the only thing that changes is that I and I alone have permission to...beat her.” She put her fingers to her forehead. “What’s new with you?”

“I’m pregnant.” Blake spit out her tea, no idea why she was surprised. “This is a nice floor between your father and your girlfriend I don’t need you continuing this too!” She glared at her and Blake folded her ears like she was a child and her mom glared at her for doing something bad. “We decided not to take Plan B or anything like that. After you left, your father and I decided to carry to term, before you say anything let me explain.” She sighed. “As you know, Faunus are prone to have multiple children. I was no exception.” Blake raised a brow but didn’t interrupt. “I didn’t want to say anything worrying your girlfriend even more than she already was. We were at the doctors and we expected twins, a little girl and a boy. With the ultrasound, they heard the heart beats and assumed everything was normal. Your brother was still born. After the loss, your father and I didn’t want to risk the same result after his heartbreak. We kept you as our only child. I was thrilled when your girlfriend was supportive of the idea. It took him a little convincing.”

“Wow…mom…I-I assumed I was a rare occurrence.” She went and hugged her mom. “Thank you for telling me, mostly without her to worry.”

“You should go get her, and bring her sister. I’ll see if your father will join us and get more tea.”

Yang hurried out the door shutting it before Blake could come after her. “I love you!” She said on the other side. It still hurt her to leave, but it had to be done. She went back to her ship turning on her façade. Her choice depends on us merging or dividing. Either one is fine by me. I win either way. Supervising as the crew weighed and packaged the crab wheeling it to the shack. Once she got her numbers and talked to the guy who gave her the promised lien and extra. She went to the bar to get herself a drink. She smiled when a familiar figure, tall, muscular from the torso up and his five ‘o clock shadow was spotted.

“This seat taken?” She asked with a smile.

“It is now. You’re awfully cheery. Last time we talked you seemed like you wanted nothing to do with me. I’m almost scared to ask why the change of heart, Firecracker.”

She gave him a sly smile. “Can’t I just be happy to see my uncle?” Gesturing to the bar tender “Strawberry Sunrise, no ice and an umbrella and whiskey on the rocks.” Turning to her uncle. “After we talked, it helped me realize I wasn’t happy. Ruby helped as much as she could but I wouldn’t listen and she had already been exposed too much into my world…I met someone, and I wanted to change for the better. I’m tired of hiding behind someone who doesn’t exist except to escape. I don’t want to be fighting them for control all the time. I really care about her and I’m scared to lose her. In order for my sides to connect I asked her to do something she doesn’t like. I might even lose her because of it.”

“Well Firecracker, you don’t want to hear this but you're you're going to hear it anyway. If what you’re asking her to do makes her unconformable enough to leave you, she’s not the one.”

“She leaves, I’ll be broken and my persona will take over the rest of my life however long or short.” She sipped her sunrise. “I couldn’t take it. I’d leave Ruby so she doesn’t see me destroyed. I’d even go back to Raven take the venom live for who knows how long.”

“Hey!” He tired to cheer her up. “What happened to living life? It’s not worth getting caught up on just anyone. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. You’re a captain, you know that. If she feels the same way about you that you feel about her, whatever you asked her to do can’t be worth it.”

“Even if it slowly kills her on the inside?” She asked passing the whiskey and sipping her drink.

“Firecracker, you got me curious now. What 'did' you ask her to do?”

She sighed. “Raven is-was my...master. After I left her, I summoned her using Ruby. Ruby was excited at first, able to touch land for a few hours. After a couple months, she was worried seeing me in pain, barely about to walk and asked what she could do to help. I-she forced me to tell her everything, what Raven was doing to me and I enjoyed it. Ruby asked if she could do it instead of Raven. I told her I didn’t want that for her and it was negotiated so she could have hours on land. I turned the closet to a play room and bought her everything she needed, everything I wanted. After the first session she cried and I expected it...but then she cried everytime. I asked her to whip me, strangle me, make me bleed and cause me pain until I pass out.”

“Now wait just a damn minute.” He smacked his palm on the bar table. “You can’t be serious. Your sister Ruby did that to you? The Ruby I helped raised?”

“Yeah. She hated it. I relish it. Asking her once a week just something to get me by. I miss being treated like nothing, I miss being yelled at, slapped around. A powerful dragon being brought to her knees by a mere mortal. It riles me up just thinking about it. If we can get through this, I’m giving her the necklace that would make her a target Raven wants to kill every time she touches land just like Ruby. I beat her in our last battle and she doesn’t bother now. Before I brought this up, she wanted to have children and being a Faunus, she’d have multiples.”

“You are full of surprises.” He backed up in surprise. “But let’s not dwell, let drink!”

Yang received a message from Blake. I’ll finish my drink first.

Ruby walked in, a shopping bag in her hand. “Sis, this is for you. I’m going to enjoy the day with Weiss.”

“Thanks Ruby, before you go, take this.” Passing more lien than she needed or even wanted. “You want a drink before you go?”

“Virgin strawberry daiquiri?”

“Strawberry daiquiri over here.” She motioned the bar tender.

“I said virgin!” She yelled.

“You’ll be fine.” Yang paid and Ruby drank in all in a few seconds walking then slightly swaying out.

Yang received a second message. “Another whiskey on the rocks.”

“Is that one for you or me?”

“I paid you for the last.” She stuck out her tongue playfully. “This one is mine.”

“Must be pretty bad whoever is messaging you.”

“Not too terr-i-ble.” She laughed. He groaned.

Another message ‘Bring Ruby to the house with you.’ She smirked at her uncle. “Would you like to meet her and her family?”

“Oh no you don’t. Not today, Firecracker. I know that smile anywhere.”

She sent a message to Ruby. She received her shot and downed it when Ruby walked in, Weiss beside her, looking slightly upset.

“What did you give her that made her slightly woozy?!”

“Don’t come in here yelling at me! Nobody says woozy anymore.”

“I just did.” She had an attitude.

Yang was happy to see her back, only for Ruby's sake. Her voice still annoyed her. “She ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri.”

“Virgin.” Ruby corrected.

“And you’re just in time. You are taking Uncle Qrow’s spot and meeting Blake’s family.” She dragged both of them out, the shopping bag in her hand. Weiss protesting on the way out while Ruby crossed her arms.

“Resistance is futile, Weiss.” Ruby's voice deadpan.

Yang knocked on the door and Blake opened the door slightly blocking the entrance. “You know…” She leaned again the entry way blocking the way as she looking at Yang seductively. “You could just come in.”

Yang walked closer only a few inches away. “I'm not trying to be a bother princess.” Her lips inches away.

“Get a room!” Weiss called.

Blake shot her eyes up not even seeing Weiss or Ruby until she opened the door all the way looking behind Yang, slightly blushing. They followed her inside Yang setting the bag by the door laughing to herself and sat at the table.

“Our uncle didn't feel like joining us so Weiss was kind enough to take his place.”

“I was dragged against my will.” She mentioned with her arms crossed.

“I carried you and Blake against your will, get used to it.”

Ruby and Yang laughed while Blake blushed and Weiss hung her mouth open about to protest but she didn't want to entertain the blonde.

Kali came out with their tea. “Oh my, and who are our guests? Wait, let me see if I can tell who the sisters are.” Kali examined over each woman and scanning over Blake teasingly. “Blake and you my dear,” referencing Ruby “look more alike than anyone else except coming close to...Misss. Schnee? How?”

“I was looking for Winter and she wasn't home so I took the second best.” Yang smiled pleased with herself.

“Hey!” Weiss was defensive.

“Hay is for horses.” They all groaned in response while Kali laughed. “I didn't want to rob the father of both his girls. This is Weiss, Ruby my sister, you know me and…Blake.” She pointed finger guns.

“Nice to meet you all. Please, call me Kali. Please drink some tea.”

They were talking when loud footsteps approached. “Kali, who are our guests?” A voice in the distance said.

“Yang, her sister and her sister's friend.”

“Her girlfriend.” Yang teased as they blushed.

He rounded the corner. “Yang, while yes you may be a guest here, but technically you should be sitting in the alpha seat.”

“Please Sir-Ghira indulge me.” She hated she had to keep correcting herself. “This is your house.” Ruby and Weiss looked at each other confused.

“Last time Yang was here, she beat the crap out of my dad, without Ember Celica.” Blake whispered. They looked at each other, to Yang then to Ghira, back to Yang then each other.

“It was nearly a draw.” Kali came to her husband’s defense as he sat down in his usual spot.

“But, she still won. Speaking of which, when is the wedding?” He asked.

Blake quickly started drinking her tea. While Yang spoke “I haven't asked you for her hand yet or the part where you say no then I make a big speech about how much I love her and want to marry her and get so caught up in my pits of passion and love, your smiling back at me and when I ask you what’s so funny you tell me I had already been approved.” Yang said quickly and slightly huffing in nervousness.

“You beat my dad in a fight and you manage to get nervous around him.” Yang's turn to freeze.

“Don't forget dear they still haven't said their, I love you's.” Kali mentioned.

“We have.” They said in sync then glancing at one another before laughing.

“Well, about time! So when is the necklace engagement?”

“Necklace engagement!?” Ruby and Ghira said at the same time. Ruby spoke “Sis, why didn't you tell me? I would've shared more aif I knew what you were up to.”

“I want to make sure Blake is comfortable with everything first and answer any questions she might've had had.”

“What is it exactly?” Ghira said in a voice that said 'watch your words'.

“Dear,” Kali said “it's a tradition in Yang's family. Instead of using an engagement ring or even a mark like a Faunus, she uses a necklace marking them as equals then places the ring on later.” Yang, Ruby and Blake drank their tea simultaneously not wanting to answer further questions.

“Aw, that is so sweet!” Weiss said. “Ruby, you should get me one.”

Yang, Ruby and Blake all spit their drinks out spit particles floating in the air. Ruby bust into rose petals outside the door. Yang quickly shot up excusing herself, Blake following behind her.

“Priestess damn it!” Kali shouted. “Am I the only one who likes this floor?!” Everyone left at the table could hear Ruby laughing outside.

“What did I say?” Weiss asked.

“Nothing you could've possibly known about.” Kali assured. “Ignore them for they know why they laugh.”

Yang was in the court yard Blake following both of them laughing hard enough tears were falling and clutching their sides.

“Ow.” Yang laughed.

“No! Not that...I would want to.” Blake replied laughing harder. It took a couple minutes for either of them to calm down. They were panting and breathless clutching their sides and stomach.

“But at the same time...I didn't think I'd be here.” Yang calmed down staring at her partner.

“Me...either.” Blake returned her gaze closing the distance.

“Blake…” She kissed her lips slowly and sweetly then backed away. Her expression suddenly serious. “Do you have any questions for me?” She held her hands.

“Just one.” She replied walking closer. “When you put the necklace around me. Does anything in our relationship change?”

“Other than you being mine and bringing me pleasure, pain and satisfaction and not only being my equal, but my queen, not a damn thing! It means you are not longer my equal, but my queen and I, your dragon.” She kissed Blake’s lips slowly gazing into the golden eyes. She kissed her forehead and took her hand back inside.

“There you are!” Weiss stated grumpily. “What took you so long?”

“I just wanted a reason to make out with my girlfriend.” Yang stated, earning an elbow to her side. They took their seats, the area around them was damp but smelled cleaned. “How have you been these days, Kali?” Yang took a drink not getting an answer until she set the cup down.

“Very much pregnant, thanks to you. Three months along although further developed.” She smiled. Yang shivered, there was no hurt, no malice. All of the table staring at her and she tried to hide from the spotlight.

“You didn't?” Ruby said. “Yang, we talked about this-”

“I didn't do anything I wasn't given permission to.”

“We're actually glad of it.” Ghira spoke holding Kali's hand and kissing the back of it. “We've had issues in the past and this is a blessing.”

“I'm glad I could help.” She looked at her girlfriend scanning for any hurt, only to see golden eyes and smile her way. Yang grabbed her hand and Blake responded by intertwining their fingers. “I see you.”

“I see you.”

“Get a room!” Weiss called.

“Aw, come on ice prin- snow ang-Weiss, warm up.” Yang attempted to tease.

“Smooth sis, really smooth.” Ruby flatly.

“That is too rich!” Weiss laughed. “You actually stuttered!”

Yang felt a hand squeeze hers slightly. Trying to ignore it as she drank her tea. She would've concentrated better if Kali wasn't gesturing to Blake with her eyes and the hand squeeze hers much harder. She sighed and looked Blake who started getting up bringing Yang with her and ushering her out the door. Yang grabbed the bag on the way out.

Chapter Text

Blake led Yang to her ship going inside the cabin and into the closet and Yang dropped it by the door as Blake pushed her onto the bed inside. “This is a test. I want to see if I have it in me to hurt you. I will try to bruise you as much as possible and leave you pained. I won't have you pass out. What's your safe word?”

“You already know what it is. While normally I'd say go for it, but you should check the bag and I should be naked.” She winked and received a slap to her face.

“Don't question me or tell me what to do!” Nonetheless she went to the bag, black leather top, pants, boots and a black strap-on with a harness and black handcuffs with a purple lining. She felt her heart strings tug a little but it would ruin the moment.

“For you, Mistress.”

“While I appreciate the gesture, my slave, it is not worth my time.” She took the handcuffs from the shelf. “You will refer to me at master.”

“I'm sorry, Master.”

“You will be.” She glared. “Strip now!” Yang obeyed being as quick as possible he boots taking the longest. Blake grabbed her by the neck only using her nails to puncture as not to grab too hard and placed her back against the bar restraining both wrists. “Here's how this game works-”

“I already know how this game works, or at least your version of it. Get on with it, kitten.” She snarked.

Blake slapped her check again. “You dare to interrupt me!?” She slapped her other cheek. “You will address me as Master! Am I understood?” My version, your version, our version? There’s others?

“Yes Master.” She really wanted Blake to slap her again. I am really enjoying this.

Don't push her too far for the first time. The voice warned.

“Pick a number between one through twelve.”

“Five, Master.”

Blake went to the rack and grabbed the device. She let Yang feel it against her skin. The hair on the back of her neck ticked as Yang inhaled and exhaled deeply as if going to enjoy this. Blake was scared a little bit but couldn't show it.

She struck her under her chest. Yang only grit her teeth, oh how she wanted to say a smart remark. “One Master.” She continued counting a Blake kept striking. Silent tears left her as they hit her nipples. She was smiling the entire time. For the first time in months since they met, Blake felt really scared of her.

“Pick a number.”

“Twelve Master.”

Blake's eyes widened when she saw the cattle prod. Does she really? She exhaled and walked back to her pet. Letting her abs feel it. And she inhaled and exhaled again as if breathing it in. Blake struck it against her stomach going lightly at first. In hearing her voice she hit harder trying to get the smirk out of it. When she was done Yang had red lines across her chest and black bruises on her stomach.

“Pick a number.”

“Three Master.”

Blake put the prod back and brought out a thicker piece of wooden rod.


Blake turned. “Yes, my slave.”

“I've been a bad girl and need to be punished. Could you restrain my legs keeping them open while the number of reps stay the same for each leg individually?”

“You have been a very bad girl and because of this reason I will not oblige you.” Strike. “You called another princess.” Slap “I am the only one you need.” Slap “You called her a snow angle.” Slap. “You want her, don't you?” Slap. “You filthy whore.” Slap. “Am I not an angle to you?” Slap. “Do I not provide for you?” Slap. “Do I not care for you?” Slap. “This is how you thank me?” Slap. “Thinking about other women.” Slap. “Dirty slut can’t decide what she wants.” Slap. “Turned on so often all you think about is sex.” Slap. “You give it to anyone who has two legs.” Blake kept slapping at her legs. She hit her pussy a couple times to make her cry out. She put up the rod once complete. “Bumblebee.” Blake rushed to her undoing the cuffs. She felt Yang smile and exhale.

“Blake, thank you for trying, indulging me in this. Even though it ended too soon. I really, really enjoyed it, especially at the end. I appreciate your efforts you don't know how amazing you are. How'd you fair?”

“There were times I was scared, mostly of you. Using number twelve against you. It scared me how well you handled it, and even now.” She brushed her blonde, messy hair back.

“I switched that one out saving it for you to use on me. Sir, really liked it too. I had to tell Sir not to scare you first time around. Thankfully she agreed with me.” Sir growled and shook her head on the inside.

“First time around, how did you-?

“I didn't, my fantasy hasn't scared you off yet. You were willing to try it. But I remember why I went 'till I passed out.”

“I’m scared to ask, but why?”

“You activated my semblance and I am absolutely roaring.”

“Well…” Blake kissed her lips. “I know of a way we can deal with that. But because of your injuries,” she booped her nose “I'm on top.” She smirked.

“Your dragon, your rules. I believe you are in heat.” Yang rose holding her princess in her arms grabbing a purple condom and setting it nearby. She threw Blake on her side as Yang restrained herself. Blake gave her a questioning look. “In case Sir wants to play, if that's okay.”

“Fine…” She sighed. “But the moment anything happens I will shoot you.”

She can trust me. “Aw, that's too kind, I've always wanted to go out with a Yang.” Blake groaned and started stripping putting her clothes on the floor. Yang licked her lips in anticipation. You're really gonna let me take over?

You promised you wouldn't hurt her. I will be around but what she doesn't know about complete control, won't hurt her.

I could get used to this.

Blake lined herself up. “Wait…” Yang interrupted. “The condom.”

“Sh, don't worry about it.”

Yang undid one hand restrain while Blake was distracted lowering herself. Then took her robotic arm out making the sound of a soda can being crushed. While Blake was surprised by the sound Yang pushed her away removing herself and groaned as she felt claws dig into her. Blake ripped the condom open with slashed with holes. Blake wrapped her legs around her stomach and she groaned from the lashes. She easily broke free not worrying about anything other than her lover she pinned Blake to the bed looking into her eyes. She realized they were normal for a Faunus in heat.

“Blake, what's gotten into you?”

“I want you, I want this.”

Yang looked away. If I'm on top she feels so good I can't pull out.

I can, let me.

Yang thought for a moment then exhaled. She pushed Blake higher up on the bed. She let Sir take over and she lined herself up plunging in. Sir moaned while Blake yelled. Sir was fucking her, pushing out then pulling back in. She felt her walls clamp against her as her body shook from the pleasure. She pounded the same but moved slightly faster angling herself closer to that spot. She felt the other was really close. She leaned down and played with her nipple, circling it with her tongue. She felt her walls collapse and yelled as she came.

“You're so hot when you scream.”

Instead of slowing down Sir kept the same pace. “Yang...slow...down....”

“Wow! You must be really out of it. Don't freak out.” She warned. “I'm Sir and I will slow down a little.”

Blake's eyes up in horror and she tried to escape but Sir, kept her pin. “Blake, it's okay. Yang- will you stop struggling and listen please?” Sir had her pinned so all she could do was listen. “Thank you! Yang hasn't told you yet because she was waiting on your answer. You are the bridge to connect us. She saw how desperate you were and...couldn’t provide for you.” Nice cover story! “I'm here, and while I don't love you, I love fucking you.” I don't have an issue with that wording, I love fucking her too. She released Blake and continued her motions feeling the other relax.

Blake didn't care at the moment, she needed relief. “Ah! So hot...” She moaned.

“Feel my flames, baby.” Sir drew hot breath over her body, making sure to use only steam. Copycat, ha, cat.

Shut it!


The stream was too much for Blake as she came again wiggling and screaming as she did. Yang came through while Sir took a break. Her lilac eyes staring into gold. “I'm right here.” Yang slowed her motions allowing Blake to come down but postponing it for as long as possible while kissing her passionately.

“Oh Yang! Yes!”

Yang sped up, and pounded into her the way Sir did. After a few minutes she angled herself and didn't pound as hard but against her g-spot, driving Blake up the wall. She kept her pinned as her body was involuntarily bucking and rising. Her walls clamped down as she yelled into the ceiling raising her body as high as could. Yang slowed down her movements with Blake as she was coming down. This feels great! We can switch off from one another making the sex and us last longer. We are so ready to beat Raven. I'm excited to get a full time dominatrix and able lead during sex.

I approve of this. You need to convince her to stay.

Blake sat up slightly half expecting her partner to stop as three was usually her limit. She laid back down as Yang sped up her motions. Kissing and sucking Blake's neck making her call out.

“I remember when you used to be quiet.” She continued sucking. “I'm glad you're not.”

“Oh! Yang! Sssaahh!”

Yang moved down her body forcing her to pound harder into her partner. She moved her body sideways angling as she playing with the neglected nipple from before. She reached up over Blake and locked her mechanical arm back onto her body. She placed the vibrator over her clit on medium setting. Blake was screaming at this point squirting very little. Yang lowered the setting and slowed her movements. She felt herself really close and wanted to speed up.

Game plan, I speed up rendering her senseless, once senseless you pull out.


You mean-


Yang sped up her movements causing Blake's confusion. Once she felt Blake relax again she pounded into her sending shock waves inside her body. Blake gripped the bed sheets her knuckles turned white. Yang angled herself again hoping to cause Blake one more orgasm. To aid her, she placed the vibrator on her clit again at low setting to make sure she wasn't painfully sensitive, she moved to medium and seeing Blake squirm was really gripping Yang to the edge. She turned it up and after a few seconds Blake came again. Her walls clamping down against the member. Yang forced herself to stop, then slowly, reducing the vibration to low. She let Sir take over while she was panting and she pulled out rubbing her juices on Blake's body. Blake was too tired to move. An inaudible groan of protest left her lips.

“Sorry Kitty. Yang couldn't pull out. She never listens.” Sir released control and Yang fell on top of her breathless and panting.

“Hey...princess.” She panted then fell straight to sleep her head in the crook of her neck. She was drooling onto the sheets below her. Too tired to fight and the weight on top of her keeping her pinned as she fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Yang woke up and slowly opened her eyes. Another dream, but this felt real. Almost like a memory. She sat up and listened to her audio book, the memory bothering her but she wasn't sure why. She felt Blake slowly stir and open her eyes just as slow.

“Hi.” Blake said weakly.

“Hey.” Yang said, still drifting. She figured Blake would be too tired to notice. “Coffee?” Blake slowly nodded. Yang got up and barely dressed and left. She came back with three cups of coffee. She looked at Blake who seemed like she was slowly waking up. She slowly handed Blake her cups and started downing it hoping to wake up faster.

“Hey, easy, it's not going anywhere.” Yang laughed. Only receiving a glare in response. “Okay, you win.”

After a couple minutes Blake started talking. “What's wrong?

“I had this really weird dream, it wasn't bad. I don't know how to describe it. It felt more like a memory. It was hard to tell between real and not.”

“What was it about?” Blake asked her curious.

“Before I answer, I want to ask you a question. You don't have to answer, but I really wanna know. What was your first time like?”

“What is this about?”

“I just wanna know, if that's alright.”

“For me, I thought I was in love. Two childhood friends, dating in high school talking about a future together. We started our cycles early and helped each other out. I was reluctant at first. But we...she watched videos and I had my books. We were lost in each other, mostly the kissing and she pushed me on the bed then straddled me. I was thankful she was on top of me and my reading really didn't help much as some details are left unwritten. She was causing me to moan and rub into her. I was a hot mess when she finished with me. But you, are so much better. The most I've had with her is two orgasms before she's out of energy. It took one for her and she was done. I felt like I was in love and I wanted our relationship to last. My mom liked us together, but my dad wasn't very supportive. I snuck out many times and we continued seeing each other until we broke up.”

“Considering I already told you my first time already, I'll bite. I'll tell you the first time I really enjoyed sex and the person didn't really fight the idea, but not completely for it. I enjoyed it and it helps me sleeps at night wanting to believe the other Faunus enjoyed it. Pretty sure she did, but didn't get a chance to tell me. I was about ten, my mom made a stop in Menagerie. Does it count, even if were both underage? I mean it's not different from teen’s right? No, you know what, Imma keep going unless you shut me up.” She said nervously causing Blake to laugh.

“Go slow, lots of kisses and slow gropes. Ease her into it make sure she enjoys it as well as yourself. And if she gives you any trouble, lead her to a dark area without any people cover her mouth and take her anyway. Make sure she is smaller than you and is around your age. We'll be here for two months. I will be required to leave from time to time. I'll send up a green flare and if you are not on board in the next hour, I am leaving you to fend for yourself until I get back. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Receiving a blow of dust in her face.

The blonde child was walking along the beach. As normal as possible with a foreign object between her legs. Female, my age, not male they have an ego and are weak. What is an ego anyway? What or who am I looking for? Someone smaller, around my age group. She tilted her head as an older cat Faunus pushed her daughter out the door insisting she makes friends or gets some sun. She's cute when she's angry. Is she reading? That book is huge. What is it like twenty chapters? I'll observe her and see if she puts it down. Don't wanna stare too long. Who else is there? Damn, that other girl is talking to her. Fuck! Shit! Master doesn't allow me to curse, I'll have to push me later. Is the other girl looking at me? Water! She quickly changed the topic as the brunette was approaching.

She got up and took off her shoes and letting the cool water refresh her feet. She was lost and didn't feel the tap on her shoulder.

She turned around. “Hi.” She smiled wearily. Crap it's that other girl.

“Hi, were you...looking at my friend?”

“Oh, uh, no...something in the distance.”

“Uh huh.” She rolled her eyes.

She doesn't believe me. I was making it painfully obvious. “I'm Slut.” She held out her hand.

“Uh huh.” She raised an eyebrow and shook her hand. “I, her name's B. You could just say hi instead of staring. She might not like people, but she'll respond in one word sentences until you get to know her.”

“Thanks, wasn't staring and I should go.”

“You’re just as awkward as she is. C'mon, I'll introduce you.” She grabbed her wrist and pulling her along.

“Wait, Ilia...that's not...” Shit.

“B B, this is Slut...” She didn't finish.

“Just Slut. I haven't been given a last name yet.” She scratched the back of her head.

“Slut, this is B.”

“Hi.” Slut said offering a hand.

“Hi.” She said dryly not looking up from her book and slut took her hand back. “Were you staring at me?”

“No…” She blushed. “I was looking beyond you. It just so happened to be in your general direction.” She lied with a nervous smile.

“At what exactly?” She raised an eyebrow.

“That.” She pointed in the distance. “Empty space.”

“B, Slut, I hear my mom calling me. I'll catch up to you later.”

“I wait-I don't-!” B groaned. She would leave me with this weirdo. They both thought simultaneously. “Look, you don't have to be nice and stick around. I'd rather read anyway.”

“What if...I want to stay here under this tree? I don't know how to read anything other than maps and stars. Maybe you to me?” She suggested.

“You don't know how to read? You only read maps and how do you read stars?” She raised an eyebrow. “What school do you go to?” She raised her eyebrow.

“No. Yes. And my Master teaches me. I listen to people read me books. Please one question at a time.”

“I could…teach you.” B offered.

“I'd like that.” Slut sat down next to her.

Twenty minutes later.

“This is so hard!” She groaned in frustration.

“Maybe if you actually tried concentrating and stopped laughing at your own jokes you would get it.”

“I need a break. I'll be back here about five minutes unless you see or hear a green flare go off. That means I have to go.” Slut stormed off toward the water getting more frustrated as she thought about words and letters. She argued with herself pacing back and forth.

She paced one way to represent on side. “She's just trying to help. At least she doesn't slap you around like Master does. I want my mom and dad.” She whined.

She turned the other way. “They're not coming back, they’re dead. They made you weak. I'm not a dragon, I'll never be a dragon.”

She spun again. “This is your home and life now. The Faunus girl just wants to help, you should let her. She's cute, smart, she has pretty eyes and cute ears.

One direction “I don't need to learn this crap, I have Master.”

“Look her over again. You're okay. Break time is over.” She sighed. Okay.

Yang walked back to her. “I'm sorry I yelled at you. You're just trying to help.” She sat down next to her.

“It' fine. Do you always talk to yourself and how does your body have steam coming off of it?”

“One question at a time, please.” Remembering her manners. “Sometimes, I have an argument with my mind. If I'm stressed out for my head, I say it out loud. I have steam only when I'm angry or in pain.”

“I think I figured out your problem. What do you see? She pointed at a word.”

“A-d-t. I can't tell if those are o's or u's or c's.”

“How about now?” Blake placed both hands over the page and left a circle opening on just the word.

“A-b-out. Wow! How did you-?”

“You have dyslexia.”

“Dis-lex-e-ah?” She tilted her head.

Blake sighed. “Yeah, it's when you see words switched around or see multiples of the same letter that aren't there. Like how b as in-.”

“Don't say b word.” She tried to shush her.

“You mean, bravo?”

“Oh, no. I mean b as in males. My Master told me it was a bad word.”

“Boy?” She tilted her head.

“Sh!” Slut put her finger to her lips.

“It's not a curse word. People say it all the time.” She assured.

“Huh?” Her face was in shock. “But my Master...”

“Who is your master? What about your parents?”

“What’d I tell you? One question at a time. My Master, she's the reason I exist. My step-mom and real dad are...dead.” She looked at the ground in sadness. “The only reason I am not a dragon yet is because of them.”

“A dragon? You can’t turn into one.” She eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “That’s not how that works. I'm sorry about your parents. That was wrong of me to ask.”

“Don't worry about it.” She smiled.

Blake returned her smile then twitched her ear. “I hear my mom calling me.” She lied. “I gotta go.” She got up and stared walking away.

“I'll see you tomorrow...maybe.” She called after her with a wave. Stupid life story. Now I've scared her off.

Just take her next time you see her. A voice argued.

Master said ease her into it and only use force if necessary. She's too cute for that. I don't want to hurt her. She doesn't deserve that.

She looked at the ground kicking nearby sand her scattering it to the wind. Her head down in defeat. There's I. Nah. She's not as cute and her outgoing personality, not my style. Maybe I should head home. Yeah, but what if Master hurts me because I didn't…. I'll hide! She reasoned.

She slowly made her way through a walkway being avoided because she was human. At least no one is talking to me. She took refuge near the desert area by a rock blocking the sun. “Dang it. Now I've scared off two potential friends. Master is right, I am weak. Only friends I have are in my control or not real. They're forced to be my friends. Crying like the child I am just without tears this time. Damn it!” She yelled punching the rock behind her leaving small cracks and red knuckles. She shook away the pain in her hand. 'Great cursing again calls for more punishment.”

“Does that make you feel better?” A voice called behind her.

She stood as the other girl now had to attention. “I...hi. And only a little bit. How long have you...?” She blinked. “Were you following me?”

“Yes, only because B was in a rush to leave and you seemed alone.”

“Said her mom was calling her, even her ear twitched.”

“My parents want to meet you since they've never seen a human interact with a Faunus like you do.”

“Yeah...uh...sure...I guess.” What does interact mean?

“Wow, look at the color.” I gasped in amazement watching the sky.

The green flare went up. “I gotta go, I know this sounds lame, but is how my Master calls me home.” She was turning to walk away.

“Wait.” She grabbed her hand keeping her from leaving.

“I, let go. I gotta go!” She pulled her wrist free and ran through the crowd which parted for the young human. I hot on her heels. “Leave me alone! I gotta go.” She sprinted.

“Wait, Sla-wait!”

She ran closing her eyes for a bit not even realizing someone was in front of her. “Oof! Sorry I...B? Sorry I gotta-” She quickly scrambled to her feet.

“Gottcha.” She grabbed her hand.

“I, let me go! I have to go! My Master is calling me with a green flare. She leaves in less than an hour.”

“We got time.” B said helping I restrain her with the other hand.

“Let me go! She's gonna be mad and punish me if I don't return.”

“Blame it on us.” I assured.

“She won’t believe me.” Slut argued.

They dragged her to I's house. Everyone around thought they were playing. Some were filled with hope as they played with the human, others disgusted and most thought it was reverse as the human bent to the will of the Faunus, unwillingly. They trapped her in I’s her room.

“I have to go, she'll leave without me and leave me to fend for myself.”

“That is a risk we're willing to take. What's your real name?” I interrogated her.

“I told you I, it's Slut.”

“Do you even know what a slut is?” Blake asked with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” She asked confused. “It's my name!” She argued.

“No, a slut is someone who dresses inappropriately showing off skin near their private areas in public places.” Defined B.

“Well...I'm also called Whore.” She deflected.

“Whore: someone who enjoys sex and has sex with a lot of different people.” They scrunched their faces.

“Okay Miss I know words and definitions.”

“That's Miss. Dictionary to you. We know these things because of school.” Blake said in a snarky tone. “What did you dad and step-mom call you?” She asked softly.

“I can't say it.” She shook her head. “Master will hurt me, then you two.”

“We want to help. What you're going through, it's not right.” I assured resting a hand on her shoulder to calm her.

“What about meeting your parents, I?” She changed the subject.

“I lied so I could try to coax you here without raising suspicion.”

“How do you girls know so many big words?” Mommy's little slut asked.

“We go to an actual school with other Faunus and some matured early. What you're being called, isn't right. I won't ask again.” Putting on her best glare. “What did your step-mom and dad call you?

“Y.” She cried out in a whisper intimidated by a glare she's all too familiar with. “My dad called me his Sunny Little Dragon.” She said in a hushed whisper.

“Has a nice ring to it. Short, one syllable.” B observed.

“Can I please go now?” Y begged.

“No, you’re staying here.” I demanded.

“I can’t, her semblance, she appears at my location when she wants.”

“Let’s continue reading.” B suggested.

“I have to go!” Y yelled getting up.

“Oh no you don’t.” The other two said in sync holding her down.

“Even though we had just met and they had no idea what trouble they caused me. They taught me how to read and B, she give me this.” She went to the book like drawer and pulled out a diamond piece of paper with a hole in the middle. “It helped drastically, but I didn’t have the patience to keep reading like that and try to understand the book I was reading.”

“Wait, you were Y, B....was me and I was Ilia....You still have that? That was over ten years ago.” She gasped in amazement.

“I was hoping to find you and thank you. I lost hope as the years passed and you could be in anyone of the kingdoms. I check Menagerie many times and your mom still looked the same she did she did all those years ago. You on the other hand,” she sat down next to her and swiped her hair around her ear kissing her cheek “have matured physically and mentally.” She kissed her lips. “You went from cute to hot, though you still have a form of cuteness, just not a kid cute anymore. When I kidnapped you that night, I didn’t realize it was you. The memory only came to me in dream form. I guess I have met your parents before. I just didn’t remember and neither did they.” She smiled nervously. “Probably a good thing.”

“Yang, baby.” Her voice soft and cute. “Hold me.” She fell into her lover

Yang comfortably adjusted her body to hold hold her. She's never seen Blake like this. “Should I continue?” She carefully asked aware Blake now knows the whole story.”

“Please.” She flicked her feline ear.

“After getting to know these chicks and staying at their houses, I finally told them what my mission from Raven was. I was walking along the edge of the beach and a month and a half passed by.

“I can’t do this. It’s not right. They’re my friends. I'll just... torture some other poor girl?

“Exactly.” She paced to the other side to represent her voice.

“No!” Her arm went open to her sides in anger. “Look what happened to Toy, Barbie, Train, Party and others. I can’t do this.” She went to a nearby rock and sat against it curling around herself.

“Yang, what’s wrong?” A soft voice peaking beside it. “Why are you avoiding us?”

“Blake…No! Go away! Let me go!” She got up quickly to walk away.

Blake stopped her grabbing her wrist. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

Yang didn't see a way out of this. She didn't face her. Unable to look into her concerned golden eyes. “Fine, but you have to sit.” Deep breath. “I am going to be leaving in about two weeks. I have no idea when I’ll be back, if I'll be back.”

“Wait. You’re leaving?”

“My Master said I’ll be here for a about two months. And before we left she wanted me to...take someone.”

“Take someone? Yang, what are you talking about?”

“She wanted me to take a female's virginity. You know, sex.”

“What!? But your-?” She was confused.

“There's fingers which most females use, but she gave me dust and I have male part.”

“What!?” She swallowed. “What’s the punishment if you don’t?”

“She’ll just use me instead. She told me if not given willingly, take it anyway.”


“Will you stop staying that!?” She nearly yelled being able to face her. She turned back to the ground of sand. “It’s awkward and hard to tell enough already.” She said in a muffled voice.

“I’m sorry. This is all new to me and shocking. Wait. Why you were staring at me the day we met!?” She asked out curiosity and waited for a response. After nothing came for several seconds, it hit her. “Yang!” Heat rose to her cheek in a blush but also anger.

“Yes... I like it when you say me name like that.” She slapped a hand over head moth with wide eyes. She slapped herself. “Geez that sounded really bad. I’m going to go.” She got up to walk away. “I might see you in time.”

“But you’re just gonna hurt some poor girl?” Blake walked after her.

“Hopefully I won’t. If she’s willing, I won’t have to have to hurt her. If I don’t do this, my Master will do much worse to me. If I have to, I'll take the brunt and leave her alone.”

“She’s your mom, not master.” She corrected.

“I haven’t earned the right to call her anything else, and until I do, it's Master.” Yang continued walking on.

Blake froze thinking about her next words with a blush. “What if I…helped you?” She offered.

Yang froze turning to her wide eyed. “No…Blake…I can’t ask-.”

“You do have to...At least…” Her voice trailed off. “Please, don’t let it hurt.” She nearly cried.

Yang hugged her, the only thing she knew how to do to comfort others. “That’s the last thing I want.” She whispered in her ear. “But you'll start your heat cycle once you do. It's a pain to deal with for years.”

“If it helps you, I don't care.” She took her wrist. “Follow me.” Blake reluctantly led Yang to her family's guest house. “No one goes in here. I guess…we should start.” She started to remove her shirt fighting away her tears.

“Not yet.” Yang tightly pulled her shirt back in place. “You’re not comfortable. I don't want to do this unless you are. Turn around and I’ll help you relax.” When Blake’s back was to Yang she rested her hands around her shoulders and started kneading the flesh. Moving her fingers in circular motions up and down and across her shoulder blades.

Blake let out a gasp. “Wow. You are really good.”

Yang continued her movements. Moving all around her shoulders causing Blake to purr. “You're really cute.” She whispered hot breath over her ear not knowing Blake could purr. Once done with her shoulders, she moved to her neck using her thumbs in the back and her fingers in the front is circular motions. “Are you feeling relaxed?”

“ talking.” She moaned.

Yang was lightly pushing down on her back. “Lay flat on the ground.” Blake did as asked. “It's easier without a shirt on. Only if you're comfortable talking it off.” Blake shook her head not ready for that. She proceeded to rub and scratch her back in horizontal, vertical and circular movements with her fingers.

“Ah. Yang you’re really good at this.” Her lips complimenting her moans. Yang leaned down on top of her and starting kissing her neck the dark hair girl eliciting gasps. “Yang!”

She smiled hearing her name on the girl's lips. She rolled the petite girl on her back and gently started kissing her lips. Little pecks at first that grew into kisses lasting seconds then a full make out session with tongue. Both of them tasting the others mouth and hot breath. She glided her hands over the blue shirt and grabbed at the hem. The other assisted her in taking it off. Then Yang took hers off. Then connected lips again. She was nervous but wanted to please. She hadn't been with a living person like this before, just her dolls or fingers. She moved her hand over the breast and starting playing with it.

“Gently, please. Ah, slower.” Yang slowed her movements moving her fingertips in circular motions hands moving in circles. She let her left hand continue playing while the other licked and sucked the sensitive flesh. “Ah!”

“Sh, don’t want anyone to hear us.” She whispered hot breath into the human ear. A smirk came across her face as she whispered for the other be quiet. Yang moved her hands down her pants and removed both sets. Her teeth pulled the white garment away. She moved her head back to her stomach and started kissing and licking the area. She didn’t want to leave any marks and cause suspicion or pain for the other. She leaned her head back down. “Can I feel you down her?” She teased the bundle of nerves causing her to shiver in response.

“Please.” She begged.

Yang massaged the area feeling it dampen. “You smell really sweet and innocent.” She whispered.

“Oh, Yang!” She loved the dirty talk that was similar to her books.

“Look at you squirming while I get my fingers damp because of how good I make you feel.”


“I’m gonna stick my finger inside. There is going to be resistance, if you feel a pop, that’s your V Card being punched.” She winked. “It may hurt at first, but I will make you feel better.”

“Not just yet. Don't say V Card or punched.” She said nervously. “I want you to take it with your...penis.” She had one eye opened focused on Yang's bulge.

Yang eased her middle finger inside cause the response of the other to gasp. Yang started kissing her and dominating her tongue. She started moving her finger in and out slowly. She felt the resistance and only poked it cause slight pain. The other was moving her hips with the rhythm and moaning. Yang moved her finger around looking for her special spot. She curled her finger and the girl under her let her know she found it. She moved over it back and forth rapidly. Blake was huffing, and moaning into her mouth until she broke away.

“I gotta pee.” She started to get up but Yang held her down. “Yang, let me up.”

“It’s not pee. Cum for me.”

She felt the build up and knew it was a matter of time. “Yang!” She yelled into the ceiling. Her back arching as it was lifted off the ground and her body shaking afterward. Yang slowed her movements helping her ride it out.

“Yang…” She panted. “That…felt…amazing. I’m sorry…I was…skeptical.”

“Sh. I’m glad it felt good. You’re using really big words again. I’ll take nervous. This next part will hurt at first, but then you’ll feel so much better than you do now.”

“Oh…kay.” She swallowed.

Yang pulled her underwear off revealing her shaft. “This one is smaller as not to hurt you compared to a full grown one.” Yang lined it with her entrance rubbing the tip against her slick folds. “You ready?”

“Ready.” She nodded.

Yang pushed in slowly just the head inside. The other was squirming while her walls adjusted to something being pushed inside her. “You feel really good. Let me when you want more.” Yang bobbed the head in and out. She pushed in and left herself there.

“Slowly.” She breathed.

“Breath in.”

“You mean inhale.”

“Yes, that.”

Blake's breath hitched as she felt more of it go inside her. “Ah! O-o! Yang!” Yang stayed put for a little bit feeling her walls clutching and relaxing around her. Yang down again kissing her lips and mouth vigorously. She then thrust in and out only leaving the head in and in as much as Blake could take. Blake leaned her head back and started moaning “So good, deeper, don’t stop. All the way in.”

Yang exhaled nervous about this next part. She continued her movements except when pulling to the head she leaned her mouth down continuing to kiss and play with her breast and clit. Her mouth covering the other others to muffle any screams. She pushed all the way in and left herself there as the other screamed into her mouth. Once the screaming stopped, she pushed in and out all the way. Feeling the other moan in pleasure again she picked up her movements. She started slamming in hard as she felt herself close. Blake yelled as she came and Yang seconds behind her.

“Yang!” She screamed as she felt her body being filled with hot sticky seed. After she came down from her high and her breathing slowed. Her eyes shot up in fear. “Can I get pregnant from this?” She sat up halfway and groaned as the shaft moved inside her.

“No.” She said sweetly shaking her head.

“How do you know?” She panted.

“You have nothing to worry about.” She winked. “I’ve met Faunus on board her ship and they tell me everything. You can only get pregnant when you're in heat.” She smiled and continued riding her as she was still hard. “You feel so good!”

“I love how you feel inside me.” Her arms wrapped around the others body holding her in place. “Oh, Yang, faster! Harder!” She cried as Yang hit her at a new angle. “A-h!” She screamed as she came. “Oh! Yang! Fill me!” She slammed herself down to make Yang orgasm faster. Yang bit her neck with a tinge of aura in it. “A-h! Yes!”

Blake fell back with Yang on top of her. Both too tired to move. She became flaccid still inside of her. “Blake, thank you.” She kissed her. “I’m glad I got to be your first and you mine.”

“The pleasure was and is literally mine.” She swallowed and Yang was worried she did something wrong. “You marked me.” She said a little afraid. “In the heat of the moment, you marked me.” She forced herself to calm her breathing.

“I don't have an entire idea about that first sentence.” She took a breath. “Did it hurt? Did I hurt you?” Yang asked concerned.

“No it's just...” She paused and Yang stayed silent waiting for her to finish. “Do you know what it means? To mark a Faunus like that? I mean....we're still kids.”

Yang smiled with a nod and rubbed her head against the other. “I do. Blake, I choose you.”

Her eyes went wide. “I've never....I mean a long time ago...a human marked a Faunus... Yang I....”

“Did I do something wrong? Did you not want me to? I'm sorry I-”

Blake kissed her lips stopping her apology. She smiled breaking away and holding her cheek. “You didn't do anything wrong. I'm just surprised. The answer is yes.” Being marked meant the world to her. She always looked forward to the day when it would happen to her and didn't think it would be this soon.

“I will find you again and mark you.” Yang smiled back and rested their foreheads together. “Lets get dressed before we worry Ilia.”

“Too late.” She panted naked and dripping from between her legs. “That was really hot. I want the next round.” Both stared at her in shock. “What?” She stared back the two. “I saw Yang sad, then I saw Blake angry and sad then I followed you and came here. There was also another woman who came through a red and black portal. She saw you two from there.” Ilia pointed in front of her and to the other side of them.

“My Master. I guess she knows. Can we all put some clothes on and go?” Yang forgot she was still inside and tried pulling out.

“Ah!” “Ow!” They said simultaneously.

“Yang, get out.” She tried pulling away. “Ow!”

“I’m stuck...” Ilia was rolling around the ground laughing. Blake glared at Yang and Ilia. “We have to go one more round.” Blake's face dropped in shock. Ilia laughed even harder. “We're knotted.”

“Ilia, that’s not funny! Yang get-ow!” She glared.

“Okay.” Yang started pounding into Blake again trying to pull out further with each thrust.

“Yang...Stop...” She moaned. Not entirely sure she wanted her to stop.

“It’s the fastest way.” Ilia stopped laughing and stared at the two. She swallowed hard as it turned her on. Better than porn videos or Blake's books. “Besides, we have an audience to please.” Yang started kissing her slowly but passionately. Blake returned it only to end this as quickly as possible. Yang smirked as she knew she could come out but didn’t want to stop. Especially, with Ilia looking as hot and bothered masturbating to their movements. Yang felt herself really close and started rubbing Blake’s clit with her thumb. Blake was moaning into her mouth her chest rising to meet hers. Yang played with her breasts once more.

“A-h!” She screamed as she came and bit Yang back with her aura.

“A-h!” Ilia yelled.

Yang right behind them pounding Blake harder using her hips for momentum. “Bbllaakkeeee!”

“Yyaannngg!” She cried being filled. She felt Yang pull out of her this time and gently kiss her many times.

Yang continued. “After having sex with you, we all became a thing before I had to leave. It was really hard to keep up with you two. I thought you two had entered your heat cycles while I was there, but I wasn't sure and hoped I didn't get either of you pregnant before I left. I never forgot our memories together. Not until Sir was at her full potential and I almost completely lost myself. My-Raven told me to take a shower everytime she smelled me. Told me she was proud of what I did. 'It was part of my training. Allow others to trust you and misuse it'. She gave me a time limit so I wasn't dilly dallying.”

“I had to shower hoping my parents wouldn't smell me. My mom scolded me and asked a bunch of questions, what adult was doing this, how and where was this happening, telling me it wasn't right and all that. I told her about you and she thought I had made you up until I brought you to meet them and she didn't believe me that you had a penis, even dust inflicted. She wanted me to stay away from you. I smart mouthed her and told her she wanted me to make friends and so I did. Not the right one according to her standards. If it makes you feel any better...” she blushed “I really did enjoy our time together, although short. I had to crush on you too. I didn't want to say anything. I was looking at you from my book. Striking blonde hair was the first thing to catch my eye. I remember you marking me as your mate and I tried to honor it for years not doing anything with Ilia until high school.”

“I remember my mom came through the portal after we finished saying that any submissive of mine was now hers. I told you to run and you did, however reluctant. I fought her off for as long as possible not really attacking but anything to buy you time. She nearly chocked me to death. I woke up tied to the bed. Turns out, she just wanted an excuse to fuck anyone. I kept my timeline, but because I defied her, I was punished anyway. I shouldn't of coaxed you into it. I should've taken the punishment.” She sighed.

“I'm glad you didn't.” She smiled. “Ilia started watching an array of porn videos of futanari and widened my array of smut.”

“Really? My fault.” She has shit eating smirk. “I'm glad you enjoyed it then and now.” She kissed her.

“I found a book and snuck it out of the library and wanted to try all types of positions. That was the day you left. Ilia and I tried them, but it wasn't the same. We missed you and we even talked about you every so often. I didn't forget about you, it's just hard when I didn't see you for years.”

“I tried to find you later and went all over Menagerie looking for you. I could point your house out from anywhere and your mom answered the door and said you hadn't been home in years with tears in her eyes.”

She turned her head. “That must've been during my time in the Fang. I didn't think I deserved a friend like you when I came back.”

“I'd like to make a trip to your parents house today, if that's okay?”

“Yeah, but what for?”

“I'd like to give your parents lien to help with anything they need for the pregnancy and cater to their and your half-siblings needs. I am responsible.”

Blake sighed wishing partially it was her on the receiving end. “Yeah, that's fine.” She smiled. “I'd be good to see my dad anyway since we missed him yesterday. I'd also like to give him a piece of my mind.”

“Blake, look at me.” Their eyes met as Yang held her cheek. “One day, my princess.” She kissed her forehead. “And don't fight your dad. At least...get some pointers from your mom first. I should not have said that.”

“You keep saying soon or one day, but when?”

“When I defeat Raven.”

“When is that?”

“When I and Sir know we can beat her and we feel like we are close but really far. We need to combine ourselves. Also, when someone can take her spot.”

Blake was slightly irritated. “And what will it take for that to happen?”

“When you feel comfortable abusing us.”

“So, you're telling me, the only one stopping us, is me?”

“No, you're stopping your self physically, mentally and emotionally. I'm stopping us because of my battle with Raven and I need more practice.”

“Why didn't say something sooner?” She said sadly.

“Because one, you never asked. And two I wanted to make sure you were okay with this.”

“So, you and Sir both want me taking Raven's spot...” She turned her head with realization.
“That must be what she meant by closing the bridge.”

You told her about that?

She deserves to know.

When did you suddenly start care?


“Hey, I'm here, just a conversation. I wanted to make sure Sir didn't push you into anything.” She took a breath. “I was wondering, would you like to take half the day going through all the techniques and methods for safety measures?”

Blake looked away and sighed. She thought for a moment. “Yeah.” She said with reluctance.

Yang took her through everything, explaining and drawing diagrams on what she specifically wanted and the best ways she wouldn't get hurt. “Are you comfortable with this? All of this?” She brushed raven hair aside.

“It still scares me, but now that I understand more, I'm not as afraid. This gives you pleasure as you give me love, attention and pleasure. If I have to give you the pain you want, you are worth it. I don't want to lose you because of this. Now come on, you wanted to meet my parents. Let's get dress and I want you to say everything wrong. I will no longer stop myself to get what I want.”

This is exactly why I didn't want her to know!

She's so hot when she's feisty.

Stop! She's mine!

Sir smirked from inside her mind. Not if you don't give her what she wants and I take over while she's in heat. She won't notice a difference other than your compliance.

Shut up! Yang screamed in her mind.

Chapter Text

They left the ship and Yang held Blake's hand. An idea for later came to her and she smirked.

“Whatever it is your thinking, ask yourself if it's something Ruby would do. If not, don't do it.”

“She'd do it.” Yang winked.

“Not like that. Yang, stop giving mental images of your sister and Weiss.” She covered her face in her hands.

“It's not what you thought at all then. Weiss still screams for me from time to time when Ruby uses her semblance. I am going to enjoy saying all the wrong things. First off, you and Ruby had sex before we did. So Ruby's body must be floating through your mind. And second, you know exactly how she fucks so you already know how they go down in the bedroom. Not that she's as experienced as me. I know your body loves me.”

“I am going to make excellent use of that tongue of yours.”

“Force it to roll out of my mouth, clamped, mouth gagged with a ring hole clean your boots or” she had a plastered grin “clean that pussy of yours and force you to say your safe word again?” Blake's ear twitched. “I know that last one did something for ya.” She slapped her ass earning a glare. “We don't have to wait, pussy cat.” Blake marched onward doing her best not to stomp before they even arrive. “You're so hot when your pissed at me.” Blake growled trying to keep it together. “Kitty wants to play.”

“Shut up! I know what I said and regret saying it.”

“You'll have to remind me what it was.” A smirking grin.

“I will be the one smiling and breathing in the scent of your blood. Speaking of, you're not bleeding unless you take your iron supplement or eat an insatiable amount of meat where even I worry.”

“There ya go with big words again. Does that meat consist of me eating you out?” She widely grinned, changing the topic from her lack of iron.

“Not another word until my dad specifically addresses you!” She warned through her teeth with her index finger pointed at Yang.

This is so much fun. I really hope her dad isn't in a meeting. I wonder if Ruby and Weiss should join us. Nah, not with the shit I have to say! Her teeth were shown as she was grinning.

“Whatever the hell you and Sir are thinking, you need to stop.”

This is so much more fun than being abused by Raven for saying some smart remark.

Like I said earlier, I will stay out of the way and you do what you can to keep her.

Oh gah, I love her! “I see you.”

“What did I say about talking!”

Yes! I love this! I love her!

“Mom, dad, I'm back and Yang is here too...I guess.” Yang had a wide smile holding back a laugh. Deciding it wasn't speaking, she gripped her ass loving the way she feels in her hand. She forced herself to hide her smile as Blake glared at her.

“Hey, girls, go ahead and take a set. I'll be right out with some tea.”

“You. Sit.” Blake pointed to Yang's alpha seat. Yang huffed through her nose in annoyance. “I'm going to help mom. You better hope these kids you put in her don't have a mouth like you.” Yang beamed. “Don't. You. Dare. Stop smiling you blonde bimbo.” Blake left Yang to her own devices while she helped her mom. Creating you is so worth all the years of abuse for this moment. Having someone in my own head to talk to, thinking as bad thoughts as I do.

The Faunus came back with the tea smiling devilishly. Maybe I should leave. I really don't like that she looks like that. Kali's smile is even worse. She actually scaring me. They took their usual seats and Yang did not not like where this was going.

“Yang,” Kali addressed “how have you been?” Yang gave her a thumbs up. “On a scale of one to ten with ten the highest, how badly do you want to talk?” Yang held up a four bobbing her head. “I'm glad Blake told me about this little game of yours. I just sent my husband on a wild goose chase.” Yang swallowed nervously. What have I done? “How does it feel sitting in the alpha seat?” Yang pointed two fingers in the seat next to her princess. “You can end this at anytime. All you have to do is talk.” Yang shook her head and narrowed her eyes. Challenge accepted!

“So Blake, how large is Yang?”

“You clearly remember how small she was right? Oh wait, it's not even worth mentioning.” Yang put a fist over her mouth. “You remember when you and dad gave me that embarrassing sex talk when I was younger? Well, Yang was my first and she engaged us. And engaged us again according to Faunus tradition. I just didn't seem to remember her until she had a memory of us.”

“Guess she really wasn't worth remembering.” Kali winked. “I mean how else do you forget a blonde human? Your father and I thought you were making up stories.” Yang's mouth went wide. Wow! Just because I'm an alpha type they question me on everything that makes a man tick. This is not going to work ladies. She gripped her fingers like she was gripping a pencil and moved it across her other hand as if she was writing something down. “Pen and paper is an easy way out. That doesn't sound like you.”

Yang continued sipping her tea. Just to make Kali upset she purposefully spit it out on the floor. “Damn it Yang! That is perfectly good waste of tea and flooring. Are you going to do this everytime you come over?” Yang nodded and pointed to her seat as if to say she is the alpha. Kali did not take kindly to this at all with her pointed glare that made Yang almost whimpered in fear realizing her mistake too late.

“Mom, don't worry about her. I'll show her who's boss in the bedroom and I could even get some pointers from you if you wish to join me.”

“Pay back is a bitch.” Yang put a finger to her lips and pointed at Kali's belly then shook her head. “They are too young to understand language.” She pointed at Kali's belly then started humping the air pulling how good she felt in bed to her mind to knock her up.

“How does it feel to be Neo for a day?” Blake smirked and Yang's eyes went wide at the touchy subject. “She was in an abusive relationship prior to Sir and because of it, she can't talk.” Yang sighed deeply in and out. She pointed to herself, her eyes then the Blake. 'I see you'. “That's supposed to be a really romantic gesture and you just ruined it.” Yang shrugged as if she didn't care. Blake's nails dug into her palm with a glare.

“Now Blake, dear, don't let her get you. She's surrounded and your father is not here to back her. Not that he would dare to.” Yang's mouth made an o shape and she breath out loudly. “Some dragon you are, can't even roar properly.” Yang's eyes tinged with red she wrapped a hand around her throat as if chocking then to Blake.

“She's trying to say that since she chose me when we were younger she saved me from Raven and almost suffocated.” She paused and Yang nodded. “Not that is made a difference since she kidnapped me anyway.” Yang's mouth hung wide open, then an idea hit her. She raised her mechanical arm and switched on the vibrator with a smirk. 'You know you love it'. “I guess it has some perks. It's the only thing that makes me orgasm. Yang's mouth went open and she threw her had back before slamming it on the table. She balled her hand into a fist and lightly taped the table then shook her head. “Your actions speak for themselves.” Yang stood up from the table slightly activating her semblance snatched Blake into her arms and led her into the bedroom. She dropped Blake on the bed not even bothering to close the door as she kissed her with hungry lips, her hands moving to remove her remove her pants. Blake pushed and kicked her away panting. “No.” She panted. Yang looked at her to say 'I win!'. “You're trying to make this worse for yourself, and it's going to work because you're not passing out. Your semblance is active and adding physical pain will brighten it. You're not passing out today, Xiao Long.” Teasing you is so worth it! Yang smirked at her then pointed to her crotch. Blake didn't catch what she was trying to say it seemed and hung her head. “Aw, did this widdle puddy cat hurt your feelings, aw?” She baby talked. Yang sighed took a breath. Then kissed Blake lightly on the hand, gave Kali a few lien cards and walked out the door.

“The hell?” Blake said looking confused emerging from the bedroom.

“Did we go too far, dear?”

“I...don't know.” She said quietly and sadly her ear folding.

Yang went back to her ship for some tools, her audio book, gold bracelets of Ember Celica and Gambol Shroud. She left a note on her desk and bed saying she'll be at the place they first met. She handed a note to Weiss and instead of answering any questions she walked on.

Blake waited for her girlfriend for ten minutes before she started to worry. She hugged her mom and rushed to the ship where Ruby and Weiss were sharing looks confusion. They handed her the notes and Blake saw her blonde listening to her scroll under their shade tree. She shook her head and briskly walked toward her not sure what to expect. Yang saw her, got to her feet and pulled out her ear buds.

“Yang? What-” Yang kissed her lightly, gently and slowly guiding her fingertips against the tree, Blake felt the indent before her eyes saw it. Her heart skipped a beat like the one drawn outlining the letters.


“Yang!” She hugged her tightly nearly knocking her over against the tree and kissing her. Water in her eyes from happiness. “I'm-.” She stopped when Yang squeezed her. Yang grabbed the paler hand and kissed the back of it with a smile.

She brought a black rectangular box into view. “Will you be mine?” She dropped to one knee exposing the yellow diamond necklace.

Blake held her hands over her mouth and tackles the blonde to the ground letting the tears fall. “Yes! Yang! I love you!”

She knew Blake was the one when they played their game and possibly even before then. Blake constantly teasing and melting away her worry and concerns. “I love you!” Yang repeated. Sitting up from the ground. She grabbed the necklace with both hands removing it from the box careful with finger smudges. “May I, princess?”

“Please!” She said excitedly moving her long, flowing, black locks out of the way. Once Yang clicked it in place, a black and red portal appeared nearby as if fell to her neck. Yang jumped to her feet dawning Ember Celica and gave Blake Gambol Shroud.

Raven walked out of the portal scaring on-lookers. “Despite everything I taught you, everything I did for you, this is how you repay me?” She folded her arms. “I told you exactly what that necklace meant and what would happen if you put it someone. She needs to die!” Raven drew her scarlet sword.

Yang stepped in front of Blake. “Then you're gonna have to kill me first! I can't live without her. You inject me with the vial, and I will shoot myself to die after she does. She is my oxygen, she keeps my heart beating. I live to protect her, I live to serve her. You kill her, you'll have to kill me!”

“And me!” Rose petals appeared out of nowhere as a small figure landed next to Yang.

“Me too!” Said a slightly taller woman trailing behind Ruby.

“Well isn't this some kind of reunion? Ruby, the main reason for most of our fights. A Schnee, didn't think you could pull it off. You are the greatest disappointment of my blood, body and soul.” She paced. “All of our time and effort, wasted. And on who else but a pathetic mortal who cannot contain the spirit of a dragon. You've lost yourself in the time you've taken yourself away from me. Do you still not wish to come home?” She mocked. “Everything I did, I did for you! You're a stupid, dumb, bastard child!”

“You are absolutely right!” Yang shouted back stepping in front of her family. “This is a reunion. Ruby, gets to see and meet the real me since I was kidnapped by you. Weiss never met the real me until she started recovering because my sister is kind enough to care about people I've hurt. Blake, has turned into a woman from when I chose her as child. You're not wrong, she may not be able to contain my dragon, but she can control it. I transformed into my alternate personality and she-her voice is the only one that can stop me! She is worth it! I'd do it again to prove it! She makes my dragon stronger, my flames burn brighter, she gives me a reason to care and protect humanity from the gods seeking to destroy it.” Her semblance slightly burning at the ends of her hair as it burned golden. “And you wasted two loving, caring souls who didn't need to die for the sake turning this dragon's heart black. You may have given birth to me, possibly, but you are and never going to be my mother. What you gave me was not a home, it was prison. I have a new Master that I listen to, respect and love and she treats me the same way! I can say whatever I want freely without fear of reprisal. Everything you did, made me strong yes, but also nearly broke me as I have broken and killed others in your name. You're right though. I am stupid and dumb, for caring about people while you still live and have some control over my life. The only reason I'm a bastard child is because of you. I am happy my father kept me from you as a child. Summer and Taiyang's death will not be in vain. And while yes, I was once a child and I still have some growing up to do I am no longer afraid of you.”

“Is that a challenge?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Soon, Raven.” Yang crossed her arms. “Even my alternate personality favors Blake. And before you go, I do have a present for you on my ship. I allow you permission this once to retrieve her.” Raven raised her brow. “Her name is Pyrrha and she's a redheaded warrior who enjoys sex about as much as you and I do.”

“A gift? I'll retrieve it after our conversation here. I will not go after anyone else as I unwrap my present.” She started to turn. “I leave you with these parting words until we meet again. She's a cat Faunus, I turn into a bird, we're both of pale completions, long black hair and while you may have ruined my figure and she is younger. As far as I can see, you're with the same person, you will never escape me. And I've only seen her this once. Resemblances are striking. You know where to find me.” She sliced the air and walked through her portal.

Yang was shaking terribly and almost fell to her knees but turned around to care for Ruby and Blake. “You guys okay?”

“Yeah, slightly shaking.” Ruby replied.

“I'm good.” Weiss replied hugging Ruby.

“Blake, are you-?” Yang turned. “Blake?” Yang hugged back while her as she was looking at her reflection in the water. Ruby and Weiss left. “Baby, what's wrong?” She held her tighter. “Don't listen to her. She's just trying to get inside your head. She plays games.”

“Yang, she's right.” Yang felt a stab in her heart. “There's no denying we have similar features. I'm willing to do the same thing she did. We aren't that much different.”

“You are two different people. Just like me and Sir. You almost backed out of what we had because of your fear of what I was asking you to do. The only reason I asked it of you because Raven instilled it in me. I enjoyed being tortured, cut, whipped all of it and it's because of her. You do the things I ask. She did much worse to me compared to what I'm asking of you. You were hesitant to raise anything to me at our first practice session and even me leading you through it today. I know you don't want to, but you outweighed the risk of losing what we have. We are in a tropic place that is absolutely beautiful and I've asked you to be mine. Can you please not let that bitch ruin this for us? You were so happy. And I could talk again no matter how irritating you and your mom pushed me, I wanted to do this. All the teasing you put me through and I still stayed silent and listened, despite how I felt. Even when you were challenging my alpha instincts to talk and tease you back, even when you pushed me off of you and when you bite and leave marks. I knew you were the one, my one. Please don't let her ruin this for us. I get lost in your eyes of a future we are that much closer to. I look at you and I see the shy bookworm little girl I had a crush on all those years ago. I see the drop-dead-gorgeous, hot, intelligent, anti-social, selfless pure hearted, Miss Dictionary personality that she has become today, the one I fell in love with. I see the woman I nearly gave my life for and I'd do it all over again if it meant your safety. I love you and I see you, I see through you, I see into you, I see you!” Her passion and conviction taking hold.

Blake turned and faced Yang with her tears threatening as she hugged her and they held each other. “You always know what to say.”

“Ruby says she gets it from me.” She whispered. “How about we show your mom? She'll be thrilled.” She kissed her forehead and led her back to the house.

When they walked in, Kali was at the table drinking her tea smirking as they walked in. She saw the yellow diamonds around her daughter's neck and jumped up from her seat and hugged them both with happy streaming down her face. “It's about damn time!” She laughed. She had a death hold on Blake who was trying to focus on breathing. Her ears twitched as heavy footsteps approached.

“Kali, I'm...Blake!” He reached down and held both the women he loved in his arms. Yang smirked as she saw both of them struggling under the alpha. He was too busy hugging them he didn't notice Yang until she hugged his torso. “Hi...Yang.” He said unsure of himself.

Relief washed over her as she could officially speak again. “ Ghira” I felt weird on her tongue. She whispered the first part. Being around Faunus, they heard her.

He let go of his favorite girls and Yang backed away. “Dad?” He gave her a questioning look. Yang pointed to Blake and he saw the necklace. “Is that what all the big fuss is about? Congratulations you two!” He hugged them both tightly removing them from the ground. Yang was struggling more than Blake as she was always the one giving, not receiving. She was laughing and rolled her eyes. “What is it Ruby says? Resistance is futile.”

Yang shot her a glare. “” Yang panted.

He set them both down and Kali returned with more tea as he already saw cups on the table and one in his seat. “Kali, I couldn't find more than half items-.” He stopped as they all started laughing. “Did I miss something?”

“Yes, dear.” Kali spoke. “Blake and Yang played a game where Yang couldn't talk unless you acknowledged her. I sent you on a wild goose chase while we teased her.”

“That does sound interesting.” He raised a brow at Yang.

“I want to hear more about it at tea time. And Yang...” He paused. “Your sitting in the alpha seat since your tea cup is there.” She groaned in annoyance. “It's nice to have you girls back.” They took their seats. “When's the wedding?”

Blake's face froze and she looked at Yang for help. “I may have marked her and she marked me, but I need to get the rings. It's not actually like an official ring engagement like you're used to. But, it is a promise to each other. No ring is going to be perfect, but I have to find one that at least has a chance, like me.”

“You sap.” Blake laughed. She was out of reach to playfully punch her arm.

“I don't want to rush this too much, but I'd like to travel around the world. Share it with the one I love. Be gone for a couple months and be there for Kali and the kids and the...husband. Stick around for a little bit before exploring the rest of the world. Once that is settled, we can officially have a wedding. Besides, there's still more to learn. And I have a feeling she's going to be taking some prreettyy interesting pointers from her mother. Should I be nervous?”

“Yang, you beat me in a fight, you finally handled your emotions and told Blake how you feel. I have had an amazing life with Kali, while we didn't always agree, we both agreed what was best for Blake.”

“You sap!” Kali punching his arm. They all laughed.

“I regret very little.”

“Blake, you mind joining me in the courtyard for a bit?” Yang asked.


Yang grabbed her by the hand bringing her to her feet and took her outside. She pushed her against the wall careful of her head gazing into the golden eyes “Six.” Kissing her roughly on the mouth causing her to moan as she dominated her tongue.

“Stop with the big numbers.”

Yang pulled away. “Do you have plans for tonight?”

“Another date you tease? No, unless it involves you, me naked in bed.”

“As much as I like that, but because I am a tease-”

“Damn it, Yang. Getting me hot and horny for no reason.”

“How about I teach you how to read?”

Blake looked at her confused “But you're the one...o-h. Yang, I'd love to.” Rubbing the palm of her hand against her cheek while other hand rubbed her back. Bringing Yang's lips closer to kiss where they left off. Yang grabbed both of her legs hooking them as she supported her. Holding her close as she felt the cooler body against hers.

Yang pulled away smirking. “Your parents are just inside and we should get back to them.”

“You tease! You are so going to get it later.” She continued kissing her lips.

“I'm already enjoying this.” She set her on the ground and they went back to the table. They thought nothing of it until Blake's ears twitched and she did her best to block out sound. “What is it?”

“My parents are fucking.”

“Oh, maybe we should have a competition. Who can be louder, you or Kali?” She said in a seductive tone.

“Are you seriously suggesting-You know what? Fuck it. But you are getting a double whammy for this.” Blake pounced on her and Yang supported her body in her arms caressing her Bellabooty and brought her to her room. Blake was thrown on the bed. Yang on top of her, Blake turned the tables and flipped their positions so she was on top.

“Oooo, feisty kitty.”

Blake's lips furiously attacks Yang's. “I'll give your feisty.”


Blake groaned. “I have waited for you for long enough!” She growled. “What is it?”

“Your right, jacket pocket.” She pulled out two vials. “The blue one will make it so you have a penis and you can fuck my pussy, ass or both. The pink one is to turn me back into a complete female so you can fuck me. Or you can keep us how we are. The choice is yours feisty.” She winked.

“You always make it about me. I love you for it but sometimes it interrupts good sex.” She sprinkled the blue dust on herself and placed the vials under the bed. “Now we both get what we want.” She attacked her lips taking each piece of clothing off. Her ears twitched and Yang had heard Kali scream too. “Looks like we got competition, lets get started.” Their clothing came off in record time. Yang was moistening Blake's member to allow to slide in faster, if she orgasmed, that was a plus. She used all the techniques she told Blake and some new ones Blake picked up. Once she started playing with her balls she felt them tighten and gulped every last drop. Nothing got free. She then pointed Blake's member into her and pushed on her ass bringing all of it into her. Both yelling as Blake felt walls around her and Yang for being filled. “How are you not hurting?” She panted.

“I always have to be ready for Raven.” Blake then began to thrust herself inside wondering how Yang had so much self control as she just wanted to pound. Sensing her uneasiness. “Go as hard as you like. I can take it.”

Blake needed no reassurance and pounded in as hard and fast as possible. Her rhythm off from not being used to this but she didn't care. “Yang, I'm gonnnaa a-h!”

“Aaahhh, yes!”

After cumming twice Blake became flaccid and panting. “Yang...I...” She fell down.

“Gotcha, you did amazing.”

“But you didn't-”

“Not how that works...entirely. I need to feel stimulation to have that. Remember our times together.”

“Do whatever you want to me, however you want me. I am tired of my parents thinking they've won.”

“You already know. Are you-”

“Yes, even if it means pounding my ass double time.” She panted. “Do it. We are going to win.”

“Alrighty then.”

She placed herself on top laying Blake on her stomach. She grabbed the dust under the bed sprinkled pink dust on her partner. She lined herself up in her pink fold and pushed in, the area nice and slick. When she pushed all the way in Blake screamed about as loud as her mom earlier. Yang forgot her body was back to where she never had her inside before. Yang went to town pounding her as hard and fast as she could without her semblance. Once her partner came she let the juices lucubrate her the pushed into ass as far as Blake was willing. The scream she made definitely louder that her mothers. Yang smiled thinking Ghira would not be that lucky going into an unprepared ass. They heard Kali yell. But it wasn't the scream Blake made. Yang pounded into her partner semblance igniting the area around them Blake felt the fire in her ass but wasn't going to relent. Yang assisted her by placing the vibrating finger over her clit. She came instantly.

“U-h, Yang!”

“I'm right here. Pounding you a million miles an hour.”

“Ah! Yang! Don't stop!”

She leaned down so her mouth was next to her human ear. “You feel too good from me to stop kitten.” She turned the vibrator to medium.

“Yang!” Her orgasm lasting longer.

“That's right. I'm all you need.”

“Ah!” Blake was in pain with her tears streaming down, but loving every second as Yang was filling her. “Yang!” She cried out as Yang came inside her. “Yang!” She yelled as Yang continued to pound her. She knew it wasn't like before. Fire yes, but not the intensity of her dragon. “Yang! Ah! Yang!” Her voice harmonious as the one syllable came from her lips. “Yang!” She cried as she was filled again. She felt the fluid dripping out of her. She felt a different rhythm as the vibrator changed settings. “Yang, since when?!” She yelled as she came again. Yang changed to different setting maintaining her speed. Her flames fading into golden embers. She tried to hold on as long as possible. She changed the setting and Blake came one last time before she came inside her pulling out slowly before she collapsed turning off the vibrator.

“So much...for teasing.” Ghira and Kali sounded like they were done. “We won.”


Yang collapsed on top of her. Both of them falling asleep.

Chapter Text

They next day they showered together the water running over their hair and bodies shampooing and soaping each other.

“I love you.” Yang stared lovingly into her eyes.

“I love you.” She whispered back. They kissed each other gently. “I am really sore! You better hope my stomach doesn't get upset.”

“Does that inquire punishment?” She winked.

“I'm going to punish your cheeks because you're cheeky.” She warned.

“Gah! I-you are amazing! Taking way too much after me.” She pushed their foreheads together and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Not that I'm complaining.” She kissed her lightly.

They dried each other off, dressed each other. Yang grabbed the dust vials from under the bed and sat at the table. The smell of breakfast causing Yang's stomachs to growl.

“And you tell me I get hungry.”

Ghira let out a growl as Yang took her alpha seat. “You mad I beat you in a pleasure screaming competition, pops?”

“Is there anything your not going at?” He gave a mumbled grunt.

“Yes, I should have of sharing my feelings in the beginning instead of making jokes.”

“Yes...but I'm bad at that too.” They all laughed as Kali came in with food.

“Kali, you are looking most radiant.” Yang complimented earning and elbow from her lover. “Hey...we got time, purrincess.” This only caused Blake to glare at her. Yang looked around waiting for the alpha to eat then she realized that it was her and hurried to take her first bite.

“It's not going anywhere.” Ghira laughed.

“When are we going to see the sonogram?” Yang asked.

“Wait, so you have no idea what a lot of the 'big words' I use are, but you know what a sonogram is?”

“I know a little bit about medical equipment...” She stuffed her mouth slowly to avoid the subject.

“You're doing it again.” She said annoyed. “Don't look at me all innocent. You're avoiding talking about things...again.” She sighed.

“Okay, fine. You're right. I trust you. It's my past I don't trust. I accidentally and purposefully put people in the hospital and they would use the radio waves of the sonogram to figure out the damage I caused. The best hospitals are in Atlas. During the last two months, we could take you there...Just as a precaution.”

“You're not helping your case. You need to beat Raven and soon.”

“She's not the only one I need to beat.” Taking a sip of tea. The parents hung their mouths open.

“You're gonna get it later, keep it up and my mom will give me more tips and tricks to make it last as long as possible and make it hurt.” She took a sip of tea.

“We'll see about that because I'm pretty sure Raven does a better job than you. I might come crawling back to her.” She beamed.

“You won't be able to crawl by the time I'm through with you.”

“Is that a-?”

“Children! That is enough! We are at the breakfast, lunch and dinner table eating. You two can take this conversation on Pride the Second assuming you two can keep quiet long enough not to disturb those around you. As well as keep your hands to yourself.”

“Like you did this last night?” She smirked. Blake and Ghira stared at her in shock while Kali glared at her.

“Yang Xiao Long! Whatever Blake plans to do with you, I will make it ten time worse.”

“Easy Kali” Yang put her hands up in surrender. “Don't stress yourself out. It's bad for you.”

Blake got up from her seat grabbing Yang by the ear and dragging her back to Pride the Second. “Mom? You coming with?”

“Right behind you.” She hoped out of her seat in excitement.

This is so hot!

When they got inside Blake changed into her dominatrix clothes while Yang stripped down. After that they restrained her to a bar.

“Repeat your safe word.” Blake stated.

“Keep going.” Yang smirked.

“We're going to play a game. A game where you pick a number between one through fifteen. Whatever number you pick, that's the object I hit you with. I will be starting with you chest, working my way down until I reach you legs. That is when you will pick another number. Once I am satisfied with the number of marks I will turn you over repeating the actions with your opposite side. You do not count. If you have not passed out during that time, your Mistress and Master will carve lines into your hands and feet with sticks and hit them with it. If you still manage not to be incapacitated, I will carve your body like a piece of art. Slave, do you have any questions.”

“Yes...Master-Mistress, how do I address you?”

“I am your Master.” Blake said then pointed to her mother. “She is your Mistress. Do you have any further questions?”

“No Master.” Something told Yang she'd better behave.

Did you get all that with your submissive induced mind, Slave?

Yeah, I am fucking pumped and excited! This is gonna fucking hurt!

“Pick a number.”

“Four Master.” Fuck yeah! Damn! This shit hurts! I love it! I love her!

“You dare give your Mistress more attention that me, your Master? You impregnate her instead of me. You embarrass me. You pain me on purpose. Is this what you want? To be beaten like the little whore you are? How do you like these claws now?” To emphasize her point Blake poked her fingernails into her skin and dragged them all the way down to her toned stomach. Some areas tracing lines of blood.

“Yes Master.” Yang grunted in pain but felt pleasure. “I like them very much.” She grunted.

Master went back to whipping her over the claw marks. She didn't have any anger, she loved what Yang did. The situation was too perfect to pass up. Almost like...she wanted this. She set this up perfectly. I love my dragon. I'll let my mom take over, eventually. I'm scared I'm having too much fun. Yang is still smiling. I can't believe she's enjoying this. She's just about filled every single fantasy of mine. All but one. My turn to take care of you, my Sunshine. “You claim to defy the gods and priestess, but fall to a mere mortal. You're not a powerful dragon at all. Just a pathetic mortal.”

“Yes Master!” Yang cried out in pain as the device hit her. Yes! Blake, I love you!

Once Blake reached her ankles she was quite satisfied with how her partner looked. She still had a smile on her face. She put up the device and flipped Yang over, and allowed her mom to have a go nodding to her.

“Pick a number.” Kali calmly demanded.

“Fourteen Mistress.” Yang exhaled.

Blake held back a grasp when she saw the burning, red eyes complimented by her sinister look. She felt like she could overcome her fear of Sir. Watching her get hit by her mom even though she could undo her restraints at any time.

“No respect for manners. No respect for neighbors. No respect for Ghira. No respect for Blake. No respect for me. Causing a fight. Destroying my yard. Making Blake cry. Spiting tea on my nice floor. Spilling tea on my nice floor. Impregnating a married woman. No self control. Kidnapping people. Rapping. Forcing pleasure on yourself and others. You have commited too many sins. You claim it is because you are a dragon. I see beat up.” Slap. “Battered.” Slap. “Hot headed.” Slap. “Little girl.”

She's not wrong. I miss this, even better than Ruby. No emotions. She tried to hide them but had to rush to the passing out part so she could unleash her tears. Yes!

Yang, I agree to your terms and conditions. If you quit blaming me and stop lying to her. We will merge, not as two strong individual dragons, but one indestructible dragon. Light for the love and care of humanity while destroying and killing our enemies and anyone who opposes us. We will wait because we don't want to accidentally burn anyone. I did promise I wouldn't hurt them.

Kali finished her lashes and set the device back on the rack.

Blake looked her up and down satisfied to see her lilac eyes no longer smiling but pained. She removed the restraint and turned her loved so they could get her stomach again with some of lashes healing. Yang in there Yang, she laughed to herself. “Pick a number.” Blake demanded.


Blake went to get the device and started her lashes. She saw the pattern her girlfriend was using. Four...six. Coincidence? No way, and the fact she chose herself for me and Sir for my mom. I love her! Fourteen, mostly likely twelve next. I chose Yang. This can be fun like my mom said. Yang, I love you, I am never doubting you or us again. She didn't realize her eyes were watering until she felt water at the corner. She also got the attention of her mother who looked at her with a worried expression. “I'm fine.” She whispered only loud enough for her mom to hear. “I'm happy.” As she finished her mom was up next. Blake looked her in the eyes, lilac twinged with scarlet. She was really out of it and had issues focusing but otherwise still conscience.

Kali had just finished with the purple marks on her back.

As promised, she went to a shelve and pulled out two wooden sticks. She gave her mom one and nodded. Blake went to her left and so she could feel skin instead of the the mechanical arm. She pressed the flat tip into her palm firmly indenting the skin before moving it down. She heard Yang let out a hiss of pain. Blake and Kali pressed the rods into the bottom of her feet which squirmed but couldn't move at the same time they drug is across her skin. It couldn't bleed but it left lines.

“Master, Mistress harder, please. Cut into me. I've been a bad dragon.”

Master was a little taken back on the request but decided she should probably end this. She took a scalpel and sliced it across her arm drawing lines of blood out. She motioned for her mom to head out as she finished this alone. Yang was weakened, pained, bleeding and nearly on the verge of passing out. Master continued to swipe scarlet lines across her skin. Blake tried so hard to fight her emotions. No. This is what she wants. Force her pass out! Blake doubled her efforts cutting close to major blood vessels but nothing damaging. She finished with the other arm and an idea hit her. She grabbed the pink dust and blew it in her face. She cut into her legs as the member disappeared and was replaced by female organs. She took the magic wand plugging it in and held it to her clit while her fingers explored the inside of her. Yang couldn't vocalize anything more than a strain through her teeth. Her throat let out a hiss as she came and her juices leaked onto the floor. Blake took it away as her body went limp. She united she brute who was humming a groan through the pain. She carried her into the bathroom and cleaned up her injuries and dressed the wounds to stop the bleeding. It only took a minute or two. She attempted to pick up her girlfriend and after a couple tries placed her in the tub starting the water knowing it was going to hurt no matter water. Yang tinted the water slightly pink almost unnoticeable. She crinkled her nose at the smell of blood. Once she finished, she drained the water picked up her blonde and set her in the closet bed. She went to the actual bed taking off her clothes and cried into herself. I can do this. She tried to convince herself. It's just emotionally and slightly physically draining.

Yang woke up about an hour later. Where am I? Ah! Yep! That happened! Blake? Oh, no. Not again. She groaned in her head. She eased herself off the bed her feet sore from the lines made. She held her head in her chest and Blake held onto her for deal life. “You are amazing.” Yang reassured her. Rubbing her back and stroking her hair. She saw her ears twitch and started stroking them eliciting a purr from the other.

“Yang...I can't do hurt...” She sobbed crying harder.

“Sh. You did amazing. You were amazing. You don't have to be afraid of Sir anymore. C'mon, let’s get dressed and I'll read you the stories of the stars.” Blake managed smile she passed to her lover. “There's the smile I love.”

Yang, you have to tell her. I told you to stop lying to her. Half truths are lies!

Not now, not this moment. How about we agree to beat the living shit out of Adam.

I'm all for killing! You! Must! Tell! Her!

Middle ground found.

They dressed and Yang was fighting against her injuries but she physically didn't show it. She clipped her sword on her belt loops adding the finishing touch. “You ready to go, princess.”

“Just a minute.” She called from the bathroom. She reappeared and her face of clear of any sign of crying. Yang had no idea what came over her as she looked at her lover and her heart was painfully skipping beats. “Yang?”

“You are the most beautiful creature in all of Remnant.” She continued to stare holes into her.

“I am wearing ordinary clothes, I just washed my face to cover the fact I was just crying, my hair is a mess from our time together just go and...” She heaved through sobs.

“Blake.” Yang said rushing to her hugging their bodies together. “Please don't cry. You start crying...I'm gonna cry... and I never get through this...” Tears running down her face. “Damn it Belladonna.” Yang continued to hold her rubbing her back and lightly scratching it. She used her other hand to rub her shoulder until she saw the ear flick.

Blake purred at the now familiar touch. “Yang Xiao Long, my Golden, Sunny Dragon, I love you!” She whispered through her purrs.

“Blake Belladonna, my princess, my protector, my dark haired beauty, I love you!” Yang kissed her cheek a little wet from the tears. She wiped them away with her thumb. “We could always do this another night.”

“No, if we don't leave now, this is not going to happen. As much as I like being in your strong arms, I want you to read to me.”

“As you wish, princess.” Yang still embracing the learner female led them back into the bathroom. She filled the sink halfway with water taking a washcloth out and damping the corners before turning to her girlfriend and wiping her eyes. A smaller hand caressed hers as helped her wipe the tear stains away. Moving to the other side repeating the action. Blake still kept her hand on Yang's as she wiped her tears away. “Let me see those beautiful golden eyes and smile again.”

“Yang, stop, you're making me blush.” She pushed her hands together causing her chest to pucker out.

“At least that's the extent of it.” She winked and felt a playful punch to her arm. She winced from the cuts but giggled. “That tickles.” She joked with a grin just to make sure there was no sadness in the golden orbs. “Let's go before something else happens.”

“Normally, I’d urge it on, but in this case, yes.”

“You are really excited, huh?” She asked with her woman on her heels.

“You could say that.”

“Grab around my neck and hold tight.” She took out her broadsword prepared to cut the string.

“I know you do this by yourself. But, um....Is it safe?”

Yang hung her head connecting to the Faunus and laughed. “The tighter you grab, the safer you'll be. And don't worry about hurting me.”

“Did you mean to rhyme?” Yang chuckled with a shake of her head. “It's not you I worry about. I take that back. I worry for both of us.” She reached her arms around her neck tugging so close their bodies were connected. Yang cut the rope and Blake felt her stomach in her chest for the couple seconds. Yang put her sword away and helped Blake into the nest. While still standing she put romantic music on her scroll. Blake closed her eyes and huffed through her nose dramatically while dropping her head with it already knowing where this was going. “It is way too early to get me started.” Yang sat behind her with the weight of her head pressed gently in her chest. She spread her legs farther out as Blake was between them.

Yang started singing. “I can show you the world. Shinning, shimmering splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?” Yang kissed the back of her hand. “I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder. Sitting her gazing at a magic midnight sky. A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming.”

Blake chimes in. “A whole new world. A dazzling place I never knew. But when I’m way up here it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.”

Yang started talking when the song finished. She knew she changed the lyrics but this was more fitting. “You see that one there.” She pointed out the shape.

“Big dipper, everyone knows that one.”

“Big dipper isn’t actually a constellation. It’s part of Ursa Major. See?” She took her finger and made the outline.

“Oh! Yeah.”

“The tail of Ursa Major, the bright star. That’s not the north star.”

“What? Really?”

“Crazy isn’t it. The north star actually changes once every ten thousand years.”

“Wow! This is mind blowing. Compare it to when I use ‘big words’.” Blake giggled.

It brought a smile to Yang. “The one next to it is Ursa Minor, or Little Dipper.”

“Everyone knows Little Dipper, not Ursa Minor.”

“Leo Minor or Leo the Lion Minor. Looks like a fishing hook. Probably my third favorite. Vela, the sails of a legendary ship the wind of the heavens guides the ship through the sky. That curvy line is the sail and the oval is the base.” Blake got tired of saying the word wow and just looked up and amazement. Lifting her head to look closer only to snuggle back to her heater. “You see the v shape with the straight line on the left then a little box connecting to it?” Blake nodded. “That’s my second favorite Draco, Alpha Draco, Alpha Draconis, or Alpha Dra. You already know, Latin for dragon.”

“So what’s your first favorite?”

“Depends on the month you were born in and if you are born before the twentieth or after.”

“Your favorite constellation based on my birthday? Sap.” Her voice deadpan. “Early October.”

“That would make you a Libra.” She started laughing.

“What’s so funny? What's Libra?”

“The irony. Libra is right there with triangle with two lines side by side with each other. In ancient Mistral, after the mummification of the Pharaoh their heart was weighted on a scale against a feather. Based on how they lived their lives, the scale tipped up or down. If the feather was heavier they were brought to paradise. If not, they traveled the Euphrates River in the stars forever or suffered a worse fate. That scale, Libra, judged them for the lives they lived.”

“You mean-”

“Yeap. Ironic, isn’t it? Me, sitting behind the person judging me for my actions and telling me I can’t be with a pure hearted soul like her because of the damage I’ve done.” She smiled against the top of Blake's head.

“That’s not funny.”

“I know.” She kissed her cheek. “That’s Ophiuchus, it’s the end of Euphrates River. It is said the river carries souls for eternity with no rest.”

She unconsciously gripped her girlfriend tighter. “Yang,” Her voice dead pan knowing she wasn’t going to want to talk about it. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you really want this moment ruined?”

“Yes, I do.”

Yang turned off her music. “That’s probably where I’ll end up.”


“That’s not all. Sir and I aren’t fully connected yet. There’s a reason for it.” She heavily sighed. “Sir wants me to inject the Death Stalker venom in my veins.” Blake was in too much shock to talk. “With it, I’d live about...I’m not sure, but well over five hundred years. Maybe even several thousand, and become a dragon at the full extent of my power. But to live without you.” She intertwined their fingers. “I couldn’t do it. Blake I couldn’t live without you.” Tears were falling from her eyes. “I’d be scared. The one person I love and care about gone while I have to watch over humanity and the generations that live on. Our future generations growing up living life while I’m just watching over the world and crushing the evil in this world. I don’t want it, not if I have to live without you.”

“Yang…This is a lot to take in. You take the Death Stalker venom and you’ll live for thousands of years and it’ll turn you into a full on dragon?”

“Not full on, but yes.”

Blake turned to her dragon completely serious. “You should take it.”

“What? Blake, no! I can’t live without you.” Yang squeezed her tighter.

“You said it yourself. Humanity only lives one lifetime. Dragons live for centuries.”

“That was roleplay. I’s true, but no. I’ll separate myself from the humans and leave them to their own devices.”

“Then you’ll be doing exactly what the gods do, not a damn thing and watch people suffer. Do you defy the gods?”


“They might not interfere with what they think is wrong, but you, my dragon, will not turn a blind eye to those in pain, hurt, need, and needing a hero.”

“I don’t want to be heroic if I can’t be with the one I love dying next to her.”

“Maybe I’ll reincarnate. I can fall in love with you all over again. You’ll be living on Remnant, protecting those seeking to destroy it while falling in love over and over again. You can cut your cake and eat it too.”

“Only to have all of those I love to be lost over and over again. The pain not getting any easier. Blake, I love you too much to lose you.” She tightened her arms as much as possible without hurting the woman in them.

“You don’t have to decide today. You still have time to decide. We could die tomorrow in some freak accident. Take each moment to the fullest.”

Yang leaned into her with a smile on her face kissing the back of her head. “You are astar-ishing.”

“Damn it, Yang. Officially ruined. What little repair there was in that moment, gone. On the plus side,” she smiled “you said it after revealing your feelings.” Yang shrugged and held her partner close. She resumed the music and gazed into the stars.

“What about that one?”

“That is the planet Venus, the goddess of love” kiss “beauty, prosperity” kiss “fertility, desire” kiss “victory and sex.” Kiss.

“You're fucking with me?”

“Nope” pronouncing the 'p' “I wish I was figuratively and literally.”

“Yang...we-I...How did you know those 'big words'?” She stammered.

“I looked up literally and figuratively after you've said them a few times. That really is the planet Venus.”

“What about the moon?”

“Luna, Latin for moon. Often made to be the daughter of the the sun god, Helios. Clearest sources of white, purity.”

“Is there anything you don't know?”

“Yes. Black holes, a blank space in space that sucks everything in allowing no light to pass. Also how wormholes work, teleporting from one side of space to the other. I have an idea. If I could I would send you to space where time works differently visiting you everyday while saving the world and we can age together.” She let out a sigh. “But not possible.”

“You are going to be okay. You can do this. You can be strong for the both of us.” She emphasized her point by taking her partner's hand and placing it over her heart. “Like you said even if we're apart, no matter where we're at in the world we'll be in each others hearts and as long as you think of me, out hearts will be one.” Yang was trying to keep her breathing as normal as possible. Even though she was without a penis Blake was turning her on and she wanted to slowly make love to her. She lowered her crossed arms on her stomach and placed her chin on her shoulder. The scent of lavender proving to be too much and she laid her head back on the pole. “Whatcha thinking about Sunshine?”

“Making love to you.” Her voice a dead pan. “You are teasing me by being utterly irresistible. I don't even know if you realize it even realizing it and it's-you are driving me crazy.” She sighed her voice having normal emotions. “When I say the gods are jealous of your beauty, I mostly refer to Venus. Although, I'm thinking about making an offering to her to stay on her good side of sex and fertility.”

“Yang...not tonight. I'm still sore from our earlier activities.”

“I know. I was just telling you what I was thinking about. Would it count if it was a clone of yours?” She laughed.

“Yang, please-”

“I know, I know, I was joking. Can I make you feel good at least?”

“Define 'feel good'.

“Kiss and lick your neck and shoulders while scraping across your stomach listening to you gasps while I hold you steady.”

“I'm not opposed to that, but no turning me on too much. All articles of clothing stay on.”

“Can I at least eat you out half the night? Do you want to go to the cabin?” She whispered in her ear.

“I'll think about it. And yes.”

Yang turned her scroll off and placed it in he pocket, scooped her up holding her like a really tall five year old and careful with her bruises. Her feet felt a little wobbly from the rods used and instead took the rope and ran it back down, setting her girlfriend on the ground before trying it off. They walked side by side holding each others waist. Yang bridle carried her and she let out a surprised gasp as she was picked up then thrown on the bed. Yang jumped on top of her kissing her lightly and barely brushing her lips. Blake pick up her book and started reading aloud. Yang trailed kisses down the side of her neck and into her shoulder, easily done with a single strap over her shoulder. She licked her way back to the neck savoring the sweet taste of her skin. She tried really hard to restrain her thoughts. “Nope, can't do it.” She got up from the bed and went into the closet restraining both hands. She closed her eyes and started meditating. Trying to combine her dragons into one. Thinking about past fights and battles disagreements becoming agreements. Two fractured minds becoming one. The worse disagreement and the only part that made her dragon whole with two heads was the vial. The poison that would force her to live a long time. She tried listening to authors who had semblances similar to hers and they crazy results they came up with.

We can be the full dragon we need to be. The voice protested.

Not without Blake, I can't live without her. I'd rather shoot myself. Go out with a Yang.

You sound like a crazy person. You haven't even known her that long. We could've taken her, eased her into it and how much her body misses us.

No, I don't hurt the ones I love and care about. You've changed going from take her and rape her into ease her into it, turn her on. A massage would've been better, just like before. Should've thought of that sooner. Damn it! My scrolls in my pocket, I wanted to play my sad music to help me make my choice.

The choice is easy. It's the vial, even Blake agrees.

“Shut up!” She yelled. Sure enough she felt silent footsteps approach. “Stay back.” She attempted to growl but came out more of a plea as she closed her eyes.

“When have I ever listened when you say that?” She opened the door and snuggled next to her restrained girlfriend and started playing with her hair.

Yang attempted to pull away which resulted in a hair pull she did not appreciate. “What if-?”

“You and Sir are two different people. You wouldn't let her hurt me. And besides, you're chained. I can add to it if you want.”

“No...” She voice trailed. “Can you...can you rest your head on my shoulder? I want to rest my head on yours.”

“Only if you tell what you were yelling about.”

“The Deathstalker venom. Sir wants it and said you agree with her and I should take it.”

She sighed. “Yang, we talked about this-.”

“Yes and to live without you is torture! But we did agree on most things.” She started fumbling with her chains when a hand stopped her. Yang sighed “In the desk drawer.” She looked at her partner and smirked. “Bet I can get a hand free before you do.” She started sharking her chains just to make it sound like she was doing something. She'd never seen Blake get up in such a hurry. She loved looking at her ass as she did but it quickly disappeared. She walked slower getting back realizing what her partner was doing. She looked down at her with an off grin.


“Yeap. I wanted to see your cat-like reflexes. It was cat-ified.”

“Ugh.” She undid one hand and smiled maliciously at her blonde.

“Oh no. Fine.” She huffed “Leave me here to starve and die of thirst because I will be without that pussy to drink from. Become too weak to for us to even do any sexual activities and I won't be able to see your children grow. Gotcha!” She tackled her and pinned her to the ground getting lost in her eyes. “I see you.” Slowly kissing her lips. She slowly broke away and laid her head in her beauty's chest staring into her eyes as hands stroked through her hair. “Eight.”

“I see you. That's too many. The number is supposed to be two. And I thought I was the only one who was a chest person.”

“Just because you like mine, doesn't me I don't appreciate yours. As long as they don't suffocate me.” She laughed reaching for her scroll and played a song

Tale as old as time. True as it can be. Barely even friends. Then somebody bends, unexpectedly. Certain as the sun. Rising in the east. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the beast.

“Yang.” She wrapped her arms around her.

“I know. More kiddy love songs.”

“You mean kitty.” Blake punned and Yang smiled. “I love listening to your heart. It tells me you're still here with me, beating.” Her voice started happy then trailed into sadness.

“I'm here, with you, right now, in this moment.”

I may not be be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart, I know. Love will find a way. Anywhere I go I'm home. If you are there beside me like dark turning into day. Somehow we'll come through now that I found you. Love will find a way.

Yang sang in a deeper voice. “I was so afraid. Now I realize, love is never wrong and so it never dies. There's a perfect world. Shining in your eyes.”

They sang together. Blake more softly and higher pitched.“And if only they could feel it too, the happiness I feel with you they'd know. Love will find a way. Anywhere we go, we're home. If we are there together like dark, turning into day. Somehow we'll come through, now that I found you. Love will find a way.”

Yang softly kissed her lips gazing into her eyes. “I love you.” They said in sync then giggled. Yang tucked her hair behind her human ears. “I see you.”

“I see you.”

Yang continued to lay on top of her resting her head in the neck that smelled of lavender. She inhaled as much of the calming scent as possible before slowly exhaling her warm breath. She shot her eyes open when she heard her partner gasp thinking she might've burned her. When she saw it was just she was sensitive and not burned, breathed a sigh of relief.

Blake started to sing. “There's something sweet. And almost kind. But she was mean and she was course and unrefined. Ans now she's dear, and so unsure. I wonder why I didn't see it that way before.”

Yang followed up. “She glanced this way. I thought I saw. And when we touched she didn't shutter at my claws. No, it can't be. I'll just ignore, but then she's never looked at me that way before. Yang shut off the music once the song finished. “Can I keep you?”

“Huh?” Blake looked at her confused.

“Can I keep you?”

“You already have.” She leaned over and kissed her.

Yang grabbed her hand and placed it over her heart. “Be still my heart.” She panted. “You leave me breathless.”

“And you take my breath away.” Yang gasped in response and exhaled a short breath. She felt butterflies and love, not desire. That's for letting me have this. Enjoy it. Yang reached her hand up to warn her about the incoming contact and she saw the ear twitch and started rubbing and scratching the way she likes best. The loud purrs and vibrations erupting throughout both their bodies.

Chapter Text

Yang didn't know how long they laid there or even when she fell asleep. She took one last wafting scent of lavender before removing herself from her partner. She left a note saying not to expect her in a couple hours and wrote the time she departed. She walked outside and turned her eyes red. I need your help with this. We got this! Confidence is key. She walked on the sand and was fifty feet from her ship. “Raven Branwen.” She nearly spat. Nothing happened. “Master, Raven Branwen.” She waited a couple seconds. “Master!” She saw the black and red mixed portal.

“You were hard enough to ignore the first time. You called and summoned me. I was busy finishing someone off. What do you want, my greatest disappointment?”

“How about we grab a drink first? My treat.”

“Fine then. Where the hell-?” She looked around “Menagerie. Really? Fine I know a decent place around here.” They arrived at the bar and took their seats. “Shot of whiskey.” She said to the bartender.

“Strawberry Sunrise, no ice and an umbrella.” She ordered.

“Indulge me. What do you want?”

“Can't we have a decent conversation first instead of just asking me what I want?” She smirked. With a fist over half her mouth.

“I hate small talk. You would know this, except the only time I see you in during our brief encounters.”

“Fine. She shortly stated as their drinks arrived and she took a swallow. “Two things. I want the Death Stalker venom but I inject it on my own terms.”

Raven nearly chocked in surprise. “Excuse me?” She said flatly. “You are not the woman I met during our last encounter. You were willing to fight for the one you love. And you're saying you'll live without her. What's this really about?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Evidently, I do. I'll take another drink.”

Captain Yang snapped her fingers. “Whiskey on the rocks make it a double.”

Raven raised an eyebrow. “You are full of surprises. I missed that about you. Would you like one last session together? We don't even have to be rough. Speaking of, I like your present you gave me, turned out to be quite the submissive, even to a new master. But, I imagine there is another reason you gave her to me?” She said it in a way that it would send a shiver down Yang's spine.

“I don't trust her and I wanted you to have her. Don't think of it as a sloppy second, think of it as someone almost enticing and famous as the Schnee. I was thinking about it yesterday while in the closet and laying on top of the one I love. Not in a sexual way, in a cuddle 'I want to make you feel good' kinda way.” Normally she wouldn't say that, but it proved her point. “What's the point of loving someone if you can't protect them with your entire being, even if I live for thousands of years after. Maybe she'll reincarnate and I will have her fall in love with me all over again. It's gonna hurt, but humanity is the biggest threat to themselves.”

“Still have your silly convictions, huh? Fine. Here.” She placed it in her hand. “I want you to summon me again. I want to watch you inject it and be in the worse pain of your life. I can tear you on the outside and only so much of your insides. I want to watch your veins turn purple or black as all of your nerves spring to life and watch you whither and scream in such pain and agony.” She said through gritted teeth. She shrugged. “Or watch you die. Whichever it is.”

“You haven't changed a bit. Mocking me for a speech of my convictions when in fact you talk about wanting to see me in the worse pain ever if not die. I wonder if it can compare to childbirth.” Her brows were straight and she evilly smirked.

“There's the little, crying, pathetic girl I raised into a smart mouthed, sarcastic, ferocious dragon. Nice to know she's still in there.”

“When I summon you it will mostly likely be on my ship. You will be a guest, but you are not allowed to touch anyone or anything except the flooring unless myself, Blake or Ruby give you permission to do so. We're working on merging. One of the obstacles now and to come is the venom. My fractured mind is becoming whole. Granted there are still cracks and tears that need repairing.”

“Something else you should know. When you inject it, you have to fight someone with your semblance activated. You have to keep fighting even as it burns out. It enters your semblance faster than your heart. If it reaches your heart before your inner dragon can awaken, you will die. You have to keeping, fighting, swinging, dodging and most importantly moving. No matter the pain or suffering you feel. You won't be living for thousands of years. The average dragon lived for about twenty four hundred years. I'm not sure if the large size helps it live longer, or you being part dragon will shorten or expand your life span. I want you to summon me to fight you.”

“You care enough not to let me die? You are the second strangest woman I know. Not only that, you want us to spar to keep me alive in case someone who cares about me can't. You ma'am, have made my morning. I am rolling around laughing on the inside. Two centuries is damn long time. Is that the life span of a dragon? I'm gonna need a hobby. Maybe I'll finally have patience for sewing or painting.”

Raven annoyingly sighed. “You said there was another reason for summoning me. Another whiskey over here and Strawberry Sunrise.”

Yang shrugged at the gestures of the drinks. “What do you know about the White Fang Leader, Adam Taurus? After all, it was you who introduced us.”

“He's been a thorn in my side but he gets the job done. Last I heard, he's in Mistral. He's still up to his old tricks, arson, assault, conspiracy, drug manufacturing and selling, extortion, embezzlement, murder, robbery, need to go on?”

“No, he's the one I want to fight when I inject this. He tried to rape me and he hurt the person I love before I knew her. He made this a personal vendetta. I want him dead. He will die at the hands of a dragon. A full complete, fearsome, mighty, beast bringing justice.” Yang growled.

“You will summon me, Adam won't be a match for you. I'm at Mistral anyway. Wen you're ready, I will bring you and your friends to his exact location. Fight him after you become a dragon.”

“I can't believe I'm saying this, I'll heed your advice. That's all I wanted, you're free to go. Not that I control you anyway.”

“What about the small talk you wanted? You've got me curious about who've you become now. How-how have you been?” She forced.

There was a several minute pause. “I'm...” She thought about how to respond. “Content, eating properly, maybe excessive at times, I've been having the best sleep of my life, and I hydrate plenty thanks to the desalinization machine and the indoor gym helps. How about you?”

Raven took time for her response. “Took you long enough to answer. I accept your response. I've been the same except for the eating and sleeping portion. I drink more than I should, but I would never turn down an offer. I'm just missing my favorite girl.”

“It took you long enough to make small talk. I'm not trying to fight, but I will say if you take my first love away, she might've stayed.”

“Sir-Yang...don't be like that.”

“I learn from the best. I should go, unless you have anything further.” She slid her stool out.

“Thanks for the drink. Glad we could talk again without fighting...with fists and swords.” She sighed as she saw her leave.

Yang laid the lien down plus tip and enough for Raven to have one more drink if she chose to. When she breathe in the fresh air she let out a sigh of relief as if an unexplained weight she never knew she was carrying was lifted. She jumped in surprise when she saw two women in front of her. Both were glaring at her and the other was tapping her foot rapidly with her arms crossed. Yang threw her head back and groaned. “I thought you weren't going to be up for another hour or so. I'll follow you wherever you want to go so you can yell at me. Deal?” Instead of answering the taller one led her to the guest house. Once the door was closed, she slowly turned around. “What do I have to apologize for?”

“Oh, it's a long list sis.” Ruby started.

“Getting longer.” The long dark haired beauty answered. “I got your note. Woke up after I felt my personal heater had left me alone. I tracked your scent, easy enough. Figured you might've been looking for another contract here. That was, until I smelled someone else. At first my mind jumped to conclusions and thought you've gone back to your old self. I couldn't place it at first until I saw you two together. That woman is a menace, she destroyed your life, nearly killed Ruby's. You trusted me enough to do what you wanted me to do, to replace her!” She calmed down and started circling her. “So imagine my surprise when I see you two talking like normal people in a civilized setting. I thought you were going to challenge her and end things with her so we can be together. I love you, but I question your love for me, especially after what I saw. You better explain!”

Yang didn't like how calm she was, yes, she was seething but her composure was cool. She preferred to be yelled at. “I summoned her.”

“You did what!?” They both said shocked.

Yang put up her hands surrendering. “I wanted to talk to her about something. The reason I locked myself in the closet, I have the venom. I am prepared to live without you in order to protect humanity like you said. Sir and I talked it over while I slept and being so close you you, I realized I needed to do this. The thing is, I have to be in a fight with a fired up semblance prepared to be unleashed. It's the only way to keep me alive. My ma-”

“Raven.” Ruby corrected.

“Raven offered to fight me to keep me alive so I wouldn't die. It needs to reach my semblance first so my dragon absorbs it and turns to full form before it reaches my heart or...I'll die.”

“What if I'm not prepared to live without you?! I was prepared for some risk, but not that extreme.” Blake interrupted.

Yang put a single hand up and shrugged. “That won't be necessary because we are going to Mistral. Once there, Raven will let you, me, Ruby and Weiss travel through her portal where I will fight like a dragon.” She purposely left the Adam part out as not to worry her angry lover.

Ruby spoke. “Who could possibly be worse than Raven that you want to nearly killed and work with her? I don't trust her a single bit and she's tried to kill me since reuniting. You wanted to kill her the longest.”

“I did, but she still has her uses, and until they run out, which will be soon, I will challenger her.” Her voice changed and her iris's were blood shot. Her anger overpowered logic. “My target, I will nearly kill, is Adam Taurus. He will be broken, bruised and battered beyond all recognizable comprehension at my hands. But I will not kill him because he only pissed me off. He's not my demon.”

Blake gasped in surprise. “What if I can't kill him?” Ruby looked at her surprised.

“With a pure hearted soul like you Libra, who knows the light and darkness of this world and judges the living, I'll do it easily and without mercy. I wanted to offer you a chance to kill your demon.” Her semblance activated and grew stronger as she spoke. “I will rape his ass and give him a new asshole to shit out of, then break every bone in his body, I want him to slowly bleed out, I want to see the light slowly and fade from his eyes as he struggles to breath his last breath feeling over whelmed with pain.”

“Yang...?” Ruby was scared of her.

Blake walked up to her and hugged her. Yang took a deep breath held it for a few seconds then breathed out calming herself down and pulled her girlfriend into her at the small of her back. She loved how her chest felt against her. “Yang, that's not justice. You know that. I want him to suffer. Every animal deserves a clean kill not matter what they've done. That also includes you, my dragon. You want to be a dragon of justice, don't become the monsters you kill. Be a light to those in darkness. Don't be the dragon humanity fears. You sister is even scared of you at times. I have to be the brave face even though you scare me sometimes, but it's like you said, I save you from you.”

“Blake.” She whispered in her ear. “I want him to pay for hurting you. I might've went overboard.” She kissed her cheek.

“That's an understatement.”

“But I will break bones in order for him to go down.”

“That” she nodded “I accept, when he is down and can't fight anymore, that is your clean kill. Just like those other guys, bullet through the head.”

Ruby waited till they broke apart before talking. “You summoned Raven to get the poison that will cause you to become stronger and live forever, even when you outlive Blake and all the generations of your future kids just to beat Adam and maybe Raven?”

“No Rubes, I'll do it to protect humanity from themselves and bring justice to those who deserve it to become a full dragon. That is the reason I'm doing this. Adam is just a means to an end to get what I want instead of fighting you or Blake where I won't reach my full potential. Even against Raven I'd hold back because I want to beat her at her own game. With Adam, he just needs to die. All of Remnant would be better off without that scum.”

“You said that really calmly. Blake, you're not allowed to die, she needs you.” Ruby walked away leaving the love birds alone.

“It's really hot when you're protective of me. Especially with how fired up you are to kill someone for my sake.” Her head was moving closer to Yang's and her finger was curving lines over her biceps.

“Are you teasing me, or is this really happening?” Yang moved her head closer.

The place you fucked as kids, the perfect scene for a joke. I'll make the jokes for you.

“This is happening.” Blake kissed her lips slowly, precisely pressing into her.

Yang kissed her back the same way. She ran her hands down her back and groped her butt, playing with the fat. The receiver was gasping into her mouth and yelped when she felt her ass was slapped playfully. Yang moved down her neck kissing the porcelain skin. When Blake was panting into her ear she placed one hand behind her head and pinned her up against the wall, feeling her body push against her. She started making out with her. Connecting lips and tongues fighting for dominance. Yang's hands traveled down her body starting with the chest and playing with the area sucking in the hot breath. Blake wanted to give her brawler a challenger and started playing with her hair. Yang reciprocates by scratching her ears. Blake broke from the kiss to gasp in response and she leaned her head back against the wall, Yang started kissing her neck removing the white jacket easily and Blake found an opening and started playing with her hair again. Yang pinned her hands above her head and moved her knee between her thighs and started moving back and forth. Blake reciprocated by causing more friction.

“Aaahh. Yang.”

Yang released her wrists and moved her hands down her body causing her partner to gasp when she reached the sensitive lumps and stopped at the hem of her shirt lifting it over her head. She reached behind her and undid the bra, letting them bounce freely. Yang slid her jacket off and pulled her shirt off. She went in for a kiss and leaned her head down and tried to pull off a silent laugh. Her nose was doing all the breathing for her and she went for her neck knowing her partner heard her but tried to play it cool. She huffed into the human ear. Blake was about to ask what was so funny l she lost her train of thought feeling the hot breath on her neck and ear.


Feeling satisfied with that Yang undid her pants and lowered them as much as possible with out breaking lip contact. She used her foot and brought them to the ground. Her lover lifted her legs one at a time and had to shake them to get the clothing off, but it worked. Yang worked her magic doing the same thing with her damp underwear. She then took her pants off and her underwear next.

“I used dust to get big boy back this morning. I also brought dust to reverse him.”

“I want you as far deep inside me as you can go. I want you to ravish me.”

Yang continued kissing her. Her girlfriend gasped in response as she felt her feet leave the ground and being brought up. Yang lined up their positions and pushed in.


She slowly moved in and out of her watching the bulge in her stomach of where her penis was moving in and out. Yang kissed her neck and collarbone keeping her eye sight on her stomach.

“Aaaaahhhh!” Blake laid her head against the wall moaning loudly to rhythm of each movement as her body moved upwards. Gah! Ah! AH! Yang! I'm gonna-!”

“Let me have it!”

“Yang! A-h! Aaahh! Ah! Yang! Ah!”

Yang looked into the golden orbs which she found were slightly glazed over. She kissed the awaiting lips absorbing the moans into her mouth. She kept her motions slows wanting to ride her as long as possible. She told herself five orgasms if not more, or until her lover tells her to stop. Yang moved down and started playing with her breast. Licking, flicking and sucking the sensitive flesh.

“Ah! Yang!”

Yang was smiling feeling her legs shake in her grasp. She moved her hands to grope ass checks as she continued playing with her.

“Yang! A-h!” Blake was completely beside herself, losing any strength she might've had as she orgasmed. The grip on her girlfriends back loosened and her arms limply fell to her side.

Yang let her girlfriend slowly side to the ground and moved her head far enough away her head wouldn't hit it. “I'm not going to stop. I want you to reassure me you can use the safe word.” She whispered.

“Keep going.”

Yang didn't stop or slow but knew exactly what her lover was asking. Fuck! No one to blame but myself. She wants to go until she passes out. Is that even possible, without us using our dragon force?

We'll find out.

Maybe if I angle-

“Yang! Uh! Ah! Oh! Yang!” Her entire body was shaking and convulsing by the third orgasm.

Well that did something. Sir thought.

No shit, I have to grab onto her shoulders to keep her from moving too much.

You should play those making love songs.

Yang pulled out of her partner giving both of them a bit of a break as she dug out her scroll and played love music. She could hear the groans and protests of the other. She dove into her slowly reaching as far as she could inside.

“A-h! Yang!” She continued yelling.

Once her partner had calmed down she started moving inside her slowly.

I can be tender...I can be rough...Baby, let me rock your body ride your body kiss your favorite spot...You like it when I drive it, yeah, I push the clutch. I just want it all but don't rush. So we can make love or we can just ffuuccckk. We can get romantic dirty dancin' feel my hands until the sun comes up.

“Aah! Aaaahhhhh! Yang! Yyaangg!” She continued screaming.

Dang, it's really hard to hold her down now with how much she's shaking. Her eyes are completely glazed. I should've brought the green condom if I thought we'd be doing this. Note to self have a pouch that's normally used to carry money use it for dust and condoms. Speaking of which, I can feel myself really close.

Just cum inside her.

She might be in heat.

It's too soon for that.

It just ended.

You know she has periods where she spots. Especially with irregular sex.

You're really encouraging this? You're supposed to be the one against this!

Just ask.

Yang grabbed one of her hands. “Blake, baby, if you can hear me and understand what I'm saying squeeze my hand.” Light squeeze. “If you're in heat squeeze my hand.” Harder squeeze. Told ya. I wonder if this is how my dad managed to pin Raven? I got some Xiao Long-



Did you really just cum thinking about your dad nailing your mom!? I want out. I need a new mind to fuck with. Yang I want out. You freak! I know Blake kinda looks like her but fuck!

Stop! Stop it! I was beaming with pride saying I got some Xiao Long moves I didn't know I had. No wonder Raven misses me.

You are so lucky she can't hear you.

Squeeze. “Huh? What's wrong?” She pointed a single finger at he partner. “I'm fine. The real question is are you okay? Squeeze for yes.” Squeeze. Yang pressed their lips together and ran her hands all over her body. Blake was humming what little energy she had left. “Squeeze my hand when you want me to end this.”

Pretty lady. Come her baby, I just wanna love your body right. Girl the way you flaunt it those hips flow like water. Dip it low, I'll watch it. Baby I just want to show off. We can keep on bumpin' and grindin' and lovin' so widly. I'm gon' take your legs up and wrap them and squeeze it then smack it. You know I wanna show off.

M-mh-m!” Blake hummed.

Why isn't she squeezing my hand? Her orgasms feel like squirts.

You think I can get away with faking one? Nope, she'd just look at you funny...that wouldn't be a bad thing, exactly. Do it!


“Blake. I'm gonna a-h!” Blake gave her the most dead pan glare and a look that said 'really?' Yang started kissing her lips again and stroking her hair. She was looking for the ear twitch before proceeding. After not receiving consent she moved her hands over her body letting her dull fingernails run over her body.

“Mm-hh. A-h.” Her breath hitched as they continued to run over her body's front and running along her sides. Her body was reacting by squirming into her touch. “Yang!” She was was panting furiously and her eyes barely stayed opened.

“Squeeze my hand when your ready to end this.”

“Keep going.”

Fuck! Why did that have to be- She stopped when she felt a tap. A single finger point then an 'o' then 'k'. “I'm fine, it's you I worry about.” She leaned down and kissed her. “You're not allowed to be fucked into a come for no more than a few hours. It's bad enough you've convinced to take the poison and I'll live without you for at least two centuries. I don't wanna be without you any longer than that.” She felt a flick. “You're right. Now's not the time. Not when I'm making love to the-” tap. “Fine I'll stop talking.” She changed the song.

Take off those heels. Lay on my bed. Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair. Poison in our veins-

Yang smiled and tried not to laugh. Blake rolled her eyes.

-but we don't even care. Candles drippin' on your body. Baby, this ain't truth or dare. Everybody wonders where we've run off to. My body on your body, baby. Stickin' like some glue. Naughty, let's get naughty girl it's only one or two. Fever's fucking running feel the heat between us two. I'm gon' ride. I'm gon' rid. I'm gon' ride. I'm I'm gon' ride. On you baby, on you lady. All night, all night. I'm gon' take care of your body I'll be gentle don't you scream. It's getting hotter, make it softer. Feel your chest on top of me. I'm gon' make you feel that love. And getting' weak all in your knees. Kiss your body from the tip top all the way down to your feet.


“Mmmhhh.” Blake orgasmed for the last time before she closed her eyes and her body fell limp.

Yang pulled out of her slowly and her body reacted by shuttering. She turned off the music and was left panting as she moved against the wall. She heard a second set of panting. She snapped her head in the direction and saw a woman with female lubricant leaking out of her. She banged the back of her head against the wall and let out a groan. “Really Rubes? Blake had to of heard you with those feline ears.” She groaned again. “I got one more round if want it?”

“No...I won't interfere...with you and Blake.”

“Well...I'm gonna cover her in it then.” She straddled over her partner.

“Wait! I mean...maybe...I'm pretty sure she heard me. I don't think she'd mind.” She twiddled her fingers.

Yang groaned and shot her head back looking at the ceiling. “Fuck me.” She crawled over to her sister. “You decide how you want to take it.”

“I want it in my ass.” She rolled herself onto her stomach presenting her ass. Yang lined herself up and eased herself in with plenty of lubricant. “That's all you got.” She challenged.

Yang slowly pulled in and out adding and inch everytime. “I don't want to hurt you.”

“While I appreciate it, and I know it has been a while, just fuck me.”

Yang hilted all the way in her slowly trying to feel for any kind of resistance or pain her sister my feel. “You sound like someone I know.” She started riding in and out of her slowly. “May I use the vibrator on you?”

“No, that is reserved for someone else.”

“But you modified it-”

“Someone else. Go faster...harder damn it!” She panted.

Yang did as her sister requested and started fucking her similar to when her mind was fractured and hardly knew what she was doing. Ruby was moaning and she missed having her sister inside her. Sure she loved Weiss and they could use the dust as much as they wanted but she couldn't be filled or fucked like her sister made her feel. Yang's feelings were somewhat reciprocated. She loved Blake and their sex was great, but Ruby was nice for a change of pace. “I won't stop, but I want to hear-”

“Enabler.” Ruby panted and interrupted. “Quit worrying and fill me. Play your music if you have to.”

Yang let out a short sigh picked up her scroll and scrolled through songs that she felt Ruby could appreciate given their situation.

I feel you creepin' I can see it from my shadow. Smack that, all on the floor. Smack that, give me some more. Smack that 'till you get sore.

“Aa-hh!” Ruby screamed as she came from the good ass fucking her sister gave her.

“Aa-hh!” Yang came as she felt her walls clench and the sensitivity from her previous activity. She slowly pulled out of her sister with a plop. “I'm gonna...miss you...” She panted.

“No one I know...can give me...the can...” Ruby panted back looking in the lilac eyes.

“I'm going to help Blake into the shower, and get the Plan B after changing for when she wakes up.”

“I'm mostly dressed. I'll shower and bring it to you.”

“Thanks sis.”She went back to Blake and carried her into her arms, starting the shower with the temperature most comfortable for her partner. She left the water run over their bodies and noticed the travel sized soap shampoo and conditioner. Deciding only to use the soap lathering the suds in her hands rubbing it on her lover and rinsing her, then herself. She turned the water off dried them using a decorative towel. She laid next to her on the bed. “You are amazing. I feel like I don't tell you enough.”

She kissed her forehead. She wanted nothing more than to sleep but she wanted to wait on Ruby to get back. She let out a long yawn that could be confused for a roar snuggled into her lover and drifted off.

Chapter Text

She woke with a yawn stretching, herself and looked over only to have an empty space. Guess she must've woken up before me. She walked around the house noticing her clothes were no longer there. She changed and walked outside. She started to worry looking around for her lover. “Blake?” She called.

“On the roof.” Came a familiar voice.

Yang looked around looking for a way up. She decided against herself backing far enough away and making sprint to the wall about two steps up she jumped up and grabbed onto the roof. Smaller arms helped her reached the top. Once at the top the dark haired woman began to laugh. “What?”

“You could've deployed Ember Celica, or you could've used the attic like I did.”

“I didn't want to wake the neighbors with shot gun blasts and I had no idea there was an attic.” Yang walked behind her and pulled her into her arms.

“Well, you're in luck. That is the brightest star part of the Big Dipper that is not a constellation but rather Ursa Major. Making that one the Little Dipper, again Ursa Minor. The fishing hook there is Leo the Lion. Draco which has many names is way up there. Now show me again where Libra is.”

“Libra” she said kissing her neck “is right in front of me.”

“Yang.” She groaned. “ I'm being serious.”

“So am I.”

Blake turned around with her girlfriend between her legs, her arms wrapped around her neck and their foreheads pressed together. “Maybe we should go back inside.” She kissed the warm lips.

“Is this the heat talking?”

She leaned in close to her ear. “Partly. I want you.”

“Before we start, there's something you should know. Ruby-”

“Yeah...I heard her. Last time she caught us, she wanted to hear us having make-up sex. I thought I'd let her.”

“While that's nice of you, there's something else. We-”

“She told me about that too, because it's your sister and you two care about each other in a really intimate way that 'normal' people don't accept, I'm not mad or upset about it. I'm glad she finished you off as much as I wanted to. I knew you couldn't feel comfortable with it. I'm glad she could still accept you and you were both able to feel good.”

“Totally your heat talking right now. How do you want to play this?”

Blake got to her feet looking down at her partner. “I have a fantasy I want to fulfill, safely and in a controlled environment, safe word and everything. I know you're gonna look at me like I'm crazy after everything I've told you.”

“Blake, you look really nervous.” The blonde got to her feet and embraced her. “I have had crazy fantasies and I can only think of one I haven't. Whatever it is, we can go through it together.”

Blake let out a heavy sigh. “It's a rape fantasy.”

Yang smirked. “That one is more common than you think.” Blake turned not thinking she would be okay with this. “You want me to be a thief, a dragon that protects the princess and has her way with her because she's owed or a lustful dragon that has her eyes on her prize. Just because we're victims, it's different because of the imaginary struggle, we still maintain dignity. You still have that power and control with someone you love and it's not forced. This society causes women to feel dirty or guilty gripped with anxiety about-I'm gonna stop. I can play this out. Which fantasy do you want or did you have one of your own?”

“I like it when you get passionate about something. Thanks for helping me feel better, my Golden Dragon.” She gripped her tighter. “I like the dragon has her princess captive and stopped the knights from rescuing her and the dragon as energy to burn from the battle, she takes it out on the defiant princess.”

“I can dig it, purrincess. How fast and hard do you want me to go?”

“The last night at my parents, except with my heat-”

“You don't have to finish. Do I have permission to rip clothing?”

“Only if you get me a new set I can walk outside with after.”

“Deal. You should get ready. I'll be done in ten.”

“That long? Can't you make it shorter, like five minutes?”

“I always go for more time so I can negotiate with the time I actually need. I won't stop but what's-”

“Bumblebee.” Yang shook her head wondering why she asks the question but would rather ask it than hurt the woman she loves. Blake pulled away from the embrace and turned to her lover before doing down the attic. “Don't keep me waiting.” She said with a wink and disappeared down the ladder.

Yang felt her heart pound but snapped back to reality of what was going to happen. She summoned hurts of the past activating her semblance. Her scarlet eyes shot open and she jumped from the roof leaving cracks on the ground. She roared her breath of fire which she noticed was black with red hints. She jumped around some bushes punching them as if they were the enemy. She broke some dense logs as if they were bones cracking. She left a few bushes burning for the effect. She roared in victory before jumping onto the roof just enough for a crash but not to smash and jumped into the attic taking. Instead of going down the stairs, she jumped down them. She dramatically sniffed the air around her searching for her prize, as if she didn't already know where she was and let out a growl. She went into the bedroom and feasted her eyes on the beauty. “You knights have failed you again purrincess.” She said deeply with slight anger.

“One day, they will beat you! Even mighty dragons fall to the might of man.”

“That's the issue with it, 'the might of man' they need a wo-man to lead an assault if they ever have a chance at rescuing you.”

The princess turned around facing to the window as if longing for freedom and dramatically protruded her ass more than she needed to.

“Although from where I'm standing, I'm going to be the freeing you.” She rushed behind her gripping her wrists and pinning them on the sill.

“Wait, no stop. What are you doing? What do you mean?”

“You're a princess hoping to lose her virginity to a knight in shinning armor that slays this dragon. I am a dragon that takes what I want. Right now,” she licked her lips seductively “this pussy cat is on the list.”

“Wait, no please. Stop. You're hurting me.”

“Why should I? Your knights have done nothing but rile me up. I need to burn this extra energy with a little activity.” She placed both wrists in one hand moved her hand down her front massaging her boobs, toying with the center pieces while her hot breath grazed the back of her neck.

“No, stop it feels like fire.” The dragon didn't stop and ripped the shirt in the front and tore it off her victim. “No, please!” She pleaded. She leaned in kissing sucking and tasting the sin of her neck. “Ah. No. Too hot.”

“Like I said, your knights riled me up. I need to burn off the excess energy.”

Her claws traveled down her stomach leaving light red lines as the went. She got to the hem and while the princess was distracted she threw her so her top half was on the bed and her feet touched the floor. The dragon threw herself on top of her before she could realize what was going on. The dragon grabbed her hips and thrusted herself forward and her victim back to get the best angle of penetration. She tore the pants right down the middle while the princess grabbed her wrists and tried to throw herself off of her. She was pinned down. The dragon slapped her ass which caused her to yelp.

“Stop this! I don't want this! Get off of me!” She cried.

The dragon ripped the last garment off her and stuck her fingers inside.

“N-o! It hurts, it burns! Your claws are sharp!”

“Good.” Whispered in the cat ear running hot breath over it.

“It's too hot!”

While the princess was distracted with fingers inside her the dragon removed her underwear. She removed her fingers as the princess was panting over the bed. She felt a slap to her ass and yelped. The dragon flipped her over and ran her hot breath over her vagina. “No! Stop! That's sensitive! It's too hot!” The dragon opened her folds and ran her tongue on the outside. Once she felt her work was completed she drove her crazy by licking along the slit and flicking the clit. “Ah! No! Stop!” The princess screamed. The dragon placed the legs on her shoulders and stood up. She looked down at her prey then inserted her tongue and releasing hot breath inside her. “N-o! Hot!” The dragon drew the alphabet upper and lower case letters inside, purposefully avoiding her spot. She touched her clit with the robotic finger and turned it on while she tongue hit the spot that drives her crazy. “N-o! Too much! Stop! She yelled and pleaded as her body shook. “Wait! No! I don't Wanna-A-H! N-o!” She screamed as she came. The dragon stopped her motions as she came down from her euphoria which lasted longer than usual, the princess was trying to fight inevitable her orgasm.

The dragon let her legs down as she was between them. She lined herself up and pushed all the way in and leaving herself there. She felt the walls adjust clamping and releasing to get used to the not so foreign object. The princess yelled a little higher pitched than normal to play the part. “No! O-w! You're-tearing-me!” Her body was shaking and she grunted between her teeth. Once she calmed down the dragon thrusted out and in rapidly cumming inside almost immediately. “N-o! Pull out I don't want monsters! A-h! N-o! She screamed as the dragon came again.” The dragon turned the vibrator back on over her clit.

“You're going to cum one last time.” She demanded. “That will only ensure your pregnancy.”

“What? Na-noo!” She struggled to break free but the dragon had robbed her of any strength. “Let me go! N-a! M-h! N-o!” She screamed as she came the dragon following right behind her pounding her harder to get the seed as far deep inside her as possible.

Yang collapsed on top of her pulling out and not wanting to get suck. “My...princess.” She panted.

“My...dragon. That was...incredible.”

“Give me...straight. How'd...I do?”

“Though...licking was...unexpected...not unwelcome...fantastic. time...stick them...inside me and rip. Everything with...your penis and...role play words...perfect. The fire outside...snapping twigs...loved it! Complete...turn on. Shortness is...what I was going for...forced pleasure...loved it!”

“Next time...huh? I'll take note. How about...a shower?”

“If I can...get up. There's a dragon...on top of me.”

“That sounds really hot.” She kissed her neck.

“You're turned on?” She asked flatly. “Ugh. What am I going to do with you Yang Xiao Long?”

“I have a couple ideas.”

“Yang.” She tried getting up but her dragon pinned her. “Yang!” She warned.

“Not unless I hear the safe word, this is happening Belladonna.” Yang rubbed her penis against her butt causing her pain as it became hard. “Sss-ah.” She lined herself up again and pushed inward and started fucking her.

“A-h! Yang!” She loudly moaned.

“You know you can't get enough of me.” She pounded into her full force. “Neither can your body or Bellabooty.”

“Oh Yang! Ah! Yang! A-h! A-h! Yang!”

“A-h!” Yang yelled painfully as she came and became flaccid with no chance of getting hard. She pushed herself up and her partner laid there spent and drained, panting. Yang wrapped her arms around her torso and helped her to her feet. “You okay?” Two taps. “Still remember that one do you?” She received and eye roll. Yang led her to the shower as Blake caught her breath.
After their shower Yang went back to the ship and brought Blake a new change of clothes, a cup of water and Plan B. Yang gave her a questioning gaze when she saw she didn't take it immediately but thought she'd take it later. “You hungry?” As if remembering she should have food first.


“Dinner date? How about I take you to that one spot you love so much?”

“Love the idea but they're closed.”

“What about that other place that's opened most of the night? I mean it's okay. What are you thinking of?”

Fuck! Trying to decide where to eat and hoping your girlfriend would pick a spot instead of arguing. Fuck!

“Wait. I know exactly what you're doing.” Yang gulped Fuck! “You're trying to-you know what, you know what you were trying to do. I'm not even going to explain it.

“What if I told you I had an idea.” Blake gave her the most questioning look. “Back on deck, the chiefs there will cook anything and everything, with resources. We could bring it back to the cabin table and eat.”

Blake faked a groan. “Fine.” She smiled at the last minute idea.

They arrived on the ship and Yang asked Blake what she wanted. She turned her eyes red and got the kitchen staff attention. “Alright you filthy rats. Listen! I'm gonna need sword fish, shark and tuna at my cabin door within the next hour or someone is walking the damn plank. Am I understood?”

“Yes Captain Sir!” They all scurried about. It wasn't often she asked for demands, but when she did, it was serious.

She rejoined Blake at the top of the stairs. “Was that really necessary?”

She whispered in her ear. “Yes, everything I do as Captain Sir, has to be deliberate.”

“You keep looking at me then my stomach. What are you thinking?”

Yang waited 'till they were inside before answering, in a really fast and nervous way. “I was thinking about lying to you and telling you we should take it easy on the sex because because of all the cum inside you is starting to show. And even thought I was lying which I was, I hope you take the Plan B after you eat because I don't want to deal with a baby this soon. When that is only a half truth and the actual truth being that you would make one really hot, pregnant mom.” Yang panted by the time she finished talking. She was really hoping her partner didn't catch every word.

Blake scratched the back of her head with no idea what to think or say. “I think you've just won my mom's approval with your true feelings and honesty.”

Yang was still panting not really sure what to say either. She filled the cup of water and put the pill beside it on the nightstand. She laid on the bed hoping her girlfriend would read to her. Which she did and Yang laid on the lap listening to the story. Nearly purring as Blake stroked her hair and Yang scratched her ear. When Blake turned the page, she spoke. “I see you.” Blake smiled but it was hard to see as she continued reading. Yang closed her eyes and sighed in annoyance and laughter knowing she was heard but ignored. To get her lover's attention, she kissed her stomach and felt her ear twitch at the stimulation. Blake tried to ignore but scratched her eyebrows. Yang let out a drastic sigh. She ginned mischievously when Sir brought up an idea. “Whatever you're going to do. Don't.” Blake warned. Yang kept her laughs in her throat and focused herself on the stoic voice. Yang squinted as another thought hit her. Blake let out a sigh knowing her blonde was trying. To catch her off guard Blake put the book on her face and restrained the hand the was on her ear and started reading again. Yang was trying so hard not to laugh and it only got her a hit in the head which made her laugh out loud. Blake groaned. “You're incorrigible.”

“That's why you love me. Idea number one was taking this robotic hand and rubbing between your legs. Another idea was slipping my hand in your pants or stripping down in my underwear so you were in yours then rubbing my hand between your legs. Both ideas would be encouraged by an activating vibrator, I mean why not. Idea number three was to get closed to you by pretending my metal arms was restrained.” Blake could only sigh in response. She jumped a little bit when the restrained hand returned to her ear. They lost track of time when they heard the knock on the door. Yang turned her eyes red and when to answer it. She took the food tray “About time you bastards” and slammed the door with her foot. She got and eyebrow raise from Blake. “Yes, that was completely and totally necessary.” She answered the unasked question walked to her partner with the plate of food. “I’m thinking about going hunting soon. Would you want to join me?” She asked taking a bite.

“Your version of hunting and mine are completely different. Please explain it to me?”

“As I told you before there are different oceanic creatures I hunt. Narwhal, Great White, Hammerhead and most aggressive Bull Sharks, which are salt and fresh water sharks, as well as Humpback, White and Killer Whales. I’m biased against bottle nosed dolphins and all dolphins except Pilot Dolphins, they’re okay. We’d have to head north to hunt them. Or…” she smirked “we could try to hunt for the Legendary Crusher.”

“I don’t like that smirk and the fact you said legendary. What does that imply?”

“That there have been sightings of this ancient Grimm that lives and was born at the time of humanity. It guards the fastest way to the middle of Atlas. It's taken down every ship and even accidental ships that run into it. There's fog around where this creature lives. It starts off at fifty feet in the air, then one hundred with its full head. Some say instead of eight, it had sixteen tentacles. There is a reason Pride the Second doesn't have a mother.” She smirked.

“Hell no! You-we are staying the fuck away from that thing. I’m nervous enough saying you hunt whales. What do you even hunt with?”

“You know that harpoon boat parked on the side with the rope spears?”

“Yeah... Explain.”

“Myself and about five others board the boat, when it charges at us, I use the spears to injure it and it takes us for a little ride until the rope snaps. Then I start the process all over again until it’s dead. To say you’re flabbergasted is an understatement.”

“I’m not saying no, but I’m not saying yes either. Maybe I’ll watch during your first hunt against a White Whale was it? Then I’ll join you for the Narwhal.” Yang tried to hide her malicious grin by stuffing food in her mouth. “Oh no, you’re not getting away that easily. What is it you’re not telling me?”

“Narwhal’s the dolphin looking ones with the horn, actually charge faster and their smaller bodies are harder to hit than a whale. Hope you can swim kitty cat.”

“What about a Hammerhead then?”

“Good choice. We can skin it, use its fat for candles adding a special scent, use the teeth to sharpen our swords or make necklaces and eat the meat.”

“You’re scarring me with how excited you are. Rule number one, don’t sink the boat. What’s the smile for?”

“I won’t be sinking the boat, the shark will.”

“Ugh.” She groaned. “Number two. Don’t. Fucking. Lose. I refuse to be eaten by a shark. Again with the smirk, let me guess they don’t eat humans.”

“Actually, that’s nurse sharks, they’re the most docile. Hammerheads are rather docile too. Maybe one hundred documented unprovoked shark attacks since fifteen hundreds since the ancient world.”

“Perfect! I’ll watch you take down whatever creature of your choosing and I’ll go with you for a Hammerhead. Again with the smirk.” She groaned.

“Killer Whale, top of the food chain. No animal dares hunt them, besides humans, Faunus and this dragon. They eat dolphins, sharks and even whales.” Blake flung her head against the headboard in defeat. Yang’s grin only grew. “I’m going to send up a flare to let everyone know we leave at sunset. They way to Mistral is perfect for hunting with all that open water.” She froze when she tried to get up and a hand grabbed hers. “Blake?” She turned.

“Come back to me.”

“Always, my princess.” She kissed her forehead sadly knowing one day Blake won’t back to her. She walked away quickly and shot up the flare. She took a deep breath trying to calm her emotions before entering. Once she entered. It took all her will power to not hang her mouth open. Her girlfriend was laying on her stomach with a book in her hands in nothing but a lacy black bra and underwear. Her under was being pulled on by a heel revealing her firm ass. Knees bent making her legs stick in the air.

“Mmooww.” She scratched her paw in Yang’s direction.

A shiver when down her spine. “Definitely your heat cycle. Is there anything in particular you want to do Blakey?”

“Master, I can’t decide. I just want you to cum inside me.”

Yang was trying not to pant already. She was hot and bothered. Her partner noticed this and swayed her hips strutting to her and leading her onto the bed. Yang was more than happy to let Blake lead. “Don’t think I didn’t notice that sad smile you left with. I am in heat you and I want you to have full advantage of this. Mmoooww.”

Yang shivered at her voice then at her touch as her clothing was being removed. “What are you in the mood for you naughty kitty?”

“Just you” kiss “me” kiss “in bed naked.” Kiss.

Yang assisted her with in removing both their clothes. Once her dick was free Blake used to mouth to play with it. Yang swallowed and leaned her head into the pillow letting out a moan. Blake teased her not wanting her to cum yet. Yang gripped the rails of the headboard instead of her partner. “You want a flavor condom?” Blake ignored her and continued to kiss, lick and suck. Yang slowly bucked her hips wanting to put more of her member inside her. Blake laughed at the gesture. Yang wanted so badly to tell her to stop teasing, but she knew her cycle was teasing her. Blake had enough and pushed it all the way inside her causing them both to yell out in pleasure. “Do you want me to end this quickly?”

“No. I cum you cum.”

“Okay.” Yang focused on her eyes. Trying not to focus on her orgasm as her girlfriend rode her. She panted but didn’t want to touch her for fear of pleasure overload. She moved her mechanical arm to the glistening clit.

“Don’t. You. Dare.” She warned.

“Whatcha gonna do? Purr for me? Bite me?” She challenged.

“Oh! You are so going to get it later.”

“Who says we can’t wait ‘till next week. Will you be able to wait ‘till after your heat?”

“Shut up and let me fuck you.”

“Kitty’s horny, feisty and explicit.” Blake leaned down and Yang felt her shaft bend with her and Blake harshly bit into her breaking skin and leaving a trail of blood. “Fuck!” Yang yelled.

“Someone’s been naughty.” She did the same thing to the other side.

“Yes! Ah yes!” Yang restrained her hand and Blake helped restrain the other. “I’m your bitch today. Fuck me, Blake. Fuck!”

“That’s the idea.”

“Slap me.” Slap. “Fuck yes!” Yang was so eager she thrusted her hip upward without warning.

“Mmeeoww! Ah! Yang! Fuck! I’m gonna-Aaahhh!” Yang thrust into her slower prolonging her high. She loved how her body shook.

“Aaahhhh, Bbllakee!”

“Rrrraaarrrrr!” She screeched as she was being filled. “Aaahhh! Yang!” Blake fell forward on her girlfriend’s chest who continued to thrust into her which made it difficult with the restrains. “Keep going.” She panted.

Yang undid her restraints and bounced her lover. Once free she slapped and gripped her ass cheeks keeping them still and pushing herself inside her.

“Ah! Yang! Ugh! Fuck!” She sat up and arched her back giving Yang a nice view of her tits as she came and Yang followed suite. “A-h! Fuck!” Yang sat up holding her presence be known. Blake wrapped her arms around her with nails digging into her skin creating blood trails. Yang felt over stimulated and tried to hang on as much as possible. She thought of her rape sessions with Raven anything to hold her off until her lover orgasmed again. Yang tried to adjust her body to hit that spot just right. No amount of movement worked. She took her metal finger and held the vibration to her clit. “Mmuffff! Uuuhhh! A-h! Yang! Yyyaannggg! She screamed as she came and Yang pushed herself in harder as she came inside her. “Raaarrrrr!” She growled before collapsing against her lover.

Yang grabbed the nearby water and pill. And gave it to Blake who downed the water and swallowed the pill confused about everything. “I gotcha. I ain't goin' no where.” She assured her stroking her hair and rubbing her back. She saw ears flick asking for attention and rubbed her nails against them. A gasp then a low rumbling purr was heard. Yang held her until she fell asleep. Yang laid her on the bed and tucked her in. Continuing to stroke her hair until she felt satisfied and left.

She showered changed and went to her spot in the library. She played all the sad songs she knew thinking about her dad and her true mom, Summer Rose how she was talking and working with the woman who took them away. How that same woman would be the one to help her reach full capacity and in doing so would watch her lover age until she would see nothing but a tombstone. When she looks at her content girlfriend reading or sleeping all she she's is a future tombstone. “I can't live like that!” She yelled at herself seeing Sir sitting across from her. She didn't care tears were falling like streams. Even though she knows Sir is a figment of her imagination, it helps to talk aloud.

“Well, on the plus side, you have accept the fact that reaching your full potential is the best way.” She said gently.

“Yes, but is it worth the cost? Is watching everyone I ever loved and cared about fade from view worth the power.”

“If used properly like they want and wish for you, it's worth it.”

“Yes, but I'm the one living without them for most of my life. Not the other way around. If it was reversed, they wouldn't want to do it either, even Blake had her doubts. What's the point of loving those I care about if I can't be there to protect them. What if I can't save another child and they have nearly the same fate I did?”

“You can't save everybody. But those you do save, you can't change the entire world, but you can change a single world, someone who will need you.”

“I guess I get all my great speeches from you.”

“Yes and no, you get your speeches from me, but you have your own convictions. You are more of the type to comfort those in need with an embrace. I talk what you feel. You may have created me to survive, but I am still part of you. I know you feel it too. We might argue, but in the end our dragons are becoming one. Right now the merge is causing color confusion. Black and red fire with a red, yellow and orange mixed body. Yes our mind is still fractured, days, weeks, and months don't undo the years of damage we had with Raven. It takes years to heal and even then causing scars. Leaving her was the best choice we made. That's the only reason we're at where we are now and our conflicted feelings about our friends, family and lover. You should get back to her. Enjoy her presence while you can.”

“Thanks for giving me the words on what to say.” Yang left her room wiping her tears on her jacket.

Chapter Text

She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a familiar figure. She closed her eyes and immediately her eyes burned. She breath heavily trying to calm herself waiting for the other woman to explain.

“Glad you're not yelling offhandedly.”

“I have no idea what that means, but using context clues I suppose it mean you're glad I'm not yelling at you for coming aboard my ship uninvited. It's taking every ounce of my will to hold back. Did you teleport here or follow me to my secret hiding spot? The closet was too risky with Ruby, had to install that room and I could punch as hard as I without creating damage. You know what? Whatever brings you here doesn't matter. You shouldn't be here. And I need to go before someone sees us.” She walked passed her birthmother to the door.

“Yang, please stop and listen. Yang! Sir Branwen-Yang Xiao Long, dragon of dark and light guided by the stars of Alpha Draco, I command you to stop.” Yang shuttered and stopped where she was. She was shaking in rage when her mother pulled that card. She was seething from her nose and teeth. Her breath having a bite of flame to it. “Sit with me on the couch.” Her mom took a seat and patted the cushion next to her.

Yang moved like a robot to the couch sitting on the farthest side from her and forced her eyes to turn lilac despite how she felt. She placed her hands on her knees and squeezed them to restrain herself. “Yes?”

“We need to have a conversation involving Adam. Even with your new dragon powers. You need to discover them long before your fight. Your sword work and stances need much improvement-”

“So that's it then? You came here to mock me? I'm rolling on the inside with laughter despite what my facial expressions say.”

“That's not why I'm here. He's a master swordsman. You are the master at hand to hand. He will slice you if you get too close. I want to help train you for a fight of your life. I'll be damned if I watch my dragon die because she was foolishly blinded by love.”

Yang was smiling and holding back any form of laughter. “You, are the most entertaining person I have met today. My eyes are filling with tears I'm laughing so hard.”

This pissed Raven off. “This isn't a joke. We are going outside and I aim to put you in a real situation of life and death. The only way you will even stand a chance is if you take the poison and fight back with the intention of killing me.”

“I thought you might've been holding back in our fight. We're going to fight with the intention of killing each other?” Yang burst out laughing and feel to the floor holding her sides and her stomach. “Too rich! Ow!...I...can't...breathe” Her face was turning blue due to lack of oxygen.

“When you feel like taking this seriously and like an adult, you know where to find me.” She disappeared through her portal leaving Yang laughing harder than she's had in years. She didn't realize another figure was in the door way wondering what she was laughing at and disturbing her sleep. She finally calmed down enough to breathe.

“Something funny?” Blake looked at her crossing her arms.

“Absolutely hilarious!” She paused for a moment. “You probably won't think so.” She forced herself to her feet taking calm breathes and sitting on the couch.

“Before you start, what are you doing here instead of in bed with me? Cats are attracted to heat, which is why I always feel for you or curl into you. When you disappear, I notice that shit. Yang, it bothers the hell out of me.” Her express was one of anger and sadness, mostly pain.

Her face and voice turned serious. “I was having a conflict. I'm sorry I woke you. If it wasn't for the talk I had with Sir, saying how much I'll miss you but turning is the best thing to do. That's when I saw Raven.”

“You what!?” Any sleep in her eyes had vanquished.

“She wanted to have a talk saying that I need to turn before facing Adam so I get used to my dragon powers. She said the only way to do that is that we fight and we fight like we mean it even if we kill each other at least until the poison sets in completely. I was laughing too hard because she was mocking me saying I need to fight better with a sword and balance and she was...saying she actually cares...that I survive...against Adam...” She was laughing.

“You need to take her up on her offer!”

“What!?” It was her turn to be surprised.

“Adam is skilled, he won't go down without a fight.”

“That's not the part I was laughing about. I have no doubt of his skills since he's the leader. The part I was laughing about is Raven claiming she cares about me fighting and dying. Even if she has to make it life threatening. Even to go as far as to say she I am blinded by love and it would kill me.”

“Adam will not hesitate to kill-” She argued talking with her hands to emphasize her point.

“I will kill him no questions asked!”

“Not if you're foolish enough and blinded by rage to make a false move. You have to take her up on her offer. Not now obviously since we're resting.” She embraced her blonde tears coming down her face.” Yang, I am not losing you because of some asshole of my past. He's not worth it.”

Yang gripped her without suffocating her. “He's not. You are my world.” She rubbed her palm against the tear stained cheek wiping the tears away with her thumb. “He hurt my world. He will die because of it! He will pay for the damage he's caused. Since I've grown up and now taking this seriously, I'm going to summon Raven and let her know I'm ready to fight 'till I die. Wish me luck.” She kissed her lips.

It hit Blake that she could die because of this. “Yang!” She grabbed her hand and pulled Yang into her. “Don' can't-lose you.”

“Blake.” Her voice was hollow and void of all emotion except anger.”I promise I will come back to you. Even if it's in spirit.” She kissed her forehead.

“No!” She had a death grip on her refusing to let go.

“Blake.” She swallow. “I'm sorry.” She slapped her in the back of the head knocking her unconsciousness and laid her comfortably on the couch. “How the tables have turned. You tried comforting me saying power and protection are the best things, when in fact you say you can't live without me knowing the cost.” She walked outside and Raven was already waiting for her.

“Decided to take this seriously and grow up now, did you?”

“Yeah, turns out my concern and yours was and is legitimate.”

“First rule. Modify your sword. It is part of you.” She paused. “Which we've already done that. Next rule keep it sheath until your opponent draws first or you draw at the same time. Rule three, maintain eye contact. You can find out what your enemy is thinking by how they look at you. For example what do you see?”

“I see blood shot eyes that want me dead, but at the same time, there is also a barely visible force that is somewhat holding back.”

“That was deeper than I expected that cat Faunus has done a number to you. Rule number four, don't watch the weapon. Watch the elbows, you can tell predictability based on where they're going to be instead of where they are. Rule five, even if you have to back away and get blown over, never let the enemy know you are off balance.” Yang was closing her eyes and breathing taking it all in. Nothing she hadn't heard before but nothing she didn't take to heart before either. “You're focusing on my words instead of taking action, about time. I need your aura drained and semblance weakened. I will not be your first opponent, she will. You will not rely on your semblance or gauntlets during this fight. ”

Yang gasped when she saw her. Emerald eyes that were once full of happiness and hope now portrayed darkness and lines of sleep deprivation. Eyes she recognized from her own. In her hand she angrily gripped Milo.“Shit.” She whispered.

“So I'm not broken beyond recognition, you backstabbing, murderous fuck!” She seethe.

Yang calmed her breathing and suppressed her nerves. She slowly drew her sword and forced herself to look the redhead's eyes. She saw the hatred and anger she once had but no where near intense.

Pyrrha swung first predicable and the second attack she barely dodged, the third struck her full force in the face sending her back but she rolled into it and stood up.

“Staying on your feet and rolling with it trying to stay balanced.” Raven stated.

Yang sighed and wiped where the boot kicked her. “Is that all you got?” She taunted.

Pyrrha ran to her going for a stab to the gut and Yang tripped her feet sending her falling forward. She tried to swipe with he sword and they met blades scraping against one another. Yang went to hit her back and Pyrrha spun meeting blade for blade. And tried to kick her opponent who easily dodged and backed off.

They started out slow and building speed and momentum until they fought like they meant it. Yang had scratches, cuts and bruises on her body. Pyrrha was fairing no better and seemed to be barely standing. Yang felt at a disadvantage unable to use her semblance and take her down. That was how she beat her.

“You embarrass me.” Raven coldly stated.

Yang calmed her nerves everything in her wanted to charge and end this. She charged quickly and made several predicable attacks only to land strikes in almost at the cost of balance. She pushed off the ground and jumped away before getting cocky.

“Enough. You've done well my slave. Go back to my ship and I will reward you later.”

“Yes Master.” Pyrrha walked away trying to look and feel dignified.

“I am your opponent now. Don't hold anything back.” She drew her weapon.

Yang wanted so badly to quit and just accept her punishment from Blake. She had to do this. She challenged herself. Raven came at at her and swung her sword sideways and when she tried to dodge stabbed vertically leaving a fresh cut on her arm and Yang used that to send in a punch with barely got by she shot Ember Celica and sent her mother back with little effort.

“Use your semblance you piece of shit.” She beckoned.

Yang let her semblance barely burn.

The charged each other exchanging swipes, blows but little contact. Yang was panting from her earlier fight but still continued to attacks and be smart. As the battle raged on they both attacked like they meant to kill each other. Yang winced feeling the pain knowing her mother was serious. She refused to give up. Her aura and semblance were very little now. She could burn brightly before her fight with her mom, tired and feeling drained. She felt better knowing Raven was panting and seeing marks she made. Raven charged and Yang backed off not knowing what to except and came at her again she easily pushed her away and avoided a sword swipe and dodged a kick and a punch but still felt the brutality of it. Yang pulled out the vile asking if she was ready.

“I want you to think about every joy, pain and hurt you've ever been through. Take your time going through everything. Once you reach this moment inject it and expect no mercy from me.”

Yang put the vile in her pocket as not to crush it, her mind going as far back as she could remember with Summer and Tai. Ruby being born, her parents lives ending, her kidnapping all the times she was slapped around and punished. The first time her mom raped her. The first submissive she had. The time of her first lover taken away from her. All those she broke and killed feeling no sympathy. All the arguments she had with herself, the thoughts of suicide missing Ruby. Her time with Blake and Ilia getting her arm cut off and earning the cybernetic the white hot pain she felt when it connected. The day she left, when she rescued Ruby and all the times she protected Ruby from Raven. Kidnapping Weiss, beating Pyrrha in a fight. Her times with Blake all the times she cried and felt pain in her chest. It's slight pain but still there. Books, torture, stars, hope, everything that lead to this moment. Her dragons had merged in agreement what was once her drained semblance now burned bright taking the solid form of a yellow, orange and red stripped dragon.

“Roar!” Raven demanded.

Yang sucked in as much air and possible and screamed at the top of her lungs. Instead of seeing the black and red fire like before it was burning blue with some red. The most dangerous type of flame. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the vile. As she was about to inject it a voice came out of nowhere.


Yang knew that voice anywhere and paused for a moment before resuming. She quickly tried to bring it into her arm when a hand clenched her wrist. “Let go!”

“No! I was wrong to say what I said earlier. Not being in your shoes and living without you, it was wrong of me to force this. Yang, my Sunny Dragon come back to me.”

Yang roared loudly and pushed her back a couple feet rolling her onto the ground. She burned slightly brighter know how much this pained the other and stabbed it into her arm. “Now I can be the dragon you deserve, princess.

“No!” Blake shouted from the ground with her hand out.

Once the needle was in Raven shot her through the heart and she layed on the ground, lifeless. Blake had no idea what was going on as everything moved so fast. She saw Yang's body on the ground. She screamed into the sky but felt as if no sound could be heard. Everything was silent. Once she came to her senses she used Gambol Shroud to fight Raven. Raven was easily fighting her off and tried to explain.

“You killed her! You ruined her life! She did everything she could for you and you shot her. You killed her!” She yelled and screamed as she fought with tears in her eyes. She was receiving punches and kicks but nothing more.

“Just watch!” Blake was too angry and hurt to care. Raven disarmed her and held her in a head lock forcing her to look at Yang.

Her eyes shot open and the wound on her chest healed as she started to get up. “Rrrraaaahhhh!” She roared in pain a deep groan that very few males could produce. As promised Raven attacked and she used the pain she was in to fight anew. Her wounds started healing with the fire burning around her. She flashed like fire all around Raven striking, blocking and dodging.

Blake looked on in horror, guilt and fear. Purple tunnels where blood traveled showed on her skin. Her eyes were blood red and the whites had turned to a yellow and the round black pupil was reduced to an oval slit. The dragon surrounding her was at least fifteen feet tall and instead of her aura acting like mist, it was a physical form she could fight with, extra appendages of arms, legs and a tail . Her dragon was a bright yellow color, sharp points where her head and neck met, red slit eyes and the normal whites were a pink. The color of the fire was a bright blue and it felt more intense than her normal red, orange and yellow. Her speed is what scared her the most. She could teleport bursting into flame she moved. She noticed Raven struggled to keep up with her. She unsheathe Gambol Shroud prepared to used it in when Raven could no longer keep up. She didn't want to, but if it kept her Sunny Dragon alive, it would be worth it. Blake's eyes widened and tears leaked out of them when she heard gunshots. Yang was being shot at point blank range. What really scared was it didn't even phase her. The bullets bounced off her aura. She stooped every shot by catching it in her hand. “Yang!” Yang didn't even acknowledge here just kept her eyes focused on her mom.

“ Sir Branwen-Yang Xiao Long, dragon of dark and light guided by the stars of Alpha Draconis, I command you to stop.” Raven commanded.

Yang closed her eyes and calmed her breathing. She kept her eyes focused on her mom.

“You are ready. I will see you when I see you, my daughter.” She disappeared through her portal.

Yang was panting in anger at her words clenching her fists. She breathed a heavy breath before expelling flame from her mouth. She looked across the way where she saw her lover looking at her with tears streaming down her face, her eyes displayed fear. She walked over to her and she crawled away.

“Stay away from me!”

“Blake, it's me, Yang, Yang Xiao Long.” She knelt down still several feet from her. “Blake, don't cry, please. It hurts me to see you cry.”

“The Yang I knew died when she knocked me out in order to poison herself! She died when Raven shot her senselessly!”

“She didn't die, she became stronger, whole, complete.”

“No, we're back where we started. Day zero!” She got up and walked away from the beach in the direction of residential houses.

“I'm leaving at sunset and I prefer if you were with me.” She called out. “At least she didn't take off the necklace. I need to get used to talking to myself since the voice in my head is gone.” She grit her teeth to make it seem like she wasn't talking to herself. “I have to get used to this.” She strode back to her ship walked in the cabin and started talking aloud. “Great Yang, you do exactly what the princess told you to in the beginning and disobeyed her at the end.'s better if she leaves. Yeah, get the girl of your dreams and she changes you for the better and suddenly you become the dragon you were born to be and she leaves you.” She layed her back on the bed and rested her feet on the floor. “You're healed, normal at least relatively speaking and she leaves. The irony being she loved me when I was broken. Maybe that's why, she didn't love me, she took pity on me.”


Yang shot up in surprise. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Very funny. Rose enough to know most of what happened on the beach, not sure before that. Is Blake really leaving you?”

“Most likely.” Her eyes were watering. “And good riddance. She's better off without me. I'm still going to kill Adam for the shit he pulled years ago. I don't need her, I am complete, I am a dragon, I am-”

“Empty without someone to love and care for?”

Yang's eyes let out the tears she was trying to hold back. “Yes.” She squeaked.

Ruby went over and embraced her sister. “Confidence is quiet, you were not. You don't have to lie to yourself.”

“Sad part, she'll always be part of my life as long as long as I keep her mom and our kids as part of my life, which I intent to. I should've listened. I should've dropped the vial and held her. Let her know it was going to be okay. Let her know I wasn’t going to do it.”

“No, in the end, she’ll be glad you didn't and I’m proud to say you didn’t. The world now has a protector. A light source, hope and a savor, who might not be able to save everyone, but can save the majority of lives, from what we don't know. Your mind is no longer fractured. You are Yang Xiao Long, the guardian protector of Draco. You should at least visit Blake's mom before you go. You're still going to be part of each others lives.”

“You got your wisdom from Sir.” She laughed. “She was the one who was good at the speeches. Although, I guess I'm good at the speeches now. I'm used to hugs and kisses solving all problems. That's Rubes, I'll go visit Kali.” Yang went to the bathroom and wiped her face and neck trying to look as presentable as possible. “How do I look?”

“Like a dragon.” They both smiled.

Yang left and walked along the path to the Belladonna house. She took a deep sigh and before she could knock Ghira opened the door stepping out. He gestured with his head twitch to walk with him as they walked outside. “What happened?”

“I actually wanted to check on Kali before I left at sunset. I guess she occupied.”

“You're damn right. You mind explaining?”

“After Blake accepted…all of me, I told that there was a vile of Death Stalker venom that would make me stronger, live for around two centuries and I would become fully immersed dragon form. At first, Blake was all for the idea, me becoming a dragon and the protector of humankind. Once I told her the risks that if I didn't channel my semblance properly or it went to my heart first I would die. She didn't like that at all anymore and said me losing my life is not worth the risk. She said it was better when I was living without her when the reality of her living without me made her feel scared and alone. I knocked her out so she couldn't interfere and she saw my fight with my ex and my mother. I channeled all my pain into my semblance and injected it after I pushed her away because she tried to stop me and told me she was wrong. She watched me die and be brought back alive. My mom fought me to keep me from dying. She was scared of the my newfound powers. She moved away from me when I tried to hug and reassure her.”

“Quite a story. If you're stronger now than before, I'd be afraid too. Did she know the risks when you told her?”

“No, mostly the fact I couldn't live without her, and now I really wonder if it's sooner than I'd like. I didn't know the risks until I told her.”

“I thought you had hurt her in some way, and in some sense you did. However, you put the world before your own selfish desires. I would be proud to have you as a daughter in law.” Yang shot up in surprise then sadness. “She’ll come around. What do you plan to do with your newly gained power?”

“Protect the world like Blake wanted. It may not need saving all the time, but I can get rid of the worse scum on Remnant. Protect those whose enemies are stronger. Defy the gods by doing a greater good than they would...It’s what Blake, Ruby and my parents would want.” She closed her eyes and sighed.

“Yet you fear the woman you love won't be by your side making sure you don't become the dark dragon you were afraid of becoming before?”

“Yes, I'll only have Ruby for so long and her children and so on. Do you believe in reincarnation?”

“Sometimes, a person can look and act like someone else, but it is not entirely them. Don't put too much hope in finding her again. Remnant is pretty big and if you think you've found her, it won't be her.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that. I should get going. Will you tell Kali I said hi and bye? Once I send up a green flare, I'll be leaving within the hour.”

“I will. Take care on your journey. Make Taurus pay!”

Yang sent a single head nod aggressively. “Do you think all animals deserve a clean kill no matter what they've done? Oh-I mean animals as in-”

“I know what you mean, no offense taken and yes. Destroying them will only cause you to become the animal you sought to destroy.”

“If Blake finds someone she thinks she can love should she decides to stay, please make sure they have her best interest at heart. If they aren't nervous around you or Kali, they prepared themselves too well. Take care Mr. Ghira.”

“You too, Yang.”

Yang went back to her ship and shot the green flare. She went back to the spot first met her love and felt the indent of the tree. Silent tears ran down her face. Her breathing was silent, almost nonexistent and her heart only lightly pounded. No pain. I would normally be feeling it. You piece my mind, body and aura together only to break my heart. You're still in heat and I won't be the one fulfilling your needs and desires. It's better this way. She leaned against the tree and plugged her earphones in her scroll.

Every now and then, we find a special friend, who never lets us down...Who understands it all. Reaches out each time we fall. You're the best friend that I found. I know you can't stay, but part of you will never ever go away. Your heart will stay...I'll make a wish for you. And hope it will come true that life would just be kind. To such a gentle mind. If you lose your way think back on yesterday. Remember me this way. Remember me...this...way...

As long as we think about each other our hearts will be one. No matter where you are, I'll always be with you.

She was so lost in thought she didn't see footsteps come toward her. Only when they lightly kicked sand in her direction did she notice. She wiped her eyes of the dried tears, paused her music and looked up. “Can I help you?” She sounded annoyed.

“You're Yang, right?”

“Depends on whose askin'.” She said coldly with a glare to match.

“Sun Wukong.”

“Yang Xiao Long.” That's gonna take some getting used to.

“You hurt Blake. That is unforgivable. I challenge you.”

Yang stood up closing her eyes to change color. “She hurt herself. She knew mostly what she was getting into. She couldn't take the heat and go burned. I burned myself and she got mixed in the cross fire. I don't have the time to be dealing with a mere mortal.” She started to walk away.

“You afraid Xiao Long?” He challenged.

“I am a dragon, a terrifying, ferocious beast. I am not afraid. I don't want her ex fiancé getting burned.

“You'll be the one feeling the Sun when I am through with you.”

“I shine brighter than any sun and I burn. Is this a death match?” She asked angrily.

“Not quite that extreme…more like a knockout, but I should kill you for hurting her.”

“Before we do this, understand I defeated Mr. Belladonna without my weapons. My aura and shadow turn into a dragon. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“What?” He looked down at her shadow and jumped in surprise. His eyes filled with determination. “We're doing this.”


“Fuck! She always has the worse timing.” Yang kicked sand scattering it to the wind then plopped down drawing patterns with her finger while her other hand supported her head. Sun just looked at her confused still itching for a fight.

“Sun, don't do this. You will lose. You have a wife and child on the way. A childish fight won't solve anything but send you to the hospital or protests from your wife while you recover.”

“She is the reason you till have tears in your eyes. I am-” He stopped when she put a hand on his shoulder. He grunted in frustrated understanding. “Only because this is you, Blake, I'll stand down. I'm still itching for a fight. If you need anything, call me.”

“Goodbye Sun.” He shrugged in his walk as he reluctantly left. “Hey.” Blake whispered turning to the other blonde.

“Hi.” Yang said flatly looking at her stupid doodles closing her eyes to not see the amber ones as she sat down. After a few moments of silence. “I can't do this.” She got up and started walking away when a hand grabbed hers. She froze and refused to look at the innocent eyes looking at her with the sniffles going along with them. Her hand embraced the hand that held hers, interlocking fingers. “I know what you want me to do.” She said in a stern tone before her voice started breaking with near sobs. “You want look at you...with those...sweet, innocent, golden eyes unlike anything I've ever seen...and expect me to fall apart.” She giggled sadly. “I got news for you Belladonna. It's not gonna work.” Her smile noticed through her voice “I'm not going to fall apart at the seams because the woman I love is looking straight through me.” She heard a laugh behind her followed by a sniffle. “But we both know I'm lying through my teeth. Can I hold you?”

“You can keep me.”

“Gah damn it!” Her tears ran freely as she closed her eyes and pulled her in. Resting her head between the ears as her hands wrapped around her waist and arms wrapped around her neck. “You don't even know what I'm talking about and you lower me defenseless.

“Yang, look at me.” She whispered. Yang moved her head away with her eyes still closed and slowly opened them. She smiled at the pink, slightly puffy, tear streaked, golden eyes staring at her. “I see you.”

“I see you.” They were moving their lips closer to each others. Her alarm went off ruining the moment. “Damn it.” Blake laughed. “We-I-we-I-” She sighed. “Hope the Second is departing soon.”

Blake giggled into her hand. “I guess we better go.” The most genuine grin slid across Yang's face. She pick up her woman in a bridle carry, summoned her dragon's wings and soared through the air. Blake had a death grip on her “Yang! Ah! When did you-how did you?”

Yang let Blake safely down who brushed herself off on shaking legs. “I didn't think that would work.”

Blake's shocked expression and a gape mouth said everything for her. “So you'd just risk our lives on a whim? You didn't think that would work?!” She rubbed her fingertips into her forehead. “I need a drink.” And headed into the cabin.

Yang followed behind her going to her map. “Blake, can you come here a second?”

She shot back a shot of whiskey. “What's up?”

“Come here.” She gestured between her arms. She held her between them and turned her to the table. “This is where we are. This is our next stop. You line the protractor up like this.” Yang paused when she felt her butt against her crotch. “The center of it is where you are. The string held in the middle you use that to where your destination is.” She lined it up, and used the tick marks to mark degrees. “You see? Sixty four degrees. Any questions so far?”

“Yes, why do you use that one and that direction?”

“So a map has different scales, the most common one is one over one hundred and fifty thousand. You always see the scale on the map right here. And the way to read a map is right and up. You have to go through the hall before going up the elevator. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. What's next?”

“Then, we go out here.” Leading her out of the cabin and to the helm. “Unlatch the strap, pulling out the compass and line up the degrees usingthe black lines. The red lines are mills and require a different unit of measure. Making sure the compass is flat move the helm toward the sixty four degrees. Most of the time you'll never be on the mark. It's a good thing because the outskirts of the cities are more suitable conditions. The ship is made of titanium, world’s strongest metal. No cannon balls or missiles will make a dent. Any questions?”

“Oh Captain, my Captain.”

“Be still my heart.” She held her heart and shook her head. “That's not what I asked. You know that reference?” Yang gave her a salute which she returned.

“You know...” She booped her nose moving closer to her ear “my heat cycle isn't over and I could use a good fucking from a good dragon cock, say enough to pass out but not a coma.”

Yang's stomach fluttered. She threw her head back. “You just got done crying and being upset with me. The first thing you wanna is have sex?” She picked her up in a bridal carry which Blake yipped and Yang kissed her lips. “Make-up sex it is. You looking to sleep until it's over?”

“Something like that.”

“Too bad princess, time's tickin'” Yang forced her kissed. She broke apart and took her back into the cabin throwing her onto the bed then jumped on top of her kissing her. And to think I was prepared to live without you. Never again. I kinda miss having a second voice. Yang ran her hands over her body massaging breasts through her shirt causing moans to enter her mouth. Blake hungrily kissing her hands rubbing along her back Yang returning moans. Blake broke the kiss to breathe.

“No teasing, just fuck me.” She panted.

Yang had too much to made up for on their next session and wasn't willing to entertain her. She stayed her lips and hurried to remove her pants and underwear at once. She had no idea what is was but she could smell arousal now clear as day.

“You smell absolutely amazing.”

She moved to her neck and Yang took off her pants and underwear in one go. She lined herself up using her hand to feel the others wetness.

“Stop teasing.” She wiped her hand on the shaft then forced it inside her. “Aaahhhh! Yang!” She yelled. Her legs kicking the air for friction.

Yang smiled and started fucking her. Removing her own clothing then her girlfriend's. You are never leaving me while you live. Shit, another fucking song reference. Listen to her. Driving me crazy.
Yang moved to kissing her neck biting lightly and sucking on the tender flesh.

“Aaaaahhhh! Yang!” She screamed as she came coating the bed with her squirts. Ythe blonde didn't hold back. “Aaaaahhh! Yang!” Yang continued to ride her keeping her speed and momentum. The sounds from Blake was a mantra of her name on repeat. Yang smirked and angled herself differently. Blake tightened her grip on her back nails burying in flesh and blood streams leaking down.

“Bite me.” She requested.

Blake heard the words being said bit down tasting a hint of copper amongst the gunpowder skin.
Yang called out in pleasure and redoubled her efforts. She wanted a dragon. She'll get a dragon. Blake was calling out feeling the heat rise inside her and around her. It was too much for her and she came. Yang wanted to hold off until her dragon form was compete. Once it was, she glanced over at the shadow against the headboard. Completely turned on by what she saw. A lustful, powerful towering dragon ramping into the smaller cat Faunus. With the sight, she came. Blake squeezed her harder as she was being filled then loosened her grip. Yang wasn't going full speed like she normally would be went harder to make up for it. She used her left hand to play with her breast moving it around, lightly pulling pinching at the center piece then flicking it and moving it around her two fingers. Wondering what her reaction would be, she lightly slapped it. A yelp and gasp. She thought she was seeing things when she saw her back arch wanting more contact. She did it again and she felt walls around her tighten quiver until she felt the fluid released and came for the final time. She was inching her way back to pull out when hands gripped around her back. She stayed where she was, head in her perfect breasts and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Yang woke to the moonlight illuminating the room. She glazed her eyes over her sleeping beauty. Her eyes still closed and sleeping. Remembering what she said earlier about cats and heaters, she stayed where she was. She silently cursed as her scroll was on the floor with her clothes. She slowly tried to get up... Again? Just like we were kids. Maybe she intended this so I couldn't leave her. Wait! Yang smiled and moved as slowly as possible she wanted her partner to feel her without disturbing her. This is what she wanted, hopefully. Even though she was asleep, Yang kept seeing her face twitch and she let out low almost inaudible moans. Wait? Nearly inaudible. My sight, I can see her in the dark, my hearing,I can hear the waves outside, my sense of smell, its increased? I'm somewhat like a Faunus? She smiled. Wait 'till I tell Blake. I just hope we don't have dragon children. Shit! Children...Plan B. Is she waking up? Nope. Yang let out a defeated sigh. Her eyes shot up when she heard light snoring coming from another side of the room. Ruby...Her and Weiss, me and Blake a complete foursome. That does sound a bit weird. If Ruby wakes before Blake, she can bring us coffee. Yang let her hot breath travel over her body which shivered at the contact. She's totally aroused. Yang kissed her lips remembering when Blake passed out for some time.

Her eyes slowly eased opened. “Morning sunshine.”

“Hey.” She kissed her lips again.

Yang moved in and out slowly like before. The body under her was shaking at the movement. Yang laid almost completely on top of her, and started kissing her neck.

Blake lightly pushed her head away. “Too early.” She lightly groaned.

“We're knotted Kitten.” It took a few moments to register her words. She tried pulling away but the pain wasn't worth it. “If you wanted me to stay, you could've said so.” Blake shot her a glare with the most unamused look. “We could wait 'till your heat acts up, Ruby fell asleep in here.” After a few moments her eyes shot open she tried pulling away but failed to remember they were stuck. “Don't try to escape Kitty. I can smell your arousal.” Blake shot her a glare then a questioning glace. “Since I have dragon power, my senses have increased, I'm somewhat like a Faunus.” Blake hugged her after the words set in then kissed her lips. “I want to become untangled before we have a mix of cat and dragon children unless because of the Faunus mix they turn out completely different. We could have a crocodile.” She mused, Blake unimpressed with narrowed eyes. Yang kissed her lips slowly and whispered. “Happening?” She slowly nodded. Yang was slow letting her wake up and adjust to the overnight visitor. Blake pushed on her shoulders and brought them back in with her rhythm. She was trying to be quiet for Ruby's sake. Yang moved her hands under her arms and to her shoulder blades. “You decide the rhythm by moving your hands.” Blake made jerky movement with her hands pressing upward on the skin. Yang repeated by pounding her with the same rhythm. Blake's head slammed back on the pillow and a hum left her throat. “I can hear you, grit your teeth if you want to be quiet. Just hum for how good I make you feel.” The noise in her throat grew louder. Yang took the vibrating finger and placed it on her clit. She was struggling to keep quiet as her lips pursed and her body shook. Yang felt her walls collapse and pounded harder releasing her seed as far as she could inside. She slowly pulled out and walked to the bathroom retrieving a cup of water and the Plan B. She set it on the night stand. “I’ll be back.” She kissed her forehead and slipped on a baggy sweatshirt and pants.

Went out the door and came back with three plates of food and drinks. She set one plate down on the table and cuddled next to her kitten with food. Blake decided to tease her wondering what she’d do. She took a piece of bacon and held it a few inches away from her blonde’s mouth. Yang opened her mouth bit a huge chunk leaving a portion left quickly swallowed it before sucking the meat in her mouth like a vacuum, then kissed, sucked and licked the fingers and between them causing the receive to blush. To avoid anything further, she ate slowly making sure she had food in her mouth at all times. Ruby had woken looked around remembering the night before. “Morning sis.” Ruby groaned quietly unruffled her clothes, ate and left with her hair and eyes still a mess. After Ruby left and Blake was done eating, she picked her up and started the shower. While waiting, Yang pressed her into a wall and attacked her lips and Blake pushed back. Yang took them into the shower pushing herself into the water and let Blake completely lead with whatever she wanted.

With her hair soaked, she rubbed shampoo into the golden locks. Yang was shaking and unsteady. “For a dragon in a human body, you make a pretty good impression of a purr.” She teased.

“I l-learn fr-from th-the ba-best.” She stammered. If her vice was normal it would have made the joke so much better.

Blake switched their positions once she shampooed, conditioned and soaped every inch of her. Yang was a shaking mess of inflicted pleasure. She turned the tables and scratched both ears leaving Blake as bad she was. Yang had a sinister grin as a thought came to her. She slid her thigh between her legs and moved it back an forth. Blake was moving her body to get a much friction as possible. “Ah! Yang!” She gasped. “” Yang showed her teeth in her grin as the Faunus repeated her name and all the signs we easy to see. She exhaled hot breath on her human ear.

Yang whispered. “Cum for me.” Blake yelled as she came only supported by Yang. “I didn't want to wait.” She smirked.

“Clearly.” Blake glared a huff through her pant.

Yang returned the favor of shampooing, conditioning and lathering soap on her hourglass figure. She cut the water off slightly turning on her semblance to keep her partner warm. She dried them both off and Blake helped her change the sheets before sitting upright Blake resting her head in the shoulder and a head on top of hers. Yang pushed a button and a theater sized TV was displayed no longer hidden by a false wall. Yang snapped a picture of Blake’s shocked face and grinned ear to ear. “What do you want to watch?”

“I-when-TV-what?” She stammered. “When did you get this?” She half shouted.

“I’ve always had it. I told you I used to watch TV and kid movies. This way we get to sit in company and instead of silence, we watch. I know you’re more of a reader that’s why I haven’t showed you this before, I didn’t want to disturb you. And since I haven't seen you pick up your book, I figured now would be a good time. Is there anything you want to watch?”

“Yes, that one movie where you asked me if you could keep me. I don’t think I’ve seen that one.”

“Yet you’ve seen Dead Poet Society.” Yang started the movie.

“I haven’t.”

“Then how did you know ‘Oh Captain, my Captain’?”

“Another reference, the one with the sailors during one of The Great Wars. Plane goes down and they survive in the ocean after shark’s tail them and eat survivors. They follow the captain through thick and thin less than half survive.”

“We are totally hunting a shark after this.”

Blake gave her a concerned look and a groan. “You’re-“

“Infuriating, incorrigible, a person that can not and will not be changed, well except for you?”

“Yes...” her eyelashes fluttered in shock “how did you-?”

“I look up immense words after you use them.” Blake rolled her eyes. “That time it was a thesaurus. Sh, movie starting.”

The movie ended.

“That was cute and sweet and I liked it. Can I keep you? A questioned asked by a ghost who lives forever...trapped on dragon...Yang.” She held her tightly only a few tears falling. “If I can, I'll find my back to you. I will love you and you love me all over again. Just don't be a weird and too familiar with my other form thinking you're a weirdo.”

“Just promise me. If the cost is life, limb, eyesight or something that makes you hesitate to say yes, don't do it. Seeing you again would be bittersweet. It would be pain knowing you're alive and I'd have to take it slow and can't give you my complete heart and joy because if things work out we can be together again, even if you aren't completely the same. Your dad told me if I did see you, it wouldn't really be you...There'd be...differences. To lose you all over again would be painful. It's hard to believe we've really only been together for a few months, but it feels like a year. I am happy time is slow.” Blake completely relaxed against her. Resting her head in her chest as her hair was stroked emitting soft purrs. “You should take this before, you know.”

“Later.” She purred.

“Before Sun walked up to me, I thought I was going to lose you and I listened to the slow dancing song.”

“Dance with me.” She jumped from the bed pulling her girlfriend with her. With her head in her chest and arms wrapped around the tan neck, she relaxed and hands crossed her waist. “Sing to me.”

“I don't need eyes to see. The love you bring to me. No matter where I go. And I know that you'll be there. Forever more a part of me you're everywhere. I'll always care.” She lowered the octaves and didn't stretch them out that long as not to strain her voice. “I'll make a wish for you. And hope it will come true. That life would just be kind. To such a gentle mind. If you lose your way think back on yesterday. Remember me, this way.” Tears fell from eyes in drops and she pulled the head closer into her chest. “I love you. I can't express it enough you know what I mean?”

“I love you. I'm starting to.” Yang swallowed thing of another reference she used. “I got it. And Yang...tomorrow is my last day of heat, I'll be even more sex crazed than my usual heat. It's worse on the first and last day. I want you do do whatever you want to me.”

Yang panted for a few breathes feeling completely turned on. She closed her eyes and relaxed. “Okay. I'll use a device called an aether that lets me know what your thoughts are no matter how incoherent. My-.”

“Raven.” Blake corrected.

“Raven used that one, device and word. That way I won't hurt you too much. I know how you are with safe words now, Miss. Keep Going. I can turn it on so you know my thoughts, but tomorrow is all about you. How do you think it would be if you swapped genders.”

“You always make it about me. Something I haven't had in years before you. Something I felt and still feel guilty about. But when I'm with you, it all fades away. I would be terrible cumming every few seconds 'till I go flaccid.”

“My sap.” Yang nibbled the tip of the feline ear.

“Ah!” Blake shuttered. “Not again.” She half moaned.

“Nope. You're going to be eating pineapples all day today. Nothing else. You wanna get some air? I wanna to go hunting if there's anything out today.”

“Sure...why pineapples? It can't be anything else? And I'll watch from the safety and security of the ship.”

“You'll see tomorrow and suit yourself.”

They both changed and headed up to their usual crow's nest. Where Blake was reading to her girlfriend who was looking out at the water head resting in her lap. Several hours later and a couple of eaten pineapples Yang's head shoots up in surprise. A giant whale shot straight up before crashing into the water with a loud splash.

“Humpback! Prepare to hunt!” She shouted seeing everyone scatter and she hopped down turning her eyes red. As Yang was untying the ropes to the boat placing spear heads made of diamonds connected by a gold linked rope her girlfriend approached her from behind.

“You plan to take that thing down?” She mostly shouted. “In a little boat with some spears? It will crush you! Swallow you!”

“Aw, Kitty's worried. It's cute.” Not breaking her facade. “It won't be the first one I've taken down. And besides, people have been known to survive in their bellies for three days.”

“I'm coming with you. I am mortified, scared, but if we go, we go together.”

Yang smirked a grin. I chose not to die with you when I injected the poison. “You are more than welcome to come. Here's how this works. You have to do what I say. No questions asked, no hesitation. Understand?”


Yang, Ruby and Blake among others hopped into the boat with Coco rowing closer to it. “Here it comes.” Yang grabbed a spear and stabbed it into the top catching it by surprise where it dragged the boat for a bit until Yang pulled it out before it snapped. “Keep steady. It's coming in for a attack.” Ruby assured Blake that Yang knew what she was doing other wise she wouldn't be there. The whale shot straight up out of the water preparing to crush the boat. Blake's eyes widened with fear with how much larger it was up close. Yang threw two spears into it sending it the opposite direction and dragging the boat for a bit. Yang saw it trying to drag the boat under by submerging and yanked the spears out. “Prepare the motor.” Blake, Yang and Velvet's ears flinched at the spring of the motor. Yang touched her ear. It was a sensation, not really pain. Something she'd have to get used to. Her thoughts were interrupted when the whale tried to crush them again when Yang send spears pierced it trying to hit any vital organs. It fell the opposite direction and Yang brutally yanked the spears out. “One more vital hit and it's down. The whale decided to charge at them and Yang threw the spear right to it's blow hole and shot two shells in its eyes blinding it. While it was surprised Yang threw more spears at the fins and it was about to draw its final breaths. Yang pulled the spears out and with the blood loss and damage she could see it was dead. The ship came out and lifted up the beast where it was cut and carved to not take up so much space. A few hours later it had been dealt with. The meat used for food, blubber for candles and all the other parts used for something. Blake was impressed and sought some alone time to speak with her as she cleaned and sharpened the spears.

“I told you I chose not to die with you when I injected the poison. I knew you'd be safe.” She heard Blake approach for once.

Blake was still in shock. “That was incredible. I was scared we were going to die. Ruby had to assure me she wouldn't be there if you didn't know what you were doing. It was a whale. One of the largest beasts in the ocean. Not just any whale, but a Humpback and you used every part of it you could trying not to waste anything.” She was amazed.

“Blue whale is the largest but is endangered because of its size. There's no sense in hunting if you're going to kill something and not make use of it. That's just waste.”

“Is that how you feel about..Adam?”

Yang froze but timed her reaction. “Not quite. A whale didn't do anything wrong but be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It kills because it has to. Adam, kills because he can, he destroys lives and families in the name of justice when he causes more harm than good, he is a waste and he wastes innocent lives who believe what they are doing is right. I agree with the White Fang movement, just not their violent methods. They only had to resort to it because what they were doing, wasn't working. Similar to me and Sir. What I was doing wasn't working and was forced to create a method that did. Adam is a waste of life and he wastes others lives, if not destroys then almost destroys them beyond repair. As much fun as it would be turning his body into useful parts, he doesn't deserved to be remembered. History will hopefully forget he ever existed. I'll try to make sure of it. Ow!” She was so into her talk she sliced her hand along the blade only slight blood. She put it in her mouth and started sucking on it and was given the most obscured look from the Faunus.

“That's how infections start.” She went to retrieve a first aid kit and same back a minute later.

“Aw, babe, you didn't have to. I got it healed. Like I was saying people deserve to know that the White Fang existed and their protests were peaceful once but when nothing was being done turned violent and caused more hatred bloodshed, division and war.” She looked back at her palm. I just gotta burn and it's healed. It's the thought that counts. I appreciate you.”

“Speaking of thoughts and appreciation, could you join me in the cabin, in a few minutes?”

“No problem. Go get yourself ready for me.” She winked. Blake took off quickly. My sense of smell has picked up. I thought I was imagining things. I hate sounding like Sir like this. Just like that night with Velvet. Can't think about that. She went to the cabin to find a very naked Blake mostly restrained except for the hand circling her clit. “Couldn't wait for me couldja?”

“Shut up and fuck me.”

“Feisty kitty, me likey.” She licked her lips. She restrained the hand that was furiously masturbating. And received a whimper as she walked a few steps backwards slowly moving articles of clothing except her bra and underwear. She strode her way to her partner taking off her underwear and pushing the member inside relishing her yell as if she was on edge too long. “You really want me, don't you.” She laid on top of her staying still.

“Yang Xiao Long, if you don't stop teasing me!”

Yang pushed and out of her with her body moving like a worm. Pleas and cries reaching her now sensitive hearing. She could hear tones and a different noises that were concealed before. She rested on her forearms slowly kissing the lips that were desperate for more contact. She brushed her hands over the pale breasts and were lightly playing with them. She touched her mechanical finger to the clit and turned on the vibration.

“ me.”

Yang obliged saving her sinister plans for tomorrow. Blake's first orgasm hit her in a few strokes. Yang kept her pace helping prolong it. It wasn't the biggest but it still did something for her. Yang slowed as her body shook less. She kissed her waiting lips met with passion and heavy inhales through their noses. Their tongues entered opposite mouths fighting the dominance game. Yang decided to win by speeding up her motions as the onyx hair slammed back into the pillow with moans. Blake yelled Yang's name as she felt herself be filled by fertile seed. It spurred her on and she orgasmed squirting a decent amount. Yang moved with her partner's body bringing her down slowly.

“Ugh! Yang!” She weakly said.

Yang knew she was nearing her limit and didn't hold back as she went at a moderate pace. She would time it where they would both cum at the same time. She turned the vibrator higher and felt the walls around her quacking. Blake unleashed herself first before Yang released herself inside her. Yang grabbed the water and pill for Blake. She grabbed the water and started drinking it. When she was halfway through without taking any breaks, Yang slipped it in her drink. “I didn't think you were that thirsty.” She grinned.

Blake narrowed her eyes and her eyebrows formed a straight line. She finished off the water and set it back on the nightstand. Yang filled it back up and set it on the nightstand. She sat next to her and stroked her hair. “Yang...” She took her hand and looked into her eyes. “After this whole thing with Adam is over...I want you to get me pregnant.”

Yang's eyes widened and she lightly shook her head to make sure she heard right. “But-we-us-soon? What?”

“I want kittens and I want them to be yours.”

“Blake...” She held her tightly. “We've talked about this. There'll be plenty of time for that.”

She squeezed back. “I don't wanna wait. I want this, I want you.”

“What is this really about?”

Blake slipped tears down her face. “You're a powerful dragon now. Adam is a strong fighter. I don't want to lose you before we could have it all.”

“Blake, I'll come back to you.”

“It's not just that. Raven shot you and killed you, for the right reason, but you died. As a protector now, you'll face many enemies. One false move and anyone of them can kill you. I want something to have that's yours, ours.”

Yang smiled and stoked her ebony locks. “Compromise. We go to a facility, the best one in Atlas. I give you the location, coordinates and everything. I use my sperm to be stored, so when your ready, you can be a mom.”

“Would you want it the other way around? My eggs stored for your sperm.”

“No, because as long as I am alive, you will be too. Even if it's in spirit. And..I don't think I can love children that came from you...and your not there to help me. I need you.”

“You'll have Ruby, and my parents.”

“Nowhere near the same. They aren't you.”

Holding each other to the near point of exhaustion, Yang set an alarm on her scroll and cuddled her Faunus.

Chapter Text

When the alarm went off she stopped it immediately with a malicious grin on her face. She carried the sleeping woman in her arms to the closet bed. She restrained her wrists and feet and placed extra restraints on her thighs keeping them apart and held down. She admired her work. The Faunus head and back against the bed from the waist down was off the bed. She couldn't help herself as she inhaled the scent between her legs, grinning all the while. She left for a bit going to the kitchen and returning with a pineapple setting it nearby. She took the flash drive looking device and placed it above her ear and turned it on. She connected a similar device to herself and turned it on to the middle only receiving the others thoughts. Her grin stretched from ear to ear.

She kneeled between her legs and ran her finger along the folds. Light sounds were escaping from above her. She saw the clit appear from under the folds and started licking it. The receiver gasped in response and started stirring with each lick. Yang pulled the fold apart only slightly wet. She ran her hot breath over it. Her partner physically shivered and her mind was feeling steam not sure what to think. She ran her tongue from the bottom to the top inside the fold.

At this, Blake gasped away and tried sitting up but realizing she was held down. “What?” Her mind not functioning for words. Yang licked upward again. “Uuhhh.” Yang forced her to wake up by darting her tongue in the opening. “Aahh!” She was panting not sure what was happening. “Yang?”

Yang evilly smiled at her from between her legs. “It's tomorrow kitten, I can do what I want. I knew that pineapple was a good idea.”

“Yang, wait-what? It's too early for this. Go back to sleep.”

She licked her lips. “I have the entire day with you. I am not wasting a single second.” To prove her point she slowly licked along the outside again She saw her try to back away but the restrains did their job. “I won't stop but I-”

“Keep going.” She groaned.

“Does wittle puddy cat want me to quit with the tweasing? Aw.”

“How did you-Ah!”

“Aether.” She pointed to the device on her head and heard Blake's thoughts that she she wanted to know what Yang was thinking. “I guess.” She turned hers all the way on. She continued licking the exterior flesh.

Don't you dare! A voice in her head.

I miss hearing a second voice. She replied and started sucking on the inner skin. She heard all the thoughts and felt the physical struggle. Struggle all you want, I got the whole day with you.

I just know-ah-I'm going to regret-sss-saying that. At the moment, it feels too good. Don’t stop!

I'll let you have payback next week or month. You're so hot! Not yet. She focused her dragons steam in her mouth and switched to the other side sucking on the skin.

Mmhhmm! Ooohhh! Ah-ha! Quit smiling and stop teasing!

You think this is teasing? This my love, is nothing!

AAAHH! Yang bit lightly on the flesh. Don't do it!

I should've done this a long time ago. She turned on the vibrator and used the different functions on her clit she licked up the juices that were running freely without entering her tongue. Blake was struggling trying to resist the orgasm unless some part of Yang was inside her. Yang obliged and placed a finger above her teeth teasing her further. Yang continued to laugh her girlfriend’s screams filled her mind. Deciding none of the functions weren't doing their job she kept the vibration at a constant high level and continued to lick all the escaping nectar. It wasn't long before her juices squirted out of her and Yang tried not to waste a single drop. Now to drain you like a thirsty vampire.

No! Ah! Sens-ah-tive!

Exactly! Yang grinned. She slipped the tip of her tongue inside licking along the walls and used her other finger to wiggle the clit rapidly. Blake was gone, her mind overwhelmed with stimuli, her body trying to move away. Considering her state, Yang turned off her receptor so she could receive but not send. What she was receiving wasn’t comprehensible, she would’ve laugh if she wasn’t busy licking the inside walls trying to keep the object from leaving. She expelled hot breath and saw her partner tense her body before screaming as she came. She licked and sucked every last drop. Get out! Ah! It's too much! Yang didn’t listen. She proved it when she stuck her tongue all the way drawing the alphabet and sucking on her clit. She moved her finger to her ass and stuck it inside. E-nah-off! I’m Tr-ah-ing nah Tah usssee Safeword! Yang had a look on her face that said I dare you. Blake couldn't see it as tears came out of her closed eyes. She stabbed her finger inside while Blake screamed in pleasure. All she hoped is that her walls weren’t collapsing enough to keep her tongue in there instead of Ruby going to the nearest hospital explaining why she needed epidural. She added a second finger and darted them in and out. B-ah-ble-! Yang added a third finger. Aaaahhhh! She came a third time and Yang eased up on her licking every last drop. She pulled her fingers out first then removed her mouth. An innocent grin plastered on her face. Blake was too tired and panting to care.

Using her mechanical hand and pulling a knife out, she skinned the pineapple. Making a little hole for a straw and gave to her partner to drink. She turned her receptor back on. Pineapple makes you taste even sweeter.

I hate you!

Aw kitten, don’t be like that. I just wanted you to orgasm three times or more before you used your safe word, which is keep going by the way. Yang smirked.

Pretty sure that falls under sexual abuse, going past someone’s safe word, not that I’m complaining.

You know you love it. How’s your heat?

Really, really bad and flaring now that you've got me hot and bothered. It's brutal. I need you to cum inside me. Please Yang, make it stop. Yang? Yang! Stop smiling like that! Yang turned off her receptor. She went to a drawer pulling out the clit clamp and two other toys that Blake couldn't see.

“Let's play a game. It's called count the orgasms.” Her grin malicious.

“Yang...don't...please.” She weakly begged.

She only smiled wider as she clamped the device on her clit, lightly coated the dildo filled of fake semen with her saliva and pushed it into her pussy securing it with tape. She thickly coated another small dildo in her saliva and slowly pushed it in her ass again securing it with tape. Yang turned the clamp on first, then the dildo and the butt vibrator after.

Blake felt too much stimuli and came in seconds. She gasped in surprise when she felt the plug in her ass start to move around in all different directions and speeds. Don’t leave me! Yang! She closed the closet door leaving her inside. She received nothing but foul language. She turned it back on. One orgasm. She decided to color thinking Blake's voice and trying to listen to a story wouldn't work. And idea crossed her mind. No! Yang don't! She Picked up their favorite book and went to their favorite sex scene, and started reading in her mind the cursing that came out of her mind she found hilarious . She undid her pants and started stroking her already hard shaft. Blake didn’t think she could get even more pissed off, until Yang proved her wrong. She was mentally and verbally screaming at her. Get that dick over here and cum inside me! No wonder, your dick is attached to a dick.

You kiss your mom with that mouth?

Fuck you, you mother fucker!

You're not wrong. Raven, Kali and in a few years you. She laughed.

Ugh! Yang! You incorrigible daughter of a bitch!

You're seventy five percent right.


That's two. She smiled.

Ffaakkk yyyooouuu!

Someone's fiesty, lemme keep reading my, horny kitty. Uuuhhh Nnooo!

That's three. Yang kept reading and stroking her shaft. I bet Ruby misses my dick. Maybe I should let her ride it! I'll text her and tell her to cum on down.

You big fucking tteeaassee!

Ooooo four, let's see how far you get before your mind tires.

You-you're gon-gonna brraakkee mmmeee.

Not a chance, I've done this before.

I'm not her!

Let me rephrase, I've done this to many women and some males, just not as intense because they're weaker and only cum so many times in pleasured pain. You my queen, have got it all.

If I'm your queen, then get over here and fuck me! Don't leave this to all your stupid ttttoooyyysss.


Yang, stop this...I can't take it it's too sensitive. It hurts Yang it hurts.

Safe word, your safe word. Yang tuned off her aether and walked to Blake stopping all the toys and released the fake cum inside her. And turned on her receptor.


I want you. I need you. more toys.

“I know. It's part of my teasing. You need a break?”

“Kaa-keeepp ggoooiiinnggg.”

Yang looked at the damage, saw how swollen she was and shook her head. She gave her the pineapple to drink out of. Blake gulped it down through the straw drinking as much as possible. Slow down you'll get a stomachache.

Don't tell me what to do after your torture. Yang took it away for a bit and brought it back repeating until it was empty. She sliced it up and gave to the restrained woman to eat. Yang had to be careful not to get a finger bit with how desperate she was. I'm not going to tease with food or beverage. Those are necessities and it's cruel, take your time.

Okay. Blake sighed eating slower. Yang comforted her by laying on top of her and resting her head in her chest. I love you. If it gets out of hand, I promise next time you say or think of your safeword, I won't stop you.

I promise. Yang, I love you and your hair tickles. I'll let you rest before I tease you more.

Although appreciated, I mean it when I say keep going.

Blake, I've got all day with you. It's only been two hours. We've got twenty two to go.

Is that all?

Okay kitten, okay, stop taking after me. She emphasized with a boop to her nose. You're adorable.

You're incorrigible. Yang pressed their lips together. And rested her head below her neck. Can't you at least cum inside me first before going to sleep? Yang turned off her aether then Blake's and set her scroll for an hour the heartbeat beneath her sending her to sleep.

She started awake with movement under her. What? “It's about time you got up. Stop sleeping and fuck me!” She was still half dazed wondering what was going on. She looked at the time and realized only ten minutes had passed. “If anyone deserves sleep it's me, you asshole.”

“And a fine one at that.” She said reflexively not really processing anything. She rubbed her head thinking about what happened before she slept. Looked at her girlfriend then smirking, turned on both aethers. She rubbed her hand against the swollen folds. Give me your dick and cum inside me or I stop this.

In due time, I promise. Can I have fun first?


Fine. She huffed. She walked away pulling out two pincers with chains. Clamps, keeps your folds apart.

Will it hurt?

That is up to you.

Not yet. She moved back down to the hidden pussy. Slowly inhale. She clamped one fold and clamped the other end to the bed loosely, doing the same thing to the other side. Mmmhh. She licked her lips. Look that them swollen goods.

Penis only or I end this. She shot her a glare. Yang crawled on top of her and prodded her entrance before she shot forward going all the way in. Blake yelled aloud and into the aether. Yang moved rapidly back and forth for a few strokes then came inside her the corner of her mouth in a smirk.

“Damn it Xiao Long! I should've known you'd take a loophole! You wake me up to spend twenty four hours with me to make me cum and inhumane number of times! Not only do my needs go unfulfilled but you tease the hell into me making me swollen and ache! I confessed I wanted you to cum inside me and you satisfy my heat with artificial cum when I wanted the real heated deal! You continue to tease me and when I threaten you, you make good on your promise but leave me unsatisfied. Have I left anything out?!” She was panting and seething.

“I like it when you're feisty” She kissed her forehead looking into the angry glazed eyes. I promise I'll take care of you. Not this soon. We have plenty of time. Just be patient.

I don't have patience, you and I both know when it comes to the bedroom neither of us does when we know what we want.

Yang kissed both her cheeks and moved her thigh into her crotch causing the other to gasp. Be careful with the clamps attached. Blake pleaded.

I will take care of you. I'm right here. I'm not leaving this room unless it's a food or drink run. This I promise. She rubbed her thigh vertically causing as much friction as possible. She moved to her human ear and exhaled her heat. A shiver went down the onyx hair woman's spine. Yang picked up speed on her thigh and licked, sucked and swirled her tongue in the entrance and back of the ear. Blake was gripping the chains for dear life as the pleasure was overwhelming. Yang knew her thoughts were determined not cum just yet and she moved to the other side giving the same treatment. Blake gasped a moan trying to collect her thoughts enough to make sense. Yang sped up the movement on her pussy going full speed. When the Faunus fought harder, she fought back. She drew her breath over the tip and the ear twitched reflexively. She leaned down and licked it coating the tip in saliva as it ran down to the base.

Blake fought back even hard. I won't let you win!

I always win!

Not this time!

This is hot, you'll only orgasm harder, lasting longer, don't fight my pussy cat. She moved her tongue lower along the back taking the ear into her mouth while breathing on it. Once at the base, she swirled it leaving no inch uncovered. She moved it to the opening licking along the inner hairs feeling shivers and purrs under her. Tasting the exposed skin before moving inside moving as deep and possible. Her aether exploded as Blake did squirting large amounts on her thigh. She slowly led girlfriend down her minute long high. I always win!

I-I'm gl-glad ya-you da-dia. Her alarm went off and she slammed it off.

Yang kissed her lips swiping her tongue on the opposite ones before darting her tongue inside to stoke her opponents and each and every tooth feeling the gap and grove. Are you teasing me?

Is it working?


Then yes, you will cum again in a few minutes no matter how hard you fight back. It's not a fair fight if I attack you immediately after.

You always put me first,and it makes me feel guilty.

I love you, you deserve happiness and I wouldn't be the dragon you want me to be if I put myself first. You'd be unhappy and dissatisfied. I can't have my queen leave me broken hearted.

I go from princess to queen? When did this happen?

The moment you accepted all of me. I still called you princess because it was the norm.
A blush across her face.

Yang moved to the other ear repeating the same technique but faster feeling there would not be so much resistance this time around. Once she was inside the canal she felt liquid cover her thigh.

You need a break?


Yang kissed her forehead. “I'll be back. Is there anything you want?”

Any-thing hi-hydrat-ing of food a-and dr-drink. Na-no pine-apples.

Yang kissed her forehead again and rested their foreheads together wiping her tears away. “Yang's got you covered.” She kissed her head between the feline ears and walked out of the closet putting on a sweat shirt and baggy pants. She noticed it was still dark out except the illumination of the moon and stars. She winced as she heard noises of fucking she was oblivious to before. She quickly walked to the kitchen washing her hands, grabbing an apple, grapes and other foods that contained juice or water content. Walking back and opening the closet door and slowly feeding her lover. Blake teased her fingers how Yang teased hers with the bacon every single chance she got. Yang eventually gave up sitting upright and moved next to her love laying on her side and continued feeding her.

“How's that?”

“Better. I still want you.”

“I know.” She cuddled into her. Resting her head in the neck.

“Yang, you want me, just take me.” She moaned.

Yang cupped her cheek. “You really hard to resist. I have all day with you. I am not going to rush this. I want to enjoy this, I want to enjoy you, my sweet.” Blake let out a gasp hearing those words, she felt like butterflies were fluttering in her gut. Both of their arousal was driving themselves and each other crazy. Yang kept strong willing it away. “You good to go or you want more food or drink?”

“Good to go.” Blake assured.

Yang moved above her and let her hair flow down her pale form body tickling it as it went. She moaned and laughed as it was a turn on and ticklish. Once down her stomach Yang flipped her hair back kissing, licking and sucking on the neck leaving marks over the light marks that were trying to fade. She bit the skin lightly and pulled away leaving light teeth marks. With the aether she knew exactly what Blake wanted. Where to lick, where to suck her skin and how hard she could bite. Both sides of Blake's neck and shoulders were covered, along with her collar bone when Yang sat up admiring her work. She trailed kissed and bruises down her middle until she played with the pink center pieces of her tits. She put saliva on her hand and playing with the left tit while her mouth worked on the other. Blake relaxed at her partner's touch, her mind giving up the notion of the contact she longed for. She became content with what she was given. Yang noticed this with her physical and mental state. She wasn't happy with it. She lined herself up and pushed in causing her and Blake to yell in their throne of passion. Yang pressed their lips together, her member lunging back and forth. She intended to keep this up until Blake came just like this. Her hands playing with her nipples. A few short minutes later Blake physically and mentally screamed as she came. Her vocals being drowned out by her dragon's mouth. Yang gave her what she desperately craved and came inside her. After her high, Yang stared into her glossy eyes checking if she was okay.

Your concern is cute but hardly necessary.

Yang kissed her forehead then lips. I wanted to make sure. I can't break you. Her hand cupped her cheek and she rubbed into it as Yang stroked her thumb back and forth wiping the pleasure tears away. May I continue teasing?


Sh, don't think it, roll with it. Yang trailed a dozen hickeys over her flat stomach. To every point of contact, Blake shot her stomach upwards. Yang circled her tongue around her naval. Once she reached the spot between her legs, she started at her knee and left bruises on the inside of her legs taking her time with each mark. I want you between them.


Just like before.

Yang used her forearms to crawl back to her. She lined herself up and pushed in. How many orgasms do you want?

Two, three if poss-ah-ble.

Three it is. She kissed her dark haired beauty and darted forward. Pumping in and out at a moderate pace. Blake's hands were going white knuckled with how forceful she gripped her restrains. She came in a matter of minutes. Yang didn't slow down and angled herself the way her girlfriends likes and impaled her harder. Yang enjoyed the way her chest bounced and grabbed them with her hands. Yang couldn't comprehend anything Blake was thinking. It was being drowned by her delightful vocals yelling her name. Blake came again as hard as she could her body shaking uncontrollably. Yang slowed down this time easing her slowly. After a few minutes she started back up at her moderate pace. One hand on her breast and her other bringing the vibrator to her clit starting slowly. When the wet sounds were getting more predominant she sped herself and the vibrator up. After a minute she went all in and Blake came in less than two minutes with Yang right behind her. Yang freed her restrains then collapsed on top of her burying her head in her chest.

Blake stroked the golden locks twisting the ends around her finger. How much time do we have? Yang looked at her scroll doing some math.

Nineteen hours. Lay here. Yang set her alarm for an hour. Blake wrapped her hands around her back as Yang rested both hands on the biceps.

Yang jolted awake to her alarm turning it off. She smiled as the golden eyes struggled to wake up from their rest. Even your mind can't piece words together.

Shhaa uupp.

Totally forgot this thing was on.

Too early.

No, you're just exhausted. Are you ready to go again?

Five minutes.

Yang kissed her lips both eyes then nose. Not helping. Yang's grin was full of malice.

Oh kay. I'm up.

Aaaww, all I gotta do is grin, no fun.

No, it was what you were planning. I am inflamed and in pain too much for your hand to be rubbing in there. Yang turned off her receptor picked her up and set her on a bench with legs on opposite sides, stomach down restraining her arms.

“We're going to play a game. Starting out, I am going to use my belt to slap your ass. When you tell me stop or think of the word stop, we stop and you earn and orgasm.”

So soon? Yang you did a number on me earlier.

“We got less than nineteen hours left, besides, this was a fantasy of yours. I'll move to your back and legs. If you want to do more, I'll flip you over. After you orgasm, you have to say or think continue.” She turned her device on. Ready?


Too bad. Safe words. Stop and Bumblebee. Right! If I hear them, you orgasm, when you decide you can't take any more I'll accept it after you orgasm. Any questions?


Yang took off her belt and folded it in half. She let the first strike land easy testing the waters. She struck hard and nothing. She kept this up until she started receiving vocal whimpers. She kept the strikes that same not wanting to hurt her where it is no longer pleasure. After about twenty strikes Blake used her safe word. Yang held the vibrator to her clit and went half speed. After a couple minutes she went full speed and Blake came within a minute convulsing against the bench. Yang massaged her back, neck and receiving the go ahead for her ears reassuring her any way she could.


Yang took her position with the belt and slapped it against her back with the same force as her butt. Harder. Yang flicked her wrist and it hit her back just the way she liked it. She continued striking down her back. She left red lines down her back leaving no space empty. It was when she went over the marks that Blake told her to stop. I know you want me inside you, can I go through the back door?

Yang please! As long as I cum and you're gentle.

Always my queen.

“Sssaaahhh! You know how to turn a girl on!”

“I see a beautiful woman, my queen.”

“Just fuck me.”

Yang went to the nightstand and pulled out the fire and ice condom. She placed it on herself and eased Blake onto it. She placed the vibrator on the lowest setting and held it to her clit. She pushed herself forward closing her eyes trying to feel for any resistance. A voice in her head interrupted her concentration.

Go all the way. You're-. Yes! She did as requested and pushed all the way in holding herself there and turning the vibration higher. No, go back. I want to feel your movement. Yang did as requested and slowly moved in and out until the voice told her to move faster and pound harder. She was doing as the requests flooded her mind and her partner came in a matter of minutes her body squirting very little. She slowed her movements removing the vibrator completely. Once more Yang. She used the belt against the back of her legs going gentle at first and went harder as requested. Her aether wasn't as active as she'd thought I'd be this time. Yang? I'm good, I didn't think you'd be this quiet-don't change anything. She went back through her legs and half way through the second go round she used her safe word.

How do you want me? Same as last time, no condom, no vibration. Use your palm and grind against me. She removed the condom throwing it in the trash and used her finger tips on her back moving in circles. She pushed herself forward going in and ground her palm against the swollen clit. Yang! I uh-I Yang! Yang brought her down slowly from her high.

“Bumblebee” Yang said.

Took the words right out of my mind. Yang undid the restrains carrying her back to the main bed laying her on her stomach. She brought out the lotion and rubbed her back starting from the lumbar and massaging her way up. She was careful with the marks but they didn't go beyond anything superficial. Oh Yang! My heart flutters!

That's how I felt since I woke up after my fight with Raven.

I love you! They both laughed thinking it at the same time.

Yang continued her motions her thumb circling her shoulder and fingers in her collar bone. She moved up to her neck doing the same thing. Blake was long gone and utterly dead to the world except her purring.

Yang carried her to the bathroom and started a bath removing the devices. Yang stepped inside laying Blake's head on her chest. She stroked her hair and massaged her ears. Not wasting a single second of today without you unless it's a snack run. She pushed away any thoughts of living without her. The best event that ever happened to me. And to think I almost left that night without you, if Weiss hadn't said anything. You almost left me if Ruby didn't convince you to stay. I almost left you in Menagerie. You could've left me. Yang held her tighter and closer unconsciously activated her semblance. She saw the steam and realized her grip on her girlfriend was too tight for her liking. She turned on cold water letting the heat drain. She began washing their bodies being careful with her sensitive flesh.

Once dried off she laid her on the main bed listening to her audio checking the time to see it was nine in the morning. Damn Blake, we put rabbits to shame. She started coloring keeping part of her skin always touching. She sent a message to Ruby 'Blake and I will be getting it on in about an hour if you wanna watch. Maybe you could bring Weiss and we could have a foursome.'


'Hell no, no sharing! You fuck Weiss, I fuck Blake.'

Five minutes later she received a response. 'Weiss agrees as long as we don't physically see each other.'

Yang sent a reply 'You can have the main bed, I'm going to torture Blake in the playroom.'

Beep 'Sounds good.'

Blake should be for this, right? I mean she was okay with me not only having sex with her mom, but the first to tell me to impregnate her. I want that for her, both of us. Way too soon! Come on Yang. We've only been together a few months. It feels like a year. Focus, audiobook...aether. I will invade her dreams, or at least know what she's thinking. No, violation of privacy. Get permission first! I guess I'm still a nicer version of Sir's mind. 'Ruby, I want you to wear that ski mast again. I plan on fulfilling every fetish Blake has.'

Ding. 'No problem as long as you help me with Weiss's.

'Name it.' Yang waited for what seemed like a while. About ten minutes later she receives a response.

Three simple little words that blew her mind. 'One night stand.' Yang gawked at it not sure what to think, she tried to play it cool.

'Is that what took you so long to respond? Is it really that surprising?'

'You're cool with it? I mean, am I the only one surprised by this?' 'Come to the library when you can. I'm gonna give you some pointers, since you're the she wants. I'm gonna turn you into a new woman.'

'Yang...actually....she wants you.' “Da Fuck!” She winced remembering Blake was resting. Her ears twitched and she tried to slowly open her eyes. Only to have them closed when Yang scratched her ears. 'How about I give you some pointers, it’ll be like your me?' After a few minutes passed.

'Has to be you.'


'Don't yell at me! That's exactly why she wants you. This is Weiss btw, has been since the long pause. I just know how Ruby talks.'

'Your cold ice' she typed princess but deleted it. 'Your cold, I have to ask Blake...when she wakes up. Is Ruby okay with this?'

'You fucked her into a coma again!? And the spelling is you're as in you are.' Yang rolled her eyes. 'And you have the audacity to ask me why I want a one night stand with you.'

'I'm helping her with her heat. She gave me the whole day with her. YOUR not helping!

'You are insufferable just ask her when she wakes up. She's not a morning person. It'll shock her awake.'

Yang didn't respond. Me and my bright ideas. 'What if I taught Ruby the easiest way to change personalities, only for a night and showed her how to fuck?'

'Only you! It's like you're avoiding me now. Do you not want me?'

'I wouldn't mind.' Yang lightly threw her head back against the head board and sighed. Fuck me. An idea hit her she texted Ruby. 'Give me time to think.'

Chapter Text

A figure was looming over Blake and slapped her cheek. Only her eyes closed tighter in response. She slapped her other cheek harder. Amber eyes shot open “Wha?-” She was able to move her legs but found her hands were restrained. “What? Who are you? What do you want with me?” She said with fear. “Raven? No! Just wait 'till Yang finds you! She'll kill you.” The black shadow slapped her ass. Blake yelped in pain and moved away swinging on the other side of the pole slamming the chains against the pole hoping to break them. The figure shook their head. “Where's Yang?” She asked fearfully desperate to get the cuffs off. Yang's mechanical arm landed at her feet.“No!” She cried falling to her knees. “Yang!” The figured forced her face into the ground and slid her hook along her inflamed folds. “N-o!” She tried to kick, move and fight but it was futile. The figure undid their pants and let them fall to the floor in a crash. “Nah-no!” Blake screamed knowing what was going to happen. A hand brushed back and forth inside the folds and played with the bud. The intruder lined themselves up and pushed forward. “No it hurts!” Only the head was inside and her walls quaked. The shadow continued pushing inward. “N-o! St-no! I don't want this!” The figured was only half way in when they pulled out to the head and slammed back in. “Ooowww! You're hurting me!” She yelped as her ass was slapped. “Ow!” When the member was forcing itself all the way in she yelped as another slap on her butt came. “No! A-H! Get it out! Yang!” The trespasser showed no mercy slapping in and out of her and with the one hand moving her hips back to slam even harder. “Nnoo! Enough!” She cried. “You're tearing me!” The rapist's hand that held her head down scratched her ear sending pleasure throughout her body. “Those are Yang's alone!” She shook her head to move the hand off her ear and only succeeded by adding pleasure to her. “Aaaahhhh!” She body vibrating as she came. Once she came down the figure pulled out and stuck the head in her ass. “N-O! Yang!” Pushing forward until it was all inside of her and unmercifully pounded her ass. She she was yelling the entire time helpless to stop it. The intruder came into her and shoot the seed as far into her as it could. “NO!” She panted exhausted. The shadow continued to violate her humiliating her by cumming one orgasm an hour. When it left her asshole, her body went limp as her tongue rolled out.

“Damn Blake! You were really into it.” Yang took of her mask, dark wig, and black skin tight outfit. She removed her hook replacing it with her mechanical arm. She undid the hand cuffs and sat next to her pulling her head into her chest. Her human hand placed her her heart feeling the heartbeat. “When you're ready kitten, there's something we may need to talk about.


Yang picked her up setting her on the bed and joining her. Blake's body snuggled into the heater like a cat. Blake flicked her ears. Yang obliged and ran her stub fingernails along the appendages. Blake gasped straightening her back into her before relaxing and purring. “I talked to Ruby and Weiss while you were out. You know how Ruby watches us or tries to catch us? I offered her to watch us if that would be okay with you. My brilliant mind said hey, why not invite Weiss but no sharing. Basically, Ruby and Weiss would be having sex on the bed and we would be in the closet doing what I want to you, with you. Only if you're okay with it. “

“Think I might like that. Just like at my parents. “

“There was also something else.” She swallowed. “I asked Ruby and Weiss if they would assist me in fulfilling a fantasy of yours. Ruby agreed only if I fulfilled Weiss's fantasy. After talking to Ruby there was a ten minute pause or something like that and I was talking to Weiss without realizing it. She told me her fantasy was a one nightstand. Me thinking I was talking to Ruby told her to come over so she could like a completely stranger and act like one too.”

A hand squeezed hers. “Too warm.”

Yang kissed her between the ears. “I was trying to help Ruby make it seem like it was a one night and told her to meet me in the library to give her pointers.” She was careful how hard her hands were scratching. “She wants it with me and I told her I would talk to you about it first. Ta-da.” She said that last part unenthusiastic.

“Yang,” she cupped her partner's cheek in her hand stoking her thumb “I appreciate you telling me.” She held back her emotions of hurt. “If it were to happen, what does Weiss mean to you? What would it mean for us? Is the fantasy you want me to experience worth the sex with her?”

“The only thing it would mean it, the snowflake no matter how poor her attitude is a companion and a good one for Ruby. That's the best I see her as. As for us, I know it would possibly hurt you, knowing we have a sexual past and she wants me to be the one to please her instead of Ruby which hurts too. Knowing Ruby can't completely please her due to her lack of experience. Moving back to us, it will mean absolutely nothing to me but temporary satisfaction and guilt, even if you are okay with it. Is the sex with her worth your kink? Absolutely not. I could put together a simulation and help you that way, but I'd take longer than the amount of hours I have with you.” She kissed her lips.

“It sounds like you've already made up your mind.”

“I have, but my woman hasn't, what she says goes. Her word is law.” She lightly chuckled.

“Yang...” Blake pulled herself closer to her heat source. “You're nearly doing it again. What would you say about Weiss? I mean…what does she mean to you?”

“She keeps Ruby happy. That’s all there is. I like fucking women shorter than me, but that’s nearly everyone on board if not everyone. When I first kidnapped her, she was so demanding and needy and it was really annoying. I thought about feeding her to the sharks. I didn’t touch her thinking her father would follow my demands. A few days later, I forced her to watch the news with me as her bother Shitley was chosen heir during her disappearence. She even demanded I break her so she wouldn’t feel pain or sorrow anymore. A selfish decision really. I didn’t mind. I her mouth, vagina and ass virginity. Being ever defiant, she broke after a few days. The only reason she’s recovered because Ruby expressed to me that if things were different, she would like to think they would’ve been friends. She made Ruby smile and Ruby chose her as her personal companion. That’s the only reason I let her try to recover. She’s no longer that person, but her snarky attitude and voice still annoy me. I guess even while she was broken she looked forward to me fucking her. I mean a few times a week. I thought about getting her pregnant and letting her family deal with it and her. She’s just be a one-time thing. No strings, not that I would want anything to do with her, no connections, except Ruby, and it wouldn’t even be that great of sex. I just know which movements women want based on their reactions. Except you,” she booped her nose “you I love teasing the fuck out of. I try to do the opposite of what you want then giving it to you.” She sideways smiled. “That’s what Weiss Schnee, brat of the universe, means to me.”

“If I didn’t know your love for me, I would almost question it.” A finger to her lip. “Almost. What do I mean to you?”

“You my pretty kitty,” Yang kissed her lips “are my world. The most important person who matters to me. Sure, it’ll hurt me to lose Ruby, but to lose you, ‘my soul would die.’ You are my used to be quiet bookworm I would randomly find in the library. The fighter I’ve come to know and love. My protector when my star burns too bright, my Faunus who showed me how to be one. My woman who came to love and except a dragon and doesn’t fear me. The one who opened her heart to me, daring me to steal it and break it when it was too pure to be touched. My one I would struggle living without. My Libra, helping me balance from light and darkness. Most importantly, my lover, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. The one I would give anything and everything for. My kitten, Blakey.”

“Yang,” A fist held over her heart “that was really sweet. But…” She forced herself onto the lips once more “I think I know something sweeter.”

“Oh.” Yang said laying on top of her she stroked her fingers through the ebony hair.

Blake reciprocated the action and took the lead by licking and sucking on her ear. Yang repeated the action not wanting to lose. She switched ears moving to the other one. Blake messed with her ear and with her hand fondled her breast. Yang smirked moved higher to her feline ear which twitched in her hot breath. Yang licked the back of her human ear and let the saliva run down causing her to shiver. Impatient of their competition, her mouth played with the breast that loomed over her. Yang opened her mouth and put the ear inside of it causing Blake to cry against the hot breath. Her tongue sliding against the inside of the skin as saliva dripped into her ear canal. Yang’s arms held her still as her tongue swirled lower into the canal toying with her as much as possible. Blake tried to remove her and played with the breast to make her stop but it only made it worse with the hitch of hot breath. Her teeth gently held the nipple between them. Yang took Blake’s threat as a warning and didn’t want to know what would happen and released it. With her sensitive nipple safe, her body crashed down on the woman below her and she did the same treatment to the other feline ear. Blake bit down on her breast breaking the skin, it only made her yelp, bleed and activated her semblance, but she didn’t stop with the feline ear. Having enough enjoyment, she scratched down her back and hissed at her. Yang lightly bit down on the edge of ear forcing Blake to calm down. Not that Yang could see her but she was seething and breathing through closed teeth that sounded like hisses.

“Easy kitty.” Yang assured moving lower to her lips and kissing them. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“You need to stop teasing! You know I’m in heat! You drive me bat shit crazy!”

“That’s how you know you love me. It’s pretty claw-some, I am paw-sitive you ruined this meow-ment with you cat-itude.”

“Damn it Yang!”

“Must be the cat-nip.” To emphasize her point, she licked and sucked her breast and held her nipple lightly in her teeth. Her other hand teased the sensitive flesh pinching it between two knuckles.

“Yang…” she moaned “no fair without ears.”

“You're absolutely right.” She whispered and slipped away standing on the floor. “'I'm gonna try something.” She walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She called upon the pains of the past slowly the venom working its way through her semblance as she focused it on her head. She started seeing a result but something was better than nothing. She had two small horns going through her hair dancing like flames. She focused on it and emerged in the doorway. “Better?”

Blake was impressed but at the same time nervous. “I'm not sure. Will it burn?”

“I thought you said you didn't mind getting burned when you turned me on?” She started strutting to the bed

“This is literal fire. You could burn the bed.”

“The first time we had sex, I was on fire. Your insides we singed and the bed was fine. She laid above her partner. I get it, it makes you uncomfortable.” She extinguished the flames. “Maybe another night.” She whispered and kissed her precisely then moving down her neck, kissed her nipples and planting kisses along her flat stomach. Her vocals moaning and her body moving to upward to meet the kisses completely forgetting their competition. Yang slunk lower planting kissing on her inner thighs before turning them to hickeys.

She felt then saw a smirk come across her face. “What's-ah-so funny?”

“I was just wondering if monkey boy could fuck you as well as I do.”

“Yang, you're aahhh turning me ooaaafff.”

“Sure don't sound like it.” She licked the bud which Blake shivered. She only teased it and moved to the other leg.

“I doubt he would teeaassee me this mu-ah-ch.” The woman between her legs was smiling with malice. “Don't do it...Whatever it is... Don't!” She attempted to warn through pants. Yang placed her metallic finger on her clit and flicked it up and down as her head rested on her other hand, her shit eating grin never leaving. “Sssttoopp.” She whined. Yang took her finger away, it wasn't possible for her smile to get any bigger. “That is it!” She yelled getting to her knees and pulling Yang up to the pillows and forcing her onto her back and lowered herself onto the shaft. Causing them both to cry out.

“Feisty kitty.” Yang panted.

“Don't!” She warned her eyes at Yang who smiled innocently at her. “Uh huh.” Voice even until she started moving and panted with her movements. Yang smiled through her teeth. “Don't!” Blake tried to threaten but it came out a whine. Yang's smile grew wider. “Ssttoopp.” Yang's eyes squinted and she lowered her head holding back a laugh. “Yyyaannnggg!” Yang helped her out by reaching up and groping her butt forcing her to stop.

“I thought I was supposed to prove I could pull out?” She whispered. Blake slapped her across the face. Blake felt guilt as first until Yang started laughing. “Finally! What's a girl gotta do to make you turn on her semblance?” Her eyes filled with fear as she realized what she did. “I mean seriously, the teasing was killing me. It was hard enough that your glistening slit was in my face but the smell of your arousal was killing me!”

Yang flipped their positions and started fucking her at a moderate slow pace. Blake gripped the sheets keeping her eyes closed as Yang slowly sped up. Her head moved from side to side as she felt the pressure building. Yang smiled wickedly a thought coming her her. This must Sir with all these crazy ideas. Yang felt her walls clench and pulled completely out denying her orgasm. Blake opened her eyes and they were filled with a lusty anger.

“Are trying to piss me off to turn your semblance on?”

“Mmhm-mmaayybbee.” She beamed innocently.

“I hate you.”

Yang forced herself into her, a yell leaving her lungs as she came. Yang leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Your body says otherwise. I love how every time feels like the first time.” To prove her point she licked, sucked and nipped on her human ear as her hand fondled her breast. The effect had its desired result as her orgasm lasted longer causing her to whither and shutter. Yang always smiled knowing she could please her partner.

Once she came down she spoke. “Yang, all...your teasing...flared up my heat...I know...what I said before...I need you to...cum” She panted.

Yang swept sideways placing their foreheads together. “I prove I can pull out first, stroke my penis for a little bit, put it back inside you and I cum.”

“Don't leave me for long.” She begged.

She met her hazy golden eyes. “I'm right here Blakey.” She kissed her forehead. “I ain't going anywhere.” She slowed her movements to match their mood.

“If you're going to be that slow, it might as well be in my ass.” She said snarky “However, I am in heat and I need you inside. It ach