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Feicim beatha

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I see death
darkness rising
ruins out of time
tearing the thread
thread of peace
pulled to pieces
palace in uproar
underneath a king
king without a princess
people without a Hope
hordes racing in
razing and rending
rendering it Null
Null and Void
Void of Hope
Hope into Despair
I see death
dear child running
right into fate
forged by phantoms
fighting for a future
future lost
lost in her
her eyes fearful
full of tears
terrible and torturous
torment of mothers
more horrors rise
ridding reality of her
her that is
is the future
full of Hope
I see death
darting forth fast
full of love
leaving a stain
stain on reality
realizing too late
leaving too early
eager to save
sorry to lie
legacy of mothers
made too clear
collapsing right now
never again rising
rid from life
left a phantom
phantom wind
I see death
daring the phantom
forging her Hope
Hope in darkness
darkness in you
you -- the Light
liberated at last
left alone at last
learning to wield
weapons of Will
weapons of war
war with reality
realized fully
forever and more
mother's determination
dear and near
I see death