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Loss of Control

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Miranda approach her room. A room that she tries hard to consider a comfort place. And it has been working well, until today. Today her life became a mess, something she simply does not know how to deal with.

How she can control her emotions? Could her be able to control it, she should be able to do it. She can to anything. She is “Devil in Prada”, “Dragon Lady”. She is the most powerful woman at the fashion world but still, she now can feel the emptiness of her heart.


Suddenly all her universe looks like a universe without glory, a life without a purpose. And for the first time since she was a teenager, Miranda let herself cry.


Andy have been looking to Nigel for a long time. After he explained what happened, she tried to understand the puzzle her life became.

The doctors instructed Serena, Emily and Nigel to not give to much details because they still need to do further exams. Serena and Emily left after around 30 minutes with Andrea.

As Nigel move his chair at the room, Andrea take a deep breath.

“She is not coming back, isn’t she?”, asked with an upset voice

Nigel tried not smile to the reaction. Looks like the one year missing didn’t change the ability of Six read their boss. Well, his boss.

“Six, Miranda has been with you with you a lot during this one year. The woman needs a break”

Andy nodded and yawn. Nigel smiled.

“Six, go back to sleep. I will be here a little bit more until the nurses quick me out.”

Nigel knew he could not stay all night. Miranda asked for this, but he is not in the list of people allowed to spent the night. Well, only one person is: Miranda Priestly. Even Andrea’s parents are not allowed since they cut their relationship with their youngest daughter, around one year and half ago.

Next day


Miranda did not sleep much. All the time she tried, images of the accident, attempt of murder of Andrea, came back to life.

She woke up so many times that it was in vein try to relax. Now, around 7 am, she decided to go to the kitchen to make her coffee. As she enter the white marble kitchen, automatically, she turn on the tv. Not a surprise, someone leak about Andrea’s been awake. Someone that will lose their job soon.

Coffee in the right hand, phone in the left one. Two rings and a very sleepy voice at the receiver.

“Leslie, I don’t understand how you can still be sleeping.”

“Miranda, it is what?” (pause) “7:10 am. And I am at maternity leave. You should be calling Jones.”

“Maternity leave is not necessary for more than one or two months. You have this for almost seven. Andrea is awake and the press discovered.”

“What? Andy is awake?!”

At that information, in seconds Leslie started to move from bed.

“Since when Miranda?”

“Yesterday, sometime around 5 pm”

“Around? Miranda, are you alright?”

“Leslie, take care of the press. That’s all.”

The call ended and Leslie was sure that Miranda is not well, she is not okay. They have been working together for more than 10 years now. Miranda trusted her when she was young and naïve. And along the years, one thing she knew: Miranda is a very precise and accurate person. The world around is not part of her vocabulary.

Leslie knows for a long time now. Miranda lost herself, she lost the control of her life at the day Andy almost die. A simple word never had so much power.

As the hit of the word reach Miranda, she found herself losing more than the control of her life. She realized that she can only have it back with Andrea. Closing her eyes, the woman slowly started to slip to the floor. And for the first time in months Miranda cried hard, an animalist cry and sobbing, with a small, scared voice, she said to no one:

“Emotions, shall we control it?”