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Haruto was experiencing the marriage bliss he doubted he would ever have in his life. He wanted to long ago before he found himself in this realm, but he could have never dreamed he would be married to a man and having to pretend to be a female, too! And then being the Queen of a country… Things weren't ideal and Haruto didn't exactly like having to play a female all around the clock and having to lie straight to people's faces and he didn't feel comfortable with being a queen consort and being a direct representative of a whole country, but at least his husband loved him. If he had to deal now with an uncaring husband like he did for the first days when they met, he wouldn't be able to deal with all of it. First he was pulled into a strange universe, far away from everyone he knew and liked (not so much), then he had lived 5 long years in a different kingdom, made friends and a second family and now, now his life changed once again. He could only see them rarely.

Leo was very affectionate towards him, albeit possessive and jealous, especially when it came to him being around other, good looking men. Potential suitors. Anyone who looked at him in a way he Leo didn't appreciate would get immediately booted from his company. He read once or twice that that was actually a form of abuse, but so far everything seemed alright. Haruto didn't mind, although he thought that Leo was overblowing it, because no way could all of these men have a romantic or sexual interest in him. Haruto saw it as losing potential friends.

But, Haruto was given lots of freedom in term of the agriculture of the country and gardening. The garden he got was almost as large as that he spent 5 years ago and it was all his! So many beautiful flowers and new breeds! It was heaven for every love of flowers; it was a place he could spend his free time on, doing gardening and feeling at home. He always loves flowers, from when he was a small child to now and wisteria was his favorite. Here, there was no such thing as wisteria, but Leo went above and beyond to get him similar plants. He couldn't get it quite right, apparently they had no such equivalent here, but due to selective breeding they were able to get something similar. Not perfectly spot on, but good enough to satisfy Haruto (not that it took a lot to do that).

All in all, Haruto was happy with how things turned out in his life. Not what he had expected or wanted, but good nontheless. Unexpectedly wholesome.

And then, one of Leo's concubinnes bore a child and Haruto wasn't as happy anymore. He knew that Leo as the king practically had to produce a heir and that Haruto couldn't provide him one, and everything if he could he still wouldn't, but Leo was also his husband and who would want to have their husband sleeping around with a person so much to impregnate them. It was planned, and they did get over everything, but that didn't mean that Haruto liked the new development.

He wasn't as happy anymore.