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Safe Harbor

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Killian shook his hair out, sending water spraying from him from the downpour outside as he took cover under the roof of the cottage. Pushing the front door open, he was greeted with warmth, a fire blazing in the hearth and chasing away the chill he felt.

He felt a grin stretch his face at the sight of Emma with Henry on her lap, reading to him.

She smiled over at him, hearing him come in. "Hey."

He shrugged off his coat before walking over to her, lightly kissing her. "Hey."

Pulling away, he ruffled Henry's hair. "Hey there, Sea Otter."

Henry smiled brightly at him, reaching out for him. "Hi, Papa."

Leaning down, Killian picked the boy up, hugging him close before rounding the couch to sit beside his wife and draw her into him. She leaned against him, nestling into his side before picking the book back up to resume reading to Henry.

Utterly content, Killian found himself closing his eyes, relaxing that he was home with his family. He pulled Emma closer as she affectionately squeezed his thigh, remaining quiet as she continued to read.

His eyes flew open at the sound of loud tapping on the window, making him turn to see a bird frantically hitting the glass with its beak.

Sharing a quick glance with him, Emma rose up to let the bird in, letting it hop in and offer her the note at its leg.

"Swan?" Killian asked, pinching his brow as he caught the worried expression that shadowed her features.

"It's urgent," she said, immediately turning to grab her kit. "They're asking I come immediately. I'm sorry, I know you just got home-"

"Go," he said, lifting Henry off him to sit him on the couch as he stood. "It's okay, they need you."

She nodded as she gathered what she needed while he grabbed her cloak, helping her put it on.

He quickly kissed her lips, looking at him intently. "Be safe out there. I've got everything here."

Nodding once, she quickly kissed him again before going to kiss Henry, leaving them alone.

Walking back over to where Henry sat, Killian stretched out on the couch beside him, lightly tickling the boy's stomach to make him laugh.

"Well, lad, it looks like it's just you and me for now," he mused, reaching out to pick up the book and take over from where Emma left off.

Sitting at the table, Killian waited, listening for any signs of Emma's return.

Henry had gone to bed a while before, unhappy his mother wasn't there to tuck him in, giving Killian a small taste of what Emma had to go through those days and nights he had to work so late months ago. She had been gone for a few hours; while not unusual, it made Killian nervous because of the late hour.

He looked out toward the window to check for any sign of her before turning away, only seeing his reflection staring back at him in the firelight.

Having forgone dinner to wait for her, he picked at a piece of bread to calm his stomach, wanting to instead take his meal with Emma when she returned home.

His eyes wandering the area, he found himself looking back on the area Henry usually played in, his blanket and toys tucked away. They had stored his old bassinet away, knowing they no longer needed it, but refused to outright get rid of it, hoping they would need it again. He had began thinking of Emma and himself having another child again, of expanding their family. He knew it wasn't only his decision, but knew his wife was open to the idea, having expressed the same desire herself.

He wondered how much longer she would wish to wait before they would try expanding their family.

Lost in thought, he started slightly when he heard a noise outside, knowing instinctively that Emma was home. He quickly rose to greet her, meeting her at the door just as she stepped through and shut it behind her.

He instantaneously knew she was exhausted, both physically and emotionally, prompting him to rest his hand and hook on her shoulders to get her to look at him.

"Emma?" he asked, ducking his head slightly to meet her eyes. "You alright, love?"

She bit her lip before shaking her head. "Don't worry, just tired."

He curious to know what had happened, but decided to let it go for the time being, knowing he had to be patient.

"Let's have dinner then," he said, pulling away to lead her to their tiny kitchen to get them their dinner.

"I'm not really hungry," she said, folding her arms across her chest. "You go ahead, though."

"I would feel better if you ate something," he suggested gently, not wanting to push her. He gave her a small smile. "We both know you'll be famished come the morning."

Giving him a weak smile, she let him take her kit and lead her back to the table and taking the plate he offered her. She waited until he sat with his own dinner before beginning to slowly eat her own meal.

She decided she was done when he was, pushing her plate over to him in offering. "Do you want the rest of mine? I know you're hungry."

Slowly, he nodded, his own hunger getting the better of him. "Thanks."

"I'm gonna go see Henry really quick," she muttered, quickly rising and disappearing into the dark hallway.

He watched her as she went even as he ate.

Quickly finishing and cleaning up, he quietly walked by Henry's room, seeing only the boy asleep with the covers slightly ruffled, a sign his wife had been in there, before going to retire in his and Emma's room. Pushing the door open further to enter, he felt his heart tightening in his chest and a smile at his lips at the sight before him.

Emma sat in the center of their bed, her thin nightdress added to the image of her being so fragile, along with her hair loose from the updo she had it in previously, waiting for him.

Before he was even conscience of moving, Killian was at her side, sitting right beside her and pulling her into his side before reclining them so they were laying down.

"Do you want to tell me about the summons?" he asked softly, knowing how sometimes she needed to talk about what happened before she could really relax.

She curled further into him before her low voice reached his ears. "Some idiots got in a fight at the tavern. I didn't even care to ask what it was over. The doctor got there before I could and was trying to stop one of the guys from bleeding out. I had to heal him and the other guy that was fighting. There were a lot of injuries, as well as some bits of glass in some of the wounds. I'm still surprised they were awake and mostly standing."

Killian couldn't help snickering, ever grateful he had stopped frequenting taverns since he married Emma and settled down. Even if he had only ever gone before with Emma, his brother, or some of the other men he served with, he had mostly kept his head down, keeping to himself and whoever he was with to avoid any fights. The only exceptions were when he saw men, usually drunk, trying to force themselves on women, just like the night he and Emma found each other again.

"Sounds like you had quite the night," he replied softly, his lips brushing her hair as he tightened his arms around her.

Slowly, she nodded, turning slightly so she was further cuddled into him.

"Mama?" Henry's voice asked, full of curiosity.

They both started, looking up to see their son standing on the doorway of their room, his brow pinched in suspicion. They knew they had most likely woken to see for himself if his mother had returned.

"Henry," Emma sighed, sitting up slightly.

Henry took it as all the signal he needed to climb into the bed and join them beneath the blankets.

He wiggled between them, cuddling into the both of them.

"Where do you go, Mama?" he asked in a small voice.

Emma tucked one arm around him, cuddling him close. "Someone got hurt and I had to heal them. I'm sorry I wasn't here tonight."

"It's okay, Mama," Henry said. "You help people. You helped them."

Killian had never been more proud of his son in that moment, knowing Henry understood how much Emma did.

"He's right, love," he said softly.

Swallowing heavily, she nodded, drawing the same conclusion he had at their son.

Knowing Henry would be in with them for the night, Killian lightly kissed Emma's temple.

"It's late," he murmured, noticing Henry falling asleep in his mother's arms. "We should go to bed. It would do us all some good."

She nodded before looking back down at Henry.

"We'll leave him in here with us," Killian said, lightly rubbing her arm, knowing having Henry with them would help relax her further.

He noticed Emma turn her head towards him, her green eyes intent on him as she smiled gently.

"Love you, by the way," she whispered.

He gave her a soft smile, reaching out to grasp her hand in his, their fingers intertwining. "Love you, too."