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She woke up to find herself naked, blindfolded, and bound, and it took her a moment to realize she was likely tied to a bed, given the softness beneath her. She didn't know whose room she was in, but she did recognize the gentle sway well enough to know she was aboard a ship.

The Sirius didn't have any rooms like this. Not even the captain basked in such opulence. The sheets were made of silk, and so were her bonds and blindfold. The room smelled of flowers and candles, far too elaborate a setup for the masculine pride aboard her own ship.

She was at a total loss, and it was only then that the reality of her situation set in and she began to panic. She screamed, and a moment later was silenced by a hand over her mouth and a low, raspy, "Shhh."

She wasn't calmed at all, but the hand didn't move.

Another one, however, did. She felt it gently trace up her ribs, and she squirmed, trying to get away. 

Don't tell me this person means to... her mind faltered, unable to accept it. Without realizing it, she mentally decided she was in a man's room. A man whose intentions were more than a little questionable.

Her body, on the other hand, seemed to get the unknown person's intent right away. 

His hand fell away, and was replaced by something soft. It wasn't a feather, but it felt satiny, drifting down one arm, then the other, then down and up each leg before circling her belly button. To her shock, her body responded, shivering beneath the caresses.

The softness fell away, and for a moment, she waited, tense, wondering what it would touch next. But when she released the breath she didn't realize she was holding and relaxed, nothing came.

Only when she relaxed back against the silky sheets did the softness caress her again, tracing around her breasts until her nipples hardened before dipping teasingly towards her clit, but stopping to tease her netherlips before pulling away again.

She finally recovered her shock and found her breath. "S-stop," she whispered, but she couldn't make her breathless voice sound sincere. Her body was shaking, waiting for his next touch, and when it came, it twirled up one breast until it barely brushed a nipple.

She felt like she was on fire as she gasped. Her protest was nearly forgotten until he spoke.

"You don't want me to," his voice finally said as the silky item--a flower, she realized belatedly as the petals surrounded her flesh--thrummed her nipple. He pulled away and to her shock, she moaned her disappointment.

But he didn't leave her wanting this time. Instead, he repeated her actions on her other breast until she was arching off the bed and panting. She hadn't realized her body was so sensitive, and once again her protest fell away.

The flower bud was pulled away, only to reappear a moment later at her nether lips. Several strokes teased her until her core began to drip, and then she felt him part them with two fingers and the flower dipped between, swirling around her clit. The movement was deliciously torturous. It wasn't nearly enough to build into an orgasm, but it teased, feeling good enough to make her want more from this unknown man.

As she arched into the flower petals, it was abruptly pulled away, and it was never to return.

She waited, panting, as she struggled to think clearly enough beyond the mess of her nerves and awakening desire, but before she managed more than a single coherent thought, something warm, like oil, was being spread on her skin.

This time, he didn't trail it all over her body like he'd teased her with the flower. Instead, he lathered her nipples and then dipped down to her clit, leaving just enough to cause a tingling sensation from the cool oil.

But then he blew on one nipple, and her entire body clenched at the rapid heat. It wasn't nearly enough to burn, but she felt like she was on fire as sensation raced straight to her core. She made a noise that wasn't unlike a whimper as he repeated his action on her other breast, and her nipples were so hard they nearly hurt from arousal.

She knew it was coming, then, his breath on her clit, and she struggled against the bonds in helpless anticipation. But he left her waiting, seconds or minutes, she didn't know. Only when she had nearly given up hope did she feel his breath against her clit.

She screamed at the heat, feeling her clit throb with desire, and heard his answering chuckle.

"It feels good, doesn't it." It wasn't a question, but a breathless yes fell from her lips anyway. "I knew you'd like it."

He pulled away, and she heard the bed shift as his footsteps padded in the room. She was left wanting, nowhere close to coming but more desperate for orgasm than she could ever recall being.

When he finally returned, his fingers were slick with cool water. The coolness of the liquid contrasted with the heated oil, sending waves of cold and heat through her as he fondled one nipple, and then the other. Just when she thought her body couldn't take much more of the combination, his hands pulled away.

And then his lips enclosed one engorged nipple. 

She swallowed her shriek as he suckled, and as he brought her closer to orgasm, she heard movement and then his cool fingers slid down to tease her clit.

She began thrusting her hips as much as the bonds would allow. It wasn't much leeway at all, but it built the ache deliciously until she found herself begging for release.

When she was at the precipice, he pulled away, leaving her gasping and begging and thrusting her hips as much as she could in the hope he'd come back. But he didn't. He petted her stomach and kissed her neck, ignoring her pleas until her body calmed. The fire, the need to come, still burned, but nowhere near as desperately.

And then, to her shock, he repeated everything. First came the flower, then the oil, then his cool fingers, and finally his mouth. Once again, she raced towards orgasm, and again, he denied her.

The third time, she was crying with need, but he repeated the process diligently, ignoring her pleas to move faster, to let her come. This time, however, his lips didn't suckle her nipple, despite her begging. Instead, his lips slid down her abdomen, and then, to her instant delight, closed around her clit.

She'd never been sure about oral sex before. Hadn't known if she'd like it. After all, she'd never done any of this before. But the minute his lips toyed with her clit, she needed it more than she needed to breathe. He suckled at it nearly the same as her nipple, pausing here and there to lick and tease it, and she approached her orgasm this time so fast she lost her breath entirely.

This time, as she screamed and begged, he let her come. And she came, hard enough that she saw white in the darkness of her blindfold.

She heard him move away, pour something, and then it sounded as though he was swishing liquid in his mouth. When he returned, his breath smelled fresh, like mint, and not at all like he'd been devilishly working her into a frenzy with his mouth.

"Do you want more?" he asked, gently kissing one breast.

She wanted to say no as reason began to set in. She didn't know this man. He'd obviously stolen her away from her bed aboard the Sirius.

What came from her lips, however, was yes.

And to her surprise, he started all over again. The flower, however, was dipped in oil, and was followed by his heated mouth, and this time, he only denied her once before he let her fall over.

When he asked again if she wanted more, she had no ability to think beyond yes

He didn't tease this time, not with flowers or oil or cold water. Instead, he rubbed himself against her entrance as she shivered beneath him. When she began trying to meet his thrusts, he pulled away, and returned a moment later with a warm, oily dick that he rubbed against her. Each rub was hot, igniting her need further, but he ignored her repeated pleas to do something.

It was only when she couldn't think at all, didn't even know her own name, that he finally pushed into her. He stretched her, but she was so wet she almost didn't notice at all. He slid within her so easily that she was afraid he'd slip right out and abandon her, but he didn't.

His thrusts started out slow, gently rubbing against her clit with each one, and he laughed when she demanded more. More was what he didn't give, not until she was hovering at the brink of a third orgasm but unable to go over. She pulled at her bonds so hard she thought they might rip, but the silk held, and so did his pace.

But then suddenly, he began thrusting into her, hard, but though he seemed to seek his own pleasure, his hands didn't leave her behind. One toyed with a breast while the other teased her nub, pulling and rubbing until finally she was ready to come.

For a moment, she caught her breath, fearing he'd deny her, but it seemed he was too lost to his own need to try. He thrust feverishly, and she fell over, clenching around him so hard that he groaned and then came himself.

It was only later, once they were both able to breathe, though her limbs still fell like jelly, that he dared remove the blindfold.

Hovering above her was Alan, the rival captain, with a devilish look in his eyes. But though he removed her blindfold, he didn't untie her. Instead, he grinned and told her that their stolen night together was far, far from over.

And as she adjusted to the dim light of the room and saw his collection of toys on the wall, she swallowed, sharply. 

If she could walk at all tomorrow, it would be a miracle.