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Bakugou had been missing for five days.

Eijirou threw a vase across the room and yelled, hands in his hair and the mantra still repeating in his head: The League had Bakugou. Shigaraki was an Alpha. Eijirou breathed heavy, shaking his head out as his heart pounded in his chest to do something. Anything. Eijirou kicked over the small stand the vase had been on.

How could they not have found Bakugou yet?

What good was an entire agency of Pro Heroes if they couldn’t find one missing Omega? How did the League erase itself so fully that there was no trace of where they’d gone? It didn’t make sense! They’d never had this much trouble before with such a high priority case.

It was like Shigaraki had disappeared off the face of the planet and taken Eijirou’s best friend with him.

Eijirou felt like his heart was going to pound out of his chest and snarled into the air, as he grabbed the leg of the overturned couch. Maybe he would have to start knocking in some real heads to get what he wanted. Or just looked harder. If Eijirou broke down enough walls, Bakugou had to be behind one of them, didn’t he?

He sat up, tilting his head back and shuddered as he tried to calm down. He had to return to his shift soon and he needed to finish getting the aggression out of his system. Eijirou was too close to a real meltdown. He kicked the couch again. Too close. Eijirou transformed his arms with his Quirk and slammed his hands down into the furniture, shattering it. Too—

A hand grabbed the back of his throat, four fingers squeezing tight.

“One of the best things about Alpha, is that no matter how out of control they are, self preservation always shines through,” Shigaraki hissed in the side of his ear. Eijirou could see a flicker of the telltale black warp gate through the edges of his eyes. “I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

“Where’s Bakugou?” Eijirou growled as his senses returned to him, teeth grit and his Quirk threatening to overtake, even at the risk of a fifth finger joining his skin. “What have you done to him?”

“Nothing bad,” Shigaraki said, stepping to the side so Eijirou could see him. His eye looked amused past the hand on his face. “He’s fine.”

“I don’t believe you,” Eijirou said.

Shigaraki frowned and pulled out his phone with his free hand. He clicked one of the fast dial buttons and a bright, horrifying smile filled the camera of the video chat with sharp canines sparkling white. “Tomura! What’s up?”

“Toga,” Shigaraki said, holding the camera up so Toga could see both Shigaraki and Eijirou in the screen. Shigaraki spoke softly. “Go find Bakugou and film him on the video chat, but don’t let him know you’re doing it.”

She licked the side of her tooth and whispered with enthusiasm, “Okie!”

Shigaraki pressed the mute button for the speaker, but left the sound on Toga’s end on. Eijirou watched as the camera bounced around in her hand as the girl ran across some warehouse. She cracked open a door and placed the phone camera in place, revealing Bakugou sitting on a couch with Dabi.

Playing a video game.

“This is not fair!” Dabi shouted. He growled at the controller, clicking hard and leaning forward. “We already have one gamer around here that can kick all of our asses, you don’t get to be one, too!”

“Stop whining and get better,” Bakugou said, smirking wide as he clicked on the controller. “You’re the one who wanted to practice so you wouldn’t get trashed next time you Shigaraki made you play with him.”

“You’re such an asshole,” Dabi said, shoving Bakugou with his elbow. He cursed when the movement didn’t distract Bakugou from the controller.

Bakugou kicked him off the couch in retaliation.

They looked like they were having fun. Eijirou’s heart sunk, confirming his earlier fears that Bakugou had run away on his own.

Shigaraki clicked the phone off and sent a “Thank you” text to Toga. He put the phone away and looked at Eijirou. “Satisfied?”

“What do you want?” Eijirou asked, dropping his Quirk. He still longed to bash in Shigaraki’s face but couldn’t find the energy.

“A little birdie told me that Deku had been sedated when we took Bakugou,” Shigaraki said, tilting his head. He twisted his hand as he walked around Eijirou’s body to stand face to hand mask. “Which ruins my plans.”

Eijirou swallowed, “What plans?”

“Taking Bakugou was a two-fold reward,” Shigaraki said. “Save the Omega and hurt the Alpha, but as you might have noticed, we only accomplished one part of that. It’s hard to create a sense of agony and loss in someone if they’re unconscious. I wanted Midoriya to suffer.”

“Falling into a spiral of violence is more likely,” Eijirou said.

Shigaraki grinned wide. “That, too. I’d love it if all the world could see what a vicious little Alpha their precious Symbol of Peace can be when he puts his animal mind to it.”

“What’s that have to do with me?” Eijirou asked.

“I want someone to wake up Midoriya,” Shigaraki said. “There’s no point in stealing his mate from him if he’s not aware enough to know I did it.”

“I got that,” Eijirou said. “But what makes you think I’ll wake him up?”

Shigaraki pulled his phone up again and clicked the play button. A video of Eijirou from the night Midoriya claimed Bakugou popped up on the screen, showing Eijirou in his Unbreakable form, ugly and screaming “He’s mine!” Shigaraki clicked the phone off and put it back in his pocket.

“You imprinted on Bakugou, didn’t you?” Shigaraki asked, snickering under his breath. “I bet you’d do anything to see him.”

Eijirou bit his lip.

Shigaraki tilted his head to the side and whispered in Eijirou’s ear, “Wake up Midoriya and I’ll tell you where Bakugou is.”

Kurogiri’s Warp appeared behind Shigaraki and he pulled his hand back, stepping halfway into the portal. He laughed and said, “When I see Midoriya rampaging on TV, I’ll find you.”

He disappeared into the black and Eijirou fell to his knees and grabbed his chest as the tightness grew.

Dabi nearly dropped the controller when Shigaraki and Kurogiri showed up to his left, warping in like they owned the place—which they did.

“Who said you could play my games?” Shigaraki asked, tugging off his hand-mask and handing it to Kurogiri, who safely Warped it to Shigaraki’s room.

“You did when you left them out with open save slots,” Bakugou said, smacking the pause button on the controller. “We even made guest accounts to not ruin your high score charts, so I don’t know what you’re complaining about.”

Dabi almost hit him. Bakugou had a mouth on him as bad as Dabi, but that guy had no idea when to keep it shut. No wonder Midoriya broke him in a week. No Alpha would have put up with that behavior to their face without cracking and putting the Omega in their place with vitriol.

“Scoot over,” Shigaraki said, kicking at Dabi’s leg. “And give me the controller. You’re horrible at this.”

Shigaraki being the one shining exception, of course.

The Alpha sat on Dabi’s other side, taking the controller in hand. He clicked off the pause button and got back into the game, attacking Bakugou’s character with a new vengeance. Dabi threw his arms over the back of the couch, one behind Bakugou and one behind Shigaraki as he made himself smaller between the two competitive gamers.

“I still can’t believe you both play the same games,” Dabi said, staring at the screen as the fight progressed into something too fast he couldn’t follow it. “It’s ridiculous.”

“This one was popular,” Shigaraki said, still clicking hard, body completely calm as he played. “I’m fairly certain anyone with a game system in the country has it.”

Bakugou knocked his knee into Dabi’s as he ducked forward and to the side, moving along with his controller as he nearly mimed out the action on the screen. “I got it for Christmas because my parents knew I liked games, but not which ones, and it was on the top of the charts. Turned out to be pretty fun.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Dabi said.

He settled back into the couch, watching the other two play. He felt warm and content, with a kindred spirit on his right and his boss on the left. If he closed his eyes and pretended they were somewhere that wasn’t falling apart at the seams, it almost felt like home.

Dabi could get used to this.

Which is why he didn’t ask Shigaraki where he’d been just now to come back looking so smug. There was no reason to ruin the moment if he didn’t have to.

Dabi pulled his arms down into his lap and dropped his head on Shigaraki’s shoulder. He pressed his leg into Bakugou’s and watched the flashing screen and the two characters clash on the screen while the real people behind the avatars bonded closer together.

It brought a smile to his face, which he hid in Shigaraki’s shirt.

Eijirou had to be careful.

He breathed slowly, keeping his calm as he strode through the Hero Agency toward the containment room where Midoriya continued to sleep peacefully. Eijirou would lose everything if he got caught, but he pushed forward anyway—losing Bakugou for good was just as bad.

A nasty, loud voice in the back of his head said that Shigaraki had been right on at least one front: Midoriya deserved to suffer for Bakugou’s sake. He’d collared and kept him tame in a house when the man should have been out and about, loud and terrifying—Omega or not.

Bakugou couldn’t be a Hero any longer, but he could at least be allowed to stay himself and see whoever he wanted to.

Eijirou clicked a button under his thumb as he passed down the hallway. A small electric charge zapped into the wall, invisible to the naked eye, and short circuited the security wires. He heard the small “Click” of the cameras in the hall turn off and he crushed the device he’d lifted from the confiscated items room when he delivered a package earlier that day.

Opening his palm and dropping his Quirk, Eijirou let the dust fall to the ground and sprinted around the corner. He kicked open the door holding Midoriya and ran up to the IV line feeding the other Hero with the sedative.

Midoriya still smelled like potpourri and it only increased his fury toward the sleeping Alpha. Eijirou ripped the tube out from the back of Midoriya’s hand, leaving the needle in place. He took a few steps back when Midoriya’s eyes shot open. The other Pro Hero lurched forward, sitting up straight and growling. He whipped his head to the side, spotting Eijirou and leapt.

Before he could dodge, Midoriya pinned him to the ground by the back of the neck, lightning quick and Quirk active. His teeth were bared and his pupils had turned to vertical slits. A silver of drool snuck down the side of his mouth and he snarled. “Where’s Kacchan!?”

Eijirou grunted, glad he had activated his own Quirk in time or his windpipe would have been crushed under Midoriya’s grip. He yelled, “I don’t know!”


Midoriya squeezed tighter, his arm sparking with his Quirk. Red lines grew on his cheeks, flashing in and out as he breathed. Eijirou’s Quirk strained under the hold and he prayed it held out long enough. “What happened to him?”

Eijirou fought the grin as one last act of self preservation before he said, “Shigaraki claimed him.”

Midoriya froze. “What?”

“Shigaraki claimed Bakugou,” Eijirou said, dragging his hands into the ground, scratching his fingers into the dirt. If that knowledge hurt Midoriya even a fraction as much as it had hurt Eijirou, this would have been worth it. “Tomura Shigaraki stole him from you.”

Black seeped into the sclera of Midoriya’s eyes as he shuddered and the electricity of his Quirk continued to grow and spark. He let go of Eijirou and held his head as he let out a howl, screaming so loud it shattered the glass of the room’s windows. Midoriya opened his eyes, revealing that both the sclera and iris had turned completely black.

If Shigaraki had wanted Midoriya to lose his mind, he got it.

Midoriya turned that haunting glare toward Eijirou, growling and half leaned over as he readied to pounce again.

Eijirou crawled back on his elbows and yelled, “They’re in a warehouse! I don’t know which one so you’d better go look if you want to find him before it’s too late!”

His distraction worked and Midoriya ran out of the room, destroying the wall as he went and Eijirou shivered in the corner. He chose to find Bakugou over eliminating Eijirou as another threat. He’d been saved only by that one last animal instinct that put an Alpha’s mate as the ultimate priority.

Eijirou swallowed and prayed that Shigaraki held up his end of the deal or he had just unleashed a monster onto the city for nothing.