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Threads of Light

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Despite the expectations from his professors, Hikarito always knew the direction he intended to take with his music. As far as he was concerned, it didn't matter what anyone else thought, he knew what he was doing. Music was his life, he was going to make it on his own terms. And anyone who didn't like it could get fucked.

When he saw the advert for band members, he hadn't hesitated at all. He and Rei hit it off right away, but it didn't take long for Shun and Seiya to warm up to him, too. It was a good fit, they all worked well together, he had a good feeling about this. These were good people, surely they'd be able to work together to make music of which he could be proud. He'd show his stuck-up professors they were wrong, he wasn't wasting his talents.


“No, you know what? Fuck you, man. Fuck. You.”

Hikarito could see the others flinching as Shun slammed the studio door behind him, but he didn't say anything. He certainly wasn't going to apologize. If Shun didn't want to work with him anymore, then, well, he'd let this band go and move on to the next one. What was it they used to say? Most bandmen went through three to five band changes before finding the right fit ... or leaving the life. Hikarito wouldn't be defeated so easily.


“I'll handle it,” he said quietly, already trying to calculate how this was all going to work.

“He's probably just blowing off steam anyway, right?” Rei suggested.

“Right,” he agreed, not sure he believed that was even possible. Well, it wouldn't hurt anything to give Shun a couple of days, first. Just in case. No sense in being too hasty.


“I'm sorry, Hika-kun, I am, but I just....”

“Yeah, no, I get it,” he said, flashing Chihiro a supportive smile he didn't feel. Still couldn't manage to even go six months with a band. Maybe he wasn't as good a judge of people as he thought?

On the other hand, maybe he was going about this all wrong. Working with a band, there were too many points of failure, too many factors outside of his own control. He had his own YouTube channel and okay, it wasn't a big following, but it was a place to start. Maybe he needed to get back to that? There was a whole world out there, maybe he was coming at this all from the wrong direction. Where was it written that he had to make visual kei music as part of a band? There were other soloists in the scene, he could be one of them.


“Stop being a jackass, I know you're still writing music, Hikarito-kun!” Rei insisted, slapping a sheaf of papers on the table. Hikarito kept jotting down notes.

“Oh come on, you know music's more fun when you're doing it with others. Besides, you and I both know you don't actually play everything.”

He wasn't wrong, but that wasn't the point. He ... okay, he wasn't happy with where things were, but at least he was in control. Teaming up with others ... it would be a step in the wrong direction, wouldn't it? And yet he could still hear Rei bouncing around behind him, whining and begging. He didn't really want to listen, but the little shit could be hard to ignore when he really put his mind to it. Like he was just then.

“Come oooooonnnnnnn, do this with us. Sei-kun and Yuu-kun are already on board, we just need you for the vocals. And the violin, of course. And okay, writing, too. I mean, we've got some ideas, but you're the trained pro, yeah? Come on, come on, you know you wanna!”

“Rei...,” he said, sighing.

“Say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes, say yes,” the bassist chanted, bouncing in place now. Hikarito could feel himself laughing, even in spite of everything, and finally put down his pen. Rei wasn't completely wrong and, well, his friends needed him, obviously. Could he really just turn his back on his friends?

“Okay, yes, fine, but only because it's you guys,” he grumbled, trying to give Rei one of his firmer scowls. It didn't seem to have any effect, though.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Rei shouted, punching the air and bouncing even more. “Come on, come on, Sei-kun promised yakiniku if I got you to say yes.”

Maybe later he would regret this, but for right now, he was going to enjoy how happy his friends were. And yakiniku on Seiya's wallet. He could still release things now and then on his personal YouTube, same as before, things wouldn't have to change all that much. And hey, this could be a good thing, right? Okay, he had been in bands with all three of them before and none of them had gone anywhere, but things could still turn out differently this time, right?

“Do you have a name for this band yet?”

“Nah, we figured we'd talk it out together, once I talked you into joining. And possibly leading? You ... sort of have more experience than the rest of us.”

He wasn't so sure that was a fair assessment, but ... yeah, he could take charge of things, if that's what they wanted. At least then they would definitely be making things on his terms.

“Then ... what do you think about Aiolin for a band name?”