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“How’s your head?” I opened my eyes and groaned as I turned to look at the voice’s owner. My eyes were blurry and distorted the person so I closed my eyes and reopened them, finding that it didn’t help.

“Did someone remove my contacts?” I asked, my throat sore as I spoke.

“Here,” The voice said softly as they touched just under my left eye. I opened my eye and instantly flinched a little as a finger came close. I managed to keep my eye open long enough for the person to put the contact lens in.

“Other eye,” He said and I opened my right eye to repeat the process. I blinked a few times before looking over again.

“Tom?” I asked confused. He nodded his head and watched me carefully.

“How’s your head?” he asked again as I looked around the decrepit room.

“Sore. How long was I out?” I asked noticing the sunlight coming into the room.

“10 days,” he answered and I shot up out of the bed.

“Fuck,” I cried out as an IV ripped out of my arm.

“Relax. You need to relax,” Tom stated as he tried to get a hold of my shoulders.

“No. No, I need to get out of here. My friends, they’ll be here in less than 4 days and… oh god. I need to get food to them or they’ll die. I need to get out of here,” I panicked, running my hands through my hair and down my face.

“Where are your friends?” Tom asked as the door behind me opened. He held his hand up in a gesture to stop the intruders.

“They’re on a ship called the White Horse. We found survivors on a sinking boat just off the coast, that’s why I came to shore here instead of a small coastal town.” I answered as I clenched my hair in tight fists.

“No one can survive on the water,” Tom stated disbelievingly.

“This is my first time on land in 2 and a half years, mate. People can survive on the water,” I snapped as I turned around, pushing through the group of people inside the door. I walked out and straight down the stairs, finding my guns on the table.

“You won’t survive out there on your own,” A voice noted.

“I have to. I’m the only person who can get food to my friends,” I explained as I slung my rifle over my shoulder.

“Everyone who leaves dies.” The voice stated.

“Not true,” I snapped at the blonde Australian. “My friends and I found survivors, the first people we had seen in 2 and a half years that weren’t one of the other two. They survived,”

“I lost a friend and his family because they refused to stay on land. We had to move after zombies overran our last safe house, 30 died.” Chris explained.

“Benedict refused to stay and left. His two sons and his wife are dead,” Tom explained as he joined us.

“Sophie took her own life with one of my handguns because she was scared she was going to turn. She got bitted protecting her family. Benedict and this two sons are on the White Horse. They are alive,” I snapped before storming out of the safe house to find the I was at least a two-day walk from the coast.

“They survived?” Tom asked from the doorway to the small cottage.

“Yeah, they did. But they won’t much longer unless I can get food to the White Horse,” I explained in a pleading tone. Tom looked over the horizon for a moment before turning and walking back inside the cottage, the door being left wide open.

“Fuck you too,” I whispered before turning around and heading for Cardiff. The grass around me was dry and dead, the wind non-existent in the vast valley. Each step I took was filled with the crunch of gravel beneath my feet.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I sighed and rolled my head with my eyes in annoyance. I turned around to find Tom holding a gun with two others behind him.

“Walking. You?” I snapped, still bitter at him.

“Helping you get food to that ship or to get all of you on land where it’s safe,” I scoffed at his words.

“Safe? If we don’t come to land, we don’t see zombies. We can live instead of survive out at sea,” I explained. Tom stopped walking right in front of me and I caught sight of Tom Holland and Chris behind him.

“Safe is not having to fear running out of food or losing people you care about. No one is safe anywhere but for the best or the worst, land is safer. Just remember that.” Tom whispered.

“Just remember, this isn’t a movie set. This is real life and if you hesitate, you die. You stop and think, you die. Do you still feel safe on land, pom?” I asked sardonically.

“You can stop with the attitude or we’ll go back to our safe house,” I took a step forward and was chest to chest with Tom before leaning onto my tiptoes so I was right in his face.

“Not much of a safe house if you fled there after losing people to zombies, is it?” I whispered, seeing sorrow and hurt fill his eyes as I spoke. For a moment I felt guilty but then I shook it off, knowing that I have no way to guarantee that he won’t just toss me to the zombies if they came after us.

“I watched my sisters get eaten as they screamed for mercy. I never even got to try and save my parents. At least you still have people,”

“I have friends that I made when I climbed aboard a ship in hopes of surviving. I lost everyone I ever knew so don’t play a guilt card on me,” I snapped before turning and walking away.

“Well, she’s a bag of fun.” Chris laughed as I heard footsteps begin following me.

“But she’s the only one who can get us to that ship to save everyone on board,” Tom groaned quietly. I assumed so I wouldn’t hear.

“He’s just a bit touchy. It was to try and save you because of my mistake that got his sisters killed,” Tom Holland noted as he came up next to me.

“Perhaps she’s right though, Tom. Maybe it is safer at sea than on land?” Chris questioned Tom quietly.

“How do people differentiate between you and him?” I asked Tom Holland.

“They call me shorty or him Loki. Whichever makes it easier for them,” Tom Holland explained with a shrug.

“I think I’ll call you Tommy. It’s what my sister always called you when she was fangirling,” I stated with a melancholic tone.

“Sounds good,”