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You're The One That I Want

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Dean was nervous and he could never remember being nervous in his entire existence. Considering he had been around for thousands of years, this was something that his brother thought was hilarious. 

"Dean, relax! You're shedding." 

Sure enough when the Alpha looked at the floor he was leaving a trail of feathers as he paced around his living room. 

"Damn it! I just cleaned in here. Why don't you be helpful and help me?" 

"What do you need, Dean? You cleaned til everything is sparkling, you had Mom give you a fresh haircut and grooming, and you showered til you used all the hot water." 

"Just help me sweep up the feathers while I go put on my ceremonial robe. Please, Sam. I'm nervous enough without you giving me a hard time." 

He gave his brother his version of puppy eyes. He knew he didn't do them as well as Sam did, but he hoped they worked a little today.  

"Alright, Dean. I'll help but, listen dude, you got this. Michael said you were old enough to start presenting to the Omegas. He believes you are ready to be mated and create new angels. We really need to replenish our numbers after the last war with the demons. Michael, Dad, and the rest of the elders are still trying to find out who supplied them with angel blades." 

"If I find out who it is...." 

"Yeah, right there with you, brother. Whoever it is helped slaughter thousands of his or her own. Anyway, I don't think you have any reason to be nervous. You will make an excellent mate and sire. The Omega that claims you will be lucky, Dean." 

"Thanks, Sammy. I just want to, well, to be good enough. You know that Dad was disappointed when word came down that I would be a Virtue after I become mated. He wanted me to be a Seraph or he really hoped I would be like our original sire Michael and become an Archangel." 

"Yeah well, in my opinion Dad's been pissy since he was passed over for Archangel when he mated with Mom. He only talks to us by giving us orders because he can't order anyone else around. When you are mated and become a Virtue he won't be able to order you around anymore." 

While Dean was happy that he would no longer have to jump every time his Dad spoke, he was worried that John would be that much harder on Sam. There was only so much John could get away with before their Mom, Mary, would step in and put him in his place, but he always found ways to put down his sons. When Mary was busy with her Cherub duties, John would work his sons til they dropped. He trained them hard telling them that they would be warriors in the apocalypse no matter what type angel Michael decreed them to be. 

He patted Sam on the back as he walked by his brother who was sweeping up his feathers for him as he went to put on his ritual robe. He stopped at the end of his nest just looking at the gorgeous robe that his Omega mother made for him. It was hand sewn with pieces from her own ritual robe blended into it.  

He stripped off his clothes before pulling the robe over his head. It was the only thing he was allowed to wear to the ritual. It was the softest thing he had ever felt against his skin including when he and Sammy used to go skinny dipping in the clouds when they were youths. The robe was as white as clouds to announce to the Omegas that he was pure, with a dark green band around the bottom showing he would be a Virtue with his specialty being the seasons of the Earth. 

The cuffs of the long sleeves had white bands of lace that were from his mom's robe. It was customary for the Omegas to use pieces of their own robe when they made their children's ceremonial mating robes. Dean lost himself in thoughts of his Omega making robes for their babies if he was chosen. Not all Alphas were considered good material for mates and were never given the honor. Those Alphas were usually ones who were in the front lines of the continual effort of Heaven to rid the different planets and worlds of demons. 

Dean jerked to attention when he heard his mother calling for him. He took one last look in his mirror, and squaring his shoulders he walked out to find his mom making tea in his kitchen.  

"Oh, Dean. You look so handsome." 

"Thanks, Mom." He gave her a hug before grabbing three mugs from the cabinet. 

"Are you ready for today?" 

"Yeah, I'm more than ready. I hope that my Omega is here today. I don't think I could take it if I had to wait another century or so for the next ceremony." 

"I believe they will be. I can't tell you anything officially, but I can tell you that I have Faith that you will be a mated angel by tonight." 

"Thanks, Mom." 

"Here, let's have some tea with the cookies I made for you. I also brought you some of your favorite cinnamon rolls for you to have for breakfast tomorrow with your Omega. While we go to the ceremony, Sam will stock your home for your upcoming rut." 

"So it's true? I will go into a rut and my Omega will go into heat as soon as we mate?" 

"Yes, dear. When your Omega picks you, the two of you will wait in line to go before your original sire. You shouldn't have to wait long, since Michael didn't allow many to join the ceremony this time. When you stand before him your Omega will place their mating bite on your collar bone and then you will bite them. They will have already been instructed that your bite and mating with an Alpha angel will change them into a cherub and they will have duties after your offspring have stopped nursing." 

"How many children do you think Michael will let us have?" 

"I don't know, sweetheart. He will tell you that after your rut is over and you report for your first Virtue assignment. I hope he lets you have a houseful. I can't wait to spoil them." 

"I bet. Hey, Mom? Do you know if Dad's coming to the ceremony?" 

"I'm sorry Dean. I don't believe he is. He's very stubborn, blast the angel! I'll be the one walking with you past the Omegas." 

"That's perfect Mom. Just you and me. We should leave here in about an hour to get there a few minutes before it's my time to present myself. You want another cup of tea?" 

"Sure thing, baby." 


This was it. Dean was just moments from getting to present himself before the Omegas. Oh, how he had talked to Michael! Laying out his need for his Original Sire to deliver his mate to him during the ceremony. Dean gave Michael his assurances that he and his Omega would raise good and faithful angels. He told him that he would provide an eternity of happiness, love, respect, and faithfulness to his Omega and his offspring.  

Dean took a step forward with his arm linked with his mother's. He was the next Alpha to walk through the door to his future, and he hoped it led to his future with his Omega and not to a few centuries of loneliness waiting for the next ceremony. He tried to remember his instructions from Michael how to carry himself on his parade past the Omegas.  

Dean was to hold his head straight ahead with his eyes on the floor. He was told that he would take one step at a time and hold in position for the count of ten until he reached the door on the other side of the hall. His mother would be his eyes in there until he heard someone say stop.  

If Dean was lucky enough to have his mate step forward, he couldn't look at them until his Omega was standing in front of him. They had to the one to instruct the Alpha when he could look at his mate. When the Omega lifted his head to look at him the human would lay their claim on Dean by kneeling in front of his mother to thank her for giving the Omega such a blessing as her son. 

Mary would then let go of Dean to help his mate stand again before she gave the Omega Dean's hand, in fact transferring Dean to his mate. 

Dean was watching the angel standing in front one of the huge, double doors into the hall waiting for his signal to open the door and proceed. Just when he thought he would pass out from excitement, the angel looked him in the eye and gave him one nod. This was it.  

Dean opened the door. 



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Cas hadn't realized when he was drinking his morning coffee that he would be dead by nightfall. He had been thinking that he was in need of some time away from his annoying older brother, just not permanently. His morning had started just like every other morning had for the last 10 years. 

"Cassie, come on! You're going to be there, so there's no reason for me to get up at 4 fucking a.m.! Let me sleep." 

"You wanted to go into business with me, partner, so get up and help me get ready to open the bakery!!" 

Cas pulled all of Gabriel's blankets and sheets from his bed. He had to admit that Gabriel made himself a nice nest, but not nearly as fluffy as his own. He needed to be cushioned and cocooned with many pillows and throws.  

"Gabriel, the coffee is done. If you get up now breakfast will be done when you get out of the shower." 


Waiting til he heard the shower start, Cas then went to pour himself another cup of coffee before starting on the frittata. 


Cas was helping out at the counter during the lunch time rush. The bakery had already been busy during the noon hours, but since he and Gabriel had started serving soups and sandwiches, the line was out the door while their customers waited in line for their takeout orders. He really was going to have to look into adding more seating, somehow. 

They worked like a well-oiled machine until there was no one left but for Alistair, the Senator of their district.  Cas was surprised to see him here since he kept hearing that Alistair's wife was trying to keep her own bakery open with not a lot of success, which she blamed on Cas's store. 

"What the fuck are you doing here, Al?" 

Cas wished that Gabriel could keep his feelings to himself. It's not like Cas liked Alistair any better than Gabriel did, after all it happened to his Father too. 

Alistair was however, in his store and he wanted him out as quickly as possible. 

"What can I do for you, Alistair?" 

"Well, Castiel, I am here to finally make my wife's dream come true. I'm here to close you down." 

"What the hell are you talking about?" 

"The Angels. The Angels have called for sacrifices. You, Castiel, have been chosen to represent our most humble district. Report to my office by 5 p.m., and don't make me send someone after you. Good Afternoon, gentlemen." 

Cas just watched Alistair leave. He could see Gabriel shouting and chasing him out the bakery but he couldn't understand what he was saying. He believed he was in shock. He had read of the Angel Sacrifices, everyone had learned about them in history class, he just never expected to see one in his life time let alone being a sacrifice. 

One moment he's having a good day making people happy with his baked goods and the next he's sitting on the floor behind the counter breathing into a paper bag that Gabriel thrust at him. 

"Cassie, I'll fix this, I swear." 

"Sit down, Gabe." 

When Gabriel sat down next to him Cas slid down so he could lay his head in his brother's lap. This was how they used to sit all the time when they were little. Gabriel was always keeping him out of trouble. He would sit and read to Cas for hours on hours to keep out of his step-mom's way. It was usually a good idea to keep her away from Cas. 

He could feel his brother began to card his fingers through his hair. The action grounded them both and helped Cas realize that he was going to die. There was only a couple of ways for the Angel Sacrifice to go for him. He would be dismissed immediately since he was a male Omega and that was not a favorable trait for an Angel looking for a mate. Secondly, if he was chosen by an Angel he would be mated, yet never claimed, and after he tried to deliver a pup, he would die then. It was impossible for a human to live after birthing an Angel. He never knew that he would actually be living the history horror stories he had learned in school. 

"Gabriel, there is no way to stop this. You learned the same things I did in history classes. I need to get some things in order." 

"Cassie! How can you not want to stop this?" 

"Of course, I want to stop this! I just know there's no way to do so." 

"We have time, it's just 2, we have a few hours to run, to hide you, to do something!" 

Cas sat up so he could hug his brother. He needed Gabriel calm, not whirling around like a tornado.  

"Gabe, please. Just help me do what I need to. Please." 


Cas had twenty minutes left before he had to walk to Alistair's office to turn himself in. He did not want him to send his men after him, they were known to be destructive in their attempts to get people to go with them. He had made a quick will leaving everything to his brother. Their friend Balt, helped them out with the wording on the will. He was still sniffling, Gabe was blowing his nose, and Balt was drinking his espresso with tears pouring down his cheeks. 

He walked into the kitchen to get one last dessert to share with his brother and dearest friend. He had made a new recipe that morning that was appropriately enough a new version of an angel food cake. 

They took their time savoring the subtle flavor of honey and peaches. He stood and hugged Balt one last time. 

"Cassie, let me mate you. If we mated they wouldn't take you!" 

Cas heard the desperation in the break in Balt's voice. He knew that the offer was sincere and it was the sweetest thing he had ever heard Balt utter. 

"While I think you will make someone an amazing Alpha, you are not mine and I am not your Omega. I fear that if we try to fool the Angels the consequences will be worse..." 

"Worse than you dying? Not sure what that could be, little brother."  

"The Angels killing us all. I don't want to die, trust me. I just....I, well, I'm choosing to have faith." 

"What the fuck, Cassie? Faith in what? The Angels?" 

"In myself, Balt, and in the situation. As crazy as it seems, this feels right." 

"Yeah. Crazy is a good word for the whole damn situation, Cas." 

"Gabe, please. I have just a moment left. Hug me before we walk to Alistair's office. I won't give him the satisfaction of seeing our tears." 

The three men hugged up til the last possible second. Balt bolted up the stairs to Cas's apartment above the now closed bakery. Gabriel linked his arm through his. He leaned to kiss Cas on the cheek. 

"Let's do this." 


Cas was so humiliated. He had never been naked in front of anyone since he came of age and the last one before that was Gabriel when they had to check for ticks after camping on top of nest of them. Ick.  

Five Angels. Five Angels had to watch him bathe. When he and Gabriel arrived at Alistair's office, it was to find even that man intimidated by the quiet Angels. One Angel stepped forward to hand Cas a scroll that told him he was to bathe in the healing waters that they had provided. Another Angel opened the door to show that they had installed a tub in the next office. Cas walked over and realized that the Angels were following him. 

"Excuse me?" 

"Yeah, what the hell? He's a big, grown Omega. He can bathe by himself." 

"You must be in our sight from the moment you arrived here to the moment that you are placed in the Omega's Hall." 

"Hey, now! That's just a bit creepy there, Feathers." 

"Gabriel. Stop. It's alright." 


"It's what has to happen. We talked about this, Gabriel. You need to take care of things when I'm gone. You promised. She won't survive if you don't take care of her." 

"I got it. I promised." 

As he stripped down and sat in the hot water, he could hear the Angels speaking to each other but he could not place the language. He could feel their eyes on him in a way that wasn't as creepy as it should have been. Cas didn't feel like he did when some random Alpha would leer at him, this was more like a bunch of doctors examining him at once.  

He made sure to wash very thoroughly until the one Angel who seemed to be in charge stepped forward and announced that it was time for them to go. 

Cas dried off with the towel they provided him, but when he went to grab his clothes the Angel snapped his fingers and his clothes were gone. 

"Hey! I liked that jacket, it had lots of pockets. What am I supposed to wear since you disintegrated my clothes?" 

The smallest Angel stepped forward and when he opened his arms he was holding a stack of the most beautiful robes. He could see in just a glance that these were softer than any throw on his nest. He needed to feel this on his skin and soon. 

"Which one?" 

"Pick the color you wish, Castiel." 

"Thank you" 

He couldn't help but rub his fingertips over each and every robe. It seemed as if there were robes in every color known to man in this Angel's arms. It seemed impossible til Cas remembered these were Angels. 

Cas finally decided on a black that seemed to have shimmers of blues, purples, and greens in it. He felt his whole body sigh in recognition of how perfect this robe was for him. Cas couldn't stop petting the sleeves; he wanted a whole nest made of this. 

"We must go, Castiel. When the portal opens, follow us. Do not make one of us come back through, please." 

"Of course not, I gave my word." He tried to appease the Angel. He didn't know what he had done to make them threaten him, but he had given his word. He would follow them. 

"Thank you. Come." 

Cas watched as the wall began to shimmer, then shake as it began to fade away like pixels. All he could make out was that there were others in the room they were stepping into. He had one foot through the portal when he heard the office door slam open.  

"You aren't getting your grubby mitts on our Bakery, you slimeball, Alistair! I would never let your wife take it over! Its' Cas' and mine!" 

He couldn't hear what Alistair said in response as his body was being pulled into his new dimension. He had a moment of blind fear thinking that he may be only minutes from death. This was the last time he would see his brother's face. Why was his face getting closer? 

He saw as Alistair pushed Gabriel again, shoving him further into the portal with Cas. It only took one last push and both he and his brother were sitting on the floor with five very confused Angel's looking down at them. 

He glanced at his brother, horrified that he was now going to have to see his brother die along with him.  


"Gabriel! What is she going to do now?" 

"We...we just gotta get outta here alive, then it's gonna be okeydokey." 

"How do we get outta here alive?" 

"What happened to your faith?" 

"You scared it away." 


Cas really wasn't looking forward to dying soon.  

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He stood still like only an angel could, while he let his eyes roam over the human omegas in the room. There were male, female, short, tall, skinny, fat, blonde, brunette, red, and raven-haired omegas in the room. Sam counted over hundreds of omegas standing around with looks of disbelief on their faces.  

Sam knew that the human omegas believed there was only one fate for them when they were selected to be here for the ceremony. It would take time for them to realize that they would not be murdered after helping their alpha repopulate Heaven. 

Sam heard the commotion from behind him long before the door opened to admit the last omega. He went to open the door when it flew open, surprising him enough that he ended up sitting on his ass looking up at two very irate, male omegas. 

"Whoa! Who are you, gorgeous?" 

"Gabriel! Shut up! We're in enough trouble without you flirting!" 

"Cassie, chill. The head angel dudette said that you weren't in trouble and they haven't decided about me yet. So, you just gonna sit there and stare hunky angel dude?" 

Sam stood up and admitted to himself that he enjoyed the look of wonder on the omega’s face when he was finally on his feet. He knew he was one of the tallest angels in his original sire’s line. Michael was forever teasing him that he still had an inch or so on Sam’s 6’4” height. He looked at the shorter omega and watched as a myriad of small, wrapped items fell out of his hands. 

“Look at all these omegas!” 

“Gabriel! You brought candy?” 

“It was in my pocket, Cassie. It’s not like I packed for a trip or something, ya’ know.” He looked back at Sam. “I’ll pick it up, no need to worry your pretty, little head, Angel.” 

Sam was puzzled at the way the omega was speaking to him. No one called him pretty. His Mother told him he was cute when he was a young fledgling, but since he had entered his 19th century of existence she had only called him handsome.  

He came back to himself when he realized he was staring at the short omega’s ass and the other omega was glaring at him.  

Oops. “Sorry.” 

“Are you here for mating?” The taller omega (his companion called him “Cassie”) asked Sam. 

“No, Omega. My elder brother is, though. I will be the one walking him through the ceremony. May I say, you smell more upset than the other omegas. Michael did explain what was going to happen, yes?”  

“Yes, that is not the reason I am upset. It is not your problem, Alpha. As soon as this ceremony is over I will go home and take care of…well, what is upsetting us.” 

“And if you find your alpha?” 

“Never mind...where am I to go? Will you take me to where I need to be and, please, keep my brother out of trouble until this is over?” 

“Are you not here to find your mate?” Sam asked Gabriel. 

“No way, stretch! I’m just here to make sure my brother doesn’t get murdered! Why would I want a single alpha when I can play the field? You would look good on my field, if you know what I mean.” He shook his eyebrows suggestively. 

Sam showed “Cassie” where he was to be and apparently the candy-eater was staying with his brother. 

“Just wait here, please.” 


“Sam, you may call me Sam.” 

“Very well, Sam. I am Castiel and the idiot sitting on the floor eating candy is my older, stubborn assbutt of a brother, Gabriel.” 

“You are named after angels.” 

“Wow, you’re a smart piece of…" 

“Gabriel! Shut up! I apologize, Sam. Ignore my brother, please. We all believe he was dropped on his head when he was a pup!” 

Sam was laughing at the way the omegas were bantering back and forth. The younger one, Castiel, actually kicked his brother in the butt. The omegas reminded him of how he and Dean fought and picked on each other. 

“What did you wish to ask me, Castiel?” 

“What? Oh, yes. Sorry. I got distracted by my brother. I have two questions. One, how long is this ceremony, and secondly, did you say you were bringing your brother to the ceremony?” 

“Yes. He is one of the lucky ones that has been deemed ready to find their mate. He’s really nervous, but I know how much he hopes to find his omega. He is a good angel, a good alpha, and he believes in Truemates. Since Michael informed him that he could stand during this ceremony, all Dean has done is try to get his home ready. He wanted it to meet all of his omega’s needs.” 

Sam was almost certain that this blue-eyed, pretty omega was just realizing that he could be his brother’s mate. He could see the way that Castiel was subtly scenting him. The omega’s scent gave away that he liked his scent but it wasn’t quite right. He wasn’t eligible to seek his mate yet, but he just knew that he was Dean’s omega. Dean was gonna be so happy! 

“My brother will do anything for you, anything to make you happy.” 

Sam walked back to his station to wait for the signal that it was time to walk the alphas through. Michael sent him the message that he was to keep an eye on the cute omega until he could decide what to do about the whole situation (Actually, Michael told him to watch out for “his brother’s mate’s brother.” Now how did Michael know that?) Sam was very curious about that omega. He was also very confused, because he found himself attracted to him. 

There was no reason for the attraction, not unless Sam had been chosen to mate. An alpha angel couldn’t smell his mate until their original sire granted them the right, and had Blessed the alpha to allow him to be drawn to his mate’s scent. 

Sam knew from studying his history that it was quite common for alpha brothers to be Truemates with human, omega siblings. So it’s logical that he could be mates with his brother’s omega’s brother. Sam shook his head at the knots his thoughts had become. He was just going to stop thinking, stand here and watch Gabriel eat candy until it was time to get Dean. 



Sam gave one sharp knock on the door before he walked into the room his brother was pacing. Dean was giving off a bitter odor, so he was pretty stressed. 

“Dean. Stop.” Sam stood in his brother’s path forcing him to stop wearing a groove in the dressing room.  

“Sammy, I'm a mess. I’m afraid that my omega won’t want me, if they’re even here!” 

“Relax, Dean. I met your omega.” 

He found himself being held against the wall by his shoulders with his feet dangling in the air. He was quite impressed with his brother’s strength. 

“Tell me, please!” 

“His name is Castiel, and he is very beautiful, for a human. I believe he is your ‘type’. He stands a few inches shorter than you and he is very fit. Blue eyes and dark hair, that should mix with your looks for some adorable fledglings. He is carrying some type of stress and of course, there’s Gabriel.” 


Sam told his brother everything that he knew about his omega’s situation while he straightened Dean’s robes. He really hadn’t appreciated how much Dean’s life was about to change. When an alpha angel mated, it was common enough for the couple to spend several weeks in their nest away from everyone. Sam would miss his brother, since he was used to speaking to him several times a day.  

“So, you say he’s mine but you can’t tell me what he smells like? I don’t get it, Sam.” 

“Because I wasn’t really focused on him. I wonder what Michael is going to do with your mate’s brother.” 

“Oh! My mate is out there!” 

“You have to wait for the ceremony to start, Dean. I also have one last thing to ask you. Promise me that whatever is stressing your mate and his brother, you’ll let me help you. I got your back. Alright?” 


“Just think, Dean. In a few hours you’ll be mated and working on having angel babies.” 

“Son of a bitch.” 

Chapter Text

“Sammy, what side of the room should I move towards when we go in?” 

“I’ll lead you, Dean. I'll squeeze your shoulder when we get close. I know I've given you a hard time about how you’ve been acting and I apologize. I just...I just wish that I was chosen to have a mate, too.” 

Dean walked up to his brother and wrapped him in a hug, wings and all. He had always taken care of Sammy and that wouldn’t stop any eon soon. Their dad had never really made time for them except to issue orders and train them, daily. Mary, their mom, was a much better parent and Dean didn’t believe it was just because she was an omega. She just radiated love all the time, even before becoming a Cupid. 

He rubbed his brother’s back for a bit before stepping back. Dean tilted Sam’s face up to look at him.  

“You will have your turn, Brother. Michael will see to it when he feels you are ready.” 

He looked around at all the other alphas and their handlers around the room. Dean was ready to go in the hall where his mate was, oh, yeah he was. He had been anxious all day, but especially since Sammy had told him that his omega had some worries. He was determined to make sure that no matter what was wrong, he was going to help his mate.  



“It’s time, the line is moving.” 

Dean nodded once to his brother as he felt Sam clasp his shoulder with his hand. He literally was his ‘handler’ for the ceremony. He was glad that Michael had chosen Sam, and not his father, when it became apparent that his mom wouldn’t be able to walk him. Dean wouldn’t be able to show his father his nervousness, and he would not have known that his omega was here, for John would not have told him. 

“Let’s go, Dean.”  

He took one last look around at the others before falling into step with Sam. Dean didn’t see his mom and he was becoming worried about her. He would ask Michael as soon as he had a chance.  


Dean stopped just inside the door with his eyes on his feet. This was the hardest part for him: not being able to look for his omega. He wasn’t allowed to raise his eyes unless his omega stopped him. They had only just started when Dean heard a whimper from his omega, causing his inner alpha to issue a welcoming growl. Sam then pushed him on to begin walking down the aisle between the lines of omegas. 

“Oh crap.” 

“What’s going on, Sammy?” Dean whispered back. He heard a commotion just off to his right. 

“You’re about to find out.” 

Dean heard the laughter in his brother’s tone and wanted to look so badly, but just as he was about to chance a glance, he saw two pairs of feet stop in front of him. 




“Yes, Omega. I am yours.” 

“Look at me, please, Dean.” 

He slowly raised his head before opening his eyes to see the most beautiful omega ever created, and he was his mate! He was just a few inches shorter than Dean and he had the bluest eyes, but they held unshed tears. Dean didn’t want his mate to be sad. 

“Omega?” He let his alpha whine. 

“Sam, how do I claim my mate?” 

“Castiel, if you accept Dean as your alpha, place your hand on his shoulder.” 

Dean gasped when he felt his mate’s hand burning on his skin. He watched as the omega’s eyes widened in shock, knowing that Castiel felt the same profound bound connect between them, before they even mated! He could do nothing but kneel before his mate and bare his neck to him. He whimpered as his omega stepped forward into his personal space and pulled Dean into his arms, before kneeling in front of him so he could scent Dean. 

He didn’t know what he smelled like to his mate, but he could scent that it pleased Castiel. Dean was excited to scent him when he pulled back and bared his neck to Dean. He buried his nose in his mate’s neck and took a deep breath. Dean was glad he was already on his knees the first time he got a true scent of his omega. Castiel smelled like everything Dean loved the most. The scent was his mom’s apple pie, full of  ripe apples, cinnamon, sugar and cloves. He would have to ask him later what he smelled when he scented Dean. 

“Come on, it’s time to go get in line to see Michael.” 

“Alright, Sammy.” 

Dean helped his mate up and kept his hand in his, as four of them walked through the hall to the exit door on the other side of the room. Once inside the waiting room, Sam led them to a couch outside Michael’s office. Dean sat next to Castiel and was thrilled that his omega leaned over to place his nose in Dean’s neck. He could tell from the ‘happy omega’ scent coming from him that he was taking comfort from Dean’s scent, which meant that Castiel was, in turn, smelling happy, aroused Alpha.  

“Gabriel, come with me, please, and we will go get something to drink while we wait for our time before Michael.” 

“Sure thing, Stretch! Cassie, you good?” 

“Yes, Gabe.” 

He watched the two walk off and gave a huff of laughter looking at the differences between his alpha brother, who was close to a giant, and the human omega, who was just short.  


“Please, call me Dean.” 

“Of course, and please call me Cas. I need to...I want to...I was wondering, if perhaps...” 

Dean could smell the nervousness coming from his mate and he did not like it! He threaded their fingers together and gave them a reassuring squeeze. 

“Cas, whatever you need to ask me, it’s alright. I'm listening.” 

“Michael assured me this would be o.k., that you would understand.” 

Now he could smell tears coming from Cas, who was keeping his eyes on their entwined hands in Dean‘s lap.  

“Castiel, I will give you whatever you need to be happy. I swear it.” 

Just as his omega looked up at him, Michael opened his door and motioned to them to follow him. Cas was the first to stand and he pulled Dean up with him. Huh. His omega was definitely not afraid, rather, it seemed that he was eager to speak to Michael again. Dean was thrilled, since most omegas held a fear of Original Sires. Even his mom was a bit reserved around Michael. 

Dean led his mate to a chair, while he stood behind him with his hands resting on Cas’ shoulders. 


“Dean, are you happy, my child?” 

“Immensely, thank you.” 

“Good. Castiel?” 

“Yes, I'm happy, but also nervous. I have yet to explain to my alpha my situation.” 

“No need to worry about that, I have things settled. Everyone involved will be taken care of. Do you understand, my child?” 

“Yes...thank...thank you.” 

“Alright, so, are you two ready to hear your vows and mate?” 

Dean was tickled that, even not knowing exactly what was going on, he and his omega were equally ready to hear their vows and mate. 

“Please kneel here, on these pillows, facing each other. I want you to listen to the vows and make sure that your inner alpha and omega can live up to them.” 

He helped Cas settle on his knees before kneeling down in front of him. Cas reached and grabbed both of his hands and gave him a timid smile. When Michael began to speak, they both turned to look up at him. 

“The bond of alpha and omega TrueMates is one that cannot be broken when bonded here, in Heaven.  

As the Spring explodes with beauty and growth, as the Summer sun warms all creatures, as the sweet harvest of Fall overflows in bounty, and in the crisp, cold, clarity of Winter, may you have love every season, every year, forever.  

I Bless you, that, in the name of our Father, your union may enjoy love, tenderness, devotion, and the birth of many fledglings. 

Remember to never ask your mate to be more than who they are, to have patience with each other, and to love and forgive each other. 

Also know, that in this unique situation that comes with your mating, Heaven in behind you with its love and power. 

Now, Castiel, do you accept Dean as your alpha?” 

“Whole heartedly.” 

“Good. Dean, do you accept Castiel as your omega?” 


“Now it is time for Castiel to place his bite on his alpha. I see that his hand has marked you, Dean, but you need to place your bite on his neck, Castiel.” 

Dean sat still waiting for his mate to pick a side. He watched Cas’ hand slowly come towards his neck, gently pushing his head to the side. He kept his eyes on him as the omega leaned forward to plant his nose into the left side of Dean’s neck, and scented him. He felt a soft kiss before the sharp bite of Castiel’s teeth broke his skin, marking him as a Mated Alpha. He knew that everyone in the room could smell how happy his alpha was. 

When Cas sat back on his knees, Dean leaned forward to nudge Cas' head over to give him access to the left side of his neck, because he wanted to mark his omega on the same side. He sniffed around until he found the perfect spot for his mark. Dean gave his mate a kitten lick before he felt a growl come out at the same time his canines dropped and he tasted his omega’s blood. It tasted exactly the way Cas smelled. It was delicious. 

Dean felt their bond cement deep in his soul. He didn’t know that he could be this happy, and he was amazed that he could feel his mate’s happiness, as well as some anxiousness.  


“Dean, before you and Castiel speak, I need you two to stand and face me.” 

“Yes, Michael.” 

He stood proudly next to his mate as his Original Sire placed his hands on their heads and said a silent prayer to their Father. All angels could hear Chuck in their heads if he wanted to speak to them; this was just a part of the ceremony. Dean loved this whole ceremony. 

“Dean, your mother and I will be in the next room for the dinner part of this ceremony. Say your goodbyes now and we shall see you soon.” 

Dean hadn’t even realized that his mom was in the room. When he glanced at her, he saw her eyes filled with tears, but her smile told him she was happy for him. She blew him a kiss as she left with Michael. 


“Yes, Cas?” 

“Can we sit and talk?” 

“Yes, of course. Let’s go over to the couch, o.k.?” 

Dean sat and was tickled that his omega sat so close to him that they were touching from shoulder to ankle. He never even let go of Dean’s hand. His inner alpha was purring at the show of affection.  

“There is something that you need to know and I was told, ordered, to tell you after the ceremony . I was given assurances by Michael, your mother, and Chuck that this was going to be alright.” 

“Tell me, please. I will do whatever you need.” 

“A year ago I was assaulted and … and I have a five-month-old pup named Emmie. Will you accept her?” 

“I am honored to be Alpha to your pup and I will claim her right here and now, if you will allow it.” 

“You will be her Daddy?” 

“Proudly. Now, please tell me the filth that hurt you is dead?” 

“No, he’s not. They blamed me for being out at dusk alone. Said I provoked him by wearing an open collar shirt. He's free and clear, but at least he has never tried to see Emmie.” 

“She is mine and I will kill him if I see him. Where is our pup, Castiel?” 

“On Earth with my sister. I need to get back to her. Please, can we go get her?” 

Dean closed his eyes and concentrated on following the connection with his mate to feel for his pup. Once he sensed her, he flew them straight there. He didn’t mean to land right next to the chair that Cas’ sister was sitting in, which caused her to scream, which then caused the pup in the cradle across the room to start squalling. Oops. 


“Hey, Hannah. This is Dean, my Alpha. We're here to get Emmie.” 

Dean was frozen as he watched his omega bring over a pup swaddled in a soft-pink, fuzzy blanket. Cas continued to talk to his sister as he placed the pup in Dean’s arms without a thought.  

Holy Crap. He had a pup. He was a Daddy! Holy Crap.  



Chapter Text

Cas was listening to his sister talking on the phone, trying to convince her mate that he was alive and well, as he watched his alpha bonding with their pup, or fledgling, as Michael had called her.  



“Michael called her a fledgling but you called her our ‘pup’ just like humans do. Why is that?” 

“Well it’s ‘cuz of Mom, I suppose. She has never stopped calling the little ones ‘pups.’ Hell...heck! She still calls me ‘n Sammy her puppies. Mom didn't change when she became a cupid. She still keeps a lot of her human ways.” 

“Will I be able to do that?” 

He watched as Dean walked over to wrap his free arm around his shoulder, nudging Cas to lay his head on him. He wrapped his arm around Dean’s waist and settled in to watch Emmie scenting the air. He laughed when she sneezed, scaring herself into crying. 

“Castiel!? What's wrong with our pup?” 

“Nothing, Dean. She scared herself. Let’s go to her room. I believe she needs a fresh diaper and we should gather some of her things to take...home. What am I allowed to bring?” 

“Anything you want or need for you and Emmie to be happy. You can do anything, Castiel. Michael has assured me of that. Also, we can come back if you forget something.” 

“Has Michael told you how many pups we will be having?” 

“No, Castiel. We will find out after dinner when he sends off all the mates to uh...” 

“To their mating nests?” 

“Yeah. I made our nest really nice. I hope you like it. If there’s something you want different well, just tell me! I want our nest to be your home. Yours and Emmie’s.” 

Cas watched as his alpha’s face took on a look of fear and his scent became burnt. He had loved the smell of ginger and brown sugar when he found Dean, but this was making his nose twitch. Emmie’s, too, apparently, as she sneezed again. 

“Dean? Talk to me, Alpha. Your scent is scaring your pup.” He spoke softly in his mate’s ear as he took Emmie into his arms to place her nose in his neck to calm her. 

“Who will watch her while we are in rut and heat? I don’t want her to be separated from us, not when I just got you both. She doesn’t have a nursery in our nest. I didn’t know or I would have fixed one up for her, I swear!” 

“Well, Michael said that she could stay with my brother, who is very close to Emmie, and your brother. We will be able to see her each day for a few moments at a time, yeah? I mean, Michael said that Sam’s home is close to yours?” 

“Oh! Is that why Gabriel has remained in Heaven? It seems as if Michael has shared more with you than with me.” 


Cas thought about that for a moment before he answered. He walked over to Emmie’s changing table to give him time. After laying her down, he rubbed his nose against hers. No matter how she came to be, he adored his pup. Huh. Cas took a closer scent of her and discovered that the lingering scent of his attacker was fading and she smelled almost like an apple pie, with the combination of his apple scent and Dean’s ginger and brown sugar. 

“You marked her?” 

“Yes. She is our pup. There can be no other claim on her.”  

He began shaking with sobs as he realized that he didn’t have to fear that his pup could be ripped from his arms at any moment, had the alpha decided to claim her. She would never have to be near that animal. 


“Cas?!?” He saw his sister run in the nursery to check on him. He shook his head at her before handing Emmie to her. Poor pup was without a diaper, but he needed...his alpha. He needed his alpha. He walked up and wrapped his arms around the angel and buried his face in his chest and let out all his fears of what could have happened. 

“What happened?” 

“I don’t know! He asked if I marked her and I said, yes.”  

He could hear his sister scent the pup in her arms. “She doesn’t smell like him, anymore. She smells like Cas and...ginger?” 

“Dean claimed her,” he mumbled into his alpha’s chest. He refused to let go until his tears were done. He felt safe. He knew Emmie was safe and he was going to take the comfort he was being given. Dean was holding him as if he was precious, rubbing circles around his back. Cas was amazed at how quickly he was attached to this gorgeous angel. 

“I see. Th...Thank you. There was always the fear that she could be taken away by...” 

“She is our pup, no one else’s. I will always protect my pups and mate.” 

Cas tilted his head back to look up into his amazing, green-eyed angel. He closed his eyes as his mate wiped the tears from his face. He heard his pup issue a ‘pay attention to me’ cry. He felt, more than heard, a whine from deep within his alpha’s chest. Cas kissed him chastely (man, he needed to be alone with him soon!), and pushed him towards the pup. 


Cas was working with Hannah to pack Emmie’s puppybag, making sure to grab plenty of pacifiers while she folded some sleepers. He looked over his shoulder to watch his mate rocking their pup to sleep. Emmie was snuggled into his neck like she did to Cas. She would usually throw a fit if anyone else held her that way. She was secure in the arms of her Daddy and she knew it. 


“Yes, Dean?” 

“We need to get back soon. Michael is calling us for dinner.” 

“Alright, I’ll just say goodbye to Hannah.” 

“Of course.” 

He watched Dean walk out of the nursery to give him a minute with Hannah. He knew this wasn’t good bye forever, but he wasn’t sure when he would see her again. He needed her to be assured of his happiness and to change the way humans thought of the Angel Ceremony. 

“You will be careful, yes?” 

“Yes, Cas. Don't worry about me. You be happy and don’t let our girl forget her Auntie.” 

“Never happen. This isn’t really ‘good bye.’ It’s ‘we’ll see you soon.’” 

Cas walked into the living room holding his sister by the hand. When they stood before Dean, Cas hefted the puppybag on his shoulder before kissing her cheek. 

“Hannah, I was not eavesdropping, but angels have excellent hearing, so just know that I will spend eternity making Cas and our family happy. We will be back for you to visit, and if you ever need one of us, pray to Michael.” 

“The archangel?!?” 

“Yep.” Cas popped the P giving his sister his famous smirk. “He’s one of my in-laws.” 


“Castiel, we need to go.” 

“Yes, Dean, but please call me Cas or Omega. I don’t care to be called by my formal name.” 

“Of course, but you are named after an angel.” 

“But I was named that by a devil, so...let’s go home, Alpha.” 


Apparently, time really moved differently in Heaven. They had been on Earth for at least an hour getting Emmie and her things together, but here they had been gone mere moments. They were back in Michael’s office when Mary walked back into the room to see her grandpup. 

“Mom. Look at her. Look at my sweet puppy, Emmie. Emmie Winchester meet your Grandma Mary.” 

He sat and watched the play of emotions on his mother-in-law’s face as Dean put their pup in her arms. Instantly he could smell happy omega as Emmie cooed at her. Dean was standing in front of his mother, looking so proud as she scented his pup. What an amazing alpha he had. 

“Cast...Cas, Mom wants to speak to you. I'll wait for you in the dining hall.” 

“Thank you, Dean.” He could feel his absence as soon as he walked out of the room. Huh. That was new. He smiled at Emmie as Mary laid the pup in his arms before sitting next to him on the couch. She was being such a good pup, even with all the new smells surrounding her. 

“I am so grateful to your family.” 

“Whatever for? We are grateful to you, Honey.” 

“Your amazing son has claimed us. He claimed an unrelated pup and a single omega who had a pup outside of mating. Many in our hometown wanted to sentence her to death when the alpha who assaulted me didn’t claim us. I did not want to be claimed by him, and I truly would have killed him if he tried to claim her, but the rest...” 

“Cas, son, relax. You and Emmie are safe and, Lord help you, Winchesters!” 

Huh. That didn’t sound ominous, not at all.  


Chapter Text

Dean was a happy alpha. He was sitting next to his omega (he was mated! Well, except for the…ya’ know) and his pup was sleeping on his shoulder with her little nose pressed deep into his neck. It tickled every time she took a breath and he loved it!

When they had first walked into the dining hall (Michael could throw a lavish dinner party for sure), Cas’s brother had approached them, intending to take Emmie. Dean didn’t mean to growl at him, but he was thankful when his mate explained about Dean wanting to bond with their pup. Gabriel and Sam would get Emmie soon enough.

On the one hand, Dean couldn’t wait to be alone with Cas, but on the other, he didn’t want to let go of his pup. He kept rubbing his nose in her hair to smell the combined scent of him, Cas, and something that was her own, like the faint hint of blueberries. His family smelled like pies. Oh, he was so in love. Huh. Wow. Dean was surprised at how quickly and easily he had fallen, but then again, his omega and pup were perfect.

A voice interrupted his pup communion. “What are you smiling at so sweetly, Dean?”

Dean leaned over and kissed his mom’s hand as she patted Emmie on her diaper-inflated baby-butt. Her other hand smoothed over his hair and he closed his eyes in pleasure. He took a moment to just soak in everything that had happened today. Opening his eyes, he watched as Cas laughed with his brother as they were eating. By his scent, Dean was well aware his omega’s heat was going to begin soon, but he figured they had a few more hours before Michael would dismiss the newly mated couples.

“Dean?” Oops.

He brought his attention back to Mary. “Sorry, Mom. Just happy.”


After the meal (he finally put Emmie down in his lap so he could eat), Michael interrupted his conversation to send him some information. He had been speaking to Cas, when he suddenly went silent, looked away and listened to his sire.

“Dean?” His mate placed a hand on his arm.

Green eyes regarded blue ones. “Yes?”

His omega canted his head to the side. “What happened? You were talking and then just went silent.” Is it possible Cas looked even sweeter with that head tilt?

Dean patted the hand on his arm in reassurance. “I was listening to Michael, he was sending me a message. I'm sorry, my love. I didn’t mean to worry you. Umm...can you take our pup? I need to go do something for him and then when I come back, it will probably be time for pie, then, well...we’ll be dismissed.”

He could smell the worry on his mate and it was not pleasant. He cupped his hand around Cas’ neck to rub against his mating bite. Immediately, the omega’s scent calmed.

He smiled in relief. “No need to worry. I am to go speak to Alistair.”

Panicked omega permeated the air, and Cas’ hand now had a vice-grip on him. “WHAT! HOW DO YOU KNOW HIM?!? NO, WHY???”

Emmie woke crying upon hearing her omega daddy yelling. Dean picked up the pup and placed her on his shoulder. As she quieted down with her face planted in her alpha's neck, he motioned for Cas to follow him from the room. This was not something that the whole room needed to hear, and they were definitely listening after Cas’ outburst. Michael gave him a nod and motioned for the pup. He waited for Cas to kiss Emmie’s head, left his own light peck over soft curls, then handed her to Michael.

The archangel cradled her with obvious experience. “Go, Dean. Bring your mate. You and your omega need to go and get this over, so that future generations of demons are not bred. Do you understand, son?”

“Yes, Michael. We will take care of it.” With a quick nod to his sire, he turned to his mate and took his hand.

He walked over with Cas to the next room so he could explain Michael's wishes. Once they were seated, he took both the omega’s hands and rubbed circles with his thumbs to help settle him.

The storms in Cas' eyes threatened rain. “Alpha, please. Why are you going to see that monster?”

Dean focused on breathing out soothing assurance. “Be calm, Omega. We are both going so that we can protect the future. If we don’t stop him today, things will happen that cause Alistair to make a deal with a demon. If he makes such a deal, when he goes to Hell he will breed demons that will be stronger than any Heaven has ever seen. Stronger than the ones that killed too many of our kind.”

“I was attacked by a demon?!? What about Emmie?” Cas hated the weak way that he sounded when he asked about their pup.

The alpha gave a gentle squeeze of his hands. “Cas, our pup is ours. She is fine. He is not a demon right now, but he will become a strong one if we don’t stop him. Michael assigned this to us specifically so that you may have closure.”

Dean held his omega with strong arms as he cried and told him of the attack: about walking home from work, being grabbed off a busy street in the daytime and thrown into the back of a van after Alistair hit him on the side of the head. When he woke up a few minutes later, he was lying on the floor of the van, tied up. He could see Alistair driving and the sicko was singing along with the radio.

Cas sat up and wiped his tears before continuing his story, but he stayed plastered to Dean, snuggled in his arms.

“I thought for sure someone would give chase, because he had grabbed me from a crowded street, but no. I won’t tell you any of the details of the assault, except that it wasn’t one time and when he was done with me, he took me back to the same spot from where he grabbed me and threw me in the street, naked, like I was trash.” He had stopped crying but he couldn’t seem to stop shaking.

“No one will ever touch you again, Omega. You are safe. We are going to make sure that other omegas are safe from him and that he cannot do any other kind of damage. What can I do to help you?” He placed his hands on Cas’ face to look into the anguish of his gaze.

His voice cracked at first, then became true and steady. “Let’s get this done. Then I want to see our pup before we go to the nest you made for us. Once we get there, I want you to make me forget that anyone else ever touched me.”

Dean wiped more tears as they fell from the blue-eyed omega that had already stolen his heart, and swore that no-one would hurt this beautiful soul ever again. He would spend eternity making sure that Cas knew how precious he was to Dean.

“Let’s do this and then cuddle our pup for a bit, hmm?”


Dean was standing in a warehouse surrounded by alphas lying on the ground, except for the ugly one who was snarling at him. Cas stood closely behind Dean.

“Who the fuck are you? I see that bitch hiding behind you. Did he tell you a tale of what the big, bad alpha did to him? Fucking bitch was asking for it and now you’re gonna die.” Oh, yeah. Really ugly.

He heard the sharp gasp from Cas as he saw Alistair draw his gun, but Alistair’s eyes grew wide when Dean showed the shadow of his wings.

His eyes started to glow. “I was sent here by Michael on the orders of God.”

Wow, he didn’t think it was possible for that face to get even uglier. Huh. “I will make that whore watch as you die before I have my way with him again. Only this time, I’ll bleed him to death.”

“You will stand down.”

“You’re gonna suffer, you fake winged asshole!”

“You will suffer me, Alistair, and you will die.”

Chapter Text

Cas couldn’t help but hide behind his alpha as Alistair spitted his hatred at Cas and Emmie, trying to place the blame of his attack on his shoulders. Dean was making it very clear that his actions against his mate were the reason he was going to die by Dean’s hands. 

He got a bit distracted by the gorgeous wings that were shimmering and all puffed up to protect Cas and to intimidate Alistair. The glorious white with green shimmers at the bottoms and a hint of black at the quills had him staring from the moment he had spotted his alpha, but the way they looked now just blew Cas’ mind. 

The green had come alive with what looked like lightening sparking from feather to feather. It wasn’t as loud as the thunder bolts that were rolling over head with lightening strikes blowing out all the windows in the warehouse. When he peeked over Dean’s wing he could see that Alistair was determined to die instead of surrender. Idiot. 

Cas hid behind the feathers again because his mate had warned him that since he wasn't an angel, he shouldn’t look at Dean’s eyes when he confronted Alistair. He was really curious about how he would become an angel (and he really looked forward to seeing how it would work with Emmie changing into an angel) but at the moment he was having more carnal thoughts. Dean’s wings (besides being the most sensual things he had ever seen) were saturated with his alpha’s scent and it was causing his heat to come faster than he had expected. Perhaps he shouldn’t have stood where he was being bombarded by the scent that was literally made to cause him to feel loved, appreciated, and wanting to be bred by his alpha. Crap. 

Since his hands were buried in Dean’s wings (who gave them permission to do that?!?) he could tell when his alpha scented his arousal, he could feel feathers caressing his arms and legs. It was instinctual to his Angel to protect him as well as to react to his mate’s needs (even when he was obviously unaware of what he was doing since he was fully focused on the piece of trash that was still spewing hatred towards him). How hot was that: even his mate's unconscious wanted him. 

“Where the fuck did you get those crappy looking things, Big Bird?” Listening to Alistair laugh brought back bad memories for the omega like someone flipped a switch, and he needed to be away from him right now. 

“Dean,” he whispered in his ear, “please end this and take us back to our pup. Please, Alpha.” 

“As you wish. Close your eyes, Cas.” 

He slammed his eyes closed going so far as to cover them with his hands while keeping contact with his alpha for as long as he could. He heard laughing along with bullets being fired, but Dean’s glorious wings never stopped protecting him. The show of strength, the mating bite on his neck, the sensual play of his alpha’s scent curling around his nose were causing reactions that would normally be a death sentence while locked up with two testosterone pumped-up alphas, but he knew Dean was his, and he had no fear. It was astounding to the omega to not feel fear around Alistair, and it made him feel reborn. Oh, they really needed to get out of here and go see Emmie quickly before he literally threw his mate to the floor and rode him til they were both raw. 

“Alistair! Surrender and submit!” Oh, that growl. Yep, Cas could definitely feel slick leaking from his hole and he needed his alpha to fill him up. 

“Fuck you, you freak! What the hell kinda costume are you wearing? As soon as I’m done with you, I’m gonna fuck that bitch, and I'll make him watch me peel the skin from your body. I'll figure out whatever you got on, you can bet on that!” Oh, he was all kinds of stupid. 

“Well, I'm not a betting angel, but I will wager that you only have about thirty seconds left to live. Any last words? Do you wish to repent for your sins, for the evil you have done?” 

“Fuck off!” 

Cas couldn’t see what was going on (Dean and his protective feathers!) but he could hear Alistair screaming. The delusional alpha was actually begging Dean to stop but not because he was repenting, no. He was offering Dean half of ‘his’ town and access to any omega he wanted. The man was completely mistaken in thinking that any of that was what Dean wanted. Besides, was he really that dumb and not realize that Dean and Cas were mated? Assbutt. 

Silence. He peered from behind his feathered shield and saw Alistair on the ground with Dean's blade sticking out of his neck. 


Next thing he knew, he felt someone gently patting his cheek and calling his name, and he wondered what had happened. He took stock of himself before opening his eyes. Everything felt just fine, maybe a few bruises. He hadn’t been the one in front, though, the one who took on the evil Alistair...Cas’ eyes flew open as he sat up and began checking his alpha for injuries. He couldn’t help the whimpers that left his throat. He had just found Dean and he surely didn’t want to lose him! 

“Honey. Cas. I’m fine and so are you. You just fainted. Come on, sit up for me, Sweetheart.” 

Cas sat up and leaned on Dean’s chest. He buried his nose into his mate’s neck to calm himself with the scent of home from his alpha. Now that it was over, Cas could feel his body begin to shake. He tried to stop but there was too much bottled up inside him and then the shakes were accompanied by sobs. So much had changed for Cas in just a day, and he was simply overwhelmed. He calmed slightly when Dean’s arms wrapped him up and held him in a cocoon of his wings. Cas felt his alpha placing sweet kisses on his forehead, along his nose, and kissing away the tears running down his face. 

“Let’s go snuggle with Emmie for a bit, Cas. We don’t have too much time before our mating heat/rut will be in full swing.” He could smell the desire coming off of Dean and his started to ramp up again. 

“Yes, a bit of a snuggle, and then a few days with you, my Alpha. I hope we are going to pup with this heat.” 

“Me too, Honey. Hold on, Cas. Just close your eyes and picture our pup and I’ll fly us there.” He lay his head on Dean’s shoulder and thought of Emmie, lying in a bed between them, laughing and blowing raspberries at her two fathers. Cas would forever be thankful that his alpha claimed Emmie. Always. 



Chapter Text

Between one breath and the next Cas found himself back in the celebration hall standing in the arms of his alpha with their pup reaching for him from her perch on Michael’s lap. Her tiny little hands making grabby motions at them while she made little grunting noises which Cas interpreted as “Hurry up guys!”  

Just as he went to reach for her, Michael released his hold on her as he whispered “Fly, little one.” and Emmie launched herself at her alpha Daddy who caught her with ease. She had wings! Their pup had the most fluffy-white wings. Oh, my word, he thought to himself. She was just precious. 

“Hey there, babygirl. Look at those pretty wings! Aren’t they precious, Cas?” He could see, as well as smell, Dean’s nervousness as Cas stood there with his jaw on the floor. 

“She’s the most beautiful thing in all of Heaven, and she’s ours.” He had to swallow hard to keep from sobbing but he could see that Dean knew exactly what was going through his mind. 





“Go to your omega Daddy, Emmie. Fly, babygirl.” 

“She umm....she knows me as her Momma, thanks to Gabriel. He started it as a joke, but now she gets confused if someone refers to me as Daddy.” He could feel himself blush. 

“That’s alright, Cas. No reason to get embarrassed. Dean and his brother still call Mary ‘Mommy’ most of the time, although they pretend like they don’t.” Michael spoke quietly from his seat. 

“Uh, yeah. That’s true, Omega.”  

He was enjoying (probably too much) his alpha’s embarrassment as he realized that was Michael’s intention. Cas turned and smiled at the intimidating, yet sweet, Original Sire of his Mate’s family, now his family. Just then he felt arms encircle his, and turning he saw it was his mother-in-law who was smiling at Dean and Emmie. 

“Cas, why don’t you and Emmie come sit with me for a bit as Dean makes his report to Michael? We need to get you fed before your heat hits. Also, I'd like some more time with you and my grandpup.”  

Cas found himself nodding before Mary had finished speaking. When Dean tossed Emmie in the air (really only a few inches) he felt his heart fall until she just floated over to land in the arms he had opened to catch her. She gave a hearty giggle, so very proud of herself. 

“Well, aren’t you a quick study, Emmie. Yes, you are. Let's go feed Momma, get you a bottle, and visit with ...what do you want to be called, Mary?” he asked as he turned to look at her, noticing for the first time that Dean got his eyes from his Mother. 

“Grammie, that’s what I used to call my grandmother, if that’s alright.” Somehow he wasn’t surprised that his mate got his shyness from his mother too. 

“Emmie, come on with Momma and Grammie.” He leaned over to kiss Dean’s cheek before letting their pup try to chew on his chin (her form of a kiss). Dean laughed and refused to wipe the slobber off his chin until Emmie wasn’t watching. 

Cas followed Mary to her seat, sitting next to her and handing over Emmie to Mary’s own set of grabby hands. He huffed out a laugh at her antics but was soon distracted by the plate of delicious food set before him by a young man who gave him a sweet, shy smile. 

“Who was that?” he asked while cutting his steak. 

“That’s Alfie. He's the sweetest thing. He comes from Michael, too. We’re hoping that he finds his mate tomorrow. Not all of the eligible alphas found their mate in today’s ceremony, which almost never happens, so there will be another tomorrow. I have a feeling....” He looked to where she was staring to see what caused her to stop speaking. 

He watched as Gabe and Sam were whispering to each other, totally oblivious to anyone else in the hall. Well, that was interesting. He never thought that Gabe wanted to mate with anyone. After what Cas had gone through, it seemed as if his brother was determined to remain alone. Chewing his steak (which was so damn good), he mused to himself that he of course, had never expected to find his alpha either. 

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” He huffed a laugh as Emmie tried to reach for his plate. Cas got some mashed potatoes on his finger and let her suck on them. She had a ferocious appetite and he was glad that she was on some soft foods, now.  

“Michael did, he just wasn’t expecting Gabe to show up now,” she laughed. When she realized that Emmie wasn’t going to let Cas eat in peace, she motioned for Alfie to come over. 

“Yes Ma’am?” 

“Alfie, dear, bring my grandpup some mashed potatoes and gravy, please.”  

“Right away.” And it literally was. Somehow (he guessed he would learn eventually) Alfie made the bowl appear out of thin air. He thanked him before returning to his own dinner. Mary refused him when he said he could feed Emmie, saying that it was her privilege. He shrugged and accepted that his pup had many more people (angels) who loved her, too. 

“Mary, may I ask you something?” 

“You most certainly can, Cas.”  

“Well, it’s just that you, Sam, Michael, and everyone that’s here has accepted Emmie and me without reservations or question. Someone is missing though, and I wondered if it was purposefully, or is your Mate avoiding what is a day of celebration?” He tried (and failed) to keep his voice and scent neutral but he had to know what he was up against regarding John Winchester. 

“Oh, Cas. If I were still human, I would lie and say he was too busy to come. However, I will never lie to you. My mate is an asshole. Since the boys were pups he has trained them to be soldiers, often putting them up against each other to fight. He did so against my and Michael’s wishes. John only got away with it because Michael was distracted by the war, but once it was over (at least for the time being) and he realized what John was up to, well, he punished him. He also informed me, so I was able to get my sons back to being brothers.” She stopped to accept the beer that Alfie appeared with for them. 

“I see. May I ask why he doesn’t want to at least meet us?” He pushed his plate away, having lost his appetite. 

“He doesn’t want to see his ‘soldiers’ be happy. John hasn’t been happy in years, not since his parents were lost in the war. He envisioned that Dean or Sam would help avenge them. He has never been concerned for their happiness. John’s afraid that being mated and having pups would soften them. I think its best if you just don’t worry about John Winchester.” She tossed Emmie (it was gonna take a while to get used to that!) over to him. 

“I will heed your advice, Mary, but know that if he hurts Dean again, I will protect my mate and our pups from him, even if he is his father.” He had never been so angry at someone he had never met, so he found himself glad to be distracted by Emmie, who was babbling. 

Her little “mmm...omma...mmm...omma’s” were the cutest things. Cas couldn’t wait until she actually could call him Momma (damn it, Gabe!). Plus, to hear her call Dean “Daddy” would just be the best thing ever. When he expressed that to Mary, she assured him it wouldn’t be much longer. Since she was now an angel she would be mentally developing in leaps and bounds, although she would grow normally in the physical sense. Michael wanted his family to enjoy being pups before they were full-fledged grown angels. 

“Here, cuddle this lil’ bug. Dean’s on his way over and I believe you two need to leave soon. I don’t want you to worry about her, Cas. She will be well cared for and Dean can call when you have a few moments of peace, so you can see her.” 

“Thank you, Mary.”  

Cas could smell his mate behind him, and heard him playing peek-a-boo with Emmie,  so he did what everyone else had done, he tossed her in the air trusting that Dean would catch their pup (prayed), and he did. 

Chapter Text

Cas was enjoying the walk to their home/nest. It was so beautiful here, so peaceful. The only thing breaking the quiet was Emmie’s quiet giggles as Dean would chuck her chin, or as she peeked over his shoulder to smile at Gabriel and Sam, who were following them so they could take her for the night. Mary was going to watch her tomorrow. He kept wanting to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming, but he knew he couldn’t have dreamt an alpha as wonderful as his. 

Having gotten lost in his own thoughts, he was surprised when Dean’s hand in his brought him to a stop in front of the prettiest little cottage he had ever seen. The first thought that came to mind was ‘home.’ The cottage was a pale blue with white accents. The steps leading to the front porch were wide enough that he and Dean could walk up together with Emmie and future pups between them. At the top of the stairs were double glass panel doors with large windows on either side, letting him look inside to see how cozy it looked. Plants, flowers, and herbs were in pots hanging, as well as sitting on the small tables set around the outdoor furniture.  

“Oh, Alpha. It's gorgeous!” He leaned over to place a kiss on Dean’s blushing cheek, laughing when Emmie tried to push her head between them, the jealous little thing. 

“You really like it, Cas? We can change anything you want, plus we need to fix a room for our pup.” He was kissing Emmie’s head after every word just to hear her laugh. Cas’ inner omega wanted to purr. 

“We can figure out her room soon enough. For now, she’ll be in her crib in our room, at least ‘til she’s settled and I know how her wings work.” Cas could smell his nervousness coming out and immediately Dean had Emmie and him wrapped in his arms. 

“That’s perfect, Omega. Come on, let’s go inside and get Emmie’s bag.” He leaned to whisper into his ear, “I can smell your heat and it’s starting, Honey.” He was surprised to find that he was beginning to feel overheated and quite parched. 

“Y...yes, I agree. Plus, I need some water or something.” He pressed his nose into Emmie’s hair, wanting to keep her scent in his nose for a bit longer. 

“Mom dropped off everything you will need, earlier today.” 


Cas took a few minutes alone (with his Gatorade and Emmie, of course) to walk through the cottage. His alpha had done a wonderful job making a nest with which any omega would be thrilled. In the living room there was a large sectional (lots of pillows and blankets too) across from the biggest television he had ever seen, and Gabe was asking Dean where he could get one for himself. He decided to follow his nose to the main nest (he could smell his alpha’s scent coming down the hallway so strongly), what with his heat starting and all. 

Pushing open the solid wooden door, Cas gasped as he looked into the room. The walls were a light cream with a soft blue border and accent wall. He glanced at the walls to see picture frames scattered all around the room, but he would check those out later. Right now, oh, right now he had to examine the bed. It was huge! He was gonna have to ask Dean how it fit in the house. It was big enough that four or more of him and Dean would fit, with room left for pups!  

There were so many pillows, sleeping and decorative. Blankets upon blankets were draped across the foot of the bed. He knew without a doubt that Mary had taught Dean all about omegas loving soft things, being warm (thank goodness, because it certainly was not that warm up here) and secure in their nest. Cas sat on the side of the bed letting Emmie stand on his thighs as they both looked around. He couldn’t wait to be alone with his alpha here in this bed.  

“Come on, Emmie. Let’s go look around some more, ok?” He kissed her nose and closed the bedroom door, back the way it was before they entered. 

The next room he came upon was a small bathroom, or, what they call a half-bath. Opening the door on the other side of the bathroom, it led him to the kitchen. It was small and cheery, a place Cas could envision having morning coffee with his mate, or with family meals around the small, round table (that looked hand-made!), and he loved that there was a half-wall which allowed him to see into the living room while he was in the kitchen. 

He stood in front of the sliding glass doors, looking outside when Emmie began laughing at something (Dean) behind him. Cas gave her a sip of his drink before letting Dean take his weight as he rested with his back against his chest. 

“This backyard is amazing.  I can’t wait ‘til it’s full of pups playing, or flying around.” He laughed to himself. He was gonna have to get used to his pups flying! 

“I’m glad you like it, Cas. I wanted to build a comfortable nest and well, Mom helped a lot, telling me things that omegas like and that would make raising pups here easier.” Dean took Emmie from his arms, since she was falling asleep while still holding on the Gatorade bottle. 

“Normally Sammy lives in his nest, which is just over the mountain back there.” He was pointing to a large, beautiful mountain he could see through the doors. “But while he’s gonna watch our girl here with Gabriel, they’re gonna stay in the guest room, there....see the lights?” He was pointing to a small, almost shed-sized, building just at the edge of the yard. 

“Oh, that’s nice.” He drained his drink as he felt his temperature going up. They didn’t have too much time left before his heat hit him full blast. 

“Come on, Omega. Let's take Emmie to her uncles, yeah?” He accepted Dean’s kiss, nodding his head in agreement.  

They walked back to the living room to find Gabe laughing like a loon, while Sam was looking at Gabe like he was a loon.  

“Gabriel?” He had plenty of experience with his brother’s so-called sense of humor, enough to be wary. 

“What’s up, Cassie?” Gabe gave him his ‘I’m so innocent’ look. 

“I don’t want to know what you’ve done, for now, but it’s time for you to take Emmie. My heat is here.” He handed her to Dean to let him say goodbye, as his brother pulled him a bit away from the group. 

“Are you happy, Castiel?” He was surprised at the seriousness on his brother’s face. 

“Yes,” he replied, patting the hand that Gabriel had placed on his arm. 

“One hundred percent, no questions?” Aw, Gabe looked so earnest. He was very sweet, and it touched him. 

“Gabriel.” He forced him to let go so he could hug his brother. “I promise you, I am happy. Please take good care of Emmie. Also, until I find out more, I need you to make sure that John Winchester stays far away from her and from you.” 



Chapter Text

It took a few minutes for the sets of brothers to say goodbye, especially since her fathers didn’t want to let Emmie go,  but finally Dean told Sam and Gabriel they needed to go, because Cas was beginning to perspire at an alarming rate. His omega was in heat, and it was time for the others to leave! 

“I’ll call you when I can so you can bring our pup over for a bit. I don’t want her to get upset missing Cas too much.” Dean told his brother as he watched him (along with Emmie who was wrapped in Gabriel’s arms) walking out the back towards the guest house. 

“Sure thing, Dean. Have a good time.” He could have sworn that there was a wistful tone to his voice but before he could think too much about it, he heard Cas whispering behind. 

“Alpha, please.” 

Dean turned to see his mate standing there with glassy eyes, sweat glistening on his skin, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. The sight of so much skin (and he had only gotten the top three buttons undone!) caused a growl to emerge from deep in Dean’s chest. He needed to take care of his mate, right now! 

“Cas, go to our room, remove your clothes and wait for me. Please.” He did not use his ‘alpha’ voice on him. He made it a request. He respected Cas and he wanted to show him that. 

“ won’t be long, will you?” the omega whispered. 

“No, honey. I just want to gather some things we’ll need while we’re tied together. Go on, now.” He smiled at the look of relief on his mate’s face. 

When Cas walked out of the kitchen to go get ready, Dean grabbed a cooler from the pantry and put inside some drinks and snacks. He knew he could always just make whatever they needed to appear (he was an angel after all) but he and his brother had been raised to do things in more of a human manner by Mary. To be honest, they both preferred to do things that way. Once he had everything they would need for the first few rounds of Cas’ heat, Dean followed his after his mate. 

When Dean stepped into their inner nest, he found Cas standing at the end of the bed, naked as he asked, just staring at their bed. His inner alpha wanted to roar at the smell of the omega’s slick and the beauty standing before him. He sat the cooler on the bedside table before turning to look at Cas, instantly getting caught up in those riveting blue eyes. Dean felt his chest puff up when those eyes widened, then darkened even more with lust as he watched the alpha remove his own clothing. 

When he was completely naked, he sat down on the bed propping his back on some pillows against the headboard before holding his hand out for Cas to join him. He smiled gently at him when he could smell how nervous his was. He helped his omega get on the bed so that he was straddling Dean, sitting on his thighs with their chests touching on each inhale. He liked having him so close, because could see the many different shades of blue that made up his gorgeous and bashful eyes. 

“Why are you so nervous, Cas?” he asked while securing his hands on the man’s hips. “I won’t do anything you don’t want, I will never hurt you, Omega. You know that, right?” 

“Don’t ask stupid questions, Dean. Of course, I know that. I'm just...I don’t want to disappoint you, or freeze up because of what happened before.” Dean reached up to rescue the poor bottom lip that Cas was attempting to cannibalize by pulling it out of his teeth with his thumb. 

“You could never disappoint me, Dear Heart. I have no expectations as to what we can do together. Regarding your past, I can take away your fears if you want. You know he’s dead and can’t hurt you anymore, but I can take away your fears of what happened in the past. You are so strong, Honey, and you’ve carried this for so long, please let me help you in the only way I can.” He rubbed soft circles on his hip bones to soothe the omega. 

“ would you do that, Alpha?” It took everything in him not to moan when Cas placed one hand on his shoulder and the other on his chest. Now was time for talking and reassuring his mate, they would get to the moaning stuff soon enough. 

“All I have to do is place a finger on your forehead. You would still remember but your fear would be gone. It will happen when you become an angel, but I can hurry it along a bit, if you want.” he pushed out his scent a bit more knowing it would help calm the omega. 

“When will I become an angel?” He loved the tilted head that Cas did when he was thinking. He had only known his mate for a very short amount of time but it was something he adored about the man. 

“After your heat is over. You won’t get assigned to the Cupids til after our pups are grown, but everything else that comes with being an angel will happen after this heat.” Dean could feel the dampness coming from his mate on his legs each time he said the word ‘heat’ which caused a definite reaction to his cock. 

“I see.” Cas looked down gazing at his cock, letting the alpha know that he had felt his reaction. “I believe I would like for you to take away the fear because I want this time to belong to us, completely.” 

Dean laid his hand on Cas’ cheek gazing into his eyes, letting his own show his mate how much he loved him, respected him, and desired him. Sliding his hand up his jaw, thumbing his earlobe he continued to stare at him til he could feel some of the tension leave the omega’s body and he could even begin to smell the man’s arousal again. Leaning forward he slotted their lips together in a lust filled kiss while at the same time he placed one finger from his other hand on Cas’ forehead.  

In that split second of touch Cas fell forward to bury his face in Dean’s neck while he sobbed in relief. Dean had been expecting the break down, the relief, while the last couple of days caught up with his Mate. So much had happened, so quickly, that he had been surprised it had taken so long for Cas to release everything. He brought out his wings (another thing Mary had them do is only have them out when they consciously wanted) to surround his omega, to steady him and give him comfort. 

Cas only cried for a little while before Dean could smell his scent go from relief to the beginnings of arousal again. When he could feel Cas’ hips grind down ever so gently, Dean put his wings away and palmed the cheeks of the omega’s pert and plump ass. It was a great ass. He had been sneaking looks at it since the moment they met.  

“Dean?” The feel of his mate’s lips moving against his skin caused his whole body to roll up into Cas’. 


“Before we go where our instincts and desires are telling us, I just need you to know that I will never let your Father hurt you or our pups, ever,” he promised against Dean’s lips before sliding his tongue in the alpha’s mouth. 

Son of a bitch!, Dean thought but he wasn’t sure it if was what Cas had said, or the kiss, but he could feel tears in the corner of his eyes at the same time he could feel his cock filling out more to rub along the slick groove between his omega’s cheeks. It was gonna be awesome and he was more than ready to lose his virginity with Cas.  


Chapter Text

Dean wasn’t sure if they had been kissing for minutes or even hours. Even when Cas leaned back to look at him from under his lashes and he got a look at his omega’s lips, he wasn’t sure. They were red, swollen, and shiny with spit, and his blue eyes were dark with lust, giving Dean a thrill that he had caused such a reaction in his mate. The alpha was beside himself with how much he wanted him. He knew the mechanics of mating (man, that class was embarrassing ), but knowing and doing were completely different. Right now, he was relying on his instincts. Dean wanted to make this as good for Cas as he could. Taking a deep breath, he stared into those bottomless blue eyes, and listened to his gut for his next move. 

“Raise up a bit, Cas,” he told the omega, helping him raise his bottom up just enough so that Dean could move his hand down between their bodies. He wanted to reach through Cas’ legs to tease his hole with a finger.  

He held Cas still with his free hand settled on the lower part of the omega's back. As soon as he felt Dean’s finger teasing him, Cas had tried to push down on it and Dean needed to tease him a bit first. When his mate threw his head back in want and need, the alpha leaned forward to run his nose along the clavicle that had been tempting him all day. When he followed the same path with his tongue Cas let out a guttural sound that made his canines drop in need to be inside his mate. It took everything he had to control his inner alpha that simply wanted to flip Cas on his back and thrust his cock into the tight, hot heat he could feel with the tip of his finger. He managed, barely, because he really wanted to pleasure Cas first. 

Dean felt his omega’s hand gently grasp the head of his cock and, fuck he could’ve come right then and there. Without a conscious thought Dean began grazing his teeth over the stretched cord in his mate’s neck while growling, earning a whimper and another gush of slick from his mate. His actions made the alpha realize there was something he needed to tell Cas.  

“Cas,” he muttered against his glistening skin, because removing his mouth from Cas was damn near impossible at the moment. 

“Ye...yeah?” Fuck! Cas’ voice usually sounded like he had gargled with whisky but Now , it sounded as if he had chomped on the glass afterwards. 

“Before I totally lose the ability to think at all, I need you to know that when we are knotted we need to bite each other again.” He couldn’t keep from sucking a deep hickey on top of the already healed bite that he had placed on Cas’ neck during their ceremony in front of Michael. 

“What, why?” Damn, he did the head tilt again. He prayed that their pups wouldn't do that or he’d have a hard time saying no to them. 

“The second bite while we’re mated is what gives you some of my grace to change you to into an angel.” He ran his hand up and down the strong muscles of Cas’ back to soothe him. 

“Will I change immediately?” 

“I don’t know how long it actually takes, Omega. That is the one detail that no one ever speaks of and when our pups are old enough to be mated, we won’t speak of it. I can smell your nerves but I can assure you that you will feel no pain, Honey.” Dean tried to push out a comforting scent, he just didn’t know if it could overtake his aroused scent. 

“Well, let’s get on with it, Alpha. I need you, please.” Hearing his mate beg did things to the alpha. Really good things, so he got on with it. 

Dragging his nails up Cas’ spine until he could pull his head back his hair, Dean attacked his neck again with lips, tongue and teeth. He opened his mouth wide right above Cas’ Adam’s apple and held on with his canines as he breeched his hole with his middle finger, causing the omega to shout his name. 

He slowly thrust his finger in and out of his mate, going a bit deeper each time he thrust in. Pulling Cas closer so that he could feel the omega’s cock rubbing against him with a hand gripped on his ass cheek, Dean added a second finger on the next thrust. He took his time with just the two, slowly spreading them as he worked on him, so that he could stretch Cas enough so he wouldn’t hurt him when they mated. Dean knew that an omega’s body was built to take an alpha cock, but his mom had explained that prep was better for everyone involved.  

Feeling Cas undulating his hips so he could rub his cock on Dean threatened to break the hold on his inner alpha. He appeased it by sucking an impressive mark behind his mate’s ear, damn near drawing blood. On the next slide of his fingers deep inside Cas, Dean found what he had been searching for. The “Fuck, Dean!” letting him know that he had found his prostate. Now, now , he would bring his omega pleasure. 

Relentlessly, Dean brushed his fingers over that perfect spot, which caused Cas to cry out while frantically pushing back on his fingers then pushing forward to grind his cock on him. Damn, he was a lucky alpha. Driving his omega crazy was doing things to him, awesome fucking things. His cock had never been harder and all he could hear in his mind was mate, claim, breed, mate, claim, breed . In his mating class (or the many ‘talks’ his mom insisted on with him and his brother) never had anyone told him how out of control yet settled he would feel when he was intimate with his omega, and they were just getting started. 

Dean took his time pleasuring his mate and was rewarded a few moments later when Cas came, his cock untouched, shooting his cum across Dean’s abs. He watched as the omega tried to catch his breath, giving him a moment before he began moving his fingers again. While he began thrusting in and out of the tight channel, he did avoid his prostate this time, giving him a bit of a breather. 

“Cas, I want you to lay down. Lay on your stomach, Honey. I need to taste you.” 

“Yes, Alpha!” he yelled, as he scrambled to do as Dean asked. 

He could feel his eyes turning red at the sight of this beautiful omega before him settling down between Dean’s legs with his head at the foot of the bed and his gorgeous, thick thighs draped over the alpha’s bow legs. He got lost just enjoying the sight until he realized that his mate’s cum was still on him. He swiped a finger through it, bringing it to his mouth and licking it off. 

“Damn, Cas. You taste so good, can’t wait to swallow your slick too.” Dean realized his words and actions were making his mate impatient and humping the mattress. He chuckled to himself. That would not do. Turning his attention to Cas' glorious behind, Dean maneuvered himself until his face was inches from the object of his desire. 

“Omega, reach back and hold yourself open for me, please.” He wasn’t sure if it was what he asked or the fact that he asked but Cas whimpered as he hurriedly complied. 

Closing his eyes for a moment (he was about to shoot off before he even mated with his omega and that just wouldn’t do!) Dean inhaled the apple pie scent that had been getting stronger as Cas’ heat intensified. N ow with his nose brushing against the plump, firm cheek that was wet with slick, it was heady, causing the alpha’s stomach to flutter and his dick to leak.  

He took one more moment to enjoy the vision that was his mate. Thick thighs covered in dark hair made Dean appreciate the omega's dedication to jogging, which more than likely also contributed to Cas' beautiful ‘bubble butt’: round, firm, and so delectable. Glancing up, Dean enjoyed the view of the strong back muscles he had felt when soothing his mate earlier. The same muscles that were now rolling as he was still slightly humping the mattress. Finally, he looked directly at the source of the aromatic nectar that was Cas’ and Cas’ only. His rim was pink, shiny, and still looked tight even though Dean had fingered him. Oh, how he wanted to bury himself inside his mate, but first, a small taste. 

“Dean!” Dean was startled at the scream Cas let out, and the fact that the omega came again just from the first lick across his rim. Hehehe....this was gonna be fun. 

“Alpha, please! I need you inside me, please!” He really couldn’t help the thrill that shot through him (especially through his dick) when his omega begged. 

“Soon, Honey. I'm always gonna take care of you,” he replied as he again licked some slick up and swallowed the ambrosia. 

Dean flicked his tongue across Cas’ rim as fast as he could, going faster and faster as he gloried in the whimpers escaping his man’s mouth. When he actually slipped the tip of his tongue inside his mate, Cas actually purred and hollered “Fuck!” at the same time, causing the alpha to bark out a laugh with his still tongue inside. Now that he had tasted his omega he couldn’t stop. Making his tongue as firm as possible he began fucking Cas with it while kneading those stunning ass cheeks, letting Cas relax his arms that had begun shaking with the effort of holding himself open while being overwhelmed with desire. 

He was so lost in the flavors exploding in his mouth that he didn’t quite realize that Cas had had enough. One second, he’s tongue deep in his omega, and the next Cas had flipped over and Dean was face-planting on his mate’s hard cock. Huh. It was a very pretty cock, so he did what came naturally, and swallowed him down until his nose was buried in the dark hair at the base.  

“Dean! If you don’t fuck me, knot me and bite me, I'm gonna thump you upside your head!” Dean wanted to laugh at the exasperation on Cas’ face, but he wasn’t stupid. Nope, not him. He pulled off his cock with a wet slurp before sitting up, then grabbed Cas underneath his knees to spread his legs wider. 

“Yes, Omega.” He couldn’t help the smirk that spread on his face but he knew that his mate could see the love shining from his eyes, because he saw it reflected back at him. 

Wrapping Cas’ legs around his waist he leaned on one arm, and took his cock in the other to guide himself to his mate's entrance. Locking eyes with him, he waited until the omega nodded before looking down to watch, as the tip of the head breeched his rim. Shit! He didn’t know if he was gonna make it. Cas was hot, tight, and wet, making him feel as if he was being squeezed in a vice, a beautiful, seductive, sensual vice.  

“More, Alpha. Dean, I need more!” 

Slowly, as he still wanted to be careful with his mate, Dean pushed further in, an inch at a time with his eyes watching every twitch on Cas’ face, making sure there was nothing but pleasure there. When Cas began chewing his bottom lip again, Dean had to rescue it by bending down to pull it into his mouth with gentle suction. The change in his position helped him bottom out with his hips flush to his omega making his inner alpha howl, which came out as a fierce growl (with a slight sound at the end that could have been a whimper if he wasn’t an alpha). He'd deny to anyone (except for Cas) that he whimpered, but, damn did it feel good to be connected to his mate the only way mates could be. 

Holding completely still with his eyes closed, he was surprised to feel Cas place his hand on his cheek. He buried his face in his neck (no he wasn’t hiding, thank you very much!) as he was flooded with emotions. He could feel the love for his omega but he could also feel the love the man had for him. For an alpha that had been sure he was unworthy of being anything more than a soldier, it was overwhelming. 

“Dean, baby. It’s alright.” He loved the feeling of Cas’ fingers stroking through his hair and lightly scratching his scalp with his nails. Damn, that could make him purr for sure. 

“Just need a minute, Cas,” he mumbled from his hiding spot, lips moving over his mate’s skin. 

“Take all the time you need, Alpha. I'm not going anywhere. I'm yours.” Huh...Raising up to look at Cas he questioned. 


“Of course, Dean. Yours, just as you are mine.” 

“Yours,” is the last thing Dean said before he began to give his omega what he had been begging for.  


Chapter Text

It was awesome feeling Cas tighten around his cock, to feel more slick easing out of his hole, so much that it was coating his balls. Fuck, it felt so good. Each time he was literally balls deep in his omega, Cas would squeeze him tight, not wanting Dean to pull out. He knew that he wasn’t going to last very long (alpha or not, he was still a virgin) but he wanted Cas to get off again before he knotted him. Practice makes perfect and he was so down to practice … a lot.  

Propping himself on one elbow, Dean slid his other hand under his omega’s bottom so that he could pull him up tighter to him , which ensured that the head of his cock would press against Cas’ prostate on each grind or thrust of the alpha’s hips. While that spot felt slightly rough against his sensitive head (and so freakin’ amazing!), Dean couldn’t wait to experience what Cas’ cock would feel like brushing against his prostate when he had his omega inside him.  

“Dean!” His Mate’s plea brought the alpha out of the thoughts of Cas’ pounding into him back to the roll of his own hips as he thrust slow , but hard , so he was buried deep into his heat.  

“Yeah, Cas?” Dean asked as he ground their hips together while he left small little hickies all across the man’s clavicle.  

Fuuuuuuuuuck ! Please!” the omega yelled in pleasure and just a bit of frustration.   

Taking his time grinding into Cas, Dean watched the blue of his mate’s eyes disappear with love and desire. He knew Cas was seeing the same love in his eyes. He began gently rolling the muscles of his back which caused his cock to pull out just a bit before gliding back over Cas’ prostate , but a pparently, Cas was done with waiting. He lifted his legs to wrap them around Dean’s shoulders then he grabbed him by the ass so hard Dean knew he’d have bruises, and he was o.k. with that. More than o.k. with his omega leaving his marks anywhere on his body.  

“Alright, Sweetheart. I won’t tease you anymore. I'm gonna make you feel so good, I . ..I love you Cas, so much.” Dean whispered in Cas’ ear , then he shifted back on his legs so he could place his hands on the back of his thighs and he began to pound into him.  

Dean was happily surprised that his instincts were making his omega feel so good. Truth be told, he was impressed that he lasted long enough for Cas to have multiple orgasms before his knot locked them together. Seriously surprised because Damn!, did it feel good to have his cock buried in Cas. He had been very careful when he began thrusting in and out, not wanting to cause his mate any discomfort, but finally Cas showed him what he needed when he grabbed him by the ass cheeks to pull him harder into him. After that, Dean got with the program.  



It was late the next morning, after they had mated several times throughout the night, when Dean woke so suddenly that he knocked Cas off the bed when he sat up. He immediately helped his mate up but when the omega wanted to step up and hug him, he stepped back, causing Cas to give him the cute, puzzled, head-tilty thing. 

“Dean?” he heard Cas question while gently laying a hand on Dean’s shoulder.  

“Omega, we have to go, now!” was the only explanation he gave before placing two fingers on his mate’s forehead and instantaneously they were dressed. He then grabbed Cas in a tight hold and flew them to where his Mom was calling for him.  


As soon as they landed in his parents living room , Dean could see the problem . H e also watched as Sam, Gabriel, and Michael all appeared in the room. He flew to stand between his m om and d ad, flaring out his wings to prevent John from being able to see Mary and his pup (who was screaming bloody murder) and Michael was instantly at his side.  

“Stand down, John Winchester ,” Michael whispered. When Michael was mad, he yelled, but when he was about to smite someone, he whispered. Scary as fuck and effective, usually.  

“My sons are not soft! They are warriors, they should never have been allowed to give up on their training , and now , n ow you have Dean soft with a pup who is not even his!” Dean was feeling nothing but murderous towards John but he held his tongue , knowing that this had been coming for a while now : this showdown between Michael and John.   

Dean could feel Cas and Gabe behind his wings with his Mom, comforting Emmie. Poor lil pup, she was not happy at all. Sam stepped up to his other side , so that now there were three alphas facing John. He really didn’t seem to realize that he was out numbered . H e just kept spewing hate towards Dean’s mate and pup.   

“John.” Dean got his attention with one word. When he looked at Dean , he reluctantly saw that he was standing guard over the ones who he thought was ruining him.  

“Dean, you know you belong in the next war fighting by my side.” John pleaded with his first born.  

“No, I belong with my mate and our pup.” H e could hear Emmie hiccupping through the last of her tears. Cas holding her close while she was able to grab Dean’s wings is what finally seemed to ease her hysterics. Too much yelling along with angry alpha stench was overwhelming for his pup.  

“Mary,” Michael called to her, “what happened here?” he inquired as he waved his hand behind him . Dean could hear his pup laughing now and he heard Cas question where the hell a kitten just came from. Dean watched his Mom walk around to stand on the other side of Michael keeping her eyes on John as she spoke.   

“I was just getting ready to feed Emmie when John came in on a tear. He was going on and on about how things would go back to the way they should be if only he got rid of Emmie and Cas. I was handling things fine, until he decided to try and reach for my g randpup ,” she spat out.  

“Excuse me? You reached for my pup?” Dean growled low in his chest in anger, and he could also hear Cas growl, but he stayed behind Dean’s wings caring for Emmie.  

At the same time, he could hear Cas huffing at his brother that he didn’t know if they were keeping a damn kitten! Really, Gabriel there are so many more important issues at hand right now! We should name him Shawn.” His omega was amazing. Not only was he growling along with Dean, he’s caring for their scared pup, dealing with his brother (who was like no one Dean had encountered before), and Cas had named (their, apparently new) kitten. 

“Yes, he was reaching for her to try and take her from me , but when I refused, he began to use his Alpha voice on me, trying to demand that I obey him.”   

“I see. Dean, please take your m ate and pup home, I will deal with John but be sure to say goodbye if you wish before you leave. You will not have another chance.” Michael never took his eyes off John as he spoke.   

Dean had no need to say anything more to John . H e just wanted to get his family home. When he pushed his wings in, he saw that Gabriel was holding Emmie (but she immediately reached for Dean when she saw his face) and Cas was stalking towards John, with a little orange , stripped kitten in one hand. When Dean went to reach for the omega, Michael stilled his hand and told him to watch.  

Cas walked up to stand toe to toe with John Winchester and smacked him across the face. When John began to snarl every other angel in the room began growling and Gabriel covered Emmie’s ears because the growling made her begin to sniffle again.   

“You will never lay a hand on our pups or my alpha again. Your form of teaching was nothing more than child abuse. I'm sure if Dean and Sam were to actually speak of the things you did to them that Mary and Michael would have not hing but contempt for you. I was appalled at the things he shared with me.” Dean was shocked at Cas’ words but his next action floored, and aroused him.   

Cas drew his fist back and knocked John Winchester the fuck down .  

Chapter Text

Dean was in awe of  his omega. He had stood up to John Winchester then knocked him on his ass. Now wasn't the time to get aroused, but damn did he wanna be alone with Cas. Just as he was about to grab his omega and fly back to their nest, Michael stepped forward and raised his hand towards John and in that instant John disappeared.

"There will be a trial in an hour," was all the Elder said before he too was gone.

"Alpha? Please don't be mad." Dean's eyes found his mate's blue eyes filling with tears and he could smell the distress coming off of Cas.

Before he could answer, Emmie began squalling, for she, too, could smell Cas. Dean cuddled his pup and then they both cuddled Cas. He whispered words of love, devotion, and praise in his omega's ear while Emmie chewed on Cas' chin while murmuring "mummm, mumm, um". Damn she was cute.

"Alright, we'll meet at Dean and Cas' nest in 45 minutes so we can all be together before we go over to the court. Boys, you need to give my grandpup some snuggles and you two can come with me," Mary said before flying off with Sammy and Gabriel.

Cas looked up at him with tears still in his eyes and choked out "take us home, Alpha," so that's what he did.

They had been home for a bit, all of them snuggled on the couch. Emmie would kiss Cas, then Dean, and then Shawn before she started all over again. Dean kept his arm around his mate's shoulders giving him comfort and he would kiss him on the cheek when Emmie would slobber on his chin. Their antics were keeping a smile on the omega's face and laughter bubbling up from his chest.

"So, our kitten's name is Shawn?" he asked with a brow raised in question.

"Well it's the first thing that came to me. I was a bit distracted, Alpha. Do you want to name him?" Dean didn't mean to upset Cas, again. Crap.

"No, Sweetheart. I like the name, honestly. I was just curious why that was the name you picked," he reassured Cas.

"He was the first little boy that Gabriel brought around that wanted me to play with them. The other friends he played with all ignored me calling me 'odd, weird' and such." He could hear every hurt feeling in his mate's whispers.

"They were idiots," he growled out. Emmie reached up to pat him on the chest, already trying to make her alpha daddy feel better.

"True, and Gabriel perfected his tricks on the ones who were mean and unaccepting of me." Dean loved the crooked little smirk Cas threw his way before he pretended to eat Emmie's toes, making her giggle until tears began running down her cheeks.

"So, tell me about this trial," Cas asked him as the omega was walking to the kitchen to get Emmie a bottle after laying her over Dean's lap so she could bite on his knee.

"I've only been to one other trial but it's fairly simple. Michael will walk up to each of us and place his finger on our foreheads. He will be able to see what John has done to each of us and how it has affected us." He took the bottle from Cas and quickly placed it in his pup's mouth. She definitely had his appetite!

"Oh, Alpha. I am so sorry, if you had wanted him to know you would have said something. Now because of me you will have your private thoughts exposed." He watched the tears began to shimmer in those blue eyes.

"Stop right there, Omega. You did nothing wrong. You were only protecting your family. Something John should have been doing, and not trying to divide me and Sammy. He and I should have told Mom or Michael a long time ago instead of hiding it." He kept one hand on Emmie's bottle and carded the fingers of his free hand through his mate's permanently messy hair.


Their pup was lying nestled in the cradle of his lap, head on one thigh and her feet beating on the other while she watched the both of them. She was almost done with her bottle, but Dean figured it would be good to give her something else before the trial. He snickered a bit (well 'til Cas gave him a look ) when the omega jumped as the jar of applesauce appeared on the coffee table.

"Very funny, Dean," the blue-eyed cutie groused, but with a smile as he began spooning the mushy apples into Emmie's wide open mouth. Yep, definitely had his appetite.

Dean could feel his inner alpha preening because he had made his omega and pup happy. He never thought he had it in him. Well, at least that's what John had drummed into his head: telling him that he was a soldier, a stone cold killer, an avenger, a machine. Dean had heard this everyday, all day , since the time that he was old enough that John felt it was time to start his training.

He was so happy that Michael believed he was good enough to raise the next generation of pups and that he was blessed to have such an awesome (not to mention damn fine looking ) omega to call his own. Emmie was the greatest bonus that he could imagine, so sweet and adorable. Dean was proud to claim her and to get to raise her. He couldn't wait until she was just a bit older and he could take her flying for the first time. She really seemed to love her wings already so he could only imagine how much she'll love flying around Heaven, but right this minute he was just going to watch her eat her applesauce and hold his omega.

Dean was standing talking to his brother while they were waiting outside Michael's office, waiting to be called in for John's trial. Cas was a few feet away talking quietly with Gabriel who was giving Emmie raspberries on the back of her neck. Her giggles were the balm his nerves needed because he wasn't looking forward to Michael seeing what all John had done to he and Sammy.

"Are you ready, Sammy?" He was worried about his younger brother.

"I am. Don't get me wrong, I probably never would have said anything on my own, but with him trying to hurt your family? I'm ready to help end this." Dean couldn't find the words to thank him so he just wrapped his giant of a little brother in a hug.

"Dean!" He turned to look at Cas when he heard him shout his name, just in time to catch his baby girl that wanted in on the hug. When she was close enough he wrapped his arm around her, pulling her between them.

"Hey, Blondie-girl! Did you just leave your Dada alone with your Uncle? Huh? Did you?" He really loved baby talk.

"Mummm, umm?" she replied looking back over to see Cas walking towards them.

"Can you say Dada? I bet you can." He had released Sammy from his death-grip hug to reach out for his mate's hand. "This is your Dada. Say Dada," he encouraged her as he pulled Cas into their cuddle.

"Mummmm Da!" she said looking at Dean for approval. He laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

"It's a start Blondie-Girl."

'Hey! I taught her to know Cas as Mama!" Gabriel griped as he stood next to Sammy.

"I know that, but Cas is not a woman. He's all male, thank you very much and so, he and I decided to try and get her to call him Dada. If she won't then we'll be fine with it but it's worth a shot. Right, Honey?" He looked to Cas.

"Absolutely, Dean. He will be Daddy and I'll be Dada or Mummm Da!." He loved to hear his omega laugh so hard that he had to hold his belly with his head thrown back.

Just then the door opened and Michael walked out. He smiled at them all, enjoying seeing their laughter, or so it seemed since he joined in.

"Come in, come in. It's time to begin and deal with this chaos that John Winchester has chosen to put upon us. Come here, little one." He held out his hands for his great-grandpup so Dean tossed her gently in the air so she could float over to Michael.


Dean could feel his Elder's pride in the pup, and it mirrored his own. Taking a deep breath to settle his nerves,  he grabbed Cas' hand and they walked into the office to face John. His inner alpha could feel his omega's relief to see that John was bound in what looked to be a box made of glass but was actually grace from the Elder. At least he was allowed to stand. Dean remembered the only other trial he had attended and the angel Gadreel had been forced to kneel in his box.

He held out the chairs for his mom and Cas to sit in before taking his place between them. Sammy and Gabriel were behind them and just as he was about to ask Sam a question, his head whipped back towards Michael when he heard Emmie's giggle. She was watching a prism floating above her head (that was definitely made from Michael's grace) that was reflecting rainbows all around the walls. Dean could remember the Elder playing with him like that when he was a pup.

They all sat there laughing with his li'l Emmie as they waited for the Congregation of Elders to arrive. Not only would Michael know the things that John had said to them, the threats of violence against one or the other to keep the brothers in line, and even the beatings they endoured, the entire body of Elders would. He wasn't looking forward to it but recognized it was necessary for a decision to be made against John. Also, John had come for his pup and for that...he wanted a judgement against John to be made and made now.

Chapter Text

Cas was anxious waiting for the Elders to arrive, but thank goodness for his pup who was the best distraction. He loved hearing her giggles, seeing her smiles, and knowing that everyone in the room, except the one in the box, would die to protect her. It was everything he had ever hoped for. He took a deep breath (trying to release the last of his tension) deep enough that it drew his alpha's attention to him.

"Are you alright, Omega?" Cas snuggled a bit closer as Dean wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

"Yes. I'm horrified that this happened, but I'm also so happy to see how many people love Emmie." He tried to discreetly wipe his tears away, but of course his mate knew.

"Don't cry, Honey. You and Emmie are loved , so very much. Hey, I've been meaning to ask you, how you came up with the perfect name for our pup?" Cas felt his heart skip a beat as it did everytime that Dean said she was their pup.

"I named her after my sister, Emma, that died when I was young. She was quite a bit older than me, I was just five when she was fifteen. She was attacked by a group of alphas and didn't survive." As soon as Cas had finished speaking, Emma appeared in the room in front of him.

Crying out, Cas jumped up and wrapped his sister in his arms. Almost immediately, he felt Gabriel worm his way between them, shaking, he was crying so hard. They had missed her so much, never thinking they were going to see her again. The way she had died had traumatized them both, knowing that what happened to her could happen to them, too. Being an omega was full of dangers and Cas' worst fears had come true, but he had been much luckier than Emma.

"Did I hear my name, brothers?" He couldn't stop the burst of tears at hearing Emma speak to him. Cas could remember her singing to him when he was a young pup, and she sounded just like he remembered.

"Emma, I can't believe I have you back!" Cas could hardly speak,  he was crying so hard. He felt a hand on his back and knew it was Dean. His alpha was calming him with just a touch and a soothing scent. Dragging his hand down his sister's arm, he squeezed her hand before  he stepped back, grabbing Dean's hand to pull him next to him.

"Dean, I'd like you to meet my sister, Emma. Sister, this is my alpha, Dean Winchester, and this lil' thing floating over is our pup, Emmie. I named her after you."  He watched as his daughter landed safely in his sister's arms.

"She's beautiful, Cassie. She looks just like you." Cas watched as his sister looked between Emmie and Dean. When her brow furrowed, he looked at Dean to see him raise his hand to place his fingers on Emma's forehead. Instantly she hugged his pup closer, while leaning to whisper in his ear that she was sorry that he had to go through an assault and now deal with John Winchester.

"I'm okay, Sister. I have Emmie, and now Dean, the Winchesters and you," he rushed to say, not wanting her to be sad for him. He really was okay now.

"I know, Cassie. I know. Listen, let me take this bitty girl out to play, since this is no place for her. Once this is over, we can all get together for a meal and you can meet my alpha. Alright?" He could smell her nervousness.

"Of course she can go with you, Emma. Thank you and I can't wait to meet the alpha that's lucky enough to be yours," he reassured her.

"Thank you, Cassie. I can't wait for you to meet my alpha, Aneal and our fledglings. She's going to be so happy to meet you all." Cas watched as she kissed Gabriel on the top of his head as he was still wrapped around her and cooing at Emmie.

"She is a wonderful angel." Cas turned to Dean when he spoke to see him nodding in approval. Dean smiled at him, throwing a wink just because he knew it would make him blush, damn it. Goofy, sexy alpha.

Turning back to his sister (hoping his face wasn't beet red, but knowing it was ) to see her beautiful smile directed towards him. She had been the one who knew how much he had wanted a family even at four years old. He had a babydoll that went everywhere with him, and he would have taken it to school had omegas been allowed to attend. Luckily, his parents homeschooled them, and always allowed his 'baby' to attend with him. Cas had loved being in the kitchen with his mother and Gabriel, and it's where they learned their love of baking.

"I don't know how long this will take, Sister. She'll want some lunch soon, since she has Dean's appetite." He laughed at the truth of that statement before he continued. "Anything soft is what's she's eating now or there's some bottles of my milk in our nest."

"I'll take care of her, Cassie. I will see you after John Winchester's trial." She kissed him and Gabriel before letting Emmie say goodbye to her family.


He watched as everyone in the room kissed his pup before Emma took her away in a flash of wings. Cas turned to throw his arms around his mate, burying his face in his neck as he let out the rest of his tears. They were happy tears, tears of relief, and to be held by his alpha as he cried made him cry just a bit harder in thanks. After a few moments he pulled back enough to look in those green eyes that could read his soul, to the lips that he longed to kiss, and so he did. Just a chaste kiss, but it was enough to take the majority of the worry from Dean's eyes. He didn't want to add more stress to his alpha.

Cas walked over to his seat, pulling Dean along with him. He gently pushed the alpha into his chair but instead of sitting next to him, Cas sat in his lap with his arm around his mate. Laying his head on Dean's shoulder Cas whispered in his ear how much he loved him. How he was so grateful that he had such an awesome mate, how good Dean was to him and their pup. With each word he could feel the tension in the alpha's body ease, making Cas feel better too. They truly were connected on every level.

They stayed cuddled up in Dean's chair until the door opened and the Elders began filing in the room. There were seven in total and they were all dressed in the most beautiful purple robes with what he assumed was Enochian writing on them in a greyish/silver embroidered script. When they were all in the room, standing facing John, Michael joined them. He bowed to each one and addressed them in Enochian before taking his place next to the box holding John Winchester.

"It is now time for all to be revealed." When Michael spoke these words every angel, as well as Gabriel and himself, was instantly naked.

This wasn't exactly how Cas thought things would be revealed, but he just held Dean's hand and kept his head held high.

Chapter Text

Dean squeezed his omega's hand before stepping away so he and Sammy could step up to stand right in front of Michael. They kept their eyes on the floor not out of fear but due to the seriousness of the trial. Their Original Sire had never made them fearful of him until John Winchester and while the brothers had tried to hide his actions (wanting to keep it away from their mother), now was the time it would come to light.

Feeling Michael place his hand on his shoulder, Dean knelt down next to his brother. He caught just a hint of an acidic scent from Cas so he tried to send out his own calming scent. The alpha was happy to hear his Mom whispering comfort to him as well. He tried hard not to snicker when he could hear Gabriel complaining about all the silence. The sassy omega couldn't hear the words that Michael was speaking to the Elders, but Cas could...huh. His transformation to an angel must have already begun.

"Gabriel! Silence!" Michael spoke softly. "The proceedings will be silent, so until, or when, you become an angel you will not be privy to what happens here today, you need to be silent during this trial." Michael then placed each of his index fingers on Dean and Sam's foreheads.


He was instantly thrown back through his memories. Dean could feel Michael flipping through the happy ones they had from when they were pups. John was very nurturing at that time in their lives. Dean watched as they grew and John became obsessed with getting revenge for his lost family. Michael stopped on a memory of when Dean was around ten years old, so Sammy was about 6. John had them at the training center (Mary was attending her Cupid classes) and he had put Sammy in the corner with some grace toys to keep him occupied. Dean was wanting to play, too, but John insisted that he had to train, so he had him practicing with an angel blade. Dean wouldn't get his own until he was of age, but the center had some for training.

Thinking he could get to play quicker if he did poorly, Dean really didn't try to use the blade properly. John could see right through him (plus he read his thoughts) and forced Dean to practice for hours with no breaks. The whole time he was whispering in Dean's mind that he was going to be a soldier and they didn't get to play with toys like Sammy did. He was told that if he didn't have a younger brother he would be the one who got to play with toys instead of blades.

The next memory Michael stopped at was when the brothers were a few years older and they were on the training mats trying to actually hurt each other; no longer just training but really trying to end each other. John had been in their heads for years pitting them against each other. They made sure that when Mary was around they acted civil around each other and she never had been interested in reading others' thoughts. Maybe it was because she was a turned angel not a born one, or maybe she was just more polite than most.

They were sweating blood from so many inflicted wounds from the other's angel blade. There were no words between them, only snarls of rage. Words of praise from John for both of them, which just caused them to inflict more pain on each other, and he would laugh as each one drew more blood from the other. After Sam had inflicted a deep slice across Dean's left wing, dropping him to his knees, he went to back off when John screamed at him to "Step up and finish his enemy!"

Dean was brought out of the memory hearing his Mom scream in anguish. When he went to turn to look at her, Michael held him steady and whispered that Cas and Mary were comforting each other. Michael asked Sam why they were bleeding in this memory and was appalled to hear that John had forbidden them to heal until he okayed it, going so far as to let them almost bleed out before letting them use their grace. He would make them almost human (hence the blood) and Michael could see his enjoyment of it in the memory. Dean could feel the shock of the Elders at seeing John's actions, and he could also feel Michael's hands slightly shaking as he again placed his fingers on their foreheads, diving back in for another memory.

Knowing that this memory wouldn't be passed over still didn't prepare Dean for the collective cry from everyone who saw it. He had done everything he could to block this memory from himself and most days he could, but the days that John came around and spouted his brand of 'tough love' verbal abuse made it impossible. Dean was horrified that everyone now knew what happened to finally break the brothers from John's physical abuse.

Dean watched as he was hoisted and hung by his wings, beaten bloody and just about empty of his grace. John had 'tested' Dean's hunting skills (of course he had cheated but Dean had not known that at the time) and when he had beaten him down he had hung him up, intending on using him as a lesson for Sam. Dean had never known such pain as he did that day, to feel his grace nearly gone, blood dripping down his wings, feathers falling out due to the beating he had received, and knowing that worse was coming at the hand of his brother.

As soon as Sam had stepped into the training room (one that John had hidden from other angels to keep his methods privat e), Dean could feel his conflicted feelings. Sam wanted to please John, that's what they had been controlled to want, but he could feel Sammy's heartbreak at seeing him hurt and defenseless, too. He reached out to his mind in the language they had developed many years ago, the one that only they could understand. Dean asked his brother if he wanted to go back to their friendship, to being brothers. They hardly spoke to each other unless it was around Mary, to keep her from realizing they were practically enemies these days, and as Dean was hanging by his wings feeling Sam's heartache, he wanted nothing more than to go back to those times.

He could feel the tears in Sam's response, begging Dean to end this. Sam sent out a shock wave of his grace, shooting it straight into Dean. As his wounds healed and his wings grew strong, filling out with new feathers to replace the ones John had ripped out in his beating, Dean felt stronger than he ever had. He pulled himself up off the hooks that held him above the ground and he softly landed on his feet, standing shoulder to shoulder, brother next to brother against their father.  


Dean fell forward on all fours when Michael released them from the memory. Instantly his omega was in front of him, pulling him up into his arms as they knelt next to Sam, who was wrapped in Mary's arms. Michael had decided that the trial was over for the day, that they should go back to their nests and recoup and they would resume in the morning.

He stumbled a bit when Cas helped him up, but once he regained his footing he was fine and ready to get their pup and go home. He kept his arms around his omega's waist, waiting while he spoke to Mary, Michael and the Elders. Dean was only vaguely aware that Cas had invited them all to a meal in a few hours time, telling them that the whole family needed to be together to heal. As he was leading Dean out of Michael's office, Cas asked him to 'speak' to his sister so that she would bring their pup home. Instantly they were standing in front of them with Emmie squealing when she saw her parents.

"Thank you, Sister. We need a bit of a snuggle, then you are invited with your family for a meal in a few hours. I can't wait to meet your alpha and pups." Dean held his arm out to catch Emmie as the siblings spoke about what Anael should bring to the meal.

Just a moment later Dean found himself cuddled by his omega and pup, snuggled deeply in their bed with blankets tucked all around them. He watched as Emmie fought to keep her eyes open but the pull of sleep was just too strong. He felt himself going under as well, but when he forced his eyes open again to see if Cas was asleep he found his mate staring at him.

"Sleep, Alpha. You're safe here in our nest. Sleep. I will watch over you." And Dean knew he would.

Chapter Text

Cas was giving Emmie her morning meal: mashed banana mixed with milk. She loved it, even though more ended up on her face than in her mouth, but as long as she was happy and fed he didn't care. He was trying hard not to worry about Dean, who was currently in the backyard speaking to his mom and brother. The alpha had not rested well after the first day of the trial until he wrapped Cas and Emmie in his wings. Cas had been delighted to hear Dean in his mind telling him that holding them close gave him a sense of security that he had never felt before. The alpha said that once Cas' transformation into an angel was complete he would learn how to project his own thoughts and also keep from reading others' unless he wanted to.


Glancing at the clock, he saw that they had to leave in approximately an hour, which was plenty enough time to clean up himself and Emmie. A shower sounded lovely. Emma and her fledglings were coming to watch his pup here, in her own nest. Cas had been so happy to meet his nieces last night, and all three were a perfect combination of his sister and her alpha. Anael had been a bit shy at first, but warmed up quickly once he had handed her a plate of food along with a beer. After everyone had eaten, the Elders took their leave, having welcomed Cas and thanking him for inviting them to his nest. The rest of the family decided to play flag football, since Michael had suggested they should run off the negative energy from the trial. Cas was not surprised in the least that Gabriel was the winner and that he had accidentally tackled Sammy every chance he got. It was amusing that the younger alpha also blushed as easily as Dean did.

Cas made sure the water was the perfect temperature, then stepped into the walk in shower with Emmie. It was an extremely large shower but Dean explained that he liked to let the water cascade over his wings. Not all angels liked getting their wings wet, but Emmie took after Dean, and she adored it. She also loved the drying off of her wings, which soaked the whole bathroom but was worth it to hear her giggles. Plus, Dean had only to blink and the water was all cleaned up.

Cas had just about gotten all the fruit mush out of Emmie's ears (how it had gotten there heaven only knew) and was snorting at his own word play when Dean stepped into the bathroom, smiling as he heard Emmie calling out to him.

"Got room for one more, Cas?" the alpha asked and he actually waited for Cas to nod before he began stepping out of his clothes.

"Yes, a bit more family time is just what we need before we have to leave. Dean, may I ask you for something?" He kept his eyes on their pup who was watching in awe as Dean's wings unfurled around them.

"Anything, Omega. I will give you anything." Cas pushed his back into the soothing touch of his alpha's hand rubbing him.

"After the trial is over and John is dealt with, I'd like to go back to Earth and see my sister to let her know about Emma and how well she is. Also, I'd like to bring some more things here to our nest." He had handed Emmie over to Dean and was washing his hair as he spoke.

"Absolutely, Cas. I'd like that. You know, if there's anything you want to change about our nest..." Cas cut him off right then.

"No, Dean. It's perfect, beautiful and we're not lacking anything. I just want to bring some things for Emmie and Emma so that they'll have things from my side of the family." He turned to kiss his alpha before he continued. "May I ask why Emma never came to Earth to let us know she was happy here?"

"Not all angels are allowed to leave Heaven, Cas. Even Cupids have some that remain here. Also, your sister is still raising pups, so she and Anael may travel later. I don't think that the alpha has ever left, but she doesn't seem the type to keep your sister from traveling for fun if she wants." Dean had closed his eyes as Emmie flapped her little white wings, trying to get the water to splash him in the face. She was successful and her joyous laughter filled the room.

"So it would be her decision if she wanted to join us sometime?" Cas had stepped out of the bathroom to dry off, keeping away from the water-works nonsense, as he waited for Dean's response.

"I can't answer that for sure, Cas. Every mated relationship is different, but I can assure you that you have the right to ask her to go with us sometime." He watched Dean toss Emmie in the air, not too high thank goodness, as he walked over to her dresser to get some clothes for their pup to wear.

Cas nodded his acknowledgement as he pulled on his own clothes, wondering why he was bothering since he'd be naked soon at the trial, but Dean would snap them back on him when it was over like he did yesterday. After they were dressed, they went out on the front porch to enjoy the swing and wait for the summons.


Cas soon found himself kneeling next to his mother-in-law directly behind his alpha awaiting the continuation of the trial. Dean had his hand behind him so that they could keep their fingers linked, giving them both some comfort. He looked over to see that Sam was holding Gabriel's hand the same way. Hmmm...he was definitely curious about that, but it would have to wait until later since the Elders came in the room with the box holding John Winchester proceeding them. In a blink of an eye they were all naked and as ready as they would ever be for the trial to proceed.

Michael placed his fingers gently on the brothers' foreheads and Cas could see Sam standing behind a wall as he was listening to a conversation between John and another angel. John was telling the other alpha that his sons would be the ones to lead the next war, and that they would be stronger warriors than Heaven had ever witnessed. One or the other would lead, he didn't care which one, and the other would die by his brother's hand. John would then resurrect him if he thought he deserved it.

Cas watched as anger spread across Sam's face hearing John go on to say that he would bet his wings that Dean would be the survivor and if Sam didn't fight hard enough, he might just let him go on to the empty. The young alpha turned to sneak into a building, John's training warehouse, and he could feel Sam's feelings of shame, remembering that he was excited at the prospect of being the one to make his father proud, to be the last one standing.

Cas watched as Sam slipped through the door only to find John standing there, with Dean hanging by his wings. He felt his inner omega rise seeing this memory again. He wanted to scream as he could feel the pain and despair his alpha felt at the thought that his father set him up to die by his brother's hand. Cas wanted to hurt John Winchester. He had never before wanted to bring pain to anyone (including his rapist), but he wanted John to hurt. Opening his eyes he looked at the alpha standing in the box, only to see him staring back at Cas with hatred. Raising an eyebrow, he smirked at the restrained monster, letting him know he was  not afraid, he was not submissive, and he was not impressed with his posturing.


One of the Elders (he believed it was the one called Sarah), asked for a specific memory as the last one of the trial. She wanted to know how it was that the brothers broke the chains; how they stopped John's abuse and quit his training. Cas was curious himself but he was so glad that this was the last,  since he could feel the exhaustion pouring from his mate. He got a bit of it from Sam but he couldn't read his scent as well as he could Dean's, so he didn't know if it was just that he had better control on his scent or that he could read his mate better. Probably a combination.

The memory began as soon as Sam had shared some of his grace with Dean, letting him remove his wings from the hooks and fall to the floor, landing in a crouch next to his brother, wings spread facing John. The brothers stood as one, hands and palms facing out, holding the older alpha immobile. No words were needed when Sam took one step back, still at Dean's side but showing that he had his back, that he would follow his older brother's lead, but also letting John know that his sons were no longer his to mold, and that they were now their own alphas.

The omega wanted to cheer (as if he was watching a movie, because Dean was definitely a SuperHero) seeing the flicker of fear in past-John's eyes, but he managed to keep quiet. Damn if he could keep the smile off his face, though. Dean squeezed his fingers, letting him know that his mate could feel how proud he was of him, and he could also feel how desperately Dean was for this to be over, to be back with him and their pup in their nest. Cas was looking forward to a cuddle, too.

He 'watched' as Dean stepped up to stand toe-to-toe with John, he and Sam keeping him immobile, and hold his gaze. His stance was strong and confident, for no longer would he or Sam submit to the older alpha.

"You are done, John. No more training, no more pitting us against each other, no more preaching revenge. If a war comes and if we are chosen to be warriors, Sam and I will follow Michael's command, not yours.

John spat at them. "Warriors? Ha! You two are useless! Whiney boys who can't even follow instructions properly! Weaklings…" He squinted his eyes at them. "And if you go whine and tattle to anybody, you'll regret it. Your mother will regret it, for sure." Dean flicked his wrist and John fell silent.

"If you come for us, or Heaven help you, Mom, Michael will become aware of your 'teaching' methods. After asking some discreet questions yesterday, it seems that none of the other alphas we know are being 'trained' to kill a sibling." (Cas shivered. The growl in Dean's voice was the same he had when he had confronted Alistair, pure fucking Alpha.)

When John's eyes flicked to Sam's, he saw the same defiance that was in Dean's. The older alpha tried to speak again, Cas figured he was going to try and use his Alpha voice on his sons, but Dean and Sam's out-stretched hands rose together to bring John up off the floor about a foot.

"Your command over this family is over, John Winchester. You will be left alone as long as you remain quiet, but one word or action of retribution will be your downfall. The decision is yours: leave now to go study your work or we go to Michael. What say you?" Dean's eyes were flashing alpha red.

John had obviously chosen to leave his family in peace, supposedly for work, and Cas realized that when Mary had warned him that her mate was an ass, she had not known how far he had tried to divide her sons. He wondered exactly what she had known, or what she had seen on her own since Dean and Sam had kept it from her. He supposed being mated to him, she knew more than her sons had thought and he could feel her guilt radiating from her.


As soon as Michael removed his hands from the brothers he pulled them up so he could hug them, letting them snuggle their faces into his neck to draw comfort from his scent, the way a father figure should. Cas turned to wrap his arms around Mary, rocking her as she cried tears of regret for not seeing what was going on. He made a promise to himself that he would take some time with her in the next few days, to let her know he was there for her, but for today he needed to care for his mate. Sam would have to care for his Mom, along with Gabriel. He was proud of his brother for coming over to snuggle into the hug with him and Mary.

She kissed them both before walking over to the Elders, because she wanted to find out how long they would have to wait for John's sentencing. She turned back to Cas and he heard her whisper 'tomorrow, Cas..take Dean home now' in his head.

"Gabriel, I'm taking Dean to our nest. He needs our pup and so do I. We will see you tomorrow for the sentencing. Please take care of Sam and Mary." He hugged his brother tight, needing the extra shot of comfort.

"O'course, Cassie. Before you poof off, is it odd to have people's voices in your head?" He could hear the honest curiosity in his voice.

"I'm not quite used to it yet and Dean said it'll change when my metamorphosis to angel is complete." He felt arms wrap around his waist. He turned in his mate's arms, sliding his hands up his muscled arms to land on his broad shoulders.

"Take us home, Alpha."

Chapter Text

Dean was walking Emmie around in their backyard showing her all the flowers, shrubs and trees. They were "discussing" which tree would be perfect for a tree house when Sam joined them. Emmie squealed when she saw him and tried to throw herself at him, but Dean held her tight, since he was trying to teach her that she had to be mindful of when she took off flying. After she settled back into his arms he handed her over to his brother.

"G'Mornin' Sammy." He continued walking along the stone path that led to a small pond.

"Hey, Dean." He could hear Emmie's giggles as well as the raspberries his brother was giving her. "Where's Cas?"

"He's inside pumping milk in case the sentencing takes a while. Emma is coming over again to watch Emmie. Her pups adore my lil-bit." Dean couldn't help but puff up in pride at how easily people loved her.

"Gabe will be bugging him soon, because it's driving him crazy that he can't hear what's going on at the hearing. I know Cas has been telling him, but he's pissed that I haven't been allowed to. Michael said that I can't, yet. What does 'yet' mean?" He could hear the frustration in his brother's voice.

"Let me ask ya' something. Here, let's sit on the bench and Emmie can play in the grass." The alpha took her back, threw his pup up in the air, listened to her giggle, then set her on the grass as their feet. She immediately began coo-ing at a small frog that was sitting there watching her.

"So, Gabriel. You think he's yours?"

"I don't know, I think he may be but until I've been deemed ready to be mated, I won't be able to recognize my omega's scent. He smells good, he's sweet, funny, sassy, and yeah, I'm attracted to him, which makes it so frustrating to not be able to scent if he's mine." The frustration was clear in the younger alpha's voice.

Dean leaned over to tap Emmie's hand to get her attention. When she looked up at him, he told her, "It's not right to try and eat the frog." He took the frog and sat it in front of her, then laughed as the two just watched each other. Dean snorted when she tilted her head just like Cas. She was gonna be trouble for sure.

"Michael knows what he's doing, Sammy, so have patience. He would not have allowed him to make his way here with Cas if he didn't belong here. He also would not let him stay and comfort you during the trial if he did not have plans for Gabriel. If it's as your omega, you'll just have to wait, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't continue to get to know each other." He could feel his brother's surprise at Dean having a "chick-flick" moment, but being mated helped him open up and he was glad.


Dean was nervous, but he hadn't realized how much until Cas laid his hand on his bouncing leg. When he turned to look at his omega, the man leaned over to place a calming kiss on Dean's mating bite. They were sitting in the waiting room of Michael's office, waiting to be called in for John's sentencing. He was sitting between Cas and his mom, who was holding hands with both him and Sam. Gabriel was on the other side of his brother, whispering in his ear and whatever he was saying was causing Sammy to blush. Yeah, he liked the short omega. Sam needed to loosen up, having gotten very closed off after they had broken away from John. Dean had assured him that there was no reason to feel any guilt, but Sammy had never really let it go that he had been so willing to kill his brother, even if it was supposed to be a temporary death.

When Michael opened the door and beckoned them into his office, the five of them walked in holding hands and stayed that way as they sat down. Dean felt Michael's pride at the family sticking together. Just as Dean was going to ask Michael a question, the Elders came in with John, in his box, proceeding them.

"The Elders have been meeting all night, discussing the crimes of John Winchester, of which there are many. The crimes against his sons, against the laws of Heaven, and against the word of God. After their time together, the Elders then communed with our Father to receive his word on the punishment for John." Michael was standing in front of his desk, arms crossed against his chest but otherwise he seemed relaxed.

"Before we carry out the sentence, Dean, Sam, Mary, do you have anything you wish to say to John?" He looked them in the eye as he said their names.

Dean shook his head along with his Mom and brother. They had decided earlier that they had nothing more to say to the man. He felt Cas scoot a bit closer to him and when he turned to check on his mate he noticed John was snarling at his omega, making Cas nervous. The alpha could not help the growl that began in his chest as he glared at John and pulled Cas into his lap, letting him rest his face in his neck to sent him. Michael snapped his fingers and John was on his knees with his head bowed. Dean sent him a silent thank you as he continued to comfort his omega. He was a bit surprised that Cas was so nervous since he hadn't shown any during the trial itself.

"It is time," the lead Elder spoke as they all stood and formed a line in front of John.

"John Winchester," Michael began, "you have been found guilty of all crimes of which you have been accused. God and the Elders have decided your punishment and it is final. You shall be exiled from Heaven and you shall no longer be an alpha or an angel. You will be thrown to Earth with your own memories and as a beta.  You will live lifetimes on Earth to Do Good, to atone for your crimes. You shall be watched and if you do anything that is deemed unsatisfactory you will be sent to the Empty, the place where fallen angels go when they die."

There was complete silence from everyone, except for the growl of rage from John.

Seconds later, John disappeared from the box and the room seemed to give a heavy sigh. The Elders turned as one to face Dean and his family and they bowed before sending out apologies to the Winchesters for not seeing what John had been doing. They also mentally smacked Dean and Sam upside the head for hiding what they went through. Dean ducked his head, asked for forgiveness, and assured them that he would do better. The Elders wished them well and took their leave, letting the family comfort each other with a group hug. Michael told them to go home, to relax and to comfort one another. He also stated that he wanted to speak to Cas and Gabriel one day soon, assuring them that it was something good when he felt the omegas' fear. The family took their leave and all flew to Dean and Cas' nest, since they unanimously wanted to have Emmie cuddles.


Later that day, Dean and Cas got ready to go visit his sister on Earth and collect some mementos that the omega wanted to have around for their pups to see everyday. The alpha knew that his mate was a bit disappointed that his sister wasn't coming with them on their trip, but she was nervous, saying that she wanted to wait until Hael could go with her. Her mate was off on assignment in another area of Heaven.

Cas was taking a bath, after having given Emmie one, and Dean was getting the pup dressed. He loved all the cute, little outfits that she had, and he had a hard time picking one since they were all just perfect on her. He finally settled on a sweet, white dress that had pastel pink hearts (with wings!), paired with a ruffled pair of shorts that made her diaper butt look adorable. Once he had wrangled the pup into the dress (she was a wriggly thing), he sat her on the floor with some toys and began to take pictures of her. His phone was just about full of pics of her, Cas, and the three of them together already. A phone wasn't a necessity in Heaven, but all angels that traveled out of Heaven were issued them,  because sometimes outside forces could mess with "Angel Radio."

He heard Cas come into the nursery (Mary had added the room to their nest after learning about Cas' pup and it was perfect), just before he felt arms wrap around his waist. Dean leaned back into his mate, immediately noticing that Cas was still damp and only dressed in a towel.

"You're trying to kill me, Omega," he growled out.

"Sorry, Alpha," Cas laughed out. "I just came in to see what had our pup so happy." He rubbed the bulge of his cock on Dean's ass before leaving the room, leaving his scent of arousal behind.

Dean was tempted to follow his mate when Emmie sneezed a few times, bringing it to his attention that their scents were a bit strong. He grabbed the poor pup and went out to the kitchen to give her a bottle. He'd pay his sexy omega back for his teasing once they got home tonight. Maybe he'd see if his mom wanted to babysit.

Chapter Text

Just before they left for Earth, Dean sat Emmie on the floor in front of the on the couch and asked to speak with him. Cas laughed as his pup began playing with a ball of grace that kept itself just out of her reach but would let her catch it if she fussed too much. Dean sat next to him, gathering both of his hands in his.

"What is it, Alpha?" He was feeling nervous but he could only scent concern from Dean.

"I just wanted to ask you something about John, then we can put him out of our minds, alright?" He knew what was coming and he let himself lean on his mate.

"Ask, Dean," he whispered.

"Can you tell me why you became so upset at his sentencing, Sweetheart? What was he saying to you, Cas?" The alpha was speaking as if to a scared animal.

Cas nuzzled his face into his alpha's neck, whispering his words into his skin. He told him of John screaming in his head of how he was not worthy of an angel since he was impure. The words that made him begin crying were John saying that he and Emmie should have died, that their alpha, Alistair, should have slaughtered him after he had provoked the alpha into knotting him.

Cas was not surprised at hearing his mate growling, but it surprised them both when their pup began whimpering. She floated up (she was getting better at landing where she wanted) to land between them, snuggling into Cas' chest with her little wings beating in Dean's face. He placed kisses all over the top of her head while Dean held them both. Dean sent him the reassurances (he still wasn't used to hearing his mate speak in his mind) that he would show him everyday for eternity how loved he was, how perfect he was for Dean.

"It's alright, little one. Everything is fine, our alpha is making it all better." He fell more in love as Dean took Emmie from tears to giggles by tickling her wings.

They spent the next few minutes giggling, snuggling, and letting Emmie have their total attention. Cas couldn't take his eyes off Dean's face, the love that shone from him healed Cas down to his soul. Dean looked up from 'getting Emmie's nose' to catch him giving him heart eyes.

"It's all good, Cas. No one will ever make you feel like you are less than, ever again. You are my Everything." He leaned into the chaste kiss only breaking away when their pup began kissing them both. He couldn't wait until she learned to close her mouth so she wouldn't slobber as she kissed.

"Are we ready to go?" Cas nodded at Dean's question, wrapped Emmie in his arms and let Dean transport them to Earth.


Cas had enjoyed seeing Hannah, but he hated how upset she was with Emmie having wings. He believed that it was just because she felt she was losing her family, and he tried to make her understand that she would never lose him or Emmie, but he wasn't  sure he got through to her. Also, Cas knew that while she was happy that Emma was doing well and mated to a lovely alpha, she was upset that her pups were winged angels. It was very difficult for her to understand and he hoped that she would become at peace with all the changes. He didn't want her to feel so alone.

Cas had packed a few more of Emmie's things that he wanted in their nest, along with some mementos that he wanted. After Dean had sent everything home they tried to get Hannah to come with them (Dean had read a flyer announcing a fair a few cities over) but she said she needed to stay home. He even tried saying she didn't want to miss Emmie's first fair but she just muttered she'd be missing a lot of Emmie's firsts and she closed herself in her bedroom. When he went to follow her, Dean stopped him with a hand on his elbow.

"Give her some time, Cas. She will realize that she won't be losing Emmie or you. We'll make sure of it." He looked back at the closed door for a minute before he nodded and stepped into his alpha's arms, their pup between them.

Dean flew them close to the fair but in a spot where no one would see the three of them just appear. They landed in a barn that was occupied by one little goat. Emmie squealed when she spotted it and instead of trying to fly out of his arms (she was learning), she looked up at Cas with her big blue eyes bouncing on his arm and began muttering "mmm....mmma...mmmaaa!"

"I think she wants to meet the goat, Dean." He laughed at his daughters antics.

"Come on then, she wants to meet our pup, too." He raised a brow at Dean, who then explained that yes, he could detect thoughts from some animals and that the pygmy goat wanted to meet Emmie.

"Well, alright then, let's meet the goat." He shook his head wondering how this was his wonderful life.


After discovering that the goat had been left alone after his owner had died the previous day, Dean sent it to their nest after asking Mary to get it settled for them. It was apparent that his mate had a soft heart for all creatures and that he was going to have a hard time not spoiling their pups. They walked the few blocks towards the fairgrounds after Dean hid Emmie's wings and Cas found himself getting excited. He had never been to a fair and it was so special to be going with Dean, holding hands, as the alpha carried their pup. She pulled on his hair in her excitement.

When Dean glanced at him to see what he was laughing at, he shook his head and kissed his cheek before turning to look at the arts and crafts tables. After the last couple of stressful days, he was just going to enjoy this day, watching his family smile and laugh.

"Oh, Sweetheart! Over there, come on!" Dean pulled him by his hand as he spotted a shooting game.

They waited in line for the alpha to take his turn. Laying down his money, he was told he had ten shots to knock down ten ducks that were going in a circle. If he managed to hit them all, he could win a prize off the top shelf, which were all larger than Emmie!

Dean made the first six shots one after the other, bang bang bang bang bang bang!! As the sixth duck fell over, his alpha turned his head slightly to wink at him and he could feel his ears begin to turn red. He heard their pup make a sound that he swore was "Woah" and he agreed: Dean was amazing even with a toy rifle. The alpha shot the last four ducks and Cas could 'hear' the game vendor wondering if Dean was a cop as he waited for the alpha to pick his prize. Dean lifted Emmie from Cas' hip, holding her up above his head and letting her gaze at the toys. When her eyes kept locking onto the rainbow-maned unicorn, Dean requested that one as his prize.

They moseyed towards the food stalls as Cas carried their pup and Dean carried the unicorn, and the alpha assured Cas he would win him a prize before they left the fair. Cas smiled at his mate and said he wanted a stuffed bee, then he laughed at the puzzled look on Dean's face before explaining how much he loved bees, since not only did they provide the honey he loved to bake with, they were so small and yet carried the weight of the world on their wings. When Dean called him a nerd he just informed the alpha that he was his nerd and his alpha growled out "damn straight".

Emmie loved anything they gave her a bite of, and whined for more when she tasted something she liked. They didn't want her to fill up on fair-fare, however, so Dean (in the blink of an eye) flew off and returned with a bottle for her. Cas wasn't comfortable with feeding her in public, even being mated and with his alpha there.


They returned home hours later, ladened down with toys, balloons, a few goldfish and a sleeping pup. Cas was extremely tired as well and was looking forward to a nap with Emmie. Dean said he was a bit hyped up on all the sugar he ate at the fair, so he was gonna make sure that their goat, fish, and kitten, Shawn, were all settled and happy while they napped. Cas was fine with that, since he hadn't been this tired since he was first...Holy Batcrap! He needed to talk to Mary, maybe she could bring him a pregnancy test. Cas so wanted to have a pup with Dean and knowing he had so much more help now than he did when he was pregnant with Emmie, he was excited. He hoped this next pup had his alpha's green eyes and freckles.

He would 'call' his Mother in law after he got up from his nap. He was so glad that Dean was occupied with their animals. If he was in bed with him and Emmie, Cas was afraid he would pick up on his thoughts and he wanted the chance to actually tell Dean they were expecting.

Chapter Text


Cas had just gotten Emmie asleep, but before he could get settled himself Mary poked her head in the room and, seeing him awake, she motionioned for him to join her in the next room. He tucked pillows around his pup to keep her from rolling off the bed and followed his mother-in-law, finding her in the living room sipping on some iced peach tea. She handed him a glass and patted the cushion next to her on the loveseat.

"Yes, sweetie, you're with pup." She smiled then wrapped him in her arms.

"How...?" He hadn't even 'called' for her yet.

"Well, it's sort of my fault. I have not been listening to you, Cas, but I have been, let's say, hyper-aware of hearing my name, and so when you thought about calling for me, I heard you." She smiled sheepishly at him.

"I understand and I'm grateful." He placed his hand on his lower belly before smiling at her. "A pup! I'm having Dean's pup."


He was so happy at the thought and so very grateful that Dean was outside, making the proper homes for their growing pet population. Cas was curious as to why his alpha had not noticed the change in his scent. Mary explained that he would soon, because he was probably overwhelmed with everything that had been going on lately. Plus, another omega would smell it before the alpha, at least in angel biology.

Cas couldn't keep his laughter inside anymore. He wanted to tell Dean the news right away but Mary said that they should confirm it with Michael and it wouldn't take but a few moments. She left him to go get changed while she told Dean that they were going to Michael's office for a moment. He could hear them laughing through the window as Mary was teasing him that they should start singing "Old Winchester Had a Farm." They really would if he kept giving into Emmie and this was all before she could even ask for something!

"Congratulations, Castiel. I am so happy for you and Dean." Cas couldn't help but snuggle a bit into the hug from Michael. He never really thought about how little positive attention he had ever had from alpha family members but now that he was enjoying it, it became clear to him.

"Thank you, Michael. I'm thrilled, it's going to be so different from being pregnant with Emmie." The thoughts of what he had endured with his first pregnancy brought a sharp sob from him causing Mary to snuggle into the hug so that he was surrounded by love.

It didn't take him long to calm down but Michael and Mary held on for a bit after he had. Michael then led him to a chair and they sat around talking for a few minutes to let his scent clear out the sadness before he went home. He wondered how Dean was reacting to feeling his emotions but Michael assured him that he had blocked him so that Cas could have a moment to process his emotions and he wanted to help him think of a cute way to tell the alpha that they were having a pup.

"Do you wish to know what you're having, Cas?" the older alpha asked him.

"I...not at this moment, but maybe after I tell Dean. I'll see what he wants, if that's alright," he replied. "I'm still trying to think of a way to tell him."


The three of them spent a few minutes going over ideas, laughing at some and cringing at others. Cas decided on one of Mary's ideas and she said she would get what he needed and be back at his nest for dinner with it. After she kissed him goodbye (and with Michael's assurances that he would get Cas home), Cas turned back to Michael and waited for his nod letting him know it was alright for him to speak.

"I have two questions I'd like to ask you, Sir," he began. "One, what is going to happen with Gabriel, and two, is there anything I can do to help Hannah accept what has happened and be happy."

"I cannot speak of Gabriel at this time, Cas, be patient, my young one. As for your sister, know that she will be happy soon. Things are in motion for the sweet omega, fear not." He wasn't thrilled with not knowing about his brother, yet, but he chose to believe Michael would take care of his siblings.

"Thank you, Michael. Will you join us for dinner tonight? I would love for a positive father figure to be there to celebrate with my alpha and me." Cas kept his eyes on his lap when he could scent the overwhelming sentimental emotions coming from Dean's Original Sire.

"Thank you, yes. I would love to be there to see Dean's face at the news, as well as break bread with you. I might have a surprise for my grandpup, as well." He smiled at the laugh that Michael busted out when Cas gave him a stink eye. Everyone was gonna spoil his pups but he was quite alright with it really. Michael winked at him then Cas found himself on his front porch. That was gonna take some getting used to!


Cas was enjoying himself as he cooked for his family. He had decided to make a light summer shrimp pasta, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and some skirt steak, along with grilled salsa and homemade chips. Dean was on grill duty and he had the cutest pout going on, since Cas wouldn't tell him what he had talked about with Mary and Michael. Even with assurances that he would find out during dinner the alpha pouted, probably because every time Cas saw the pouty lips he had to pause and kiss them. The last time Cas went out to take Dean some more marinade for basting the steak the alpha and Emmie gave him pouty lips.

After kissing them both he laughed at how he was outnumbered! "That's not fair! Too many duck lips to kiss."

"Duck lips?" Cas felt his heart flutter when Dean tilted his head in confusion (he was aware that the alpha had picked up that mannerism from him) and then Emmie did the same thing. Crap.

"Pouty lips, Dean. Young people make their lips like that when they take a selfie and they are called duck lips," he explained.

Leaving his mate muttering about how humans can be really weird, Cas went back into the kitchen to begin. making his raspberry vinaigrette to go on the salad that Sam had requested. He glanced at the clock to see that Mary would be here soon. Cas was going to let her steal Emmie from Dean (the alpha wasn't letting her go no matter how much Gabriel whined) to get her ready for the announcement. When he dropped his whisk, for the 3rd time, he acknowledged that his nerves were getting to him.

"Hey! Dean-o won't let me have Emmie! Also, what the hell is wrong with you?" Cas watched as his brother picked up the whisk and washed it before handing it to him.

"I'm fine, Gabriel. Just didn't sleep enough last night." He kept his eyes on the bowl in front of him knowing his brother could read the lie on his face.

"Eww! Don't really wanna know about you and the big lug's sex life!" He laughed at the look on Gabriel's face, then he shoved him back towards the sliding glass doors with another pitcher of sweet tea. He wanted to finish in peace as he waited for Mary.


Cas was holding Emmie as Mary was putting her new shirt on her. She was coo'ing as the older omega was fluffing her little wings and she was trying to reach Mary's wings, wanting to grab them. He was a bit jealous. He wanted his wings but still no one would tell him when he would get them. Telling himself to let that go and just be present in what he was doing now, he kissed his pup on the cheek and walked outside with his mother-in-law.

"Cas! Good timing, steaks are done. You sit down and I'll bring you a plate." He nodded at his mate as he settled himself at the picnic table, keeping Emmie on his lap facing him, hiding the front of her shirt.

He watched as Dean walked over balancing two plates loaded down with food, hip checking his brother as Sam was making plates for himself and Gabriel. Mary had offered to fix a plate for Michael as she fixed hers, but he did it the 'angel way' which was with a thought. Dean sat down next to him reaching for their pup as soon as he had put their plates on the table. Cas rolled his eyes as his alpha began letting her taste some mushy peas (that he must have made since Cas hadn't) but was too busy teasing Sam about how he was waiting on Gabriel hand and foot to see her shirt. Oh, but Gabriel could read it, his face was a perfect example of shock and happiness.

"Dean-o! Shut it and look at your pup!!" Gabriel was pointing at Emmie and when she noticed she began pulling at her shirt and looking up at Dean's face.

Cas watched as his mate lifted Emmie up and turned her to face him. She reached her hands out to pat her Daddy on the face, not really understanding the moment but she just loved the feel of his whiskers.

"Cas?" He turned to Dean, smiling and nodding "yes" as a few tears began falling down his face. Dean had read Emmie's shirt that stated "Big Sister: position filled in 9 months."

"Yes, Alpha. It's true." Cas found himself instantly in his mate's arms (along with Emmie who squealed in happiness) as the rest of the family clapped and congratulated them. This is what he had always dreamed of when he dreamed of a future with a mate and pups...except he had never pictured it with wings.


Chapter Text


Dean felt like a creeper cuddled up to Cas, just watching as whatever the omega was dreaming about played across his face. It seemed to be a good dream since there was a sweet smile on his face along with the adorable crinkles at the edge of his eyes. He had been awake for a few hours just looking at his mate with wonder, so happy that they were about to have another pup. Speaking of pups, he heard Emmie beginning to move around in her crib so he slowly eased his way from their bed to go to her.

Walking in the pink-on-pink room he spotted her little diapered butt up in the air swaying side to side as she hummed to herself. She loved it when Dean sang to her and had begun to hum along. He tip-toed closer after noticing that her head was faced towards the wall, he wanted to just enjoy the moment. It sounded as if she was trying to hum "Angel" by Aerosmith, one of his favorites to sing to her. Pulling out his phone, he opened the video app and began recording her knowing that Cas would love to see this. After a few moments Emmie turned to face him, her face breaking out in a huge smile as she whispered, "Da!"

"G'morning, Blondie-Girl. Did you sleep well?" he asked while he scooped her up and tossed her in the air. Her giggles were the sound of pure joy and he couldn't get enough.

"Mmmm-Da?" she asked, looking around for Cas.

"Dada is still sleeping. He's tired." He was rather proud of how tired his omega was after their mating the night before (but now was not the time for those thoughts).

"Let's get you a bottle and we'll go outside and see Michael's gift, wadda ya say?" Wrapping her in his arm, he walked towards the kitchen to her chants of 'num num nums.' She definitely had a Winchester appetite.


As Dean was letting Emmie drink, he stared out the sliding doors at the gifts Michael had left for them to find in the morning. He sent a 'thank you' thought to the elder alpha and got a reply that the bouncy house was strong enough for him to join his pup and that she needed to learn how to swim, hence the pool on the other side of their yard. He noticed that Sam and Gabe were standing outside the guest house looking like they were having a very serious conversation. Dean hemmed and hawed about interrupting, but his curiosity (and his pup's grunts of excitement as her gaze followed a hummingbird) made him walk out the door and call out a hello. He watched as the two men walked over, smiles on their faces and their shoulders bumping with each step.

"G'morning, Emmie!" Dean let go as Gabe reached for his niece, and the omega broke into laughter as she flew/floated over to land in his arms.

Gabe stepped away with Emmie, singing a good morning song to her and Dean turned towards his brother. Sam was watching Gabe with such longing that it made Dean's heart ache for him.

"Has Michael said anything about Gabe?" he asked, but kept his gaze on his pup. Sam didn't really like eye contact when they had their 'chick flick' moments.

"Yes. Gabriel is my omega, we just have to wait. Michael has not said how long the wait will be, but he did say that he will allow him to stay in Heaven." This was the only time Dean could remember sensing frustration from his brother.

"Michael knows what he's doing, Sammy, have faith." He was patting the younger alpha on the back when he heard Emmie squeal. Turning, he watched as Emmie's eyes (along with Gabe's) grew huge at seeing the bouncy castle.

"Come on, Sammy, let's go play!" Pulling his sputtering brother along, Dean moved them towards his pup and Sammy's future mate.


After an hour of three grown men doing the bidding of one tiny princess, Dean was exhausted and she was ready for more breakfast. He waved goodbye to the others after arranging for them all to have dinner together, then he went back into the kitchen to give his pup some mushy fruit.

"Alright, Blondie-Girl, plums it is! Let's go change this diaper first, since it can't feel very good on your tushy." He walked upstairs with Emmie's tummy on his shoulder making airplane noises. She loved it. They were just about to her nursery when Cas opened their bedroom looking like he was still exhausted.

"Hey, Sweetheart, you alright?" He stepped into Cas' personal space, letting Emmie give him kisses while murmuring 'Mm...mmm...Da'.

"I'm just very tired, hungry and tired," he grumped with a smile on his face as he gazed into Dean's eyes while taking Emmie in his arms to cuddle her.

"How about I bring breakfast in bed for the three of us after I change a very wet diaper. I think she'll nap after her fruit, because she played hard this morning, Dada. Michael left a bouncy castle for her-us, and a pool too." He couldn't wait for a late night skinny dip with his omega.

"Sounds like so much fun, lil' bit. Did you bounce?" he asked her as he walked into the nursery with Dean on his heels. "You go start breakfast, Alpha. I'll change our girl and meet you back in our bed. We'll watch some cartoons 'til she's asleep, then I'd like to cuddle you 'til I'm asleep again, ok?" 

Dean kissed his mate on the temple, patted his hand through Emmie's wild hair before leaving the room to go downstairs. He ran through the options of what to make him and Cas to eat, humming a pop song he had heard on one of his trips to Earth. Dean had copied it to his vinyl collection finding the words fit his life: he was "Happy", more than he ever thought possible.

It didn't take him long to cook (he used a bit of grace to speed things up), and he was excited to get to pile into bed with his family. Carrying a tray ladened with food and drinks he carefully went upstairs and into their room, and the sight that greeted him made his heart full. Cas was settled with his back on the headboard holding Emmie's hands as she bounced on his thighs, standing on her feet with her wings trying to flap more than their normal flutter. Cas was laughing like a loon which was wonderful, but add in Emmie's giggles, well, it about brought the alpha to his knees in gratitude.

"Oh! Daddy brought food! Yay!" Dean smiled at Cas' over-exuberance for the sake of their pup. As soon as she heard the word food, Emmie was focused on the tray that Dean sat over his lap as he sat down next to his mate.

"Hold on Blondie-Girl, hold on." Dean helped her sit down on Cas' lap before she ended up face first in Cas' french toast with blueberry maple syrup.

"Dean, that smells amazing. I can't believe how starved I am after that huge meal I ate last night." Dean snorted at thinking about other huge things Cas ate last night and got smacked on the arm by the blushing omega for his trouble.

"Hey!" he laughed.

"Dean, really!" Cas' blush grew deeper. "Can we please eat?"

"Absolutely, love. Here, you give me our pup and I'll feed her plums while you eat, then you can give her some milk while I eat. After that I'd say she'll be out." He traded the pup for the tray then proceeded to get more plums on his shirt than in her mouth. It was more her fault than his, but she was really quick when she grabbed at the spoon. 

"Oh, now, Emmie," he whined as she began rubbing the plums on his chest after he had removed his shirt in an effort to save it. He side eyed his omega hearing him snorting in laughter.

"Careful, Omega. Don't choke on that "huge" bite of french toast in your mouth." He smiled innocently at Cas when he glared at him.

"Keep talking, Dean and it'll be the only huge thing I have in my mouth today." Dean nodded quickly that he'd be good before turning his attention back to his pup who now had plum purple hair. Crap.

"Looks like Emmie wants a bath before her milk, so we'll be right back." He paused after rising from the bed when Cas laid his hand on his arm, taking time to swallow his food before speaking.

"Why don't you ya' know, wave your hands or whatever it is the other angels do? I've noticed that you and your family tend to do things the 'human' way." Dean smiled when he actually used finger quotes.


"Eh, guess it's just the way Ma raised us. I don't mind doing things the human way but I can and do use the angel way when it's called for. Does it bother you that I prefer..." he stopped when Cas immediately began shaking his head.


"No! I mean no, you don't have to change anything for me. I love you just the way you are and it makes me happy that you want to take the time to feed, clean, and play with our pup." Dean kissed him again on the nose just to see him go crossed eyed trying to watch. When he snickered Cas pushed him away by placing his hand on Dean's face. "Go wash our pup but come back soon, Alpha."

Dean walked into the ensuite ridding Emmie of her clothes as well as his own before stepping into the shower he had started with his angel ways. 

"Alright, Blondie-girl, let's do this! Clean pup means Daddy eats soon, you get milk, and then Dada and I can cuddle!" It sounded perfect to Dean and Emmie seemed to agree if her squeal was anything to go by. 


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Hello ❤❤

Just a note to let our readers know that there will be a week (hopefully only a week) delay in our stories as I deal with me heart issues.

Thank you for you patience and support.

Much love,


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Cas was so ready to hold his pup instead of it playing kick ball with his insides, and he knew that his alpha was certainly ready to hold it. They had decided not to let Michael tell them what they were having after Dean promised not to take a peek himself to find out. Cas didn't care what they were having. He just wanted a healthy pup who looked like Dean, although his inner omega was convinced that he was carrying a green-eyed, dark-haired son. He had been happily surprised that Emmie was becoming as freckled as his alpha, since she spent a lot of time outside playing with anyone and everyone who would take the time, and they all did. 

He was sitting in the most comfortable chair (Michael had sent it over some time around his fifth month and it was the absolute best) on the back patio, watching as Gabriel was walking around with Emmie on his shoulders, letting her pick fruit from the trees that surrounded their yard. Cas had begun having cravings about a month ago and they were ferocious. Pineapple milkshakes, Dean's cheeseburgers, Gabriel's fruit pies, and of all things, swimming with his mate and pup. He loved being naked in the water with them. It not only took some of the pressure off his back (he was definitely larger with this pup than he was with Emmie), but it was such a lovely way for the family to bond skin on skin. 

"MmmmDa!" Cas looked up hearing Emmie call for him to see her floating towards him with a large Granny Smith apple in her hands. 

"Thank you, Emmie. It looks yummy." He helped her land on what was left of his lap and busted out laughing at her 'yummy yummy yum' chant as she tried to bite the apple.

"I think we need Daddy's help, baby." And with just the thought of needing Dean, Cas found the alpha appearing instantly at his side.

"What's up, Cas? Hey, Blondie-girl! Oh, an apple...yummy!" Dean was so good with their pup, and Cas couldn't wait to see him with a newborn.

"Emmie wants some apple, please Alpha." He must have sounded off with the look of concern Dean threw him as he was putting Emmie on his shoulders.

"You alright, Omega?" Cas was nodding before Dean could finish.

"Yes, I just seem to be a bit breathless these days. I believe our pup is playing tennis on my lungs." He laughed at the look of horror on his mate's face.

"Oh...geez, is there anything I can do to help?" Cas could feel the love coming through their bond.

"I'd love a pineapple milkshake and maybe a nap?" He looked up at his mate with the begging eyes that he knew he couldn't resist, but only because it flustered Dean so badly. Cas knew he didn't have to beg to get what he wanted. It was just fun.

"Of course, Sweetheart. Coming right up!" As quick as a blink he had a large milkshake in his hand while Dean took Emmie into the house to let him enjoy it before napping in his chair. He was startled when his brother sat down on the patio next to him.

"Is that all you drink these days, Cassie?" Cas knew that wasn't what was on Gabriel's mind, since he could smell the tension from him.

"Pretty much. What's wrong, Gabriel?" He laid his hand on his brother's arm.

"I'm just feeling impatient, Cas. I miss him." He watched as his brother fought back tears, and Cas didn't have to guess to whom he referred.

Michael had sent Sam off for some training for his future position and he was the only one who knew where he sent Sam. They all missed the young alpha but none more than Gabriel. Mary and Dean were content with knowing that Michael was doing what was best, and Cas even felt that way but he was mostly focused on his pups and mate. He wondered if he was being a bad brother.

"Stop it, Cassie. Don't give me your guilty scent. You have been awesome, as Dean would say. You both have been gracious, letting me eat dinners with you and steal Emmie away for some cuddling. I'm getting to know my future mother-in-law by spending the days with her and learning a bit about being a cupid, even though Michael says he's not sure if that's where I'm gonna end up. I'm excited to see the changes he has planned for the future." Cas nodded his agreement.

"Dean is, too, while I'm still not used to the ways of Heaven, the future is very exciting. I want to know what my place here will be but I'm hoping I have the chance to have a few more pups before that time comes." He rubbed his belly as the pup was dancing with energy from the milkshake. Hmmm...probably should have had the shake after his nap.

"How many do you want?" Gabe asked with his eyebrows high in shock, for Cas had previously stated that he never wanted any others after Emmie.

"I'd love to have five or six before going on to learn my place here. What about you, Brother?" He knew Gabriel always wanted pups.

"Well, can't have you taking all the attention, so maybe a dozen or so." He laughed as his brother bounced his eyebrows at him, but he also thought he was probably being serious, too.

"I think you and Sam will have beautiful pups, Gabriel. Come up here and cuddle with me. I need a nap and this pup will only let me sleep well if we're being cuddled." Cas made room for his brother and it wasn't long before the three of them were sleeping in the garden.

"Does it hurt?"

Cas was having lunch with Mary while Dean had taken Emmie with him to pick out her next pet. Cas swore every animal fell in love with their pup and she was just as enamored of them. They had expanded their yard and barn a few times already, but Shawn was their only house pet and Dean started thinking the cat was lonely, so they were looking for a companion for him. While he and Mary had been talking about giving birth, he had begun thinking about when he got his wings. From pictures he's seen (no one was allowed to tell him when he would get his wings) Mary had gotten hers sometime shortly after having Dean. 

"Hmmm..." she hesitated while placing their plates on the table. "Unfortunately, it does but it's over in seconds, Cas. Please don't focus on that part of it. I promise you you'll have better things to concentrate on." She smiled at him before taking a bite of one of the burgers Dean sent over for them that rivaled the size of bites Dean himself took.

"I'm so looking forward for this pup to be here. I'm beginning to feel the need to start my nest." He spoke around a mouthful of french fries. Honestly, Dean's lack of manners while eating was rubbing off on him, but the food was so good.

"How exciting! I loved building my nest, getting things from the family members and every soft thing I could find. Let me know when you are starting and I'll bring over some things from when Dean was little. I kept some of his soft blankets and such for just this time. I have some of Sam's for Gabriel when they mate, too." He smiled his thanks at her. They really lucked out with such a wonderful mother-in-law. "I'm very curious at to what color your wings will be, sweetie. Every angel's are a bit different ya' know."

Cas had noticed that on their sight seeing trips around heaven. He had been in awe of the variety of colors in the wings, hues he had never seen on Earth. He was curious as to what colors he would have, though he knew he would have some green from Dean, some dark from his own hair coloring, and a bit of white from the Winchesters, but what pattern or combination was beyond his imagination. Mary had told him that Emmie's would grow in her sire's colors when she aged (Dean's colors, he was her sire now) and she would probably have a true mixture of his and Dean's wings, as would any future pups.

He was nervous to get his wings (the pain talk had him uneasy), but excited at the same time since his mate and pup had theirs. Of course, he wanted to look like his family.


A month later, Cas was ready to nest and drove everyone crazy trying to get it done perfectly. He rearranged the articles of clothing, blankets, pillows, and feathers several times a day. He no longer slept anywhere but the nest with Dean and Emmie. A few days earlier he had insisted that Gabriel join them (much to Dean's surprise) but his alpha just rolled with it, wanting Cas to be happy. MIchael had assured Cas that Sam would be home before the birth, since he needed to have Sam there, too. Mary was staying in their home and helping with Emmie since Cas was so large there wasn't much he didn't need Dean's help with these days. 

This evening found him on his knees inside the nest with Dean kneeling behind him to help support his large belly, while his inner omega insisted that Gabriel's shirt had to be wrapped around Sam's pillow from when he was a pup. He had been fussing with the nest since they had finished dinner. Mary had Emmie outside chasing butterflies with Shawn and Dawn (the fat, squirmy, pug puppy they had gotten to keep the cat company inside), plus all the outdoor animals that followed his girl around when she was outside. Cas was certain she would grow to be an angel of the creatures of the world. Inner omega finally satisfied, he leaned back to rest his head on Dean's shoulder and began to rub his belly by placing his hands on top of his alpha's moving them around, causing the pup to chase the movement.

"Bean's active tonight, huh?" He laughed softly in Cas' ear.

"Mmm, yes. I think it's done, Alpha." He took one last look at the placement of the nest before nodding that he was sure it was done.

"Looks really comfy, Omega. Are you ready to sleep?" Even though it was early Cas knew Dean would lay with him if that's what he wanted, but not at the moment.

"I'd love a milkshake and to watch Emmie play for a bit, Dean." He turned his head to place a kiss on the alpha's freckled cheek.

"Sure thing, babe." Cas would swoon (if he physically could) every time his alpha picked him up with ease and carried him around. Must be a pregnant thing with his hormones acting up, because usually he would get irritated at displays of strength from alphas. was just because it was Dean.

Dean made milkshakes for everyone: pineapple for him, chocolate for Mary and himself, and a small, vanilla one for Emmie. They were sitting in the dusk of the evening talking, sipping, and laughing at the pup as she continued to play with her animal friends. When Gabriel showed up (after going home for a bit after dinner), Dean produced a strawberry shake for the lonely omega. Cas had watched the friendship bloom between his alpha and brother which made him very happy. It grew deeper the longer Sam was gone, since the pair drew comfort from their Club of Missing Sam. 

Just as Cas sat his empty milkshake glass down, he glanced up to see Michael and Sam appear at the tree line, making their way closer. When he went to say 'look,' his breath was stolen with a sharp pain in his belly and a wetness between his legs.

"Dean!" He pointed towards the trees, but was looking at the puddle that was forming on the patio underneath the swing he and Dean were sitting on.

"Sammy! Cas??" He heard the excitement from Dean when he spotted his younger brother but the confusion when he felt the seat getting wet.

"Dean, the pup is coming!" 

Chapter Text


Dean had been crying for hours being so overcome with love and relief. It had taken almost four hours after Cas' water broke for their son to be born, and he was worth every minute of pain, so his omega told him. He was sitting on the sectional in their living room as Michael was teaching Cas to hold the weight of his wings after he had healed him from childbirth. Dean thought (and said loudly ) that you would think they could haven't taken Cas' pain during labor, but what did he know. 

He looked up from the face of his sleeping son to look at his mate's wings. They were glorious: a true shifting black that had his own green and the Winchesters' purple woven throughout, depending on how the light landed on his feathers. The bottom of the wings varied in all colors of blue that had been created, making Cas' wings one of the most unique set Dean had ever seen. 


Hearing his pup grunt, he looked down to see his baby's eyes looking back at him. They were a shade lighter than his with a tint of blue added, making a gorgeous teal--a true mix of him and Cas. The boy's hair was absolutely all Cas': dark brunette and looking as if he had been struck by lightning, for it all (and he had a lot) stuck up in different directions. He had his eyebrows but Cas' nose, and his lips were larger like his mate's but had Dean's cupid bow. Dean couldn't help how his wings kept shuffling in pride at how gorgeous his pup was and how strong, brave, and perfect his omega had handled everything. 

"Dean, Emmie wants to come back." He looked up from gazing at the pup in his arms at his brother. 

"Yeah, of course, have Gabe bring her in. You wanna hold him?" When Sam nodded he motioned for the nervous alpha to sit next to him, then placed his son in his younger brother's arms. 

"Here he is Emmie, here's your Daddy." Gabe was trying to calm her, as she had cried so hard she was now hiccupping.

"Hey, Blondie-Girl, come here, puppy." He scooped her up from Gabe and sat down next to Sam (who was completely focused on the sleeping boy in his arms) so he could show Emmie her brother.

"Look, Emmie, this is your brudder." He purposefully used the pronunciation of brother that he used when he was younger, causing Sam to look up from the pup with tears in his eyes.

"Brudders are the best." He bumped shoulders with Sam, acknowledging his agreement with the sentiment.

"Bu..bu..ders?" Dean laughed at his daughter's attempt at brudders. She was so stinkin' cute as she leaned over to kiss the baby's head.

"Oh, my." He heard Cas murmur, and he watched as the omega walked over to sit on the other side of him, pulling Emmie into his arms and she immediately began grasping (and gasping) at the omega's wings.

"I wanna hold my nephew too!" They all giggled at the pout in Gabriel's voice.


Dean heard the shaky breath his future brother-in-law released when Sam placed the pup in his arms. The look of reverence was something to see from the one he had named "The Trickster." Dean knew how much Gabriel loved Emmie (and she him), but this was something different: it was a longing for his own. He hoped that Sam and Gabriel would be allowed to mate soon, because he wanted his brother to have what he did. A family of his own. 

"Alright, it's my turn." Dean kissed Emmie and Cas before standing up to take his son from Gabriel (who made him promise to give him back, soon!) to present him to Michael. 

Michael held the pup as he did all that were born to his family, as if it was the most precious being in his world. The Winchester Original Sire kissed his great-great grandpup on both cheeks, forehead, and his nose. Michael held the boy with one hand under his head and the other cradling his bottom as he raised him above his head and introduced him to all of Heaven.


"Let it be known and recorded that on this day to Dean and Cas (Michael looked at Cas to wink letting him know that he was respecting his wish to not be called Castiel) Winchester that Colton Jack has been born." There was no stopping the tears as Dean heard all the angels in Heaven giving thanks for his son, CJ. They had decided on his name and nickname sometime ago, but had kept it a secret until his birth.

"Bbbbub....ers!" Emmie's squeal as she tried to escape Cas' arms (not happening, Dean knew that it had bothered his omega that she had become so upset hearing his labor) to get to CJ.

It broke the solemn moment of Michael's speech, causing them all to begin laughing. His Blondie-Girl didn't know why everyone was laughing, but she giggled while still trying to get to her brother. Michael gave him CJ back, so Dean turned slightly so that Emmie could look him over as he snoozed away. He wrapped his other arm around his mate, gently combing his fingers along the top of his wings.

"Do you like them, Alpha?" Cas whispered so only Dean could hear him.

"They are the most beautiful wings I've ever seen, Cas." He placed kisses all over every part of his mate's blushing face, causing him to let out the sweetest giggle, his nose to scrunch up and smile the smile Dean loved the most. Dang, he was feeling veerrry mushy today.

"Stop, Dean! I need to feed CJ." He felt his son begin to wiggle a bit in his arms. 

Dean switched pups with Cas so he could feed their son and he could blow raspberries on Emmie, making her scream in laughter (oops, sorry CJ). She flopped her head on his chest and snuggled down as she watched her MmmDa (cutest way to say Dada, ever) nursing CJ. Dean had worried about her being jealous, especially about this, but she was content to watch. They had weaned her midway through Cas' pregnancy and she loved her sippy cups. So much so that she shared them with her 'mals (her word for her animals) but everyone made sure she got a new sippy as soon as she stuck the one she had in one of the animals' mouths.


He began swaying her a bit, knowing that it wouldn't take much for her to fall asleep since she really had cried for quite a while earlier. Dean decided that with the next pup they should have Mary just take them to her nest until the pup was born. He used a bit of angel mojo to grab her pacifier from her crib and, as soon as he had it in hand, popped it in her mouth. Dean began humming "Hey Jude" as he continued to sway her, both of them keeping their eyes on Cas and CJ. He pushed out the thought that it was time for some sleep himself, since it was going to take more than a few minutes for everyone to get in one last hug or kiss. And then it was just him, Cas, and their pups.

"Come on, Cas. It's time for family snuggle time." He carried a sleeping Emmie while supporting his mate with a hand on his back as they walked towards the master bedroom. Soon he was looking across their sleeping pups into the omega's sleepy eyes. They couldn't stop smiling at each other. 

"I love you, Alpha. Thank you so much for this life we have." Dean couldn't resist leaning over to kiss his teary mate.

"There has never been an alpha more in love with their mate as I am with you, Omega. Your love has humbled me." He wrapped his wing around his family as they all succumbed to their exhaustion.


♡♡♡♡1 year later♡♡♡♡


Sitting on the back patio swing was one of Dean's favorite activities, especially on Saturday afternoons when his whole family was there. This weekend though, Sammy and Gabriel were missing from Family Fun Day festivities, but that couldn't be helped since the pair was on their Mating-Moon. Sammy had to go through a year of training for his 'top secret' job before Michael would okay their mating, and Gabriel had to go through Omega School since he was so young in the Sire's eyes. The omega hated it until he made some friends and turned them into tricksters, too.

The alpha watched his mom standing by the cherry trees, blushing, as Bobby stood there continuing his courtship of the blonde omega. He snickered, remembering when the pair sat down with him, Cas, Sammy, and Gabe to ask for their blessings for Bobby to begin courting her. Mary had done most of the talking as the older alpha sat next to her on the couch, strangling the ball cap he had barely remembered to take off when they walked into Dean's house. Cas had given Bobby the look (the look Dean got when he was in trouble), a look Bobby recognized and he removed it in a hurry, then.


Bobby had told them his story: while on earth he had been married to Karen, a lovely omega who had died from cancer. They had been reunited when he passed (accidentally shot in the head on a hunting trip) but the omega was only waiting to let him know that she loved him, but she was leaving heaven. If approved, there were instances where souls who were not going to become full-on angels could go on to a resting place. It was a state of suspension of an eternal sleep that was only broken if Heaven were attacked. Karen was so very tired and while it had broken Bobby's heart,  he didn't argue with her, since he wanted his lover to be happy and at peace. She had assured him that she wasn't upset that he had been chosen to be an angel while she hadn't, and she wished him happiness and love before she left. 

Bobby had been in Heaven for a few years Earth time (more like a decade or so in Heaven) and working in the main library when he met Mary one day when she came in to borrow some children's books to read to Emmie. He had been surprised that she just didn't 'download' them like the other angels did (hold book, retain story forever), but instead, did it the human way. Mary had invited him to coffee to get to know the alpha who was about her age, intelligent, kind, and interested in doing things the way he always had before he died. 

Dean sighed when he watched his mom kiss Bobby on the cheek, in thanks for a small figurine of a turtle dove that he gave her. So far, Bobby had impressed Mary (and Dean, to be honest) with his instincts for courting gifts. He was happy for them both. For a while after John had been forced to fall, Dean and Sam had 'peeked' in on him, and every time he was in a bar drowning his sorrows instead of doing good as Michael had demanded. Dean was curious as to what his Original Sire was going to do to John, but right at this moment he didn't care, and right now he was happy to see his mate walking towards him.

"Hello, Dean." He put his arm along the back of the swing so Cas could snuggle into his side.

"Hiya, Sweetheart." Kissing his omega's temple, he could smell just a hint of their new pup on the way. 

"Feeling better?" Poor Cas had been sick for the last week with morning ("it's not just morning, Dean!") sickness.

"Hmm...a bit. I think I'll be able to eat, if Bobby ever gets the burgers on the grill!" Cas was yelling by the end of it, smirking as Bobby turned to salute him and jog over to check the grill.

"Won't be long, Cas!" Bobby told him as he finally decided the grill was hot enough to put the burgers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob on to cook.


"This is such a perfect day, Omega." He pulled his mate closer to him so he could rest his head on top of Cas' as they watched their daughter chasing Pip-Pip (the pot bellied pig) around the swing-set, trying to put a beanie on his head.

"Every day with you and our family is perfect, Alpha. The day we met, I was sure I was about to die, but it turned out to be the true beginning my life. I love you." He certainly couldn't resist capturing his mate's lips in a kiss before he began pushing the swing with his foot.

He wrapped his wings around his omega and settled back to watch Emmie and CJ trying to push Michael on the swings. "Well, hearing you say, 'You're the one I want', was the start of my everything , Cas, and the best is still to come."