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Touch In The Night

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And here it is, the final chapter!

There was something about flying at night that made it magical. They were too high to see what was happening on earth and they were closer to the stars than ever. It truly was a wonderful sight. And yet, the only thing Merel had eyes for was the sleeping form next to her.

Charlotte’s head was resting against the window, her eyes closed and her lips almost curled up into a smile. They looked so inviting, as if they dared Merel to kiss them. But she knew better. It was a long flight after a long and exhausting tour. Charlotte needed all the rest she could get, and Merel knew she should probably try to get some sleep as well.

As careful as possible, the blonde tried to rest her head on Charlotte’s shoulder. A single butterfly in her stomach woke up when she inhaled the singer’s scent and she couldn’t fight back the smile that formed on her lips. For a second she couldn’t be happier. Then the other woman stirred. Cursing herself for waking Charlotte, Merel sat up again and sheepishly smiled. Charlotte didn’t say anything. She just looked at Merel, and eventually smiled when she spotted the goosebumps covering the girl’s arm.

‘Were you trying to steal my warmth while I was asleep?’

‘Ehm… Maybe?’

Merel did her best to look innocent, but there was something in Charlotte’s eyes. The girl wasn’t sure if it was the haze of sleep, or if the singer was brewing up some kind of dark plan. A smirk slowly grew on Charlotte’s face. A dark plan it was.

‘What time is it?’

‘Around 4:30, I guess.’


With the smirk still in place, Charlotte got up from her seat. Merel got up as well so the singer could go wherever she wanted, but was surprised when Charlotte grabbed her arm and dragged her along to the back of the plane. Everyone around them seemed to be asleep. The other musicians, the crew members, the strangers who happened to be on the same plane. No one noticed them when they passed them and Merel was very happy about that.

A smirk on Charlotte’s face usually didn’t mean anything good, and neither did it this time. Merel’s heart started racing when she was pushed into the small toilet cabin. Charlotte quickly joined her and locked the door, her grin even wider now. Oh no…

‘Ever heard of the Mile High Club?’

Exactly what Merel thought. Before she could say anything, Charlotte already had her pinned against the wall, her lips firmly pressed against Merel’s. This was wrong, this was so, so wrong. They could be discovered at any moment. It was so wrong, but also so exciting. There just was no way Merel could say no to those lips and she easily gave in to them once they kissed her neck. A moan escaped and almost immediately Charlotte looked her in the eye.

‘You have to be quiet.’ Charlotte whispered. ‘And I have to be quick.’

Without hesitation the singer’s hand slipped into the sweatpants Merel was wearing before making its way into her underwear. Merel gasped, but was quickly silenced by Charlotte’s lips again. The singer kissed her hard and didn’t waste any time inside the blonde’s pants either. Her finger easily found Merel’s clit and pushed down on it.

Merel’s knees got weak at the touch. She buried her fingers in Charlotte’s shirt, holding on to it as she felt the singer’s hand move to her entrance. Two fingers thrusted into her, Charlotte’s palm pushing against the girl’s clit. There was no time for teasing now. Charlotte didn’t give Merel any time to enjoy the feeling of her fingers inside her, but started thrusting at a fast rhythm right away. It was driving her insane, to the point where she no longer knew how to control her body. Luckily, Charlotte knew exactly how to do just that.

Every thrust touched Merel in exactly the right spot and Charlotte’s palm never lost contact with her clit. Her lips where still pressed against Merel’s, keeping her quiet and making it harder for her to breathe. Charlotte’s free hand kept the girl pinned against the wall, leaving her nowhere to go but straight to her orgasm.

Merel knew she wouldn’t last long, especially not when she felt Charlotte’s fingers digging in deeper and harder. Desperately she held on to the singer’s shirt as if her life depended on it, her knees completely giving in when her orgasm hit her hard.

Charlotte managed to keep her up and finally gave her time to breathe. A small moan escaped when the singer pulled her fingers out and Merel missed them immediately. Those fingers knew Merel so well, knew exactly what her weak spots were, and were maybe even more talented than her own skilled fingers.

Without looking away from the girl in front of her, Charlotte brought her hand to her lips and licked her fingers clean. It definitely was one of the most arousing things Merel had ever seen. Still out of breath, she leaned up and kissed Charlotte, tasting herself on the singer’s lips.

‘Get yourself together.’ Charlotte grinned when she suddenly pulled back. ‘We have to go back before it gets suspicious.’

Without another word, Charlotte unlocked the door and left, leaving Merel behind. The girl smiled while she tried to catch her breath. She’d never expected to find herself having sex on an airplane, but here she was, the newest member of the Mile High Club. And it was all because of Charlotte. The singer was full of surprises and Merel couldn’t wait to get back to her.

Once her heart had slowed down, Merel opened the door and carefully peeked out. Everyone still seemed to be asleep, and with a sigh of relief Merel made her way back to her seat. Charlotte was already waiting for her and smiled when Merel sat down. She opened her arms and Merel happily leaned into them. Resting her head against Charlotte’s chest and listening to her heartbeat, the girl closed her eyes before dozing off to sleep.

Merel could barely believe it was over. No more concerts, no more stress, no more waiting, and no more travelling. They were in Netherlands, luggage in their hands and on their way out of the airport. The tour was officially over.

Everyone was quiet while they pushed their suitcases towards to exit. It had been a long flight, the jetlag was already noticeable on everyone’s faces and they were all tired. Merel was so looking forward to get home and crash down on her own bed, but secretly she was looking even more forward to what could happen after that. Spending more time with Charlotte without anyone else around. No stress, no tour, just them. Just the thought of it warmed Merel’s heart, and she was surprised when she found herself actually saying the singer’s name out loud.



‘Do you want to go out for a drink this evening?’

Charlotte suddenly stood still and the rest of the bad followed. All eyes were set on them, and Merel mentally kicked herself for not waiting until they were alone.

‘Are you asking me out on a date?’ Charlotte laughed ‘Oh Merel, we’re not going to do that.’

‘Why… not?’

‘Look, I had a lot of fun, and we can do it again some time, but I don’t want to date you. It was just sex.’

Disbelieve settled in Merel’s heart. No, this could not be true. Charlotte had been so nice to her, so sweet, this couldn’t just be about sex. She’d felt a connection between them! This wasn’t just sex!

‘I thought you loved me!’

‘I never said that.’ Charlotte said, her voice cold as ice. ‘I said I liked you, but I never said I loved you, because I don’t. All of it was just sex.’

And with that, Charlotte put her hands on the cart again and left.

Merel couldn’t believe it. She was right, Charlotte had never said the word love. Merel had said it, but Charlotte hadn’t said it back. How could she have been so blind? So deaf to Otto’s warnings? What was she supposed to do now? Never before had she felt so lost and looked at her band mates in need of help. They all just stood there, watching her as she slowly fell apart. Her heart sank when Otto’s voice sounded.

‘I told you so. I warned you, but you wouldn’t listen.’

With those words he turned around, and the others followed his example. They all left her behind with her broken heart, and it all was her own fault.

Stepping into her room felt like stepping into another world. The sun greeted her through the window next to her bed, the colors surrounding her were light and calm. It was silent, not a single noise was to be heard. It felt so unreal.

Slowly Merel took another step into the room, hitting her toe on her suitcase in the process. And that’s when tears formed in her eyes, and a single one managed to escape. The pain was real, so the rest had to be as well. This was reality. No hectic tour schedule, no other people around, no fans waiting around every corner. No longer living during the darkest hours of the days, but being met by the sun in the morning. Everything she’d known in the last weeks had been fake, Charlotte’s love being the most painful of all. It had all been a lie, and Merel had been too blind to see it. They tried to warn her, but she wouldn’t listen. She was a victim of her own desire.