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You couldn’t have possibly anticipated what happened that sunny afternoon after the rush hour traffic. It was supposed to just be a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing and beer, how were you to know that that could have nearly killed a man?

You’d certainly never forget this encounter in your lifetime, even if you tried. Not that you would want to. After all, it’s not every day the newly crowned number 2 hero crashes face first into your chimney.

Admittedly, your choice of attire was… rather revealing… but you were far enough from the city that you certainly weren’t expecting any heroes to be flying above your humble abode. You climbed out of the window and scrambled onto the roof, where you’d been laying with a six pack and blasting your music. You think your neighbor may have been yelling at you to turn it down at some point but why would you listen to that asshole? And anyway, you just worked a week straight! You weren’t about to let anything spoil your fun.

“Hng- uuugh, ow…”

Well, okay, admittedly this did spoil things a little.

“Oh my god!” You cried, scrambling out from under the massive wing that all but slapped you silly, crawling backwards at a startling pace away from the young man who ended up landing right next to you. To say you had eaten shit when he fell next to you would be an understatement for several reasons: One, he was presently much worse off than you. Two, it wasn’t like YOU were the one who wiped out. And three, well, okay three was an overstatement as you hadn’t actually eaten shit but a mouthful of his feathers.

It took a solid minute of coughing and spitting as well as dazed blinking in his direction to realize- Holy fucking shit it’s Hawks! THE Hawks!

And then the situation set in and- HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT’S HAWKS.

Face having lost all the color it had initially gained from the sun, you scrambled on hands and knees, not caring if they scrapped against the gritty shingles towards the man- still trying to get his bearings. “Oh my god! Hawks, are you okay!? What were you doing flying so low, my house is a single story!” You leaned over him, minding not to kneel on his wings, grabbing his shoulders and bringing him into a sitting position. His nose and forehead seemed to get the worst of the impact, both were bleeding profusely as he squeezed his eyes shut in pain.

You quickly got up to grab your towel, returning to dab gently at his forehead, taking off his goggles and checking to make sure his nose wasn’t broken before taking the towel and applying pressure to it. You were surprised he was so compliant with it- he kind of seemed like a cocky asshole on TV and you didn’t think he’d accept a civilian’s help. After a few minutes, he mumbles something, gently reaching up and taking over for you in holding the now stained towel over his nose. You sat back on your haunches, staring on in concern.

After a few minutes, his eyes finally open. Gold and bright just like the bird whose wings he possessed, they gazed into your own and blinked wildly.

“Hi… I’m distracting, you’re Hawks.”

“Yeah, I’ll say…Wait, what?” You stared back. “You didn’t scramble your eggs there, did you?”

He pulled the towel away, blinking done but eyes now wide and glossy, staring at you like he couldn’t believe what you just said. As if he’s got room to gawk.

“Wha? No- Okay first, I’m stealing that line. Second, I’m Hawks and you’re distracting.”

He slowly got up, nose no longer bleeding but his forehead was scratched up bad. He flexed his wings- creating a gust that nearly blew you off the roof- and tilting his head left and right, a loud crack following each ministration.

“The police happened to get a noise complaint from your neighbors when I was leaving the precinct,” He said, rubbing his forehead with a grimace. “I told them not to sweat it since I was passing by anyway and decided I’d talk to you, make things a little less antagonistic.”

It took you a minute to process what he said before you, too, are on your feet, fuming. “Those assholes! It’s not like I’m playing music through a goddamn amp, it’s just my phone! It’s not that loud!”

“I know,” he said, “I couldn’t hear it till I got closer and then-“ He paused, topaz eyes traveling from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes and back. Suddenly your face feels warmer than the sun’s rays beating on your back. “Well, personally, I think the real crime is bothering a total babe when they’re just trying to enjoy a leisurely afternoon.” A slow, lazy smile creeps on his face as he steps forward and carefully takes his goggles back from you. You take a step back in response, but he grabs your elbow just in time before you tumble backward off the roof, drawing you a step closer.

Your face warms and you can’t help but feel a little disappointed as Hawks directed you back to a safer spot, walking away from you to investigate the cooler that had been knocked askew, ice cubes and busted beer cans soaking through the shingles. A disappointed noise escapes your throat, lamenting your ruined cache. This was supposed to be a nice relaxing day and your crotchety neighbors had to go and ruin it by calling the police. Then Hawks crash landed like a goddamn zeppelin because-

Because you distracted him with your lack of clothing, dummy.

Face burning anew, you slapped your hands to your cheeks, willing the fire to go the fuck away.

He looks back at you, picking up the cooler and holding it up to draw your attention to it. “Hey! Look on the Brightside; You’ve still got two good cans!” Eyes only darting to your chest for a split second before the double meaning of his joke sunk in.

You blinked, then shook your head, laughter slowly bubbling from your chest and out of your mouth boisterously at the preposterousness of the situation. Hawks grins, plucking both up before setting the cooler down and scooting it away with his foot, plopping back down on the roof and patting the empty spot beside him.

“Wait… you’re gonna drink with me…?” You said disbelievingly. “I thought you were here to give me a lecture or- or write me a citation or something…?”

He snorts, pausing in opening his own can, your offered one in the spot beside him. “I’m a hero, not a cop. The plan was to make you all awestruck and twitter pated enough to comply and stop with the noise.” A gloved hand reaches back behind his head, scratching it with a disgruntled look on his face. “Obviously that backfired.”

Your eyes shoot down to your feet, face burning even more. When you look back up, you notice the lacerations and swelling on his face don’t take away from the charming smile he gives you. God that smile looks so much nicer in person. Your heart hammers in your chest as he blinks up at you innocently, but there’s wasn’t anything innocent about this cheeky bastard from the get go.

“Well, are you just gonna stand there and look pretty or are you gonna help me finish these off?”

Taking a moment to calm your racing heart, you smile back at him, hiding the nervousness you felt as you leisurely took your place next to him, opening your own beer and tapping it against his own when he offered it in a toast.

“Do you always talk in bird puns…?”

“What, you don’t like it? I thought you might think it’s cute. Besides, you started it.”

“Wh-What? I did not!”

“’You didn’t scramble your eggs, did you?’” He mimics in a sarcastic tone.

You gave it some thought before grinning. “Okay, you got me there. And as far as being cute goes… if nothing else, you’re certainly a sight for soar eyes.”

A slow grin split his face into an impressed smile, his eyes growing as he looked at you, really looked this time. “Holy shit, you did not.”

“Holy shit, I totally did.”

“….By the way, I’m Hawks,” He says, an almost dreamy look on his face.

You can’t help but laugh. “I know, bird brain. I’m (Y/N).”