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De-aged Deku

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''You can do it Shouto!'' Izuku cheered happily while watching his two boyfriends playing a racing game in the quite arcade. As much as he loved his friends and school, it was nice to have a day off to spend just with his boyfriends.

''Hey, why are you cheering him, what about me!'' Hitoshi said in an offended tone. ''Don't tell me you're still pouting because I beat you at DDR.''

''I'm not pouting, I'm mad because your a cheater!'' Izuku replied mater oh factley as Shouto snickered beside him. ''Shoutoooo, don't laugh at me.'' Izuku whined. 

''Hey, im not a cheater!'' Hitoshi retorted.

''You used your quirk on me! That's cheating you cheater!'' Izuku yelled in frustration. 

''To be fair, you make it so easy'' Shouto said in a soft whisper as Hitoshi sent a smirk towards Izuku.

''Why am I dating you two, you're mean, I wanna break you, I'm gonna go buy a house and own five cats and then we will see who makes it easy.'' Izuku said jokingly with a pout on his face, before turning and walking away.

''Bet you he'll be back in 2 minutes because he saw the All Might toys in the claw machine'' Hitoshi said looking at Shouto who was focusing on the game.

''I win, and I give it 5 at least.'' Replied with a small grin slipping on his face.

''You what? Shiii- No I want a rematch, I was distracted!'' Hitoshi replied before putting more money in the machine.

''Fine by me.'' Shouto replied with a shrug. As the next game started both of them began to focus on the game. As they were playing a familiar shriek caught their attention. The two boys looked at each other. ''Izuku!'' the said in unison before jumping of the game bikes and heading towards the sound of the shriek. 

''Izuku! Izuku where are you! Izuk- Hey let go of him!'' both boys yelled as they ran toward a male figure holding an unconscious Izuku.

''You better let go of him if you know whats good for you.'' Shouto threatened, glaring at the man. 

The figure turned towards them with a slight smirk pulled on his lips. ''Fine by me, im done with him anyway, he's useless now, or, he will be.'' the man threw Izuku into Shouto and Shinsou before running out of the arcade and diapering. Shouto rushed after him while Shinsou checked on Izuku. ''Izuku, Izuku baby please wake up, Izzy, please come on, speak to me'' Hitoshi pleaded.

''He got away.'' Shouto said as he returned while pulling out his phone. ''Im gonna text Mr Aizawa so he can bring help, how is he, is he responding''. Shouto asked, a trace of panic can be heard in his voice. 

''I- I don't know, he won't wake up, I looked for injuries, but there is nothing that should cause him to be unconscious, what if its that mans quirk?'' Hitoshi asked, worry written all over his face. 

''Then we definitely need to get someone here fas- what happening to him!'' Shouto dropped his phone and knelt down by the unconscious Izuku who's body started to shake. Slowly Izuku seemed to get smaller and smaller until there was only a pile of clothing with a small child sat in the middle, tears filling up his eyes.

''Izzy,'' Hitoshi stuttered out, eyes widening and panic setting in, the sound of sirens approaching echoed around the arcade. 

''What happened here.'' the familiar voice of Aizawa Shouta also known as Eraserhead caught their attention. 

''There was a man, and Izuku was unconscious and then he just started getting small and now, now hes like this.'' Shouto replied still in shock over watching his boyfriend almost disappear.

''Move let me-'' Aizawa was cut off by a small whimper turning into a wail coming from the young boy who looked no more than 2 maybe 3 years old. Aizawa's eyes widened in shock as he saw the familiar messy green hair and watery eyes staring at him. 'The child resembles Midoriya a lot, so if what the boys had said was true, this could be a problem.' Aizawa thought before turing to Shinsou and Todoroki ''Go outside and give a description of the mad and what happened to the detectives. ill take care of this''. 

Aizawa knelt down and picked up the child who was crying hard and began to comfort him. ''Shhh, its ok, you're safe now, its alright.'' He whispered gently to the little child in his arms. He heard 'Midoriya' start to calm down until it the child was quiet. He felt a small fist clench his suit as he looked down and saw the child had fallen asleep. Aizawas heart skipped a beat. 'Is this how a parent feels when holding their child for the first time, he looks so peaceful. why do you always cause trouble problem child.''  

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Aizawa shifted Izuku’s small form into one arm while pulling his phone out of his pocket with another. He sent a message to his long time friend and one of his boyfriends, Yamada Hizashi, also known as Present Mic. He asked him to pick them up since he had been on patrol near by when he got the call and didn’t bring a car. Normally, he would have been fine with making his student walk back to school for causing a problem, but seeing as one of the said students was apparently a child who clothes no longer fit, he figured a car would be the logical option.

After he received confirmation from a confused Mic, he slid his phone back into his pocket before stepped outside the Arcade and walked toward Todoroki and Shinsou who were talking to the police.

‘’Are you almost done with them,, we need to head back to UA to figure this mess out. We need to have some tests done to make sure this is Midoriya Izuku, as well as have Recovery Girl give him a check up. If this is Midoriya, we will need to figure out what we are going to do with him until we can reverse it or it wears off and inform his mother. Your mother’s not going to be happy, problem child.’’ Aizawa grumbled looking at the police officer.  

‘’Y-yes, EraserHead, sir, we –we’re almost done, just got to get a clear description of the man.’’ A young officer replied with a stutter.

 Aizawa nodded before glancing down at the child in his arms, sighing softly. He reached up with one arm and gently petted the child’s head. The child buried his face deeper into Aizawa’s chest. A small smile formed on his lips.

‘’Whats this, the great EraserHead smiling, quick someone grab a camera!’’ The familiar load voice caught his attention. Aizawa looked up from the child and at his boyfriend. ‘’Soooooo Shouta, mind explaining what’s going on?’’ Yamada asked curiously.

With a sigh, Aizawa raised his hand to his face and rubbed it, he really didn’t want to deal with an explanation right now, but he knew he had to if he wanted Hizashi to be quiet and not bug him.

‘’One, keep your voice down, the kids trying to sleep. Two, Problem child got turned into a problem toddler from the looks of it. From what I know, it was a villain’s quirk. We need to go to UA and sort this mess out.’’ Aizawa explained tiredly.

‘’WHAAAAA- wowowo, your saying this little listener here, is our little bone breaking listener?’’ Hizashi asked in shock.

‘’Yes, I just said that didn’t I?’’  Aizawa replied sarcastically. ‘’Anyway are they done with those two, we need to go. The longer we waste, the more chance this could be permanent or life threatening.’’ He said before walking towards the car and opening the door.

‘’Yeah their done, come on, let me hold the little listener!’’ Hizashi begged.

‘’No, your driving’’ Aizawa replied.

‘’I mean you could drive and I can hold him.’’ Yamada smirked. His smirk soon fell as Aizawa stepped into the car and sat down, child still in his arms. He closed the door and wrapped his capture gear around Izuku to secure him and make sure he didn’t fly out of his arms while they drove. He then closed his eyes a tried to fall asleep.

‘’SHOOOOUUTAAAAA, YOUR SO MEAN!’’ Hizashi whined before signalling for Todoroki and Shinsou to get into the car. They got in quietly to not disturb Aizawa or Izuku who were both asleep now.

Hizashi climbed into the driver’s side, shooting a small glare at his boyfriend. He started the car and began the journey back to UA. Every now and then sending small glances towards his boyfriend, a small smile on his face as he saw him sleep with the child in his arms. They looked so peaceful. And he says he wouldn’t be a good dad.

It was going to be fun to explain to their other boyfriend Yagi Toshinori, also known as All Might, why his favorite student/ totally not his son, was now a young child. 

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When they arrived at UA, Hizashi waved for the two boys to get out of the car and head in before he got out himself and went around to Shouta’s car door. He opened the door and pulled out his phone. He quickly took a few pics of the sleeping duo before setting one as his background. He then reached in and shook Shouta’s arm gently not to wake up the sleeping child.

Shouta began to stir, opening his eyes to come face to face with a grinning Hizashi. ‘’What?’’ he asked in his deadpan voice.

‘’We’re here.’’ Hizashi replied with a grin. Shouta looked around before looking down at his chest and saw the sleeping child. A small smile appeared on his face. The next thing he knew a small clicking sound caught his attention and as he looked up the sound repeated a few more times. He caught sight of Hizashi’s phone pointing towards him as his smile turned into a deadpan look.

‘’You better delete them.’’ He warned hi boyfriend.

‘’And miss an opportunity to show Toshinori the one the only Dadzawa! No way!’’ Hizashi yelled trying to sound offended. Hizashi’s voice caused a small sound come from Izuku who had started to wake. ‘’Shi---.’’

‘’Watch your language around the child.’’ Shouta growled. He looked down to catch the eyes of the child looking at him. He watched as realization hit the child’s face.

‘’SCARF MAN!’’ the child yelled happily before hugging him while giggling. Hizashi began to laugh along side Izuku who turned to him and waved his small hand. Hizashi waved back causing Izuku to smile happily.

‘’Well, now that your awake, I guess we should head inside.’’ Aizawa said with a sigh. He got out of the car with the child securely in his arms. He took a step forward towards the building. ‘’I’ll take him to recovery girl while you go get the other teachers, we need to have a meeting to figure this out.’’ With that Aizawa walked off towards recovery girls office.

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Aizawa walked through the doors of Recovery Girls office while carrying the child who was looking around curiously.

‘’Shouta, what can I do for you?’’ Recovery Girl asked as she approached. ‘’Oh my, is this who I think it is?’’

With a nod Shouta replied. ‘’If what I’m told is correct, then yes. I need you to check him over and run some test to make sure it is Izuku.’’

‘’Oh my, what a situation you got yourself into. Hello little one, my name is Shuuzenji Chiyo, but you can call me Recovery Girl.’’ She said with a smile.

‘’Hi hi!’’ Izuku said with a grin.

‘’How about you come sit on the bed and I’ll give you a check up. If you’rr good, ill give you some sweets, how does that sound?’’ Recovery Girl asked. She was met with a determined nod. Aizawas helped Izuku onto the bed before phone went off alerting him to a message. He looked at the message to find Hizashi had gotten everyone together for a meeting which would start soon.

‘’I have to head out to a meeting, once your done with a check up and testing mind bringing him to us, we will be in the meeting room.’’ Aizawa stated to Recovery Girl who just nodded in reply.

‘’You going bye bye?’’ Izuku asked, eyes filling up as he started to sniffle.

Aizawa sighed before leaning down and pulling Izuku into a hug. ‘’I have a meeting I need to go to, Recovery Girl here is going to look after you for a while, but I will be back ok. And if your good, I’ll buy you some toys to play with.’’ Aziawa bargained.

Izukus eyes widened before he nodded quickly. With a smirk and one last hug, Aizawa walked out the door and down to the meeting room. He slid the door open and was met with curious stares.

‘’So, mind telling us why we were called here? Mic wouldn’t tell us anything other than its important.’’ Nedzu asked with a curious glint in his eye. Aizawa sighed before sitting down.

‘’Midoriya Izuku may have gotten de-aged and is now around 2 to 3 years old. We don’t know what the villain wanted or if the child left is 100% Midoriya, but what we do know is that this villain directly targeted Midoriya. Recovery girl has him right now and is doing test to confirm its him. If it turns out it is Midoriya, we will need to have a plan on what to do with him and how we can turn him back, if its not, then we need to find the real Midoriya. To make matters worse, Mrs Midoriya is out of town for a while and won’t be available to watch over him so someone else would need to do it.’’ Aizawa explain looking dead inside. All the teachers looked at him in shock. He glanced at Toshinori who had an unreadable expression on his face.

‘’So, we have a small green bean running around?’’ Midnight asked. Aizawa nodded.

‘’He is so cute, and he seems so attached to Shouta, you should have seen it, wait, I have photos’’ Hizashi said with a smile while pulling out his phone and showing it to everyone, much to the announce of Shouta.

‘’Hmm, he really is attached to you. If this is Izuku, maybe you would be the better choice for a guardian, seeing as you are his homeroom teacher and have experience with him as a child.’’ Nedzu said with a mischievous glint in his eyes. All the other teachers nodded.

‘’That mean little Izuku will have three dads!’’ Midnight giggle happily before asking Hizashi to send some photos to her. All the teachers continued to discus little Izuku when the door slid open.

Suddenly there was a small body hitting Aizawa’s leg yelling ‘Rawwwr’. He looked down and saw a black and white, furry figure with ear and a tail, almost like a cat. With a raised eyebrow he was about to speak when he was cut off.

‘’Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise how hyper the sweets would make him. When I said we would find you he was so happy.’’ Recovery Girl said while she walked through the door. Aizawa looked back down to see a familiar face with green hair and large eyes looking at him.

‘’Hi Hi.’’ Izuku said happily while waving. Aizawa smiled and picked him up and gently sat him on his lap. Izuku began to play with Aizawa hair while making small meowing sounds.

‘’Whats with the onesie?’’ he asked Recovery Girl.

‘’I sent a student with measurements to asked miss Yaoyorozu Momo to make some clothes for a child, just so he had things that actually fit. When he saw the onesie, he was so happy, I couldn’t not let him wear it.’’ Recovery Girl explained. Aizawa nodded.

‘’How is he? Is it definitely him?’’ Toshinori asked, speaking for the first time. His eyes were focused on Izuku, a small smile on his face. Izuku looked at him and Toshinori gave a small wave. Izuku smiled and gave a big wave back, leading to most of the staff letting out a small chuckle.

‘’Health wise, he’s fine, if not a little small for his age, but there nothing to really worry about. And yes, this is definitely Midoriya Izuku.’’ Recovery Girl said happily. ‘’Now, if you will excuse me I need to go back to the infirmary in case any students need me. Goodbye Izuku.’’

‘’Bye Bye,’’ he replied with a wave.

‘’Well then, now that that’s sorted, Aizawa, the school will give you some money to buy nessisary item for young Midoriya while he is in your care. Is there any further information we need to discuss or any questions?’’ Nedzu asked.

‘’Oh, oh I have one, please pick me!’’ To the surprise of the teachers, Izuku was waving his hand in the air.

‘’Yes Izuku?’’ Nedzu asked gently to the child.

‘’Wheres my mommy?’’

‘’Uhhhh, uh hmmm, well-‘’ Nedzu began but was cut off by Aizawa.

‘’She is out of town for work right now and has left us in charge of you. You will be staying with myself, Hizashi and Toshinori.’’ He explained while pointing to the people he listed off. Izuku nodded accepting that answer. ‘’She forgot to leave things with us for you, so we are gonna take you shopping if your up for it, we can buy thoses toys I promised you and can also get some food.’’ He said with a soft smile before he stood up with Izuku in his arm and signalled for his boyfriends to follow.

The left the room and headed toward the car. Izuku clapped happily along to a song mic began to sing to him and laughed when Toshinori started pulling faces. Shouta buried his face in his capture weapon and smiled, he was glad to see his boyfriends were so willing to keep the kid happy.

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The car pulled into the mall car park. Izuku squirmed and giggled in Aizawa’s arms trying to press his face against the glace to see the tall building and people walking to and from it.

‘’Hahaha excited little listener?’’ Yamada asked the excited child as he pulled into a parking space. Izuku’s head went up and down fast as he giggled before a hand fell on top of his head. Izuku blinked and looked up at the hand.

‘’You’ll give yourself a headache if you keep that up.’’ Aizawa said in a soft voice. ‘’And trust me, you don’t want that. Anyway, ready to go?’’ With a nod from his boyfriends, he opened the door to his car and got out, carefully not to drop Izuku.

The three men and child headed towards the mall carefully avoiding any cars and people. Once they got inside they began to look at the different shops.

‘’Well we defiantly need to go to the toy store!’’ Yamada exclaimed excitedly.

‘’And here I thought you were the only child in our group.’’ Aizawa whispered to Izuku who began to giggle causing Aizawa to grin.

‘’Shouta your so meeeeeeaaaaan!’’ Yamada whined.

‘’To be fair, he does have a point’’ Yagi said while he reached over to pet Izuku in his head.

‘’See Toshi understands!’’ Yamada said while sticking his tongue out at Aizawa who rolled his eye and Izuku giggled.

‘’I mean Shouta had a point, you do at like a child.’’ Yagi said with a small grin. ‘’But I guess we should get an idea of what we need.’’

‘’Clothes first, then things for a bedroom, such as; blankets, pillows and a nightlight. Then we need safety things to make sure there are no sharp corners he can get hurt on. We will also need other essentials such as kid friendly medicine in case he gets ill, a car seat, kid friendly movies and books, plastic child plates, cups and cutlery so he doesn’t accidentally break them. Food suitable for a child is another thing we need. After we get that and whatever else we need, then we can go to the toy store.’’ Aizawa stated with a deadpan voice as he walked towards the closest shop that sells children’s clothing. Yamada and Yagi just blinked before following their boyfriend.

‘’How did you come up with that off the top of your head?’’ Yagi asked.

‘’I didn’t, we had a long drive with Hizashi, so it was either listen to him being an idiot or think of things we needed. It was a very easy and logical choice.’’ Aizawa replied with a smirk. He put Izuku on the floor once they arrived in the shop, making sure to have his capture gear wrapped around him like a child harness.

‘’Maybe we should get him a backpack that doubles as a child harness? Maybe we should get one for problem child when he’s back to normal, god knows he needs one.’’ Aizawa pondered.

‘’Your so meeeaaan, why are you so mean?’’ Hizashi asked.

‘’Cause life’s cruel, hey Izzy, do you like this?’’ Aizawa asked Izuku looked towards him from where he was wandering and ran over to Aizawa. Aizawa was standing by a section that was for parents and children so they could match. He looked at the hoodies that had cat ears on and the words ‘I’m a Cat’ on the front. ‘’If you get it, I’ll get one for myself, deal?’’

‘’Deal!’’ Izuku giggled before reaching for a high five.

‘’Please get it!’’ Yamada squealed at the thought of his boyfriend and student turned toddler wearing matching clothing. Yagi nodded and smiled in agreement, having the same thoughts as Yamada.

‘’Ok.’’ Aizawa said before grabbing one his size and putting it in the basket. The continued grabbing different items that Izuku seemed to like. He had a large variety of pro hero clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, shoes, hats, jackets and most importantly, an All Might onesie. This was a joke at first to embarrasses Yagi, but when they realised that Izuku loved it, none of them could find it anything but cute.

After they grabbed what they needed, they headed to the check out. ‘’ Oh my, and who is this cutie cat?’’ The cashier asked while waving at Izuku who was still in the cat onesie. Izuku took one look at her before letting out a MERAWWWR! The cashier just giggled at Izukus antics.

‘’He is a cat monster apparently.’’ Aizawa said with a shrug before paying and exiting the shop. The continued around the mall, making trips to and from the car to dump their purchased items. The decided to look for any cheap story books or toys in a discount shop.

As they wandered around the shop, they found a few simple toys like a slinky and a football, as well as a few children films and books. Everything was going great. They had been looking for more child friendly dvds when Izuku got their attention by pulling on Aizawa trouser leg.

‘’What are those?’’ Izuku asked. Aizawa turned to follow where Izuku had been pointing. His instantly noticed that it was a party section, they had things for kids birthday parties, but then there was a section for hen do’s. He zeroed in on the part Izuku had been looking at. His eyes went wide as he turned, bent down and picked up Izuku before waling away.

Yamada had been to busy dieing of laughter and Yagi coughed a load of blood from his mouth in shock.

‘’ oh-oh my good, they have, they have dick straws.’’ Yamada said laughing at the item on display. The next thing he knew part of Aizawa’s scarf was wrapped around him and his mouth and pulling him away from that section as Yagi followed.

‘’Lets just pay and leave, I would rather Izuku stays pure, its bad enough we will have to deal with Midnight.’’ Aizawa said.

‘’Toy store?’’ Izuku asked with his big innocent eye. Aizawa sighed before nodding.

‘’Yeah we will still go to the toy store.’’ Izuku let out a happy squeal before he hugged Aizawa as hard as he could. Aizawa just reached up and petted his hair.

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‘’Shooouuuutaaaaaa, let me take Izuku around with me, come on you’ve held him all this time. Just let me take him to the toys his age.’’ Yamada whined.

‘’Fine, you can take him to the toys, but nothing unsuitable for a child his age. That mean no small items, nothing that you want to play with and nothing that could cause destruction. And I swear, if you lose him, you will be on the couch for a month, am I understood?’’ Aizawa asked with a terrifying look on his face. Yamada ignored the look and swooped Izuku out of Aizawa’s arms.

‘’Don’t worry I got this!’’ Hizashi said while lifting Izuku onto his shoulders. Izuku began to giggle and shout ‘tall’ over and over as they left the aisle.

‘’And don’t go overboard, we don’t know how long this will last.’’ Yagi yelled towards them before turning to look at the stuff teddies wearing hero costumes. ‘’I wonder if I could get one of your hero costume. I think Izuku would love that.’’

The only reply he got was a hit around the head.

‘’Stop being an idiot, come on, I wanna see if they have any of those bag with the child harness attached.’’ Aizawa said, while grabbing Yagi’s hand and pulling him towards the aisle with bags. Yagi smiled and followed along happily staring at his boyfriend as they walked.

‘’Which one do you think will suit problem child the most?’’ Aizawa asked with a raised eyebrow.

‘’umm, what about this one, would go great with the hoodie you both bought and his onesie.’’ Yagi said while pointing to the bag with cat features on. Aizawa snorted before pushing Yagi gently.

‘’What about this one?’’ Aizawa asked, pointing towards the yellow backpack. ‘’It’s like the one he normally uses.’’

‘’Hmmm, maybe we should ask Izuku which one he wants, seeing as he’s the one who will be wearing it.’’ Yagi suggested. Aizawa nodded in agreement and turned to Yagi, he gave him a quick kiss on the lips before side steeping him and walking out of the aisle.

‘’Now we just have to make sure our idiot of a boyfriend hasn’t broken anything. Most importantly Izuku, or that he hasn’t gone overboard.’’

‘’I don’t think that will be a problem, Izuku seem very responsible and can look after Hizashi.’’ Yagi said with a smirk, causing Aizawa to laugh.

‘’I highly doubt responsible can describe Izuku, lets face it, kids a trouble magnet who acts before he thinks sometime.’’ Aizawa replied. They started looking for Yamada when they heard the sound of things falling; a yelp and small childish laugh come from a nearby aisle. They looked at each other with raised eyebrows and walking towards the laugher. What the saw was the most hilarious sight.

Both Aizawa and Yagi pulled out their phones and started taking pictures of their boyfriend trapped under a pile of giant teddies. A giggle was heard large light green rabbit teddy with arms wrapped around its stomach. Izuku’s head popped out from behind the large toy and looked at them with a large smile.

‘’This is Mr Lulu and I love him.’’ Izuku said while squeezing the teddy. This causes Aizawa and Yagi to take more photos of him specifically.

‘’Uhh-mhh, so what happened anyway?’’ Aizawa asked.

‘’Teddies fall, teddies free!’’ Izuku yelled while giggling happily.

‘’We got something’s that Izuku seemed to like and we were on our way back when I saw the rabbit and thought, hey Izzy would like that, and when he did, I decided to grab it, I must have knocked some teddies loose cause after I handing him the rabbit, everything fell.’’ Yamada explained while trying to stand up from under the pile and gesturing towards the shopping troll they had somehow found.

‘’Toshi, why don’t you take Izuku and look at the bags, Hizashi and I will clean this mess up.’’ Aizawa said. Yagi nodded before leading Izuku away, who was now dragging ‘Mr Lulu’ behind him. With a glance behind him, he saw his two boyfriends begin to re-stack the shelf. He got out of the aisle and lead Izuku to the bags.

‘’Ok Izuku, which one do you want?’’ Yagi asked while crouching down beside the small child who was looking up at the bags while squinting his eyes trying to see all the details. ‘’Want a closer look?’’ He asked.

Izuku nodded and Yagi signalled for him to climb onto his shoulders. He stood up slowly making sure not to drop Izuku. Izuku had left Mr Lulu on the floor to make sure he wasn’t dropped and injured. Yagi sidestepped the rabbit and got closer to the bags. After 2 minutes he got a reply.

‘’That one!’’ Izuku yelled happily.

‘’Which one? Oh this one?’’ Aizawa said appearing out of no where almost causing him to drop Izuku. The bag had been all white much to the adults confusion.

‘’You sure you want that one Izzy, there are plenty with pictures on.’’ Yamada said as hi bent down and picked up ‘Mr Lulu’. Izuku nodded.

‘’I draw bunny and cats and heroes.’’ Izuku said happily while clapping his hands. Aizawa nodded and grabbed the bag and put it in the trolley with everything else.

‘’That makes sense, we need to get some water resistant markers though, to make sure it doesn’t come off when we need to wash it, unless you wanna re-draw on your bag.’’ Aizawa asked.

‘’Many drawings, I can do many drawings.’’ Izuku said with a giggle.

‘’Luckily for you, I know where we can get special pens that work on fabric and wash off.’’ Yagi said while they walked towards where they were kept. They grabbed a few packs of pens in case Izuku ran out of any colours. Yagi took Izuku off his shoulders and gave him to Aizawa how gently wrapped his scarf around the child and held him with one arm.

They walked towards the check out, Izuku gently being lulled to sleep with every step. Once they paid for everything, the decided to head back to the car and packed the rest of the items. There wasn’t much space left in the car with everything they bought, so they decided to leave Izuku’s car seat for later. Aizawa climbed into his seat with a sleeping Izuku against his chest. The oversized rabbit was then gently placed in his arms and Izuku instantly wrapped himself around it.

As Yamada got in the car, he pulled out his phone to take more pictures of Izuku. He the turned the car on and began the journey home.

‘’You know, this is gonna be great blackmail material for when he’s back to normal right? Maybe with this we can get him to stop getting into trouble.’’ Aizawa said with a devious smirk.

‘’Do you think any of the other teachers thought to clean out the spare room in our campus apartment?’’ Yagi asked.

‘’Yeah I sent a message to Midnight asking her to do it. She got Snipe and Ectoplasm into helping her.’’ Aizawa said before closing his eyes and letting sleep take over him.

Chapter Text

They arrived back at the school not to long after. They all climbed out of the car, Aizawa gently shifting the sleeping Izuku in his arms, making sure not to wake him as he turned to his boyfriends.

Izukus hand lost its grip on his rabbit as it fell. Yamada chuckled before bending down and picking it up, he brushed it off and handed it to Aizawa.

‘’I’ll take him up to the apartment and leave him on the couch to nap. You start unloading the stuff, I’ll be back down to help bring things up, if any of the other teachers are still there, ill drag them into helping.’’ Aizawa said with his usual grin before turning and walking towards the building that holds their apartment.

It had been decided that when the dorms were built, the homeroom teachers would live in an apartment in the building with their class. Aizawa had been living with his boyfriends prior to living at the dorms; it made sense for them to live together at UA. Because both Yagi and Aizawa spend more time with class 1- A, they all moved into that dorm building. Yamada goes to check on his dorm room regularly, and has cameras in the hallways and public spaces to keep and eye on his homeroom class.

He walked through the door to see twenty worried faces looking directly at the child in his arm. Some of their mouths fell open and some seemed to try to form word. He internally groaned before speaking.

‘’Be quiet, I will explain everything that hasn’t been explained yet. I need to take him upstairs and if you wake him I will not hesitate to expel you.’’ He said before heading for the elevator to take Izuku up to his apartment. Once he opened the door he walked over to the couch and started putting Izuku down. The small child had a grip on his costume. He gently pried the hands off causing the boy to stir. His eyes widened as he grabbed the rabbit and watched as Izuku wrapped himself around it and fell back to sleep.

With a sigh he turned around to the sound of a phone taking a picture. He saw Midnight standing there with Ectopalsm and Snipe, all had their phones out taking pictures. He rolled his eyes before looking at them.

‘’We emptied out your spare room, figured we would offer a hand in bringing things up if you need it?’’ Midnight said gently before looking at Izuku. ‘’He is so adorable, just look how he cuddles with that rabbit. So cute.’’

Aizawa rolled his eyes before replying to Midnights offer. ‘’Yeah, that’s would be great, the sooner we get his things settled, the sooner I can deal with his classmates. This is gonna be a headache.’’

They all headed back to the car and began to move all the items they had purchased. Ectoplasm summoned a few clones to help carry all the toys, clothes and other items inside.

‘’You bought a lot of things for one child, don’t you think it’s a little overboard?’’ Snipe asked while picking up a bag filled with toys.

‘’A child needs a lot things to keep them entertained, safe and healthy. We only bought what we felt was necessary.’’ Yagi said with a smile and a shrug.

Once everything was taken to the apartment they said goodbyes to the three teachers before looking at everything.

‘’Ok, I have to go explain what’s going on to the kids, you guys start putting his things bye.’’ Aizawa said while shuffling towards the door.

When he got to the common room he found all his students, plus Shinsou waiting for him.

‘’I will only explain this once, and then I want you all to behave for the rest of the night. Today has been hectic and I’m exhausted, so if you cause a problem, I will not hesitate to give you detention or expel you, got it?’’ Aizawa said with a glare. He was meet with nods before he signed. He began to explain what transpired and that it was definitely Izuku who got de-aged.

‘’So Izzy’s ok?’’ Todoroki asked, concern laced in his voice.

‘’From what we can tell, yes, he is fine apart from being young.’’ Aizawa replied.

‘’Will he, will he ever return to his normal age? What will happen to him?’’ Shinsou demanded, Aizawa sighed and looked at him.

‘’One, you should be at your own dorm. And to answer your questions, we don’t know. We are working with the police to find out who did this, but until then, we simply don’t know how long this will last. Until he returns to his normal age or his mother returns, he will be staying with myself, Yagi and Yamada. Any other questions?’’ He asked, instantly regretting it as he was bombarded with multiple questions. He quickly answered them all before he turned and headed towards the elevator.

‘’Wait, when can we see him?’’ Todoroki asked.

‘’I will introduce you tomorrow if he is up for it. If not, then whenever he is.’’ With that he stepped into the elevator and headed to his apartment.

Once he arrived there, he saw all of the bag were now gone as well as Izuku. He followed the sound of giggling down the hallway and into the spare bedroom now Izukus room. He saw Izuku swinging on All- Mights arm, who was hunched over slightly so if Izuku fell, he wouldn’t be hurt. He raised an eyebrow and cleared his throat. Izuku saw him and let go landing on the floor before running over to him.

‘Hi hi hihihihiihhi’’ The child said while bouncing on his feet. Aizawa felt his lips turn into a smile before placing a hand on the childs head stopping him from bouncing. He then got onto his knees and looked Izuku in the eyes.

‘’So whats got you so excited?’’ He questioned and Izuku smiled a wide smile.

‘’All-Might and kitties, All Might and kitties.’’ Izuku said while laughing while running back to the bed and tried climbing on it. Yamada giggled from where he was sat on the bed petting one of their cats. He lifted Izuku up onto the bed and as Izuku sat down, a second cat appeared from behind him and sat on his lap, begging for his attention.

Izuku giggled and began to pet the cat. Aizawa rolled his eyes before taking out his phone and snapping pictures. All-Might turned back into Yagi and he sat down on the floor near by.

‘’How is the unpacking going?’’ He asked Yagi while watching Izuku and his boyfriend play with the cats.

‘’It went well, we almost got everything unpacked. He woke up and got scared, new place I guess. Once I showed up, he was fine. He trusts us, so that’s good.’’ Yagi said with a smile as he leant over wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and kissed him.

‘’I hope he only trusts us because he knew us before and not because he trust random strangers.’’ Aizawa said with concern. He leant into Yagi’s warm hug.

‘’Well, if it’s not, then we will have to talk to him about stranger danger.’’ Yagi said with a soft smile. Aizawa nodded before turning his attention onto the child in the room and Izuku. Aizawa chuckled as he poked fun of Hizashi acting childish in his head. Yagi raised an eyebrow and made a confused noise. Aizawa shock his head before leaning out of Yagi’s hug.

‘’Izuku,’’ He called, grabbing the boys attention. ‘’You wanna eat something?’’ He asked. The boy’s eyes widened as he nodded his head fast. Aizawa stood up and reached his hand out for the boy to take. Yamada had moved the cat off Izuku’s lap and Izuku darted over to Aizawa, grabbing his hand. ‘’Let’s go make some food while these two finish off here. After food we can watch a film before you have a bath the bed. Sound good?’’ Aizawa asked. Izuku responded with a load yeah while nodding.

After they made food, or Aizawa made the food and Izuku kept trying to chocolate milk into the rice. Apparently chocolate milk makes everything taste better. They all sat down and ate the food. Izuku happily humming as he ate using the plastic food set they got him. They were talking about a few things and would talk to him as well which made him happy. When he would get to messy, Aizawa would reach over with a napkin and wipe his face clean while he giggled.

Once they were all finished, the agreed on who would do what next. Aizawa would bath Izuku, Yamada would set everything for a film and Yagi would wash the dishes. Aizawa put the bath onto run before bringing Izuku to his room.

‘’Ok, what do you wanna wear tonight?’’ Aizawa asked while opening his wardrobe to see a lot of oneise’s and Pjs.

‘’Uhhhhh, hmmm, oh, that one!’’ Izuku said while pointing to his All-Might onesie. Aizawa smirked before pulling it out of the wardrobe and heading to the bathroom, Izuku following behind him. He turned the bath off and checked the temperature to make sure it wasn’t too hot or cold. He picked Izuku up and put him in the bath and began to wash him.

‘’How do you feel knowing your staying with pro heroes?’’ He asked curiously.

‘’Happy, happy.’’ He said while clapping his hands.

‘’Can you name mine or Hizashi’s hero names?’’ He asked Izuku who’s eyes went wide.

‘’Your heroes, your heroes!’’ Izuku yelled seeming shocked. Aizawa nodded. ‘’Who who?’’ Izuku asked.

‘’I’m the Underground pro hero EraserHead and Hizashi is the pro hero Present Mic.’’ Aizawa Explained. Izuku nodded and looked in shock that he was being looked after by not one pro hero but three.

After he finished bathing and dressing Izuku, he carried him out the living room where Yagi and Yamada were cuddling on the couch under a blanket. Aizawa lifter the blanket and slid in next to them while settling Izuku onto his lap. Yagi reached over and gave Izuku his bunny while Yagi pressed play. The film Frozen began to play.

By the end of the film Izuku had fallen asleep while cuddling into Aizawa’s chest and hugging his bunny. Aizawa glanced at his boyfriends who were smiling at him with pleading eyes. He sighed before nodding at them. The pulled out their hones and began to take pictures.

After they finished taking pictures, they all stood up and went to Izuku’s bedroom. He gently laid Izuku down on the bed, making sure his rabbit was still securely in his arms. They all took turns leaning down and giving Izuku a kiss. He turned the nightlight on and left the room with the door open a crack so the light from the hallway would also shine in and they could hear if Izuku needed something. The went to their bedroom, making sure to leave their door open a bit just in case. They all got ready for bed and fell asleep.

Aizawa, used to being alert when he’s asleep, woke to the sounds of sniffling and crying. He looked at the alarm clock and saw it read 4:37am. He climbed out of bed, carefully avoiding waking his boyfriends. He padded across the hall and opened the door to Izuku’s room. A weird smell hit him. He saw Izuku sat in bed crying. He turned the lights on and Izuku looked at him, his eyes red and tears staining his face.

‘Im sorry, Im sorry, I sorry I sorr-‘’ Izuku repeated over and over until he dissolved into a sob. Aizawa walked forwards putting two and two together.

‘’Did you have an accident?’’ He asked quietly.

Izuku nodded his head crying harder.

‘’Its ok, your still young, how about we get you and your bed cleaned up so you can go back to sleep. That sound good?’’ He asked while reassuring the child. Izuku nodded as Aizawa held out his hand. Izuku took his hand and Aizawa lead him to the bathroom. Aizawa ran a small bath and helped take off Izuku’s soiled clothes.

‘’I will be right back. Im gonna go grab you a change of clothing ok?’’ He asked. Izuku nodded while sitting in his bath. Aizawa walked to the room and opened a window before pulling off the covers of the bed. Luckily they had a waterproof undercover on the bed stopping any liquid going on the mattress. He grabbed the soiled items and a change of clothing before heading back to the bathroom. He helped wash and dry Izuku before dressing him.

He lead Izuku back to his bedroom, the child looking tired from all the crying. He sat Izuku of the floor and quickly put on the spare covers for the bed. He went and grabbed a spare blanket for Izuku. Once the bed was made, he picked the sleepy child up.

‘’Need to go to the bathroom?’’ He asked. Izuku thought about it and nodded. Aizawa carried him to and from the bathroom before putting him to sleep with a kiss on the head. He closed the window, turn off the light and made his way back to his room. He climbed into bed with his boyfriends and let sleep take him as he made a mental note to get some type of night protection for the child.

Chapter Text

The next morning woke Aizawa up to the smell of food cooking. He turned to his side and saw that neither of his boyfriends was in bed with him. He stretched before standing up, he grabbed his phone from the bed side table and stumbled out of his bedroom towards the kitchen.

When he arrives at the kitchen, he saw Hizashi cooking food with his back turned and Toshinori was sat at the kitchen table reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hand. He raised his hand and gave a small wave to Toshinori before making his way to Hizashi. He placed his chin on Hizashi’s shoulders and closed his eyes.

‘’Good morning my zombie love.’’ Hizashi said while focusing on food.

‘’I made some coffee for you in your favourite mug.’’ Toshinori said with a smile gesturing to a cat shape mug that was placed by his usual seat. Aizawa stumbled over to his coffee and gulped down the entire mug. He then poured himself a second mug and sat down.

‘’We figured we would let you until you woke up yourself. We noticed you got up last night so I figured you could use it. What happened anyway?’’ Hizashi asked, a small hint of concern laced in his voice.

‘’Izuku had an accident, I heard him crying so I went to check on him. I honestly broke my heart to hear him so upset. Oh, that remind me, we should look into getting him protect at least for while he sleeps.’’ Aizawa said.

Both of them nodded and the fell into a comfortable chatter talking about the news in the paper and recent news on Aizawa’s phone. Aizawa had managed to drink two more mugs of coffee before Toshinori said he had enough and replaced his mug with a cup of orange juice causing Aizawa to scowl at him.

‘’Hey Shouta, why don’t you go wake Izuku up, food is almost done, so by the time your back, it should be ready.’’ Hizashi said with a gently smile, causing Aizawa to stop scowling at the coffee thief. He nodded before standing up and heading towards Izuku’s room.

He pushed open the door and saw Izuku still fast asleep, mouth open slightly and sprawled out like a star. He smile and quickly took a few photos before stepping closer to the bed. He bent down and gently shook the boys shoulders. The child turned onto his side and curled up, trying to get away from the shaking.

Aizawa rolled his eyes and shook him again. Izuku started to stir and mumble a small no before trying to re settle. Aizawa smiled and shook him a few more times causing Izuku to wake up enough to become understandable.

‘’Wanna sleep, no wake daddy.’’ Izuku said before curling back up. Aizawa’s eyes did Izuku just call him daddy. He stood the blinking and a small smile crept up onto his face. He bent down and picked Izuku up in his arm. ‘’whaaa, no sleep daddy no wanna sleeeeep.’’ Izuku said sleepily.

‘’If you sleep, all the food will be eaten by the cats, trust me, they will eat all of it, nom nom nom nom.’’ Aizawa said before tickling Izuku, causing him to giggle.

The sound of awwwwing could be heard from behind him. He turned around and saw Toshinori and Hizashi standing there with their phones out and big smiles on their faces.

‘’Foods ready, we’ll begin to serve, so you better hurry. Izuku do you want orange juice or apple juice?’’ Hizashi asked.

‘’Orange please.’’ Izuku said adorably. The two of the nodded and headed back to the kitchen to serve the food before the cats got to it.

‘’Am sorry.’’ Aizawa heard a small voice say. He looked at the child in his arms and saw his eyes filling with tears.

‘’Hey, whats wrong? Why are you sorry, is this about last night?’’ Aizawa asked. Izuku shook his head and mumbled. ‘’Could you repeat that louder, I didn’t catch what you said.’’

‘’I called you daddy, im sorry, didn’t mean to, please don’t be mad.’’ Izuku said getting more upset.

‘’Hey, its fine, if you wanna call me daddy, that ok I guess. We should check with your mother first, but I have no problem with it.’’ He said trying to reassure the child. He gave Izuku a small smile.

‘’Really?’’ Izuku asked.

‘’Really.’’ He replied. Izuku smiled and hugged him. ‘’Now, lets go get you some breakfast.’’

‘’Yeah’’ Izuku cheered happily and Aizawa carried him to the kitchen.

Chapter Text

After breakfast was eaten and everyone went about their morning routine while making sure Izuku was also taken care of. Izuku Mr Lulu and Shouta and the two cats were in the living room watching some cartoons while waiting for Hizashi and Toshinori to finish getting ready.

Shouta had his phone out and was currently updating his mother on he situation. He was explaining to here everything that had happened. He explained how Izuku had called him daddy and checked to see if she was alright with that.

To his surprise, Mrs Midoriya was actually more than happy that Izuku, even though it was only temporary, had a father figure at a young age. She also went on to say how Izuku trusted them a lot and in a way, already saw them as father figures. The thing that really threw Shouta off was when she explained about Izuku’s father being absent for a long time and how she never had the time or the spare money to pay for a divorce and didn’t want to worry Izuku with the burdens of being a single parent.

After getting the all clear, Shouta turned to Izuku who’s eyes were glued to the bright colours of the cartoon playing while cuddling with Mr Lulu..

‘’Izuku.’’ He said trying to get his attention. Izuku’s head instantly turned to face him with a bright smile and wide eyes. ‘’Your mother said its alright to call me daddy. But there is one small issue.’’

‘’Yay I can call you daddy!’’ Izuku said happily before clapping his hands happily. ‘’Wait what’s the issue?’’ He asked, tilting his head.

‘’I think Hizashi and Toshinori might get jealous if you call me daddy and them by their name.’’ He said with a small mischievous grin. ‘’So how about you call Hizashi; papa and Toshinori; dad.’’ He suggested, knowing full well what would happen to his boyfriend if they heard this adorable bundle of adorableness call them that.

Izuku’s eyes widened and he nodded as his smile grew bigger and happier Izuku launched into a hug around Shouta’s waist. Shouta began to pet the soft curly hair when he heard footstep approaching the room.

‘’Get ready to attack them with cuteness.’’ He said getting his phone ready to film. The door opened and Toshinori and Hizashi stepped through. Shouta pressed record as Izuku jumped off the seat and ran towards them yelling. ‘Hi Papa, hi Dad.’ While dragging Mr Lulu along with him.

Shouta watched as both of them froze and their eyes grew wide. ‘’Did he just’’ They both said at the same time. Izuku grinned and waved at them. Repeating it over. Both of them clutched their hearts and fell to the floor.

Izuku eyes widened with a look of confusion. He looked over at Shouta and said. ‘’They sick, daddy, papa and dad?’’ while doing the cute head tilt. Shouta was struggling to stifle the laugh as his boyfriends struggled to compose himself.

When they finally did, he turned off the recoding and sent it to the teachers group chat. Yes, they had a group chat. It was to make sure they all new about event and necessary information.

Pretty soon the group chat was spammed with awes and comments about how cute Izuku was. He looked back at his boyfriends to find them both hugging Izuku and cooing over him. He smiled and took a photo.

He then received a text from Nedzu, a reminder for the meeting they were scheduled to have, this meeting was a normal school meeting, meaning Izuku would need to stay with someone. He quickly set the photo as his background before going over and plucking both Izuku and Mr Lulu out of their grasp.

Izuku giggled while being pulled into the air. He quickly snuggled into his chest.

‘’We need to go to a meeting today, remember. Izuku, do you remember the two boys from yesterday?’’ Izuku thought as his face scrunched up as he thought. His eye lit up as they remembered and he nodded. ‘’How about we go see them today? You can send the day with them getting to know and playing with them and their friends. How does that sound?’’ He asked.

‘’Can I bring Mr Lulu?’’ Izuku asked holding up the giant bunny. He received a nod in response. Izuku cheered happily as Hizashi walked out of the room. Hizashi handed Izuku his white bag that had now been filled with colouring pens, juice boxes and snack.

‘’ There I think I got everything you could need.’’ Hizashi said before ruffling Izuku’s hair causing him to giggle.

‘’Mind if I carry him?’’ Toshinori asked Shouta. Shouta gently handed Izuku over to him before all four of them left the apartment.

When they arrived at the main room, they noticed only a few of their student were here. Among these students were Todoroki and Shinsou, just the students they needed. Shouta cleared his throat to get their attention. All eyes fell on him and then the other teachers before ending up on Izuku.

‘’Mr Aizawa, Mr Yamada, Mr Yagi, good morning.’’ They all said. The teachers nodded before focusing on the two boys. They waved them over to Izuku.

‘’Todoroki, Shinsou, you remember Izuku. He will be joining us for a while and you two will be in charge of keeping him safe while the three of us are in a meeting. He has everything he needs, just keep him company, introduce him to the others and feed him; if you need us for an emergency, use the number I gave the class. Izuku this is Todoroki and Shinsou.’’ Shouta said gesturing to each boy. Izuku smiled and greeted them.

‘We have something’s to do after the meeting so we won’t be back straight away.’’ Toshinori said with a smile. Izuku’s eyes went wide and looked at the adults. Tears began to fill.
‘’You leaving?’’ He asked as he started to cry. Everyone looked at each other, Hizashi and Toshinori started to panic while trying to calm the child down. This of course caused things to get worse. Shouta sighed and picked Izuku up, he gently swayed while patting Izuku causing him to start calming down.

‘’Hey, its alright. We will be back, Izuku, I promise. We have a really boring old meeting to go to about boring old people thing, gross really. Not fun at all. Now if your good for Todoroki and Shinsou, then we will get you a reward, how does that sound?’’ Shouta said.

Izuku looked at him with a few more sniffles he nodded his head and hugged Shouta tightly. ‘’Come back?’’ He asked.

‘’Always.’’ Shouta replied hugging back. He set passed Izuku to Hizashi to say his goodbyes. And Hizashi passed him to Toshinori. When Izuku was placed back on the ground next to Shinsou, Hizashi picked up his rabbit and handed it to him. With one last hair ruffle, the began to leave.

As they made their way to the exit, they heard Izuku call out to them. ‘’Bye, bye Daddy, bye, bye Papa, Bye, Bye Dad.’’ All three of the turned around and yelled Bye back, not caring how hard it will be to explain to the other kids why Izuku was now calling them daddy, Papa and dad.

Chapter Text

As soon as they left the rest of the students rushed over to them and began talking all at once.


‘’Hey there Izuku, im Mina and you’re the most adorable thing ever.’’ Mina said excitedly.


‘’Ahhh he’s so cute, I just want to hug him and squeeze him aahhhh.’’ Hagakure said with a squeal.


‘’That’s enough.’’ Todoroki said coolly. ‘’Your going to overwhelm him, leave him be. Hitoshi and I will be looking after him today so you better not do anything that will upset him.’’


‘’Izuku is there anything you want to do today?’’ Shinsou ask gently as he bent down and picked up the child version of his boyfriend. ‘’If you want, we can go to my room and draw. We could then come down for lunch and introduce you to everyone when they are all here.’’


‘’I wanna draw, I wanna draw.’’ Izuku repeated happily and clapped his hands. Shinsou nodded at Todoroki and they both headed towards Shinsous room. Once they arrived Shinsou placed Izuku on the bed and sat down next to him. Todoroki smiled at the two of them.


‘’So, what do you wanna draw first?’’ Todoroki asked with a small smile.


‘’I wanna draw pretty things on my bag, then make cards for daddy, papa, dad and mama. Oh oh, maybe even for recoverery girl, midennight, snipe and etotopliassiem cause they are really nice and they made me smile when they helped me.’’ Izuku said with the biggest smile on his face.


‘’Why don’t you pull whatever you need from you bag and set up on the floor, ill go get us some snacks.’’ Shinsou suggested while helping Izuku off his bed.


‘’I have snacks, papa gave me some see.’’ He said while opening his bag and pulling out a few little snacks. He grinned and showed off his small pile of snacks.


‘’Hmm, I still think we need more, just don’t tell you dads.’’ Shinsou said with a wink. Izuku though before nodding. Shinsou took this as a go ahead so he stood up and walked over to Todoroki, who looked deep in though. ‘’What’s on your mind?’’


‘’Just, why is Izuku calling our teachers dad, papa and daddy. And I get recoverery girl is meant to be Recovery Girl, midennight is Midnight , Snipe is well Snipe but, who is etotopliassiem. Is there a teacher we never met?’’ Todoroki asked.


‘’Well, to answer the first part, he’s a kid, they are looking after him, he probably sees them as father figures. And as for etotopliassiem, I think that might be Ectoplasm. Just saying.’’ Shinsou said and failed to hide his grin as he watch his boyfriend face palm at the obvious solution. ‘’Not everything need to be a conspiracy theory Shouto, sometimes its just a little kid not knowing how to say words. Anyway want anything from down stairs?’’

‘’A new father would be great.’’ He said quickly causing Shinsou to snort.


‘’Sorry, no can do, you don’t have a receipt to return the one you have, text me if you need anything while im gone.’’ He replied before heading out the door. Todoroki looked at the child who was on the floor who seemed to be in a deep discussion with his toy rabbit. With a sigh he walked over to him.


‘’So any idea what you wanna draw on your bag?’’ He asked


‘’Cats, I love cats, they go meow and they are cute.’’ Izuku replied happily eyes shinning. A though came into his head and he pulled out his phone. He quick sent a text to Shinsou.


‘’Anything else? What about some flowers, stars, heroes, or the sun?’’ Todoroki suggested randomly. Izuku thought hard before he began to work on his bag. He looked up and saw Todoroki looking at him. He stopped before grabbing the pack of pens and offering them to Todoroki.


‘’Draw with me?’’ He asked cutely while giving him the biggest pleading eyes.


‘’Uhh, sure ok.’’ He replied and took the pens. The two of the sat there drawing as Izuku rambled on about what he was drawing. The door opened and Shinsou stepped inside.


‘’Guess who’s back. With all the snacks.’’ Shinsou said with a smile.


‘’Did you get the eyeliner?’’ Todoroki asked. Shinsou nodded and pulled it out before handing it to him. Todoroki quickly took the eyeliner and smiled.


‘’Hey Izuku, come here for a second. Ok now sit still.’’ He said, as he look the lid off the pencil eyeliner. He began to draw on Izuku. When he finished he pulled back. ‘’And done, what do you think?’’ he asked before pointing to the mirror.


‘’Im a cat. Meow Meow Meow.’’ Izuku said happily while bouncing in his place.


‘’Yeah you are, now what were you guys up to?’’ Shinsou asked.


‘’We were drawing, join us please. Uh I almost forgot, this is Mr Lulu, he’s my friend and now he’s yours. Say hi Mr Lulu. ‘hi hi’.’’ Izuku said while waving the rabbits arms. ‘’Now you gotta say hi back.’’ Izuku said with a determined smile.


Both boys looked at each other awkwardly and shrugged before replying together. ‘’Hi Mr Lulu.’’ Izuku pulled Mr Lulu into a big hug before sitting him down to his side.


‘’Ok lets make art.’’ He cheered happily.


(with the teachers) 


‘’Are you sure it was ok to leave him with the students. I mean he is so young and they are only teenagers, not responsible adults.’’ Toshinori asked nervously. They walked close to the meeting room.


‘’I trust Todoroki and Shinsou not to let anything hurt Izuku.’’ Aizawa replied.


‘’How about we get this meeting over with asap and then quickly grab what we need and get back to our little listener.’’ Hizashi said trying to cheer them both up.


‘’I guess, but I still would rather Izuku be in arms reach of us you know?’’ Toshinori said. The stopped outside the meeting room door.


‘’We get it Tosh, we really do. We’ve grown attached and now we’re in parental mode. For now, we just need to keep calm and deal with everything. The sooner its done, the sooner we can see Izuku.’’ Aizawa said with a small smile. He slid the door open and entered. There were still a few people missing, but they would arrive soon.


(Time skip to almost the end of the meeting)


‘’And that leads us onto our final topic. What shall we do with young Midoriya. As you are all aware, Midoriya Izuku was de-aged and is now a child. We are searching for the perpetrator but for now we must focus on looking after him. While we have most things covered such as guardianship, there is still the issues of during school hours. Personally I don’t think taking him to a day care would work in case the villain shows up. Any suggestions?’’ Nedzu asked the pros sitting around.


‘’One of us could just take him to class with us.’’ Hizashi suggested.


‘’The students would get distracted.’’ Midnight argued back.


‘’Well the staff room or office seems to always have someone in, we could just set up a place for him there and maybe the infirmary as Recovery Girl is there the majority of her time. In case there won’t be anyone in the staff room.’’ Aizawa suggested trying to get the meeting with quickly. There was a few minutes of murmuring before Nedzu lifted his paw.


‘’I think that is a wonderful suggestion. I will see to it that this is done. I can tell you wish to return to young Midoriya soon. If there is nothing more to discuss. Your all dismissed.’’ Nedzu said while waving them off.


The three of them stood quickly and exited the room.


‘’Only thing left to do is shopping. Lets see, Hizashi, you take food, anything you think Izuku would like grab. I will grab basic things like night time protection. Yagi, I saw glow in the dark wall stickers, stars ect. Try getting those. I think it could help Izuku sleep a bit better.’’ Aizawa explained as they went to the car.


‘’And toys?’’ Hizashi asked?


‘’He has toys, we bought him a lot.’’ Aizawa stated with a raised eyebrow.

‘’But you can never have enough.’’ Hizashi argued back.


‘’Fine, but be quick about it, I wanna get back to Izuku as soon as possible.’’ Aizawa said with a defeated sigh. Hizashi did a fist pump and ran to the car.



(After getting what the needed and arrived back at the dorms.)


Aizawa opened the door and let his boyfriends in.


‘’Daddy, Papa, Dad! Your back I made you gifts’’ A small child voice yelled at them. They saw Izuku running towards them with Mr Lulu in one hand and a bunch of paper in the other. His white bag was now covered on doodles and he had black make-up on his face that made him look like a cat.


‘’Did you have fun little listener?’’ Hizashi ask as he picked Izuku up and sat him on his hip. Aizawa and Toshinori placed their bags down in the corner and went to say hello to him. He noticed Todoroki and Shinsou wave at them before disappearing to the kitchen


‘’yup yup, I drew on my bag, I had snacks, im a cat meeeooooow and I made you gift see see. And there is one for mama, recoverery girl, midennight, snipe and etotoplasum.’’ Izuku said happily while handing out the pieces of paper to the three of them. On each of the papers was a picture of all four of them and the cats. Each of them had writing on saying to dad/papa/daddy depending on whos it was and love from Izuku.


A smile found its way onto the three pro heroes faces. ‘’Thank you Izuku, its amazing. Now lets go get you some food, yeah?’’ Aizawa asked gently while the other two nodded and Izuku giggled and yelled yeah causing Hizashi to join in.



Chapter Text

Aizawa’s POV

It has been a week since Izuku was de-aged. Recovery girl has been trying her best to figure out how to turn him back. As adorable as he is, he is very vulnerable right now and if any villains find out about his state, then his life could be in danger.

I notice Izuku seems to like Todoroki and Shinsou a lot. He is excited whenever he gets to spend time with them and does everything in his power to have their attention on him.

As adorable as it is, having a small child running around the school wasn’t ideal. Especially when it came to a certain hand to hand, non quirk training session. The class started out as normal with a small twist. It had been decided that Class 1-A would go against Class 1-B. It was simple and allowed them to learn how to adapt to fighting without quirks. Everything was going fine, teams had been decided it was a 2v2 and the students were randomly teamed up.

Izuku had been fast asleep on Hizashi’s lap and out of the view of class 1-B, not wanting too many people knowing about Izuku. The training started with Shinsou and Mina vs Monoma and Tetsutetsu. The battle began and everything went fine. Myself and Kan were taking notes on where our students need to improve when Shinsou was surprised punched rather harshly by Monoma who was using Tetsutestu’s quirk. Monoma proceeded to brag about how much better 1-B was and went to deliver another blow when I heard Mic yelling.

I looked behind and saw him running forward waving his arms like a mad man. I notice one thing. Where was Izuku? I snapped my head back toward the field in time to see Izuku getting hit by Monoma. Everything seemed to slow down as Izuku went flying backward towards the wall. Without thinking and with speed I never knew I could do I jumped into action and caught him before he could hit the wall, taking the impact for him.

I had noticed he was unconscious so I rushed him to recovery girl while Kan wrapped up the exercise. He was luckily ok, nothing severe but a few bruises and cuts which were taken care of. I asked why he jumped in and he told me it was because he didn’t like bullies and thought Monoma had decided to bully Shinsou in class and no one would stop him.

I had to explain that it had been an exercise and that there was no bullying. After Izuku had been given the all clear I was taking him back to the classroom to show him Shinsou was aright when I discovered all of class 1-B and Kan waiting outside of the classroom.

I raised an eyebrow as Kan turned to look at me. He had explained how they all wanted to know who the child was and if they were ok. It was safe to say Izuku being a child didn’t stay a secret for very long after that and the rest of the school knew about him.

After that point I would let him watch the battles after explaining what was going to happen in each one so he wouldn’t get involved again. Izuku was also now allowed to wander ‘on his own’. By that I mean I told him he could wander around the school during his free time, but I would actually follow him and watch him from around the corner. What did you really think I would let a small child wander around a school that has a support course that seem to blow up more often them Bakugou’s temper. I think not.