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as if you were on fire from within (the moon lives in the lining of your skin)

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It all starts with a broken vase.


The object slips from Jimin’s grasp whilst he’s polishing it, shattering as it hits the floor, shards of glass accumulating around his feet. He staggers back in shock, a yelp of fright leaving his lips before he can suppress it.


Jungkook’s in the midst of painting the nursery down the corridor when he hears the commotion. A peachy shade that Jimin had picked out—Jungkook wasn’t so keen on it at first, but it looks so pretty when the sun filters through the windows and hits it, bathing the room in a warm, golden glow. Startled, he quickly abandons his task and bolts to the kitchen, worry etched onto his features.


Once he gets there, he briefly lingers in the doorway, watching as Jimin crouches down and tries to scoop the splintered glass up, muttering profanities under his breath, disgruntled by his clumsiness. It takes a mere second for Jungkook’s protective instincts to kick in— before he knows it he’s marching toward his flustered mate and nudging him out of the way so that he can take over, wrenching the cleaning utensils from Jimin’s clutch and proceeding to sweep the remaining fragments into the dustpan.


Normally Jungkook wouldn't be so intent on steering Jimin out of harm’s way, however there’s something about the vulnerability Jimin exudes due to his pregnancy that elicits the uncontrollable urge to keep his omega safe.


“Jungkook!” Jimin snaps, arms folded across his chest in annoyance, “What are you doing?! I was taking care of it.”


Jungkook scurries to his own defence, perturbed by the scathing tone of Jimin’s voice. “I know, I just—I just worry about you, and—”


“And what?” Jimin spits, words laced with venom, “I can’t even clean broken glass up? I’m that helpless?”


“No! Jimin, come on, you know it’s not like that.”


Jungkook’s not sure if he’d be able to articulate it, at least not in a way Jimin would understand. But ever since Jimin fell pregnant he’s been saddled with the overwhelming urge, no, need to take care of the omega, as if it’s the sole purpose of his existence. Actually, perhaps Jungkook has always felt this way towards Jimin, but the knowledge the omega is carrying his pup only serves to intensify it.


“This is getting ridiculous!” the elder exclaims, arms flailing in exasperation, “You’re treating me like I’m a pup, like I can’t take care of myself! I hate it!”


Jimin seldom snaps at Jungkook—at anyone, for that matter—however the latter months of his pregnancy have driven him to a state of perpetual agitation. He gets riled up by the smallest, most insignificant things, often taking out his foul moods on Jungkook. He’s so used to Jimin hurling abuse at him at this point that the outbursts have ceased to bother him. Even so, it still makes him somewhat distraught to see Jimin so frustrated—Jungkook feels helpless, unable do anything to placate his sullen little omega.


He stands, shuffles over to the trashcan to discard of the glass fragments he’s gathered and then turns to Jimin, who’s fixing him with an angry glower that the young alpha struggles not to cower under.


“I’m sorry,” Jungkook starts tentatively, palms extended in apology, “I’m sorry if I’ve upset you. That wasn’t my intention. I guess I have been a little intense and I promise I’ll try and be better.”


His grovelling does little to quell Jimin’s fury, his nostrils still flaring and brow furrowed with irritation. Jungkook sighs. Lately it feels like an impermeable barrier has been wedged between them. They’re constantly misunderstanding each other, bickering over trivial things. Jungkook doesn’t even know how to rectify the situation anymore, as every time he tries to make amends Jimin shuns him.


In a bid to win Jimin over he strides forward and grabs for his hand. He’s long since forgotten about his pride—quite frankly, he’d get on his knees and beg for Jimin’s forgiveness, desperate and shameless. Jungkook’s just about to charm Jimin into submission with sweet talk when he feels something warm and sticky dripping over his fingers.


He looks down at their adjoined hands, eyes widening in surprise when he notices that some specks of glass have embedded themselves into the heel of Jimin’s palm, causing small streams of blood to trickle down his wrist. Jimin’s eyes follow Jungkook gaze and his stomach twists with nausea. The omega always gets queasy at the sight of blood, especially his own.


Jungkook brings his other hand to Jimin’s wrist, curling his fingers around it in order to keep it steady and starts to squeeze the glass out of the cuts, tongue peeking out of his mouth in concentration, determined to make the process as painless as possible. Jimin winces, features contorting in discomfort and then he’s pulling his hand away.


At first, Jimin’s adamant that he doesn’t need help. “I-I’ll do it,” he insists, although it’s too meek to hold any authority, his apprehension betraying his guise of indifference. He tries to tug his hand from Jungkook’s grip but the alpha holds on firmly.


“Let me take care of it,” Jungkook says, eyes pleading as they flicker up to meet Jimin’s.


Jimin relents, albeit reluctantly, allowing his mate to ease the shards of glass out of the lacerations dotted along his palm. His teeth sink into his lower lip, smothering a string of whimpers that bubble in his throat. It stings, pain shooting up his arm.


Jungkook notices that Jimin’s uncomfortable and therefore halts his ministrations for a moment. “You can squeeze my arm if it hurts,” he offers, and Jimin does so immediately, his chubby fingers digging into Jungkook’s protruding bicep as he continues to coax the sharp splinters out of the wound.


Once he’s finally managed to free the glass, Jungkook’s instincts engulf him. His tongue emerges to lick up the trail of blood running down Jimin’s arm until he’s lapping at the wound itself, cleaning up the scarlet droplets that bead along the small gashes. He grimaces, tastebuds rejecting the coppery tang but he perseveres, tongue continuing to lave over the cut despite the bitter taste.  Soon there’s barely any remnants of blood left, the cut healing almost instantly thanks to the alpha’s care. Jungkook leans back to assess it, nodding when he deems his work satisfactory, then plants a chaste kiss on the palm of Jimin’s hand.


“Thanks,” Jimin chokes out.


Jungkook, unable to resist, takes a step closer to the omega, closing the distance between them. His arm coils around Jimin’s waist, pulling their bodies together, and he hums when Jimin instinctively bears his neck, already trembling, shivers rippling through his limbs. Jungkook’s nerves hum with anticipation as leans down to trace the tip of his nose over the scar adorning Jimin’s neck, the physical manifestation of their bond, his tender touch rousing goosebumps along the omega’s skin. Jimin’s skin tingles with the phantom sensation of his alpha’s teeth piercing through his flesh, a dew of perspiration breaking out all over his body, his hormones spiralling out of control.


The alpha sniffs, allowing Jimin’s scent to infiltrate his senses; the familiar aroma of vanilla pervading the air. It’s infused with a faint woody fragrance that emanates from their pup. Heat caresses Jungkook’s abdomen as he peppers open-mouthed kisses along Jimin’s tilted neck, the affection drawing gentle whines from his omega. Slick gushes from his hole, trickling down his inner thighs and as soon as Jungkook smells his mate’s arousal he holds him tighter, slamming their lips together and shoving his tongue into Jimin’s mouth without preamble. The kiss is wet and sloppy, the sound of their entwining tongues resonating around the room.


Jungkook’s hand slithers up Jimin’s baggy t-shirt, the cotton material riding up as it travels further up Jimin’s quivering body, exposing his round tummy. The omega gasps into Jungkook’s mouth when said male cups his swollen breast, the pad of his thumb swiping over Jimin’s sensitive nipple, tracing over his darkened areola. Jungkook can’t control himself, mind hazy from the headiness of their embrace. He ruts against Jimin’s thigh, trying to provide some relief for his aching cock, his other hand slipping beneath waistband of Jimin’s jeans. His fingers slot between Jimin’s asscheeks, prodding at his rim and Jimin produces even more slick, the fluid seeping into the fabric of his briefs and soiling his pants.


Jungkook slowly inserts one finger into Jimin’s fluttering hole, simultaneously pinching the omega’s nipple, rolling the hardened bud between his digits. At this, some milk spurts from it, the smooth liquid leaking over Jimin’s chest. Jungkook has to resist the urge to nuzzle his head into Jimin’s bosom and latch onto the leaking nub, sucking his omega dry. Just the thought of the thick, creamy substance on his tongue makes his gut churn in the most delicious way.


Even though his ruts usually render Jungkook delirious and dazed, in some moments of clarity he can distinctly recall ogling Jimin’s chest and envisaging his pectorals becoming round and full, creamy fluid beading at his nipples. Seeing his mate lactate in real life and not in some lewd daydream turns him on beyond belief.


He manages to restrain himself, instead pulling his hand from underneath Jimin’s shirt and bringing it to his mouth so that he can mop up the droplets of milk that cling to it with his tongue, keeping Jimin’s hooded eyes captive as he slurps it up.


Jimin groans loudly, his body producing excess slick at the lewd image of Jungkook gulping down their pup’s milk like it’s spun sugar and he wants to savour every last drop of it. His head lolls back, a guttural moan erupting from deep within him. In response Jungkook grinds against him with more vigour, his cock pulsating with need. They’re both panting by the time Jungkook plunges a second finger into Jimin’s taut little hole, the copious amounts of slick providing enough lubrication to make breaching the ring of muscle easy. Jimin’s fists fly to the collar of Jungkook’s shirt, gripping the material tightly.


Lust hot in his veins, Jungkook scrambles to rid Jimin of his top, desperate to see his mate naked. There’s a fire simmering beneath his skin, his body strung like a tightly coiled spring that’s just about to snap. The thought of the omega’s round tummy and chest on display just for him has Jungkook salivating, something primal igniting within him. He sucks at Jimin’s clavicle, the skin exposed from where his t-shirt as dropped, teeth playfully nipping along the elder’s collarbone, littering it with marks. He pulls Jimin’s top further up but suddenly the other male grabs his wrist, shaking his head.


Jungkook blinks dumbly, bewildered by the resistance. Jimin keeps his gaze downcast, cheeks blushing furiously, and the alpha feels the unease pulse through their bond. Before he can properly register what’s happening Jimin’s backing away from him, and Jungkook pulls his hand from Jimin’s underwear only for it to hang limply by his side.


“What’s wrong?” he asks, features scrunched in confusion. “What did I do?”


Jimin’s still retreating, scurrying backwards until his back hits the kitchen counter. He’s purposefully avoiding eye contact, gnawing on his lower lip as the blush blossoming on his cheeks deepens.


“N-nothing,” he stammers, although it lacks conviction and this only makes Jungkook all the more concerned. It’s bad enough knowing something’s bothering Jimin, even worse when said male won’t disclose what is troubling him.


Jimin’s libido has been through the roof as of late, Jungkook frequently detecting the spikes of arousal in his scent. Yet despite the intimacy the omega’s body so clearly craves, Jimin shies away from Jungkook’s touch, recoils whenever the alpha attempts to initiate something other than heavy petting. Jungkook’s tries to broach the subject a few times before, however Jimin always comes up with new ways to dodge discussing it.


It’s been approximately a month since their sex life became stagnant. This has been torture for Jungkook as he’s grown accustomed to fucking Jimin almost everyday. In some ways, he feels guilty for having such an insatiable sexual appetite when Jimin seemingly has no interest in indulging him, but he can’t help himself. Not when Jimin looks so ravishing all the damn time, so effortlessly gorgeous. His body so soft and supple, Jungkook just wants to devour him.


“Come on, tell me,” Jungkook demands as gently as he can.


A fraught silence ensues and Jimin can’t even muster the courage to glance up at Jungkook, his cheeks flaming.


“I’m gunna go take a shower,” Jimin announces, evading the subject.


He shuffles past the alpha, still refusing to look at him. But Jungkook thwarts his escape by grabbing his wrist and pulling him back.


“Let me go,” Jimin hisses, scowling. He tries to free himself but it’s a futile effort, Jungkook’s physical strength far superior to his own.


Tell me,” Jungkook commands, trying to be assertive, but there’s a desperate lilt to his voice—unable to cloak his concern.


“For god’s sake!” Jimin cries, “Just leave me alone! Can’t you see that you’re smothering me?!


Jungkook flinches like he’s just been slapped. He goes to object, deeming the accusation terribly unfair, however the rebuttal gets lodged in his throat. Without realising it he’s let go of Jimin’s hand, and he only clocks on when the omega starts to stomp away from him, no longer restrained.


“Jimin, wait!” he barks, anger lacing his words together.


Against his will Jimin stops, his body giving in to his natural instinct to submit to the alpha’s orders. But his mind isn’t so easily conquered. Stubborn, he fights the urge to succumb, hands balling into fists as he tries his best to reject the power Jungkook’s unfairly imposing on him.


“Please,” the alpha begs, sounding as pathetic as he feels.


But Jimin just huffs. Jungkook frowns, knows he’s not getting anywhere. He rakes his fingers through his hair, chews on the inside of his cheek. It feels like there’s an eternity of silence and then Jimin’s scurrying out of the room, leaving Jungkook to mope in solitude, wondering what on earth he did wrong. He’s baffled by the turn of events, how the situation escalated so quickly.


Initially Jungkook had thought that Jimin would be the needy one during the pregnancy, yearning for attention every minute of the day. He never thought that he’d be the one constantly seeking reassurance—after all, weren’t alphas supposed to be the supportive ones? But then again, Jimin’s always been an oddity as far as omegas go. His feisty, headstrong nature is what attracted Jungkook to him in the first place. Perhaps he was naive to assume their experience of pregnancy would be so conventional.


At the end of their last consultation, their midwife, Yoongi, had pulled Jungkook to the side as Jimin waddled out of the room, and warned him that the third trimester often proved to be the toughest. He explained that Jimin was likely to become extremely irritable, that his volatile temperament would require the patience of a saint. Jimin would be racked with paranoia and anxiety, full of self loathing due to the drastic changes his body was about to go through. Jungkook didn’t fret, however. After all, as long as Jimin and their pup remain healthy, he’s more than to willing to endure his mate’s mood swings.


Although in retrospect, perhaps Jungkook shouldn’t have been so nonchalant towards Yoongi’s precautions; for the past few weeks he’s been skirting around Jimin, too afraid that his mate will misconstrue his concern as overbearing or domineering somehow.


Having said that, trying to avoid Jimin is nigh on impossible—not only because they’re always in such close proximity, living together and all, but because every time he catches a glimpse of Jimin’s swollen belly and widening hips and thickening thighs his cock gets so hard he can barely think straight. Jungkook’s lost count of how many times he’s locked himself in the bathroom and jerked himself off as he envisions fucking Jimin, the latter so soft and delicate beneath him, tummy round and breasts bulging, full to the brim with milk for their pup; some of the creamy liquid leaking from his puffy nipples. Oh, how Jungkook fantasies about leaning down and suckling on the sensitive buds as he fucks into Jimin, greedily slurping up the milk that oozes from his mate’s chest. All the while, Jimin sits in another room, oblivious to his alpha’s sexual frustration. He has no idea he’s driving Jungkook to the brink of insanity.




Jimin sits on the bed massaging body lotion into his legs, trying to soothe the ache of his tired muscles. He’s spent the entire day tottering around the house completing chores despite Jungkook’s protests. Lately said male has been urging Jimin to do nothing but rest, but Jimin continues to defy him. Sometimes he does it just to spite Jungkook, to prove that he’s not as helpless and feeble as the alpha makes him out to be.


Although, maybe Jimin should listen to his alpha now and again instead of dismissing Jungkook’s concerns with a roll of his eyes. Especially since his body throbs and cramps up whenever he overexerts himself, which is more often than not these days. Not that he’d ever tell Jungkook that he suffers with fatigue and weary limbs. To admit as much would to be a nuisance, to worry Jungkook even more, to be an even bigger burden on the poor alpha.


Jimin heaves a sigh and begins to knead his sore calf muscles with his fingertips. In that moment Jungkook comes striding into the bedroom, fresh out the shower. There’s a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, his tan skin pearled with water droplets, hair sopping wet and matted to his forehead. He looks like he’s just stumbled out of a shampoo commercial and Jimin can already feel the arousal stirring in his stomach. He ogles at Jungkook’s toned physique as discreetly as he can, tongue swooping out to wet his lips as he stares.


His eyes rake over the alpha’s taut abdominal muscles, boring into the strong V-lines that disappear beneath the towel he’s wearing. The alpha is sculpted like a god, and sometimes Jimin struggles to believe Jungkook chose him out of all his potential suitors, for he hardly feels worthy. After all, a plethora of omegas had fawned over Jungkook in college, and Jimin had been astounded, downright speechless, when the younger had shyly confessed that he wanted to be with him and nobody else. That he’d admired Jimin from afar for months, unbeknownst to the omega, who had been oblivious to Jungkook’s pining, completely unaware the alpha reciprocated his feelings. For the longest time, Jimin presumed he was a victim of unrequited love.


It really doesn’t help Jimin’s self esteem that Jungkook looks just as amazing as he did back then, whilst Jimin hates his body more and more each passing day. He’s been feeling especially insecure over the last month or so, his body changing so fast he can scarcely keep track—breasts engorged and tender, stomach round and bloated; his figure no longer as curvaceous as it once was. Every time he looks in the mirror he feels repulsed, and for this reason he’s reluctant to let Jungkook see him naked, too ashamed by his appearance.


Even the silk robe he’s wearing right now feels like too little, like he’s overexposed. Luckily Jungkook doesn’t appear to be paying the omega any mind, deliberating averting his eyes as he dries his hair with a smaller towel. Which is just as well because Jimin’s also doing everything he can to avoid eye contact, gaining a sudden fascination with the floor.


Since their earlier altercation, they haven’t spoken to each other. Hostility hangs in the air and part of Jimin wants to eradicate it while another part wants to let the animosity fester. He feels guilty for the way he lashed out at his mate, his insecurities taking a considerable toll on their relationship. But at the same time he’s not so keen on the idea of apologising, his pride unwilling to permit it.


Although all it takes is one look at Jungkook’s sad expression for his bitter resolve to crumble.




Jungkook stops drying his hair in favour of turning round to face Jimin, one eyebrow quirked in question.


The omega takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”


The alpha, seemingly startled by Jimin’s attempt at reconciliation, opens his mouth to speak but then clamps it shut, however before he can even articulate a response Jimin’s elaborating on his apology.


“I’m sorry for how I acted earlier, I was wrong.” His throat tightens, tears suddenly welling his eyes. He screws them shut only for a fat tear to roll down his cheek. When he speaks again his voice wobbles, “I’ve been awful to you lately, a-and you don’t d-deserve it.”


Jungkook practically launches himself on the bed to console Jimin, and in his haste to do so neglects to fasten his towel which falls from his hips, leaving him completely naked. They’ve both seen each other nude far too many times to be embarrassed by the lack of clothing, however Jimin’s always a little astonished by how comfortable Jungkook is in his own skin; even before he fell pregnant, Jimin hated certain aspects of his body, whereas Jungkook radiated confidence. No matter how much Jimin primped and preened himself in the mirror, a relentless pursuit of perfection, he still felt somehow inadequate.


Jimin’s erratic moods are practically commonplace by now yet Jungkook still frets whenever the omega gets upset. He scurries to Jimin’s side, using the pads of his thumbs to wipe away the tears rushing down the former’s face.


“It’s okay, don’t cry,” he soothes, panic evident in his tone.


Jimin doesn't even know why he’s crying. It’s a mix of things, he supposes, a cumulation of his pent up emotions and their previous argument. He’s really sobbing now, each shaky inhale causing his whole body to shudder. “I’ve been a n-nightmare, h-haven’t I?”


Jungkook shakes his head, brow pulled together. “What? No, Jimin, it’s alright—”


“It’s n-n-not alright!” Jimin objects. He can barely speak through his sobs however he hopes Jungkook can still tell he’s being sincere despite his incoherence. Jimin wishes that he could express his appreciation more eloquently, however he’s reduced to stammer-ridden sentences that are barely comprehensible.“You’ve b-been so amazing and I-I don’t d-deserve—”


Jungkook shuts the weeping omega up with a kiss, bringing his hand to his tear-stained cheek to caress Jimin’s cheekbones with his thumb. Said male emits a surprised gasp that soon becomes a moan, and Jungkook eagerly swallows the sound. He pulls away slightly breathless, plants a chaste kiss to Jimin’s soft lips and then ghosts his mouth over Jimin’s damp cheeks, using it to wipe away the teardrops scattered across his skin. Jimin’s snivelling gradually subsides and he allows himself to become pliant, melting into Jungkook’s embrace. He nuzzles his head into Jungkook’s neck and trails his nose over the alpha’s scent glands, the aroma he’s come to know so well inducing a calming effect. The familiarity of it helping to assuage him.


“Why are you so good to me?” Jimin has to ask because he has absolutely no idea how Jungkook copes with his tumultuous behaviour. He’s been such a nuisance lately that he doesn’t even think his turbulent hormones can justify how he’s been acting. Jungkook deserves a knighthood for his fortitude.


The other male doesn’t miss a beat. “‘Cause I love you.”


Jimin’s heart flutters with adoration. He’s heard Jungkook say that countless times before and yet he still feels so giddy, as happy and exultant as the first time Jungkook had sheepishly confessed his love. The alpha’s hand comes to rest on Jimin’s tummy, stroking it lovingly. Instinctively, Jimin’s hand rests atop it.


“It can sense your presence, you know,” Jimin murmurs as he nestles further into Jungkook, lips brushing against the juncture where his neck slopes into his shoulder. “Our pup,” he’s quick to clarify, dislikes referring to the life growing inside him as it, “They like hearing your voice.”


“Yeah?” Jungkook blinks, fondness washing over him. He always gets so soft at the thought tiny, soft hands and gurgling lips.


“Mmhm,” Jimin confirms with a small nod, his lips tracing over Jungkook’s sharp jawline until they crash against his unsuspecting mouth.


It’s more ardent this time, tongues searing hot as they explore the heat of each other’s mouths. It’s been so long since Jimin’s initiated intimate contact that Jungkook’s quite willing to relinquish control to him, allowing the omega to control the pace in spite of his instincts encouraging him to take over, compelling him to assume the dominant position. Jungkook’s not really used to exercising such constraint but even so he acquiesces, lets Jimin’s little hands glide along his chest and stomach, almost inquisitively, like he’s exploring Jungkook’s body for the first time.


Jimin’s sweet, sugary scent floods with arousal, and Jungkook’s nose twitches as the pungency of it. The omega nibbles on Jungkook’s neck, leaving behind little marks of possession all over the flesh. Jimin’s always been a terriortial omega, often exhibiting proprietorial behaviour typically associated with alphas; he relishes in showing the world that Jungkook’s his mate, becomes furious and inconsolable whenever he can detect even the slightest trace of another omega’s scent clinging to said male. Jungkook doesn’t mind, though. He quite likes it really, wouldn’t have Jimin any other way.


With Jimin preoccupied marking up his neck, Jungkook starts to unravel the sash hugging Jimin’s waist. As soon as it’s off his hand slides beneath the satiny fabric, fingers gliding across Jimin’s stomach. But then Jimin’s recoiling from his touch, shuffling away, resisting Jungkook’s advances once again.


Jungkook’s eyes flicker between both of Jimin’s, trying in vain to gauge his thoughts. His forehead scrunches, confused as to what he’s doing wrong. “What is it?” he asks, “You don’t want me to touch you?”


Jimin stiffens and looks away, apparently not so keen on divulging.


“Jimin, come on, you can’t keep doing this,” Jungkook says, “You can’t keep shutting me out.”


The elder huffs. “You wouldn’t understand.”


“Of course I will,” Jungkook assures him, almost offended, appalled that Jimin would think him incapable of empathising.


“No, you wouldn’t!” Jimin bites back, with a little more venom than he intended, “Not when you look like that”—Jimin gestures toward Jungkook’s impeccable build—“whilst I look like this.”


Perhaps Jungkook should’ve realised that Jimin’s aloofness was caused by insecurity, but it’s almost unfathomable to him that Jimin would be suffering with low self esteem because Jungkook thinks that the omega’s pregnancy has only enhanced his beauty in every possible way.


“You’re kidding, right?”


The words roll off Jungkook’s tongue before he can stop them, and he doesn’t miss the scowl Jimin shoots his way. He shakes his head in disbelief, cups Jimin’s cheek with his palm and speaks slow and deliberate, accentuating every word, hoping to convey how much he genuinely means what he’s saying.


“You look amazing, Jimin, there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel self-conscious.”


Unconvinced, Jimin scoffs. “Oh, please. You’re just saying that to make me feel better. I look hideous.”


Jungkook groans in frustration, vexed at his inability to assure his mate, heart wrenching with helplessness. He chews on his lower lip, deliberating something. After a few seconds he shifts his body so that he’s positioned half on top of Jimin, slings his leg over said male’s thigh. He fiddles with the material of Jimin’s robe, eyes flicking up to meet Jimin’s, seeking permission which the omega reluctantly grants.


Slowly, Jungkook slides the robe from Jimin’s shoulders, revealing his bare form beneath. His breath hitches, blood immediately rushing to his groin as he drinks in the sight. Jimin’s scent swarms the air around him, suffocating, and he dives to bury his nose into the crook of the omega’s neck, inhaling as much of it as he possibly can—intoxicated already.


Jungkook’s cock hangs hard and heavy between his legs, growing thicker by the second. There’s a palpable shift in the atmosphere, a heady silence descending over them as Jungkook grazes his teeth over the faded scar situated just across from Jimin’s jugular. The omega fists at the blankets, body writhing and breath coming out in pants, neck slanted to grant Jungkook access. It’s evident that the potency of Jungkook’s scent is affecting him, luring him into submission. It’s an omega’s inherent nature to be docile for their alpha, the pheromones Jungkook’s emitting only serving to amplify Jimin’s natural desire to please and submit. And Jimin isn’t fighting it, instead enables his instincts to take over.


Jungkook scatters kisses along Jimin’s jaw, wants to cover his entire body with them. He looks into the elder’s eyes, watching as Jimin’s pupils dilate, almost engulfing his irises entirely.


“You’re so gorgeous, Jimin,” he whispers, like they’re exchanging a secret, “Such a beautiful omega.”


Jimin beams at the compliment, cheeks tinged with a bashful glow. Jungkook can feel the warmth flit through their bond, takes a moment to bask in the comfort of it. He leans down to peck Jimin’s nose and coos when his face scrunches up, the cute reaction juxtaposed by the lust swimming in his eyes. It’s always baffled Jungkook how Jimin manages to be adorable and sexy simultaneously.


“Wanna take care of you,” Jungkook murmurs, “Wanna show you how perfect you are.” He cradles Jimin’s cheek with his hand, thumb sweeping across his cheeks. “Will you let me?”


The elder emits a breathy, broken moan which Jungkook interprets as an assent. He brings his thumb to Jimin’s lips, tracing over the ridge of his cupid’s bow. His other hand slithers down Jimin’s body before firmly grasping his cock, giving the shaft a tight squeeze that has Jimin jolting in surprise.


“Hmm, such a good little omega,” he purrs, slowly dipping his thumb into Jimin’s mouth, gut coiling with arousal at the hot, wet caress of Jimin’s tongue as it swirls around the digit.


Jimin keens at the praise, groaning around Jungkook’s thumb, something primal within him titillated by the alpha’s approval. Jimin’s rarely ever so obedient, unless he’s in heat—his hormone fuelled stupor rendering him incapable of coherent thought, let alone defiance. Usually, Jimin refuses to give in to his intrinsic impulse to submit, always making snarky comments and teasingly undermining his mate. However right now Jimin’s looking at him with wide, owlish eyes, glazed over with such trust and abandon, completely giving himself to Jungkook.


It’s been so long since he’s had Jimin like this, splayed out before him, offering himself to the alpha—the epitome of vulnerability. Jungkook’s instincts scream at him to fuck and breed, but he wants to take it slow, bide his time, pull Jimin apart and then put him back together again.


Jimin curls his fist around Jungkook’s wrist, sucking at his thumb until drool starts to dribble from the corners of his mouth. Jungkook pulls it free with a wet pop, replaces it with his index and middle finger, prying the omega’s mouth open even further. Jimin takes it well, widening his jaw to accommodate them with ease. They hold each other’s gaze as Jungkook starts to work his fingers in and out of Jimin’s mouth, all the while pumping said male’s cock faster, squeezing the length on every upwards stroke of his wrist.


“Look at you,” Jungkook says sotto voce, “So fucking pretty.”


He drags his thumb along the tip of Jimin’s dick, dipping it into the slit to lather precum over the shaft. Jimin starts to suck more vigourously, spurred on by Jungkook’s words, the deep gravel of his voice. A gush of slick rushes from his hole.


Jungkook moves his hand from Jimin’s dick and secures it against Jimin’s inner thigh, prising his legs apart. Jimin obliges straight away, widens his legs as far as their positioning will allow.


“That’s it, open up for me,” the alpha hums. He traces over Jimin’s rim, slicking his fingers up with the fluid oozing from his omega’s hole. He teasingly prods at his entrance. At this Jimin produces a string of moans and mewls, each sound coming out wanton.


Jimin, desperate to be filled up, grinds his hips down against Jungkook’s fingers—so achingly close to where he wants them most. However Jungkook doesn’t want to appease him just yet. He continues to ghost his fingertips over the puckered ring of muscle tauntingly, until Jimin’s making indignant little whines around his fingers. Jungkook chuckles at the other male’s expression. Usually Jimin’s the one doing the teasing, and right now he clearly doesn’t appreciate being the victim of such torment.


Jungkook pulls his fingers free from Jimin’s mouth, instead uses his hand to cup one of Jimin’s swollen, tender breasts. One glance at Jimin’s chest and his thoughts are veering into salacious territory. He wets his lips and traces his index finger, still shimmering with Jimin’s saliva in the dim light of the room, around his darkened areola. Jimin gasps, teeth plunging into his bottom lip and eyes screwing closed as Jungkook starts to pinch the nipple, rolling the bud between his fingers.


“You’re so sensitive,” Jungkook muses, his cock twitching when he catches sight of a droplet of milk seeping from the nipple he’s playing with.


Jimin shudders, a chorus of dulcet moans and intelligible words leaving his mouth. Jungkook just about manages to decipher two syllables amongst the sweet sounds, the word oddly lucid despite the fact Jimin is spewing gibberish.




It’s enough to make Jungkook’s insides clench, heat prickling along his skin. He responds with a deep, guttural sound; something akin to a growl that has Jimin trembling. He looks down at Jimin’s chest once more and he just can’t help himself, overcome with an uncontrollable primal urge—before he knows it, he's leaning down to take the nipple into his mouth, tongue laving over the ring of pigmented skin before sucking hard at the nub, until his mouth is being filled with the creamy fluid.


Jimin’s reaction is somewhat belated. He only makes a noise, which is one of discontent, when Jungkook unlatches his mouth from his breast, his small hand knotting in the alpha’s hair and pushing him back down. Jungkook indulges him, of course, lips again closing over the nipple before he resumes his suckling. More of the smooth substance flows past his lips, and he gulps it down eagerly, barely pausing for breath before his cheeks are hallowing as he sucks for more.


Jungkook finally plunges the finger that’s been lingering around Jimin’s entrance into the omega’s tight heat, swirls it round Jimin’s walls and hisses when the elder clenches around his digit, his cock throbbing as he starts to rolls his hips against Jimin’s side, smearing precum all over the latter’s waist from where his dick drags along the skin. Meanwhile Jimin tugs at Jungkook’s hair almost viciously, pulling at the strands woven through his fingers with all his might, making the alpha’s scalp burn. However Jungkook doesn’t acknowledge the dull pain, far too preoccupied with slurping as much milk from his mate as he possibly can. 


He gradually pulls away with a gasp, trying to satisfy his lungs, mouth still hovering above the nipple that’s been sucked almost raw. His tongue swirls around it to lap up the remnants of the milky substance, flicking over the hardened nub in a way that has Jimin’s lurching off the bed as he releases a high pitched, broken whine. In that moment Jungkook slots a second finger into Jimin’s hole, starts to scissor the omega open, failing to restrain an indulgent smirk when more and more slick pours from between his cheeks. Jimin’s scent is beyond potent now, so strong that Jungkook’s pretty much drunk off of it.


Jimin cries out, features contorted in pleasure. His stubby fingers thread through Jungkook’s hair, guiding the alpha’s mouth to his other nipple, back arching like a bow. Jungkook leans back to admire Jimin’s face—a picture of pure, unadulterated bliss—and pinches one of the buds with his thumb and forefinger, making Jimin flinch.


“You like that?” he asks, gazing at his mate with a slack jacked expression—almost in awe of how sensitive Jimin is right now. “You like it when I suck your nipples like a greedy pup?”


Jimin just nods with his mouth agape in a silent scream, not confident in his ability to produce a coherent reply.


Emboldened by Jimin’s response, Jungkook captures the omega’s nipple with his mouth, simultaneously squeezing the other with his fingers; the dual sensations coaxing the most beautiful sounds from Jimin. Jungkook wants to hear those husky, breathy moans over and over again, until they’re permanently ingrained into his memory.


He begins to suck at Jimin’s other tit with newfound enthusiasm, seeing as though he’s discovered the omega enjoys it just as much as he does. He groans as the milk flows down his throat, thick and creamy and warm—strangely delectable and Jungkook can see himself developing a penchant for it, wonders if Jimin will let him do this on a regular basis.


After roughly a month of abstinence, Jimin’s tighter than usual but thanks to the copious amounts of slick he’s producing Jungkook’s third finger slides in with little resistance from the stretched rim. He hooks his fingers, purposefully grazing Jimin’s prostate. Said male whimpers, the sound preceding a shuddering breath and cute little hiccup, and Jimin’s entire body goes taut, muscles tensed as he begins to quiver. Jungkook can tell that his orgasm is imminent, lingering just on the periphery, so he sucks a little harder and twists his fingers deeper.


He pops off Jimin’s tit with white droplets still decorating his mouth, some of them dribbling down his chin. There’s a brief silence as Jimin’s eyes ping open to fixate on Jungkook, tainted only by the obscene squelches of Jungkook fucking his fingers in and out of his mate and their laboured breaths.


“Come on,” Jungkook encourages, voice raspier then he expected, “Are you going to be a good omega and come for me?”


“Y-yeah,” Jimin lisps, slurring his words in an adorable, endearing way, “Wanna be g-good—good for my a-alpha.”


Jungkook reaches for Jimin’s breast, nipping at one of the sore nubs and the omega starts to tremble. He begins to grind his hips, fucking himself down onto Jungkook’s fingers, his hands blindly grabbing for purchase, swollen lips releasing a series of staccato moans. Jungkook reckons he could come just from this—from watching Jimin come undone before him. But somehow he manages to stave off his own orgasm, mouth watering as spurts of white shoot from the tip of Jimin’s little pink cock, splattering across the flexed muscles surrounding his navel.


Alpha!” he bleats, high and shrill, slightly dazed as he shudders through the aftershocks of his climax.


Jimin’s chest heaves, struggling to regulate his breathing, and Jungkook’s hand comes to stroke his tummy, soothing him. He murmurs sweet nothings into Jimin’s ear even though the omega’s way too stunned to comprehend a word of it. There’s beads of perspiration clinging to his forehead, hair matted to his skin; Jungkook swipes the damp strands out of Jimin’s eyes, only for said male to blink owlishly up at him, so much love and adoration in his gaze that it momentarily takes Jungkook’s breath away.


He slowly eases his fingers out of Jimin’s hole, which elicits a displeased grunt from him. His whinging persists when Jungkook detangles their limbs to kiss down Jimin’s body, shuffling down the bed as his mouth travels lower and lower, his lips sprinkling a trail of kisses down Jimin’s chest and stomach until he’s nestled between the omega’s legs. Jimin whines at the loss of contact and makes grabby hands, prompting Jungkook to come and hold him.


“Gotta clean you up,” Jungkook says, wrapping his fist around the width of Jimin’s softening cock, which has the elder male squirming.


“S-sensitive,” Jimin chokes out, cheeks blushing furiously, the flush of his arousal bleeding down his neck and fanning out across his chest.


“I know, baby, I know,” the alpha assuages, fingers massaging the flesh of Jimin’s quivering thigh, reverent in his touch. His hand glides further up until he’s wiping away the cum that’s scattered over Jimin’s abdomen.


With the viscious, gloopy liquid coating his fingers, he brings them to his mouth. Soon enough, his tongue darts out to collects droplets of the sticky substance. Jimin watches him in quiet fascination, propping himself up on his elbows with his bottom lip jutting out, eyes a little glassy. After Jungkook’s licked his fingers clean, he leans back down, and Jimin’s entire body convulses when the alpha suddenly takes his flaccid cock into his mouth. Jungkook sucks up the residual cum whilst Jimin thrashes and writhes beneath him, trying and failing to smother his sobs, tears welling in his eyes and threatening to spill over his red cheeks.


Jungkook finally pulls away and the omega lets out a sigh of relief. He reaches out for Jungkook’s hand, hastily intertwines their fingers once he locates it. The younger gives Jimin’s dainty hand a reassuring squeeze, his head nuzzling into the omega’s crotch, slurping up the stray droplets of cum around Jimin’s balls.


“Oh, fuck,” Jimin rasps, head falling against the pillows. He can feel Jungkook’s tongue trace a hot, wet line along his perineum, the pointed tip circling over the circumference of his rim.


Jungkook nudges Jimin’s asscheeks apart, licks up the crevice and then delves in, swallowing down slick like he’s parched. He edges his tongue inside, groans at the way Jimin tenses and then fidgets, unable to keep still as Jungkook fucks him with his tongue. Jimin is repeating Alpha, Alpha, Alpha over and over under his breath like a mantra, a sacred prayer, his mate’s tongue so warm and wet as it explores his walls. Heat simmers in Jimin’s lower belly—even though he’s just came he’s not sated yet, still craving more, not quite satisfied. It’s rather fortunate that Jungkook enjoys giving pleasure just as much as receiving it, always so willing to please and impress. Before he met Jungkook, Jimin had been with his fair share of alphas. Most of which were extraordinarily selfish, neglectful of the omega’s desires and instead solely focused on their own sexual gratification. Such hedonism is common amongst young unmated alphas, however Jungkook had been an exception—even before he courted Jimin, he was so attentive and considerate. He had honed in on Jimin’s wants and needs straight away, like he knew Jimin’s body better than his own. And even now he continues to spoil Jimin rotten, worships him like he’s some sort of holy being. It’s time like these, when Jungkook’s eating his ass so good even though his jaw’s undoubtedly aching and cock throbbing for attention, that remind Jimin of just how lucky he is.


The omega elevates himself on his elbows, watches curiously as Jungkook pulls back, can’t help but leer at slick dribbling down the alpha’s chin and covering his lips, crimson and glossy.


“Taste so good,” Jungkook’s voice croons just as he drives two fingers into Jimin.


Jimin gasps, arms buckling when Jungkook adds a third, sending his back plunging into the mattress. He tries to say Jungkook’s name but a strangled noise comes out instead, something between a moan and a whine.


“So tight,” the younger whispers huskily, relishing the way Jimin’s hips jump with a prod of his prostate, “Always so tight for me, aren’t you? Suck me in so well. Such a good omega, the best…” he trails off, devoting his full attention to ramming his fingers into the heat of Jimin’s puffy rim, arm muscles rippling beneath his skin as he pushes them in and out, pace fast and urgent.


Jimin keens, both from the feeling of Jungkook’s fingers working deftly inside of him and the praise, half delirious in a post orgasm stupor and pheromone induced frenzy.


“Fuck me, please—p-please,” he begs, “Knot me, Alpha, knot me—”


“You want me to knot you? Want me to pump you full of my cum?”


Jimin groans, clenching around Jungkook’s fingers. “Yes, oh, please! Want your cum so badly. W-want you to breed me till I don’t know anything else. I’ll give you s-so many pups, as many as you want.”


If there’s one thing better than seeing Jimin knocked up with his pup, it’s having said male ask to be bred over and over again. Of course, Jungkook knows that it’s just his hormones talking, that Jimin doesn’t really mean what he’s saying, but still, the thought of Jimin perpetually carrying his seed does things to him—or more specifically, to the alpha part of him. He growls, driving his fingers in all the way up to his knuckle, till Jimin’s conclusive gasps are intermingled with desperate little sobs, pleads for more.


“Think you come again for me?” Jungkook asks, twisting and hooking and scissoring his digits, making Jimin’s body tremble. “Can you do that for me? Just one more? Then I’ll fuck you so, so good. Stretch you open with my knot, fill you up with cum, just how you want.”


It doesn’t take much negotiating for Jimin to give in, he’s nodding fervently after only a couple of seconds, desperate to please. The omega lets go of Jungkook’s hand, shoves his fingers into his mouth to stifle his moans. Jungkook withdraws his fingers, although Jimin clenches around the tips, as if not wanting to let go. He then pushes Jimin’s thighs apart and settles between his legs. After an audible gulp, his eyes flicker up to meet Jimin’s as he takes the tip of the omega’s cock into his mouth, his tongue dipping into the slit and Jimin’s dick twitches pitifully in his mouth. Jimin’s already growing hard again and he can feel Jungkook simper around the head of his cock, obviously a little smug, a little pleased with himself. The alpha’s ego preens, delighted that he’s able to make Jimin feel so good.


It’s quite overwhelming, the way Jungkook sucks his dick; almost ravenously, head bopping up and down and lips clamped around his length like a vice. Jungkook moans around him, the vibrations reverberating up Jimin’s abdomen, tingling along his limbs.  He feels himself hit the back of Jungkook’s throat and whines around his fingers, drool seeping from the corners of his month and dribbling down his hand. Jimin thinks he must look thoroughly wrecked—hair askew, cheeks blotchy and flecked with red, saliva coating his chin and yet he’s blissfully unabashed. Besides, he knows that Jungkook likes him like this; just adores turning his omega into a fucked out, spent little mess.


Jungkook’s eyes are closed in concentration, yet his hands dance up Jimin’s body and manage to find his tits in no time at all. He caresses the fleshy mounds, thumbs gliding over the tender nipples whilst he sucks. Jimin’s back curves in response. The stimulation is almost too much when Jungkook starts to pinch his nipples with his thumb and forefinger, tugging at the sensitive nubs, rolling them between his fingertips.


“J-Jungkook—Al-alpha,” Jimin whimpers, words smothered by the fingers lodged in his mouth, “Pleathe, oh, nngh—”


Jimin’s not entirely surely what he’s begging for but luckily Jungkook seems to understand. He sucks so hard that Jimin’s body shakes, every single one of his nerves strung tight, gut coiling with the sweetest ache. He massages Jimin’s nipples with a little more vigour, and, oh, the mere thought of Jungkook’s mouth latching onto his breast once again has Jimin salivating; his hungry mouth devouring the omega’s milk, appetite unsatiable, sucking him dry.


Jimin’s orgasm hits him unexpectedly, the intensity of it the more surprising than than the abrupt climax. He spills down Jungkook’s eagerly awaiting throat, arms and legs thrashing as the pleasure shoots through his veins. For a minute or so Jimin feels like he’s a little detached from reality, thoughts jumbled and mind hazy, and he’s only pulled back into the moment when he feels Jungkook kiss every inch of his face, mumbling about what a good omega he is, coming twice just for him. Instinctively, Jimin nuzzles into Jungkook, brushing their cheeks together, feeling calmed by having the other male so close to him again. When Jungkook kisses him, tongue immediately slipping past Jimin’s plump lips, the bitter tang of his own cum makes Jimin’s features contort into a grimace but he doesn’t mind, the taste of Jungkook sweetens it anyway.


“Love you so much,” Jungkook murmurs against his lips, so genuine and heartfelt.


Before Jimin can reply, the alpha’s leaning back on his haunches, stroking his thick, angry red cock. His head rolls back and he groans—it feels so good to finally touch himself, his dick has been aching for release for so long that it verges on painful. He’s unable to subdue a hiss when he thumbs at his slit, so much precum leaking from the aperture that it  trickles down his shaft, dripping over his balls.


“Gunna fuck you now,” he announces, voice hoarse and croaky, throat sore from having Jimin’s cock stuffed down it.


Jimin’s already opening his legs in invitation, his pulse thumping in his ears, drowning everything else out like white noise. He waits as Jungkook positions himself, aligning his cock to Jimin’s winking hole. A heavy beat passes and then Jungkook’s pushing the tip of his cock inside the pink, puffy rim, and they both moan in unison. It’s a slow ride to the hilt, Jungkook taking his time as he buries his cock into Jimin, teeth clamped over his bottom lip in an attempt to muffle his moans. When he finally bottoms out, balls squashed up against Jimin’s flush ass, he lets out an unbridled groan. He doesn’t think he’s going to last very long, not with how tight Jimin is sheathed around him, sucking him in just right.


“Such a big cock,” Jimin gasps, tiny hands fisting at the blankets, shimmering eyes fixated on Jungkook, “Fill me up so well, always fuck me so g-good…” Jimin likes the sting of his asshole being stretched by Jungkook’s girth, of his walls adjusting to the width of his cock, his body moulding to accommodate the alpha’s well endowed length.


Jungkook basks in the praise, his ego practically squealing in glee. He’s pretty sure that he will never tire of hearing Jimin say stuff like that, the sheer vulgarity of it exciting him more than he can describe. 


His eyes drop to where they’re connected, hands flying to Jimin’s waist to stabilise himself as he pulls out until only the tip of his dick is still nestled inside. “Such a gorgeous, tight little cunt,” he breathes, ramming his cock back in, nailing Jimin’s prostate with expert precision, “Fuck, it’s so pretty, so pink and soft. I just wanna fuck it and eat it out—shit, I could do it for hours if you wanted me to.”

Jungkook continues to prattle off filthy remarks, his hips occupying a relentless pace as he slams into Jimin over and over. The omega takes it so well, encouraging him with sporadic little whines and moans.


Part of Jungkook wants to flip Jimin over and take him from behind, or pull him on top and have Jimin ride him, but alas Jimin’s condition would hinder any of that—perhaps the only downside of Jimin’ pregnancy is that Jungkook can’t be as rough as he usually is, can’t throw Jimin around as he pleases, has to be gentle. However Jungkook isn’t too bothered about that, not when he’s looking down at possibly the most gorgeous, most breathtaking view he’s ever seen; Jimin’s smooth skin is flushed pink, tits still leaking milk, eyes glittering with tears, tummy round with his pup—it’s like every explicit fantasy Jungkook’s ever had but so, so much better.


Jungkook hoists Jimin’s leg over his shoulder, pulling his cock all the way out of Jimin’s swollen hole only to ram it back in again, the powerful thrust sending Jimin’s body jolting backwards. Jungkook’s balls are tightening now, his release imminent.


Jimin yelps when he feels Jungkook’s knot start to expand, when his mate’s thrusts slow down and become sloppy, clumsy. Jungkook’s losing stamina but he soldiers on, panting like a dog as he messily fucks into the omega. He buries his nose into the crook of Jimin’s knee, inhaling the musk of his perspired skin, his knot swelling even more, catching on Jimin’s abused rim.


“Knot me, knot me please!” Jimin wails, tears streaming down his face, body twitching in oversensitivity yet still gaging for his alpha’s cum, won’t be wholly satisfied until Jungkook’s clogging him up with it.


Jungkook wraps his fist around Jimin’s dick, starts to pump it even though the omega snivels in protest; he’s too sensitive, he can’t handle it, but that doesn’t stop the alpha.


“One more,” Jungkook husks, “Just one more, for me. You can do it, come on.”


He works his hands up and down Jimin’s length mercilessly, gyrating his hips in tandem with the strokes. Jimin’s shaking his head, chest heaving as he sobs, but his hips are bucking up in pursuit of more friction—he wants to come even though he feels like he can’t, instincts battling against his fatigued, overstimulated body. Wants to do as his alpha says.


“I know you’ve got one more left in you,” Jungkook says, jaw set in determination, “Just wanna see you come one last time.”


Jungkook grips onto the jut of Jimin’s hipbone, using it as leverage just as he delivers a strong, final thrust, burying himself as deep as he can. His knot swells to its fullest extent, pressing against Jimin’s prostate and sending shocks of pleasure splintering through his lions.


The alpha comes first, moans ragged; the warm rush of cum manages to push Jimin over the edge, too, and he follows seconds after, spilling a tiny amount of cum over Jungkook’s fingers—it’s more of a dry orgasm than anything, but an orgasm nonetheless, one that has him crying and shaking and mewling, completely and utterly spent. Also exhausted, Jungkook crashes against Jimin, his knot still spurting cum into said male; some of it trickles out of his hole, dripping down his thighs and mixing in with the slick sticking to his skin. They lay like that for some time, limbs tangled, a mess of sweat, cum and slick.


“I love you,” Jimin states suddenly, voice quivery albeit firm. “So, so much.”


He pulls Jungkook closer to him, cradling him against his chest, pulse still beating erratically. In response Jungkook hums contently, eyelids heavy as lead and he struggles to keep them open. Lazily, his mouth latches onto Jimin's nipple, suckling softly; Jimin stiffens and blinks dumbly, but eventually his body becomes lax. Jungkook's so tired that Jimin doesn't even think he realises he's doing it, subconsciously seeking comfort. The action appears to pacify the alpha therefore Jimin permits it, allows Jungkook to suck gently until he drifts into unconsciousness, Jimin's vanilla scent lulling him to sleep. 


Jungkook dreams of newborn skin, tiny hands and little feet.