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Shut Up!

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Richie shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He was being interviewed for the 7th time this week. Richie had never liked talking. Not since his dad hit him every time he said something wrong. Or, at least, what his dad thought was wrong.


Richie would soon turn 13 and has already had 236 interviews threw out the 4 years he's been at the foster care agency. He was taken there after his dad took it to far one night when he had gotten drunk.


"Well, Richie, we'll stay in touch." Said the women, Cheryl, Richie thought her name was. Richie nodded at her. Richie wasn't dumb though, he knew that he wouldn't be seeing the Cray family again. It's happened many of times before, all ending the same way.


Richie really didn't mind. Something just didn't feel right about the Crays to Richie. with him and the Crays. He was use to being rejected. Richie just always assumed it was because he was to quite.


Richie use to be very talkative. But that Richie died years ago.


Richie's care taker came in shortly after the Crays left. "How did it go?" She asked, sitting in the seat across from Richie. Richie shrugged his shoulders.


"We didn't click."


"I see. Well not to worry! You have another interview scheduled for Friday." She smiled at him, looking down at some of her papers.


"I'll be thirteen by then. No ones gonna want a teen, Carol."


"You don't know that, Richard. And either way you'll only be thirteen for two days so don't make a big deal about it." Richie looked down at the ground and nodded. Carol reached out and grabbed Richie's hand.


"We'll find someone." Richie looked up at her and nodded again. Carol retracted her hand and grabbed some papers to give Richie. "This is the family you will be meeting Friday. What do you think?"


Richie looked down at the papers. It was a family of five. The mom, Karen the paper said, had a fake smile on and looked distressed. The father, Ted, looked only half awake. The oldest, a girl named Nancy, had a high, blonde ponytail and a big proud smile plastered on his face. The middle child, a boy named Mike who was about the same age as Richie and obviously wanted to be somewhere else, and lastly a young girl maybe around 3 named Holly had the sweatiest smile you'd ever see.


Richie read about the family for a few more minutes. As he read, Richie couldn't figure out why they wanted another kid. Isn't three enough? Especially with a young girl and two teens. Richie didn't think to long in it. He handed the papers back to Carol.


"So, what do you think?" Richie shrugged. Carol sighed and got up to leave. "You may got back to your room now, Richard. I think Sam was looking for you." Richie huffed as he got up.


Richie and his roommate Sam never have gotten along real well. Sam always yelling at Richie to speak up, or shut up. Whichever was right at the time. Richie opened the door to his room to see that Sam wasn't there. Richie let out a sigh of relief and sat down on his bed.


"Friday." Richie said to no one. "Let this one be it."


As Friday morning came, Richie was being rushed around to get ready for his interview with the Wheelers. Richie hadn't even eaten breakfast yet as he was pushed into the small office room.


Richie had memorized the room through out the years. It's old paint and the same pictures hung on the walls since the first time he came to the agency.


Richie sat down in his normal spot across the table facing the door. Richie didn't really know what to expect. He wondered if they would bring the kids.


As he was thinking, a knock came to the door and Carol came in with three people behind her.


"Richard, this is Karen and Ted Wheeler and their youngest daughter Holly." Richie have a small wave from his seat. "Guys, this," she gestured over to Richie, "is Richard." Karen smiled at him, Ted nodded and Holly stared at him with her big dough eyes.


Richie smiled at her. Holly smiled back and ran over to him. She jumped into his lap and hugged him around his neck.


Richie was shocked at first, not use to all the attention. Holly pulled back and looked Richie dead in the eyes.


"You're gonna be my new brother and we're gonna be the best friends ever!" Richie giggled at her enthusiasm. "Mike and Nancy don't play with me. Will you?"


"Uh, well Holly, if this goes well-"


"It will. Don't worry." Holly cut him off. Then turned around and planted herself in Richie's lap. Carol gave a thumbs up to Richie then left, closing the door behind her. Karen and Ted made their way over and sat down in the chairs across from Richie and Holly.


"So, Richard, tell us about yourself." Karen started.


"Um, just Richie if that's okay." Karen nodded in response. "Well, I don't know, what do you want to know?"


"How'd you get here?" Asked Ted. Karen smacked him in the arm. "What?"


"It's okay, I don't mind. Um, my mom and dad uh... Had a um..." Richie cleared his throat, "an liquor problem. My mom was passed out most of the time and my dad would...." Richie looked down at the ground. "Hit me. Every time I talked. No matter what I said it was wrong in his book and he would hit me." Richie looked back up at them.


Karen took his hand. "That's in the past, Richie. I'm so sorry that that happened to you. It won't ever happen again and that, that I can promise you." Richie nodded as Karen retracted her arm. "Now tell us what you like to so for fun."


Richie and the Wheelers talked for about an hour and a half or so. Sharing laughs and smiles. Holly really warmed up to Richie. She cuddled into his chest and talked to him about her plans for when he came back with them.


Richie liked the idea of going back with the Wheelers. Talking with them had been the most happiness he's felt in a while now. The only thing Richie was worried about was Mike and Nancy. Summer had just gotten out a few days ago so he would have plenty of time to get to know them and everyone else more.


The interview ended to soon for Richie. He enjoyed talking with the Wheelers. He hoped he had said all the right things. He went over some things in his head about the interview as he waited for Carol.


When Carol finally showed up, she had a huge smile in her face. "They love you, Richard! They want you to move in on Monday, if you want to, of course."


Richie got up from his seat and ran over to Carol, giving her a huge hug. Richie could feel tears coming to his eyes. "Really?" He asked as a few tears rolled down his face. Richie felt her nod.


"Yep, they said you were the best with Holly and would be a good set to their family. So, what do you think? Richard Wheeler. Has a nice ring to it, hu?" Richie smiled at her, moving out of the hug.


"Yeah. Yeah, it does."



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The weekend was long and painful for Richie. He was basically jumping off the walls waiting for Monday. Sam was getting really annoyed with it. But Richie couldn't help it. He kept reminding himself the he found a family that actually wanted him.


Richie packed all his stuff Sunday night. Nothing special, just a duffle bag full of his freshly cleaned clothes and his backpack full of some personal belongings. As the sun set and Richie and Sam went to bed, Richie just couldn't seem to get comfortable.


He kept rolling from his left side to his right, then back over. He did that for at least 30 minutes before Sam yelled at him to quite from top bunk. Richie finally settled on his back and closed his eyes, only to open them again.


Richie couldn't sleep. Not knowing that he was going to leave tomorrow. The agency had been his only home for four years. But it wasn't just that, Carol had become kind of like a big sister to Richie and Sam was like...
The annoying cousin.


All jokes aside. Carol and Sam really did become something to Richie. They were the closest thing Richie has had to a family in a long time.


But now he has a new family, the Wheelers.


Or, is at least seeing how he fits with the Wheelers.


As he thought, he slowly drifted off to sleep.


Carol woke Richie up late and started rushing him around. "The Wheelers will be here at 7:00pm to get you, and you have to do chores and shower before they do. Know, get a move on!" She ordered aaa she left. Someone tapped on the shoulder once she was out of sight. Richie turned around and was surprised to see Sam.


"Hey, uh, I just came to say good luck, with the family and all. But uh, also, don't forget about me. And you better call you shit head! Or I'll hunt you down and punch you!" Richie laughed.


"I have every intention on doing so, Sam. Don't worry." Sam smiled and looked down at the ground to hide it. He cleared his the ought and looked back up at Richie.


"Now, we'd better start our chores or Carol is gonna have our heads!" Sam pointed over his shoulder at Carol yelling at one of the other kids. The poor kid looked horrified. Richie nodded and went off to his own chores.


It was 6:47pm and Richie had finished his chores hours ago. He had been siting around staring at the ceiling, waiting. It was deafeningly quite and Richie couldn't stop bouncing his legs. Sam was sitting beside him, equally as bored and stressed. He put a comforting hand on Richie's knee. Richie looked over at him in surprise.


"It'll be alright, Richie. Just relax." He said softly. Richie nodded and looked away. In the background, Richie could hear a knock on the front door. Richie jolted up and looked around the corner. He saw Carol opening the door and greeting none other then Karen and Ted Wheeler.


Richie shouldered his backpack and grabbed his duffle bag. Him and Sam walked over to the door together. Once Karen saw Richie she grabbed him up in a hug.


"So good to see you again, Richie." She said as she pulled back. She looked up to see Sam awkwardly standing by Carol. "Who's this?" Richie looked back at Sam.


"Oh, uh, my friend Sam. He's more like my brother now, but..." Richie trailed off in his own thoughts as the ADHD boy did a lot. Karen nodded hello to Sam and he responded with a small wave.


"We'll have to have you over some time, Sam." Sam smiled.


"Can I take your bag to the car for you?" Ted asked, reaching for the duffle bag. Richie gratefully handed it over to him. Karen walked out the door behind him. Richie, Sam and Carol stepped out on the small porch.


Richie hugged them both bye. Richie knew Sam was getting teary eyes but Richie knew he would never admit it. Richie waves them both bye one more time before getting in the car.


As they drove, Richie watched the town go by out the window. The drive was mostly quite, Karen and Ted asking a few questions every now and again.


Richie had his eyes closed when he felt them pull into the driveway. Richie opened his eyes and looked over at Ted and Karen.


They looked back at him and smiled. "You ready?" Karen asked. Richie nodded in response. He shouldered his backpack and grabbed his duffle bag from the trunk.


They walked up to the door and Ted unlocked the door. Karen called in once she stepped inside, "Kids! Come meet Richie!" Richie heard running coming in their direction. He soon saw Holly thundering towards him, arms spread out wide as she jumped at him.


She wrapped her short arms around his neck. Richie stumbled with the new weight around him, causing him to fall over backwards.


"ImissedyouImissedyouImissesyou!" Holly said all in one breath.


"Are you alright? Karen asked when she finally managed to pry off Holly. Richie closed his eyes as he tried to catch his breath.


"Just leave me here, this is my death spot. Please, go on without me." Richie waved his hand in the air a second then just gave up and stayed still.


There was silence for a second, then laughter can from all around Richie. Richie smiled and opened his eyes. A boy offered a hand out to help Richie up and Richie gladly took it.


"I'm Richie."



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"So what's Richie like?" Dustin asked Mike as he rolled.

"He's... Quite."

"What's he into?" Lucas asked, writing something down on his player page.

"I don't know. He seems to enjoy music. He mostly keeps to himself though." Mike shrugged "Holly's obsessed with him."

Dustin chuckles at that. "Keeps her off you."

"That's true."

"Your turn Will." Lucas says, looking. Will nodded and rolled.

"17!!" They all cheered.

-With Richie and Holly-

Holly had dragged Richie outside to play. She currently sword fighting with Richie with sturophome pool noodles. Holly swung her noodle at Richie's head. He doudged it by a few inches.

"Hey! I thought we agreed on no head shots missy!" Holly giggled and swung at his head again, hitting him this time. "Ah! I've been hit!" Holly giggled again and hit him in the chest. Richie clutched his chest and dramatically fell backwards. Holly continued to hit Richie in the stumache with her noodle. Holly then stopped randomly. Richie opened one of his eyes to see what happened.

Holly was waving wildly at someone. "HI GEORGIE!!!" She yelled to someone. " COME LOOK WHAT I DID!!!" Holly looked back down at Richie. "Can you pretend to be dead?" Richie let out a small laugh and closed his eye again and stuck out his tounge.

Richie heard someone run over to Holly and say hi. Richie could tell it was a little boy. He felt a presence on either side of him and a poke on his left cheek.

"Is he really dead?" Asked the boy.

"I don't know, let's find out." Holly responded. He felt small feet hit his chest and almost imedetly responded.

"Oof!" Richie cringed a bit.

"He's alive! Let's kill him for good!" The boy said.

"YEAH!" Holly yelled. The kids began jumping on his chest and stumache.

"AH!" Richie called out. The kids laughed and continued to jump on him. "Okay-ow-okay guys-ow-you got me-ow-come on! Give-ow-me a break!" The kids just kept laughing.

"Georgie!" Richie hears someone call out. The kids stop jumping. "G-get o-oo-off him!" The two kids get off Richie. Richie let's out a few breaths before sitting up. "S-Sorry." Richie looked up to see a boy that looked around his age maybe a year older. He had short brown hair that sort of flopped to the side. His hazel brown eyes stared back down at Richie.

"It's fine." Richie breathed out. "Kid you've got quite a spring in ya." Richie said looking over at the little boy. The older boy stuck his arm out to Richie. Richie gladly took it and pulled himself up.

"I h-haven't ev-ever seen y-you a-aro-around be-before. D-does M-M-Mike have like a s-secret b-brot-brother or s-somethin'?" Richie shook his head and looked down at the ground. He put a hand on the back of his neck awkwardly.

"I'm a foster kid." Richie kept his eyes down.

"O-oh." Richie just nodded in response. The boy opened his mouth to say something but someone else beat him to it.



"WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO?!" Voices called out. Richie and the boy, Bill, look over to see two boys coming into sight. The taller of the two had short, curly blonde hair. His red button up was tucked into his blue jeans. The shorter of the two had short, dark brown hair. He had on red short shorts and a phanny pack on.

Richie couldn't keep his eyes off the smaller boy, no matter how hard he tried to focus on the ground, his eyes somehow found their way back to the small panicked boy coming their way. Bill waved at them.

"Don't just run off like that Bill! You could've run into Bowers or something!" The shortest of the boys said.

"Yeah! Then what would you have done?" The curly haired boy asked.

"R-run." Bill shrugged. The curly haired boy rolled his eyes. "Anyw-way, I c-couldn't just l-let G-Ge-Georgie run off!" Bill exclaimed.

"Yeah, okay." The shorter boy said. He looked over at Richie and Richie immediately looked down. "Who's this?" The boy asked. Bill and the curly haired boy looked over at Richie also.

"I-I never g-go-got your na-name."


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"So, who was that?" Stan asked Bill as they walked passed the drug store.

"H-he was a fo-foster k-kid."

"That must suck, especially at his age." Eddie joined in.


"What do you thinks gonna happen when he meets Bowers?" Stan looked over at the two. Bill shrugged as Eddie answered.

"He's either gonna beat the shit out of Richie or just ignore him. Most likely the first one."

"Wh-who knows, ma-maybe R-Ri-Richie c-can hold hi-his ground."

"Maybe." Stan sighed as they neared his house. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"S-see ya." Bill said as Eddie waved. Once Stan was inside, Bill and Eddie went off to Eddie's house.

-With Mike And His Group In The Basement-

"So, have you ever, like, talked to Richie?" Dustin asked Mike after a while of playing.

"Some." Mike leaned back in his chair some, causing the front to go off the ground a little.

"Well, what he say? Anything interesting?" Will looks up at Mike.

"He talked some about his past. Apparently his father was like, really abusive and his mother was a drunk or something." Mike takes a drink of his soda.

"Wow." Lucas shakes his head.


"Is he into D&D?" Dustin asked.

"Do you want him to join the party or something? We already have 6 members, do we really need him?" Lucas said.

"I'm not saying he should join the party, Lucas, I was just asking."

"I don't know. Do you think he's even played?" Mike shrugged.

"Maybe." Will said as he rested his chin in his palm.

"It's your roll, Lucas." Lucas nodded and rolled.

"12." Lucas wrote something down on his paper.

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"I'm so late! Lucas is gonna kill me!" Max groans as her and her cousin, Beverly, walked

"He can't be /that/ mad. Remember that time he has three hours late for y'all's first date?"

"True, but still. I'm still new to the party and I'm still getting the hang of Dn'D. You know?"

Beverly rolled her eyes. The two girl sneered the house. Max knocked three times. They could hear someone shout something from inside. When the door finally opened, it was by someone neither of the girls recegnized.

"More of Mike's friends?" The boy asked. Holly was on his shoulders, giggling. Max nodded. The boy smiled and moved out of the way. Max nodded to him and went down the basement stairs, closing the door behind her. Beverly stepped inside. Richie closed the door, turning to go in the loving room.

"So, who are you?" Beverly asked, causing Richie to turn back around. Holly pulled his hair, making the boy wince.

"Uh, Richie." He offered a hand, which Beverly shook. Richie smiled.


"I'm Beverly." Richie adjuted Holly a bit. "So, are you, like, Mike's cousin or something? I've never..." Beverly examined Richie's face a minute or two. "... Seen you around before. I don't think so, anyway."

Richie looked down at the ground. "No uh.. I'm actually a foster kid."

"O-oh." Richie nodded. "Well, Richie, me and a few friends where going to quarry, if you wanna come." Richie looked up at her, a surprised look plastered on his face.

"I think that's a great idea." Karen said taking Holly off Richie.

"Great! Let's go!" Beverly said. She pulled Richie out the door, closing it behind her. Richie had no time to respond before she looked over her shoulder and said, "Race ya!" And broke into a sprint.

Richie ran after her, a smile creeping onto his face. The ran neck-and-neck, passing each other from time to time. As they ran into a wooded area, Beverly slowed her pace. Richie mirrored her action.

Soon they stopped running. Both panting, they look over at each other. Beverly breaks into a breathy laugh. Richie laughs along with her.

"Let's go, some of my friends should be here." Beverly starts walking down a small dirt path. Richie follows her. They soon reached a small clearing by a cliff.

Richie could hear voices, but he couldn't pin point where they was comining from. Beverly looked over at Richie and flicked his shirt collar.

"Better strip." She said as she started unbuttoning her flower-y dress. Richie just nodded and followed her action again.

Once down to underwear, Beverly grabbed Richie's wrist and ran to the edge of the cliff, jumping off together. Richie swam up to shore first.






Beverly came came bursting out of the water. "Oh, right. Bill, Stan, Eddie, Ben, Mike, this is Richie. Richie, this is Bill, Stan, Eddie, Ben and Mike." Richie waved.

"We know him." Eddie said, gesturing around to Stan and Bill.

"Met hu-him ch-chu-chancing after G-Georgie." Beverly laughed.

"I already know I'm gonna mix up Mike and Mike." Richie giggled. Beverly, and Eddie laughed along with him.

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"Why don't you go explore the town, Richie? You haven't really looked around. I mean, you've only seen what? The quarry and the neighbors house?" Karen said as she cooked.

"Yeah, but-"

"No buts, now go! Have fun! Maybe meet up with some of your friends?" Richie just sighed and nodded, and before he knew it, he was walking along Main Street trying to find a descent place to smoke. Richie found that it helped clear his mind.

As he walked, he looked at the scenery of the small town. Hawkins didn't have to many things to see. There was a theater, a small grocery store, a diner. Nothing to special. He watched people go by, hearing them tell stories, laughing. Richie couldn't help but think of Sam, all the times he talked Richie into breaking away from the foster home. Just to get away. Richie sighed at the memorie's. He missed Sam.

Richie's train of thought was suddenly broken by a boy. He was running, rammed right into Richie. They both fell to the ground, the boy right on top of Richie. Richie didn't have any time to respond before the boy was ripped of him.

"Now prick," A voice came from above. "You're gonna give me what I want." The boy was now pinned to the wall of Radio Shack. "Or, you're gonna have a baaaad time." The boy nodded vigorously. The assaulter looked down at Richie. "Vic, get him." Richie gets picked up and slammed against the wall next to the other boy. Richie recegnized this boy but didn't know where from.

"Henry, what exactly are we looking for?" The guy who was holding the other boy, Henry Richie now knew, looks over at Vic with a death stair.

"We're looking for this bitch's fag friend." Henry turns back to the boy. "Now where the /hell/ did he go?!" The boy only cried harder, pointing to the right.

"Can we go now?" Vic asked anctussly. Henry just ground and let the boy go, storming off in the direction he pointed. Vic followed suite, running after Henry.

Richie and the boy both slid down to the ground. Richie couldn't be more confused. He looked over at the crying boy.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drag you into this."

"Hey, uh, it's- it's okay. You... What just happened?"

"Henry and his goons, they uh, ran into me and my friend, Dustin. Dustin he uh, got into a fight with Henry. Kicked him in the dick, ran off, left me in the dust."

"Some friend."

"I've known Dustin for years. He got himself in so deep shit today." The boy sighed, wiping his eyes. "Oh, um, I'm Will."

"Mike's friend?"

"Uh, yeah.. How'd you-"

"I'm Richie."

"Ooh. Mike's new brother."


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So I've started a new series for those of you who don't know. It's a recommendation series about Markiplier and all his friends. I still have to do two stories over there. I thought I was going to have them out by now and the next chapter to this. Obviously that hadn't happened, and I'm sorry. I'm also about to head down to Galveston for my great grandmothers birthday. I'll be gone for about a week and will try my hardest to write as much as I can.

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"So what's it like?" Will asked, braking the silence Will and Richie were walking in.

"What's what like?" Richie looked over at him with his eyebrows pushed together.

"Living with Mike. Like, what's he talk about?" Richie looked back in front of him.

"Oh," Richie never really got the chance to have a full out conversation with Mike. Just akward chats at dinner. "Well, he manly talks about you guys." Will smiled a little.

"What's he say about m-us?" Richie glanced over at Will with a small smirk.

"Just how good your ass looks." Will looked over at him with wide eyes and his mouth was hanging open, blushing dark red.

"H-he- What- I- Uh- No-" Richie laughed at Will.

"I'm just messin' with you!" Will visibly relaxs. He turns back to look where he was walking. "No, just about y'alls sleepovers. He talks a lot about some girl named El, or Jane, that's not clear to me." Will frowns.

"It's Jane but all of us have got into a habit of calling her El."


"That's a long story." They walk in a tense silence for a few moments before Richie brakes the it by saying,

"So who is she?"



"Oh," Will sighs, he looks frustrated and Richie mentally panicked about if he asked the wrong question, "she's Mikes girlfriend, and my step sister." Richie looked over at Will again.

"But you like Mike?" Will stopped walking and looked at him in shock.

"N-no, I-I'm not- I mean- how did you-"

"You're painfully obvious, Will," Richie smiled at him.

"So you're okay with me being-"

"Gay? Why wouldn't I be? I'm pretty sure I'm Bisexual."

"Oh." Richie nods and they continue walking. They walked in comfortable silence for a while before Will broke it. "I haven't told anyone else."

"Neither have I."

"When'd you find out?" Will asked, looking down at the ground as they walked.

"I was crushing hard on my friend Sam at the foster home before I moved in with the Wheelers." Will nodded. "What about you?"

"Mike." Richie nodded. "You won't tell anyone, will you?"

"Promise I won't." Richie mad an X over his heart with his index finger. Will smiles, and they walk.

Once at the Wheelers, they walk threw the back door, which leads to the basement. Richie closes the door behind him and once he turns aroun, he sees something he didn't expect.

There was a boy sitting on the couch with Mike. The kid was bleeding from the mouth, knees and knuckles. He was holding a washcloth to his mouth. Mike had his hand on his shoulder comfortingly.

"Dustin! What happened?!" Will rushed over to him, sitting on the other side of the couch by the boy, Dustin.

"The Demogorgon, it got me." Dustin said, looking over at Will.

"Demogorgon? Like the D&D monster?" Richie asked from by the door.

"You play D&D?" Mike questioned, gaining a nod from Richie.

"Who's the Demogorgon?" Richie asked.

"Bowers, who you've met." Will answers. Richie nodded.

"You've met Bowers already?" Mike asked, removing his hand from Dustins shoulder. Richie nodded and opened his mouth to explain when Karen called for him.

"Excuse me." Richie said, jogging up the stairs. "Yes?"

"Your friends are here for you." Karen gestured at the door. Richie furred his brow and walked over to the open front door. Standing there was Eddie and Beverly.

"Richie!" Eddie cheered as Bev smiled at him.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Richie smiled back.

Chapter Text

Richie was now walking down the street with Beverly and Eddie, holding a already half-way melted ice cream cone, listening to Beverly and Eddie fight about which flavor was the best.

"Strawberry." Eddie stated.

"Mint." Beverly corrected.




"Strawberry mint. Now, stop fighting before I loose my mind. Please?" Richie said after he covered Eddie's mouth. His larger hand covered most of Eddie's jaw, too. Richie couldn't help but think of how cute-ly small Eddie was. But, as always someone snatched him away from his thoughts, this time by Bev.

"That's not even an ice cream flavor!"

"It doesn't need to be, now be quiet." Richie finished, removing his hand from Eddie's mouth.

"Jesus, Rich, you could've just sad shut up! You know how many germs are on your hand? A lot!" Eddie complained while wiping his mouth.

"Yeah, yeah." Richie huffed as he slung his arm around Eddie- Eddie pushing it off, but he was smiling.

They walked in a comfortable silence all of them lost in thought. But soon, Beverly once again broke it.

"Shit! I was supposed to be home an hour ago!" She half-yelled, looking at her watch. She threw away the remains of her cone in a near by trash bin, and took off. "See ya guys later!" She waved as she ran backwards around a corner. Eddie giggled and continued walking.

"She do that a lot?"

"Every time we hang out." Richie nodded and Eddie looked at his watch. "I should probably start heading home, too." He sighed.

"I'll walk ya there. Lead the way, Eds."

"Don't call me Eds."

"I won't if you call me Chee'."

"I'm not gonna call you Chee'."

"Then sorry Eds, the name sticks." They chatted like this till they made it to Eddie's house... Sadly.

"This is me." Eddie pointed to a brown and white house, not to small but not to big. There was a fenced in yard in the back there was a dog house in the back by no dog.

"That for you when you're a bad boy?" Richie asked, pointing at the dog house. Eddie rolled his eyes.

"No, we used to have a dog. My dad loved that thing. But when my dad died, mom got rid of him." Eddie shook hi head at the memory.

"Oh. Sorry." Richie started to worry. I didn't mean to being up his dad! Now he's gonna hate me and-

"It's okay, really. It was a long time ago." Eddie stuck his hands in his back pockets, looking at the ground. Richie stared at Eddie, soon moving his hand up to the corner of Eddie's mouth. Eddie jurked his head up to look at Richie, eyes wide.

"You had some ice cream." Richie said, moving his hand back down to his side. Eddie, face turning an adorable shade of pink, nodded. Eddie opened to say something, but was interrupted by his mother.

"EDDIE-BEAR! You're late! I was worried sick! I 'bout called the police!" The big women flopped down the front steps to Eddie engulfing Eddie in a tight hug.

"Mom, I'm only two minutes late." Eddie said into his mothers dress.

"Exactly." She said, finally letting go of Eddie, looking at Richie. "And who are you?"

"Right, sorry, Richie Tozier." Richie stuck his hand out for her to shake, only for her to grunt and turn back to Eddie.

"Come inside and wash up for dinner." She pushed Eddie's back a bit. But, he turned around an hugged Richie. Richie was a bit taken aback by this at first, but hugged back after a second. Eddie pulled back first saying, "See you tomorrow, Chee'." With that, Eddie ran inside after his mother.

Richie smiled to himself. He smiled so much that his face eventually started to hurt as he walked home. Richie thought about what he was going to do tomorrow.

Once Richie got home, he was immediately greeted by Will, frantic and pulling him inside.

"Richie! I'm having issues!" Will said, yanking Richie into the sitting area.

"What? What happened?"

"A lot!"

"What?! Just tell me!"

"MikeandJanebrokeupandIdon'tknowwhattodoooooo!" Will said all together.

"Wow! Will! Slow down! So, Mike and Jane broke up?"

"Yes! Now what do I do!"

"Will," Richie grabbed the sides of Will's face, forcing him to look him in the eyes and said, "you need to calm down." Will stared at Richie, then nodded. Richie let him go. "Now, sit, and tell me everything that happened."

And so, there they sit now, talking about Mike (trying to keep it down so he wouldn't hear) and making a plan.

Chapter Text

Will and Richie agreed to meet up after school to talk more about Will's... Infatuation.

Richie walked with Eddie and Bev to school like always. Or, they would randomly show up at his house in the mornings and force him to walk with them. Not that Richie minded, of course.

About half way to school, Stan and Bill joined them. Soon followed by Ben. Mike normally got a ride to school since he lived out in the country a ways.

Once at school, Richie and Eddie ventured of to their lockers, Bev heading and Bill heading to study hall to finish homework, and everybody else going to the cafeteria.

Eddie and Richie greeted Dustin and Will, who were chating by their own lockers, which weren't to far from Eddie and Richie's. Eddie's locker was only one away from Richie's.

"You study late last night? Mr. Clarke kinda hit hard went all out with this test, huh?" Eddie frowned.

"Yeah, stayed up till about 1:30. Holly came into my room at one point, saying that she had a bad dream. She was apparently very fascinated with the Periodic Table." Eddie giggled, which made Richie smile.

Eddie opened his mouth to reply, but got cut off by the loud speaker coming on, followed by tr frantic voice of one of the facility members.

"Attention everybody! This is not a drill! We will be going into lockdown. If you are not in the cafeteria, go into a classroom and lock the door." With that, the power cut.

Eddie was frantic, looking at Richie to Will to Dustin, eyes wide and mouth open. He was breathing rapidly.

"Rich, what do- I-"

"Eds, you need to calm down, we're gonna be fine, alright?" Richie said, grabbing Both sides of Eddie's face, forcing him to properly look at him. Eddie stared at Richie for a moment then nodded. They stayed like that for a moment, until they heard a scream. "Get in your locker!" Richie said, pushing Eddie in his still open locker.

"Rich, what about you?"

"Shh, Eds, don't worry about me. Just, stay quiet. Okay?" Richie said, closing Eddie's locker.

"No, no Richie don't leave! You- you can't leave m-" Eddie was cut off by a loud band. Richie turned around and ushered Will and Dustin into the nearest classroom, closing the door after they were both safely inside.

"Richie! What are you doing?" Eddie whisper yelled from his spot in the locker.

"You told me not to leave you."

"But I want you to be safe! Go somewhere!" Richie was looking around for a spot close by. But, soon heard another scream, followed by a painful ringing. Richie felt light-headed. He covered his ears with his hands. Richie ran into the corner behind the row of lockers Eddie was in.

When the ringing faded, Richie could hear the lockers in the other row, the one before Eddie's and Richie's, being nicked into. He could hear Eddie wimped a little. The noise was growing closer.

"I know you're there," a rugged voice said. "You can't hide." The noise and voice was getting closer, louder. Richie couldn't let him get to Eddie. Or Dustin and Will, of course. Richie heard the noise stop for a moment, moving to the next set of lockers.

He was close to Eddie.

Richie didn't know what to do. So he did the first thing that came to mind. He came out from the corner.

"Richie no!" Eddie yelled from the locker.

"Ah ha, here's the fuckers I heard earlier. Know let's have a little fun, shall we?" The man took a step twords Richie.

"Don't fucking touch him!" Eddie slammed into the locker door.

"Yeah? What you gonna do?" The man slammed his gun into Eddie's locker.

"Hey!" Richie pulled the man away from Eddie by the shoulder.

Richie didn't know what happened after that. Everything went so fast. He saw Eddie threw the slits in his locker. He was crying and screaming no. Richie looked down. He was bleeding. His vision was blurring. He felt himself falling.

Then everything went dark.

Chapter Text

Eddie didn't know what to do. It was almost like time had stopped for Eddie. Did that really just happen? Out of all the schools in the world, why Derry? Why today? Why Richie?

He looked over to classroom Dusrin and Will were hidden in. He could see them pearing out of the little glass window on the door. Will looked traumatized, eyes wide with tears running down and his mouth hanging open. Dustin looked more or less the same.

The shooter bagged on Eddie's locker again, causing him to jump and look back over at him.

"You gonna hide in there all day, fag?" He asked, getting closer to the slits in the locker door. "You want to die in there?" He half yelled, hitting his locker once again. Eddie started to cry more. He didn't see the point in trying to do anything else.

The man opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by a different armed man at the end of the hallway, who yelled, "JUSTIN! We've gotta go, now!"

"Kinda busy right now!" The man, Justin, yelled back.

"They've got this place surrounded, we've gotta go NOW!" Justin stared at Eddie for another second. It was like he was studing Eddie's face. It scared Eddie. After what felt like forever, Justin ran to meet the other man at the end I the hallway, disappearing around the corner.

Dustin and Will can crashing out of the classroom, almost tripping over each other. Will went straight to Richie, falling to his side. Dustin went and unlocked Eddie from his locker, Eddie telling him his combination as Dustin unlocked it.

Eddie nealed down by Richie, staring down at him for moment, being broken out of his trance by Will saying, "What do we do? How do we help? Can we do anything?" Dustin and Will both stare at Eddie with wide eyes, basically begging for him to say something, to say that they could help.

Eddie stared at Richie for another second, remembering seeing something like this on some docter show his mother was watching. "H-he's not breathing. Check his pulse," Will did as Eddie said, feeling for one. Will said nothing for a few moments. Eddie turned to look at Dustin. Dustin looked at the ground.

"I got it!" Will half yelled. Eddie sighed in relife. Richie could make it, they just had to do something, and fast. "So, what do we do? I-I don't know what to do, o-or how to," Will stammed on, Eddie stopping him.

"Put pressure on his wound, and check for an exit wound. Dustin, can you help me lift him lift him up?" Dustin moved to the opposite side of Richie then Eddie was on, gentally pulling him up a little, Will putting as much pressure as he could on Richie's wound. There was an exit wound.

"So what now?" Dustin asked. They all looked at each other, hoping someone would know.

"HELP!" Will yelled out, not knowing what else to do. Dustin and Eddie joined in on his cries, hoping someone would hear and come help. A few minutes had passed and Richie was bleeding out fast, they needed help, and fast.


Chapter Text

Two police officers ran around the corner, going straight to Richie and pushing the other three boys out of the way.

Eddie let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding, crying tears of joy. The group got up and ran after the officers who had taken off with Richie a second before. Eddie say Will take one look back down the hallway at the big puddle of blood, Richie's blood.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay, he's going to be okay." Eddie assured Will, grabbing his shoulder, forcing him to look at him. Will stared at him for a second, then nodded.

"Hey, come on!" Dustin called to them.

The three ran outside, they all looked around for Richie, finally spotting him being loaded into an ambulance. Eddie broke into a sprint to them, Will and Dustin close behind. Once there, they all three started blurting out questions, seeing I he was okay, what they could do.

"You all need to leave. Some of our partner caught the psychos. You can't help here, we new to get him to the hospital immediately. I would let you all ride with us to the hospital but we'll need to work on him on the way there and you'd all be in the way." One of the EMTs said, shooing the boys away. They watched as she ran back to the ambulance and driving away. Eddie huffed.

"Now what?" Dusting questioned.

"I can see if my step dad, Cheif Hopper, could drive us to the hospital." Will said. Eddie nodded and they jogged over to where they saw his truck. He was talking with a different police officer, half yelling at him.

"Hopper!" They all yell in unison. He turns around, looking annoyed.

"I'm busy. Will take my phone an call your mother, she can take you home."

"No! We need you to take us to the hospital!" Will said.

"Richie was shot and we want to make sure he'll be okay." Eddie added.

"Who?" Hopper asked.

"Richie!" They all said at the same time, again. Hopper put hi hands up in defense.

"Alright, just get in the truck. I'll take you over there, but you'll have to stay there by yourselves for a while. I have to take care of some work here still." Hopper motioned to his truck.

"Jim, you can't leave now!" Said the other police officer, holding out paper work to him.

"I'll only be a minute. I'll be back soon enough." Hopper got in the truck and started to back out of his spot.

Eddie stared to the window, wondering, and worrying about what will happen next. It had already been a long day and it was only 9:30am. He just hoped Richie would be okay...