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Wondering Space

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[ 2 3 6 5 ]

“The light makes my skin burn… Is this what I must pay for… my fate?

The radiation affects my movements, this technology is still not in reach of the human race, the best is to keep it closed, to keep it secret. We cannot handle what a [ s t a n d ] is… we cannot fight this battle this way.

With this last moments, I entrust my feelings to the ones fighting… The evil will be back for sure, the lock I used with the last strength I had will not stop this situation for long… I eager for the human race to rush on finding a solution, I am sure that in at least 98 years he will be back… Until then… find a solution.

I will watch upon you in a better place I hope.”

[ 2 4 6 3 – Epilogue ]

In an organized queue several recruits stand, some gulp, others are actually happy, but deep down they can not avoid to be nervous about their situation. Afterall it wasn’t everyday that a fleet would pick young candidates to ride the world renowned STAND’s, larger scale robotic human made machines. A STAND is the ultimate weapon for a fragile humanity against the fight of the aggressive ARROW’s, unknown creatures that pursue human resources destroying them from it’s core. An ARROW can also asexually reproduce itself in a smaller version called an USER. An USER will act like a wild animal that will pursue humans in order to fed themselves upon their flesh.

It isn’t necessary to say that it was a scary time to be alive when things were put that way.

But Joseph didn’t care. Being an important soldier from the STAND training committee, he had started low, he had drove his own Stand near his Mecanic partner Ceasar Zeppeli. Both males came from the earth colony, the most ancient and the cradle of the human race. A third generation of Stand pilots, the pilot of Hermit Purple, he had seen it all: blood, birth, wounds and death… Specially the death of his dearest Stand partner. Now, a man on his 79, he held to his pride of having killed several Arrows and ensure the longevity of earth. In that time he had retired from being a pilot, due to old age, and trained the cadettes that came every year. Youngsters hand picked with special abilities, he was there to keep an eye and choose the ones that would be able to fight the Arrows.

“Dear children, I must warn you, you are here to fight for the peace and our colonies. With the increasing years the Arrows have been multiplying and attacking the several outer earth possessions that the human race battled to have. You are the ones that will protect these places… Feel proud about it.” he hold on his cane while talking. He felt that his students needed a hard wake up for their first time aboard the big training spaceship of the Speedwagon facilities.

The Speedwagon facilities managed the training and served as the household of all people dedicated to fight the Arrows and assuring the well being of the Stands.

Walking slowly, the old Joseph kept talking almost feeling his voice break from repeating the same speech over and over again: “Some of you will not make it. The harsh reality of being pilots is accepting that not all of you will be a Stand pilot, most of you will fail before getting to even see a Stand, in this class of 80… I see that only 3 or 4 will be standing at the end. But don’t let that demotivate you, you are the hope of humanity.” The old man ended up smiling warmly to the teenagers that rushed to yell at the same time: “yes sir!”

Briefly they were dismissed and showed their bedrooms, they were appointed numbers in order to facilitate the process of putting some order in such a numerous class. The class also knew that they would be in double rooms with another class: the mechanical class.

The mechanical class was just like the pilot class, they were aiming to protect humanity from the Arrows, but they would give assistance in all that could be wrong with a Stand, they were basically the mechanics of a Stand. The rules were simple: a Pilot would be paired with a Mechanic. This duo must work together in one Stand, they must also share facilities.

Letting his bag fall on the floor infront of the closed bedroom door. Candidate 1047 Josuke Higashikata was ready to start his new life as a trainee to one day pilot a Stand, since he was small he had his eye on the pink Crazy Diamond, it was currently inactive waiting for a new pilot, and he was ready to take on the role. Living in an earth colony in the north part of Jupiter, he once had a close encounter with an Arrow and several Users, thinking he was about to die, he saw it, the amazing Crazy Diamond in all it’s glory… The Stand entered on Jupiter’s man made atmosphere and annihilated, with the help of his other fellow Stands, the Arrow. He was still being chased by an User along his mother Tomoko, the woman ran as much as she could in order to flee from such a vile creature while pulling the little Josuke with her by his arm. As Josuke ended up tripping on his own feet, the User crawled on him and urged to look for a place to bite on the young infant, but his plans were foiled when a ray of energy pierced the User in pieces in a gushing mess. It was disgusting to be splattered in User’s blood… But it was even better when he opened his eyes and saw the big Crazy Diamond infront of him.

Tenderly, the big Stand held him and a voice resonated in his head: “You are a lucky one.”

In awe, the small Josuke only nodded. He was returned to his mother’s arms that that was a sobbing mess due to worry. “Thank you! You saved my baby!!”
The cockpit that was found in the chest of the 15 meters tall mecha opened. A slim body took a step out of the cockpit. A man with a pompadour waved back to Tomoko and Josuke: “...Stay safe.” he only said as the other Stands united in order to leave the now safe colony.

Those memories had stick with Josuke all his life, he even had shaped his hairstyle in honor of his unnamed savior. He would give all to know his name, but all Stand pilot information was strictly confidential… He was just happy with knowing that with dedication and hard work he could follow the footsteps of his mysterious hero.

He entered the bedroom after scaning his finger prints and upon steping inside he saw another person. A green haired teenager like him stood on the desk reading several books. It was not hard to guess the fact that the guy infront of him was actually the Mechanic that was appointed to him as a Pilot.

“Hello! I am Josuke Higashikata, pleased to met you.”

The other boy lifted his head and looked from top to bottom to Josuke. “Rohan Kishibe. I hope you are good at piloting.” he dove his head back into the pile of engineering books that laid next to him. Well… that was one rough start… but Josuke was committed not to let the Mechanic intimidate him, he knew that a healthy relationship between a Pilot and it’s Mechanic was the key to success.

“Let’s work hard to get into the advanced program and ride a Stand.” he replied with a smile and he opened the closet looking for a corner to hang his uniform.

“Just do as I say and don’t get in my way.” the Mechanic replied in an almost mocking tone. Even if Josuke wanted all to go by pleasantly, he had to admit that it would be quite hard to swallow just an arrogant personality.

“I wish you the same. let’s not get in eachother’s way and just achieve what we are here for.” he tried in a passive way forcing himself not to get angry over the situation, he never had much patience, but he was ready to endure it just to be a Pilot. The only reply he got was a “tsk” sound that made him shut his own eyes to get the strength to ignore it.

In the room next to his, Giorno Giovanna, trainee 1048 was also accomodating all his clothes, he was the one feeling a bit annoyed over the go lucky attitude of his Mechanic. A guy that used a bright orange hat, even if such clothes were against the rules of the Speedwagon facilities. He decided to shrug it off. As he grew in a warm colony of Venus, he always heard his mom telling him tales about his father that bravely piloted the Stand The World, the legendary Stand that people do not even believe in. But he knew his mother told him the truth, because when small he recollected the warm embrace of his father before leaving them: “I will be waiting in The World for you.”
He did not had any other memories of his father, but the fact he was a Stand pilot only made the choice of himself try to aim to be a pilot as well a natural thing.

“I am Mista Guido! I was excited to met my partner!” The orange hat guy beamed a warm smile at Giorno. He tried to reciprocate that smile ending in a half assed attempt of a shaky grin. “Same. Call me Giorno. Let’s aim to have our own Stand.”

As the Speedwagon facilities spaceship completed another orbit to the sun, the hard tests would start on the newbies that were attempting to aim for their dreams and aspirations.

In another side of the galaxy, far away from the Milky Way, the pilot and Mechanic on the Stand Star Platinum made their way home from their first mission: Pilot Jotaro Kujo and Mechanic Kakyoin Noriaki were successful stopping the Arrow that was near the solar system entry to enter humanity’s domain. Jotaro Kujo rushed to the Speedwagon facilities as his Mechanic had suffered injuries from the hard battle.