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Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark Does)

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Taehyung can never remember the name of that stupid Xbox game Jungkook loves to play, but one thing’s for sure: he doesn’t like it. I mean, you’d think for someone who works from home, that he’d at least look the tiniest bit excited when his boyfriend gets back from the office, but no.

No, he has to fight for the younger’s time more days than not.

Seeing how much Jungkook loves him helps, though it’s only when he wrestles the headset off him or drags him outside that he lives up to his potential. He’s doting, affectionate and most importantly, attentive .

It just sucks because he knows he’d be that great all the time if it weren’t for that damn ass Xbox. Which means he’s already begun to put his master plan into action a day in advance. It’s not like Jungkook doesn’t pick up on shit like this, but… okay, the kid’s sweet as can be, but Taehyung isn’t going to lie and say he isn’t the slightest bit absent minded.

He stops to kiss his cheek on the way to their room, corner of his mouth lifting as Jungkook lets out a, “Hey, baby- No, Namjoon, why would I call you bab- look out, asshole!”

He hears a groan from the couch before the younger starts senselessly cursing and though it’s amusing now, he knows he’s gonna be sick of it within the next hour.

Work isn’t easy. It’s a stupid desk job in some lame cubicle with a Horrible Bosses-esque manager that makes him wonder every single morning why he chose to go into marketing. Oh, right. It’s because he’d thought it’d get him rich, but here he is.

At least he has Jungkook, he tells himself as he slips into his bathrobe, however distracted the younger man may be.


The yelling seems to have subsided by the time he’s back on the couch, but Jungkook is more transfixed on the game than ever, only reaching out to give his boyfriend’s thigh a quick squeeze and muttering, “How was work?”

He doesn’t bother answering past a simple, “Same old,” just whips out his phone to scroll through Twitter.

He gives him around ten more minutes to play before he moves closer, hand reaching to swirl around his kneecap, “Remember last night?”

Jungkook shifts under his touch, “Kinda hard to forget.”

He knows that right now, this is closest he’s going to get to approval, so he presses himself tighter against his side and nuzzles into his shoulder.

He licks his lips, but his eyes don’t leave the screen, “Hoseok, dude, come on!”

“So you haven’t forgotten about how I promised you a gift, Koo? One you could redeem whenever you wanted?”

“Fuck,” he grunts, and the elder isn’t sure if it’s directed at whoever just got shot, his words, or both.

“Have you?” he’s inching further up, fingers playing with the hem of his shorts before slipping beneath them.

“N-no,” he’s finally got his attention, he can tell. His voice has taken on that babyish lilt and his cheeks are beginning to flush pink.

“Wanna do it now, baby? Might help you focus better.”

“How would that help?” his voice cracks once Tae makes his way to the tip, still soft but quickly hardening under his touch. “Yoongi, laugh one more time and I shoot you myself.”

He doesn’t miss the way his face falls in disappointment when his hand returns to his lap, “It’d clear your head, calm you down. Bet you’d be a lot less annoyed at your stupid teammates if I was sitting on your cock.”

“Jesus Christ.”

“Just sitting,” he continues as if he hadn’t heard, “Just keeping you nice and warm until you win like the talented boy you are, huh? Hyung’s good boy?”

He murmurs the last words into his ear, watching, pleased, as Jungkook twitches in his pants.


“What do we say when we want something from hyung, pretty, come on.”

“I-,” he looks flustered, taking a hand off the controller to cover his mouth piece, “Koo wants hyungie to-to help him.”

“Aw,” he croons, voice honey sweet, “Poor baby’s that embarrassed? That scared of his friends finding out how much he likes to beg?”

His hand is back over his cock, above his pants this time to rub along his shaft, “You think they’d still let you be captain, huh? If they knew the way you cry for hyung to spank you when you’ve been bad?”

He gulps, shoving the mic away from his face, “Hyung, please, just wanna…”

“Wanna feel me, bunny? Think I’ll still be wet from how much you came last night, don’t you? So much for hyung, earned it.”


It’s sweet to watch, the way his eyes soften and his bottom lip juts out, and he looks so pretty that Taehyung can’t help but lean in for a kiss. For once, Jungkook, ignores his game to return it, breath hitching when his tongue slips past his slack jaw.

As per usual, fucking Namjoon ruins it by yelling, “ Jeon, what the hell! You’re about to get the whole camp blown up!

He pulls back, shooting him an apologetic look and mouthing, “Please, hyung?” as he readjusts the mic.

“Sorry, guys, my boyfriend needed me for a sec.”

Talk to him later ,” he hears from the earpiece.

Which sets him off. It isn’t them that Jungkook’s loves, is it? And yes, he knows he’s being petty, but Jungkook is his and he shouldn’t have to wait in line for his attention. Especially not behind a bunch of jackasses that crack objectively unfunny jokes and probably haven’t showered in weeks.

“Hips up,” he snaps.

His pants are off in seconds and the elder can’t help but note how good he looks, cock dripping and thighs tensed in anticipation. He lets himself grin at the victory before leaning down to press a self-indulgent kiss to the tip, only to feel the hard plastic of the controller as Jungkook drops it on his head.

“S-sorry,” he stutters, probably to both parties.

Taehyung ignores him, instead reaching between the couch cushions for the bottle of cherry lube and squeezing some into his hand.

He doesn’t wait for it to warm, just slicks the cold liquid over his cock to watch him hiss.

“Okay, Koo,” he says as he sheds his robe, “Gonna have to put the remote down for a second so hyungie can sit, okay?”

He all but throws it to the side, eyes trained on his body. He can see him slipping into subspace already, doesn’t doubt the risk of his teammates figuring out what exactly’s going on is only turning him on even more. When they’d first met, he’d been so eager to fuck in front of the window, and it hadn’t taken long for Taehyung to figure out why.

He realises he should have fingered himself open upon feeling the blunt tip prodding at his entrance, but he doesn’t regret it. Not in the least because the way Jungkook moans, loud and unrestrained right into his headset is disgustingly satisfying. He watches the way his hand jerks and he fires a bullet into… a wall.

Or something. He’s a little sidetracked himself by how good it feels to be opened back up.

“Uh,” Jungkook clears his voice, though it still sounds strained, “Sorry guys, Ta-”

He stops and turns his head to cock a brow.

“Hyung- I mean, hyung just ran my foot over with- with a thing.”

“Bun’s nice and big, isn’t he?” he mutters as he bottoms out, “Fuck, so thick .”

And he means it, finds he has to give himself a second to adjust before leaning back against his shoulder.

He should really take advantage of this more often, he thinks, because though Jungkook is still playing, it feels nice to be curled up in his lap. He’s much less animated than before, but the rumble of his chest when he barks orders and the way his arms flex around him make him feel safe.

But would Tae really be Tae if he didn’t assert himself? He begins to clench around him at random, sniggering at the way he flinches in surprise.

“See?” he purrs, dragging his lips up his neck, “Koo plays much better when he’s good for hyungie.”

“Actually, I’m not doing to we- haah .”

Taehyung cuts him off with a bite to his sweet spot to shut him up before sucking the tender skin into his mouth. Jungkook tenses beneath him, hips bucking up and though he knows the other can’t control himself, he still reaches back to yank his hair. Hard.


“Did hyung say you could fuck him, Koo?”

“N-no, hyung,” he whispers, “Koo didn’t mean it.”

“Do you like what I’m doing?”

He nods.

“We use our words with hyung, you know this. Come on.”

“Yes, hyung, Koo loves it,” he chokes, trying his best to fight back the whiny tone he always takes on.

“What’s wrong, baby? Scared they’re gonna hear you?”

As if on queue, he picks up on Namjoon sniggering, “ Yo, Kook’s definitely getting his dick sucked, right?

Yeah ,” they all chime.

He hears Yoongi say, “ Dude, just log off, we can handle it.

“Nuh-uh,” he whimpers, “Gonna- I can do it.”

There’s a collective moment of silence as everyone processes what they’ve just heard. Taehyung feels his skin flush beneath him, hot enough to burn. And it’s so fun. It’s too fun for it to end before they’ve gotten to the part where Jungkook really, truly exposes himself.

So he takes over, leaning into the mic to say, “Kook lost a bet, which means I get to taser him whenever I want. He just sucks because he’s a pussy with a low pain tolerance.”  

Sure he is ,” he hears.

“Don’t you virgins think I’d sound a little hornier if I was actually messing around with him?”

They seem to consider it.

Jungkook? ” Namjoon says.

“Koo?” he taunts, clenching around him once more.

“You guys know I have a taser,” he grits, “Tae and I bet on how much time I spend on here a week and… and I lost.”

You’re still fucking us up, either way ,” Hoseok points out, “ Tell Tae to leave you alone .”

“Stop trying to steal my boyfriend, how about that?”

Jungkook almost sounds normal now, “Guys, can we not?”

“Fine,” he says, “But get your fucking head in the game, asshole.”

He’s so embarrassed and beautiful as it is, he has to pity him. So he stops teasing for a minute or two, loosening his grip in his hair to run his fingers through it instead.

“Such a good baby,” he reminds him, “So perfect for me, aren’t you? Played along so well.”

Jungkook leans his head on his and breathes a sigh of relief.

“Yeah? Know Koo loves being told how smart he is. How fast and strong. Made for hyung, perfect boy.”

It’s a trap.

Which he falls for, dick pulsing at the praise.

“Remember how well you fucked me last night? How proud you made me? Made me cum untouched, didn’t you? Held on so well, filled me to the brim.”

Oh god ,” he rasps.

“You can feel it, can’t you? The mess from last night? Fucked me so deep I bet barely any got out.”

There’s a loud crash on screen and everyone curses.

Jungkook, did you get shocked again?

“Y-yep,” he doesn’t hide the desperate pitch of his voice, “‘S hard to… yeah.”

Yo, if this ever happens again-

“It won’t,” Tae leans in, jostling Jungkook within him, “I think he’s learned his lesson. Haven’t you, baby?”


Just to be clear, I’m still about 85% sure he’s getting off right now .”

“You’re just a pervert,” he scoffs into the mic, “I can fuck Jungkook whenever I want. Why would I waste my time if I don’t have his full attention?”

“I feel like you want them to know,” he says into the other ear once they’ve gone back to discussing the game, “Feel like you want them to hear how slutty you are, how much of a blubbering mess you turn into for hyung’s ass.”

He winces and when Tae turns his head to look at him, his eyes have lost focus.

He can tell Jungkook’s trying not to give into the pleasure, to hold back, but he’s never had much in the way of self control. Last night marked the first time he’d been able to stave off an orgasm.

Which is how he’d ended up winning his little prize.

But it’s practice that makes perfect and Jungkook is nowhere near perfect, especially when he’s as new to this as he is.

He knows it’s probably borderline painful, to have been stuck like this for as long as he has, exercising every last ounce of self control not to throw the remote to the side and fuck him hard as he can.

Which makes the way he begins to roll his hips gently into Taehyung sort of understandable.

Though in the elder’s defence, it starts out so subtle that he actually doesn’t realise what’s going on, not for a moment at least. He’s too caught up in the ragged rise and fall of his chest, the movement of his forearms, and admittedly, whatever’s going on on-screen to take much notice.

But the poor baby, needy as he is, speeds up once he realises he’s actually getting away with it. It’s the mistake brush against his prostate that ends up being his demise, the action sending Tae’s eyes rolling into the back of his head until he realises that something’s not right.

“Couldn’t hold on?” he asks, making sure his tone is as condescending as possible. “Not even until your useless little game is over?”

He whines softly, craning away from the mic, “Koo can’t help it, feels too- hyung feels too good .”

“Does he now?” he grinds back, “Love hyung’s ass that much?”

“Love hyung,” is all he can manage.

“Then maybe you should start paying a little more attention to him.”

“‘M sorry,” he mutters, trying to appease him with little kisses to the side of his face, “Please, can’t wait, f-feels so good.”

“Think you can win me over that quick?”

He sniffles, “T-tryna be good but-”

“But, what?”

Jungkook bucks up desperately “Fuck, hyung, please? Can’t- the game...”

“Tell hyung how bad you wanna fuck him, maybe he’ll consider it.”

“Want it so bad,” he whispers, “hurts not to- guh-gotta.”

He sounds close to tears and Tae’s own cock twitches in interest, “Tell you what, pretty. Wanna make a deal?”


“Here,” he wraps a hand over the mic, “Relax.”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Can you get kicked out of the chat or do you have to leave yourself?”

He freezes, “You gotta leave yourself, but-”

“You said you wanted to fuck me, didn’t you?”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Then you can, but you’re staying on the line with your friends.”

“C-can I,” he starts, “Can I put it near us? Instead of on, I’m-”

“What’s the problem, baby?”

“‘S too close, hyung. Right in their ears, please?”

“You can put it by our feet,” he’s willing to compromise, knows just how humiliating this is going to be, “How much will they be able to hear?”

He feels him gulp, “E-enough.”

“If hyungie finds out you’re lying, how many spanks do you think you deserve?”


He laughs, as if what he’s suggested is ridiculous, “Oh, Koo, hyung can’t let you off that easy.”


He hums, “That’ll hurt, won’t it, especially if I use the paddle?”

“A lot, hyung.”

“Do you want to change your mind about the headset?”

He has no idea how he’s still playing the game and further, how he hasn’t lost- or how the team hasn’t lost? He isn’t sure, but either way, Jungkook specifically seems to be doing alright. Though he always has been competitive.

“We can keep it on the arm of the- of the couch?”

“Good boy,” he kisses his cheek, “Know Koo’s too smart to lie to his hyung, isn’t he?”

He lets go of the mic, prompting him to answer.

“Yes, hyung.”

“C’mon,” he mouths.

Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, letting himself groan at the way Tae’s picked up a shallow pace atop him, “Koo’s smart for hyung.”

What the everloving fuck,” says Yoongi.

“Yeah, baby? Is that so?”

“Uh-huh… c-can I take it off hyung, please, I can hear-”

He does it for him, slipping them into place and twisting the mic in their direction. Jungkook eyes it and his mouth drops in what looks like a mix of shame and arousal.

“Okay, tell me what you need, baby.”

“F-faster,” he’s nice and loud in Taehyung’s ears and he loves it, the automatic switch once he’s able to push the idea of just how audible he still is out of his mind, “Koo- I’m- faster, hyung, been goo- Oh .”

He’s sped up to give him what he wants, bouncing as hard as he can on his cock.

“Are you happy, baby?”

“U-uh-huh, hyungie, make me feel so good.”

“Yeah?” he prompts, his own breath hitching as the head brushes his sweet spot.

Jungkook cries out uselessly at the sudden change in pace, fingers reaching to grip at Tae’s sides.

And he’s always so nice and rough when he’s like this, one hand digging bruises into his side while the other runs up the expanse of his torso.

“I luh-love you so much hyung,” he hiccups, nuzzling his into his neck, “Feel better than- than… fuck. Best-”

He’s a mess of tears and sweat and it’s driving Taehyung crazy, the way he’s lost all composure.

“Oh, baby,” he coos, “Love you, too, love you so much. Do anything for hyung, right?”

“Anything,” he echos, “Anything for hyung.”

“Gonna play with my nipples?”

It’s hard, but he manages over the way he’s sloppily meeting his rhythm. “Hyung- wanna… wanna fuck-,” he gives up, “Hands and knees?”

The added stimulation proves enough for him to give in, “Done just what hyung said, baby. Been perfect, go ahead.”

Sometimes, over the submission, it’s easy to forget that Jungkook does a solid 240 pushups a day. It’s being flipped over like a rag doll that serves as a crude wakeup call. But he loves it, falling limp the second the other begins to hammer into him.

He’s hitting his prostate just right, and it’s that in combination with the arm he’s wrapped around his chest, tight enough to restrict his breathing, that makes him scream.

And it certainly helps that he’s close enough to the headset to be able to hear Jungkook’s friends. He’s being fucked stupid, too out of it to be able to decipher what exactly they’re yelling about, but it’s enough.

He cranes his head for a kiss and Jungkook, who is still rambling aimlessly about being good for him, jumps at the opportunity. It hurts, more teeth than tongue, but Tae doesn’t mind. Instead he tries his hardest to keep praising, tell him he’s doing amazing until Jungkook lowers him to the couch and says, “Gonna make- gah-gonna- make hyung cum.”

“Yeah?” he grunts, admittedly exhausted, “Gonna touch hyung’s cock like the perfect little slut you are?”

He’s able to make out a muffled, “ Ew ,” and only then does he realise that the mic is all but in his mouth.

Though it only urges him on, “Come on, baby, you can do it. Don’t you want hyung to r-reward you with a- fuck - a kiss?”

He makes sure to moan as loud as he can when Jungkook’s hand finally makes contact. “Angel, Koo’s hyungie’s angel, isn’t he?”

“Mmph,” he keens, “Hyungie’s angel.”

“‘M so close, baby, fucking hyung just how he needs. Gonna go little faster?”

He’ll admit to zoning out after that, washed away by the feel of his thick cock and calloused fingers working together to get him off.

His vision blurs as he cums across the couch, flinching at the rope that hits his chin.

And the reaction appears to be enough for the younger, because he’s barely come down before he’s being filled with a final whimper.

They don’t move for god knows how long, until his heart stops hammering in his chest and his cock begins to soften within him. But Taehyung likes it like that, likes the way an extra sensitive Jungkook carelessly smears his mess across his stomach and pants into his hair like he needs him.

It’s calm, quiet until he hears a faint, “ I guess they’re done, huh ?”

He lets out a lazy laugh, but the other jolts, nearly tossing him off the couch, “Oh god. Oh god, hyung, can I please-”

“Sure,” he wiggles free, too fucked out to care what exactly he’s laying in as Jungkook slips the headphones back on.

“Guys,” he starts, “I’m really sorry, me and Tae, we-”

Someone must crack a joke, because he groans, “Gross,” at the same time he hears a round of cheers and wolf whistles.

Then, “You guys aren’t…. Yeah, I know it was weird- Oh, Hobi left? Is it too soon to call him a pussy- No I don’t have an exhibition- fine, okay? You win. You’re welcome for being your personal camboy,” he huffs, the closest he can get to annoyed in his current state. “I hope all of you very much enjoyed that- Yeah, you’re all fuckboys. No, especially you, Namjoon. What? No I don’t care as long as you… you promise it’s not that big of a deal?”

“We probably made their night,” Tae soothes, reaching back for him, “Get off the thing and come cuddle.”

“Whatever,” he grumbles into the mic, “I’m gonna go- yeah, I no shit you’re gonna roast me forever- fuck off, don’t call me that. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

At long last, he chucks it to the side and turns off the console with a shaky hand. “Let’s go to bed, I wanna nap.”

“We should probably rinse off first. I’m filthy.”

“Whatever you want,” is all he offers in return, throwing him over his shoulder.


“You’re okay, right?” he asks once they’ve made into the shower, “Didn’t push you too far?”

Jungkook kisses him, “I’ve used my safeword before, I’d use it again if I’d needed it, babe.”

He hums, “Did you like it?”

“Yeah,” he says, bashful, “I’d do it over if I could, but I think we ruined the suspense. At least for these guys.”

He sighs at the combined warmth of Jungkook’s body and the running water “Not for Hoseok. Didn’t he leave?”

“Why don’t we ring him up-”

Jungkook chuckles, “Hey come on, isn’t it your turn? Don’t think Jin and Jimin know just how tough on me you actually go.”

“Stop spending so much time on that stupid Xbox and we can talk about it.”