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“I don’t intend to get along.”

He had gone on an expedition with him once. That was it. And he hoped for it to stay that way. However, it seems fate had something else in store for him. Here he was assigned the roll of a student and in the same class with Mikazuki. Not to mention Horikawa had threatened him to join the Kendo Team. He was getting a headache, at least there was Tsurumaru, as much as he didn’t openly admit it he was glad to have the fellow Dategumi sword. Everyone in the class were going on the field trip. He was paid for by Mikazuki. He really didn’t want to but turns out he needed at least one field trip with the school to graduate. For sure, someone couldn’t be planning out his whole future already right? Swords didn’t exactly have a future as they fought for the future. He grimaced at the thought.

Is that how he had it? Having every life planned… He doesn’t even come as much after that incident. He knows it’s not him, but he can’t ignore the lump in his throat nor the butterflies in his stomach neither. He sighed as he finished changing from his uwabaki into his regular sneakers. Heading out he noticed it was raining. Great, just great.

“Do you need help?” The skies instantly cleared up at the sound of a familiar voice He turned to the owner in particular.

“Ah…Uh…No, I’m fine…” He didn’t think Aruji would send others out.

“Ok. Oh! Here, you can have these!,” The shorter handed him a small bunch of tickets,” I won several of these, but I don’t have anyone to go with…”

“Ah…,” This was the last thing he wanted, yet he didn’t turn them down,” Thank you…?”

“No problem! Well then, I must be off!”

“What about the rain?,” He wanted to ask but the rain never came back.

What luck— rather how lucky. He stared at the tickets. They were to the new beach resort, marked with an expiration date of one week from today. It wouldn’t hurt right? Maybe he could get along somewhat. It would prepare him for the field trip in two weeks too.


Everyone was ecstatic to hear about the tickets to the new beach resort. Mikazuki invited someone else too, but they declined saying they'd go after everything was cleared up.

Funny how Horikawa took the longest. He said he wanted to look nice for Kanesan, because Kanesan finally got a phone from Aruji and they exchanged numbers so he could send Kanesan photos of their time in the past.

Tsurumaru wasn’t too bad, but he brought a lot of snacks. “Leftovers shouldn’t go to waste.” He had said. Mitsutada must be leeching off on him.

Mikazuki just laughed like the grandpa he was and packed the regular necessities and… apparently a new thing amongst the youths, long Mochichika.

Yamabushi had recently come back from his expedition. He brought the same equipment and other stuff from it. Then there was Mutsunokami. Aside from the necessities, he brought his new camera he bought recently and some water guns. “Can’t be a trip without some sort of entertainment!,” He had laughed while accidentally squirting him in the face.

“How naive of me.” He was currently cramped in their small car as they made their way to the resort.


Finally getting out he fought the urge to kiss the ground. He could smell the salt from the ocean as a breeze passed by. They each had two bedrooms, Mikazuki and Mutsunokami were in one, Horikawa and Yamabushi and the second, and he was stuck with Tsurumaru in the third.

The white— no silver? He wasn’t sure. It could be a mix, what a surprise. Being stuck with him was the least of his worries.

“Oh, where are you going?” The silvery-white haired man asked as he plopped onto the bed like Sadachan “I’m going to go for a swim…”

“Ookurikara of all people?! What a surprise~”

“I’m in the mood… So… I want to before I get out of the mood…”

“There’s no such thing as being out of a mood, it’s more like killing it.” Tsurumaru rolled a bit on the bed.

“I’m off.” He closed the door behind him.

“OI! You’re just going to ignore me?!” He opened the door again, “Ah… Welcome back.”

“I forgot my key card. I’ll be off…”

“Uh… Have a nice time?” The door closed with a click this time, “THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED TO SAY???!?”

“Idiot, I can still hear you from the hall…” He sighed as people were looking in the direction of the yelling.


Outside wasn’t so bad. The weather was fairly mild, with semi strong winds. He could smell some food from the food stand. They had finished all of Tsurumaru’s snacks in the car. His stomach growled.

‘I didn’t notice I was hungry…’ He walked over to see what there was to offer,’Let’s see…’

“WHA-?!,“ He covered his mouth to prevent himself from yelling too loudly in public, “Ha?”

There stood the food stand, busy as ever. With a ever so familiar sounding name.

“Aruji… Why must you do this…to me no less…” He decided he lost his appetite.

“KARACHAN!” He flinched at his name being called out, no one else should know his name here aside from the other but then again seeing the name of the food stand. He decided he could go for a swim.

“KAMEKICCHI, WHERE ARE YOU???” Was he going mad or did this suddenly become a beach resort (read: Citadel) for the swords.

“Have you seen my tigers??? They’re small, strong, and playful but they won’t hurt anyone!”

“Look at me Ichii-nii! Doesn’t this swimsuit look cute on me?”

“Karabou!! What a surprise to see you here!”

“WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE A STRANGER?!” He turned to Tsurumaru who squirted him with a water gun.

“Gotcha~ That’s for leaving the room earlier!”

“Bleh. I’m going for a swim.”

“You said that before, haha. And you’re still not in the wate-“ He sprinted to the oceanside,” Now he is, haha…”

He shuddered at the cold touch of the water. Eventually his body warmed up to it and in no time he was swimming or floating around. Eventually he found it easier to float around. It was nice and calm for a while until something hit his head. It was Kamekicchi.

“Ah… Your owner's searching for you.,"Strangely it seems like the turtle understood him and swam back to the shore, “Sea dragons palace and the turtle that brought the fisher man there huh…”

He wouldn’t mind floating in the ocean for the rest of eternity if he could. He had to return to land after he saw storm clouds roll in. Once on land he was knocked out by a big wave. When he came to, he was in the hotel room.

“Geez…,”Tsurumaru was playing with the tv channels,” I can’t believe you just knocked out right after we arrived here.”

“Huh… I went to go for a swim didn’t I?”

“So is that what it was.” He began to snicker.



“When you say it like that I can be sure it’s not nothing.”

“Right, right. Anyway I think I’ll head to sleep too. It’s late.” He turned to the clock at his bedside. It was already 11:50 PM. How long did he sleep?

“Alright. Good night.”

“Good night~”

Little did he know, Tsurumaru was looking at photos that he had taken while he was sleeping and saved them for blackmail.