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He’s not saying he’s nosy… okay, maybe he is. But anyway, Kirishima has always been quite interested in the relationships between his classmates. Last week, Asui called him a shipper, whatever that means. But he just finds it interesting to see who has a crush on who, and if they end up dating. In fact, it was because of this habit of his that he even ended up realising he fancies Tetsu and started dating him. So there must be some basis to it.

Anyway, he’s particularly interested in Midoriya and Uraraka. These two have been dancing around their feelings since they first met, and clearly fancy each other. And he thinks they’d make a really cute couple.

So one day he wanders up to Midoriya and says, “Hey, are you and Uraraka going out?”

And Midoriya splutters and goes bright red. “No!”

“Are you sure?”

“I swear, we’re not dating. Yet.”

Kirishima grins. Midoriya is right. They’re not dating yet, but he’s sure he can get them together.

So soon he is tracking down Uraraka and saying, “Have you ever thought of dating anyone?”

“Uh… I don’t know…” Uraraka mumbles, blushing. “I… I’ve never really thought about it.”

And Kirishima leans close and grins as he whispers, “Really? Because I think you’ve got your eye on someone. Maybe a certain boy with green hair…”

“Oh shut up, Kirishima,” Uraraka says, going even redder and stepping so he is out of her personal space.

But he knows she isn’t mad at him. After all, she must know he’s right.


A few days later, Kirishima is considering the next level of his plan to set them up. At least… until something different happens.

Because one afternoon he walks into the common room and sees Midoriya and Uraraka kissing.

“I knew it!”