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Let the games begin

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The torrential rain that occurred had finally slowed down. It was still harsh and heavy, yet now it was just enough to snap a few branches. The earthy scent of rain filled the arena, a rather appealing scent despite the horrible situation.

Karma took in the scent as he pulled an unconscious Okuda from the large puddle that had formed. As he felt how limp and cold she was, his worry and determination increased; he couldn't lose someone like her, not if he could help it. He hauled her over his shoulder and quickly ran to a drier patch of land to place her down. His medical knowledge he learned from her kicked in as he checked her breathing and pulse. There were no breaths, however when he found a small and weak pulse, he felt a sliver of hope.

Despite the urgent situation, Karma tried to remember everything about CPR; where to place his hands, how many compressions and at what reps, when to breathe for her. He knew if Rio was by him, she would snap a photo every time he gave mouth to mouth, but at this point he couldn't care less. His brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to clear her airways, but Okuda still wouldn't breathe.

Suddenly, a cannon rung through the arena, startling the redhead. His head flicked down to Okuda's pale face in determination, desperate to keep her alive

A voice in head told him to stop; that she was gone, and there was nothing he could do. Karma shook his head and pressed down harder, the willpower written clear on his face.

"Come on Okuda." Karma gritted his teeth as he kept his efforts up, the last time he witnessed a death was Korosensei, and he wasn't ready to have Okuda as the next.

But with Okuda, it was someone he cared about dearly. She was someone who he could be himself around without feeling judged. Someone who just brightened his day from her smile. Someone who was so scared and frail but still managed to put her trust and faith into him, no matter how sadistic he could be.

But he couldn't save her.

Karma's hands shot up to his hair, tugging on it in anger and denial. A tear dropped from the side of his eye, not caring about it for once. The rain dropped from the strands of hair that lay over his eyes, his face darkened, knowing there was no more he could do and that he had to move on. He hated the thought, leaving one of his closest friends dead in front of him.

He let out an anguished growl, annoyed wirh himself for letting her die. He stood up, his face dark and cold as he turned away, ready to move on.

A weak cough suddenly sounded from below him, snapping him out of his emotional state and making him look back at Okuda.

There was another cough, before a wheeze and gagging sounds as Okuda tried to cough the water up from her lungs. Karma instantly rushed back to help, patting her back and tilting her forward. Despite the severity of the situation, he couldn't wipe the small smile off his face knowing that she was still alive.

Once she had cleared her airways, Okuda tried to speak, but it came out as more of a strangled whimper.

Karma simply shook his head and patted her hand. "Don't talk, you're okay."

She smiled gently, happy to see her friend's affectionate side once again as they sat together, the rain pouring around them, Okuda not even caring she'd lost her glasses in the whole ordeal.

They sat for a few minutes before Karma spoke up again. "I heard another cannon. I thought it was you, but then you were okay. Do you think Takaoka made a mistake?"

Okuda looked around and shook her head, closing her eyes and then tapping Karma's hand to listen into the distance with her. " is... grieving."

The redhead nodded as he heard the screams and cries coming from the distant cliff. "Must've been someone else at the same time..."

Okuda nodded sadly, sniffling ever so slightly. Karma could tell she was scared for her friends, not to mention she was almost the next one to go. He gently pulled her into a hug, letting her cry on his chest as he stroked her hair.

The blonde looked upon the scene with a smirk graced over her lips; she didn't care she didn't have her phone right now, she only cared that Karma had his guard down.


Sugaya could only cry and scream at how Mimura's mangled body lay over the rocks on another ledge of the cliff. The cannon sounded loudly, making him fall to his knees in despair and wail even louder. The rain pounded down on his head, but he didn't care.

He couldn't tear his eyes away from how Mimura lay. His neck and legs were dispositioned at awkward angles, blood flowing from both his parted lips and the gash he sustained in his side. His fingers were red and swollen from holding onto the cliff, and his arms seemed bruised and bloody from how he landed. The rain turned into a red stream after washing over Mimura, creating a crimson waterfall over the rocks. It made Sugaya sick to the bone, yet he could still envision his best friend as perfectly fine, standing up and brushing his knees off before waving up to Sugaya and asking him with his long arms to help him up.

Sugaya shook his head at the thought, slipping into a daydream wouldn't be a good idea at all. So he decided to sit on the rocks and stare out at the arena. Letting the rain slip over him, knowing he couldn't care any more with what the weather was doing.


As the cannon rang through the arena, it shook the cave Fuwa lay in, starling her awake. It startled her even more to find the cave had filled up with water as she slept. The raised bank she was on only just let her escape the flood, but she knew she wouldn't have a lot of time before the whole cave filled up. She recalled how the hill was a direct slide for water to travel through the small entrance, remembering the small puddle and slapping her head.

"Stupid Fuwa, should've noticed the damn puddle." She gasped slightly as she felt the water graze her ankles, knowing she had to do something fast.

Looking around the cave, she vaguely remembered where the entrance was, and after a deep breath, she dove underwater in search of it. Though she was no Kataoka, she found herself to be a decent swimmer, easily diving under and feeling around for the entrance.

'Rock. Rock. Ouch! Sharp rock.' Fuwa held her finger from the small pain as she kept herself occupied in the panic with narrating her movements. After a few moments of searching, she finally found the entrance; a small gap with the bottom two thirds clogged up with mud from the hill like a wall, and a stream of water flowing over the top. She tried pushing at the mud to get out, but instead having the opposite affect and letting more water in.

Fuwa was forced back into the cave wall from the new, harsh flow of water, making her lose air as she was winded. Her arms frantically paddled to where she first was to regain her air, but she couldn't find the small ledge with the air pocket.

Panic invaded her mind as she realised what she'd done. By opening the mud wall, more water entered the cave and sealed the only air she had left. Her lungs began to send sharp pains through her chest as they were being deprived of oxygen, making Fuwa panic more. If she hadn't been winded, she knew she had at least two minutes before she desperately needed air, but now, she had no idea how long she had.

Knowing her only way out was the entrance, she weakly swam back towards it. The current propelled her as much as possible but Fuwa still pushed through. Her fingers managed to curl around the edge of the entrance and she gritted her teeth, trying to pull herself out. She was almost there, but finally her body gave out and forced her to take a breath.

Fuwa instantly let go of the entrance to grip her throat, being forcefully pushed into the wall once again. The hit only made her gasp again, filling her lungs with more water. She tried to scream at how bad the pain was, but nothing came out. It dawned on her that no one would ever be able to find her unless after the rain someone else found that specific cave. Fuwa wanted to cry desperately, but in her situation it was impossible. The pain from her lungs filling with water, seared through her whole body.

Eventually, as fate determined, the black dots finally clouded her vision as her body went limp, her hands dropping from her throat, floating by her side. The whole of her body slowly rising to the top of the cave, resting against the rough stone ceiling of the cave.

She had died alone, seeing no one before her untimely death, and no one would know she was ever there. The girl who stood out for her enthusiasm and witty references, would now never be found, almost as if she would be forgotten for good.


The seventh cannon that sounded made Terasaka flinch. It wasn't much that scared him, but the fact his classmates were dying so quickly, struck fear into his heart. He was convinced at least one of his squad were a part of the last three cannons, even with his lack of math skills, he knew the odds of all his friends surviving at this point were low; especially after the storm.

He swore under his breath, reaching out to punch a tree. The games were making him reach his limit, and the fact his friends were parted from him only made it worse.

His main concerns were for Hazama and Itona, the rain could've easily taken them out. He recalled how even he was forced to find shelter to avoid the liquid bullets; so what meant for his smaller squad members? He knew Itona had the skills to avoid the harshness of the rain, but Hazama was a different story.

Terasaka's jaw clenched as he thought of the possibility of her death. He knew Hazama was better to be defeated by some rain, but he also knew how her strength and stamina were no comparison to most of the class. He silently hoped she had met someone to keep her safe for the time being, but with the amount of deaths he had heard, he wasn't sure he could trust her safety with anyone.

He was surprised with how much he was worried for her, realising he had stopped in his tracks as he was lost in his thoughts. He couldn't recall a time where he'd thought of her so much. Punching the tree again to try and clear his thoughts, he noticed the rain was finally slowing down and showing signs of stopping soon, so he decided to continue further.

Terasaka cursed softly and ran a hand through his soaking hair to slick it back out of his face, ignoring how the the feeling of his hair felt against the new cuts on his knuckles. He knew he had to continue, but where to start was the question. Glancing around, he saw a large cliff in the distance between the trees.

Something caught his eye at the top. Squinting, he could see the figure of a person at the edge of the cliff, and next to them, an incredibly loose rock hanging by a few vines.

"Well that's fuckin' weird" Terasaka mumbled to himself, subconsiously rubbing his knuckles. He took a few steps forward, squinting harder to try and see who the figure was.

Seeing the person was rather tall, he hoped it was Muramatsu, though he was then concerned with what he was doing. He decided Muramatsu or not, the cliff was probably as good a starting place as any, he would probably be able to get a better view of the arena as well, or even to shout loud enough to make his presence the squad known.

Having made up his mind, Terasaka finally set off through the lighter yet humid rain, silently pleading he wouldn't be too late.


As the rain started to come to a stop, Chiba finally got a chance to open his bag and survey the contents. He'd been running, desperate to find Hayami before anything happened to either of them; the only time he took a break was when his body was so exhausted he just had to sleep. He was worried for how other's took the statement of Hayami killing Justice. He knew she wouldn't do it on purpose or to win, there had to be further meaning to her actions. He wondered if anyone took it the wrong way and wanted their revenge, but Chiba didn't even want to think of that.

His hands feeling over a sliver of metal shook him out of his thoughts. Looking down at the bag, he pulled out a familar object; a scope.

Chiba's eyes lit up as he kept pulling out parts of a gun out of the bag, it was clear he had to assemble it himself, which definitely wasn't an issue for the marksman. There was also a small amount of food and a nylon fishing line. He considered himself rather lucky, even if he was in a literal death arena.

As he started to assemble the gun, he heard a rush of leaves beside him. It was close, making him question why he hadn't heard a disturbance before. Taking on a defensive stance, he stared at the bushes intently.

The rustles drew nearer and a golden brown eye peeked out of the leaves. The single eye looked around the area before settling on Chiba, blinking a few times. The marksman was taken aback at first, but slowly drew closer to the eye, trying to see who it belonged to.

It let out a sudden hiss and Chiba fell back, just managing to see how the white of the eye started to turn darker before it slipped away into the bushes, going father in the other direction.

Much more alert than he was before, Chiba proceeded to assemble the gun, much quicker this time as the sense of danger hung around him. He tested it a few times, making sure it wasn't fake and would endanger him more when he needed it most. The eye lingered in his mind, it seemed incredibly familar yet still like a dangerous beast. It blinked innocently, drawing him closer, but the hiss was a clear indicator he shouldn't get any closer.

Chiba put his new gun on the safety latch and secured it on his back with the strings of the drawstring bag. He'd taken out an energy bar to regain some stamina, before he was on the hunt for Hayami again, making the mental note to avoid the direction of the creature.


The scent of the rain hung over the small shelter Hazama sat under. She was lucky to find the place, her eyes glancing over the bruises that were forced on her by the rain. She had only just made it, her body barely withstood the pressure.

Hazama shifted slightly, wincing at the soreness of her tired and battered muscles. She had no idea how long it had been since the rain started, but upon hearing two cannons within that time, she knew it had been going a while. With a sigh, she brought her bag closer, emptying out the contents. A small but sharp knife, and several large items of food fell out, earning a disappointed sigh from the girl above.

"It could be worse." She mumbled as she placed the food back in the bag, leaving the knife in front of her. "It could be worse..."

Normally in a morbid situation, she would be fully embracing it and possibly even make light of it; but this was way too far for even the twisted Hazama.

Biting her lip, she looked out expectantly into the forest. She didn't like relying on others but she'd hoped someone had at least found her by now. She enjoyed her alone time but that usually meant she had a book, or her friends in the background- she was never truly on her own. Yet, now she was.

Hazama brought her knees to her chest as she sat sadly in the silence. Here, she had to face the real world, not transport into her books fantasy realms, or having the squad to distract her from the negative aspects that often clouded her mind. She rested her head on her knees as thinking about the squad only made her feel more lonely; and she could only hope that the none of them were the last three canons.

It hadn't even been fourty eight hours, but it already felt like an eternity without the squad. Who knew what had happened to them, who they'd found, who'd they killed. In all honesty Hazama didn't care about that, she only cared if they were still alive and if she would see them again.

She let out a single tear as she pulled her legs in closer, still not wanting to face the reality of the situation. At this point, she wished she could spend her time with her mother, she'd rather be in her presence than sitting alone in a death arena. Death had always facinated her, but when it could be her or her closest friends or her classmates, that was a different story.

The only time a death truly affected her was Korosensei. It'd somehow brought her to tears, but then again it had also made the rest of the gang cry too; a rare feat. But with how these games were turning out, she knew there would be a lot more tears shed.