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“Your hair got… short,” Hajime commented.

“Yeah, well… it got a little charred. Might as well keep it short, eh?” Ryuuta shot his childhood friend a smile.


"Yeah, yeah, I’m alright, you can see that, right? But poor Seth here’s developed some sorta nasal allergy. Got him some meds, so, it ain’t so bad now, b–”

“Seth…?” Hajime looked downright bewildered. For once, it was Ryuuta who spoke things that were beyond him, instead of the other way around.

“The Swedish Shortsnout over there. He’s just a tad bit bigger than me, now, but I’m thinkin’ the meds might be killing his appetite… should be growing a bit faster than this at this stage…”

Hajime’s gaze shifted nervously between Ryuuta and the dragon, and as if he knew that he was being talked about, Seth bounded towards Ryuuta, toppling the man over with a succinct roar. And Ryuuta? Ryuuta was laughing. 

“Eager to play, aren’t you?!” he exclaimed from the ground, flat on his back but without qualms, and seemingly, with no fear as he gave the dragon’s snout a healthy patting. 

Hajime couldn’t believe this was the mischievous delinquent from wizarding school. One year his senior, snooping into places where he wasn’t supposed to be, setting others up for embarrassing pranks, with an occasional flare of hot temper…

Hajime had to wonder what would happen if Ryuuta never kept the dragon egg.