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Powered By Cube

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Vivet crossed the forest floor, calmly shooting stems and seeds at obstacles in her path from a point of her toe. Her arms were filled with bundles of flowers, herbs, and ingredients for new potions.

Shooting a log with a small daisy seed, Vivet watched as the wooden spear-like stick shot across the forest, and brought it to a slow descent with a long tendril shooting from her pinkie. This small motion resulted in a few buttercups falling from her grasp.

"Dang it!" Vivet sighed. "It's fine," she told herself, "I can go gather some more in the morning."

The moon was rising steadily, and Vivet was losing light. Squinting her eyes, she could make out the looming shape of her home.

Nearing the hollowed out tree, Vivet shot out a few tansy leaves to brush the dangling flowered vines from her path. Heels clicking on the wood log path, Vivet hurried into her door, pushing it open and shutting it with her foot.

Once inside her tree, Vivet briskly walked to her birch worktable and dumped her load of materials onto in. Picking up the few that had fallen onto the floor, she placed the bundle onto the table and dusted her hands off on her dress.

Walking carefully yet briskly up her toadstool steps, Vivet emerged into her floral bedroom, the walls dotted with fairy lights, and the floor littered with many plant-shaped furniture.

Vivet sat on her bloom bed, shaped as a blossomed flower, that she had extended from a chair to a full sized bed. She lay on her colorful throw-pillows and gazed out the large window, sighing.

Vivet stayed like that for some time, before her eyes darted to a light wooden dresser, as any person would have in their room.

Finally rising from her bed, she went to the dresser, opening a small glass container (similar to one from Beauty and the Beast holding the rose) and taking out a tiny green cube, glowing and littered in tiny blossoms and plants.

Vivet stared at the small cube, rolling it over gently in her hands, careful not to drop it. For if she did, she would... well, she didn't quite know. No one had ever dropped their power cube. But there were deadly consequences if someone dropped it. They were all sure of that.

A loud knock on the door jerked Vivet from her daze, causing her hands to fumble to catch the cube she has tossed into motion when she jumped. Quickly placing it into the glass container, Vivet rushed down the toadstools to her door, where looking through the peephole, she spotted a familar face.

"Clara!" Vivet swung the door open and hugged her friend. Vivet froze, now remembering her almost fatal mistake. "You almost made me drop my cube!"

Clara laughed and pulled away. "Well at least here there's some action. Back at home, all Lux wants to do is stay in his room by the window. He found a way to refract light off his cube and is having the time of his life." Clara snickered. "Let's hope he doesn't drop it like someone I know."

"Oh shut up Clara, you know it's your fault."


Vivet then remembered the stack on herbs on her table. "Speaking of which, look at these new herbs I found-"

Vivet let out a yelp as she saw her pile of herbs begin slanting and falling onto the floor. Sprouting lilies from her feet as she ran bouncily across the room, Vivet shot and arm of vines to the table, surrounding it and pushing the leaves back upright. For good measure, Vivet manipulated the vines to tie around the table, tying her herbs down so they wouldn't fall.

Vivet walked slowly back to the door, where Clara was entering and made her way to the stairs. Breathing heavily, Vivet tried to scrunch her face to counter Clara's snickers. "A real mess you are today, Vivet. You should come with Lux and I. We're going to visit the lake."

"Can't," Vivet said emotionless, "I have lots of work to do."

Clara pushed Vivet's hand off her face as she wiped away sweat. "You could do some good away from here. You need a break."

Vivet shut the door and turned her back to Clara and to the table of herbs, knotting the vines as she spoke. "It's night, and my powers are weaker without light. No glucose, no powers."

Clara stood and turned Vivet back to the door. "You're forgetting who has light powers," Clara laughed. "Here, I'll make you a little sun so you can sprout those magic beans from your fingers."

"There's more to my cube than beans," Vivet mumbled as a sun hovered over her head. She could feel the flowers of her dress reaching out to it slightly.

"What was that, hon?" Clara spoke without turning to Vivet, leading her out the door by yanking the light from her head and outside the door.

"Just saying thank you. And give me that light back, I need it!" Vivet hurried out the door, slamming it closed.