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Counting Beats Instead of Sheeps

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"It's going to be an idol group." Pd-nim explains.

Namjoon stiffened as he looks at his fellow trainees faces of shock, confusion and frustration. 

"I know some of you might have prejudice against idol groups, but we think that this is the best way to gain more exposure."  And Namjoon gets that, their company is barely getting by, especially now when their partnership with a big company has ended and they're left on their own.

"You mean we have to wear make-up and shit?" One of the trainees calls out.  "And dance?" Another follows. 

"No way, I'm out of here." One stands up. 

"I know, I know." Pd-nim tries to calm the crowd.  "You will still write and perform the songs you want but there are a few restrictions. I hope you think about this. Does it really matter if you are labelled as an idol if you can still deliver the story you want people to hear? I'll give you a week to decide." And with that he leaves.  There was silence in the room until one of them spoke up.

"What is this shit, all this training for what? I don't know about you guys but I'm not really idol material. I'm leaving, this is a waste of time." The trainee spoke up and leaves. Another two of them stands up and looked at their peers- at Namjoon with apologies in their eyes and follows the first guy out, the rest understood.

The ones left is still indecisive and they went back to the dorm in silence. 

It was two days later of without sleep that Namjoon gives up trying to count sheep and sneaks out of the dorm in the middle of the night.

They were down another two trainees. The office was still open because of some project the employees are working on overnight and enters the building to go somewhere- anywhere. He stopped in his tracks when he heard some beats playing from the dance studio. Cautiously, he peaks through the open door. 

He knew for sure that it was Hoseok even if the room was poorly lit.

Only Hoseok can move like that. Every movement he made was on beat with the music that he can't recognize. He saw every precise movement Hoseok angles his feet and hands to form something like an art work and how he can be smooth then sharp at the next step. In that moment, under the moon-lit room Hoseok was stunning. 

Namjoon didn't even realize he was leaning against the door heavily until the door opens, hitting the wall with a loud bang and Hoseok fell to the floor screaming. It was comical, Namjoon tried hard not to laugh. 

"Fuck! Namjoon! What the hell! Hoseok clutched on his pounding heart, trying to calm himself down.  "I thought I was going to die!" 

Namjoon felt bad for the boy who had turned paler than Yoongi.


"What's happening here?" The security guard runs up to them, probably alarmed from the noises and screaming. 

Namjoon felt awfully embarrassed.

"I'm sorry sir, it was an accident." He bows down. The security sighs after assessing that everything was fine except for the recovering heart of one Jung Hoseok.

"Just don't do it again, you kids stop playing around and what happened to the door?!" The guard inspects the door and sees the handle a few centimeters away from where it should be and a hole on the wall where the door must've hit. 

Namjoon cringes and bows down again.

"I'm so sorry sir." 

The security guard just sighs again. "I'm going to have to report this to get it fixed, you boys don't stay up too late, alright." And with that he leaves them to go back to his station. 

"I can't believe you broke the building." Hoseok had stood up to laugh at Namjoon. 

"It's just the door!" 

Hoseok raised an eyebrow. 

"…and the wall. It was an accident I swear." 

"Okay, okay." Hoseok raised his hands in surrender.

"Sooo…" They awkwardly stand in the middle of the room, not sure where to go from there. It was silent except for the player still playing Hoseok's songs. 



They both talked at the same time. 



The situation can't get any more awkward than this.  Namjoon decides to hell with it. "Your dancing, it's amazing. You're amazing. You look amazing when you dance." 

Hoseok shifts in embarrassment and laughs, his hand scratching his ear. A light tinge of pink coloring his cheeks. "Nyah, I'm not… not really... I'm you know haha."

 "Amazing?" Namjoon teases and grins as he watched the poor boy turn red.

"Ya! Namjoon-ah!" Hoseok smacks his arm.  "Why are you shaking up my heart so much." He clutches his heart the second time that night.  (Namjoon will get to learn that Hoseok's heart can easily be shaken up, the fans would even have a joke for it.) 

"It's cute." He answers, and he watched Hoseok look up at him with round eyes and turn even brighter.

"Yah!" Hoseok hits him again and they both started laughing.  When they had calmed down a bit, Hoseok looks at him with a smile that reaches his eyes and says.

"Dance with me." 

"I don't dance."  

"And I don't rap but here I am." Hoseok runs to the player and puts on a different song. The beat was hard yet bouncy.

"Namjoon! Dance with me! free-style!"   He watched as Hoseok started making some simple dance moves and looking so bright even in the dark. He sighs as he eventually gives in and tries to copy Hoseok's movements and adding some of his own. 

He learned two things that night. One, he actually can move his hips better than he expected and two, he knows he will never enjoy dancing as much as he enjoys the sound of Hoseok laughter vibrating in the studio. 

The both of them are too exhausted to bother going back to the dorm and just lay there on the studio floor, trying to catch their breathe.

Namjoon feels his eyes go heavy as eventually, for the first time in days, sleep washed over him. Before the darkness overtakes him, he heard Hoseok whisper to him. "I'll be staying."  And felt himself going to sleep with the lightest feeling he's ever had in days. 

The security guard woke them up at around 4:30 in the morning and practically kicking them out of the building and yelling for them to go to sleep in their dorm not on the fucking office floor. 

They try to enter the dorm as quietly as possible to try not to wake up the others. It was not a walk of shame or anything like that, but it might as well be because as soon as they entered with their messy hair and crumpled shirts, Yoongi sees them and raises an eyebrow. He loudly sips on his coffee.   Both of them tensed up.

"Ah! Yoongi-hyung! We were just- you know- um I was just- bathroom! Yes! Bathroom!" Hoseok sheepishly runs away to the bathroom and throws Namjoon a sorry smile as he leaves him alone with Yoongi. 

Namjoon felt betrayed. Yoongi looks at him as if he was a parent waiting for his son to spill something embarrassing. He takes another loud sip of coffee.  

"I'm just gonna-" in his haste to get away from the amused hyung, he bumps himself on a table. He cringes as a bruise form on his thigh.

"Yah" he points to the bedroom and scurries away.  He did not hear Yoongi when he finished up his second cup that morning. "Ah, they're so cute." Yoongi laughs.

 The next time Namjoon goes to Hoseok's late night dancing sessions, he intentionally opens the still broken door loudly to see Hoseok screaming on the floor as payback.