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Guardian Angel

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"So who is this mysterious guy April is dating for 3 months now?”, Jackson asked Arizona, who only shook her head and sighed.

“I can’t tell you. I haven’t met him yet. Also you dated Pierce so why do you bother?”
The blonde raised her brow at him.

“I don’t bother”, he responded with a frown. “I just want her to be happy that’s all”, he added more quiet.

“Well, she is very happy. So maybe you should get over her too”, Arizona suggested while continuing to fill out patients papers.

“As if it were that easy”, he scoffed. “You are barely over Torres.”
The second the words left Jacksons mouth he already regretted them. “Sorry, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have”, Arizona huffed annoyed and left. Sighing Jackson stared after her. That was defenitely not how he had wanted this conversation to go.

Since Maggie and him hadn’t worked out, he found himself troubled over what to do. He didn’t want to go on tinder again when the woman he truly wanted was right in front of him.

If he had just realized this earlier everything could have been different. But now April was dating another guy and he had to admit she really seemed to be happy.

So how could he be so selfish when he only wanted the best for her? Maybe he wasn’t good for her and he needed to accept that.


“I have to leave for work now”, April called into the apartment. Her boyfriend, Paul, came out of the kitchen and kissed her. “I can’t wait to have you back”, he grinned and April chuckled.

“I didn’t even leave yet and you already miss me?” Paul smirked and hugged her tight. “What if you just skip work and stay here?”, he suggested, but April shook her head.

“You know how important work is”, she scolded him with a smirk. He sighed and gave her a kiss on the cheeck. “I know. But I just can’t get enough of you.”

April laughed and opened the door. “Love you.” “Love you too”, he called. Then she left.

At work she was confronted with a hit and run victim. The woman was in her early 40s and was married. She had a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter.

“I need more 0 negativ”, April exclaimed, pressing with her full force against the big abdominal wound. “Come on, hurry up! She’s bleeding out”, she called out.

The heart monitor started to beat drastically and she shot it a frantic glance. “You”, she pointed at one of her interns, “take over!” The man rushed over to her in excitment.

“Press against the wound with all your strength!”, she instructed him and he nodded determinded. April hurried to the other side of the table.

“Starting cardiac massage”, she declared and pushed down in rythm. “Come on”, she mumbled over and over again. A thin line appeared on the monitor and April stopped what she was doing.

“Damn it! I need the paddles.” She fixed everything and took a last glance at the monitor. “Load at 200″, she ordered. “Clear!”

The womans body rose up until it collapsed on the table again. “April”, she heared Owens soft voice. She didn’t know when he had entered the room, but now he was standing right in front of her. “No, we’re not losing her!”, April furiously yelled.

“Load at 300!” Another time the womans body shot up and fell down. April stared at the monitor, which still showed a thin line.

“Damn it!” Frustrated she kicked against the table. “Time of death 4:31pm”, she mumbled and rushed past Owen out of the room.

This was the second patient she had lost today and this time she had to tell a husband, who was sitting in the waiting area, promising his children that their mother would be fine.

April took off her coat and leaned against a counter. She ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath.

“Rough day huh?” Jackson had come over to fill in his patients discharge papers. “Yeah”, April replied quicky.

“Maybe you want to watch my surgery later. I will build a newborn a new nose”, he told her. She smiled.

“Thank you, but I have to tell the family now.”

With that she left, leaving Jackson with a worried frown on his face.