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Seeing Yuzuki begging for his cock, filled with need and desperation, was not easy on Albert's self control. Being helplessly in love with the Omega for a long long time was already rather hard in him, but now having his crush so shamelessly beg him to do him over was making it all too harder for him to restrain himself. He wouldn't get out of control, he wasn't allowed to do so, he didn't want to do him without his consent. Well, Yuzuki technically was consenting to it, but he really wasn't anywhere near in his right mind where he could make rational decisions right now.

If they were in an established romantic relationship and had gone the whole estrus scenario through, then he would take Yuzuki, but as it was and the two of them only had strong sexual and romantic tensions and Yuzuki was out of his right mind, he wasn't going to do it. He was certain that the Omega wasn't currently on birth control either. He wasn't going to let his crush suffer either, Albert's fingers would serve him for now. Of course, that had it's ethical issues and everything, but it was better than risking the omega going mad.

He wanted Yuzuki's hear to be over as soon as possible. He might not be an alpha, but that didn't meant that the other male's estrus didn't have disastrous effects on him; if he really was an alpha though, then he wouldn't be able to control himself at all, which was why he currently thought himself blessed to be a mere beta. If not, he would majorly fuck up his relationship with the omega and leave his roommate with trust issues - probably. Yuzuki always thought himself an alpha, because he was an alpha before he transformed into an omega, so the transformation was bound to leave him with psychological issues as it was; having everything he thought he knew about himself and what his future life would look like destroyed wasn't easy on anyone, especially not someone as sensitive as Yuzuki was. Of course, he didn't have to follow the tradition lifescript of an omega, and knowing Yuzuki he wouldn't do that anyways (and Albert didn't want him to do so) but his life would be significantly altered nontheless. At least he didn't like or want children was good for Yuzuki, because if he did then the reality of that he would have to be the one to carry and deliver the baby would destroy him, both physically and psychologically; adoption wouldn't be possible, as all fertile Omega's and Alpha's could only adopt if they had already had children themselves and if he tried to bypass that and get sterilised, then he wouldn't be able to adopt anyways. Being willingly sterilised for non medical reasons wasn't good on the whole adopting children things.

So, Albert was mentally preparing himself to comfort Yuzuki once he got off of his heat and search for a proper therapist that would help Yuzuki sort things out.