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Strength is in Moving On

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Hi! It's Izuku, but you guys already knew that. The story I am about to tell you is not meant to upset you or make you sad. I want it to inspire you! Inspire you to grown, move on and be strong. So before I get into my story I wrote a little something for you, I hope it helps!


Dear Reader,

Have you ever known when you’ve lost the love of your life? Steadily watch them slip away even though you’ve tried your hardest to hold them close, cradling them to your chest? And then finally realize it’s time to let them go no matter how much it hurts? As Deborah Reber once said “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”

I should have known better, actually I do know better, I just didn’t want to accept it. For over 5 weeks I watched my ‘Suki come into the house at odd hours of the night, always have plans with a certain someone else, and not touch me [whether it be sexually or intimately]. We’d fallen into this routine of me pretending like I don’t know what’s going on, and him pretending like I don’t know.

 Telling this story is hard for me, because ‘Su-Katsuki [sorry it’s still hard for me to call him Katsuki, I’m working on it…] is my first and only true love. People say I am crazy and that time will heal all wounds, but this is one wound that will never heal properly. I am sure that one day I will love again and will be happy, but I also know that Katsuki Bakugou holds a certain piece of my heart and my soul.

I just want to clear somethings up, I know I should hate him down to my very core, but I am still in love with him, a few months is not enough time for me to fully heal [but I am getting better] and loving him for practically 20 years of my life makes it hard to hate him. I have wonderful friends who are very supportive, and a mother who is so amazing. Katsuki’s parents have also been so very helpful.

I haven’t had the guts to see either of them yet, I don’t think I have completely forgiven them. I know that I must forgive, not only for them but for myself, but it’s hard. I don’t wish them ill-will, I love Katsuki way too much to wish him unhappy, and Kirishima was once an amazing friend to me, and I also don’t wish him unhappy. Some people say that I shouldn’t wish them so much happiness that I should be angry. I was angry… I’m still angry and I’m hurt so very very hurt. I want to scream and cry and Detroit Smash them in the face, but I can’t, and I won’t, because I don’t want to see them hurt like I hurt.

SO this is what I have to say:

To anybody reading this that has been cheated on. Who has watched the love of their life slip away. Who watched them fall out of love with you and into like, lust, or love with another. Who has had to pick up the shattered pieces of their heart and find a way to glue them together, knowing that it will never quite be the same again… We can do this. We can get better. We can... fuck we can be strong! We are heroes [even if that is not your profession], our own personal saviours. Even though everything reminds you of him, her, they. Even though you can’t eat certain foods or hear certain songs. Even though laughing feels forced, fake and you just want to go home a cry and shovel your favourite ice cream down your throat while binge watching your favourite tv show or anime or movies. Even though it takes forever to feel normal. Even though you can’t say their name or see their picture without choking on sobs and wanting to vomit. It will get better. You don’t need him, her, they. You have you! You’re a badass. You handled your shit before they came along, and damn it, you can handle your shit after they are gone. One day baby-girl,boy,person, they will wake up and realize the person that loved them the most, that sacrificed the most to be with them, that completed them is gone, and the only one they have to blame is themselves.

“Some people think holding on, staying and fighting is what makes us strong; but sometimes true strength is having the ability to let go and walk away.” Manipulation of the quote by Hermann Hesse.

I believe in you, I believe in us!


-Love Izuku Midoriya <3

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Dear Journal,

Kacchan and I decided to form a hero duo! It took a lot to get us here, but there is no one else I would trust with my life. Many people thought I was crazy to form a duo with Kacchan, but they don’t understand him like I do. The thing about Kacchan that people don’t know is that while he may seem harsh and abrasive on the outside, it is simply a façade for the frightened insecure boy below. It has taken us the entire three years at UA to be able to build a friendship. I’m not saying it was easy, but we made it here. We can talk to each other as equals, work together and know that no matter how we feel we have each other’s back. I am excited for the future journal!! It’s Kacchan and I together! I have waited my entire life for this moment. I know we can do great things together, All Might even said we could. How crazy is that?? ALL MIGHT said Kacchan and I will be the greatest duo to ever be heroes if we can continue to grow and trust each other. We will NOT let All Might down. PLUS ULTRA. Well, I must go journal, if I don’t help Kacchan finish the paperwork to register as a pro-hero duo he will explode my face. BYE JOURNAL.

-Izuku Midoriya 


Dear Journal,

Today was graduation. I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. THAT. I. AM. OFFICIALLY. A. HERO. And with Kacchan by my side. It was amazing, everyone was there, my mom cried so you know I cried. I’m sorry journal, I know I’m a cry-baby, but I couldn’t help it, it was graduation. They announced that Kacchan and I were the first pro-hero duo since the 80’s, that’s wild. We have so many offers from different agencies!! Kacchan and I have no idea where we want to go. We know that we will work in someone’s agency for a little while, to get some experience, but we definitely know that we want to open our own.

Deku and Ground Zero Agency

Ground Zero and Deku Agency

Wonder Duo Inc

The Wonder Duo Agency

I like that one! The Wonder Duo, that is what we have been dubbed as by the media. Deku and Ground Zero. Izuku and Katsuki. Midoriya and Bakugou. The Wonder Duo. I’m so HAPPY journal. This day is the best day of my life.

Guess what??? Kacchan even said “Good job Nerd”. Holy HELL journal. KACCHAN said that. Speaking of Kacchan, I better go, I know he wants to take pictures because he is in a suit, and don’t let him fool you, he could be a model just like this mom with how much he loves having his picture taken. BYE Journal!

-Izuku “Deku” Midoriya of the Wonder Duo 


Dear Journal,

Kacchan and I had our first patrol today AND we moved into our apartment. SO today was a busy day. I won’t write a lot because I am sooooo exhausted, but I feel obligated since it was such a big day. It was crazy how many people recognized us, and we haven’t even had out first “official” fight debut. We just patrolled, there was villain activity, but not in our zone so we couldn’t go help, which really upset Kacchan. Do you know how much paperwork is involved in hero work? I mean they tell us there is a lot, but we were not prepared…like at all. How in the Hell do we have so much paperwork and it was only our first day, and we didn’t even really do anything. Kacchan complained the. Whole. Time.

Then we had to go home and unpack. My mom and Kacchan’s mom organized to have our stuffed picked up from their houses and moved to our apartment, which is nice. Yet we were exhausted and Kacchan was irritable and we still had so much unpacking to do, just to be able to watch a little tv, take a shower, sleep and be prepared for tomorrow.

We both fell asleep on the couch, and NOW it’s around one am. Kacchan just went and switched our clothes to the dryer, and I just grabbed us some pjs. Neither of us set up the bed, (yes, we are sharing a bed, it’s a big one, we are broke) and I was going to sleep on the floor, but Kacchan just grabbed me up without a word, and started snuggling with me on the couch, and is now fast asleep.






I better go before my moving wakes him up and I ruin this moment. Journal I am so happy. OMO. Bye journal! 

-Love Izuku “is-being-snuggled-by-Katsuki-Bakugou-on-our-couch” Midoriya

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Dear Journal,

OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO.OMO I don’t even know what else to say. I feel like I am dreaming. This must be a dream. Someone pinch me.





Ow okay that was horrible, I said that out loud and Kacchan literally ran out of the kitchen to pinch me. Ugh Jerk.



But a wonderfully jerk, a beautiful jerk, a lovable dandelion looking mothafrakin jerk, a peanut butter and jell-icious jerk. A crimson eyed, luscious blonde fit-as-fuck jerk. Who is mine. mine. mine. mine.




You know what happened? I got punched in the damn face. Like I froze, for just a second. I mean what else would you do when the man who was your childhood friend, bully, new friend in high school, hero partner for a full year, and not so secret crush of 4 years confesses to you. I lost my concentration for like 15 seconds and then got punched in the face. And you know what else?? KACCHAN GOT MAD AT ME. Mad. At. Me. When it was obviously his fault.

But it is okay, because now I have a boyfriend. Journal. Katsuki is my boyfriend. MY BOYFRIEND. And while many people might not think that what he said was very romantic, it was. He was so cute. His face was pink-washed from embarrassment not exertion, and he was yelling, but during parts of his speech, when I was able to make eye contact, his face softened just a bit. It softened with affection and fondness and I swore my heart just break-danced right up out of my chest.

Today is officially the best day of my life, black eye and all.

Well I better get going Kacchan is making my favourite dinner, and I just want to watch him. I love the way he moves. I’m going to go watch my boyfriend cook. Just know internally, I am hardcore fanboying. Bye Journal!!

-Love the Boyfriend of Bakugou Katsuki (omo)



Dear Journal,

So today is just a short entry, because Kacchan and I have to work a double…ugh. HOWEVER, today was another of our “firsts”. Kacchan held my hand. HE. HELD. MY. HAND. Journal. And not to pull me somewhere, or to pull me close to yell at me. We were walking to work, we had left around 3 am for our morning shift, and we were in civilian gear, and he just slipped his hand in mine, like it was nothing. He laced our fingers together journal, and all I wanted to do was let out a very unmanly scream, but I DIDN’T, thank gods I didn’t or Kacchan would have never let if go. I think he does know that I was freaking out, because I couldn’t help but kind of walk on the balls of my feet, with my cheeks flushed a deep scarlet, and he had this self-satisfied smirk on his face.

Honestly, I thought that his hand would get super slick, due to his quirk, and very rough from the explosions but I was surprised. His hand was a little slick, but dry for the most part. It was soooo warm. I know his body temperature is higher, but his hand is like the temperature of the perfect bath water. I feel so safe and warm when he holds my hand. And hot damn his hands were so smooth, there were a few rough patches but nowhere near where I though. I think it has to do with the nitro-glycerine. His complexion is flawless, and so are his hands. Woooo is it getting hot in here or is it just Katsuki? Hahaha, I make myself laugh.

Anyway, our break is almost over and if I don’t at least drink some water and eat a granola bar, Katsuki is going blow my face off. He’s such a caring boyfriend! Bye Journal!!

-Love Izuku “The One Who Holds Hands with Bakugou Katsuki” Midoriya



Dear Journal,


Do you know what is the best feeling in the whole world?

The answer? Being in love.

Do you want to know the second best feeling in the whole word?

Bakugou Katsuki’s fucking lips. YEAH that’s right journal.

  1.                 KATSUKI.

We were sitting on the couch, and Kacchan was super into this show, it was explosions and guns and comedy and drama, and he was loving it. I wasn’t really into it, but I was really into Katsuki. The way the moon washed over his hair and made it almost translucent. The tv screen washed his face in shades of blue, orange and red. He was laughing, not that manic “I’m gonna kick everyone’s ass” laugh, but a belly-deep chuckle and it was a beautiful sound. He was sitting up, thighs splayed out and feet flat on the floor. His upper body was slightly angled toward me, one arm around my shoulders, and it allowed me to prop my upper body against his, as my legs were thrown over the arm of the couch dangling down. I was staring at his face, and it hit me. This beautiful, strong, amazing man is mine. I get to see him, relaxed and happy, and vulnerable. I couldn’t help myself and I just leaned up and brushed my lips against his.

His face was comical. His head whipped toward me so fast I thought his neck cracked, and his arms tightened around me so… I couldn’t escape I guess. His eyes were wide, and doe like for a moment, and he just stared at my face, tv forgotten. He paused for a few seconds and I though he was going to crash his lips onto mine, aggressive and full of passion just like Katsuki. But he brought his palms to my face and cradled my cheeks and with a soft smile on his face he just scoffed and shook his head fondly “You just had to you fucking nerd. I had this planned out and you just had to fuck it all up. That’s just like you Izuku. Stealing my thunder, and my heart”. Before I could respond he leaned his head down and captured my lips with his. He tasted like a little a hint of wasabi from dinner and a hint of cherries leftover from his Chapstick, which sounds disgusting, but was surprisingly… not. Even with his Chapstick his lips were a little rough but oh so warm. And he just kissed me, soft and sweet. Light like butterfly wings on your cheek in the summer. Then he leaned back and tucked me back into him, burying one hand in my curls and said “Let’s get back to the show…. Fucking cute ass nerd”.

Guys I love him. There is no other way to put it. I am so in love with him. That my heart literally feels like it is going to burst. I love Katsuki Bakugou. I want to scream it from the fucking ROOF TOPS. I know it is only been a month, but I think I have always known…. He’s my forever. Bye Journal!

-Love Izuku “Very-Smitten” Midoriya



Dear Journal,

Today marks a turning point for Katsuki and I. I did some thinking and decided that I no longer wanted to call Katsuki, Kacchan. I mean I will forever hold onto that nickname, but I feel that we have come to a turning point in our relationship together. The name Kacchan holds many wonderful memories, but also many non-wonderful memories. Now that we are together, and we have made it past 2 months and many emotional conversations we have come to a different chapter in our life together. I want to start this relationship fresh, not tainted by who we used to be, but who we are now and who we will become together.

I brought this up to Katsuki and he seemed to agree whole-heartedly. He feels the exact same way. I was staring at him and it just came to me. “’SUKI” I practically screamed out. His eyes narrowed at me and then sighed shaking his head “Of fucking course you’d pick an equally as embarrassing fucking nickname, you fucking shit.” He said to me.

He then looked at me and nodded as if agreeing with himself “Well if I’m ‘Suki than you’re ‘Zuku. Sound good?”

Journal I couldn’t help it, I teared up. I didn’t cry. I SWEAR, but I teared up.

He looked at me with exasperation and I ran into his arms.

“Still a fucking cry baby… ‘Zuku”

“I’m your fucking cry baby ‘Suki”

I’m not going to lie, it felt a little weird after years of calling him Kacchan, but it also felt right. I think ‘Suki agreed.

Man. I never thought in all my years, that I could ever be this happy. Bye Journal, I’m going to go cuddle and watch movies with my boyfriend… ‘Suki.

-Love ‘Zuku<3



Dear Journal,

It finally happened journal. We said the “L” word. And guess what!! I didn’t say it first. I’ve been trying very hard to wait, to not move to fast, to not scare him away. And he does this to me! My heart hasn’t stopped racing since he said it, and I am pretty sure my face is going to split open. Like seriously, I just sat on the couch for 15 minutes before I started writing, doing nothing but staring into the distance and smiling, like a lunatic. SO let me tell you how it happened.

Today is our day off, and we had so many chores to get done before we could just relax. We decided to just split the list, so it would get done faster. I took laundry and repairing our hero costumes while Katsuki took care of grocery shopping. Contrary to popular belief we split cooking, I can cook too, Katsuki just cooks more because he really enjoys it. So I was in the middle of working on his costume when he called me, this is how the conversation went:

“Yes ‘Suki?”

“’Zuku, I forgot to fucking check like a dumbass, do we need any almond milk? I swore we just fucking bought some, but you drink that shit like it’s water.”

“I don’t know, I’ll go check”

“Well hurry the fuck up, I don’t want to be recognized, and this weird redheaded bitch has been following me, and I swear to all that is holy I will explode her to kingdom come if she outs me, I swear to the gods. ‘ZUKU hurry the fuck up!”

“Yes ‘Suki we need almond milk. And I’m almost done fixing up your hero costume. Do you want me to do anything else?”

“Can you clean out the sweat trap in my grenades? I know that shit is fucking gross, by if it sits in there and then I add new sweat from the day it explodes weird and hurts my shoulder. Fucking dumbass grenades.”

“Done and done! Is that it?”

“Seriously? You’re the fucking best ‘Zuku. I’m going to pick up extra almond milk, you fantastic shit.”

I giggled before saying “Okay, be safe and hurry home okay?”

“Okay ‘Zuku. I love you. Be home soon.”

And then he hung up. It took me a minute for my brain to fully comprehend what he just said but then I just stared at my phone. It seemed like Katsuki did the same thing because after about 2 minutes, my phone rang, and it was Katsuki. I picked up and all I hear is:

“Fuck. Fuck. ‘Zuku I- “

“I love you more ‘Suki”

“Shit, fuck, shit ‘Zuku. I didn’t mean to tell you like that, but I do. Love you that is… I’ll see you when I get home nerd.”

“See you when you get home… Love you ‘Suki”

I heard a content sigh as he hung up.

Journal. I love this man with every fibre of my being. He is my forever. Bye Journal!

-In-love with and Loved by Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya

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Dear Journal,

Hey journal, today is...not a good day. So I got hurt about a week back, and I have been out all week. It was my first day back, and ‘Suki left over and hour and a half before his shift I was awoken by his soft forehead kiss goodbye, and then he just hustled out of the house. Like what the actual fuck, happened?

Confused? Yeah me too.

Well it just gets worse.

I walked into the agency and was so happy to see everyone! Everyone was so kind and praised me for the rescue of the little girl [which is how I got injured] and expressed their delight in my express recovery. I was expecting Katsuki to come meet me, but he didn’t, which was fine. I headed to the locker room and was getting into my hero costume as a side kick came in.

“DEKU-SAN! Welcome back, we missed you around here!” The side kick Beast said.

A light blush coated my cheeks and the tips of my ears “Thank you Beast! I’ve missed being here. I made a full recovery, so I’m back now, and ready to go!” I responded with a smile.

“So are you going to be pairing back up with Ground Zero or no?” Beast asked, getting ready in his hero costume as well. I finished with the buckling of the braces around my red sneakers before I looked at Beast with a confused look.

“What do you mean? Ground Zero and I are a registered duo. Who else would we be paired with? We are the Wonder Duo.” I asked my voice still layered with confusion.

Beast looked slightly scared and sheepish “Omo-nothing, Deku. Just some horrible rumours it seems. Please ignore anything I said. Have a great day!” Beast quickly says, stumbling on his words and then rushing out of the locker room.

Which is weird right journal? Apparently not, because I had 4 other people ask me that from the locker room to the break room. F O U R others. At this point I’m irritated, like very irritates. What has Katsuki been doing that people think we are not going to partner up anymore? This isn’t the first injury that has had one of us down and out and the other, doing solo work until they recover.

When I walked into the breakroom I again expected Katsuki to greet me. After 3 years of being together, the public and our agency knew we were together, so we don’t have to hide it. When I walked in, my eyes zeroed in on the pro-heroes Ground Zero and Red Riot. Their heads were bent super close and they were sitting close, so close their shoulders almost brushed. Everyone else in the break room, kept up with their other conversations, but I could tell they were also watching me.


Izuku straightened his back and held up his head. He could tell everyone was trying to pretend like they were not watching how the situation at hand would go down, and an irritated Izuku tried very hard to keep a happy face present. Heroes Red Riot and Ground Zero were laughing and having a conversation in their own little world, unaware of the tense around them. Izuku took at time to observe their interaction.

Katsuki was leaned into Kirishima’s space, gesturing widely. His crimson eyes sparking as hot as his explosions, face slightly pink from his story-telling, or from his proximity to Kirishima, Izuku wasn’t sure. His teeth sharp and bright glinted as his told his story through sneers, smirks and rambling words. Kirishima was also leaned into Katsuki’s space, another foot and he might as well be in Katsuki’s lap. His knees occasionally bumped Katsuki’s and much to Izuku’s surprise, Katsuki did not shift away from him. Even from that distance Izuku seen something that made his heart slam into his throat and almost force him to choke. It was the softness of Kirishima’s face, the quirk of his lips and the look in his eyes. His face could only be described as content and fond, there is no other way to explain it. His smile was so warm and open, and his eyes, his eyes spoke the words that Izuku didn’t even dare to think of. Yet he didn’t have to, he was well aware of what those words were, he’d spoken them himself before.

Izuku did this entire assessment without the bright smile slipping from his face, even though the only thing he wanted to do was Full Cowl Red Riot out of the break room. Seeming to not be affected, Izuku quietly walked over to the two men, and waited for either one to take notice. After a full five minutes of Izuku literally standing in-front of them, the room had fallen almost silent in that five minutes all waiting with bated breath, someone finally had enough [Beast] and cleared their throat. It was then that Kirishima and Katsuki took notice of the silence and looked around. When their eyes connected with doe-like emerald greens they legitimately sprung apart. Both of their chairs hit the floor and the refused to look at each other or Izuku. Both men had a sheepish look and faces flushed candy apple red from embarrassment. They looked as though their mother had caught them trying to steal cookies from the jar before dinner.

“Ah Izuku, welcome back!” Kirishima said with a slight stutter, shifting from foot to foot.

Izuku nodded in Kirishima’s direction “Red Riot” Izuku said with forced happiness “Thank you for the welcome”. He could see both Kirishima and Katsuki flinch from the fake sugary sweetness in his voice.

“Hey ‘Zuku, welcome back, we’ve missed you!” Katsuki says while leaning in for a kiss, Izuku turns his head last minute and Katsuki’s lips land on his cheek. Katsuki lets out a quiet sigh.

“I can see that, you’ve missed me quite a bit ‘Suki.” Izuku says softly, allowing the words to only reach Katsuki, which causes Katsuki to grimace. During that time, Red Riot, goes to step away from them, but Izuku throws his hand out.

“Red Riot, please take a seat. You can sit next to Ground Zero if you’d like.” Izuku stands up and allows Katsuki and Kirishima to sit first. Kirishima decides to sit on the other side of the table from Bakugou. Before Izuku sits, he looks around at everyone watching the trio, but before he gets a word out-

“GET BACK TO WORK YA FUCKING EXTRAS!” Katsuki’s shouting, shakes the stillness from the air and everyone rushes back to talking or even leaving the breakroom.

Izuku quietly takes a seat and looks at both heroes. “Honestly, I am already tired of peo- “

“I told you it was too fucking soon for you to be back, ya fucking nerd. You just got out the fucking hospital last night! You should be resting, fuck Izuku.” Katsuki cuts Izuku off with a harsh look of annoyance.

Izuku hold up his hand and his jaw tightens slightly “Before you cut me off to get on my ass Katsuki, when did you tell me that, hmm? Was it last night when you didn’t pick me up from the hospital, even though your shift ended at 8pm and I released at 10pm? Or how about when you came home at 4 in the morning, and passed out on the couch? Or how about this morning? When instead of helping me out, you dropped a kiss on my brow and rushed out the door an hour and half early for your shift?”. Izuku tilts his head toward Katsuki and waits patiently for an answer, when he sees he isn’t getting one, he continues.

“As I was saying, I am already tired of people asking me if I am going to pair with Katsuki or not. Why are they asking me that hm? Did I miss something the 6 days I was in a coma? Are we no longer hero partners? Is there something you guys need to tell me?” Izuku looks between the two men and he can feel his heart clench painfully. Kirishima and Bakugou are trading quick looks, and before he can call them out, Kirishima clears his throat and speaks as though he is talking to a cornered wild animal, soft and slow.

“Well, uh, Bakubro was really worried about you, and like he was being a tad reckless and ya know, I asked him if he needed any company, and um he was like whatever. So I asked the agency if we could like pair up while you were down, and they were like ‘sure whatever’, ya know. So we you know did some duo action this week. But we’d never- I’d never. Izuku man, that’s super unmanly and-“

“What shitty-hair is fucking saying ‘Zuku is that he’d never try to break up the wonder duo. He was just keeping me grounded, while you were down for the fucking count. Fuck ‘Zuku, you’d think I’d do that to you. It’s me and you, ya fuck. Does 4 years as hero partners and 3 years as partners not mean shit to you? Damn no trust ‘Zuku. Don’t listen to these fucking extras. You know how the media runs their fucking shit-bagging mouths. Spreading dumbfuck lies and garbage everywhere. It’s me and you ‘Zuku, it always has been, always will be, okay?” During Katsuki’s little speech, he had gotten up and pulled Izuku into his arms, nuzzling into soft curly green hair.


I mean afterward I felt a little better, but I couldn’t help but feel like I was being lied to. ‘Suki wouldn’t do that to me right journal? We love each other, he loves me. I love him. It’s ‘Suki and ‘Zuku. The Wonder Duo. It must have been my imagination. I was just angry at everyone asking me if Katsuki and I were still hero partners, that I imagined they were closer than they really were, that’s it. It’s all in my head. Katsuki would never, he loves me too much.

Geez journal I really need to get it together. Well, Katsuki said he was going out with some friends tonight, and he wanted me to come home and recover, so I guess I’ll just hangout on the couch until he gets home. I’m going to make his favourite meal for after he goes out drinking! I’m just being silly journal, I’m sure everything will be fine soon! Bye Journal!

-Love Izuku “Overactive Imagination” Midoriya



Dear journal,

So, it’s been two weeks. Two weeks of… I don’t even know. Katsuki has came home late almost every night. It’s:

“Kiri wants to catch drinks tonight, why don’t you call round face or gasses?”

“Kiri bought this cool fucking game and wants to show it to me, you’d be bored”

“Kiri found this new fucking spicy noodle restaurant!! I know you don’t like spicy shit, so I’ll stop and grab you something… or whatever, don’t wait up” I had planned a date to that fucking noodle restaurant for that night. I had a table reserved and everything!

Kiri this, Kiri that. KIRI, KIRI, KIRI. If I hear the name Kiri, Kirishima, Red Riot, Eijirou, shitty-hair or hair-for-brains ONE. MORE. FUCKING.TIME I’m going to lose it.

Am I losing him? What am I doing wrong journal? It has to be me. I’m doing something wrong. I just don’t know what.

Is it my mumbling? It has gotten worse in the past two weeks. Maybe he is sick of hearing it, so he hangs out with Kirishima instead? I don’t know how I can fix that. I can do the rubber band thing I seen online. Every time you find yourself doing the thing you want to stop, you snap the rubber band hard on your wrist. Yeah, I’m going to try that.

Is it my hair? Maybe he is sick of the child-like curls. I am 22 years old (they graduated at 17 and 18 respectively, based on their birthdays) and I look like I’m still 15. Maybe he hates it. Kirishima does look like an adult. Maybe I should get my hair cut! A nice undercut, it’ll make me look older. That might help? Right journal? That could be why he hangs out with Kirishima more, he’s tired of people thinking he is with a child-like person. I can call the barber and schedule an appointment for the day after tomorrow… Yeah, I’ll do that.

Or, or maybe it’s my sneakers, journal. He says all the time, that he thinks the red is gaudy and clashes with my hair. ‘Suki looks so good all the time. Maybe he is sick of walking around with someone who looks ugly. I should go get a new pair of shoes. I can get some regular black ones. I’m sure that’ll be okay, right journal… but maybe he is tired of my face…and my scars.

I… I know I am ugly journal. Scars all over my body. Maybe they repulse him, and he can’t stand to look at me anymore. Do you think he hates me now, journal?

I don’t want to lose him, journal… I can’t… I don’t…

I’ll do anything to keep him, journal. He’s my everything… I want to marry him. I want to spend my forever with him, he is my forever.

I guess it’s time to make some changes. I’m afraid, journal. I can’t lost him. I wouldn’t know what to do. Bye Journal

-A very Confused and Lost Izuku Midoriya


Dear journal,

I did everything I could to fix myself for him. I am wearing the rubber band, I have to snap it a lot and I have to snap it hard. I have to do it so often, that my brain is like on autopilot, as soon as I start mumbling *SNAP* and I stop! So that is working! I also went and bought a new pair of shoes. They are the same as my red ones, but they are all black. They match my hero outfit and my hair colour much better now.

Also, I had ‘Suki’s mom teach me how to use make-up. I know it is generally for girls, but she taught me how to use concealer! I had to beg her, she told me that I looked fine, and that I didn’t need it, but I told her I just wanted it for special events, and for professional pictures, so everybody didn’t just see my scars. I hated lying but I had too! She wouldn’t have taught me otherwise. I use it every morning. I cover all of my scars, I’ve practiced so much that it doesn’t take me too long in the morning. I also covered the freckles on my face this morning. I’m trying to look more adult for Katsuki.

I also cut my hair, early this morning, before our shift, this is the first time, I’ve left before Katsuki. I got an undercut, it looks very adult. I still have my curls, but they are shorter and only in a small section. I cut the rest of it really short. My hair grows fast so I made an appointment for next month.

Today is the first day Katsuki will see everything together! The new shoes, the haircut, the no scars, no freckles, the more adult Izuku.

I really don’t get to see him anymore, except for at work, and only then its when we patrol together. For some reason we have had less duo work and more individual missions. He never comes home with me, and he comes in super late, sometimes he doesn’t even come home. I know what’s going on, but I don’t want to believe it, so I won’t. I’m just going to win my ‘Suki back with the new adult Izuku.

Ochaco and Iida say they are worried about me. I know it is because of the welts on my wrist, but it doesn’t hurt. I have to work on this mumbling habit, besides, I’ve noticed I’ve been mumbling less and less, so soon I won’t need the rubber band anymore. Beast said he wished I’d let my freckles shine through, but I told him, that I need to grow up, I am a hero and people rely on me, how can they feel safe if I look like a child? He just shook his head sadly and said whatever I thought was best.

I know people are worried about me. I’ll admit I’ve been a little down, but I’m not that bad. I am trying, it’s just been very rough! It’s fine! I’m a new me, and Katsuki will love it, since I fixed all the things that he hated. Everything will be better now, I just know it! Bye Journal, it’s time for work!

-Love The New and Improved Izuku Midoriya


Dear Journal,

He… he yelled at me. I… He was so angry. I haven’t seen him that angry at me since UA. When I walked in, I thought he’d be, excited, I fixed all the things he disliked about me. But he was furious.

When he saw me with my new hair, and new shoes, and no scars and no freckles. He froze.

 He was in mid conversation with K i r i when Kirishima pointed at me eyes wide. He turned on his heel, and with his eyes, he swept me from top to bottom. I thought he would compliment me, but I was mistaken. His eyes narrowed, and his hands curled into fist, palms crackling. His jaw was tense as he stalked toward me. He gripped me tightly with one hand and dragged me out of the breakroom. When we reached the hallway, he practically threw me forward. I kept my voice down, because I just knew everyone was crowded around the door. This is how the conversation between us went:

“What the FUCK did you do Izuku?” He practically spit at me through his teeth

“What are you talking about ‘Suki?” I was truly confused

“Don’t you fucking ‘Suki me, you little shit! Where the fuck are your fucking freckles? What in the fucking fuck did you do to your hair? Where the fuck are your ugly ass red shoes? Are those shit stains fucking black? And why in the ever-loving FUCK do you have WELTS on your fucking wrist you little fuck?” Katsuki raged at me, he paced like a caged animal.

“I just….” I let out a sigh and I swear I heard his patience snap.

“You just fucking what?” He stared me down, crimson reds sparking.

“Well I got your mom to teach me how to use make up. I covered all of my scars up, so that way when people see us together you don’t have to be ashamed! I know my scars are really ugly, and my uh freckles. Those and my hair made me look like a child. You call me a cry baby and stuff and I realized I act like a child and maybe you were right I should grow up. So I decided to look more grown up. I cut my hair and my freckles are just covered by makeup. And I know you hate the red shoes, you say they are gaudy and ugly and clash with my hair, so I got the same pair, just in black, so that way I look better and not a mess. And the weltas are nothing! I’m just trying to break that mumbling habit, I know how much you hate that!”.

I literally said all of that in like two breathes it felt like. He just stared at me for like 4 minutes solid. I felt so nervous, and then he got a funny look on his face. After that he quietly turned around and stalked back into the breakroom.

I haven’t seen him all day. I guess I’m going to go take a shower. Bye Journal.


Update: It’s been three days and Katsuki still hasn’t come home, and I see him in glimpses at the agency. They have been sending me on solo jobs lately. More stealth jobs, those are not Katsuki’s forte, they aren’t really mine either, but they insist, so whatever. I'm in pain, and when I'm not, I'm numb... I don't know which is worse.

Chapter Text

Over the next two weeks following, the Midoriya Makeover Incident, which is what everyone is calling it, there has been a decline in Izuku’s… everything. Everyone noticed it, to the side kicks, from his friends, and even the hire ups. The only ones that didn’t seem to notice were Kirishima and Katsuki.

Katsuki had been avoiding Izuku, not really sure how to handle or react to his dumb fuck idea of changing himself, or to the fact that they have been drifting apart recently. So he’s been staying at Kirishima’s and convinced the agency to give Izuku some solo missions to give them some space.

Kirishima has also been avoiding Izuku for multiple reasons. One major things is that he knows that he did what friends are not supposed to do, and that is to like your friend’s boyfriend. And he did, he liked Katsuki a lot. He felt guilty, and it was unmanly but easier to avoid Izuku, so that’s what he did.

However, everyone else was a witness to the fall of Izuku Midoriya. As days passed, the bags under his eyes looked darker and darker, as though the bruises were permanent. He seemed to be losing weight, and everyone swore they never seen him eat a thing, though he swore up and down he ate. The worse part was his smile and laugh. Izuku was able to smile through everything, he was the one that brought sunshine to the agency, he brought happiness and warmth, and an environment people wanted to be in. But, for the past few weeks his laugh has become hollow and lifeless and flat. His smile was brittle, wobbled slightly at the end and never reached his eyes like it used too. When people asked him what was wrong, he would brush them off and assure them that nothing is wrong, and some how deflect the conversation back to them and what they need. He was good at that, deflecting. People would go up to him to ask him what was wrong and ten minutes later they walked away feeling better, not even remembering that they went over to help Izuku not get helped by Izuku.

People at the agency knew kind of what was going on, it was hard not too, with Izuku walking the halls as though he was a ghost, while Bakugou and Kirishima walked around as though attached at the hip. There was no division among the agency. They were shattered by the boys’ treatment of Izuku. What was even worse was that when asked if they were still together, Izuku would give a small wobbly smile and say “Of Course, we are just working through somethings, nothing to worry about” and everyone was too afraid to ask Katsuki, but he seemed to not even see Izuku, let alone give him a second glance. Everyone did little things to try and uplift Izuku. They’d bring his favourite drink, or snack, tell one of his favourite jokes, and even tried to get him to launch into a super hero rant. Izuku would thank them, drink the drink, nibble on the snack, give a small hollow laugh or a small wobbly smile, or just add small tid-bits to the conversation. When it came to Bakugou and Kirishima everyone just gave them a wide berth, it’s not like it mattered. Everyone already gave Bakugou a wide berth, and Kirishima was too wrapped up in being with Katsuki that he didn’t even realize what was happening. After weeks of walking on eggshells as too not break the egg that was Izuku Midoriya, one person decided they had quite enough.

It was the Saturday of week six [since the beginning of the end]. Izuku was at home laying on his couch, curled in a blanket, eyes glazed over, day-dreaming, as the tv played something in the background. He was shaken out of his daze by the sound of his phone ringing. Slowly he sat up and grabbed the phone.

“Hello, Midoriya Izuku speaking.” He had a slow deep, almost sleep-thick drawl.

“Izuku, it’s Kaminari. Where are you?” Kaminari was speaking quietly and quickly.

Izuku shook the fog from his head and perked up slightly, glad to hear from a friend that didn’t work at his agency. “Hey Kaminari, I’m at home why, what’s going on?”.

He heard a deep sigh, that made it sound like Kaminari was carrying the weight of the world. “Izuku… You know what’s going on. I am so sorry, I let this go on, but I can’t stand it anymore. I thought they were just friends, but I think this has gone on long enough. I’ve talked to Iida and Ochaco, they’ve told me what it is like at the agency. I say this as your friend, that cares very much for you. It is time. If you’d like to confront them, they are here. Again. I am so so sorry Izuku, I hope that one day you can forgive me, though I don’t deserve it.” Kaminari’s voice was heavy laden with guilt.

Izuku shook his head, even though he knew Kaminari could not see him “Please don’t apologize, there is nothing to forgive. Thank you for telling me. And I… I know. You’re right… it’s… it’s time. I will be there in 35 minutes tops. It was not your job to stop them. I kind of knew what was going on, it’s just I didn’t want to believe it. I guess it is time to wake up and deal with reality, right?” Izuku let out a humourless breathy laugh, eyes glistening with tears and trying to choke back tears.  

“This shouldn’t have happened to you Izuku, and I know it doesn’t mean much right now, but we all have your back Izuku. We are here for Izuku, until the bitter end. We will do anything for you, all you have to do is ask, or shit, you can flash handle signals or send carry pigeons, and we will get to you quicker than Todoroki and Momo to an H&M sale.” Kaminari joked.

The joke elicited an actual laugh out of Izuku and Kaminari felt his heart perk at the sound of a genuine Izuku laugh.

“I’ll answer the door for you and even stand by your side, okay?”

Izuku’s voice dropped low and Kaminari had to almost strain himself to hear it.

“Thank you, promise me you won’t let him follow me. If he does, I’ll just let him lie to me and tell me everything is okay, and I won’t leave. But I need to Kaminari. I need to leave, or I will never get better. I want to get better. I don’t want to hurt anymore. I can’t keep sitting at home wishing for him to come home and love me, when he doesn’t come home, and no longer loves me….” Izuku chokes on a sob and Kaminari feels himself tear up slightly,


“It’s killing me Kami-kun. I’m not joking, it is literally killing me.” Izuku gasps out in between sobs.

“I know Izuku, all of your friends know. That is why we are pushing you. It’s time Izuku. I’ll see you soon.”

“See you soon.”

Izuku hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath. Like a zombie he walks to the bathroom to wash his face. He uses eye drops to get rid of the redness in his eyes, unfortunately there is nothing he can do for the tip of his nose being slightly red. Next, he goes to his closet and pulls out his pre-packed bag. He picked it last weekend. It has his favourite clothes and other small things he needs or wants. The last thing he adds to the bag is his back up hero costume. He then walks over to his bedside table and pulls out an envelope addressed to Katsuki and a second one addressed to Eijirou. Slowly he looks around the apartment, the apartment he has spend the last 4 and a half years in. Izuku takes no pictures and no memorabilia, no matter how much he wants too, he knows to get better he has to leave them. All the pictures of him and Katsuki that were in his wallet, he took those out and put them on Katsuki’s bedside table, next to the gift he got for Katsuki’s birthday [A prototype of the wonder duo video game. It hasn’t even begun advertisements, the launch for advertisements is in a week and Izuku wanted to give Katsuki the game before anyone else as his birthday present].

Izuku spares one last look at the apartment, places his keys on the key hook right by the door and walks out. The door automatically clicks locked behind Izuku and that click is the thing that clicks everything into place. Everything has become real, and Izuku is not really sure how to handle it, but he figures he’ll take it one step at a time. And with that he takes his first step away from the apartment, and away from his relationship with Katsuki.

The cab ride to Kaminari and Kirishima’s takes about 20 minutes. He tells the cab driver to wait, and if he wants he can keep the fare running, he doesn’t care [but hey this is pro-hero DEKU the driver would take him anywhere for free as long as Hero Deku promised to write a short note to each of the driver’s kids, which Izuku does by the way, but also pays the man]. Izuku cares the two letters in his hand and takes the elevator to the 8th floor, because he isn’t sure his body can handle that many flights with where his heart and mind is currently at. As the elevator dings open, Izuku trudges to the appropriate door, and slowly knocks. From inside he can hear three voices yelling about the door, one is Kaminari shouting that he will grab the door. It takes Kaminari a few moments, so he figures Kaminari was in his room.

Once Kaminari opens the door he takes a long look at Izuku and his heart pangs painfully in his chest. Izuku looks even worse than his friends describe him. His face is tired and under his eyes are heavily bruised. His clothes while clean, hang off of his frame, and his whole body is pale, so very pale. And Kaminari would bet his last dollar that Izuku was probably running a fever. “Izuku…” Kaminari says softly under his breath.

“I know… I haven’t been um sleeping very well… and well uh I’ve been eating, but it’s the keeping it down part that is the real trick.” Izuku whispers back,

“Are you sure about this Izuku…” Kaminari trails off kind of hesitant.

Izuku nods and straightens his back, takes a breath, pinches his cheeks a few times to bring some colour into them “Yeah. I’m ready.”.

And while Kaminari would say that Izuku still looks bad, he at least now looks alive, and slightly not as sick. He’s actually pretty shocked at the difference that made. “Alright man, if you’re ready.”

Kaminari stepped aside and lets Izuku into the house. Izuku waited in the hallway and allowed Kaminari to shut the door and take lead. Kaminari led Izuku through the house, randomly looking back, with worried eyes, as if Izuku was going to drop at any second. Kaminari led Izuku to the back of the apartment to where the bedrooms were. They first passed Kaminari’s bedroom before stopping slightly before Eijirou’s half opened bedroom door. Kaminari turned around and placed his hands on Izuku’s shoulders, and gave a look that said, “Are you sure about this?”. Izuku nodded one final time, before Kaminari moved and stood into the threshold of his own bedroom.

Izuku spent a couple of moments staring at the floor before he lifted his eyes and looked through the half-way open door. The scene in front of him made him want to sob, choke and vomit at the same time. The view available through the partially open bedroom door, was of Eijirou’s bed, and on that bed was Katsuki and Eijirou. They were both shirtless and wearing nothing but a loose pair of joggers. They appeared to be wrestling over something, though the wrestling manner was very playful, the kind of wrestling Katsuki and Izuku used to do over the tv remote or the limited edition All Might hoodie. Katsuki’s back was pressed against the bed, and Eijirou was straddling him, the object they were fighting over in his hand. Izuku watched for a few second, tears silently streaming down his face. He swore he could hear the sound of his heart shattering loudly in in his eardrums. The boys were laughing, and Izuku realized this is the happiest he’s seen Katsuki in a few months. And as much as this moment hurt, he realized this was what he needed to see to finally accept that he has lost Katsuki Bakugou. The boys in the room had gotten to the point where Katsuki let Eijirou pin his hands down. Izuku watched Eijirou begin to lower his face, and as much as Izuku realized he’d lost Katsuki, he knew for damn certain he could not watch Eijirou kiss Katsuki. So that was the moment he decided to push open the door slightly.



If Izuku was watching this on a movie he’d probably laugh at the faces Katsuki and Eijirou were making as they realized it was Izuku and not Kaminari. In the moment everyone was frozen. Nobody knew what the other was going to do. Izuku slowly walked over to the table next to Kirishima’s bed and placed down both letters. The only thing the two boys on the bed could do was track Izuku with their eyes. Their eyes hinted at the slight fear Izuku would Detroit Smash them in the face, but they continued to follow him as Izuku simply walked out, shutting the door behind him, not even sparing a glance back.

 It took Katsuki a few moments to get his bearings. In three minutes, he had Eijirou off of him and had the bedroom door threw open. Standing in front of him however, was not Izuku, but Kaminari, who had his arms wide and was blocking Katsuki’s way.

“Get the FUCK out of my way you idiotic walking electrical socket!” Katsuki spit through clenched teeth, sparks crackling in his palm.

Now while Kaminari generally got the hell out of Bakugou’s way when he started threatening and generally cowered behind Eijirou, he wasn’t flinching now. This was for Izuku and after everything Izuku has done for him, he will be damned if he doesn’t try his best.

“No, I’m not moving.” Kaminari said nonchalantly, as though he was asking someone to pass the milk.

“And do you think YOU are actually going to stop ME?” Katsuki asked. By this time Eijirou had gotten off the bed and wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s waist.

“Katsuki, just let it go, come back in the room and calm down.” He spoke calmly to Katsuki ready to harden his skin at any moment.

“I have to get to Izuku. He. FUCK!” Katsuki gripped his hair tightly and pulled, chest constricting slightly, as the look on Izuku’s face crossed his mind.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough to Izuku, Bakugou? Did you not look at him? Did you not see the state he was in? Who’s fault do you think it is? I’ll give you a hint, two people, One starts with a B and the other a K, and K currently has his arms wrapped around B.” Kaminari spoke with sadness and disappointment heavy in his voice.

Katsuki’s eyes glazed over, as he replayed the scene in his head, and he watched a broken and sick looking Izuku walk across Kirishima’s room. He feels sick, sick down to his very core. He did that.

Kirishima tightened his arms around Katsuki’s middle and spoke calmly,

’Suki it’s-“

“Don’t fucking call me that. DO NOT CALL ME THAT.” Katsuki screamed out and gripped his hair harder, forcing Eijirou to let him go. At that time, Kaminari figured he held him off long enough and quietly went back to his room.

Katsuki, realizing that Kaminari moved, raced after Izuku to find that he was long gone.

Fuck. Just what did he do?

Katsuki figured Izuku was going to leave him, fuck that’s what he’d do, but to do so, he’d need his stuff, so Katsuki, ran back to grab his shirt, and whatever Izuku left on the desk. Ignoring Eijirou, he slipped on his shirt, grabbed up the envelope with his name, and shoved his feet into his shoes by the door and took off. If he is lucky, he can get there as Izuku is packing his stuff.

Not stopping Katsuki runs and runs and runs. His breath is sawing in and out of his chest, which still feels like it is constricted, but he can’t stop. He can’t catch a cab, if he stops he might miss him, miss Izuku. Seeing their apartment building, Katsuki picks up the speed and books it through the door and up the stairs, he grabs his keys out of his pocket and practically shoved his key into the door. Stepping over the threshold he looks around and sees Izuku’s keys on the key rack, and the stupid fucking black shoes he’s been wearing. Why did Katsuki say he ever hated the red shoes? He fucking loves those gaudy ass things. He lets out a sigh of relief though. The shoes, the keys, Izuku must be here, he has to be here. Katsuki, quickly runs through the apartment, calling out for Izuku, his ‘Zuku.

Katsuki finally stops in the bedroom and sits at the edge of the bed. He’s gone, Izuku is gone. The envelope is still clenched tightly in his hand, and he figures he might as well finish ripping his own heart out now. Slowly he unclenches the envelope and sees ‘Suki scrawled in his ‘Zuku’s horrible handwriting.


Dear ‘Suki,

I guess I shouldn’t call you that anymore huh? I want to start off by saying I’m sorry. This is my fault. I promised you I’d be more careful and three days later I end up in a coma. I broke my promise to you, so I understand why you started to shift away from me. You’re afraid of getting hurt, of me leaving you alone in this world. I know that is why, you told me you were afraid of that, and I made that fear on the forefront of your mind. Really that was the beginning of the end.

Second off I wanted to apologize for upsetting you with the Midoriya Makeover Incident, that’s what people are calling it now, I thought that maybe if I changed all the things that you hated about me, I could get you back, that I could make you fall in love with me again, but I was wrong. I can’t force you to love me like I love you. So with that, this is what I have to say.

I’m leaving, like for quite a while. I need space from you, from Kirishima, from everyone, from everything, because everything makes me think of you. I want you to be happy Katsuki, even if it is not with me. I know this letter makes it sound like I’m not hurt, or upset, or angry but I am. I am so hurt that everyday for the past six weeks, I feel like I’ve been dying from some terminal disease that eats you from the inside out, slowly, painfully.

I’m so upset Katsuki. You promised we’d be forever. You told me you loved me! “You and me ‘Zuku. It almost always been you and me and always will be, right?” remember that? Because I do. You were/are it for me Katsuki, you were my forever, but I should grow up huh? Forever is only in fairy tales.

 I am so fucking angry Katsuki. SO fucking angry, that all I want to do is scream, trash our entire apartment, Detroit Smash you AND Eijirou so hard in the fucking faces, you guys end up in a coma for a week. But what will that solve? Nothing. Because in the end I’m still hurt, and I couldn’t hurt you if I wanted too Katsuki, I love you way too much.

I think the worse part is that you forced me to watch Katsuki. You forced me to watch you start to like someone else. You could have just told me you didn’t want to be together anymore. I mean I would have tried to convince you to stay and work things out, but if you no longer wanted me and had told me so, I would have respected that. Yet you continued to give me false hope, tell me you loved me, kiss me or hug me, while simultaneously pulling away. It is like putting a dog in a cage and then placing the food bowl on the outside of the cage right in front of the dog. I think that is why this hurts me so bad. I mean some of this is on me, I let you do it, when I should have just spoke up and said something. Should have, could have, would have… it’s to late now.

So the final things I have to say are this:

I’ve already started the paperwork to terminate our hero partnership. The office said it takes a couple months. I will handle everything, just sign the papers as they come to you. If you don’t like anything being written or decided, just write it down and send it back through the lawyer. I figured you’d either want to go solo, or partner with someone else, and so you no longer need me, maybe some new up and coming hero duo will pick up “The Wonder Duo!” It really is a great name.

The apartment, we are on the lease together. Half of the rent will be deposited into your bank account every month, until the end of the lease. The end of the lease is still about 5 months out, I don’t know if I’ll be back in that time. If you decide to sell, or keep it, or move someone else into it, it is yours to do as you wish. If you want to continue to live in it alone, just leave word at the landlord’s office and I will hear about it, if that is what you want I will continue to pay half, though I will no longer reside there.

Finally, be happy Katsuki. I’ve seen you with Kirishima, I can’t bring myself to even write out his first name, the past few days, and you look so happy. I don’t think I have ever seen you that happy. I’m so sorry, I couldn’t make you that happy ‘Suki, that’s all I ever wanted to do. Life is short, so if you find someone who you love and who makes you happy, grasp onto them tightly with both hands and never let go. I guess I just wasn’t holding you tight enough, or maybe I was holding you too tight. Either way, I know you don’t need it or want it, but I give you my blessing to be with Kirishima. I will give my blessing to any and everything that will make your eyes sparkle, your grin to flash and your face to soften.

Maybe we will meet again. Whether it be in this life or the next.

No matter what has happened or what will happen, I never regret loving you. Loving you was the best decision I have ever made. Better than agreeing to be All Might’s successor, better than helping Todoroki, better than ANY decision I have ever made. I just hope I was your favourite mistake.

I love you Katsuki Bakugou, and because of that I am letting you go.

With all my love,

-Izuku ‘Zuku Midoriya


“You stupid fucking nerd”. Tears ran down Katsuki’s face like salt rivets as he read the letter the second time. His chest continues to feel like there is a crushing weight and he feels dizzy. What did he do? How did he let this happen? How did he possibly fuck up this bad? How could he lose the one person who knew him better than he knew himself?


“I’m so sorry Izuku”.


Katsuki drops to his knees. The room that once was witness to the greatest love Katsuki has ever known is not bearing witness to the harsh soul shattering sobs of grief and loss from Bakugou Katsuki.

And there Katsuki stays for hours, ignoring his phone ringing, or the bangs on his door; unsure of the next step, the next step without the boy who has always held out his hand to Katsuki. He knew one day he’d look up and that hand would no longer be there, he also knew he wasn’t and isn’t for that day, even though that day is today.

Chapter Text

Izuku looks at the waves that wash lazily over the sand. He leans his head back and breathes in the salty Californian beach air. He lifts his head up and watches the masses of people enjoy the beach. Izuku learned earlier on that he very much loved the beach, and after 6 months in Cali, his co-workers would often find him switching into his surf gear and headed to the beach, he’d taken to surfing like he did everything else, determined and very passionate. The agency just seemed to rally behind Izuku, they knew nothing of why he left Japan, but could only be thankful that he did. When he first got there he was rather timid and seemed kind of reserved, but after 6 months, the US agency Izuku worked for, realized Izuku rivalled the Californian sun.

Now Izuku loved everything about the beach, especially the beach in California. The hot grainy burning sand against his feet, in comparison to the cold salty splash of the sea. Pink skin and children screeches. The anonymity of the crowd, drew him in even more, here he wasn’t Japanese Hero Deku, but a surfer-beach bum.

The day was winding down and families were packing up and heading home, leaving very few people around, Izuku knew that the parties would be picking up in a few hours, but as much as he loved getting lost in the crowd, the few hours between family crowds and party crowds were his favourite. He would just sit in the sand by his surf board and enjoy the sound of the waves.

It happened to be just another day of him enjoying the beach when he hears someone sit next to him, turning his head to see who it is he is met with a very crystal-like beautiful grey, blue eyes. He takes in more of the girl’s face, she seems rather delicate in looks, but strong. A small slightly curved nose, wide doe-like eyes, similar to his own in shape, delicate but plump lips and a heart shaped face. Her look is topped of with long natural blond hair that sways in the breeze.

“Hello” Izuku is shaken out of his appraisal with a sense of shock. She just spoke in Japanese, a language which Izuku does not communicate with often in the states.

“Uh Hello.” Izuku answers, cheeks tinted a pink that has nothing to do with the sun.

“My name is Hamada Kaia, and yours?” She asks turning her beautiful and delicate face toward Izuku.

Hold up, did he just think that she was beautiful?

His cheeks darken “Midoriya Izuku.”

The delicate fairy looking girl taps her chin playfully “Now where have I heard that name?” She looks at Izuku with a funny face, and he laughs out loud, man it feels good to laugh.

“I uh, I’m ah, Pro -Hero Deku.” Izuku scratches his neck awkwardly with an embarrassed chuckle.

“I know silly I was just messing with you. Well it was a pleasure to meet you Midoriya Izuku.” The girl sent a small smile toward Izuku and he could feel butterflies swirl in his stomach. Butterflies, what a nice feeling. Izuku’s mega watt smile split across his face and he quickly got up and dusted off the sand.

“Hey Kaia-san” Izuku called out, brushing his hand through his hair still cut into the undercut, he found he rather liked the look. The girl in question turned around and looked at Izuku.

“You can just call me Kaia.”

“Well Kaia, would like to uh… go to dinner with me.” Izuku’s flush splashed up his neck and over the tips of his ears.

A smile also lit up Kaia’s face and she held her hand out toward Izuku “I would love too!”

Izuku walked over to her and grabbed her hand “Sorry, I have a lot of scars and my skins a little rough so if you- “

“Izuku, shut up. You have hero hands. They protect people like me every day, I think they are just perfect!” She cuts him off and rubs her thumb across the back of his hand as she speaks, then starts to pull him in a direction.

“I have the perfect place to go! You’ll love it!! Wait are you allergic to anything?” As Izuku shakes his head no, she continues to drag him in the same direction “Than you’ll LOVE it, I swear you will!!”

As Izuku continues to listen to Kaia ramble at how great this place he smiles to himself.


Dear Journal,

Kaia and I have been seeing each other for 2 months now. It isn’t anything super serious, but it could eventually turn out that way. I’m glad I did this….

Hey Izuku,

I’m proud of you! I am so proud of you! You did it, even when you didn’t think you could you did, and look where you are now.

Hey Izuku,

You are so strong.

Hey Izuku,

Maybe forever is in only in fairytales, but that doesn’t bother you anymore.

Hey Izuku,

You can be happy.

Hey Izuku,

You are happy.

Hey Izuku,

You’re doing the damn thing.

Hey Izuku,

You’re healing

Hey Izuku,

Enjoy this life, it’s the only one you have. SO kiss that girl, surf in the sunset, and when the time comes, go home.

Hey Izuku,

I love you, first and foremost.

Healing is not easy. It is much easier to use bricks and tar to build a wall around your heart. You don’t get as hurt as you’re building the wall, you don’t really lose or break the pieces. It is harder to pick-up shattered glass and try to glue them together. Your fingers and hands get cut open and no matter how hard you try pieces are still missing, there are gaps that can never be filled. Even though the wall to protect shattered glass is easier, it is worth it to pick up those glass pieces. I’m proud of you Izuku. You allowed yourself to heal. You allowed yourself to see your worth and to love yourself, every single part of yourself. Well Journal, Kaia wants to go to the pier, so I’m going to go win my girl astuffed animal. Moving on feels pretty good. Bye Journal.

-Love Izuku “The one who loves himself for exactly who he is” Midoriya.

Chapter Text

- A little over two years following the events of Euphoria -

Sounds of a crowded city block, cuts through the com in Ground Zero's ear. He can hear the screeches of children, and the constant stream of words from business men and women. He can feel the heat radiating from the pavement, and feel the stifling thickness of the air in his lungs. And yet, he tries to focus on the cracks in the sidewalk, the misplaced brick in the side of the dilapidated building to his right, and internally commenting on the walking fashion disasters gracing the streets. Anything to ignore the hero beside him.

Ground Zero continues to angrily scan the busy streets during his patrol as his red-haired hero partner walks next to him, who is stopping at nothing to get him to respond to his incessant fucking chatter. Red Riot is busy trying to get his attention, by using loud words, dramatic hand waves, and small goading comments. It's working alright, working Ground Zero’s last fucking nerve. Bakugou’s gritting his teeth and clenching his hands, so he didn’t simultaneously cuss him the fuck out and blow him the fuck up.

They had just rounded a corner and Katsuki is still trying to look anywhere but at Kirishima, when he feels a small force run straight into his legs. Because of his inattention, he almost falls flat on his ass. Katsuki growls out due to a mix of his frustration at himself, his hero partner and the fucking situation that he was in.

Trained to assume everything is an attack  and maybe also due to his fucking anxiety, he goes to slide into a fighting stance, when small child like giggles reach his ears. Looking down he gets an eye full of blond curly hair, attached to a small chubby toddler body, that is koalaing the fuck out of his leg.

Katsuki pushes his gauntlets back so that his hands are freer so he can pick up the child. When he reaches down to try and push the kid back so he can see the child’s face, the kid koala latches tighter to his leg, refusing to budge but continuing to giggle. Katsuki can’t help but feel his heart soften just a bit at the carefree toddler giggle, filled with innocence and youth that has Katsuki vowing to protect.

“Come on kid, let Hero Ground Zero pick you up. I won't hurt you munchkin.” Katsuki huffs out, in fond annoyance. He’s a fucking sucker for kids.

The toddler nods while mumbling out a quick "Otay". The bundle of blond fluff, unlatches from Katsuki's leg and plops his butt on the ground. The toddler then raises his short arms up and makes grabby motions with his hands.

“Up, up Gwound Zewo”

Katsuki abso-fucking-lutely did  NOT   melt  at the way the kid said Ground Zero.

Katsuki squats down and picks up the blonde-haired buddle of toddler fluff, by gripping his ticklish toddler sides. He makes sure his grip is secure because the child squirms in his arms. Rising up from his squat with the child in his arms, he steps slightly off to the side so no one runs into him and accidently hurts the kid.

"Alright kiddo, look at Ground Zero, so I can talk to you." Katsuki says in a gentle tone. Off to the side unbeknown to Katsuki, Kirishima has had his phone out and has been recording the whole thing. Red Riot's heart flutters like that of a hummingbird at the scene before him, and he entertains the thought of Katsuki holding their child that way, but shoves that thought waaaaay down. Now is not the time for him to slip into fantasy land or throw up, whichever comes first. Which are the first two feelings he has when he thinks of him and Katsuki together.

The child is sitting in the crook of Katsuki's elbow, playing with the edges of Katsuki's mask and the parts of the hero suit he can reach. Katsuki notices that the child is overly affectionate, something that should annoy him, but really doesn't in this situation. At Katsuki's request, the child obediently lifts his face toward Katsuki, with eyes wide, cheeks full and smile out in full force. When Katsuki finally rests his gaze on the child’s face, his heart thuds painfully against his rib cage and he feels his breath catch right at the base of his throat.

The child is achingly adorable, almost like a fae, or a mystical being one wishes they could see in their lifetime. His blond hair is a wild mass of soft, fluffy curls, that cover his forehead and frame a cherub face. The toddler’s eyes, are big and round, taking up his face, like a doe. The colour sucks Katsuki into their depths. The tot's eyes are star bright, glassy and the colour of polished jade being swirled with a grey-blue, like seafoam. And Katsuki swears those eyes stare back at him way too perceptive for a toddler, like they can reach the depths of his soul and find everything he is hiding there. And when the little fae child laughs, those mesmerizing eyes are squished into half-moons by apple-red-tinted toddler cheeks that are full and painted with freckles that look like galaxies of constellations.

“Hey squirt, what’s your name?”


“Haruko, that’s a good name squirt, where are your-“ Katsuki's question is cut off but the sound of a high pitched yell, that is underlaid with youthfulness.   


Katsuki holds Haruko in one arm, the same way he was before, but uses his other arm to hold him tightly, as the kid begins to squirm at the call of what Katsuki assumes is his nickname. Looking toward the voice, Katsuki sees a spitting image of the boy in his hands race toward him on short stubby toddler legs. The small child toddling towards him has his arms stretched out making grabby hands, while Haruko mimics the motion, as if the two toddlers were in a Japanese drama, and Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh at the adorable scene.

“ROOOOOOOOOOOO-KI!” Haruko screams back.

The little boy in his arms screams out, as the second little boy crashes right into Katsuki’s legs, and koalas the shit out of him. What is it with these fucking kids and latching onto him like he is a fucking tree, even if it is cute? After Katsuki makes sure Haruko is not going to take a tumble out of his arms, he looks down, and again he is pulled into the depths of mesmerizing eyes that are identical to Haruko's. However the child on the ground is not about that life of being on the ground when is twin is being held. Having none of it, the twin lifts up his hands to be picked up, with a steady stream of the word "up" leaving his lips, and Katsuki can’t help but to scoop him up as well.

“Hello, kiddo, what’s your name?”


“Hiroki. Haruko and Hiroki. How old are you guys?” Katsuki asks softly, cuddling the kids close.

“TWO HALF” The twins shout in unison holding up two fingers.

It’s at that point that a familiar electric blond comes racing down the street, with his hair sticking up everywhere, in civilian gear, and a panicked look on his face, that only seems to worsen when he realizes who is holding the two boys.

Katsuki tsks angrily, granted it has only been like 2 minutes between the twins running into him and Kaminari running toward him, but still enough time for the two blonde squirts to get kidnapped, or killed or… Katsuki is going to stop thinking about it, because it is only going to piss him off more.


Kaminari screams running toward them and snatching them out of Bakugou’s arms, cuddling them close. They giggle the entire time and squeeze Kami’s body between their arms. Katsuki had half a mind to yell at or possible hit the fucking electrical socket, but he wouldn’t with the Haruko and Hiroki in his arms, or them being around to witness it. He deserves some fucking credit.

“Sowwy” The two bows pout cutely by pushing out their lower lips and allowing their eyes to glass over with unsheathed tears. Katsuki knew, that even with his tough face and personality, he’d cave quicker than a soufflé in an earthquake, and wouldn’t be able to stay mad at the two adorable blonde menaces if they looked at him like that. He also feels incredibly sorry for whoever messes with these kids in the future, because they are smart, and even at age two are manipulating the fuck out of Kaminari.

As expected Kaminari caves and releases a loud sigh. He tucks the two boys into his body and they bury their faces into his neck. Katsuki can see the way Kaminari relaxes and the stress leaves his body. It is only then that Kaminari turns toward Katsuki and Kirishima, who had been recording the cute interaction between Ground Zero and the twins to fanboy over later. Without jostling the twins, he bows his head slightly and speaks in the most professional, but also distant way, that doesn’t exactly match with the number of years the trio has known each other.

“Thank you. I am in your debt. With these two I swear I can’t look away from them for even a second. And where one goes the other follows. And little Haruko here,” Kaminari tickles his fingers into the toddler on the right’s side who lets out a peal of laughter, “is the ring leader, while little Hiroki here,” Kaminari proceeds to tickle that toddler as well, who lets out an identical peal of laughter, “will follow his big brother anywhere, even off the edge of a cliff. So, thank you again.”

Katsuki nods. “Yeah Kaminari, no problem. Just be fu- freaking careful man. There has been an increase in villain activity in this area.” Katsuki knows that kids will pick up bad words, so he censors his usually crass language.

Kaminari nods, “Yeah, I heard about it in the agency briefing last week. It’s wild. But thanks for the heads up, and for catching these little animals.” He says with a small laugh.

“I think it would be safer to say they caught me.” Katsuki lets out with a fond chuckle. Kami smirks a little at Bakugou's tone, because he knows everyone falls for the twins' charms.

Kirishima had been standing off to the side, just watching the entire interaction. He was observing how his ex-best friend/roommate interacted with the children. So, he decides to step up and give Kaminari a small hesitant smile, “I wasn’t aware that you had kids, Denki. You’re still with Aiko right? Are they yours and hers? If so I just want to say congratulations they are really cute, and very smart.”

Kaminari allows his eyes to take in Kirishima, and Katsuki can feel the sadness and pain in his gaze. “I’d like for you to call me Kaminari actually”.

Katsuki visibly sees Kirishima flinch at Kaminari’s statement, and even though him and Kirishima are not close anymore he feels bad for the red-haired hero. Denki was Kirishima’s best friend, even more that Katsuki was, and Katsuki remembers the messy and emotional split between the two.

Kirishima’s heart shatters even more at the way Kaminari turns his body away from him and more toward Bakugou. Who would have thought there would be a day where Kaminari would be more comfortable with Katsuki than with Kirishima? Kaminari squares his shoulders, being considerate of the two twins laying their head on his shoulders and playing with his collar, before he continues speaking,

“And well we haven’t seen each other or talked in a while, so how would you know anything about me? Actually, Aiko and I parted ways mutually over eleven months ago, I’m with Jiro now.” Kaminari lets out a light chuckle as if it was an inside joke, and continues to speak, even without any prompting,

“Yup, Jiro and I are together. We are happy. I was certain I couldn’t love anyone after Aiko and I split, but Jiro pulled me out of my slump and one thing lead to another, and yeah. We’ve been together for the past 7 months. So, um, yeah.”

Katsuki nods, as if approving of the match, but Kirishima has the aura of a kicked puppy. He's missed so much in the life of one of his oldest friends.

“Oh, well, uh… Congratulations. So, did you have the kids with Aiko, or Jiro? And well, they definitely took after you with the hair, huh? Because neither Aiko or Jiro have hair that light! And those chubby faces are just adorable!” Kirishima laughs awkwardly, trying to open Denki up and bridge the gap by trying to take a step toward Kaminari, but again Kaminari shifts away. It takes everything in Red Riot not to cry at the distance between him and one of his closest friends growing up.

Katsuki at this point had fully believed that they were Kaminari’s kids, but as he listens to Kirishima ask Kaminari about their mother, he eyeballs the twins again trying to make out, who the twins look like. As he begins to assess the twins, he notices that their shade of blond is not quite the same as Kaminari, their hair is closer to a white similar to that of Draco Malfoy,  from Harry Potter. Also, neither Pikachu or Earphone chick had eyes that colour, and he doesn’t really know about Aiko so maybe that mesmerizing eye colour is from her. However, he has a feeling like he is missing something, he has this gut feeling like he should know exactly who the parents of these little squirts belong to. The answer claws his insides and almost makes him feel sick.

Kaminari notices Katsuki’s hyper-analyzing gaze towards the twins and internally panics, before putting on a teasing smirk to try and stop Katsuki from contemplating their parentage too hard. “Don’t stare at the twins too hard Ground Zero, or they might spontaneously combust.”

“Who the FU-freak do you think you are talking too Pikachu?” Katsuki almost growls out, flashing a squinted glare a Denki, who just rolls his eyes at Bakugou’s attempt to intimidate him. Katsuki won’t say it, but he's impressed. This Kaminari didn’t even flinch, while the Kaminari from a few years ago would have spilled his guts and moved out of his way.

Yet, before Kami could answer, the twins, who had been observing the trio from their position in Kami’s arms, decided to poke Kami and yell “PIKA PIKA” before bursting into shrieks of belly deep baby laughter.

Kami decides not to answer Katsuki and sneaks another look at his watch, while he smiles lovingly at the twins and shrugs.

“Well, Ground Zero, Red Riot. I’m late and I must go, so I’m going to have to excuse myself and the twins, so have a good patrol and the rest of your day.” And with that Kaminari, tightening his grip around the boys jogs off around the corner, with the sounds of the twins’ laughter echoing out behind him, filling the space they had once stood.

Katsuki and Kirishima watch Kaminari leave, one with a sorrowful and dejected look written all over his features, and the other with arms crossed, fingers clenched and a confused scowl gracing his features.

"Kaminari I'm so sorry. Please come back. Please let me be your friend once again."



"You're hiding something regarding those kids, you fucking electrical bastard, and I will find out what it is!"

Chapter Text

Katsuki throws himself onto the plush forest green couch that he got discounted from that hole in the wall furniture place. After he trashed all the furniture in the apartment, he had a lot of remodeling to do to make the apartment look different. Honestly, it is the most comfortable thing in his house. Throwing his head back, he pinches his nose with his thumb and forefinger to stave off the headache he feels rising at his temples.

Who the fuck does those kids belong too? That is the only thing that is going through his head. The hair and those eyes. Damn those eyes peered into the bottom of his soul. SO analytical for two two-year-olds. Katsuki has interacted with kids before, so why did the two of them bring out such strong emotions in him? All he knew in those moments was that he would protect those kids with his life. True, he protects any kids with his life, but this was different. He felt like such a deep connection to those kids.

The headache he was trying to avoid was starting to throb at his temples and he still needed to do laundry and cook dinner. Fuck. Letting out a groan he hefts himself to his feet and pulls his t-shirt off. About to drop his pants he hears the doorbell ring and he releases a string of curses while pulling his clothes back on.

Katsuki walks over to the door and swings the door open with a “What the ever loving fuck d-“the words die in the air between him and the man in front of his door.

“Hey uh Bakubro, can I come in?” Kirishima fucking Eijirou asks. Kirishima is standing at front of his door, wearing a tight black beater and pair of blue jeans that hug every curve.

“The fuck do you want Shit-for-Brains?” Katsuki grits his teeth and grinds them down with every throb of his migraine. He knows that his dentist is going to have a goddamn conniption at his check up in a week.

“I was wondering if I could come in and uh, talk with you, man… It’s been a while.” Kirishima’s face is covered in a light blush of embarrassment and he scratches at the back of his neck.

Katsuki just stares at him with his right eye slightly twitching. To explode or not explode, that is the question.

“There is a fucking reason for that Shitty Hair,” he responds, unclenching his teeth somewhat.

“Katsuki, please.” Kirishima practically begs.

Katsuki releases a deep sigh and thumps his head against his door frame, which did not help his migraine in anyway. Either he lets him in and deals with something he really doesn’t fucking want to right now, or he listens to Kirishima bitch for hours behind his fucking door. Decisions, decisions.

Stepping to the side and pushing the door open more, he waves his hand, gesturing for Kirishima to step inside. He chooses to ignore the bright, sharp smile that graces Kirishima’s face.

After Kirishima steps inside and heads to the living-room, plopping down on the sofa as if he owns the place, Katsuki shuts the door and leans his forehead against it. Closing his eyes, he prays to whatever deity above that he doesn’t lose his already thin as hell patience. Lifting his head off of the door he takes another deep breath and heads to the living room.

Katsuki sits in the recliner, across from Kirishima who had taken a seat on the long couch.

“What the fuck do you want? It’s been a long goddamn day, and I’m hungry.” Katsuki threw out into the tense air with no preamble.

“We could go out for dinner or or… order in. It’s on- “

“Kirishima. No. Why. Are. You. Here.” Katsuki says in a voice that could only be described by a growl.

Kirishima sighs and drags a hand through spikey red hair, shoulders slumping.

“It’s been forever, and I’ve missed you Bro. I-I…” Kirishima tried to hold in all of his feelings, but he can’t help it, he feels it bubble to the surface and over flow.

“Damn it Katsuki. Why are you doing this to me, huh? I fucking miss you. I want us to be together! And I tried to let it go, I really did. But today, when you were with those kids. I recorded the whole thing because, damn Katsuki. You were so manly and soft around those kids. And it made me think about us. About if we were together, and if we had kids. And I know that it seems kind of fast. But I love you. I’ve always been in love with you. I thought you were going to give us a chance. We were happy, and you just fucking left. Come on, Katsuki!”

During his speech Kirishima’s face blossomed a deep red, tears glistened at the edges of his eyes, and his fist were balled. He had rocked to his feet and took a single step toward Katsuki, in his heartbroken fury.

Katsuki took the whole speech in stride. He thought his self-loathing was at its climax, but apparently, he was wrong. However, when he heard that Kirishima took a video of him with the twins, something in him snapped. He doesn’t know why, but the moments of softness he had with the twins felt private, and he feels betrayed at the fact that Kirishima recorded it.

“You recorded it? YOU FUCKING RECORDED IT? WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT? DID I HURT YOU? I DID AND FUCK I’M SORRY. BUT THE FUCKING AUDACITY YOU HAVE RIGHT THE FUCK NOW IS FUCKING WILD, YOU FUCKING THICKSKULLED ASSHOLE. DID YOU FORGET WHO REALLY GOT HURT BECAUSE OF THIS? NOT YOU! NOT ME! IZUKU. IZUKU GOT FUCKING HURT.” Katsuki’s hair defies gravity in vicious spikes, his chest heaves with the air sawing in and out, and his face is flushed red at the exertion of his screams.

Taking a step back Katsuki threads his fingers through his blond locks and pulled. Crouching down, Katsuki smothers his face into his thighs and screams.

Kirishima flinches at the sound of Katsuki’s screams. It’s the same sound he heard the day Izuku left. Screams of anguish, and self-hate, and he feels his heart break even more for the blond and for himself. Those are screams of a man who has never truly healed from the havoc he has ravaged on his heart and mind.

Katsuki felt his throat scratch and his head is throbbing in time to his heart, which is hammering as fast as a humming bird’s. Before he stands up, Katsuki drags his hands down his face to gather the moisture from his eyes.

Standing up, he makes eye contact with Kirishima, and what does Kirishima see? Nothing. Katsuki’s eyes are dull, flat, and oh so tired.

“Delete the video. You had no fucking right, you have no right. Eiji I’m so goddamn sorry, okay? I’m fucking sorry. But us? We will never be a thing. I used you back then and it was wrong of me. I was shit ass human being. I still am. But I was afraid that Izuku was going to die and leave me alone, and you were there. And I felt like you’d never leave me, that I’d always have you. So, I clung to you. I did. And yeah maybe, maybe I had feelings for you. I don’t know. I don’t know if I did. But Izuku is fucking it for me. I fucked that up and I must live with that. However, we both fucked up when it came to Izuku. But most of the blame is on me because I’m a dick. But, I just need you to understand that we will NEVER be together. Not dates. No relationship. No marriage. No kids. You deserve better than me. You deserve someone who can love you. And I am sorry Eiji, but that someone is not me. There is only one person in this world I can ever imagine having a relationship with, that I can marry, that I can have kids with and that’s Izuku. I’m sorry, but I need you to leave.”

Kirishima feels his knees buckle out from under him, and the pieces of his heart shatter into glass. Tears silently pour down his face, and he chokes down the sobs. Is this how Izuku felt? This choking sensation? The inability to breath, because all you want to do is get sick and sob? This is a horrible feeling. He can’t stand this.

“I-I’m-I’m going to leave. I-I will send you that video and-and I’ll delete it.” Kiri whispers out, afraid to speak louder because he might break. Looking down he pulls out his phone and sends the video to Katsuki. He waits until he hears the ding of Katsuki’s phone and then deletes the video, though reluctantly.

Kirishima squeezes his eyes shut for a few seconds to try and reign in the tears, he then releases a deep breath, solidifying his resolve.

He places his hands on Katsuki’s shoulder and ignores the way the broken blond tenses.

“I’m not giving up on you, Katsuki. Izuku is gone, and I’m sorry about that. But, I’m not giving up on you. You never gave us a chance to be together. You never let me show you how great we could be. I will never run away from you, and I will love you they way you should be. I will NOT give up on loving you.”

With that Kirishima swivels on his heel and leaves Katsuki’s apartment.

Kirishima shuts the door softly and quietly and that was louder to Katsuki than if he slammed the door.


Just let me go Kirishima, I’m not the one for you, and you’re not the one for me and I’m sorry.


Don’t think this is over Katsuki, you will see I am the one that you need!  

Chapter Text

Kaminari clutches the twins tightly as he speeds away from Katsuki and Eijirou. His heart hurts because of the way he slighted his once best friend, but Denki has a new best friend who doesn’t crush other people and thinks of others over himself - something he thought Kiri did, but he was wrong. He is careful as he speeds as to not jostle the twins that have started to drift to sleep on his shoulder. Speaking of the twins Izuku is gonna kill him. Like really kill him. Denki sneaks a look at his watch and breaks out into a sweat. He is 15 minutes late and his watch is flooded with message notification from Jiro, Izuku, and Tsu. If there is anything Izuku actually hates, it’s when someone is late with the twins. Kaminari winces as he remembers Izuku’s fury at his first babysitter back in America. Denki is sure that that poor girl still cries every time she hears the name Deku. To be fair though, Denki would be the same way. As a hero, you make many enemies, and your loved ones are in danger, especially helpless ones like children. Izuku may be a sunshine flower child, but he will kill anyone without hesitation if they put Haruko and Hiroki in danger.

Rounding the final corner right before the Izuku’s apartment building Denki sees Jiro and breaks out into the smile he reserves just for her. However, that smile is replaced with a grimace as he sees her face. “Denki, you DUMBAS-butt!! Do you realize how late you are?? Izuku is freaking out in there, we had to convince him to not to go looking for you! He almost powered One for All and Shoot Styled us to outer space just to come look for you. We told him that the twins probably threw a fit getting dressed or something. Please tell me that is all that happened?” Jiro asks with a mixed expression of worry and exasperation.

“Babe, look it is a long story. Let’s just go in so Izuku can see the boys, and I will explain.” Denki says quickly. Stressed out, because an upset Izuku is a scary Izuku. But an Izuku upset because of something regarding the twins, is an I-signed-my-death-warrant Izuku. Jiro nods in assent but shakes her head and whispers “I may just lose my boyfriend today, RIP to Denki”.

Kaminari rushes into the apartment building and books it to the stairs. Izuku lived on the third floor as he felt safer on the lower floors, but Kami was wasting no time using the elevator. He busts into Izuku’s new apartment and looks around for the familiar mop of green curls, once he spots it he lets out a soft call of “Izu!”

Izuku whips around and all their friends watch as his body sag in relief as he sees the twins sleeping on Denki’s shoulder. Kami feels guilt bubble up in his throat at the look of pure fear that he seen in Izuku’s eyes. Kami knows that while the extent of Izuku’s concern is excessive to a point, he knows that the anxiety and fear is warranted. Kami’s mind quickly drifts to the time he almost lost his best friend, because his best friend almost lost his kids. Shaking his head, Kami brings himself back into the moment.

Izuku quickly zips over to Denki so fast one thought he might have used One for All, but he didn’t, and grabs the twins out of Denki’s arms. Izuku settles them on either side of his body, and almost curls around them, as he takes inventory over them making sure they are okay.

 Kaminari shakes out his arms and winces at the tingling feeling running through them.  They aren’t big, but boy do they feel heavier the longer they're held, but honestly Kami can’t deny them anything.

Izuku looks Denki in the face and sees the unveiled fear there, which helps him calm down. “If you were not my best friend Denki, I would have murdered you as soon as you stepped foot into this apartment. Almost 20 minutes late? You know how I feel about that.” Izuku says softly but sternly, trying to calm himself down.

“I know Izu, I am so so sorry. I promise I have an explanation…. You might not like it… but I have one” Denki realizes that if Izuku wasn’t going to kill him before, he is for sure going to kill him now. He prays to all the deities out there that his best friend would be rational and realize that murder will send him to prison.

Izuku lets out a deep breath and counts to ten in Korean “Hana, dul, set….” It was a trick he learned from his therapist. “I am sure I will be reasonable. Let’s get some lunch huh?” Izuku says with a bright smile.

Walking over to the table the normal squad greets Denki. Sitting at the table is Tokoyami and Asui, who have been together since year three of UA, and Jiro his girlfriend. Iida and Ochako would be there, but they are on a short mission to China, and will be home soon. Denki takes the chair right next to Jiro and Izuku sits down at the head with the twins in his arms.

“I’ve made everyone’s favourite, if you don’t want that please let me know and I can make you something different. Please enjoy!” Izuku says with a bright smile as he begins to wake up the twins. The group branches off in their own discussions, waiting until Izuku is ready to explain why he called them all there.

“Roki, Ruko. Time to wake up cuddle bugs.” Izuku say softly as he places each boy on a thigh and resting them against his broad chest. Using his body to brace the children, he has one hand free and he uses it to push the errant curls from their forehead. “Roki… Ruko… come on boys. Let daddy see those bright eyes.” Izuku begins to lightly poke their cheeks and the boys slap his hand away and he laughs.

“If you boys wake up and eat your food, Dad will buy ice cream!”

And as though it was the magic words both boys crack open their eyes and Hiroki says “Ice cweam???”

Izuku laughs and nods again “Yup, Ice Cream!”.

Both boys sit up eyes wide and smile bright. They hug their dad tightly and snuggle their faces into his chest, “Hi Papa!” They say in their sweet melodious voices, that remind Izuku of twinkling bells.

His chest constricts, and he is reminded again of the fact that he loves these boys more than anything in the entire universe. Cuddling the boys close he whispers, “Hi Baby Bugs” and kisses the top of their curly blond heads.

“Knock Knock” Izuku asks the twins. Their eyes light up and they pull from their dad to look him the face.

“Who’s there?” The twins ask with mirroring excitement.

“Olive” Izuku responds with a bright indulgent smile on his face.

“Olive WHO??” Hiroki asks slightly louder than Haruko

“O-LIVE YOU!” Izuku shouts while smothering each toddler with kisses. Both boys breakout into high pitched giggles.

“O-LIVE YOU TOO PAPA!!” The boys shout back while trying to smother Izuku with kisses back.

After the boys calmed down from their kisses attack on Izuku, he transfers each boy to his own seat with a booster, so they can reach the table. “Okay cuddle bugs, time for lunch. Papa made chicken strips and French fries!” Both boys holler in approval before Izuku shushes them and tells them to mind their manners.  Izuku cuts up each boys’ chicken strips and makes sure they are okay before he finally addresses his friends.

He first makes eye contact with Kami and with a soft smirk that tells Kami he is joking he says mock gravely “I was going to share some information with you, but today we are gathered together for a new reason, to celebrate Kaminari’s last meal...”.

The rest of the group chuckles while Jiro stands up and pretend sobs “Oh Denki, I knew you weren’t the strongest socket in the house, or the brightest bulb around, but I did love you. I hope you Rest in Peace. I promise to place ‘died due to idiocy’ on your grave stone.” Jiro drops into her chair and continues to fake sob while Tokoyami pats her back, and Dark Shadow cackles from his side.

Kaminari rolls his eyes and his face flushes pick from embarrassment, “Ha ha, real funny, you jerks”.

 Jiro straightens up in her chair, eyes slightly glistening from laughter still and everyone has a smile gracing their features. Tokoyami then turns back to Izuku and says “So, Izu, before we go into why Kami was late, what did you call us here so formally for?”.

“I know you all are curious to know why I called you here… and it is because I want to know how you guys feel about something.” Izuku says without any fanfare, and everyone nods as a signal for Izuku to continue.

“I am going to go back to work, and I think I am going to go back to HFT Agency. I have been offered multiple positions in multiple agencies across Japan, however I love it here. It is close to all of you. We will be close to my mom, and this agency is the dead center of everything. I know it is more dangerous here, but I know this area better than anywhere else… So, what do you all think?” Izuku looks at his closest friends.

In UA, Izuku was friends with everyone, but everyone knew Iida and Ochaco were his closest friends. The three of them sort of drifted apart when Izuku left Japan, but the four individuals looking back at him now, with varying degrees of emotions, stood by his side in what Izuku would classify as the darkest parts of his life. He is rebuilding his closeness with Iida and Ochaco and even Todoroki, but these four, he doesn’t know where he would be without them, so their opinions really matter to Izuku.

“Well, Izu, I think that is a good idea, and Dark Shadow and I support you.” Tokoyami is the first to speak up and Dark Shadow flashes a big thumbs up from Tokoyami’s side.

Tsu looks at Tokoyami with hesitation before saying to Izuku, “I don’t agree, ribbit. I think that when you left that agency it was a very toxic place for you. And while we all know you have grown and moved on it might not be best to put yourself back into that position, ribbit.”

Kami bobs his head quickly, before turning towards Izuku “Izu buddy, I’m going to have to go with Tsu on this. I think this is a very bad idea bro. You are so strong man, you pulled out of a dark place that I’m not sure all of us would be able to pull ourselves out of, but both Bakugou and Kirishima still work there, and they work different shifts. Meaning you would have to be on shift with one of them all the time. You have the twins to focus on now, you can’t afford to let them hit you emotionally. I don’t think going there would be a good idea. I would choose a different agency.”

Jiro frowns at Denki “No, no, no. Kami you think he hasn’t thought of that?” she shifts her body towards Izuku and lays her hand on his arm “Izu, we both know that you analyzed the fudge out of your decision. You know you, you know what you can and cannot handle at this point, we all know that you put ‘Ruko and ‘Roki above everything. If you believe that going back is the best decision, you do that, and we will support you. And if either of those F-U-C-K-W-A-D-S hurt you, we’ll kill ‘em!”.

Izuku laughs from the bottom of his stomach. Standing up he scoops Jiro into a hug “Thanks so much EJ, I really needed to hear that.”

Jiro laughs and hugs Izuku back “Of course you big green broccoli boy! Anything for our best friend.”

Izuku sets her down and turns to Denki “Keep her, Shocky. She’s a good one!”

Kami shoots Jiro a soft smile and nods “Yeah, Broccoli, I know.”

After that everyone finishes up their food and moves toward the living room. The adults talk about hero and family stuff as they watch the twins play on the floor.

As the time gets later, Izuku announces that he must put the kids to bed, and everyone packs up to leave. As they are headed out the door Kami waves Jiro forward and tells her he will catch up.

Kaminari looks down ashamed “I need to tell you what happened, and I’m just going to say I am sorry now.”

Izuku places his hand on Kami’s shoulder “Kami, it’s okay. I know you wouldn’t do anything on purpose to put the twins in danger, and I know they can be a handful. I trust the four of you, but you know I trust you more than anything, it’s okay! Just tell me.” Izuku says softly, trust and appreciation layering his voice.

Denki feels light guilt bubble up his throat again, “Well uh, as we were headed here, we passed a store with televisions in the window, and they were playing your commercial and the twins refused to move from the screen until it was over. When it ended they begged to see it again and started running around. Hiroki was trying to go into the store, so I grabbed Haruko’s hand and started chasing after ‘Roki. However, I must have accidently dropped ‘Ruko’s hand and when I scooped up ‘Roki and turned around, Haruko was gone. Hiroki then hit me in the throat and I set him down and he ran after Haruko. It was only two minutes, but when I got to them they were in the arms of a hero… Hero Ground Zero. I’m so fucking sorry Izu. I am so fucking sorry.” He spit out the whole story, steadily getting faster.

What Kaminari was not prepared for was Izuku wrapping him up into a hug. “Thanks for telling me Kami. I know I can be a right asshole about these things. And I’m not going to lie the anxiety is fucking choking me right now. But you’re okay and they are okay, and I know they can be stubborn little trouble makers.”

Kami releases the tension he was holding and hugs Izuku back. After a few minutes Izuku steps back and releases a cynical laugh.

“Of fucking course. It had to be Bakugou though? I swear the universe hates me. The twins adored him, didn’t they?”

Kaminari rubs the back of his neck awkwardly, “He was actually super soft with them man. I have never, and I mean never, seen him act that way. They liked him, and I am 100 percent positive he was a weak ass bitch for them, just like the rest of us are.”

Izuku nods and lets out another humorless chuckle “Why does this shit always happen to me?”

Kami shrugs and steps out the door, thinking better of it he turns back toward Izuku and says “Before I leave man I just want you to know something. I am so proud of you Izu, so proud. You’ve had a tough ass life man, but you have proven over and over again that you are strong. I also think that you are amazing for never changing who you are. You still smile brighter than the sun, you still trust, you still love, you still have passion and understanding, and empathy. So much empathy. Nobody would fault you if you lost all those things, but you didn’t and that is so admirable man. And finally, I want to thank you for allowing me to stand by your side and support you. Thanks for letting me be your best friend, and the godfather to your kids. I promise to never let you down Izu, because you’ve never let me down.” Kami follows up that short speech with a quick hug and leaves out the door.

Izuku allows a few tears drip down his face and over his lips which are curled into a heartbreakingly fond smile. Wiping his eyes, he goes to put his kiddos to bed.

He gets both boys into the tub. Bubbles fly and squeals are heard, as Izuku plays a sea monster who is there to get the boys clean. After their bath, and a completely soaked bathroom, the twins are snuggled onto either side of Izuku in their matching Earphone Jack pjs. Izuku thinks it is adorable that no matter what he does the boys refuse to wear anything if they are not matching.

Izuku reads them a bedtime story. He told himself that no matter what happens, he will always read his kids a story at night. He tells them a story of a daring knight who travels the dangerous terrain to make friends with the different creatures that roam the kingdom. Using a different voice for each character, Izuku feels the twins breathing deepen, and the dead weight fall into his sides.

Setting the book aside Izuku slowly crawls out of the bed, trying not to disturb the twins. Once his spot is vacated, the twins turn to be closer to each other, hands reaching out in their sleep as to reaffirm that the other is there. Izuku leans down and presses a kiss to each little forehead.

Standing back and looking at his boys, his entire world, his heart feels full. From their almost white blonde curls, to their round cherub freckled covered cheeks, to their cute little noses and chubby toddler hands, Izuku has never loved another human being like he loves his kids.


Hiroki, Haruko, I promise to be the best dad that I could possibly be. I promise to love you and support you with no restrictions. I promise to keep myself safe, to not be reckless so I can come home to you. I will come home to you no matter what. And I will never let someone hurt you in the ways I was hurt. I promise to be the dad you both deserve. If there is nothing else in this world that the universe gives you, just know he gave you a dad that will move heaven and hell for you.

Chapter Text

It started off with a soft consistent stream of beeps that steadily grew louder. Rolling over, Izuku throws out his hand with the intention of shutting it off. Thankfully he hits the alarm, silencing the sound before it rouses his twin menaces, who very much like their father, hate mornings. Forcing his body to roll back over, he shoves his face into his memory foam pillow, allowing it to absorb a tired scream. He takes another moment, in which he contemplates his existence, before he sits up on his elbows to look at his alarm. A garish and angry red 4, flashes at him. Izuku, stifling a groan, semi-throws himself out of bed, just catching himself before he completely tossed himself onto the floor. Izuku was excited to get back to work, after his four-month paternity leave, but fuck a whole morning shift.

Heaving himself up onto his feet, he shuffles over to his walk-in closet to get his casual clothes and hero suit out. He grabs the black duffle bag from off the top shelf, inside is his hero costume, bracers, wraps, and supports. Next, he ruffled through the hangers, which the clothes were all colour coordinated and grabbed his pants. Bending down he opens the drawer of the short dresser and pulls out a shirt. Walking out of his closet and shutting the door behind him, he stretches out and allows a yawn to cover his whole face. Holding onto his casual clothes, duffle bag, and grabbing the baby monitor, he exits his bed room to check on the twins before he jumps in the shower. Padding quietly down the hallway he stops in front of the door that has DEKU themed name plates that say Hiroki and Haruko. Cracking it open and peaking his head in, he fights the urge to let loose an “awwwe”. The twins are curled around each other in the middle of the bed, sharing the same pillow, breathing in tandem.

Izuku closes the door and heads toward the front door to drop off the duffle bag, that he will surely forget if it is not by the door. Making sure everything is in order he treads softly to the bathroom to take a shower.

Walking into the bathroom he sets the monitor on the sink and moves to turn on the shower. While the water heats up, Izuku sets his clothes on the sink as well and begins to strip down. Stepping into the shower, Izuku breathes out, allowing the hot water to loosen the knotted muscles in his shoulders, that he knows is due to his constant anxiety. While in the shower, with the water cascading down his back, he allows himself a moment to freak out. It’s been years since he has seen Bakugou or Kirishima, and even though he told his friends he was fine, he is not entirely sure if that is true. Scrubbing his body absentmindedly he utilizes the breathing techniques his therapist told him about.

He is Izuku fucking Midoriya!

Awesome hero.

 Dad of two amazing little toddlers.

 And an all around Bad Bitch.

He can do this.

Stepping out of the shower he listens to the monitor for a few seconds listening to it play the twins cute little baby snores, before he starts to get dressed.


First, he pulls on a plain pair of cotton black briefs, feeling them slide up over his thighs and the band snap softly on his hips, he’s a boxer guy, but they just aren’t practical with his suit. Next, he chases those with a pair of light grey joggers. He started wearing them in the US and hasn’t turned back since. He solidly has over 30 pairs and no regrets.


Taking the towel and running it through his dripping locks, he waits before he puts his t-shirt on, deciding to try to do something with his hair. He continues runs the towel through the curly dark green tresses resting on his head. Once dry he runs his fingers through them and hopes for the best. Izuku learned a long time ago that his hair does whatever it wants, and he should just accept that. Looking at himself in the mirror, he sees the inked design that spans over his heart and down his peck and lightly strokes it. The twins’ names swirl beautifully with the medley of different flowers: Iris, Lily-of-the-valley, Orange Blossoms, Lily Calla, Gloxinia, Daisy, Lavender, and Lilac. It is mostly a black tattoo, but each flower has a single pop of colour. Izuku got the tattoo in America as part of his mental health healing process, and he was glad Japan got rid of their law against tattoos 6 years ago. Taking one more glance, Izuku slips on his white t-shirt, grabs the baby monitor, and then nods to himself before walking out.


Heading to the kitchen, Izuku takes a glance at the clock on the wall and sees that it is 5:10, his shift starts at 7. He spent way too much time in the shower. Going over to the fridge, Izuku pulls out his homemade “baby food” which was different fruits pureed down into an applesauce like texture. For breakfast Izuku pulled out pears and the eggs, he’s going to make scrambled for the twins and over easy with toast for him.


Izuku then walks to the cabinet and pulls out two toddler sized plastic bowls and then he goes in the drawer for two of the baby spoons and sets both on the table in front of each child’s booster seat.  Taking a couple minutes Izuku whips up the eggs for the three of them, then slips them on a plate, then on the table. Taking a deep breath Izuku heads to the twins’ room to try and wake them up.


Padding down the hallway with baby monitor in hand, Izuku opens the door and turns off the monitor sitting it on the dresser next to the other one. Waking over to the side of the bed, Izuku pushes back errant curls on both little foreheads and drops a soft kiss on each brow.


“Baby Bugs it’s time to wake up for daddy” Neither twin so much as flinches and Izuku lets off a fond huff. He knows that it is only around 5:30, but he must get both twins up, dressed, teeth brushed, face washed, breakfast eaten, shoes and jackets on, and to his mom’s house.


“Boooooooys let daddy see those pretty eyes!” Izuku says a little louder this time “If you don’t get up you’re not going to like it!”.


Both boys groan and snuggle into each other more.


“Alright, that’s it!” Izuku scoops up both twins and march them straight to the bathroom. They let out wails of disagreement and start to flop, dropping into dead weight like the dramatic little punks they are and Izuku laughs.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s go you whiny babies, teeth brushed and face washed” Izuku tells them while placing them on their feet.


Both twins squish their face into a pout and look at Izuku with the biggest look of betrayal he has ever seen on anyones face.


“Daaaaaaaaddy, sleepy” Hiroki whines out and Haruko nods along


“Yeah? Well daddy was sleepy too but he got up and washed his face, brushed his teeth, and made two little grumpy boys breakfast. Now lets go!”


He urges the two little boys on, who slowly begin to wake up. Izuku pulls the step stools out from under the sink and have the boys step up to wash their face. While they are washing their face, he grabs their toothbrushes and toothpaste and get them ready. Izuku found toothbrushes that play a song when the start brushing your teeth and when the song stops, you do, when he seen them he knew he had to get them, they are literally ingenious.


The boys begin to do little wiggles as they brush their teeth and Izuku can’t help but giggle, they are too adorable. After they finish, Izuku herds them out to the kitchen for breakfast. Both boys stand in front of their booster seat and wait for Izuku to lift them up into them.


Izuku lifts Hiroki up and kisses his cheeks, “One baby bug in the seat”, while Hiroki giggles. He then lifts a giggling Haruko into his seat and kisses his cheeks as well “Two baby bugs in the seat”. The boys are now more awake and have allowed happy smiles to grace cherub faces. After serving the twins, Izuku sits down and enjoys his breakfast, watching the boys eat and feed each other off of their plates, a habit which Izuku has tried to break, but has served futile. After they finished eating, Izuku helps them down and gives them their dishes to put in the sink.


“Okay kiddos let us go get dressed so we can see grandma!” Izuku tells them as he places his dishes in the sink.


“GRANDMAAAAAAAA” the twins scream as the run down the hallway to their room. Izuku follows at a leisure pace, checking his phone for the time 6:15, fuck. He may be a little late, but it’s fine. Izuku walks in to see the twins pulling out the last part of their clothing choice.


“Okay bugs, let daddy see what you chose.” Izuku says heading to their bed and when he sees what they chose he clutches his heart a little. Laid out on the bed are two pairs of light grey joggers, and two crisp white t-shirts, with their socks and underwear next to it.


“Look like daddy!!” Haruko says with a smile splitting his face, squishing his eyes into two little crescents, due to his big chubby freckle-dappled cheeks.


Izuku bends down and pulls the boys close to him, all his anxiety from this morning has washed away. What does anything matter, when he has these two gifts from what ever divinity is out there. Izuku doesn’t know how he deserves the two tots, but he is thankful anyway.


“Alright time to get dressed bugs” Izuku fondly tells the boys as he gently pats their butts toward the bed. Both twins nod their heads and begin to switch their closes out, getting the occasional assistance from Izuku. They both hop on the bed to allow Izuku to put on their socks, tickling their feet in the process, forcing the twins to release peels of laughter.


Once their socks are firmly placed on their feet, Izuku scoops both boys of the bed, similar to how he did earlier in the morning and heads out to the livingroom.


“Ready to see grandma?” He asks the twins, throwing a glance down to see their faces.


“YAAAAY Grandma!” The twins shout in unison, eyes sparkling with excitement.


“I shall take that as a yes.”


Setting the boys down by the front door, Izuku pulls out all three of their shoes. If the twins are going to match him, they are going all the way, Izuku is that sappy ass dad that loves when they all match, and he does it often. He pulls out three pairs of Air Jordan 3 Retro “Black Cat”. Izuku is a shoe guy, sue him. He then goes into the front closet and pulls out three leather jackets, they are all going to slay lives today.


After putting on their jackets and shoes, Izuku takes a final look at his watch that says 6:40 and says “fuck” in his head. He grabs his duffle bag with his hero gear, and the boys’ duffle bag that has changes of clothes, shoes, medicine, and other items. Opening his door, he is greeted with the sight of his mom.


“Mom!” Izuku says, with shock filling his features as he takes in her kind face and dark curly green hair.


Before Inko can answer the twins barrel past Izuku and wrap their bodies around Inko’s legs.




“Quiet bugs, it’s early!” Izuku slightly scolds them, and the boys’ eyes widen and they nod softly, making the “shush” motion.


“Hello my loves!” Inko says bending down and wrapping her arms around the twins.


With her arms around the boys she looks up at Izuku,


“I figured you’d be running late, so I came to you! I made you a bento, and I’m just going to take the twins with me.”


Izuku eyes soften and he gazes upon his mother with intense fondness.


“Thanks mom, you’re the best!”


“And OH Izuku, you guys are matching! How ADORABLE! I have to take a picture.” Izuku laughs and grabs the twins, one in each arm and stands up.


“Look at grandma and say Nee”


“NEE” The three boys say in unison and Inko snaps a picture.


“Okay, daddy has to go to work, give me hugs and kisses and I’ll see you tonight!” Izuku says to the twins who are still in his arms.


They cage Izuku’s shoulders with their arms and place kisses on his cheeks.


“Olive you daddy” Haruko says first.


“Olive you too daddy!” Hiroki says soon after.


“Olive you bugs”, Izuku responds, kissing each boy in turn.


He places the boys down on their feet and scoops up his duffle bag in one hand and bento in the other. After placing a kiss on top of his mom’s head, he throws a bye guys over his shoulder and he runs to the agency. Glancing at his watch he sees that it is 6:55.


Challenge accepted.


--- -- - --  -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -  - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - -- - -

Izuku hits the door of the agency at 6:57, the agency is only a 5-minute walk from his apartment, and he may have used One for All to get there, but that is neither here nor there. The guy from the HR department that handled Izuku’s transfer from the US agency, is there and greets him with a smile.


“Hero Deku! It is nice to see you. We are currently in the paperwork period of shift change. We have the next shift of heroes on patrol, while the night shift heroes are finishing their paperwork. You can go to the break room, which is where most heroes are at right now, and say hello! When you get a chance, we just need you to come in and sign a few papers and we can then work out your patrol schedule and on-duty plans!” The man punctuates his words with a slight bow.


“Rei, Thank you!” Izuku bows back and waves as Rei heads back towards the HR office.


As Izuku begins to stroll toward the break room, he notices that nothing at the agency has changed. As he passes different rooms and halls, Izuku sees flashes of himself, young and heart broken, and powers on ahead, shaking the thoughts away. As he comes closer to the break room, he can hear the noise pick up and he lets his lips up in a slight quirk.


Opening the door, Izuku is greeted to the shift transition chaos of the break room. Some people are in their hero costume, others are in civilian clothes, some are sitting and watching the news, while others are engaged in conversation. Looking around Izuku sees a few people he used to be close with including Beast, Ochaco, and Iida.


Izuku only has a second to observe, before he is noticed and the conversation in the break room screeches to a stop as others notice he is there.


“DEKU!” Is all Izuku hears, as a blur of pink and brown appears and throws itself around him. He catches Ochaco without so much as a stumble and lets out a laugh.


“Ochaco, hi” He huffs out in between chuckles, keeps his arms around the girl to steady her.


“Deku, its been so long! I heard a rumor that you were moving back to Japan, but I didn’t believe it.” She says enthusiastically as Izuku sets her on her feet, she then lightly smacks his bicep.


“How dare you not tell Iida or I!”


“I must agree Midoriya, it would have been nice to have been informed of your decision to come back.” Iida says as he walks next to Ochaco.


Izuku rubs the back of his neck and looks down with a slight chuckle. “You’re right but I had other pressing things I had to worry about with my move back, and it just slipped my mind.”


“We understand! But you have go promise we are going to catch up!” Ochaco says with a glint that even with years apart Izuku recognizes. The glint promises an inquisition.


Izuku nods in assent “Promise.”


Izuku scans the crowd, after Ochaco and Iida gave Izuku their new numbers and headed out to go home. People continue to come up to him with different versions of greetings and words about his return. He greets everyone and thanks them for their kind words regarding his return. Izuku gets approached by a young intern, that has an elemental manipulation quirk and the break off into excited discussion; it is in the middle of talking to the new intern that Izuku sees him.


Emeralds catch Crimson and Izuku feels his heart stop.


Katsuki Bakugou.


Still as handsome as ever and it hurts. Izuku says something to the intern before taking his leave, not even knowing what he said, as his body reflexively moves towards Katsuki. It feels as if everything around him is happening on another plane, because Izuku can’t hear anything but his heart thud and his thoughts.


“Say hello Izuku. Shake his hand. Ask how he has been. Be civil. Then move on. You are above this. It still stings a bit. But! You’re a bad bitch. You can do this.”


Izuku laughs to himself “A Bad Bitch”, his friend Lily from America would tell him that all the time whenever he was feeling down or started his self-deprecating tendencies and it stuck. It is surprisingly motivational and empowering.


Izuku stops in front of Katsuki, who looks like he is equal parts shocked and in pain. Of course, he looks like he always does, but Izuku can spot the subtle ticks that give away how he is really feeling.


“Bakugou.” Izuku allows the name to tumble past his lips with as much calm as he can muster, ignoring the small, almost unnoticeable flinch from Katsuki. He stands stiffly, hands shoved in his pockets waiting for Katsuki to answer him.


A few moments pass and Katsuki hasn’t moved an inch, and Izuku feels his own face slip into a frustrated grimace.


“It’s nice to see you again, Bakugou. How have you been?” Izuku tries again smoothing his face into a kind smile, and takes a seat across from him, hoping that will make it seem more casual.


Again, Izuku is left hanging, moments passing without a response. Izuku can feel his irritation build and he starts to breathe, counting under his breath to control his bubbling anger.


Whatever, Izuku was trying to be civil. If this is how Bakugou wants to act, Izuku doesn’t give a shit.


Standing up, Izuku runs his hand through his hair and releases a disappointed laden sigh. Sparing Katsuki one last look and giving him one last chance to respond, Izuku is left even more disappointed. Shaking his head, Izuku swivels on his heel and walks out.


Once, Izuku has left the room Katsuki releases the breath he didn’t realize he was holding and his hands begin to shake. Pulling out his phone he hits number one and listens to it ring.


The person on the other end picks up after the second ring and before they can respond Katsuki whispers into the phone.


“Mom. He’s back.”


“Oh Katsuki”.

Chapter Text

MotherFUCKER, Fuck, fuck, fucking shit.


Katuki’s eyes widen as he takes in the man that has haunted his dreams for years. Motherfucking Midoriya Izuku is standing in their breakroom, in the goddamn flesh and Katsuki is shook.


 That nerd is fine as fuck, holy fuck. He yelled at Izuku for that undercut, but fuck him sideways that shit looks so good. He got so tall, like the fuck did they fed him over there? And the FUCKING OUTFIT. He out here looking like a straight slut. The white tee, the joggers, the black leather- l.e.a.t.h.e.r  jacket, and them dope as fuck "Black Cat" Air Jordans. Someone get Katsuki some water, because this bitch is THIRSTY. 


Katsuki is having conflicting emotions that is minor part lust and major parts anxiety, fear, and guilt so much guilt. He has wanted this for years, he waited impatiently for Izuku to get back, but he wasn’t ready… isn’t- isn’t ready. He did not have time to prepare. What is he going to do? What is he going to say?




He’s fucking Bakugou Katsuki for fucks sake and he’s freaking out like a prepubescent chick does over her favourite pop star. But goddamn Izuku is his favourite star, his only star. He isn’t ready, he isn’t ready for this. He knows, just KNOWS that Izuku is going to come over and try to be polite and talk to him. He doesn’t want Izuku to come over and be nice to him, he can’t think, can’t breathe. He watches the only person he has ever truly love sweep into the room and converse as if he has never left.


He hurts, he hurts so fucking much and it is all his fault. Watery green eyes, green curl hair, and freckles, so many freckles, have haunted him from his dreams to his waking moments. He physically can’t breathe, it’s like his shitty ass lungs forgot how to work. The panic in his body is forcing him to tap his foot, and it takes everything in him not to bolt out the fucking door.

His heart pangs as he watches Izuku greet their colleagues and the effortless smile he seems to flash at anyone who looks his way. God, FUCK, he hopes that Izuku doesn’t seem him, he can’t- can’t interact with him.


The little fucking Deku fanboy who is a sidekick, intern- what the fuck ever, has made his way to Izuku with stars in his eyes. Izuku can practically hear the boy’s heart beat out of his chest and spill over Izuku’s feet. He knows he doesn’t have a right, but that piece of shit named jealous is ripping his insides apart. The way Izuku smiles softly at the little prick, and geeks out over the boy’s quirk… give him a fucking break.



Izuku has seen him. They have made eye contact. He can’t fucking move and Izuku is walking this way.














“Bakugou” The name tumbles past plump pink lips, and it seems to spill and roll off his tongue so effortlessly.


He is frozen, and he doesn’t know what to do. He his helpless to stop the minor flinch at Izuku directly addressing him, he tries to school it features into calmness, but he knows he is doing shit at it.


 Greet him you useless fuck! Say hello! You didn’t pay out the fucking ass for a shitty ass therapist to teach you coping skills and shit for you to not fucking use them, pussy ass punk. Say. HELLO!


“It’s nice to see you again, Bakugou. How have you been?” Izuku sits across from him and he knows it is to make this easier, but he doesn’t think anything can at this point.


Bakugou. Damn, it’s his name but he doesn’t like it. Like at fucking all. Bakugou, Bakugou, Bakugou. The name s bouncing around his head like a fucking ping pong ball. He knows his shitty brain is just trying to torture him with the fact that he has lost the level of intimacy with Izuku he craves in is soul.


Shivers and a weird itch travels down his back and he needs to get out, it is too much. He needs someone, anyone to get him out of this. He wants to talk to Izuku, but he can’t. This isn’t the time, or the place, and he isn’t ready.


He sees Izuku stand up, and the disappointment on Izuku’s face stabs him straight into the heart. He wants to reach out and be civil like Izuku was being. Extend that olive branch to the boy-no-man that he loves so much. But he can’t do it… needed, needs more time to comprehend and prepare.


He can do nothing but watch Izuku walk away, and he feels his heart break again, but he is paralyzed. He can’t move until Izuku leaves the room and doesn’t realize that he had been holding his breath almost the entire time; however, since his lungs are not still fully functionally he can’t say that he is surprised. There is only one person who can help him… the only one who really understands.


His hands shake with suppressed emotion and pulling out his phone was an erroneous task seeing as how he has almost dropped it 3 times. He knows he doesn’t have to wait long for the person on the other end to answer, and when he hears the click singling the call has been picked up, he chokes on the whisper, trying to keep himself from dissolving into broken sobs at work.


“Mom. He’s Back.”