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Shotgun Betterments - a business beyond expectations

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„Don't strain yourself Cassidy."

The scraggy figure of a man emerged in the corner of her eye. Even the spite in his voice wasn't enough to get her out of the cage of sluggishness.

"Can't you see I'm too bored to quarrel?"

He snorted derisively, "Perhaps you wouldn't be so bored if you finished your tasks for once." his eyes fell on the stack of paper next to her.

"Really Jeffrey? These tasks are literally the reason for my boredom!" She threw her hands in the air, stirring up some of the papers "I'd even play the maid to for a bit of change. " The cyborg added annoyed, placing her head on the table again.

"It's called CARE TAKER." He snarled "And you cannot even take care of your own mess. The only thing you do is causing it." Jeffrey sneered.

"So that means without me," Cassidy's lips formed a sly smile "there would be no mess for you to take care of. Jeez! Where'd you be without me?"

Jeffrey stopped sweeping. He turned around, his sunken face taking on a rather unsettling expression.

"You want to know where I'd be without you?"

"Actually, it was more of a rhetorical question, my smelly friend!" She replied whimsically.

"Without YOU...I wouldn't be standing here watching my boss wasting high level positions on his bratty daughter, while others are busting their –"

"Jeffrey." A formal salute from Mister Vail, expressed through a short nod kept him from ending the sentence.

"You can finish this later."

Jeffrey followed his bosses order without another word, darting one last withering glance at Cassidy, who seemed to be in high spirits all of the sudden.

Mister Vail closed the door quietly.

"Hey pops! What brings you up here? I thought you were busy in the lab!"

"You'll be pleased to know that I got a call from our latest objective." He said approaching the girl with his arms crossed behind his back.

"About time!" She said with a smug "Hey did the call get past me?" Cassidy looked confused.

"I redirected the calls to my phone so you would have the chance to finish your paperwork." He explained sober-minded "Are you done?"

"Not...yet." She said hesitantly, eyeballing her unfinished work. Cassidy believed to detect the slightest bit of disapproval behind his glasses, but it was hard to tell for sure.

" wanna tell me what he said?" Cassidy asked, folding her hands innocently.

"You'll pay him an early visit tomorrow. I want you to go inside this factory." He took something out of the breast pocket of his coat "Any information you get will be saved on this chip. Do you know what you have to do, Cassidy?"

"Certainly!" The cyborg answered with a mischievous grin.

"This might revitalize your motivation as well." Mister Vail said as he turned to leave "Tomorrow starts operation infiltration." His mouth twisted into a faint smile.