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Shotgun Betterments - a business beyond expectations

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'...look at these lofty heroes, fancying themselves.' The female thought amused, as she entered the shop, looking around. She almost looked like them with the long, blue cape, her yellow body suit, black wig and the overknee boots she was wearing. Her face was half covered with a glasses.

'...Let's cause some mischief...' A sneer formed on her lips as she was heading for the magazines. On the way she nearly tripped over a small person. He carried a box in his hands.

"Hi fellow hero I've never seen before! Welcome to Gar's Hero Supply and Bodega! MayIhelpyouwithanything??" The kid asked eagerly, dropping the box.

"Nah, I'm just...browsing."

"Okay! I'm K.O. bye the way!" The little boy held his hand out like a drawn sword. She started to grin broadly, squeezing his hand.

"Woah! You must be super powerful!" K.O. exclaimed amazed, feeling a noticeable electric shock going through his arm "What's your name? Are you a new hero?"

She opened her mouth, before she closed it again, pursing her lips.

Cassidy had to admit to herself that it could've been prudent to think of a fake name before entering a hero store.


"Yes Mister Gar Sir!" He saluted.

"Quit keeping the costumers from buying!"

"Welp, thanks for the hand kid." She said with a smile and moved along.

"Uhm..." He looked blank for a moment, before he blurted a heartwarming "Glad I could help!" and returned to his duties.


Right next to Cassidy stood another hero, a skeleton. He was flipping through one of the magazines. The girl peeked at him, browsing. He put it back and wanted to grab another one, when she snatched it from under his...skull.

"Hey! I-"

"Oh! Did you want this?" She said fake-guilty, thrusting it into his hand "I'm terribly sorry!" The girl added with a crooked smile, touching his shoulder and walked away.

"...Thanks?" RMS answered confused, shuddering a little.

Cassidy spotted a pile of cans, neatly stacked on the top of each other. There was a blue guy standing beside with his back to it, using his powers to restock racks.



"Aw man! It took me like forever to stack those!" Rad complained as he swung around, seeing his work destroyed.

"Oooh!" She moaned, putting her hand on her forehead "Oh no! I'm so sorry I fell into your so neatly stacked can tower!" She said in a dramatical way. He sighed.

"It's cool...Let me get ya up." Rad replied, pulling her up.

"Thanks!" The girl said squeezing his hand with a grin and left.

"You're... welcome." He said and looked down at his hand distracted, moving his fingers slightly.


"May I?!" She pushed herself through a group of three heroes.

The villainess strode up to the chips.

"S'cuse me!" Cassidy uttered, actuating the sauce dispencer while Brandon's hand was still on the lever.

"Hey, watch-!"

"Sorry, those passages are so narrow!"

"...What passages?!" He babbled irritated, before he even could get really mad.


Cassidy was just on her way to the counter when an alarm started to blare. Some people started to panic, while some ran outside.

"Welp, let's see what we got today." The counter-girl said, skipping her.                                                                                                                                  Literally, she turned a somersault over Cassidys head and ran outside along with the other two employees.

The girl watched a box landing in front of the store. Three robots emerged from it.


"Prepare for your demise!!" Shannon shouted maliciously, pushing Raymond to the side, who growled in response.

"Ha! Don't tell me you're still fightin' over that bibble??" Rad scoffed.

"So Darrell hasn't appointed a Senior Deputy yet huh?" Enid added dry-witted.

They laughed.


"No Way!" Cassidy snorted with laughter, spitting out some of her chips. She was watching the whole scenario through the window.


"Aren't you guys getting tired of this?" K.O. asked.

"That's none of your benchwarmers' business!" Raymond retorted, attacking.

It didn't take much time until all three robots were defeated. Cassidy could have felt bad for them, but it was way too hilarious.                                                          Plus she was a Cyborg and sympathy wasn't really included in her databank.

The door opened.

"But seriously, what was that guys?? I basically took them out all by myself!" Enid said serio-comical.

"I dunno...I feel kinda...worn out." Rad responded.

"Sorry Enid..." K.O. apologized.


'Mh...Interesting.' Cassidy thought to herself with a smug. She threw the empty chips box behind her back and headed outside, before the female stopped herself. The Cyborg engraved something into the glas with her metallic fingers and left, sniggering derisively.