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Dismissal of Doubt

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It wasn’t that Hanta was had particularly low confidence; he had gotten into the hero course at UA just fine and had made friends with his whole class to varying degrees (he wasn’t exactly close with Todoroki, for instance, but the dude was polite when they did interact.) A few people, local golden-boy Midoriya included, had said that he’d make a great hero one day, even! Especially for rescues in urban areas! And he felt a lot of pride at that.


However, he never really felt…comfortable in his own skin. He didn’t hate himself or anything but he always thought of himself as plain and kinda awkward. He had long gangly limbs, with the bulky dispensers at his elbows, that made clothes difficult to find. His frame was lean and his form lengthy, drawing attention that his bland face immediately lost. And while he was happy and loved to be happy beside and with all his pals, he knew his large crooked teeth weren’t winning any “beautiful smile” awards anytime soon.


And he could honestly overlook all of that. Truly, he could, if it weren’t for the fact that all those traits were paired with the biology of an omega. His face, body, even his freaking scent practically screamed beta. He wasn’t small or quiet, fruit-sweet or simpering. He was just…a regular dude. Not bad, per se, but not good either. And sure, realistically he knew that those old stereotypes about omegas and their alpha counterpart were completely false, but…but…it still hurt.


It hurt when he woke up and saw his hair laying flat and dark on his head, then went into school to see Kirishima—vibrant red spikes matching equally red eyes. He’d see Ochako, tiny hands swallowed by the much larger ones that Tsuyu had. He’d smell Midoriya, already mated and marked by the bird hybrid that rarely left his side. And it all just hurt. That hurt stayed for quite sometime before Shouji caught him after class and formally requested to court.


It had honestly blown Hanta away. For one thing, being concerned about his own distinctly lackluster features, he hadn’t really bothered to consider any alphas. Not for himself, anyway. He acknowledged them in a distant sort of way, appreciating their bulk and scents and strength but not indulging in any fantasies. So when Shouji called him over, thick arms resting at his side and his visible eye staring straight through Sero’s own, and said simply, “I wish to pursue you, romantically. If you are willing, please consider me as a potential mate.”


…Well, needless to say, Hanta was shocked. It made him mull over the tallest member of their class properly and Hanta really really liked what he saw. The height was perhaps the easiest thing to appreciate; Hanta was fairly tall for an omega and knowing that his alpha—his potential alpha—was still bigger than him was comforting. And Shouji was big. All over really. Huge arms and a lot of them, broad chest, massive legs. Hanta may not have daydreamed about Shouji as his before, but it took a special kind of idiot to not notice the appeal of such a huge, fit man.


Shouji had a nice face, too, what little could be seen of it. The mask and hair covered most of it and added a level of mystery but didn’t distract from the teen’s sharp jaw. His eye, especially when trained on Hanta, was a strange mixture of kind and calculating. His voice had always been a pleasure to hear during class and even a bit of a treat, when Hanta thought about it, as Shouji didn’t often speak up unless the situation called for it.


And his arms, his quirk, was a whole separate category of interesting. Aside from its many uses in hero work, multiple arms and the ability to replicate body parts lent itself to a slew of fun ideas. Shouji was strong and could easily lift Hanta should he want to with just half of his arms. He could conjure up a half-dozen hands, mouths…it’s be like the omega was surrounded by a small squadron of alphas intent on touching him, tasting him, making him feel good…


But that wasn’t why Hanta accepted Shouji’s offer. It helped, sure, but Hanta didn’t breathe out a shaky yes because of Shouji’s arms or height or the muscles in his chest that would feel so good to rest against and cuddle into on cold nights. He accepted because, for the first time in his entire life as an omega, an alpha had come to him smelling of genuine interest.


Shouji’s scent was warm and just the slightest bit earthy, like standing in the middle of a forest at the height of summer. It feels new and bold, but strong and ancient at the same time. Heady but in a subtle, organic way that made Hanta comfortable and safe even as he felt his knees weaken. And it was directed at him. Shouji wasn’t the type to direct his scent at anyone, even during mock-battles with other alphas he kept himself composed and preferred to spread his scent out in a thin radius. Just enough to let others know he was an alpha, but not enough to instigate a fight for dominance or affect the omegas.


But when he had confessed, that scent was focused explicitly on Hanta. It wrapped him up, slid down his arms and cupped his face like a lover. And that, that, was what Shouji was offering him. It was what drove Hanta to accept. Because that tenderness and the slightly suggestive nature of that aroma was the alpha telling him that Hanta was desirable. That Shouji was serious about him.


That had the omega grinning like a fool, but hey, at least he was a fool being courted by Shouji damn Mezou, so it all worked out. However, the end of his third month dating the handsome alpha was fast approaching and Hanta was getting just the slightest bit antsy. Shouji had been nothing but a gentleman the whole time. But that was where the problem lied; Hanta was becoming anxious that whatever drew the other boy towards him in the first place was…fading or leaving or wasn’t really there in the first place. It’s just, Shouji wasn’t doing anything.


His scent glands still reacted to Hanta’s presence, leaking and focusing in on the space surrounding the omega. And they hadn’t officially bonded, but they kissed frequently and Hanta had several claiming hickeys littering his neck and shoulders. In private, Shouji often drew the omega into his chest, caging him in with bulky arms and letting seemingly endless fingers trace patterns on every bit of exposed skin and rub more of that woodsy smell into his clothes.


But that’s where it ended. Despite Shouji’s apparent attraction to him and repeated sweet words of affection, the alpha had never made a move to take their relationship a bit further. And it wasn’t like Hanta could do it! Well, he could, technically, but Shouji was the alpha and Hanta didn’t really…he didn’t really think he could do what other omegas could.


The few—extremely few—times he had tried to practice presenting his glands for bites or attempted to look seductive just made his ungraceful spindly body even more awkward and there was absolutely NO WAY he’d make a fool of himself by testing it out in front of his boyfriend. He was positive he wouldn’t have a boyfriend if he did. But if they never moved forward then he might not have one soon anyway.


It was with these depressing thoughts filling his head that he went on a walk, realizing far too late that he had traveled all the way to Shouji’s house, inner omega searching for comfort and assurance. Dammit. But—he was a hero, he could do this! He’d just walk up to Shouji and ask him directly if they were going to fuck or not. Right. Yeah. He could do that. He shot off a quick text to his mom, saying that he’d be home tomorrow night because if this worked out well, Hanta would stay over for a bit and if not he’d crash at Kaminari’s place and cry into his Fruit Loops while they watched shitty movies.


He marched the rest of the way to Shouji’s place and moved to ring the doorbell, heart pumping and face reddening as he came to the immediate conclusion—far too freaking late—that it was Saturday and Shouji’s parents were probably home and he was an idiot, a stupid moron, he should have just vented to Mina or Kaminari or someone and hoped for the best and have this meltdown at literally any other place than right fucking here and then the door was opening and he was face-to-face with his boyfriend. Well, face-to-chin. Gods, the alpha was huge. And his hair was a bit of a mess, like he had just woken up, and wasn’t wearing his mask. It was noon, he must have been sleeping in. Oops.


Before Hanta could open his mouth to apologize or maybe scream and run away, massive hands were tugging him forward and the door was abruptly shut behind him. He was pressed up against it, Shouji’s arms covering him like some weird mix of a kabedon and a makeshift umbrella that really shouldn’t be hot, but managed to be anyway, and Shouji’s concerned face hovered over his own.


It was warm, really warm, and Hanta couldn’t tell if that was because he was embarrassed and mildly aroused when he really had no good reason to be or because copious about of alpha pheromones were directed at him in the tent-like cage his boyfriend made. He let out half a whine before he choked it down and smiled in what he hoped was a friendly, not totally freaked out manner, “H-hey, babe.”


“Hanta, what happened to you? Who did this to you?”


Who—what—huh? “Wait, what, no one! Well I mean, it’s just. I’m fine.”


“You clearly aren’t. I could smell your distress from my room upstairs before you even reached the door. Did you walk the whole way here like this? I don’t mean to berate you, but what were you thinking? There are countless threats out there for an omega, especially one who’s emotionally compromised, and while I think you’ll be a great hero someday that day is not today!”


Hanta shifted, sinking down slightly and turning his head away while his shoulders brushed the bottoms of his ears. “S-sorry alpha. I didn’t even notice I was…I didn’t think my scent had changed. It’s subtle anyway, you know, and I was just thinking about, well, and then I was here.”


Shouji relaxed a bit at that, arms moving down a bit, “You had me worried; I don’t want to assume the worst but there are those with ill-intent out in the world and I haven’t marked you yet.”


“So you plan on it, then?” Hanta found himself asking, “Marking me?”


“Of course…unless, if you’re against it,” Shouji said, pulling away completely now and Hanta didn’t want that. His quirk activated and tape wrapped around the taller’s boys waist. Hanta wasn’t strong enough to pull the other teen close again, but it made him pause at least. Shouji’s arms returned to the rest against the door behind Hanta, but his face maintained a good distance. Embarrassed, Hanta retracted his tape but thankfully Shouji didn’t move away.


“So you aren’t against it.” Hanta shook his head, eyes fixated on Shouji’s chest. Which seemed a little pervy now that he thought about it but if he looked lower than it would be a lot pervy, so he just kinda stared at the defined pecs before him, displayed through a thin sleeveless shirt. Pretty much everything he owned was sleeveless or was able to be draped over his arms, like shawls and ponchos. Hanta actually stole a couple of those ponchos because it was nice to have fabric over his arms that didn’t feel too tight around his dispensers or need to be tailored. Plus they smelled of Shouji.


“I’m,” Hanta swallowed nervously, “I’m pretty cool with it, actually. Super cool with it. Like, real into the sound of that, haha…I kinda thought that maybe it, it wasn’t something you’d want to do though. With…with me.”


A huff of derisiveness came out of the alpha, “What? Obviously, I want that with you. I want you. I thought I made myself clear with that when we began courting. I wouldn’t just, just toy with you like that. I like you Hanta.” The warm, heady scent swelled around the omega again and he released a frustrated groan, “This! This right here! This is what I’m talking about, you smell good and interested and then you don’t ever do anything, you just hug me and kiss my neck and hold my hands and I like that but—but—“


The topmost of Shouji’s arms didn’t change their position, but another set slid behind Hanta’s back and a third set moved to clasp his hips and suddenly Hanta’s feet were no longer touching the ground but locked at the ankles around the alpha’s waist.


“Forgive me, Hanta. I didn’t mean to make you question my feelings for you, I just wanted to take things slow. Show how much I cared for you, take the time to really get to know you as a person and as a partner. But to make you insecure like this was never my intent. Forgive me?”


Though the alpha had phrased his last words as a question, one of his hands was rubbing the back of Hanta’s thighs and another was kneading his ass. The palm that moved from the door to cradle the shorter boy’s cheek was warm and gentle. This mixture of tentative kindness and bold desire was quickly making Hanta lose whatever small amount of composure he had left inside of him.


“Oh, y-yeah. I can forgive you. Are you, does this mean? Ugh, I’m like, very distracted now, you are super attractive and like way handsier than I thought you’d be.”


Shouji laughed, thin sharp teeth on full display before his voice lowered suggestively, “I can change that if you prefer.” The hand on Hanta’s face became a mini-mouth and started sucking harshly at his neck, drawing out moans.


“Sho-oh, yeah, okay, that works too. A-all of this is fine. W-wait, shit, parents?”


“Out until Tuesday. Visiting my younger cousins. I stayed here to watch the house and catch up on some rest.”


“Riiiiight. So, uh?”


The hands stilled on his body and the lips on his neck popped off with a little smack that was kind of comically, really. Or would have been if Hanta could just blink away the fact that he and his boyfriend were alone on a weekend. After confirming that they both very much wanted to bond and have sex. Yeah. The blinking was really not working. Not fair.


So,” Shouji began and it was even less fair that his eyes looked all amused and his scent was so full and strong around Hanta, “I think I should bring you upstairs and make up for my neglectful behavior. Sound good?”


“Very! I mean…yes.”


Shouji was…wow, just so strong. He didn’t even grunt when he settled Hanta’s weight on him completely and brought him upstairs. Gods, he wasn’t even winded by the time they arrived in the alpha’s room, whereas Hanta was trying very hard not to pant like an omega in heat. But that display of power and control, coupled with the way sharp teeth dragged teasingly along the tendon in his neck, Hanta was already experiencing that warm sensation low in his stomach that meant he’d started producing slick.


When it reached the point where his arousal could be smelled, Shouji brought them to the bed and sat down, hands removing his boyfriend’s t-shirt as Hanta’s shaky hands fumbled to loosen the string on Shouji’s sweatpants before just huffing and pushing them down and—


“Holy shit, babe. I mean, I knew you were packing but woah.” It was massive. It had ridges.


Shouji let out a nervous chuckle, “Thanks? I think. It’s proportional, so…is it, is it too much? We can—” His mouth closed with an audible snap when he detected a wave of slick and felt both his own leg and Hanta’s loose capris dampen. Hanta wasn’t even capable of feeling self-conscious at that point because that huge cock jumped and if that was what his knot looked like before it swelled than Hanta was just going to have to die and you know what? He was cool with that. What a way to go.


His cocklet, fairly long for an omega, but still so tiny compared to Shouji’s, hardened almost instantaneously and he began rocking back and forth on the shocked alpha’s leg to get just a little friction, head tilting invitingly without even realizing it. The motion brought Shouji out of his stupor and suddenly there were teeth breaking through the skin around his scent gland. The omega moaned at the pleasure-pain of it, breaking off into a whine when he felt the weight of his boyfriend’s emotions—the lust, the fondness, the possessiveness, the love—pour into him.


Hanta came then, hole clenching around nothing and dick making an even bigger mess of his capris. He didn’t think he’d ever gotten hard so fast and gotten off so fast like that ever, outside of his heats. He whimpered, a little displeased that he didn’t come with the alpha, with HIS alpha, but the feeling disappeared when his bottoms were literally torn off of him by several sets of hands.


“Sho-shoj-jii,” came his plaintive tone as he closed his eyes and tried to calm down from the onslaught of feelings and sensations the alpha was sharing with and coaxing from him.


The alpha soothed him, nuzzling his fresh bond mark and cleaning it of the blood that beaded up at the same time. He rumbled and Hanta’s palms shifted to feel the vibrations directly from that well-built chest. Shouji’s voice, when he finally began speaking again, was low and almost gravelly, “Pretty one, let me taste you. Please. Omega.” Something wet slid along the back of Hanta’s thigh and his eyes snapped open because that was a tongue, that was so clearly and obviously a tongue.


He shivered and nodded, leaning his upper body forward to kiss his partner and tilting his hips up a bit. The position made Shouji’s work easier and within moments, Hanta’s ass was being parted carefully by thick fingers and long firm licks and circular motions to his hole were ruining the poor boy. He certainly didn’t mind though, dragging his fingers along the lines of Shouji’s chest while gasping sweetly into his deep kisses.


“A-alpha, alph-a, alpha!”


When the tongue actually pressed into him, Hanta couldn’t keep up the kissing, head falling to rest in the nook of his alpha’s shoulder. He canted his hips repeatedly, wanting that tongue further, wanting some of those fingers to, wanted…wanted…wanted…


“C-cock. Nnng, knot. Shouji. Shouji, please.”


Shouji growled, moving the tongue faster inside of Hanta and adding a finger, delighting in the keen that it drew even when he had to deny his omega of what he begged for. “It’s too soon yet. Have to prep you.”


“F-faster then. Faster, please. Alpha.”


“I don’t want to hurt you, Hanta.” Even as he said those words, he slowly added another two fingers into the mix and started spreading all three of them around in the soft heat.


“Y-you won’t. I know, I can f-feel it. Gonna take good ca-aa-are of me and the p-pups.” The omega rubbed fondly against Shouji’s glands and let a hand fall to the bigger male’s hardness, to worked up to do more than squeeze it a bit. It was enough to bring out a groan and one more finger was added, the tongue pulling away to lap at the slick that the omega was producing steadily.


“That’s what you really want? You want my pups, our pups, from our first time?” When the omega nodded with a desperate whine, Shouji pulled out and lifted him, two hands gently spreading his legs wide.


“Then I’ll give them to you, my pretty mate.” And he brought Hanta down slowly, gradually filling him inch by inch with that fantastic dick and Hanta nearly passed out from the sensation. Even with the preparation, the stretching was by no means pleasant, but each ridge of that cock filled and rubbed against every part of his insides and it was destroying him in the best way.


And Shouji was a mess himself, breath hitching at the warmth and the tight, wet grip around him. By the time the omega was fully seated, neither of them were capable of speech, just panting into each other’s faces. After a few moments, Shouji gave a tentative thrust upwards, grunting his pleasure and approval when Hanta moaned and tried to push himself down further, trying to impale himself on the knot.


“Ahhhh! AHH! AlphaAAA! Yes, please, give it to me, give it to me. Want it, knot me. Breed me. Plee-eee-eease!”


“You should, ha, see yourself, Hanta. My beautiful omega, rocking back on me, wanting to split himself open on my knot, mine. Wanting my seed in him, my pups in him. So pretty. So sexy. All mine. My omega!”


“Yours, yours! Get, get me pregnant alpha. I d-don’t know much, but I’ll be so good to you, to our pups, just please please please. Knot me, knot me!!”


With a growl, Shouji grabbed his omega’s hips hard enough to bruise and thrust up hard and firm, thick knot pressing into him and locking them together as he came. Hanta cried out, tightening further even as he jerked his hips back and forth, cocklet shooting out more cum that paled in comparison to the copious amounts filling him. Shouji made sure the omega’s hips kept moving even after Hanta was spent, his own seed still spurting up.


It was several minutes before Shouji stopped cumming, let his omega collapse sleepily into his chest, and rediscovered the ability to breathe properly. When he did, he placed a gentle kiss to the top of Hanta’s head and carefully guided them down on the bed, before following him into dreamland, knowing they’d be stuck together for a while.




Six weeks later, after numerous happy days of experiencing a whole new side of their relationship, Shouji Mezou woke up to a sudden undercurrent of sweetness in his partner’s soothing scent. Seems like Hanta got his wish after all. They’d need to come up with a few good names to choose from.