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Safe Harbor

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Coming back in from the early morning snow outside, Emma glaced around the main room of the cabin, seeing Killian and Henry were still asleep. Removing her cloak to reveal the nightclothes she still wore, she went back to her and Killian's room, smiling at the scene she walked in on.

Killian rested on his back, having fallen back asleep after Emma had gotten up. Henry, who had slept with them, had shifted so that he rested on Killian's head.

Biting back a laugh, she crawled into bed beside them, content to lay with them as she waited for them to wake up.

She had to contain her laughter as Killian woke up, immediately realizing Henry had fallen asleep on him.

"Swan?" he asked, his voice muffled beneath the baby. "Care to explain why Henry is on my face?"

A small laugh escaping, Emma carefully shifted Henry as not to wake him and set him down between her and Killian.

"He wasn't like that when I got up," she said, smiling. "He must have moved after."

He smiled, shifting so he rested on his side, facing her and Henry. Moving closer, he leaned his head against her, resting his hand on her hip.

Henry sighed contently in his sleep as Emma layed her hand on his stomach.

"I'd like to know how he's able to move around so much, considering he's only just began crawling," Killian remarked, smiling as he looked down at the baby.

She hummed in agreement. "I know what you mean. Imagine when he starts walking."

Feigning exasperation, he groaned. "I suppose we'll have to keep a close watch on him."

Chuckling, she nuzzled into him. "I can't believe he's half a year old."

"I know," he responded. "I can't believe how big he's gotten. He was so small when he was born."

"He was," she agreed. "He's grown so much."

Content, they continued to laze in their bed, their son between them.

Eventually Henry blinked awake, immediately seeing his parents and smiling.

"Morning, kid," Emma smiled at him.

Henry rolled over, moving to begin crawling on her.

She laughed, rolling onto her back to let him rest on her chest.

He flopped down on her, happily resting just below her neck where he could grasp her swan necklace.

"No, Henry," she said, gently prying the chain away from him.

He rested his head down with a little whine, digging his fingers into the strap of her nightdress.

She began gently stroking his hair, making him cuddle into her.

"Are you getting hungry?" she asked, glancing over at Killian, seeing him smiling softly as he watched them.

He shifted closer to them until his front was pressed against her side, draping his arm over her stomach.

"Not yet," he replied, burying his nose into her hair.

Nodding, she closed her eyes, happy to spend a few more moments with her husband and son.

They got up when Henry began fussing, knowing he was getting hungry. They passed the baby off to each other so they could dress before exiting to the main room.

Emma gave him to Killian so she could make them something, watching contently as Killian sat with Henry, grabbing a jar of applesauce they had made for him as he set him on his lap.

Finishing some simple eggs and meat for her and Killian, she set his plate in front of him before sitting down with her own food, watching as he began feeding Henry, keeping one arm securely wrapped around him.

Henry turned away, not wanting to eat what was offered to him.

"Come on, lad," Killian coaxed. "I know you love this stuff."

She watched in amusement as he took a spoonful of the applesauce for himself, showing Henry it was good.

"Killian, quit eating Henry's food," she said, smirking as she watched him take a second bite.

Giving her a teasing smile, he offered Henry the food again, who gladly accepted, seeing his father eat it.

He caught a glimpse at the rest of the food on the table, his attention suddenly shifting to the eggs. He stretched to see them better, reaching for it curiously.

"Think he's ready for it?" Emma asked, curiously raising his brow.

Shrugging, Killian scooped up a portion of his own breakfast for Henry to sample. "I guess we're about to find out."

Offering it to him, Henry sniffed it before allowing him to feed it to him.

He chewed it for a second before swallowing, moving to reach for more of the eggs and making Emma and Killian chuckle.

"Seems he likes it," she remarked.

"Aye," Killian nodded.

She watched as he let Henry eat some more of his breakfast before switching back to his applesauce.

She easily took him when they finished, allowing Killian to eat as she occupied Henry.

"Are you ready for bath time?" she asked Henry, carefully wiping off his face.

"I'll take care of it, Swan," Killian nodded, easily taking Henry from her and resting him on his hip.

She nodded in agreement, allowing Killian the task.

Fatherhood suited him, having fallen so easily into the role. He was always more than willing to take care of Henry, even willing to complete the less than pleasant tasks that came with having a baby. Even if he was tired or busy, he always made sure to have time for both her and Henry. He was the one person she could always rely on.

Quickly flicking her wrist, their tub appeared in the corner, filled with just enough water for Henry.

She sipped on her tea as Killian took care of Henry, only looking up when she heard Killian's wary tone.

"Henry..." he warned. "No, Henry-"

A loud splash filled the air, followed by Henry's delighted laughter.

Moving over to them, Emma saw Killian was soaked, a large puddle formed around him as Henry sat in the tub.

Raising her brows, she crossed her arms, hiding her amusement.

"You taught him that," he accused without any bite in his voice.

"How?" she questioned.

"Whenever you play with him when you bathe him," he clarified.

"Are you sure he didn't learn from example?" she countered, amusement finally breaking through. "I seem to remember one of those times you dumped water on my head."

"I think you're confusing that with the time I was giving him a bath," he jested. "I seem to remember you being the one holding that pitcher instead of meself."

A small laugh escaping, she nodded. "That's right. But I'm not the one who was just bested by a baby."

He smiled in amusement as he carefully rinsed Henry's hair. "Yeah, but in my defense, he does slip around a lot, especially in water. He's almost like a sea otter with how he can move."

Emma laughed, grabbing a towel as Killian lifted Henry from the water and wrapping him securely before holding him in her arms.

"Yeah, you're just like a sea otter, aren't you, lad?" Killian asked him, ruffling his wet hair.

"I think you might want to dry off and change," Emma advised, glancing at Killian's wet clothes.

A devilish glint appearing in his eyes, he suddenly moved forward, pulling Emma to him and getting her own clothes wet. He pressed his head to hers, the water trailing from his hair onto her skin as she gasped in surprise.

"Really?" she asked, laughter in her tone.

"Call it revenge for the pitcher," he said, his wet whiskers scraping her skin as he kissed her cheek.

Henry laughed as she continued to hold him, breaking away from Killian to dress Henry.

She let him down after, freeing him to crawl around and chew on his toys.

It had been something she noticed in the past week, that Henry had began chewing and drooling on things more and more, often whining some as he did it.

Crouching down, she picked him up and gently pried his mouth open, seeing the single white mound breaking through his gums.

"Found out why he's been so fussy and chewing on things lately," she told Killian as he came in having changed. "He's getting his first tooth."

Nodding, Killian looked down at Henry as the baby released a small whine, viciously biting his wooden duck.

They looked up at a tap on the window, seeing a pigeon on the other side of the glass.

Shrugging at Killian's questioning glance, Emma opened the window to allow the bird in, immediately noticing the message tied to its leg. Untying the note, the bird flew back out into the snow.

"Looks like I need to make a house call," she announced as she looked at the message. "Badly broken leg."

"Go on," Killian told her, coming to stand beside her and kiss her lightly. "I've got things here."

Nodding in thanks, she went to Henry to kiss him goodbye before grabbing her cloak.

Emma settled Aife back into the barn, removing her bridle and saddle to allow the horse to warm up in peace.

Resting her pack back on her shoulder, she moved the short distance from the barn to the cabin, eager to be back home.

She didn't mind the occasional house call, most of her work coming to her instead. It was cheaper for people to go to her than the town's doctor, ensuring she always had work. She just hated having to leave Henry.

She trusted Killian completely, but she was always anxious whenever she was away from Henry.

She raised her brow as she entered the cabin, seeing Henry sitting on Killian, happily teething on his hook.

"Welcome home," he greeted, giving her a soft smile as she hung up her cloak.

"Thanks," she replied. She gestured to him and Henry. "So how did this happen?"

"He was getting really fussy and trying to chew everything he could, and nothing was working," he explained. "I was trying to calm him and when he grabbed my hook, he tried to bring it to his mouth to chew. I figured it wouldn't do any harm, and it seems like it's helping him."

Nodding, she sat on the edge of the couch beside them. She rested her head on his shoulder, looking down to watch Henry.

He tilted his head, resting his head against hers.

His voice softened when he spoke again. "So how was it?"

"Easy," she responded, relaxing beside him. "It was just a simple break, nothing I haven't done before."

He hummed in response.

"Tired?" she asked.

"Not really," he told her. "I'm used to long hours on ships, so I'm used to long nights. You know I love Henry, but admittedly, I can't wait until he begins sleeping through the night."

She chuckled, nodding in agreement. "I know what you mean. Soon enough."

Hearing her laugh, Henry let go of Killian's hook, holding out his arms for her and looking at her with his large, dark eyes. "Mama."

Her jaw droppen in amazement, her eyes wide. "He just spoke."

She shared a quick glance at Killian, seeing him just as surprised.

"Lad, what did you say?" he asked Henry, excitement barely contained in his tone.

"Mama," Henry repeated in his tiny voice.

A wide smile curling her lips, Emma quickly grabbed him, holding him tightly in her arms and kissing his cheeks, making him laugh.

She felt Killian's arms wrap around them, holding them both securely.

"Good job, Henry," she praised, kissing their son again. "Your first word."

Smiling at the attention, Henry gave her a wet kiss, making her and Killian laugh.

Emma smiled happily as she sat with Henry on her lap, watching as Killian sat across from them, lifting the baby's stuffed lion and dropping it on Henry's lap, making him belly laugh.

Henry was mostly a happy baby, often smiling and laughing, but Killian was the one between him and Emma who could more often get Henry to really laugh.

Emma loved it whenever he did, hearing Henry's laugh throughout the entire cottage. She always smiled when she heard it, his laughter infectious.

Picking up the toy, Killian dropped it again, the legs splaying out and causing another round of laughter.

Killian was often willing to keep doing whatever was amusing Henry at the time until the boy lost interest, smiling and laughing along with the baby.

"Dada!" Henry squealed in delight, reaching toward Killian.

Completely in awe, Emma passed him off to Killian, who was staring at the baby in surprise that Henry had uttered two words in one day.

Holding Henry to him, Killian pressed a kiss to his hair. "There's my little Sea Otter."

"Really?" Emma asked him with a laugh.

He nodded in return. "Yeah, I think it's fitting for him."

Remembering how Henry moved around, especially in water, she nodded in agreement.

Seeming to like the nickname, Henry laughed.