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i hear symphonies in my head

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Jeongguk sighs, hearing as the the clock above his bed ticks by almost tantalizingly slow and it's not helping the frustration buzzing inside him. He tries to ignore the sound, tries to imagine long, golden legs around his waist but he finds that it's also not really helping him one bit. He can taste blood when he bites his lip.

It's a little past 9 p.m now and he knows that at any moment there's supposed to come a text for him, but there's also this hunger inside of him that he can't push away. It's settling underneath his skin, waiting, and it's burning him from the inside out. Waiting to eat him alive.

The night is hot, or maybe that's just Jeongguk, but his sheets pool around his naked waist. It's safe to say that, yes, he had slipped a hand underneath his pants an hour earlier, the thought of the prettiest boy on his knees in front of him, and he knew that he'd be seeing him soon, but as soon as those gorgeous eyes popped into his head, he couldn't wait any longer. He had come with the boy’s name on his lips and an image in his mind that had driven him off the very edge that he let go off so easily. It had been satisfying and good for that moment, but his hand couldn't compare to that of a certain someone's body.

Jeongguk feels trapped in his own mind at this point, it's not a bad thing though, because there's this body on his mind that entertains and pleases him enough. He sighs again, rolls over onto his side, and the time seems to go by aggravatingly slow as the seconds passes by.

And Jeongguk...Jeongguk's fire underneath his skin is getting hotter by the minute and he feels like he might just burn out at this point. He's exaggerating, he knows, but it's been a week since the last time that Jeongguk had the boy under him, moaning like a fucking porn star and he can't wait for it to happen again. He sits up, swings his legs off the bed, and he can feel the sweat running down his forehead. Outside it's loud, and Jeongguk smiles to himself, because it feels like the night knows what his plans contains. Because it knows with who, too.

After what feels like forever, his phone lets out a little ting and Jeongguk grabs it too fast, he knows, but when he sees the same text that he gets almost every Saturday night, he can't help but smile.

'The usual place, I'm already here and waiting. Hurry or else I'll start without you.'

Within in a few minutes he's dressed, keys in his pocket and phone in his hand. If he were anybody else, he'd probably laugh at how desperate he appeared to be, but he couldn't find it in himself to care. Not when he knows what’s waiting for him only a few minutes away.

"Where are you going?" His roommate asks once Jeongguk steps out of his room. His roommate is sitting on the couch, reading or studying or whatever. Jeongguk can’t find it in himself to care.


His answer is short and to the point and his roommate doesn't even bother asking any more questions, used to the fact that Jeongguk disappears almost every Saturday night around this time. He just nods and doesn't spare him a second glance as he walks out the door, slamming it with excitement dancing on his skin.


The "usual place” is a crappy run down motel that looks like it'll fall apart any second, but seeing how they're 2 uni students on a budget, it's the only place that they can afford. Conveniently, it's also right in the the halfway mark to both of their schools, a perfect place for neither of their friends to expect anything.

By the time that Jeongguk enters the check-in room of the motel, it's 21:38 and the receptionist smiles at him, so used to his face at this point that she's not even surprised anymore.

"He's in the usual room," She say and he nods, sending her a quick smile before he starts making his way towards their usual room.

Although they've done this probably a millions times before, Jeongguk still feels the same excitement building up in the pit of his stomach as the very first time that they've had each other like this. He stops in front of the door after a few minutes, knocks on it with a shaky hand.

It's quiet inside, not a sound can be heard, but soon enough the handle is turning from the inside and when the door opens, he almost falls to his knees because in front of him is a very naked Taehyung, a beautiful smirk on his face as he looks Jeongguk up and down, a hunger that Jeongguk’s all too familiar with dancing behind his gaze

“Took you long enough."

It only took Jeongguk 15 minutes, he paid the driver to go as fast as he can, but he didn't mention that to the red haired beauty, too busy staring at him, at his beautiful, very naked body.

Maybe he stands like that for an hour, he doesn't know, but after a while he hears Taehyung speak. "Are you just going to stand there and eyefuck me or are you coming inside to do the real thing?" 

He looks up, into Taehyung's eyes, and suddenly it's like he's springing to life like he’s just been born. He pushes in past Taehyung and as soon as he's inside the room, he closes the door and grabs Taehyung's shoulders, pushing him against the cold wood of the door. The red haired beauty doesn't even bat an eyelash, used to being manhandled by Jeongguk like this. Used to liking being manhandled like this, too.

"Why open the door like that?" Jeongguk asks, voice bordering on the edge of jealous. “What if it wasn't me? Then someone else would have seen you the way only I'm supposed to see you."

A lazy smirk takes over Taehyung's face and he lifts his hand, caressing Jeongguk's face. It soothes Jeongguk. Taehyung’s touches always makes him calm. "Relax," he replies, voice dangerously intoxicating. "-you know you're the only one who has me like this. Who will always have me like this.”

The sentence does something to Jeongguk's heart, leaves him storing the words into a box named "Taehyung” in his mind, and he knows that he doesn't imagine his heart beating faster like this, like it might just jump out of his chest and offer itself up for Taehyung to take.

He can't help himself as he crashes his lips onto Taehyung's already awaiting ones. The other male doesn't even hesitate to kiss him back, finally feeding the hunger that's been growing in both of them for the last few hours. Jeongguk pulls him closer by his waist, Taehyung's skin hot under his hands, and the boy immediately locks his arms around Jeongguk's neck.

It already feels like way too much, as it always does between the two of them, and Jeongguk can't help but let his hands travel down the span of Taehyung's spine, to his ass, cupping Taehyung’s plush cheek in his hand the way he knows the boy likes. He squeezes and swallows down Taehyung's needy little moan.  

The sound is like a fucking symphony to his ears and Jeongguk has always been one to appreciate the fine music. He pushes his tongue past Taehyung's lips and of course the beauty lets him, not even putting up a fight, in fact, he pushes himself closer to Jeongguk and lets out a little laugh when Jeongguk picks him up by his thighs. He immediately wraps those golden legs that's been haunting Jeongguk's memories around his clothed waist and Jeongguk's one hand travels to one of his ass cheeks for support.

They stay like that for a minute, in the middle of the room, kissing like they're long lost lovers that’s just been reunited for the very first time. Except it’s filthier and a lot more demanding and filled with lust.

And Jeongguk knows that he wouldn't have it any other way. Taehyung's already starting to moan when Jeongguk starts sucking on his bottom lip and he throws his head back, exposing his beautiful, long neck. Jeongguk instantly starts kissing and sucking there, enjoying every little sound that's leaving Taehyung's mouth. Soon enough, there's fingers in his hair, yanking, wanting more. Demanding more. “Bed," Taehyung says in a whisper. "Now. Please."

Jeongguk doesn't even wait two seconds before he starts walking towards the bed. He gently lays Taehyung down on the edge before straightening himself up again, watching as Taehyung looks up at him with curious eyes. He doesn't break eye contact as he kicks off his shoes and throws his shirt over his head. He hears a very soft thud but doesn't bother looking back, too focused on Taehyung and the way he's looking at him.

He bends down slightly, hands cupping the back of Taehyung's knees and placing them of both sides of his waist. Taehyung doesn't say anything as Jeongguk caresses his kneecaps, eventually taking his ankles and placing them on his shoulders. He places a tiny kiss on Taehyung's right ankle before slowly starting to kiss his smooth leg upwards. 

"What are you doing?" Taehyung asks, a little breathless already. He’s already half-hard, cock leaking precum and Jeongguk doesn't say anything, just smirks against Taehyung's leg

"Just appreciating your body, baby,” He whispers against Taehyung’s skin, not even bothering to look at what the words do to the boy underneath him. He knows by now that Taehyung probably already has a tiny little blush on his cheeks.

Taehyung's hands spread across the sheets underneath him as Jeongguk continues to kiss up his leg, soft little breathes escaping his mouth as Jeongguk soon starts placing kisses on his inner thighs. He's a little sensitive there and Jeongguk takes full advantage of that as he starts sucking hickeys.

Jeongguk is on his knees now, head between Taehyung's legs, and he's almost where Taehyung wants him most. Taehyung's thighs are over Jeongguk's shoulders and he has a vice grip on Jeongguk's hair at the moment.

Jeongguk looks up at him, a devilish smirk on his lips. "Spread your legs further for me baby."

Taehyung glances down at the top of Jeongguk's hair between his legs, and if it's even possible, he tightens his hold on the raven locks before his eyes find the ceiling again. His thighs are already shaking, anticipating what's to come, and before he knows what's going on, he's spreading his legs further apart.

His thighs slip off of Jeongguk's shoulders a little bit but luckily Jeongguk hold them up on his biceps. Taehyung feels so vulnerable and small now, like he always does whenever they're in this exact situation. He relishes in this feeling.

"Good boy," Jeongguk says and Taehyung can almost hear the smirk in his voice. Jeongguk starts kissing down thigh again, inches away from Taehyung's cock and he can almost feel it coming, can almost feel the tantalizing sensation engulfing him, and he's counting down the seconds before Jeongguk finally puts him out of his misery and takes him into his mouth.

It's close....but then it isn't. 

Suddenly, Jeongguk pulls away from Taehyung's thigh, head lifting up and Taehyung, with confusion taking over him  also can't help but look up, meeting Jeongguk's eyes.

His eyes are dark and dangerous and so full of lust that Taehyung almost loses himself in those eyes.

"Do you trust me?" Jeongguk asks, voice so heavy that it sends a shiver dancing down Taehyung's spine.

More than anything, he wants to answer, but he feels like it might be a bit too intimate for the position that they're finding themselves in. So he simple swallows down the lump in his throat before nodding. "Yes."

"Good," Jeongguk whispers into Taehyung's mouth as he bends forward before he leans down, eager to kiss Taehyung. This kiss isn't like the one from before. This is more open, more of themselves in this, more of the lost feelings hidden underneath scared hearts in this kiss and when they break apart Taehyung can't help but let a smile take over his face.

Kissing Jeongguk does something to him, to his his insides, makes his heart flutter like there's no tomorrow and he's almost certain that Jeongguk knows what he does to him every time they kiss. He thinks that Jeongguk might take advantage of Taehyung’s heart being in such a vulnerable state.

"I want you to ride my face."

The sound that Taehyung lets out is a mix between confusion and shock and suddenly he finds himself sitting up, almost bumping heads with Jeongguk but luckily the latter is fast enough and straightens himself up too. With careful eyes he studies Jeongguk, tries to make sure that he heard the words correctly. 

It's not that Taehyung's opposed to the idea, not at all, but they've never done that and he suddenly finds his heart beating a million times faster inside of his chest. Jeongguk looks serious, lips pulled into a thin line. "You're serious?" He asks, voice wavering a bit.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Jeongguk bites his bottom, lets his hand travel down Taehyung's side, hand settling on his waist like it belongs there. And it does belong there. If Taehyung weren't too focused on Jeongguk's face then he would've surely let his eyes follow Jeongguk's movement.


"We've never done that," He almost can't hear his own voice with how he whispers to Jeongguk but that doesn't deter the other boy at all. In fact, a huge smile takes over his features and he looks so fucking irresistible in this light that Taehyung thinks he might just melt away in a tiny little Taehyung-shaped puddle right about now.

"Well," Jeongguk starts, smiling so beautifully that Taehyung’s heart jumps two beats. "-there's a first time for everything, right?"

Taehyung brings his fist towards his mouth and coughs into it. "Right," He replies. "But....I....I don't know. What if I break your neck or something?"

What he doesn't expect is the laugh that comes out of Jeongguk's mouth. "What a fucking way to go. Imagine, death by ass," He laughs and Taehyung seriously wants to hit him at the moment.

“I'm serious," He pouts as he crosses his arms, still as naked as ever and cock going down as the minutes pass by.

"So am I," Jeongguk smiles, eyes flickering downwards before he takes one of Taehyung's hands into his own, fingers interlocking. "You said you trusted me, didn't you?" Jeongguk asks, making his eyes big before looking at Taehyung.

"I do," Taehyung's all quick to reassure him, squeezing their fingers tighter together. It’s intimate in a way that it shouldn’t be. Not for them. But they both ignore it. "I do."

"Then trust me when I say that you won't hurt me and I won't hurt you, baby, I promise.”

Taehyung wants to argue further, a bit concerned with their safety, but something inside of Jeongguk's eyes makes his chest bloom with warmth and reassurance. Before he can even think about changing his mind, he sighs. "Okay," He speaks. "We can do it. But I'm not responsible for a broken neck."

There’s a smirk thrown his way and soon before long, Taehyung finds Jeongguk on the bed, discarded of the clothes he had on previously, arms behind his neck like some king waiting for something exciting to happen. Jeongguk's semi-hard at the moment and Taehyung diverts his eyes away.

"How do you want me?”

The question hangs in the air only for a millisecond before Jeongguk smirks, eyes glinting with mischief. "I want your ass to face me."

Taehyung's kind of happy that Jeongguk wants him like that. As he turns around and straddles Jeongguk chest he looks up. It's now or never. He looks down over his shoulder at Jeongguk and it shocks him when the boy looks excited. Like a starved man. His hands are already placed in Taehyung's hips, holding him in place, steady, and Taehyung knows that he might have bruises for the next few days but he doesn't mind the pain. Enjoys the marks that Jeongguk leaves on him.

It’s a reminder that even though they’re supposed to hate each other, that Jeongguk will always be his in the same way that he’s Jeongguk’s, even if other people won’t approve.

Slowly he inches his ass towards Jeongguk's face. The raven haired boy doesn't waste time spreading Taehyung's ass cheeks apart, breathing hotly over his hole. "Just as pretty as ever, baby."

Taehyung decides to ignore him, instead lowering himself down slowly before.... oh.

There’s this familiar wetness licking over him and he can't help but moan. Jeongguk's tongue has always made Taehyung see stars and this time isn't any different. First Jeongguk licks over his hole a few times, hands gripping his ass cheeks so hard that it leaves Taehyung burning up inside.

He moans as Jeongguk continues with what he did before and it already feels so good that Taehyung starts moving his hips up and down only a tiny bit. It's hot in the room on its own, but like this Taehyung might just combust from the heat residing underneath his skin, too.

Then when Taehyung starts moaning a little louder, starts moving his hips a little faster, Jeongguk decides to prob his hole open with his tongue, licking into him with eagerness that can be mistaken for hunger. Taehyung nearly falls over from how good it feels, his hips still moving slowly but it's enough for him that his cock starts stirring to life again.

He moans, loud and uncensored when Jeongguk starts moving his hips up and down faster, fingers digging into Taehyung’s sides. His thighs are already shaking, he's certain that Jeongguk can see, but that doesn't stop the boy from doing what he intended to do in the very first place. 

Taehyung can feel his cock starting to leak precum again as he continues to ride Jeongguk's face faster than before, this time not afraid. Jeongguk's tongue feels so good in him, especially like this, and Taehyung’s certain that if there are people in the room next to them that they are cursing them, or him, for being so loud. It's wet and hot and Jeongguk's grunts of satisfaction just spurs Taehyung's own sounds on more.

He feels good, so good, but also a little neglected in other he can't be blamed when his own hand travels up his stomach, his chest, until he touches his own nipple, a whimper escaping him this time. It feels wonderful rolling the bud of his nipple between his fingers like this that he can't help but let his other hand sneak upwards to do the same thing.

It's obscene, he's aware when he feels something wet drop on his chest only to find out that it's his own drool, and somehow he doesn't want it to stop. Jeongguk doesn't go easy on him either, hands holding him tight and tongue fucking into Taehyung with so much vigor that he knows if they continue like this that he might just come untouched. It's happened before when Jeongguk ate him out, so he knows that it can happen a second time again.

He arches his back, grabbing behind him onto Jeongguk's hair when the latter stops and grounds Taehyung's ass onto his face and wiggles his tongue in him. He doesn't know how long Jeongguk continues like this but after some time he starts moving his hips in tiny little figure eights again before a spank lands on his right asscheek and Jeongguk is lifting him off his tongue.

"Only move when I tell you to move, okay baby?" His voice sounds so demanding, in control, that it has Taehyung cumming almost on the spot. That voice of Jeongguk’s had always done something to him.

Weakly, Taehyung nods, thighs exhausted from standing and shaking like this. Still, he doesn't dare actually move, because Jeongguk told him not to and Taehyung will be damned if he can't prove that he's willing to listen to what the person in control of his pleasure wants him to do.

So, he breathes out, throws his head so far back that he's certain that his neck will have a knot in tomorrow but he just ignores it and focuses on Jeongguk's hands playing with his ass like he's not driving Taehyung up a wall with just his hands.

"Where's the lube?" Jeongguk asks, breathing over Taehyung's hole and he's almost certain that Jeongguk knows what he's doing, knows what he's doing to make Taehyung's chest burn with such intensity.

Weakly, he looks down over his shoulder at Jeongguk, eyes a bit blurry with wetness, he only now realizes the truth to his thought. And Jeongguk looks so fucking hot like this, too, looks like he owns Taehyung's body with the way he's smirking as he continues playing with Taehyung.

Taehyung points his head to the side, to the little bedside drawer where the lube is standing that Jeongguk apparently didn't see. It’s always in the same place. "There," He says, and his voice sounds a little weak, wanting and needy, even to his own ears.

Jeongguk reaches his body towards the drawer before he snatches up the lube, also taking the condom laying next to it into his hands, before he returns to his previous position, opening the bottle and collecting some lube on his hands. "Gonna finger you now while I eat you out, okay?" There's a gentleness to his voice and Taehyung nearly melts just from the way his voice sounds. Soft.

"Can I touch myself?" He asks, aware of his leaking, hard cock. He wants to get a hand on himself real badly, but he knows that the answer will probably be-

"No." Jeongguk's voice is firm, leaving no room for arguement and Taehyung won’t admit how his cock twitched at his tone.

Taehyung swallows before eyeing Jeongguk's cock that’s standing neglected, red, leaking precum. He tries, "Can... I touch you then?"

Maybe he's mistaken, but he thinks he hears Jeongguk breathing in heavy before he feels his lube-free hand on his ass again. "Sure baby. Make me feel good."

And that's all that Taehyung needs before his hand travels to Jeongguk's cock. It feels heavy in his hand, heavy and hot, and Taehyung has to admit that Jeongguk's cock has always made him feel like there's butterflies in this stomach.

He starts stroking, lazily at first, knowing damn well how much Jeongguk enjoys it. It's also then that he feels Jeongguk's tongue probing his hole open again and it barely leaves Taehyung anytime to catch his breath before a lewd moan escapes his mouth.

Jeongguk is so good at making Taehyung feel like he can fall apart at any moment and he's not going to not make Jeongguk feel like that also. So he starts picking up his movements, feels as the man moans into his ass when Taehyung strokes his cock faster.

It continues like that for a few minutes, them working each other up like this before he feels a long, wet finger sliding into him alongside Jeongguk’s wet tongue and Taehyung arches so much that he's almost bent in half backwards now, his movements also stop for a second, hand just tightening around Jeongguk's cock and he can feel it pulsing in his hand and he wants to move his hand up and down to make the raven hair boy feel good, but with Jeongguk still thrusting his tongue into him and now also a finger, Taehyung feels like he might just cum on the spot.

But of course he won't. He's not some teenager with a control problem. He just wishes that Jeongguk had some mercy for him. With Jeongguk's free hand, the one that's not about to enter Taehyung's ass, he slaps Taehyung on his asscheek and it's enough for him to jolt back into reality.

He breathes out hard, or maybe he moans out hard, he's not too sure, but pretty soon he's starting moving his hand up and down again, ready for any surprise that Jeongguk might throw his way. Because that’s just what their sex life consists of, surprise after surprise.

And the surprise comes when Jeongguk slips out his tongue, instead replacing it with a second finger and Taehyung catches himself just in time. This time just a whine escapes him, and his hand also starts moving faster. It's so hot, so good, and Taehyung almost loses himself when Jeongguk places a sweet, gentle kiss on the exact spot where he had just slapped Taehyung a few minutes ago. It's enduring and makes Taehyung's heart melts inside of his chest and he can almost feel it surrounding his ribcage.

Just then Jeongguk decides to start scissoring his fingers inside Taehyung's ass, knowing exactly which way to turn and twist to have Taehyung moaning like a porn star. He feels Jeongguk brush past his prostate, already knowing his plan, before he turns around, hand yet again still on Jeongguk's cock.

"Don't touch me there," He whispers, voice not strong enough to fully demand for Jeongguk to not touching him where he actually wants it most. 

He can see Jeongguk raise an eyebrow. "And why not, baby?"

"Because," Taehyung smirks, already knowing what he's about to propose is going to leave Jeongguk's mind reeling. "I want to suck you off and I'm afraid that I won't be able to concentrate if you do that."

He hears a sharp intake of breath, and his smirk only grows when a low, lewd moan leaves Jeongguk's lips. "Okay," The raven haired man agrees easily and if that's not enough for Taehyung to send one last smile in Jeongguk's direction before he bends down to take Jeongguk's cock into his mouth, then he doesn't know what is.

As usual, Jeongguk's cock is heavy in his mouth, precum a bit salty, but Taehyung knows that he wouldn't have it any other way. He starts sucking immediately, loving the tiny little sound that Jeongguk makes before the younger man continues with what he previously was busy with. Taehyung's aware of how it looks, but that doesn't stop him from sucking harder on the cock.

He lets his tongue slide down the thick vein running along Jeongguk's cock, knows how much it drives him crazy, and it just once again proves when Jeongguk lets out a low groan whilst he's busy fingering Taehyung.

Taehyung sucks harder, taking a little bit of the cock deeper every time he pulls off only to sink back down again. He's bopping his head now, steady and focused, because he knows that if he were to concentrate on Jeongguk's fingers now that he wouldn't do what he so desperately wants to do.

So he just sucks harder, lets his teeth graze the underside of Jeongguk's cock. He moves his hand down where his mouth can't fit, and he knows that they're both enjoying this because Taehyung can hear the moans that are escaping them both right now.

He moves his head up, wishes he can look Jeongguk in the eyes when he lets his tongue slip over the slit, the taste of precum settling on his tongue. He sucks the head, moves his hand, and kitten licks the slit, knowing what it will do to Jeongguk. It's so fucking hot in the room and Taehyung feels like burning up right on the spot.

He's so concentrated on making Jeongguk feel good that he almost doesn’t even notice when Jeongguk fits a third finger in alongside the other two. It’s a good thing that he does, in fact notice. His body gives a little jolt, greedily welcoming more of Jeongguk inside of him.

Three of Jeongguk’s fingers are so fucking good inside of him, so good that his cock twitches a bit, but he knows that it’s still nothing in compared to what Jeongguk’s cock can reduce him into.

Only for a moment he indulges himself, lays his forehead down on top of Jeongguk’s thigh whilst the other man is busy thrusting his fingers into Taehyung like he’s trying to absolutely ruin him. Taehyung moans, closes his eyes, hand still frozen on Jeongguk’s cock before he starts moving his hand up and down again, thumb brushing over Jeongguk’s slit. He smiles to himself when he feels a twitch of muscle underneath his forehead.

He wants to move his hips back, fuck himself on Jeongguk’s fingers like he deserves, but he knows that it will only end in him not getting what he wants. So, after a few more seconds of just resting on Jeongguk’s leg, he lifts his head and throws one look back at Jeongguk.

He looks so into it, looks so into making Taehyung feels like he’s losing his fucking mind. And he certainly is. His fingers are relentless as they thrust in and out of him, fast and movements precise, calculated so perfectly that Taehyung feels the precum leaking out of him.

Right, he thinks, shaking his head. Time to show Jeongguk just exactly what he can do himself. With new determination he puts his mouth of Jeongguk’s cock once again, making an obvious point of moaning extremely loud whilst he’s sucking on Jeongguk’s cock.

He takes the precum that had been leaking out of Jeongguk’s cock, decides to mix it with spit, resulting in his tongue being extra wet. He does a little victory dance inside of his head when he hears Jeongguk groan loudly as he slides his tongue down Jeongguk’s cock, hand and mouth moving as one.

The tip of Jeongguk’s cock hits the back of Taehyung’s throat and they’ve done this so many times that Taehyung doesn’t even choke anymore. Instead he just sucks harder, bops his head up and down faster. He can feel Jeongguk’s thighs shaking a little bit and he knows that he’s probably not any better.

Jeongguk’s fingers are brushing past his prostate, not close enough to touch, but close enough that Taehyung can almost imagine them there. He moans around Jeongguk’s cock just thinking about it.

If the room wasn’t hot before, it certainly is now. Both of them are breathing these warm breaths out, sweat running down their foreheads and Taehyung can even feel it on his back. He ignores it though, only focuses on the sounds that Jeongguk’s making because of him. He can’t help but let the pride swell inside of his chest, lets it tell him that he’s doing good.

He’s so busy sucking on Jeongguk’s cock that he doesn’t even notice when the fingers slip out of him, a hand suddenly creeping up his spine. What he does notice is when there’s a hand in his hair, fingers tightening in his locks and then he’s suddenly being pulled off of Jeongguk’s cock, chest heaving.

“Such a good boy,” Jeongguk speaks from behind him, voice a little hoarse. Taehyung can hear his breathing. It’s fast. Jeongguk’s hand pulls Taehyung’s head back so that he’s looking up at the ceiling. “But if that mouth of yours doesn’t stop now I might just come down your throat. Or on your face.”

Taehyung resists the urge to moan from only those words, knowing very well that’ll it’ll boost Jeongguk’s ego more and then he’ll just have Taehyung wait to finally get his release. Like he hasn’t been waiting for an entire week just for this- just for Jeongguk to take him to the toe-curling edge.

“Stand up baby,” Jeongguk commands in the softest voice possible and Taehyung’s knees, that are already weak, feel like they’re jelly at the very moment.

He does, in fact, stand up (with a little difficulty) and turns around to face Jeongguk again when he’s standing next to the bed. He watches as Jeongguk tears open the condom packet before putting it on his hardened member and then drizzling some lube over it again, spreading it over his cock.

Taehyung thinks that Jeongguk is going to invite him back to the bed again but his eyebrows shoot to his hairline when Jeongguk himself stands up, stepping so close to Taehyung that they’re breathing each other in.

For a moment it’s silent like that, a car honk can be heard in the distance, and all they do is stare at one another. Both of their eyes focused and locked. There’s unspoken words hanging in the air in this moment, words that they hadn’t dared spoken but now their eyes gives it away. Words like, ‘I missed you.’ and ‘I’m glad you came.’ and ‘I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want to leave again.’

But then that moment of vulnerability between them is broken when Jeongguk sticks an arm out and wraps it around Taehyung’s waist, pushing their bodies so that they’re flushed together, one with each other. Taehyung locks his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders and throws his head back when Jeongguk starts kissing up his neck, sucking marks that’ll surely last.

He lets out a tiny yelp when Jeongguk hoists him up by his thighs, immediately locking his legs around the latter’s waist tightly to secure himself. Before he even knows it, he’s being pushed against the wall, a shiver running down his back when his skin meets the concrete. It’s not because it’s cold, but because, just like him, it’s extremely hot.

“Gonna fuck you right here,” Jeongguk whispers into his skin, lips touching his collarbones and Taehyung swallows down a moan. “Right on this wall.”

“O-Okay,” Taehyung stutters, cheeks being painted a pretty rose pink from the words. It’s so lewd and filthy and unabashedly them. Taehyung’s sort of used to this, used to the way that Jeongguk can say anything and just make Taehyung anticipate what’s to come way more.

A decade, or maybe a second, passes between them. Taehyung feels Jeongguk guiding the tip of his cock to his entrance. And it’s always the same, no matter how many times they’ve done this or will do this, every time feels like the first time when they’ve have each other like this.

Jeongguk only slides a few inches inside of Taehyung, the position making it difficult for his entire length to fit, before he slowly starts thrusting. He moves his hips aggravatingly slow, like he’s teasing Taehyung, and all Taehyung wants if for Jeongguk to make him feel like he’s losing a grip on reality.

It continues like that for a few minutes, Jeongguk moving so slow inside of him, and it feels good, don’t get him wrong, but he still wishes for Jeongguk to fuck him like he knows he can. Regardless, he still lets out these tiny little whines and moans as Jeongguk continues stretching and filling him up the way that he loves so much.

Then, after what feels like forever, Jeongguk finally starts picking up his movements a little bit. Not a lot, but still enough for Taehyung’s body to notice and for him to start moaning a little louder. Jeongguk’s teasing him, he knows, he can practically feel the smirk against his shoulder where Jeongguk’s head his laying. He’s purposely avoiding where Taehyung wants him most and he can’t take it anymore-

Please,” He moans, head thrown backwards against the wall. His cock is being grinded onto Jeongguk’s stomach with every thrust the younger makes, and it’s so, so good but it’s not nearly enough. “P-Please.”

“Please what?” Jeongguk asks as he lifts his head to look Taehyung in the eyes. His thrust are lazy now and he know exactly what he’s doing to Taehyung. “What should I do?”

“Please,” Taehyung asks, begs, again, sweat starting to form on his forehead again. He looks into Jeongguk’s eyes, hopes his eyes can convey his desperation at this point. “Please fuck me properly.”

“Aw, my pretty baby, if you wanted me to fuck you properly you should’ve just asked,” Jeongguk smirks and Taehyung wants nothing more than to-

Suddenly Jeongguk changes his angle, cock brushing Taehyung’s sweet spot with every thrust and it’s enough to make Taehyung moan like he’s the star of an adult movie. Jeongguk’s movements also picks up and he’s thrusting fast and hard and hitting Taehyung’s prostate with every thrust that it’s enough to bring tears to Taehyung’s eyes.

“F-Fuck,” He moans so loud once Jeongguk’s pace is relentless. His body is being shaked with each thrust and he’s certain that tomorrow his back won’t only be shore from the cock that’s currently making him lose his mind, but also from the wall that he’s certain is breaking his skin.

His legs feel weak around Jeongguk’s waist as he continues making Taehyung see, and feel, stars and he guesses that Jeongguk senses this because suddenly his hands are on Taehyung’s thighs, gripping them like his life depends on it. There’ll probably be a few bruises on his thighs tomorrow, too. Not that he minds.

With the sounds escaping between them, moans and groans and whines, Taehyung thinks that he won’t be surprised if the motel got a noise complaint for their room. But he can’t help it, really, not when Jeongguk is fucking him so good that he sees stars explode behind his eyelids.

Taehyung’s cock is neglected, between their stomachs, and when he reaches a hand down between them, it almost gets slapped away instantaneously. “Don’t touch yourself,” Jeongguk whispers into his ear, but with the way his breathing it almost comes out more of a growl.

Taehyung still wants to argue, wants to show Jeongguk that he will touch himself but before he can even comprehend what’s going on he’s being lifted off the wall and being carried over to the bed.

Jeongguk gently lies him down on the edge of the bed, cock slipping out of Taehyung when he stands up. It’s much like the position earlier except….except Jeongguk bends Taehyung’s his legs in half and spreads them so far apart that he knows he’ll feel it tomorrow.

Like this, Jeongguk’s cock can reach much deeper into Taehyung and it’s proven when Jeongguk slips himself into Taehyung once again and this time he’s being propped full, Jeongguk’s cock in to the hilt.

Much like earlier Jeongguk’s thrusts starts off slowly, but Taehyung senses that he’s not teasing anymore, and it’s proven when Jeongguk pretty soon starts moving faster into Taehyung. And…And he’s hitting Taehyung’s spot with every thrust and Taehyung can’t help the moans and whines and little ‘fuck’ s escape him.

He’s so busy moaning that when Jeongguk sticks two fingers inside of his mouth that it comes completely unexpected. Jeongguk looks down at him with dark eyes. “Suck,” He orders as his other hand keeps Taehyung’s thighs spread whilst he’s busy fucking into him.

Taehyung immediately starts sucking the two digits, moaning around them as he arches off the bed with a particularly hard thrust that Jeongguk delivers to his prostate. He spreads his arms out, fingers grabbing onto the sheets underneath him, looking for something to hold on to whilst his body is being used in the most delicious way.

Jeongguk is relentless with his thrusts, each one harder and faster delivered than the previous ones. Skin slapping on skin is the only thing that can be heard throughout the room now that Taehyung is sucking on Jeongguk’s fingers. It’s lewd and obscene and everything that Taehyung’s ever wanted.

He can feel his stomach tightening, indicating that he’s so very close, and he tries to tell Jeongguk, but it just comes out as gibberish with Jeongguk’s fingers in his mouth. The raven haired man must sense it though because he suddenly wraps a hand around Taehyung’s neglected cock.

It’s so good that Taehyung arches off the bed again and the sight has Jeongguk letting out a moan. Taehyung feels like he’s seeing stars the moment when Jeongguk’s hand starts moving up and down his cock. He’s not gonna last much longer, he knows, with the way Jeongguk is touching and fucking him now.

And that’s proven when not even a minute later Taehyung’s body spasms, thighs shaking and eyes rolling to the back of his head as he comes, cum landing on his stomach and some on Jeongguk’s hand.

He is already so oversensitive, already so fucked out, but he still clenches around Jeongguk to make him lose control too. Jeongguk delivers a few more hard thrust before he comes too, body stilling for only a second before he rides of the last of his orgasm.

Taehyung lets his legs down as Jeongguk pulls his fingers out of his mouth and suddenly falls on top of him. It makes Taehyung heave out, a little breathless, but he lets Jeongguk have his moment, knowing how exhausted he must be after all that.

They lay like that for a minute, a smile taking over Taehyung’s face as he plays with Jeongguk’s hair a bit. It’s sweaty, in fact, they both are, and they should really clean up...but the moment feels just too perfect to let go of this easy. It’s always like this after sex, soft and intimate. It’s perfect.

Another minute passed before Jeongguk finally lifts his head out of the crook of Taehyung’s shoulder and he’s looking at him so warmly that Taehyung can’t help but smile. “Hey,” He whispers.

“Hi,” Jeongguk whispers back, a smile taking over his face too. They stay like that, just staring at one another before Jeongguk leans in to kiss Taehyung one last time before he’s standing up and pulling out of Taehyung, making him wince only a little bit.

Taehyung watches as Jeongguk pulls off the condom and ties it, throwing it in the bin next to the bed before he walks off to the tiny, shitty little bathroom, returning after a few seconds with a cloth in his hands. He comes to a standstill in front of Taehyung, looks up to him almost as if to ask ‘is this okay?’ and like always, Taehyung just nods.

Jeongguk spreads his legs once again, this time to rub the cloth over his hole and thighs and then eventually his belly, cleaning the cum off of him. After that it’s pretty simple, a routine of sorts.

They both move up on the bed so that their heads are lying on the pillows, Taehyung turning away so that his back is facing Jeongguk. It’s not even ten seconds later when Jeongguk wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him into his chest. And like this….with Jeongguk’s arms around him, he feels safe.

Taehyung knows that if either of their friends could see them now they’d be cursed to the moon and back for fraternizing with the enemy. They’d be burned alive. They’d be reminded that they’re enemies, that they’re supposed to hate each other. That the only time that they’re supposed to see one another is on the soccer field, ready for blood.

“Goodnight baby,” Jeongguk whispers into his ear, so soft that Taehyung nearly melts in Jeongguk’s arms.

“Goodnight, Gukkie.”

Yes, they’re supposed to be rivals, Taehyung knows. But tomorrow they’ll go back to ‘ hating’ one another once again. But for now...for now they’re perfect.