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Watashitachi wa Roger kaizoku desu (we still stand proud)

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Loguivy de la mer, Loguivy de la mer
(Loguivy of the sea, Loguivy of the sea)
Tu regardes mourir les derniers vrais marins
(You're watching the last true sailors die)
Loguivy de la mer, au fond de ton vieux port
(Loguivy of the sea, at the bottom of your old port)
S'entassent les carcasses des bateaux déjà morts
(are piling up the carcasses of ships already dead)

(Loguivy de la mer)




The marines are being even stupider than usual, Buggy thinks. Making a spectacle of this had been a mistake in the first place. If they had wanted to ensure Firefist’s death (C aptain’s son Captain’s son Captain’s son) they should have executed him in secret and revealed the entire thing afterwards. This is a production, a show put on to prove their superiority after getting their ass kicked by the Strawhat. The destruction of Ennies Lobby in particular had been hard to explain, and so they had been in a desperate need of a publicity stunt to regain the trust of the general population of sheep.

It was always going to backfire, what with basically declaring war on Whitebeard and passing the sins of the father down on the child, but this? This is one massive clusterfuck and Buggy doesn’t want to be in Sengoku’s shoes when the old Buddha explains it to the higher ups after this. The odds of him keeping his post if the brat dies are extremely low. If the brat survives, that won’t even be a question.

All of this is rubbing him the wrong way. This entire situation. Teach capturing Firefist in the first place. The announcement in the newspaper that Strawhat had mentioned. This fucking production. Blackbeard not showing up , despite his shiny new Shichibukai title. The Roger Kaizoku showing up . This whole thing is a fucking mess, and Buggy wants no part in it, but it looks like he won’t have a choice.

Story of his life, isn’t it?

Odds are, someone is going to call for an immediate execution of Firefist soon, instead of waiting another three hours. And that! Why the hell would you bring the prisoner out four hours early? Some Marine tradition or protocol apparently, but really. That is just begging for someone to come and rescue him.

The whole thing just reeks of trap, one quite obviously meant for Whitebeard and his men - and maybe the Strawhats too, if the marines had known of their bond beforehand.

(But not for the Roger Kaizoku, because no one expected them, no one thought they would show up for Firefist when they didn’t for Buggy)

Sengoku is a genius strategist, anyone who’s anyone on the sea knows it. There is no way he would have set this up this way if he doesn’t have something up his sleeve. And there’s no way he’s not already thinking about how to use the sudden appearance of the Roger Kaizoku to his advantage, either.



Buggy keeps his eyes on the battlefield, mentally tracking the position of his former nakamas before he can stop himself.

Most of them are still busy with their own opponents, as are the Blackjacks (who are still just as terrifying as he remembered them, and he could have gone another lifetime without meeting them again), but Roban is apparently sticking to the water, close to the ship, though that’s not stopping him from sending the occasional burst of water out to hinder the marine Devil Fruit users, and there’s one signature that’s sticking close to the Strawhat - Crocus.

Well, given that the Okama Empress had done something that probably shouldn’t be called medicine to the brat, the medic is probably making sure the kid doesn’t die on his watch. First time for everything

Good, that means Buggy doesn’t have to bother.

(Because the damn Monkey is Shanks’ protege, and Buggy may not care for the kid but he cares for Shanks.)

(He never wants to see him like that anymore.)

(Even if it means putting up with the brat.)



(Part of him is angry, is hurt, because why does Crocus care about a kid he probably only met briefly when he crossed the capes, when he couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about Buggy?)

(He crushes that part of him without hesitation. They don’t care, so he will not.)



No one has come to bother him, his hiding place still secure and his haki signature completely contained. Being able to do that while still maintaining his observation haki had taken him a few years of hard work, but the benefits have far outweighed the time it took.

His range is a lot wider than it had been when he had been a gangly teenager, too. He can feels the ships further back, around the plaza, and he knows the fight is not going well for them, for all that the pirates seem to be holding their own on the plaza itself. There’s a group of Marine warships coming around from the other side of the island, ready to fall upon them from behind.

The visual denden mushi is still recording, hidden some way away from Buggy so as not to give away his position, but it’s easy enough to literally keep an eye on it, so it’s no trouble.

And that way there’s little chance of anyone identifying who is filming, which is exactly what Buggy wants. He does not want to get involved in this bullshit if he can avoid it, thank you very much.

(He knows Crocus at least wants to talk at him. At and not to, because that’s always how it goes with him, because he’s older and the doctor and so they have to listen to him but he can happily ignore them if they’re not actively bleeding out. Nevermind that Crocus had joined the crew two years after Buggy and Shanks, shortly before the Edd War, had only been with the crew for the last leg of their journey, once the crew had already earned its fearsome reputation, they had always been lowly cabin brats in his eyes.)

(Well fuck him. Fuck him and fuck the rest of the Rogers who had left them behind . They didn’t need them, Shanks and him. They had stuck together when they could and then managed to survive somehow when they couldn’t. They had needed the Rogers then, but had quickly learned not to count on them for anything. Everything they are, everything they have become, Shanks and him, they earned it themselves and he won’t let anyone take that away from him, or judge him for not being good enough.)

(He’s good enough for his crew, he’s good enough for Shanks, he’s good enough for himself, for the life he wants for himself and his crew, and that’s all he need.)

(He doesn’t need their approval. Not anymore.)

(So why does it still hurt?)



He takes a breath, then another. On the platform, Sengoku has managed to escape Rayleigh temporarily at least, and is loudly proclaiming Strawhat’s parentage for all to hear.

Frankly, Buggy doesn’t quite know what to think about that one.

He had always vaguely known that the Revolutionary was related to Garp in some way, it had been hard not to when Gol D Roger had liked to tease the Marine by asking after the man’s son, but had never really made the link. For damn good reasons, too. Dragon was nothing like his father, be it in appearance or in ideals. The only thing they had in common, really, was that they were both monsters. Buggy dearly hopes the littlest Monkey won’t manage to reproduce, he’s not sure this world can handle four Monkey D’s at once. The Revolutionary's name was weird too, probably one he chose himself when he left his family name behind but Buggy wasn’t a hundred percent sure about that. Even Garp used Dragon, for once, and the Marines weren’t usually shy about blasting someone’s true identity for all to see.

If Garp had named his child dragon, knowing perfectly well how ridiculous it sounded with his already animal-based family name, he only had himself to blame for his son turning against him.

Name aside, Dragon set himself apart from the rest of his family by being scarily smart and efficient. He had built his Revolution himself, amassing the people and funds necessary while remaining hidden. No one had had any idea anything was brewing until the Revolutionaries blew up three auction houses in a row after freeing the slaves

Buggy has never heard who Dragon’s mother is or had been, hasn’t even heard of Garp having been married at any point in his life, but something tells him the Revolutionary takes after her rather than his father. He wonders who the hell Strawhat’s mother is, and if he should be grateful that Dragon’s cold rationality and intellect had not been inherited by his son. The brat is bad enough as it is.



Buggy is stalling, and he knows it, focusing on everything but the matter at hand.

He knows it.

Doesn’t mean he wants to stop doing it, though.

Because this clusterfuck is going to go to hell in a handbasket.

But because Buggy is smart , no matter what anyone else says, and because there has never been anything wrong with his survival instincts unlike some others he won’t name, he forces himself to refocus on the battle in front of him.

Battle. Heh.

For all that it’s concentrated in one place and one fight, this is nothing else than a war and Buggy knows it. Doesn’t want to acknowledge it, certainly, and definitely doesn’t want to be in it because, again, functioning survival instincts here, but it is a war and there’s nothing he can do to change that fact.

It’s a war between the pirates and the marines, between Freedom and Justice, a war that will decide who is right and who is wrong in the eye of the world when Buggy knows very well that all that a war decides is who is left .



(Edd War at ten. Buggy will never be able to forget that, no matter how much he tries. It still haunts him, that memory.)

(He remembers, all of ten years old, standing on the Oro Jackson as it faced off against Shiki’s fleet, over thirty ships, terrified out of his mind and clearly the only one feeling so.)

(Remembers begging his captain to reconsider, to leave, to agree to Shiki’s terms even if only to appease him, anything to get out of this alive because “ Surely our lives are more important! ”.)

(Remembers begging Crocus to find a medical reason for Captain not to fight. Remembers turning to Rayleigh, to Scopper, to Shanks, anyone, for help and getting turned away with a laugh.)

(Remembers Rayleigh telling him to trust in Tom’s ships, Scopper that no one ever got Captain to stop when he got like that, remembers the man condescendingly patting him on the hat as he did so.)

(Remembers Shanks, so excited about the fight, nonetheless trying but failing to reassure him because in what world is “ Ah, c'mon. It's not like you're going to die no matter how much they slice you up, so what's the problem? " supposed to be reassuring? but at least Shanks had tried .)

(Remembers shaking in terror and hiding as best as he could after Rayleigh threw him out of his way and told him to move it, remembers holding his knife with a death grip and plunging it in the back of a man he never learned the name of because he was going to kill Shanks and throwing up as soon as he managed to get to safety again.)

(Remembers the hurricane that started up, remembers holding on a rope for his life because he couldn’t swim anymore and the others kept forgetting and they were still fighting and no one was helping him .)

(In retrospect, it’s surprising that it took him until after Captain’s execution to realise that most of the Roger Kaizoku didn’t give a damn about him)



War is hell and Buggy had prayed to Davy Jones to never ever be involved in one again but this is just his luck, isn’t it? And he’s not surprised that it’s all the Roger’s fault that this is happening to him again.

(Dead captain and crew both. If Roger had just kept it in his pants, none of this shit would be happening!)




Buggy takes another deep breath to chase away the nightmares memories (it seems like it’s all he’s doing these days), braces himself and takes another look at the battlefield.

The Shichibukai are not holding back anymore, actually stepping in the battlefield instead of remaining on their viewing platform now that it looked like the pirates might have a chance of reaching Firefist. Said young man has finally stopped begging his rescuers to stop sacrificing themselves for his sake and is now watching, silent and solemn, waiting to see on which side the coin with fall, apparently at ease with both possible outcomes. Buggy hates him a little, for that.

(In that moment, Buggy sees how Newgate’s second commander is truly Roger’s son. But he also sees Rouge, what little he can remember of her, in the boy’s freckles and curls, and he loathes that image because Blackjack D Rouge was a fucking menace who would never have tried to convince her nakama to give up on her because she knew damn well they wouldn’t, because she trusted them and they her, and he wonders how bad it was, Ace’s childhood, being Roger’s child,  that he can’t even bring himself to believe Edward fucking Newgate when the man calls him his son and tells him he belongs with the Shirohige Kaizoku, and he doesn’t want to think about that because it makes him angry, it makes him furious , at Roger for handing himself in, at Garp for obviously fucking up when raising the kid, at the Roger Kaizoku for not intervening when they had obviously known about the brat for a long time, at the Marines for blaming the son for the father’s sins, at the world for being such a fucked up place to start with.)

(At himself for caring when he had promised himself he wouldn’t.)




Moria is facing up against Jimbei, using zombies apparently manipulated by their shadows of all things (nope, Buggy does not want to know, and he is perfectly happy to stay as far away from that bullshit as he can thank you very much).

(He’s definitely going to remember the salt thing, though. You never know when that kind of information is going to be useful, and it could very well save his life or that of his crew one day.)

The Revolutionary Ivankov and his army of more or less willing Okamas are wreaking havoc on their own, and Whitebeard has apparently managed to rally the other escaped prisoners to at least help distract the marines, which they appear to be doing decently at.

(They are no longer his responsibility, then, if they’ve accepted to follow Newgate’s orders, and Buggy can feel that weight slip off his shoulder. Davy Jones be thanked, their lives are no longer his to worry about when he never wanted them to start with.)

Shanks’ brat is up against that annoying logia from Loguetown, Smoker something, with the seastone jutte, but before Buggy can even start to get concerned about the brat on the redhead’s behalf, another Shichibukai decides to enter the scene.

And not to help the marine.

Boa fucking Hancock. The Snake Empress of Amazon Lily has just kicked Smoker away from Strawhat and is calling him her “beloved”.

Buggy blinks.

What the fuck? How the hell did a boy who isn’t even old enough to shave yet manage to win the heart of one of the male-hating Amazons, much less their fucking Empress? Then again, Buggy still doesn’t understand how the fuck Roger managed to convince Blackjack D Rouge that he was worth her time, and Strawhat looks like he’s cut from the same clothes as the hat’s original owner, but still .

Lucky bastard.




Buggy’s attention is diverted by Ivankov, the okama now facing against Bartholomew Kuma and looking pretty angry as he does so. No, not angry. Betrayed. Davy Jones knows Buggy knows the difference between the two

He allows one of his ears to hover discreetly next to that particular fight when he sees Doflamingo joining in. The guy is an asshole, and it’s always better to know what the fuck he’s up to. And Buggy dearly wants to know what has the flighty okama so worked up.

It’s even worse than what he thought it could be.

Fuck Vegapunk. Fuck anyone twisted enough to conduct experiments on human beings.

Fuck Kuma for apparently agreeing to it, fuck the World Government for ordering it and fuck anyone who thought it would be a good fucking idea to turn someone into a walking corpse that had to follow every command coming from the World Government.

Fuck them for taking away a pirate’s freedom . Buggy might not have believed in all of his Captain’s ideals, but that one? That one that they had shared.

Just when it looks like Ivankov doesn’t know how to react to that news, the newly turned Pacifista PX-0 fires a laser blast from his mouth, sending the okama and the Strawhat flying away, before appearing in the middle of the former’s okama army and laying waste to them. That’s enough to rise Ivankov, apparently, and he reacts with vicious vengeance.

At least the creep cares about his people, Buggy thinks bitterly, recalling his ear back to its proper position. He could not say the same about other people. Sengoku has disengaged from Rayleigh and is simply watching as his men die by the dozen, some of them hit by “friendly fire” even.




There’s a scuffle over by Newgate’s side as Crocodile makes another attempt on the man’s head, but he’s quickly punched back by ‘Diamond’ Jozu and lands by Doflamingo. Buggy flinches when Whitebeard’s third commander is caught by the Shichibukai’s puppeteering strings, but Crocodile proves useful for once and manages to break them without intending to when he sends both Devil Fruit users away from himself.

And because Shanks’ stupid brat can’t keep out of trouble for five fucking minutes, by the time Buggy is looking for him again he’s off facing against Dracule fucking Mihawk .

He was soooo telling Shanks. Let the redhead deal with his dear rival if the man harmed his protege. It would serve the swordsman right, Buggy should not be the only one of Shanks’ friends to have to keep an eye on the kid for Davy Jones’ sake!

Thankfully, Whitebeard’s order to keep the brat safe seems to be working, and the Fifth Commander, ‘Floral Blade’ Vista, is quick to intervene on the brat’s behalf.

But not fast enough to stop Hawkeye from drawing Strawhat’s blood… nor to stop the brat from awakening his observation Haki, if Buggy’s own is reporting the truth.

(What the fuck, Garp? How the hell could the old fucker not teach his fucking grandson how to use Haki? Buggy has known how to use both Armament and Observation since he was eight , and he knows he wasn’t the best student out there! There is no excuse for Garp not teaching the brat when he knew the boy would need it at some point, marine or pirate! Especially with who his fucking father was! The boy should not be awakening his on accident in the middle of a fucking war!)

Then his Haki catches something that has him physically turn around and send one of his eyes to look over the wall he’s hiding behind, because this is… not right. Not quite Voices yet the presences seem familiar nonetheless. He understands when he sees the looming forms, identical to Bartholomew Kuma in all but Voice .

Pacifistas, Doflamingo called them. They had apparently been meant to drive Newgate’s ally into the bay and corner them there, but the wily old man had ordered them to scatter a few moments earlier, foiling Sengoku’s plan, according to what Buggy’s dropped ear managed to gather (also the person leading Vegapunk’s monstruous creations apparently answers to Kizaru and calls the man a mafia-version of Boss, which is weird but also really not something Buggy should be focusing on right now when there are literally over two dozen war machines marching towards him).

War machines that do not give a damn for the marines getting caught in their attacks, apparently. Buggy winces as the lasers hit, the entire plaza shaking from the sheer force of it.

Then Little Oars roars, followed by Gulliver, and both giants rush for the Pacifista with wicked smiles on their faces, and Buggy stops looking that way because the monsters are taking care of the monstrosities and that’s good enough for him, he doesn’t need to watch it happen.

On the battlefield, Shirohige’s commanders are rushing to create a path towards their Second Commander, blasting Kizaru away from Strawhat as they do so.

Despite the Pacifista’s arrival, everything seems to be going well for the pirates.

Too well.



There’s something at the back of his mind that is screaming at him to pay attention, and Buggy has survived this long because he has always listened to that voice and he’s not about to stop know. He expands his haki again, focuses on it more than on his eyesight, and listens.

There’s something wrong wrong wrong wrong on the Moby Dick.

Buggy can’t quite figure what, exactly, but if he were a betting man he would bet on it having something to do with the spider guy, Squardo, that he notices hanging back behind Whitebeard. His Haki is fluctuating weirdly for someone who is not currently fighting, and the glares he sends towards the execution platform are a. full of hate and b. not directed at the marines. And given that the main reason Buggy remembers the guy’s name is because the Roger Kaizoku destroyed the crew he had belonged to before forming his own, back during the Edd War...

There is no way any of this is going to end well.

And there’s nothing Buggy can do to change that. This is a war of giants, a war of monsters, and he has learned long ago that he does not belong with them. A quick double-check with Haki tells him what he already suspected.

Whitebeard is aware of Squardo’s suspicious behaviour. And he’s not going to do anything about it.




Because Whitebeard is already dying. He has been for a while, from what Buggy can gather, and he knows it. His doctor knows it. His nurses know it. His commanders know it - except maybe Firefist.

Whitebeard, the last great captain of the Pirate King’s era, is dying.

And this is how he wants to go out: fighting alongside the pirates he calls his children to save a son who will always be his more than his rival.

Buggy thinks it’s stupid.

Buggy thinks it’s brave.

But mostly, he thinks it’s right . It’s right for the kind of man Edward Newgate always has been, the man for whom the greatest treasure has always been his family of choice rather all the gold of the world. It’s right for him to die protecting them, surrounding them, even if it will also hurt them more than anything else the world could throw at them.

Buggy doesn’t like Whitebeard. He’s an asshole and a monster and he’s been making fun of his nose ever since Buggy first met him.

Buggy doesn’t understand him either, doesn’t understand how he can open his heart to all these people, how he can deal with shouldering all of their lives without faltering, how he can have so much faith in them.

Buggy doesn’t like Whitebeard, doesn’t understand him either. But, he thinks as he meets the man’s eyes from his hiding place, Buggy has always respected him. And right in this moment, Buggy thinks he respects Whitebeard more than he ever has Roger.

Edward Newgate had set out at sea to find a family. Gol D. Roger had set out at sea to find adventure.

Both of them found themselves sick, dying, and both of them had a choice to make.

Roger chose to go out in one last burst of glory, unable to accept a slow and painful death, choosing instead to ensure his name would be remembered for all eternity (cursing his own son to a miserable life before he was even born, leaving Blackjack D. Rouge to die in childbirth, Rouge the pirate forgotten by the world and Rouge the lover hunted by it, leaving his ‘cherished’ nakama behind without an explanation, abandoning two kids who saw him as their father). Gol D. Roger had been selfish, when choosing his death and Buggy will never forgive him for it.

Newgate has made his choice, Buggy knows. He will die in this fight, not for one last burst of glory, but because it is the best way for him to protect his family one last time, before the illness leaves him nothing but a burden on his ‘children’, before his decaying state leaves them worried and strained and weakened in front of their enemies. He will die protecting them, probably by covering their retreat once they get their hands on Firefist, and he will tell them to live, because that is the kind of man he is, and they will, because those will be his last orders, his last wishes, and none of them will dare to disobey them. They will leave and they will live, and they will grieve, and then they will come back, led by the Phoenix who had been at Whitebeard’s side the longest.

Edward Newgate has always been extraordinarily selfless when it comes to his children.

Being close to death doesn’t change the man he is. It magnifies it, maybe. Buggy can feel it on his Voice, the strong love and pride and protectiveness for those children who the world had rejected and who had become his.

Buggy can’t help but think that his death will be more meaningful than Roger’s, for all that it had sent the world into a new piracy age.

And so Buggy holds Whitebeard’s eyes, and he nods carefully, his right hand on his heart in a small bow, and he forces himself to watch as Squardo suddenly moves in front of Whitebeard and stabs him through the chest.



Fushichō Marco roars and slams the offender into the ground, but it’s too late. The sword might not have hit Newgate’s heart, the Squardo guy is not nearly tall enough for that, but every single fighter , pirate and marine, has stopped to stare as the unthinkable happened.

In the silence that follows, the Vortex Spider’s accusations ring loud and clear.

“It's your fault this had to happen! Stop this stupidity Whitebeard! I have talked to the marines! I know that they promised to spare the lives of you, your crew and even Ace!”

Buggy glares at the man from his hiding place, knows it’s useless but does so anyway because Newgate is one of the biggest monsters out there and at his most fearsome when he is protecting those he has named his children, a monster strong enough to take on every single marine out there and win and Buggy knows, knows that this is a trick, that one of the marines (Sengoku, probably, or that hothead Akainu) lied to the guy to convince him to turn on his father to save his own crew, has managed to convince someone that Edward fucking Newgate would turn his back on his allies, and this is Ace all over again except Firefist “just” believes he’s not worth it while Squardo believes he’s been betrayed and Buggy doesn’t know which one is worse.

“We were tricked! I had not idea that Ace was Gol D. Roger's son!  When you found me, I was all alone! You know the reason, don't you? It was because all my friends, my comrades for so many years, were all killed by Roger! You know how much I hate Roger!”

Called it , Buggy thinks, and he hates it, but his Haki catches Crocus’ surprise and unease at that declaration and he can’t help but feel vindicated.

How does it feel to be confronted by the consequences of your actions? he thinks viciously, and can’t bring himself to feel bad about it.

“So you should have said something!” Squardo is roaring. “You should have told me that Ace was Roger's son, and that you were guiding him to be the next Pirate King! But no! And then you even agreed to work with them!”

He gestures angrily at the Oro Jackson, and, yes , Buggy gets it, he really really does, but Newgate doesn’t seem like he had a fucking clue the Roger Kaizoku were coming and actually seemed pretty pissed off about it when he talked to Buggy earlier, so Squardo should really not be blaming the old man for that, especially when he could just try and use the chaos of the battle to get his revenge on the actual crew who killed his friends instead of, you know, the guy who never knew Roger and had actually sailed with Squardo and been one of his friends?

“That was already a betrayal! What a fool I was for treating Ace like a friend! And then when your precious little Ace was captured... You sold us out! You traded the lives of the 43 captains under you for Ace's life! Your crew and Ace will be spared! You made a deal with Sengoku! It's true, isn't it? And we had no idea! We've been fighting for you and for Ace! Look!”

He points at the destroyed ships behind the Moby Dick.

“Who are the Marines targeting? That's right, us! We are trapped by the ice! We have nowhere to run! It is a miracle you allowed me to get a blow in... but now I am ready! Just kill me!”

Everything Squardo just said is true, Buggy knows it. He’s been keeping track of what was happening ever since he got catapulted onto the plaza. Whitebeard’s allies have taken the heaviest losses. They’re the ones who have been targeted the most by the marines.

Of fucking course it’s true. Sengoku would have given the orders specifically so they would coincide with the story whichever underling he sent to con Squardo had been told to tell. It had to be believable .

And that’s the worst part, isn’t it? It is being believed. The whispers have started already, so many of them that Buggy can’t even keep track, even with both ears in different places.

“No way, it can't be! But come to think of it, we are the only ones being attacked!”

“I didn't want to believe it... I even doubted my own eyes!” Squardo continues.

“You fool! You were tricked! Why didn't you trust the boss!?” Newgate’s first commander is forcibly holds the traitor face down to the ground.

“Don't give me that Marco!”

“It's true that Ace is Roger's son…” Whitebeard states calmly, as if uncaring of the sword planted in his torso. “They manipulated you, knowing how that information would affect you... they are one step ahead of us…”

Buggy holds back a snort, because no kidding . The only thing Sengoku probably didn’t plan for today was the Roger Kaizoku deciding to suddenly come out of retirement.



It’s Crocodile who breaks the silence that follows, spitting on the ground in fury.

“You are pathetic, Whitebeard! You weren't this weak when you defeated me!!”

He wasn’t fucking dying when he defeated you, asshole, Buggy mutters under his breath at the former Shichibukai. Does no one know how to use Observation Haki anymore? The old man feels like he’s been dying for a while now, actually, like he’s been walking side by side with Davy Jones for months if not years and has just managed to keep the captain of the Flying Dutchman interested enough in his antics to convince him not to drag him down to his locker yet.

Buggy wouldn’t be surprised if Davy Jones was sitting on the Moby Dick’s railing at this very moment, drinking merily as he watches this clusterfuck unfold. Sea knows Davy Jones probably hasn’t had that kind of entertainment since Roger got himself executed.

At least someone is enjoying this mess.



Of fucking course, not even getting stabbed by his own son will get Whitebeard to stop being a fucking bleeding heart.

Nooooo. Now he’s a literal one on top of being a figurative one, and that doesn’t stop him from hugging the man who just tried to kill him.

Fucking monster, seriously.

“Squardo... you dare to raise your sword against your father... my foolish son! But though you may be a fool, I still love you…” Newgate declares for all to hear.

“You must be joking! You sold us out!”

“Who was it? Who turned the heart of one as loyal as yourself into the darkness?” Whitebeard demands, and yes, Buggy wants to know too, even if he can guess.

Fucking Sengoku, seriously. Turning a man against his father is bad enough, but trying to tarnish Whitebeard’s reputation like that, when the old man is on the verge of death already?

To be expected from a fucking marine, admittedly, they did the same to Roger and neither man were exactly saints, but this is turning Newgate’s treasure against him and that is low.

Outlaws they might be, but pirates have their own honor and this is spitting on Newgate’s before pouring Sea-King shit on top of it, then inviting people to piss on it.

 Roger might have respected the strategist, once, but Buggy has only ever considered him a monster and today is definitely not changing his mind.

 At least Whitebeard’s a honorable monster, and so’s Garp to a lesser extent even if the man is a fucking asshole who Buggy will never forgive for allowing Roger to let himself be captured by him.

“It was one of the marines, a member of a rebel faction! He said if I killed you my crew would be spared!”

 Called it. Again. For once, Buggy very much dislikes being right. 

“So it was Akainu, was it? I know how much you hate Roger... I'm painfully aware of it. But Squad, it's ridiculous to hold children accountable for the sins of their fathers... what has Ace done to you? Be friends with him... Ace is not the only special one... you are all... my family. You really think I would sell out my children?”

Newgate is panting as he finishes his tirade, but he stands tall and proud even with blood pouring out of his chest as he clenches his fist and shatters the ice blocking his allies’ ships in a thousand pieces, freeing them all in one go.




Definitely a monster still , Buggy thinks, and he can’t quite help the small, sad smile that forms on his lips. Definitely a monster, and one Buggy has never wanted anything to do with either as an enemy or as an ally, but…

“If you call yourself pirates!” Whitebeard roars out, his voice heard by even the most distant ships. “Then choose for yourself what to believe! Those who would follow me... be ready to lose your lives! Come with me!”

The sea will be lesser without his presence.