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Somber Stargazing

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Izuku knew at the young age of four, he was born in an unfair and rigged world game that he never had a chance in. Everything he did for good went unnoticed and as soon as everyone had gained a quirk as he was left in the dust, it furthered his belief of how unfair things truly were.

At the age of four was when it had probably began to kick in.

"You're quirkless." Katsuki snorted, almost amused by Izuku sick and twisted situation. He reared his hand back and out came tiny sparks of explosions from the palm of his hands that erupted aloud and throughout the playground. "Stop trying to play hero."

Izuku shook his head, left and right, arms stretched to his peer behind him in a protective manner as his eyes pooled with water and lips formed a wrinkled smile.

"No! What you're doing i-is not heroic, no one bullies another person." Izuku scolded the boy though it seemed to fall on deaf ears as Katsuki clenched his fist and punch the palm of his hand harshly, the smack of it was loud and tense.

"I'm not bullying, I'm putting him in his damn place, nerd." Katsuki scowled, "I'll be the greatest hero ever, and I don't need some idiot telling me what to do."

"Heroes save! They put a smile on peoples faces a-and make sure that everyone is safe." Izuku insisted with his eyebrows furrowed upwards and his hands outstretched behind to the other kid who held his head down and whimpered in between his knees.

Ignoring Izuku completely, Katsuki lunged at the younger boy with the adrenaline kicking in, his friends followed in pursuit with their quirks activated and ready to pummel without any reason.

From there, he was given a beating, three people up against one and without a quirk to use to fight back they all came at him and until he finally stopped struggling they hadn't took a moments break, finding glee in this boy's constant tormenting and bullying.

But of course, Izuku never expected anything less from a rigged game called society, he knows that people are born strong or weak and that everything had already been decided from the moment they were born.

There was no such thing as improvements, in this world of his, only spectrum of visible colour was in monochrome, black and white and the grey in between.

He knew that when he does arrive home, that his mother will bother him about his injuries but never actually get anything done about it, but she's not at fault— it's this glitchy game created by the highest rank in order for everyone to have an experience, nevertheless Izuku experience had never been a good one.


At the age of six, Izuku's interest deviated to the study of quirks rather than heroes— his love for them had never died, it just took a more interesting twist— and from there he would constantly scrutinies those on the computer and the applications of their powers.

"He could've easily switched to defense rather than offence, against Madam Macho he stands no chance unless he changes his technique." Izuku whined as though it was the most obvious thing in the world and Inko listened to him— clearly intrigued by him and his words.

"What will he do?" She asked as she placed the mouse of the computer off onto the mahogany table in front of her and leant in closer to Izuku in order to get a good glance at his face.

Izuku turned around, "he's going to activate his quirk and his arm will detach and punch her in the face instead of trying to block the punch. She'll probably deliver to his stomach." He answered and looking back at the computer, everything Izuku had said came true and the other opponent collapsed onto the ground, grovelling before Madam Macho.

Inko blinked and then placed a hand onto Izuku's head with a smile on her face. "You need to stop binge watching so many shows young man."

She stalked off out of the room with a frowning Izuku inside.

"It's a livestream, mom." He furrowed his eye brows confused.

She didn't hear him from the corridor outside his room.

He turned back and clicked off the link, the stream ended as soon as Madam Macho won and Izuku never did like the analysis of the host, it was always too long and skidded around the actual basis of her quirk than actually explaining what it is and what it does.

That and his thought plan was unorganised, so many jumps from one end to another without any linkage or clearing up any of his thesis.

More so, Izuku is confident that he has their details in his head all deconstructed about their weaknesses, strengths and how the actual quirk is meant to function.

"Mom, can I go on Hero Watch?" Izuku yelled loudly so that his mother could hear him, and when he had received his response he went onto his most loved website and began to read on and on about his favourite heroes.

There was the great duo, Ambi and Dextrous, they really went hand in hand together, and also some feeds on the sports festival about a kid from general education at UA winning first place against the odds, and other interesting things.

Including All Might.

Izuku always checked for All Might's page before going to everyone else's feeds and comments, it made sense since this man was at the top of his list for a while now and was rising the ranks of heroism since his debut— which is practically amazing since you'd have to be eye catching enough to jump and need a quirk equally as flashy as well as outfit, weapons (if needed), personality and his response to the public.

Those were what most popular heroes have gotten anyways, but All Might was different. He did talk shows and all the glamourous life but it felt different, like he didn't mind if he lived a normal life aside from the daily heroism he's use to living in.

Izuku could appreciate as such.

Going back to the feed, he entered through the original feed of most recent hero analysis and began to read in onto the theories, they were never proven since heroes aren't willing to expose their quirk to the public— including the number one hero himself, but it's a fun side hobby to have.

In the entirety he had been on the website, Izuku hasn't ever posted anything on there, he felt that it wouldn't be heroic analysing heroes' weaknesses and strengths since both can be easily manipulated and it's also his lack in the ability to analyse others and organise it into an essay— that was for the bigger boy's, his mother told him.

Still, as he watched new debates and read articles over articles, his love for heroes and analysing would never die.


"Kacchan. Couldn't you propel yourself forward with your quirk? Like boosters?" Izuku asked Katsuki with his head tilted to the side, his hand caressed his notebook filled with childish notes and cute drawings of heroes.

Only a two years after and his friendship with Katsuki is still rocky and intangible. Well, he'd call it friendship but it was merely one following the other despite being told otherwise.

This was the day he realised that not all people are good— even if his mom believes it's true.

Katsuki was extremely mad with Izuku following him like some sort of goon, everyone knew why he hated him and yet the boy has never failed to follow behind him despite being blown away and punched till the consciousness was knocked out of him.

However, he was intrigued with Izuku's hypothesis and had turned to look at the palm of his hand as he walked the streets back to his home.

"I probably can." He grumbled. "But I don't need to prove myself to a quirkless piece of crap. Now stop stalking me."

Izuku ignored the comment and tucked his notes into his backpack, "you could also get arrested for it." Izuku added on, grabbing tightly his bright yellow backpack as he hopped over small pools from this afternoons rain, the sun settled in the distance with the orange glow and yellow tint as it got higher into the sky.

Katsuki remained undeterred but his fingertips tucked tightly into the palm of his hand as he strode ahead of the boy.

"Oh, I'm not stalking either." Izuku decided to answer his question after the prolonged silence, "it's just that I live around here. You know that Kacchan." He beamed.

Katsuki, more predominantly angered than he ever was, turned to the boy. The sun radiated over his body and washed over him and his school uniform as Izuku stood well behind his shadow.

"Listen, I don't care. I've scream and yelled and beaten your useless crap so many time, and like the loser you are, you keep crawling back over my shoes with a dumb look in your eyes and think things will be alright." Katsuki inhaled sharply, cutting through the silence with his vocal chords and leaning over Izuku.

He jabbed a finger at Izuku, pushing the boy back as he took more steps forth, the Amber of the sunlight long left his face and a shadow from the obstruction of sunlight casted over his face menacingly. "You're useless, dumb, unable to function without a friend, stupid— don't forget quirkless imbecile, if you ever think you're going to get anywhere in life, think again."

Izuku tumbled back into the pool he had once leapt over, his bag is muddy from the bottom with splash marks over the front and his trousers had a murky brown stain on them.


"Don't talk to me, don't even look at me. You'll never amount to being anything good." He left without another word, slowly trodding ahead without a care in the world as he left Izuku far back into the broken dreams he had.

Izuku hadn't prepared himself for such harsh words, maybe a fight or some incoherent screaming but Izuku knew better, to fear Katsuki's quiet anger that simmers up slowly rather than let it boil and scald him.

Even then, scalds can heal.

Words can't.


A new found pleasure in Katsuki as he tormented Izuku, the boy would always flinch and cry, he didn't even need to keep up the threats to stop him from telling his mom.

He was the perfect punching bag, deals little damage when flung onto the floor but can be used practically to kick into the sandbox dirt.

It's even better when he figured so many others were on his side, he led a crowd of others to follow in his tyrannical rule against the quirkless, for he is the one with strength and power as well as a quirk suited for great things in the future.

Izuku never stopped showing up to school. He brings his P.E. Kit with him to hide the first aid inside and treat his wounds whenever he is flung onto the wall or tripped by the next person in sight.


Recently, Izuku had gotten back into his analysing. It was a great way to let out thoughts out onto a single sheet of paper— or at least in order to stop his brain from overwhelming.

Then the page becomes essays and those essays became book and those book turn into volumes.


"Midoriya isn't in again today. What on earth is he even doing?" One of Katsuki's goons asked and the explosive boy shrugged, red eyes glancing off to his 'friend' as he knocked off harshly the packet of cigarettes off his hands.

"It's only a month in you dumbass, and like hell I'm getting anything on my record." Growled Katsuki with red, burning fury in his eyes as he stomped over the cigarette and threw the rest of the package in the river.


"Next time don't smoke around me, or else." Threatened Katsuki, but it's not a threat if he can keep it. The goon knew it's more of a promise.


"Izuku hun, your breakfast is here." Inko knocked on the door, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she stood with her head in contact with the mahogany door. "Please open up, you haven't gone to school for a week."

Izuku peaked open the door and gave a smile that hid all his worries and fears.

"It's fine mom, I was just really ill and couldn't think well." He lied to her with his teeth exposed and his eyes darkened, though there was a green glow reflecting off them. "I don't know what even came over me."

Placing the tray onto the side she hugged Izuku, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck.

"Hun, you know. You can always talk to me if you ever feel like this." She added and Izuku nodded as he petted the back of her hair and grasping her tighter, feeling dread and regret spew over him.

"I'm sorry, mom. I'll do better, I'm sure the school would understand." Replied Izuku, leaning back to look into his mother's eyes as his own copied hers and dribbled down tears.

His heart froze from her face, how uncared her skin was and her hair as well as her own clothing which was slightly stained— Izuku hoped that wasn't the lasagna from last week Wednesday. He wanted to speak but she shook her head and gave a warm smile of her own, trembling and wobbly but still filled with determination.

"You don't need to do better, you're already perfect."


Much to his dismay, Izuku went back to school.

The terror never ended, people laughed and mocked his every action and spurred false rumours of him and he made his way to every single class.

He doesn't react as much but it's fine.

He never wants to see the haunting face of sadness from his mother ever again.


Thirteen years old and Izuku had long ago knew that Katsuki is still somewhat of a bad guy. His dream to be a hero was always baffling Izuku when he clearly showed no other traits then to pick on others and be the strongest— even his motive is somewhat along the lines of being the strongest.

Though still, he spouted words at Izuku.

Quite frankly, it hadn't even bothered Izuku as much since he mainly yells the same things as always and not the simmering rage Izuku still fears to this day.

"Why don't you swan dive off the roof, and hope that you'll be reborn with a quirk in your next life?"

Surprised by the suicide instigation, his lips part opened and he is left standing in the classroom as the sun beginning to set in the distance.

Izuku learnt to not write in notebooks anymore, exchanging the paper for something less time consuming and easier to write on.

That is onto online documents where he'd writes to his heart content without even having to stop himself of hold back from lack of pages left, there in front of him is a endless abyss which he can fill with words and thoughts in his head.

That day on, he took a short cut home. Eager to get back home to the two things he loved the most.

His mother and his analysing.

He doesn't understand why Katsuki tormented him always, before it was for his dream to be a hero but everyone knows that the dream is long forgotten and repressed anger for no good reason is flung at him a high speed.


"Hey, Izuku darling, what schools were you thinking of applying to?"

"General division of U.A. but they mainly specialise in heroic there so I was going to go to Hanako's School for the Gifted, if they accept my lack of a quirk." Izuku sighed as he brought up from his bowl some noodles and shoved it down his mouth.

Inko hummed, mouth still filled with some of the sides. She reached over for a drink and slurped down some of its contents before turning back to Izuku.

"I'm sure they will, you've always been bright."

"I hope so."


Izuku had never seen someone cough blood onto him right as he were about to leave the train station but there’s always that for an experience. Concerned, he turned to the man and reached out for a handkerchief, handing it over to him and letting the man wipe off the blood from his face.

“Sorry you had to witness that.” He laughed and Izuku gave a nervous chuckle in response, itching the back of his neck awkwardly as the man proceeded to talk. “I’m sorry about getting blood on your hanky.”

Shaking his head, Izuku outstretched his arm to lift the man to his feet, making sure he is levelled in the floor and is able to walk.

“It’s fine, b-but are you okay? It’s not everyday someone coughs up blood.” Izuku grimaced, “unless it’s a quirk which I highly doubt since the way you seemed to have a moment of shock before realisation and then there’s also the activation process— for all I know it could be sensing danger or something but with such a dangerous reprocussion of blood loss it doesn’t seem to pander out well for you.”

Toshinori blinked before cackling at the now flustered, green haired boy. Hands tucked into one another as he shamefully looked down onto the ground.

“S-sorry, I tend to do that... Mr...” He admitted and drawed on long for the man to reply with his name.

Toshinori patted him onto his back lightly with a gentle squeeze of his arm. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m Yagi Toshinori.”

“Midoriya Izuku.”


The first time Izuku had posted about one of his favourite hero was by accident— whilst he was conscious about posting it, it hadn't actually sunk into him about what he had done, it was a silly comment meant to drift down into the depths of the Hero Watch forums.

It was when someone had made a mistake about a hero, claiming her to be some sort of evil person who needs to be punished but Izuku can see that isn't the case from what he saw of the video of Neridian falling from a high building in her steel form from a fight into an unsuspected civilian who was left behind during the evacuation period.

Izuku knew better, Neridian needed to have the material in her hand in order to shift into another, so she couldn't turn into a feather or those of equivalent since she's meant to fight and to have any material that wouldn't do damage could be a downfall.

At least, that was the most basic way to describe her quirk.

And so, he rambled a little longer before sending a response to the censored video.


Falling off the spinning chair, Izuku's head is spinning and his eyes are hazy from reading so many different posts on the hero, Neridian.

He shook his head and placed himself upright, peaking over the computer table and to the screen in which one line was bold.


Trended days after Izuku's post without him ever realising how big of a deal it was to tell the public of hero's quirks. There were videos on all platforms doing coverage on essential the same basics he went over with a lot more description and dashes of their own spin and twist to it.

Izuku almost blinked when he found his comment being mentioned over and over as though there was a higher value to it than what meets its eyes.

It was a little embarrassing having his username, MightJr01 as his usernames but from an unused account from his younger days, he didn't really bothered to edit much of it— never posting and only reading over others and liking any comments.

"Woah." He muttered with awe as his hand rested on the mouse and moved over to other links, which linked other and others until it went back to his first ever post and had a million likes on it.

He couldn't believe it and the replies were vicious and confronting whilst others were in agreement and kindness but what really caught Izuku's eyes was the compliments.

Agreed! Heroes can make mistakes too. It's not like she actively went and killed that man, he should've evacuated when told then maybe he wouldn't have been dead. Harsh, but true. Good job.

i didnt even know that she needed that!!! So supertastic you knew yourself, Mighty.

Bruh, thank the heavens and stars that @MightJr01 noticed~~ she's getting so much hate I feel so sad ;-; I know it's couldn't have just been he wanting to kill, she's a hero for Pete sake #notneridiansfault.

Izuku gave a warm smile and slammed his head into the desk unintentionally.

"Izuku, you alright Hun?" Inko called from downstairs.

"Just hit my head, mom." He laughed but not for the reason she may think it would be for.

People don't judge online, you're never seen after all.  They won't know if you're ugly, rude, petty, gross, unfair or just blatantly a psycho.

They won't know if you're quirkless.


"Which is why, I conclude, that Kamui Wood deserves just as much attention as Mount Lady, she may have had the very great debut but Kamui is careful with the way he works, quirk essentially unchallenged by most— unless it's pyro-related— and even the right intentions, though the way he phrases things may over exaggerate the actual crime he's dealing with." Izuku beamed as he finished off writing his post, stretching his arm behind his back and tilting his head to the left with his eyes closed tightly.

He yawned and got up from his spot on the computer spinning chair and moving down into the kitchen in order to reach in for some food of his own.

"That took ages." He sighed, taking out a refreshment and downing its contents down his stomach, his hand is on his hip and hair held back by a single clip at the top of his head.

It was his fourth piece of work he posted, whilst the hit count hadn't been anything drastic like millions, it was a start as he steadily gained followers and people who liked his content. He followed through with request but nothing along the lines of weaknesses— unless it was for villains.

Still, he doesn't do it for views or fame, it's more than just that. He does it to fit into the game of the world and it's working, he's beginning to wedge his way into the workings of society and there's nothing that could stop him.


Months since the terror ended and he was now at a distant high school quite a distance from his house and U.A but still had the same route that crosses between the two.

At his school, he forcibly isolated himself in order to avoid conflict. He hadn't made a single friend, only texting online whenever he could to reply to comments and finding his happiness inside his telephone. There's no reason why he should try, it would lead to the same thing with Orudera High School where he'd be beaten and kicked.

It hadn't meant that people hadn't tried. They were trying so hard to get his attention and be inclusive of him but he always kindly excused himself and went to the roof of the school.


Dear MightyJr01,

The Sports Festival is up and coming for the greatest hero school in Japan (U.A.) and I was hoping you'd give me some analysis on some of the students there.

I understand if you can't, but I'd be really honoured. Nothing big but a cute side thing. That is if it's on after the incident.

A huge fan,

Izuku remembered the incident at USJ clearly, it was a close call in honesty that led to most students being beaten into submission by an undisclosed villain— Izuku found ways of getting footage from others, they send it as a link from hacked security camera.

He did feel fear at first, thinking he would be in trouble every step of the day but it wasn't anything along those lines. In fact, it was more liberating since he had more ideas to write down and from those he can create masterpieces.

The villain was some sort of mutant, multiple quirked and not human— according to some audio, there were more where it came from but it's unclear and hard to listen to.

It was the most he could get.

Izuku kept a side compile of this weird creature for whenever he needed to, stored at the top of the drawers in case of sudden thoughts and ideas.

He could only think that it's definitely created, the chances of being born with a third quirk or more is slim to none, so to have multiple creatures appear and all have so much power it must mean something. That and they're controlled by a man behind the scene, no control of their own could be seen.

"They take the shape of human too." Izuku muttered with his nose deep into the textbook, "and it's weird they'd have a human brain rather than being a species of their own. It doesn't mean that they're necessarily an amalgamate of humans, they seem normal enough but it could mean that someone is giving them a quirk, by creating it or taking it. The transfer process is quite hard to tell with nothing to go on."

Izuku sighed and leant back into his spinning chair, tucking away his book and turning towards the message.

"Alright, challenge accepted."


Izuku is sent ticket to watch the sport's festivals, the one you have to order online and print as well as get a confirmation for it and it's by the same person who suggested he analyse the school festival.

Jumping in joy, he showed his mother the ticket in hands and beamed as he held it high into the air. Everything was fine excluding the fact the ticket had another person's name on it— which is explainable.

She applauded and congratulated him and his happiness as he gleefully looked over he ticket with a bright smile on his face. It takes Izuku long to realise that the tickets are exclusive are mainly meant for reporters to access.

“Woah, I get to see close up fights along with the rest of reporters. Oh man, this has always been my dream.” He yelped with a fist high in the air and his eyes glowing with happiness. “But the name isn’t one I can say I’ve heard of.”

“What is it?”

“It’s Athous.” Izuku muttered to himself, “what is that even, Greek?” He rose a brow and dug his nose deep into the sheet. “There’s nothing else, just that.” He sighed disappointedly but it was soon replaced with excited tremors as he jumped once more.

“I can’t wait till the sports festival.”

“Such a shame you can bring your friends.”

Izuku frowned.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

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"Woah, this is U.A?" Izuku marvelled at it large and grandpas structure towering over him as though he were merely a mouse cornered by something greater.

Looking around, so many people had come to view the event and even waited in line for a long time just to get inside at the end of it all.

Izuku went into the reporter's line and handed over his card, a fake name written there from him by a person he's still yet to know— who is Izuku kidding, the ticket could've been fake for all he knows, why would anyone be generous enough to give someone like him one.

Still, he waited with his hand tightened around the ticket as he moved forward, swept away by the crowd of other journalists or reporters who also want to analyse the full extent of their quirk, or at least want an incident to happen so that they can get live coverage of a death or sever injury.

On the way to the front, his hood slipped on at one moment. He doesn't know why but the feeling of unnecessary guilt still built up in his chest and stomach.

He made it to the table, where a hero was standing in front of him, holding his hand out to reach out for a ticket, which he begrudgingly gave as he felt some guilt build up within him in anxiousness.

"Athous, huh." The man glanced up making brief eye contact with Izuku as he make a tear in the ticket and handed over a pass to hang over his neck. "Quite a unique name."

Izuku chuckled with a smile on his face. "S-So I've been told." He said with a low voice as he walked into the building with his hoodie still on.

Izuku walked through the side of the area and could hear the early chatter and bickering from civilians and heroes alike as they discussed the class of 1-A. It isn't so surprising since they've encountered a villain on their very first practical lesson— but they've gotten that lesson at the end of it all and all managed to live with the help of All Might.

Izuku was head over heels finding out that, half tempted to pester U.A for a shot or even a mild glance at his one true hero but not actually going rapid and crazy about it like the media had done on the second day of school.

Izuku snapped his head around when he saw a visible yellow hair style that went up at he back and two bangs curving over his face.

"Mr. Yagi." Izuku greeted with a smile on his face. Toshinori Yagi was a familiar face in his community, always there whenever Izuku was doing something or writing inside the book— he was the only other person who truly enjoyed his company as well as his mother's.

He turned and gave a grin of his own.

"Izuku. How are you, my boy? Didn't think you'd be here." He patted Izuku on the head, messing up his hair and tangling it into his curls.

Izuku shook his head side to side and clenched his fist high into the air. "Me either, I got invited to watch."

"Really now, whoever it is must be so kind to have given you a ticket. It's pricy alright." Toshinori let out a huff of air as he retracted his hand from Izuku head and tucked it into his pocket. "A friend of yours?"

Izuku scratched the back of his head, "yes, I guess so." He replied and Yagi doesn't wait for him to elaborate. "Didn't expect there to be this many people."

Toshinori nodded, "well, with the incident at USJ, it's kind of hard not to be excited with the students who survived the villain attack."

Izuku nodded, "expected as much." He sighed with his hands in his pockets. "But, it's really large, is it not?" He tugged onto the collar of the shirt underneath his hoodie in order to take in some air and stop him from becoming stuffy along with his surroundings.

"Expected of Nedzu."

"Oh, the principal right? That's who you're talking about am I correct?" Izuku asked with his head tilted to the side and his finger pointed like a gun up in the air against his chin perpendicularly. "Surprised you know about him, he likes to lay low so it's hard to find anything about him online."

Toshinori nodded at Izuku and his connections, "my boy, you know quite a lot it's actually frightens me at times."

Izuku gave a chuckle and waved Toshinori off. "Well, I guess it cause I like knowing, people say ignorance is bliss but it's more practical to have knowledge."

Toshinori was interrupted by a series of bleeping from his mobile device as well as a loud boisterous voice calling his phone, sounding suspiciously like All Might.

"Woah, I've never heard of that automated response before, it sounds exactly like All Might." Izuku beamed. "You a fan too?"

"Well no, but I guess I work alongside him. Nothing hero like but a side thing." He smiled with a wink and Izuku's eyes shone brighter than they ever had before. "But, I've got to go, I'll see you later?"

"Of course." Izuku smiled. He walked down the large and spacious halls of U.A and entered the set area for journalists. He took his space at the chosen spot up front near the edge and watched everyone else in the crowd begin to settle in.

In one hand, he took out a notebook and in another he took out a pencil to write with. His school work is left at home as most events are cancelled because of these festivals— the only other thing more popular than this would have to be the Olympics itself.

He smiled to himself and gripped the pencil tighter in his hand as he pressed down the lead onto the sheet of paper.

Izuku was ready.


"I hadn't expected this much of a crowd." Gasped Izuku as he looked around at the other reporters who were preparing to broadcast to the public. He held his hand tighter then he ever had before and clenched his fist tightly in the palm of his hand.

He just needed to breathe slowly. Eight seconds coming in and eight leaving his lungs, out to the air as waste.

It was barely controlled by Izuku trying to be calm and relaxed but if anything he felt slightly more agitated and bouncy, flinching at every single thing that moved in his proximity.

It's fine since this is probably as much people that can fit here without it having to be a health hazard.

"Sir, are you fine?" He was asked by a concerned civilian but he merely waved his hands around fanatically and shook his head.

"I-I'm good." He replied. "Just excited." Izuku beamed at be man and he seemed convinced enough to move away but still his eyes wondered over and glanced at Izuku whenever he had a chance.

Izuku squirmed uncomfortably in his sight and tangled his hands onto his lap, lips pressed tightly together and his breathing is slowly increasing in pace.

"Just stay calm."

Clearly, Izuku didn't like large crowds. So many people surrounding him made him feel as though he was being stared at, like everyone could see the facade he built up with his barehand.

"WELCOME TO THIS YEARS SPORTS FESTIVAL! TODAY WE'RE HERE WITH THE SURVIVORS OF USJ, CLASS 1-A." Midnight called out, snapping her whip excitedly in the air as she gestured towards the entrance onto the area.

Izuku's heart almost froze and face paled instantly, the first face he had forgotten he would see, Bakugou Katsuki.

As always, Katsuki walked with confident strides and the condescending smirk still stood wide on his face as he bathed in the attention of other people.

Izuku had forgotten that he went into U.A, twirling his fingers he stared down at his lap and listened to the announcement, his breathing erratic and eyes trembled as he glanced left and right at a fast rate, leaving his vision just as blurry.

Midnight gestured over to Katsuki with her hand extended. "NOW A WORD FROM THE VERY BOY WHO PLACED FIRST IN THE ENTRANCE EXAM."

"I'm going to be number one, try and take it from me." Said Katsuki, Izuku unable to do anything but re-listen to the voice he doesn't want to remember. Still, he stared back up to the stadium and saw the boy cause an uproar for all the other students and viewers.

He doesn't need to create another profile of Katsuki, quirks don't change— you can find new usage but essentially everything still kept consistent.

Such a shame it also apply to people.

Even so, Izuku watched the arena and kept himself calm for most of the time.

"FIRST EVENT! THE OBSTACLE RACE." Called out Midnight, one leg extended and hand on her hip as she pulled on either ends of her whip in a playful manner. "PLAYERS WILL HAVE TO GET THROUGH A PATHWAY AND THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE STAGES TO THE RUN. ALL PLAYERS GET READY AND LINE UP AT THE START."

Izuku sighed, he knew that these kinds of events suited Katsuki's quirk, but he still felt bile rise up his throat and stomach churned with this morning's breakfast.

He doesn't leave. Just listens to the endless reports surrounding him and the cheers of the viewers.

Izuku can see the sparks in his hand flair up and flash, even though it's so small when far away it feels close up and loud, thunderous he may even say. The sound constantly echoed within his mind and chimed in his ears as he pressed his hand against one another and stared down at the ground.

Then there's the screams of everyone, the announcer— Present Mic who was by himself this year, usually he had another guest with him but Izuku guessed that there was no point for it since he made spectacular points.

"Kid, lets go." Same man who had been watching over him came from behind, holding him up and guiding him over to the side of the stadium where the lavatory was, leaning him up against the wall. "Breathe alright."

"B-but the match, you're going to miss it." Complained Izuku but not directly to the man, his hand rested on his chest and his fingers was pressed against the walls.

Scoffing, the man placed a hand on Izuku's head and flicked his forehead. Surprised, Izuku winced and reached for his head in a pained manner.

"W-What was that for?" His voice jumped octaves.

"Thinking about other things rather than your health." He replied, shaking his head left and right, "I'm taking you to the infirmary, and you're not going to complain."

Izuku doesn't say anything, only following behind the man, "you're Eraserhead, I couldn't recognise you for a moment but it makes sense I guess."

Eraserhead quirked a brow and turned back to Izuku. "What's that meant to mean?"

"You're the only hero whose civilian clothes are the same as their hero clothes... that and your scarf, metal alloy fibres which are great against most elements and flexible enough to manoeuvre in all sorts of direction. I'd never thought I'd get to see it in person." He felt himself drool over the scarf but kept his hands to himself as the man let out a scoff of amusement.

"And you're Athous?" He read the pass and Izuku embarrassingly twirled it in his hand, skimming over the pass slowly and playing with it.

"One and only." He lied and it’s clear to any onlookers.

"Well, I'm not on duty at the moment so you can call me Aizawa, Athous." He introduced and Izuku nodded his head in confirmation.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Aizawa. But you said you're not on duty at the moment? Are you participating in the festival this year?"

Eraserhead gave Izuku a light nod, "I'm meant to be with Present Mic right now. But I wanted to see something. Ended up helping you."


"No need to apologise. Safety is more important, plus I've told him I'd be there by the second event at least." He answered, dragging the green haired boy across the hallway and into the infirmary.

When arriving, Izuku noticed how empty it was, no one was inside ready to be healed, just him and two of the teachers at the school.

"Oh dear, we already have someone injured?" Recovery Girl stated with her hand on her cheek and the other resided on top of a cane that resembled a syringe. "Oh, I haven't seen you around here before."

Aizawa shook his head and proceeded to explain the situation to Recovery Girl— Izuku couldn't believe that she was here, his heart is going to explode in his chest from the exposure of so many of his beloved heroes— and she tended to him by letting him rest on one of the bed near the screen displaying the stadium cheers.

"I'm sorry you had to go through all of this." She stated solemnly, "take some gummy bears and watched from here."

"Thanks ma'am, apologies for taking up the area." Izuku politely nodded without going into an over exaggerated bow and becoming flustered.

"It's fine, it's fine." She insisted. "I would want everyone to be safe and should feel it."


Recovery Girl and Izuku have a nice chatter amongst one another about quirks and their functions, the doctor appeared to have some knowledge on how they work and functions of quirks so it was quite a fun debate.

Izuku wasn't on the winning or losing side, it was more of a spew of thoughts all formed together.

"Quirks can have weaknesses, but if you turn to All Might, anyone should know that he has no weaknesses known to any of the public, but watching all his clips four years after his debut you can tell he protected his left side more, it's hard to tell since he's always quick to finish the villain off." Izuku added on, holding a fist to the air and bringing it down to hit his fist.

Recovery Girl's eyes narrowed. "Go on?"

Izuku hummed while itching his scalp, "so, it's clearly his weakness but as long as he can create a great enough facade to avoid having his weakness exposed, then fundamentally he is going to stay the strongest man in Japan for a while. But, his quirk is either Emitter or Transformation, meaning that if faced with someone like Eraserhead, he's going to lose if too reliant on his quirk and power."

She paused momentarily, watching over Izuku curiously as her eyes met his own, "transformation?"

"W-Well yeah, you never see All Might walking around Japan with shopping bags, he's well known in this country— heck even in some other parts of Asia he's popular— but yet he is never seen buying things or acting as a normal civilian." Izuku elaborated with his fist clenched on his lap.

Taking a breath out, the green haired teen shut his eyes and stared up at the lights above him, shining down onto his face and reflecting off the surface of his eyes.

"He may have a different form which would make more sense than being cooped up at home till it's time to play heroes, and the way he could avoid the press is explained too. If he were a transformation type than he could hide, turn into someone else and walk a normal life without being bombarded by the press. We don't even know what his real name could be!" Izuku yelled loudly but was quickly hushed by Recovery Girl's shushes. "Sorry."

"It's fine, it's nice to see a child so enthusiastic about heroes and quirks." She complimented, "have you ever told anyone else?" She asked casually and Izuku shook his head side to side violently with his hands waving around crazily.

"Of course not! I'd never expose a hero whether my theories are true or not. It'd be unfair, and especially All Might. I might as well personally give my work to a villain than to tell anyone other than pro-heroes."

Recovery Girl gave a smile and handed over a few more gummies over to Izuku's direction— which he took kindly and placed it down onto the tip of his tongue to dissolve.

"Recovery Girl, we've got a few injuries over here."

Both Izuku and Chiyo turned to the door where a few of the support students and general education students stood. Recovery Girl got up and led the students onto other unoccupied beds.

"Ah, do you need any help?" Asked Izuku.

"I'm not allowed let you help sadly."

"T-Think of it as treatment, I'd feel guilty if I'm not allowed to anything but laze about." He said with a wobbly smile and she followed him with her eyes and stared at him for a long moment.

"Don't go into the cabinets or touch anything unless told to, you can serve them water or keep them company at most."

Izuku saluted, "Yes ma'am."


Collapsing face first into the bed, Izuku buried his face into the depths of its softness. He let out an unprecedented groan and shook his head side to side with his face pressed up against the springs of the mattress.

"I didn't think it'd be so long, the second event took longer than I thought it did and so many got injured by it." Izuku added on with a sigh. "T-They're doing the third trial soon, is it alright if I jump to the bathroom real quick?"

"Course sonny, don't go wondering off however." She said whilst tending to a less injured student. Izuku nodded his head and began walking to the lavatory.

Sighing, he closed his eyes and threaded slowly, taking his time admiring the school and its infrastructure, he had gotten a few looks from some of the students but none had actually bothered to stop or question him. He continued on forth down the pathway.

"If you'd just use your fire side, you could've won. Now that Bakugou brat is in the lead and you're second place."

Izuku eyes widened and he hid behind one of the walls, peaking out to see the number two hero Endeavour, or known as Todoroki Enji, with his son, Todoroki Shouto.

"I don't need to use your power." Shouto added on with a straight face, he brushed off his father's arm and was about to walk away but was stopped by another tug from Endeavour to his wrist, Izuku could see the tightness of the grip as Shouto's skin creased in where he grip was held.

"You will follow in my footsteps, stop this petty tantrum and use it." He snarled, the flames of his beard increasing in side and blowing back.

Before he even knew what he was doing, he grasped Shouto's hand and pulled him out of Endeavour's grip. "A-Ah, T-Todoroki. Recovery G-Girl is looking for you."

Izuku wanted to punch himself in the face for his stupidity, why on earth would he tried to get involved with something that clearly had nothing to do with him.

"Right. I'll be leaving." Shouto said as he walked off calmly, Izuku let go of his cold hand and watched him walked off.

Enji growled with his fingers tucked into the palm of his hand and he hit the side of the room. "Go scram, brat." He told Izuku who stood in front of the man with a determined green glint in his eyes.

"I-I'm not Recovery Girl. Neither am I Present Mic or Best Jeanist. Or All Might." Izuku said to the man with a cold glare directed right at the number two hero.

Enji scoffed but wasn't entirely following the conversation. "I'm aware."

"Then I'm sure that you understand that Todoroki isn't you." Izuku said and the man's eyes burnt with fury. He walked off without needing to turn back to Endeavour. "He can be a hero through his own accord."

Endeavour gave a small grunt, "what makes you think your opinion matters. You're not even participating in the sports festival." He hadn't laughed but Izuku can hear him mocking him with his tone of voice.

Not turning around, he stood still and stared in front of him. "Well, if my opinions not in value then I'm sure that yours isn't necessarily better, property damage, loss of more lives than those saved, potential family abuser. Isn't it weird how the public doesn't know you yet?"

Enji doesn't say anything, standing proudly in his spot and crossing his arms over his torso.

"I have connections, why else would a kid like myself be here. And I know a few people who'd love to get their hands on juicy information about the number two hero... of course with evidence."

"You're bluffing, kid." Enji smirked and his blazing flames grew higher. "But your confidence is something."

"It's easy when talking to burning trash." Izuku taunted as he sauntered off away from Enji, ignoring his calls and yells back.

After taking a turn to the left, Izuku collapsed down onto the ground with his hand on his chest and his eyes shut tightly. He crawled away quickly back to Recovery Girl— he can use the lavatory later, he wasn't so desperate after all.

"You lied."

Izuku deviated his head from the ground and looked up to Shouto staring down at him, hands on either side of his body and a cold stare at his direction, though there wasn't any ill intent.

Jumping up, Izuku waved his hands around in a flustered manner and itched the back of his head.

"I-I couldn't help it. I saw you in trouble and m-my legs moved before I could." Izuku smiled awkwardly as he stood on his knobbly knees with his body still trembling.

Shouto's eyes soften and he gave a light nod at Izuku's direction. "Thank you, but you didn't need to threaten him for me. It doesn't bother him since it ain't true."

Izuku presses his lips together. "Some parts were the truth." He admitted with his finger's twirling into one another. "He really is a snob."

That startled Shouta and had gotten a snort out of him, a small smile came onto his face as he looked at Izuku. "Agreed."

"But... earlier you said it's not your power. I-I don't mean to prod or anything but I don't understand, y-your quirk is a mixture of your parents sure but it's not theirs. It belongs to you."

His smile dissipated and the once cold stare returned onto his features once more, eyes squinted and his jaw tightly shut, teeth grinding in his mouth.

"I refuse to believe that. It's his and he gave it to me." Shouto said disgusted.

Izuku hummed lightly, "so if I get a gift, it doesn't belong to me but whoever gave it to me? It doesn't work like that, quirks always change generation through generation. I know a kid who's mom has a quirk that can make her skin younger whilst his dad can produce nitroglycerin. Sounds like it'd be a poor mixture but now their child can create explosions."


Izuku rapped his knee and levelled himself to Shouto's eye level, but still fell a little short of his height, "I-I'm saying you need to grow up. As a hero, if you use half your power then you might as well quit, there are so many people who are more than willing to use their powers despite its backgrounds. And if you're just here to spite your father than just quit."

Izuku brushed Shouto off and went back to the direction of Recovery Girl's infirmary, he didn't collapse or fall like he had done so with Enji, only stared ahead with his eyes hazy and filled with no life.

How could Shouto do that? Izuku tried to be a hero ever since he was a child and he couldn't due to some chance of genetics, he was put down for it and mocked by those with their own powers, and he dared have the audacity to tell Izuku his true intentions isn't to be a true hero?


"Ah, Athous. You took quite long I was wondering what happened." Recovery Girl called out and Izuku went back to his ginormous grin.

"L-Lost myself for a while." He admitted as he reached for the back of his neck and itched it awkwardly.

"Well, there's a girl over there who had just battled with someone and is injured quite a bit." Said Recovery Girl jabbing her thumb over to the covered sheets that obstructed his view of her. "She's going to be here since all her stamina was used up, so just give some company."

Nodding, Izuku walked over to the blinds and pulled it back. "Hi, I'm M— Athous. I'm just here to t—." Izuku stopped himself when he saw the Girl was outright sobbing into her blanket. Her brown hair curved into her face and hid her face, whilst her hand gripped the sheets of the bed.

"Ah, I-I'm sorry." She looked up and her face was stained with tears, "I w-was just really hoping to prove myself." As she wiped her tears away, she turned away from the boy.

"I-It's fine." Mumbled Izuku quietly. He sat stil for a while, eyes drifting off before returning back to Uraraka ever so often to check her condition. "You're Uraraka, right? Your quirk was so nifty and I could see that you really went all out. Y-Your opponent was clearly stronger and held nothing back for you but you still held your ground which kinda proves yourself."

She stopped sniffling and turned back to Izuku who fiddled with his thumbs and tucked back a strand of his green hair back behind his ears.

"That end move caught him off guard. I'd say if you were just a few more second quicker you could've won." He admitted to her, "since the dust cloud formed and he couldn't see your form but you used up all your stamina by then so you couldn't reach him on time. But he was definitely wary of you, you can tell by the way he kept going at you, not giving you time to think up anything."

She wiped away her tears and buried her face into her knees to get rid off the remaining stains off her face before looking back over at him.

"I'm Uraraka Ochako, but I guess you already knew that. Sorry for this ungodly crying." She said wiping the rest of her tears from her face and flickering them off her fingers. "But, do you really think so?"

"I know so, since you fought him, did you see anything weird he did with his quirk?" Izuku asked and she pressed her closed hand onto her chin.

"Not that I know of." She frowned.

Izuku nodded, "thought as much. The easiest way to take someone out is by one big blow, and seeing his quirk from afar you can see that he kept using it over and over again to fight you off. You overwhelmed him to a point where he couldn't build up enough sweat in his palms to activate his power." He added on and her eyes widen, "he was that wary of you. You weren't looked down upon, he fought with you just like he would have with anyone else."

Ochako hummed, not knowing what else to add on as her lips pressed tightly against one another.

"Thanks Athous." She said, mispronouncing the name and butchering it completely.

"Y-You can always call me Deku." He introduced himself again with an extended hand. He wasn't prepared to give away his real name, especially with a pro-hero nearby.

She shook his hand and gave a grin of her own, "Deku? Sounds kinda like 'you can do it!' Doesn't it?"

Izuku felt his chest swell up, he had always known his name to be one thing but now he has a different meaning to it.

"It's suits you." She beamed and Izuku wanted to melt from the smile radiating off her.


"The last match is coming up, between Bakugou and Todoroki." Uraraka tugged onto his sleeve and dragged Izuku back to the stadium, "the two of the strongest players."

Izuku felt himself sweating constantly, and all the life nearly drained out of him. He had known Katsuki strength but hadn't realised how tough Shouto had been. He bit his tongue for calling out the teen but he hadn't regretted a single word that left his mouth surprisingly.

"I-I don't even know if I should be near your Sector, I'm part of the other reporter section of the stadium, couldn't I get into deep trouble for this? I-I'm meant to be a patient." He elaborated and Ochako turned to Recovery Girl.

"Can I bring him to the stadium, ma'am?" Asked Uraraka with her head tilted to the left.

"No, it's quite alright. But that is if he's fine with it. I don't want to see him back here unless it's anything other than a patient." She eyed him and Ochako.

"I-I don't think I can handle crowds." Izuku admitted, rubbing his arm as his eyebrows twitched from the wave of anxiousness that swept over him and his body like a river through a stream, smooth and coaxing yet suffocating.

"Oh sorry, I probably should've asked. I'll stay with you."

"It's fine, Uraraka." Aizawa had walked into the infirmary, behind him a yellow sleeping bag and in his other hand was a juice pouch. "I wanted to speak with Athous here anyways."

Uraraka blinked but begrudgingly she gave in and left the room for the two adults, most of the other students had went to the stadium to see the last, ultimate battle between the strongest of the two.

Izuku turned to the two with a sweating forehead and slippery palms, had he already been caught by U.A staff and so quickly, is this where he would end his journey and be jailed. What would his mother even think of him and his actions, she'd be so upset and worried about him.

"Don't worry, it's nothing of the sort. We just want to ask questions." He said.

Izuku becomes flustered, face bright red in embarrassment after realising that he had been speaking aloud to these two pro heroes in the room.

"W-What kind?"

"You're name isn't really Athous, it be nice to have something to call you by." Aizawa added on.

"Midoriya, Midoriya Izuku." He reintroduced himself to the two pro heroes in the room, "please take good care of me." He bowed politely with his eyes shut tightly.

Aizawa exhaled and took a seat on one of the stool beside the bed, gesturing for Izuku to do the same. "Long story short, we wanted to know if you were the person behind 'MightyJr01'?"

Izuku blinked once, then twice, then a third time before giving a confused response. "Yes. I'm them? Is there something wrong with that?"

Eraserhead fell back on his stool and placed his hand to his face in a frustrated manner. "God, this is going to be hard to tell the rest of the U.A. staff."

Izuku tilted his head to the side and looked at Aizawa, "what do you mean?" He swung his legs around childishly as he gripped either side of the stools.

"Well, I'm sure Nedzu would love to tell you everything. That mouse, bear hybrid took a lot of things to account but not this." He almost wanted to laugh and Izuku still was baffled by Aizawa and his words.

Nedzu wanted him?


Izuku smacked his head, accidentally letting his thoughts slip out is quite a bad habit of his.


"Well, this is something I was unable to foresee, even with my intellect I've didn't think that MightyJr01 would have been a child." Nedzu took a cup of tea with his paw and brought it to his lips. Placing down the paw print mug onto the saucer he waltzed around his desk to Izuku and analysed him with his own eye.

"P-Please, just call me Midoriya or Izuku." He asked with a flush on his face. "I'd rather no be called that for the remainder of this talk."

"Of course, I'm Nedzu. Principal of U.A." He took Izuku's hand with his paw and shook it.

"Whilst I'm honoured to meet you, I-I'd like to know the reason. I-I don't think I can take so much stress." He held his stomach anxiously and had his lips pressed tightly together.

"I was going to hire you." Said Nedzu and Izuku physically stopped functioning as his head was overwhelmed with multiple thoughts and ideas.

"Eh?" He croaked

"That was until I realised that you're not as old as I've been led to believe." He added on and Izuku mind pretty much was going to implode as his mind went back of any thoughts. "It's such a shame, but I would love to offer you a placement in the general division." Nedzu continued and Izuku could've fainted there and then.

Izuku pointed to himself in exaggeration, "M-Me? But I-I write s-silly articles of t-theories and how to i-improve a hero's power."

"It was very helpful, you know the ratings of all heroes analysed by you have significantly increased or boosted their fame to a high level." Nedzu added, "and it's everything but silly, you've thought of every outcome and how a hero can face it with little damage. And the villain analysing helped officers and heroes catch villains easily. Your quirk is essentially the most powerful one out there."

"H-huh?" Izuku furrowed his eyebrows, "I-I don't have a quirk."


"Just give me a call whenever you want to transfer to U.A, I'll deal with everything from there."

The words chimed in Izuku head as he gripped the rim of his hoodie and took a bus back home, he couldn't believe he was given a job offer then a placement at U.A. his heart could literally swell in his chest from excitement and glee.

A place at U.A, what would his mother even think? She'd faint as the words leave his mouth.

But for now, Izuku doesn't want to take up the offer, as much as he wanted to leap into the air and show off, he had one problem and it was Katsuki Bakugou.

He certainly didn't want to think about it.

But then he remembered Uraraka and a grin appeared in his face.

"Oh my god, I spoke to a girl." He became flustered.



“Still, I wonder who Athous is.” Izuku pondered as he finished typing up the last piece of his work and stretching his back.

Somewhere in U.A. Shouta Aizawa sneezed.

Chapter Text

Nezu frowned at the cackling noise of Present Mic and the rest of the teachers inside the room, he still kept a warm smile but didn’t really appreciate how his staff reacted to such a small fine print.

The boy’s intelligence excelled, his mind was always thinking with no off switch and going through some records, Nezu was able to find that his score in most exams surpassed the average. If Izuku had wanted he could’ve gotten into the best school programs in the world.

The childish username wasn’t necessary to analyse, people choose what they feel rather than what they admire so Nezu assumed that it only meant he was a fan of All Might and not actually a junior.

But when he came across the boy’s work, he had assumed that it was an adult. The account was well over a few years old, existing back when the boy was four years old as it says in his bio. The way he formatted his work was professional, not random or sporadic, everything had an order and a place. Every words wasn’t chosen wisely and the phrasing of his words were specific.

It’d be hard to think it was merely a child with an analyzing quirk, because even if he had the ability to analyze it didn’t mean that Izuku could have formatted it perfectly as well, that’s something which would take years of polishing and yet Izuku already shines bright.

That was the second thing that Nezu assumed, that it was some power that allowed Izuku to see the functions of a person’s quirk but apparently, that was another thing that Nezu was wrong about in his life. It was purely due to hard work and dedication that Izuku was able to analyze at his level and that is something Nezu wanted to see in all of his students.

“Y-You thought,” Present Mic, or Hizashi, wiped away a tear from his eye as he took in a large sum of air, “that MighttJr01 was a grown man.”

“Yes. I had.” Confessed Nezu with his paws behind his back as he hopped over onto the table and drew closer to Hizashi’s direction. “Is there a problem?”

“It’s just you were so confident and so sure, then there’s the double bam where you realise he’s not only a child, but quirkless too.” Hizashi called out, this had gotten a stir from the other teachers as they began to let out a snort or stifled laughter.

“So, what did you do then?” Nemuri, or better known as Midnight, had asked Nezu, her elbows on the table holding up her head as she looked over to Nezu.

“Offered him a placement. He has yet to agree but hopefully he will in due time.” Nezu gave a cynical chuckle as he waddled over back to his seat and stood on the booster seat of his chair.

Everyone kept silence of Nezu’s animalistic tendencies.

“So, who’s the mystery boy?” Questioned Vlad King, or Kan, his arms crossing over his torso as he sat back on his seat.

“Midoriya Izuku, 15 years of age, quirkless and the sole editor of the account MightyJr01 on Hero Watch.” Nezu gave away the piece of information. His arms crossed behind his back as he stood tall on his seat.

Toshinori snapped his head, placing his hands onto the table and pushing himself up from the chair. “Wait, green hair, green eyes with freckles on his face?” Inquired Toshinori with a glint in his blue eyes.

Mildly surprised, Nezu turned to Toshinori with a light nod of his head, “yes, that’s him. How did you know of him?”

Toshinori lowered himself back onto his seat and itched the back of his head, “yes, a year ago I met him when I had accidentally couched up blood on him.” He confessed, embarrassed with the meet up, “and from there I just kept seeing him around so we’d talk.”

Nezu hummed in response.

“He’s a problem child,” Shouta has gotten the attention of the U.A staff as he laid in his chair with his yellow sleeping bag on, “he cares more of others than himself and I feel like he has a self-sacrificing strike like you, Yagi.” He glared at Toshinori who cowered in his seat.

Recovery Girl, Shūzenji Chiyo, spoke up from her spot at one of the chairs. “I agree with Aizawa.”

Thirteen piped into the conversation with a small wave, “how do we know that he’s actually analysing rather than being hired by someone to take over his spot?”

Shūzenji pressed her hand against the edge of the table, “he gave me a full analysis on Toshinori and speculations on his quirk, whilst some bits of information was wrong, he still was able to tell me his weakness and potentially anyone who can defeat him.”

Toshinori eyes widened.

“He noticed your injury, or rather noticed that your weakness was on your left side and you were protecting it four years after your debut, or rather, one year after you fought with All For One.” She added on and the room went quite at her sentence.

“Who can defeat All Might? You said he made speculations, did he bring up All For One?” Power Loader piped in with his fingers intertwined on his fingers and pressing it against the table.

The tension in the room rose.

“No, he hadn’t. Midoriya mentioned that Toshinori’s quirk couldn’t have been mutant and so it was either transformation or emitter, and potentially someone with a quirk like Shouta could defeat him if he is too reliant on his quirk.” Chiyo continued to talk, piercing the silence of the room with her voice and slicing it with her sound.

Nezu closed his beady eyes and pressed his paws together, placing his chin onto the bridge of his nose.

“But, when asked about if he has revealed such a secret he looked mortified, as though it was blasphemy to even think such a thought.” Shuzenji elaborated, tucking her chair deeper into the table. “I checked his forums to confirm it and when rereading over his works I could see that he kept true to his word, he only ever wants to improve a heroes power and never place any limits onto it.


"Hosu. This is where Stain injured Ingenium, wasn't it?" Mumbled Izuku with his hand on his chin and the other in his pocket as he walked the streets of Hosu. The train wasn't so far from his school and since he left early he had some time to kill.

Strolling down, he kicked a leg out and began to walk backwards on the pavement, looking at the blue sky and being mesmerised by its aqua colour despite the setbacks made by stain which slandered the reputation of this really nice town.

Izuku did like Stain's ideals, but not the way he went about them. Some people just don't deserve to be heroes after all due to their own negligence or behavioural problems but they still lead a life of glory and fame, the chains of their past having little to no effect on their career at the moment.

He came to Hosu for other reasons rather than to explore the place or because he hadn't had any school, it's due to get his mobile collected at the largest post office, the person who had found it was kind enough to send it there and give him the address to the place and so knowing where the place is, Izuku didn't need to rush.

Izuku didn't intend on meeting Stain, he's certainly loved to analyse quirks, especially when there's an air of mystery he can't put his finger on, but it's not worth his life.

Who'd look after his mother? She would isolate herself just like he did and the boredom is painfully lonely.


"Have you seen a teen, just about a head taller than yourself, and a suit which resembled pro-hero Ingenium?" Izuku turned to Manuel, one of the only hero patrolling Hosu as the rest leapt to another town for their safety.

Izuku would've fanboyed if it weren't for the worrying tone in his voice.

"N-No, I'm sorry sir." Izuku apologised and Manuel gave a sigh of his own and a strained smile before running off down the pavement.

He hummed and continued walking down the pavement but the sound of his footsteps were louder and the pounding of his heart thundered as he kept up the pace of running, arms flailing side to side and eyes glancing over left and right.

Izuku remembered then that Stain always killed at the back of alleyways and abandoned building and with that limited amount of knowledge on the man he sprinted ahead of him, gliding across the pavement whenever he stopped to turn corners.


A mobile phone was found quite close to one pathway leading up to an alley.

It was an older model, something he wasn't exactly use to using but it was better than disappearing out of nowhere and having no one find him or his body.

From there, Izuku lifted it and sent his location as well as a cryptic message to whomever would receive it in this person's contacts as he turned to the next alleyway ahead of him.

More so, if the boy is really nearby then it would be great to have some chance of saving him if he's in danger. Stain is known to move from city to city, not wanting to be tracked down by any force of authority, so it's highly unlikely he'd keep around for long in Hosu.

Hiding behind the wall of one of the building, Izuku turned his head to the next alley and peered in, prodding out to catch a glance of the sudden shrill voice. "You're not a true hero, you've come here lusting for revenge that you couldn't even receive. Society is so broken and tainted by your putrid colours— your so called honesty— but I should've guessed you'd be a bad hero. Brother like brother."

It was frightening seeing Stain in person, the way movies or films over exaggerated such terrors were minuscule to the actual thing, his heart was beating as he peered down at the floor to see one of the U.A students on the floor with his hands on either side of his torso and legs which are unable to move.

By the side of the alley was another hero, Izuku recognised him as the pro hero Native, the other person patrolling Hosu from the start rather than jumping onto the bandwagon of success.

Stain's long sword lifted into the air and plunged into the arm of Tenya, who winced but still hadn't budge from the shock. Izuku pondered, could it be that his quirk was to paralyse heroes and so it's easy to get rid of them without them struggling?

The phone he had lifted from his pocket buzzed in his back pocket and he took it out, fumbling with the device and turning it off.

"Get our from your hiding place." Stain ordered with the sword held horizontally to point at Izuku's direction.

Izuku couldn't flee and so he exposed himself to the heroes and villain. Native gasped and Tenya has yet to see his face as he was flat on the ground facing downwards, head turned left.

Izuku didn't have to fight him, just distract him long enough until someone reads the messages he sent out and come save him and the other two people here.

"Who are you?"

"D-Deku." Izuku introduced, holding his breath as he took a step forward and legs trembling at the situation.

"Well, run. I'm only cleansing this society of those who are bad, civilians have no means of interference." Bellowed Stain and Izuku was almost tempted to listen and run with his tail in between his legs as cowardice possessed him.

Almost that was.

He closed his eyes and sighed loudly at his stubbornness, he doesn't understand why but even when the heroes are yelling at him to run, he noticed the look of dread on both their faces and his body can't react in any other way other than to save them.

"I-Ingenium was a good hero." Izuku said with his hand slowly lowering down to his hips, "he saved so many people and didn't care much about the fame at all. H-He was down to earth and chill from multiple witness accounts and certainly didn't neglect his position as a hero."

Stain eyes narrowed down at Izuku, almost as though it was asking him to continued, but with or without being told, Izuku continued to speak.

"Y-You have good ideal, but the way you went about it wasn't the best." Izuku said. "So many heroes died when they had no evil past behind them, like Echolescent and Double-Up, they wanted nothing than to protect civilians. D-Did you know Echolescent risked his life so many times that he almost had to quit his job as a hero due to so many injuries sustained?" Cried out the green hair boy as he turned to the bandaged man with a solemn look in his eyes. "It includes Ingenium."

"The only true hero is All Might. He doesn't care about fame or money, only wanting to save because he wanted to. These people may have had good intentions now but they'll all turn out to be another Endeavour, even his son's started taking the wrong path." Stain grimaced with his eyes narrowed and his sword lowered down to his side.

"Endeavour had damaged property, killed unnecessarily when the villain could easily be captured, abused so many people and doesn't even care for his own family." Izuku said with a frown on his face. "B-But it doesn't mean he deserves to die. No one deserves to die, and even when they do who said it's your choice to decided?"

Stain took a leap over Tenya's body and both heroes are yelling at him to run away or something but he stands there wilting away all his confidence but the determination in his eyes were as strong as ever. A knife his held to his neck perpendicularly but not actually pressed against to kill or hurt him, just clutched there with little to no force.

"Y-You don't actually believe in your ideals, you've derailed a while ago when you've began to kill innocent heroes who actually do want to save. N-Not everyone is the next Endeavour and that includes his son."

Stain, clearly unhappy, began to snarl as the blade was pressed harsher on the top of Izuku's skin, Izuku took a precautionary step back in order to avoid any pain but the man was quick to wrap his arm around his neck and transferred the weapon to his cheek.

"And you think it's becoming of a hero like him," he gestured over to Tenya who was still unable to move, "a boy who came solely for revenge rather than to save that hero over there," he moved his blade to point a Native, "is becoming of a hero?"

Izuku stared hard at Tenya, "it isn't."

Stain grinned.

"But, he is a hero in training for a reason. He needs to make mistakes now in order to avoid making them later." Izuku informed Stain, "w-what he did was stupid anyways and could cost him his spot at U.A. anyways? Why kick someone when they're already down?"

Stain lightly hummed as the grin of his face grew larger. "But wouldn't it be easier to cut the weed before it spouts."

"DUCK!" A yell came from behind and Izuku kicked stain hard in the shin as he was distracted by the sudden shout coming from behind him, he rolled over to soften his blow and went to look at the boy who saved his life.

He saw Shouto Todoroki with his ice ensnaring the villain in a large cube of ice.

"I got the message, hope I made it on time." Shouto stated as he panted, he was out of breath from running over to the scene. This could work to Izuku's advantage.

"You could've just left... but instead you stayed to lecture me." Stain coldly informed Izuku, escaping the man-made prison and leaping high into the air. "But I guess one more body wouldn't mean anything. And to think I thought you were a civilian. You're just like them, aren't you? But so self-aware of yourself."

Izuku was confused but then realised that Stain actually thought that he was a hero, which was a bad thing since it meant that he was willing to kill him, especially after Izuku dissed on his ideals to his own face.

"Athous!" A shout from Shouto came and Izuku saw Stain leap towards him with a knife ready to kill him.

He bit his lip and watched the fast man come diving towards him, but was save my a leg with exhaust pipes coming out of them.

"Go to safety, take Native and call the cops." Izuku nodded and reached out for the pro hero, his body was then slammed against the wall harshly and his vision became dizzy.

Stain had landed a blow on him and was after him once again.

He gritted his teeth and held his bleeding head with his hands, the pain unbearable and the palpitation of his mind was never ending.

His mind drifted off and then he looked at Stain's tongue extend to lick the blade of the sword and Izuku then realised where he had seen the man before.

"A-Akaguro Chizome, years ago you were put onto the local newspaper near your hometown because you were going to be a g-great hero in the rising. You were a student of a private hero school but dropped out at the end of your first year without any reason." Izuku steadied himself up and dazedly looked at the man's face, trying to regain some vision in his eyes as he stared harshly at him. "Y-You're him, w-when he licks blood i-it paralyses people."

Stain's breath hitched and his eyes glowered at Izuku. Biggest mistake to turn away from a battle since Shouta delivered an flame punch to his face and Tenya delivered a recipro burst to his stomach.

His eyes whitened and his teeth bared as he dropped down onto the ground, every muscle in his body tensed up as the consciousness left his body.

"Athous?" Shouto asked approaching Izuku, lifting him up and allowing him to leant against his body, "what are you doing here?"

"I-I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, b-but my name isn't Athous. It's Midoriya, Midoriya Izuku." He reintroduced with a heavy pant as he winced at the injuries received. He felt tired and all the blood in his body was leaving his system.

"That was high dangerous! It is unbefitting for you to do such things to risk your life." Tenya scolded Izuku and he clenched his teeth.

"A-And you did any better?" Izuku took a sharp inhale of air and ignored the pain for a brief moment. "Y-You charged at him with no b-back up and almost gotten-n yourself killed! I-I don't know you well but I know your brother was a g-good hero, the last thing he wanted was a dead brother to follow after a d-dead dream."

Tenya stayed silent and shut his mouth tightly, not knowing exactly what to say but he didn't need to, Shouto went to tie up Stain with some rope and some usage of his quirk whilst Tenya tended to him gently.

The silence between them hadn't stayed, it left when they were tracked down by a several pro-heroes, including Manuel himself. All were scolded lightly at the moment, Izuku knew once they get to the police station it would get harsher and his mom would be called in for discussion.

"Why hadn't you used your quirk?" Shouto asked, the anger in his eyes was predominantly and fused with fury. "You preached about it and yet didn't go about using it."

"I'm quirkless." Winced Izuku at his own words, his hand on his stomach as he laid upon the stretcher of the ambulance to be taken away to the hospital for his broken ribs.

In moments, Shouto's anger disappeared and a surprised expression took over his face.

"What do you mean one of the Noumu is gone?!" Yelled one of the hero.

Then Izuku could only see the heroes below him as something grasped against his waist.

He hadn't struggled, not even comprehending what was going on until he stared up at some weird amalgamated creature, different from the Noumu at USJ as it had its own pair of recognisable red wings.

Most of the heroes were in shock as Izuku was taken away high up into the air. If he struggled now, he would've been dropped and injured, but if the Noumu had gotten higher altitudes then he could die.

And so, Izuku shook violently against the grip of this monster as he extended his arm out to the heroes below him.

Then, it’s grip loosened and from there Izuku fell down and down.

He could hear talking coming from Stain but as the blood loss caught up to him, his wooziness kicked in and he fell into a deep slumber mid-air.


"Oh, you're awake now." Tenya called out, getting up from his hospital bed and dragging the I.V over and hovering over Izuku who had gotten up groggily. He held his head and looked around.

“The hospital?”

“You fainted from blood loss.” He said. “I’m Iida Tenya from U.A High School, it is a pleasure to meet you Midoriya. And I apologise for my earlier outburst, whilst it still stand true, I would’ve been dead or lived a life of hypocrisy.” Dryly, he uttered with his throat hoarse and his fingers clenching the bar of the I.V drip.

“I-I would apologize for also being hypocritical, but I am not sorry for my words. You shouldn’t have let revenge come over you. I don’t know how much Ingenium meant to you, but it’s clearly not enough if you’re tossing your life away carelessly.” Sighed Izuku with his eyes shut tightly as he winced for the lights above him.

“Fair enough.” Tenya emitted a small amount of air in shame and sat on one of the stools near Izuku.

“So, you like Ingenium?” Tenya brought up and Izuku shook his head tardily in order to stop the headache pounding in his head again.

“Yeah, he’s very cool. I’ve heard he’s gotten so many sidekicks. His agency is one of the bests ranking in Japan with order and swiftness to clear a case or misconception. And whenever I read about people’s experience with him they are always positively expressed.” Izuku grinned as he began to ramble, “I wanted to do a quirk analysis on him for a long time but I didn’t since the incident and I don’t like upsetting the public.”

“Quirk analysis?” Shouto spoke up at the other side of the room, giving Izuku a mild shock.

“I just write about quirks and stuff, it’s nothing big, just a hobby of mine.” Izuku confessed to them with a tiny amount of embarrassment as his hand hovered over to his stomach and laid there.


“So, why did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Stay there. Fight. You could’ve gotten away uninjured, hadn’t you decide to mock his beliefs.” Tenya questioned with his eyes bore right into Izuku’s skin, almost waiting for a reaction.

Izuku gave him what he wanted.

“I-I sent a distress call from a mobile to their contacts, and then turned the alley to see you bleeding on the ground and Native at the side with blood coating his body. I didn’t mean to catch his attention but I surely couldn’t leave someone in danger, I just knew I had to keep him busy long enough for the contacts on the phone to arrive.” Admitted Izuku with a sheepish smile. “And luckily Todoroki was in the area.”

“And the winged beast, why did it come after you?” He spoke in a loud voice, Izuku noted, it wasn’t as though he was purposefully yelling at Izuku but rather he hadn’t gotten a control in his voice.

Izuku hummed silently in response, “I’m not sure. I’ve never encountered them before, and I don’t think I’m doing anything bad enough to be targeted.”


“You have two choices, either tell the public of your actions and be arrested for it, or let Endeavour claim credit for it and live your life without anyone knowing of the interaction.” Asked the detective and Izuku looked left and right to Shouto and Tenya before giving his response.

It wasn’t a difficult choice, Izuku wasn’t one interested in fame or attention— and he highly doubts that Shouto and Tenya would be either— and after such a traumatic event the last thing Izuku needed in his mind was to be arrested or to have the press bombard his home.

“I-I lived through something so sinister, I don’t think I’d want a life of fame in jail after this.” Izuku told the detective. Tenya and Shouto were quick to agree with Izuku, nodding their head behind him as they sat facing opposite each other.

The detective had gotten up, lifting up his suit jacket and pulling it over his arms and buttoning up the middle all the way to the last button, he straightened out his tie and gave a curt nod. “I’m glad you’ve made the right choice, you’re dismissed. Midoriya, we’ll need to interview you for a separate matter once you’ve completely healed your wounds.”

Izuku nodded, “of course. Goodbye detective.”

The man left though the door and Izuku fell back on his bed with a grunt and exhausted whine escaping his throat, his hand was over his eyes and his lips were parted.

It’s momentarily silent in the room before Tenya speaks up. “I’d like to keep contact information with you if possible. I can tell you’d be a great friend.”

Shouto got up and also nodded, “you were a useful ally.”

Izuku snorted, “I-I was pummeled and you guys had to save me.”

Tenya disagreed with Izuku and expressed it with violent hand movements, “I must say I disagree with you. You had kept his attention away from us and that was how we were able to defeat him, you also helped get reinforcements from Todoroki over here and the pro heroes later. I’d say you’re a hero.”

His face flushed red and his eyes welled up with tears and nose turned red at the tip from the sudden overwhelming emotions that washed over him. He hadn’t heard that in a long time— the last time he was told that he could be a hero was when he was in Elementary and playing games with his mother.

Surprised, Tenya waved his hand around in a disorganized manner and Izuku gave the widest smile he could muster onto his face.

“Thank you.”


“I could’ve succeeded killing them, but then the Noumu turned defective, Kurogiri.” Tomura growled with his hand grabbing the chair and disintegrating it to pieces, “it just grabbed a civilian, for no reason!” He tossed the remaining part of the chair onto the wall and watched as it broke further into pieces and crumbled up in front of him.

Kurogiri places away the cup to hide away from Tomura’s anger session and wiped his hand with a handkerchief as he made his way from behind the bar counter to one of the customer stools aligned to it.

“Noumu turned defective?” He parroted Tomura, hand gracefully landing into his lap as one leg cross over another and his black, gentleman shoes pointed outwards in the air and tapped down to the metal bar of the stool which inched closer to the ground.

“It got some stupid villager and tried to fly away with it, then had gotten caught by one of the heroes.” Tomura fume, his mask was in his hand and he stared down at it, only one finger was hovering over it whilst the rest had a tight grip on it. He reshuffled the mask and attached it onto his face, his messy, white hair falling forwards over it and covering most of his face with the exception of his bland irises.

Kurogiri straightened his tie, noticing it’s crookedness and paid no heed to Tomura’s tantrum. “Did you tell Sensei?”

“I will.” Seethed Tomura, reaching over for a second chair but not destroying it like the first one. “NPCs are so annoying when unneeded, especially Villagers.”

“Why did the Noumu grab the NPC?” Kurogiri played along with Tomura’s metaphor, extending it to make the younger boy understand, “he might be our greatest foe, or perhaps an ally? Games are coded specifically for a reason, the Noumu was coded to grab Izuku, so he must be the rare side quest.” Elaborated Kurogiri, he turned to Tomura who had long ago stopped his rage and turned to look at him.

“We should capture him.” Tomura uttered with a cynical grin on his face, his hand wondered to his neck where his nails dug into his flesh and formed multiple claw like marks on the surface, bruised and purple on his tinted yellow skin. “Go find out about him.”

“Do you have anything to go on, Tomura?” Questioned Kurogiri with one gloved hand reaching over to the counter.

“Green hair, green eyes, freckled face. Gotten into a fight with Stain along with two other students from U.A.”

Tomura exited the main room with haste, leaving Kurogiri alone to his mind.

Kurogiri sighed and had gotten up to the corner of the room where a broom laid diagonally against the wall, no dust had built up onto it at all. He grasped it in his hands and went to the broken chair parts, they were small enough to be swept up by the broom and he brushed it back to the corner.

Opening a new bin bag, he held a dust pan and a handle with dusty bristles on them before cleaning the room.

When he finishes, he’ll probably go to an information broker to get some info on this boy.

Chapter Text

"Sensei, the Noumu is defective." Whined Tomura like a toy of his had been broken, but still the man on the screen had kept his patience and listened to his future successor with a keen ear.

"Oh," he croaked coldly, it echoed throughout the room despite its coming from a tiny speaker attached to the screen, "what do you mean defective?" He spoke slowly, almost calculating every piece of word in his mouth as he talked with Tomura.

"He escaped but had tried returned as order, but then grabbed this random NPC from the area." Said Tomura with his eyes boring right into the floor as his hands went to claw down his neck irritatedly.

"A random person? Not a hero or any other character." He was intrigued as his monotonous voice rose a moment in questioning.

"No, sensei. Just some child. His name is Midoriya Izuku. He's some quirkless teenager who runs a dumb blog." Growled Tomura with his teeth gritted, he was more than angered to find that there was nothing interesting from Izuku, he was some All Might admirer rather than a side quest to complete.

"Is that all about him?" Hummed All For One with a curious glint in his eyes, "what kind of blog does he run?"

"Theories, he likes to analyse things about heroes." He clawed his neck faster and let his nails sink deeper into his dried skin to peel of the remaining scabs and marks from underneath his neck.

All For One gave a sinister grin as his hand rested on the armrest of his chair. "Do you have any at hand? I'd like to see what this child is capable off."

Tomura nodded and took out a booklet filled with Izuku Midoriya's personal information, everything about him was written in there. Age, quirk, gender, blood type, weight, height, known relatives and even things like his address and school information.

And every single piece of work he had published on his Hero Watch account.


“I’m sorry, I’m not sure why the Noumu grabbed me. I haven’t done anything necessarily evil or life changing to get attacked.” Izuku itched the back of his head as he spoke with detectives.

They sighed, clearly disappointed with the outcome of the results, expecting Izuku to have some sort of useful information about the league but he was a boy would was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“That’s fine Midoriya, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.” Smiled he Detective as he tipped his hat down to the kid and guided him back to the entrance. “We’ll keep in touch if anything does happen.”

“Alright, Sir.” He bowed politely before making his way to his mother where he was engulfed into a giant, bone crushing hugs.

Those were the best kind of hugs, it meant that she loved him so much.

Still, his mind drifted off to the Noumu who grabbed him, it’s huge, red wings spread out to soar to the sky and Izuku swears he had seen them before in his life, but he had definitely never seen such a monster like that so it must be some sort of stress mechanism so he felt like he could be of help to the Detectives when he clearly couldn’t.

But the remnants of the overwhelming feelings in his chest still resides as he walked out of the station with his hands entangled with his mother’s.


"Ah, Midoriya. Good afternoon." Tenya said with a wave of his hands as Izuku jogged up to him with a smile on his face.

"Hi, Iida. I hope I-I'm not late, am I?" Questioned Izuku, he reshuffled the yellow All Might bag to his other arm and repositioning the strap to a more comfortable spot.

"No, not at all. It's right on time." He said with his hands conducting in front of him. "Shall we be going?"

Izuku nodded and walked alongside with Tenya, listening to him and his preaching, as they made their way to the park. It was a Saturday afternoon and Tenya had invited Izuku to hang around with him to hanging out and Izuku agreed to come along.

They've bonded though their time in the hospital, their interests were aligned with each other's and both had a strong sense of justice. It was also their love for heroism that brought them together too, talking about heroes to pass time at the care wing of the hospital.


"Deku? Is that you?!"

Mildly surprised, Izuku snapped his head away from Tenya to the voice and was slightly a little bit more relieved to find Ochako standing in front of him.

"O-Oh, Uraraka!" Izuku grinned flustered. "I-I didn't think you'd be here."

"Me neither, but man I just wanted to thank you after that talk," her face turned pink as she rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, "still kinda embarrassed about that." She tugged on her ear gently.

"I-It's fine. Glad to see your doing better." Said Izuku sincerely.

"I'm glad too!" Grinned Ochako, reaching out for Izuku's arm— as well as Tenya's— and dragging them over to a picnic table just below one of the largest tree in the park, it leaves still strong and standing as it loomed over the three of them.

Izuku, Ochako and Tenya discusses with one another and Izuku felt himself a little less tense hanging out with other people, it's not stressful anymore nor is their any pain involved.

Just a normal, human interaction.

"We were going to go on a trip. I'm not allowed to specify anything about it apart from the fact that it's a trip, and we don't know anything else about it either but I'm super excited about it." Uraraka beamed with her hands flailing in the air. "It's been ages since we've been on one, since the first one didn't turn out so well, and I guess our internship counts too."

Izuku took a sip of his juice box, humming to indicate him listening as she rambled on herself, "oh, the first trip was USJ?"

"Yeah..." She said with her fingers tangled on her lap, "a lot of things happened and our teachers were injured badly, but I can only grow from that experience." She said with a clenched fist held near her face and a look of determination on her face.

Tenya, moved by Ochako's speech began to hold one hand to his heart as he gesticulated with the other in exaggeration, "yes! I agree with Uraraka, we must do our best to overcome our setbacks." His lips is pressed together as his head is turned up to the sky with his eyes closed.

Uraraka stared for a moment at Tenya and Izuku before opening her mouth, "how did you two meet?"

"I-It was in the hospital, I-I can't really say much since that'll get me in trouble." Izuku smiled and Uraraka understood him and his privacy, even if she were a tad bit curious about the circumstances of their meeting together.

Tenya nodded, "yes, we quarrelled in our first meeting together but our friendship was strengthened through our love for heroism. How did you go about meeting Midoriya?"

Ochako pressed her fingers together, aligning them to be symmetrical to one another as she turned to the left with a flustered expression on her face.

"W-We met at the infirmary, I-I couldn't handle crowds so I stayed in there most of the time, and I kept her company when she was healing with her fight from her opponent." Izuku said, leaving out certain pieces of information out but still weaving the story together carefully.

"Then I was going to invite you to watch a match with me with the rest of the class but..." she turned her head up to Izuku with a spark of interest in her eyes, she got up from the bench and leant in close to Izuku with her hair falling to the side, "Aizawa-sensei called you. Is there a reason?"

Izuku gave a small smile, "w-well it was a misunderstanding, I write a blog and so I had gotten sent a ticket to the festival, but then I realised I couldn't handle crowds well and Mr. Aizawa helped me and brought me back to the infirmary, I stayed there for a while and talked with Recovery Girl most of the time before being sent over to Nezu."

"The principal?" Tenya piped in.

"Yes, him. H-He was going to offer me a job offer, but hadn't taken my age into consideration." Izuku said embarrassingly, "so he offered me a place instead."

There was no reason to lie, it wasn't really something dangerous or bad, and even if it were he was telling it to two students who want to be heroes later in the future.

Uraraka's eyes widened as she leant back in her spot on the bench, hands holding the end of the table, "Wow, you got the attention of the principal through a blog? What kind?"

"Analysis blogs, just a fun side hobby that I have." Izuku said, "it's nice to write down about heroes and theories of their quirk." He admitted.

"Huh, maybe I should check it out?" Tenya chimed with his hand on his chin. “I do like to read such posts.”

"Y-You could, it's not meant to be much of a secret to be honest." He confessed.

Ochako brought out her mobile device, held the smartphone to Izuku's face and taking the hint, Izuku began typing in his Hero Watch username into the search bar of the website before handing it over to Ochako again.

Promptly after the phone was returned, Ochako read the username and gave a snort of her own, a small smirk on her face filled with mischief.

"MightyJr01, huh?" She sassed and Izuku had never been more embarrassed in his life rather than in that single moment.

Tenya had never been so surprised, "wait, MightyJr01? You're the one who made the article about Ingenium and help him use his quirk to it's full advantage. Every single piece of work you've written had benefitted the other party immensely without exposing their weaknesses to the public."

"You've read my work?"

"Yes, it's nice to read on my morning route to U.A, always cleared my mind in the morning. I know Yaoyorozu sometimes reads it and occasionally Bakugou talks about it."

Izuku froze at the name and stuffs his hands into his pockets, but he didn't say anything about the name, only looking beside to Tenya, "if you enjoy it, I don't mind writing something for you and your classmates."

"No, I couldn't have you do that for us."

"Don't worry, I was planning on doing an analysis on your class for a while but after what happened back I wasn't able to publish it." Izuku dismissed with a smile on his face.

"You've done them all already?" Tenya almost yelled, or rather he did but it was a lot more louder than it had already been. "It's twenty pages per person you've written about and then there's twenty people in our class so four hundred pages?"

"Not that much, I've only done some of them. So Ashido, Asui, Aoyama, Hakagure, Iida, Jirou, Kaminari, Kirishima, Koda, Mineta are all done, I wanted to work through alphabetically." Izuku said listening it from the top of his head.

Uraraka whistled, "that's at least, 200 pages still."

Izuku chuckled, "yeah, I write too much for my own good, but I like writing and analysing, it's not forced onto me, just a habit."

"I noticed you didn't say Bakugou, is there a reason?"

Izuku froze once more, "I guess it slipped my mind to mention his name, his is also done too I guess, it does need some alteration."

He had his notebook filled with Katsuki and his quirk already from his past, not having the heart to toss it away he ended up storing it into his shelf but then realised it wasn't a nice piece to be reminded of and so it was stored at the back of his closet hiding underneath the hanging clothes.

"I'll send you yours if you want and I'll make one for you next Uraraka, don't think your burdening me, I like analysing." He smiled.

Ochako nodded excitedly at him, "if you want I can give you details of my quirk for accuracy."

Piping in, Tenya waved his hands around, "I'll ask for everyone's permission if you need any details about their quirks too."

Izuku's eyes sparkled excitedly and his body was trembling.

This was an opportunity he had always wanted, for most of his heroes it was just going over them explaining their quirk in an interview and viewing a few of their battles— live and recorded— but never actually gotten actual details from them personally, he had to hunt for information but now it's been delivered to him by hand on a sliver platter.



"Good morning, Yaoyorozu." Tenya had approached Momo during her break. “I would like to ask you for permission to give details about your quirk to MightyJr01.”

Her eyes widened as she had gotten up from her seat, hands stretched outwards and gripping the two sides of the table with force. Realising her sudden reaction, she composed herself once more and calmly took a seat back onto the table. “MightyJr01? Would they even respond?”

“I was lucky enough to meet him, and he offered to analyse our quirks, I gave him the response saying I’d give brief details of my quirk to him and maybe some of the class with permission.” He elaborated and Momo’s face became ecstatic from his explanation.

Then her lips began to curve down on her face as her eyebrows furrowed, “wouldn’t that be dangerous? To give our quirk away to someone like them? Not doubting them or anything, just a general distrust.”

“I’ve asked the teachers, at first they were against it until I mentioned whom would be conducting the analysis, receiving permission from Principal Nezu himself, I was allowed to do this.” Tenya continued on, holding a sheet of paper to Momo, “if you wish to partake then fill this out and return it by Monday.”

Mono nodded and took the sheet, scanning over it curiously as her hands traced the sheet gently.

“Couldn’t we make an announcement to the class and hand this out, as Class President and Vice President we should be allowed to do so.” She stated to Tenya, “homeroom will begin in about ten minutes, we just need to ask Aizawa if we can make the announcements.”

Tenya was overcome by the idea, giving a nod over to her direction as he hit the bundles of sheets in his hands against the table and brought it to the front of the class. “That’d be an effective idea. I’ll quickly ask Aizawa sensei.”

He left the classroom leaving Momo to go over the sheet of paper, she leant against the table and tucked back a strand of hair as her hand rested on her chin.

“Oh! Yaomomo! So good to see you.” Mina entered the classroom with a ginormous grin on her face and her hands clutching her backpack. “Oh! What’s this about?”

“Iida was able to get in contact with MightyJr 01, and managed to arrange something with them so they could analyse our quirks to their full potential.” Momo replied with a small smile on her face.

“MightyJr01? Haven’t heard of him?”

“Well, they’re a top notch analyser, racking in about hundreds of thousands of like per post they have ever made on Hero Watch. Remember Neridian? It was their analysis that helped her keep her job and gain public support, but their username is quite childlike.” Momo admitted with a sheepish smile, she handed over Mina a sheet which she took kindly in her hands.

Mina snapped her fingers, turning her attention back to Momo, “oh! I do remember that. Can’t believe Iida managed to do that.”

“I can’t either, I’ve always been a fan of their work, I think there’s a few other students here who are also fans.” She added on.

Tenya came back in and approached Mina and Momo, “good morning Ashido,” he bowed at her direction kindly before turning to Momo, “I’ve gotten permission, but we need to be swift.”

“Alright. I’ll announce and you can hand out the papers.”

Students poured in, one after the other, into their seats, muttering amongst each other excitedly for the announcement that is about to be made. Mina left to her own device, leaving Momo and Tenya

Shouta came in a few seconds later, dragging his feet on the ground and taking a stand at the front of the classroom. “Take it away.”

Tenya and Momo looked at one another and gave in last nod before Tenya took the sheet of paper from the front of the class and distributing the papers to each and every one of his classmates.

Momo cleared her throat, “we were able to get permission by the school to be analysed to the fullest extent by a trusted source and so we would need the permission of—”

Shouta interrupted her, “you will all participate in this, your information will not be exposed and documented safely inside the school.”

Momo blinked surprised but didn’t say anything else, “of course.”

“Iida, I accept this but I don’t want it to be handled outside, everything will be done in the school in a safe manner for precautionary measures, I would like to discuss with him first before you give out anything to him, understand?”

“Yes sir, I can arrange a meeting for you both.” Tenya nodded. “But due to age complications, he may not be able to meet in certain days.”

“That’s fine by me. Everyone hand this sheet in by Friday.”


“Huh? He wants to meet up?” Izuku pressed the phone to his ears as he roamed towards the exit of the school. “It’s fine, but it’d have to be on a weekend, preferably Saturdays however. O-Or Wednesday I can be there, it’s a half day due to a quick inspection.”

Tenya spoke on the other line to someone else before returning to his phone and giving a confirmation.

“1:40? Wouldn’t there still be school for you guys? A-Alright I guess, I’ll be able to make it by then.” Izuku furrowed his eyebrows, taking a left turn to the gates of the school, the teacher rolled his eyes but let Izuku proceed forth out to the exit.

Izuku gave an awkward smile and a small bow of apology before lightly jogging out of the school. “Uh-huh, that’s fine. I’ll see you then.”

He hung his phone up and shoved the device into his pocket, pulling on the tie of his school uniform awkwardly as he made a poor attempt of fixing it up.

“I hope I’m not in trouble.” Izuku whined, head thrown back and a grunt escaping his throat.



“Yes, Izuku Hun?” She placed down her chopsticks and empty bowl to face Izuku directly.

Izuku put down his own chopsticks, laying it horizontally across the top of the bowl and using both his hands to drop the half full bowl in front of him. “On Wednesday, I’ll be busy so I won’t be able to come home early.”

“Oh, where are you going?”

“To U.A, mom.”

Thank goodness his mother wasn’t eating cause Izuku swears that she would’ve began choking on her food from the sudden revelation and shock.

“U.A? Why would you need to go to U.A?” She asked worriedly as she extended her hands out to Izuku.

“Well, I was asked to analyse the quirks of some of the students in the school and they just want to have some safety precautions.” He answered and she was just as lost as she had been beforehand.


Izuku’s mother knew of Izuku’s hobby— he was so engulfed he hadn’t even left his room at one point for an entire week, it’d be hard to forget it— but she didn’t know the extent of how good it was, it was meant to be a cute little side hobby after all, not eye catching enough for U.A to get involved.

Izuku inhaled slowly, then began to talk about his misadventures— holding back certain pieces of information when necessary, and intently his mother listened just as curious as she had always been, eyes sparking with interest and pride from her boy.

“And that’s how I got the invited.” Finished Izuku.

“You received an offer at U.A as a teacher and student later onwards but didn’t care to tell me about it?” She felt personally hurt that her child didn’t have the heart to tell her of something so wondrous.

“I wasn’t going to accept it, it’s like I mentioned before I signed up to the school, they only specialise in heroics and there are schools who specialise in other topics other than heroics better than U.A so it didn’t feel important I guess.” He elaborated and his mother could see why he didn’t want to tell her about it. “That and Kacchan goes there.”

Inko knew that it was going to be brought up, “but if you went on Wednesday isn’t there a chance you could accidentally bump into him?” She asked and Izuku shook his head left and right.

“No, he’d have lessons by then. I doubt that we’d bump into each other.” Izuku said and Inko hummed in response.

“You should’ve told me at least, it’s amazing that your analysis is being recognised and I always want to be a part of your life, I can’t do that if you’re holding back on me.”

“Sorry mom, I didn’t mean to seem neglectful. I’ll tell you everything from now on.” Izuku smiled.

Inko didn’t but hummed again.

“What do you think about Katsuki being at U.A? Do you wanna talk about it?” It was a hard topic to speak about but Inko knows that if Izuku didn’t speak about it now he’d never let himself talk about it ever again.

Izuku bit his lip and clenched his fist, “not really, it’s sad to see an amazing school accept people who are great and he’s there too. In all honesty, no matter how many times you tell me to see the good in people I manage to find a way but even I can’t see anything in him. He’s a bully who doesn’t even want to be a hero for the right reasons.”

Izuku let it spill out as his eyes waters at the corners, “I hope he reforms and I could learn to forgive him overtime, but now just knowing he’s there makes me feel distorted.”

Inko swiftly got up and went by Izuku’s side, her eyes also tearing up as she held Izuku in her arms and cried along side with him.

“As a child, he was always a big fish in a small pond, now at U.A it’s reversed, a small fish in a big pond. Hopefully, he’ll see that not everything will go his way and maybe change his attitude, because when I grow up and I see someone like him as a hero I’d lose so much hope for the people like me. It’ll prove that no matter how much goodness a person has, it doesn’t matter unless they have a strong quirk.” Izuku bawled his eyes out as he stared at his fists on either sides of his lap balled up tightly in frustration.

“Do you hate him?” Izuku patted his back in a swirling motion.

“No. I can’t hate him. I-I disagree with his actions and attitude but hate is a strong word.” Izuku replied back to her.

“A strong feeling too.” Inko said with her mouth closed tightly and teeth gritted. “People always feel hate, it’s a normal response so it’d be fine to say that you hate him.” Advised Inko, taking a seat by Izuku and staring him at his eyes.

“I-I know, but I don’t want to turn out to be someone like him, impulse, terrorising and filled with spite.” Izuku replied solemnly. “It’s not nice to the recipient, even if they deserve it.”



Chapter Text

"How intriguing, his work is intricate for someone of a young age, aside for his idolising tendencies for heroes, he has a lot of due credit— it's not mindless babbling like I had once suspected, it's well thought out analysis plan." All For One stated as he continuously read through the workings. He closed the file and placed it down onto the desk side, the wires attaching to his body following his arm as he shifted it.

"He'd be a lovely piece to have, hopefully just as manipulative too." He chuckled harshly with his teeth exposed to show a menacing grin grow across his face.

"Quirkless, huh? The suicide rates were always so high."


Izuku stood at he entrance of U.A, his hand looked down to his watch as he held his backpack filled with all the pieces of information on the majority of class 1-A.

None of them had been completed, still Izuku needed to get the details of their quirk and finish off his work, that and keep up the school work simultaneously. It was fine whenever he analysed one hero at a time but then he was given a full assignment to analyse all of the students— he doesn't know if there's a deadline either, he was just told to come and so he had tried to come as prepared as always.

He wore his school uniform, unable to make it back to home on time, get changed and make it to U.A on time so instead he brought his P.E kit if it was needed.

His uniform consisted of a purple blazer, embedded into the left side was the school's logo accompanied with a purple and white striped tie and a white shirt. He wore black trousers and the usual bright red sneakers he always had worn.


Izuku twisted his body around to see the entrance of U.A widely opened with Shouta standing on the inside.

"Oh, Mr. Aizawa. It's nice to see you again." Respectfully, he bowed at the teacher and brought himself back up, lifting his bag back over his shoulders after it had slipped down.

Shouta glanced down to the obnoxious, yellow bag. "Brought all of your work."

"E-Everything needed for today." Izuku replied as he patted the bag with his hand twice. He turned back to Shouta with a nervous look, "i-is there anything else I was meant to bring?"

"No, that's fine." He gestured to U.A, "follow me."

Izuku studied the door of U.A.

"Wouldn't this clamp shut on me if I tried to enter?"

"No, Nezu's watching from the cameras, he'll deactivate the door sensors for a moment, then we'll get you a pass to roam around here."

Izuku nodded and took a step into U.A, he is blown away by the fact that he's standing on the actual school grounds of U.A— even though he went there during the sports festival, it didn't feel as great since there were so many people and he couldn't think in densely populated places.

Following behind Shouta, he scanned around the school grounds with a spark of excitement in his eyes, his hands are freely swinging by his side as he spun his body around the hallways of U.A.

It felt a lot bigger on the inside just as it had been on the outside, if not then even larger than that. The feeling of excitement still resided in his heart as he began to bounce with every step he took— he may have chosen not to come to the school but it wasn't out of spite.

'All Might use to roam these very same halls.' Izuku thought as he stared at the high ceiling curiously, neck bent back in order to take a good look at his surroundings.

"Do you have anything else to wear?" Asked Shouta and Izuku stopped himself from bumping into the man in front of him. Izuku took out his P.E. Kit to show the man what he had brought and he had nodded. "Go get changed here, then I'll bring you to training grounds."

Blinking, Izuku almost dropped his bags onto the floor. "H-Huh? Training grounds?"

"You wanted to analyse their quirks, why not see what they can do first to see how they can utilise it. Is that not what you usually do?"

"O-Oh, no, i-it was so unexpected i-is all." Stuttered Izuku, bending over to the floor to lift up his kit and hugging it in his arms.

"Don't worry, you won't be anywhere near the actual grounds when they practice. It'd be impractical and irresponsible on our part." Shouta informed Izuku as he stood outside the door, "now, go get changed, I'll wait out here."

Nodding, Izuku ran in partially startled by the command but following through with it. He doesn't feel anxious anymore knowing he wouldn't be on the actual fighting grounds but there's a feeling he has that something will go wrong.

He takes off his uniform and there you see little to no muscles on his body, his calves have some strength from daily jogging but he hasn't actually accumulated any strength prior to the incident that happened in Hosu. He signed up to the nearest self defence club that'll allow him to apply and from there trained to protect himself rather than to do fighting.

He wore his kit, consisting of a white polo shirt with the school's purple emblem on the left side once again and a pair of shorts along with some durable sports shoes. Izuku is glad he decided to bring his kit. He left it at the corner of the room for when he needed to come back but brought over his All Might bag filled with his work.

"A-Alright! I'm ready sir." Izuku said as Shouta began to walk away. Izuku followed in his trail, focussing on the man's footsteps as he matched them consistently in boredom.

Then he reached the largest door he had ever seen and peered up to see how long it extended, it was long enough to reach the ceiling and Izuku's mouth gaped open.

"Woah, this is amazing. It makes sense to keep it long, so everyone's quirk is accustomed to it." Izuku said with his cheek turning ruddy.

"They've probably already started training with Thirteen. I'll give you a designated area to stay around and be there to guard you so you won't have to worry about rocks being flung around." Shouta said.

Izuku paused.

"Wait, what rocks being flung around?"

Shouta hadn't replied to him, walking with his hands in his pockets as he opened the door and entered through them. Everything had changed from its urban nature to a more rocky area, mounds and pieces of rocks flying all over the place as their quirks were activated.

Marvelled by the scene, Izuku took a step in, standing right by Shouta side as he looked around. There was a girl shooting acid from her skin which dissolved the surrounding area, a boy who's shooting lightning out from his fingertips, and someone else who's skin looks like the rock itself and Izuku finds himself mesmerised by the endless amounts of quirks bestowed in front of him.

"W-Woah, can she control the acidity of her fluids? At the sports festival the acid she made didn't dissolve so much so I guess she can. Does the purpleness of her skin indicate how acidic her powers will be too? Oh, the horns on her head, is that a side effect or would they grow into something larger? Like how rams have curved horns?" Izuku simply stimulated with joy as he reached into his bag to begin to write.

Shouta gave a smile of his own, it seemed to have some judgement behind them but was crooked and awkward, more of a smug smirk than a smile. "Not yet, lets go introduce them."

"Oh no." Extending his hand to grab Shouta's scarf. "I-I'd rather not, they'll put on a show and I-I can't be critical with my analysis." Izuku told the man who took noticed of his nervous stature, still without anything to go on he assumed that Izuku was shy to greet his peers.

"It's fine. Follow me." Shouta said, guiding Izuku to one area of the field filled with little to no rocks or anything dangerous, just an open field. "Here, just in case something does go haywire. It's a forcefield— curtesy of the support department." Aizawa handed over the device and placed it into Izuku's wrists, strapping it down. "It'll activate itself whenever you're in danger."

That certainly calmed Izuku's mind— note the sarcasm— but it's better than being injured and put in hospital again. He took out his notepad, sitting down on the floor and began to start a sketch of Mina, it was a brief outline with her and her hero outfit.

Shouta peered over, taking a glance at Izuku's work as the boy stared off into the distance with his pencil moving fast and his mind going a mile a minute— not even taking everything else into surroundings.

"Oh is that him?" Thirteen scouted the scene and came over to Izuku only to be quickly hushed by Shouta.

"He's in his own world, but yes, this is the boy." He elaborated. "Got to work as soon as we arrived here."

Thirteen approached the boy and looked over his work with a please expression, "certainly knows what he's doing."

"He likes to speculate too. He wanted to know if Ashido's horns can grow out like a ram." Shouta said. "I didn't think much about that, but now it's making me wonder what else does he see that no one else can."

"Oh, could Aizawa be interested in a student that isn't his own." Thirteen teased and Shouta didn't reply until he let out a sigh.

"Anything above the 0% mark is a good start. He has the drive and clearly means us no ill intent." He answered and with that turned back to Thirteen.

He walked away, "I'll check on the students, Kaminari might be slacking off or playing around with Ashido and it's not nice leaving students unsupervised."

"Fair point." Thirteen chuckled awkwardly. "There's about three dangers doing that, or four... maybe even five." Their fingers begin outstretching as he begins to list out all the possible dangers that could happen.

Finishing off the composite sketch, Izuku begins to make note of her outfit and how it benefits her as he writes down all the possible thoughts on her. He is sat at an awkward place where he can see them but they are incapable of seeing him, still he's quite far away to actually do anything.

"S-Sir, is it alright if I go and take a closer look?" He said whilst writing down the last piece of note. He turned up to see that Shouta had left him there on the bench and exhaled.

Should he be able to leave? It's dangerous to do that, especially in such a place where quirks are permitted, he doesn't even know how good the forcefield is, does it avoid quirk related threats?

"Not all of them."

Izuku jumped and whipped his head around to face the space themed hero, Thirteen.

"O-Oh! Hi sir— or is it ma'am? Sorry for not realising you're here." Izuku got up and took Thirteen's hands in his own. "I'm Midoriya Izuku, the analyst here."

"It's fine. Thirteen-Sensei is just fine by me." They continued to talk and Izuku gives a small nod in response.

"I-Is it alright if I get closer?" Pleaded Izuku, "It's fine if I can't, I understand but I'd wanna see what else they can do."


"Woah, I wonder if her hair is acid proof too, and how does it effect with her body? Is her stomach just as acidic as a normal person or would it be increase twice folds, could she secrete them from her eyes if she tried, like tears." Izuku wrote down the endless amount of possibilities with his pencil onto his paper.

Thirteen chuckled, "don't overwork yourself, you've still got a few more other students to do."

Izuku placed his book down onto the hill and pressed his knee onto it, he went into his bag on his back as he continuously wrote and holding over the sheets of paper to Thirteen.

"These are all the people I've done already, I just need to confirm or reject some of the hypothesis." Izuku paused and shuffled through the papers and taking out Mina's. He handed back the others he had done as he went over hers. "Could other acids effect her?"

Thirteen went over them and gave an appreciative nod to the articles created by Izuku. "You've made this in a week?"

"A-After the sports festival I started some of them."

"They're impressive, young man, you've really outdid yourself." Praises Thirteen as he flipped over to the next pages of the stack with interest.

"Denki, you need to chill my dude, you could've zapped me." Mina exaggerated but wasn't exactly hurt by the experience, only a sly grin was on her face.

Denki rolled his eyes with the same amount of over exaggeration, it was as though Izuku was watching a very old play with very bad actors, "well, I was here first, besides it's not like I actually hit you. I was extremely cautious."

"But How—oh how— could you know when you lose your brain cells whenever you use your quirk, I am unable to understand." Said Mina, a hand clutching her other as she held it near her chest and fell overdramatically onto the floor.

"Oh dear, I'll be back." Said Thirteen, sliding down the hill off to the duo to quickly question them of their current actions.


Izuku yelped and spun himself around frightened as he turned to the face behind him. There a boy with red hair shaped like some horns and a very cool hero outfit was staring back at him, his eyes were wide open with curiosity as he analysed Izuku.

"Dude, I thought you'd be some 50 year old man. Guess I owe Denki money." Eijirou grinned as he extended his arm out for Izuku. "I'm Kirishima Eijirou, I aim to be the manliest man out there, and a hero of course." He smiled wider and Izuku could almost faint on the spot.

"M-Midoriya Izuku." He introduced as he took Eijirou's hand and began to give it a gentle shake, Eijirou merely grasped it with his other hand and began waving Izuku about. "Did you make Ashido and Kaminari act out?"

"Wow, you're hella smart, that's super manly. We all wanted to meet ya so we Rock, Paper Scissored for a winner and the losers distract Thirteen." He peered closer to Izuku's face, looking him right in the eyes innocently, "how come you didn't introduce yourself to us?"

Izuku leant back and had his head reeled back in response to Eijirou's closeness. "I-I didn't want you guys showing off your quirks to me, I-I wanted to see how you'd normally use them."

"Huh, hadn't thought about that? Hey! Who you analysing?" He changed his attention to the notes that he was making at the moment, "woah, is that Mina? You can draw too, so manly."

Confused, Izuku's eyes twitched as he smiled in return to Eijirou's enthusiasm. "Y-Yeah, I've been analysing since I-I was a child."

"That's cool, heard you like All Might too, MightyJr01." He teased and Izuku's face flushed red as Kirishima wrapped his arms around Izuku's neck. "I like him too, but there's one hero I like more than him."

"C-Crimson Riot?" Izuku piped in as he stared at a now frozen Eijirou, "since your hair is like his own but I guess that's not much to go—"

"Wow! You really are manly to decipher me so quickly, I'm so stoked right now. I thought Tenya and Momo were just exaggerating your analysis but I guess it's nothing to joke about."

"Oi, shitty hair, Thirteen is coming." Growled Katsuki and immediately Izuku ducked from his view as he began to breathe erratically.

'He didn't see me? Right?' Izuku's thoughts pounded in his mind as he pressed his back against the wall and avoided Katsuki's eyes.

Kirishima looked over to the teacher who was still talking to Mina and Denki, "I don't think so, I think he's still listing the dangers to them. But dude, I was wrong, he's not some old man, it's a kid our age."

Katsuki's eyes narrowed but he couldn't see much of the figure since they hid behind the wall of rocks.

"I can't see, shitty hair. I'm not coughing up any money to that dumbass till I see it for myself." Katsuki said and Eijirou nodded his head.

"Midoriya," he said in a low voice, "my friend down there can't really see you, is it alright if you could level yourself up, he looks scary but he has a kind heart somewhere in there— probably, I mean." He joked but Izuku didn't find it funny, instead his eyes looked off to the side dryly as Eijirou tilted his head.

"I-I think you should go back."

Mildly shocked, Eijirou reeled back and itched his head, "yeah I guess it's rude to make bets about people in front of them." He sighed, "Sorry."

"I-It's fine, but I would go if I were you. Aizawa's right behind you."

Sweating profoundly, Eijirou turned to face behind him and as Izuku had said, Eraserhead was behind him with a cold and calculating glance.

"Detention." Shouta said with his arms crossed over his torso.

"I-It's my fault, I wanted to know more about quirks." Izuku confessed before Eijirou could even respond, he is still ducked down to hide from Katsuki.

"Oh," Aizawa said curiously, "so making bets, I wonder how does one analyse that?"

"H-He was warming up to me, it's common curtesy. I'm not a cyborg who analysed nonstop. I-I called him out when Ashido and Kaminari were down there and asked him a few things." Izuku lied through his teeth and it was constructed greatly but said with extreme stuttering.

Shouta looked down to Izuku's work. "Oh, so that's why you're still on the page analysing Mina, to talk to him about her quirk."

"Precisely as you said it, I-I wanted an outside source to tell me as much and when necessary I-I'll ask her about her own quirk." Izuku lied once more with his chin trembling as he tried to keep up the already crumbling facade.

"And he's close to her, how do you know?"

"Heard them call each other on a first name basis. It'd be weird to call out someone irrelevant to her after all." Izuku finished.

Shouta couldn't really say anything to the boy, only giving a smirk as he stood over him. "Detention retracted but I don't want to see you slacking off." He said to Eijirou, still looking over at Izuku.

"Yes sir." Kirishima saluted as he ran off into the field once again.

Thirteen returned. "Did I miss anything?"

"No. Nothing much." Shouta grumbled.


"Thsts enough now, there's five minutes left till lesson ends so if you want you can go and get changed early, but I want you to leave all your hero work behind. This is for the protection of my students." Shouta said and Izuku gave a nod of his head as he laid stack upon stacks of sheets over to him.

"I need the bathroom, d-do you know where it is?" Questioned Izuku.

"Near the changing room, just two doors away." Shouta replied. "Can you get there by yourself?"

"I-I can." Admitted Izuku.

"Go on ahead and wait for me at the changing room when you're done, it's locked due to privacy reasons but I'll be there to unlock it." He said and Izuku nodded, he went around the arena to the exit of the door and bolted off to the toilet.

After a speech made for the class to improve their technique and stop goofing around, he had let them off.

"Class dismissed. Thirteen, unlock the doors for the girls, I'll do the same for the boys here." Shouta said and Thirteen nodded in response.

He led the group of boys off to the changing room where he placed his keys inside and unlocked the door for them, each and every one stepped in and Shouta had waited outside for Izuku to turn up.

"Man, that was a relieving session." Eijirou smiled with his hands extended up into the air. "I'm so tired though." He sighed with a yawn for emphasis as he cracked his neck.

"Yeah, I guess. By the way, spill it. What was he like?" Denki asked curiously as he reached into his locker to get out his things and began to take off his hero costume.

"Who? Oh! The analyst. He's mega manly. I was going to get detention and he stood up for me in front of Aizawa-Sensei. He's a bad liar but I guess it worked so no hard feelings, and it was like he's a hero because his eyes glowed with determination constantly. "He's rad, I'd hang with him in my free time."

"What's his age?" Denki asked curiously.

"Same as ours."

Denki fist bumped the air ecstatically as he shut his eyes tight, "told you so, you owe me some dough."

Katsuki began to speak up, "shitty hair. Why was he hiding, he ducked as soon as he saw me. Like hell I'm giving Denki money until I see it myself."

"I dunno." He shrugged with his tongue stuck out to the side as he hit his head gently with the side of his fist.

"But you're not exactly the nicest guy around." Mineta Minoru piped in, he tucked his shirt into his trousers and pulled it up to his waist.

Katsuki argued on with him, maybe at first it was intimidating but now it was common to end up arguing about something petty with Katsuki.

Denki turned, his eyes caught a glance of Izuku's bag at the corner of the changing room. "Oh, is that his bag?"

"Maybe we should take a peek?" Mineta smirk evilly, "maybe he has some X rated magazines if you know what I mean." He grinned at Denki who had a matching look on his face.

"No. It's unbecoming of a hero to peep through other people's things." Tenya yelled back, arms flailing around crazily as he scolded the other boys' behaviour.

"We're just looking."

Shouto surprisingly jumped in, standing in front of Izuku's belongings as he had done up his shirt. "I can't let you do that."

"Woah, since when is Todoroki one to do that?" Eijirou smiled, trying to calm down the atmosphere but only hyping it up.

"Midoriya helped me, so I'll help him back." He stated.

Katsuki froze at the name before slowly turning towards Shouto with a dangerous glare in his eyes, his teeth is gritted and his voice is low, cold and menacing. "What's his name?"

Not realising Katsuki's anger, Eijirou had decided to speak up. "Oh yeah, Midoriya Izuku. Such a manly name for a manly man." He swooned but Katsuki was downright furious with Izuku.

"Fucking Deku." He seethed disgustedly as he went over to the bag, bumping Todoroki over to the side as he read the tag name. It was an All Might themed bag in blue with a tag that had Izuku's name and a small doodle of All Might on it. "I told him to never come here, he has some fucking nerve."

Eijirou smile dropped as he recovered himself, "did he do something to you, dude?"

Katsuki kept his lips pressed together as he punched the lockers of the changing room, not replying to anyone as he grabbed his clothes and put them on faster.


"Oh, Mr. Aizawa. You're here so soon." Izuku said as he wiped his hand with a handkerchief as he made his way to the changing room.

"I needed to unlock it for my students." He added, "I'll be here to escort you out the school grounds." He said monotonously as he spun a set of keys all interlinked by his face.

"Okay." Izuku said as he pushed opened the door. He went in and heard nothing despite it being filled up with so many people.

Then his eyes drifted far back into the changing room and there Katsuki was with the scariest look Izuku has ever seen in his life. His breathing is picking up in speed but he stands there staring at him.


An animalistic growled erupted from Katsuki voice box as he approached Izuku slowly. The boy is standing there like a deer in headlights as he came in closer and closer.

"Don't Kacchan me, I fucking told you not to show you damn face over here and yet here you are, you scum." He said as he gripped Izuku's polo shirt and lifted him to face him right at his face.

"I-I-I—" Izuku repeated as he began to hyperventilate, his heart is pounding faster than before as if he was running and his eyes are watering to the brim as he stared back at his childhood acquaintance, not knowing what to do at the moment.

Shouto reacted first by grabbing Katsuki arm and glaring at him. "I'd let go if I were you."

Tenya, quickly recollecting himself also came to Izuku aid, "I'll be speaking to Aizawa-sensei about this."

Katsuki took a look at both of them, then one last glare that pierced right into Izuku's soul. "Fucking quirkless guppy." He let go and Izuku dropped straight to the floor with his eyes shaking left and right and his teeth gritted in fear.

It was easy to forget what bakugou had done to him, but what wasn't easy was facing him and letting the memories of his torment resurface.

"Izuku, come on now, you need to breathe. Just breathe after me. In, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8."

Trying to listening to Tenya voice, Izuku followed his instructions and began breathing at the right intervals as the rest of the boys stood back for him to breathe— Ojirou had left to get Shouta.

Shouta stormed in and came to Izuku's aid, trying to get his attention but Izuku wasn't listening to anyone's voice anymore, just clutching his ears as he held his breathe— hoping he wouldn't drown in the abyss of his own sorrow.

Shouta gritted his teeth when he realised that Izuku was barely even registering his voice, he whipped out his phone and made a call for one person.

"Yagi, I need your assistance in the boys changing room. Quickly." He said, "in the usual form." He hung up and tried to get Izuku's attention but the boy couldn't hear his words.

Toshinori entered just a few minutes after the call, trying to be as quick as possible as he made his way to Izuku. "Izuku, it's fine. Listen to me. I promise you that everything is fine, there's no more threat anymore. Just look around."

Izuku glanced up and there are so many eyes watching him, but he can't see Katsuki in the crowd anymore. He lowered his arms off to the side and the sound returned to him, the wordless mutters and the bickering behind him.

He found Toshinori's voice calming, it's like those days where he would be beaten and whenever he came home All Might would be there to calm him down.

"Mr. Yagi. I don't want to be here." He said and Toshinori got the memo.

"I lifting you up." He said and Izuku nodded as Toshinori lifted him up and walked out of the changing room.

Shouta remained, staring over at all the remaining students getting change. "Who put him in distress?"

“Bakugou.” Said Tenya without hesitation. “He grabbed Izuku by the shirt and he began to hyperventilate. They seem to know each other.”

“You’re all staying after school until I get a full story of what happened. Get changed and go back to homeroom.” He said leaving the room and going to the 1-A classroom.

Chapter Text

"I presume everything is in order for the capture?" All For One asked with a condescending tone, his fingers delicately held the glass cup, filled with cold iced water and swirling it in his hands playfully.

"For Katsuki Bakugou, everything is set up for him." Replied a voice, holding multiple documents in their hands as they spoke with a nasally tone of voice.

"No, the other one." He said, drawing the glass near his chapped lips and taking a sip, the cold entering his body and being suppressed by a shiver that engulfed him gleefully.

"Everything's ready to go whenever you command." They added on.

"Alright, immediately capture him, be careful with the plantation of the evidence. I would not like anything wrong to happen." He ordered to her in a light hearted time but it had just brought down the temperature of the room with the amount of pressure, "and how's Tomura and the new recruits?"

"It's going just as well as it would with Tomura and any other person who isn't you, Sensei."


"Everyone's dismissed, boys stay back." Shouta said with the register in his hand, hitting his shoulders repeatedly as he crossed the other arm over his torso, alongside his stomach.

Katsuki kissed his teeth, muttering endless profanities underneath his breath as he glared right into the blackboard of the classroom.

The girl confused slowly began to pack away, looking towards the boy's who kept their head down or mouthed at them. Still, they left after packing before daring to speak in such a tense atmosphere.

"Would anyone like to explain what happened?" Though phrased like a question, it was a direct order to the rest of the class.

Tenya raised his hand, not as enthusiastically as he would have done in a lesson.


"We were discussing about him moments before he came in, when mentioning his name Bakugou was filled with spite, as soon as he had entered the class Bakugōu approached him and grasped his shirt. Even though he hadn't actually attack Izuku, the boy had fallen into a state of dissociation by the time you have arrived." Tenya explained it all, the other boys in the class gave slow and steady nods, even the normally bubbly Eijirou was submissive and worried.

"Bakugou." Shouta called out and the blonde scoff with his back slouched forth and eyes glaring over.

"That quirkless piece of shit collapsed, I didn't even hit him." He said with the usual cursing but there's a little more spite in his words.

"And why did he collapse in the first place? For all I know that was your first meeting together."

"That Deku followed me around since I was a child, my quirk showed up and his didn't but he always kept following me." He hadn't looked up, boring his eyes into the ground as his fist clenched.

"Everyone else is dismissed. Bakugou, you'll stay behind till the issue is resolved, I will be calling your parents and taking this matter to the principal. I don't want to hear another word." Shouta said much to Katsuki's dismay.

Everyone got up swift but cautiously, placing a cap on any sort of sounds from themselves or from their chair as they left the classroom with just Shouta and Katsuki.

"So, unless you want me to go and dig up every piece of information about your entire life to find out what has happened between you two, I expect to have a full story." He took the chair in front of Katsuki and turned it around, swirling the chair around as he was face to face with Katsuki.

"I don't like him, I never liked him and he's always following me around with that damn look in his eyes." He restrained himself from swearing, "we broke off when we were younger but that useless—" his breath hitched as he looked away from Shouta cold gaze, "Deku, keeps following me, never letting go. So I told him to stay away, and keep away but he came behind with that annoying look every single time."

"And why do you hate him."

Katsuki was hesitant with his words, carefully walking around the topic without seeming to draw out any attention, "I hate everyone."

Shouta let out a sigh and pinched the bride of his nose frustratedly, "I will be questioning Midoriya, and if I find out something new this may risk your spot at U.A— in all departments. But for now, follow me. We'll go to Nezu."


"My boy, are you alright now?" Toshinori asked with worry in his eyes as he rubbed the boy's back in circles, he is sat by a stool as Izuku is sat up on the infirmary bed with his legs hanging off the side.

Taking a sip of cold, iced water, he responded to Toshinori with a hesitant nod and a smile on his face. "I-I'm fine. I-I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Toshinori said, patting Izuku on the head as he spoke, a solemn smile stretched across his face as his body slouched over. "It was out of our control."

Izuku scratches the back of his head and looked away from Toshinori, feeling the man's eyes bore into his skin to scan for any emotions to expose.

"I-I should've told you the reason why I didn't want to greet the class, o-or why I didn't want to sign up to this school. It avoids accidents happening in the first place but because I-I was so s-sure I'd be fine." Choked Izuku, sniffling as he pressed his forearm against his face to cover up his face.

"Do you want to talk about it? Or are you more comfortable with Shouta, or your mother here?"

"I-I'll wait, I'm more scared without her." He confessed with a flustered expression, his nose is red and the bags underneath his eyes are heavy as always. He turned up to stare at Toshinori who seemed to understand the boy's plea.

Silence befalls them, it's a pregnant pause until Toshinori decided to get up from his spot and to Recovery Girl's desk, holding in his hand was a signed piece of paper next to an All Might drawing, "I was going to give it to you, whenever you were done with analysing, I remembered you liked talking about All Might so I got you his autograph."

Izuku's eyes widened as he reached for the sheet and gave a crook smile, it was genuine but awkward as he had been crying earlier.


"I'm his assistant, it wasn't hard to get much from him." Toshinori lied through his teeth as he ruffled Izuku's hair, "I wanted to get something else, but I wasn't sure what else you liked except for heroes." Toshinori joked.

With a soft smile gracing his face, Izuku held the present in his hand caressingly, his knuckles skimmed the top gently as he made his way vertically across the present.

"Thank you, Dad." He hadn't noticed at the moment, when the words left his mouth it was so natural— as though he was always saying it as his freckles face flushed a crimson red from glee, it's ruddy colour more prominent on his face and the top tips of his ears.

In those three words, Izuku had felt even closer to Toshinori and the man was slightly taken aback by his words, but then melted when he fully registered the sentence filled with gratitude.

He paused and turned to Toshinori, face even more red than before, "I-I mean, not d-dad. I-it can't be d-dad. I-I don't j-just." Izuku had lost all ability to speak from that moment onwards, mouth gaped and head spinning.

"It's fine, my son." Joked Toshinori, but there was some sentimental value in there somewhere.


"Izuku hun, you're fine."

Again, his mother wrapped her arms around his shoulders as she leant in to give him multiple kisses across his cheek.

"I was so worried when I came, and I saw Mitsuki come in with Masaru to the principals office. I need to go there but of course I had to see how you were doing, I can't afford to go in their not knowing how my baby's doing." She pressed the side of her face onto his.

"I-I'm fine, Mr. Yagi's here now." Izuku said as he gestured to the blonde in the room.

"Oh, Toshinori, it's been a while since I've heard from you." Inko told him, moving off from Izuku to extend her hands to the man in the room.

Toshinori grabbed it and shook it gently, "Inko, splendid to see you again though the circumstances aren't probably the best."

"What are you doing here?" She questioned to the blonde, her hand retracting from his as she realigned the strap of her purse on her shoulders to a comfortable position.

"All Might's assistant."

"Oh, All Might works here too, I remember that." She said, "Izuku loves him you see, always going on and on about him that I'd probably know a lot more than I should." She teased and Izuku's face turned red— similarly, Toshinori's had matched to Izuku's own shade, if not a bit more darker. "B-but, playfulness aside, why is my son here?"

"He had a panic attack after a run in with one of our students." Toshinori gave a brief statement to her, his legs crossed over and hands on his lap.

"Bakugōu." She sighed and Toshinori was mildly surprised to find that she knew who it could've been. "He didn't do anything."

"No fists were thrown, but, it does bring make us worry for both of them. We had a guest over and we need to learn from it so things like these don't keep happening." He informed Inko who gave a hesitant nod. "We've spoken to Bakugōu and we wanted for both you and Izuku to be there too, so we can see both points of views."

"Izuku, do you wanna be in the same room as him?" Inko asked her son, who nodded his head to signal yes.

Inko sighed worriedly.

"That's fine, but you need to tell them. Everything."


The hours were endless in the principal room as both the Midoriya's and Bakugou's began to talk, Izuku hiding behind his mother as he spoke, and being glared at by Katsuki as he began to spill information about him.

Nezu hadn't said any other piece of information as both parties talked, only asking questions to both in order to fit in the pieces of the puzzle, but as time stretched across Izuku is more and more fed up with Katsuki and his nonchalant replies, making the entire ordeal lesser than it should've been.

"I hadn't done anything that should even offend him badly."

Inko refused to snap back at the boy, his answers were simply ludicrous and untrue. He had done everything from kindergarten to middle school to make Izuku's life a living hell.

"I-It's not bad?!" Frustratedly, Izuku ran his hand across his scalp and through his fingers the hair stands entangled themselves.

Luckily for Inko she didn't have to break Katsuki apart, Izuku had done so in blinded stress building up from him.

"I-I've still got scars, all across my body, by back, my arms, my legs. And that's not bad? You constantly went against me and you always attacked me."

"I didn't have to if you had just stayed the fuck away?"

"I DIDN'T APPROACH YOU AFTER THAT INCIDENT, KACCHAN!" Izuku yelled as he tucked his body in, he took air in from his nose and closed his eyes. "I-I didn't want to be a hero— I didn't want to be that since then. I'm sorry for yelling." Izuku apologised for going a little out of his character.

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows further as he faced Izuku, his hands in his pocket and his back slouched though he leant forwards in his chair. Izuku stared, still jumpy around the boy but more comfortable around his mother's presence.

"What incident?"

Izuku inhaled a sharp amount of air as he stared lifelessly at Katsuki, what he found to be the most intimidating and frightful moment of his life— instigated by Katsuki himself— and yet he couldn't even bring himself to bother remembering what happened to Izuku.

"W-We were walking home, you pushed me down and seethed at me." Izuku sighed with a tic forming above the left side of his temple as he listened to Katsuki's words. "Y-You called me a good for nothing."

"So, I was young then, I say it to everyone." It certainly did not help his case but Izuku trembled as he stared at the ground.

A cold, cynical chuckle escaped his throat, "what else did you forget? Did you forget the army you led against me, how you damaged my property and destroyed my belongings, how you tormented me as a sick game for you and your friends to have a good laugh. Did you even remember what you told me back near the end of middle school, ten months before the entrance exam? How maybe, if I had swan dived of a roof I could hope to be born with a quirk in my next life? Do you remember that? Or the times you used your quirk on me? Steaming from my shoulder as I was shaking scared in my shoes— but of course that's a game for you as well is it not? I-I don't even know why I thought you might've changed and I—"

"Midoriya. That'll be enough." Nezu rose his paw before any more words left Izuku's mouth.

Izuku inhaled after the long ramble, "I'm sorry, sir."

"No need for that, today is quite a stressful day after all, but I'd like to come back to one of your points. He said to you to essentially kill yourself?" Nezu had been brutally honest that even Katsuki flinched just a bit.

Nodding, Izuku gave a lopsided frown as his fingers is tangled around each other. "Yes."

"And Katsuki, can you deny all those things you've done to Izuku? Without lying that is, I will certainly follow this up afterwards." Nezu said with his paws on the desk in front of him.

"I can't."

Mitsuki, who had been silent for a while now, had rolled up her sheet of paper and hit Katsuki right at the back of the head with it, though it was gentle and soft as she choked on her sobs.

"Mitsuki—" Masaru had began to spike up but was immediately silenced by the woman.

"Did you even hear Masaru? He had been doing that right under our noses, and I don't understand?" She replied as she turned to Izuku and Inko. "I-I can't even believe he'd go that far— get up." She ordered Katsuki and reluctantly he obeyed with a sneer on his face, "bow and apologise."

"I don't need to do that, you hag—" Screetched Katsuki, his pride flourishing at a time like this.

"Katsuki, don't think I'm asking. I'm telling you. Apologise." She told him.

Quickly, Izuku shook his head.

"I-I'm sorry, but I-I didn't come for an apology. I-I just want him to learn a lesson." He waved his hands about and glanced towards Mitsuki, "Ms. Bakugou, you don't need to apologise either, I'm not upset with you or Mr. Bakugou." He stated clearly.

Mitsuki's arms crossed over her torso as she stood in front of the green haired boy, making sure Katsuki was still in her line of sight filled with fury.

Nezu interacted with the conversation, getting up and approaching Katsuki with a form in his hand. Katsuki had taken it off from the man, looking over the small and tiny text on the sheet.

"What's this?" He sneered.

"Your expulsion form." Nezu stated.

Katsuki eyes widened as his hand trembled, he balled up the sheet of paper, letting the sides crumble as he glared at the floor with a mixture of emotions flowing through his mind.

Izuku watched him with a solemn expression, his eyes glanced to Nezu who made his way back to the desk.

Izuku hadn't want this to happen, he had been tormented but Izuku knew the worst punishment to give someone is not even the expulsion— it's the removal of the chance of ever being able to achieve his dream.

But even his parents were upset— if not more— but it was all deserving after all and justice had been served.

Katsuki ran out of the room with Mitsuki hot on his trail— Masaru merely walked out slowly with an apologetic bow as he went to his wife and son.

"Wait. Isn't that going too far?" Izuku asked getting up from his spot to Nezu. "I wanted him to be punished but isn't expulsion... too much."

"If you're worried about him being free to bully more people, don't worry, I'll recommend some classes I have to Bakugou." He said but that not was Izuku wanted to hear.

"N-No, I don't mean that. I-I mean Katsuki May deserve some reprimand but not this, I didn't want him to be expelled from this school." Izuku told Nezu.

Nezu sat back on his seat and his eyes glinted at Izuku, "he instigated a suicide, as well as commit other heinous crimes. I need to report this to the board."

"But I know more than anyone he wanted this dream... and what you have done to him is essentially what he had done to me. Deprived him of it, and I extremely mad at him but I don't want him to go through what I did." Izuku told him.

"And how would you expect him to learn?"

Izuku scoffed as though Nezu was completely ludicrous, "You don't expect. You teach them to grow and learn— Kacchan had been surrounded by praise his entire life and U.A brought it down a little— I can tell, I was at the training grounds and he was able to talk to a person without getting angry, being able to make fun little bets and enjoy his lessons. I'd thought you'd understand the most that not everything is in human nature, people change and develop, he hasn't gotten far but for now a small improvement is better than none."

Izuku grabbed his P.E bags and Inko's hand, "I hope you take stuff that into consideration. Of course, punishment is needed but U.A is the training grounds to shape people into heroes, if you expel him then it's the worst mistake you've made and already failed your job."


"Izuku." Inko hummed when they both arrived home after a long and eventful journey from U.A.

"Yes, mom?" He said, looking up behind him as he turned away from the TV to his mother.

"What you did was brave, I-I don't think I'd be able to make the same judgement." She praised her son, proud of his kind nature but still upset about the revelation of all that Katsuki had done.

"I would've walked out... but then I saw the look in his eyes." He sighed.

"What look?" She questioned curiously.

"It was calling out for help."

Inko walked around to take a seat beside Izuku, her hand on top of his and her brows furrowed downwards indicating her frustration. "Did you help Bakugou for his sake?"

Izuku nodded his head, "he's always wanted to be a hero. And I can't take that from him. But in a way, it's kind of like my own way of being a hero." He smiled at the her. "And he can get help now."

"Oh, Izuku hun." Inko uttered underneath her breath, "do you still want to be a hero?"

Izuku furrowed his eyebrows and bit the insides of his cheek. It was a hard question, he definitely found it an ideal way of helping other people— but hasn't he already been doing that through his analysis.

With Neridian's case, and so many others like her own, even when Tenya had talked about his brother finding his own work beneficial to him and to work more efficiently. He hadn't physically saved anyone, but definitely stopped a few deaths from happening by quirk analysis.

"I do, but I'm fine helping people in general. And I've helped a lot of people." He said, giving his mother's hand a gentle squeeze, "but yeah, its fun while the dream lasted."

Inko chuckled to herself, reminiscing about the past, "I remember you always loved to be a hero when you grew up, before you got your quirk you'd play with everyone— like me when you went home, even that kid with the bright red wings at the playground."

Izuku held his hand out to the glass coffee table in front of him and reached for the scrap papers, he had gotten a pen from his pocket and began scribbling down its structure.

"Tsubasa? Yeah, it's quite a nifty quirk. The protrusion of the top part of his wings can easily be used offensively and its quite strong to withstand pressure I guess, but it can still hurt him since there are still nerves on it.” Izuku elaborated with his fingers pointing upwards, “and it can flex and bend without actually hurting Tsubasa. But he wanted to be a hero and I haven’t seen him for a while now.”

Izuku stopped to think about it, “it kind of reminded me about that Noumu’s wings. But its white, and the tip had been clipped at the top, but structurally everything else is technically the same from what I remember.”

“Izuku? Is there something wrong?” Inko asked her son.

“How low is it to have the same quirk as someone in the same country, give or take a few details?” Izuku said, ignoring her previous question.

“If they’re relatives then not so low, but two unrelated people would be astronomically low would it not?” Inko elaborated and Izuku placed a hand to his chin as he thought out the entire ordeal.

“That’s what I’m thinking, but if it were the same quirk with a few alterations, genetic information coding doesn’t take much nowadays because even that Noumu needed to lean forward to keep his bodied levelled as he flew, just like Tsubasa. It could be a coincidence but I’m not sure, there’s just some things that don’t add up.” He pondered with his hand on his chin.

“Why don’t you ask Dr. Tsubasa?” Inko said.

“Oh? His dad. I forget he still works around here.” Replied Izuku. “I... he hasn’t ever brought up Tsubasa, and when he’s roaming the streets he’s always alone.” Izuku thought. “He’s always tired, but lives in a surprisingly expensive house for a general practitioner.”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, we can’t play the blame game without convict.” Inko hushed.

Izuku sighed but noted down her point, “yeah, I guess it’d be rude.” He added on, pushing the sheet of paper across the table as he turned back to the television.

“I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki had never received repercussions for the entirety of his life, everything had been brushed off or ignored, even the most severest case of abuse, the adults would neglect Izuku but not if Katsuki were to have done the same thing to another kid with a quirk.

The first thing Katsuki learnt after gaining a quirk was that he was the best, the top at the top— and even well before then he still led a lot of people.

Confident, filled with pride and smug about himself.

No one would let him hear anything else.

The second thing he learnt was that Izuku wasn't like him, not even in his league of superiority but still had the same goals, the same dream to be a hero like himself.

He didn't think much of it, only thinking about how imbecilic to have such naive thoughts upon a society built upon an endless amount of quirks.

By complete chance, the third fact he had found out was that adults tend to isolate Izuku— Katsuki doesn't know if they do it on purpose— but whenever Izuku gets bruised, in comparison to himself, he's treated as either extremely fragile, or sturdy.

Realising this, Katsuki was always teasing him for his quirkless nature and had gotten away with all of it.

And yet, Izuku always had that stupid look in his eyes, whenever he saves other people from Katsuki's reign, knowing it'll bring him more harm.

As the years past, that look still stayed with him.

Katsuki rage had exponentially increased over the course of the months as he tried to put him down in his place— where the quirkless belong— but Izuku is never brought down, he prospered from his abuse and doesn't let anything affect him.

In the present day, Katsuki realised Izuku had already been brought down.

He hadn't realised the freckled face boy had crumbled long ago but his bruised ego still couldn't handle those eyes, like Izuku could read Katsuki thoughts and mind with a glance.

But now peering back to then, Katsuki found that in his memories, Izuku's smile had somehow fizzled along the course of the years and had been hollowed out, clearly a fake but when was Katsuki one to ever take notice of anyone else's emotions, let alone one he had been tormenting for the entirety of his life.

So when he came back to Nezu's office, after being hunted down by his mother, followed up by his father, he returned to the bear/mouse/dog hybrid with an expression of regret.

Not regret to Izuku, just regret of his own actions that cost him the one dream he had always dreamt off.

And from there, just like he had done to Izuku, it sparked and fizzled right out of existence right before his eyes.

"You will be staying on one condition. Go to all of the remedial classes I've set up for you and see a councillor for anger management." Nezu had stated, taking in his hand the sheet of paper that Katsuki had returned and ripping up the form, "this will still be reported, but I guess due to protection laws it won't be on the system after a certain amount of years."

Katsuki bit down on his lips, his throat hoarse, "why?" It cracked a pitch higher, but obviously had been forcefully restrained, his eyes peered downwards hesitantly to Nezu.

He hadn't deserve this, and he's sure that Nezu is quite keen on keeping his chosen choices. He had instigated a suicide for goodness sake, that is the least heroic action someone could commit.

"You should be asking Midoriya that, I cannot comprehend why, speaking in objective terms, but I guess he must've analysed something that I was unable to myself, he brought along some good points but, I don't see why he would defend your actions when clearly he disliked your actions. You must've done something right." Nezu spoke to Katsuki who's eyes widened as his mouth gaped opened, his figure trembled as the sunset began to peer into the room, its rays stretching across the ceiling and floors and onto the grey of his blazers.

He can't understand why, it's baffling why Izuku would rather help him when he hadn't done the same back?

Katsuki squinted his eyes up to the sunlight, his red eyes mixing into the amber as it glistened with tears coating the surface of his eyeball.

He doesn't know what to feel anymore, but he did ponder for a brief moment.

'Is this how it feels to have a dream crushed?' He clenched his fist, opening it seconds later to see the dust exposed by the sunlight drift away from his grip and fall down slowly through his fingertips.


"Are you sure honey? I-I can always call of school for you, we can sit around and have some ice cream or roam around the area for a while?" Inko offered up and tempted Izuku wanted to agree and sit back on the couch with his body slugged as him and his mother watched the TV.

With a reluctant sigh, he shook his head as his mother tied his tie up underneath his collar sloppily, one end visibly longer than the other and not even tucked below his blazer to align with it.

"I can't, I'd be needing to catch up quickly for one day missed," he groaned and his mother's smile only faltered for a single moment, "but afterwards we can go out for the evening."

Inko nodded, "yes, that'd be nice." She agreed, not completely against with the proposition. "But, have fun at school, hopefully things go well."

"Have fun at home." He beamed at her, his freckled cheeks rose to his eyes as it grew across his face and infectiously it seemed to spread onto Inko as she copied his, only a bit softer.

"And you," she gripped his hand and gave it a tight squeeze, "stay safe."

Her grip loosened around his and his hand fell down to his side gracefully until it hit hard agains the side of his leg.


"Midoriya?" Called out the teacher from the front of his class.

Tapping the side of his pen against the table, and occasionally spinning the pen in his hand he replied to the teacher, "present."

Closing his book, the teacher placed away the attendance sheet onto the desk in front of him, he reached forth to the inside and had gotten out a textbook on the history of quirks.

"Alright, page 137." He spoke, a white piece of chalk in one hand and the book in his other as he droned on about the first formation of quirks and when they truly did begin to show up. "Quirks weren't always there for us, those 20% of people who are now quirkless once dominated the society, at that time it had been the norm for about the past centuries going far, far back to the 21st century."

A hand rose and the teacher stop his speaking for a moment, "yes, Kusuo."

"What about those superheroes like Batman or Superman?" He had asked, but there's a lace of trickery there as the other students began to let out their own giggles in response.

"First of all, those were merely fiction, a story to entertain the public during their popularity. Secondly, Batman was also quirkless, he merely used technology in order to fight. But, that had nothing to do with the course and if you ask a dumb question like that again, I'll give you a one on one tutoring session to last till the end of the week." He slid his chalk across the board in order to underline the title of todays lesson. "You understand."

"Y-Yes sir." He replied, the trickery in his tone vanished with a single lecture.

"Of course, there were things such superhuman powers back then, but what makes them different from quirks were that they were more accidental mutations that made them more durable for certain types of circumstances." He said. "Midoriya, could you tell me why it couldn't be considered a quirk?"

Izuku had gotten up from his seat lazily and stood straight to face the front of the classroom, "well, according to the definition of a quirk, it was something that was out of the physical realms of what a human could achieve, or it was back during the time when quirks began to form, those superhuman powers were small mutations created by a single fault in the genetic code but quirks, whilst had been created from this anomaly, the difference between the two would be that the body would then begin to code for quirks purposefully, not just by chance for every random generation."

"Correct," the teacher spoke, "and when would one consider these powers a quirk?"

"When it can be passed on from generation to generation successfully without too much of a large jump between the two." Said Izuku dryly.

"Correct, you may sit down."

Izuku took the opportunity to take a seat, posture straightened and hands tapping his thighs as he watched everyone around him begin to write. He is unable to focus, especially with such a convenient topic to appear merely a day after his confrontation with Katsuki.

It was like the cascade of events were continuously piling up without ever stopping, all at the same constant rate as one mounted the other. Even after the confrontation with Katsuki, Izuku has a small feeling of doubt that this pressure would ever end.


"Midori, come on, lets eat together!" A nameless classmate had called him out, as he had always been doing since Izuku had joined the school.

"I-I'd rather not, I dislike eating in front of people," he lied badly through his teeth, he knew they could tell but still he tried to keep up with this facade of strength and determination, "b-but go have my fun for me."

He walked away— or jogged lightly towards the end of the hallways, dashing over to the corner as he made his way up to the rooftop of the school with his lunchbox in his hand. He sat near the edge where his back leant against the fence of the school, eyes drearily drifting off to the sky as he held the lunch in his hand.

Technically speaking, according to the student council's school book filled with an endless amount of rules and regulations, he isn't meant to be on the roof at any of the time. But it was always unlocked and no one ever even bothered to check if anyone had been up at any of the time.

Sometimes, Izuku stayed after school to watch the sun set off in the distance whenever he told his mother he'd be home late. The sight manifested horrid thoughts but even then Izuku couldn't deny the beauty of its glory.

"It's time to eat." He clapped his hands together, chopsticks pulled apart as he dug into his food slowly, breaking apart his meal into sections before tearing it down.


Izuku choked on his meal as he turned up to the girl in front of him, messy blonde buns in her hair and a uniform he hadn't been able to recognise from around here. He stared at her for a moment longer before beginning to react to her presence.

"Oh, hi?" He replied to her, "a-are you lost?"

Shaking her head, a Cheshire cat grin grew on her face as she tilted her body to the left and her head in sync with it.

"No, I'm right where I want to be." She took out her hand and took Izuku's hand without a second thought. "Nice to meet you..."

"Midoriya, Midoriya Izuku. A-Are you new here? I-I guess you need the roof space so I guess I'll be going." He replied all in a single breath, retracting his hands shyly from hers as he began to close his lunch.

"But you haven't eaten your lunch?"

"I-I can eat elsewhere."

"I can't let you do that." She spoke cryptically, and there's a sense of manic intertwined with her vocal chords. "I'd feel really bad." She whined with a finger pressed against her cheek as she pouted.

Izuku, not knowing how to react to an anomaly in his usual days work, decided to sit back down slowly and break eye contact with her. He didn't feel like stomaching any of it's contents down, merely shoving it aside as he sat with his legs crossed over one another.

"Wanna see a cool trick?" She grinned at him with her teeth exposed and a hand to her cheek. He nodded regretfully and watched as she extended her hand to grab his and make a line with her fingernail to trail down his hand. She then tapped the surface and there trickles of blood oozed out the newly created wound.

Izuku isn't as mortified as he should be, the wound wasn't that bad and instead he was slightly intrigued by it.

"H-How?" He wondered.

"I don't know, I saw it on a video online and I was hoping it'd work." She smiled at him, "luckily it did, isn't that cute?"

Weird word choices, but nothing alarming as he sat beside the stranger. He isn't happy with her presence but she'll eventually leave when he showed lack of interest to her.

"Right. Cute." He said and she gave a small giggle in response.

"But I guess I'll take my leave, it was fun and I was itching for an adventure, I guess I'll see you soon, right Midoriya?" She took his hand and licked his palm, momentarily worrying him about her. "Don't worry, my quirk allows me to digest blood." She winked at him playfully as she ran out the roof and downstairs.

She gave a chuckle after locking the door behind her, not even pausing for a moment as she tasted his blood in her mouth. The metallic taste coated the surface of her taste buds and with a swift gulped entered through her system as her body moulded into a different structure.

Matching Izuku's perfectly.

"Yikes, he's definitely not my type." She stuck out her tongue, all grossed out with Izuku's unbruised and unbeaten looks, "seriously, who'd even date him?"

Glancing at his phone in her hand, she placed it onto the floor and with one leap crushed it with the sole of her feet.


"I can't believe she locked me in! I'm meant to be at home, by now, why isn't the teachers even coming up to check." He grunted frustratedly with his hands pulling on the knob of the door, hoping that it would open after a few more attempts at taking it off. "Hey! Is there anyone there?"

There had been no reply from anyone and Izuku hit his head against the wall repeatedly in anger as he slid down to his knees and knelt there with his forehead pressed against the tightly shut door with his eyes closed.

There, another event was formed, ready to pile upon the rest building up on his shoulders.


The moon is high in the sky and Izuku's still left to his own devices, staring up at it lazily as he laid on the cold concrete floor below him. On top of his figure is a jacket covering his torso completely as he tried to drift off into a slumber but failing with every try.

He kicked it off, hammering his hands onto the floor, how was his mother feeling right now? Worried sick for her child who hadn't made it back hone despite promising it. Izuku knew she cared and knows that she will give herself a headache trying to find him.

He stopped hitting his hand and gotten up, brushing off the dirt from his clothing.

"Well, the cameras were easy to take down, for such a prestigious school you'd think it'd be more like U.A." Izuku hears a voice come from the stairs and bolted up to the sound of it. Knocking harshly on the door, he tried to grab the attention of whomever remained in the school.

"Hiya, Izu. I've returned." Smiled the blonde who had trapped him in their earlier, she unlocked the door and pushed it open. She clapped her hand togethers and bowed her head down just a bit, "sorry for locking you in, I had to deal with something."

"You locked me in!" He yelled furiously, pointing a finger at her accusingly. "I-I couldn't even call... the..." he paused as his eyes trailed up to the man that stood just behind her.

A hand stretched out across his vision and from there everything had disappeared, the school building, the two strangers and a part of himself.

"That was super easy, I hope Bakugou will put out more of a fight." She hummed with an exasperated sound, "I wanna see the blood run down his face and his body to be battered down and bruised as I slice him up." She sung in a singsong, her eyes dilating and a wretched grin extended on to her face.

The man behind her played around with a marble in between his fingers, letting it slide through every gap and roll around his gloved hand. His mask with a smile curved onto it tilted along with his head as he chuckled.

"I would given such a display, but alas, it seems that I'll save the show to be marvelled at on another day." He said in a low voice, "but, have you done your other duties, Toga?"

She spun around with her skirt flowing in the breeze of the wind as she made eye contact with he mask. "Course, go to the arcade roof and push off the fake body as I escape through another passageway. It's nothing hard for me, but I did almost lose my phones keychain." She whined playfully. "Will it work?"

"We've got people to alter his medical records." He leant back and held the handle of the door, "shall we leave?"

"Alrighty!" She laughed manically as she skipped out of the roof.


Begrudgingly, Katsuki took slow steps to Inko's house, legs dragging on the gravelly sidewalk and back slugged forwards with the same snarky look in his face.

He had questions that needed to be answered and Izuku was the only source he can get it from, so many complex feelings inside of him.

Why, is the main one, if he had a chance to get back at someone he'd take it no doubt in the most brutal way.

But Izuku wasn't him, and vice versa, Izuku wasn't brutal or strong to even defend himself pathetically and yet he still went to others aid above his own and that's the one thing that baffled Katsuki.

In this savage world, where only the best prospered, Izuku never gave up on doing the right thing— sure his dream had been long forgotten in the back of his mind, he still did the right thing for the right reasons.

The street light shone above him with every block passed.

Then in front of him is a cop car, the lights on but the sirens silenced and there his heart almost stopped in his chest, it slightly bothered him that a day after the confrontation that Izuku's mother.

His walking speed gets faster and his back had straightened out as he approached nearer to the building as it gets larger and larger in his vision.

There he saw, two cops at the door, one with a hat on their heart and the other with his hat taken off and placed to his side solemnly as Inko led them out with tears falling from her eyes dramatically.

Katsuki sprinted to her, anxiety in his chest, he doesn't speak as he leant the lady to the side of the door.

"K-Katsuki, please tell them, I-Izuku i-is just mi— missing." She wailed into his arms, it's not tight like the one she gives Izuku, those hugs are reserved for him only, it was rigid and awkward in comparison wise.

Confusedly, he spun his head around to the two cops in the house and watched as their facial expression stayed strong, but a hint of tension still remained.

"I apologize for your loss."

Stunned, Katsuki eyes dilated at the words as he turned to the two police officers and back to Inko.

"We haven't confirmed what from, but at the moment we suspect suicide, he was pronounced dead 17/03/xx, today at 5:01. His identity had been confirmed by the system and his body was found by an alleyway of Fun-Fun's Arcade." He said with a straight and strong face through it all. "We will stay in touch with you for further updates. Would you like us to stay with you for support?"

Inko wailed further at the information and had let go of Katsuki with her hands buried deep into her face and he didn't know what to do them, only staring back with his pupils a tiny dot at the centre of the redness that is his iris as his mouth gaped opened.

"I-I don't want your support," she whispered to herself, "I-I want my son, I want to see my son."

"We are unable to move the body until the crime scene had been taken care off, but if it makes you feel better, we can always wait with you and bring you to him when we receive the call from our higher ups, is that fine?"

Inko hadn't stopped crying but her eyes became red and heavy, and her eyebrows wrinkled as she brought her hands down to the side of her body, "y-yes please."

Katsuki, still dazed, stood their lifelessly.

"Sir, are you alright?" Asked the second officer.

He blinked once, pressing his lips together tightly.

"I'm not sure."

Katsuki is pissed off that Izuku went off ahead and died when he was looking for answers.

But a small part of him has a feeling that what he's thinking is a lie.

And an even tinier part knows it's a lie.

Chapter Text

"So, have you collected him as I asked?"

"Yes, we have Sensei," Mr. Compress held out a small, spherical, blue marble in between his fingertips and showed it to the man, "but I am curious in what you'll need him for, to even use us, Tomura's comrades, it must be a great piece."

Behind the scene, the eyeless man hummed coldly with a grin bared on his face and his fist laid against his cheek as his other arm laid on the arm rest. His suit had been straightened and his tie symmetrical as it went down the centre of his chest.

"I saw something I doubt others are able to see, I don't see a quirkless boy who is easily tossed away, I see someone who's work should be appreciated." He said calmly, his hands tapping the armrest continuously. "Hopefully, he will hear me out."

He doesn't ask, he demanded.

Mr. Compress, held the marble out and the blue sphere stretched out and Izuku began expanding in size as he was pushed down onto the ground.

First thing Izuku realised is that he is not in pain, which is usually a good thing, but his face is pressed up upon the ground and his vision trailed over to a pair of perfectly shined, black shoes leading up to a man who he cannot see yet.

But Izuku's breaths are laboured and rigid from being tightly confined in a small space for so long, his heart is beating in his chest as his eyes suddenly shut closed.

"No need to be harsh." All For One rose his hand and swiped it across, Mr. Compress had loosened his grip though he had never let his guard down around the kid. Still retreating back to stand up, Izuku was finally able to catch a glimpse of the man and he froze in his knelt spot on the floor of this office, or some sort of warehouse he wasn't really sure.

"Hello there, Midoriya. I know you must be in a panicked state but be reassured that I'd never hurt you," he laughed at his own words, "what am I saying, I cannot tell you how or what to feel."

"W-Who are you? W-Where am I even?" Questioned Izuku, snapping his head around back and forth to get more of a general understanding for what has happened to him.

"Well, allow me to explain.” He uncrossed his leg but stayed very still on his seat, “I’m here to give you an offer, I’ve seen a lot of your analysis and I’ve notice how you’ve viewed quirks in ways that aren’t comprehendible to others.”

Izuku doesn’t register his words, only staring at him for a long period of time as he began to elaborate.

“You have a right to refute, but I wouldn’t let you do this for free.” He gave a cold, chilling smile, “so I thought I could give you a quirk in return for your service.”

Izuku eyes widened in realisation, lips parted and fist clenched on the floor, “y-you’re All For One.”



“I-is it necessary to go through his room?” Inko asked, her arms crossed over her torso tightly in anxiousness.

She looked up to face Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi.

“I’m sorry Ms. Midoriya but it’s just to find anything that could’ve led to his death, any threats he might’ve kept or maybe a note revealing factors that caused his death.” He said with genuine, apologetic tome in his voice.

His hat had long ago left the top of his head and rested upon his chest above his heart with his head tilted low at Inko’s direction.

She nodded solemnly and opened the door— it had been locked up ever since, untouched and left the way it always once. Her hand cupped the the cold, untouched handle and twisted the door open, gently pushing it for it to creak open.

It was dark but the sunlight from the window poured into his bedroom and lit it up, it still hadn’t made it any less eerie as Inko watched the pellets of dust exposed by the midday light crumbled down to the floor, building up layers and layers of dust onto the cold, wooden floorboard.

Inside was orderly when it came to his notebook, each and everyone in order from date it was written all the way to more recent times. Everything else was as expected in a teenagers room, messy clothing on the floor and bed.

Naomasa momentarily looked at the emotionally pained woman with hesitation but with a quick nod of her head, he excused himself and entered the room cautiously, being careful that everything was the same.

He turned to the mountainous shelfs on the left side and points towards it curiously.

“May I?” He asked.

Inko bobbed her head.

"T-Thats his Hero Analysis Notebook," Inko sniffled, trying to calm down the static that screeched in her ears deafeningly, "h-he always liked analysing heroes when he realised he couldn't be one." Her voice held strong though slight tremors could be heard.

"Hero notebook. They're quite detailed and logical," his eyes went over scribbled writing, all messily conjoined into one another, "he sure liked heroes."

"Likes." Inko rebutted timidly, her hair swooped over her face messily and eyes were beginning to well up again.


"You said liked, h-he'll always like heroes." She added on and Naomasa was quick to correct his mistakes not wishing to hurt the lady anymore than he would like.

"My apologies, Ms. Midoriya." He said silently, but before the awkward air began to manifest, Naomasa spoke once more with his white glove closing the book from its corner gently and stuffed it into the top of the shelf, "these are all his work, so many notebook to be written by one child."

"He locked himself in his room one day with a bunch of notebooks and never left for a week, only leaving for food and water— no snacks or any outside lighting." She sighed, remembering that day as clear as day, she leant to the side of the door frame and crossed her arms over her body.

"Any reason?" That sure peaked his interests.

Disappointedly, Inko shook her head and exhaled slowly through her nose with her eyes closed and fingers pinching the brink of her nose from what seemed to be a headache.

"N-None, he'd tell me snippets of his life but never truly allow me to be in-involved," Inko bit her lip to bite back the urge of puking, "K-Katsuki Bakugou is one main factor, but I-I have a feeling that it could be other things." She added on.

"Huh." He hummed in a low voice of dissatisfaction. Detective Tsukauchi Naomasa leant into the bottom shelf and lifted up a notebook, bent by its edges from the amount of times it had been reviewed. Opening the book, Naomasa viewed its contents, taking his time going over every note made about a lot of controversial stories— some hadn't even been revealed to the public from what he remembered. "What's this?"

"M-More of his hero notebooks?" Inko said with hesitation.

"These are conspiracy theories on certain topics." He stated, still flickering through the pages curiously, there's a piece on Endeavour and his damage to property as well as other overwhelming evidence about him and his behaviour and even All Might— but with an All Might fan boy it was not as surprising— but instead of the gushing that a normal fan would have it was extremely unbiased and well thought out notes about what his quirk may be.

Worryingly close to the truth and extremely different to what he would've guessed when he first met All Might, it left out the injury he had but said there might be some weakness on the left side of All Might since he is extremely keen on fighting without the exposure of his left side— hard to tell with how quickly he beats the villain and gets it over and done with.

Then he stumbled across a quite shocking piece of the Noumu that was at USJ, sketched out but some pieces were incorrectly drawn but still had some semblance and beside it was an amalgamation of ideas of what this monstrosity could be.

The Amalgamate, also known as Noumu.

Height, just above All Might's, strength currently unknown but strong enough to handle All Might's normal attacks. It doesn't talk and according to sources he obeys the grey man [name currently unknown to public but could link to missing child case years back in 21X9— facial description and age fits but quirk doesn't (???).]

Amalgamate has from what I remember, strength absorption, super strength and regenerative limbs, maybe pain invincibility— doesn't seem to feel pain (highly likely as it grew a limb uncaringly). Mostly mutant type quirks, but odd— only cases of having two quirks existed and there's this controlled monster who has more than three— could be given quirk through Experimentation or through another quirk that transfer quirks.

Though, to control someone, necessarily quirks aren't needed, there's erasure of memories and/or implantation of new ones through torture [explains why Grey Man may seem to have two quirk (decay and control) but it could just be one — decaying of objects] and maybe PAVLO's DOG [given treat for doing something horrendous]

Exposed brains [weakness(??) brain is always source of control— destroying = death] Doesn't respond to anything other than command— vegetable state when picked up by officers.

Can’t be animal since an animal with one quirk is rare enough as it is.

It’s weird they'd have a human brain rather than being a species of their own too. It doesn't mean that they're necessarily an amalgamate of humans, they seem normal enough except for the exaggerate muscles and the darkness of their skin [but who’s to say it’s not just a side effect from a quirk]

It could mean that someone is giving them a quirk, by creating it or taking it. The transfer process is quite hard to tell with nothing to go on.

Quirks can’t physically be transferred DNA to DNA— to code a gene for quirks would take MANY years from further research even if it is just a small section so to code for more than one is highly unlikely— maybe a quirk that could take quirks [Like Eraserhead, but not so much as erasing but to permanently take (???)]

Transferring isn’t impossible— some quirks can switch others but only for a single moment— and some quirks defy some aspects of science, it’d be logical to assume it COULD be from a quirk. Plus looking far back into the origination of quirks, there was one man who had the power to take other powers and people would flock to him so they could have theirs taken [unacceptable to have quirks then].

To live forever is extreme— no quirk had been found to defy death— but who’s to say he defied death? Could’ve found a quirk to live a long long time, so he could die.


Nagisa Shimura (Father) } Alleged son of Nana Shimura (PRO HERO and STRENGTH ALL MIGHT — only less potent)
Mizuno Kurosaki (Mother)

Either Grey Man late manifested quirk or transferred onto him [LATTER EXTREMELY LIKELY— PARENTS QUIRK DON’T MATCH UP WITH HIS OWN]


(*SKETCH [VIDEO #138] Not accurate— bad view from camera.

“Detective?” Inko called out the man, “is there something wrong?”

Naomasa blinked out of his trance and turned to Inko, closing the book and holding it underneath his arms. “Just found something interesting.”

“I-Is it relevant to..” she doesn’t dare finish her sentence, but Naomasa had gotten drift of where she was going.

“I’m not sure,” he let out a breath he didn’t even realise he was holding at the time, “but is it alright to photocopy it? It could help on this other case I had been working on.”

Frowning, Inko nodded, “o-of course.”

He turned back to the dusty shelves and frowned.

The rest of the afternoon was of him persevering through the case with a straight face and without upsetting Inko, collecting any relevant evidence if needed be and seeing whether or not this truly was a suicide— though it is indicated that it is, with a society filled with quirks it would be hard to pinpoint cause rather than correlation,

“Is there anyone who will be visiting, or will you be alone here?” He asked, he thought for her safety and whilst bringing her closure was what he needed to give her, he also needed to give her protection from herself.

“N-Not really.”

“Is there anyone you wouldn’t mind talking to about the incident, someone to confide in.”

“I-I can’t bother him anymore than needs to be.” She stated.

“It’s never a bother,” he added with a small smile, “but it wouldn’t hurt to try now would it?”

She stared back at the empty living room and bit her lip as she opened the front door and watched the Detective leave her home. When he is gone from her vision she left to the home telephone and lifted it up, going through the contacts one by one before stumbling across a name she hadn’t seen in a while.

Toshinori Yagi.


“What a predicament. You are aware of who I am. Surprising to say the least. Must’ve done some intense research to find anything about me.” All For One was clearly infatuated, eyes glowed in the darkness of the room as his fist pressed up against his cheek.

Izuku doesn’t reply, only biting lis lip and slowly getting up from the floor— brushing off any dirt on his knees and shoulders.

“It’s what I want.” He said, “don’t be afraid now, I don’t need to harm you yet. But I want you to analyse my comrades.”

Izuku blinked confused, why on Earth would this man let Izuku analyse his workers and not pro heroes, putting so much faith in him to do so?

“I won’t elaborated.”

Izuku swore this man had a telepathy quirk.

“But I do want an answer, a yes and you get straight to work, a no and you get to leave.”

Izuku knew there’s something up with his phrasing, there’s no way he’d just be let off for simply refusing— if this man had lived up to his name as the ruthless tactical man then there was no leaving, it was join or not.

“I’ll give you time, you seem you need a cool down for now.” All for One had said and Mr. Compress took his hand and extended it towards Izuku, shrinking him back down into an aqua blue capsule.

“When should I come back to return him?”

“A day is fine.” He said, bored. His legs went back to crossing over the other.

Mr. Compress had held back from sputtering out, merely bowing before making a grand exit outside of the building.


“What will it be?”

Izuku still doesn’t have an answer, his stomach growled in the room but he doesn’t want to team up with the bad guys— it was always his dream to do good for people and life really didn’t like that happening for some odd reason.

“Not answering, huh?” He looked up to Mr. Compress.

He took it as a sign to compress him again into the capsule. “How long?”

“Another day, make sure to feed him the bare minimum at the very least.”


Izuku cane back everyday hungrier and hungrier but not enough to die— still he doesn’t want to associate with villains so he refuses to give any answer that All for One would be satisfied with.

He’s traumatised by the small space he’s placed in for so long, his head is throbbing and his eyes well up with tears but still he doesn’t say anything.

All for One isn’t particularly angered, the very first few day those who worked under him were also defiant.


All for One realised that Izuku doesn’t break as easily as he had hoped, it only further interests him to his defiance.

“Your answer?”

He’s given silence in response and Mr. Compress shrunk him once more into the capsule and left without another word.

Izuku found it harder to breathe inside the container.


“Here.” Mr. Compress said, uncompressing Izuku into a room and closing the door behind him, Izuku tried to open the door as soon as he was tossed in but it was locked just as fast. He exhaled, not knowing why he wasn’t compressed as he usually was— it was a nice change but still makes him anxious.


He turned behind him and was shocked to see the face of Dr. Tsubasa behind him, mixing up chemicals and an ever so tired look in his eyes as though he was forced to stay awake.

“Dr. Tsubasa.” Izuku uttered with shock.

His other speculation had been correct after all, Dr. Tsubasa is too rich for what he works as and his son is nowhere to be seen.

His eyes widened in distress and worry of this man.

“W-Why are you here? You’re just a kid?” He screeched.

The worry disappeared and he is now confused, the man is pale and sickly, unruly beard growing and stains all over his lab coat.

“Oh god, not another one.” He choked out.

Izuku stared at the clearly distraught man, though his worry had changed to the man and his well being then actually being trapped in a room with a potential murderer.

Still, the feeling of wariness never left his body for a single moment as he slowly approached the elderly man.



An hour had passed, Izuku is talking with Dr. Tsubasa and how he ended up in this dreaded facility.

“T-They killed him, you know. W-When I had rejected them. They gave you a join or leave option right?” He let out a snuff of air, “they’ll destroy everything day by day, always giving you that option.” His eyes widened for a moment, “you didn’t say leave did you?!

“I never replied, never saying yes or no.” Izuku replied with a solemn tone, “did they do that with everyone.”

He nodded, “some join willingly but if they join to gain intel he’d know. He knows everything and I-I don’t know what to do Midoriya.”

Izuku watched the old man sob into his hands quietly, “and I do their bidding to avoid conflict.”

Izuku knew better than to believe the man’s words, to have his son killed is one thing, but to create an Amalgamate with his corpse tells Izuku that Dr. Tsubasa isn’t all that he seemed.

There’s also the fact that his eyes are blank and despite his voice indicating stress, his body language says otherwise with the stillness of his hands and calmness of his breathing.

“I-Im sorry for your loss.” Izuku played along with his story, patting the man’s hand and giving him a look of pity— how sad it his he turned out to be a doctor who’s job became something more corrupted than it was meant to be for the sake of money.


“T-The Noumu’s, w-what are they?” Izuku brought up, trying to gain as much intel as possible— he still heeded Dr. Tsubasa’s prior warning despite the fact it may be a lie in order to bring restraint to him and his actions.

“I can’t tell you much, but they’re humans— or were, minds contain no memory of what or who they were. The better body is chosen and then quirks are forcibly implanted, no one can handle multiple quirks so it eroded their minds.” Elaborated the Doctor, pushing his glasses up the slope of his nose.

“Why are you here then?”

“I-I test the Noumu’s programme them to follow commands.”


“Where did Mr. Compress go?”

“To kidnap the U.A students— but that’s not today... maybe scouting the area.” He mumbled underneath his breath.

Izuku was interested with the new piece of information, “who?”

“Bakugou Katsuki.”


The door opened widely and in walked in Mr. Compress with his hands stretched out to Izuku. “Sensei wants to talk with you, and he seems keen on getting an answer.”

Izuku gulped and wasn’t compressed as he had been the last time, instead he was dragged by the back of his neck. He felt the hair behind prick upwards from the cold gloves of this man.

He doesn’t know if he should feel thankful of the whole ordeal or not.



Izuku doesn’t like his first name being used by strangers, he’s called Deku by most and Midoriya by other he knows. Izuku is what someone like his mother would call him, or maybe even Toshinori— since they have that silent permission of being able to do so.

He bit his lip and clenched his fist, “I-I accept.” He said, “but I get to choose what kind of quirk.”

“As long as it’s passive, and nothing too overpowering— I accept.” He said with a grin on his face, “but, I wonder why now you’d agree.”

“N-Nothing. All for One.” He said awkwardly with a wobbly line on his face. He’s sweating and his neck is scratchy and hoarse from the lack of water. “I-I just know there’s no such thing as ‘leaving if I want’, as good as it sounded.”

“And how would you know that?”

“Dr. Tsubasa.”

He doesn’t add anything more, looking down solemnly and gripping the rim of his shirt as his eyes welled up with tears.


“Heat regulator, huh.” Izuku sighed, trapped inside the room with Dr. Tsubasa once more. The man is keen on talking with him and with his intentions unclear Izuku doesn’t really want to sit alongside with him.

Izuku clenched and opened his fist, staring down at it curiously as he feels his skin warm up on the pores of his hand with a conscious thought of control. He tried to go beyond the heat but then quickly waved his hand— it felt like fire licking down on his hands.

“Y-Yeah.” Izuku exhaled slowly, blowing on his hand gently. He decreased the temperature of his hand and felt the blood cut off from his hand.

“Why did you ask for that?”

“I-I don’t know alright.” Stressed Izuku with his teeth gritted and his head buried in his knees. He brought back the heat and allowed it to warm his hand and regulated it.

He closed his eyes and deactivated the quirk.


“Izuku, I’m very disappointed in you.” Tutted All for One with his fingers ensnared into one another tightly as he stared at the boy kneeling on the ground with his face pressed up against the tiles of the floor. “Escaping? Even after my gift.” He mocked what a parent would do, but there’s always something menacing laced in his voice.

Izuku doesn’t say anything, gritting his teeth as Mr. Compress held him down to the ground with his arm suspended back in the air and his gloved hand on his shoulders.

“Keep him locked up for a week, no food, no water.” He said tiredly, having better things to do.

Izuku’s eyes widened but before he could even begin to give his rebuttal he finds himself trapped inside a spherical, blue orb, held by the index and middle finger of Mr. Compress.

Izuku hyperventilated himself to sleep, tears welling up in his eyes as multiple bad memories surfaced in his head— he never liked small spaced in general but every time he’s stuck in this orb, nowhere to go or anything to see, he can’t help but feel more anxious.

He huddled in and tucked his head into his arms, legs tight together and pushed into his chest.


”Hey, Toshinori— I found something you might like to see. It’s about All For One.”

Chapter Text

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S NOT GOING ON THE TRIP?” Seethed Tomura as he flipped over the table, disintegrating it in the process of his anger.


He scratched his neck repeatedly, not touching it with his fingerprints but with the sharp parts of his nail, clawing inwards to the top layer of dead skin cells.


“I’ve been told they’re having a trip so why isn’t he coming?” He slammed his feet repeatedly on the broken table bits, further breaking it into smaller pieces.


“Our inside informant told us that he’s been place into temporary suspension for any hero work— including training, reasons currently unknown as the information hadn’t been circulated to the other members of staff, only Eraserhead and the principal knows as far as I can guess.” Informed the other man in the room, his face covered by the darkness of the room, arms crossed over his torso and an extremely relaxed position.


Tomura took a sharp inhale of air, clenching his fist and destroying the first layer of tissue from the surface of his hand in anger, he’s quick to retract his fingers but no pain had been brought onto it as his nerves deteriorated overtime.


He isn’t sure what he’s meant to do, he had planned out the kidnapping, even gotten a few recruits on his side and had it done thoroughly as well as checked. His plan was foolproof— well it was if Bakugou had been going on the trip.


“You could always take... Tokoyami Fumikage wasn’t it? He was the other side target you were interested in, correct?” Kurogiri sighed walking into the room, upset about the complete wreckage of the table.


“That was the bonus prize if we got explosion kid, Katsuki is the one I wanted as a part of my team.” Replied Tomura, biting his cracked lips with scars buried deep within his skin over them. 





Izuku pounded his fist against the orb he was trapped in, fist red and raw from pain and teeth gritted with blood pouring from the side of his mouth, dribbling inside the blue ball.


He’s afraid and trapped, and there’s nothing he could do about it, he felt sick and tired but still went at the ball hoping it would break at any given moment.


Still, it held strong and even after countless attempts to break it only a single crack was visible on it. 


Izuku would’ve thought out an entire analysis of the man’s quirk, but given his circumstances and the hatred of crowded area, he isn’t exactly given a fair chance to do so.


He kept his breathing regulated, remembering Tenya’s helpful advice in keeping it levelled and less erratic, taking in a breath and counting till eight and back down breathing outwards.


It proven useful but still Izuku knew that it would not last for very long, half an hour trapped in a small space isn’t that appeasing, for anyone for that matter, unable to hear the outside only the sound of your heart and breathing and sometimes Izuku swore he could hear the blood rushing through his ear.


The material felt strong, whatever compressed him was definitely not something that could easily shatter— he tried— but the fact that it cracked meant that it wasn’t strong for long time usage, maybe for a boy his age but that was all.


Biting his lip, he activated the quirk bestowed upon him, trying to cool up the area which was most cracked but the heat energy stayed contained in his hand and did not heat up the spot well as it didn’t seem to fracture any longer.


He thought maybe by freezing it, the material would become less elastic and he would be able to break it more easier.


He retracted his hand at the intense cold, breathing heavily and wincing at what felt like a burn on his hand. It hurts and he doesn’t know how long he can keep up without it burning through his hand.


He heated it up, increasing his temperature on his hand to remove the numb pain he was feeling.


Moving away from the freezing frigid, cracked area, he sighed and leant his head back against the other side of the orb. 


It’s small and tight and Izuku honestly believed he wouldn’t last any longer inside such a place without losing most of his mind.


Then it strikes him, he’s always been trying to cool down the area, but if his work was just an average body temperature regulator then wouldn’t it have the opposite effect of what he wanted.


“Right, endothermic and exothermic reactions, as I try to cool down my hand I end up heating up the area as I end up transferring the heat particles away from my hand.” He smacked his forehead for being so unintelligent. “I couldn’t feel it cause the temperature on my hand is different to the one on the surface so it reaches some sort of compromise and feel a lot less hot— or rather cool— than I thought.”


“If I want it to be cooler, I’d have to absorb the heat particles up from that area and then it’d be cold and less elastic— if it had any elasticity to begin with— and break it quickly before I gain any more burns on my body.” He finished with a smile on his face as he reached his hand to the selected area once more, biting his lips and feeling anxiousness wash over him once more.


But it’s something he needed to do, he can’t wait until Mr. Compress uncompresses him to eat or to breathe, he was always on his guard.


Izuku retracted his hand, nerved, even if he did escape, it he’d need to be swift about it and get rid of Mr. Compress as soon as possible. He needed the right time to catch the man off-guard and escape during the time period.


“H-He... he liked his monologues a lot, doesn’t he?” He recalled to himself with his hand on his chin and over his torso.





“A-And you’re saying young Midoriya wrote this?” Said Toshinori taken aback from the information in front of him, he reviewed the notebook of the boy who had been deemed dead by officers.


“Yes, it seems that his methods in obtaining the information are slightly dodgy— and he did get it from an illegal source— but everything else seems to fit in with what we’ve researched, we just couldn’t find the right place to start.” Said Naomasa, gloved hand placed on the table to lift himself upwards. He straddled around the room with his arms behind his back to the window of his office and stared out of it calmly.


“So... Tomura is Tenko, huh?” Toshinori whispered quietly, shocked by the sudden revelation on Izuku’s notebook.


“Yes, we did the review. We tried matching quirks up but if it’s All For One we should’ve assumed the possibility that it was an old quirk from way back that had made it’s way into Tenko’s hand.” Began the detective, turning back to Toshinori with his arms now crossed in front of his chest. “We were trying to find who Tenko was with the knowledge that this was his quirk, and not given to him. So finding him would have been impossible. And assuming that we knew of his power, we hadn’t necessarily thought he might’ve been quirkless the entire time.”


“All For One was always sly, how dare he take Ms. Shimura’s grandson and... turn him into this. I-I should’ve followed them up.” He rushed a hand through his blonde hair, pushing the bangs back and baring his blue eyes into the design of the table, his voice scarily calm.


Naomasa was quick to talk with Toshinori, returning to him and placing a gentle hand on his shoulders with a solemn sigh, “it is not your fault. You hadn’t known where to look and even then wouldn’t have gone against the wishes of your mentor.”


“But she also wouldn’t have wanted her family to be tracked, at the time she had thought it was the best way to keep All For One away from them by getting rid of any relations between them, but people always make connections... All For One did, and so did Izuku.”


Toshinori had nothing to say, parting his lips and leaving it gaped open for a while before shutting it completely.


“He was... is always an intelligent boy. Determination was synonymous to him. He loves helping people more than anything in the world.” Toshinori exhaled, retracing the writing on the notebook and closing his eyes, he rested his arm over his eyes as he rocked back on the seat of his chair. “So.. please don’t compare him to All For One.”


“I’m sorry Toshi.”


Toshinori isn’t sure what Naomasa is apologising for, he hadn’t done anything wrong to Izuku. He hadn’t been calm and relaxed around him, he hadn’t gotten close without realising his suffering, his pain, why he rejected the idea of being a hero so much.


Naomasa didn’t need to apologise since he never failed him as a mentor.


Toshinori failed him.





“Katsuki, you don’t need to visit everyday, I-I know it’s probably Mitsuki forcing you.” 


“I came cause I don’t like owing people.” He lied right through his teeth. Mitsuki, his mother, doesn’t tell him to go— she forbids it thinking Katsuki will hurt Inko further— but it’s not because he owes her or he wants something. It’s his way of coping with the guilt without harming his pride, it’s been lowered for sure.


Inko sighed, “so that’s today’s excuse.” She whispered quietly to herself, “please, come in.”


Katsuki respectfully took off his shoes and moved it over to the side of the hallway, following Inko into her house with a bento box in his hand and his school bag in the other.


She isn’t crying at the moment, but Katsuki can see her swollen red eyes, closed shut from how big it had gotten and wrinkles down the side of her cheek through the ends of her lips— usually covered up with her smile but she isn’t at this period of time.


She not angry, or upset, or anything, which always unnerved Katsuki whenever he decided to visit her home.


“What did you bring this time?” She asked, entering the kitchen and turning off the oven from the front and taking out freshly baked, undecorated cupcakes.


“Some dumplings, and other things. Nothing you’ll hate.” He said condescendingly, seemingly confident in his cooking. 


He brought food after learning Inko stopped cooking for herself, but then she didn’t like the idea of having someone cook for her so she’d always prepare something small like a dessert or snack for Katsuki to take home.


Dinner was always awkward, Izuku was the main topic of discussion as always— mainly spoken by Inko and Katsuki would stop eating to listen to things he hadn’t even known of Izuku.


Usually Inko took the initiative of talking, Katsuki would always respond when and if necessary.


“Why did he back me up?”


Today, Katsuki took initiative.


“Pardon?” Replied Inko, tucking her hair back as she removed the chopsticks from her mouth.


“Izuku.” He sighed, “when I was gonna get excluded... I was wrong but he backed me up and gave me a chance. I don’t understand, in his shoes anyone would be willing to destroy my career.”


“I-I wondered the same thing, Katsuki. I wonder why my son didn’t crush you then and there when he had the chance to do so. I-I was just as shocked because he always spoke of you actions— less intense description of course— but he never hated you.”


“He’d have to fucking hate me. Everyone does.”


“Well, Izuku isn’t everyone, Katsuki. He said that your actions aren’t hero worthy and if you ever become a hero you wouldn’t deserve such a title. But he always say— if he changed, ‘Kacchan doesn’t need to suck up to anyone, but keep it down enough to a decent level’ he’d tell me whenever he spoke of you.”


“And you?” Katsuki silently asked, back slouched forwards as he eyed Inko’s side of the room, not daring to look at her.


“I... I don’t like what you did to my son, no matter how much he spoke out for you.” She started with a deep breath of air.


She clasped her fingers and copied Izuku’s nervous habits, fiddling with her thumb and trying to distract herself from the pain inside.


“I still believe that you don’t deserve to be a hero. Izuku— without a quirk— was more of a hero then you would ever dream to be. Not speaking in terms of power, you need strength as a hero but also a heart.”


Katsuki listened to her words, not lashing out or ignoring her as he usually would, taking in her words and putting aside the pride. 


“Clearly, you value one thing more than the other and that’s why it hurt me that you still left residual pain to my son and planned on being a hero without that being on your consciousness.”


It stung, the truth stung more than he had expected and he felt like wincing from her words.


“But... if Izuku thinks you can change. I think so too.” She looked him in the eye, “so heed his words, not for his sake but for your own. He’s the reason why you’re still aloud to be a hero, don’t make this be your last.”


Blinking, he stared down at his hand, scoffing and burying his hands in his hair. He had done all of this to him— even when he long gave up after his dream— and still went for him. Attacking him. Ruining all friendships he could have.


All for a petty reason that he was being look down upon, even though he was a weak, quirkless kid he still did things that Katsuki didn’t like. Katsuki saw him as a threat to his dream... but he didn’t ever ask why. Everyone else wanted to be a hero, so why did he attack the weak Deku?


He pondered hardly on his life choices and Inko’s statements. 


Inko got up and placed the cupcakes into a brown paper bag and handed over it to Katsuki. “Share some with Mitsuki alright.”


He looked up, and saw her eyes tearing up.


“Could I see his room?”


“Eh.. s-sure I guess.” She said with a visible frown, “I-I can’t follow you though, too much pain for me. Just go up and take the second door to your left. It should be his room.” She informed him and Katsuki nodded, taking his school bag with him upstairs.


The scowl on his face relaxed more as he neared though he was still wary. He reached for the handle slowly and turned it around, watching the door creak open into the room.


It was like a library, some books missing from the shelf but everything had been there. Katsuki scoffed in amazement and went towards one of the book.


His first hero book. When he was five years old. Opening it, he found a lot of cute and fun imaginative things but description levels of a seven year old. He rolled his eyes and placed the book back on the shelf the way he found it before moving to the next.


It went in ascending order, all his books from 1 to 12.


Notebook number 8 has a lot about him, still over imaginative as a kid, but more sensical just as an adult would have written it. It’s about the speed boosters his quirk could give him, a very useful technique he refused to confess as such at the time but still took heed of it.


There’s also things like can he control specific points of secretions, like it can be done on his body but specific pores on his hand, for example, at a centralised point.


He hadn’t thought about it, but it’d be better than constantly trying to produce sweat all over his hands. 


He closed the eighth notebook and put it back where it belonged on the shelf, in between seven and nine and went over for the next.


Each one of the book with amazing analysis on heroes for his age, their weaknesses written in decipherable code. Each one more detailed and intricate than the one prior to it, when he finished skimming through them all, it amazing how much he could absorb from each one.


Confusedly, he furrowed his eyebrows, there should’ve been a thirteen but instead it was another one of his analysis that was about some unknown heroes.


He dug around further, trying to find the notebook— which he blew up unashamedly— and searched through the entirety of his room.


And it was gone, nonexistent.


“Must’ve threw it away.” He remembered it burning in his hands, it sustained a lot of damage, even more so when he tossed it out the window and into the koi pond. But still, he looked through the rest of the room, trying to find something.


He doesn’t believe Izuku would just commit suicide after a single meeting with him, shamefully, he’s done much worse then grab his jumper in the changing rooms so why did he do that?


Was there a note? 


Something that could ease him of his worries, even one that was meant for Inko. 


Listening to her talks days on end, he can tell Izuku clearly trusted her to speak of a lot of the things she just told Katsuki, and so why would he just leave her all behind?


He wouldn’t be a hero, he seemed to give up after Katsuki, but he’s gotten a good life. He went to a top school— prestigious as U.A High— that would’ve landed him any job in the future, that isn’t necessarily quirk related, and a loving mother.


Additionally from what he could infer from Inko’s words during their prior dinners, there wasn’t any bullies in that school.


Stumbling across his wardrobe, he pulled it open and saw it’s contents. Jackets on one end and plain tees on the other with simplistic design. Katsuki pushed them either side of the walls and knelt towards the box at the centre, opening it curiously.


And there was notebook 13, in worse condition than he had thought it to be, tattered on one end and the pages felt wavy. It also smelt of sewage if he brought it close enough to his nose.


Longly, he stared at it, brushing the book with his thumb off to the side and biting his lips. “I fucking hated you. And you pull this shit on me.” He sighed, words filled with less spite. He closed the box, taking the notebook with him and stuffed it into his backpack begrudgingly.


Katsuki hated owing people— he lied to no one but himself— and so he owes Izuku a lot for destroying his stuff.


In other words, he’ll take his words into consideration, not a full blown change but enough to meet the levels of common curtesy and decency.


“Katsuki, are you done yet?” Yelled Inko from downstairs, a clear strain in her throat.


“Almost, I just want to see something.” He replied back, voice just as loud as hers as he went to Izuku’s computer and turned it on. Without a passcode it was easy to get into his files and since all accounts were already logged into, it was even easier to find information.


There was one tab that was opened right next to google, top on most clicked on in his history and even most recent.


And it was of the Hero Watch.


Katsuki would be lying if he said that he had never been on it, as a child he’d go on it for a moment to see the strongest— the one he’ll surpass in the future and his eyes were set on All Might.


Trying to memorise how it worked, he clicked a few of the text at the top row, spamming it with consecutive clicks before it linked back to Izuku’s account.


“MightyJr01.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, and went onwards to find Izuku’s popularity online had skyrocketed, 10,093 messages unread, 102,843 replies to his work and an average of 1 million likes for all his work— except his first, which had now reached 23 million likes with twice as many replies then his other works.


It was all about Neridian, Katsuki remember that hero since there was a huge scandal of her killing someone— even if he didn’t care of other heroes that weren’t All Might it didn’t mean he hadn’t known anything.


The comments were all supporting of Izuku’s statement and his account as a whole, hoping other people would be able to see it. He’s surprised when he changed the comment section settings to rank from most popular to least popular and refreshed it.



Thank you so much for your kind review on Neridian. Whilst everyone had doubted her as a hero you stayed by her side, as well as gotten her story out without being biased.


We hope your heroic deeds spread onwards and that you’ll be a great person in the future. You say she is your hero, but you’re also ours.

- Mizuri Agency


He moved on to the next blog, leaving settings unchanged, and saw just how many heroes actually went on ahead and read about his blogs, some personally commenting whilst others were from agencies.


But there was a repetition of one phrase, and that was telling Izuku that he was a hero to them more than they were to him.


Katsuki hummed, he never profited from praise personally, so if someone told him he had a rotten personality he wouldn’t care at all. But, even heroes, need some sort of an image, a positive one, even the silent types have some good image on them. 


He wanted to be stronger.


But even more so, he wanted to be the best at everything, and if being the best hero of all time meant putting on a facade then he’d be willing to do so in a heartbeat.


A sudden ping caught back his attention and Katsuki found himself looking at the notification from a person. 


ENIGMATIC•:  [2log x base two minus log square root x base 2 equals three]


Deku, where you at bro? Im bored and want more radical analysis.


I know your comuroter is on




Katsuki eyed the screens and clicked on the message application. He cracked his fingers and began typing on the computer.


Deku: so, who r u shitty face?


ENIGMATIC•: First of all, rude. 

Second of all, I should be asking you that. You’re clearly not Deku.


Deku: i asked first


ENIGMATIC•: I’m a friend you could say, I give him information and he analyses them and infer to it’s fullest extent. Now who are you, blonde?


You’re webcam is exposed, not hard to hack into it.


Katsuki took in a breath and then began typing once more, taking a seat on the chair and speedily tapping away on the keyboard.


Deku: I’m Kacchan.


He scoffed at the dumb name but it would have to do for now.


ENIGMATIC•: Okay Kacchan, the very boy who looks like the kid from the sport’s festival at U.A., why are you in Deku’s room?


Deku: Deku’s dead, they ruled it as a suicide and now he’s gone Im trying to figure shit out.


There’s not a reply straight away, merely a long pregnancy pause. Katsuki waited patiently for the person on the other line to reply.


ENIGMATIC•: It says so on the files from the police but it’s weird, the pictures of the body retrieved doesn’t match up with Izuku’s frame. 




Plus it say’s he jumped but there are scars on wrist (not cuts but binds) and some around his cheek (maybe gagged) so this is already a weird case since they didn’t make any notes on it.


Deku: so what are u trying to say


ENIGMATIC•: Deku’s probably alive, IDK lol. Someone pretended to kill him and left some shitty evidence behind, altered a few records and left it like that. How dumb.


Katsuki blinked but wasn’t quick to believe the stranger on the other side.


Deku: okay, lets say he is supposedly alive. Where the fuck would he be?


ENIGMATIC•: Dunno, they left behind crap evidence but covered up their tracks well, way better than Deku ever did, he’s the sloppy type after all.


Deku: could you find him. Or r u useless.


ENIGMATIC•: I’m hurt, of course I could eventually track him, but that’s lloooonnnnggg. But what benefit would you be?


Deku: get him back, you get analysed information for whatever shady shit you do.


ENIGMATIC•: I guess so, but I could always find another. Why should I help you?


Deku: fuck you , dont need your cryptic ass.


ENIGMATIC•: Kidding! Kidding! I’ll help you! I was simply entertained at how easily you’re angered.


Katsuki felt his phone buzz and a message from an unknown source had come over to him.


UNKNOWN: This is better for you if you need information, I can keep you updated on where you can find him, Katsuki.


Katsuki wasn’t shocked this person knew his name, after all he did see the sports festival in which Present Mic screamed his name out in the microphone after taking first in all events.


“Whatever.” He shrugged, turning the computer off and leaving the room with his backpack on his bag and hand wrapped around his phone.


“You sure took your time, d-did you find anything?”


“Nothing of concern.” 


‘ To you.’ He wanted to add in but held back his tongue and looked away from her instead.


“Thanks.” He shrugged at her as he went to the exit of the house, grabbing the paper bag from the kitchen on his way and closing the door.


Inko sighed as she glanced worrisomely towards Izuku’s room, taking a seat on the couch and helping herself to the remaining cupcake she had made. 


But she softly smiled after, “he— he said thanks. Hopefully he’ll get there.”

Chapter Text

"Aizawa, is there something wrong?" Asked Nezu, placing a paw on Aizawa's shoulders and staring at the man with his beady black eyes.


"Just drifting thoughts." Replied Shouta straight away, opening his eyes at the almost empty room, with the exclusion of him and Nezu.


"About Midoriya I presume." Nezu brought up, moving away from the man and climbing back onto his seat.


Shouta nodded at Nezu, refocusing on the weird animal hybrid in front of him, he opened his mouth and began to speak once more, "I want to expel Bakugou, more then ever, but he's over the 0%."


"Over the zero percent line in terms of strength or heroic qualities."


"I've always judged for the first, strength and perseverance, then personality traits come later onwards into the equation as it's something that can be reshaped." He said with honesty, "Bakugou's changed, it was visible enough, but he has a long way to go before he can even begin to focus on hero work."


"That's why you requested to kick him off any hero programmes till he changes, rather than postpone the trip to a later date." Nezu added on and Shouta nodded once more, slurping away on his juice.


"He can't learn if I'm not harsh, and whilst I would have liked him expelled from the hero course all over the country, I want to also trust Midoriya. He analyses a lot of things— quite exaggerated but accurately— so his opinion is trusting." Shouta grunted back at the principle, unravelling his sleeping bag from his body and sitting up after realising he'd probably never be able to sleep with a brain working a mile a minute.


"Yes, you see. When I planned to expel Bakugou myself, he stopped me, after telling me all the things that Bakugou had done, he said that he doesn't deserve to be one but if this was a great hero school like he thought then we would be guiding him onto the right path." Nezu frowned and placed a paw on the table, "but what do you think? You've expelled countless of students, is Bakugou worth keeping?"


Shouta thought long about it, so many things to take into consideration that are all 'ifs', like maybe IF Bakugo changes, or IF it is possible for him to reform. Quirk usage and strength is fine but Bakugou must be able to put aside his behaviour in order to work with people, again IF he's willing. 


"I'll give him a month to change him, I'll test him on all aspects quietly, if he fails then I want him excluded from hero courses." Shouta grunted, it was the most logical thing to do, a unknown test during class activities, or his free periods— which use to be his hero training slots.


He sighed, itching his patchy beard on his jawline and tracing down his chin until it lazily fell down to his chest.


"The other problem child, always putting others before himself, but... it doesn't explain why he had committed suicide. If it had been on seeing Bakugou then he would've done so after the sports festival." Shouta confessed to the principal, blinking heavily and letting out a small yawn.


Nezu nodded, taking a slow sip from his paw print mug of tea, "I agree, things don't add up. If it was a suicide and Bakugou had instigated such a thing then he would've also been accused for his actions towards Izuku, but it's like the officers ignored the big picture and looked at the small snippets which meant 'possible suicide'."


"So you're saying he's alive." Questioned Shouta with seriousness.


"Not quite, he could still be very well dead, but who knows if it's from suicide. It could be from villains who've managed to track him down from his blog or found him working with U.A and got him to spite us." Sighed Nezu, "I can't really access the files, legally that is, and whilst I do cooperate with officers, I'm not allowed to see certain files."


Shouta itched the back of his head, "No need to beat around the bush, you just need me to take a look at Izuku's records."


"Yes. I'd like it if you take Yagi with you, you work with the force at times but Yagi knows a higher up there who could make your work... less of a hassle." Smiled Nezu serenely, but Shouta was less than happy about his smile.


"I can't tell certain things to you, there's confidentiality laws in place."


"That's more than fine by me, I'll assume that if you’re still working on the case later in the future, than it probably means Izuku was murdered." Replied Nezu, taking another sip of his tea as Shouta got up from his seat and left the room, leaving behind his own mug of, what is now, cold tea.





Katsuki brought out his phone that buzzed in his pocket and looked at the message, opening the text and looking at it's contents. He placed his bento box to the side and began texting underneath the table.


UNKNOWN: Dude, you've got to see this.


His face is NOTHING like Deku, it's literally an imposter and they've manage to trick the force into believing it was Izuku. Probably trusted insider ‘confirmed’ identity and got away with it.


Katsuki: we said it wasnt deku, dumbass


UNKNOWN: Well, no shit Sherlock, but zoom into his neck. Where you see the streak of redness on his skin, like a rope or something. 

He could've died from asphyxiation and then his body was preserved by some quirk or just cryogenic freezing of some sort. There wasn't any blood weirdly, so possible the latter rather than a quirk.


Katsuki: hiw do u know



UNKNOWN: When a person is cryogenically frozen, they're drained of their blood and it is then replaced with anti freeze fluid. Plus you can only freeze a person if they reached their dead state, like as soon as they die.


Katsuki: so, he was dead from b4


UNKNOWN: Essentially yes, whomever planned it, had it ordered out for a while ago.


Katsuki: and his location?


UNKNOWN: That’s something I’m unable to track at the moment, he left without a trace from the arcade, it was done in a blindspot.


Katsuki huffed and placed his phone back into his pocket, reaching for his lunchbox again as he leant against the wall of the U.A, just at the back where no one really went and he wasn’t really banned from hanging out alone in such a place— they’ve requested students to stay in the cafeteria, it’s not a requirement.


“Hey, Katsuki.”


He turned and scoffed when he found Eijirōu leaning over him with cautious eyes.


“What is it?” He expected scolding, or something along the lines of how ‘unmanly’ it was of him to do horrid things to Izuku.


Everyone knew of his suicide, not of how much he had tortured Izuku, but some could assume of the things he had done to him. So he braced himself for harsh words but was greeted with some level of kindness.


“Just wondering why you left lunch early.”


“It’s fucking noisy.” He took out his phone once more after feeling another buzz and began lazily tapping away on the screen, replying to the person when necessary but keeping focused on Eijirōu.


“And that bothers you now.” Replied Eijirōu, taking a seat by Katsuki, leaving a small space in between the two and trying to not invade his privacy by reading the blonde messages, he redirected his eyes to the grass.


“Yes, so fuck off. Go hang with raccoon eyes, or pikachu.” He said, shooing the boy away quickly.


“I-I want you to know, I don’t know what happen to you and Deku, if he was as good as a guy he was made out to be. I’ve only met him once, so I can’t judge you till I know the full story. Don’t know it so I’m not mad at you.”


“I threatened him, you saw me grab that... Deku.” His words weren’t filled with the usual spite. He changed the topic to something else, “beside, I don’t fucking give a shit about the others. I decided to be alone.”


Eijirōu smiled at Katsuki, “there’s the cool, manly bro I know.” He smacked Katsuki on the back, causing him to drop the phone down onto the ground with the messages opened.


Curiously, his eyes skimmed the messages and was unsurprised to find an image sent instead. But what caught him off guard was the type if picture that was sent to Katsuki phone that mildly shocked him.


Katsuki snatched the device from the ground and hid the contents just a second too late. 


Looking broodingly at the ground away from Eijirōu, he pressed his lips together. “You didn’t see shit.” He packed his lunch away as Eijirōu stared at Katsuki, though his eyes were unfocused and surprised.


Katsuki turned his phone off, bringing it to the lock screen, and packed away his lunch.


“W-Wait! You can’t do that! What even in hell was that?!” Yelled Eijirōu, gripping Katsuki by the wrist and holding him back, stopping him from escaping to the cafeteria or the classroom.


“Nothing.” Seethed Katsuki, retracting his arm from Eijirōu who seemed surprised at the simmering rage. He bit his lips, he doesn’t want to butt into something that clearly wasn’t his business... but it was a job of a hero was it not?


“T-That was where they found Midoriya’s body, wasn’t it?” 


Katsuki stayed silent, he retracted his hand once more but didn’t move this time. Turning back to Eijirōu, he bore his red eyes into the red haired and judged him for a single moment.




Eijirōu obeyed and took a seat, placing his back against the wall and staring quietly at Katsuki expectantly.


“It was the place where they allegedly found him dead, but I think it may be something else. They say it was suicide but that’s what I don’t fucking understand. I have a source, telling me shit, and showing me the police files. His body— or the body they found— isn’t his, it’s some other poor bastard killed and placed there for substitution.” He leant over to Eijirōu and grabbed his tie, pulling the boy closer to stare at his face. “Don’t you DARE fucking snitch, got it.”


Eijirōu nodded, even going as far as pulling an invisible zipper across his lips to swear secrecy. Katsuki pulled out his phone and swiped up to earlier messages.


“This is the body they found.” Stated Katsuki.


Eijirōu furrowed his eyebrows confusedly, “but that isn’t Izuku? Doesn’t he have freckles, and his hair.”


“Exactly, something’s going on and I want to know where the fuck Izuku is.” Katsuki confirmed his motives which didn’t settle in greatly with Eijirōu.


“B-but shouldn’t you leave that up to the police.” He asked Katsuki, “I mean it’s manly you’re doing this, but I don’t understand why you can’t leave it to law enforcers.”


“He was found with fucking marks around his neck and wrists, but they didn’t comment shit about it, why should I trust the very same people to take on the case. They’ll make up some other bullshit.” Told Katsuki, retracting his phone from Eijirōu face and shoving it back into his pockets harshly.


“I’ll help.” Grinned Eijirōu with his fist clenched.


“Shitty hair, this isn’t a fucking game. I’m not playing detective, I’m getting the answers I want. And it’s none of your business.” Replied Katsuki as he slugged his backpack over behind his back and began to walk away from the red hair.


Eijirōu jogged by his side and placed a hand on his shoulders, turning the boy around forcibly and glaring seriously at him, “butting into something that isn’t you’re business is the very first thing about being a hero.” 





“Hey, Eiji! Where did you disappear to? I was looking for you since forever.” Said Mina, putting both hands on either side of his shoulders and shaking him violently backwards and forwards.


“Yeah man, you left your lunch and went.” Added on Denki, holding out a sandwich to Eijirōu’s face shaking his head side to side scoldingly. 


Nervously, Eijirōu chuckled, “I was looking for Bakubro, and... there’s a lot of things I gotta rethink but everything’s fine.” He promised with the brightest smile he could muster, sticking out both thumbs and radiating positive vibes.


Over at the corner of the classroom, Shouto stared at Eijirōu intently, seemingly curious as to what he meant about ‘rethinking things’ with Katsuki. 


The bi-coloured hair boy had his own questions for the boy he wasn’t able to deliver due to timetable complications with training, and his disappearance during lunch— as well as the fact they’re not allowed to talk during class, much less argue.


Still he listened into their conversation.


“Dang, what did you even talk about? You’re too much of a goof to rethink, you’re kinda HARD HEADED.” Denki joked and Mina began to snort, rearing her head back and holding her stomach at the joke.


Eijirōu laughed and changed the topic easily, “you really didn’t just make that joke.” He smacked Denki’s arm hardly and lurched forward with his hands on knees as his only support.


“I had to do it, it was an opportunity in waiting.” Admitted Denki with his tongue stuck out as he ruffled Eijirōu hair playfully.


“Well, don’t mess up my hair do, I spend hours on end jelling it up. You don’t understand how much time I spend.” He said with another round of laughter.


Shouto turned back around uninterested, but ever so often glanced over to Eijirōu curiously to see if he let slip his conversation with Katsuki. But the red hair hadn’t, he kept redirecting the direction of the conversation whenever the talk was brought up and it went that way for the remainder of lunch.


He packed away his lunch, slightly disappointed but sat at his spot quietly. Katsuki entered the room at the same time as the teacher, if not then a second later, and Shouto glared, judging him with his blue and brown eyes.


Eijirōu glanced up at Katsuki and nodded at his direction, Katsuki returned it with a subtle nod of his own and Shouto could only assume it was one of two things.


The first being, their talk wasn’t about Izuku but was still severe enough for Katsuki to finally stop ignoring his group of friends— or rather just Eijirōu.


Or it was about Izuku and there’s something hidden between the two of them.


Since the latter is recent and nothing could be more important to talk about, Shouto assumed it is as such.


And since Katsuki kept avoiding him every time he approaches him or even hides whenever he’s searching for him, Shouto decided to change tactics.





“Kirishima. Let’s hang out.” Shouto said, standing in front of the boy who was packing up, his eyes staring down at him as he put both hands onto the table.


“Huh? You mean now?” Surprised, the boy stopped packing and looked at Shouto baffled, eyes wide and lips pressed tightly.


“Finish packing, then we can go talk elsewhere.” Told Shouto, walking to the door of the room and waiting outside of the room.


“Dang, did Todoroki just request for you? You guys are like polar opposites!” Mina whisper-yelled at Eijirou with a spark in her eyes, “what did you do? I’ve been trying to befriend everyone— including him— since the start and he wouldn’t budge. He only talks to Yaomomo and Tenya.” 


Sheepishly, Eijirōu scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and gave a small closed-eye smile. “Honestly, I don’t know what I did. Maybe he realised how manly I am.” He joked but was left fumbling over his stuff as he tried to pack away.


He sighed as he itched the back of his neck, giving Katsuki an expectant look. 


Katsuki merely shrugged and made his way out of the classroom, not really caring of Eijirōu’s predicament— it’s probably not so serious— plus he’d need to go to his management class and visit Inko, so at the moment, Eijirōu wasn’t that significant.





“Let’s go to the cafe, I heard there’s a lot of good stuff there.” Smiled Eijirou as he conversed with Shouto.


Well, he’d call it conversing if Shouto actually replied to him, the boy merely nodded and gave short replies to him every once in a while. He tried to bring up anything— even Stain, he remembered that they met up with him back during internship, but that made the other boy wince, so he apologised and left it at that.


“The cafe sounds ok. Let’s go.” Monosyllabically, said Shouto.


“So, want to tell me a hint of why you want to talk?”


“When we get there. I need time to collect thoughts and prepare questions.” 


“Umm, alright then?” He shrugged naively, stalking off ahead of Shouto but making sure to turn around and check on him every once in a while.





“These drinks are great. Honestly, I should bring the rest here.” Beamed Eijirou, taking a slurp of his drink and listening to the fizzling noise inside as it entered through his mouth.


Shouto decided then it’d be appropriate to talk now they’ve stopped moving around the place, “Katsuki told you about Izuku, didn’t he?”


Choking on his drink, he sputtered it all over Shouto’s direction wheezing, at least that had confirmed things— thought Shouto wiping away the spit from his face and clothes before they began to stain.


“W-What gives you that idea?”


“I know everything already. I assume you do too.” He doesn’t but he bluffed in hopes that he would trick the boy into revealing things.


“W-Wait? So Katsuki told you too? Woah, I thought you guys were at each others throat when you glared at each other across the classroom.” Admitted Eijirou, rubbing the back of his neck.


“That’s why we fought. I disagreed with him. He doesn’t want to talk to me.” He lied once more, it came out so smoothly from his mouth it felt true to himself. “So, I want you to tell me, and keep it a secret from Katsuki.”


“Couldn’t you guys just make up, the argument can’t have been so bad... but I guess you also disagree with Bakubro’s methods huh.” Sighed Eijirou, hand on his chin and itching the back of his neck awkwardly.


“So you do understand my predicament, I’m closer to Izuku then Bakugou was, it’s only appropriate for me to learn about him.” He said slyly with his eyes gazing right into Eijirou.


“Alright, I can tell you small updates I guess.” Sighed Eijirou, not realising the boy’s vagueness, “Bakugou believes the police files are lies, statements covering up a lot of things about the body, his friend found dug up something interesting recently. The body was long ago dead with marks on wrist and neck.” He winced remembering the images Katsuki showed him. “They’re still trying to find Midoriya, but the tracker is finding it hard to.”


Shouto flared up from his seat before his mind even had the chance to react to the memory, “Izuku’s alive?!”


Eijirōu gawked at Shouto for a long time before pressing his lips together and gritting his teeth. He got up and pointed a finger accusingly, “you— you lied to me! You didn’t know anything.”


“Is he or is he not?”


“I-I— It’s not my place to tell, And you don’t have any right to the information, that so uncool, bro.”


“You’re not answering my question.”


“I spilt more than I should’ve. If you want information, ask Katsuki.” 


“He won’t tell me anything, and I knew he was hiding something.”


“Listen. It’s not my place to tell.”


Desperately, Shouto blocked his way and said the first idea that came into his head, “if I ask him now, he’ll realise you’ve told me, and that you’re not trustworthy then both of us won’t be let onto any information.”


Eijirōu eyes widen in realisation as he slumped back onto his seat, rearing his head back and burying his hands into his face. He let out a groan and tucked himself further in, thinking about how idiotic he was.


“I-I can’t tell you anything still.”


“Then... I’ll talk with Katsuki and you lose trust.” He threatened with a single tone.


“Y-You wouldn’t... that’s so unmanly, blackmailing.” Gaped Eijirōu, gripping onto the table until his knuckles had turned white along with the tip of his fingers.


“You let yourself into this. So, spill everything, and just keep me updated on Izuku, alright.” 


Shouto didn’t like what he was doing, but thinking in terms of lesser of the two sins, saving Izuku would be the good out of doing the bad (blackmailing).


Eijirōu bit his lip and leered down at the floor, his eyes feeling a lot more wetter, not that he was going to cry, but was so annoyed he fell for such a stupid trick.


But he told, reluctantly, keeping some bits to himself and telling the less essential bits of the conversation in a low tone, playing with the straw of his carbonated drink.


When he was done telling, sat down with his head bowed low shamefully and his knuckles white from gripping the table so hard.


“Exchange numbers with me.” Said Shouto, reminding himself of the benefits of it and holding out his phone.


Eijirōu didn’t say anything, taking out his phone and holding it towards Shouto.


He had one job, to keep a secret, and he couldn’t even do that properly. He also very disappointed in how fast it had slipped out, not even a day had passed and he had managed to mess up.


Eijirōu was meant to be a good friend, and friends don’t tell secrets that aren’t there’s to tell. But he doesn’t want to lose the trust— he had just gotten Katsuki to talk to him again without shooing him away anymore.


“I’ll talk to you every Wednesday after school, keep me posted on Izuku, don’t tell Katsuki.”


“You don’t tell anyone else.” Sighed Eijirou, if he had spilt it to one person he doesn’t want it to spread to anyone else, “There’s a reason why he didn’t go to the cops, and it’s cause they didn’t check the case properly... Katsuki’s friend thinks it’s an inside job. And the teachers too.”


Shouto nodded at Eijirōu, he didn’t really plan on informing anyone— he was contemplating on Tenya but he would tell the teachers— so he extended his arms out to shake Eijirōu’s hand but was surprised when it was left hanging.


“I’ll see you, I guess.” 


Eijirōu knew that it was his own fault for not questioning the vague questions, but he felt some resentment towards the taller student as he left him in the cafe, leaving behind his drink.





Thursday lunch time rolled in and Katsuki was quick was to leave as always, Eijirōu didn’t follow, feeling bad for being some sort of double agent. Both fighting for the right cause but still very conflicting ideals.


Plus, if he avoided Katsuki this time, he can’t get information and can’t tell Shouto anything and their trust will be strong.


“Eijirou, you alright, you seem like you’re in a daze.” Denki Asked worryingly, placing a hand on his shoulders.


“Aha, no. I’m quite fine, I didn’t sleep at all, Crimson Riot came up on my notifications and I couldn’t stop clicking.” He didn’t lie, just obstruction of truth from showing.


“The internet is a black hole.” Said Sero, lifting both arms in the air and closing his eyes as he let out a sigh. 


Denki nodded alongside him, copying his actions. “Indeed, but let’s go to lunch, you can’t ditch us again and neither can Bakugo.”


“He won’t come like that, plus I found him by chance yesterday. Who knows where he is today.” Eijirōu shrugged his shoulders high but the abrupt screeching of the chair from the corner of the room had caught him off guard.


Shouto walked in front of him to the exit of the room, and Eijirōu’s eyes followed silently, not listening to his friend’s bickering. Their eyes made contact at one point and he froze up.


He was a coward, just like in middle school, and even after joining this school and facing literal villains, he was still one.


“Woah, if looks can kill, you’d... probably wouldn’t be able to kill anyone but still, it’s a new look.” Joked Denki but he became a lot more worried than before, “did something happen between you and Todoroki?”


“Hah, that’s personal biz dude, don’t take it personally please.” Sheepishly, Eijirōu apologised to his friend.


Mina smacked him harshly on the back, “it’s fine, you don’t need to apologize.” Her face turned more caring and soft from her usual grand grin, “but we’re always here to talk.”


“And any secret you have, we won’t tell anyone at all. Even if they made me watch 10 hours of paint drying everyday.” Denki said, bumping his fingers on his chest and holding out a peace sign to his friend.


Eijirōu felt twice as bad and resisted the urge to groan, he couldn’t keep one secret but his friends could.


“Ah! You don’t need to cry, oh, was it something I said?” He moved his arms around repeatedly and nervously looked to Mina and Hanta who were just as surprised.


“No, I’m just happy to have such manly friends that I got emotional.” He laughed at Denki who seemed less worried and more calm at his friend now.


“I need to pack up, I’ll catch up to you guys later.” Eijirōu told them, and taking heed his advice they left the room after confirming he wasn’t actually sad.


A ping noise erupted from his phone and broodingly he picked it up to read the messages, unsurprisingly, it was from Shouto.


Shouto: Find Bakugou if you can. Don’t try to avoid him purposely.


He grimaced but it was expected, he couldn’t do anything when Shouto was controlling him like a puppeteer would control their puppet with strings.

Chapter Text

"My quirk is only holding him for a short time, then he figured out some way of breaking out." Growled Mr. Compress, annoyed at Izuku's multiple escape attempts out the orbs— and how many have actually succeeded, until he was captured by someone else.

"Oh, he's figured something out, as expected of our number one analyst, though I do wish he stop trying to run away." Said Sensei, the last few words muttered underneath his breath, in mild annoyance, but went on undetected as the cold malice of his voice took over. "Where did you place him now?"

"He's still trapped in one of my orbs, it takes half an hour at least for him to break out each time I reseal him." Replied Mr. Compress with a dark tone of his own, his mask disappearing in the darkness of the poorly lit room as he faced downwards. 

Pressing his fist against his cheek, his tapping foot echoed throughout the silence of the room, ricocheting off the wall and vibrations travelling across. He pondered for a long while, not letting out any other noises, it's long and very tense much to Mr. Compress' dismay. 

"Keep him in the isolation centre. We clearly cannot trust him to join us willingly, as I had wanted, but I'm sure that he'll eventually come around afterwards." The tone of his voice is disappointment, "tell me of Tomura, how are his plans going so far?"

"The Bakugou boy has been suspended from any training, including with the Pussycat, we still intend on taking Ragdoll but the main prize has been lost." Informed Mr. Compress to his superior, subconsciously bowing his head in submission to the power that is All for One.

Waving his hand around side to side, he shook his head, "that's fine, I'll get a client of mine to assist you." 

"Whom may it be?"

"He goes my many names every year. I'll be sure to tell him to contact you." Said All for One, placing his hand back down on the side his chair and relaxing back inside the cold and dusty room.



ENIGMATIC: I've found out who's taken him, but it's nothing good. Two people, one's Toga Himiko, she's a crazy, bloodsucking girl who was permanently suspended from school for hurting her classmates— reason currently unknown.

The other one is Mr. Compress, there's not much I can find on him since he's quite new in the rising ranks of villainy, he has yet to make a proper debut.


Katsuki squinted his eyes at the screen suspiciously and humphed in glee of the new information, finding them meant finding Deku and there are bound to be trails left behind.


KATSUKI: Any ideas where you can find them?

ENIGMATIC: Can probably find them if their active, but after the disappearance of Midoriya things have been quite complicated since they haven't been kidnapping other people.

KATSUKI: y would they kidnap a quirkless kid? 

ENIGMATIC: Izuku is intelligent, you can find quirks everywhere, people with power to destroy buildings or even wipe out things on an atomic level, intelligence quirks are good and all but to have no powers and still such amazing capabilities, all self taught. That's impressive.

Since you're his friend I assume you would know such a thing.


Katsuki flinched at he message, they weren't friend, of course they weren't with the way Katsuki treated him. But he never was reprimanded until now, so he had nothing to worry about— he knew what he did was wrong, unbelievably so, but would you fear for a punishment you know would never come? 

Clearly not, and that led to him almost losing everything he's been working forwards to. When Deku was thought to be dead, it made Katsuki realise a lot of things, that whilst pride is important it can lead to one's own demise.

His pride was his poison and he was addicted to it despite the very clear harmful effects that doesn't only hurt himself but others as well. 

And to think he still hooked onto his dream as the top number one hero.

Tucking his mobile in his pocket, he turned to Eijirōu who stared expectantly at him, his hands clenched on either side of his torso and his head leaning closer to Katsuki than what the blonde was comfortable with.

"Well?" He asked with his head tilted to the left and eyes staring expectantly.

"He's found two people linked to the case, and he's doing some searching of their connections." Replied Katsuki, hands stuffed in his pockets.

"So, why did you invite me over to your place?" Eijirōu leant in closer with his hand cupped around the side of his mouth as he whispered to Katsuki, "Or is it a big situation that can't be talked about in such a setting?"

Katsuki inhaled and closed his eyes tightly, "I invited you to hang out."

"Oh, is that a cover too? Alright, Bakubro." Winked Eijirōu with a small smile on his face. 

Katsuki merely exhaled and brought his hands over to his face, dragging it down his cheeks and to his chin, letting out a grunt of annoyance.

"No, I've fucking told you everything. I want to hang out with you... you know, like friends do."

Eijirōu's eyes shone and he gaped his mouth as he stared right at Katsuki, "did you take the initiative and invite me? Not the other way around." He over exaggerated a bit and even cupped both his cheek with his hands to add a bit more drama.

Katsuki grumbled with his cheek flustered red in downright embarrassment, "if you don't wanna fucking hangout, then just go home shitty ha—" he held himself back from calling him by the insulting nickname.

"Bro wait! I'm just kidding! Course I'll hang around with you." Eijirōu beamed, wrapping an arm around Katsuki's neck and grinning from ear to ear. "You can just call me Eijirōu if you don't have anything to call me."

Katsuki merely humphed in response, not exactly pulling away from the sudden embrace but tensing up from its suddenness.

"I'll call you whatever I want." He muttered underneath his breath, "Eijirou."

"What was that?" Questioned Eijirōu with a raised eyebrow.

"Fuck you."



"This is the quietest room in the world, inspired by Orfield Laboratories in Minnesota. It's so quiet that the longest anybody has been able to handle it is 30 minutes without going insane." Chuckled Mr. Compress, grabbing Izuku by the collar and tossing him in.

Bounding Izuku's wrist was a quirk suppressant, designed for a good cause used in the wrong hands. It completely stopped Izuku from using his quirk, whilst it didn't complete hold back his quirk, it did a good enough job that Izuku can regulate his body temperature— but not to the extremes he had been able to reach prior.

His legs are functioning, bounded by loose rope, with enough struggling he could probably free himself but time was not in his hands.

 "I'll check back in you in a hour, hopefully thirty more minutes will do the trick." He laughed at his statement before closing the door shut, leaving Izuku in the silence of the room.

He could hear only but his heart beating in his chest and the blood rushing through his ears, the steady breathing from his lungs became louder and louder. He was the only sound to exist in such a quiet chamber.

The orb was so much better, there was the most tiniest amount of noise to pickup from the outside and even in the inside he could hear the crackling of the orb when he tried to break it.

This, however, was much more terrifying than being in a villains pocket for half the day.

There was no static, the usual static you'd here when you're alone in the room, or from the television, it's just him and the silence.

He went for the rope, trying to untangle it— which was harder than he expected as the knot was done as tightly as possible near the bends of his knees and he is unable to get a good reach of the knot to loosen it.

"I hope that was a villains poor attempt at humour." He gulped as he brought his arms to his back and arched his torso upwards to reach for the bounds, which took a lot of stomach strength to do so.

He'll figure out the escape after he's figured out a way out the rope and cuffs.



"Woah, is this your place?" Asked Eijirōu in awe of the building, "I don't know why, but I thought an underground lair would suit you."

Katsuki scoffed at the poor attempt at humour and began knocking on the door repeatedly, "it's not my fucking place, I always come here before I go home."

Eijirōu furrowed his eyebrows, "if it's not your place then who's is it?"

The door creaked open slowly and out peered Inko, a soft smile on her face as she greeted Katsuki, "nice seeing you again."

Eijirōu's eyes widened as he stared at the woman in the face, the parallels between her and Izuku was impeccably close, both green hair and eyes, not just the colour but the shape of it matched as well. She had a few smile lines on the sides of her lips straightened hair.

"I brought some sandwiches this time as a light snack, and this is Eijirōu. Don't worry, he won't bother you." He glared at Eijirōu as a warning, "I assure you."

"Oh, is he a friend of yours." She asked mildly surprised at the guest.

"He's a... an equal. That's all." Shrugged Katsuki off to the side as he entered through the house and into the kitchen.

Eijirōu respectfully stayed at the door where Inko was still standing, "do you want to enter?"

"Ah, excusemefortheintrusion." He said in one breath before entering the premises, "sorry 'bout that, I was spacing out, Bakubro didn't swear once at you, and he sure doesn't hesitate with anyone." Brought up Eijirōu with his lips parted as he stared at Katsuki.

"Really." She asked worriedly, with a frown on her face. "Oh, my bad, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Midoriya Inko, it's very nice to meet you."

If the looks hadn't confirmed it, the name certainly would've done a good enough job. Her personality reflected Izuku's quite a bit in milder form, the way she would talk mimicked Izuku.

"Kirishima Eijirōu, but you can call me Eijirōu." He grinned as he gesticulated to the lady with his hands, "what a beautiful home you have, it really gives the cozy vibes."

Inko beamed at the compliment from Eijirōu, "oh, thank you, when an old lady like myself has nothing to do all day I tend to stay at home quite a lot." 

"You don't look that old, I'm guessing maybe in your early thirties? Late twenties?"

"In my forties already hun." She laughed at Eijirōu who was immediately surprised.

"Wow, that's impressive. You look very young, Miss. Midoriya." 

"You are quiet the charmer." She giggled at the compliment and then worriedly turned to the kitchen, "Katsuki, aren't you going to come here."

"I need to cook for tonight, I hadn't brought anything for you except the sandwiches." He replied back to her, "I won't accept any of your help, so just sit down and talk to the idiot."

She scoffed and tucked her hair back behind her ear. She went to face Eijirōu and look him in the eyes, a moment of sadness washing over her, "you smile like my son. It's always warm and welcoming." 

"Oh, you mean Izuku?"

Surprised, she tilted her head and kept her eyes on Eijirōu's, "you know him."

"We met briefly at U.A, he was a nice person, I was going to get in trouble for not training and talking with him but he lied for me which I never understood." Eijirōu answered her question with a small smile on his face, he leant back into the crease of the sofa but kept his posture straight enough out of politeness.

"Izuku is always like that, he... he always wants to help people. He's never one to leave someone in danger or trouble if he believes he can do something about it." She laughed at the passing memories of her son, "it wouldn't hurt to be a little selfish, but he always was so... kind. Even if someone doesn't deserve such attitudes." 

"I—I'm sorry for your loss." Eijirōu bowed down to her with a sad expression of his own,  his head lowered respectfully to her and pressed against his knees.

“Oh, it’s... fine. It’s not your fault.” 

“I—I know but... I just want to say it.” Said Eijirou, his eyes not once looking at Inko out of fear.

“But, how’s Katsuki holding up?” Asked Inko, leaning closer to Eijirou with a quiet tone of her voice.

Eijirōu pondered for a while, brining his head back up and staring up at the ceiling of the room, before a small smile made its way to his face.

“He knew about it first I believe, before the rest of the class, and he was very dissociative. Wouldn’t talk to anyone— and I’m probably the closest person to him and he wouldn’t even call me anything. No insults. No recognition. Just staring blankly.” He whispered back to Inko, “and then someone found out from the newspaper and told the rest of us.”

Eijirōu turned back to Inko with a soft look in his eyes, “even though no one truly knew if Katsuki drove him to it or not, they’ve judge him for it without evidence and I think that’s what caused more distance.”

“And you?”


Inko looked once at the kitchen before facing Eijirōu once again, “do you think he did it?”

“I tend to judge on what I see, Katsuki may be brash but I don’t think he would go far. He hadn’t from the beginning of U.A till now so I couldn’t accuse him off baseless evidence.” He replied to her.

“But it would’ve been my fucking fault,” both Eijirou and Inko went to face the door where he stood, arms crossed over the green apron and a spatula in one hand, being spun around in circles and distracting the blonde, “I told him to do it.”

“Katsuki that was long ago.” Inko waved her arms around, but her heart still clenched tightly in her chest.

Katsuki glared at Eijirōu right in his eyes, red eyes burning the red head’s skin with it’s intensity. “Not too long ago, middle school, told him to leap off the building in hopes that he’d get a quirk in his next life. I didn’t even care then, only until my placement at U.A was at stake was when I cared.”

He didn’t reveal the fact that Izuku was alive and hadn’t died, only remembering about his actions and the mixture of feelings when he thought the teen was dead.

Inko knew, she had heard the stories, and she wanted to resent him for his actions, for him to never be able to be successful. He hadn’t deserved to be a hero under her books and if she tried hard she could go against his school and force them to suspend him.

But what would that do for her? Bring back Izuku? No it wouldn’t have. Plus Izuku was never one to do things out of revenge, no matter how deserving the other side was of it.

“I—I know.” She spoke slowly, almost hesitantly with her words. “But, it doesn’t explain. You, even if barely, still got your spot, visiting me is unneeded but you’re always here, even if there’s a typhoon out there I still believe you would come to check in on me. When you talk to me, it’s not vile or harsh. You laid your pride aside to help me out in such a hard time.”

“I could be doing this for favours,” he doesn’t know why the words are leaving his mouth, but they do and he is unable to control what he’s saying, “I could just be here to get rid of the guilt.”

There’s only the guilt of what ifs.

What if Izuku had killed himself? 

What if he was dead and it had all been because Katsuki’s persistent behaviour and abuse?

He could’ve killed him, and everything that happened now would’ve been the same as it was with his ‘fake death’.

But it was very real for Inko.

“Katsuki, if you really don’t care then why do you have that guilt to begin with.” She said, getting up from the sofa and approaching him. 

She wrapped her arms around him, just like what she would do for Izuku, it was hard with the height difference but she placed a gentle hand on his hair, slowly going through the explosive hairstyle and hummed.

He doesn’t back away from the hug at all, but never returned the gesture as it wasn’t his place to do so. Izuku was meant to be here, in the arm of his mother, bathing in her radiance and filled with all the love she could muster.

His eyes glossed up from the tears in his eyes but he refused for it to ever fall down his face, only holding his head high as Inko pulled away from the hug.

“Izuku said you could be a hero, but didn’t deserve such a spot. He said that if you ever became a hero just the way you were now, all hopes for him in the future would’ve completely diminished on the spot.” Inko explained to Katsuki, “but he said that, if you change, even enough to be a decent person, it’ll be fine.”

Katsuki nodded and quickly wiped his tears from his face before they began falling down his face.

“Eijirou.” Inko spoke to him, “don’t leave him, please. He’s hurt and he’s trying to make things right. You said the other students think he hurt Izuku?”

Eijirōu wiped his tears away and nodded at the kind woman in front of him, nose red and eyes much redder than Inko’s.

“Yes, ma’am, or at least suspect so.” Replied Eijirōu, getting up from his seat and approached the woman.

“That’s just not right, he’s trying.”

Eijirōu knew Katsuki was trying, Katsuki was trying to locate Izuku when he could potentially be dead— though unlikely if kidnapped. And if that didn’t show true guilt then Eijirōu wasn’t sure what would’ve done so.

“I—I can try to convince them... but Katsuki isn’t even trying to deny things. He’s the type to say things out right and bluntly. And people think I’m being too nice.”

“It’s... it’s fine, you stay by his side and I’m sure everyone will come around.”



“Apologies for the intrusion, and thank you for your time!” Exclaimed Eijirou to Inko with a smile on his face, “if you ever feel lonely and need a good chat, just ask Katsuki to invite me.”

“Oi! I ain’t your messenger.” Katsuki growled and nudged him off to the side, though not as harsh to completely topple him over.

“Come on, Bakubro! I’m sleeping at your place right?”


“It’s like ten now, and my place is too far. Pretty pretty please dude.” He clapped his hands together as they both walked further and further away from Inko’s home.

Katsuki squinted confusedly, “sure. But you’re pretty fucking normal. Didn’t you hear what I said in there?” 

Eijirōu’s face changed to a plain expression, one that Katsuki had not seen before. “I did. It’s not alright, but like Mrs. Midoriya said, you’re changing. You could’ve ditched this case whenever, but you haven’t you search for him even though she didn’t ask you.” 


“And it’s not my place to forgive you, it’s either hers or Izuku’s.” Added on Eijirōu with a shrug of his shoulder. 



Izuku’s skin crawled as the sound of his blood rushing around his body was enhanced, the cuffs still on his arms but the rope was pulled off successfully.

The cuffs weren’t any joke, Izuku had tried pulling, tugging, kicking and bashing it against the room but failing. His eyes are filled with tears and his eyes are dilated in order to get as much light as he possibly can.

Counting was complicated, making clicking noises with his tongue and the roof of his mouth gave him some sanity and the ability to count the seconds but then it got louder and louder with every passing moment in this void.

Izuku could only pray that Mr. Compress would come back, and that the hour joke from earlier had really been a joke.



“Morning.” Tiredly Shouta had greeted to his students, not in his yellow sleeping bag like he would normally be in. “Trips on Friday, make sure to come at set time, come late and we’ll leave you.”

Tenya’s arm shot an arm out with a question in mind. Once given the cue, he began to speak, “the girl’s were worried about sleeping times, if we were mixed and same with bathrooms.”

“Everything will separate for both boys and girls and no one will have any privileges. Anyone caught peaking will be excluded, and I don’t want anyone to misbehave. Those who managed to pass the exercises— exempting Bakugou— will get to sleep on time, all the other students will be working hard to get the grade.” He said with his eyes closed, but then peaked open one of them to stare at some of the students, “you know who you are.”

Eijirōu buried his face in his hands dramatically and let out a silent scream into them.

“First period is silent study, I’m quite busy at the moment so a substitute will come and take over. I expect good behaviour and if I hear one bad word, everyone will be required to stay after school.” He threatened before leaving the classroom.

“Awww man, I don’t want to sleep late.” Cried out Eijirou with his face planted into the table as he let out a groan.  

“Should have studied when you were told to.” Scoffed Katsuki quietly turning to Eijirōu before turning back and getting out his workbook.

“I did.”

“Should have tried harder.” Said Katsuki with his eyes rolling back.

Tenya let out a hum with a derisive tone, almost mocking Katsuki sentence. Katsuki, of course, didn’t let it go unnoticed.

“You wanna say something?” He growled cautiously.

“I would say no out of curtesy, but I do in fact have something to say. But if I tried speaking to someone as barbaric as you then no reason would go across.” He had spoken to Katsuki in a cold tone.

He had tried to reel back a bit with his words and even avoid confrontation.

But Tenya could only see an possible instigator to Izuku’s suicide and after the loss of two people close to him, the second death really stung him as it went right over him and he hadn’t even tried to see if there was a problem.

Katsuki eyes flared up with a moment of aggression but he hadn’t said anything back, biting his lips and turning around. He couldn’t afford to fall for the clear taunting.

“It’s funny how a school for heroics hadn’t done what needs to be done—”

“Tenya.” Ochako called out from the other side of the classroom, “don’t do this, don’t bring yourself to his level.”

Katsuki let out a low huff, “my level? He started it with the intention of riling me up.”

Katsuki can see their judging eyes, he’s not afraid since he is use to seeing it for his entire life, people hate him, people admire him, people always loved to judge.

Eijirōu butted in, “let’s not start a fight, Aizawa-Sensei would be infuriated. And Tenya, you’re class president, please just leave it alright.”

Shouto surprisingly also said a few words of his own, “I agree with Kirishima. Aizawa-Sensei said he’ll punish all of us, and I’d rather not stay back late.”

Tenya wanted to add more, but instead deflated on his chair, one silent glare back at Katsuki before taking out his textbook.

Chapter Text

Izuku quietly stood when next to Mr. Compress rather than the usual struggle he had put up, hands crossed torso with the quirk-suppressant cuffs off his wrist and his eyes bore down to the floor of the room.


Apparently, despite outward demeanour suggesting otherwise, Mr. Compress never really joked about the hour. Or had it been shorter? With no noise to focus on it was hard to tell the time.


"I'm putting you in a cell, Sensei believes that you have been there long enough." He Informed Izuku but the boy hadn't replied, only flinching at the loudness of his voice. 


Izuku's eyes momentarily flickered with hope.


"Escape is futile, the jail is built solely to hold volatile quirks without the holder breaking the cuffs with brute strength. Quirks are suppressed to the point where you essentially become quirkless." He said unknowingly.


Izuku watched his hands and look as the black, fuzz-like particles fall from his vision, the brightness of the hallway increased and blinded him from being in such darkness for a long time.


"Sensei said that he hopes you come around soon rather than act like a buffoon. Or else you might force his hands." Added Mr. Compress, shoving the boy in an open cell and closing it immediately, though it was unnecessary for him to do so with the fear Izuku still held for the room.


He walked away and Izuku listened in, he liked the noise, and listened in on everything if and when he had the chance, footsteps of those coming by, the noise of the bar when he hits his hands against it, the buzzing of the light from the ceiling of the room.


His escape is still something he had planned in his head, but for now, a quick recovery from a traumatic experience would be the best course of action.


'If I were to fail after all.' He thought to himself with his hand over his mouth in a sickened way, holding back the bile that rose up his throat and lurked there.








"So. Any updates?" Asked Shouto to Eijirōu with his eyes squinting at the teenage to analyse his moments.


Every Thursday afternoon, they would meet up with one another to discuss of Izuku's situation.


Eijirōu still felt bad about going behind Katsuki back, even if it had been something that was not in his control.


"They've found suspects and are trying to track them in order to track Izuku." Replied Eijirōu as vaguely as possible, shoulders shrugging upwards and head turned to the ground as though it had became the most interesting thing in the store.


"Who are the suspects?" Narrowing his eyes down to Eijirōu, he leant in closer to analyse more of his expression and movements.


"Some girl who's crazy and a guy called Mr. Compress." Eijirōu said, leaving Shouto to lean away but still stare silently at him, "I—I swear! I ain't kidding."


"Who gives you the information anyways?"


Eijirou blinked once before furrowing his eyebrows, "I-I don't have a name, he goes under the name of Enigmatic and he claims to be a close friend to Izuku."


"You're trusting a stranger?"


"Katsuki is, and with all the scarily accurate stuff they've sent, it's hard not to believe them. And if there's a chance he is alive I'll take it without hesitation." 


Appearing somewhat satisfied, he stopped glaring at Eijirōu and glanced over to the window of the store, watching different people go passing by.


"Awwh, there's no seats." Called out a girl, holding a tray of food in her hands as she looked around desperately. Making eye contact with Eijirōu, she approached him without much caution. "Hey, could you let me sit here? I clearly didn't check how packed it was and I, like, need a place to chill. I'll be quick."


"Of course! I'm Kirishima Eijirōu."


"Call me Himiko," she held up a piece sign for a moment, then leant in closer to Eijirōu, "saaaaay, you happen to be from U.A?"


"Yup! The uniform for this school has always been distinctive from other schools." Eijirōu added on, tugging on his blazer and showing it to her.


"Woah, I've always wanted to meet heroes in the making," she clasped her hands together over Eijirōu's, then removed one hand placed one finger on her lip, "you must've been beaten in every single day huh?"


Weird way for phrasing training, but nothing out of the ordinary, "yeah, training is gruelling man, but it's so worth it at the end."


Her eyes shone ecstatically as she looked over at Eijirōu, "I knooooow right, so many people always telling me that girl's shouldn't really like bloody stuff, and how it's for boys." She slurped down on her straw and turned to Eijirou once more, "I like a lot of fighting stuff you see but I do like hanging out with friends and look at cute girly things too." 


Eijirōu hummed in response, "fighting is so manly, but it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can like it too."


Eyes widening, she smiled at Eijirōu and handed over her cell phone, "we should chat sometime soon, this was the beeeeeessst conversation I've had in years." She laughed manically as Eijirōu dialled his digits into her mobile device.


"Oh! Free table! I'll be leaving now, your friend is really glaring at me so harshly." She smiled but didn't really seem to fear him, getting up from her spot and moving to the blank table.


"Do you happen to befriend everyone you meet?"


"It was small talk, we happen to have similar interests and clicked."








"Bakugou, could I ask what you do in your after school time?"


Caught off-guard, he stared suspiciously at his homeroom teacher, "nothing important."


He squinted his eyes suspiciously, hoping that his homeroom teacher hadn't caught onto his secret, and not so legal, plan to help Izuku. Had Kirishima spilt it accidentally? His mind worked a thousand miles per minute as his sweat ridden hand slowly clasped into a fist and eyes glowered at the teacher.


"Then could you stay after school for the next week and finish off your writing for this week. I want it done in certain time frames." He said dryly and Katsuki winced at his plan, so he thought for a moment, staring blandly at the sky before locking eyes with Aizawa's dried ones.


Katsuki bit his lip, a bit annoyed with the request of his teacher and glanced around the room, "can't."


"But you said nothing important."


"I did."


"Then I'm sure you'll be fine."


"I... I visit Inko's home after school everyday, I can't leave her alone." He answered, not liking the revelation of his after school activities but better than telling him that he was fighting alongside a stranger in order to find the location of Izuku.


Aizawa doesn't act as though he is suprised, "if I remember correctly that's—"


"Izuku's mother," Katsuki decided to toss a part of his pride away, "I visit to check on her health. It's for favours, nothing more." He clearly lied about it being a favour, still stubborn to have an image around him of him being the best.


Aizawa doesn't call him out for it, only nodding at him and gesturing to the door, "then I shouldn't hold you back any longer."


Katsuki blinked at how easily his teacher was to let him go, almost doubting such an action and wanting to wait for any further instructions, but the man kept gesturing to the door with the tired expression that was practically melded onto his face.


Shouta unblocked the call from his mobile and placed it to his ear after Katsuki's disappearance, "he said he does it for favours."


Inko laughed on the phone, "he doesn't, I know that for myself. But I came to inform you that I have found out from one of your other students, Kirishima."


"And what may that be?"


"I think that the class may be isolating Bakugou, and I'm not sure if it's subconsciously or not, so is there something you can do about it? Without Bakugou's knowledge, since he would try denying such claims or make the situation worse for himself."


"I won't try, it is my job as a teacher to give all my students the help they need." He replied, saying his quick goodbyes before hanging up from the phone and turning to his paperwork. He took slow sips of his coffee as he read though the information about Izuku's case, profoundly confused and baffled by the contents of the sheets.


A face that wasn't Izuku's— and even if the photograph had been of the boy there were many things that weren't written about such as the scars on his neck and wrist.


The case hasn't been conducted to a good enough degree to leave Aizawa satisfied with the results. He tucked the sheet underneath the other pages and watched one loose sheet fall from his desk and lightly glide onto his office floor.


Aizawa bent down and reached for the photograph, staring at the image sourly and with a exasperated sigh leaving his lips bitterly. Fingers traced the photograph, looking into the dead eyes of who was meant to be Izuku and yet his eyebrows furrowed looking into the reflection of the child's eyes.


It had an Officer he was sure he hadn't seen working on the case, taking the picture with the camera below his chin directly at Izuku's eyes. His hat was lowered and covered his eyes but a curvature of his mouth could be seen forming what seems to be a grin.


"Who ran this case?" He questioned, it was Tsukauchi, he knew that far but it didn't make any sense, everything was so incomplete, unlike the man leading it who went through every single detail of evidence before going onto persecuting. He reached over to his office phone and dialled a series of numbers before placing it to his ears.








"Analyse his quirk." 


Izuku glumly glances up to the next man in front of him and stares blandly as he uses his quirk outside the bars of his prison. Every hour they would send in a villain to show their quirk and ways to benefit them to the best of their abilities. 


It was hard, he's stressed and tired and is still thinking of an escape route from the cell— cause there's no point in escaping without knowing if there's an exit.


The new man he was meant to analyse had touched the wall beside him and his skin had changed to match the material behind him— a nifty quirk to hide or spy on anyone but there was nothing to boost his combat prowess. In addition, his quirk only works if he's somewhat still, Izuku jots down mentally as he sees the man unable to hold still and there was a vague outline


"I can essentially turn into any of the surrounds." He takes multiple steps back, lowering his brief case as the majority of his skin phased into the brick wall behind him.


"Does it also effect any object you hold?" Izuku asks, digging his finger into the cracks of the floor tiredly and removing pieces of the floor broodingly.


"It won't work if I hold anything like bags, but if its attached to me tight enough it will transform that to." He replies, ever so kindly too that Izuku is almost taken aback. Most of them are demanding, cursing and becoming overzealous unnecessarily.


"And, is that all?" It had came out a bit to harsh, Izuku hadn't intended to be sassy but in such a glum environment he couldn't really help himself.


"My eyes are large and can detect the smallest movements from far away." He admits to himself shyly, not taken aback by Izuku's unkind reaction to him. "My memory is also better than average, I can recall things for a long time. Don't think it's a quirk but it might as well help with your analysis."


"If you were a spy you could look at information from far away and recall and relay them to whomever," he tells the man, "you can also spot danger if you were ever on lookout. Since you'll be blending in from a far distance they wont notice you shuffling and sneaking away to tell your boss and can easily turn the tables around. Disadvantage would probably be clothing."


He doesn't add on how to improve on the disadvantage, he knew that there were third years and second years at U.A who had related transformation quirks which meant they could apply it to other substances, but there is using your hair as a suit, it wouldn't have the durability or safety of it, but if you had a quirk like that to begin with then it wouldn't matter.


"That's amazing analysis." He admits to Izuku. "I can't say I'm not impressed. What's your name?"


Izuku doesn't bring himself to answer the man's question, only digging the cracks of the floor broodingly as he leans back further from the bars. 


"Oh, where are my manners?" He lightly hits his forehead with the palm of his hand. "I can't tell you my real name, since I technically don't exists? But I think you know me as Enigmatic."


Izuku's eyes widened and his neck twisted upwards to the man, staring at him in awe. 


When was the last time he had spoken to this man online? 


He hadn't spoken after getting necessary information on the Noumu's to analyse them and yet here his is in front of an unfamiliar face and voice but a very familiar name.


"You, you told All for One about me." He refused to call the man Sensei, it meant acceptance— he'd only do it if it meant his departure from this horrid place but that was unlikely.


"I'd never tell him, he's the last person I'd ever want to tell." Enigmatic confessed to Izuku, straightening up his posture and pulling the suspenders of his trousers to a more comfortable position. "I wanted you to be my little secret— didn't take All for One as someone who'd read blogs so I didn't need to worry at the time."


"So, you're a villain." Izuku said sourly and Enigmatic shook his head in disapproval.


"No, far from it, I'm just an official business man, who collects information to provide for my family— my services however are complicated, I work for no one but assist both heroes and villains. It's just my way of making money, I haven't killed anyone." 


Izuku furrowed his eyebrows and gritted his teeth at the betrayal, "indirectly, you've killed thousands."


"It's the only thing I'm good at," he rambled on, "no one wants to hire useless quirks such as matching with my surroundings unless it's to spy— you even said so yourself of how it can be utilised as such— but anywhere else, it's not as helpful, for doctors, for daycare or anything else. I'd thought you'd understand, Izuku."


Izuku doesn't say anything but grits his teeth, "police work that's underground or special forces—."


"Isn't that hypocritical? Especially for you. Remember what your teachers told you when you wanted to be a hero and you dare regurgitate such words to me?" He watched as Izuku squirmed underneath his look, "I'm not mad, since it is a fair point, but I think you're sorrily mistaken to say that. Quirks define everything— previously based judgements on someone due to what power they have is common— I merely benefit behind the scenes of chaos." 


"Why are you here then?" Izuku ignored his statement, not wanting to listen to his words.


"I'm here to meet All for One, I really want to have contact with you and it's hard when you're locked up here." He sighed disappointedly, rolling his eyes back and holding his blazer which folded over his arms neatly. "But, hopefully I'll be seeing you soon."


"Let's go."


Enigmatic turned to the sound and nodded, following the man who had led him here to start with all the way to All for One. He had a grin still growing on his face but his lips twitched at the corner, "I never liked people touching other people's toys, don't you think so too?"


"I guess?"


"I'll make sure All for One gets an earful from me."


"You're really going to go against Sensei." Muttered the man, itching one lid of his eyes which hid underneath his eyepatch.


"You make me laugh, I provide him information from every corner of Japan, he may not like to admit but I am more beneficial alive then dead," he laughed at the man's naivety, "plus, as long as I don't touch Shimura— I mean— Shigaraki I will be fine."




Opening the door, Enigmatic smiles and beckons him to follow him in through the doors. 


"Ahh, my tongue is faster than my thought process." He lies ever so swiftly, covering his mouth with one hand and letting out giggles. "Ask Shigaraki about it if you want to know who he is."


"Oh, I hope you're not telling any secrets that aren't yours to tell." All for One questioned, hands gripped on the chair tightly. He's calm, not on edge about the man and his quirk but rather what his reputation held.


"But of course not, I'd never dare to on purpose, it merely slipped out." He coaxed the man, "but then again, a toy of mine was taken and I'm quite upset about it."


"You're talking about Izuku?" All for One was quick to guess.


"Oh, first name basis already," he said sourly, "yes, him. He was my project and you tried to write him off as dead," Said Enigmatic with a hand on his chest, "for a moment I was truly afraid he'd passed away."


"You never said he was your toy." Rebutted All for One, a sickening grin on his face amused by the conversation with the other man, as though they were old friends.


"Didn't need to, thought you weren't the kind to read blogs so I didn't need to worry for a while." His face relaxed and his smirk subsided from his face, he took a seat far away from All for One, "but, I want him back for a few reasons."


"Which is?"


"Well, I've been in contact with some 'friends' of his, they did some investigation of their own and figured out a few things."


"Oh, really a bunch of high school kids?"


"Izuku is one and yet he's a nice piece to add to your group."


"Fair point."


"In addition, some underground hero, Eraserhead had been snooping around as well. He's getting suspicious and they'll soon figure it out."


"They might figure out that Izuku's alive, but there's no way of finding him." Sensei convinced him with a scoff.


"Well, you wanted Bakugou Katsuki, isn't that correct? I've heard from a few sources of my own you were interested in his prowess, and I can bring him to you any given moment."


"Oh?" He hummed, his finger glided in circular motion on the rim of the empty glass, pondering for a moment. "I don't want Katsuki, Tomura does. I want Izuku."


"Your interests is Tomura's interest." Smiled the man, eyes glancing over the faceless man in front of him. "You've always wanted to shape him, and make his own plans. You dare to deny his growth?"


"But why do you want Izuku, aren't you as good as an analyst by yourself?" Questioned All For One, directing the question elsewhere.


"I don't quite know," he feigned ignorance and lets out a low hum, "maybe for fun, the teenage thrills of this boy who wanted nothing more than to be a hero." 


All for One spoke, "oh, do you not trust me?"


"I don't have a deal, I work through business. You should know that." He gave a dry smile and All for One shook his head slowly.


"I'll decide tomorrow, 2:30pm, same place, I'll have Kurogiri pick you up again." 


"As scheduled, but I do hope you decide smartly, you are a man with wits too so I hopefully won't have much to worry about." 


"You really dare to threaten me?"


"I'd never, I'd be a fool to threaten the strongest man in Japan." He lightly slapped his leg in response, letting out a small laugh and wiping his tears exaggeratively, "I jest, we mutually benefit from one another, I'd never destroy a business deal due to personal feelings."


"I have multiple sources, don't forget Giran now. He's been just as good as you have been. If I feel like it, I can get rid of you."


"A good business likes to have a lot of connection." He left on that note, closing the double door and huffing tiredly, he went to the man he followed earlier and tapped his shoulders with a gentle hand, "point the way and go to All for One, he wants to chat."


He left with the dying screams of a man he never knew.










"Yes, Sensei." He rasped through his chalked up lips, malformed fingers curved and twitched by his side spasmodically.


"How are your for plans for Bakugou Katsuki going?" All For One ordered, not face to face but through a screen they began to talk. 


Tomura hesitated for a moment, his hands stop for a moment, not twitching any longer but trembling in their place, not fearing Sensei's wrath but his disappointment instead. He converted his emotions into anger as he grinder his teeth together and began to itch his neck. "We had a plan, then there was some trouble with it and Katsuki won't be there when we try to collect him."


"He's not going? How sad. You still planning on going right?"


"Only for Rag-doll, the bird boy was our bonus if Katsuki was there." Admitted Tomura, hands clawing further into his neck in frustration and drool slopping out the side of his mouth. "But I don't want him no longer and it pisses me off. Sensei, you told me to be independent but those HEROES are ruining everything."


All for one smiled, "I'll hand you over a man to you, he's like Giran but he might have something you want. This is the only help you'll get, everything else is from you onwards."


"Yes Sensei."


"He'll be here tomorrow, Kurogiri will bring him to you." He said, "but good work Tomura, your plan was something you should be proud of, only circumstances had failed you."


Tomura smirked, "of course."



Chapter Text

"I also have one more request before we initiate the plan." He chucked cynically, a gloved hand over his mouth and suppressed breaths shuddered through his body, "remove that quirk from him."


All for One was surprised to say the least, it would've been beneficial for him to have a quirk and heat regulation was not a quirk that could influence behavioural patterns of Izuku and affect his ego— unlike many others. 


He knew Izuku wouldn't be the type... but it wasn't the only reason he remained cautious.


"Could I ask why?"


"I don't want to owe you, he's my assistant and you forced a gift onto him, I want you to take it back." Enigmatic replied, taking out a flask filled with tea and allowing it to brim to the top with the piping, hot beverage. He swirled the contents in his cup for a while, not risking to burn his tongue.


"It is not a quirk I care for."


"I've heard that many times, many promise they don't care but as soon as it matters, they wish to cash in a nonexistent favour. Besides, since Izuku is no longer your toy, it shouldn't matter whether or not he has a quirk."


"I feel as though there's more to this."


Taking a long slow sip of his drink, not caring for it burning the inside of his throat and brewing inside his stomach, "there is, but I believe that has nothing to do with our contract. Unless your boy over there doesn't want Katsuki as much as you'd like."


All for One doesn't say anything, merely waving his hands off towards the door. Enigmatic is sure that he would heed his warning, to lose a beneficial partner for the sake of a side project would surely spread and devalue the League. 


Enigmatic stood up, brushing the dust away from him, "so, where's Tomura? I'm sure he'd like to see me to discuss matters about Katsuki?"









Bakugou: whatever shitty hair, don't come back getting weak 

why r u even texting in caps, I can hear you scream all the way from the bus


Kirishima: *gasp* you have a sense of humour!!! 

Btw, what do u even do?? 

Never really asked?


Bakugou: W// sum other teachers, move from class to class

nothing much


Kirishima: oops, Aizawa might be looking, gonna leave it here, ttyl bakubro~~ ('༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ')


Bakugou: bye

Seen: one day ago, 7:30am


All other messages have been read except for one. He doesn't bother to press on it, already knowing it's contents.


Katsuki gritted his teeth, leaving it bear as he slouched back onto the walls of the bathroom with his phone in his hand. It was quite lonesome without his only acquaintance here with him. No combat training was allowed for him neither the usage of his quirk, only basic workout but even then the time to it was limited.


He placed his phone into his pocket, burying his face into his hands and letting out a grunt of frustration. The boredom slowly killing him as neither Eijirōu had texted him nor had the mysterious person— Katsuki refused to call him such a silly name, Izuku's disappearance is not to be joked about.


Still, what could he do? He was utterly stuck on what to do at the moment for his lunch, he had of course already eaten as he won't let trivial problems affect his dieting and his ultimate desire to become the number one hero, his life without everyone else was— as much as he would never admit— a disappointment, boring, something he'd never thought he'd be thinking.


Katsuki left the toilet stool and went to the sink, washing his hands more violently then ever to get rid of the germs he may have gotten in his time in the washroom, thoroughly cleaning his hands to a substantial degree where he can be satisfied with his cleanliness. 


Without another word, he left the toilet to bump into someone else. All Might who had happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but without snapping back, he nodded slowly and began to walk away.


"Young Bakugou! I was looking for you, my boy." Bellowed All Might in his loud and booming voice. In his hand was a lunchbox and a blush on his cheeks as he waved at him, "want to have lunch together?"


"Had lunch." Katsuki muttered uncaringly in a monosyllabic way, back hunched and hands buried in the depths of his pocket. 


"I meant I wanted to talk about something," he replied, a little more flustered by Katsuki's response to him, "if that's alright with you?"


"Whatever." Katsuki grumbled, stalking behind All Might as the tall hero led the way to his office, Katsuki was mildly surprised he even had one seeing as he's never really seen around much— odd considering he's the largest man in this building and the flashiest too. 


Katsuki sat back slouched on his seat and glowered at All Might, "so, what do you want?"


"I want to know what you know about Izuku." All Might confessed and Katsuki froze, his mind going a mile a minute fast and the hairs on his arms stuck out in pure shock. "I've met him a few times you see, and I know the general gist of who he wants to be, but not who he is as a person."


Katsuki paused, realising the old man wasn't asking about what he had dug up, "he's annoying, mutters a lot... but if you don't know him well how are you on a first name basis?"


"I—I've met him before, he was a bright young boy with so much of a prosperous future." All Might said, a lot more quieter to his usual booming voice, feeling upset about the actual death of the boy. "But I was only acquainted to a certain extent— whilst we were close, we never spoken about our own past. Maybe if I had pressed a bit harder—"


"You wouldn't find anything if you went to him," Katsuki stared up at the ceiling and felt his palm crackle with fury, "he'd never tell, he's a pain in the ass who doesn't know when to quit— he always put others before him. No amount of pushing could break him."


"There is a few things I found off about his case, not that there is anything much we can do as there is a body and it has been confirmed as his." 


"Are you sure?"




"I said: are you fucking sure?" He cursed annoyed, "I agree, this case is... fucking bull crap, it made no sense from the very beginning, why would a stupid guy like Deku commit suicide in a place he's never been, why would he do it now out of all the chances he had before?"


"Young Bakugou, you don't think—"


"I know that loser ain't dead," his breath hitched, why would he ever tell All Might— maybe he sought out protection from the number one hero, maybe it's time for someone else other than himself and Kirishima to know the truth. But at that moment in time, where he could've easily spilt the truth, told everything to him, he held himself back— Deku was going to come back home because he had decided he would be the one to put things back as it were. "but it doesn't matter anyways, I don't care if you believe me, or think that I am trying to convince myself as some shitty coping mechanism, I'm going to save him."


All Might is left in the room alone, Katsuki had long ago left to whoever knows where, hands in his pocket and a scowl on his face— scaring away those who roamed the same halls. 


He felt a buzz from his phone, and without thinking he reached into it and pulled out his device— scanning the contents of a message with a smirk on his face.


Enigmatic: I have made a route you can follow through and a place, meet me at the Kamino Ward near the huge mall— from there I'll escort you to somewhere private and have a friend teleport us in and as planned we will find Deku.


Katsuki: r u sure. i dont want to come home empty handed fucker


Enigmatic: I am confident that you'll succeed in getting Deku out of the facility— from my knowledge he's well and fine, the villains haven't done anything to him for reasons I'm not sure off.


Katsuki froze for a second before typing.




He turned behind him to see Midnight towering over him with her arms crossed over her torso and her boots tap against the ground in two consecutive thuds. She extended one hand over to Katsuki and beckoned for him to hand over his phone.


"You're already suspended on hero activities, do you really want to make things worse by using phone during school hours?" She asked, and tiredly Katsuki had handed his phone over to her with a frown on his face, but it was fine for him, he had the message ingrained into his head anyways so he had nothing to worry about. 


Though, it would've been nice to have his phone back.


"Collect it after school." Midnight stalked off, hiding Katsuki's phone.


She wondered why he had wanted to give her the phone so willingly, though perhaps it could be that he was changing.


She made a mental note to tell Eraserhead when he returns.


(She's right but also so wrong... very very wrong.)





Toshinori thought long and hard about Katsuki question.


"Are you sure?"


He knew people latched onto the dead as a way to cope. Denialism was certainly a psychological issue humans have experienced when placed in extreme and traumatic circumstances.


He can't help but think back to the way his red eyes bore into his.


The way he was so confident.


So sure.


Another aspect of Denialism, but it doesn't mean it couldn't be something else altogether. 


Perhaps he should give Naomasa a call.





"You know, you're not the only person who came with the same idea. Eraserhead has asked me to review it as well and I'm finding so many things wrongs and so many holes. I cannot say anything for certain until I completely sure I’ve turned every rock." Naomasa replied, voice crackling on the other line, a few shuffling of paper shifting across his desk also made loud noises as he gathered himself. "I’ll call you back when I find something, but there’s a small chance that he might be alive."


Toshinori's breath hitched.





"This fucker." Katsuki swore underneath his breath, standing outside the front of the mall by Kamino with his hands in his pockets and teeth clattering against one another from the frigid air. He's cold, and his quirk doesn't work well in wetter or colder climates, it's much harder to activate his quirk then. 


It been an hour or so since he was waiting outside, straight after school he took the nearest train and bus to arrive at this place but 'Enigmatic' hadn't even arrived yet. Perhaps Deku being alive was just some sick joke made by someone who had spitefully reject Katsuki, just for a sick laugh as he ran around like a headless chicken. He's done more than enough to piss off people to do that, so this could've been the first strike back against himself.


Of course, that was a bit of a stretch, but it didn't mean he hadn't had any enemies throughout his life.


"Kacchan! It's so good to finally meet you." A stranger beamed by his side, he was shocked when he had appeared out of nowhere, when did he appear? He quickly pivoted around to face him and jumped back, preparing his stance for a battle. "Chill, it's the one and only Enigmatic, I was just playing with you."


Katsuki gritted his teeth together, "you fucker, how did you get behind me?"


Hero training, before he was kicked out, had taught him to always be on guard, even when the situation seemed harmless. So, he had always practiced and not many people could sneak up behind him and give him a shock, but somehow, even when his back was pressed against the wall of the mall, the man had somehow approached him without any of his senses reacting to him.


"I used my quirk, it's quite nifty," something about his sentence sounded like a lie, "but, now follow behind me, keep distance and act inconspicuously. I'll lead you."


"Oi! Are you sure that Deku's alright?"


Enigmatic paused, staring at Katsuki for a moment, "I'm sure of it, I have insiders to help me. This will save him. Now, like I've mentioned before, I have a friend on the inside. He said he'd teleport us in, but we need to go through separate portals to two locations. One place I'm sure he's in and the other is a maybe they've moved him. You'll go to the certain one seeing as he hasn't seen me face to face."


"Teleportation, is it the purple fucker?"


Enigmatic huffed, "well yes, he's not necessarily a villain, but far from a hero. He does what he needs to to get by as long as the price is right." He stroked his chin with a white gloves hand and hummed, "I guess it's understandable if you don't want to go through the same portal that almost tried to kill you—"


"EH?! WHO SAID I DIDN'T WANT TO GO?" Katsuki screeched, feeling his quirk activate tiny sparks at the centre of his palm. People began staring at the two, whispering amongst one another about the boy who they recognise from the sports festival.


"Hey that's Katsuki Bakugou." / "He was a finalist, wasn't he?" / "Do you think we can get a photograph?"


"I guess that's our cue to move, I'd recommend you follow behind me afterwards." He suggested, patting Katsuki on the shoulder before grinning widely, "thank you for the directions, loved your actions in the sports festival."


A bluff, how smart. 


Katsuki understood, it would be very weird to have followed a man all the way grown with no connections to him. He can still hear the inaudible chatter close by him as well as some snaps from cameras.


Good. That means he's left another footprint for them to follow just in case.


Katsuki knew had this been months prior to Izuku's 'death', he wouldn't have even cared to leave something behind to be discovered. 


His strength was more than enough, backup wasn't something that he needed.


But then IZUKU stopped existing for a bit.


It was true, from the period that Izuku had died and prior to his meet-up with Enigmatic, Izuku was as good as dead.


It made him think a lot about what he did.


It made him feel things he wasn't used to feeling.


It made him see, certainly not some enlightenment moment however it did make things that were blurry more clearer.


He left a trail, hopefully someone found at least one of the three hints left behind.


"Wait a bit, turn left and follow through."


Katsuki nodded and stood by a large building, watching as he turned into an alleyway and footsteps clicking before ceasing altogether.


One second.


Three seconds.


Ten seconds.


It should be enough.


He entered through and found a purple portal in front of him, taunting him and beckoning him to come through. He knew what he was doing was stupid and that he should have left more hints.


But this is the only way he can find Izuku. 


He walked through and with that the last known place of Katsuki Bakugou remained a mystery. 







"Ah, hello? I'm sorry but Shouta has left his phone behind and I don't think tha—" Hizashi had begun to talk, surprised to find anyone calling Shouta at a time like this. Most other heroes knew he wasn't going to be available for the two days that had passed and the one more day tomorrow.


"Really? Ah that's frustrating. I'm sorry for bothering you." She paused momentarily, "may I ask are you also a teacher of UA?"


"Yes? I am." He confirmed, holding the phone to his ear and readjusting the countless papers in his hands as we walked around the staff room. He still had a long while before being able to go home.


"Could I ask if Bakugou had any extra management classes or if he is still at school? Usually he would be here by now, but it's been over an hour and I'm slightly worried?"


"I'm sorry, but that's private information I cannot just say to anyone." Hizashi sighed, taking a seat at his swivel chair with his back stretched tiredly.


"Then can you check to see if he's safe? I've tried to call him but there's nothing... I don't want to call his parents without being sure that he's just been delayed or something."


"Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you."


"That's... alright." She felt hopeless.


Hizashi sighed, "may I ask how you know Bakugou?"


Nemuri's ears perked up and similarly did Toshinori's. Hizashi glanced at the two with an eyebrow quirked upwards but to no avail did they hint at their intentions for wanting to speak with Bakugou. 


"I'm Inko Midoriya. Kat— I mean Bakugou would always assist me around the house, he's never been late since the first day he came over but now he's not even late, he hasn't shown up at all." Inko revealed herself and Hizashi was able to identify her through the last name. 


The boy who had passed away.




So it was his mother.


"I'll see what I can do Ms. Midoriya, you wouldn't mind if I put you on hold?" Asked Hizashi, tilting his head and raising up a brow in hope that she'd agree with the request. A light hum came from the the other line and quickly he placed her on hold and got up from his seat, "has anyone seen Bakugou or know where he went?"


Slight muttering but nothing confirming anything.


"He didn't stop by to collect his phone... I assume because he had forgotten it but I don't see why he would since he was texting crazily in the corridor before I confiscated it." Nemuri chimed in, getting up from her spot and holding out the mobile device she slipped out of her drawer.


Toshinori furrowed his eyebrows confusedly. He remembered back to Naomasa's call and to Katsuki's words. 


"Are you sure?" Toshinori uttered. "Nemuri, could I see his phone?"


She blinked but regardless handed over the phone to Toshinori. He saw the lock screen with six digits and a white screen. 




Toshinori was able to quickly unlock the phone. "Why put the password as the background for people to go through?"


It was off. Six digits were hardly a problem in remembering, so why go through the trouble to make it a lock screen for everyone to see and access.




"Oi you ain't seriously going through his messages, I know you are somewhat of a detective but isn't it still problematic to go through other people's private mess—"


"I think young Bakugou might be in danger, I'll take full responsibility for my actions."


That got more onlookers. Staff began to gather near worrisomely. 


"In danger?"


Toshinori's sunken eyes gazed harshly upon the message, reading it from the top to the bottom and going back again for another round. He had to confirm the contents, he had to be sure that what he was reading wasn't some elaborate hoax or misinterpreted in any way.



Good, you're reading the message.

Izuku is alive, I don't care if you believe me but I have more than enough evidence to prove it. 

Read messages sent by ENIGMATIC. 

Before that, I've probably been kidnapped or worse. I dunno, but Izuku should be resurfacing soon, look for him he's alive. Villains are planning something else, I'm not sure what, they're recruiting new people.

Search: Toga Himiko and Atsuhiro Sako they took him and helped plan his death.

Trust me when I say this. Izuku is far from dead.



Toshinori ran back to his seat and quickly lifted up his phone, heart pounding faster in his ears and blood rushing out his mouth and through his teeth. He goes through the other messages he had gotten from this 'Enigmatic' person and had found files the boy shouldn't be able to access on his own.


"Yagi? What is it?" Hizashi asked hesitantly, watching him pace around the room.


"Bakugou has probably been taken."





"It's already the second day and I'm so tired." Eijirou yawned tiredly, rubbing his eyes over and over and stretching his back. He had yet to contact Katsuki but he wasn't allowed to use his phone to make any outward calls, only those in the camp. He attempted to dice the carrots into small piece, but clearly cooking wasn't his forte.


"Tell me about it, I didn't think Aizawa would keep us up until two." Mina whined, tilting her neck to the left and massaging it tiredly. "But you seem extremely nervous, any reason?"


"Nope, just tired." It's true. He felt his body was heavier because of all the training but also the study schedule that was planned out. "I can't wait to eat. Heard cooking together makes it more delicious."


"Oh, how class 1-A failed, not even the explosive boy could come here. I wonder how badly he had done to not even come on the trip." Monoma laughed haughtily with his chest puffed out confidently and eyes locked onto Eijirou, more than willing to pick on him.


Eijirou didn't care necessarily. Monoma was always an unusual teenager but all he ever did was boast... perhaps slightly insult their class but it wasn't like he wasn't being taken care off. The 'Big Sister' of 1-B was always there to swiftly deal with him. 


Eijirou looked around, 'I guess she's too preoccupied.'


"Oi, Mina where's the—"


"Can't even communicate with me, the anxiousness of talking to someone as superior must've hit a nerve."


"Couldn't we just finish this? I'm really tired and hungry, feel free to challenge me at any other time." He yawned, feeling his eyes become heavier and body slower overtime.


Mina was slightly right about him being nervous. Katsuki was alone and trying to fit in pieces of a puzzle together without his help, Katsuki is quick to be angered and even now with him changing he's certainly not going to backoff if given the opportunity to find Izuku. 


Eijirou had also wanted to find Izuku.


But he too needed to work out regardless so he doesn't fall behind. 


He has to study so he doesn't fall behind. 


He has to deal with seeing Shouto's face every time and trying not to seem different around him.


He has to—no needs to smile to divert attention from his own actions.


It's hard to sleep with his mind plagued with thoughts of WHAT IFS and BUTS.


A facade however is only good if it works. But people are noticing, they can't see the full picture but they see snippets and it's a hero's business to butt in even when it's not needed.


"Kiri? Kiri-kun? Are you alright?"


He snapped out of his momentary daze and brightly smiled at Mina, "this won't hold me back." He goes back to cutting up the carrots but doesn't see the worrisome glances off his classmates.


Mina noticed the lack of a straight answer. "You should get some sleep. I'll cover you." 


"I couldn't, besides I'm not the only student who's going through the same. You are tired but working, it'd be totally unmanly to." He felt himself fall back into a daze, stumbling back onto the ground and feeling his eyes roll back into his head for a brief second. A small dust cloud puffed up from around him.


"Eiji?! Someone call Aizawa sensei!" Mina yelled and quickly people were quick to stare. Eijirou laid on the ground unconscious and groaning, at the border of reality and dreaming. He can hear an array of whispers by him, each word drawn forth from either of the two planes and merged in his head creating a flurry of words that wreaked havoc in his mind and distorted any remaining sensation.





Eijirou awoke in a room that wasn't his, he felt a lot better albeit a tad bit tired from just having woken up.


"So, you're awake."


Quickly, he snapped his head to his left. None other than his hometown teacher sat on a stool by his side. He chuckled nervously and stretched out both his arms. "Ah, Sorry Aizawa sensei. I didn't mean to—"


"I won't accept your apology. Tell me what's wrong?" It wasn't a suggestion, he wanted answers.


"I just couldn't sleep is all."


"And why is that?"


He could’ve easily lied. The workout or training made him sleepy, perhaps staying up due to sleeping in a new environment may have been a stretch but still worked as a cover.


But he hesitated for one second, and that was one second too long for Aizawa to ignore.


Eijirou gaped the pressed his lips into a fine line for a moment. “I’m worried.” He remembered Shouto getting him to talk, he shouldn’t say, it’s not for him to tell. It wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong it’s— “about Katsuki.”


He felt the bile rise up his throat, as though the acidity and heat came forth for the sole purpose to wield his mouth shut tightly. His vision blurred with the tears and yet still he felt the weight slowly lift from his shoulders.


“Katsuki is... probably in trouble.”





“I’m sorry for deceiving you.”


“I thought as much. But, the way you spoke about Deku. He’s out right?”


Enigmatic nodded, “he was the reason I brought you here. Equal exchange. Hopefully we don’t have any hard feelings.”


He felt somewhat relieved, he doesn’t see why he should be lying about Izuku if he already has Katsuki.