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Jimin, with a calendar in hand, calculated and recalculated his heat cycle and he even looked into Jungkook’s rut schedule. Since the couple officially mated their cycles were growing closer and closer together.

At first, it was an inconvenience resulting in longer days off work and Jimin needing to taking stronger birth control heat pills…but the situation was very different now. The syncing of their mating cycles was becoming very beneficial.

They were trying to get pregnant!

Jimin, after a lot of thought, was finally ready to have pups. Jeongguk had been ecstatic at the idea of starting a family. With the success of both of their careers and their financial stability, it just felt right. But being a male omega had its drawbacks. One of which was male omegas weren’t as fertile as their female counterparts. The best time a male omega could conceive was during their heats and, if they could afford to, they could get fertility shots to greaten the chance of conception.

Jimin already requested the shots a few weeks back, after his first two heats left his womb barren. Jeongguk remembered holding his crying mate close when he realized he wasn’t pregnant, the omega clutching onto his biceps with his face buried in the alpha’s neck on the cold bathroom floor.

The pregnancy test lay across the room where Jimin had thrown it in anger and distress, mocking the mates with the cracked screen displaying a negative result. All the while Jeongguk rocked his mate gently.

Jeongguk doesn’t ever want to go through that heart break again.

Now, the two hopeful parents were nearing Jimin’s next heat and Jeongguk’s rut with a week worth of fertility shots to help.




“Where do I…?” Jeongguk asked holding up the first needle, filled with a clear serum. They were in the bathroom, having just woken up. Jimin was lifting his sleeping shirt, one of his alpha’s well worn t-shirts, and was turned away from Jeongguk.

“The doctor said aim for the upper thigh, near the buttocks,” Jimin said and he pulled aside the black cotton panties he was wearing.

Jeongguk bit his lower lip, distracted by how pretty his omega looked—messy haired, sleepy eyed, and almost presenting himself to the alpha. But then he remembered he needed to stick the needle into his mate’s thick thigh. This was not time to ogle.

Jeongguk dropped into a squat, ripped open an alcohol swab, wiped around the area he would put the needle and took off the protective cap on the syringe.

With a look toward his mate he asked, “Ready?”

Jimin nodded and they both took a deep breath before the alpha slid the needle into Jimin’s delicate skin. The omega sucked in air through his teeth at the sharp pain. When it was deep enough, Jeongguk pressed the serum in.

After the needle was empty, Jeongguk took it out and dropped it into a box labeled especially for the used needles. To ensure the area wouldn’t get sore the alpha messaged his fingers around where the serum was injected, hoping to distribute the serum quicker. Jimin hummed appreciatively, a soft sigh escaping from his lips.

“I can do that myself,” Jimin complained when the rubs turned into his alpha groping his ass cheeks.

The alpha was too busy squeezing and fondling the perfect ass barely contained in his hands, answering his annoyed mate with a distracted, “Hmm?”

“Kook!” Jimin complained when the alpha pulled the panties up between his cheeks. He swatted the alpha's hands away, pulled out the small weggie, and slid the sleeping shirt back down to cover him to mid thigh.

He looked very unamused and Jeongguk had the good sense to look sheepish. “Sorry Minnie! But you know how weak I am when it comes to your ass.”

The omega rolled his eyes, then his expression morphed into one of seriousness. Jeongguk felt the shift immediately, standing up and ready to question what was wrong. Before he could ask, Jimin spoke.

“I was meaning to tell you,” Jimin sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I think we should abstain from sex.”


“With these fertility shots, my heat will be longer and more intense. I think it’s best we save our energy for when I’ll be in heat.”


“Its just for a week Kookie, it’ll go by in no time. You’ll see!” Jimin got on his tip toes and pecked the alpha’s lips. Before he walked out of the bathroom he looked over his shoulder, “Oh, and that means no jacking off either.”

The omega smiled and sashayed on out, leaving his alpha alone to contemplate what those words meant.

Jeongguk stood in the empty bathroom, shook to his core. “What?”

No sex for a week?

Jeongguk felt a little shaken and leaned against he counter as he thought over what Jimin just tossed at him.

He could do that, right? Even though he’s regularly had a high sex life since meeting Jimin all those years ago. He could totally cut back, like he did once they both graduated from university and proceeded into the work place. He totally could wait a week.

Jeongguk nodded his head, one last reassurance, before heading out to wrap his arms around his mate as the older man cooked breakfast.

The first day had been fine. The innocent kisses and hugs were welcomed, especially when Jimin pouted up at him and giggled into his neck after getting his peck. Jimin talked excitedly of his day and Jeongguk listened attentively. When they went to sleep it was with an innocent kiss and then they turned off the lights. Their eyes closed.

‘I can do this,’ Jeongguk thought sleepily as he squeezed the arm he had around Jimin. The little omega made a little cute noise but did not stir. Jeongguk buried his nose atop Jimin’s head and fell asleep soundly.

The second and third day went more or less the same. Although, Jeongguk was starting to notice a change in his mate’s scent. It was normally sweet like peaches and cream…but it was becoming sweeter and more distracting. Not enough to make him desperate, but enough to tease his natural instincts into acknowledging his mate would soon go into heat.

By the fourth day Jeongguk was starting to feel an itch under his skin. He woke up from a very erotic dream, one with Jimin spread out so pretty on their bed, legs spread and his slick drenched hole on display.

“Breed me Kookie,” dream Jimin begged, hole so puffy and inviting. “Breed me full of pups.”

Those words had him scrambling onto the bed, crawling over his omega and pressing his hard cock into his dripping cunt. Dream Jeongguk fucked his omega without restraint, relishing every moan and whine let out with the smack of their skin.

The pleasure was so good, the feel of slick walls dragging over his cock so realistic, but then everything became fuzzy and distorted. The alpha blinked his eyes, and realized he was in bed with his omega but they were far from fucking.

Instead, he was rutting his hard cock into his mate’s soft ass. Like some desperate teen. Jeongguk blushed, and forcefully stilled his hips and breathed in deeply to try and clear his mind. Although, he wasn’t expecting Jimin to turn around in his arms and blink up at him—so adorable with his sleep puffy eyes and pouty lips.

There was a blush on his face too and he begged, “Kiss me?”

Of course Jeongguk leaned down and captured his mate’s full lips with his own. Jimin moaned softly, threading a hand through his alpha’s hair and deepening the kiss by tilting his head and opening his lips enough to let Jeongguk’s tongue through. They kissed passionately, hands slipped under clothes and caressed soft hot skin.

Jimin arched up into his touch and Jeongguk’s hips bucked into Jimin’s thigh. Jimin whined at the feel of his mate hard cock rubbing against him.

Oh how he wanted his alpha to fuck him. Fuck him stupid into the mattress and knot him. Jimin’s nails dug into his mate’s skin, and…he felt his own cock begin to fill up and his hole get wet.


Oh no.

“No, no more Kook,” Jimin pulled away breathless. Jeongguk tried to follow those beautiful lips, but Jimin turned his head away with a giggle. “No Kookie. We have to stop.”

The alpha groaned and whined, pawing at Jimin’s cock, barely peaking out of the pretty lace trimmed panties he was wearing. Jimin gasped at the pressure on his aching cock, but he had enough self restraint to not give in.

Jimin giggled again and pushed his mate’s hands away, “Go take a cold shower!”

Jeongguk sighed, retracted his hands, and did as he was told, detaching himself from Jimin’s warm soft body and their comfortable bed. He winced on his trek to the bathroom, hard cock bobbing uncomfortably with his every step.




The day before Jimin’s heat was scheduled to begin was the worst. The omega’s scent thickened and sweetened into such a distractingly beautiful aroma. Jeongguk had woken up rutting into his mate again, nearly creaming his boxers after realizing Jimin’s panties were soaked in his slick and that slick was also coating his cock.

The alpha whimpered, wondering how much trouble he would get into if he pulled aside his mate’s slick soaked panties and slid his cock into his hole. God, the muscle would open so beautifully for him, so hot and wet and needy to be wrapped around an alpha cock. Fuck. Jimin would be so cute, moaning in his sleep as Jeongguk fucked him. Fuck.

It took all Jeongguk’s self control to roll away from Jimin, reach down into his boxers, and grab the base of his dick. He breathed deeply and thought of the grossest thing he could, forcing his body to cool down. It took a couple of minutes before Jeongguk’s orgasm retreated.

With his dick no longer in jeopardy, Jeongguk loosened his grip and waited in pain for his mate to wake up. Jimin blushed tomato red when he realized how wet he was. At least he wasn’t the only one affected.

Getting to the bathroom to give Jimin his last fertility shot was the greatest test of the alpha’s will.

Jeongguk prepared the needle, swabbed the area, and stuck the syringe in his mate’s upper thigh. Once done he rubbed it in like he usually did but this time a small moan fell from Jimin's lips. Jeongguk’s nose picked up on the smell of aroused omega. Of his aroused omega. Both men breathed heavily, painfully hyperaware of each other.

“Jimin,” Jeongguk groaned, hand gripping the firm muscle in his hold. “Jimin.”

“I know Kookie. I know baby,” Jimin said just as strained, hips pushing back instinctually. “But we can’t. Just one more day, baby. Okay?"

Jeongguk wanted to refute, wanted to bend Jimin over the counter and fuck into him, burry his cock deep and knot the omega until he was a drooling mess hanging off his knot...but that would be selfish. The alpha closed his eyes. "Okay.”

Jimin wiggled out of his hold reluctantly, and pushed Jeongguk toward the shower to cool down. “It’ll be over tomorrow alpha.”

Jeongguk closed his eyes and repeated those words, hoping it would make his erection soften. But no matter how icy the temperature of the water was or how much he repeated the mantra, his cock was still rock hard. Jeongguk stared down at his engorged length, an angry red and standing straight up. It was almost painful with the water raining down on it, the most stimulation he’d gotten in a week.

With all the pent up hormones building up, Jeongguk thought he should try and relieve some of the pain. As long as he didn’t cum it should be okay, right? Jimin didn’t need to know. Jeongguk reached down to his cock, holding it in one hand. He moaned quietly, amazed at how sensitive he felt at the light touch.

It wouldn’t hurt to stroke, right? Maybe take some of the edge off…even if it was only for a few weak strokes, Jeongguk tried to reason and his grip tightened a bit and he pulled his hand up the shaft. A small hiss of pleasure escaped between his clenched teeth. That felt good. Jeongguk closed his eyes and did it again, shivering at the tight wet pressure of his hand.

So lost in the stimulation Jeongguk forgot to stay quiet. He breathed heavily onto the air, hand speeding up just a bit as he imagined his mate’s lips wrapped around his cock.

Jimin was a vision when he had his mouth stretched around his cock, the little omega doing his absolute best to fit the monster length into his sweet little mouth. Not to mention how messy he got, the way he bobbed on Jeongguk’s cock trying to fit it all in his mouth because he loved the heavy weight and he loved gagging on it. The pretty moans and whines so needy it drove the alpha mad.

Jeongguk’s stomach tensed and his legs grew weak the more he fanaticized and masturbated. He was so caught up in his head he didn’t hear footstep paddle into the bathroom.

The shower’s frosted glass door was thrown open, startling the alpha enough he yelped and inadvertently squeezed his cock too hard...and came.

Thick white ropes of semen shot out his cock, making a mess of the shower tiles before the water washed it down the drain.

“Jeon Jeongguk!” his omega mate yelled, scaring the alpha. Jeongguk was trying to cover up with his hands, embarassed and ashamed. The alpha flinched at the shrill pitch of his mate’s voice.

“You had one more day!” Jimin shouted, his tiny stature multiplied ten fold with his anger. Jeongguk shrunk in on himself. “Just one day, and you…you squander all our hard work?”

Jeongguk kept his eyes low, knowing he didn’t have anything to say to excuse his poor judgement. He only muttered, just loud enough over the water. “I know. I’m sorry.”

Jimin’s eyes narrowed and he took a step back. “Get out.”

The alpha quickly shut off the water and walked out the shower stall. Jimin pointed to the ground. “Kneel.”

The alpha fell to his knees, wincing minutely as the hard tile connected with his knees, but he kept his mouth shut and bowed his head like he knew he was suppose to.

“Wait here.”

Jimin walked out the bathroom, his footsteps got further away. The alpha waited, wet and cold on the floor. He isn't sure what’ll happen but he does know Jimin’s not so much angry as he is disappointed.

Jeongguk felt like crap for letting down his mate. He knows how important this heat was for his omega. For the both of them. The man was putting all his time and energy into conceiving a pup for them. He fucked up. Probably the biggest fuck up of all fuck ups.

The alpha vowed to take any punishment his mate chose for him. It’s the least he could do for breaking the older’s trust. With that Jeongguk straightened his back and glared down at his hands, fisted neatly on his thighs. He doesn’t know how long he waited, but Jimin walked back through the door dressed differently than when he walked out. For one Jungkook could hear the distinct click clack of heels on tile before he spotted the black pumps in his line of sight.

“Get up and dry off.” The omega tossed a towel over his head. Jeongguk rose to his feet on shaky legs and quickly wiped down his body.

“Follow me, alpha,” Jimin spat disdainfully once he was done. Jeonggk watched as the heeled feet turned around and walked out of his sight. He waited a heartbeat before following.

They walked past their bedroom and into the former guest bedroom. It was repurposed into a heat room. All the furniture removed and replaced with various blankets, pillows and clothing Jimin kept arranging and rearranging whenever he was stressed out about his upcoming heat. Right now some of the blankets were pushed aside to make room for a chair.

“Sit,” Jimin said, tone still serious and without a hint of emotion. Jeongguk did as told, shivering when his bare bottom met the cold wooden seat, but he kept his mouth closed and his eyes down.

Jimin walked up to him and before he knew it, the older man was wrapping bright blue bondage rope around his arms, the two limbs pulled behind his back to keep them immobile. Jimin was tying him to the chair. His breathing sped up as the thick rope was pulled taught, slightly digging into his skin.

Jimin worked silently, making sure to knot it perfectly so the alpha would not get loose no matter how much he squirmed. He stepped back and admired his handy work. The blue rope looked amazing against his alpha’s sun kissed skin, and the alpha himself was completely retrained.

Jimin felt himself getting wetter at the sight. His big strong alpha, so subservient and pliant for him. The alpha kept his gaze low and neck exposed. Just as Jimin had trained him to do for punishments.

Finally, a finger was under Jeongguk’s chin, pushing his face up. “Look at me alpha.”

All the air was taken out of Jeongguk’s lungs. Jimin was all dolled up in a sheer lace robe that just barely covered his ass, leaving his beautiful body on display except for the more opaque lacy panties on his hips, barely hidding away his pretty little cock. Jimin’s legs looked longer from the stilettos on his dainty feet. He did not look happy.

“You know you’ve been bad,” Jimin said lowly. “And bad alphas need to be punished.”

Jeongguk felt a shiver travel down his spine, but he swallowed audibly and nodded his head. “I need to be punished. Punish me omega.”

Jimin smirked, but his anger paused enough to show he was a little unsure of whether or not he should go through with this. He was mad, sure, but was he really in the right mind to punish Jeongguk? The alpha saw his inner dilemma, and smiled softly. His mate was always so considerate. Jeongguk looked into the older’s eyes and said. “Its okay. If I need you to stop, I’ll say red.”

Jimin’s eyes searched his own. When he found what he needed he nodded his head. “Alright. Red, and everything stops.”

With that, the mated pair fell back into their roles.

“Now, you sit here and stay quiet,” Jimin tossed his face away, and took a few steps away. “You going to watch me fuck myself and realize how stupid you were to think your hand could be better than me.”

Jimin turned away and walked out the room. Jeongguk whined at the sight of his beautiful mate’s perky round ass, made rounder and fatter with the help of the heels. It wasn’t long before the omega was walking back into the room, he was carrying a metal box with a long metal rod and a black velvet satchel. Jeongguk’s eyes widened. Jimin paid him no mind as he crouched down in front of his mate and slid the box under the chair he was tied to and placed the velvet satchel next to it.

“Now to start.” Jimin turned around and leaned forward onto his hands and knees. He wiggled his ass, the robe having slipped up enough to put his ass on display, the lace panties were stretched tight over his cheeks. Jeongguk eyed the wet patch beginning to appear as the lace came into contact with Jimin’s slick drooling hole. One of the omega’s hands reached behind himself and slipped under the panty, a finger sliding between the cheeks and rubbing over his very wet entrace. Jimin sighed, rubbing over his cunt and smearing the slick around before he pressed a finger in. His hole squelched at the intrusion, so much slick built up to signal how close he was to heat.

The smell was intoxicating, wrapping around Jeongguk’s nose and causing him to whine in need. His omega was wet, his omega needed his cock. At least that was what his instincts were telling him. Instead, Jimin was more than content to thrust his finger in and out his hole, soft sighs and mewls escaping Jimin’s petal soft lips.

“Ah,” Jimin moaned, taking another of his fingers and scissoring them apart. The stretch was so easy, his body completely prepared for an alpha’s cock. Jimin groaned. He was ready to be bred, to be bred for days. He added a third finger, just so he could get himself messier. There was so much slick, it got everywhere and most importantly his slick saturated the room in his omega pheromones.

Jimin shrugged off the lace robe then reached back to slide the panties off his hips, down his thighs, and off his legs. He tossed the fabric away, and spread his legs wide. Jeongguk sucked in a deep breath at the explicit sight before him. Jimin smirked and purposefully clenched and unclenched his pink and puffy hole. More globs of his slick dripped out, making the alpha’s mouth water. So much slick, so sweet and delicious, was going to waste, creating a pool under the omega. God, Jeongguk wanted to get down and lick it all up, show his omega how good an alpha he could be. But Jeongguk kept his mouth shut.

Soon, Jimin was turning back around to face his mate. He looked so debauched already. His face flushed, eyes dilated, and his wavy blonde hair curled a bit more around his temples. He crawled forward, reaching out and for a moment Jeongguk thought he was going to be untied or touched like he desperately needed to, but the omega was only retrieving the black satchel under his chair.

“Do you know what’s in here?” Jimin asked as he opened the satchel. Jeongguk nodded his head, eyes focused on his mate’s hand going into the bag and slowly pulling out its content. Jimin’s hand came out wrapped around a dildo, a long and thick alpha dildo. Jimin moaned at the sight of it, his little hand not able to fully wrap around its width.

“An alpha cock. A big fat alpha cock to fuck my pretty little hole with since my own alpha is so useless,” Jimin looked his alpha in the eye and brought the sex toy to his lips. He rubbed the mushroom head over his pouty lips, opening his mouth just a bit to lick kittenishly over the fake slit. Jeongguk’s cock twitched and shame nearly made him whine. He was the reason his omega was looking for sexual satisfaction from a toy. Jeongguk’s jaw clenched, watching with growing jealousy as his mate wrapped his plush lips completely around the fake cock.

Jimin moaned loudly around the toy and slowly took it deeper in his mouth, his eyes fluttering shut at the familiar stretch and weight of a dick. Fuck, he really missed it. He slid the dildo deeper in his mouth and into his throat then pulled it back out, shiny with his saliva. He repeated the action, giving the fake cock a very real blow job, making as much obscene noises as he could as he swallowed around the toy. Jeongguk watched with rapt attention and the phantom sensation of those lips on his cock.

With one last suck, Jimin removed the dildo and tapped it on his lower lip twice, looking even more fucked out than before. The alpha’s hands flexed, god, he just wanted to reach out and pull his omega’s face to his own and kiss those swollen lips. Wanted to steal away all the breath in his lungs and swallow his every moan and whine.

But Jimin paid him little attention, beside a glance down at his rock hard cock, at full mast with beads of precum sliding down the shaft. The sight of it had Jimin’s hole releasing more of his sweet omega slick, thickening up the air with his pheromones once more.

Jimin took the glossy dildo and positioned it on the metal rod, and laid down in front of it. He wiggled down until the tip of the dildo barely breached his hole, and he glanced up at the alpha under his lashes. “Watch this machine fuck me better than you can.”

With a press of a button the machine whirred to life, pushing the dildo into Jimin’s waiting cunt. Each inch slid in so easily, impaling the small omega onto the monster cock. It fucked him slowly at first, pushing in and out of the omega’s hole so slowly Jimin felt every ridge and bump of the silicone alpha dick. He pressed another button, and the machine got a little faster. Jimin gasped, feeling the big dildo opening him up so good with every thrust of the machine.

“O-oh, oh f-fuck,” Jimin moaned whorishly and began rolling his hips to get the dildo to drag over different areas of his insides, "Ah.”

The machine picked up speed again, fucking into the omega harder and faster than before. He rocked a little from the force, legs trembling as he was stuffed and fucked. Jimin moaned, but he wanted to be touched. Loved hands on his body while he was stretched on a dick so wonderfully. So slutty. Jimin whined, clenching around the toy, and his heeled feet scratched along the floor as he lost control over his legs. His restless hands touched his stomach before trailing up over his chest. He arched up with the first touch over his nipples, feather light before he thumbed them into stiff peaks.

The omega rolled his hips, and pulled at his nipples until they were puffy and red. His cock was just as red and swollen, laying on his stomach, leaking precum the more the toy fucked him.

“Ah, ah, oh f-fuck!” Jimin cried, back arching and breathing labored when the dildo dragged over his swollen prostate, “Right there! Fuck me.”

With a one loud moan, Jimin’s cock twitched and released thick ropes of semen on his own stomach and his hole flooded out so much slick it squirted out around the dildo, making a bigger mess all over his ass and thighs and the blankets. Jimin’s whole body trembled from the force of his orgasm, eyes rolling back and mouth dropped open in a silent scream, and his ears feel like they’re stuffed with cotton. The only thing he can focus on is the pleasure curling around every inch of his body, unware of the mess the alpha was in as he stared down at his mate.

Jeongguk was sniveling and whining, hands itching to run along his mate’s body. He wanted to hold those thick thighs, kiss his mate’s neck, and rut his cock into his gaping hole until he knotted the omega. He wanted so bad. The need was so much he began to plead, breaking down into a needy mess. “Omega, omega, please untie me.”

Jimin turned to look at him, he looked so beautiful, so fucking angelic even when he was far from it with cum streaking his stomach and slick all down his thighs and ass. Jeongguk whined, hurt and needy, in the back or his throat. “Omega. Omega, please. Let me make you feel good. Want to be good for you. Only for you omega. Please.”

Jimin blinked slowly at him, looking like the cat that ate the canary. So self satisfied and mischievous. Jeongguk felt a shiver travel down his spine and his cock twitch. With a little bit of effort the omega pulled off the fucking machine, his hole gaping and leaking slick still. Gently, he kicked off the heels, and got to his feet. Jeongguk whined high in his throat, eyes trailing over every inch of the omega’s body, so beautiful.

Jimin walked over to him on shaky legs, climbed onto his lap, and sat down fully on the alpha’s strong thighs. Jeongguk groaned at the feel of dampness on his skin, no dubitably the omega’s slick. Jimin reached down to Jeongguk’s nearly purple cock, stroking it once before holding it securely at the base. He doesn’t say anything, just lifted his hips and pressed the cockhead to his gaping cunt.

Jeongguk bit his lower lip, waiting. Jimin doesn’t make him wait long, dropping his weight and sheathing the thick length in one smooth motion. Both men groan, overwhelmed at finally connecting their bodies so intimately after abstaining for the past week.

Jeongguk was a grown man, he was an alpha, he was competitive and proud. But now under his omega mate he was nothing more than the omega’s desperate plaything.

“O-omega. Thank you, thank you. Ah, feels so good. Omega-“ he babbled, lost in the wet heat wrapped around his throbbing cock.


Jungkook felt the stinging pain on his left cheek before he realized what just happened. His eyes widened and he took in a shuddery breath. Jimin had slapped him.

“Did I say you could speak?” Jimin asked lowly, eyes narrowed. “Did I ask you to talk? Good alphas do as their omega mates tell them too. Did you forget?”

Jeongguk swallowed and kept his gaze down. He shook his head no. Jimin smiled at his alpha’s obedience, but the dumb toy needed to know his place right now.

“Who does this cock belong to?” Jimin asked, gently squeezing around Jeongguk’s length. “Answer me alpha. Who does this pathetic dick belong to?”


“What was that?”

“It belongs to you omega.”

“It’s mine,” Jimin confirmed with a small roll of his hips, watching as his alpha’s eyes struggled to stay open at the pleasure of having his mate’s warm wet walls stroke him. “And you touched what was mine without permission. Bad alpha.”

A pathetic whimper left Jeongguk’s lips. “Sorry, sorry omega. I’m sorry for being bad.”

Jimin hummed, slowly caressing the alpha’s red cheek. “Are you? Are you ready to be my good boy again alpha?”

“Yes, omega. Wanna be good for you. Only for you.” Jeongguk bleated, eyes becoming shiny with unshed tears. “Omega.”

Red hot heat flooded Jimin’s body at the sight of his big strong mate nearly brought to tears. He cooed at the man, rewarding him with another squeeze of his walls, relishing the strangled moan he got in return.

“Show me how sorry you are alpha. Be my good boy.”

Jeongguk leaned into the soft hand cupping the side of his face, staring up at his mate from under his lashes before he nodded, “Use me.”

Jimin began pulling off Jeonggukk’s cock, moaning softly at the feel of it. His alpha was so well endowed, filling his cock hungry cunt full with its girth and length. Once only the tip was inside, he dropped back down, punching the air out of his lungs, and forcing the tears out of Jeongguk’s eyes. Jimin rolled his hips fluidly, building a nice pace that allowed him to feel every inch of Jeongguk’s cock dragging along his walls and prostate.

He moaned loudly, nails digging into Jeongguk’s shoulders painfully, but the alpha wasn’t concerned. His only thought was on watching his beautiful mate ride him, to watch Jimin bite his lips and moan breathily. He wanted to make his mate happy, wanted Jimin to take, to take all the alpha had to give until Jimin's falling apart on his cock.

“Be a good alpha and give me your cum. Fill me to the brim with your seed. Want to be stuffed full with it and your knot,” Jimin whined into Jeongguk’s neck. “Breed me alpha. Give your omega pups, fill me with a litter.”

Jeongguk’s head swam, those words had a growl building so possessive and animal in his chest. With a hard yank, the alpha ripped the rope tied around his wrists. His hands instantly found his mate’s thighs, grabbing the meat of them and hefting the smaller man close to him as he stood. Jimin gasped, feeling as the alpha fucked him standing up, his alpha cock splitting him apart with every thrust into his sloppy hole.

“Omega,” Jeongguk growled, the deep rumble had more slick leaking out of Jimin, leaking out around the alpha’s shaft pistoling in and out of him at a breakneck speed.

“Yes, alpha. Just like that. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Jimin cried, nails digging into Jeongguk’s skin. “Oh fuck, that’s so guh-good.”

The alpha’s hands slid down from his thighs to his ass, squeezing the two fatty cheeks, to Jimin’s delight. Jimin moaned into his neck. “Play with my ass alpha.”

Not one to ignore a demand, Jeongguk spread the cheeks and kneaded them back together. Jimin moaned into his shoulder, nipping at his scent gland and squeezing around the length pounding in and out of him. It felt so much bigger than before, but oh god did it feel like he was made for it.

Suddenly Jimin felt empty, whining out in protest when he realized his alpha had pulled out. “No! What are you doing? Why?”

Jeongguk didn’t answer, but he did walk toward the nest, placing his mate on top of the various blankets and forcing him onto his stomach and roughly lifting his hips so the omega was ass up and face down. Jimin looked over his shoulder, eyes curious but also furious. “What are you doing?”

Jeongguk’s eyes were no longer the warm deep brown Jimin woke up to every morning…no his eyes were glowing a bright amber. They were the eyes of Jeongguk’s inner wolf. The primal alpha in Jeongguk only ever came out when he thought those he loved were in any kind of danger or when he was extremely angry or when he was in rut. Jimin gasped. Jimin’s teasing and higher pheromones had driven his alpha into an early rut.

“Omega,” Jeongguk’s eyes were filled with unmistakable lust and hunger, trailing up Jimin’s thick thighs and to his round ass, noting all the slick glossing the soft skin. “Mate. Wanna breed you full of cum.”

The alpha shuffled closer, placed his hands on Jimin’s ass cheeks, and pushed the supple mounds apart to reveal Jimin’ gaping rim, trying desperately to close around nothing. Jeongguk leaned down and took a deep breath of the smell, tasting the desperation of an omega craving a knot thick on his tongue. Jimin pushed his ass back and clenched his hole as best he could so globs of slick gushed out. “Alpha.”

Jeongguk’s nose flared and is grip on the cheeks became bruising, fingers digging into the meat hard enough to make Jimin moan. The alpha’s tongue fell from his mouth and he laved over the pretty hole, groaning at the sweetness that coated his taste buds. The only thing on the alpha’s mind was to drink up as much of the slick as he possible, dipping his tongue into the muscle and scooping out what he could. When that wasn’t enough Jeongguk even pressed his lips against the abused rim and sucked the slick out. Jimin thrashed on the bed, body so drowned in pleasure, and he pushed back onto his alpha’s face hoping to get the appendage deeper.

“G-good boy,” Jimin whined, trying to keep control of the situation. Jeongguk growled against him, forcing a keen out Jimin’s lips from the vibrations traveling up his hole. “So, so, so good.”

There so much slick, half of it dripped down his ass and balls to land on the bedsheets, creating a damp spot on the covers. Jeongguk made the most obscene wet sounds, encouraged by the squeaks and squeals spilling out Jimin’s lips the more he fucked his tongue into Jimin’s warm heat. Jimin pulled at the bedsheets, overcome by pleasure as his alpha’s tongue prodded inside him, curling and extending to message his walls and even sealing his lip around Jimin’s swollen rim. With one powerful suck, the omega was falling apart.

“Kook!” Jimin cried, his toes curling and his ass clenched around his mate’s tongue. There was a sudden rush of his sweet slick into Jeongguk’s mouth, the alpha unabashedly slurped it up, not caring as some dripped down his chin and toward his neck. Jimin trembled around his tongue, hips twitching and breathing labored. "Fuck.

Jeongguk squeezed his ass harder, still swallowing the slick dripping out his pretty omega. Jimin squirmed, cock spurting white onto the bedcovers as his alpha continued to eat him out. Jimin made weak little sounds of over sensitivity, breathing heavily while Jeongguk took, took, and took. Jimin eyes closed gently, surrendering completely to the mind numbing pleasure of his alpha’s talented mouth.

Sometime later, Jeongguk pulled away, licking one last broad strip over his mate’s puffy and slick drenched hole and then kissed it chastely. Jimin made a noise of protest, which the alpha ignored.

“Present,” the alpha growled and slapped his ass so hard Jimin jerked forward. Jimin wanted to refuse, wanted to taunt the alpha a little more…but at the same time he was craving his alpha’s cock. There was heat simmering under his skin, slowly creeping into his veins. Jimin closed his eyes, and breathed in their combined scents deeply—feeling it stroke a fire building up behind his navel.

Jimin reached behind himself with both arms and hooked his pointer fingers into his already stretched rim and held it open wider, showcasing the pretty pink walls. The alpha growled out pleased at the sight of his pretty little omega offering his swollen and sloppy hole for breeding. All for him to ruin, to stuff full of his cum and knot until the omega cried. His mate would look so beautiful, fucked out on his knot.

Jeongguk scooted forward, hand holding the base of his cock, and lead it to the omega’s hungry hole. He dipped the mushroom head in slightly, watching how easily the pink muscle gave in to allow his cock entrance. The rim fluttered, before sucking him in deeper. Both men moaned, feeling as Jeongguk’s cock was pulled into the omega’s wet heat.

“Ah, oh...Ah!” Jimin whined when he felt the familiar sensation of being filled completely, his mate’s cock laying hot and thick inside him. Unable to stop himself, the omega came again, gasping and shivering on the nest as his little cock spit out a few streaks of white. Jeongguk’s hips jerked, forcing him in deeper and right up against Jimin’s poor prostate. Jimin screamed, eyes rolling back at the intense pleasure he was being over stimulated with. “Oh god. Alpha. Alpha. So good. Alpha. Fuck me. Fuck. Me.”

Jeongguk needed no other demand, his hands steady and hot on Jimin’s shapely hips. He pulled out slowly, until only the tip remained, and before Jimin could yell for him to get back in, he was thrusting forward and pulling the omega’s hips back. Their skin cracked loudly where they met, but neither cared, too consumed by the pleasure. Jeongguk pulled back out and thrust back in.

Jimin was a ragdoll, just a warm little fuck hole for his alpha. He gasped out little whiny moans whenever his alpha bottomed out, reaching so deep inside Jimin it shouldn’t be possible. Jimin swore the alpha’s dick was probably in his stomach with how fucking full and split open he was feeling.

Ohh, fuck.

“Knot,” Jimin cried, suddenly overcome with pleasure, want, and the need to be tied together with his mate. “Want your knot alpha. Knot me so good. Tie me to you. Give it all to me alpha. Mate and breed your omega. Want to feel so full, so full of your cum.”

The words pushed the alpha into over drive. Jeongguk fucked into him harder, trying to get his monster cock as deep as possible, wanting to coat every last inch of his hole in thick white. Wanted to fill his sweet little omega up with cum like he wanted.

Jimin clawed at the soft blankets under him, drooling into the fabric and rubbing his puffy nipples over the rough material. The base of Jeongguk’s cock thickened up, catching in his rim and forcing him wider. Jimin’s eyes rolled into he back of his head, body shaking whenever the knot pushed deeper inside. It was so much…but Jimin knew he could handle it (and more).

Jeongguk’s thrusts got more frantic, chasing that sweet release as his mate’s walls clamped down around his cock. The hot wet passage trying desperately to milk the cum from him. Jeongguk gripped his omega’s hips tighter, pulling his mate back harder onto his cock, burying his growing knot in deeper. “Omega.”

Jimin squeezed down harder, affected by the alpha’s voice pulled into a whiny pitch. Like he was asking permission. Oh. His sweet alpha. With what little strength he had left, Jimin picked up his head, peaked over his shoulder, and looked into the younger man’s eyes. They were still amber, but he wasn’t completely consumed anymore. Jeongguk must have wrangled in his inner alpha.

“My alpha,” Jimin said softly, to which the alpha grinded his cock inside, hips hardly able to pull back very far as the knot swelled closer to its full size. “My good alpha.”

Jeongguk whined. “Only for you.”

Jimin gasped, the dick inside him twitched hard. “Do you want to cum alpha? Is that it?”

“Yes. Omega, please, can I cum?”

A small hum left Jimin’s mouth, the pleading tone so pretty to hear. His alpha, his alpha was the best. Even with him beginning an early rut, filled with hormones and close to orgasm, Jeongguk was still trying to finish his punishment. Still wanted to prove how obedient he could be.

“Beg me again.”

Jeongguk’s eyes widened and they looked to be shiny with unshed tears that he tried to blink away. Oh. Oh how pretty. Jeongguk squeezed his hips, and with an airy wet voice begged, “Please, please, omega. Please let me cum in you. Want to fill you up like an alpha should. Want to be your good alpha. Please.”

“You beg so nicely,” Jimin complimented, and felt his own cock twitch when the alpha’s eyes dropped, shy or embarrassed, for a second before looking back hopefully. He was so cute when he wanted to be.

“Okay, alpha,” Jimin said before wiggling his ass to jostle their connection and tease the alpha. He whined, sensitive to the tugging on his inflated knot. “Cum.”

Not a moment later was the alpha leaning down and wrapping his arms around Jimin’s torso, to touch as much skin together as possible. He smothered a moan into Jimin’s shoulder, hips twitching and balls drawn up tight to his body with the first wave of cum. It spilled inside Jimin, hot and thick, held in place by his alpha knot.

“Alpha,” Jimin sighed, feeling fuller by the second. His alpha continued to kiss across his shoulder blade, still very attentive. Jimin smiled lazily, but he reached back to pet Jeongguk’s head.

“You did good alpha. So, so good. Knotted me so well and fucked me only like you could,” Jimin cooed and shivered when another wave of cum spurted out Jeongguk, “Ah, feels so good. Gonna breed me so good. Plug me up with all your alpha cum. Gonna give me pups, so many pups.”

Jeongguk squeezed him tighter and nosed at his scent gland. With the knot keeping them in place Jimin could only pet his alpha, and touch his hand while he filled the omega. It honestly felt like he was being filled twice as much compared to previous heats. It was so much, it felt like Jeongguk wouldn’t stop cumming. At least not until Jimin was close to bursting. The omega’s abdomen felt strange.

With his free hand, Jimin touched his lower belly, and shuddered. There was a small soft swell. He pressed against It gently, moaning. Jeongguk had filled him up so much and that was the physical proof. Jimin pressed against it again, and for a moment thought of it like a baby bump.

That was enough to push the omega to another climax, crying out from the force of another orgasm.

Pleasure, so dizzying, forced him to close his eyes.

With only a few strings of cum dribbling out, Jimin’s cock finally softened. He breathed heavily, feeling safe to be venerable with Jeongguk’s presence wrapped all around (and in) him.

The mates stayed connected for a good half hour. Both murmuring words of love and intertwining their hands over his stomach while the knot slowly deflated. When it didn’t hurt to jostle their connection, the two men gently pulled away. Jimin quickly stuffed two fingers inside himself and clenched, hoping to keep as much cum trapped inside. Jeongguk, even though his limbs were weak, turned his mate around to face him on his side. He pulled one of Jimin’s legs over his hip.

Not surprisingly, Jeongguk’ cock was still half hard and with some reassuring words, Jimin removed his fingers and Jeongguk thrust back in with a slick sound. Without the knot, a bit of cum and slick leaked out around Jeongguk’s cock, but most of it stayed inside. Jimin hummed, content, and snuggled forward into his mate’s warm embrace.

“Thank you, Kookie. You’re amazing. Made me so full,” Jimin said between small kisses along Jeongguk’s collarbones and neck. The alpha’s eyes were closed but he was blushing and squirmed with every compliment. Jimin giggled into his skin. Between the exhaustion of their mating and the gentle murmurs, the mates fell asleep.

When they awoke, it was due to Jeongguk’s rut. This time, Jimin gave full control over to the alpha. Laying back on the nest, spread out with his alpha fucking his loose hole messier by adding even more cum and knotting again. Jimin touched his rim, so puffy and sensitive…so well used. After knotting again, the mates were able to have a moment of clarity where they bathed, hydrated, and ate a small meal.

The next day, Jimin woke up with the familiar fever of his heat. He gasped and rolled over to mate, pawing at the younger man’s chest. “Kookie, Kookie. Need you. Now.”

The alpha blinked slowly, grunting a bit when a weight settled over his stomach. The sight of his omega, pink cheeked and eyes lidded, was enough to get him in the mood. Not to mention, he smelled so good. The omega was in heat, ready to be bred and fucked over and over again.

Jeongguk pulled his omega down for a kiss just as the desperate man reached for his cock and pressed it into his already loose and slick dripping cunt. The kiss smothered their moans and Jimin nipped at Jeongguk’s lower lip, whining with every inch that speared him open. When his ass swallowed up every inch, the omega broke their kiss. Panting hotly into the air with his head thrown back, Jimin looked so satisfied.

There was no need to let Jimin adjust, he was still open from the day before’s activities. The omega began bouncing, moaning with every drop down onto his alpha’s big cock. Jimin didn’t move fluidly, too needy and worked up, but he still looked so beautiful. He gasped and bit his lower lip when his alpha’s cock pushed against his much more sensitive prostate.

“Alpha, right there. Keep fucking me there.”

A rumble ratted Jeongguk’s chest, his eyes amber once again as he watched his mate desperately fuck himself on his cock. The omega’s cute hard cock swung wildly with his bounces, precum leaking from the slit. Jeongguk reached out to stroke it, making his omega cry out and squeeze down on his cock. Jeongguk only needed to stroke a couple of times before Jimin’s cock twitched and he was cumming. He came with a shout. “Kookie!”

Jimin’s whole body shuddered, hips grinding down on his alpha’s crotch, a new rush of slick spilled down Jeongguk’s cock and even dampened his groin. Before the alpha could remove his hand, Jimin was pulling the cum covered digits to his mouth, licking and sucking his tart release with little hums and moans. The alpha watched, mesmerized.

When Jimin’s eyes fluttered open, he was suckling on two of his alpha’s fingers. It was too much for the younger. He placed his free hand on the omega’s hip, and bent his knees. He fucked upward, forcing the omega to bounce on his dick again, and inadvertently forced his fingers deeper into his mouth. The omega took it all, whining around the digits the deeper Jeongguk fucked his cock. It didn’t take long before the knot was expanding, forcing the omega open wider. “You like that omega? Want to be tied together? Want my knot to keep my cum nice and warm inside you?”

Jimin nodded, gurgling around the fingers and his eyes were glazed over. The first day of his heat always turned him into such a dumb little thing. The added hormones from the fertility shots probably were affecting him too.

“Me too. Love seeing you on my knot,” Jeongguk moaned as the knot pulled on his mate’s walls, growing too big to pull out. Jimin dropped one hand he was using to hold Jeongguk’s hand to his mouth down to the alpha’s chest. His fingers found one of the alpha’s nipples, pebbled and waiting.

Just as the knot filled out completely, Jimin pulled on the teat. The sharp pain paired with the omega’s walls messaging his cock had the alpha’s back arching and his cock twitching and releasing cum in thick ribbons. Jimin’s eyes closed and he lazily sucked on his alpha’s fingers while he was bred.

The rest of their combined mating cycle passed much of the same way. They fucked in various positions, all over the nest, and even in other parts of the apartment if their hormones spiked during their recovery periods. The serum made Jimin even more insatiable than he normally was during his heat. Jeongguk wasn’t sure how his own body kept up, but after nine long days the mated couple woke up very sore and clear headed.

“Holy shit,” Jimin groaned as he tried to stretch out his limbs and message the sore muscles of his back and thighs. He was absolutely covered in bodily fluids and various hickies and bruises. Jeongguk wasn’t any better. He smelt completely of his omega, and had possessive love bites all over his neck and chest. His cock felt raw and his balls ached.

“We better get pups this time around,” Jimin said absentmindedly, but froze right after. The sour smell of distress made Jeongguk wiggle forward to his mate and pull him into a hug. Jimin breathed in shakily. Jeongguk’s hands, warm and big gently dug into his sore back muscles hoping to relieve the tension.

“We’ll get our pups.” He said kissing the omega’s forehead. “We’ll get our pups.”




Jeongguk returned home to an empty apartment. At least that’s what he thought until his mate’s scent called out to him. He kicked off his shoes and hung up his jacket. Its been a few weeks since their last mating cycle. Jimin’s had been on edge the whole time, holding his tummy and talking in low murmurs in the middle of the night as he begged for life to be growing inside him. Jeongguk just held him tighter and reminded the omega how much he loved him.

There was a strange tension in the air as Jeongguk followed the scent. A feeling of dread built up behind his stomach the closer he walked to the bathroom. It felt too familiar to the two previous times where he found Jimin crying on the tiled floor as he held a negative pregnancy test. The feeling increased when the sound of sniffling reached his ears. The alpha breathed in, and steeled himself for bad news.

“Jimin?” he asked cautiously, before walking into the bathroom. His mate was in the corner, dressed in one of the alpha’s t-shirts. His head snapped up the moment he heard the other enter. His face was puffy from crying, eyes red, tear tracks down his face and blonde hair tousled. Jeongguk’s heart seized and he nearly tripped over his own feet to get to the crying omega’s side.

“Oh, K-kookie,” the omega hiccupped as he clutched a pregnancy test close to his chest. “I-I’m sorry.”

Jeongguk shook his head reached out to wipe the tears from his omega’s face. “I-It’s okay.”

The omega leaned into his touch, and he cried harder. Jeongguk felt his throat tighten and his own eyes prickle. Jimin sobbed a little more before surging forward to kiss his mate, messy and salty with the taste of his tears. Jeongguk made a noise of confusion. Jimin pulled back and laughed wetly, his glossy eyes connected with Jeongguk’s lost round ones, and Jimin kissed him again before whispering, “We’re going to be parents Kookie.”


Jimin smiled, so beautiful and pure, and wiped at the tears slipping out his eyes again before announcing. “I’m pregnant.”

The omega gave him the pregnancy test he had been clutching to his chest. The alpha took it tenderly, eyes widening and tearing up as he read the little positive sign. He looked back at his mate, down to the test, and back up in disbelief. This time he leaned forward to kiss Jimin before gathering the shorter man up so he straddled Jeongguk’s lap. They kissed long and tenderly, just happy to be together and to feel close. Jimin stroked Jeongguk’s hair and Jeongguk caressed the omega’s thigh.

“We’re going to be parents,” Jeongguk said in awe after it really sank in. His mate giggled and buried his face into his neck, rubbing against his scent gland and the claiming bite he placed there.

“Yeah, we are.”




“Why were you sorry?”

“I took the test before you came home.”