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Safe Harbor

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Feeling her frustration growing, Emma set her work down, trying to calm herself. With the baby due in a month, she felt as if she were behind on preparing everything for them, everything they needed to welcome them.

She knew she was over reacting and she was emotional, but she often found herself worrying. She wanted to give her child everything she could. Knowing Killian had every intention of remaining by her side helped to calm her, knowing she wouldn't be alone. After finding a midwife, he had promised her that if she so desired, he would remain by her side as she gave birth, never leaving.

She was nervous about the delivery and honestly a little scared, but she wanted him there, to be an anchor for her.

Picking the soft wool back up, she admired her handiwork.

When she had been first born, she had been given a white blanket with violet ribbon woven along the edges, a gift from Granny. She wanted the same for her baby, setting out determinedly on crafting a new blanket to wrap them in.

The wool was soft and warm, able to provide comfort. Upon further examination, she found her piece wasn't too bad, actually resembling a blanket. For decoration, she had gotten bits of red ribbon to decorate the edges, not knowing if she was carrying a son or a daughter.

She knew she would love her baby, along with Killian, no matter what she had. Between wanting to finally see and hold her child, as well as to be able to move without being uncomfortable, she was ready to have her baby.

Though he had promised to help her raise the baby, Emma wondered what role exactly Killian would fall into with the baby.

She found she was proud of herself as she wove the last of the red ribbon through the edge of the woolen blanket, finishing it. Despite having only watched Granny a few times when she was younger, she didn't think the blanket looked bad, especially considering she'd never done it before. She was happy that even though it was something so small, she was able to make it herself for her baby.

Carefully folding the blanket, she rose from the rocking chair they had managed to procure and placed it on the edge of the bassinet, looking up when the door opened, her husband walking through. She noticed he held a package under his arm, but she couldn't make out what is was.

Smiling brightly, he came up to her to lightly kiss her before procuring his hook from his pocket and clicking it into place.

"Hey," she greeted, lightly brushing her lips against his again before completely drawing away.

"Hey," he responded. His eyes drifted to the blanket, making him reach out to lightly run his hand over it. "You finished?"

Nodding, she smiled. "Yeah. I know it's not the best. But I think they should like it."

Moving instead to rest his hand along her jaw, he lovingly stroked her cheek. "I'm sure they will."

She chuckled before turning her eyes back to the package he held. "What's that?"

His smile turned sheepish as he drew his hand away to scratch behind his ear. "I was passing by the market on my way home and saw this. I just thought the little one might like it after they're here."

Tentatively offering her the package, he watched as she took it, carefully peeling back the paper.

Emma felt her chest tighten at the stuffed lion she pulled from the paper. It's fur was soft while the body was pudgy, making it ideal for a baby or small child to cuddle up with. The floppy limbs, as well as ears, tail, and mane, gave plenty for them to hold onto, much less drag around.

Swallowing, she was surprised to feel a slight sting in her eyes, knowing it was brought on by her husband's gesture.

"It's perfect," she told him, reaching up to kiss him lightly. "Thank you, Killian."

He smiled down at her widely. "It's nothing, Swan. I just wanted them to have something they could play or cuddle up with."

She smiled back at him as she turned to face the bassinet, placing the lion inside it near the head.

She suddenly wondered what it could mean that Killian would get something for the baby, providing essentially their first toy. She wondered what Killian wanted to be to the baby.

Suddenly emboldened, Emma intertwined her fingers with his as she led him to the small couch, sitting close beside him.

He didn't say anything, letting her make the first move.

"I know this isn't something we've really talked about before," she said, leaning slightly into him, keeping their hands together. "But I was wondering, what do you want to be for this baby?"

Lifting their hands, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders so her own arm crossed her chest. "What ever you wish me to be. I will help you with this baby, but only as much as you'll allow me to. I'll be whatever you want me to be for them, whether it be their father, or just your best friend."

She sighed, leaning her head against his, knowing what she wanted, but not wanting him to feel as though he had to take the position.

"But what do you want to be to them?" she asked.

He was silent for a moment before answering. "You know that even if they aren't mine by blood, that means nothing to me. If you'll allow it... they will be my child, and I will happily be their father. "

"Really?" she asked, feeling hope bubble up in her. "You'd do that?"

"Aye," he answered.

She released his hand to cradle his head, closing the distance between them and kissing him deeply.

Drawing his hooked arm around her waist, he cupped her jaw, drawing her even closer to him as he kissed her back.

"I love you," she told him when they broke apart, resting her forehead to his and breathing him in.

"I love you, too," he replied, stroking her jaw with his thumb.

They stayed that way, both happy, before Killian pulled away, making Emma look up at him curiously. She could tell he was nervous again.

"You know how not too long ago, we had received a commission?" he asked her, making her recall the order the blacksmith had gotten that he had Killian help him create.

She nodded. "Yeah?"

He smiled nervously. "When it was completed, I received some pure silver as part of my payment. It was difficult, but I wanted to do this for us, especially with how we didn't have these when we recited our vows."

Reaching into his coat, he pulled a small pouch as his hook directed her to place her hand out. Carefully drawing it open, he turned it over so that two small objects landed in her palm.

She felt her breath catch as she saw she was holding two thin silver bands, knowing he intended for them to be their wedding bands.

"You made these?" she asked in awe.

"Yeah," he nodded. "I know they're not the most ornate, but-"

She cut him off, kissing him.

"They're perfect," she told him when she pulled away. She looked down at the bands, specifically the one meant to be hers, happily.

Grinning, she took his hand in hers, sliding his ring onto his ring finger.

Plucking her ring from her hand, he slid it onto her finger so it rested right below her wedding ring. She smiled as she looked at the rings together, knowing that they would forever remain on her finger.

He took her hand in his when she was done, letting her feel the metal of his own ring against her skin as he leaned his head against his wife's.