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“As soon as the room stops spinning, I’m going to kick your ass,” Bakugou said, grasping the side of his bucket. He hovered over it, breathing open mouthed with his eyes scrunched shut. “How’d you get in here anyway?”

“I picked the window lock after Kurogiri dropped me off on the ledge outside your room,” Dabi said. He sat on the bed and looked around at the Hero merchandise of All Might and other Heroes covering every wall and shelf. Shigaraki would have burned the whole room down by now. “It’s not my fault you were throwing up so much you didn’t notice.”

Bakugou shot him a withering look and put his head back on the side of the bucket.

“Did the room stop spinning yet?” Dabi asked. He picked up his phone and scrolled to a news feed, double checking that Midoriya was still keeping busy with Twice’s surprise. “Because my ass is still fine.”

“Are you really here just to see if I’m pregnant or is this part of your threat to slit Deku’s throat?” Bakugou asked. He stared at the bucket, wincing at his own bile in the bottom. “Because I haven’t forgotten that bullshit from the charity or your stupid house pet comment.”

“I might have been a little angry when I sent that,” Dabi said, curling his teeth and looking away. He rubbed the back of his head, massaging his fingers into his own scalp. He almost smiled when his eyes landed on a television surrounded by gaming gear, thinking of Bakugou and Shigaraki playing against each other on that old couch. “I did come to see if you were pregnant for myself, though.”

Bakugou watched him like a hawk, even as he swayed slightly from the floor. He didn’t say it, but is expression clearly asked, “Why?”

“Your fans have been waiting and praying for you to get knocked up since you were announced an Omega,” Dabi said. Once the shock had died down and the social media posts were finished with their “oh, that poor baby” nonsense, it’d hit them all that he was mated to “Deku” and it’d continued naturally from there. Omega had kids. Bakugou was an Omega. Bakugou could have kids—easy math for easily excited fans. “I wanted to see if it was wishful thinking gone viral or the real deal with my own eyes.”

“And what are your plans now that you know?”

“I don’t have a fucking clue,” Dabi admitted. He groaned and fell back onto the bed. It reeked of cedar, just like the Omega across the room. “You getting knocked up was not in the big picture.”

“Should I be insulted?” Bakugou got off the floor and stood next to the bed, glaring down with fire in his eyes that looked good on him—but Dabi did not want a fight. “Does having kids make me too domesticated for even you?”

“Shit, that’s not it,” Dabi said. He sat up, his gaze locked on Bakugou’s stomach. He wasn’t showing yet, but in a few months there’d be a bump. Dabi put a hand over his own stomach and drew his thumb back and forth over it. “But it’s hard to shack you up with Shigaraki if he won’t touch you with a ten foot pole after he finds out you’re pregnant.”

Bakugou’s face twisted further in anger.

“It’s not what you’re thinking.”

“Then explain.”

“Just between you and me? That guy has father issues like you wouldn’t believe,” Dabi said, hoping to save the conversation. “Whether it has something to do with his real dad, Kurogiri being his parent-butler, or his messed up relationship with his Master there is no denying that the guy gets twitchy around dads. He named the stupid mask on his face ‘Father’ if that gives you any clue.”

Dabi must have said something right, because Bakugou’s face turned from anger to confusion.

“The guy avoids dads is what I’m getting at. They bother him,” Dabi said. He tilted his head back and forth with a shrug. “Or he kills them. Either way, our fight aside, I do like you and I’d rather not risk what Shigaraki might do. My plans to kidnap you into the fold are officially over. Congrats.”

“And Shigaraki?”

“No idea, but I’d put money on it that he starts avoiding you and Midoriya out of sheer disgust,” Dabi said. He licked his lip and snorted. “Or he’ll double down on trying to kill Midoriya and you both so he doesn’t have to think about it. It’s fifty-fifty.”

“You’re lucky the room is still spinning,” Bakugou said. He collapsed on the bed next to Dabi and pulled over a pillow to hug to his chest. “Get the hell out of my apartment.”

“You do have a nice little cage here,” Dabi said, still there and still being an asshole. He got off the bed and walked around the room, poking at Deku’s figurines and posters. “Perfect for raising that upcoming litter of yours.”

Katsuki should light his face on fire, but he couldn’t find the strength. His head hurt, he still felt sick, a part of his brain said starting a fight while he was in such an early stage of pregnancy was a bad idea, and Dabi just said he didn’t want him because he was pregnant.

Katsuki wasn’t sure why that hurt to hear, but it did.

“You’ve got all the entertainment you could want and look at all this closet space.” Dabi threw open the closet doors and whistled. Katsuki sat up and debated stalling Dabi so he’d still be here when Deku got back or physically kicking him out so he could hide any evidence the jerk had been here. Dabi stuck his head into the closet and looked down. “Now what is this?”

He squatted and pulled over a familiar looking tub.

“Shit! Don’t open that,” Katsuki said, throwing the pillow across the bed. He crawled forward but didn’t move fast enough. Dabi had already lifted the lid off with a dramatic flair, holding it high over his head. He saw the contents and the grin nearly split his stitches. “Forget you saw that.”

“Now this is a collection,” Dabi said. He picked up a dildo in its box and turned it so that it caught the overhead light. The glass piece shone through the clear plastic front and he held it up toward the opposite wall. “This is what should be decorating all those shelves, not that tacky Hero crap.”

Katsuki decided: He’d stall until Deku got there. He needed backup for when he murdered Dabi and had to hide the body.

“How are none of these opened?” Dabi said. He tossed the lid behind him and picked up the tub of toys. He dumped it out on the bed, spreading the dildos and vibrators over the mattress. “Who spends this much money on toys and doesn’t use them?”

“People who buy shit before asking if the other person wants them,” Katsuki said. He pointed at the mess and hissed, “Now put all that back and stick it in the closet where it belongs.”

Dabi gave Katsuki a look that looked too amused. He crossed his arms over the side of the empty tub and asked, “Have you ever used toys before?”

Katsuki made a swipe for Dabi’s face with a small explosion but he jumped back and laughed.

“For real, though—why haven’t you opened any of these to try them out?” Dabi asked, ignoring Katsuki’s fury. He strolled back to the bed and picked up one of the boxes and placed the bottom his palm to show it off. “Alpha are nice, but you can have a way better time without one. A toy and your hand could be the highlight of your day.”

“Why are you still here?” Katsuki asked. He glared at the toys out of the corner of his eye and grabbed one to throw back in the tub. He didn’t want to know what half of these things are and he wasn’t going to sit here and be teased by Dabi for this, too. “Deku’ll be back any minute. Go away and leave me alone.”

“You’re so embarrassed I think your nausea went away,” Dabi said. He put the toy on the end of the bed and tapped his finger on the top of the box. Dabi dropped his grin and graced Katsuki with a soft offer: “Do you want me to show you how to use these?”

“No,” Katsuki shouted in direct contrast to Dabi’s sincere tone. “I want you to leave before Deku gets back.”

Dabi checked his phone. “He’s still fighting downtown. We’ve got an hour at least and it is criminal that this stuff is collecting dust.”

Katsuki snatched the box from under Dabi’s hand and shoved it in the box. “You’re the criminal.”

“A criminal who knows what all of this stuff is and how to use it,” Dabi said. He overturned the tub again and hopped up onto the bed, ignoring Katsuki’s complaints. Dabi pushed aside boxes until he grabbed one and popped the lid. “Here we go. Let’s start with the classic dildo and work our way from there.”

He ripped open the box—the sound echoing in the room as Katsuki sucked in a breath wondering how the hell he was going to explain to Deku that the toys were open when he’d made such a fuss about not wanting them—and pulled out a dark teal dildo with black and cream stripes.

“Or maybe not this one,” Dabi said. He shoved it back in the ripped package and tossed it into the tub. Dabi opened the next one and pulled out a similar toy, but flesh colored with unnatural ridges. “Not as classic a shape, but this’ll work.”

Katsuki covered his ears and groaned as Dabi went over the pros and cons of the toy in his hand as compared to the other items sprawled across the bed.

He’d take the nausea over listening to Dabi talking him into trying out the shit Deku bought.

Izuku yawned into his hand as he stomped up the stairs to his apartment. The paperwork for the battle downtown had taken an hour longer than he expected and he could not wait to get home.

“I hope Kacchan is okay,” Izuku said as he pushed up the door to his landing. The bag with nausea medication and snacks he’d bought for his mate tapped against his leg. Izuku was glad there’d been a store open after he’d gotten off of patrol or Kacchan might have to go another night without. “If he’s still feeling this bad tomorrow, maybe we should go to the doctor.”

He opened his apartment door and closed it behind him.

“Kacchan! I’m back and I brought you some—”

A loud knock from the bedroom cut him off. It sounded like something heavy had fallen to the floor. The heavy thumps continued and Izuku narrowed his eyes. He carried the bag of medicine with him as he checked on his mate. “Kacchan, are you okay? What was that?”

He opened the door and sucked in a breath: Kacchan was on his knees on the floor, shoving an opened dildo into the tub. The contents of the tub were spread out over the floor like they’d been dropped it in a hurry.

The panic on Katsuki’s face made it clear he didn’t want to get caught with them.

Izuku bit his lip. Kacchan got more and more adorable every day—which was an impressive feat for someone who looked so scary half the time.

“I’m not going to tease you if you changed your mind about the toys, Kacchan,” Izuku said. He put his bag on the side of the bed and stooped to help Kacchan pick up the toys spread over their carpet. “Did you find any you liked?”

“I didn’t use them!” He shouted. His face stayed beet red and he continued shoving them in the box. Izuku looked over the wrappings and noticed he’d opened at least one of each type, like he was systemically looking them over. Kacchan refused to look at Izuku, still staring at the floor with his hand shaking as he wrapped his fingers around a dildo. “I only looked.”

“There’s nothing wrong with using them, Kacchan,” Izuku said. He put his hand over Kacchan’s and squeezed. His mate looked ashamed for taking an interest in himself and Izuku wanted to get rid of it. “And neither is asking for help if you don’t know how to use them. I can find instructions if you don’t want me to tell you.”

Kacchan shook his head and he bit his lip. His eyes darted around the room as he pulled his hand away, holding the toy to his chest. “Deku.”

“Are you okay?” Izuku asked. He put the back of his hand over Kacchan’s forehead to feel his temperature. “You’re a little on the warm side. Maybe you’re getting a cold and that’s why your morning sickness has been so bad.”

“I’m embarrassed not sick,” Kacchan said. He swallowed and continued to fidget. Kacchan wore his nerves on his sleeves—Did the toys bother him that much? Kacchan put the dildo in the box and pressed his lips together in thought. He gritted his teeth and put his hands on the side of the tub. “I was bored and curious about the toys and I was hoping to put it all away before you got back.”

He was lying—the strain in his voice and the lack of eye contact gave him away.

Izuku let out a breath and reached over, tugging Kacchan over into a hug. His Omega seemed to be alright aside from the nerves, meaning his nausea had passed for the moment. If he’d been considering playing with the toys, that only confirmed he was feeling better.

Pregnancy heightened the libido, so there was a good chance Kacchan was just randy and didn’t want to admit it—he had a bad habit of that.

“Come here,” Izuku said. He pulled Kacchan into his lap, kissing the side of his cheek and slipping his hand over his mate’s back. “Let’s play with the toys, Kacchan.”

Deku sucked on Katsuki’s neck and pulled over the tub with his free hand, but Katsuki had his mind on other things: Like the Villain flat on the floor five feet away on the other side of the bed.

Like idiots, they’d lost track of time—Dabi in his glee at embarrassing Katsuki and Katsuki trying to distract the man from his mission to be as lewd as possible by putting everything back in the damned tub.

They’d both panicked when the door opened and Deku came home. Dabi had leapt over the bed to head for the closet but the tub of toys got in his way, crashing to the floor so he’d had to scramble the other direction to dive behind the bed out of sight.

Katsuki hit the floor to make it look like he was cleaning when Deku walked in the room—and it had worked.

For the moment.

It was only a matter of time before Deku stood up or saw over the edge of the bed and saw Dabi—Katsuki should really rat him out. He’d helped Shigaraki try to kill Deku. Dabi had called him a house pet.

But he’d also laughed with him and seemed genuinely hurt by Katsuki leaving. The mixed feelings continued to twist in his stomach worse than the nausea his litter caused.

The guy had it bad enough living with Shigaraki as a mate.

Maybe if he distracted Deku enough, the other Omega could sneak out in the activity.

Katsuki stared at the box of toys and looked up at the bathroom—those needed to be cleaned, didn’t they?

“This one,” Katsuki said, leaning away from Deku as he nipped at his neck. He pulled out simplest one in the box—the one with the ridges that Dabi had first showed off. Katsuki squeezed it and hoped his plan worked. “We need to clean it first, right?”

“Yup,” Deku said. He dug through the box and pulled out a small bottle of toy cleaner and grinned. “Let’s go do that.”

He stood, carrying Bakugou with one arm, his Quirk sparking and laughed when Katsuki grabbed his shoulders to steady himself. Deku headed to the door and Katsuki looked behind him to see Dabi looking back from the floor. He mouthed “Get out” and Dabi gave him a thumbs up.

Dabi watched from the corner of the bed. He could see into the master bath from his position and waited for Bakugou to nudge the door shut while Midoriya took the chosen dildo to the sink.

When the water turned on, Dabi moved.

He crawled out of the room as slow and quiet as he could until he hit the hallway. Dabi bit his lip to keep from laughing. He’d been saved by a frisky Alpha and Bakugou’s quick thinking.

Though part of him regretted he wouldn’t be around to see the show—Bakugou using his first toy was sure to be a sight to see.

It was wasted on Midoriya.

Shigaraki would have been so much better for that first time.

Dabi pushed the window open and crawled out the side. He closed it again and hoped Bakugou had the sense to lock it when he got a chance. Once he’d edged along the side of the ledge to the corner, he called Kurogiri for a pickup.

He waited on the ledge, biting the side of his thumb. The past two hours had been fun. Dabi had had someone to talk with and tease in a different way than the others in the League picked on each other. Dabi could see them doing that every day like they had before when he’d been kidnapped. Their chemistry was good and Shigaraki had been so much happier with the other Omega around.

But that was never going to happen.

Bakugou’s stupid litter had ruined everything.

An empty bedroom waited for them when Deku carried Katsuki back inside and set him on his feet. None the wiser, Deku continued to hold him by the waist and chatter about their upcoming activities. Katsuki relaxed his shoulders, allowing himself to pay attention to the Alpha kissing him—Dabi had gotten away.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better, Kacchan,” Deku said against his lips. “I was worried.”

Katsuki huffed and bit his lip back. “Don’t look in the bucket on the other side of the bed. It’ll ruin the mood.”

Deku laughed, pressing their noses together. “I’ll be sure to stay on this side, then.”

He handed Katsuki the cleaned toy and pulled off his shirt. His pants and boxers followed—he was clean and freshly showered from the agency. Deku held his hand out for the toy and took it as Katsuki matched his undressed state, shoving the clothes in the corner.

“There it is,” Deku said. He pulled out a bottle of lubrication and popped open the cap. He applied it to the toy and grinned. “You’ve got your own, but more never hurts.”

Katsuki stared at the toy in Deku’s hand as he stood naked in the center of their bedroom and it finally hit him what was about to happen.

“We can stop,” Deku said. His second thoughts must have shown on his face because Deku’s glee turned to concern. “Kacchan?”

“No,” he said. Katsuki got on the bed and scooted back toward the pillows. As much as he hated to admit it, some of Dabi’s stories had stuck in his brain. Deku seemed pretty eager, too—like they both knew some big thing Katsuki was missing out on. “I want to try, but if I don’t like it we stop—got it?”

Deku nodded. He joined Katsuki on the bed and kissed Katsuki again, the dildo in his hand. He passed it over to Katsuki and positioned himself behind him so that Katsuki sat between Deku’s legs. He wrapped his hands around Katsuki’s waist, pressing against Katsuki from the back.

Katsuki leaned into him as Deku dipped a hand between his legs. “I’ll get you started, Kacchan, but I really want you to show me what you like yourself.”

“So you want to be lazy and make me do all the work, is that it?” Katsuki asked, his breath picking up. He squeezed the dildo in his hand. “I see how it is.”

“Don’t worry, Kacchan. I’ll be working, too.” Deku removed his hand, leaving Katsuki still wanting, and wiped it off on the bedsheets. He stuck his hand under the pillow and pulled out his notebook. Deku said in all seriousness: “I’m going to take notes.”

Katsuki groaned, falling back into Deku as he laughed and flipped it open to an empty page. He wrote “Experiment One: Ridged Dildo” at the top and drew a small sketch of the toy. Katsuki snorted into Deku’s chest after the Alpha told Katsuki to “Keep going like I’m not here.”

He settled into the Alpha’s side and gave the toy one long look before he decided to give it a go, holding back the smile as Deku narrated what he did out loud for the stupid notes.

The day had started awful, but at least it ended sort of nice.